Peace Loving Columnist Says Kill Gun Owners if Necessary and Drag Legislators Behind Pickup Trucks

What does a peace loving and peace abdicating columnist resort to when he gets really angry?

Donald Kaul has been a columnist for nearly 50 years and was even nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his journalist prowess.  He is known for his left-winged liberal views and has written against many conservative ideas like gun ownership and constitutional things like that.

Last summer, Kaul suffered a heart attack and retired from his weekly posting at  However, the events following the Sandy Hook massacre have brought Kaul’s pen out of retirement long enough to write an opinion for the Des Moines Register.  Known as an anti-gun peace loving sort of chap, Kaul spoke out about the violence and the gun control dialog that followed.

He wrote in part:

“Here, then, is my “madder-than-hell-and-I’m-not-going-to-take-it-anymore” program for ending gun violence in America:

• Repeal the Second Amendment, the part about guns anyway. It’s badly written, confusing and more trouble than it’s worth. It offers an absolute right to gun ownership, but it puts it in the context of the need for a “well-regulated militia.” We don’t make our militia bring their own guns to battles. And surely the Founders couldn’t have envisioned weapons like those used in the Newtown shooting when they guaranteed gun rights. Owning a gun should be a privilege, not a right.

• Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. Hey! We did it to the Communist Party, and the NRA has led to the deaths of more of us than American Commies ever did. (I would also raze the organization’s headquarters, clear the rubble and salt the earth, but that’s optional.) Make ownership of unlicensed assault rifles a felony. If some people refused to give up their guns, that “prying the guns from their cold, dead hands” thing works for me.

• Then I would tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control.”

I love how so many anti-gun people turn to guns when it fits them and to violence as bad if not worse than what they claim to abhor.  Obama is anti-gun, but is protected by guns everywhere he goes.  His kids attend a school with at least 11 armed guardsThe Journal News in New York is so anti-gun that they post an interactive map of all pistol permit owners in 2 New York counties, but when they feel threatened, they immediately hire armed security guards.

Now, peace loving Kaul, who has written against guns about 75 times in his long career, abdicates using violence to stop violence.  It’s just like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that produced an anti-gun video using dozens of Hollywood stars that make their living by acting in shoot-em-up violent movies.

Some years back, I encountered an ardent anti-hunter who tried to make his point against hunting by killing a bunch of rabbits and squirrels and displaying them out in the open for everyone to see.  When I asked him why he killed the very same animals he was trying to save, he said he was so angry by hunters like me that it was the only way to make his point.  When I asked how he killed them, he said he shot them.  At the time, I was with my best friend who just happened to work for the state Game and Fish Department as a wildlife manager and law enforcement officer.  Turned out the guy violated several laws including hunting without a license and the illegal discharge of a firearm around a residential area.  He was promptly cited, his gun confiscated and he ended paying some hefty fines.

Deep down inside, all of these anti-gun peace loving advocates are the same violent sinners that we are all.  When their buttons gets pushed too far, they often resort to the very tactics that they claim to abhor and would never ever use on anyone else.  People like Kaul need to heed the words of Jesus Christ who told a crowd of angry people about to stone a harlot:

"Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7



  • Screeminmeeme

    Amen. .Good job, da Tagliare. The anti-hunter story was a hoot and sweet justice.

    When you're looking to start the day with the bizarre, you can always count on the left. This guy is the typical leftist loon........maliciously disdainful and unsparing. There are vipers that are benign compared to Donald Kaul.

    But.....(sigh)....Now we're going to have to outlaw those potentially lethal Chevy pick-ups.

    • Loren Wonderduck

      And to think I used to ride IN THE BACK of those trucks WITHOUT a seat belt and lived to tell about it. Thank goodness we now have laws that will protect me if I decide to do that crazy stunt again....Oh yea, riding in the back is illegal. I feel safer now.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      I'll never understand your obsession with directions. It's like you think all political philosophy can be boiled down to a dichotomy. Are all the people you surround yourself with that simple?

      • whackajig

        Liberals have great difficulty understanding anything more complicated than a food stamp.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          Is that what you tell yourself? Curious.

        • Larry Lakee

          Hey numbnuts ........ ha ha

      • elaine connelly

        Please go away, you are confusing yourself with someone who has 1/2 of a brain.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          Are you always this clever?

        • Phillip Lake

          No Bubblehead, this article and people like you are the ones telling us this. You people honestly cannot see the forrest for the trees.

        • Ruggedlark

          Its forest, not forrest...I suspect you are having a bad day.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          "No Bubblehead, this article and people like you are the ones telling us this."

          People like me? Who think politics are more complicated than left and right? No I don't think it's people like me saying such things. It seems pretty clear that you are the type of person who says such things.

          "You people honestly cannot see the forrest for the trees."

          You make a mistake in believing you can only see one or the other.

        • Phillip Lake

          Sorry Elaine, I meant for that message to go to MR. Bubble head

      • Screeminmeeme

        GOOTB....It can. Jesus said: He is who is not with me, is against me.

        Simple. Everything can be boiled down to two groups. Two philosophies. Two outcomes.

        And yes...most of the people around me are simple people, like the conservatives on this blog. Simple. Straightforward. No-baloney-types. Hard-working. Patriotic. Uncomplicated. And smart enough to be able to boil down the most complex issue to its bare-bones and cogently communicate their conclusion and possible solutions.

        I don't expect you to understand that.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          Two outcomes? Tell me, seer of seers, what are the two outcomes?

        • Screeminmeeme

          GOOTB...Figure it out.

    • whackajig

      FORD ................. never took any bailout money. They deserve your support.

      • agbjr

        And never mind what Obama and his Marxist minions spout, old Henry DID build that company!

