Christmas Surprise: Senate Allows Warrantless Search of Email

While the news has been focused on the “fiscal cliff” and the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the Senate has taken their gift back from the nation. They’re like Scrooge, except Scrooge was just a private business man, not a civil government who could own people who had the misfortune to live in his dominion. Bah, humbug!

Back after Thanksgiving, the Senate gave us all reason to hope.

“A Senate committee on Thursday unanimously backed sweeping digital privacy protections requiring the government, for the first time, to get a probable-cause warrant to obtain e-mail and other content stored in the cloud. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, amends the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The amendment would nullify a provision that allows the government to acquire a suspect’s e-mail or other stored content from an internet service provider without showing probable cause that a crime was committed. The development comes as e-mail privacy is again in the spotlight after FBI investigators uncovered an affair between then-CIA chief David Petraeus and his biographer Paula Broadwell after gaining access to e-mail accounts used by Broadwell. Currently, the government can obtain e-mail without a warrant as long as the content has been stored on a third-party server for 180 days or more, and only needs to show, often via an administrative subpoena, that it has ‘reasonable grounds to believe’ the information would be useful in an investigation.”

There was still reason to believe there would be a struggle on the Senate floor, but no one expected that struggle to take place until 2013.

Instead, we find coal in our stocking. While the struggle to get the protection in the bill was loud and public, no one knew about the Senate’s decision to drop the provision until the Bill was already headed to the White House.

Of course, we know the Obama White House is exactly like the Bush White House on these issues, or worse.

I’m not sure how much longer we can last pretending that we have any real political will in Washington to respect the rights of the people. A few Senators might want to score votes with their constituents, but they obviously don’t believe stripping us naked to government eyes will get them in any real trouble with the electorate. The TSA still proves that we will literally allow them to do that to us.

By their actions, Congress shows that they simply take it for granted that, to some degree or other, all our windows and doors and walls are supposed to be removable so that one of the government’s best and brightest can walk in and search through any area of our life that he finds interesting. The Fourth Amendment is respected by any three branches of government about as much as the President and Congress respect the debt ceiling.

Sadly, until voters really show they punish candidates who spy on them and reward candidates who are serious about the Fourth Amendment, the situation will only get worse.



  • CARLjr

    The Headline should read: senate allows warrant-less searches of email to continue.

    The internet is not private. Your emails, posts, and web usage statistics are accessible to more than just the government. If you don't like that - don't use it. Or at least don't do your illegal or embarrassing stuff there.

    • 57Chevy

      Let them Read our emails. Maybe the gov't will now realize that MOST of the Country KNOW that they are all a bunch of Crooked Socialist Frauds & Communists! And just how much they are loved...........NOT! GOOD, Sure hope they read THIS one too!!!!!!!! Hopefully they'll read ALL the posts on this site & other Conservative Byte, etc. etc. sites!

      • CARLjr

        I guess the folks at Verizon, Google, Best Buy, and Apple will know that too. Everyone who is a client of the major marketing firms know too. I bet you get banner ads and spam that specifically try to sell you things based on your anti-government ways.

    • Patriot

      But Carljr, that's going to put a real cramp in my drug-dealing business :)

      • Areminder

        Did you get your proper "medical device" number from obamacare yet? I'm sure your business is coming under their jurisdiction. Go through the proper channels, rahmbo and plouffe are probably the ones you need to go to in order to stay in business. :-o)

        • Patriot

          Not yet. Hey that sissified jerk Plouffe is a real treat isn't he? :)
          See, the problem is they will want a piece of the action! :)

  • guest

    This is no surprise at all. I have asked rand paul to respond as to why he was so vocal on the ndaa but never said a word about the warrantless searches of citizens homes in KY.

  • Barb Patton

    For the past 10 years I assumed that it was common knowledge that not only the Government but many many thousands of people have access to everything you belong to i.e. fbook, twitter,and e-mail. We have been "had" for a long long time

    • Nacho Daddy

      They're just letting you know about it now, like they are getting ready for something.

    • lindajoyadams

      is it possible that all the sec of states in USA are seeing the president's real birth records from Topeka ks and can;t say/ please ask Orly taitz to ask for court order in Shawnee county and end this scam started by big money to sidetrack us from petitioning our govt to preserve our civil liberties.

    • CARLjr

      It is common knowledge. Every part of our lives are being monitored - for marketing reasons. Next on the list - cashless society. It's too hard to track cash.

  • emerutil

    WE are allowing our own government to bully us with impunity. Term limits, anybody? Big Brother is here!

    • Don39

      To late for term limits! As you said , 'Big brother is here!'

      • Areminder

        Term limits don't even apply to the czars and regulatory agency employees who are over 2/3 of the government. Let's face it, we're the plebes they the rulers, it will take much more than emails, phone calls and blast faxes to make a difference. With rigged elections as far as the eyes can see, at least the Tea Party candidates are challenging boehnerr in the House, We keep on watching and praying until we see how far they get.

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      There are already term limits. The problem is the ignorant unwashed masses who keep re-electing the scumbags over and over again. The founders NEVER intended for Senators and Representatives to be a life-long career. Our first elected officials served their terms and then went back to their private lives.

      • mogul264

        You are certainly right! The Founding Fathers felt one should do their civic duty, then GO HOME and take care of business! This is what THEY all did, then! Trouble is, politicians have found they LIKE the political life! They enjoy the prestige and power, the gifts and homage, the bowing and scraping of the lobbyists, the pleadings and petitions of the people, all perks of the office!

        Plus, there's that absolute CERTAINTY of making beaucoup bucks on the q.t., from decisions being made about financial affairs THEY know in advance of us commom folk! (Can you spell "INSIDER TRADING"?)

        Lastly, has anyone but me noticed that, almost without exception, EVERY Congressional electee is either ALREADY a millionaire, or becomes one soon after they're elected? Or, that the Democrats, supposedly the 'party of the people, seem to have MORE of these millionaires than the 'rich' GOP? So much for just doing their 'civic duty'!

        • KJ

          A law was recently passed which prohibits insider trading by federal legislators. However, the Senate is required by law to pass an annual budget too which Harry Reid has failed to do without penalty. Thus, like everything else, the words and actions of Congress may continue to be diametrically opposed forever.

        • Lady Liberty

          Here's a novel idea: How about REAL citizens, who are truly interested in the best interests of our country, serving in our government for NOTHING but the wonderful satisfaction of being instrumental in carrying out the will of "We the People"???? (OK, maybe minimum wage, plus two weeks paid vacation...)

        • mogul264

          This might NOT get us the proper persons to act as the people's representatives! Only one who was ALREADY rich could AFFORD this!, However, let's try this: we pay them at the CURRENT WAGE they are N earning, plus what extra is needed to live in D.C.! They continue to accrue any leave, any longevity, any bonuses, any retirement they would have earned, had they continued working at their CURRENT job. They continue to pay into Social Security, etc. NO enacting laws which do not also affect them, as well!

