Is Eric Holder Being Groomed For President in 2016?

If I was asked to make a list of the top five Democrats I would not want to see in the White House in 2016, they would be: Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  They are the most dangerous people in the Democratic Party next to Barack Obama.

Yet, according to Dr. Jerome Corsi, one of those five may be the next Democratic candidate for President in 2016.  Supposedly, US Attorney General Eric Holder may already be the person that the Democrats are grooming behind the scenes to take over the helm in 2016 election.

Corsi describes how Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012 through the efforts of David Axelrod and his group.  He describes how Axelrod strategically appealed to the blacks and Hispanics and even women voters, which are three of the main groups that helped to defeat Mitt Romney.

According to Corsi:

"The Axelrod group are experts at running African-American candidates.  It was Axelrod who made Obama. Axelrod is not going to graduate to Hillary Clinton. He beat Hillary Clinton with Obama, and I think Hillary would have to think twice about whether she really wanted to undergo that."

"Even through the election of 2012 applied their logic, their rhetoric: tax the rich; this isn't fair -- All that's Saul Alinsky class warfare.  That's what, in fact, we are experiencing from the Democratic Party."

When you think about it, it only makes sense that the nation’s top crook, I mean top cop, would be selected to replace the top imposter of all time.  Neither man holds the US Constitution or law with any respect or regard.  They both have repeatedly defied federal law and the Constitution and did things their way.  The only real difference between Holder and Obama is that Holder was born in the US and that both of his parents were US citizens at the time of his birth.

With the Republican Party left in shambles after this year’s election, I’m not sure if they have anyone at the moment that could defeat Holder.  Perhaps Sen. Marco Rubio or former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could give him a run for the money, but it would be a very tight race.

I pray I’m wrong, but these are the early indications that seem to be surfacing at the moment.



  • Screeminmeeme

    I have no doubt that Holder is being groomed for the run. He is an Obama clone with the same lack of commitment to America and those crazy little things called law and order.

    IMO, no Republican has a chance of winning in 2016. Zero. Zip.

    The infiltration of leftist ideology is too extensive and the well-oiled Axelrod machine is primed and ready to repeat its job of guaranteeing the election of yet another lawless traitor as president.

    Welcome to America...just another banana republic.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Sure sounds like the Dems beat the spirit out of YOU. Please catch your breath and get back in the fight. "No Republican has a chance of winning in 2016?" Sounds like you bought in to their BULL! Shake some trees and make some darn noise. We can and WILL prevail. King George is dead and we can do it again.

    • Hank

      It's not that there is no Republican who has a chance of winning in 2016; it's that there is no CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONALIST who has a chance of winning in 2016. There are plenty Republicans but damned few who even have a clue about what the party is SUPPOSED to stand for who have guts enough to stand on those principles. If you want to win, you've got to get away from the "Haavards" and the "Yields" and all the other Ivy Leaguers and find somebody who knows something about fighting instead of some mouse like Romney who just stands around and grins while he's getting his ass waxed because he's too nice to get his hands dirty. The Republican Party has become a total wuss-magnet, and it will never win the presidency-- or even a budget battle-- until it rids itself of the Ivy League panzy-asses that have been leading it ever since they allowed Gingrich to be drummed out of favor by a bunch of commie 'news' reporters.

      • Carole Wood

        Yes there is a great candidate for president in 2016... ALLEN WEST. He has named the 'communists' in Congress and Senate, he is not 'fond' of Muslims, and is a STRONG CONSTITUTIONALIST, CONSERVATIVE, SERVED HIS COUNTRY HONORABLY. He would make a SUPERB President, and maybe we could get Condi Rice to run as his VP, or even Paul Ryan or Rand Paul as his VP. Or.... Allen West President and Marco Rubio as VP. All true blue Americans that love their country and are Constitutional Conservatives. And we should start pushing their names right now. Make people minds wrap around those names.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. The recipients are never going to give up their freebies, the younger women will continue to vote with their vagina's and the Hispanics will vote for amnesty. Not to mention the dead, illegals and pets.

    • Friscolady

      Then we need to vote as our Founding Fathers did.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        I always do, but you can't convince the recipient class to do so.

        • Marine68

          I don't think she meant the Ballot Box. It requires more certain action.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Ahhh, that one went over my head. Thanks, got it now.

        • Carole Wood


      • Lady Liberty

        Frisolady - THIS lady hears you, loud & clear! I'm ready to do what I can to help!

        • Lady Liberty

          Friscolady -sorry.....I left out the "C" .... and that's what "We the People" must do...SEE!

        • Friscolady

          That makes two of who must see - I missed it that there was no c. LOL

          On a serious note, I am very, very concerned as to what is going on in this country now. No matter how loud we speak they keep tightening the screws, just as both the Nazis then the Communists did in my native Germany.

          Yet there are no street protests, there were some when Obamacare came in, but it seems now that the American people who still know the meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights are resigned to the fact that we are losing if not already lost them.

          The only way I see it now is that we either go quietly into that good night as a free people, or at some point there will be a massive explosion of resistence. What form that resistances takes I don't know but if it is not soon - we are done.

        • don

          frisolady it has to play out just like it did in your country its all in the play book. if their is going to be a resistence it want happen till they start killing the ones that refuse to give up their arms an rights

        • Friscolady

          I am afraid you are right. I just posted elsewhere on the new law that Feinstein want to ram through, and I said much the same thing.

          Just be ready when it comes.

      • Daniel from TN

        That day may occur sooner than we think. On Thursday, December 27, 2012 a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security stated the federal government now believes the possibility of another civil war in the United States is no longer a question of if it will occur, but WHEN it will occur.

    • Mike Tanco

      You would think there would be enough intelligent people voting to keep Obama out a second term, and look what happened. These Liberals have control of this country because they control the ignorant voters, and of course those receiving government checks each month.

      • Suescritters

        I'm pretty sure Soro's hired plenty of hackers to change Romney votes to Obama. Read that on a blog, It's being investigated. If so, it's reason enough to toss the lot of them in jail.

        • don

          listen up their is no one to throw them in jail understand the law of the land is now owned by the solalist-commies an demacrats. we can not throw anyone no where. an very soon they will own the surpreme court if not right now.

        • busyboots

          We must never forget these words of Abe Lincoln, or fail to act upon them; "The
          American people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to
          overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution

        • Hank

          I read your identical post on another thread, busyboots. Give it a rest, will ya? Fancy words-- that's all they are. Fancy words are what got Obama elected... TWICE. Do you think Lincoln even believed his own words? If so, why did he so pervert that Constitution, himself? If he were alive today, Lincoln would be Obama's vice-president.

        • busyboots

          TWICE. Do you think Lincoln even believed his own words? I might ask you why President Obama ignores The Constitution, time after time.

        • busyboots

          I guess you're right, that's why they called him Honest Abe.

        • Ronald Anders

          Takes one who perverts the Constitution to know one.

        • Hank

          Yeah, right. Fast and Furious is also being investigated; so is the Benghazi affair. Don't worry, someone is going to be held "accountable"! Ha! Makes me sick to even hear those words-- just another way to play the people along until they forget what even happened. They know we're powerless fools. Unfortunately, we haven't figured it out yet and continue under the pretense that "we the people" hold the power. That's laughable so long as the citizenry are so ignorant as to vote a second term to an impostor tyrant, and we have just proved that we are, indeed, that ignorant. Who do you think is going "to toss the lot of them in jail", Suescritters? Surely, you're not so foolish as to believe that we still have a JUSTICE system in this country, are you?

        • Old Observer

          How do you think that can happen when the ones that should do it are on his team? His hand-picked bunch mobsters--

        • Suescritters

          So upsetting to see our country like this and will be unrecognizable as it once was the greatest nation before much longer.

      • nobodysfool

        Don't forget they also cheat at the polls. Hard to beat dead people, illegals, cartoon characters, etc.

      • Vern Davis

        Without voter ID I think true Americans are up river without a motor or a paddle. Every
        state must pass voter ID before the next election. SC has done it, and some of the other states have also, but we need all 57 states to pass it.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          So the Repub RINO's will wait until months before an election to get voter ID. Then the courts will AGAIN tell them "Too Late" Maybe the battle should be fought NOW. I thought the Obama fools were a bunch of sixth graders. The repubs now look like third graders. DUMP BOEHNER NOW!

        • Daniel from TN

          Caveman Boehner needs to be dumped by the House next Thursday. The only thing he knows how to do is CAVE in to anything obama wants.

        • Eileen Jones

          No, what we need is a legal mind to figure out how we can begin the process of abolishing this tyrannical gov't as stated in the Constitution. We The People have the right to do that according to the Constitution, if the current gov't is acting in a manner detrimental to the country and the people !

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Jerome Corsi is trying like hell.

