UK Considers Banning Kitchen Knives

We joke about it here in the U.S. that maybe the UK should ban kitchen knives since they can be used to kill someone. It looks like the UK may have taken those jokes a little too seriously because they’ve been considering banning long, pointed kitchen knives for the past several years. Researchers from West Middlesex University Hospital found that crime in their country was on the rise, and that kitchen knives were used in as many as half of all stabbings.

At least they’re being consistent. They thought guns were dangerous, so they banned guns. Now, they’re acknowledging that knives have taken the place of guns and are dangerous and should also be banned. BBC News reported:

"The researchers said there was no reason for long pointed knives to be publicly available at all. They consulted 10 top chefs from around the UK, and found such knives have little practical value in the kitchen. None of the chefs felt such knives were essential, since the point of a short blade was just as useful when a sharp end was needed. The researchers said a short pointed knife may cause a substantial superficial wound if used in an assault - but is unlikely to penetrate to inner organs. In contrast, a pointed long blade pierces the body like ‘cutting into a ripe melon.’”

After they’ve banned long, pointy kitchen knives, are they going to ban sharp pencils? Nail files? Screwdrivers? Fists? They can keep banning all these objects, but people will always find other means of inflicting injury or death if that’s what they really want to do.

I think the U.S. is a long way away from banning kitchen knives. They’d first have to confiscate all the guns, and that’s just not going to be possible anytime soon.

I really don’t think that those in power over us want an all-out bloody war in order to disarm us. They know they have to be careful. They would much rather “conquer” us through our consent. They just want us to submit. We’re the frogs in the pot of water, and with every law that gets enacted, the heat turns up a little. We acclimate, and then they turn up the heat again, but only a little. Over time, we Americans simply forget and get used to the tyranny that we’ve grown up in and lived through. Before we know it, the water will be boiling us, and by then it will be too late for us to fight back. They want nothing more than a bunch of willing slaves who believe they are free and secure in government’s chains, which they see as the protective arms of a loving mother.

With every massacre that the media turns into an international spectacle, people’s brains will be numbed just a little more. With every opinion poll taken after each massacre, people will show their increasing willingness to just submit, turn in their guns and let the government take care of them.

One hopeful thing is for sure, though. In the midst of all these self-deceived slaves, there will always be a remnant of real freedom-lovers who refused to acclimate to tyranny.



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  • AnsonMac

    mmm... as a gun (and sword, and knife, and Tanto, and Seax, and throwing axe, and splitting maul, and crossbow, and regular bow, and throwing knife, and other implements of destruction) owner... firstly, not gonna happen in the US.... but beyond THAT...

    its not the WEAPON, but the people that are the problem...

    and its NOT the punishment, but the RESULTS that are the solution... so shouldnt we be looking at the countries with the lowest violent crime rates... and the VERY lowest return crime rates (recidivism)

    the thing is, the countries with the lowest recidivism DONT treat criminals subhuman... but just as HUMAN, who made a bad choice... the concept is to REINTEGRATE those ppl who make a bad choice ONE TIME into normal society, rather than punish them in perpetuity

    granted, Charlie Manson should be kept away, or killed (he has even said as much) but even the 'worst of the worst' have storys behind them....

    • Patriot

      Let's not forget the ever popular bar of soap in a sock.
      Very silent, very effective, very deadly.

      • DrAnalog

        Or a bag of nickels

        • Patriot

          Ya, nickels are good too. :)

        • cdoc

          Whoa!!! you mean to tell me that our government is producing and distributing weapons of mass destruction. My kids have Nickels!!! I've got to get home and take them away.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Damn, I've been using quarters all this time! Could have saved myself 80%.

    • jb80538

      A gun is also not the problem but the left is sure blaming a gun for killing people.

      • AnsonMac

        it seems more to me that it is not as much blaming the gun, but blaming the easy access for high capacity magazines, and lack of background checks for getting the gun into a crazy jerks hands. and the crim justice system for failure to rehabilitatethis guy

    • cdoc

      Nice try AnsonMac. Where, exactly, are you going to draw the line. Manson... definitely. What about a boxer that bites someone's ear off. Hmmm. What about that guy that bludgeoned his grandmother to death. They put him away for 18 years. Then he got out and set a car on fire, when the fire dept showed up, he shot four of them. Two died. Hmmm. I guess we didn't draw that line so well, did we AnsonMac.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        You are right on. And what country is it that does what he says? I guess in his mind murder is a "bad choice"!

      • AnsonMac

        well, thats kinda the point i was making... where DO we draw the point...
        what is the difference between a deadly weapon and a deadly person...

        we are ALL capable of killing someone... just given the right stimulus, i would kill someone... and so would you

        now how do we make THIS kinda thing less likely to occur?

      • AnsonMac

        THAT was the point...where DO we draw the line...and WHEN do we realise that our current system is broken, and failing the US....

        its NOT keeping us safer... or at least it is making us more afraid...

        so where do we win?

        lets talk about mental health... and rehabilitation of first time offenders...

  • AnsonMac

    yeagh, the UK is silly.... a little bit... but thats the same as some of our own researchers arguing against rifles...

    or its the same kinda argument about girls showing their knees, because it would 'drive boys crazy'
    or showing their calf
    or their ankle
    or their hair
    or their chin
    or their lips....

    oh WAIT...we are in Burka territory, arent we?????

    we didnt want that...

    • welldoneson

      many an American woman has taken up with an English man only to find out that they don't treat their women all that well...

      • AnsonMac

        REALLY... and your evidence is what?

  • Loren Wonderduck

    If we just outlaw people, wouldn't much of this insanity go away?

    • Screeminmeeme

      Loren....My thoughts, too.

      • vw412

        If they outlaw people who would they have to rule over?

        • Renellin

          They would outlaw all but menial labor?

    • Les

      I'll go for outlawing stupid people. Especially the ones that think that government is the answer to everything.

      • DoesLogicStillExist?

        Nice idea - but too late! They already have a majority.

    • Marine68

      They already have, Agenda 21 will eliminate 95% of the global population; although the UN probably does not think that it is dangerous.

    • Renellin

      The libs have been favoring this for a long time now.

    • Al

      Let them have them as Brittish cooking isn't anything to brag about.

      • ayrshireman

        English, lol.
        Scots, Welsh and Ulster food is lovely.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Yeah, don't they just need a pot with some water in it to boil everything.

        • Hiram Holiday

          Boiling water can cause injury.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          True, we need to ban water!

        • jackwoodson

          Hot coffee is illegal at one fast food chain - ban boiling water.

        • Ronald Ceres

          No, no, ban the pots.

    • jcrosby35

      That comes after they collect the guns.
      Much easier to round up the undesirables and make them disappear when they cannot fight back. It fits in with population reduction.

    • VoteLoud

      Is that not the goal or Progs?

      Humans cause crime and "Global Warming"...

      Oh... now it's "Climate Change!

      Of course elite professors and politicians are exempt!

    • DoesLogicStillExist?

