Christian Business Owner Shuts Down Service to Accommodate “Gay Marriage” Law

There’s a trolley business based out of Annapolis, Maryland called Discover Annapolis Tours. The business used to accommodate newly weds as part of their service until recently when it became clear that if a business turned down a same-sex couple, that business could be sued and would lose based on discrimination charges.

The owner of Discover Annapolis Tours Matt Grubbs is a Christian and is opposed to Maryland’s new same-sex marriage law upheld last month by voters that allows homosexuals to “wed.” He had the option to refuse to serve these homosexual newly weds but instead decided to scrap the whole wedding component to his trolley business. Now, his business will be out $50,000 a year.

The Baltimore Sun explained that Grubbs has to refuse all wedding couples to avoid discrimination lawsuits and to stay in business:

 “‘If they're providing services to the public, they can't discriminate who they provide their services to,’ said Glendora Hughes, general counsel for the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. The commission enforces public accommodation laws that prohibit businesses from discriminating on the basis of race, sexual orientation and other characteristics.”

 In a free country, a business owner has every right in the world to refuse service to anyone he wants. This means a black owner can refuse service to white people if he really wants to. And likewise a Christian business can refuse service to homosexuals.

That is part of freedom. A government mandating that businesses serve certain people is the opposite of freedom. A person’s business is his property, and he should be able to do with it just about whatever he wants without government interference. “Discrimination” should not be a crime. Sin, perhaps. But not a crime.

So, now to avoid discrimination lawsuits that he would for sure lose, he’s had to cut loose his service to all weddings. But isn’t that also discriminatory? Instead of “discriminating” against “gay” couples, he’s having to discriminate against all newly-wed couples. If you just got married, sorry, he doesn’t serve “your type.”

While the laws extending privileges to homosexuals claim to give everyone equal rights, all they really do is discriminate against Christians.



  • Doodlebug

    If you are a Christian, the SIN is gay marriage! Being gay is not a sin, but the laying down of one man with another man is. The gays and lesbians need to fight the urge to live like married men and women and pray that with reaching heaven, GOD will reward them if they refrain from sinful acts. We are all sinners and need to work every day not to fall into the clutches of the devil. The devil is always on our doorstep hoping to lead us astray. We need to remember that God is beside us, helping us to stay on the straight and narrow path and will reward us for doing so.

    • Greggie

      Thank you for your insight. I certainly am glad I am not God because how difficult it is to "love the sinner while hating their sin!" I pray for those that struggle with recurring sin, as we all struggle with sin. For those who consistently fall, as we have all done, repent, ask for forgiveness and get in the Word. Read, study and memorize whole verses, nay, sections and chapters of Scriptures. Then it truly becomes part of your being. As persecution of Christians continues and increases, having the Word hidden in our heart may be our ONLY means of hearing it and sharing it with others!

    • Reality Check

      Oh, give it a break doodlebrains...God will give his rewards (if in fact there are any) to all those who do well and no harm by others....end of story...hate to ruin your day.

      • montikea2

        Sorry un-reality check, but until recently in the long history of civilized people, homosexuality was considered a mental aberration and sexual deviancy. God also sees the sexual practices of anyone outside of heterosexual marriage as sinners, so get off your high horse.

        • Daniel from TN

          Homosexuality was also on the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental illnesses for many years until a federal judge forced them to remove it from that list. That federal judge is now a SCOTUS justice and is the only open lesbian on the court: Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

        • BillboyBaggins

          That's Darth Vader Ginsburg.

        • Renellin

          Shouldn't she have recused herself?

        • wildbill

          Thank our god that she is old and hopefully she will soon face her judgement day

        • Renellin

          Actually, wouldn't a Christian who sincerely loves his fellow man hope she doesn't face her judgment day before she has found a way to repentance? Please don't take my words as self-righteous, if you read my posts you can see I am often guilty of such, particularly when I am joking or being sarcastic. But every time I see someone who appears to profess Christianity hope for the rapture or for swift judgment of God, I think, crap! The only reason we are not there now is that he still has hope that more will turn to him, and who are we to argue--with so many still left on the earth who are ignorant of him--and many who turn away because of the totally non-loving ways we deal with them?
          An anonymous soapbox is an easy venue. Wildbill, I say these things without meaning to sound self-righteous myself--I know I'm far less that worthy. God bless you, and please don't let my words insult you.

        • RogerDodger


          As much as I dislike the woman, and trust me..., she was married for 56 years. Kind of hard to be "open lesbian" and married that long. They had two children.

        • Renellin

          Actually, you have just hit on what the real problem is with this whole sex/gender/garbage business. A teacher I know of told her college class that she was heterosexual even though she had been in a monogamous homosexual relationship for more than a decade. They can change on a dime and claim they were always that way--or this way. It's all just crap. I have no interest in watching what Ginsberg does in her bedroom and passing judgment thereon. I also would like no one to peek into my bedroom windows even though I am about as heterosexual as it comes. Focusing on that as the primal sin is a fallacy. You don't like Ruthie because of her complete idiocy and stew-pid judgment, right? We need to focus less on what offends our senses and more on substance. Hey, she's ugly too! But when I read her arguments on the bench, well that's when I get mad. I don't care what her private issues are. The fact that they mirror her public life is only expected.

        • Renellin

          Sexual practices of anyone outside of heterosexual marriage? Wake up. This is your culture, not the bible speaking. I don't believe the term heterosexual marriage can be found anywhere in the bible, although there are references to sexual aberration. Often it seems in the bible if two people, unmarried had sex, they became married. Often women were traded and slaves of either sex were still slaves. God doesn't seem to have taken quite as strong a position as you think. In fact, do you think God would endorse the mistreatment of one spouse by another, as long as they were legally heterosexuality married? King Solomon had hundreds of wives and still more concubines. Did God strike him down? No, he blessed him. Those were not all heterosexual marriages. Remember the mindset you fall into because of your own personal feelings about a subject, and that of those you hang with.

        • Matt Patton

          So what you are saying is that God by God allowing man to sin
          he condones sin. You need to understand that all of us will be
          held accountable for our sins and dont use that arguement to
          substanuate your view of God and life. Please also understand
          that God calls all of us to be Holy and no one can do that
          without his salvation and grace. Even though you dont find the
          word heterosexual marriage in the bible the Word of God is clear
          God made man a helpmate and a man will leave his father and
          mother and will cleave unto his wife and they will become one
          flesh. Paul then States in Romans Ch 1 that any sexual relations
          between a man and a man is unthinkable and it is a sure sign of
          someone who is UnHoly and of a reprobate mind. Oh and you shot
          down your own arguement by using any reference of Solomon having
          hundreds of Wives and Concubines, if you read further his
          relationship with these women caused his relationship with God
          to be less than it was or could have been. God knew that would
          happen and thats why he told the Kings not take more than one
          wife. So again dont try to substuate your point by using the
          sins of man to say that God condoned their actions. Just be
          greatful that God is still mercyful to mankind by Dieing upon
          the Cross for our sins.

        • Renellin

          How in the world would you get that from what I said? I don't speak for God. Goodness! No no no. I'm not telling you homosexuality is a good thing. Or that I support it. Or anything of the sort. I will say that if it is indeed a sin, it's not worse or better than yours. Or mine. We are all sinners.
          You missed my point altogether. Lots of things happen, not just in the bible, but in the world at large. God has often given people advice on how to live. He says don't do this dont do that, it will only make your life worse. He's (and I use the wrod HE loosely) just trying to help us be happy. And I think he doesn't care about a lot more stuff than your pastor insists on you. Many churches are teaching a cultural idea of what God is about, just as you say--Paul said this about a reprobate mind, and you interpret that to mean Paul is God and therefore homosexuality is a sin. Look at what you said. I'm not even saying that it is not, or that Paul was wrong. I'm trying to get you to stop repeating Christian talking points and think about what you are saying. "You have heard that it was said of them of old, Thou shalt not kill. But I say unto you, if you are angry with your brother without cause, or you say to your brother,Raca!...etc.
          Sorry if that's not exact from the sermon on the mount, I put that out from memory. That was Christ, not Paul. Please reread Matthew 5,6,and 7. They are words to live by.

        • redrover

          God did NOT justify anyone's sin back then or now....He asks us to, in the best way we know how, not to sin...all sin is sin in His eyes!!! WE ALL SIN EVERYDAY....WE THINK ONE KIND OF SIN IS WORSE THAN ANOTHER, BUT THEY ARE ALL THE SAME IN THE EYES OF GOD; WHOM IS PERFECT!!------something our pea brains cannot even begin to understand! And so is our understanding of His mercy and love for us. ALL of us, so no one has the right to be on a 'high horse' but can just the same, state the facts, which are true! We are to refrain from the sins we know we commit and ask for fogiveness...not keep on doing them!!!! GOD LOVES ALL PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH AND ALL THAT CAME BEFORE FROM THE BEGINNING OF CREATION; IN THAT WE WHO ARE HIS FOLLOWERS DO TOO, BUT DO NOT ACCEPT THE ACTIONS OF SOME OF THEM. THERE ARE LAWS AND WHEN POEPLE TAKE IT ALL INTO THEIR OWN HANDS HUMANITY FALLS APART AND THINGS WILL DISINIGRATE BY GODS OWN HANDS FOR HE WILL NOT TOLERATE EVIL FOR LONG.......IT IS ONLY FOR THE FAITHFUL THAT HE HAS NOT BLOWN THIS PLANET TO PIECES AND TAKEN HIS CHILDREN TO HEAVEN! WE ALL CERTAINLY DESERVE FOR THAT TO HAPPEN THAT IS FOR SURE...BUT FOR HIS LOVE OF US HE WILL GIVE CHANCE AFTER CHANCE FOR US TO CHANGE AND SEE THE TRUTH TO THE VERY SECOND BEFORE IT IS ALL OVER!

        • Renellin

          Now you're talking! Sorry I couldn't finish your post, though. I really can't take being yelled at like that--for me it's a form of abuse, and I have been abused plenty in my life. I am certain that was not your intent, but if it's all the same to you, I'm going to assume what you screamed in your caps was along the same lines as your words at the beginning of the post.