        • Hank

          Yeah, but getting nowhere. The problem is that he, like so many of those posting here, believe our system of justice is still operative. Chief Justice Roberts proved beyond doubt that that system no longer exists. When there is no justice, chaos reigns. I probably read that somewhere, but it is certainly appropriate. Do you think what we currently see in the daily news qualifies as chaos?

        • Daniel from TN

          You stated it correctly. We now have the obama Dept of Justice. There is no more US Department of Justice.

        • Old Observer

          57--are you taking a page out of Obama's book? Oh, right--all those extra votes for him had to come from somewhere---

        • Mike Tanco

          57 states? We don't have 57 states; there are 50 states. Our President doesn't even know how many states we have. He said he had been to almost all 57 states when her ran the first time. The SOB knows nothing about our country except what his "Masters" tell him. That would be George Soros and the Muslims.
          Voter ID is the only way to prevent the Dems from controlling the U.S. for many years to come. The GOP also needs to find a candidate with balls.

      • Ronald Ceres

        Has anyone given any thought to Obama, by Executive Order, eliminating term limits for the Presidency? How would a third term for Obama sit?
        Don't laugh, Bloomburgh did exactly that in NYC.

      • Daniel from TN

        Of course, the rigged voting machines had nothing to do with it. Counties that recorded more votes than the number of registered voters had nothing to do with it. Counties that recorded more votes than the number of voting age adults, registered or not, in the county had nothing to do with it. Counties that recorded more votes than the total population of the county had nothing to do with it.

  • Doodlebug

    With holder following in the steps of obummer, neither of them giving a damn for the Constitution, where will we be at the end of the next twelve years? Look where we are not. We do know IF hillybilly decides to run, she will win so we are in a lose, lose situtation. The Chicago machine has been in operation since getting obummer in the senate. We all know that they have been working, since the accomplishment of getting obummer in the WH, getting "someone" ready for when obummer has to go. I'm not at all sure that obummer WILL go. Reminder, obummer is shredding the Constitution every chance he gets. The dummicrats have been wanting, to rewrite (according to them), the "outdated" Constitution!!! I see him making America a communistic country with him the dictator for the rest of his life and then the dictatorship being handed down to one of his daughters. Quite honestly, I don't see Americans having a chance of a snowball in hell unless God steps in and brings about the second coming of Jesus.

    • big wyo

      .We are at the door of a planned collapse ot the dollar . Do you think we will have a country to have elections four years from now

      A NAZ1 collaberator really runs this country through his press. If we allow any restriction on the second amendment and will take it all, and then the constitution

    • don

      my frend don't worry your self about 12 years from now. your going to see all you can handle in just the next 4 years

      • Doodlebug

        Unfortunately, I have to agree with you and big wyo too! At my age, it will be MORE than I can handle.

    • Hank

      God may step in, Doodlebug, but in the meantime, He might expect a little help from people like you. If by "hillbilly" you're talking about sad-sack Clinton, what is it about that old hag that makes you quake in your boots and think that she is invincible? If she was such a fearsome candidate, why couldn't she beat Obama to start with? why doesn't she have guts enough to come clean on the Benghazi affair? why is our foreign policy in complete disarray? She's not invincible; she's just another commie with a political machine behind her trying to convince you (successfully, apparently) that she's part of a political dynasty who is next in line for the throne. Half of our problem is that we give credibility to dynasties-- the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Romneys... all of them from the same schools and cut from the same cloth. What's wrong with just finding a natural leader who believes in our country and our Constitution, who wasn't indoctrinated in their commie schools and who isn't afraid to stand up for the principles he/she is supposed to represent? If you can find and promote someone like that, you won't have to worry about some raggedy old has-been riding on her husband's coattails.

      • Doodlebug

        How far do conservatives get??? Michelle Bachman didn't last long. My choice after Michelle went, was Newt Gingrich who proved he could balance the budget by doing so under Clinton, couldn't get the votes. Our country doesn't seem to be ready for someone who TRULY believes in and stands with our country. The dummicrats want to be first, FIRST black president, FIRST to get government controlled health care and it won't surprise me if hillybilly runs they would vote her in to be the FIRST female president. When obummer first ran, the dummicrats had to make a choice FIRST black or FIRST female. Just a little reminder, the Chicago machine is what is running and MUST be beaten. dummicrats don't care about the country, they care only about themselves.

  • Friscolady

    God Help us if this Marxist dog gets in to the oval office. Could there be someone worse than Obama - I think Holder is it.

    • Al

      It's a logical choice. Holder could continue the Fast and Furious coverup. I don't see it hapening. Something tells me that Al Gore is kicking the presidential tires.

      • Kent2012

        hope they kick back

        • colleenf

          Heck I hope they roll right on over the lot of them!

        • Richard Holmes

          And back up to make sure they did it right the first time.

        • colleenf

          Oh, I know! Don't you just love the beautiful indentations and "signatures" of the tire tread???

      • TomBombadil

        From what I have seen, it is more likely Gore ate the tires

      • Raymond


        Obama's anti-capitalist background and views are well documented: His father was a communist; his mother was a communist sympathizer;2 in his youth he was mentored by the communist Frank Marshall Davis; he sought out Marxist friends and professors at Occidental College; he attended Socialist Scholars Conferencesin New York; he was trained in the community-organizing methods of Saul Alinsky, a communist fellow traveler; he developed close ties to the pro-socialist community organization ACORN; he developed close personal and political ties to the infamous Marxists (and former domestic terrorists) Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn; he was hand-picked for his first political office by Alice Palmer, a pro-Soviet figure in Illinois; in the 1990s he became a member of the New Party, a socialist political coalition; he had close connections to theMidwest Academy, a radical training ground which author Stanley Kurtz has described as a “crypto-socialist organization”;3 and he spent twenty years attending the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who preaches the Marxist doctrines of liberation theology. As President, Obama appointed Carol Browner, a former “commissioner” of the Socialist International as his “environment czar”;4 he employed a White House communications director (Anita Dunn) who cited Mao Zedong as one of her “favorite political philosophers”;5 he appointed a “science czar,” John Holdren, who views capitalism as a system that is inherently destructive of the environment;6 he appointed Van Jones, a longtime revolutionary communist, as his “green jobs czar”;7 and he strongly favors the redistribution of wealth, both within the U.S. and across international borders. The list, of course, could go on and on.

        George Soros, too, harbors many negative views about capitalism and free markets. “The entire edifice of global financial markets has been erected on the false premise that markets can be left to their own devices,” says Soros. “We must find a new paradigm and rebuild from the ground up.”8 According to Soros, the capitalist “belief that everybody pursuing his self-interest will maximize the common interest … is a false idea.”9 Calling the global capitalist system “deeply flawed,” Soros maintains that “as long as capitalism remains triumphant, the pursuit of money overrides all other social considerations.”10 As Soros sees things, capitalism “is today a greater threat than any totalitarian ideology.”11 Lamenting that “the richest 1 percent of the world's population receive as much as the poorest 57 percent,”12 Soros suggests that only by reining in “global capitalism” can that gap be narrowed. He further complains that global capitalism, by encouraging the free flow of money across international borders, reduces the vital “ability of the state to provide Social Security to its citizens.”13 “The globalization of financial markets has rendered the welfare state that came into existence after World War II obsolete,” Soros explains, “because the people who require a social safety net cannot leave the country, but the capital the welfare state used to tax can.”14

        Soros's proposed remedy for this problem is a worldwide war on poverty that would transform the entire planet into a global welfare state, a sort of open-society alliance where “a kind of international central bank” could redistribute wealth from rich populations to poor ones.15 Toward this end, Soros announced in September 2006 that he would donate $50 million to the United Nations Millennium Project, a massive redistributive scheme calling for the governments of wealthy countries to commit 0.7% of their GNP to promoting “the economic development and welfare of developing countries.”16 Heading this Project (from 2002-2006) was Jeffrey Sachs, the economist who had worked with Soros in Russia during the Bill Clintonadministration. As evidenced by his participation in the Millennium Project,17 Sachs has radically altered his former pro-capitalist positions. Indeed, in recent times he has praised socialists as “both the heirs and the leaders of the world's most important and most successful political path”; he has lauded their “strong commitment to universalist ethical principles and fiscal re-distribution”; and he has voiced regret that America's lack of “commitment to re-distribution” has “enabled a massive underclass to develop.”18..

        • Hank

          The hell of it is that they are succeeding while Americans either sleep or refuse to surrender their government teat.

        • Old Observer

          Not sleeping--blinded to the truth. The Bible tells us that in the last days, "men will be blind to the truth, calling good evil, and evil good"---looks like we're just about there. Americans aren't that dumb, so they must be blind. Of course, contributing to that is the fact that they have been brainwashing our kids in school from kindergarten on up--it kills me to see some of the things my grandkids have been taught!

