New York Governor: Gun Confiscation is an Option

As the government and media continue to capitalize off the murders of 20 kids and 8 adults, politicians are promising stricter gun laws that they claim will make us all safer. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that a forced gun buy-back program was an option, which would only make criminals feel safer. Infowars reported:

 “Cuomo indicated the state will likely force some kind of permit process on owners of semi-automatic ‘assault weapons.’ In addition to generating revenue and expanding the size and reach of government, the effort will allow the state to confiscate the weapons of citizens who do not comply.”

 Cuomo added, “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it.”

If America tries a forced gun buy-back program, we’d likely go the way of Australia, which tried the same thing in 1996. Over 640,000 ordinary firearms were confiscated and destroyed. Watch this 6 ½ minute video to see what happened in the “land down under” when law-abiding citizens were forced to give up their guns in exchange for government money. Here are some highlights:

  • Armed robberies up by 69%
  • Assaults with guns up by 28%
  • Gun murders up by 19%
  • Home invasions up by 21%

Even gun control advocates in the Australian government had to acknowledge that the gun buy-back program has had little to no effect on violence. In 2005, the head of the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research said the following:

“The fact is that the introduction of those laws did not result in any acceleration of the downward trend in gun homicide. They may have reduced the risk of mass shootings but we cannot be sure because no one has done the rigorous statistical work required to verify this possibility. It is always unpleasant to acknowledge facts that are inconsistent with your own point of view. But I thought that was what distinguished science from popular prejudice.”

 Yes, and when facts aren’t on your side, you can either admit that you’re wrong like an honest person would do, or like Piers Morgan, start name-calling, grandstanding and yelling. If you haven’t seen Piers Morgan’s interview with the head of Gun Owners of America’s, watch it. Larry Pratt does an excellent job defending the 2nd Amendment in spite of Morgan calling him “an unbelievably stupid man” and an idiot:

It seems Piers Morgan is still bitter about America winning independence from England so many years ago.

I just might make an exception to the 2nd Amendment. If you’ve proven yourself to be an angry, belligerent person like Morgan has, you shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun.



  • Charles Murphree Jr

    A British friend of mine laughed when he saw the video of Morgan's interview with Pratt. He said that no one in the UK would take Larry Pratt seriously because a prat is an idiot. And such is the mentality of those of the UK who would rather equivacate someones name other than debate the issues rationally.

    • Donna Casas

      Perhaps Morgan should move back to England and have his own show there. He would be hugely popular since it appears the British are in agreement with him. I don't know of too many people that watch his show in America unless he says something goofy and it goes viral.

    • Gene Weddington

      You have to understand that they are so inbred they are mentally deficient

    • gray_man

      so all your british friends are morons?

  • Phil1985

    From my COLD DEAD HANDS!

    • Doodlebug

      I think we would find ourselves in the middle of Civil War II - I think Americans are starting to get fed up with this crap. BUT the government WILL keep pushing, until we vote these dummicrat donkeys out of operation.

      • RonMar

        Vote them out? No, let's charge them with the crimes they have committed, arrest, try, convict and punish them to the max of the law.

        • Doodlebug

          RonMar, that is a much better idea!!

        • Adam Cox

          Bring it on BIATCH. Bring it on.

        • RonMar

          I'll reply to both of your posts and more here. You must be drunk, drugged, insane or all three. Please take your choice.
          I didn't say anything about "communist teachers" or trying them. "LOL. You really are something else."
          If teachers want to teach your kids, grandkids unless you've been shooting blanks all your life and have no kids, an unfounded theory that's fine with me.
          "Bring it on BIATCH" - no need for you to shout your name, besides it may be against this site's posting guidelines. You come get it, boy.
          You imagine shooting a child, dog and an unarmed woman with a baby in her arms is a good thing as the Feds did at Weaver's place. You are one sick puke.
          Go to bed out there on the Left Coast, land of fruits and nuts. You need some rest. Sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite in your rusted out trailer.

        • Adam Cox

          Well if you want your kids and wife to stay out of harm, You'll think about that won't you? Perhaps resisting is a bad idea if you care about them.

        • RonMar

          FYI, drunk, drugged, deranged one, my adult kids, one of them a combat veteran, and my wife, a markswoman with a variety of self-defense weapons and skilled in martial arts can handle anyone intending them harm. You would not last a nanosecond if you threatened face-to-face any of the three or them, anyone or anything about which they care.
          You won't do that though because you are an Internet blowhard troll imagining you are some kind of superboy hero.

        • Adam Cox

          I saw what you said about trying all the communist teachers .. LOL Ron, You really are something else... So how are you going to determine if a teacher qualifies for execution? If they teach evolution? What's your criteria, fascist?

        • Conservativesniper

          Arnold Claymore aka Adam Cox, where did RonMar advocate for anybody to be executed? Just shut your ignorant propagandist mouth, useful idiot.

      • Zardoz

        Um, I don't think that there is any more "voting them out".
        I think that ended in 2010.
        No more elections here.
        Unless you mean the kind that Saddam Hussein or other dictators have.
        We haven't lived in a Constitutional Republic in a looong time.
        Before this last election, we lived in a Democracy.
        A Democracy by proxy in which we have ZERO representation.
        Now, we live in a Despotic Totalitarianism ... it just isn't complete yet.

        • Adam Cox

          There will be plenty more elections. None of which you have the numbers to win, but never-the-less.

        • RonMar

          Only 20% or so are stupid enough to dare call themselves Liberals - Progressives since Liberal became such a dirty word. All others self-identify as Conservatives, Moderates or Independents. Boy are you dumb.

        • Adam Cox

          Liberal is only a dirty word to irrelevant right wing scumbags like yourself. What about NO RELEVANCE do you not get? You have no respect or power in America. NO one respects you maggots.

        • Adam Cox

          Seriously Ronmar, who the HELL are you and WHO GIVES A DAMN what you think is a dirty word?

        • RonMar

          You may or may not know who I am. I know who and where you are. I also know you care a lot about what I think and do. You can't shut up about it. Besides I am not the first or the last to call you Libs the dirty word you are, boy.

      • Montie Rumsower

        This last (sic) election was proof positive there will not be another legitimate election until we cleanse OUR government of ALL the progressive/socialists.
        Massive voter FRAUD in most states and NOTHING is done about it. Of course I had very little faith anything would be done about it with the surrender of the DOJ to the criminals in charge.

  • Screeminmeeme

    The perpetually pontifical and often hysterical Piers Morgan has finally gone over the edge.

    Always keen to share his sentiments about everything, he has been on the rampage against guns since the shooting, viciously attacking those gun enthusiasts who are invited on his show ostensibly to discuss the tragedy and its prevention.

    WE ALL mourn the unspeakable loss of those teachers and children but killing the rights of gun owners in response to the killing is not the answer to a very complex issue.

