Obama: I Cut Spending Last Year by $1 Trillion

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, host and DC gun law violator David Gregory asked Obama if he sees himself as accountable for Washington’s inability to come to a suitable compromise on the over-sensationalized “fiscal cliff,” a term that the media and Washington have been using to scare Americans into accepting more socialism. Obama responded that he’s got a track record of cutting spending. In fact, he claimed to have cut $1 trillion last fiscal year alone. He stated, “Well, I have to tell you, David, if you look at my track record over the last two years, I cut spending by over a trillion dollars in 2011. I campaigned on the promise of being willing to reduce the deficit in a serious way, in a balanced approach of spending cuts and tax increases on the wealthy while keeping middle class taxes low.”

The problem is, the numbers tell a different story. As reported by CNS News, Obama’s own Office of Management and Budget show no overall cuts in spending:

 “According to the White House Office of Management and Budget, federal spending was not cut by $1 trillion in 2011. In fact, in fiscal 2010, federal spending was $3,456,213,000,000. In fiscal 2011, federal spending was $3,603,213,000,000. That was an increase of $147 billion. While President Obama did not cut federal spending by $1 trillion in 2011, he did increase the debt by more than $1 trillion in that fiscal year. In fiscal 2011, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget, the federal deficit was $1,299,595,000,000. That was up from a deficit of $1,293,489,000,000 in fiscal 2010.”

 Increase, decrease, what’s the difference? In this case, well over a trillion dollars.

Math was never my strong suit. But you don’t have to be a mathematician to compare two figures and calculate what the difference is. In 2010, the spending figure was over $3.4 trillion. In 2011, the figure was over $3.6 trillion. 3.6 is larger than 3.4. Therefore, there was an increase, not a decrease, much less a $1 trillion decrease.

Of course, I didn’t have the benefit of a government education like many in Obama’s administration. Maybe there’s a new way to do subtraction these days that I’m not aware of. Or maybe he got mixed up between “spending cuts” and “national debt increases,” because he did increase the national debt by $1 trillion in the same fiscal year.

Either that, or Obama’s just not telling the truth.



  • Screeminmeeme

    And no one....I MEAN, NO ONE, calls Obama on his lies.

    • Floyd

      This has been going on for 4 years.

      I will be curious if my post will be deleted.

      In my younger years I have met people like Obama when I was living in an urban area. No character or integrity. Even the biggest of the stoners that were my friends or acquaintances had character. They worked, maybe were a little unreliable but they still had integrity.

      The worst part is that no one dares question these habitual lies. Why is that? Are they to be called racists? Have many people in this country stooped to a new level? What gives? Fear? Retaliation? Corruption?


      • Dean

        Obama is a psychopathtic liar and he actually believes the statements that he makes are true and that is a mental problem.

      • HappyG

        Floyd, let's face it, after five decades of dumbing down Americans through the use of marginal teachers, those who have always wished "Death to America" are finally getting their wish...

      • Stephen Heard

        All of the above.

    • http://www.facebook.com/amfer.ferg Amfer Ferg

      There was one - he even called it out to o on the senate floor! And he was made to apologize; how dumb we are.

      • YO VINNIE

        I believe that was Joe Wilson. He should have never apologized for telling the truth. In the words and voice of Jack Nicholson's character: obama, you can't handle the truth! The doooouchbag lives in some fairyland, unattainable utopia where he thinks everybody hangs on every word of his pixie dust speeches.
        How pathetic and lame, yet there are those that believe his obvious horse $$$hit.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Yo.....Youre right. It was Joe Wilson.

          Great description of Obama, too in your comments.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Amfer Ferg....Yep...my mistake...you're absolutely right. It was Joe Wilson who drew sharp criticism from everyone because of it.

        Way to go, Joe. I applauded you when you yelled it....and I continue to applaud you today.

    • Mike Tanco

      But you can always tell when he's lying, his lips move. Any human being that believes this SOB is either stupid or brain dead.
      Does Congress remember that he took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution? Instead, he's ripping it apart. IT's time for change alright, back to a democratic form of government.

      • Conservativesniper

        I'd actually like to return to a republic. Democracy is financially unsustainable.

    • don

      ya ever heard of scared?

    • MarilynBr

      I honestly and truly don't understand why no one in power does call him on his lies.