        • LeeannM

          I'm not sure what you stand for are all over the place playing Devil's advocate or something?? IT is what IT is....God is clear about things that he hates in His word. Homosexuality is just one of those things, but it is a sin against the body...the body meaning, the body of believers. Sodom and Gomorrah was a pretty good indicator of how God feels about the subject....He said it repented Him that He made man when He saw things we did "He had never even thought". Creation of man and woman shows what God designed, thought, desired, etc. You don't need to see the words "heterosexual marriage" in God's word to know what is real and right and people want to pervert the Word of God to fit their lifestyle. I see you dividing and reasoning out every side of each argument, like the Devil inserting the word "NOT" into the discussion with Adam and Eve(thou shalt NOT surely die....). He only had to change up what God said slightly to deceive them. That's where we live today, and the reason why it says in the last days "even the very elect will be fooled". You don't have any stance on anything, and everything is "understandable" but that's not who God is. He is judgment and righteousness and said over and over in the NT, the ones that were found either to be unfruitful or wicked and slothful or sinful, were tossed into the fire. I didn't have to say that, Jesus said that. There is a hell and that is a promise just as much as the other nice promises that everyone wants to focus on. Some have itching ears and want to pick out what you like about the bible, just the nice parts, that's not all there is to it and you will be measured by the whole, not just the parts you agree with and that also results in the last words of Revelations-if you add to or take away from this word, you will have your part in the lake of fire. Pretty straight forward.

        • Renellin

          Oh you crazy religious types. You forget that you interpret the bible every time you read it. We do know that homosexual behavior was practiced in Sodom, but what was going on there was possibly a lot worse. The behaviors were awful, and since you seem to think homosexuality is the worst thing one person can do to another, you assume that's all it was. God mentions man lying down with man as one would with a woman (notice he doesn't say with your wife) but he doesn't use the venom he uses when he talks of other sin. There are alot of things God tells us for our own good that may not rise to the level of sin, I suppose it would depend on one's attitude before during and after. Like if you kill a child, even if you didn't mean to, God REALLY doesn't like that. He has told us many things, but did not list them as commandments. Clearly God is not into homosexual behavior, but if that's all that was going on in Sodom and Gomorrah, why hasn't he taken out San Francisco by now? I'm not all over the place. I'm trying to make you see (and others) that they are often interpreting what they read in light of what they already felt, and therefore attributing more to God and religion as a defense to speak of what they would consider an abomination in any case.
          The male in particular form of homosexual behavior isn't just disgusting. It's also quite physically dangerous, and those who engage in it subject themselves to a lot of sickness and disease they would otherwise not have to worry about it. It also can make for, well, 'strange bedfellows' and may lead to some really unhealthy relationships that is harder to define. I am trying to say deal with the log in your own eye--no doubt you are up to a few things God would prefer you not do as well.

          Don't give me that lake of fire garbage. I'm not going there. God also says pride goeth before a fall. Watch your snippiness--he hates that as well.

      • NM Leon

        What religion do you belong to, Fantasy Check? Please cite chapter and verse supporting your statement.

      • tikvah (hope)

        Really?you've never "harmed anyone"? Wow! I'm impressed!

        Oh...,until now..."doodlebrains",....darn,there goes the "reward" according to doodlebug...

        You know,there must be be some rules to straighten this out somewhere...hmmm
        P.S.,I would have let them on.I would have told them,"I don't approve...,these are my rules & Godloves you"& let Him sort it out,like Yeshua did.

      • Terry David Bell

        "those who do well and no harm by others"can you say AIDS?

        • Renellin

          In the early eighties, 98% of all AIDS cases were Haitians and intravenous drug users, perhaps a higher percentage were gay. Ron Reagan thought their behavior was causing the condition, much like a myriad of other health problems experienced by people having direct sexual contact with waste materials, as well as the physical outcomes of putting things in the body where they 'don't belong'.. So the gays blame Ronnie for not doing enough to help them by spending huge amounts of money on a cure. Somebody convinced gays that, though they were less than like 5% of the population, they should be venerated and shown respect by the rest of us spending large quantities of money to help support a lifestyle we simply don't agree with or think is good for the country. That is why they view him as their antichrist.
          They're such wonderful human beings, rather than take responsibility for their own behavior, they worked undercover to spread the gay experience in hope of increasing the percentage involved, and also to spread the disease so it wouldn't just be gay people suffering from it. Hmm how do those approaches indicate what kind of people these might have been to begin with? Is it any wonder many Christians felt it was God's revenge which is just another way of saying it's nature's way of telling you something's wrong? (spirit lyrics)
          The same tactics are now being used to promote complimentary contraception.

      • ggrdr05

        You're going to be in for a rude awakening when you stand before GOD!

      • dean29685


      • Doodlebug

        One day you will see and while praying for myself, I will include you. God bless!

      • Hudmar

        O yeah of little understanding, read the Bible.

      • Renellin

        Yeah, that's all over the bible--do well and do no harm--right? You're getting your bibles mixed up. King David committed some pretty horrible crimes, as have we all. None of us are innocent. But please, by all means, do no harm and do well. Well, not all means.

      • redrover

        You are a fool and have no idea what 'reality check' means.....

    • bayman61

      This makes most muslim men sinners. They lay down with each other and young boys and young girls.

      • BillboyBaggins

        Islam was created by satan through his demonic false prophet, Mohamed. What else would you expect?

      • Renellin

        um, aren't we all sinners? Just because what they do disgusts us doesn't mean what we do, even pointing out their particular sin doesn't disgust them. These are cultural differences--yes I agree it makes me viscerally sick to think of it but don't use them to relieve you of your guilt. Sorry, I don't mean you personally, I don't even know you. I mean look at your statement. "Most muslim men"?

        • redrover


        • Renellin

          If what you say is true they are fodder for the almighty not you. Stand up for your beliefs but don't fool yourself thinking people that feel differently than you are evil and you are not. If you are as you indicate a bible revering Christian, you should spend your time looking at your own words and deeds and not 'lovingly?' calling other sinners evil.
          If she has the right to her opinion, don't I have a right to mine? Why are you yelling. There's no sugar here. Just love. The greatest commandment is to love one another. I don't blame you if you can't serve them in a way such as celebrating their union. I think that is within your right. But when you sit around and tell me how evil THEY are, I see pride and a total lack of humility about your downfalls that you completely ignore because you are sure that their sin is worse than yours. Why not get down on your knees and honestly pray about what I am saying? We are all much more evil than we think--because we are so good at excusing ourselves. Myself included. When you stand and point your finger, you are not convincing anyone to turn to Christ, you are just looking like an intolerant jerk. Sorry, but it's true.

      • redrover


    • Matt Patton

      Jesus says that if we have looked upon a women with lust we have committed the sin already. So if a person has the desire in their heart(Gay) then they are ok before God.
      Im stating this to make sure that you and those that read your response are clear God's exspectations are and its not just being Good that allows us to be right before God. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. We cannot be good and have a relationship with him. He cannot look upon sin, and the only way to deal with Sin is too confess our sin to God and accept his way of dealing with Sin which is His Son's sacraficial death upon the cross to pay for our sins. " I am the way of life no one comes to the father but through me" Written not to disuade or discourage but Clarify what is exspected of all of us.

  • GDC


    • GilbertDavis

      it is a sin that God judges with the payment of an everlasting literal burning Hell and Lake of Fire for all who do not, " repent toward God and place their faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ " ( Acts 20:21)KJB.

    • Reality Check

      No, its not...but your obsession with it is (as evidenced by all CAPITAL LETTERS!!!)

      • Edward53

        What's your Bible, Checkie...Meine Kamph or the teachings of Chairman Mao? Buzz off, azzhole.

      • redrover


    • Terry David Bell

      There seems to be a lot of mental illness going around .....

  • Bob

    My hat is off to this owner who is willing to sacrifice to obey GOD. Churches will soon be faced with the same choice - marry sodomites, are marry no one if they don't want to be sued. My bet is that most churches will cave in and marry sodomites.

    • Terry David Bell

      Or ..... we could marry without government approval or license and still be married in God's sight.

      Kinda turn the tables on the state.

      • Don Wayne

        and truthfully, it is none of governments business about marriage

        • BillboyBaggins

          I have to disagree insofar as marriage is the cornerstone of a stable society, and therefore the gov't has a compelling interest in promoting marriage between one man and one woman. It civilizes men, protects women and provides a safer environment for raising children.

        • Renellin

          Our current government doesn't agree. For the last several decades in the name of human decency (?) our government has promoted single parenting and teenaged mothers. Our government's compelling interest has been to break down the traditional family.

        • BillboyBaggins

          The breakdown of the family leads to a leadership vacuum in the home, to be filled by the government in its quest for power. Gov't provides for all needs. It amounts to creating gov't in the image of God.

        • Renellin

          Yes, I don't disagree--it's just that because something is in the best interests of the country does not equal it being in the best interests of the government. Especially as it is currently run.

        • Think About It

          And as we are now seeing our government has went past the tipping point and is now trying to create the image of God to conform to government standards. I fear for our country.

        • LiberRepubliCrat

          BillBoy, while I agree that marriage is the cornerstone of a stable society, I take strong exception to your statement about the government's "compelling interest." Until very recently (not much over a hundred years in most places) marriages were between a man, a woman and God, and ceremonies were performed by ministers (or other religious leaders). In Christian countries, marriages were recorded in the family Bible and the records of the Church, period.

          As usual, "the government" felt the need to horn in on a perfectly functional system, selling their interference largely on the basis of "public health" as well as being "for the children" (and just how many "deadbeat dads" do you suppose there were in, say, 1812 compared to 2012?). In fact, it was nothing more than another way to separate the citizenry from their money, with fees for "marriage licenses" and such.

          The nascent "medical profession" eagerly jumped on this bandwagon, as a physical examination was added to the list of requirements for the issuance of a "marriage license." Of course, this merely lined their pockets. They were allegedly looking for sexually transmitted diseases, but since those could not be effectively treated until about WWII, what was the point? Especially as silver nitrate drops were routinely put into the eyes of newborns to prevent blindness due to maternal syphilis, whether or not the mother was infected.

          We need less governmental interference in our lives, not more. We need to get the government entirely OUT of the marriage business. I am now a retired widow who married very young (and happily), in a government- sanctioned ceremony. If I had known then what I know now, I would have had the religious component of our wedding ceremony and skipped the government- issued "license."

        • BillboyBaggins

          In the sense that the People make up the government, (at least in the original intent of the Founders; a gov't of the People by the People and for the People,), and in the sense that society is made up of the People, Therein lies the inherent compelling interest in marriage between one man and one woman.