        • Areminder

          Trouble is, how does the current employer afford to let them accrue these things without assistance from the fed. govmnt. you'll be right back in this problem with that one. The rest sounds good.

        • mogul264

          The funds would be paid from the Treasury, as is Congress' wages are now! To maintain accruals of vacation, and retirement, the Treasury would reimburse the employer the Congress person began from, or this plan would be matched by the Treasury, requiring the company to pay what would have been done had the employee remained. Somewhat sticky is how the employee's advancement would be compensated. Haven't given this a great deal of thought! To be sure, a similar situation is done for military reserves who serve their duty time, but are still considered employees.

        • mogul264

          All this is predicated, of course, upon the electees NOT staying in Congress! We are NOT trying to allow them to work a lifetime in government!

    • Dave Erhardt

      I have thought for a long time that term limits for Congress was necessary. They have to be accountable, but we re-elect them for term after term.
      My Congressman, Norm Dicks of Washington State, finally retired after being in Congress since 1977. In that time, my wife and I had 3 kids, my kids have 4 children, and my wife and I were married for 30 years until my wife died in 2010. So Mr. Dicks spent all of my married life as my Congressman. How can he be accountable? He brought home the pork, that's how he got re-elected for 16 terms.
      So now it's all coming home to roost. The men and women in Congress don't care about defending our Constitutional rights. They don't give a darn about protecting the future of my grandchildren; they have burdened future generations with a mountain of debt, and now they can't decide on how to stop this deficit.

      The President has term limits, why not people in Congress and the Senate? I think voters are responsible too. They vote the same people in year after year, they vote like their parents did and so many minorities vote only for Democratic candidates. We are all responsible.
      But if we have term limits, we will be able to get candidates. who will protect us from mountains of debt, and will defend our Constitutional rights. They'll serve a couple of terms, and then they go home. This is the way our forefathers had intended. Of course, we didn't have direct vote for either office then, but now we do. So it's not only important that we get term limits, but we, as Americans, need to be more responsible too to protect the future of this country for our grandkids.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        No, they won't "go home". After a House member finishes his/her term, he/she will be elected as a Senator. When his/her Senate term expires he/she will be appointed as some other bureaucrat and continue to "serve the people" for as long as they want.

        • AndrewJerome

          Serve the people? The only thing they're serving us is a ration of $hit and expecting us to eat it.

      • KJ

        Your state brought us the not-so-great new chairwoman if the Senate Budget Committee, Patty Murray, who, even before her appointment to that post said publicly that she "couldn't commit to doing a budget".

        There is no hope. We're doomed to become a bloated version of Greece

      • Claims1

        Dave, I agree with every word in your blog, I truly do and I have been shouting "term limits" for longer than I care to recall. I'm reminded of Thomas Jefferson's statement(paraphrasing) "When we elect our representatives and send them to Washington, D.C., they become more citizens of that city than of the state that sent them." Question? How to we get the "term limit" movement off the ground? Is any congressman going to vote himself/herself out of office?.

  • Nottakenyan

    Plain and simple:

    You try to stand in the way of the current DC regime and they will waste you in a heartbeat.

    BTW, where is Sheriff Joe? Why did the Florida judge dismiss the Obama credential case?

    Why is Donald Trump silent? And the list goes on and on!!!

    Look around, the magnitude of corruption at the federal level is beyond the comprehension of many American taxpayers.

    Under the current dictatorship, the US Constitution does not even make a good roll for the Charmin Company!!!

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      Sheriff Joe has done all he could. He gathered so much evidence to convict Obama, but the powers that be refused to deal with it. The Florida judge dismissed the credentials case because either he is an Obama supporter or he was threatened. As far as Trump, I believe that he only speaks out if he feels it would benefit him in some way.

      • lindajoyadams

        he never got the real records out of Topeka ks and there is no proof he was the one ding forgeries as my affidavit states as of 1/71 he was not to be told the truth of his real dad and birth at Topeka ks. i still think under some recent laws that all states have access to all other states records and know he is eligible, but no one else will until someone asks for the court order or the pres signs to get them millions have been made off of a false bio created at time of birth by his family as no witness protection program his parents were attacked in a racial hate crime that ended with his dad murdered and two others dead and to this day am open cold case. when the bodies went in the Kansas river to surface much later; no one has talked since. time fir justice for them and the whole unravels right back to westboro baptist, his maternal grandmother's family .Victoria Windsor died before she almost got to the truth of the fake Kenya story that has been worth billions/ Linda joy Adams see my sites for eye witness account in daily recaps since 7/26/12. very few eye witness info out there and trying to find anyone that is to any part. just being in a class with one is eye witness info.

        • Rosie46

          You might try proofreadng this so it makes sense.

        • Sandy Pfaff

          Hey you touched you touched you touched me....what idiocy!!!!! GROW UP!!!!!!

        • NT

          You write gibberish.

        • David Weakland

          Even if true(which I doubt) Obama is not eligible as he was adopted at the age of 7 and lost any citizenship.

        • jack

          ALERT ALERT new conspiracy theory by the conspiracy theory nuts. Now Preside adopted. Not even Sheriff Joe knew this. You guys are amazing. Isn't this an impeachable offense? Surely

        • Ranchman

          Hey, shut your mouth about "you guys", eh? Nobody on the Right is talking about this, loser. It's another one of your liberal pals with dementia. Obama's a fraud, period.

        • Jack

          LOL a right wing nutcase conspiracy theory is now blamed on the commie libs. Wow. Another new low. You tea party people are awesome. Keep it up. The nuttier the better.

        • granny

          Jack is smoking the same weed (loco weed) that BOZO smokes. Your brain is fried.

        • Sandy Pfaff

          When his mother remarried her husband adopted him...this is NOT it?

        • SJvet

          You should see someone about your mental condition.

        • Jean Fritz

          What in the hell are you talking about...I cannot make heads nor tails out of anything you just said here...Sounds to me like you are having a whirlwind courtship with a little of that wacky weed...

        • Ranchman

          Whaaat? His dad murdered? Westboro Baptist? Kansas River? What in the WORLD are you even talking about?!? Wow, don't bogart that friend.

        • granny

          You have to be one of those illegals thats on welfare & all of the other freebees. Smoking the weed too, cause your brain is fried. I have been posting the film where BOZO states that he was born in Kenya when he was opting for the Senate in the the early 2000's. From the illegal president's own mouth..."I was born in Kenya". He is a liar, blames all his mistakes on past presidents, a muslim, and is has put our USA into a bankrupt situation. BOZO is naval lint.

    • Noni77

      The FL judge ruled that if the government "says so", then Obama is elligible. How is THAT for legal precedent!?

      • HappyClinger

        duh...if dey call him president, he must be president...So, everybody, please start calling me "Madame President!!"