      Believe it or not, there are some wackos who are already taking that tack - promoting the "voluntary extinction" of mankind... If ONLY they would LEAD by EXAMPLE!

    • obhfwb

      Only the idiots of this world have power just look at the democrat party, I rest my case.

      They want to more like these other imbeciles in the UK.

  • Screeminmeeme

    I guess the Brits haven't figured out that if those people who were stabbed had had a GUN, they would still be alive today.

    Stupid is as stupid does...and this has got to be one of the most utterly stupid things I've ever heard.

    • Al

      I hope that Piers Morgan doesn't pick up on that silly idea.

      • Darlene Thecolaratlady

        That FOOL is probably the 1 that brought it up after the us petition to have him deported, the brits having their own petition saying they dont want him back lol

      • VoteLoud

        Why do ANY Conservatives watch CNN, NBC, ABC et. al.

        If we turn them off, they will divide the 48% of Americans and some will decide that they need to compete with FOX.

        Perhaps we are the dumb ones!

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I don't!

        • Screeminmeeme

          VoteLoud....I take a gander at the other channels every now and then thru out the day just to see how they are covering/suppressing certain issues. It's good to know what the enemy is up to.

        • John Giorgi

          What the hell is wrong with you? Don't you like comedy?! NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. is hilarious! We need to watch them so we know how they FEEL - notice I didn't say THINK?

      • Conservativesniper

        Sounds like something that emotionally overwrought, UGLY, Brit nancy boy would have thought up. So what, pray tell, are the culinarians going to use in a professional kitchen in England?

    • hAhaHa

      this has got to be one of the most utterly stupid things I've ever heard of.?
      Did you forget obuma's "logic"... Half of 8 = 16?

    • ayrshireman

      See my replies. It never happened, and it was one small group of silly doctors who called for it.

    • Ronald Ceres

      Another dim- witted idea from Britain: During the austerity riots earlier this year the good citizens were advised that if they felt threatened by the mob they should get in their cars and blow their horns for help.
      I am not fooling about this; it is true.

    • John Giorgi

      Liberals are illogical. They are all about feel good things without thinking through about the consequences. Most liberals I know are not men or women, but they are more like children. Like they say, the road to hell is paved in good intentions, and the liberals are taking us there, at the speed of Obama's teleprompter.

  • Doodlebug

    Guns gone, long pointed knives gone, what is next?? You don't need a long pointed knife, even a jackknive will to the job if you know how. If some insane, deranged person wants to commit murder, they WILL find a way to do it. But, whatever you do, DO NOT keep them in prison. Rehab them and let them out. DO NOT MAKE LAWS that will let the common ordinary blow joe be able to report people who have mental problems because we can't take away their right to freedom.

    • bfit58

      they could ban any pieces of wood in any configuration longer than 6" because they could also be used to kill someone...let's see, chairs, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, saws, pillows!! (because they strangle people), plates, forks, spoons, clothes (also a strangulation tool), mattresses, furniture of ANY kind; how about buildings (they fall on and kill people), cars, busses, trucks, planes, boats, trains....need I go on?

      • Doodlebug

        Yes, we've already seen the damage planes can do. Doesn't leave much of what we have at our fingertips that couldn't be used to accomplish murder, does it?

        • Darlene Thecolaratlady

          yup, its only a tool, the real killer is the person using the tool, knives have killed, ppl ramming cars into crowds have killed, fertilizer has killed, ( look at the murrah fed buidling) airplanes can kll, ask ww2 vets about the kamikaze japanese, airplanes killed thousands in the us on 9-11

        • jason

          Plastic bags and buckets kill more children in this country than guns. So should we also does take scalpels away from doctors since so many doctors have conducted malpractice? not to mention banning cell phones, since they cause distractions on the road, or even better ban the cars so we can stop the carbon. Save the world for Algore, he needs your support

      • Darlene Thecolaratlady

        yup, its only a tool, the real killer is the person using the tool,
        knives have killed, ppl ramming cars into crowds have killed, fertilizer
        has killed, ( look at the murrah fed buidling) airplanes can kll, ask
        ww2 vets about the kamikaze japanese. airplanes killed thousands in the us on 9-11, everything you mentioned and then some can be used as a killing device.a popular way in Russia, Belaus is broken glass bottles to rob, rape, kill with

      • GWY

        I suppose we'll all be nude and live in paddes cells designed by liberals until they get around to murdering us.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        See my post to Doodlebug.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I think we should just ban arms. It's hard to commit murder without arms.

      • Doodlebug

        Great idea! Guess you could kick someone to death but, it wouldn't be easy!!

      • SandyLopp

        "Now stand aside worthy adversary... "Tis but a scratch! A scratch? Your arm's off! No it isn't! But what's that on the ground? I've had worse! You Liar! Come on ya Pansey! ..... Come on then! ...... Oh had enough ? Look you stupid b______ you've got no arms left! Yes I have. Look! It's but a flesh wound....Chicken! Right! I'll have your leg!......... Come back here you yellow... I'll bite your legs off I will!" sorry, i just couldn't resist!

      • Screeminmeeme

        DTOM11...I'm thinking, Monty Python episode with the armless black knight.

  • Ken Colditz

    After the knives, people will beat people to death with their hands or holding an object to do the dirty deed. So the next thing the UK is bane people having hands. Everyone must give up their hands! OH oh, then they will kick people to death! The UK will bane people having legs! Lets see that only leaves biting? OK teeth must be removed.... after that? Looks that can kill, gouge out the eyes? Were will it stop! LOL Idiot!

    • michael lawless

      they already lost their teeth

      • ayrshireman

        How original, and wrong.

    • ayrshireman

      'xcept they arent banned.

  • DockyWocky

    This is going to lead to a bloodletting beyond imagination. Of course, the Brit's moslem guests are all behind anything that results in a poorly armed white population, because when the islamic devils make their play for dominance, there won't be anything more dangerous than a fingernail clipper in the stupid brits pockets.

    • Seeker1212

      Remember, the weapon of choice by Muslims are bombs. Before too long the Brit's are going to wake up to the level of massacares that they never imagined.

    • ayrshireman

      Its not going to lead anywhere. The call for a ban is SEVEN YEARS old. And it was one small group of doctors. It never happened. They arent banned and they never will be. We modern British are stupid, but not that insane.

      • DoesLogicStillExist?

        There must be SOME kind of restrictions already in place - I sell stuff on eBay, and last time I tried to list a knife internationally (I don't remember what it was, most likely it WAS kitchen cutlery), it was NOT ALLOWED to be listed for eBay.UK...

        • ayrshireman

          Thats ebay uk rules. They are very touchy about selling anything like knives or air weaposn because they are scared of legal action if a buyer uses them to commit crime.

      • cessede0816

        Someone over there probably said the same thing about guns at one time too.

  • cptrick3

    let's here it for long pointy sticks.

  • Floridastorm

    What there simply has to be is a few people, in the UK, go up to Whitehall and say directly to these nimrod's faces "Are you for real". "What planet do you live on, anyway". Maybe if they get embarrassed, in front of their colleagues, they'll go back to doing something constructive, for a change, like going to sleep. Boy, they must have opened wide the exit doors to the mental wards lately.