          When a gov't is no longer of the People, by the People and for the People, its inherent, compelling interest becomes itself and the acquisition of power and control.

          You forgot to mention the "marriage penalty" for tax purposes. But I don't think we are that far off from each other.

        • OLDDAD

          This is exactly why Obzzo ctered tot he gay community.
          He is merely using them as he has used the Black Community, and the Unions.
          HE WANTS THEIR VOTES and when they are of no further use to him they will go under the bus like bangazi.

        • Sam W

          It all comes down to $$$. Wedding license and all other fees. Have NO clue what is needed now as I was married more than 30 years ago but it did cost for licenses, blood tests, etc.......

        • Renellin

          Hey, what you say rings correct in me. I haven't heard several of the points you made, but the silver nitrate (I wouldn't even have remembered the substance) was always a mystery to me. Also the medical profession have no qualms about being dishonest if they feel it is in the best interests of...? I am widowed twice and am lucky enough to have found another who can share my heart. One of my husbands I married twice. I realize in a very real sense what marriage means, and it has nothing whatever to do with the government or some crappy license. God sees your heart. I have no doubt a gay person could find God, and work out the details privately with Him. The same way the rest of us do.

        • OLDDAD

          Marriage is a religious principle that has been in existence since before Christ was a baby. You Sir are a liberal Moron and part of the problem.

        • BillboyBaggins

          I am neither a liberal or a moron. (IQ over 130) And you sir, have a comprehension, grammar and spelling problem.

        • Renellin

          Bill and Oldad--this marriage issue is one of the craziest--on both sides. Gays through that wonderful media we are all exposed to really believe somebody is denying them their civil rights, and in that way it is something like a deeply held belief, even though it is a made up issue by democrats to ensure the continuance of them in power against that horrible nasty religious right. On the other side, the religious sorts have a deeply held belief that this behavior is disgusting beyond belief and they are deeply committed to stamping it out, never bending due to their religious beliefs.
          Both arguments are specious. Gay people should wake up and understand that a commitment between two people is all you need. Yeah the ring, the ceremony, etc., they can all have them. I married a man and it turned out several months later the preacher did not cross his t's properly and therefore was unable to make the marriage legal. As domestic partners, it didn't impact our benefits, but we got married again a year later. Gays, wake up and admit it's either all about the money, or you're just masturbating on society about your 'civil rights'. If marriage was a civil right, why can't the spinster or perpetual bachelor get married? It's not a right.
          For the religious, sorry. Sure there's a biblical basis for your stand, but it also tells you the greatest commandment is to love one another. Calling people names and being disgusted to your core may make you feel better--and I understand the feeling--but you just don't take as strong a stand against other sins being committed by you and others around you, as they are more 'acceptable'. So I accuse the religious right of gay-hate based on cultural issues--and understand I am not saying they're wrong--but don't hide behind your religion as an excuse. Your hypocrisy is obvious to all, and you do harm to your overall message.
          And regardless of religion, I don't find in the bible where God said you're only married if you have a specific piece of paper.

      • Renellin

        And of course, if gays had an honest bone anywhere, they could commit to their love and consider themselves married regardless of their legal status. It's just another chink in the armor they are trying to break down. It started with don't beat us up, then don't kick us out of the military, Then it is our right to get married, now it's you have to recognize our marriage in every sense of the word. Each step is put forth with exemplary examples, then followed by debauchery (like debasing the military uniform or vandalizing churches and demonizing anyone expressing a different opinion).
        Now I don't see the gay lifestyle as anything different from any other thing God has said he doesn't appreciate. We are all guilty of lots of them. Some of us teach the craziest notions that simply reinforce something from our culture and isn't necessarily a teaching of God. They recognize this just as we do when looking at others (not so much ourselves). The gays don't just want our love and human respect. They want us to denounce whatever cultural or biblical belief we have in the name of some kind of fairness. The argument hasn't been made properly in court. The law does not have jurisdiction over our personal feelings. When I want to get married (I have done so a few times, being a repeat widow) I have to convince the pastor of my convictions and whatever else he requires, or he won't perform the service. There's no law that can coerce him to wed people he doesn't believe should be married. When providing a service of a wedding celebration, it should be the same thing--a particular style of celebration isn't a right. The court is asking the company to approve and enhance the experience of someone they feel is going the wrong way--that's beyond discrimination--that's discriminating against the owner, forcing him to support something he doesn't agree with.

        • redrover

          You are so right and who the heck has the right to challenge anyones faith in the truth! These people who practice this abomination are sick, not healthy and pushing a lifestyle, that while having been around a long time, has never been thought of as anything but a mental disorder and evil! I have one in my own family, it is just awful and she is hard to be around. Not only her but her choice of mate at the time..makes me sick and my daughter and neice very uncomfortable around them!!! As in every occasion such realtionships ought to be kept private and to themselves and not pushed on the majority of the world that does not accept such sickening behavior!! There are rules of humanity for a reason...without laws there is anarchy and grave evil!

        • Renellin

          I have a number of gay friends and relations--it seems there are more around now than in the past--not because they were in the closet before but because they are so widely promoted in the schools, a lot more people are choosing that as a means to power and individuality. Two of my cousins stick out. They are brother and sister, both are nothing short of a scourge on the world. The fact that they're gay is almost incidental, but as you or somebody else pointed out from the Apostle Paul, it is likely a symptom of the rest of their lives. Both are completely screwed up, head to toe, and take comfort in the notion that they are really good at being gay! If one attends self-help meetings, like AA and various groups, one will find a high incidence of gay people there. Most of those I know who are gay were hetero to begin with. Being gay is a badge to cling to. This is why merely hating or despising them is not the answer. They turned to this because they were already outcasts, and today's culture encourages them if they move to one of the 'accepted' deviance. In other words, the culture today tells young girls who want a fresh start with the freedom to act irresponsibly to get pregnant out of wedlock, and their needs will be provided for them, offering them a chance to get out and do what they want without having to work or take responsibility for their decisions. People who are horribly socialized, terribly traumatized (through their own actions) or otherwise unable to compete or to cope, are offered another way to get respect. Blame it all on being gay. So aberrent and deviant behavior of all types is masked by the label 'gay.' For those who may truly have another issue which attracts them to the same sex, it's just not right. But those advocating will ignore all sorts of bad behavior and call it gay.

      • Larry

        all you will be in Gods sight is an abomination, Leviticus 18;22, 20;13, look it up!

        • Renellin

          I would caution you against quoting such books as Leviticus. The law was redefined by Christ in the new testament. God loves you. Period.

        • Henry Martin

          You have simplified the NT view of the law. Paul's letter to the Romans makes it clear that the Law is a school master, teaching us what is wrong. The first chapter of that NT book clearly mentions homosexuality as a way God "turns [individuals] over" to their own sin. God loves sinners, but when He saves them, He gives them His Spirit and the resulting fruit of the Spirit which directly counters the "works of the flesh."

          As for Jesus' redefining of the Law, check out the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). He makes keeping the law a matter of the heart (lust = adultery and hate = murder). What is clear is that sin is real and none of us "deserve" to be saved. God's love is toward those who He saves in spite of their sin.

        • Renellin

          Please by all means I do not mean to be a bible scholar, though I have read it in its entirety and I memorized Matt 5-6-7 twice. I like to live by that sermon on the mount. It is difficult to address homosexuality without appearing to support it.

    • cgoehling

      I don't bet against a sure winner.

    • dean29685

      Many are doing just that already just as the mainline church caved under Hitler
      the progressive mainline churches are jumping over themselves to proclaim the
      government is the new authority on the bible.

      • MarieJ27

        dean29685: In Russia when the communist took over, people like Putin closed down the churches and murdered the priests. The day our government forces churches to marry gay couples will separate the Christians from the non-believers. It is sad to see the young accept the agenda of the secular/progressive for they know not!

    • Doug Hensley

      They won't be faced with the decision. As things now stand, Catholic churches are not required to marry Protestant couples. That sort of thing is always up to churches. A minister doesn't offer a {public} service. They officiate at weddings of their own choosing.

    • RMOG

      God bless the owner of the tour business. About marrying sodomites, the Episcopal denomination already does this..I left that denomination.

      • KHM

        @RMOG, I also left the Episcopal Church because they now endorse blessing "same-sex" marriage and allowing trans-gender ordination. Total social justice PC baloney. It took courage for this business owner to make this decision. It is a shame that his straight customers are the losers. I think Hobby Lobby's stand is even more courageous in following their conscience.

    • Kent2012

      kenyan boy could started a wedding chapel in the east wing

    • Renellin

      I don't agree. Being a widow and not part of a congregation, I had to work hard to ensure my marriage was going to be right in God's eyes to the minister who eventually agreed. He put a lot of conditions on us and we had to adhere or he wouldn't have done it, though I have known him all my life. One thing I like about the devout is that they tend not to compromise what they truly believe in, as they feel it hurts them personally (spiritually) as well.
      What I don't give a fig about is legal marriage. My second husband and I were married long before it was legal. The first minister turned out not to have been legal and we married again the following year. I am not the least concerned about government papers when it comes to marriage. If I need the paper for some economic reason, so be it. Otherwise, after burying two husbands, I realize it is the commitment not the paper. Of course, I have the luxury of my children being grown.
      BTW if a trolley tour told me they wouldn't allow me to hold my coupling celebration with their tour, and I REALLY WANTED THAT PARTICULAR service, I would have found a way to please them and still take the tour and offer it to my friends. We could celebrate something else and still enjoy the tour. This couple are just trying to rub their choices in others' faces.

  • slickzip

    Throw the queers into the sea and let the crabs and fish eat them ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Patriot

    Good for him. Government can't tell you you must start and run a business! At least not yet.

  • DeeHarper

    Doodlebug has bought into the LIE of our anti-Christian, humanistic culture. The Bible does not recognize any such thing as "being gay"! The Bible (i.e., God) defines all homosexual acts as sins and as capital crimes under Old Testament case law. He does not recognize the existence of any special category of people who desire to do such things. The Hebrew and Greek words used in Old and New Testaments describing people who do these unspeakable acts are loaded with imagery of the acts themselves. When a person turns to the Lord in true repentance, it is the result of having been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. The transformation does not result in a perfect human being, but the transformation is powerful enough for the Paul to say in 1 Corinthians 6:9 "such were some of you" (i.e., you are not any more!). Calling a relationship between two individuals of the same sex "marriage" is definitely sinful too. God originated marriage as between a man and a woman, and only He has the authority to define it. However, it's the homosexual acts themselves that God said are worthy of death (with the context in the biblical case laws implying that it would be only after the individual was convicted in a court of law on the basis of two or three eyewitnesses -- hearsay and circumstantial evidence are insufficient. God's law or chaos….

