Al Qaida Offers Bounties for Deaths of US Ambassador and US Soldiers

Earlier this year President Obama said we are winning the war on terrorism and that al Qaida wasn’t the threat it used to be since we’ve taken out many of their top leaders.

If Obama is right, then I guess there’s no need to take al Qaida’s latest threat seriously, is there?

On Saturday, the al-Malahem Foundation, a media part of al Qaida, posted a bulletin on a number of militant websites.  The post offered a bounty of three kilograms (6.6 lbs) of gold worth around $160,000, to anyone who kills Gerald M. Feierstein, the US Ambassador to Yemen, stationed in Sanaa, the country’s capital city.  Additionally, they are offering a bounty of 5 million Yemeni riyals ($23,000) for the death of any US soldier.  The bounty is good for the next 6 months and is being used to promote a jihad war against the US.

According to sources in the US government, the Yemen branch of al Qaida is the most militant of all the branches of the terrorist group.  This group is believed to be responsible for the deaths of several senior military and intelligence officials earlier this year.

I wonder if the State Department will give Ambassador Feierstein any more security than they gave Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi?

If Obama really believes that the war on terrorism is dwindling down and that al Qaida is not the threat they used to be, then let’s see him replace Feierstein with Michelle Obama and make her the new Ambassador to Yemen?  Or perhaps, send Eric Holder or Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi to Yemen as the new Ambassador and bring Feierstein home.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Again...Obama is in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood. This latest turn of events will have zero, zip, nadda affect on the administration's policies.

    • kds

      OBAMA will give them more money, just another bump in the road.

      • Doodlebug

        The only reason obummer can say that we are winning the war on terrorism is because he doesn't believe in terrorism. He's always calling it something else. And, Screemin is right, he is in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood. He seems to allow the extremist Muslims into the WH on a regular bases. They know every nook and cranny in the WH and can find their way around without any guide or anything else. I don't know about you but, it scares the H out of me! I'm very much afraid if the next president is a republican or conservative.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Maybe Secretary of State Hilary will visit Yemen directly to refute such outlandish claims? Perhaps even the POTUS himself? Surely they will listen to his long winded condescending speeches with the rapture and attention we (Bullcrap) Americans do.

  • Carol

    In one article it mentions taxes in Obamacare. We know most of America did not want this. Then in the next aritcle you tout your love for war, which most Americans also did not want. Both sides are screwing us royally.

  • Dave

    It is timely to have a Kerry become the State Sec .He is soooo clever guy & can solve all the world's problems with a democrat party magic wand.

  • Don

    Impeach Obama now!

  • conscience voter

    At least there's no danger in Michelle and Pelosi getting raped. But, woe for Reed and Holder as they will get the same treatment Stevens did before they killed him. Can't we just air-drop Obama in and see if he can sweet talk his way out? We could make a ton of money for this country by selling bets on the outcome. Just what we need now, innovative revenue.

  • lizaz

    Funded by our tax money????

  • dangkids

    I love this statement, it is hilarious!!

    .............If Obama really believes that the war on terrorism is dwindling down and that al Qaida is not the threat they used to be, then let’s see him replace Feierstein with Michelle Obama and make her the new Ambassador to Yemen?

    Obama says she should be PAID "for all she does" (LOL), heck send her big amazonian self over there!

  • DockyWocky

    Gee. If those islamic nut jobs are willing to put up 6.6 pounds of gold for an ambassador, I wonder what they would would put up for a president? Even one as miserable as our Barack?
    Could we take up a collection to cover whatever the difference is?

  • Fireplace

    Yemen is a bit different then Benghazi...Stevens wasn't at the Consolate- that was in Tripoli. Why was he even at, basically a CIA outpost in, the middle of nowhere, Benghazi? Because he was secretly running guns and munitions to Al-Queda, our enemy, in order to arm the Rebels in Syria to overthrow Assad. No rescue of Stevens and time for the munitions and evidence to "disappear" saves Obama's butt. Obama is Sunni Muslim (his so-called "wedding" ring is inscribed with "There is no god but Allah"- which he started wearing when he was with his homosexual Pakistani lover at Occidental), as is his Muslim handlers, the Saud family of Arabia. Assad is Shiite, and an enemy of Obama and the Saudi family. Obama is using US Troops and Arms to clear a path for the entire Middle East to come under control of The Muslim Brotherhood- hence Obama ignoring the Constitution, going around Congress and instigating war in Egypt (putting the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi into power AND giving them billions of OUR dollars plus tanks and war planes) and Libya, and other North African nations. Don't be surprised to see Obama fund and support regime change- not for democracy- but for a complete Middle East take over by radical Islam. This monster is a traitor and a fraud.

  • harrycobalt

    they have the means to accomplish it because obama supplies al qaeda with weapons

  • Shane

    We should stop sending money and weapons to Muslim countries, as they will one day use the weapons against us. Cease All Funding and Support for Al-Qaeda Terrorists and Extremist Rebels in Syria

  • Carol

    Does this surprise me NOT really because he is a Muslim and couldn't care less about the USA that is why he has to booted out and sent back to his country and that is Kenya TODAY.

  • ecoplastican

    I'll give you a quarter for each ragh3ad you bring to me. They are worth less than that, so I expect many. What I wouldn't give to be young enough to serve in the Israeli Army. I would say the US Army, but there are too many g4ys.

  • simpletony1

    obama doesn't know his anus from a hole in the ground. He's incompetent, inept and illegal. He looks exactly like about all the depictions of satan and wonder why. Hmmmmmmm. He IS a muslim working from the inside out. Our society has been buying a seat in hell for decades and this scenario is the trump card (no pun intended). Congress played right into his hand and also became the people's enemy and it is high time for all of them to go.

  • geneww1938

    What is your president doing about that? They are paying Muslims to do what?

  • Mr Lucky

    Live with it! Your lack of pertisapation put him in office! Sleeping all those years has put it in harms way!!!

  • Alexander Davidson

    Why not send Obama Family to Yemen on a CIA plane, and give Al-Quaida the keys to the US Embassy.... problem solved for people at home!

  • Robert Manstine

    We need to bring these people home. We send our boys over to Afghanistan where some of them will be killed or wounded and for what? Those people have been fighting from the beginning of time and our presence will not make any difference. When we leave, everything will return to them killing one another again so the time, effort and money we spend is absolutely wasted. We need to pull all our people out of that part of the world. Those people do not think like us and we aren't going to change their minds. Now they are putting bounties on the heads of American Ambassadors and Soldiers. Get out of that place...get out of that part of the world and bring our boys home. We have our own needs right here. We can certainly use that money thats being wasted in foreign lands on a people that hate our guts right here at home in health, education and bringing our infrastructure up to date. With some of the savings we could realize, it might even allow those A-Holes in Washington to lower our taxes but I doubt they would do that. Any time there's a pile of money sitting somewhere, they will spend it and then some.

  • nanblan

    Obama - are you going to try and save this one? And what happened to the al Qaida that was greatly diminished?