        • joanc

          Would you believe I was heart surgeon, if I wore a white coat with a name tag saying DR. ? I'm sure you would you research my background, to make sure I am what I profess to be before entrusting your life to heart surgery. Well, that is what is happening in the US because Nancy Pelosi and others assumed or knew Obama's credentials didn't or couldn't pass scrutiny. Nancy et al didn't care because they needed a Charismatic candidate for 2008 ,and they got him, unfortunately so did the US citizens who have been paying for that lapse ever since. The heart of the country is not feeling so well these days. Surgery has already started on our Great Constitution, bypassing the rule of law, while ignoring check and balances in order to suit the President's agenda.

        • Lady Liberty

          Ask Nancy Pelosi WHY she found it necessary to sent a completely separate and different eligibility letter to Hawaii, after Obama was supposedly 'vetted'....I've asked her but never received a reply...imagine that!!!! It's past time to send another 'follow-up', but tenacity is one of myattribute!!!! He should be impeached...there certainly seems to be more than enough proof that he is not qualified. How much MORE damage will we allow him to cause?

        • Claims1

          Remember when Madam Pelosi said, shortly after Obama's first election, "We are going to clean up the "culture of corruption" that existed under George Bush? So far, she has done a lousy job.

      • lindajoyadams

        topeka ks is in usa where he was born at forbes air force base hospital

        • Nottakenyan

          LJA---------were all your special education classes difficult for you?

      • KJ

        I've commented on this before. Citing the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" should be grounds enough for that judge to be disbarred and removed from the bench. Clearly he's well past his prime. However, in his ridiculous decision I see grounds for an appeal.

      • Rosie46

        And he quoted an actor playing a judge out of a movie for his ruling!! I think he escaped from one one of the homes for the senile in FL. If not, he needs to be locked up in one. The people of Florida should demand he step down as calling him a "judge" or "your honor" is a joke.

      • ssilv48

        The judge was bought off or threatened and did not have the balls to check the credible information on mr oboma not even being a citizen of the United States. The evidence is overwhelming that he is not a citizen. the dirt bag judge's excuse was: well, he fly's on air force one, so he must be a president. That pecker head needs to be put in jail for not doing his job and it is treason not to vett the United States was a joke that it was not done the first time.........but a SECOND TIME..............ARE ALL AMERICANS JUST STUPID. WE NEED TO DEMAND HE IS VETTED.

    • Mike Tanco

      Any Senator that voted for this should be removed from office. They, just like the members of the House of Representatives, work for us. This present government is trashing the Constitution and our freedom. The people will get even, just wait.

      • Nottakenyan

        Mike, what members of Congress are working for the American taxpayers' best interest??

        • don

          their is a few the rest is in for the ride to riches

        • Nottakenyan

          Names please?

        • 57girl

          Ron Paul. Sadly, though after his term ends, he'll be leaving us. On the upside, Dr. Paul will continue to try to inform the public of their rights, through "The Campaign for Liberty". I hope the people will pay attention to him. Too many have let the opportunity to revive our Constitution slip by already by ignoring Dr. Paul's warnings for the past 30 years.

        • SJvet

          He never did a thing. All he ever did was talk.

        • 57girl

          If it had not been for Ron Paul, we'd still have never had a glimpse into the activity of the Federal Reserve. The partial audit of their books in 2010 which revealed the $16 Trillion dollar bailout to Foreign banks was brought to light, thanks to Dr. Paul's perseverance. Had his piers on the Floor of Congress upheld their oaths to our Constitution as Dr. Paul did throughout his Political career, Dr. Paul would have moved mountains. Sadly, Dr. Paul was usually fighting on behalf of the American people, alone, which is why we have not had the benefit of his efforts or his wisdom. Just go back and look at "Ron Paul's Greatest Predictions" outlining the results of consequences of involving ourselves with going to war in Iraq, or getting sucked into Fannie Mae. Too, the media wouldn't let Dr. Paul be heard in the same ratio as those that backed their agenda. I dare say, if the people and our leaders had paid attention and listened to Dr. Paul, America would still be going strong.

        • SJvet

          I think you mean his "peers." If he were so ambitious he should have introduced bills supporting his beliefs, but he just sat there and voted for other people's bills. The truth is sometimes hard to admit, and Ron Paul is not a god.

        • 57girl

          "What members of Congress are working for the American taxpayers" ... was the original question.

          Dr. Paul TRIED over and over to expose the Federal Reserve, which is one of America's major problems. Almost every year he was in office, he presented a Bill to Audit them and bring transparency to their shenanigans. He was virtually ignored. While Dr. Paul might not be a God, he certainly DID stand on the side of the American people, and he should get credit for his efforts. Just think where we'd be if anyone had bothered to listen to him.

        • SJvet

          Actually, he only introduced one bill during his entire time in Congress, and it was related to the sale of a property in Texas.

        • 57girl

          I beg to differ, Sir. Ron Paul has worked tirelessly to try to restore America to her original glory. I am so sick of people trying to discredit one of our few Representatives that has ALWAYS stood on the side of the people. Please follow the link and check out Dr. Paul's 'attempted' accomplishments. If the rest of his 'peers' had the same sense of patriotism as Dr. Paul, America would not be teetering on socialism today.

        • 2dogs

          57girl is right, SJvet. Dr. Paul is a true libertarian conservative, and probably the ONLY one who lived up to the oath of protecting and defending the constitution.

        • SJvet

          Arguing with a Paulbot is a waste of time. It matters little to them that he never actually accomplished anything, as long as he said he "tried." I would never vote for someone who says he thinks it's okay for Iran to have nuclear weapons because everybody else does. That's hardly rational thought.

        • Krazeehors

          That's what the problem in this country is. We elect someone new (like an Obama or a Clinton or a JFK) and the Demokraps and Hollywood celebrities IMMEDIATELY start scheduling all kinds of TV specials to "honor" them -- Remember the garbage that was on TV after Clinton was elected??

          Then again when Obama was elected? The TV special held at the most revered memorial on the Mall -- the Lincoln Memorial -- to "honor" the incoming first family and how he and his ugly wife strutted to the front of the stage they built from BEHIND the statue of Lincoln? It was, to say the VERY least, OUTRAGEOUS and

        • Laura

          Aw. Poor George W or senior never had any specials. You guys are so mistreated. Too bad you have no cool Hollywood guys supporting your guys. Maybe that's why you lost. That is as good a theory as the fraud or moochers. Really much better.

        • Krazeehors

          And your comment only serves to demonstrate your own idiocy and the FACT that I am correct in my analysis.

          The POINT to my argument is that these people ARE NOT any different than anyone else. Yet the idiots in Hollywood, who

        • Dennis

          Neither is Obama!

        • 2dogs

          Amen, 57girl, amen

        • Nottakenyan

          ONE out of 535? I thought the US Congress at least had an 8% approval rating.
          Nothing like getting raped without the kissin'!!!!