    • montikea2

      If you'd crack open a New Testament, you'd find that Jesus came not only to fulfill the Old Testament but to enhance it by opening a new covenant with God, through Jesus, for believers...and that also said homosexuality and it's acts are sin. 'Lust for someone in your heart is already adultery', 1 Timothy 1:10, 1 Corinthians 6:9, etc. Need I go on?

      • JobRon

        montikea2: As to those who say they were born with unnatural affection, WRONG!!! I really don't care what other sources may site what they want to prove a point. The point is, either you are male or female, God created US in HIS image. God doesn't make mistakes, we do. If you say we were not created by GOD, they who, exactly created us? It certainly wasn't evolution. There was an experiment with Tsetse(sp) flies over a period of 500 generations of their lifetimes. The result, after all the tampering with what they could do, still had the same fly.

    • Doodlebug

      I think you should reread my post before declaring that I have bought into the "lie" of our anti-Christian, humanistic culture!!!!!!!!

  • dbassd

    The government is what is flawed. Say hello to Sodom and Gomorrah. . .

    • dean29685

      This progressive government we are saddled with is flawed and because they "won" you have not seen anything yet, And that especially goes foe a large portion of the voters who thought that the would gain free things out of it.

      • Hudmar

        Free things like working for the Government for nothing.

    • 1waco 64


      • Nacho Daddy

        By "We", you aren't seriously suggesting that Congress do their job?

    • just ramblin

      TREASON without a doubt,any representativer that voted for that PRIVATE law is GUILTY of TREASON. Should be tried and PUBLICLY HUNG!
      just rambling

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      Looks like your gov't is busy stomping balls huh ? Maybe if your freedom is getting stripped away one inch at a time you won't notice so much when you're all wearing the same clothing either

  • momof5kds

    We need to each send him $2.00 a year to help with his loses. This is the best way to support his decision to take a stand against our oversized, out of control government.

    • TwizzlerGirl

      Mom, what a great idea!

  • Brian

    My God this country is following the script of Atla Shrugged to a "T". There will be a 2nd revolution if things keep going this way.

    • Terry David Bell

      Yep. :-)

    • Daniel from TN

      December 27th, 2012. The Department of Homeland Security announced it now believes the possibility of another civil war in the USA is no longer a question of if it will occur, but a question of WHEN it will occur.

      • BillboyBaggins

        Got a source on that?

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Brian, the title of that book was 'Atlas Shrugged'. However, your reference to the book was 100% correct. El Dumbo's regime is letting their Anti-christian beliefs color their so-called intelligence and making them follow Sight-bender's teaching. ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD IS ALRIGHT.

      I do believe that the Roman Empire started recognizing same-sex joining and look what happened to them.

      US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam '68 - '69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

      • JobRon

        John: Thank you for your service in an unwinnable, media-controlled situation. My brother served 2 tours saw what the real situation was.

      • Renellin

        anything that makes you feel good is only all right if what makes you feel good is what they are telling you should make you feel good. They are not for making anybody feel good unless they are towing the line. This was also the case in Atlas Shrugged.

  • Model Citizen

    Doodlebug, where did you get your understanding of sin? GOD said very plainly in the Old Testament and New Testament that homosexuality is sin, this of course includes mosexual marriage. The following scripture is for your education:

    Leviticus 20:13 (KJV)
    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    1 Cor. 6:9-10 (NASB)
    Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, [10] nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  • simpletony1

    Hey Godfather, you gotta work on your spelling. It's newlyweds, not newly weds. Let's at least appear to be intelligent, although that seems to be a waning quality.

    But because of the what our beloved country has become a haven to muslims, homos, unions, n-----s & dumb mexicans, the welfare masses, liberals and their movie stars & celebrities, rinos like the fatso NJ governor and all the rest of the derelects, ne'er dowells and others who should take up residency in the new shelters so we all know who and where they are. These ARE NOT real Americans and DO NOT share our wonderful heritage. Instead, we have become a house divided against itself that cannot stand, and I believe will fail in the face of all this opposition unless all good people rise up in unison. We are a mess, with an illegal, muslim phony president at the helm who is a liar and cheat (redundant) who, together with his evil administration are destined to bring us to our knees in the predictable future. He feins sorrow at our catastrophes and even quotes from the Bible not realizing that's a dead giveaway as to the lengths he's willing to go to fool us all into thinking he's a good man when he's the worst least, qualified, unvetted leader in OUR country's history. A dumbed-down american public and good-for-nothing congress allows this condition to exist and fester while they languish in all their perks, their first loyalty dedicated to the continuation of their jobs and protection of their butts. There you have it, our now States of America where nobody has balls anywhere near those of our founders and forefathers.

    • TwizzlerGirl

      simpletony1, please practice what you preach. It is derelict, and ne-er-do-well. respectively, and "worst, least-qualified". Other than that, I agree with you.

      • simpletony1

        Geez, okay then, lets lighten up here. I just had a heart attack and stroke about a month ago. What's your excuse. Just kidding now, I sometimes think I'm smarter than I am and not as much as I'd like to be...keep up the good work. But where's a site where real Americans can sign up for the revolution without being scooped up and taken to the hoosegow?

        • Renellin

          maybe it's in the hoosegow where we will meet and put our plans in place

      • simpletony1

        Who's TwizzlerGirl and what does that mean?

        • Daniel from TN

          TwizzlerGirl is just someone's screen name. You will have to ask TwizzlerGirl if the name has any specific meaning.

        • simpletony1


      • Shirl

        How about feins ? Shouldn't it be feigns.--lol

  • An American Canadian

    I am not homosexual and believe in civil unions or couple contracts and not gay marriage, but irrespective of the owners beliefs, he/she must provide service to anybody who asks for it. It was not to far back when stores had signs that stated they do not serve blacks or jews (and before that catholics). We moved away from that discrimination let's not start it over again!

    • COTom

      Before the militant side of LGBT coalition, the sign stating 'owner has the right to refuse service' meant just that. Now, if you stand up for your business rights, you are discriminated against. If one doesn't like the store policy, shop at a store that feels comfortable being in. Freedom or agenda driven discrimination?

    • Dan in NH

      There is a difference you can't help being black, you can't help being old, you can't help what gender you are or that you're over weight but you when someone chooses the homosexual life style that's a choice. Some people say they can't help it well I say get some help that's the same thing I would tell a pedophile they say the same thing. Homosexuality used to be classified as a mental illness and the only reason it was taken off the list is because of physical threats made if it wasn't. If it were on the list then it would have to be treated as a handicap and there would be some protection for them but as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't be protected. Next thing will have to allow pedophiles to live near schools.

      • save the last bullet

        they are called teachers and do not try to hide it. no parents even object.

    • simpletony1

      Too late

    • WARIII

      To discriminate against a person because he/she is black, hispanic, wears glasses, is fat, in a wheel chair, is tall, is short, is male, is female, is blind, is old , is young, is Jewish---is wrong-- to discriminate against a person because of their actions is something EVERYONE does, and should not be outlawed. Commiting homosexual acts is NOT discriminating because that is what the person is ---- it is because of their actions.

  • 1Responce

    Whenever you favor one segment of the population by legislation, you automatically discriminate against another. Affirmative action is the proof.

  • TheGoldenRule

    Read your Bible! There is nothing in the bible against homosexuality. yeah yeah, quote Leviticus but quote it in it's ORIGINAL Hebrew. The word so commonly used in Lev 18:22 'abomination' or in the Hebrew 'toevay' does not mean what the English translation implies. toevah does not signify something evil but something ritually unclean for Jews and Jews alone since Lev 18 is specifically designed to distinguish the Jews from the pagans who worshipped the multiple gods of fertility cults. It also is included with other Mosaic laws such as required killing kids who curse their parents, the death penalty for picking up sticks or doing other work on the Sabbath, and under the law, slave-beating was a protected legal right! This also includes eating pork, shellfish, lobster, eating meat 3 days old, trimming beards, etc is just as much an 'abomination'.

    Additionally, it actually refers to male prostitution. Not two people who love each other and are in a relationship. It is used throughout the OT to designate those Jewish sins which involve ethnic contamination or idolatry. In many other OT verses it simply means idolatry. Lev 18 is specifically designed to distinguish the Jews from the pagans among whom they had been living. The prohibition of supposedly homosexual acts follows after the prohibition of idolatrous sexuality of worshipping Molech, whose cult included male cult prostitutes and bestiality.

    Finally, if you draw up a list of all offenses given in Lev for which the death penalty is prescribed, you will find every one of them (with some minor shifts concerning particular forms of sanguinity in incest) is forbidden expressly once again in Deuteronomy.

    Oh, But there is 1 exception. Of all the capital crimes, only one was so unimportant to God that He didn't bother bringing it up again. Guess which one?

    However, Deuteronomy DOES forbid male sacred prostitution. And Leviticus does not.
    Do you think, juuust maybe, that God did forbid it in Leviticus? Say, around 20:13?

    No, if that were true, God would probably have put commands against other kinds of idolatry in the same place. You know: no fortune telling, no wizardry, no sacrifices to Moloch.

    The significance of toevah become clear when your realize the other Hebrew word "zimah" could have been used - if that was what the authors intended. Zimah means, not what is objectionable for religious or cultural reasons, but what is wrong in itself. It means an injustice, a sin. For example, in condemnation of temple prostitutes involving idolatry, "toevah" is employed (e.g. 1 (3) Kings 14:24), while in prohibitions of prostitution in general a different word "zimah," appears (e.g. Lev. 19:29). Often but yes, not always, "toevah" specifically means "idol" (E.g., Isa. 44:19; Ezek 7:20, 16:36; Jer. 16:18; cf. Deut. 7:25-26).