    Like Morgan and most on the left, Gov Cuomo has tunnel vision and seeing guns as the problem so his solution is confiscation of ''assault weapons'' doubt with an eye to total disarmament of the public in the future, given his historical position on the issue.

    Executive VP of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre is correct.......
    The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

    Any other questions?

    • DavidE1940

      No, you have covered it quite well, thank you. If they really want to experience mayhem, take our guns away!

      • Huapakechi

        They could try, but it would get very messy. Kicking down doors is a dangerous hobby, even if the kicker is wearing body armor. There is a very large probability of getting shot in the back by a neighbor. A scoped deer rifle has a greater effective range and tremendously more knockdown power than the pistols and sub machine guns the raiding party would likely be carrying, and one could pick off the management team directing the raid quite easily.

        There are large numbers of combat veterans who have not forgotten their oath to defend the Constitution. Why else would homeland security classify them as 'potential terrorists'.

        • Hammer

          12 guage 3" magnum slug...body armor or not your going down......double O buck to the head...good by head....

        • Huapakechi

          I like my 30.06. Better range than the 12 gage and it'll blow big holes in just about any body armor that's light enough to wear. It don't slow down much for car bodes either.

        • Guest

          Body armor is just that- BODY armor. Lots of other places left exposed, including at least one that is a faster termination of life than getting hit in the body. Scoped rifles, in the right hands, can put a slug through a quarter sized hole without touching the edge of the hole, without much difficulty.
          Thank goodness the bad guys haven't figured that out yet. Could get real hairy for the boys in body armor if they did.

        • Huapakechi

          Remington 760 in 30.06, Weaver 3-9 40mm scope. I'll need to bench rest it to get that kind of accuracy, but I can nail a coke can at 150 yards. I'm eating this year's deer right now.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          Aim for the head or face.

        • Adam Cox

          Who says we're going to even give you a chance to aim? You won't even know what hit you.

        • Douglas Rodrigues

          "We?" Who the hell are you? I retired from Law Enforcement. I also have five years military experience. Bad guys are bad guys, regardless of what uniform they may wear. If a SWAT type team wants to attack me, sure, I'll die, but not before I take a few idiots with me. You're welcome to take part in any such attack. I'm sure I'm on the "to be watched" government list by now. If you work for the government, you can stick your head up your ass and inhale deeply.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Guest....Right. Incapacitation can be just as effective in neutralizing a target as a sure kill. A foot shot can work wonders.

        • Adam Cox

          Yeah right... Randy Weaver talked all BIG BAD and TOUGH like you keyboard warriors. How exactly did that work out for him? The exact same as it will end up for many of you.

        • SonOfSam

          Meanwhile, you'll be pulling your cox in your mommies just get so excited watching the TeleTubbies

        • Conservativesniper

          Well, Randy Weaver is still alive, stupid. And can you show me some of Mr. Weaver's BIG BAD and TOUGH talk, Arnold? See, I know you don't know a damned thing about why his home was targeted by the Feds because if you did you wouldn't have said what you said. You've irrefutably revealed yourself as an ignoramus, Mr. Claymore. And a supporter of tyranny. Those two things kind of go hand in hand, Arnold.

        • Adam Cox

          I know he's alive. His wife sure isn't.... He was well known to have a big mouth that ended up getting himself into trouble (like it will many of you) ... His neighbors knew him as very anti gov and many of the things he said were in threatening manner, Much like many of your conservives "lock and load against the GOV" comments.

        • MalikTous

          Abolish and dissolve the DHS and TSA, two bureaus of traitors!

        • Huapakechi

          Don't forget the epa, batfe, department of education, and just about every other alphabet agency not directly authorized by the Constitution.

        • Adam Cox

          Abolish and Dissolve the christian church! The number ONE bureau of traitors.

        • Donnie J McDonald

          Many civilian federal workers have also taken the oath to defend the constitution and I know many who will stand with you.

        • Huapakechi

          They should make themselves known before the balloon goes up.

        • Adam Cox

          Who says anything about kicking down doors. You can't stay in your house forever! Ask Randy Weaver how that worked out for him.

      • Michael Shuster

        Don't you mean TRY TO TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY?

        • Adam Cox

          That's what Randy Weaver said to the feds.."you just come and try!!" .. Well the y came...he resisted and just look what happened. You are out matched retards.

        • SonOfSam

          Yes, yes Adam, we're all just trembling with fright at the prospect of the likes of you trying to disarm us.
          Btw, I won't speak for the others here, but this "retard" has a masters degree in computer programming and in education. My wife -- who also owns a firearm -- has a clinical doctorate in sports medicine and physical therapy.

          You might want to park your prejudices elsewhere before attempting to speak to your betters

        • Conservativesniper

          Actually that's not correct, propagandist. Here's what Randy Weaver said, while under oath, "

          Mr. WEAVER.
          Thank you.
          I am not without fault in this matter. I was convicted of failure to appear for trial oncharges I had sold a sawed-off shotgun to an ATF informant
          named Gus Magisano. He testified at trial under a different
          name—Kenneth Fadeley. That was probably not his real name either. I was found not guilty of the original weapons charge, and I was found not guilty of every other crime I was charged with, including murder and assault on Federal officers. I was charged with conspiring against the Government, and I was found not guilty of that charge. I was in jail for about a year before and during the trial. I have served time after the trial and am now on unsupervised probation. I faced my
          accusers at a trial. I faced the FBI, the Marshals Service, the U.S.
          attorney, a Federal judge and a jury of my peers. I faced the death penalty. I have been accountable for my actions. I now face you Senators to ask that those responsible for the killings of my wife and my son be brought to account for their actions."

 so you can read THE TRUTH. Not some bulls*it you read in some incredible left wing blog . That is,...... if you have the intellectual courage.

      • Roger Long

        Should say, try to take our guns.

      • USAgent

        you mean try to take them dont you!

      • Adam Cox

        Or, we could just wait till you aren't looking and hit you with a tranqualizer dart. No need to take your playthings away from your cold dead hands.

        • SonOfSam

          Adam, adam, adam: you keep saying "we"....there is no "we". There's us patriots and then there's the ObamaNazi police state trying to disarm us... then there's finger pointing bed wetting little crybabies like you who just figured out how to get on the Googly web while your mommy is upstairs making you Spaghettios

    • RonMar

      Piers are places where people dock boats. Morgan talks as if he has had some big ones docked in him.

    • HappyClinger

      It's not about guns; it's about control. Tyranny. Ruling class, and poverty class, and nothing in between. I'll bet Piers Morgan (what a dumb name) has armed security. If he doesn't, he's a bigger idiot than I already think he is.

      • Screeminmeeme

        HappyClinger........He has so many on the left who would deny us the right to carry but ensure that their body guards are well armed. Hypocrites all.