        • Carole Wood

          SOROS IS A LEACH TO ALL SOCIETIES. HE TEARS DOWN A COUNTRY, CITY, SOCIETY, ETC. SO THAT HE CAN MAKE A QUICK BUCK. Interesting that that POS made most of his money stealing from the poor Hitler victims, then came to American shores and made more money off Capitalism,,, He needs to be jailed with the rest of the pile of crap in washington (missing initial caps intended). We need to continue to pray to God, ask his forgiveness. We can't win this battle on our own, we MUST ask for Gods help. We must win the senate and retain the house in 2014, but this will only happen if we as a country come back to God.

        • Ronald Ceres

          He should have been tried as a war criminal at the end of WW-2.

        • Daniel from TN

          It was attempted. Each prosecutor who tried was either abruptly fired or found dead.

    • Ronald Anders

      Worse than Obama and worse than Hillary Clinton. This still gives Michelle Obama the chance to become a Senator from IL after 2016 then run from President in 2024 after two Holder terms. Hey, I just realized that he really would be the Holder of the White House between the two Obamas! Disgusting.

      • big wyo

        WOWI dont think any state, even ILL could elect her.But they did elect Rahm. why does this list seem like the sons of satan.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          Because it IS! Precisely that!

        • oldcoyote


        • fortuneteller43

          Rahm won because of the machine. The machine can elect a can of dog food.

        • Carole Wood

          Or in HIS case, a pile of crap!

      • del

        oh all are ruining my day,.,,,,,,,,what horrid ugly people you are telling me and how on earth would any one elect any of them except the same fraudulent way as ovomit....

      • Old Observer

        And no election will be honest--the fox is in the hen house and if we don't get him out, all will be lost. Time for all good citizens to look to God for help to correct this mess rather than trying to throw him under the bus all the time. have you taken the time to look back? Go back to the time of madelyn Murry O'hare, and her atheist push--and see just how the more God is pushed out, the worse things get.

        • Jude O'Connor

          Don't ask God for help, The Americans, British, Canadians, Germany, Italy were all praying to God to win the WW II. God gave us the brains to think with and we better crank'um up.

        • Old Observer

          Of course we all need to do our part--what I was referring to is the fact that more and more people are turning their backs on God---then wondering why he didn't help. if you had lent a friend money over and over, how many times would you keep helping him? We put a stop to all mention of God in our schools---and then wonder why evil personified comes to call with a high-powered rifle??

    • oldcoyote

      He's already controlled by the same zionists as Obozo .

      • busyboots

        That would be Mr. George Soros & Company.

    • Duane Williams

      Holder has already proven himself totally corrupt...woulkd be nice to clean out some of these B**turds!!

    • Nottakenyan

      Obama and Holder:
      Like trying to pick up a turd on the clean end!!!

    • Mary Gillford

      On another page of Godfather Politics they said the Unions are the one that put obama in, which one is it? Folks please remember all the things holder is getting away with, nobody stops him now just think what he will do if he is elected. One of his outstanding statements "white people hasn't suffered enough" right after releasing the Black Panthers. I don't see him answering to Fast and Furious. American should be standing up for that one.

  • fideux

    God help us!

    • Lady Liberty

      He will ... but all of us must ASK Him to.... in other words, pray as you've never prayed before!

      • Elaine Bruemer

        Husband are looking at Panama as our next home.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Might I suggest New Zealand.

  • dbassd

    FBO and FEH. . .

  • SFS444

    Great another black lying communist that hates the USA.

  • David F. Podesta

    There is NO WAY that this criminal will ever see the inside of the White House, except as a tourist. This racist SOB should be in prison.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    The only thing Holder needs to be groomed for is a prison jumpsuit.

  • kushibo

    More red meat for the propaganda sausage machine. Even Democrats know that Fast and Furious makes Eric Holder completely unelectable as a candidate.

    • Whackajig

      Holder may not appeal to Republicans, but this piece of chit is perfect for the liberlosers

  • KBreedlove50

    Well, if Holder runs and wins it won't be the first racist Democrat as president.

    • Allen Goldberg

      Is he sitting in JAIL? Has he been tried? He skated scot free--complicit in murder and destruction of people and property..and what has our dear GOP done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

  • simpletony1

    I would vomit feces

    • Allen Goldberg

      I will join you!!!

  • Jim

    I wonder who is really in charge. Is it George Soros? Bill Ayers? A syndicate of wealthy leftists? I believe that Obama is a puppet on a string. (perhaps a willing puppet, but a marionette, nonetheless.) This past election is a warning to all Republicans and Independents. We have to stick together in 2014 AND 2016 or this group of commies will complete. We have to educate the public on the economics of taxes and debt. It will be a tough job because the leftist media will fight against it, but we have to keep at it. If the public understood better, Romney would be polishing up his inaugural address right now.

    • kay

      Sticking together is the thing to do, but won't happen if the RNC forces another Romney down our throats. Yep, RNC changed the rules and wouldn't seat Paul delegates even though the people willed it. Better get Col. Allen West, because he is the most feared by the commies and WILL NOT STAND DOWN. Myself and millions more will not vote for Rubio for 2 reasons, 1)like Obama, he's not eligible according to constitutional guidelines, 2) he'll want amnesty or something other than enforcing existing laws and deporting millions of illegal hispanics because of the voter base. Hope everybody can see what the the RNC is doing AGAIN and will abandon the party. We need a new party with true Americans like Ron and Rand Paul, Col. Allen West, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Gov. Jan Brewer and others who believe in our constitution and the rule of law. The Republican party no longer adhere to the these principals and has thus become irrelevant. How about the Constitutional Freedom Party?

      • Lady Liberty

        Now THAT sounds like a group I'd love to join forces with!!!! Good and true patriots... let's get started!

        • big wyo

          with you

      • Mary Laforet

        Where did you get your info??Rubio is born and bred American and would be excellent choice

        • KHM

          @Mary, No an earlier reply was correct. Rubio is ineligible to become VP or President. He was born in the USA but his Cuban parents had not become (naturalized) citizens yet. I also agree with another commenter who said tha Rubio is soft on amnesty/immigration. I believe that Rubio also signed on to the NDAA which would allow indefinite detention of American citizens, without charges or trial. So he lost my respect.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        I WILL NOT vote for Rubio, period! The MSM is already touting him as a candidate, that makes me against him.

    • Kent2012

      it certainly is not "WE the People"

  • Donna

    No more freaks in DC. Communists are now picking and choosing their patsies. America has no more hope without the American People standing up and demanding our rights!

  • Fideux

    Holder should be arrested and jailed for so many counts of dereliction of duty, it's pathetic that anyone in their right mind would consider nominating him.

    • Patriot

      That would eliminate the vast majority of democrats and all of the blacks.

  • NamelessN00b

    What?? NO! Both he and the same Department Of "Justice" that is covering his ass need to be thrown in the clink forever!

  • wog1

    Now this is real scary. It could be our worst nightmare. I personally do not think that anyone could be any worse than Obama/Soros. But my guess is that Clinton is out of the picture after Benghazi.

  • Marine68

    The only thing Holder is qualified for is the Gas Chamber, but there are no practioners of Justice in the Administration.

  • Arron Grottolo

    OMG, another liar in the White house! If they are breathing they are lieing.

  • Joseph Dodd

    I think you had the title of Mr. Holder correct. He is the TOP CROOK next to Obummer.

  • carol

    repeat god help us if this happens--have the demos lost their mind--some demos will vote for any one as long as he is demo.not me

    • Patriot

      Has anyone noticed that election cycle after election cycle the candidates that the dems have put up have been more and more of the dregs of society?

      They've really been scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        And still they win. Go figure.

  • Pazuzu

    Is it time yet for a white president instead of another black communist?

    • Patriot

      A non-racist would be nice too! :)

    • kay

      How about a black American patriot who stands down to no one, loves the constitution,believes in the rule of law, is a conservative and detests Obama and all like him? Lets make Col. Allen West our next president. West knows foreign policy, has had first hand experience in the middle east and completely understands the radical muslims and their real endgame. He's the only candidate I've seen in years who truly possesses all presidential qualities. Honestly, he's a no-brainer.

      • Friscolady

        I would go for Col. West!

      • obozohater

        I agree. He has had the crap with voter fraud in St. Lucie county Fl. Another good one is Herman Cain. I admire these men. As my name implies, I hate obozo and all the rest olf his bath house cronkites.

        • Elaine Bruemer

          Why didn't he continue to fight the voting count? I thought if anyone would it would have been Col. West. He just gave up

      • SallyE

        I agree. And he can give cabinet positions to Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I couldn't care less about the race, I look at ideology and nothing else.

  • BohdanUke1

    The only thing he should be groomed for is the annual "Doggy Treats Kennel Dog Show..."