      • JustMe42Day

        What we really need to do first is get organized. Make a plan to visit our employee's workplace in a massive group of several thousand, as many as we can get. Try to create enough of a dust storm that the media, even if it's the lefthand driveby media, will cover it. We would really need to be on our game and let them all know that we plan to take back our role as employer, and we are carrying a whole book of pink slips.

        • HappyClinger

          The "lefthand" media didn't publish any pictures of the massive Glenn Beck rally in Washington that showed just how massive the crowd was. No aerial shots at all. Instead, they go to these itty-bitty liberal "protests" and shoot from head-level to give the impression there are millions of people at a rally where only 20 or 30 showed up. They will not report anything accurately anymore. Give up on them already. They will never report the truth.

        • CARLjr

          You will just get sprayed in the face with chemical weapons like the Occupy Wall Street people did. The media might cover it - showing those in your movement that took a baton to the head and are wiping off the blood.They might show those that got shot with rubber bullets - by lifting their shirts to show the massive bruises.

          We learned from the OWS protests that being old doesn't make you immune from being hit with Bear-strength pepper spray. Being non-violent only makes them mad. No message other than "don't stand up to them" will get out.

        • Claims1

          Unfortunately, we don't seem to have a good "community organizer" which will be needed to get your scheme off the ground.

        • 2dogs

          That is the way the animal world does it. They lift their hackels and get as "big" as they can, to scare their predator enemy. That is what we need to do, get really big, by adding to our numbers. It works.

      • wmagg

        wait for what ? the people of this nation to grow a pair Sorry man but it just aint gona happen get ready to fight for your freedoms, and i don't mean with a keyboard, or give up what little freedom you have left.

    • Areminder

      As we go into 2013 and contemplate turning into a third world country or a tin-horn dictatorship, perhaps we should phrase all arguments in the past tense.
      The attitude of this article says it all.

    • Keenan Lee

      Unfortunately the government will do what it wants to do. They will elect any person now whether the populace votes for them. Donald Trump was probably threatened via taxes, death, or takeover. Our government is out of control. The problem is that we have good/bad/ruthless security protecting them. They have us outgunned. They want us totally unarmed to finish the business. We are a few years away of being subjects.

  • Mark Nic

    the paralells to natzi Germany and what is happening here in the US. is frightning

    • Lolita

      SOOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as people are happy because Kim Kardashian is dating and show a new dress!!! WE ARE DOOMED!!! :-(

      • Nottakenyan

        Let's hear one for Bimbo Kimbo!!!

  • Raymond

    Is Barack Hussein Obama the muslim funding the most violent terrorists in
    order to create a Christian-free Middle East? Let's look at the evidence.

    • RH6194

      ...and eventually, a Christian-free America?

      • Raymond

        Can there be any doubt?

    • Areminder

      I'm wondering if your territory isn't a lot too limited.

  • Raymond

    Our tax dollars hard at work supporting terrorism. The United States is sending more battle tanks and jet fighters to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood- dominated government.

    Right now, Egypt is due 200 M1A1 Abrams battle tanks, the same mechanized firepower manned by American soldiers, bringing Egypt’s inventory to a robust 1,200. Also in the pipeline is a squadron of the Air Force F-16 Falcon, a multipurpose warplane able to dogfight and drop ordnance.

    • Areminder

      Meantime sequestor starves our military of equipment upgrades! Anyone see a pattern developing here?

    • Lady Liberty

      And, Raymond, in my opinion, the REAL reason for the Administration's attempt at covering up what happened in Benghazi is that they were planning to send military equipment to Syria, through Turkey (again, to fool our citizens) but then the savages of Al Quaeda took over, saw a soft target, and murdered 4 of our citizens, including the Ambassador whose last 'visitor' to the so-called consulate happened to be from Turkey! Seems our government is totally incapable of doing anything which is to our benefit! Shame on them!

  • Raymond

    Few people talk about it but, redistributing the wealth comes straight from chapter two of the Communist Manifesto. Yet, in spite of the fact that Obama’s history is overloaded with Communist influence and he promotes the concept of redistributing the wealth, liberals get so upset when Americans refer to Obama as a Communist.
    Go figure.

    • Lady Liberty

      I love reading your posts, Raymond. Yes - absolutely is our occupant in the People's House pushing the Communist agenda! He even uses their words in 'explaining' what he wants to do...are we really that stupid that we don't see perfectly well the direction he wants to take us? Wake up, America!

  • Rhonda Renee Sessions
  • Raymond
  • AZ BOB

    What is the Bill # or this just Blog

  • Raymond
    • Areminder

      AGAIN? Ho-hum, now for another cup of coffee, meantime, wake me when something new happens.

  • Don39

    The US Senate like the presidency is in full control of the marxist sociocommunist! Just how many are Republicans I will see as soon as I can check the roll call.

  • Raymond

    Okay senators. If you are reading my email, Go F..k Yoirselves and get a frwakin' life.

    • Nottakenyan

      You go Vinnie!!!
      how do you really feel?

      • joanc

        Vinnie feels like every American who are damn sick and tired of the games in DC. I second his entry, he's on American's wave length. You go Vinnie!

        • Nottakenyan

          I'm riding in the same boat and it is not as safe at the Titanic!

  • Raymond

    How could the public vote them out when the mainstream media will never report what happens and certainly not the names of who voted for it. When it was done in the Bush administration the media broadcast it everywhere as an assault on all Americans.

    • NamelessN00b

      If it won't wind up in the Mainstream Media, it will eventually hit the web.

      • lindajoyadams

        i went public with my eye witness account of pres Obama born in Topeka ks and murder of real dad with no investigation for 50 years. after i had called the Topeka capital journal , back in7/12, asking if they would help me get the newspaper articles and marriage and birth announcements. the editor Tamara Quinn has refused to let her reporters even check. after being owned by Capper's for ever/ they are now owned by Morris a private co, which means no one knows who really owns a chain of media outlets. maybe we need some transparency as to who the shareholders are of one who owns so many throughout the country as ceo's are just 'hired hands. main media knew the truth about Topeka and never reported it. why/ Linda joy Adams

  • Raymond

    The Washington Free Beacon has obtained a report soon to be released by the United Nations that calls for an international campaign of legal attacks and economic warfare on a group of American companies that do business in Israel, including Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar Inc., and Motorola Solutions Inc.

    The Human Rights Council (HRC), a body dominated by Islamic countries and known for its hostility to, and heavy focus on, the Jewish State, issued the report. The George W. Bush administration refused to participate in the HRC, but President Barack Obama joined it soon after taking office. Members of the HRC include infamous human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, China, and Cuba.

    • PMM

      What would you expect? Some of the worst dictators from the middle east and else where now run the UN. We should not still be giving them a dime, but the crooks in Washington keep right on when they aren't passing unconstitutional bills and getting the resident king to sign them.