    • PWe72

      Agreed....but today we gotta give a healthy share of that "bizarre" category to the GOP - those idiots just reelected "boner" Boehner as speaker. Of course it could be that the best candidates were too smart to get stuck with such a thankless and frustrating job.

  • Loren Wonderduck

    The title of the article should read, "Peace Loving Communist Says Kill Gun Owners.........." This poor, misguided little man is only concerned with rights and privileges that do not restrict any of his freedoms, beliefs or amoral behavior. His only motivation at this time in his life is to sell copy, get another 10 minutes of fame and make a few bucks. If he really wants to stop the killing, outlaw abortions.

    • madinillinois


      I believe he just made a very distinct point between the "looney" left and the right! You don't hear anyone on the the "right" or shall we say, "conservatives" abdicating that anyone who believes differently then they do be "killed"....whereas this man is clearly delusional.

      I say, with this kind of "crazy" - I'd take full utilization of my Second Amendment rights...

      • Whackajig

        ovomit believes differently than I believe and I have often wished for his death. I make no threat to him myself, but I would express gratitude if ovomit were put in front of a firing squad.

        • Rick

          Then we'd be stuck with VP Biden

        • YHWH IS HERE

          Then he goes next

        • Ruggedlark

          After that, isn't it the Speaker?

        • CommonSense

          Face up to the FACT that there is no more Freedom in elections in the USA. 141% voter fraud in FL and no action is taken by any judge! WE have lost America folks.

        • Barnlady

          Yep, and that is how Obama will be elected "Dictator for Life"... Several voting districts in Ohio had 100% turnout for Obama!! I believe all of the Moochers did vote for him but a district with 100% of its people on the "dole"?? I don't think so..

        • Sam W

          Ballot box stuffing! The dem's do know how to CHEAT!

        • Bdeholl

          You've forgotten lying and stealing. They are quite adept at those too! Read ANY obummer speech.

        • Progressive Republican

          Yet are a poor second to the GOP.

        • Ruggedlark

          I have this argument daily. With myself.

          One part of me wants to let it all go, and let them (the people that want something for nothing) have it; and the other part says, someone has to stand and fight.

          I guess I'm not ready to give up, or pack up and head for the mountains. This country is still the beacon of freedom in this world. Too many people just want to be slaves.

        • Get Real

          Keep arguing and wait that day is quickly approaching.....and the SHTF!
          It's coming to a head......

        • Ted Crawford

          I understand completely ruggedlark! However I'm sure that most citizens of Acient Greece and Rome felt much the same, even as their Societies collapsed around them!
          With Obama's re-election and his continued pursuit of counterproductive and self-defeating fiscal policies, it's over!
          Within a few months, at best, the Credit Rating Agencies will issue a further Downgrade of our credit rating! That will hasten the efforts of the other G-8 Nations and the IMF in their efforts to create their SDR's, or whatever name they finally give the Financial Insturments they create to replace the Dollar as the Worlds 'Petro Currency' and therefore the Worlds Reserve Currency! Once that is a reality, the economy of the Weimar Republic will be a much soght-after GOAL !

        • Ruggedlark

          Basically, You ARE giving up.

          Is this what I'm reading from your words? Giving up the fight? Really?

        • CommonSense

          Your choice is to either act like the "Arab Spring" group, or sit back and take it. Legitimate elections will never got you back to where we were. The founders should have done a few things different. I have marched since the 60's to stop's only gotten worse and the Republicans are no better than the Demagods!

        • Ruggedlark

          I don't think our elections are legitimate.

          We need a paper trail. We need to oversee the election offices in our county. Our County people need not be filling in ballots. Electronic balloting can't be trusted. We have to face it, and force changes within the system.

        • Norma Butcher

          Unfortunately, 'legitimate elections' are a thing of the past. You will never see another one in this country, and if BO has his way - there will be no need for them - unless they become like Cuba - only one name on the list to choose from. Dictator Obama will see to that. "Heil Obama" - right? Sad state of affairs we as a country find ourselves in....

        • Sam W

          What? The democrapic/obamy way! CHEAT and stuff the ballot box. Do you really believe the election results?

        • Ruggedlark

          No. No I do not believe the election results.

          And NO, don't want to cheat and stuff the ballot box, either.

          There are too many people voting that don't understand the consequences of their vote, or they don't care. And, they don't care because of a philosophy...

          Like Dr. Paul said, Why is it so hard to sell Freedom? (might not be verbatim)...

        • Ted Crawford

          " The one Permenant emotion of the inferior man is FEAR! Fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants most is safety.
          Most people want security in this world not Liberty" H. L. Mencken
          "Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" Ben Franklin

        • Ruggedlark

          Fear is a mindset. Lack of faith in oneself. We have to change that.

          Everyone has fear (of something), but what is not taught is self reliance. And there are consequences for one's own bad decisions. Individuals need to take responsibility for themselves, no matter their upbringing and the slap downs they've experienced in life.

        • Progressive Republican

          More than any patriot did in 2000 and 2004.

        • Don39

          No he is guilty of many of the same crimes by aiding and abetting!

        • stadalberts

          Put him and Pelosi in front of the same squad

        • CommonSense

          Nope, I believe it would be MOOOschell. Boehner would find a way to make it happen before harry would.

        • ridovomit

          Biden isn't the Anti-Christ !

        • Get Real

          No , but he is a retard!

        • Sam W

          VERY GOOD CHOICE OF WORDS! STUCK What a looney tune!

        • Don39

          After having been tried and convicted of but a few of his crimes, I would agree.