    • ayrshireman

      It was doctors who suggested it, not politicians. And a small group at that.
      And it was in 2005, it was ignored then and continues to be.

  • seektruth

    Since UK gun controls they rank No. 1 in Europe for violent crime with 2,000 crimes per 100,000 people. The US wouldn't even make the top ten with less than 400/100,000. Of course, we'll likely see a major increase of crime against non-Muslims as they are being overridden by them.
    If they truly wanted to see the crime rate plummet - allow the carry of firearms by law abiding citizens!

    • ayrshireman

      The UK figures are so 'high' because the UK has 28 violent crimes on its statute books.
      I could give US-UK figures which show the UK to be much safer than the US.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Then do it. What might the Brits call a violent crime that the US doesn't?

        • ayrshireman

          Crimes against property without human victims in the committal of the act(which accounts btw of most UK violent crime) in the UK which are classed as violent, would probably be classed as theft crimes in the US. There are violent UK crimes that would come under another classification in the US.

        • ayrshireman

          A gun crime rate FORTY TIMES that of the UK (400000 vs 10000 in 2010).
          75% of all serial killers live in the US (not my words, those of Robert Ressler)
          A non-gun murder rate almost THREE times ours (4.2 vs 1.2).

          US gun murders per 100000: 3.7
          UK gun murders per 100000: 0.04
          (WHO figures 2012)
          Thats NINETY TWO POINT FIVE times the UK rate.

        • ayrshireman

          In the UK, pop 60 million, less than 700 people have been murdered this year. 650-700 out of 60-62million. That sound like a violent or ultraviolent country?.

  • Marine68

    Breaking necks and driving over someone is easy, how will they deal with those ?

  • mary

    Have you seen the new gun law they want passed? Here is the details.

    anything except revolvers?

    Stopping the spread of deadly assault

    Summary of 2013 legislation

    Following is a summary of the 2013

    · Bans the sale,
    transfer, importation, or manufacturing of:

    o 120
    specifically-named firearms

    o Certain
    other semiautomatic rifles, handguns,
    shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one military

    o Semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a
    fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds

    · Strengthens the
    1994 Assault Weapons Ban and various state bans by:

    o Moving
    from a 2-characteristic test to a 1-characteristic test

    Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the
    characteristics test

    o Banning
    firearms with “thumbhole stocks” and “bullet buttons” to address attempts to
    “work around” prior bans

    · Bans
    large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10

    · Protects
    legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:

    o Grandfathering weapons legally possessed on
    the date of enactment

    o Exempting over 900 specifically-named weapons
    used for hunting or sporting purposes and

    o Exempting antique, manually-operated, and
    permanently disabled weapons

    · Requires that grandfathered weapons be
    registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:

    o Background check of owner and any transferee;

    o Type and serial number of the firearm;

    o Positive identification, including photograph
    and fingerprint;

    o Certification from local law enforcement of
    identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and

    o Dedicated
    funding for ATF to implement registration

    A pdf of the bill summary is available here.

  • mary

    This is new gun law for USA

  • John E. Usalis

    And when more people are killed by drowning them in bathtubs and commodes, I guess they'll have to ban them too. We'll stink a lot, but we'll be "safe."

  • DrAnalog

    Just how stupid can people get? There seems to be no end.

    • ayrshireman

      Thankfully the then govt in 2005 and since, and the British public, ignored it.

  • RedMeatState

    getting more ridiculous every day.

  • opey

    that's typical uk thinking.............LMAO, oh it will happen and happen here too at some poing, specially if the topcop runs for our oval office in 2016!!!

    • ayrshireman

      No, its not typical thinking. The idea was met with incredulity here when they argued for it in 2005 (why is this story being rerun now?). 99.9% of the UK thought it was a stupid idea.

    • ayrshireman

      And it never happened, needless to say. They arent banned.

  • Jimbo

    When they ban sharp kitchen knives they can always use the traditional British favourite weapons: beer bottles or pint glasses (male), stiletto heels (female) Jimbo

  • liliq

    Nancy Pelosi will personally appear at all sharp pointed object collection sites in the US to oversee the disarming of the public from these objects of outrage

  • ff_emt

    Ah, but they'll never consider banning the long knives that are part of the muzzies' religious garb...

  • DavidE1940

    Do not forget Base Ball Bats, clubs, bow & arrows and the like.

  • wisewoman

    Loren. They ARE outlawing people -- it is called birth control and abortion. So far they haven't mastered the "people want to be parents problem" yet, but they are working on it.

  • crusader2010

    I've been trained to kill with my hands does that count! I could use a pencil, or a piece of wire, how about the old stand by a baseball bat, or in Britain a cricket bat, hit someone with a rock hard enough and the deed is done. It's not what you use it's how badly you want t do it.

    • cdoc

      Holy s***, we need to ban any rocks bigger than 4 oz.

      • VoteLoud

        Then we would have a one party government... No Democrats!

  • rg

    Doctors and hospitals kill more people than autos and guns combined, it's time to ban them too.

    • Darlene Thecolaratlady

      For sure, that old saying drs bury their mistakes, also their intended victims for w/e reason, nurses, other hospital staff members have been convicted of killing patients. why i avoid hospitals like the plague.

    • Seeker1212

      Funny you should mention that, notice that they stopped rating hospitals by mortalities. In an effort to control costs, hospitals have cut back on their efforts to maintain a clean enviornment, causing rampant deaths by unknown bactiary.
      Its the Hospital xecutives that should be charged with murder..!!

  • Pupito Az

    Just ban living, you meaux-ronic Brits! No wonder you fools lost!

    • Pupito Az

      Start with Piers Morgan.

    • ayrshireman

      There was and has been no ban. This is an old 2005 story.

  • Harold

    Just maybe we should have left Germany invade Britian and then that would have ended some of the idiots stupid laws.

    • ayrshireman

      What stupid law?. It never happened. It was just one stupid call from some doctors nearly ten years ago.

  • MacdonaldC

    Next the Brits will ban Cricket bats.

  • Paula

    In an old Alfred Hitchcock movie... woman beat her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb. Then she dumped his body. Week later the cops came to tell her they found her husband dead. She then offered them to join her for dinner...of a roasted leg of lamb!
    My point is, obviously, anything can be used to murder someone. My other point is: if we outlaw progressive liberals we'll all be better off!

    • ayrshireman

      I thought it was a classic episode of Tales of the Unexpected, the classic 1970's/1980's British show, introduced by and written by Roald Dahl.

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    maybe they just should give up cooking and eating

  • Simon Jester

    I want off of this ridiculous planet immediately!!

  • Wibbys1

    The totally insane are now running the asylum. I am sorry, I apologize to all the intelligent alien life forms that may be watching us.Not everyone here is that stupid. It just seems that way because the stupid somehow make it into politics and profess to be leaders.
    Pay them no mind, they are as dumb as pond scum.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Actually, I think pond scum is much smarter.

