Children of Privilege Busted in Occupy Bomb Scheme

You've got to admire the "ethics" of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. All that looking out for the humble 99 percent while going after the evil 1 percent must be exhausting.

Thank goodness, then, for the 1.5 percenters who are actually in charge of the Occupy movement and put in the work to bring about the sort of change that's so needed in this country.

A couple of Occupiers were doing just that recently when "the man" nabbed them and charged them with making bombs and hoarding weapons.

Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene were busted at their Greenwich Village apartment with an explosive compound called HMTD, a flare launcher, shotgun, high-capacity magazines, notebooks containing formulas for explosives, instructions for converting semiautomatic guns to full auto, along with papers in a cover titled "The Terrorist Encyclopedia."

Gliedman is the daughter of one of New York's most prominent doctors and grew up on Park Avenue. Her mother is a successful Realtor. She graduated from the private Dalton School in 2002.

Her boyfriend Greene, the sperm donor for her ninth-month bun in the oven, is a graduate of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and some sort of big shot in Occupy, according to the New York Post. He has a list of priors including assault and weapon possession.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Greene who attracted the attention of police, who came to the couple's apartment to find Gliedman on suspicion of credit card theft.

The mainstream media have mostly ignored the story, while the further-left media are trying to cover up Occupy's connection to the alleged bombmakers.

The Huffington Post, where probably half the writing staff is involved with Occupy, actually wrote of the couple's arrest, "No political writings were discovered, and Kelly said the investigation was continuing into whether the couple had any larger plans or ties to any radical groups. They didn't show up on any watch lists."

Let's see.

"No political writings." Just a little tome called "The Terrorist Encyclopedia."

"Larger plans." Um, bomb?

"Ties to any radical group." I dunno, maybe ... Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy didn't even rate a mention in the Huff-n-Puff story, although both suspects were named in the headline.

Greene's attorney, Lisa Pelosi, said the couple also had drug problems.

To paraphrase Captain Renault in "Casablanca," I'm shocked, shocked to find there is terrorist activity going on in Occupy's establishment.I'm sure somehow it will turn out to be the Tea Party's fault.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Just like Bill Ayers...son of wealth, member of the terrorist Weathermen Underground...a Marxist.

    Just like his spouse, Bernadette Dorhn...daughter of upper-middle class family...a Marxist

    Just like the po' boy, Obama...who lived in the most exclusive area of Jakarta, Indonesia.... whose grandmother was a bank VP....who attended Occidental, Columbia and Harvard....and a committed Marxist, also.

    All lying hypocrites with pretensions to the underclass....and very very dangerous to a free society.

    Some high-powered lawyers, paid by ''Daddy'', will likely get the charges against these two privileged brats dropped. Its doubtful that they will ever serve any time. Really, they, along with Ayers, Obama and every other Marxist/Communist in America should be deported to some totalitarian country where they could experience the consequences of those failed ideologies. A reality check might be in order.

    • Elly

      The difference is that the Tea Party contains, for the most part, the privileged who can afford to (try to) buy elections in our nation, etc., while OWS spans economic classes- kind of like the rest of the U.S. There are anti-Americans in both organizations.

      • John Illinois

        Elly, you have it absolutely ass backward. The Tea Party consists of hardworking people, while the Occupy Movement consists of those who are supported by others. You are Moron!!

      • Moose

        Wow, are you way off base. Many of the Tea Partiers that I know are retired blue collar workers tired of paying for other people not to work.

        • Stephen Heard

          AMEN!!!!! Me included

        • DrBarbara

          And me!

      • Brenda

        I would venture that as high as 90% of tea party members are ordinary citizens. They go to work, provide food, clothing, and shelter for their families, and are concerned about the downward path America is on.
        Those who can afford to buy elections are the Hollywood set, the multi-millionairs like Soros, Buffet, those that can afford the $35,000/plate campaign dinners, corporate donors, and the unions. OWS's make up is questionable. They range from the lazy who want a handout to the wealthy with a thrill for slumming in the name of a movement.
        It comes off as a movement of discontent, with no path, and wanting to incure as much damage as possible.

        • lara

          your so right.I am a Tea Party member and i am not rich but tired of paying for the fraud of welfare ...If we dont have money you stop spending and borrowing..whats so hard to understand with that? but the left wing nuts have an agenda and its to take this country down..THANK GOODNESS for the TEA PARTY!!!!