    Clearly, then, Leviticus does not say that a man to lie with man is wrong or a sin. Rather, it is a ritual violation, an "uncleanness"; it is something "dirty" ritualistically for Jews but only to separate Jews from the Pagans. Lev 18 is specifically designed to distinguish the Jews from the pagans among whom they had been living, or would live, as its opening remark make clear - "After the doings of the land of Egypt, .....etc and the prohibition of supposedly homosexual acts follows immediately upon a prohibition of idolatrous sexuality (the female temple prostitutes worshipping the pagan fertility gods) (often mistranslated fornication but a obvious mistranslation in the proper context).

    This conclusion finds further support in the Septuagint where the toevah is translated with the Greek word "bdelygma". Fully consistent with the Hebrew, the Greek bdelygma means a ritual impurity. Once again, other Greek words were available, like "anomia", meaning a violation of law or a wrong or a sin. That word could have been used to translate toevah. In fact, in some cases anomia was used to translate toevah- when the offense in question was not just a ritual impurity but also a real wrong of an injustice, like offering child sacrifice or having sex with another man's wife, in violation of his property rights. The Greek translators could have used anomia; they used bdelygma!

    Evidently, the Jews of that pre-Christian era simply did not understand Leviticus to forbid male-male sex because it is wrong in itself. They understood Leviticus to forbid male-male sex because it offended ancient Jewish sensitivities: it was dirty and Canaanite-like, it was UNJEWISH! And that is exactly how they translated the Hebrew text into Greek before Christ. It makes no statement about the morality of homosexual acts as such. In today's society similar unclean acts might include picking ones nose, burping or passing gas.

    I think its not that useful to get all hung up on Lev cleanliness codes which made meat eating and matching of fibers just as terrible sins. The NT is more significant for Christians following Christ instead of Jews trying to follow the OT rituals to be accepted by God. Jesus said not a word even mistranslated about homosexuality.

    So, before you spew hatred against people, you should really study your Bible and not do what people who ACTUALLY study the BIble call 'Proof Texting'. Which merely takes a piece of scripture, isolates it from the entire document (The Holy BIble) just to establish a proposition. Doing so would be like closing your eyes, opening up The Bible and reading Matthew 27:5b "Then Judas went away and hanged himself", then closing your eyes again, reading another random verse. Perhaps Luke 10:37b, "Jesus told him, 'Go and do likewise.'"

    ~ The Gold Rule Rules!

    • deesposito1

      Are you an educated homosexual?

    • ggrdr05

      You are so wrong. You can live in your believe world, I will follow the true meanings of the BIBLE.

    • Tikvah(hope)

      OK Mr.Golden,lets talk about the end of the book....
      Murderers,liars,drunks,sexually immoral,idoloters ,sorcery & anyone who loves & practices falsehood,may not have acess to Etz C'haim he

    • simpletony1

      No, read YOUR Bible!

    • wildbill

      golden rule is a windbag fool. hows that for a rhyme?

  • Jake Williams


  • Chet

    I share this Christian's beliefs and I'm not sure any other option exists. If he turns the homosexuals down suing will indeed result, especially in MD where the state just voted in favor of this vulgar act after being pushed by its liberal Democrat governor. And it's going to cost this business owner, personally, to drop this service. Then, that's $50k yearly upon which he will no longer be paying required taxes on to the state of MD and federal govt which in-turn drives up the deficit of each entity. No doubt, as soon as the homosexuals catch-on they'll be spreading the word around about this Christian businessman and his refusal to bow which will lead to even further loss of revenue. At some point employee lay-offs will occur resulting in more loss of revenue to the respective governments. Ain't love grand!

  • Ben Dover

    Oh naughty naughty ! In the USA Sodomy and Interlinked Lesbianisms are the new religions for the masses & the left wing politicians. Whatever ! - but they do make a mockery of traditional marriages ! - but that is what it is all about - making a mockery of normality. They can get on with their civil contracts - but calling such homosexual rites of back passge 'marriages' is indeed a mockery. No wonder America is socially doomed ! And no wonder children today are confused and bewildered - where & whence hath society & decency fled ? To Sodom & Gomorhah no less !

  • Chet

    Again, I share the Christian businessman's Biblical convictions. The only known alternative to this absolute unsavory position is to perhaps be as "wise as a serpent" as our blessed Lord instructed us. He could continue on with business as usual and/or otherwise opt for a new title for said service. The business revenues generated for this specific service, only, could be utilized to help fund one or more of the following: While it's too late for MD, such monies could be expended in other areas to defeat politicians favoring homosexual marriage and/or fund Christian missionaries, i.e., Samaritan's Purse or other God-fearing Christian organizations. Basically, to those who work with assisting individuals who desire to come out of the homosexual community by the transforming power of our merciful Christ.

  • rchguns

    Remember when Obama said that you didn't build your business you didn't create anything on your own. This is basically the same thing. Nothing in America belongs to anybody except the government. They have the power to tell you who you can serve, what you can serve, when you can serve it, and how much you can charge for. Then if you do make a success out your business they turn around and say" wow you did such a good job and work so hard now were going to take a lot of your money and give it to somebody else"!

    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Barack Hussein Obama's version of utopia. Where the few who are willing to work less support those who refuse to work.

  • jeff

    how does giving the gays a ride in his carriage supporting gay marriage? how is that wrong in Gods sight? he is not endorsing homosexual marriage by letting them ride. i don't understand but i support his right to say no

  • Floridastorm

    A correction has to be made with regard to the understanding that it is mostly Christians who are against the concept of homosexual anything. The majority of adult Americans are against the concept of endorsing homosexual anything. I don't think that religion has a great deal to do with how you feel about homosexuality. Yes, there is religious philosophy that preaches that the act of homosexuality is antithetical with nature. However, long before Christianity and for thousands of years, homosexuality was not accepted by the vast majority of people. I am totally against the concept of homosexuality and consider it to be an acquired trait by people who are either not comfortable with the opposite sex or who actually despise the opposite sex. I do not believe, for a second, that Homosexuals are born that way. By the way, I'm an Agnostic, and therefore do not believe in any religion nor do I follow any religious precepts. Religious teachings are just one of many reasons why the majority of people reject homosexuality as a viable lifestyle. I have never discriminated against anyone and do not discriminate against someone who practices homosexuality. I just do not feel that this lifestyle should be, in any way, legitimized so that it is on the same level as Heterosexuality, either through legalize marriage or by any other legal means.

  • Joyce Jenkins

    Well duh!! If you haven't noticed we aren't exactly a free nation now. And we aren't a Christian nation anymore either; so we will pay the price.

    • simpletony1

      We're already paying it and have been for some time now...even before 'president' obomination and his evil cohorts and bad congress

    • Daniel from TN

      The United States was a Christian nation from its founding until a few years ago. The USA is now a post-Christian nation. Sometime in the future, possibly during the obama administration, the United States will become an anti-Christian nation. This is following in the footsteps of the United Nations, an anti-Christian and pro-Muslim organization.

  • Bippy Bellito

    How can any private business not have the right to do business or not do business with whomever they choose? If there were Public Funding, I could see the issue. As I understand it, it is this person's private investment.

  • spidermike

    Is it possible to create a nation within a nation, much like the arrangement that the indian tribes have with the Federal government? A nation of tradition Americans and Christians where our day to day lives would be outside the reach of the Federal government. Would such an arrangement be possible?

    • Daniel from TN

      Not legally. The Indian nations exist as a result of treaties with the various Indian tribes. That type of arrangement will never be allowed again, IMO.

  • Dempseycoleman

    My main problem is their tollerance which is Dilusional we can only tollerate them if we do not then all hell breaks out they only know force like the Union. Every protest they carry out ends in vilance if you hold a sign up the will rip it out of your hand. Gay and Communisum are one in the same. Like their Muslime cunter parts tollerance only goes soo far. My way not your way. Please remember I can not spell to well. Also I am a poet and do not know it

  • Riverdweller

    I wonder how many "honeymoon suites" will also be discontinued.

  • edo deweert

    the american hatred of homosexuals is based solely on jealousy; gays can have sex 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
    straight dudes are lucky if they get laid twice a week.
    all those headaches and periods etc!
    also, except prior to marriage, women really are not into giving bjs.
    poor straight dudes, they don't know that the best bjs they could get would be from a queer dude.

  • Mark

    Your story is just a little bit off. It's actual weddings aboard the Discover Annapolis trolly that he is not doing anymore. Anyone can still ride, but "We used to do weddings until recently. But we're a Christian-owned business, and we are not able to lend support to gay marriages. And as a public accommodation, we cannot discriminate between gay or straight couples, so we had to stop doing all wedding transportation" according to Mr Grubbs. Good for him for standing up for his principles.

  • cae973

    I agree these laws Do indeed discriminate against Christians. If I were in this business owners shoes I would have gone out of business if need be to avoid having to deal with people who are not just sinful, but mistakes of nature. I cannot imagine how sickening it would be to have to cater to their so called weddings, it actually turns my stomach.



  • Sodomthis

    Oh well, now we hear the Bible is flawed, so it too must be changed. What about the Quran? It is also flawed, as it is inconsistent with its teachings varying from start and finish. It must be changed as well to be brought more current with modern times.

    Hello, Pres. Obama, here's hoping HOPing you CHANGE it too.

    • Alondra

      Dear Sodomthis, you are mistaken about koran. It’s veeeery consistent with its teachings:

      “Slay the UNBELIEVERS wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191

      “When opportunity arises, KILL the INFIDELS WHEREVER YOU CATCH THEM.” Qur’an 9:5

      “Any religion other than Islam is NOT ACCEPTABLE.” Qur’an 3:85

      “The Jews and the Christians are PERVERTS; FIGHT THEM.” Qur’an 9:30




      “I [muhammed] shall cast TERROR into the hearts of the INFIDELS. STRIKE OFF THEIR HEADS, STRIKE OFF THE VERY TIPS OF THEIR FINGERS.” Qur’an 8:12

      “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” – FDR

      I chose my “BIGOTRY” toward ABOMINATION.


  • jojo58

    If he hadn't shut down, the gay community would have had a few couples try to book a tour and when refused, they would file a's what they do in order to jam their ideology down our throats. Not sure if anyone has read the Naked Communist, but I'm adding a link of their 45 goals. Many of them have been achieved and many of them are on the way to being achieved. We all need to wake up and get the word out. goals

  • Daniel from TN

    "all they really do is discriminate against Christians." Mr. Hodges, you catch on quick.