      • Wibbys1

        Rethinking the situation I believe you are 100% correct. I guess I was being optimistic.

  • lin

    These people are insane. Good thing they don't have manty baseball bats there like here. They are the top weapon of choice for murders. (FBI report) Way over guns and knives.

    • ayrshireman

      One group. 2005. No ban. Oh, and we have baseball bats here, even if most Brits think the sport is a joke. LOL

  • cdoc

    Three times as many people die from drunk drivers than guns. When are we going to confiscate all those evil cars? After all, you don't really need personal cars. We have public transportation. And it's really safe... thanks to the TSA.

  • DSmith6605

    Ban on chain saws is next I was really hoping that Dec.21,2012 would end all this BS but again fooled by the mayans April fools day

    • Simon Jester

      We might be seeing the Mayans' "End of an Era" in progress right now...

      • Darlene Thecolaratlady

        yeah, could be right

    • ayrshireman

      The story is from 2005.
      It was one group calling for a ban.
      They were and continue to be ignored.

  • BlueViolets

    I say ban all kitchen utensils and flatware. Use your hands. In fact since plates and bowls can be used as weapons why not go back to using a trench table? Good grief are people losing their sense of reality?

  • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    Liberals/Progressives (US) Liberal Democrats/Labour Party (UK) must be genetically think that an inanimate object has intrinsic danger...a will of it's own...It is rather society at large and individual's actions that are dangerous...a society absent in-common moral values, cultural boundaries, and beliefs about the value of human of the many dangers of multiculturalism and poor education tied to apathetic parents and incompetent teachers...and churches that dispense what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called "cheap grace"...the promise of salvation without the duty of discipleship...the day-to-day living with the commitment to obey the laws and commandments of a loving, but demanding God.

    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
    God will not hold us guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak.
    Not to act is to act.”
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    “When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, that battle is your calling, and peace has become sin. You must at the price of dearest peace lay your conviction bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.”
    Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920), theologian, statesman, journalist, and Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1901–1905)

  • agbjr

    Typical asinine thinking from asinine European socialists.

    • ayrshireman

      No, its nontypical stupidity from ONE group of doctors. Which is why it was taken no notice of in 2005, and why knives arent banned. Nor will they be.
      Why is this old story which never happened, being rerun in nearly 2013?.

  • rchguns

    Look at what happened after World War I. England eliminated almost all privately owned firearms and they were so happy. Then along comes uncle Adolf knocking on their door and they realized that they had no way of defending them selves from the aggressor so they became all warm and fuzzy and begging for help. Private citizens in America donated their personal firearms to be sent to to help the English people defend themselves, wasn't that nice of us? So America joined the Allies in the kick of the laid-off in the rear end and World War II comes to an end in Europe.

    Did England learn anything? Absolutely not they turn around and confiscate the guns after all a British subject is just that the subject( slave). Now that's how they do it so what did they do with all those American guns many of them family heirlooms? Did they send them back to America absolutely" Not" be destroyed them or at least most of them. The English will never change, they don't learn from their mistakes, and their two bullheaded to see that they're wrong.

    • ayrshireman

      Firstly, to suggest that the British couldnt defend themselves in 1939-40 is pure bunkum. I get the point you are making, but saying such is just silly.
      Secondly, the British are citizens and have been since the Nationality Act of 1948 (also 1981). Its a myth we are subjects because we have the Queen/royals.
      Lastly, almost all the US weapons sent were simply melted down to help UK war production.

      • rchguns

        With the loss that England forces the people to obey and the mass of the countries in I still consider the English to be subjects and not citizens. England had their own form of a Bill of Rights and Constitution. They were granted certain rights called the rights of free Englishmen and a portion of those rights involved the protection and defense of your home and your family and consequently the right to bear arms. There never removed that from the box but they just conveniently ignore it. If you doubt for a minute that the English people are subjects look what they did to Scotland. Scotland has only really became a quasi-free country in the not-too-distant past. The Clans were decimated, there were disarmed, they were denied their rights of free Englishmen, they were even forbidden to wear their clan tartan. As for England being able to defend themselves during World War II, I agree they had about as much chance of this thistle seed in a hurricane but it's the arms that were sent by Americans not left the country but by private citizens mostly through the NRA were the arms given to the home guard. Being in the situation they were in any help was a God send if for no other reason than a psychological lift. Most weapons were destroyed but not until after the war and the few that were not destroyed were weapons that could be easily identified as museum pieces are highly collectible belonging to an American that requested their return after the war. As it stands in Washington right now Dirty Diaper Head Obama has plans to do the same thing to free Americans, strip them of their arms whether they change the law or not obviously this monkey brain did not study American history. A long time ago there was a king named George and he believed that he could do anything that he wanted to to the colonists after all they were his subjects in name only. They like the Scots had no protection under the rights of free Englishmen and he sent his army to confiscate all the firearms. It didn't work! So now we have king Obama who wants to do the same thing and he seems to think that he can get away with it. Since the men took office is been pushing and shoving and bullying the American people to the point that we won't take much more. The day homeland security, is private army, makes their first March on a city or town there's going to be blood in the streets. You better believe that it will be homeland security and not the US military because no matter what they say as an American servicemen you taken notes to protect and defend the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and your country. You also take an oath to obey the" Lawful Orders" of your superiors. Obama may be the commander in chump, excuse me chief, but that would not be a lawful order to fire on American citizens. The Social Progressives have made their first critical mistake in that they moved too soon. There are still enough old farts like me who still love America and will put everything on the line to defend her and our God-given rights.
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: UK Considers Banning Kitchen Knives

        • ayrshireman

          Firstly, please use paragraphs.
          Secondly, England and Britain/the UK/Great Britain are not the same. The latter names refer to the state made up of England, Scotland, NI and Wales.
          Thirdly, I am a Scotsman, and your point about Scotland is nonsense. Scotland JOINED the UK in 1707. So we were not a conquered nation forced into a union with England (in fact we prospered from it, and went on to run the British Empire) .
          And why would Scots have the rights of Englishmen?. We have our own rights!: the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath, the 1638 National Covenant, the 1689 Claim of Right, which is Scotland's Bill of Rights, amongst others. Scotland is older than England, is its own nation, has never been part of England, so why would we be given or denied English rights?. BTW, the Royal Family of Britain since 1603-1649 and 1660-2012 sits on the British throne because of its SCOTTISH the 'English rights' you refer to came from Scottish-British monarchs.
          And whilst the treatment of the Highlanders post Culloden 1746 was harsh, romantic myth forgets that many more Scots fought AGAINST Bonnie Prince Charlie than for him. The south of the country even hung pro-Jacobites, and half the Highlands itself fought against the Jacobites. Nor were all Jacobites Highlanders or even Scots. There were Irish, English, Welsh and French Jacobites. BTW, BOTH sides of my family fought against the Jacobites and damn proud of them am I.
          And what was done to the Highlanders was done by Scots as well as the 'English'. Again, its bad and easy history to blame it all on the English. Same for the Highland Clearances years later.
          Fourth, its a myth that all guns are banned here. On the mainland, rifles and shotguns are legal. And handguns and even concealed carry are legal in NI. I myself own a rifle and shotgun. As well as many replicas, air pistols, air rifles, airsoft and many swords and knives. You are correct though that the UK public has allowed laws to chip away at gun ownership.