      • Screeminmeeme

        elly...You don't know what you're talking about. No one from the Teaparty crapped on a policecar, raped bystanders, destroyed public parks, stole from others attending, smoked crack, used planters as public urinals, rioted, destroyed, and committed other crimes.

        While there are good and bad in every group, the OWS is little more than a group of radical ne'er-do-wells, anarchists, and anti-American, enemies of the State.

        I'm a member of the Teaparty and I'm a middle-class senior. I have never, and do not now live a privileged life. It sounds to me like you've bought into the Obama-created class war that he so effectively used to get re-elected because so many clueless people fell for it.

        Anyone who defends the OWS has lost the respect of those of us who are hard-working patriots. You are defending the indefensible.

      • gavinwca

        name one in the Tea Party commie.

      • lara

        You have NO idea what the Tea Party is about!!! You have never been to a peaceful rally OF The Tea Party..NO violence and no one ever arrested...Compare that to your occupier thugs...

      • colleenf

        Dang, there you go again spewing your ignorance! Might be better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and have the truth be known.

        • John Mayer

          The tea party is composed of a bunch of racist fat white old people who are about to die anyway and slip into irrelevance (Not the Tea Party was relevant to begin with)

        • wildbill

          john mayer at first i just thought you were stupid but now you have opened your mouth and removed all doubt. as to your next comment, you have shown that that you are not only ignorant but uninformed. you should take your sorry ass to one of those commie countries and enjoy the atmosphere

        • RedMeatState

          and your prejudice and ignorance is propelled by hate. we shall expect nothing productive from you; even if you are the real John Mayer.

        • Screeminmeeme

          John Mayer....You are a hoot and totally predictable. More juvenile drivel from one who thinks he will never get old.

          Just remember Sonny.......what goes around, comes around.

        • Shawn Smith

          Please produce actual evidence of racism. You know who's really racist? MSNBC, who used footage of an armed man at a Tea Party event to say the movement was racist. They conveniently cropped the footage to hide the fact that he was black. To fit their story, they turn a patriotic, conservative black man into a racist white man.

          Liberals have made the word "racist" meaningless by screeching it at every opportunity.

        • Johnny Genlock

          Dang, Mayer. Well, you hit the MSM talking points bullseye. Only prob is it's bull puckey. I should ask Alfonzo Rachel if he's a racist. He spoke at a Tea Party a couple years back. Amazing how you lie, lie, lie, and then simply repeat it as if it is so. And that's supposed to be intelligent conversation?

      • wildbill

        code word for elly is ignorant a--hole

      • RedMeatState

        what a prejudiced and ignorant comment! Not even close to be accurate!!

      • AndrewJerome

        Elly, are you out of your mind? I'm a member of the tea-party and I nor anyone else I know who are members of this organization are priviledged or rich enough to buy any election nor would we want to. If that were the case then Romney should have been elected but he wasn't. My belief is that Obama was elected in that very same way, by rich and priviledged people who bought the election for Obama in a number of ways. You and I both know that many votes were bought and paid for, either by promises of more entitlements or free cell-phones or the promise of amnesty for all the illegal aliens in this country who are sucking our Country dry by taking jobs away from our own folks who need the work to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Many illegals are not paying taxes on their earnings and are sending much of their money back to their home country. Their children are a burden on our schools and hospitals. Where will our soldiers work when they come home? With so many people out of work now what are they supposed to do? I'll tell you what will happen, though. These folks will go on welfare, get housing stipends and food stamps thereby increasing entitlement programs that we cannot afford and the increased cost will bring this Country to its knees even faster than it is now. Your president is doing absolutely NOTHING to help the situation.

        He is ruining this Country and wants to bring us down to third-world country status.There is so many good things he could do for the Country and refuses to do any of them. He could put thousands of people to work and he doesn't. He can tighten security for our borders but he doesn't do that either which allows more illegals and drug mules to come over and will shoot anyone in their way. This man has disrespected our Country since his first day in office. If more regular folks used their brains and saw what this guy has done, and is doing to us now, he would not see another day in office. He would be pulled out of there by the scruff of his neck and tried for treason. Sorry for the long post but don't $hit on my Constitution and expect me to be quiet about it.