    • TeaParty Patriot


      Using the illogical bassackward reasoning of a liberal/regressive, the owebomb did cut spending by a trillion dollars last year. He really wanted to spend 2 trillion dollars last year but those nasty TeaPartiers objected strenuously and he could only manage to steal and spend a trillion dollars so with his convoluted chicago style new math he really saved a trillion dollars last year. It doesn't wash with a thinking person but the owebomb is able to convince his limited information supporters with that he really did save a trillion dollars last year by cutting back on what he intended to spend

  • Dave L.

    Same kind of math that they teach in Detroit Public Schools, 2 + 2 is whatever you want it to beez !!

  • Melissa

    Force the issue and recall every one in Congress!

    If every one would start up a "RECALL" of everybody in congress then you will see action and less garbage talk.

    That's how you solve this problem and not with gossip n guns!

    if every body would sign a recall in every state
    for all congress and impeachment for the President, we will get
    something done. Other wise it's all talk and no blow. Force a recall of
    everyone in congress and see how these mooching criminal will shape up and do there

  • BigUgly666

    Lies, LIES, and MORE LIES.

    .... and everyone is afraid to call a spade a spade and call him on his lies - easily proven within his own (unlawful) administration.
    Damn-Congress for failure to abide by their SWORN OATH.

  • dean29685

    liar obama added 2 plus trillion to the deficit and counting

  • grassroot

    And with this kind of logic they, the progressive radical leftists, can
    ordain anything they want for the " working" tax paying populous.
    Liberal fascism. THIS is what our forbears fought against and now the
    far left wants to destroy it. OB didn't seek out marxist professors when going to college for nothing.

  • mrsawdust

    Obama never tells the truth. Barack Obama was born to lie. We have a segment of the population that will support him only because he's black and the government supports their way of life. While others work and support themselves, pay taxes. How in the world anybody support an idiot, fraud, treasonist president like Barack Obama blows my mind

    • John Illinois

      Actually, Obama is 4/8 Caucasian, 3/8 Arab, and only 1/8 Negroid, which happens to be the correct racial group.

  • donl

    The biggest liar in the history of this country!!

    • Doodlebug

      But you see doni, he lies sooooooooooo much he starts believing his own lies. And he thinks we are sooooooooooo stupid that we don't know the difference. But you and I know who the stupid one really is. Anyone who thinks that cutting spending by $1 trillion is enough when we are way over $16 trillion in debt. I think that shows exactly how dumb he is. It's his way or the highway, unforetunately!!

  • The_American_Way

    The king can say anything he wants and the Pravda Press will back him up.

    What ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN will start saying is that Obama actually wanted to spend a trillion dollars more than he actually spent so, in fact, he cut spending a trillion dollars.

    Liberal delusion knows no bounds. They can rationalize anything and the Obama followers will swallow it.

  • Ruggedlark

    And you know what is going to happen next? The vaunted "Low Information Voter" is going to parrot what ever the President says...

    I wonder why David Gregory ever has a job, considering he didn't even press Obama on that fallacious statement.

    • HappyG

      Gregory has always been a stooge for the dems...nothing new here...

  • rg

    Obama is a liar with limited or very special math skills, somehow he comes up with whatever numbers he wants . How does this disgraceful man come up with lies like this and how is it that so many ignorant Americans buy the lies and never question him on it?

    • Stephen Heard

      It is called the shell game.

  • jane12

    He is a lying sack of black s--t

  • Ruggedlark

    OK. Something weird is going on with Disqus, My post is the Low information voter. That's it.

  • camdenme2


  • antiliberalcryptonite

    N'r antichrist-in-cheef

  • Fiesty

    Haven't caught on to him yet? The lack of intelligence is disgusting!

  • Moose

    He could have cut $1T if he spent that much less then his budget. Wait a minute...he didn't have a budget. The Senate never passed one.

  • yachtnutz

    Wow This worthless lying muslim Planted non American POS believes his own lies we are really in trouble here folks. He was asked about all his Vacation he went on last Year and he said that he didn't take any wow he has gone Golfing 19X while in office last year , I can't believe how much the Media is on his Socialist side. Everyone in Congress is afraid of him because he is pure Evil I give this Nation about 1 yr before we Die as a country all at the hands of our Chicken S%&t Goverment and The Imperial Leader and his Evil Evil partners.

  • Mg

    He lies about everything, every time he opens his mouth its a lie.

  • HappyG

    Obo the Clown counts on his base to be ignorant of reality...but in his defense, they are, so why not just keep on lying?