        • ayrshireman

          Firstly, as a historian who has dome some research on the NRA weapons, its a modern myth that they all were destroyed in 1945. What little evidence there is shows that the majority were actually quickly melted down. Some you are correct went to the HG, and may have been destroyed or again melted down.
          Secondly, you really think Britain was utterly hopeless in 1940-41 and couldnt defend itself?. The history shows otherwise. You have heard of the Battle of Britain?. And the British had the greatest navy in the world in 1940, a navy that could have beaten a Kreigsmarine attack/landing even if the RAF had lost the BoB. The Germans didnt even have landing craft in late 1940!....and even by late 1940, the best German chance to win the sea war in the Atlantic had gone. As the RN and RCN used new tactics and technology and craft to slowly but surely turn the tide of the Battle of the Atlantic.
          And the British had an army that stretched from Scotland to Hong Kong, Ireland to South Africa. An army btw that in 1940 slaughtered the Italians in both North and Central Africa, launched commando raids in Europe.
          And the RAF was stronger than the Luftwaffe. Which it proved in the BoB and the first German city bombings. Oh, and are you aware that Britain has already in 1940 started its own atomic bomb project, Tube Alloys, with a site in Canada for testing?.
          You underestimate how strong the UK actually was in 1940. Strong enough to win the war on its own?. No (then again neither were the US in either 1940 or 1945 either or even the USSR), but strong enough to ensure that the Nazis and Axis could not invade Britain or beat her across the world.
          Remember that at Dunkirk, that wasnt the Army of the UK being driven back, only the BEF.

        • rchguns

          I certainly hope that is a historian you weren't teaching some where because your facts are little bit askew. The RAF before United States got involved in the war was decimated by the Luftwaffe. In fact the air tactics and their bombing runs the overall bombing campaign came so close to backfiring it was ridiculous. Some genius in the British high command decided that if you wanted Germany to surrender you don't go for military targets you bomb civilian targets in cities indiscriminately. Indiscriminately for the British meant you fly only night missions in high-altitude.That's why 90% of daylight bombing was carried out by the United States at the loss of thousands of lives in aircraft.It's not a myth that most of those guns that were sent to Britain by the American people, meaning civilians, were destroyed after the war. The exception being weapons of historical/political importance. The British home guard was almost totally unarmed at the start of the war and Britain had been invaded across the channel more than likely she would have been defeated. The battle of the Atlantic was not won by the British. The advent of the American DE'S ( destroyer escorts) and the dedication by our own merchant Marines was with England alive. American radar improvements in sonar used on the new ships took a heavy toll on German U boats. There is no way you can discount the British Army or the RAF during World War II and for that matter in World War I. However the British Army that was spread all over the world to try to maintain their colonial empire were in many cases a joke. The best units came from Scotland called the high land brigades. Much of their colonial armies were drawn from the colonies themselves most notable the Gurkhas out of Nepal and India. The British had done very little to change their ground tactics from those used against American colonists. In other words for the most part very costly in casualties and not really effective in modern warfare. Their specialty units were and are fantastic but their average footsoldier was nothing but cannon fodder. Their officers for the most part were arrogant spoiled gentry that in many cases were only British officers because their fathers and grandfathers were. In 1940 Great Britain could no more stand against the axis powers that hayseed in a windstorm. Without land lease and the infusion of money and men from the United States England would more than likely have fallen. It was not until later in the war after the US was able to get more planes and fighter pilots into the fight that the air war turned against the Germans. The RAF lacked planes, ammunition, and most notably pilots. As for their nuclear program they didn't have one. At that time in history there were only two nations who had the scientific expertise to even start working on a bomb and that was a US and Germany. England still does not have a nuclear weapons program they never did. In Fact all of England's nuclear weapons come from the United States. They were given to England under what's called the PAL system. What this means is that Great Britain has the weapons but without the codes from the US they can't be activated. Britain did modify the outside of some of the weapons to be carried on their aircraft but the weapons themselves are all US property. This part I know very well because when I was in the service that was my job I was a nuclear weapons technician.

          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: UK Considers Banning Kitchen Knives

        • ayrshireman

          Your knowledge is appalling.

          Firstly, your assertion that the RAF were useless in 1939-41 is rubbish. Yes, by all means criticise the Bomber Command strategy, but if the RAF were so poor how did they win the Battle of Britain?. The idea that the RAF had to wait for the USAF to show how its done is ridiculous.

          The USAF itself had some famous disasters over Germany btw.

          Secondly, the Battle of the Atlantic WAS won primarily by the British and Canadian navies. The USN played its part, but it was the RN and RCN that took most of the brunt from 1940-43. And if you know your history, you know that the initial American entry into the Atlantic battle was a disaster, until Adm King was forced to change his tactics under protest in line with the British and Canadians.

          Thirdly,'In 1940 Great Britain could no more stand against the axis powers that hayseed in a windstorm. Without land lease and the infusion of money and men from the United States England would more than likely have fallen.'
          Utter rubbish. Lend Lease didnt start until March 1941!. With LL supplies not coming to the UK until May/june 41. Until then all supplies from the US to the UK were BOUGHT by the British under the 'cash and carry' scheme which used only British and Canadian ships.
          And Britain, even in 1940, couldnt be successfully invaded and defeated. The RAF won the BoB, and the Royal Navy would have cut to ribbons any cross channel attack. The Germans in late 1940 even into 41 didnt have any landing craft!. Even a Kreigsmarine wargame held in Sept 1940 found that the UK could not be successfuly invaded without air victory, which they had just lost.
          The Nazis also couldnt defeat British troops and conquer the Middle East or Africa. 1940 of course was the year the British started mauling the Italians in both North and Central Africa. You also ignore that pro-Nazi risings in Iraq, Syria and Iran were crushed by British and Free French troops.
          Britain in 1940-41 may not have been able to win the war alone, but to say we would have fallen is simply wrong. We couldnt have won, but we couldnt lose either.
          And typical American you are, you ascribe saviour to America. No mention of the huge Canadian contribution to Britain. Or the Australian, Indian, New Zealand, South African, Caribbean etc. Not to mention the Free European troops.
          I know Americans love to think they saved us and won the war, but it isnt true. Britain needed America, but it also needed Canada and the Empire. And America needed Britain and Canada. And we all needed the USSR.