      • old blacksmith

        "abdicating" = "to resign, to renounce formally.... to abandon or relinquish a throne, or other dignity or privilege."

        word choice in the article (s/b advocate?) same here. argue
        "relinquish" if you will, i will counter 2nd amendment an inalienable
        right, not privilege.

        molon labe - The Ancient Greek phrase μολὼν λαβέ - google it

        • Chuck Petersen

          You saved me from writing the same. Molon labe.

      • WhiteFalcon

        He is a nut job that should be put into a well supervised enviroment because he can't be trusted. He is the kind that would go buy a gun and go into a movie theater or school and kill a bunch of people.

        • Maggie moo

          Liberals are like that....yeah they are!

      • machodog

        Is this the voice of a stable mind? Is there any difference between Mr. Kaul and Adam Lanza?? Mr. Kaul justifies killing and or maiming law abiding gun owners with his own weapons of a rope and a Chevy pickup?

        And what is so confusing about a one sentence amendment that is very clear cut; and what is so confusing about "shall not be infringed"?
        Mr. Kaul should be channeling his anger and vitriol at the Benghazi incident. Those men and women were not allowed to be armed and they were cut down totally defenseless. If any of them were his son or daughter, he would be screaming right now about why were they not armed.

        What a total blithering idiot he is. I hope that he gets in a position where he wishes to hell he had a gun.

        • Get Real

          This whole Adam Lanza thing stinks ..... there is way more to this than meets the eye folks ....don't be duped by this !

          The media is not tell you what or how or who all was involved !

      • CommonSense

        Repuglikkkans are very different from Conservatives. Conservatives won't kiss butt!

      • Tasha22

        I say lock him up in a mental hospital. Oh, forgot demoncraps shut them all down.

      • Thatmac

        You have abdicated some of your credibility to advocate for gun owner's rights by not using the correct words.

    • Invest in precious metal: LEAD

      Agreed! Welcome to the USSA (Un-nited Socialist States of America)

      • Dustin

        Or rather, "DSA" Divided States of America.

    • Tallypoosa

      The headlines of the local RAG SHEET" will read..: " The remains of a human torso was found on a lonely back road. Medical Examiners has determined thru DNA, it is the remains of Communistic Anti- American unemployed town Jester, D. KAUL. There were just enough fluids on the Hugh Log Chain that pulled his seemly fat torso behind a truck to identify his remains. The chain was forced, up his over-sized rectum, and was connected out thru his xtra large mouth.. These two pieces of human tissue were all that remained on the log chain..! County Sheriff Barney Fife was quoted as estimating the Lard Ass was drug 100+ Miles. He also says he will investigate !!

    • The Old Sarge

      What do you expect from someone who has won journalism's top prize named after the biggest yellow journalist of all time?

    • MilVet

      Wonder if this idiot is man enough to be the first one to try to take a person's gun away.

    • Raymond


    • Jeffrey Gerolmo

      Well Said , Sir ! Maybe you could become a journalist and spread the truth about the lies this bi-sexual civil rights terrorist has expressed for an entire career .

    • WIZ


  • Jude O'Connor

    Donald belongs beside all those other Pulitzer Prize heros like Arafat, Gore, Obama that don't have the brains of a gnat. Restrict and pass all the laws about guns and they too will take their place along with the laws of gravity. Useless! If you can possibly change the mind of a criminal you may be on the right track for they are the culprits causing deaths by firearms.

    • Wolf

      Jude, I think you are confusing the Pulitzer Prize, which is in the journalist arena, with the Nobel Prize, which cover many areas of Science, Medicine and Literary Arts.

    • American

      Agree with you Jude put Biden in that bunch too, someone ought to take his pencil away and shoot it side ways up his Hiney. What a Nut-Jerk he is.

  • MarxistMayhem

    With any luck, he'll have his final heart attack soon.

    • Jerry C. Kinman

      With any luck and believe me, I'm praying!

  • NamelessN00b

    Did you say "Piece" or "Pieces?"

  • Jman20

    You do realize that it would not be his candya___ killing anyone dont you.. It is funny how these flaming liberals crack from time to time and make a comment like this knowing good and well he isnt man enough to step on an ant not to mention killing someone. Big mouth classless pansy is what this guy is..

  • dakota

    This guy is not peace loving and has a mental problem and is part of the problem saying what he said, he should be evaluated and locked up for the public's safety. Someone turn him in!

  • lvegasron

    If you don't support the 2nd amendment why don't you move ouit of the USA. Your comments suck and your ideas are sick.
    I guess the 2nd ammendment protects other ammendments that will let you say and write such trash.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    How could this idiot have suffered a heart attack when he obviously has no heart. Come to think of it, how does he manage to walk when he has no brain?

  • explorerinpa

    This narcissitc liberal comentator is a good example of why the founders of of our constitution foresaw the wisdom in allowing citizens to keep their guns.

  • American Citizen

    Actually, if you read the entire short op-ed, the discerning reader can clearly observe that the piece is written ironically. Especially as the op-ed ends with these words: "And if that didn’t work, I’d adopt radical measures. None of that is
    going to happen, of course. But I’ll bet gun sales will rise."

  • RVSisters

    Wow, this guy is a nut and a good reason for the rest of us to be armed!! He would "tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control".. this "peace loving" guy is a poster boy for why we need to keep our guns. You don't agree with him - you in trouble!! Left Wing Hack! Phooey!!

  • William Wallace

    Hilarious. Just how do these peace loving, potpourri sniffing, granola eating, birkenstock wearing, hippies intend to "KILL" gunowners and do they expect to prevail in a real knockdown drag out fight?

    Also, the hypocrisy is revolting in that advocating dragging Republicans behind a truck is fine, but say that about a black person and it's all of a sudden a national travesty against race relations. So we don't protect political affiliation, which is more protected than race under the Constitution, when it's not our party.