  • Hoppy

    I was delighted to see that the owner of this company in the liberal haven of Maryland is standing for his values and beliefs. It saddens me that another small business is being harmed by the laws instituted by the administration who claims to be for the middle class. Discover Annapolis Tours, Hobby Lobby, Chick-Fil-A, etc. etc. I personally stand with them and not the White House, Supreme Court, etc. etc.

  • Sherry Clark

    Hats off to the trolly people.

  • larry roth

    As I have always thought,this is the same thing gays knew they would do right away was to start filing lawsuits so they can now start to try and take the wealth of every one who disagrees with them.

  • del

    This is why I believe a Christian can not vote for a Democrat because they no longer have any morals. They stand behind all that is unholy, gay marriage, abortion, etc.

  • US Army (retired)

    First, marriage of one man and one woman is the custom, tradition, and law which protects and promotes our family unit, the bedrock of our society. It is a remarkably practical way to order a society and preserve it, and should not be tampered with. The two reasons behind the push for gay marriage are hardly reasons enough for society to fundamentally alter american society by legalizing homosexual unions.

    1. The first reason is mercenary. The push for gay marriage resulted from the AIDS epidemic when same sex couples living together had to face the daunting prospect of one or both of them acquiring the illness. They wanted coverage of the one partner by the other's employment health insurance, and legal marriage would solve that problem for them.

    2. The second reason is politico-social. Some elements of the gay population want to be considered "normal", just as acceptable in every way as the heterosexual population. They think their unions should be considered as role models for society. Civil Rights--or rather civil preferences are what they are looking for.

    These two reasons, either singly or together are not reason to revolutionize the status of marriage and the family unit in the US.

    And frankly the United States Constitution DOES NOT offer gay rights activists any support in this fight.

    Lastly, God not only gave us free will to make our own choices, He also gave us a conscience that tries to guide us in making those choices. If we listen to it, it will help us make good wholesome and moral decisions. If we are infected with any of the seven deadly sins, then we tend to block out our conscience. All of our choices have consequences, some good and some bad. Individually, we and we alone, are solely responsible for our choices and we will either enjoy the consequences of them or suffer from the consequences of them. We cannot point a finger at anyone else for our own choices.

    Remember, when you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at YOU!

  • Hudmar

    Oh my! playing God could be detrimental to your health. Admah and zeboin, here we come.

  • CARLjr

    Cut off your nose to spite your face.

    It reminds me of the guy who burns down his own house because he is going through a divorce.

  • bayman61

    Good for him. Like I have said before, we do not have to accept them. They cannot force us to do so. God bless you Sir. And the Devil will take care of the gays.

  • FloridaJoel

    Mr. Hodges writes: "While the laws extending privileges to homosexuals claim to give everyone equal rights, all they really do is discriminate against Christians." He is precisely accurate in that statement and that's what our ungodly legal and legislative systems are increasingly designed to do: oppose Christianity and drive it out of the country that it was instrumental in forming. The LORD is watching and He will give the American people precisely what they are bargaining for. They are not going to like it, but it is their choice and He will give them what they want...and they will drink very deeply of His wrath. Its their foolish choice!

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Nation of male and female whores. Thanks to the biggest welfare King and Queen in the WH.
    A muslim being paid to rob us of our freedom and the nerve to control who lives or die. May they rot in hell cause the time is getting closer.

  • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic
  • RocktheBenz

    Bend over every one; your turn is next! Is this a great country or what?

  • star Warrior

    The Bible states that it been marrying people man, and woman for thousands of years. Yet In later times the Govt wanted to be Civil marriages. Men of God can marry, any time, and any place without the approval of the Laws of any Nation. God's Law is over any law made by men as per marriages. They must meet God's laws to be married. A pastor does not have to ask permission to marry anyone, but God. It may not be legal in the Legal system, but under God's eyes your married. The blessing, peace, love that come with marriage. Marriage means to SUBMIT. And both love, and follow Jesus, and God almighty together. Too bad so many people have a Church wedding do it just for show of it. If it was normal to marry the same sex. There would no future, no people, and the world would be empty. There would be no one. Civil marriage means: your married under the Law of men, Not God. When you married. You do not promise to forever be with each other, but also to God YOUR on a Holy alter promising God "I DO" and I Will. to end of time together.

  • librtyship

    Freedom in the USA is getting to be a big joke and the joke is on all of us thanx to the idiots that keep voting in Demonrats!!

  • netandyawho

    The laws extending privileges to homosexuals is another case of forcing God out of the market place so that the atheistic secularists will have more freedom to reap havoc on those who hold a deep reverence for their Creator.

    In other words, its still okay for persons to worship their God in their churches, temples and mosques and in their homes, but they had better not bring God out into public unless they want to be charged with discriminatory practices.

    The final nail in the coffin will be when the secularists pervert the laws to force the closing of the churches, temples and mosques and leave the righteous to freely practice their religion only in their homes..

    • Public_Citizen

      In their homes...... Where people are already being harassed by local government in certain sections of the country for hosting bible study fellowship.
      Read the Harbinger for an understanding of what is being perpetrated and why we are having the problems that have been so well documented in "the press".

  • cmjay

    In the VOCABULARY of the LEFT - It is NOT discrimination if the hatred is AGAINST CHRISTIANS.

  • Walt

    All you freeloaders are about to find out that the free lunch is cancelled.
    Matt Grubbs - I applaud you for standing up for what is right. More Christians need to step up and do the same. Hobby Lobby is fighting back. We will see how long they can afford it. Their option is to close - let the gov't pay unemployment and then let them pay for their damn pills. Hang in there Hobby Lobby.

  • paxcat

    Marriage is only the tip of the LGBT iceberg!

  • Dave Christensen

    A religious marriage does not have to be a civil marriage. My parent's church was Christian Science. You should be pretty smart to follow that belief. But you need not obey goverment liturgy.

  • Silas Longshot

    Your freedoms are eroded every time a democrat and some republicans are elected anywhere in this nation.

    LBJ's 'war on poverty' is one of the most destructive to the family devices ever employed in a vote buying scheme. They don't care in the slightest that millions of kids don't have a father in the home, just that these people are locked into the democrat plantation forever.

    They will continue their neat little plans to break down American society into total disruption at about the same time they crash the economy, so that during the crisis they can 'rescue' us with socialism.

  • randellmd

    Where's the hell fire and brimstone rain when you need it the most. time to bring back the AIDS plague.

  • Public_Citizen

    That loss of business translates to a couple of people being forced out of work. No work, in a time of high unemployment and no prospect of business expansion in the foreseeable future. In addition to the lost wages there is also the loss of tax revenue related to to the lost service and wages. This is a loose - loose situation for everyone except the mentally disturbed individuals colluding to force their will on the majority in the name of "equal rights".

    The mental illness of political correctness and the forcing of private business to serve the whim of those whose actions and lifestyle are inherently repugnant, offensive, and in many cases proscribed by religious teachings, is in direct opposition to the foundational principles of this nation.
    Until we as a nation stop permitting our elected leaders to act in opposition to scriptural teaching and defiance of Gods instructions for the proper ordering of a peaceful and prosperous society this nation will continue along the same path that led to the destruction of ancient Israel.

  • C1234M

    Learn your history. This country was founded by people looking for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc., if not, they would have never left their country for this country. The government has no right to be calling everything disriminatory, it seems that all is what it deals on today for votes. Yes, votes. In a land of the free people should be restraint against their beliefs. They could accept whoever they want in their business and whoever they don't want. It is not the government's business. The government must remember, they work for us, they are our employee, we are their employer. But, because we put them to work for us doen't mean they are going to abuse of the power.

  • RIpete

    It's truly unfortunate that Christians are being forced to cater to heathen sodomites by the government of the home of the free.

  • RogerDodger

    The Lord has saved MANY people from MY rath! Every time I hear a story like this, I say that it's good it wasn't me. I don't take kindly to being bullied! May not be the "Christian" way to look at it, however, when are WE going to stand up and say NO?! It's the passifist attitude that has gotten us into this mess. Take a look at the video on nebraska republic dot org.

  • wildbill

    let the c--cks--ck-rs walk

  • wildbill

    Henry Ford said if you think being taken by the government is so great you should take a close look at the native americans

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    So much for the 1st Amendment...AGAIN. Why is it that we have to accommodate all kinds of trashy behavior and call it 'normal'? What happened to diversity? Oh, it's only 'diversity' when I agree with the hedonists...Am I no longer allowed to have an opinion and express that opinion in my work, play and life? WE might as well fold up the Constitution and tuck it far away in a trunk and declare STUPID the new revelation.

  • fastgal

    This Is a Christian who believes in God's Words; as stated in the Bible ,"He does not want man with man, woman with woman, and nor human should not be animals".

  • caskinner

    Good for Mr. Grubbs. I admire the fact that he is a Christian and is strong in his beliefs.

  • Harold

    Good for this business!

  • against-cronies

    This is a crying out shame. What has our country come too? We Christians have to support Gay rights, Abortion, and any other bunch of cronies that No-bummer wants us to support. Oh, and they're attempting to take away our guns too. It'll be a cold day in hell, when they do.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Most folks don't realize Obama is a homosexual himself. Now, Moochie and the girls are his beards. He's not known in Chicago as "Bath House Barry" because he likes to sit around and sweat. As long as Moochie and the girls get their million dollar vacations, everyone is happy. It's your dime...

      • Michael Laborde

        Yup, Obozo is a homosexual.

  • iwojimafan

    This what you get when you have Brainwashed Pea Brains with No Common Sense being allowed to vote when they know very little. It was very easy for the Douchbags in Hollywood and the news Media to get them to vote for Garbage Laws and Democ Rat Politicians

  • Yoikes

    We must use all means at our disposal to fight the vermin trying to control our lives. By no longer offering the service to ANY newly weds, this company is fighting the good fight. We must all do the same in the strongest possible way. We are right and they are wrong.

  • Howard Grant

    When Obama was in the Illinois state senate he voted to deny the right to life to babies born from failed abortions not once but four times. He voted to murder the weakest among us four times.

    Obama came out for same sex marriages, homosexuals in the military, forcing military chaplains to perform same sex marriages and had a homosexual
    sodomite party in the white house. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah therefore those that voted for Obama voted against God.