        • rchguns

          British Bomber Command operated under the premise that by destroying the civilian population you would break the morale and force Germany to surrender. All it did was increase the wartime production in Germany because the people were so enraged. The RAF was never useless I did not use that terminology nor would I. But they were so understaffed that they could only pick and choose their battles. They were undermanned and outnumbered and had limited operational capabilities. With the advent of the entry of the United States into the war they received a massive infusion of material and men. The USAF had no disasters at any time during World War II. In fact it was impossible for them to have a disaster because he didn't exist. Was the Army air Corps. Through contact with my father-in-law I met personally with bomber pilots in bombardier's who served in the European theater. My father-in-law was not in the European theater in fact he was stationed on Titian during the war and was a volunteer on the 29's in fact his plane was the one that flew over and took pictures after the bomb was dropped. The Only Way, England was able to even survive was because of the US merchant fleet. The liberty ships that carried supplies and men to England were almost completely American vessels in fact all liberty ships were American vessels. And with the advent of the destroyer escort and the improved anti-submarine warfare electronics that curtailed a lot of the Wolf pack operations of the German U boats. Without the entry of the United States into World War II the axis powers would more than likely have one. Not because America produced such great fighters, officers, and massively superior weapon systems but because we could manufacture more than the enemy to destroy. The axis powers were not only fighting battles on battlefield but they were losing the war by attrition and the inability to manufacture and supply the necessary wartime goods. And from your note I would imagine that you are a great supporter of Montgomery. Between officers Mike Montgomery and British bomber command there are many more troops lost and opportunities to destroy the enemy missed because of these people. Prior to the United States entering the war there was an infusion of American troops into the British military and especially the RAF. We had pilots that filled the need that Britain had because they did not have sufficient pilots to even get all the planes in the air. The Luftwaffe at the British Air Force outnumbered by at least 10 to 1 in their pilots by this time were all seasoned veterans of other campaigns and were highly dangerous. If that had not been for the advent of radar Britain would have been much more heavily destroyed. The RAF was able to intercept German planes over the channel and were able to inflict heavy casualties. The problem being the Spitfire had a limited range. Once the forward bases of the Luftwaffe had been taken out things improved drastically to the point where the allies had air superiority. That superiority came in the form of the P 51 Mustang. I believe in part what made this plane so fantastic was the use of a British engine built in the US. Germany had a fantastic Air Force but they did not continue to improve the capabilities during the war and soon found themselves outclassed. They also did not press the advantage that they had early in the war had they done so things might have been different but I personally don't think so other than the fact that there would've been much more heavy casualties in Britain. Part of what saved the British Isles was due in no small part to Hitler's incompetence and his inability to stop micromanaging his military. Had he listened to his officers he could've made a difference in fact had he listened to Rommel the Normandy invasion would've been a different story. Any time you have an amphibious assault I will prepare sure it's going to be costly and had Rommel had the troops in place that he wanted we may not have ever made it ashore but then again hindsight is 20/20. Anyway and results we won they lost! The cost in lives was extreme and if the game plan have been a little different maybe some lives would've been saved but who knows. All I do know is that the United States learned absolutely nothing from Hitler's failure. Politicians should never run a war and this is one of Hitler's biggest failings. Consequently it was also the biggest failing of United States in Southeast Asia. And now the same thing is happening in Afghanistan. Politicians have no place in the running of the war.
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: UK Considers Banning Kitchen Knives

        • ayrshireman

          ' The USAF had no disasters at any time during World War II. In fact it was impossible for them to have a disaster because he didn't exist. Was the Army air Corps.'

          Correct, lazy shorthand on my part. American air forces did have disasters though, like the raid of

        • ayrshireman

          'The Only Way, England was able to even survive was because of the US merchant fleet. The liberty ships that carried supplies and men to England were almost completely American vessels in fact all liberty ships were American vessels.'
          I am sorry but thats nonsense. The majority of British arms and supplies carried from the US from 1939-41 were done by British and Canadian ships. I know, as I have two uncles who were on those runs.

        • ayrshireman

          'And with the advent of the destroyer escort and the improved anti-submarine warfare electronics that curtailed a lot of the Wolf pack operations of the German U boats. '
          So the numerous British and Canadian technologies between 1940-43 in the Atlantic War are just ignored?. Are you really suggesting that the allies in that sea war relied on US technology?.

        • ayrshireman

          'And from your note I would imagine that you are a great supporter of Montgomery. '
          Nope. I dont think he was a genius, nor do I think he was as bad as Americans think he is.

        • ayrshireman

          'Prior to the United States entering the war there was an infusion of American troops into the British military and especially the RAF. '
          Some, and we are grateful for these heroes. But they were a tiny amount.

        • ayrshireman

          ' That superiority came in the form of the P 51 Mustang. I believe in part what made this plane so fantastic was the use of a British engine built in the US. '
          The Mustang was a British idea and design. A fact usually ignored by Americans.

        • rchguns

          It was definitely the Merlin engine that allowed the 51's to perform the way they did. Rolls-Royce made some the best airplane engines in the world and still do. Although I don't think they're still made in Great Britain. I don't know whether made but a lot of the turbo jets have Rolls-Royce engines.
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: UK Considers Banning Kitchen Knives

        • ayrshireman

          Yes, they are still made in the UK. in Derby. Pronounced Darby.

        • ayrshireman

          'The battle of the Atlantic was not won by the British. The advent of the American DE'S ( destroyer escorts) and the dedication by our own merchant Marines was with England alive. American radar improvements in sonar used on the new ships took a heavy toll on German U boats. '
          So only the Americans brought forth new technology?. No mention of the British technology which they devised and raced into action in the Atlantic from 1940 onwards?. Oh, and if one ship saved Britain and won the Atlantic, its the Corvette. And that was Canadian.

        • ayrshireman

          'At that time in history there were only two nations who had the scientific expertise to even start working on a bomb and that was a US and Germany. England still does not have a nuclear weapons program they never did. In Fact all of England's nuclear weapons come from the United States. They were given to England under what's called the PAL system. What this means is that Great Britain has the weapons but without the codes from the US they can't be activated. Britain did modify the outside of some of the weapons to be carried on their aircraft but the weapons themselves are all US property. This part I know very well because when I was in the service that was my job I was a nuclear weapons technician. '

          OMG. Your knowledge is shocking, just shocking.

          Britain never had a nuclear programme?. What drivel.

          The British had a programme BEFORE America!. In 1940, the British started their own nuclear programme called Tube Alloys, with a test site in Canada. And in 1940, thanks to Will Bill Donovan, we gave America all our nuclear secrets for free.
          BTW, Leslie Groves said after the war that America and the Allies would never have been able to build the atomic bomb without the 1940 information and the contribution from Britain and British scientists on the Manhattan Project.

          So not only did we start ours before you, we actually gave our secrets!. Yet you say we have never had our own nuclear programme?. Utter crap, mate, utter crap. Your knowledge of British history is pathetic.

          This is fact, this is common knowledge. How in gods name can you, a nuclear worker, not know this history?.

          And you also wrong because post WW2, Britain again had its own nuclear programme from 1946 to 1963!. We built and tested our own nuclear devices on Christmas Island and other then-British islands in the Pacific. We tested our hydrogen bombs from 1957 onwards. We built the Blue Streak missile.
          ONLY in 1963 did we agree to join with the US. So your assertion that we have never had our own nuclear programme is utter rubbish. Because we have had two solo programmes!.