    • Patriot

      Forget the show. How about grooming him as the main ingredient in some Doggy Treats?

  • freedomforall

    Perhaps the time has come to take over this country as our Founding Fathers advised the people to. The socialist/democrat party is quietly dismantling The Constitution. Muslims are entrenched in our country and slowly replacing sharia law (the cancer has begun to spread). The judiciary refuses to interpret law but instead masks legislation as law (checks and balances are blurred). We have an imposter/fraud occupying the WH. Axelrod and his ilk should be in prison for what they are doing. He knows obama isn't eligible. They all know, even the media, but it doesn't matter. Holder should be in prison. How is it that he continues to serve even after Fast & Furious? What would happen if 100,000 armed men and women showed up at the inauguration in DC?

    • don

      liston up john adams said it all the constition of ours only works for a moral an religious people.will not work for any other. there lies our problem. will not work for obama an his crowd an a large majority of the rest of us. not a pertty no simple fix.been years in the making an can not be fixed tommoro

    • nik

      Just because you're delusional doesn't mean you're not misinformed and paranoid freedumbforall

  • be12345

    He's got too much dirty laundry behind him to be taken as a serious candidate. Also, after 8 years of failure and the economy tanking due to Obama policies and Obamacare, no one will want more of the same thing.

    • DrAnalog

      Don't bet on it. After 4 years of miserable failure, Obama was re-elected(with the help of very stupid people, dead people, people getting free stuff, and faulty voting machines, andI only see that getting worse.

    • Dave

      Holder hasn't quite as much dirty laundry as the Clintons did in '92.

      (Hard to believe, I know.)

      What IS it with the Dhimmicrats and reprobates, anyway?

  • Jim

    If the Holder rumor is true, then the Republican House should put a Fast and Furious investigative hearing on the schedule for later this year.

    • EstevenTres

      And endure again useless all yakking and no action House Republicans, get serious! When will decisive legal action be used? Quit talking and start enforcing the US Constitutional laws already.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Exactly, I see nothing but speeches but absolutely NO action.

  • Americanone

    It seems that the majority of the people no long want freedom. The last elect proved that the majority in this country now perfer a socialist government that tends to the needs of the people from craddle to the grave. There is no more honor and pride. Those have been replaced with the ideas of entitlement. Everyone is "entitled" to benefit from someone else's efforts and contributions. The USA died along time ago. This is the USSA and there are a lot of people willing to fight, cheat, lie, and steal to keep it that way. Sadly, the very few that believe in freedom, honor, religion, and hard work are fading away. I feel sorry for this and future generations when they finally wake up and realize what has been lost and destroyed. I miss my country and wish I could return.

    • Enough's Enough

      Sad, but seemingly all true. I have to wonder if the entire entitlement-minded "generation y" will have to die off before sanity can return to this nation? Or will it ever?

      • ff_emt

        don't hold your breath waiting for gen y to die off - it won't do any good, they breed faster than they die...

      • Charlie

        There is some note of refresh I've noticed amongst the young on days I work in the schools substitute-teaching...

        A lot of the kids are seeing the handwriting on the wall, and most of the ones, at least where I work, WANT to work, contribute and make something of themselves. These kids WANT success, not a hand-out.

        Those kids come in all colors, classes, creeds, orientations and both genders, three of four if you want to count the ones that don't know what they're doing, but I digress.

        The point is that the jr/sr high kids are seeing the damage being done and don't want to make it worse if they can help it.

        There is hope. You just need to look for it.

        • Enough's Enough

          I've so hoped that this might be true! …That teenagers might rebel against the progressive leanings of their gen x/gen y parents, and divert this once-great, could-be-great-again country off the socialism path it has been bounding towards for years. Of course one never hears of such a phenomenon (taking place among the young) from the mainstream media--they wouldn't DARE report anything that might give conservatives HOPE for this nation.

    • SallyE

      You are right. Most of the people seem to want "security" in exchange for their freedoms. They think if they give up their right to own a firearm there will be no more murders. It is simplistic and emotional, not rational. They think if the government redistributes wealth we will all have enough of everything we want and need. These people are fools if they think the government can ever provide real security. What the government gives they can take away. In the end, you only have God, your family and yourself.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        True, Great Britain is in the process of possibly banning large kitchen knives because they have too many murders with them since they banned guns. They have even gone to the extent of asking the country's top 10 (yes you read that right only 10) chefs whether they need large kitchen knives to cook. If it wasn't true it'd be hilarious.

  • stevor

    Sure, if they want a "candidate" SURE TO LOSE against their CHOSEN ONE!. He'd have to answer to Fast & Furious, which he'd never do (but then again, with all the Ignoramuses in the country who know nothing of that, he might get away with it)

  • QuisPercusit

    If any gooming on eric holder is to be done it should be by the barber at Ft Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary ie.Shaving his head so the electrodes make good contact.

    • RFR

      I don't care how this bunch of trash goes just so they go or better yet gotten rid of.

  • bfit58

    i personally believe our country as we have known it growing up is gone. There will never be another conservative elected to national office at the top level. We may not be able to take over the Senate ever again.
    On local and state levels that may not yet be the case, as we have a majority of conservative governors, and state congresses.
    From everything i am reading, the country is gone, and the constitution is moot; the only thing left to do is to publicly and legislatively make the constitution null and void.
    That may take a while, as there would be a national outrage over that. But should Obama be able to load the Supreme court with radical leftists during the next 4 yrs, that won't be far behind.
    Start hiding your guns, and ammo, and all prepper supplies. The Feds will be confiscating them soon.

  • Nina Cordelia Craft

    Holder should be in prison for Fast and Furious. They could take him down with that if they would do it!

  • Cheryl S.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.......ha, ha, ha, ha, ha......ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!

    If that EVER were to happen......I would SERIOUSLY state that satan is in FULL control of this planet and, the arrival of the second coming of Jesus Christ, is closer than we all think......

  • Nina Cordelia Craft

    Until we stop the Democrat's massive voter fraud machine we can expect more Democrats in the higher offices. We must fight for our votes!

  • RedMeatState

    What fecking difference does it make? Holder is despised, but voter fraud, MASSIVE VOTING FRAUD, won Obama both times. The system has been thoroughly corrupted and must be dismantled and remade before the next election.

  • DavidE1940

    What a JOKE!!! He cannot even fulfill the office of Attorny General let alone the US Presidency. Actually, I hope you Left Wingers do, we could run Micky Mouse against him and win.

  • amazingoly

    We doubt it - way too much corruption and deceit in his baggage.

  • giley1

    They have to try and keep the Obama transformation of our country into a Marxist state going.

  • Enough's Enough

    You have GOT to be kidding me! That would be about the same as if Democrats had reelected Marion Barry for mayor of DC after he was videotaped smoking crack and arrested by the FBI. How absurd! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…oh, wait! That actually happened. I forget that criminal politicians are often HEROES to their left-leaning constituents, especially if said politicians are seen as "good providers" by the recipients-of-plunder who voted for them.

  • Vince Scopa

    I think the left wants us to focus on Holder, he will be a stalking horse.

  • rg

    Holder is a lying bigoted disgrace and a pitiful excuse for the head of the DoJ. There's no way he'd be a good President, he'd be worse than Obama and that in itself is tough to do .

  • BillboyBaggins

    I have to question Rubio's qualification for office, even though I like him. At the time of his birth, his parents were not yet citizens of the US. Does that not disqualify him as not being a natural born citizen?

    • kushibo

      No, it does not disqualify him.

      • BillboyBaggins

        Not to argue, but based on what?

      • BillboyBaggins

        Based on what?

        • kushibo

          Precedent that takes into consideration broader interpretations of the meaning of natural born citizen.

          Specifically, there have been several US presidents with at least one parent who is not an American citizen at the time of that future president's birth, yet they were given the oath of office and there has been no declaration following their administration that they were ineligible to have been president.

        • BillboyBaggins

          Which presidents? That may have been true of presidents born prior to the Declaration of Independence, but not since. See

          Minor v. Happersett, "with the nomenclature of which the framers of
          the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children
          born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves,
          upon their birth, citizens also.",

  • Charlie

    Neither my liberal or conservative friends like Eric Holder, for many different, and some similar, reasons. The different center around the typical left/right stuff. The common is a concern for the Constitution (even if viewed through different lenses), and the simple fact that nobody I know trusts the man.

    If my small circle of friends and acquaintances are any indication of the American public, Mr. Holder is thankfully DOA.

  • nunya

    HaHaHa! I HOPE and PRAY that he runs against Hitlery in the DNC primary! That would be TOO Funny!

    • nunya

      Can someone say "Operation Chaos Part Dux"?

    • Charlie

      It wouldn't be a contest. Holder barely gets double-digit IQ. Hillary, while far from my favorite person or candidate, is at least reasonably bright and is able to think.