  • Nikita63

    And, voters who "punish," those who arbitrarily punish them by eroding their privacy and other constitutionally protected freedoms will be targetted if they vote against such. Who do you think you are kidding?

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    ALL of our present Senators and Representatives are all traitors, liars and forgive me for saying this, RAT Ba****ds. Unless WE THE PEOPLE rise up physically and take this present government down immediately, America is LOST. Congress has enacted far too many unconstitutional laws and the US Supreme Court backs them all up. The entire government, NOT JUST the Obama administration, is corrupt to its very core.

    • NamelessN00b

      What do you do when people around you "don't wanna hear it?" They'll never listen to the internet as long as they're drunk on Mainstream Media.

      • Most Rev. Gregori

        Then we are doomed and it is those people who are dooming us. "None are so blind as those who refuse to see, and none are so deaf as those who refuse to hear."

    • John Carpenter

      These abuses are not new, and it is not certain who is ultimately behind them. JFK was wasted because he was on the verge of pulling out of Vietnam, and taking many billions out of the hands of the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about only 3 years earlier. Obama I suspect knows better than to step over certain lines.

      By the same token, it is just silly to think we, using grandpa's squirrel gun, or even AKs are going to stand down the Air Force. Let's be practical. Their power is in their wealth. Move your money out of Wall Street and into a Credit Union, where you are a shareholder. Then lobby your city, your county, your state to pull its money out of Wall Street and form its own bank like the Bank of North Dakota, est. 1919. They are one of only a couple of states in the black, and that's a large reason why.

      If Wall Street didn't have all our monies, and our state pensions and taxes invested in their crooked schemes, they'd go broke — their check kiting would fail.

      Once they are put aside, we'll have much more control over such things as the Senate, which Dick Durbin admitted "the banks own this place."

      • KJ

        Senator Dick needs to be retired during his next election cycle. Few Democrat sycophants have less backbone than Durbin.

        • John Carpenter

          He said, to avoid addressing the point of my post.

  • Raymond

    CAIR tired of infiltrating Democratic Party; now going after Republican Party

  • aryton senna

    My ISP is in Irapuato, Mexico!

  • Don39

    To the extent that any fool, Petraeus include, puts anything on the net not expecting it to become public is proof of their idiocy!

  • D. Guardian

    Another reason to secede....

  • Dick Frakes

    Why would the "52%" be upset - After-all 52% voted for this B.S. - However; we'll all suffer.
    48% of us will watch the 52% scratch their heads - wondering what in the hell happened.
    "Life ain't no 40 yard dash - careful what you wish for, you might get the whole damn thing".

    • Areminder

      Love to see what the true level of fraud was, I'll bet it was a whole lot more than 4% in Ohio alone!

  • fedfreakinup

    They also granted themselves the right to indefinitely detain without charge, cause, warrant, trial or attorney. In other words they can do whatever they want. Where is the useless GOP? If they like they will just drag us away never to be seen again. When will people wake up and start screaming?

    • Areminder

      Obviously until the "goopey ole party" sees a mass exodus from them and the democrat socialists into a new political party, preferably with a recognizeable name like Tea Party since both of them get set into spastics whenever they hear or see it! Let's face it, if we'd been able to hold our own primaries without the lame stream media choosing our candidate, we'd have had a very good field to choos from and with the dem exodus if we'd not have stayed home the majority would have been in our favor. Add the internet and Blaze TV as our outlets and they both become the whigs and America can rise from the ashes!** Long live our constitutions and the dreams of the founders who risked all to found this great nation!**

  • Treadwinds

    Where is the House of Representatives that represent the American people??

    • dHb

      LOL, that is funny treadwinds

    • Goober

      There is NO Such Thing! The House of Representatives only Represent Themselves! Its not about you or your children but how to get the most of all the money that they have access too. If after their election they are less well off than when they started... haven't you noticed that after a year or two they seem to be Rich beyond their dreams.

    • sniper

      They to are part of the problem

  • dHb

    1984 only 28 years late. Big brother IS watching

  • Jim Orwell

    AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie) FREE to watch for a limited time.

  • aryton senna

    Let's simply Nuke DC!

  • Stacy Mack


  • Stacy Mack


  • dHb

    Gone are the constitutional demands of checks and balances. The ENTIRE government is now on one side and it is not the side of the people. This is how all tyrants in history have come to power and formed their dictatorship.

  • Hillcountrynell

    They are going full force on the scare tactics.

  • Don b

    As for me, every email that I send from now forward will include a word such as bomb, or Osama, Pakistan,Iran or something that their search engines will grab. If we all started this and were consistent with it they would not have time to read them all....

    • JJM123

      They have legalized FISHING without a license and with no catch or size limits. Of course We The People will be heavily fined for any such activity.
      Many ways that innocent emails can contain multiple key words. Perhaps a complete list pasted to innocent 'Hello, how are things' emails could overload them, just use extremely small font size to not confuse your friends. "When 'Iran' around the block the other day, there were holes in the street almost as big as 'bomb' craters."

  • fwiw

    Do i remember correctly that the governmnet also has acces to all our medical records too? What I find really amazing is the silence from the media in general as these laws get passed. No big deal I guess because the media isn't directly affected. It's only a matter of time. i know some politicians have called for stations like Fox to be muzzled. Not good.

  • djw663

    Let them read our emails so maybe they will read how F*D up our we feel our government really is. NO I DON'T REALLY WANT TO GIVE UP MY PRIVACY! Whaqt are they going to do next hire another 100,000 postal workers to open all our regular mail to make sure those aren't whatever they are looking for? Our government is forcebly taking everything away from us and they know that people will only be pushed so far before they fight back and that is why they have stocked up on ammunition!

    • Patriot

      So, we need to take away from them what they value. Their SEAT! :)

  • Chuck Fowler

    "Sadly, until voters really show they punish candidates who spy on them and reward candidates who are serious about the Fourth Amendment, the situation will only get worse."

    Unfortunately, these days, that goes for a lot more things inside the Beltway than just the Fourth Amendment. Too many of our politicians get elected to get reelected, rather than really growing a spine and representing and protecting the people.

    • Patriot

      Always vote for the candidate/party that will take the country in the direction you wish it to be taken in. Don't get caught in the minutia. Discard the garbage, vote and move onto the next election and repeat. :)

  • Jakebrake

    We know where all the Communist are in our Government. They are call Democrats. And still 60% of you don't get it.

  • dndvaughn

    Seriously, a few have mentioned 'Coersion' to cause anyone who may oppose this Black Man, to change their tune. This guy and his Chicago band of Arrogant LIARS AND THIEVES just threaten the people who can cause this Black guy any undue problems by informing Americans of the TRUTH !! Why are some wierdo shooting our kids and emergency personel, when there are better targets in Chicaco and Washingtton ?