    Lastly, the only reason Liberals/Progressives are still alive is because we gun owners are exactly the opposite of what they say we are. If we are as violent and bloodthirsty as they say we are, do they think any of them would live long enough to spout any stupidity? We number in the tens, if not hundreds of millions, and have hundreds of millions of guns. If we were all out for blood, none of them can stop us. But we are not like that at all, we are peaceful, law abiding citizens and we are responsible with our firearms, responsibility, something that the liberal mind cannot comprehend.

  • Rick Woodland

    Kaul only says it's badly written and confusing because he can't seem to logically turn it into what it is not. The 2nd amendment is very clear and concise. It says the individual has the right to own and bear arms and that that right shale NOT be infringed on (unfortunately it already has been infringed on many time). It also says that they have that right so that they are able to form well regulated militias. It's not that hard and there is nothing confusing about it Karl.

  • HadEnuf

    Let the weinie commie try it! The punk^ss hides behind his elitist ass's facade like the rest of these Kremlin West's politburo. These communist that are so, so prtected and live behind gated and guarded communities have no ef'n business trying to unarm "US" and if they do, we should oblige them - BARREL FIRST!

  • John Lee

    They need to put this guy in the retirement home at the State Mental Hospital, it is obvious he has lost his mind.

    • Guest

      Enroll him in a Public School and give the Public School psychiatrist a report about his threats. The psych will dutifully report to the FEDERAL Department of Education (from which s/he was sprung) and they will haul him away to one of those secret institutions in wooded areas throughout the USA now, and "reeducate" him. They won't notice his age or physical health. they will only function according to the diagnosis in the report from the School Psych. And That's The Rest of The Story, Folks.

      • Guest

        Another thought. Add his name with his comment to the list of gun OWNERS in that newspaper that publicized owners and firearms. I wonder where those muzzles could be aimed at maybe a dark spot.

        • Joel Jollymore

          The paper that printed this raving idiot and the one that printed names and info are both owned by Gannett.

    • aberdeem

      You mean you should put categories on people?????????? Isn't that politically


  • Robert Bruce

    You mean "advocate/advocating" NOT "abdicate/abdicating" Please look those words up!

  • JJM123

    The hate and violence endorsed by the progressives.

    • simpletony1

      I hate you

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      The hate and violence endorsed by the conservatives.

  • RedRiverD

    Yes and the very same people that want to take our guns away (so that they can better control us) (aka: turn us into slaves)are protected by GUNS. So they have nothing to fear by disarming innocent American citizens as they are WELL protected. But we will be UN-protected and fair game for ALL criminals that will STILL HAVE GUNS because they already do NOT abide by ANY laws.....

    Oh and BTW when was the last time that the "legal" sign on a bank door, That states: "NO GUNS ALLOWED!" stopped an ARMED bank robber????? Never that I am aware of.....
    So why bother? The ONLY person that pays ANY attention to those signs is a LAW ABIDING citizen, who was NEVER a threat in the first place. NEVER a criminal.....

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Many bank robbers don't even need a gun. All they need to do is threaten that they have a gun! They know that nobody in that bank is armed, so they just use a note. Liberals are as stupid as they come.

  • jonrmoore

    Sure is a shame he survived that heart attack. I think it affected his small brain.

  • Greg Harrod

    Why is that nut case still allowed to pollute the public prints?

    • jb80538

      proof still that "Liberalism is a mental disorder"

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      You would suggest what? Silencing him?

      • John D

        No. Laughing at him is more effective. Liberals hate to be made fun of and laughed out.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          Pretty much everyone hates to be made fun of and laughed out.

      • Ruggedlark

        Its better he opens his mouth and shows just what a fool he is...

      • Don39

        Oh no, we want all of these nut balls to come out in the open. We conservatives win every time they do!

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          So I guess that means liberals win every time a conservative nut ball comes out in the open? Guess that makes godfatherpolitics a winning place for liberals.

        • Don39

          Typical contorted liberal logic!

  • Weasler

    I've got a better solution. Someone please blast this liberal turd named Donald Kaul into eternity. End of problem. Case closed.

  • GodofPainfulTruth

    Glad to see that a sense of humor is not totally absent here -- the "lefty" writer of the article quoted and mis-quoted above was a joke to make a larger point. -- much like this whole site is really a joke!~ making fun of the right by acting and saying outlandist nonsense -- the site is an excellnet parody of the insane right wing. Well-done -- almost real!

    • Bob Macfarlane

      Happy to see you opine. It is great to see people that disagree with the vast majority of the conservatives in here.

      The First Amendment gives you exactly that right. Without the Second though there would not be a First. Without guns you could be posting here in German, Japanese or Russian.

    • elaine connelly

      GodofPainfulTruth: Outlandist? Did you graduate from High School? Insane right wing, come to me and I will show you an insane person and you will not know it.

  • karmina

    Please see that Mr. Kaul never gets a gun in his hand. It's pretty obvious what he could do!

  • Einstine

    the liberal plan to kiII conservatives is the reason protection is needed!

  • Simon Jester

    Come getcha some, liberal wussies.


    The entire idea that anyone, ANYONE, should resort to calling for the violent demise of others that they disagree with because "their buttons gets pushed too far" is, itself, insane! Particularly so when the so called "buttons" are self defined by those who call for violent response. Extremism, regardless of base ideology, is just plain wrong, and accomplishes nothing positive for society.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I'm not advocating any violence here, but getting rid of this guy would sure do something positive for society.

  • simpletony1

    Hey, here's an idea many of you may find attractive: Put this idiot out to pasture, dressed in red, unarmed and surrounded by bulls. I think that would do the trick...yesirree bob

  • Greg T Beaty

    He is a grand stander and his opinion is wrong. He should be arrested for violence. He is pitiful.