    • Guest

      Why does anyone pay attention to a Socialist Brit who was rather hated in even his hometown of Surrey, England, to the point he had to go to the US and try the same thing? No one with an ounce of intelligence, up to and including family, would watch him. He's that bad.

      • Huapakechi

        But Monty Python isn't on often enough.

        • patriot3712

          Liberals should not be allowed to purchase or own firearms. They are mentally incompetent of handling such a device. They feel this is something only the gov dictatorship can handle. Libs are scared of their own shadow. Most should have never left their mother. How bout free prozac for all of them, to help them cope.

        • Huapakechi

          I prefer the Darwinist approach. Toss 'em out into the real world and the fittest will survive

        • Adam Cox

          I know a few places where we should toss you, Huapakechi.

        • Adam Cox

          I'd LOVE for one of you conservatives to get in my face and tell me what I'm ALLOWED to do or not.... Bring ..IT...ON.

        • SonOfSam

          As soon as you get finished trying to tell us patriots how we may defend ourselves, and what firearms we will use. Funny how you ObamaNazis have no trouble trying to tell us, your betters, what to do

          Until then, your mommy called: she wants you go finish your coloring book while the grownups do the talking

        • Conservativesniper

          Well, Arnold Claymore, that is EXACTLY what you're doing, hypocrite!

      • Screeminmeeme

        Guest.....He's a pompous arse and has been totally off his rocker since the shooting.

    • PayingAttention

      "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

      For those who choose to belittle Wayne LaPierre's statement of the obvious, a rhetorical question which should drive the point home...

      Why do you think that the police are issued guns?

      • Screeminmeeme

        PayingAttention........Exactly. You make the point. You fail to mention, though, those 2 little niggling things: time and distance.

        Seconds can make the difference between life and death. Hence....a gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone...or on the way.

        • BillboyBaggins

          When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    • gatekeeper96740
    • Saltporkdoc

      Ever wonder why Piers came to America? I mean, if England is so wonderful, why leave. It's rather like the Californians who move to the desert of Arizona because California is so bad, then they complain because (and try to change) Arizona isn't enough like California!
      Hey Piers, if America is so bad, go back to England and start to draw you wages in Pounds Sterling, give your soul back to the crown, WE WON in 1779!

    • Mike6

      Wayne La Pierre was correct. Every marxist government like the Obama's White House wants to confiscate guns to make arrests easier. Fast and Furious was an Eric Holder plot to criminalize gun shops and the Second Amendment. It is the coverup of Fast and Furious that upsets me. Nobody died in Watergate and Richard Nixon was a Gentleman. We now have a muslim in the White House.

      The CHEKA liked to pull surprise inspections in the Soviet Union and if they found an old Army rifle hidden in the closet of a rich Kulak who has once served in the heroic White Russian Army, the Cheka would order the unfortunate farmer outside and shot him in the back of the head.

    • Adam Cox

      I see right wingers have started a petition to deport Piers Morgan. That's how you operate, You want to silence and deport anyone who disagrees with you. To heck with the 1st Amendment!

      • SonOfSam

        Adam, for once I am in complete agreement with you... I DEMAND that Piers stay in America, so that we can all remember what sort of puffed up hypocrites we fought and won two wars against so as to NOT have to put up with their insufferable crap.
        Of course, I suppose since have Cox$uckers like you here Adam, maybe we don't really need Piers anymore

      • Thomas

        Adam, There is a word used to call people like you ; TRAITOR! If you don't like it here, then leave! The more traitors like you that we get out of our country, the better for the rest of us that do love,and defend this country from idiots like you! IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND OTHER NAZIS, FASCISTS, SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS THAT CALL THEMSELVES " AMERICANS " THAT GIVES US A BAD NAME! CALLING YOURSELF AND OTHERS LIKE YOU "AMERICANS" IS A JOKE AND A DISGRACE TO WHAT THIS COUNTRY STANDS FOR: LIBERTY AND FREEDOM!

      • Conservativesniper

        Why not Arnold Claymore? That's what the party of donkeys/jackasses does. Obama attacked the 1st Amendment back in October of this year, hypocrite. The assault on the 2nd is currently underway. He's also attacked the 4th Amendment through the NDAA about 51 weeks ago. And the 5th Amendment. You're a communist who wants destroy the Constitution except when you wants his civil liberties protected. YOU, Arnold Claymore, are a liar and a hypocrite! And that isn't 'hate' speech, it's the truth.

  • cowboytex

    go ahead and try confiscation,result,a lot of dead law makers,can you say civil war!

    • medivac

      I can say "Remember the Alamo and Remember Goliad " !!!! If politicians and liberals want it we can lead them to San Jacinto !!

      • Huapakechi

        I think the term you're looking for is Molon Labe, which means "Come and take them" It is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.

        • medivac

          The terms I used are the right ones !! I'm talking Texas History. We also have a "Come And Take It" cannon here !! It's highly symbolic here in Texas.

        • Huapakechi

          Gotcha! My first ex was a Texan. Just one of the reasons I'll stay up here in Minnesota.

    • Adam Cox

      Another Randy Weaver wannabe. Ask his wife how that attitude worked out for him .

      • RonMar

        Weaver's wife was shot dead by a cowardly Jap, FBI sniper, you idiot.

  • Ray

    Piers Morgan is just one reason CNN is now in the pits and ratings have dipped even lower than MSNBC. Soledad Obrian is a close second, only much easier on the eyes.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    CUOMO, GO TO HELL!!!!!

    • 7PastorCarmine7

      Can I say that Liberals be all over me.

    • John

      And take Jugears, Pelosi, Schumer and Reid with you !

  • James Maxwell

    The more you see Piers Morgan the more convinced I become that he is homosexual
    who refuses to come out of the closet. His ranting is that of a very irrational person who
    who should be sent for a serious Psychiatric investigation. I strongly suspect that by his
    action he is taking either medications or drugs that are leaving him in a very irrational state
    of mine. Or as suggested by others he is still upset that the Brits lost America during the
    Revolutionary war. Either way he should be removed form the public view before he hurts
    himself. Thank goodness he isnt from Japan or he might commit Hari Kari on state.

    • Adam Cox

      What the hell does it matter if he is a homosexual? Didn't you watch the last election results? The vast majority have no problems with that. We can't help that you're stuck in the past.

      • RonMar

        "We can't help that you're stuck in" your ast and like it a lot.

      • James Maxwell

        And another obamabot who is out defend his masters minions in the press. Adam crawl back under your socialist rock. And I hate to inform you that the
        vast majority do not find it acceptable only the left and their need for votes
        at any price. Try going overseas and see how you are received maybe
        in Mecca.

  • doug63

    Bulls&&t!!!!!! He can start with the gang bangers and the mobs. Then he can do it to the politicians.

  • jojo58

    I noticed that Cuomo is already looking into the revenue that this tragedy can persuade anti-gun zealots to jump on the bandwagon about. Never let a crisis go to waste if you can ban something, control something or make a nickel off of it.