        • ayrshireman

          'However the British Army that was spread all over the world to try to maintain their colonial empire were in many cases a joke. The best units came from Scotland called the high land brigades. Much of their colonial armies were drawn from the colonies themselves most notable the Gurkhas out of Nepal and India. The British had done very little to change their ground tactics from those used against American colonists. In other words for the most part very costly in casualties and not really effective in modern warfare. '
          Mate, I am Scottish.
          Firstly to suggest the British troops were poor is wrong and offensive. If they were so poor, how did they build an Empire?. And it was the British tommy who took the brunt of the fighting in WW1, inc the final push in 1918. And defeated the German Army.
          To suggest that British tactics in 1940 hadnt changed since 1783 is utterly ludicrous. You on drugs?.

  • DrZarkov99

    An ancient Chinese emperor decided he would reduce violent crime by banning bows and arrows, spears, swords, and long knives. When he discovered the public reaction was the establishment of a new martial art on the lethal use of chopsticks, he gave up.

  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    LOL figures. and England has some of the highest crime rates if not the highest in Europe, so they now wanna ban long knives lol. oh man. Lets ban cars since ppl can ram them at high speeds into crowds ( some have already done so) and killed ppl.if all this wasnt so sad, so scary it would be truly laughable, but hang on folks and pray, its gonna get alot worse before it gets better.

    • ayrshireman

      a--this is an old story, Darlene.
      b---it was a call by some doctors.
      c--it never happened and never will.
      d--the UK figures are highest because of the way the UK collates them, and also because the UK has TWENTY EIGHT different 'violent' offences on its statute books.
      Taking a boat/ship out in dangerous weather against crew wishes is classed as an assault here. I kid you not.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        So how many of those "assaults" were committed last year. I bet it's pretty close to ZERO.

  • Dave

    The CNN bozo Morgan if he had still remained in UK the same UK government would have also banned his long, sharp useful- fool tongue

  • whitebird

    Some of the Brits are as dumb as half of the Americans.

  • Tomk777

    What doesn't get reported is what almost all of these crazies that go on shooting sprees have in common, the Sandy Hook shooter, the Columbine shooters, the AZ senator shooter, and the Batman theatre shooter all were into the occult and Satan worship. What a coincidence, has anyone in the mainstream media called for an investigation into that?

  • Tomk777

    This is the same country with a 70% marginal tax rate on income tax and a 20% vat consumption tax on almost everything you buy, with socilized medicine most people think is the worst in Europe, that's more broke now than they've ever been, and were falling all over ourselves to follow in their foot steps.

    • ayrshireman

      Broke?. We are in a better shape than you!.
      Tax?. 70%, erm no, its 50. The French are fleeing to the UK to avoid their 75%.
      The NHS has serious problems, but its isnt the hellhole Americans think either.
      Britain is still a great country, a fine country to live, work and raise a family in. This Briton is as proud to be British as I always was. You could do worse than copy us. Or at least of some of what makes Britain.

      • Tomk777

        One always has pride in ones country, that has absolutely nothing to do with a country's financial condition, or even it's level of personal freedoms, I find it interesting that your boasting of your country taking HALF of what one earns, plus the VAT of 20%, that's 70% to people who haven't earned it, from those that have, legalized stealing, when you get right down to it, that's what socialism is, and by almost every measure, your country has taken more personal freedoms, from its people, in the name of keeping them safe, and providing for them than us. We could do worse than copy you, but we don't want worse, we want better. Perhaps you could tell us if you work for the government, that would shed light on how you see your world.

        • ayrshireman

          Oh, I wasnt boasting about tax, lol. As I said, we have idiots, crime, serious problems, but the UK is still a fine country. Dont count us out yet.

  • Disgusted!

    I could not even read this whole thing. How ridiculous!

    • ayrshireman

      Mate, it never happened. The story is from 2005, and it was one small group of doctors. Kitchen knives and other knives are not banned in the UK, I am British, I can assure you of that.

  • grumpy old man

    they have not thought of blunt instruments yet heaven help us

  • Silas Longshot

    Using 'us' to conquer ourselves is exactly the tactic they will employ to bit by bit ban this gun and that gun for sale, then you must turn in such and such gun, etc, etc by exploiting such tragedies as the Sandy Hook shootings. The emotional capital they gin up by sensationalizing these events is potent fuel for the anti-gun rights leftists. They will never relent on having their gun free killing zones, so they can continue to exploit the next and next and next massacre. And they WILL happen, because it's so easy to do.


    NEVER HAPPEN-------the muslim dregs they're coddling won't give up their head removal tools. How they going to keep their women in line with out their weapons?

  • brabado

    But before baning Knives, how about Tooth Paste and Tooth Brushes, together with Toilet Paper - let them use the left hand... Leave it to the Brithish!

    • ayrshireman

      Knives havent been banned, mate, this was only a silly call by some doctors in 2005.

  • GWY

    Again, there isn't any thought of banning criminals. There was a time when criminals could expect swift justice at the end of a rope and there was little thought of taking honest citizen's ability of self-defense away.

  • Georgiagirl64

    I think they should ban Obama voters.

  • Don

    You Brits can have Piers Morgan back anytime now. We don't want him in our country. He will be your best advocate for Knife control. Idiots!

    • ayrshireman

      We dont want him. The UK actually despises him, he faked photos of British troops beating Iraqis.

  • rivahmitch

    Once the Brits foolishly gave up their guns, their other rights were all doomed anyway.

    • ayrshireman

      The gun laws were stupid, but we have never been a gun owning public (I am and so are many, but most of the population in UK history never owned personal guns), thats why the laws passed with little fuss. BTW, the UK mainland banned handguns, they are legal in NI, as it concealed carry, and rifles and shotguns are legal all over the UK. I know, as I own both a rifle and shotgun.

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Really?? Kitchen knives?? What about pocket knives,hunting knives etc?? Get real people. You can't fix stupid. Look at Pierce Morgan??

    • ayrshireman

      Call was 2005, no ban then or now. In fact it seems the US took more notice of the story than we Limeys did.

  • Walt

    If there is an issue likely to start civil war here it is guns. How about if you don't want a gun then don't have one; if you do then do it. I do not mind that however, if things get ugly then don't expect me to defend someone who does not own a gun. You have a choice to be a defender or a victim. I really wish that every anti-gun person would post a sign in their yard saying so. It would make it easier for the criminals to target their next victim.


    I hit my thumb one with a hammer. I think we should ban them. OR...we could ban Liberals. THEN the stupid ideas would stop.

  • Terry

    Agenda 21

  • hAhaHa

    Ban stupid people.

  • ayrshireman

    People, this is an old story from 2005.
    ONE group called for a ban, but it never happened. It never was going to happen, it hasnt and it wont happen. Kitchen knives are not banned and free to buy, as a brit, I can assure you of that!.

  • littlepat

    Forks can be dangerous also. Maybe we should just go back to eating with our hands as our ancestors did.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Fire can be dangerous too. Should we eat our meat raw?