      • I_P_Frehley

        Elly , you are so right on with your blatherings. I mean seriously, all those racist, middle-class folk scared to death by the possibility of their savings being appropriated by the compassionate and benevolent marxists. Who do those people think they are anyway? They obviously have enough to share with those unwilling to do for themselves.

      • axmickl

        Just what level of ignorance produces a statement like you just made? If you had a clue about the tea party members you would know they come from the greatest generation and its followers, not the parasite elite that you little occupy fleas stem from.

      • mikem wasn't a tea partyer that crapped on a NYC cop car during the OWS protests!

      • TeaParty Patriot

        Who bought elections? It seems Santa Claus owebomb used his "stash" of taxpayer money to purchase140% of the vote in some areas, and convinced the cadavers to vote for him in other areas, while in still other areas the illegal aliens came out in force to support him with the promise of amnesty as a reward and the real kicker is the information deprived voter who sold their vote for a owebombphone.

      • mpdmd

        You must have just been furloughed from the institute of the Idiots. Why must we be tolerant of you idiots. There are so many countries where your level of stupidity is welcomed and I am sure your wealthy parents not only can afford to buy you one of these countries, they most likely will be glad to have you spread your manure elsewhere

      • Shane

        BS. Most of the members of the tea party are middle class. The leaders of the OWS are far left and the children of the wealthy, while the minions in OWS are mostly poor and middle class "useful idiots."

    • John Mayer

      Bill Ayers is a hero. Everyone who supported the vietnam war was a traitor to humanity.

      • bobseeks

        According to the standards of those who murder babies and enslave and degrade humanity through dependance, right john?

      • Screeminmeeme

        John are an ass. A clueless, liberal ass.

      • rktman

        Hey john. Thanks for making me feel so much better about serving in the Navy in the late 60's early 70's. (I believe that was during the VietNam era if I remember right) Guessing you are feeling the same about our military today in Iraq and Afghanistan? What have you done today worth mentioning?

      • Brian

        Oh! You mean JFK and Lyndon Johnson????? In case you are completely brain dead they were both Democrat. Or perhaps you forget or didn't know that Truman another Dem refused to help our WW 11 allie HCM rebuild Vietnam which caused HCM turn to USSR. He that fails to heed history is destined to repeat it.

        • John Mayer

          JFK was a traitor as well... You evil maggots who supported napalming Vietnam all deserve a similar demise as JFK.

      • Johnny Genlock

        So you support the Weathermen dictum; imprison 50 million Americans, kill 25 million? That's the stuff heroes are made of? Mao must be at the top of your hero list. Vietnam is a bad litmus test. It doesn't take a Marxist to have been against the Vietnam War.

      • Shane

        Bill Ayers is an unrepentent terrorist and, of course, a friend of Obamas. The way to change the government is through the vote, not bombings.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    Now don't get me wrong here, but since when is it illegal to own a shotgun, "high capacity" magazines (weapons hoarding?)or even the paperwork that the article mentions? Outside of the bomb materials, this could be anyone of us that owns weapons.

    • catman

      This took place in "the village". That is a portion of New York City. You know, that city by the hudson river? In NYC, you don't get to own any kind of gun without the blessings of the "administration" of said city.

      • gavinwca

        And definitely no 32 ounce sodas or Blummerberg will get you.hopefully they did not have any dirty 32 ounces.

    • JacksonDeLand

      How could this happen on Bloombergs watch?

    • Moose

      There has to be more here then meets the eye; why would there be only one shotgun and high capacity magazines that are most likely for rifles and handguns? They are not illegal but suspicious along with the other things.

    • Brenda

      I think it was the type of weapons involved, not just the shotgun. But really, a flare launcher?

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Flare guns are used on boats regularly, to signal distress.

  • NamelessN00b

    Original pic by Madame Origami of DeviantArt

    • Herkpilot

      NamelessN00b, Your comparison is wrong headed. The people who are the subject of this article possessed materials that are intended to do us harm. It is not logical to compare them with the one who volunteered himself for harm to protect us. I could see a correlation if the presumed "Occupiers" did not appear to be out for themselves (ref credit card fraud) - nice try though!

      • NamelessN00b

        Those guys do not represent the movement as a whole. Yes, what they did was disgusting. But that's nobody's problem but theirs.