  • kenhowes

    Never thought about that. He knows that if the ruddy Colonials hadn't been armed to the teeth, they'd never have thrown off His Mawjesty's rule!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Here’s what some "leaders" have had to say about gun control/confiscation. Note what they all have had in common:

    The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races
    to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their
    subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.
    Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is
    a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty." - Adolf Hitler

    "The measures adopted to restore public order are: First of all, the elimination of the so-called subversive elements .... They were elements of disorder and subversion. On the morrow of each conflict I gave the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind. This confiscation, which continues with the utmost energy, has given satisfactory results." - Benito Mussolini

    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie”. - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    "The revolution is now over, and all good revolutionaries must turn in their
    firearms" - Fidel Castro

    “I have to do it under the table.” - Barack Hussein Obama

    • concerned citizen

      Obumle said he would have to take small steps to get the gun treaty passed, I didn't think he would stoop this low, wouldnt surprise me if this shooting isn't connected to a black organization

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    It's only an 'option' if one jettisons the US Constitution. Wake up Cuomo and Doomberg.

  • greyhound44

    This Swine did such a great job as US sec HUD - NYTimes 30 Sept 1999 - we should listen to him?

    The voters of NY are as clueless as those in all Blue States in the US!

    ret expat MD

    • Blindnation

      I'm in NY and voted for Paladino. We're not all clueless, just most New Yorkers.

  • Hotnike

    Hey Cuomo, you idiot. It would be great if the state would ban ALL guns even those carried by your body guards. Then the gun wacko's would have field day being able to get rid of you, don't you think??

  • Dean

    The ststistics from Australia tell EVERTHING!

  • GoodBusiness

    446 school age children shot in Chicago so far this year with strongest gun laws in country – media silent

    The cesspool known as Chicago probably has the toughest gun laws in the country, yet despite all the shootings, murders, and bloodshed, you never hear a peep about this from the corrupt state run media. In Chicago, there have been 446 school age children shot in leftist utopia run by Rahm Emanuel and that produced Obama, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, etc. 62 school aged children have actually been killed by crazed nuts in Chicago so far this year with almost two weeks to go. So why isn’t this news worthy? Is it because it would embarrass those anti second amendment nuts who brag about Chicago’s tough gun laws? Is it because most of the kids who were shot and killed were minorities? Or is it because the corrupt media doesn’t want to show Chicago in a bad light? Amazingly, no Obama crocodile tears either.

    For those of you too dense to get the point of this post, it’s to make the point about gun laws. No matter how tough the gun laws are, the crazed, nut jobs will find a way to get them and if they so chose, use them. No draconian law can stop this, no matter how well intentioned the law is, or if it’s just about leftists grabbing power from citizens and taking away their constitutional rights.

  • rchguns

    There is one little problem in this idiots plan .Even in New York state there are hunting licenses sold every year the people who not only hunt but also long guns. These people are not going to give up their guns peacefully. You combine all the hunting licenses sold and the nation you're the largest standing army in the world. Now the government wants to drastically lower the population of the country they should try to confiscate all the guns.

  • PPTA

    Gun confiscation is not a option unloess the Govener wants a civil uprising. Trained aarmed guards, are a option. Take a hard look at the terrorits and what they used during the 911 attack. Box cutters. not guns. Are we going to confinsate all box cutters also? What is interesting to me, First Fast and frious, who was involved. Government. Then the Colo. theater shootings, a coule of days before theUN debate o banning guns. And the picture of the shooter, did not match the picture of the college man. Also the second shooter was frst there with the police searching ll over for him, then suddenly there was no second person, then we never heard any more about the case. No we have the killings in Conn. A terible, terrible thing. o one is talking about the man who dd the killings. Where, who, and what Religion has killed like this before? Remember the incident in Russia, Chenof killings in the school? I wonder who this man, who killed himself, really was? Don't you?

  • gypsy314

    This fool wants a civil war. We all must move on this when the riots start or our freedoms will be gone for good.

    • tagdogs

      If there is a civil war, I bet there are a lot of politicians who will never see the end result. I think people are begining to see that there are many corrupt leaders in all levels of government and they will get rid of them one way or another.

      • gypsy314

        I agree with you and hope it never comes to it but as of now it looks like civil war between the states soon enough.

  • slickzip

    American liberals are dumb jerks BUT British socialist/liberal/communist like Piers Morgan really prove how stupid socialist from England are this is what I found ,,,,,

    It seems Piers Morgan is still bitter about America winning independence from England so many years ago.

    I just might make an exception to the 2nd Amendment. If you’ve proven yourself to be an angry, belligerent person like Morgan has, you shouldn’t be allowed to carry a

    Read more:

  • slickzip

    Cuomo is even dumber then Piers Morgan if thats possible ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • RonMar

    Come on Bloomberg, I'll throw a 48-ounce soda right in your smarmy face. Bloomers needs to get off his arse and go see how Israel handles school security, looking out for the elderly and anyone who wants to commit a violent crime in Israel. FYI terrorism is not a crime. It is a method of warfare.
    Why you don't see school shootings in Israel:
    Click on this link:
    Or copy and paste it to your browser line.
    Also tour buses in Israel with Senior Citizens or school kids on field trips carry at least one, sometimes two or more guards armed with a 30-caliber M1 Carbine as shown in the pic at the link, fully automatic M-16 or an Uzi machine gun and a sidearm - 9mm Israel-made semi-automatic pistol.
    In the link pic the only thing that seems to concern the kids is the photographer with a camera.

  • Keeping mine

    I'm not giving anyone my guns. No one knows how many I have so I can give them one but they won't get the rest.

    • Past guest

      Please advise how you are going to hide them when they come to your house looking for them with metal detectors? They'll force their way in or blow up your house if you refuse to let them in. I keep asking, but nobody answers. My friend says that when it comes to your families getting shot all will back down and give up the guns no matter what you say now.

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    Might be an "option" in New York City, but not upstate New York nor in places such a Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana. Talk about being "laughed at", much less shot at!!

  • tagdogs

    Morgan ought to go back to England. We don't need ignorant aholes like him here. Maybe he should research the violence and murders that happen in England even with their strict gun laws. This guy is a big ass joke!

    • Michael Shuster

      I do believe bombs are also not allowed in England, yet people are blowing things up in subways and on the street there. Take away guns and get blown up.

      • HappyClinger

        Or stabbed. Or beaten with a baseball bat or stabbed with a butcher knife or smothered with a pillow or strangled with bare hands or....or....or....

      • Adam Cox

        They have a lot less murder rate than here too... They have the right idea.

        • RonMar

          Prove it, post some stats. If you are drunk, drugged, deranged enough to think being unarmed, defenseless is a "right idea" you are a victim waiting to be taken along with all of your precious stuff.

  • BigUgly666

    Cuomo added, “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the
    state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun
    but permit it.”