  • Pegs Palmer

    The Lord spoke of A One World Government. People laughed & Mocked. Well, those who believed the Constitution would save us have been prove wrong and the Constitution is now obsolete. Every creep sitting in Congress needs to be replaced because they want a One World Government and they want a hand in it to stay at the top of the food chain. People ask "WHY?" Read about the great Conquerers of the World, read about Hitler, Hussein, Stalin, Bin Ladin, Marx and their entourage. Then you will have some insight, only those people just scratched the surface. Obama and these lifer political henchmen are real and not going away. READ the BIBLE, believe in the One Who came to restore you to His Father before it's too late. Many ears are being tickled, many in the last days are growing cold, but when you see "ALL" of these things come to pass, Look Up for your redemption draweth neigh.

  • Walt Hobbs

    Leahy can go to hell !! The Bill will not pass in the Senate !!!!

  • Brabado

    What can anyone expect from a worthless Congress body? No surprise here...

  • Faye Shamblin

    If anyone of these idiots in the WH tries to get into my email I will see that they get burned to the ground due this is unconstitutional and its the same as the mail you receive at the post office I know these bums democrats are trying just like the thief and liar we have that calls himself president yes Obama he is not my president and I would never address him as presient due to I have no respect for a liar and thief plus he is guilty on the death of the 4 Americans killed in Libya it was his rotten doings undercover deals with the muslims that got those men killed and you think he would tell the truth NO he lied so did Rice Clinton these liars need to pay for this as well as the other fraud and treason acts Obama has pulled in the past 4 years. Get Rid Of THis No GOOD TRASH

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Leahy, is a most unlikable sob and needs to be sent home from...

  • Jim

    I appreciate this information but we would appreciate it more if we could get a list of the Senators who voted to strip more of our privacy away. It is up to all of us to get these Progressives out of office.

  • Ballistic45

    It's time to start naming names.... It's time to take the gloves off..... It's time to do more than talk...... It's time to take America back..... IT'S TIME.....

  • Captain Kirk

    Is it true that mandatory "goose-stepping" takes effect next year. I read it buried deep in the Obamacare bill which no-one read. Oh, is the Obama white house reading this?
    Then a cheery Sieg Heil, Heil Obama, Heil the democrat party and a Happy New Year

  • pat

    There is no such thing as a civil government in America. Maybe the world should start sending millions of ************ to D.C. as they already labeled ALL NON political Americans terrorists. I cant see how so many people are delusional and claim they are the chosen ones.

  • 2pvtyork17

    where have our freedoms gone in the last 8 years? America we have lost to the Communist party of O'Vomit and the liberals. The United Communist Party of North America.

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government,why do you still believe we have a we the peoples govt,we don,t have a legal government anymore,they haven,t cared about we the people in a long time.time to come together under one giant freedom wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all freedom loving,god fearing american veternas/ donald thrump you stated ovomit in revoution begin,no donald an evolution of we the people,time to communicate/prepare/focus/plan/refine plan.god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal american veternnas/citizens.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

  • joanc

    I bet the politicians will write a clause exempting them from e-mail searches, just as they always do with every bill that might adversely affect their lives. The rule of law is only for underlings, but not for the protected class in Congress who think they special., and write bills leaving them themselves out . They are special pieces of___ and deserve to be flushed from office by voting them out in coming elections. They are expendable.

  • lizaz

    Unfortunately the freeloaders like the corruption.....that's how he got voted back in (along with an unknown amount of voter fraud)......

  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    and its gonna get far worse



  • GeorgeW

    It is time to realize that the America most of us grew up in no longer exists. We are now a nation of grabbers who will sacrifice all freedoms for handouts. We need to change our name to the USSA, the United Socialist States of America.

  • KJ

    Email should be private unless there is probable cause for a judge to sign an order allowing a specific search of a person's email. However, I'd happily waive all of that personally if Obama would waive his "right" to seal all of his past records. Let's see exactly what he's hiding from the American public.

  • Lady Liberty

    Once again, I say: find the names of ALL those in the Senate who voted to drop this provision....then, contact them without stop, and tell them they'd best correct this act of defiance - AGAIN - against "We the People". We must state as loudly as we can that we are finished with their arrogance and will not take it any more! We need to rid our government of these useless derelicts! (the sooner, the better!!)

  • BigUgly666

    Any "law" abhorrent to the Constitution is NOT LAW AND NEED NOT BE OBEYED - it is time we all stood up and said, "Enough is Enough" - "No More!"

  • Art _Arlo

    bye bye America its on the way out and most don't know or give a care

  • Rae

    Well I guess 12/21/12 came only to the USA!!!

  • JamesPF

    The USA died November 6 2012 for good after being comatose for 4 years, the kool aid was just to strong causing the brain death for most of the American public.

  • JamesPF

    This is the real reason for gun control or confiscation. The politicians know that if Americans remain ready and armed karma will happen.

  • jvb1980808

    Liberals don't think THEY'LL ever be on the receiving end of civil rights violations, while history shows us it's been the Democrats consistently slow to table offering a bounty of equal rights. Now they seem to be leading the way in erasing those hard fought equal rights.

  • NT

    And they want our guns.

  • dbassd

    All t his talk of bye bye America is ridiculous. When it comes to the freedoms we enjoy, believe me we will be fighting in the streets for those freedoms. . .

  • Gregg Weber

    Encryption, Steganography, grilles, code words or sentences. John and his long moustache has already been used. Garbage words or messages will go up to confuse others.
    All this so you can write to your friend about how his Christmas was like without someone reading it.
    The idea that, if you have nothing to hide why hide it takes away from the rights we "currently, lately, or used to " have. Use it or lose it.

  • KittyKittyKit

    Every SENATOR who voted for this should be charged with TREASON and when found guilty (and they will be) for trying to OVERTHROW the U.S. Constitution via the nullification of the 4th Amendment without due LEGAL PROCESS of amending the Constitution, and then PUT TO DEATH.
    The ONLY WAY we're going to stop TRAITORS is to TRY THEM IN COURT and if found GUILTY..........PUT THEM TO DEATH!!!

  • 57girl

    The Senate is quick to snoop in the private citizen's affairs, even though they are breaking their oath to honor and uphold our Constitution in the process. So, I wonder what the hold up is on snooping on the Federal Reserve, by passing the "Audit the Fed" Bill sitting in the shadows of the Senate Floor. I think our leaders have their priorities confused, as well as their allegiance to the people, themselves. If there were a way to make our leaders honor their vows, or vacate their seats, Washington would be a ghost town by now.

    • jo_ella

      They want to snoop in our private affairs....but turn a blind eye and ear on the biggest phony and liar occupying the White House! We need to clean out the Senate and House and White House!