      I could see the liberal racists and sexists not letting those two run because their two biggest constituencies- women and minorities, would shred each other when those two started stirring it up. My money for running would be Mrs. Clinton. Again, not that I agree with her, but I think she would be a far more credible candidate then Holder.

  • mikey

    after depression prehaps people will wake up

  • RomyMon

    If this is true, it is the height of stupidity! Eric Holder is the most incompetent AG eve--completely useless and a high caliber nincompoop. I'd rather have Alfred Neuman of Mad Magazine notoriety as president than this bold faced, empty-headed liar!

    • Charlie

      At least Alfred E. Neumann is entertaining and harmless.

  • yougotyourwhatstuck

    I have never heard such a crock of s _ _ t as this. Why would any AMERICAN want this bozo, lying, jackal in the white house?

  • Ralph

    He's a Perfect Fit !

    Proven disdain for the Law ... demonstrated racist tendencies ... feels he's above us all ... he's a perfect fit.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Holder should be in jail for selling guns to illegal's aliens

  • hongryhawg

    It doesn't matter who the Republicans cough up. The fix is in and has been since 2008. In a normal world, one would scoff at the idea of the criminal Holder even being considered. But, this is no longer the normal world. All the coming talk of prospective candidates and campaigning is a facade. I'm not implying Holder will be the next president. What I am saying is that if the people who put the current pretender in place decide on who the next one will be, then it's a done deal. The election hoorah is only there to allow John Q. Public to feel like he/she actually has a say in the outcome. It's an illusion folks. You saw what happened this last time around. The uninformed think they had something to do with this perpetuation of treason when the only effect they had was their complicity of ignorance. The nation is done. It is now a playground for power-hungry and Godless wannabees.

  • Lady Liberty

    OMG!!!! From your 'post', Giacomo, to God's ears....please - we must NEVER let that happen. The five you mentioned should ALL be jailed...or deported somewhere (ANYwhere out of the USA!). Your post has energized me even more than I usually am... Let's get busy right away to detour all five to where they belong! Semper Vigilans!

  • loriboxer

    No, this won't happen. Ever. I do think, however, that Obama would love nothing more than to appoint Holder as a Supreme, but he'll never be a candidate for president. And, for all the clamoring of 'will she or won't she?', it won't be Hillary either. We've got about two solid years before potential candidates for either party become more solidified, but I would bet very good money on the Democratic nominee being Governor Andrew Cuomo from the State of New York.

  • Jakebrake

    OMG! A Communist in the White House. We have a Socialist Muslim there now haven't we been screwed over enough? Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

  • craig

    he should be in jail are they nuts

  • jsmithcsa

    Oh, I hope you're wrong, like I never have before. Obama's just a warm-up for an anti-American like Holder.

  • Chief

    NOT even a Marxist Idiot would vote for this IDIOT; He can not do the job he has now. Our President made his self look like an idiot by appointing him.

  • angiebabe

    Never say never, but from someone who will never understand how ANYONE in this country voted for Barack, I have to tell you that I would move to Italy before I would vote for, or live in a country where Eric Holder lived in the White House! He is a snake in the grass who worships at the altar of Obama, and does not know how to tell the truth! Of course, you could say that for Barack, too, and the American public was dumb enough to do it - twice!

  • Kent2012

    eric von holder minister of justice and gun sales would make an excellent communist presidente.

  • aryton senna

    Huck Folder will not live to see 2016!

  • Bettypearl

    Well, now that they have the "fraudulent" vote under the belt and know it works well, they can name anyone they want. God help us.

  • 4USA2

    Oh, Please.... Holder for any job gets a "finger down throat". He is one of the worst crooks in the entire administration.

  • blauglas

    Americans: (That leaves-out the impostor-fraud-closet-foreign exchange student noncitizen- public enemy #1-saboteur of OUR Country-communist-muslime-in-cheef occupying OUR White House): obummer and his BADministration of the thug demoncrats have muslime world domination in ovomits long-planned conspiracy to destroy our Country. one holder stonewaller to follow the current ovomit stonewaller? perhaps. BUT, perhaps NOT, if we can get Voter-ID in all states. No more stolen-rigged "elections" like 2008 and 2012 !

  • jim bob

    I would hope not!!!! I have read that Obama is going to stay in the white house in 2016 then after that he is going to pass it on to his daughter lol.

  • Susan B

    Just when you think things can't get any worse..........

  • SmirkingWolf

    You gotta be shyttin' me. This would be the final straw.

  • BarleyWheets

    Oh sure put another REAL criminal into the White House.. !! Just what we don't need. He should be put IN prison.. for the the criminal activties hes done!!! Period!!

  • neleh

    Holder is one puke of a man!!!!!!!

  • Earth Angel

    Just when I thought "things could not get any worse" Viola! Just when I thought "no one could be worse than obama" Viola! Eric Holder... c'mon your kidding. What's left when the bottom of the barrel is chosen to lead this powerful country? Sounds like that would be the Mayan prediction "end of the world" as we know it. After reading all these negatives about obama, eric, pelozi, et al, I truly wonder why they are allowed to remain. I don't mean those who voted and love these corrupt imposter leaders d'jour, but there is a good percentage out there who knowl the rotton apple in the barrel spoils the whole lot and they really do nothing but watch this whole thing go down. One thing I do know is that the devil surely gives us a ride always in the wrong direction but, the guys in the white hats always and will prevail. Recent generations are wimpy milk toasty spineless what can I get for free people who do not have any real moral convictions and we see the results of inferiors at the helm. Fasten your seatbelts people. We are in for another bumpy ride!

  • Pat

    Its time for another Revolution in this country. These Marxist pigs all need to removed from office one way or another. Seems none of them Liberal Progressive Marxist tyrants are any bit interested in abiding by our Constitution or our Bill Of Rights. Its these morons who are throwing the entire country down the drain while our enemies laugh at us. Eric Holder needs to be PROSECUTED and put into a FEDERAL PRISON for his role in the Fast and Furious scandal and for the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry.

    • Friscolady

      My son knew Brian. I cannot agree with you more.

      I will say no more to protect my own.

  • MTnman

    This is the most outrageous possibility that can exist. Far worse than Obama. It is totally unreal.

  • Jed54

    Nothing like a real lamebrain in the big chair. WE ALL HAVE TO COME TO REALIZE THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO CONCERN FOR THE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY HAVE LEARNED THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Were all just gonna sit back and put up with all this stupid, illegal, insane, bullshit...

    • Friscolady

      Sadly I think you are right.

  • dagriz

    that kind of one-two punch (Obama>Holder) would be devasting

  • TheTexasCooke

    Well...on the positive side...Eric would make Barry look less like the criminal that he is....

  • Bob Litfin

    I would vote for Ovomit's parrot before Eric Holdere

  • TomBombadil

    Are we at the point that you cannot elect anyone but a minority for president? It really seems that way. democrats want to keep their milkcow going and the republicans are assuming no white person can defeat them.

  • backwaterbilly

    He won't be out on parol in time!!!!!

  • obozohater

    I am wondering when our so called congress is going to fire holder and the other F & F creeps? Getting rid ot obozo,through inpeachment, should be number uno, and getting rid of that creep mo should go along. I cannot stand these bath house people taking our tax money and partying with all the homos in the country. Wake up AMERICA. These commies are on the move.

  • Mark Nic

    it ain't bad enough that I am depressed over the fiscal cliff,debt ceiling and the damage that is going to happen over the union strike all hitting this week and now someone throws this sicking thought onto the mix, make me want to throw up

  • larry

    Just what we need, another socialist pig in the white house. Where's the Klan when you need them!

  • larry

    If a black guy runs, he's a shoe - in .

  • American ex-Pat

    The Republic Party/G.O.P. had better start sleeping with the Latinos' or you can kiss the next few elections bye-bye, along with what's left of this nation!
    The party of fat, old, white men is finished, done, kaput, and if some of these touted 'young guns' don't assert themselves immediately it will be too late to save the conservative movement in America!
    The Latino and Asian votes can be brought in, but not with the life-long elitist hacks that are running the party right now; even the tea party movement, with its fractured structure, is in better position to field a presidential candidate than the GOP.

  • Ron Wieder

    WAKE UP ! We most certainly can prevent another Marxist from fouling our White House by his very presence ! WE MUST UNITE and see to it that a Left Wing Democrat NEVER
    occupies our White House ! Eric Holder ? Not even as a U.S. Mailman ! YECH !!!

  • Wibbys1

    If that commie idiot makes it into the WH oval orifice then it is official---I no longer belong to this idiotic country. I become free and independent and owe alligiance to no one.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Wouldn't surprise me in the least: he's EXACTLY the sort the CFR would pick!