    They are already permitted - are they not?

    Mandatory sale is still THEFT, no matter what else you may call it ..... just like CONFISCATION.

    Cuomo - it may well end up, "over your dead body" if you are not careful - WE THE PEOPLE are getting damned sick and tired of an over-bearing and tyrannical government.

  • 1eyejack

    The way I see it Mr Pratt , (who did not a chance to speak) should have told Mr Morgan. "I refuse to argue with and idiot". .Then left the program.

    When someone is losing an argument they will resort to calling names.

  • BigUgly666

    Apparently Piers is too damned-stupid to understand the difference between types of weapons.
    Morgan whines about being interrupted - then immediately interrupts.

  • TexRancher

    Cuomo screws up his arguement right from the get go when he uses the self neutralizing statement that he and his socialist friends like to use to inflame the public: "semi-automatic assault rifles"! No such thing! The semi-automatics he refers to are the civilian versions designed and intended for civilian use.
    Now if Cuomo wants to come and try to confiscate Texas weapons I say he'd be safer recalling his socialist spy Sheila Jackson-Lee to NY where she belongs!

  • Texas Shrek

    Yet another reason to not reside in the Northeast. This horrible incident was perpetrated in one of the most restrictive geographic regions in the country. I guess you have to replicate those same restrictions everywhere hoping for a different outcome. That is consistent with the definition of insanity or law of diminishing returns. In any case Barak Obama was shoved down my throat here in the south, his taxes are likely to be shoved down my throat too, but I challenge the libs to find someone who will carry out disarming the southern population. Dont count on the local police, or the deputy sheriffs, because they will refuse. You better have more than one ATF agent covering 5 counties like you do now. When are you going to learn that the people here are not sheep, and unlike the UK, where civil rights have always been restricted, the American people are used to being free?

  • Mad Mike

    There are a few "other options" the mayor of New York failed to mention. The option of public "hanging of mayors" and other elected and appointed government officicals who commit the crimes of treason against their country and fellow citizens and the highest law of the land, our constitution of the United States. The second amendment is part of that document, is the absolute law of the land. Until it is recinded by a 2/3's majority vote of the congress and the senate. An "executive order" does not "trump" the constitution, (nor does it trump an outraged population, decending on Washington and carrying ropes and pitchforks).

    • Adam Cox

      yeah, public hangings .. Like us communists would let you do that.... NOT gonna happen biatch.

      • RonMar

        You helpless, hopeless, drunken, drugged, deranged communists have no choice in the matter.

        • Adam Cox

          I don't drink or use drugs and I have good aim. We'll do whatever it takes to stop you...even if it means playing dirty.

        • RonMar

          "I have good aim" - LOL, muhahahahahahahahahaha, means you can hit the tin pot under your cot most of the time. LOL. Yeah, you play "dirty" alright. Wipe your nasty hand and quit licking the scum off your fingers.

        • Adam Cox

          Do you wanna know who has no choice in the matter? YOU DON'T. Obama is being inaugurated in less than a month and there is not a damn thing a little tough talking maggot like you can do about it. YOU HAVE no choice but to suck it in and take it.

        • RonMar

          We'll see about that. Obama has not even been elected yet. That'll keep you busy for awhile trying to figure out that truth. Plus you are obviously ignorant of the many other things going on that are likely to stop his coronation and end him up in jail awaiting trial.
          If he does make it, it is you and people like you who have to "suck it in and take it." BOHICA, boy, and it's really going to hurt you this time.

        • Adam Cox

          Are you seriously getting your hopes up that the inauguration won't happen? Wow, You are more deluded than I thought. You need help.

        • RonMar

          Watch this, boy. My index finger is over the Delete button. Poof, you're gone from my screen forever.

  • Mad Mike

    This current government of liberal/communist democrats belives they now have the "power" of an elitest class, to raid our homes, conficate our firearms, and imprison us without due process or probable cause, for their political convience and Marxist/Socialist beliefs and ideology. Thomas Jefferson wisely said, "The tree of liberty must, ocassionally, be watered with the blood of patroits and tyrants"! That time is here and now!

  • Hudmar

    It seems the Mayan's were right in their prediction for the end of the world. Finally the World is dead to common sense.

  • TheTexasCooke

    Hey...Andy....why don't you start with mine? Come on down...I'll make tea.

  • samtman

    Hitler. Stalin, Mao had 95 % approval of their people. German people had it much better economically under Hitler than uNDer the corrupt Wimar Republic, Stalin and Communism gave the Russians a much beter life than they had under the Tzars and the Russian Orthodox corrupt priesthood. Mao gave the Chineese people a new national aidentety kicked out the colonists and a better economy, that meant bread on the table. Under all of these dictators mass hunger was elliminated. What i'm trying to say is that these people had it better under the dictators than before. No, I'm not leaving Amrerica, its the best country in the world, especailly under a Democrat President. It is also intellectualy important to understand these dictators who also killed many people whom they considered political enemies. Killing 6 million jews and another 2 million gays, politcal enemies like communists, gypsies, most mental hospitals were emptied out and thoughsands of Russian priseners of war killed under Hitler did not seem to bother the German people at that time.

  • jb80538

    Certainly gun confiscation is an option. An unconstitutional one at that. And one that will start a revolution to take back America and restore her greatness.

  • Carl Stevenson
  • bitemehardleft

    Take Cuomo's guns and from his guards too....Lets start their!!!!!!!!!! Since its his idea him and his Demotards friends should have no problem laying down there guns..Lets have it mouth you said it you can start it.

  • An American First

    I hope if they ever try to take our guns away after the American Patriots stop their
    unconstitutional actions they go after losers like this ignorant brit and send him packing either by will or by force, his decision. Although I think he will haul ass across the border into Canada faster than he's ever moved in his life.

    The Oath Keepers have all vowed to resist any type of gun control measures by what ever means necessary.

    Thank God we have men and women of their caliber here in America!

    Long Live The Republic!


    I will never register my gun, and I will never surrender it while I still draw breath!

  • SickoftheBS

    Good thing Piers Morgan is a British Subject and not afforded the right to keep and Bear Arms as our constitution allows. With his attitude and mean mouth he is almost certain to be shot if he had a gun and ran his mouth that way. Would not be a loss for anyone either, if he was.

  • big al capone

    Hey, Cuomo, come to my house, i'll give you my firearm, of course it will be one round short and you will need someone to carry you both off.

  • dave3200

    The governor of NY and the mayor of NYC should bow out of things they know so little about. Such B/S as comes from them will only get a lot of folks killed or maimed.

  • medivac

    Just a couple days back a kid threatened to blow his school up just 30 miles from where I live. He named gasoline as the explosive. Five gallons of evaporated Ave Gas (115/145 PF) has the equivalant of 400 lbs. of TNT as an explosive !! There are too many other ways around to mass murder people than to put a band aid over the wound !! Go for the root of the problem !! Moron is too stupid to see this !!