  • Charles

    This is the America I hate!!! It is not the America,that so many millions of us volunteered for, to fight WW2.! A good part of the ruling politicians in Washington, are better suited as window dummies in a department store window! The pride of our country has been drained by moronic fools,always demanding payoffs for stupid outlays of money to be squandered by the lower tier of local politicians. How I pity my country. It has gotten so out of control! I'm so pleased to be part of the Greatest Generation!!!

    • jo_ella

      God Bless you....if we had more of the greatest generation left we would not have this phony in the White House and we may have been rid of a lot of the fools in congress. My father was part of that generation, sadly he has been gone for some years now. He fought in WWII 82nd. Airborne 505th parachute see the U.S. as it is today would break his heart. I try to keep what your generation did for this nation and those before you, alive in my kids and grandkids. I have old books, newspaper clippings my father kept and some I kept since so the kids see the truth not what will be rewritten as truth by the liberals.

  • Carol

    Why doesn't this not surprise me not at all because this was told to us way before the reelection of Barry Soetoro so NOBODY should be surprised at all.
    But for some reason everybody seems to love Barry except (us) but nobody really knows him except all the handouts he gives and that is why he is really loved nothing less or nothing less.

  • noelle2011

    "The Fourth Amendment is respected by any three branches of government about as much as the President and Congress " yes this was true OVER 100 YEARS AGO BUT NOT TODAY!
    MAJOR REVOLT/REVOLUTION HAS TO COME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara E Rossi

    if this president can get away with murder, and selling weapons to our enemies, what makes you think he cares about your privacy.

  • librtyship

    Are we heading in the same direction as Germany did back in the 1930s? Sure looks like it!

  • HadEnuf

    It will take another revolution to stop the TYRANNY! The citizenry is on it's own! You want your freedom, your going to have to earn it the hard way, as our forefathers were reqiured to do.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    the Feds watch all of these good American radical websites while the dangerous progressive libtard ones go free WTF ?

  • joseph g

    Amazing. We can't even get barry's original birth certificate. maybe they can seach his email and find out he is a muslim and not even a citizen.

  • vietnamvet1971

    We are being watched and they have us that post in here on a list, Believe it or not.

  • Jojo58

    I bet we don't gettogo through socialist Leahy's emails.

  • PrincessPhilly

    Doesn't anyone realize their is very few conservatives anymore. The rest of the country does not care they care only for their freebies and they don't care if all their freedoms are taken away.

  • agbjr

    Well then let me give them something of interest to read ...

    All Constitution-abiding United States Citizens are obligated to protect their freedoms and God-given rights by ridding OUR Republic of this Marxist sonofabitch Obama and his fawning minions in government and media. Senator Joe McCarthy was right.

  • Silas Longshot

    This kind of thing is typical, historically, for this BS during the Christmas holidays. That's how they passed the income tax bill. 95% of congress was home for the holidays.

  • buster

    have we turned into russia? slowly methodically and purposely we are turning

  • Dick

    Why does this blog continually post incorrect data. The law did not change the need for warrant for access to eil. Yiur sour e must have been the same as those supplying Dick Morris and Rove. Repeat,Muthere still must be a warrant. Story is Incorrect. WRONG.

  • cosmos110

    I travel foreign and I see that the whole world is laughing at us as they continue to follow the "Stork that delivered Obama". It's been going on since 2007.

    If you still think that your Federally elected officials aren't bought and paid for because they have a "R" beside their name, then ask them why they still sit back and do nothing. Why has not so much as one Congressman or Senator decided to end the conspiracy, once and for all.


  • CharlieP

    For those of you who have never read the "Fourth Amendment"; it follows: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation,.and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

    One doesn't have to be an Einstein tto understand this amendment. It is clear that the Senate is in violation of the Fourth Amendment here. It appears that they really don't care a
    Rats-Ass about what their constituents think or want. I therefore propose that an organization be formed to keep track on how each Senator has voted that violates the Fourth Amendment or any other Amendment or violation of the constitution and to publish this redundantly during the next election so that all the voters can be armed with their voting record. In this manner during the primaries could be expelled from even running again again.... This might just be wishful as there certainly good reason to reject a BUNCH OF CANDIDATES during this last election, but it didn't happen.

  • DockyWocky

    Comrade Senator Leahy, Chief liberal/progressive Democrat-Communist of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has overseen amending the Bill of Rights to suit his comradely purposes.

    Comrade Senator. Patrick Leahy (C-Vermont), the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, personally amends the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the 4th Amendment to suit his, and al-Obama's snoopy selves.

    Once again, liberal/progressive Democrats of our illustrious Congress, which includes the Senate, show they have grown too big big for their britches. The most recent action approved by comrade Senator Leahy, shows that they now take it for granted that all our of our personal windows, doors, and walls are supposed to be removable and transparent so that any of the government’s best and brightest can walk in, or look in, and search through any area of our life that he finds interesting.

    As said: "The Fourth Amendment is respected by any three branches of government about as much as the President and Congress respect the debt ceiling."

    Can the 5th Amendment be far behind?

  • sovereigntyofone

    So far Obama is going after the 1st Amendment (freedom of speech and religion), 2nd Amendment (The right to keep and bear arms), the 4th Amendment (The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects). That includes your private emails and phone conversation, and text messages, 5th Amendments (No person shall be held to answer for a capital crime or other wise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or inditctment of a Grand Jury). 6th Amendment (In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a " speedy and public trial ", by an Impartial jury....) [NDAA sections 1020 - 1021.. Any U.S. citizen may be "detained " indefinately " (without due process of the law) ].
    So.. how many more of our God given INALIENABLE rights will we sit by and watch this tyrant abuse or take away from us? Nothing in the Constitution says a thing about " probable-cause " which could be constuded to mean we are looking for ANYTHING we can arrest you for. A copy of a DVD movie a friend gave you, prirated software, songs you downloaded off the internet you didn't pay for, ANYTHING ! Once they get their foot in the door they may search for anything to arrest you for on any charge they can dream up.

  • busyboots

    The George Soros playbook marches on step, by step guided by Oblabla with precision. Will Americans wake up before it's too late>

    We must never forget these words of Abe Lincoln, or fail to act upon them; "The
    American people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to
    overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution

  • granny

    Well that will certainly give them something to do. They certainly aren't doing anything else in the Senate that protects all the legal USA born citizens. So Senate.......up yours!!!!!!

  • Icorps1970

    Given the number of "National Emergencies" in effect what makes anyone think the Constitution has even been in effect since FDR declared his never ending "National Emergency". Obama just added another. These have the effect of granting the Feds sweeping and unconstitutional powers. Such as putting Americans in Concentration Camps because they looked different. Obamas army of armed FEMA Brown Shirts should be a far greater concern. And the UN Gun Ban Treaty which with the flick of a pen can erase large parts of the Constitution (that may not be in effect anyway) if some Judge rules along the Communist party line. This seems to be to pattern so expect the worse. Frankly I believe that the last election was rigged on a massive scale to give Obama a second term and a Communist Senate to vote the party line to prevent the house from doing anything. Its over folks, been sliding down the ramp to Communism/Socialism/Totalitarianism since FDR and it is now unsurmountable. The fix is in and Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was right. They have buried us with our own consent it would seem from the election results... You could write your Congressman and urge them to NOT elect him. Its legal under the Constitution and its one of our final safeguards. But the deadline has passed... Its done.