  • Greg M.

    Kaul is a narrow minded liberal idiot . It's been said before and I'll say it again, " Take guns out of the hands of honest citizens and only criminals will have guns ." Look what happened in Australia an England . Gun crime went through the roof .

  • James Maxwell

    I wonder if the numskull has paid any attention to who actually did the majority of the shooting? So far it has not been NRA member nor Republicans for the most part it has
    been the Liberal spineless left who has resorted to such tactics. His rant is proof that
    our honest and legal cirizens need to be armed to prevent such attacks upon them by
    the so called "well meaning, but delouded" radicals from the liberal left wing. Since he
    so wants to live in a country where citizens do not have weapons then I suggest that he
    move to Russia, china, Syria, England or Australia. There only the criminal have
    weapons and he would never have to worrie again. But he should be sure to take his
    family along with him to help support him in his old age before they haul him off to a
    labor camp to become productive ferterlizer.

  • Believer

    Why only gun violence - Why not violence that comes out of the mouths of people like you -
    Why not violence by Union bosses & their followers - threatening Govenors and their families because a Right to Work was passed in their state - Their is so much violence lately and not only from guns - obama even made mention of the GOP if they bring knives we will
    bring guns - Is that not a threat? Next time you want to mouth off - mouth off to the POTUS
    who protects along with his Attorney General the new Black Panthers - are they exempt?

  • amdatme

    Dear Mr. Kaul, I take your threat to kill me and others as a personal attack. Therefore, I extend an inviatation to you to start with me in your nationwide effort to exterminate those who support the Constitution of the United States. I will gladly set aside an amount that will pay for your one way ticket to Texas... I doubt that you will need a round trip ticket. Please advise as to when you can come. Please hurry since I am 75 years old and would like to finish this business ASAP.

    • kylongrifle

      Love you brother!

    • Phillip Lake

      And, if I may, I would like to add my name to that list for all you stupid leftist. You see my full name, I live in Brandon, MS so it should'nt be too hard to find me. If you need directions look up my phone number and I will tell you exactly where to go, OH, I mean how to get there.

      • Larry Lakee

        I like that last name : )

    • hbbill

      A nice try....however the bulk of these idiots do not have the courage of their convictions to take you up on your invite. They would much rather someone else take the risk and will come at us with the full weight of the law at their front as THEY tend to lead from behind, not unlike our dear reader....oooops, I meant to say leader?

    • Larry Lakee

      Maybe challenge him to a dual like in the old Wild West Days : )

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    This guy has about as much stupidity and hate lodged between his ears as any of the delusional who have carried out these latest atrocities...perhaps we ought to lock him up before he goes nuts on someone...

  • DavidE1940

    Donald Kaul, what goes around comes around, your blood is as red as the other guy's.

  • denny

    Tie this guys ass to an ass and send him to DC to kiss the ass of the biggest ass...barry Omamanos!!!

  • cowboy

    Maybe stupid people like this writer needs a ticket to Africa with all of the other writers that do not believe in this country. I'll even chip in money for his ticket so he can leave.

  • gwdecapua

    Another retro from the dummy down school of thought, however he sure loves the 1st Amendment. WOW what a phony.

  • lizaz

    We need to keep an eye on this guy....sounds like one of those mentally deficient people who end up shooting all their fantasy enemies!! I hope he doesn't have any "assault weapons"!!!

  • suckcnn

    Sounds like an NBC man

  • mapmaven

    Ummm.... ummmm..... are we using the word abdicate where we mean to say advocate?? Just curious...


    Maybe this little man should post his home address for all the world to see like they are doing with gun owners in that left wing rag. Not that anyone would harm him but at least his neighbors would know how he feels.

  • raclark

    Get this guy, ragging on law abiding gun owners as monsters while all along he is promoting mass murder to the degree never seen in the world. Who should we be more afraid of?

  • Sharr

    LOL ~ BO and the Thuggery send their kids to Quaker schools (Sidwell Friends), which should mean that they are peace-loving schools, right? And those Quaker schools HAVE ARMED GUARDS!! IN HIS BARBARA WA-WA INTERVIEW W/MO, BO SAID THAT WAS ONE OF THE REASONS TO GET REELECTED!! BUT THEY EDITED THE PART ABOUT THE ARMED GUARDS FOR FOUR MORE YEARS!! BO HAS MO AND MO HAS BO.

  • Conservative Chick

    Let me see if I get this correct, he wants to stop gun violence, but wants to kill anyone, who owns a gun or supports the 2nd Amendment. Huh, whats wrong with this picture. Typical unhinged looney leftist! Of course the left never looks at what right a person has, just what they believe should be done.

  • Jim Greaves

    Didn't Mr. Kaul just threaten Boner and MickyCon? I hope the SS descends on him like locusts, drags him off in cuffs and lets him stew in "general population" for the maximum allowable effect... Then release him on hefty bail into the most violent urban part of his state. See if he squeals like the pig he is when he gets "assaulted" simply because he's "white". He won't learn from it, but it sure would pain him justifiably with his own wishes.

  • Gary

    If anyone will volunteer their time to drag Donald Kaul around behind a Chevy truck,I`ll be glad to let you borrow my Chevy truck.

    • patriot3712

      Give him a hundred whacks with a tobacco lathe before the drag.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    This did not set well with Iowan's. I have friends, family and in-laws in Iowa. They are not amused.

    • NotWorthCaringAbout

      I'm an Iowan and I don't care about his opinion any more than I care about the opinion of the people posting here, which is next to nothing.

  • gvhparkridge

    Another reason to keep our guns

  • Terry Corcoran

    I'll bet he's a queer who hangs around the Mens' lavatories in public parks and drills holes in the stalls....