  • Walt Hobbs

    Cuomo,I would suggest that you not attempt go take my guns !!!!

  • Murry McMurry

    The lighter side of Piers Morgan: He said something to the effect that the second amendment was written when there were muskets and therefore obsolete. I have been thinking that Piers probably does have to do everything by hand, tamp it, charge it, play with it, lift it before it goes off with a slight delay. He clearly has a case of" musket envy."

  • Michael Shuster

    I wish that Mr. Pratt would have told the wanker morgan, the true meaning of the Second Amendment is. That is to keep the Government in check. It allows us the American to defend against TYRANNY to keep us free from dictators. Our right to have a defense against any army that the Government forms against the free people of the United States. We have the right to have weapons that are equal to said army. That is what our founders intended the Second Amendment to do.

  • swan

    I'LL give $ 5.00 MORE PER GUN on the buy back !!~

  • Guest

    I would think that Cuomo would like to rethink that. He does not have the resources of the Secret Service to rely on, and the taxpayer's would not tolerate the cost for him to try and have a 24/7 presidential level protection for such a move. They would not foot the bill for it. As it is, NY has lost well over a million of it's citizens on the issue of taxes alone.

    Besides, no one can think he's as stupid as the President who thinks that the bad guys will stop going after the good guys when they aren't able to protect themselves. As for him saying they'll "permit" them? Who does HE think he's kidding? Certainly not the ones who have the guns.

    He'd better look for another way. Should he want to show his good faith and straightforwardness towards demonstrating how safe everyone will be when they disarm themselves, he can foreswear all protection for himself and family. All of them. All the time.

    It had never crossed my mind, before today that is, that Cuomo was as intellectually as stupid as NY city's Mayor Bloomberg.
    Guess I was wrong. Birds of a feather and all that.

  • PeterB.

    Its just like drugs, when they ask to turn the Guns in just say NO.There is strength in numbers. no relying on everyone else, everybody needs to step up if you believe in Freedom

  • MalikTous

    Piers Morgan and CNN have revealed their true colours - a mainland Chinese flag. Cuomo the Commie should be impeached from the governorship of NY and exiled along with the entire anti-gun lobby for endangering the citizens of our nation with their un-American gun control laws!

  • Anadara

    Because Americans had guns in 1775 we got our freedom from great Briton and King George III. Piers must have been absent from school during that topic. He doesn't get it that a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, [Americans shall have] the right to keep and bear arms [and this right] shall not be

  • Darin

    Ok. so why do people listen to Piers Morgan? He's a child!

  • William Safford

    Jeez - these guys are dip-wits. They gonna pay me fair market value for my gun? It's a gold engraved C96 Broomhandle Mauser worth somewhere over $8,000. Right! A $200 credit card or a laptop!!!!!! They also need to learn what an "assault weapon" is, and just how many have been used in ANY shootings in this country (except maybe Holder's Fast-n-Furious guns).

  • icemancold

    All of these pro anti gunner nutcases need to take a lesson from history that General GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER learned at the Little Bighorn when Sitting Bull and the Souix Proved that all you need to kill with is a STICK AND STRING. Are the ANTI GUNNERS going to outlaw TREES AND STRING ALSO ? What about Kinves, Base Ball Bats, Golf Clubs etc. All of these can be used as TOOL to KILL WITH JUST LIKE A GUN IS A TOOL. GUNS DO NOT!!! KILL PEOPLE KILL.!!! I own and carry a GUN for Protection from crazies and any one else who would try to harm a FAMILY MEMBER,FRIEND,OR DEFENSELESS PERSON.!!!!

  • icemancold

    To Start with remove the signs at Schools that invite Crazies to SCHOOLS TO KILL KIDS. The Signs Referred to are the ones that say (GUN FREE SAFE ZONE) These signs tell the crazies that no one is armed and able to stop them. Second TRAIN AND ARM TEACHERS AND SCHOOL PERSONEL Then put up a sign that reads(NOTICE ALL TEACHERS AND PERSONEL ON THESE PREMISES ARE TRAINED ARMED AND INSTRUCTED TO SHOOT TO KILL ANY PERSON HARMING OR ATTEMPTING TO HARM A CHILD OR CHILDREN ON THESE PREMISES) THIRD Have only one ENTRANCE to building that can be opened from outside and have armed Security at that Door at all times Children are on the premises. Use the money sent to PAKISTAN and other foreign countries to pay for the training OF TEACHERS AND SCHOOL PERSONEL and the SALARY of SECURITY. That would be a more productive use for the money.!!!

  • super bob

    I understand that Senator Feinstein carrys a gun, could someone check and see if this is true.

    • Nadine

      I heard the same thing!!

  • Texas Vet

    Serious blow hard self absorbed stuffy brit. Can't win with logic, yell them down. Piss off and go home.

  • gatekeeper96740
  • Rosie46

    Re: Australia: You mean the thieves, murders and rapists did not turn in their guns and then knew that people were not armed, so crime increased. I'm so surprised (NOT).

  • RIpete

    Morgan needs to return to his homeland - th ecountry that supports a "royal"family for no apparant reason - has a government "led" by the class warfare the house of lords angainst the commoners. A country that has a state religion ruled by the "royal" in charge at the time. A country sufffering from all the "subjects" from all over the world causing unrest in the British Isles. The empire is so great Morgan was tossed over to the revolutionaries.

  • U.S.Cavalry

    Anyone giving up their gun rights and right to self defence will get just what they deserve, Ask 10 million dead jews in Germany, 50 million dead in Stalin's purge. 100 million dead in Moa's reducation. In North Korea they are still dying.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Piers Morgan should go back to England. When the Islamics there get more control over the English society, we'll see what he thinks then about gun controls.

    • Patriot

      There you go! :)


    Unless they conduct a Gestapo raid on every home in New York, it won’t work. If they go into cartel areas, it will require full military tactics or ALL the police will get killed! That is an empty threat! If they actually try this, here is what will happen. Only the law abiding citizens will give up their firearms. The criminals will know, now hardly anyone has guns, and/or are afraid to use them, because they will go to jail for not relinquishing their firearm(s), even if they used it to protect their life, liberty, or property (pursuit of happiness). You want to see a catastrophe 100 times worse than Fast and Furious? Try to confiscated personal firearms in a country that GUARANTEES the right of the people to bear arms, and indeed REQUIRES the ever presence of an ARMED MILITIA, TO KEEP THE GOVERNMENT IN CHECK, not to guarantee hunting or personal protection rights. See, we can hunt, and protect ourselves without firearms. But we cannot defend ourselves against, or remove a tyrannical government without them. ESPECIALLY in mafia havens like New York, they have already been paid, so they know better than to tread on crime turf. Why don’t they just run an ad for the criminals declaring open season on everyone, after the confiscation!? And guess who the criminals need to take out first, after everyone else is disarmed? You guessed it; their only other threat, the good guys with guns, the Police! Again, the serpent is eating his tail!!! Fortunately, surely this is just grandstanding, and political rhetoric, but if they actually attempt this, then LORD have mercy on us all!