  • ste1021

    Obama lies. The MSM repeats it. The voters don't care if we're going bankrupt and their families will suffer. End of story.

    • Carmine1948

      Yet these same people will cry like babies saying they did not know.

  • USA Retired

    O'Bozo can stick his gun control where homo's go, because it will never fly in this USA!

  • USA Retired

    Muslim's are taught to lie as a matter of principle and habit, and O'Bozo does both! He lies so much he believes what he says, and either ignores or can't remember the truth! He belongs in Federal Prison!

  • neleh

    O may brag about cutting spending a tiny bit but he increased that amount spending more $'s. Who does he think he is fooling??

  • TeaParty Patriot


    Using the illogical bassackward reasoning of a liberal/regressive, the owebomb did cut spending by a trillion dollars last year. He really wanted to spend 2 trillion dollars last year but those nasty TeaPartiers objected strenuously and he could only manage to steal and spend a trillion dollars so with his convoluted chicago style new math he really saved a trillion dollars last year. It doesn't wash with a thinking person but the owebomb is able to convince his limited intelligence supporters with that he really did save a trillion dollars last year by cutting back on what he intended to spend.

  • Suescritters

    If so what did you spend it on because you sure as heck don't know how to pay down the debt?

  • ste1021

    The voters have decided to settle for dependence and a lower standard of living. First time in our history that the next generation will be worse off than us. We've gone from the Greatest Generation to the Dependent Generation.

  • GWY

    obummer is a liar and a communist....oh, that's the same thing.

  • colleenf

    Obama: LIAR.


    "Obama: I Cut Spending Last Year by $1 Trillion"

    Sure you did, syphillis brain. This doooouche bag has some serious problems and should be fitted with a Brooks Brother straight jacket and a padded cell designed by Martha Srewart. What a freakin' ^sshole!!!!

  • don

    people love this man when he lies. if he ever told the truth they would be lost.

  • AndrewJerome

    "Just not telling the truth" .........That last sentence says it all!!!!!!

  • disgusted

    How many times can he just sit there and lie and the media bury their head up his butt. He just looks like a fool and the media looks twice as dumb. Boycot the media and the Sponsors that support them and they may just start doing their jobs. Where are the real journalists that want the special story and don't just suck up? BOYCOTT NOW! Write letters to sponsors and tell them you will not buy their products unless they start holding media accountable.

  • http://twitter.com/dmarshall123 Dennis Marshall

    One big ass liar. Try Obumma for treason and get the firing squad ready.

  • agbjr

    Just one more lie from a lying Marxist sonofabitch.

  • pguild01

    Obama saying he cut spending is bs.

  • Stephen Heard

    obama is a bold f ace liar.

  • Back2God2010

    He's got everything backwards so he spouts his lies and his liberal puppet slaves believe him...and no one holds him accountable for anything. He also said in that interview that the Newtown CT massacre hit close to home...huh? What you mean he has concerns about guns when his daughters and family are protected by massive secret service men with guns and that hits close to home? What a fake hypocrite. He truly "never wastes a crisis" to promote his destruction of our freedoms and our constitution! He has to be stopped! We can't just let him stamp out all our freedoms and launch us into a depression or dictatorship. God grant us wisdom and leadership and direction.

  • Robert Manstine

    This man has never been good at math but he is very good at telling lies. I reckon he feels that if I keep telling the same lie over and over, someone will finally believe him. I feel sorry for his daughters, they are growing up believing that lying is OK and thats what they will do the rest of their lives as well. You're doing good Mr. President, your daughters should be proud of you until they get caught in their lies as well. Must be part of your culture. Is that the way they do it where you come from....wherever that is.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Wonder what the deficit would look like if he hadn't "saved" a trillion?
    Which would come first? A cold day in hell, or 0bama going on Fox news for an interview? I'm betting on needing a jacket.
    Surviving urban crisis.

  • Navigator30

    You guys simply don't understand "Baseline Budgeting". He is taking credit for the fact that we wont be fighting in Iraq 10 years from now. Think of all the money he could save by deciding not to build a Space Station of Mars each year for the next 10 years, LOL!

  • DockyWocky

    Come on...somebody's got to say it!

    Freekin' liar!

  • http://www.facebook.com/maxwell.friedlander Maxwell Friedlander

    Hussein is nothing more than a LIAR. The Lmestream Media will always cover for him.