  • Kenny

    For those who desire another president with the ability to lie with a straight face, Eric Holder would be an outstanding choice to succeed Barrack Hussein Obama. They may have other things in common, but the ability to lie and get away with it is a characteristic that sets both of them apart from other politicians on both sides of the aisle. I'm sure one of President Holder's first appointments would be the selection of Jay Carney as press secretary due to his ability to lie as well. Axelrod and Plouff would have a great time handling the campaign for this Obama clone.

  • lin

    In a constant state of illness under the current regime. This would continue it.


    whoever inherits the presidency on 2016 is in for one hell of a ride, thanks to the mess Obozzo has created. He will face an impossibe task not unlike the mess laft after "29"
    cleaning up the corruption alone could take four years then their is the spending at any cost mentality that must go. MORONS one and all.

  • colleenf

    I just threw up.

  • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    President would be far better than Supreme Court Justice (for life) However, neither is good for America

  • Ruby_Con

    Oh I certainly hope so. That is just what this country needs, more marxist/leftist/anti American/regressives, to finish their handiwork of flushing the greatest country in the history of mankind right down the toilet. I say the sooner we get on with the revolution the better.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    If any Dem/Marxist is more corrupt than Obama, it's Holder.

  • Ken

    I heard that former congressman Anthony Wiener is considering a run, with Eric Holder as his VP candidate. It'll be the Wiener-Holder ticket.

  • gary

    Right Thats what we need another crook in the White house___GB

  • Guess

    That will only happen if OBAMA gives up his CROWN, and THRONE, granted him by the New Socialist States of America....without a constitution. Who needs a constitution when you pay no attention to it, or the OATH of office?

  • JacktheFAC

    Such a thing is too terrifying to even think about.

  • gwedem5995

    I absolutely don't thinl Holder could win but then I didn't think Obama would get a second term and I feel he only got it through fraud. However, that being said, I wouldn't even vote for Holder for dog catcher.

  • watchdogman

    CIA needs to step up and solve the country's problem. Thy know how!

  • AndrewJerome

    Who in their right freakin' mind would vote for that p.o.s.? The worst A.G. this country has ever seen. The GOP better have someone in line who can do the job if this lying, disloyal, communist is nominated.

  • rchguns

    That is assuming of course that there is an election in 2016. I feel the odds are better than 50-50 that we saw the last election for president in America.
    The Progressive Socialists have been working very patiently since the 60s to make this move on America. You have to give them credit for persistence and patience in the way they are pursuing their end goal. And that goal is nothing short of total restructuring of America as we know it. A free society is nothing more to these people than a bump on the road in the Constitution is nothing more than toilet paper.

    They took their lessons from the leaders of the Bolshevik revolution, the French Revolution, and any other restructuring by force of any nation. You must do three things to be successful: first and foremost is a reeducation of the young people by brainwashing and indoctrination. On that they are total success we now have at least one generation of young people who when it comes to history and American government there functionally illiterate. Next you must get the support of the bottom of society, the lowlife and laziest society, and those willing to be totally taking care of from cradle-to-grave who believe everything comes to them for free and all they have to do is sell their soul to the government. The final step is total disarmament of the general population in essence making slaves of the freemen by taking away their ability to defend themselves, their families, and their country.

    Welcome to Diaper Head Obama's, Obama-Utopia!

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government.why are we still talking about the ineligible treasonous musmutt traitors ovomit/ag holdup/pelosi/reid/hillary/kagan/sotomayer/waters/wasserman/panetta/carney/rice/ginsberg/the black caucas,why are we still talking,talking/emailing/phone calling/faxing to these un american lawless/useless/treasonous musmutt traitors doesn,t mean anything to these vile un american traitors,they do not abide by the constitiuion,or the laws of the usa.they continue these daily treason,because we the people,are doing exactly what they know we will do,and this gives them time and our tax monies to keep stealing/cheating and continues there un american agenda,i call on wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all god fearing,freedom loving american veternas/ communicate/focus/prepare/plan/refine donald thrump you stated ovomit/satan in revolution begin,no donald an evolution of we the people.god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse

  • Richard Holmes

    Any democrat should not be put in the White House ever again. Or any socialist from either side of the aisle.

  • gypsy314

    what happen with Holders impeachment ?

  • SallyE

    I was having a nice day. Took the dogs for a walk and watched a movie. Then
    I read this. I feel so sick to my stomach that I may not even be able to have leftover turkey and pumpkin pie tonight. Actually, I also feel a headache coming on. I think I have to go to bed now. Yuck!

  • John Raymond Hass Sr

    Why isn't he behind bars due to Fast&Furious and bengasey and more that he's messed up!! Well people we have to take our country back one way or the other and the way it looks it's the other!!we have to figure out where to meet and how were going to do this I'm ready are you all?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Jack Vier

    They will get a shot at the 16 election if Odumbo does not try to circumvent the constuitution and stay in power. I believe that is what he will do. He wants to stay in power forever. A third term was tossed out just after the election.

  • Lapua Fancier

    Probably so..he's a lying POS just like his boss.

  • stormymisty

    I do not see him or Hilery to make the united States and the American people with this much bload on thier hands besides Oboma....We have 4 years give the election alone for a while
    as of right now there is no one worthy of running the white house and our beloved country..

  • Gary Moscowitz

    Surely you are joking!? Were he to run, much less get elected, that's when I and millions of others will give strong consideration to renouncing our citizenship. When white America felt it was time to elect a person of color it was generally felt that 1. it was time and 2. color didn't matter. We liked his ideas, at least those he promised...It was a result of White America that Obama did indeed get elected. We wanted someone who saw thru color. It's been bad enough that Obama has consistently played the race card, and I know that I will be accused of racism simply because of this post, but the truth is that Mr Holder only sees color. His actions, or better yet his inactions as Attoutney General shows clearly his prejudice. It is reverse racism at its worst. I won't even mention his distaste for the Constitution as written.

  • Daniel Burke

    By 2016 Obama will have nearly destroyed the USA and shredded the Constitution. Holder will finish the job and begin the New World Order United Soviet States Dictatorship. The Dem party is nest of communists and idiot freeloaders who don't care where the dole is coming from as long as they keep getting the free money, free health care, free phones, free food, free drugs, free everything.

  • Disgusted!

    It figures that someone who belongs in prison should get elected president of the used to be United States! Anyone have any doubts yet that America's destruction is what we see unfolding as planned? If so, come out from the rock you have been living under.

  • Silas Longshot

    Dammit, I'm already doing the insomnia thing most nights, now you gotta throw that into the worry pool? If he's capable of doing the fast & furious BS, knowing that hundreds of Mexicans would likely be killed by their actions, his idea of '2nd amendment rights' may not sit well for the millions of us gun owners.

  • Joanne

    You must be making this up, please say this it's a joke. He lies as much as Obama.

  • George Fuller

    If Holder were elected President we would all be begging to get Obama back.........this guy is as sleazy and corrupt as they come........

  • George Fuller

    If this crap keeps up there will come a time to exert 2nd amnedment rights.......

  • Buff

    Think Atlanta, Detroit, Washington DC and the United States of America their disasterous leadership.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Another muslim antichrist

  • fortuneteller43

    Why are we discussing this? If the gang in Washington is disregarding the Constitution (bypassing it) isn't that grounds for impeachment? We can't de-certify the Democratic Party because they enjoy a huge constituency in free elections. How do you convince this majority constituency they were wrong? Actually, they care not a wit. Their people are in and that's all that matters. Suggestions?

  • oldtexgal

    That will never happen. Where is his broad support beyond the Obamacrew? Clearly understand that Democrats have a bit of a dilemma, given the attractiveness of their "bench". Biden.... Clinton....Pelosi.... Reid....Kerry, and a host of old war horses, but sincerely doubt that they would choose Holder, He has tons of bad baggage, and zero personal charisma.

  • bowtonoone2

    Physician, heal thyself! On the other hand, by the time the next election rolls around, there won't be an America!!!!!!


    Better find a different place to drink --the kool-aid there is tainted.

    Not even the dumbocrats are stupid enough to even think about running one of these idiots. That's assuming the country lasts that long which I doubt .
    DA-N just heard that sh-t taken to the hospital is still alive. Frequent coughing----probably got another lie caught in his throat. Filthy piece of excrement.

  • GWY

    I will believe elections are "rigged" for sure if this communist creep runs for office and is elected. The only vote he would ever get from me would be for a long prison term.

  • Mort Leith

    He SHOULD be being groomed for pinstripes and a prison suit !!

    The lying criminal murdering POS !

    Did I mention Anti-American and Anti-2nd Amendment ?

  • Mort Leith

    It's time for a REVOLUTION !