    The state-owned media briefly mentioned, then swept under the carpet the murder killed one of the teachers who WAS his LIVE IN SEX PARTNER! I believe it was her classroom that was massacred, probably the students first, so she had to watch, to “suffer” the consequences of her decision to dump him, and/or move out!!! In the depraved world we live in, this is enough for weak-minded people to pull such an act of attention-getting (shock and awe). This is not hard to figure out, unless you are intentionally trying to distract from the Truth (Fast and Furious, Bengasi, disarm the people so ‘We the government..’ can take over more completely…) the last component to take over is The Church…already at a theater near you!


    Question: why are there so many United Kingdomites reporting American news? Do they think their accent is more “royal-than-thou”, therefore their LIES are more credible than American talking-heads’? Is unemployment higher for United Kingdomites, that they have to “be imported” so the state owned media is not accused of “exporting jobs”, while we fire American media employees because we don’t like their HAIR!!!!? Well, guess what mr. United Kingdomites accent dude, Y’ALL LOST THE WAR!!!! Oh, and need we remind you that we did it WITH FIREARMS! That proves who is smarter!!!! So now you want to try and talk us out of our firearms and attempt to take over America again? You can’t even protect your own country against over breeding islamists and sharia law!!!! GO HOME, and tell it to Mohamed! You won’t even let your police have a gun, so what do you get? Buses and subway’s bombed, and crime HIGHER THAN MANY AMERICAN CITIES, DESPITE YOUR DENYIN’ LYIN’!!!!! Why do you keep looking down? All the notes and teleprompter in the world can’t win this argument for you. Thank the Lord you kept talking so Mr. Pratt could show what a complete FOOL you are! Go get in line with ms. Rice and tell your master, ‘you can’t lie and make people believe you like he can’! What are you looking down at anyway? …talking points, is it? Didn’t you learn from ms. Rice? Oh, that’s right, you are not on tenth as smart as your accent should suggest…SMH. As a True American hero once said, “I pity the FOOL…”!

  • Paul Donovan

    Our Gun rights are God given rights not rights given by Big government. Letting government control gun rights is likened to letting the fox. guard the hen house.

    • dHb

      Gun rights are "God" given? Give me a break. I am a Life member of the NRA and an advocate of gun rights but, LOL, God has nothing to do with it.

      • Patriot

        Perhaps he was referring to the bill of rights.
        Our rights come from our creator not the government.
        Just saying... Fellow NRA member.

  • Paul Donovan

    Aaas , we won our freedom from England already , get over it . England wanted our guns as well. You see what that fought them. From my cold dead hands, never will we give up any arms to Tyrannical government like we have today. The second amendment was put in place to keep government in check from harming it's citizens. It's our last check and balance of free power. It's our Right from God Not government.

  • Paul Donovan

    And yes, I'm clinging to my God and guns Mr Obama.

  • Paul Donovan

    From my cold dead hands. It's the only way my guns will leave me. And yes that means you can have my bullets first.

  • Paul Donovan

    Freedom hold on its going to have to be fought for once again.

  • Paul Donovan

    Tea Party , 160 million members Hmmm I would not touch that one . Guns are our God given right.

  • Mort leith

    This Commie idiot should start in GA as a test case...
    I DARE him,, we need the target practice

  • JEButler

    You know, if the left would just define "assault" weapon we could all see a way for discussion. Then again, if they ever made their real intent known they would be done!

  • Luis D Rey

    Piers Morgan is a Total Arse hall along with Devil looking hypocrite and Demon-crap Andrew Cuomo !!

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    I bet Obama is related to Hitler or that Nut from Uganda a few years back! Both of these guys made sure their Subjects had no guns to fight with before they put the screws to them too!

  • Dave

    The British natives like this moron Piers Morgan have lost their country and their mass media in complicit with politicians are screwing their citizens left and right and year in & year out the mass media ,not the citizens ,get their politicians voted in again The British citizens have lost their democracy. Their country has been taken over and the native British are moving in droves to Australia ,New Zealand ,Canada & the USA. .Our mass media owner tyrants have the same DNA as Hitlers mass media had before Hitler amassed power & he turned around whacked them. Now,in the 21st we have the same mass media tyrants who have engaged morons like this idiot to bring over their stupidity to America. Americans ,if you lose your rights on gun matters you are in trouble: You will lose your rights not only over gun matters but all matters that had made America the envy of the world and which had also drawn idiots like this one to its shores. This idiot Morgan lost the argument and being a mouth piece of the socialist media owners echoing their socialism for others, you can bet he would rated very high for his sheer arrogance .

  • Ed in Florida

    Governor Cuomo control is a better option.

  • Ted Smith

    Cuomo has no credibility. He and Bloomberg have gun carrying security with them everywhere they go.

  • watchdogman

    You folks in NY are like sheep...The liberals are running all over you!!! Now is the time to tell that idiot Governor and NYC mayor to put some teeth in it!

    • Patriot

      Ya, new-yorkers, how about a recall petition? Give them pause for thought.

  • Walt

    I can think of no better way to start a civil war in this country than trying to confiscate guns from citizens lawfully entitled to have them. This is precisely why we are entitled to keep guns; to keep gov't from doing this.

    • Patriot

      Exactomundo! :)

  • Montie Rumsower

    These politicians have no clue as to what the constitution is for or about. These types of decisions and statements are treasonous. These corrupt progressive/socialists will stop at NOTHING to gain total control. Lying cheating extortion and even murder. Liberal progressives are a deadly disease to our country. ANY law that violates the constitution is NO law at all.

  • TaterSalad

    Watch this video and then decide if this what you want America to become as what has already happened in Australia!!

  • Beepster

    Iffin' he confiscates, according to law, he has to pay "fair market value" for what he takes!!

  • BigUgly666

    All this is is another method of stealing the money from those who have earned it - in order to keep them subservient to the "masters" in "government".

    One more "Tax" to levy of WE THE PEOPLE - an "infringement" is anything that you do not wish to do - what is it about that that these potential targets fail to comprehend?

  • Saltporkdoc

    The operative phrase in Cuomo's statement is "...expanding the size and reach of government...." This has been the goal of the "progressives" all along.
    As for his over all statement about "permitting" and confiscation, I have but two things to say: My guns are already "permitted" under the Second Amendment! (Not that the Constitution ever means much to the politicians sworn to "uphold, protect and preserve" it!), and want to confiscate my property? Come and try!
    Maybe the real problem in Amerika [sic] is not "assault weapons" but assault politicians who methodically and hypocritically assault my finances with unnecessary taxes, assault my liberty through expanded "size and reach of government" and regulations enforced as law though never enacted by congress but by bureaucrats in that expanded government, assault my ears with their spacious and vacuous verbosity, rantings and nonlogic!