    Christ used the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as dramatic examples of God’s wrath (Matthew 10:15, Mark 6:11, Luke 10:12, and Luke 17:29). Throughout the Old Testament, prophets described these cities as being notorious for the practice of homosexuality. (Genesis 18:20, Genesis 19:4-5, Isaiah 3:9, Jeremiah 23:14, Ezekiel 16:46.

  • James Carlyle Green

    This is absolutely SO wrong! A business can refuse service to ANYONE they choose for any reason they want. This business should continue their practice as they see fit. If anyone chooses to sue them, they should just completely disregard and ignore the suit. If officials show up on their doorstep to try and arrest them... that's when being armed comes into play. We need everyone to stand up to this abuse by our own government! When they begin to realize lives will be endangered by trying to enforce Marxist, illegal, and unconstitutional rulings... maybe they will back off and things can return to normal. I am serious! I'm calling for good people everywhere in the USA to take a stand now. We are losing our freedom and our republic to corruption, immorality, Godlessness, and usurpation of power not granted!

  • Jack Parker

    Kweers don't care how much damage they do as long as they get what they want. It's a sad day.

  • Michael Laborde

    Every normal hertosexual christian person in every homosexual marriage loving state are now second class citizens with less personel freedoms and a cross hair on them.

  • pduffy

    The black robe society, setup for the profit of judges and lawyers has done this evil. Whatever happened to the sign that once said, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"? No free man should be forced to serve anybody, no matter what the black robes say.

  • Debbie Newell

    Interesting way to put it: "In a free country, a business owner has every right in the world to
    refuse service to anyone he wants. This means a black owner can refuse
    service to white people if he really wants to." Would the writer also agree that the opposite is true? I doubt it.

    • Renellin

      You take the whole meaning wrong. If someone comes in to your store and takes their clothes off, or starts yelling foul language, or keeps going up to and bothering other customers, you can ask them to leave and call the police if necessary to enforce it. You can even kick them out of the store permanently. But you cannot discriminate based solely on the various protected classes as listed in the law. Why is that so difficult for you?

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    What we need to understand as Christians is that, by accommodating sinners who pay for our services, we are not endorsing anyone's lifestyle choices. If you are a "Christian business owner", and only want to do business with Christians, then that should be well advertised. "Non-Christians Not Welcomed." But since you cannot discriminate against non-Christians, then you should shut down business, and go to another country where there is no freedom. Yeah, that's right. Freedom runs both ways; freedom to be Christian, or not be Christian in America. In other words, as a Christian, I don't have the right to assert my Christianity on anyone else; especially in the business sector. I have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ all my life; in case anybody is wondering...

    • Renellin

      I don't think you are correct there. In a business like a restaurant or convenience store, what you say is true. But a hairdresser, a contractor, a photographer, and even, yes a caterer should be able to pick and choose who they are working for, and even the restaurant and convenience store can kick you out for offensive behavior. The discrimination issue is being used as a tool for these activists to get in our face, and trust me no doubt there would have been debauchery unlike anything this guy has ever seen had he allowed them to force him to serve them.

      • Jeffrey Liggens

        Well not too long ago, either this web site, or one of its affiliates published a story about a gay couple who sued a "Christian" photography business, ran by a "Christian" couple, who refused them service. I believe it was in New Mexico. One of the lesbians sued in court, and the photographers lost on the grounds that they were discriminating against the gay couple. They treated the gay couple unfairly; and they lost in court, as they should have. Here is one of the articles.

        I might add that the irony of the photographer's position is this: when Jesus Christ fed the multitudes by the thousands on more than one occasion, among those fed, how many of them do you think were sinners; even Gay? Did Jesus Christ ever in scripture discriminate against gay people in the world? He preached "repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand"...TO ALL. Not only did He die for the heterosexual, but for the homosexual as well. If He did not discriminate against gay people, then how can any alleged Christian be so proud, and comfortable to discriminate against gay people in the world, yet claim to follow Jesus Christ, where He never did this in the world? If a gay couple walks into a Christian Church, and demands of that pastor to marry them, that is a whole different issue altogether. But Christians serving the world in a business sense, do not have the right to discriminate against any sinners (gay or straight), who have not broken any laws of the land, nor overtly sought to harm the owner(s), or their business.

        • Renellin

          Silly, silly, silly. This is really not a gay issue. You can't force a contractor to build you a house, and those photographers should have appealed. I remember the article. What does one do when one "orders" a photographer to take their picture? Use bad lighting? Make the angles funny? I once won a lawsuit against a Christian couple who refused to rent to an unmarried couple. Was I stupid enough to rent from them afterward? NO. There is no reason that gay couple needed that particular photographer except to target him as a Christian, just as the gay couple trying to force themselves (and their public show of affection and controversial marriage) upon Christians. I would countersue their obvious discrimination against Christians.

          I believe in nondiscrimination of the public--gay, straight, bi-etc., religious, various colors etc. I have no argument with that. In my job I deal with people from all over the world, and all sorts of personalities. I am good with it, and were I to discriminate, I should be fired and maybe prosecuted. But if you want me to paint your picture, and I don't want to, you fight me in court, do you really want to pay me for whatever I end up painting for you??? Because know this. If you don't pay me, I will sue back. And then you will learn how stupid you are acting.

          This issue is stupid, and the court was wrong in the photographer case.

          As Christians go, I agree and have argued until blue in the face that a Christian should show love to their fellow humans in all ways, and that is the best way to convert them to the same faith. However, forcing Christians to participate in acts which promote the behavior which they find most abominable, like having to lead a toast to the gay couple, or baking a cake with a gay picture, or even allowing gay sexual activity to occur on the trolley in public view is a form of discrimination in itself, and I would submit it could be argued in court that it is the gay couple who is suing (no doubt with outside monetary support) who is doing the discriminating. It's time Christians stood up and declared their love for all humanity, yet still stuck by their precepts in and out of court. Unfortunately, so many Christians are incapable of overcoming their disgust at the gay lifestyle that the message gets muddled and they do come off as discriminatory.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          I enjoyed reading your post. By your writing, you come across as very intelligent, well thought out, and sensitive towards people in general. However, I do see a contradiction in what you are saying; i.e. "It's time Christians stood up and declared their love for all humanity, yet stuck by their precepts in and out of court." The problem with the second part of your statement is that Christians are not following any Biblical precepts, when they discriminate against non-Christians; i.e. gay people in the world. "In the world" is the operative phrase here. In the assembly of believers in Christ; i.e. the Church, we are instructed by scripture that, if one is presently involved in unrepentant sin, after taking them before other Christians, and eventually the pastor to admonish them on their behavior, that if they don't stop, they are to be cast out of the Church. But that is where the authority of the believer ends; at the borders of the assembly. Not over non-Christians in the world. This is what I meant by Christians are not keeping any Biblical precepts when they behave in this manner towards gay people. Christ never did this. They are unjustified in their bigotry. As for photographers being forced to take pictures of people they don't want to; if they are hired, and do a shoddy job at it, they can be refused payment. If they are professionals, and they do substandard work, then they can be sued for wasting the client's time. If their work is compared to their prior work from other clients is judged as being sub-par, and those other clients are straight folk, then that is circumstantial evidence of discriminating against the gay couple. If taken to task, they would and should lose in court. The notion that people can express their bigotry towards non-Christians, and claim it is in keeping with their Christian faith is foolishness, and shall be dealt with accordingly in court. If you say nothing, nor have any reaction to heterosexuals kissing in public, neither should you have any reaction to homosexuals kissing in public. My point is, kissing in public, is either appropriate, or not; regardless of sexual orientation. As a professional in business serving the public goes; you do not have the right to discriminate against anyone because you don't like their life style. Nor are you contributing to, nor endorsing anyone's life style by rendering the same service you render to everyone else. This is why, when Christians pull this nonsense, they get sued, and they lose. Their alleged faith in Jesus Christ is no defense for their behavior.

        • Renellin

          Jeffrey. Well reasoned out and well stated. I am afraid I am not quite as good at getting my message across as you are. Let me respond in order (hopefully) to your post. I agree with you about discriminating--someone who does a crappy job on purpose because they're forced to do the job to begin with doesn't help anything. But as a gay person, or any other person, why would you want to force someone to make your ultimate expression of love art? Why would you sue. I am not advocating the person taking the pictures do a bad job. I'm saying the person contracting the job should be careful to ensure that the photographer 'sees' and 'appraises' the situation and has the requisite skill and abilities to make a work of art out of my event. Unless, of course, I am a jerk who is trying to take down a business or make a public and political spectacle out of harassing Christians, "bomb them back to stone" as it were.

          We can all agree that homosexuals used to be treated pretty poorly several decades ago. They're not particularly popular now, usually depending on how publicly they display themselves. But now they have the political clout and are treating Christians with very similar contempt. We shouldn't allow either, if we can help it.

          I agree treating non-Christians poorly relative to Christians is against the teachings found in the Bible among other sources.

          I do have reactions to anyone making public displays of affection in excess. I am happy to give someone a hug, a peck on the cheek, clap, hooray, etc. These actions don't offend either. But necking and making out in public is distasteful under most circumstances and you are right, it doesn't matter who is doing it. Another aspect of the gay 'push-back' and activist behavior is to show up at whatever event they feel will generate the most disgust, and be bawdy and tasteless and unseemly with the purpose of annoying the surrounding people, setting them up for being called hypocrites etc. Heterosexuals don't generally band together as a cohesive group and set out to committing acts that should not be done in public. This happened in my town, touching off lawsuits that lasted for years. Approximately 30-40 people banded together and descended on all the local bars downtown. Once inside each bar, they got loud and lewd and generally disruptive. They were eventually thrown out of most of them. Next, as part of the plan, no doubt, the lawsuits were filed for discrimination. It was a costly process. That's garbage.
          As for Christians loving Christ and all that, you know, I am left so confused. People can be the nicest in the world and seem to believe they love God with all their heart, yet they exhibit bigotry and rudeness in the most shameless fashion. I'm glad it's not my place to judge. When it comes to gay behavior, (my parents are in this group) they HATE. They use the church as a crutch to support their already cultural disgust. I'm no fan of gay behavior, which puts me in a strange spot. But I also know if these people came into my bedroom (which I am happy to say is quite active) they would hate what I do for fun too. So I leave gays to do what they do and I do what I do. Hopefully ne'er the twain shall meet (at least in my bedroom). Can a gay person love God? Why the he** not? Does God love them? Of course.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          I totally see your point about not hiring someone who would do a lousy job at what I wanted them to do. But I also understand the actions of protest against "Christian" business people who use their faith to discriminate against not just non- Christians, but gay people; further claiming they do not want to participate in the gay people's sin. The hypocrisy here is, the "Christian" business persons tend not to care if a couple of heterosexual adulterers, or fornicators enter their business for whatever the services the business renders. So I understand why some in the gay community will go where they know they are discriminated against, suffer the discrimination, then sue the "Christian" business. What I say to that is, there is no place for discrimination in our society; and if you as a business discriminates against your customers, be prepared to pay for your actions.