    Rid this nation of it's CANCEROUS Liberal Commies

  • Brabado

    Sorry folks, but whoever came up with the insane idea tha "Comtempt-of-Congress, and Cover-Ups King, Erick Holder, could possibly replace the Top Deceiver, in 2016, must be a very, sick sick puppy!!!

  • MI Patriot

    Will somebody PLEASE explain to me how the GOP keeps talking about running Rubio in 2016 when HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE!!!!!!!!! He was born BEFORE his parents were naturalized. Does the GOP think that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?
    If the GOP runs Rubio, they are no better than the Dems. But then again, Dems/Repubs are 2 sides of the same coin.

  • What Me Worry ?

    Holder has the appeal of a little moustachieod Charlie Chaplin, hiding behind that mask of whiskers is a weak feeble mouth, he will not bedazzle the thoughtless simpleton liberal white women as Obama does bringing them to political orgasmic delights. He is just not modern day presidential material.

  • El Love

    Very funny! The only candidates they dems can put forth now are notorious criminals, Holder, Hillary, whomever...... This made me laugh. Holder for president -- can't you just picture him in a debate... ummmm, not to my knowledge, ummmm I was just notified of that... um I have no recollection..... LOL.

  • Bill Tyner

    Given our current electorate, from now on, we may only elect the Dems pick for president. They have the votes. For that matter, because of that, I doubt if we will ever see a white male president again. Leftists, minorities and folks on relief won't allow it.

  • Don

    Some of the ones you mentioned here have the intelligence of a rock. Eric Holder is a criminal. What we need is a white man, hopefully from the libertarian party. Our government is getting more and more corrupt by the day.

  • rivahmitch

    Let there be blood. The tree of liberty requires it's fertilizer.

  • John A. Naguski

    Eric Holder should run for dog-catcher for that appears to be all he is qualified for. So he could lie to the animals instead of the citizens of this great country.

  • Helen Clinton going to be his running mate?

  • busyboots

    If he is being groomed, those doing it are plain out of their minds [crazy]

  • Tomtom

    This is a joke right??? Holder is a liar, a murderer and a Chicago crook! A great representative of the Democrats.

  • Cynthia Peters Bartosh

    OMG...just what we need, another chicago style president! There may not be a USA if Obummer keeps up his twisted ideologies.

  • evenger

    Why isn't Eric Holder out on the street or in jail ??????He and Clinton went to the same school and so did Obama -Lyers University or was it crooks inc ??

  • dadjhb

    I believe that Sen. Marco Rubio has the same problem as Obama---he is not a :natural born Citizen" as required by the Constitution.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    Liberals will do anything to keep their power

  • USA Retired

    One criminal in the oval office is enough for now, and Holder could not qualify as president of the garbage collectors!

  • LARA


  • RomyMon


  • mcclain

    I pray to God that this does not happen.I am worried tho,as we do not have anyone at this time that could possibly win. it really scares me to think that this crook could perhaps become our next President. I would rather have Hillary altho I just keep hoping that someone will stand up that we could really want to win

  • Black Rain

    He is the only one left that hasn't been thrown under the bus. He hasn't fully answer the fast and furious scandal.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    Eric Holder should be being measured for an orange jump suit, along with the rest of the gang of "7". They are; Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. ALL are crooks, liars, thieves, frauds and traitors.

  • Tom Stark

    Why is everyone putting bets on Rubio when he has the same problem Obama SHOULD have had but didn't...his parentage. He is not a natural born citizen. If the Republicans put him up as their candidate the left will pounce on it as hypocritical after all the claims against Obama's eligibility. Unfortunately, Rubio's history and heritage are already public...otherwise he might want to try to keep it secret like Obama did... now how successful would that be, he asks? What a joke. It will have to be someone else.

  • Boyd Sharp

    So instead of going to jail because of Fast and Furious, we ship him to 1600 Penn. Ave. Is this the same boy who let the Black Panthers run loose? Do we need any more evidence that America is headed for Hades on an express train? Oh yeah, Washerwoman Schultz for VP.

  • littlepat

    Now you know Rubio isn't eligible so why bring his name up? It's very annoying because after months of being told the definition of a "natural born citizen" the author of these articles propose the name of Rubio, and some of them even mention Jindal. He isn't eligible either. Stop it.

  • The_American_Way

    This racist should be in jail. He has one set of laws for whites and one set of laws for blacks. Just ask the Black Panthers at the voting stations in Philadelphia.

    His Fast & Furious debacle has cost the lives of hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens along with U.S. Border Patrol Agents Brian Terry &.Nicholas Ivie. Holder's ill conceived and incompetently operated sting was criminal and this would have been exposed except Barack Obama issued an illegal Executive Order blocking information requested by the Congressional Investigating Committee. The executive order was illegal because there was no national security issues and it's sole purpose was to block an investigation.

    Both Holder and Obama should be behind bars. The families of Brian Terry and Nicholas Ivie deserve nothing less.

  • jimbyonly

    I would like to groom Holder for Prez, with my electric hedge trimmer. I start at the top then move to his upper lip-opps I went to low!

  • Tony

    If Holder runs and nobody brings up Fast and Furious and Ex Priveledge, I will be in front of the WH with a bull horn. The man needs to be disqualified and vetted just for that alone.

  • Bill Thomas

    Eric does need to be groomed.... and then placed in one of the back rooms of Mans Country in Chicago where he is a "lifetime member". NOW THAT.... HE WOULD LIKE!!!!

  • Tim Brady

    Glad you posted this ... it was a gloomy day and I need a chuckle ....

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Well , with the way the liberturds get their votes Elmer Fudd could run fer POTUS and win by a landslide!!! And with no one callin the commies to the carpet on it, Spongebob could be V.P.!!! Hell we got the same metality in there Now!!! I pray for the day,that one steps up and puts the brakes on this downward spiral OUR natin is in!

  • 57girl

    I would like to think Eric Holder would be in prison by 2016, right beside Barrack Obama. I know .... I need to keep on dreaming, 'cause it ain't gonna happen.

  • Meritocrat

    Wow. Holder absolutely fits the Democrat office holder profile: Incompetent, sleezy, and should already be n jail. PERFECT!

  • Nadine

    One scum bag to another... One murder to another...Fast & Furious & Benghazi! Just wonderful!!

  • FSHNT21

    Holder and Obama need to be groomed for prison for their cover up's in Fast and Furious and Lybia. Reid and Pelosi can be next for their failure to verify Barry's elligibility as required by law before confirming him as president...

  • okihadit

    anyone that would vote for a dem asss-hole should be deported right out of this country. enough , is enough, we must get our once great country back.

  • shallowdeath

    2008 over 8500 criminal illegal aliens
    have been released on American streets because their countries will not take
    them back welcome to obo world

  • Ktm450

    One jabroney is enough if we make it through this

  • del

    Forgot old hillary.....she is just as horrid as any of the above......

  • shallowdeath

    What is so very important to understand is that politics has changed it is
    now Chicago gangster politics their brand of politics has been around since the
    30s it is just in the last 10 years been perfected to a state of corruption and
    paybacks. You have Barack Hussein Obama as the leader Rahm Emanuel and Eric
    holder. The faces of Chicago
    politics there is no deed that is below their stature. They have brought a
    brand of politics to America
    that has one purpose and one purpose only to punish the citizens of the United States of America
    and to devise as many obstacles legal or Illegal to hamper the American economy.

  • Cinci Jew

    Holder was also in charge of the Waco massacre of the Branch Davidian cult. He is a dangerous swine and with the fraud committed to get Obama a second term, G-d help us. They'll steal another election and continue the march to Nazi America.

  • Mickey Davis

    Holder should be MOONED not groomed

  • Charles

    Time to take out the trash now and not let it pile up.

  • gnafuasusual

    This has to be a "hoax." United States District Court has to deal with EH and many other defendants first. Someone licking their chops for that job is Kerry or Gore. Barf!

  • james crawford

    Sure, he's being groomed be cracker Biden's shoeshine boy.

  • bobmann10

    I am sure that this unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, racist, bigot, half breed, bi-sexual,foreign national, Muslim POTUS has the money and power to keep him in office until they have no more use for him.

  • bhudda

    In four years the people will vote for Donald Duck rather than a liberal . We will be so broke if it took a dime to crap we'd have to throw up . Donald Rumsfield could beat Holder hands down and he is probably the least liked republican that is qualified to run .

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    Forewarned is forearmed.

    The GOP should carefully study the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns to find out the techniques that seem to have worked best. One of those is use of social media like FaceBook and Twitter. Another is keeping the message simple, easy to understand and repeating it over and over. (This is a tactic that Goebbels used most effectively and he was a master propagandist.)

    There are many other things the GOP can do, but if they don't adapt and adopt tactics that worked for the president, they'll likely wind up with a losing candidate once more.