  • TheTexasCooke

    Be careful Donald....history has taught us that p*ssing off the Praetorian tends to be self correcting.....calling for the death of an armed people is WAY stupid.....

  • Donald D

    Come get me you stupid MF'er, bring your pea shooter, sling shot, bow and arrow, rocks, I'm waiting....45, ,22lr, .38,.380, with my friends

  • Brian

    you are a total idiot dumb zass and if you were standing right in front of me I would say it straight to your face

  • jb80538

    people like him enjoy the 1st ammendment because of the 2nd ammendment.

  • jbp

    I think the government should ban Chevy trucks, since that is what the author wants to harm the congressmen with.

  • William Davis

    Loons, are not just found in the wilds of our northern states. This poor little Marxist must feel his world of communism , led by the new one in the Whitehouse, will help him destroy the Democratic Republic, which has given him the freedom to say anything, however idiotic, he wishes. With 180 million guns in the hands of citizens ???????????

  • Concerned American

    This vile man is typical of left winger's, they are the most intolerant, hypocritical people. This man reminds us all to never give up our guns, he is the type of person who becomes a Hitler and registers all gun owners then collects the guns and the people who go against his secular beliefs. We are living in extraordinary times. We have a communist in the White House and his ilk are starting to show their true communist, Marxist colors. We need to stop Obama and his minion's before it is too late.

    • AssumptionsAreAsGoodAsFacts

      This vile man is typical of right wingers, they are the most intolerant hypocritical people. And they constantly call our first black president Hitler even though it's completely inappropriate to do so based on actual evidence. But then again, they like to treat their assumptions as fact, so I guess we can forgive them for getting a little delusional from time to time.

  • PeterB.

    Never herd of him ever must not be all that popular

  • kat

    I think when this individual had his heart attack his oxygen was cut off too long! If he was truly afraid of us N R A members and honorable gun licensees he would have an armed guard at his home! The first thing to do is enforce the laws on the books and prosecute those who break the laws. The next thing to do is learn to identify those who are incapable of owning a gun without thought of malice with a thirty day investigation into one who wants to purchase a gun, this also gives a cooling off time to bring their anger under control if that is even the reason they wanted to purchase a gun. Only those who intend to create mayhem will have guns otherwise!

  • Larry Major

    Liberal leftists are like Stalin take everyone's guns then kill them!

  • Richard-USMC

    Sir, I am a conservative, Christian, Patriotic, flag-waving American. I, sir, am a true American. I served my country in Nam. I wish you know harm. But why is it that you leftists/communists are so vile, so despicable and so filled with hate. The only thing I wish you is that which Boehner wished Harry Reid

  • pcsrocky

    The Founders of this country worded everything they wrote VERY carefully. The 2nd Amendment has a COMMA between the militia portion and the right to own a gun in general.

    Why is it that someone who is so peace loving must resort to extreme violence to make his point? Do the NRA and Republicans, myself included, resort to extreme violence toward another person in order to make a point? In so very many articles of late, the people who espouse getting rid of guns also expouse extreme violence against the people who do not agree with them!

    I, personally do not have a gun, however I want the right to make the ownership of a gun MY CHOICE not YOUR DECREE!! I want to keep my rights not give them up because you think you know better than I do what I need or want.

    Why is it that so many of the people who want to get rid of guns use guards with guns for some much of their lives? Is that not one of the most hypocritical attitudes and approaches?

  • dlpannebakker

    When is he just going to lay down and die naturally?

  • Paolo Roberto

    America has become a communist dictatorship and is not worthy of respect. Thank a liberal and a democRAT, they did this.

  • quigley

    I would suggest to him that there is a significant flaw in his plan. If one needs to select a particular group to be tracked down and slaughtered, then gun-owners are, as individuals and groups, are the worst choice that could be made.

  • leatherneck101

    I have never heard of this guy before; could it be that no one reads his diatribe? Like most non-believing, hypocritic, atheist, liberal, communist Cretins he only has a platform when people read his garbage. His comments reflect the reasons why I own a gun; to piss people like him off; because they can never make me bow, and the only reason for appearing to bow is that he is so low that he sits on a dime and swings his legs and you have to bend over to see him. He needs to be playing on the LA freeways..

  • Apocalypto

    Yup. "Liberalism is a mental disorder..."

  • The Scotsman

    All I can say is, Just Try It On Me and you will regret it! O.K. just try it on any NRA MEMBER and you will Not live long enough to regret it! Self protection is one of the many programs the NRA has going!

  • Robert Wilkinson

    This is the very reason that the founders drafted the second amendment. A well regulated militia was the best deterrent against wacky elitists who wish to use the power of Government to eliminate freedoms. It is not guns that are the problem or Switzerland would be one big problem in the middle of Europe with each citizen require to carry not just semi automatic weapons but automatic weapons in service to their country. As reservist they must have such weapons personally "on the ready". Where is Don Kaul on Hollywood violence and our gang/hip hop culture where guns are glorified as tools of power? I can't hear him.

  • Moose

    You can't argue with a nut!

  • Ed Avakian

    This guy is a moron. Are you sure he didn't have a frontal lobotomy?

  • gdamifino

    Now that some of our"be-love-ed leader"s new tax mandates are begining to surface again. Remember last tears scare on taxing ammo into oblivion??? Keep Your Powder Dry Brothers and Sisters

  • BlueViolets

    I'd suggest he move to any number of countries that have banned guns and enjoy the safety one can only know when the police, the military and crooks are the only ones owning guns. But then I really don't think they would want him any more than we do.