  • beijingyank

    We also got 600 million diamonds.

    • beijingyank

      check that. 300 million.

  • beijingyank

    don't bother you Mr. Morgan."
    Limey, nitwit.

  • beijingyank

    Feinstein is cancer.

    • beijingyank

      This B girl is a real "stink a roni."

  • beijingyank

    "assault weapons." no...psychotropic drugs...yes...

  • beijingyank

    Let's buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for the government agencies like Social Security.
    And then we tell the "idiots" give
    us your guns.

  • whitestone57

    Blacks Who Voted For Obama Were Around 95%....That's Not Racist''?

  • QuisPercusit

    Cuomo is just sucking up to dip-shit Bloomberg who is a rabid anti gunner with ego problems and a Napoleonic complex that is totally out of control. New Yorkers have a continuing habit of supporting and electing totalitarian, liberal,socialistic control freaks to high elected offices.(it goes way way back to the days of Tammany hall and the first Italian immigrants to NYC). I have no sympathy for any one in New York except the law abiding legitimate gun owning citizens and the victims of crime and terrorism.

  • claude h

    are you going you start it off and show everybody how it done, mr. cuomo??????

  • justme

    Piers Morgan is an overblown idiot. I think gun control is a dangerous proposition for American citizens. Honestly, though, some of these comments are making the argument FOR the gun control crowd. Tone it down, please.

  • BillboyBaggins

    I think when they start the confiscation process here, they will find Americans to be somewhat less than compliant.

  • Nouvel Anglaterre

    Larry Pratt is full of nonsense. After the riots in Detroit in 1967 people all over that city started packing guns. Detroit, once one of the richest and most architecturally beautiful cities in the U.S.A., is now a run down dump where students in its public schools are more likely to end up in prison than graduate. Most of the firearms that the people purchased for protection end up being used in homicides and other crimes. In 1973 Detroit was the murder capital of the U.S.A. It also has not helped that all of the mayors of Detroit have had left liberal tendencies in everything, except for gun control. Also, the cities in the U.S.A. where firearms are more easily available have some of the highest crime rates in the country. As for those Korean merchants in Los Angeles, possessing firearms did not stop the rioters from targeting their businesses. In fact, some Korean-American woman, I forget her name, acted as an apologist for the rioters by saying that they only stole essentials that families need, i.e. diapers, baby food, etc. Nearby Compton, as well as San Francisco and Oakland have been rated as some of the ten most dangerous cities in the U.S.A.

  • I_P_Frehley

    It's a shame ol' Larry didn't correct Piers on the incorrect and inaccurate use of the term "assault weapon/rifle". We must educate to eradicate.

  • John

    The unfortunate and sad massacre in Conecticut is like a wet dream come true for Obama and the anti-gun establishment. Tyrannical governments have always had the disarming of the general populace high on their agenda. After all, a disarmed populace cannot resist a tyranny. Obama et al had hoped that Operation Gunrunner would elicit the type of reaction that we are now experiencing, but it backfired in his face. Tyranny is knocking on your front door, and already has one foot in the door. Just say NO to lefty-loosies who want to establish a tyranny here in the U.S.

  • justcrosstheborder

    Piers Morgan should go back to England. He is now trying to kill our 2nd Amendment. He is bitter because the Red coats got their butt kicked. I propose he is check for rabbis.

  • D. Guardian ""CUMO", remember that it was your father who closed the mental hospitals in NY. Some of those sick persons still roaming the streets, some are violent. So, why don't you take a trip down memory lane, walk around the city that your father created and you have perpetuated?....Go down to the Bowry, make new friends. Make it an interesting trip, loose the body guards....just you and the wonder that is New York.....take the bus or the subway. enjoy!!

  • ginjit.dw

    When Cuomo gets rid of his armed bodyguards, maybe then we think about it....

  • ginjit.dw

    Let's Morgan go home if he doesn't like it here.

  • Fred Lopiccolo

    United States is the last Sovereign Nation on earth and the One Worlders are trying to take our Freedoms away one lie at a time...

  • bhudda

    This study ,I noticed turned a blind eye to economic conditions and natural desasters as possible reason s crime is up ..Oh ,Ijuust realized there is a capital D behind his liberal way .

  • nanblan

    I have a proposal. If the government starts confiscating semi-automatic guns or passes a law
    declaring them illegal, then it would only be fair to make it illegal to show the use of such weapons in both Hollywood movies and video games (except, of course, if used by the military.) If ordinary citizens aren't allowed to own or use them, shouldn't ordinary
    citizens in movies and games also be subject to the same ban? I think it would only be fair.
    Perhaps we should start a petition . . . maybe it would make these far-left, Hollywood-loving liberal brats think twice about passing the unconstitutional gun control laws they’re proposing. Anybody up for it?

    • Adam Cox

      Uh...guns in video games aren't They are cartoon/digital representations. Boy, you sure are dumb.

  • Publius2013

    Bloomberg is a windbag, and if he wants to confiscate guns that violates the inherent right of the people to keep and bear arms according to the second amendment of the constitution as well as unreasonable search and seizure. Should he attempt that, anyone he tries to steal from can protect their family and selves by resisting and fighting back. If he thinks he can get away with it, he will for sure create a firestorm of opposition of the most violent type and he will be to blame for any ensuing bloodshed. Bloomberg is a windbag!

  • Strangerinastrangeland

    I would not presume to go to Britain and lecture them on their gun policy. Our cousins in GB do not have the tradition of gun ownership that Americans do. Piers Morgan, GO HOME.

  • Texas Tanker

    It amazes me that the same country that blessed the world with Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churhill and Lady Margaret Thatcher could also produce a pompous fool such as that preening, pip-squeaking arse Piers Morgan. He obviously feels it is morally superior to become a victim than to be responsible for defending one's home, hearth, and family. (Note to Criminal Scum in New York: Piers Morgan probably won't defend himself, whereas Larry Pratt will probably pull a .45 on you.)
    If you find the MILLIONS of honest, hard-working American gun owners so repulsive, Mr. Morgan, then take yourself back across the pond. We did not like British pontifications once before and successfully threw the buggers out. As a result, we have kept that God-given right to defend ourselves and our castles as American CITIZENS that British SUBJECTS have surrendered to the crown. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

  • Wes Thomas

    To my understaning only hand guns were used at Sandy Hook Elementery school if so why are the gun control gestapos blaiming what they call assult rifles .Personal ownership of fire arms so far is the only reason we still have the constitution . The minuet they take our guns they will take all our rights.and we will no longer be a free nation . As for Piers Morgan if he thinks gun control is the thing . They have that in his country as far as I'm concerned he can take his arrogant stupid Limey rear back there !