  • gas pump junkie

    as long as those who are receiving free government handouts and the lock-step union thugs lick the hand that feeds them, they will vote for whoever the Democratic Party nominates...Their belief is that as long as I get mine and someone else pays for it then I will maintain the status quo. Pitiful but that is the truth. America is in its last days, going the way of previous empires. Destroyed from within.

  • budman

    They are always talking about what might happen if Obama is impeached and fear of rioting in the streets.
    If Eric Holder is nominated, I can pretty much guarantee there will be a big uproar as he is the most corrupt of all and the Democrats will be forced to withdraw his nomination.

  • Sally Fama

    God, I hope this is just a fanciful idea about Holder for president.. Holder, Obama, Geithner, Axelrod: They are all conniving crooks. They will do anything to achieve their crooked goals. We need a decent, honest, man or woman in there. Someone who loves their country rather than themselves.

  • namaholston

    No, I don't think Holder is being groomed for the presidency! It is obvious that if Obama can get a bill through the House to allow him to be "president for life" that is his agenda and some of the House and Senate Democrats have that in mind as well.

  • Charlie

    Would much rather have Daffy Duck as president then any on the above list.

  • Lucius Snow

    Holder=Puppet Obama=Puppeteer

  • Barb Patton

    Maggots maggots they are all maggots and thrive on eating the flesh off WE THE PEOPLE. Holder is as big a criminal as the ayatollah barack hussein obama.
    What are they thinking?????

  • ArtF

    Maybe we should consider an additional amendment to the Constitution, which will assuredly be ignored as is the rest of the Constitution, but its at least a start. Absolutely NO Candidate for the Office of President can be trained as, educated as or practicing as a LAWYER.

  • golfcrackerjack

    I heard from a woman in my past that "once one goes black, one ain't comin' back." Is this what she meant? Or does Holder have some sort of obvious skill that I've overlooked?

  • Old Observer

    Sheesh! The biggest crook of all! Obama has surrounded himself with a whole cadre of his ilk---

  • TLady62

    I also pray you and Jerome Corsi are both wrong. America will cease to exist as a functioning nation should any of those Democrats get the nomination and win the election. NO! Enough is enough!

  • fedup in fl

    Please God, not another negro. At least get back to white folks, as it should be.

  • F Martinez

    Holder would definitely be worse, if that is imaginable.

  • Ruggedlark

    "Is Holder being groomed for President in 2016?"

    Not in my lifetime.

    He isn't qualified to be in the office he holds now...Was Hillary qualified to be Sec State? how about that crook in charge of the IRS? Tim Geithner...Our whole fricken White House is comandeered by thugs and crooks. Yah. This is what America is about baby!

  • von anderson

    Was Fast and Furious a set up to get him elected by Mexican Bandits?


    He can Only win with Axelrod's help at ballot box stuffing and out right fraud

  • nik

    Got a good laugh -- at Giacomo and y'all's expense -- at this one. The only mystery being why Santa Claus (socialist, wages war on Christmas), Tinker Bell (obviously gay) or Johnny Appleseed (tree hugger, believes in global warming) aren't on his list.

  • dHb

    Holder for POTUS? No, that will never happen but I suspect he will be the next appointment Obama makes to the Supreme Court.

  • krell51

    He should be groomed for Leavenworth .

  • mediazorba

    I don't think anyone is worse than Obama so this really doesn't surprise me.

  • peggy

    Hillary is very popular, so the smart move is to make her prez and Holder or some other minion veep....that would give the dems the 1st black prez then the first woman prez....trumping anything we do...unless the GOP throws out the establishment and finds a truly conservative (who does not believe in legalizing drugs and does believe in man/woman marriage) person (and we need a woman, to over trump the dems), we will see a very long dry spell for the GOP/conservatives....I fear for our country.

  • FloridaJim

    I suggest he be tried and jailed for Fast & Furious and his scam of Voter I.D. fraud with which he stole another election. Holder is on his way to wealth with the Harvard Lawyers who are ripping off America with The Pigford Incident scam, the Cap & trade scam, The green job scam, AGENDA 21 and Benghazi where 4 Americans died and Obama went to Las Vegas to campaign as they were calling for his help. Holder and Obama will go down in infamy.

  • Jack Parker

    Don't be naive. Odumbo is already in the process of subverting the Constitution (22nd Amendment) so that he can be re-reelected to his 3rd term and perpetually after that (thanks to voter fraud and his Santa Clause methiod of government). With Obummer as "President for Life", Holder has no chance ever becoming president.

  • Kingscairn

    God can't help us, he left on Nov 7th !

  • denny

    hillary will be over her cold by then

  • pysco

    Eric Holder, should have been impeached, and indited for treason, and not keeping the oath of office....

  • theoldguy44

    I'll never forgive Holder for representing Marc Rich, in his petition for a full pardon from Clinton at the end of his term in office, when he was on the top of the FBI's most wanted list. Goes to show the value of being a big Democratic donor, despicable conduct be damned. His stellar handling of the Black Panthers voter intimidation is right up there with Fast and Furious, as other good examples of his jurisprudence.

  • Pizzed Off

    Under Obamacare, life isn't certain. For anyone.

  • Ror

    Wouldn’t that be a kick in the groin. If the republicans don’t
    get away from the good old boy syndrome and the golden pork syndrome this country
    is going to end up as a one party country, Democratic socialist. We, the republicans, as
    a political party are so divided into petty groups with personal vendettas and
    poor political know-how that attack from any side is successful. We don’t have
    a common front nor a common cause. The Obama socialist have taken history and
    used it to destroy this county and the Constitution by dividing and concurring
    with a single front lead by socialist trained organizers .and gathering the poor and
    the give-me crowd headed by numerous labor unions. If we don’t acquire a leader
    that is familiar with history and uses it to our advantage , we will go down in
    Obamanism. Talking to Obama is like talking to Stalin.


    You have got to be kidding..He and his boss belong in prison...not a country club prison either.


    How do we get out of this nightmare???? Worse than a Freddie movie...

  • Sheila

    Obama is HIV positive and losing weight. Will he die of aids before he can be tried for treason?

  • Wayne Graff

    Not one of the people whose names you listed have enough brains to come in out of the rain much less lead this country.

  • PastorRuth1

    Who wrote this stupid article? No offense, but this is RIDICULOUS! Holder will be LUCKY if he stays out of JAIL! Holder as Prez???Please, I think we have real problems to discuss adult style...not playground shenanigans and jungle gym gossip!

    I would laugh but it is so ridiculous I don't even see the humor in it! Next! This subject is dead in the water....Anyone have any better idea of who or what might be running in 2016??

    How about ALL OF US as far from the US as possible if ANY of Obama's Henchmen are on top of the ticket!! Now, Republican, or Tea Party Patriots, that's a different story! Who do WE want for real, and who can win over liberal losers???

  • retroranger

    He might as well be considered. The dim witted Dem.'s are already scraping the bottom of the barrel. I think Obama will pull something where he can become a dictator and stay in power.

  • MMort

    If, and I do believe we have, conservatives take up the fight to recover our country, none of the above could possibly survive to run for president. Without Obama covering their back sides they could never overcome the backlash and investigations. We already know enough about them to hang them. I believe they will take their government money and run as fast as they can. Maybe Chicago will continue to take them in their corrupt government, but most cities and states have had enough of the Obamas, even before the 2 term begins.

  • obhfwb

    We have seen what idiots done by electing a boy community organizer, one boy in our life time is one to many. eric holder is just another lying piece of human waste like his master obama and the worst ever in his government roll.

  • Stonewall jackson

    Not another one. whites flee America.

  • Lisa Farkass

    I swear to God, I threw up in my mouth a bit when I read the Headline :(

  • Daniel from TN

    Marco Rubio could definitely give any Democrat candidate a good run for the money, but he will never run for office. Rubio is not a natural born citizen for the exact reason stated in the article: Rubio's parents were not US citizens at the time of his birth. Rice, or any other Black, will be assassinated before Liberals allow the Black voter base to be split.

  • James Carlyle Green

    Since Hillary may be out of the picture with health issues... we should promote "Biden!" That way there'd be a laugh a minute! I mean the country is already lost, so we might as well have fun on the way down to total collapse. Holder is too "fast and furious!" Besides there may never be another election anyway. Obama might just decide to remain the dictator-in-chief forever. Am I glad I am well armed...? You'd better believe it!

  • budman

    Eric Holder is lucky he hasn't been forced to resign for all the misdeeds during his last four years in office. I think there will a public revolt if they even consider running Holder for President. Enough is enough with these liars and crooks.

  • Jane Scroggins

    I'd like to think it couldn't happen but then I though the Obamanation couldn't happen again so I'm not a very good prophetess!

  • DandBA


  • Bobbi Henderson

    I would like to see a woman in the white house~ It is time!