        • edc

          What if they were tea party memers? then would it be "nobodys problem but theirs"? You know full well you and the lame stream media would be crying "hang those blasted conservatives!"

        • NamelessN00b

          Yup. If they were tea party members, then should receive same thing those guys got. But like those guys, they wouldn't represent tea party members as a whole, either.

        • fatman45


    • fatman45

      This is a much more accurate comparison.

      • lara


  • rchguns

    Typical would you expect.

  • hiskid

    its time to take the silver spoon out of there mouth's and beat them with it

  • JacksonDeLand

    Who's gonna get the baby while they are in jail? From the looks of the report, .... a drug baby!!! This is what we need, more stupid , spoiled bratts with the corrupt media behind them!!!

    • gavinwca

      Crack headed Grand Parents can take the crack Baby, not the State.

  • Brenda

    Thank goodness for the 1.5% ----- give me a break. Since what was the CHANGE they wanted so needed in this country? Legalized theif of others wealth because they wanted to freeload? OWS is a poor excuse for social reform. Hoodlums, rapist, law breakers, these are the prople we want ushering in the change America wants!
    Now we find that the privileged members are making bombs,hoarding guns, and having problems with drugs. Just the type of fine upstanding citizens we should feel sorry for and the liberal press supports and idolizes.
    OWS is just the type of movement that marred the 60's and gave the youth of this country an excuse to riot, burn, and disrupt the country in the name of "free love" and "do our own thing". Thank God that most of the hippie generation grew out of that phase. But they did leave behind several groups that were and are violent.
    Morally no man should profit from the toil of his fellow men. It may seem unfair and at times questionable over the excesses of the wealthy, but they did after all get their on their own. If they commited a crime in the process of amassing their wealth then put them on trial.

  • kjenkinsaf

    What college educated brains of mush hatching a terrorist plot? Gotta be a frame.

  • Sproing

    Those on the left who like to post here and elsewhere in a manner that can best be described as not only infantile and mostly uninformed simply can not see just how much trouble the United States of America is in across a wide array of fundamentally important social and economic areas.

  • Carmine1948

    Liberals wanting to Kill I think we need to band Liberals Media MSM, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN were are you? On this one Doing Cooper under the table.

  • LARA


  • Angel

    I bet they are all tied in some way to the DEMO-Crats

  • SmarterThanAverageBear

    "Greene’s attorney, Lisa Pelosi" Does anyone happen to KNOW if this attorney is in any way related to the psycho former Speaker of the House?

    • wildbill

      smarter than average ; my information has it that nancy pelosi went to the west coast from new jersey

  • jimpeel

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    --John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  • rktman

    Sounds like a similar situation from the old weatherunderground days. Too bad they didn't have an accident. Now it would appear that they will be headed for immediate tenured professorships at at some prestigeous institute of higher indoctrination. Of course we all know that ayres and dohrn were allowed to gain those positions so "the man" could keep an eye on them. Right? What the hell is wrong with us? (Totally rhetorical question!) Tailgunner Joe was right on the money.

  • Anita D. Phillips

    When is the media going to do their job and expose the occupy movement and quit picking on the tea party. They just might find themselves on the recieiving end of Greene and partner one of these days, then we will see what gets reported!!! If they had of succeeded in making a bomb the media probabley would have blamed the Tea Party or the establishment. Occupy movement is nothing but a bunch of low life rich brats that do not have enough to do!! They are no better than any terrorist group. Anita D. Phillips

  • TeaParty Patriot

    I'll betcha a $100 to a donut that they both get off scot free. Mama and papa will buy them out of any trouble(it's just a childish prank). Just like the Hearst family got patty hearst out of a murder conviction after she joined the SLA. Money and influence in the news media mean EVERYTHING.

  • meansmustbetheend

    This won't make it into any media acccounts - especially the New York Times.

  • Robert

    I have a radial idea if these people are so tired of not getting there fair share of the free goodies why not pack up and go to a country that will give them what they need, when they need it. They can all go somewhere that is Oh say socialist and can treat them like they deserve.
    In the words of the great sage Walter (pack your $hit and get).

  • Shane

    Wow, this is the first I have heard that these scumbags were left wingers. So it now makes sense that I have heard so little about this story. If they had been right wing crazies, it would have been front page news across the country. Media bias strikes again!