  • gypsy314

    Obama and democrats will most likely take this back when the truth comes out about haw we could have stop a terrorist act. But for now it would not matter because Obama and democrats support terrorist and there actions. Look at the cover ups that are going on. How else would one cover up killing of four Americans and trying too place blame on video um and democrats doing everything they can do to sugar coat Obama not sending help. Nixon was impeach on much less and yet Obama and democrats are getting pass from media and leaders that should be processing impeachment hearings. Oh well maybe for the best civil war would clean the hole lot out and maybe America can be free again.

  • underthewire

    Lets check their e-mails.hack the bastards!

  • underthewire

    Apparently they used e-mail info against top military leaders. But the senate Harry Reid won't let any balanced budget vote get to the senate floor. Imagine that!

  • daves

    In the 1980's when this was first allowed, the big fear was crack babies and drug dealers. The people were frightened enough then to allow this to happen. What makes anyone think the people are less frightened of terrorists now?

  • StarDust Dolittle

    They are a bunch of kids bulling their ways on to the other people. They are selfish, murdering addicted control freaks. Look at them, they are all old and winkled and they want us to live by their laws and they have their own laws. I think no one show be in the WH except a christain person and not a muslim murder.
    I do not care who reads my email, but l think we should be allow to read theirs. They are crooks,all of them. Personally, l think they are addicted to drugs as well unless they are having brain damage from all their evil ways and thoughts.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    Everyone knows that e-mails and social media posts are NOT private.....What is the big deal really? I don't understand......

  • John Randall

    The sheriff had all the evidence he needed to impeach him but the people didn't have the guts or the time to back him up. they were to busy gathering up there illegal benefits.

  • gnafuasusual

    Obama is proposed to not be a legal U.S. president. I suppose G. S. has that pretty well covered just like the mainstream the people off and evidence just melts away. Money talks! Speaking of money, a lot of home owners are wondering how the money laundering business is going? Home Owners are getting pretty worked up about where their money went after it hit the banksters. With forty-three trillion dollars in the mix that landed in "someone's" bank accounts, no wonder six-ten trillion in debt seems like nothing. Try
    Ron Paul said to educate ourselves. Real education is a threat to any regime. If the state loses its grip over your mind, it loses the key to its very survival. "De la Boetie said that the only way any regime could survive was if the public consented to it. That consent could range all the way from enthusiastic support to stoic resignation. But if that consent were ever to vanish, a regime's days would be numbered. gnafuasusual approves this message.

  • Kay Sieverding

    U.S. warrantless wiretapping is just part of a terrifying decline in rights. I don't have a criminal record. The U.S. Department of Justice detained me three times for 5 months without a criminal charge, without a bail hearing as required by 18 USC section 3142, and without an evidentiary hearing. I was told in Federal Court that I didn't have a right to an attorney or to an evidentiary hearing before being sent to jail. The witnesses against me weren't sworn and I was not allowed to cross examine them. The last time they discussed having a bail hearing but decided not to and then detained me for 22 days and took me 1200 miles in chains.

    I sued the government and DOJ filed that this was totally legal. Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 608 says "Specific instances of the conduct of a witness, for the purpose of attacking or supporting the witness' credibility, other than conviction of crime as provided in Rule § 609, may not be proved by extrinsic evidence." but without following any allowed or written procedure, DOJ filed in Court that I deserved it because of my "abusive" litigation conduct. DOJ emailed to me that it is opposed to having an evidentiary hearing on that.

    DOJ published a Privacy Act Notice in the Federal Register, Vol. 69 P. 23213 that "The Prisoner Processing and Population Management/Prisoner Tracking System (PPM/PTS) is maintained to cover law enforcement and security related records which are generated in the local USMS district offices in connection with the processing, safekeeping, and disposition of Federal prisoners who are in custody pending criminal proceedings." However, DOJ filed in Federal Court, District of Columbia 09-0562 document 8-1 page 23 that no criminal proceeding is required to legally use the PTS. DOJ has also filed in Federal Court that DOJ can put photos and fingerprints of non-consenting citizens who are not alleged criminal offenders into the Joint Automated Booking System and Judge Bates ruled that DOJ can fingerprint and photo citizens who are not alleged criminal offenders without their consent and keep this information in the JABS system. DOJ published a Privacy Act Notice in the Federal Register Vol 71 p 52821 saying that the "CATEGORIES OF INDIVIDUALS COVERED BY THE [Joint Automated Booking] SYSTEM: Alleged criminal offenders who have been detained, arrested, booked, or incarcerated." but filed in Court that no criminal charge is required for legal use of JABS.

    DOJ also filed in Court that a "bench warrant" doesn't require an oath or affirmation.

    The FBI sent me a letter showing that the United States Marshals Service entered non-existent criminal charges against me for "obstruction of court order" and "bail violations" into the NCIC. One of the Prisoner Tracking System reports shows that I was charged with "obstruction of court order", a crime, but the criminal division of DOJ says that they have no records of me. Rule 42 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure requires that if a judge wants to charge you with criminal contempt he must first ask the U.S. Attorney's Office to prosecute you but the U.S. Attorney's Office in the districts in which I was detained claimed they have no record of me.

    I was never sentenced or tried. The Federal Judge who ordered me detained, Edward Nottingham, said that I would be on indefinite detention until I did what he wanted -- which was file motions that he and the insurance lawyers dictated to me. Nottingham resigned after the 10th Circuit reported that a prostitute claimed he asked her to lie to investigators about their relationship. According to 9 News of Denver, Nottingham was getting quantity discounts from the prostitute during the time he was assigned to my case. Nottingham was not randomly assigned to my case. Federal District of Colorado docket report for 02-1950 document 190 shows that my case was transferred directly to Nottingham. This was after one of the insurance defense attorneys discussed case assignment issues with one of the insurance companies-- Lloyds of London -- as shown in document 465, attorney bills that are verified under penalty of perjury as being correct.

    In July 2012, DOJ admitted that it doesn't have a record of the statute under which I was detained, strip searched, and taken to Colorado by force. However, despite the NonDetention Act, 18 USC section 4001, DOJ repeatedly filed in court that everything it did to me was legal.

  • retroranger

    Hunker down, stay under the radar, keep your powder dry, and ignore as much of the Govt. as you can!!! I would also recommend moving to another country if you have a lot of money because you are not going to have a lot of money long in America unless you are a very vocal Obama ass kisser.