  • jimbyonly

    They need to ban those pointy little things you pick your teeth with also! Surveys show that four out of five Brits have stab wounds in the eyes or nose!

  • gnafuasusual

    Has everyone gone crazy? Get rid of Big Government EVERYWHERE in the world and watch countries flourish! Let's see, There are ball bats, tree limbs, dishes, flatwear, work shoes, chairs...I can think of many items that can cause harm if not used properly. A can of soup traveling at 10 miles per hour upside a thief's head hurts; even destroys their nose. Shall all of this be banned or should we put some morals back into our societies and let God be our guide? Forget about Political Correctness and we all will survive a lot better. For one thing, WE DON'T WANT SOCIALISM OR COMMUNISM OR MARXISM. Only the few want it so go somewhere that you all can enjoy seeing who will be the leader by destroying each other!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Our soup will soon have to come in plastic bags.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Just goes to show you, that government knows what's best for you. You are too stupid and irresponsible to own a kitchen knife. After all, you just might stab a burglar in your kitchen. We just can't have people going around stabbing each other, it is uncivilized.
    Please note: sarcasm is intended.

  • Doc

    All pointy scissors should be banned to keep children from running with them.

  • beaglesmom

    They outlawed guns, now it will be knives.........what's next? Hands???????
    Sticks and stones?????? Rocks????

  • gas pump junkie

    A few years ago I attended an evening fund raising dinner being hosted at an elementary school cafeteria and plastic spoons and forks were being used. We had no plastic knifes to spread the butter on the bread or to cut the chopped steak as they were not allowed on school property. I thought the plastic forks were a lot more dangerous than any plastic knife could be. How absurb. We have gone too far to the left, so we may as well ban all knives, short as well as long ones. Rid the country of knives and set an example for all the world to follow. Don't worry about cutting the meat, let them eat cake.

  • Charlie

    Seems to be a lot of whimpy dolts working for the people in most governments. Are these people going to take sticks from us after all we could use a stick as a weapon. What a farse this group that call themselfs leaders have become, such a shame.

  • Barb Patton

    Frogs in boiling water - how apt and how sad - to think that Americans have become as docile as little lambs and as dumb as a box of rocks - We are not the land of the brave but rather the land of the meek and mild and dumb. They will take away everything they possibly can and will to keep it all to themselves.

  • fedup in fl

    What next, assult rocks, big sticks, tire irons, hammers I could go on. But if an
    insane idiot is determined he will find a way. Pillows?

  • Schrecken

    I'm sure that long before humans learned how to forge metal, murderers were bashing in the heads of their victims with rocks and sticks. If you want to kill someone badly enough, almost anything can be used as a weapon, including parts of your own body.

  • Kat

    The only correction is re "I really don’t think that those in power over us want an all-out bloody war in order to disarm us." I think they are now pushing for a civil war -- hoping that the gangs will go after the civilians (while the government is also) in order to get rid of us sooner.

  • Libertarian58

    This is exactly where the "bandemonium" of banning inanimate objects to "save" people always leads. Complete lunacy.

    • ayrshireman

      It would be lunacy if it had happened. But it didnt.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Save this article, why, because sooner or later Dianne Feinstein will add this to her " banned list ". After all she's learned from the " defects " of the last gun ban on assualt weapons that it was lacking in complete controll, so just to CYA or in her case CHA she might just consider this to be added. Yes, I am being sarcastic. But never say never, that it couldn't happen next in the U.S. We've all be sitting around waiting for THE MOMENT to take action. Well folks, that moment is coming sooner than you think. There is a line in the sand being drawn and our government has declared a war on WE THE PEOPLE and our God given rights. Which side of the line will you find yourself standing on??

    • ayrshireman

      Why save?. The story is from 2005, and the ban never happened. In fact, it has never even been considered.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Please relax, the UK is only banning long blade kitchen knives. Not kitchen knives in general. It's not like homemakers and restaurant chefs are going to be the new criminals. If chefs say the long blade ones aren't really sensible for kitchen use they ought to know. Seeing as they work around food all the time.

    • ayrshireman

      We arent!. This ban was never even considered, it was a call by some silly doctors.

  • Maxwell Friedlander

    They are nuts in the UK.

    • ayrshireman

      We would be if this suggestion by a tiny group of doctors in 2005 had ever been seriously listened to. But it wasnt.

  • jaxholley

    I really do think they banned basseball bats...They don't play baseball anyway. People were ordering them off the internet.

    • ayrshireman

      No, they didnt. I can buy one when the shops open today. Where does these rumours about the UK start?.

  • Ted R. Weiland

    I can hardly believe my eyes! A government that's consistent--well, almost consistent--do they have any idea the damage pointy-ended toothpicks can do to someone's eye? I lost an eye as teenager to an arrow--I know all about pointy-ended weapons. (I should have
    begun this piece with, I can hardly believe my eye!)

    Please, UK, lead the way and be an example to the US, so our government can assure me that I never lose my other eye. Let's ban all or, at least, license the use of toothpicks. And, whatever you do, do not compromise to the conservatives and allow conceal and carry permits. Either ban toothpicks altogether or make all users carry them out in the open or at least behind their ears. This will also require that all users (men and women alike) don butch haircuts, which would increase business for barbers and beauticians, strengthening the economy. You know, I think I'd make a good politician! Vote for me in the next election and I'll do everything in my power to make sure no one ever again loses an eye to pointy-ended weapons!

    • ayrshireman

      For the 1,987,452nd time, the UK hasnt banned them and never considered doing so.

  • jimpeel

    How many Americans will be willing to die to keep their firearms vs. the number of Americans the government is willing to kill to take them away. THAT is where this debate is heading.

    We need to find a Senator who is willing to ask that question of Dianne Feinstein on the Senate floor: "Senator, how many American firearms owners are you willing to kill to take their firearms if they refuse to register them or turn them in?"

  • Dwight Spainhoward

    Well when you give up a few rights for what you think is security you end up loosing all your rights. AND THAT IS WHY AMERICANS FIGHT SO HARD FOR ALL OUR RIGHTS.


    More dangerous than any gun, knife, sword, etc....a breathing politician.

    • ayrshireman


  • obhfwb

    Better ban the fork to you imbeciles as you don't want your faces all scratched up trying to eat with one.

    • rikem9984

      Or put a fork on the cork...

  • Gary

    I think this is a rehash of the 2005 story that the British Government rather laughed at, isn't it? I've seen nothing new on it. I know it's preaching to the choir here, but there need to be strong and truthful arguments about why banning things doesn't work, and people carrying around this story (blank ammunition in the fight, really) doesn't help. There's enough real trouble brewing without making any more up that lefties can use to say all we do is make it up as we go along.

  • rikem9984

    Maybe we should have let the Germans have the place...Can't believe my ancestors went out out on line in 2 wars for these limey imbeciles.

  • Permafry_42

    Next they'll go after video games because they'll believe they serve "no practical value".

    Seriously, this is getting insane.