        • Renellin

          There are a few areas where a person is required to make decisions artistically where discrimination is warranted, perhaps even expected. If you're selling a pack of rolaids, a movie seat, a bathtub (or installing it), or even painting or selling a house, there is no room for discrimination. No one should even be considering not doing so because of real or perceived sexual orientation. Asking someone to take pictures at a gay wedding, though, or celebrating a gay wedding is a much more personal activity in which they are asking for your expertise and artistry in AN ACTIVITY which is contrary to everything you believe in. Did you know the next planned step in the reforming of America by those working behind the scenes is pedophilia? They are calling sex with children a sexual orientation that doesn't deserve to be treated as anything else. If you were able to stand by and allow that to happen because the law said they could do it, how would you feel if they tried to hire you to work the camera while they made child pornography? Hopefully that is a bit extreme for you, but I mean to be to make my poiint. They want to participate in an activity and make you provide the background, setting, artwork, etc., to actually participate actively in the very acts you find unconscionable. Do you see the difference? That is how strongly these people feel, and I think they should have a right to feel that way, just as a gay person has been determined to have a right to feel and act the way they do. That they specifically target Christian business people because of their feelings ought to be a hate crime, although I don't believe in those either.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          You make a valid point. The extreme is where I would draw the line; i.e. legalized pedophilia. If I were a business owner, I would consider either a business where I would not have to service pedophiles. or have no business at all. Maybe consider moving out of the country; or mounting up in protest with the Church against such acts committed against children. Decriminalizing pedophilia is enough to cause anarchy nationwide. Just so we're clear, when I say pedophilia, I mean as the word means; people who are sexually aroused by pre-pubescent people (12 year olds and younger). Don't mis-read that: It is not appropriate for adults to have sex with anyone under the age of consent. In several states, it's 16. In Iowa, it's as early as 14.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          You make a valid point. The extreme is where I draw the line. I would consider either having a business where I did not have to service pedophiles, or not doing business at all. Maybe even leave the country,
          or mount up in protest with the rest of the Church against these
          acts committed against children. Just so we’re clear; what I mean by
          pedophiles, I mean as the word means; people who are sexually aroused and engaged in sex with prepubescent people (12 years of age and younger). Don’t mis-read that. An adult should not be having sex with anyone who is not an adult. Then there are others whom would argue their right to engage anyone who is of the age of consent; which varies according to the state. In many states in the US it is 16. In fewer states it’s as young as 14!

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          You make a valid point. The extreme is where I draw the line. I would consider either having a business where I did not have to service pedophiles, or not doing business at all. Maybe even leave the country,
          or mount up in protest with the rest of the Church against these
          acts committed against children. Just so we’re clear; what I mean by
          pedophiles, I mean as the word means; people who are sexually aroused and engaged in sex with prepubescent people (12 years of age and younger). Don’t mis-read this. An adult should not be having sex with anyone who is not an adult. But then there are those who would argue their right to engage anyone who is of the age of consent; which varies according to the state. In many states in the US it is16. In fewer states it’s as young as 14!

  • Wrightclick

    Equating racial discrimination with homosexual discrimination is a red herring. That's like comparing apples to oranges. Both do not stand under the same argument.

  • bananafanafo

    SUPPORT this guys Business if you live in the area or coming to visit!

  • Anadara

    Gay rights have evolved into special rights.

  • redrover

    Do these people not see how ignorantly stupid they are to trash what is honest, real and good to push an agenda that will NEVER make them married. THEY ARE SICK PERIOD AND A JOKE!!! If it were not so outrageously sickening it wouldf be totally laughable to cramb such garbage down the throats of everyone!!!! If a Christian business condones it they are not Christians, as homosexuality is an abomination to God, period! The grace of God comes when such people abstain and get help for such affiction to their mental health! It will never be right no matter who says what or what laws are passed...evil is evil!

  • gypsy314

    Help is on the way a civil war will help clean this evil from our country soon enough run democrats and Obama , gays illegal aliens the heck out of our country.

  • Ken

    This is all part of the homosexual agenda. This country is really sick. Any business owner should be allowed to provide services to whom the owner wants to provide services. Also, since the owner has had $50,000 in business taken by the goerment, it should pay the owner $50,000 per year.

  • Sutekh

    I'll only buy the argument that a black business owner can refuse service to a white customer if the black owner is a card-carrying member of a church like the one that Jeremiah was pastor of. Then he can claim a religious exemption on the grounds that his God has told him that he must hate white people.

    • Renellin

      I like your argument. But I see a difference. I went to a bar with my gay cousin. He's an a$$hole, but I love him. Anyway, he likes to get attention, so he started hitting on the bartender, flirting with him openly and offering himself for services. Eventually the bartender leaned over and said, look. One more comment of that nature and I'm going to throw you out of here. Now was he discriminated against? No. The bartender was perfectly willing to serve him. The behavior, however, was awful and there was no reason the bartender had to take it. I feel refusing service to a person because he's gay is wrong, but I reserve the right to restrict what the customers are going to do what might impact my other business or might make me uncomfortable.

      In your example, if the white person came in and started throwing around the n word there would be a problem.

      If the gay couple just wanted to take a ride, no doubt the owner would have allowed them to ride. But they wanted their wedding to take a political tone and wanted to rub their relationship in the public's face, including the owner. Otherwise why not choose something less controversial to celebrate your nuptials?

  • Sutekh

    What's the difference between America and Sodom & Gomorrah?
    The "cities of the plain" both had functionaing governments.

  • ArtF

    He would be well served to move OUT of the state of Maryland completely, as it is following very close to California as a homosexual, pro-illegal immigrant state. Of course, I don't know how far west he would to go to find a retrievable 'trolley track system'.

    • Renellin

      But that just lets them win. They want to do to us everything they perceive "we" once did to them. They don't want fair. They want to make us suffer.

  • TPS12

    Unfortunately for us we will reap what we allow our government to sow.

  • WhiteFalcon

    I figured that out many years ago when the civil rights thing was getting going. What is discrimination? It is choosing one thing over another. So when you buy an orange rather than any other fruit, you are discriminating against all the other fruits. When you hire a qualified worker over those that are not qualified, you are descriminating against all tha non qualified ones. It is just plain not the Government's damned business.

    • Renellin

      It's even worse than that--for example, age discrimination. There is a limit on age discrimination--it is 40 years old. If someone is over 40, you can't discriminate against them because of their age. Of course, it is done all the time, but you have to be able to prove and bear the costs of the suit. However, if, say an athlete is discriminated against because he is 35 and they figure they've gotten all the use out of him that they wish, he is not protected. I have always scoffed at the term 'reverse' discrimination, since it is what it is, and the reverse just doesn't belong.

  • toodeepforu?

    How is this happening? How is the Federal government able to do this sort of thing?

    reason is that we are US citizens. Hardly anyone understands what it
    means to be a US citizen. US citizenship means that one is a citizen of
    Washington, D.C.

    Originally a citizens of one of the several
    states, was NOT a US citizen. The term "United States" citizen was used
    to signify someone living in one of the territories of the US. State
    citizens were citizens of the state where they were domiciled.

    We all have been tricked into becoming "US citizens", and thus citizens of Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C., Congress has the constitutional authority to make all
    laws, rules, and regulations, that pertain to the District, it's
    Territories and Possessions. All legislation, that Congress puts forth,
    applies to US citizens since they are Washington, D.C, citizens.

    only legislation that applies to a citizen of a state must comply with
    the 17 enumerated powers that Congress has been granted in Article 1
    Section 8 of the Constitution.

    If you want the details, click the link below.

  • Philip K. Eyrich

    The quote below indicates that all religions, including Muslims, must perform marriage ceremonies for gay people right now, and the government must also marry gay couples. Also, the government must allow everyone to receive food stamps, regardless of actual need.

    "If they’re providing services to the public, they can’t discriminate who they provide their services to,..."

    • Renellin

      But the fact is, that is not true. Ministers may pick and choose who they marry. I understand if you have a restaurant and people are going to just eat food, you should serve whoever walks through the door, but at your discretion you can also ask them to leave, and they have to. It's really a very difficult decision. The same goes for a photographer. You can ask someone to photograph your wedding, but if they don't want to they don't have to. You can engage a contractor, but if he is busy or he is planning a vacation, or his daughter is going through puberty, or he doesn't like the house you're building or he doesn't like your attitude, he doesn't have to accept the job. It should be mentioned somewhere that all over the country people are picking on religious people and targeting them--and they will not stop until they have them lay down their very deepest beliefs in the name of 'fairness.'

      • Philip K. Eyrich

        It was The Baltimore Sun which explained that Grubbs has to refuse all wedding couples to avoid discrimination lawsuits and to stay in business, and they argued that “‘If they’re providing services to the public, they can’t discriminate who they provide their services to,’ said Glendora Hughes, general counsel for the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. The commission enforces public accommodation laws that prohibit businesses from discriminating on the basis of race, sexual orientation and other characteristics.”

        I'm agreed, "In a free country, a business owner has every right in the world to refuse service to anyone he wants. This means a black owner can refuse service to white people if he really wants to. And likewise a Christian business can refuse service to homosexuals."

        It appears that some people don't want a free country.

        • Renellin

          No, I do not agree with what you have said. I also don't agree that a photographer can be forced to take pictures of stuff he objects to. The owner isn't refusing service to homosexuals. He's refusing to run wedding tours. It's gay marriage he objects to. It's not the same thing at all. Can you force a contractor to build you a house in the shape of a giant penis? Or maybe a Mosque, for that matter. People have to have some choice about the stuff they can be forced to do. Isn't that part of a free country as well? If he had said, I don't like gays and they can't ride my trolley, I would be with you all the way.

  • QuisPercusit

    I'm glad I left the gulag of Marylandistan 40 years ago never been back since.never will