  • Libertylady

    There is an avenue for repeal. It involves 2/3 approval of each house of Congress, signature from the President, and 3/4 ratification of the states, within a 7-year period. Let this dumbass go for it. It would FAIL. EPIC FAIL. Mega-delusional prog...

  • Memphis

    I am a conservative, Christian, gun owner. But PLEASE pull out your dictionary and look up the word "abdicate." It does not mean what you think it means. The word you are looking for is "advocate."

  • Yup it's just me

    You can't fix stupid!! The liberal mind is demented!!! The only good thing about liberals is eventually they die.

  • winlockmike

    hey donald dumb azz if you want my gun or want to kill me for having one why don't you get off chcken s--t butt and come try doing it yourself instead of getting someone else to do it

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    How about Chaining & Dragging Don Kaul around till his moth is swollen shut FOREVER !!
    LEAVE MY FREEDOM ALONE !!! You want to stop violence? Take ANYONE who breaks the law out in PUBLIC SQUARE and HANG THEM SLOWLY so all will watch !! Instead of housing them and they are living better than we are !!

  • Ed Avakian

    Do away with the Second Amendment? He does not deserve to be called a American. Life in China would suit him better...

  • kpjlaw

    Don't worry about that person. He is senile and demented.

  • Politically Incorrect

    Well I guess he's entitled to his opinion, and if he was on meds, he'd probably carry out his threating remarks. This guy I would red flag, and put him on a watch list. Kaul is a bonifide nut case by putting how he really feels in print and thought nothing of the consequences.

  • Jake

    I think his personal information should be published.
    Name,address,phone number and picture.
    He should have to look over his shoulder.
    What a creep.

  • D. Guardian

    This type of people are the ones that drive the crazy-'os. The nuts have computers and they go on the internet. This guy is urging them on. If he keeps doing what he is doing, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody makes an attempt at another massacre. He should be locket up, he is dangerous. He needs to be treated.

  • Tom

    Where do you find bunches of rabbits to shoot in a residential area , Gun owners are law abiding citizens. End of story .

  • sargent rock

    I welcome this individual to put his money where his mouth is and lead the charge to take away my guns.... come and get them if you have the backbone, because i will give up my guns as soon as i run out of ammunition....

  • Tom

    I believe this is what the liberals call hate speech, yet they are silent on one of their own. Imagine that

  • Jed54

    Liberal & Extremely Stupid ....Hope this guys neighbors keep their kids off the street and their doors secure...

  • Employed101

    Seems to me that Mr Kaul has threatened my life and is inciting to riot. Both crimes. How about issuing a warrent for his arrest?

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Sorry, he's a "Journalist". Therefore he, like his leftist political cronies, believe they're exempt from the laws that apply to the "Little People", i.e.: "We, the people".

  • Fred Doe

    To prevent maniacs like this from running your life, you must resist their efforts at every turn. Evil mental cases like these will not stop until they have their way. Further erosion of your rights will occur either through unconstitutional laws or "executive orders". First, civil disobedience. Simply do not obey them. They must be ignored. Do not register guns or submit to finger printing or confiscation. Get to know who your like minded neighbors are. Are you, or do you have family or friends in law enforcement or the military? Talk to them. Talk to people and spread the word that that these efforts to disarm the American people of their rights and ability to protect themselves from criminals and an out of control government will not be met with indifference. The left must be shown that there are many more armed supporters of the constitution then there are people willing to be "obama's enforcers". If you are in law enforcement or the military, refuse to obey unlawful orders. Which is more important? Your safety, rights, country, family and freedom or your job? They cannot subjugate us as a group, so they will rely on generating fear by staging military style assaults on some who refuse to obey, in order to frighten the majority into submission. And remember that resistance to confiscation will be reported by a corrupt, unlawful government and a corrupt media as domestic terrorism. If/when it comes down to it, defend yourself, your friends and your neighbors who are assaulted by that unlawful government. As the 300 Spartans told the Persian king at Thermopylae when he demanded that they lay down their weapons and become slaves, "MOLON LABE". A veteran,

  • brian

    let him come and get me!

  • crazyOne

    The Poor Ole Guy should of Just Kicked the bucket, or stayed in retirement. Because nobody cares what the ole fart has to say.

  • Pecos Pedro

    NRA members might object...with their weapons.

  • woodys57

    What a waco, his heart attack certainly killed some brain cells. Our best hope for Mr Kaul
    will come when the Obama Care kill squad puts him to pasture.

  • DrAnalog

    Always the left that is the most violent

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      Always the right that is the most violent.

  • agbjr

    Of course like ALL liberals Kaul refuses to recognize the Second Amendment's last phrase, "shall not be infringed", is equivalent to "can NOT be repealed." This goes for all TEN amendments commonly called the Bill of Rights. These were written, approved, inserted, and ratified as a single block; to repress one is to repress all therefore these first ten are inviolate and sacred. As for Kaul's other comments he just shows himself to be a nasty and frankly disgusting old sonofabitch ... best to ignore the old fifth columnist.

  • Macranthunter

    Donald Kaul is clearly suffering from cardiac bypass head: his writing is full of circular logic, poor grammar and weasel words. This isn't his best work and he's not in his right mind. He's sick. Put him in supervised care.

  • Gene

    Post your address so I can send you an engraved invitation to try your luck!

  • Bunny

    This is a very sick man, now he said kill people by dragging them behind his car, so now cars should be outlawed ????...What a vicious and sick and dangerous person he is.

  • act

    You did notice that he wanted to use a Government Motors (Chevy) pickup for the dragging the Republicans around?

  • Hatchet

    The 2nd amendment is there for a reason think about it to protect ourselves against idiots like this guy!!

  • crowtoe

    Darn, guess this "good, upstanding, progressive," must have been recuperating from his heart attack when HIS mighty leader called for CIVILITY after the shooting of Gabby Giffords OR he knew that the MIghty Leader was only talking to the Conservatives,,,not ED Schultz. Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, the idiot girl w/ 3 names, and just about anyone on MSNBC, CNN, or any other MSM outlet heavily schooled in Alinsky...DISCREDIT, DENEGRATE, LIE,, KILL WHEN NECESSARY. THE END ALWAYS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.

  • believe

    THIS OLD man better keep looking over his shoulder, gun doesn't have to be used to eliminate communist OR idiots.
    HE LOOKING FOR ATTENTION ,and i think he will get it and his obit will read mentally ill man found dead with gun in his hand.

  • Enrique

    This is definately someone who should not own a gun.

  • icemancold

    Well: Let's all hope and pray that this NUTCASE does not own a gun or have access to one. This kind of person needs to be locked in a padded room and kept heavily medicated 24/7 for his own safety and the safety of the public in general. The problem is this kind of thinking is exactly what the MUSLIM DICTATOR OBAMA wants.!!!!

  • kann

    Go back to your hole you moron.

  • MalikTous

    Donald Kaul and his fellow libtard Communists should eb exiled to someplace like Pyongyang where their 'views' might be appreciated. Gun Control should be outlawed and libtards dragged (on sledges) behind Ford pickups down to the docks and thrown as cargo onto North Korea bound freighters. It's no wonder I despise these pathetic libtard traitors and consider everything they say a lie.

  • rchguns

    I have only one thing to say to this puke. Any time you wish to try to kill me I'm here, feel free any time day or night and will shut your mouth once and for all. If you choose to be an American which obviously you do because you're exercising your First Amendment rights just out ludicrous and vicious statements about people you don't even know. The Liberal Progressives which obviously you are one are the spawn of the hippie chickens of the 60s. You've succeeded in destroying our education system you have destroyed our financial system and now you wish to kill about one third of the people in the United States of America. What kind of a nut job are you?

  • patriot

    He is a lower than life piece of excrement and should be the first one to be dragged.

  • Kaywhever

    This guy has to be a die hard Communist. Send him to Cuba...........One way Please.

  • NCBigmouth

    Somebody needs to kick him in the nut (he only has one probably) and see how peace loving he is! Stupid libtard? Yes! Looking for another two minutes of fame? Absolutely!
    Are we going to give it to him? Apparently so! This guy has spent years extolling the socialistic lib agenda and attitudes and where did it get him? A heart attack victim that is bitter toward the world and now doubts all that he believed before. Life's a bit** ain't in Donnie?

  • Tencop

    Obviously Mr Kaul knows nothing about Guns. Prohibition and murder. As one who served as a Homicide Detective in Washington, D.C. for 8 years during the prohibition of gun possession, I know a bit about gun control. Ironically during the 70's even our Chief of Police privately advocated Law Abiding Citizens Arm Themselves for their own personal protection. When ever we experienced situations such as Liquor Store Owners killing felons who were attempting Armed Robberies of their establishments, the Robberies practically vanished in those geographical areas for weeks if not months. Yes our society is full of allegedly intelligent people but they are all capable of Murder, just as Mr. Kaul suggest we engage in to satisfy the desires of the liberals. Perhaps he should focus his efforts on seeking treating Medical Treatment for the Mentally challenged people such as himself.

  • RH6194

    I think Kaul, in his illogical rant, makes our point perfectly for us. He wants to make gun ownership illegal so that the killing will stop in America while tying Congressional leaders to the back of a Chevy pickup and dragging them around a parking lot. So are Kaul and his like going to suggest banning the ownership of Chevy pickup trucks next? Mr. Kaul, neither the Chevy pickup nor a gun, "assault weapon" or otherwise, has ever killed a single person. Sinful people, when they can not control their hate and anger, murder other people. They may use a gun, a knife, a baseball bat, poison, a bomb...or even a pickup truck! There will NEVER be peace in this world until Jesus Christ returns! Until that time, I plan to keep my guns to defend myself against other would be threats to me or my family! You can not argue with the statistics...where gun ownership is the highest, crime is the lowest...and that is a statistic that you will have a difficult time arguing with!

  • George

    I wonder how he intends to "kill" us gun owners? And does he intend to drag the legislators until they are dead? or just beat them up for a mile or two. Think about this, here is an idiot who promotes violence against his fellow man but hates guns. Why? Because anyone who owns a gun has the audacity to disagree with him. Perfectly logical philosophy - for a hard left liberal that is! BTW, when they come for my guns, I really hope this little jerk is in the front somewhere and not cowering and hiding somewhere in the rear. One of these folks is a "quack." However, bundle them up together and they are a force to be dealt with. And if you have not been reading, this little man is not at all alone. Scary! Real Scary!!

  • DOC

    Donald Kaul, is nothing but a total hypocrite!! He claims to be "Peace Loving"?? But then advocates the killing of INNOCENT Americans, just because they own guns LEAGALLY?? Hey Donald!! Go back into retirement and keep your unwanted opinions to yourself!!

    • SallyE

      I wonder how he plans to kill all of us if he doesn't believe in guns. If he comes to my house with a knife it should really be interesting.


    Peace Loving Columnist Says Kill Gun Owners if Necessary and Drag Legislators Behind Pickup Trucks

    How does he intend to kill gun owners? What method? What tool? A Baseball bat. A knife. A taser. A large rock? Maybe an Acme anvil dropped from above by a Warner Brothers cartoon character? This must be another obama low information voter.

  • mocha10

    This man has threatened my life! We Americans have laws about this. Time to start throwing these people in jail. We receive these same threats from our Government, daily. Have you noticed that our elected officials are no longer afraid of the people? Have you noticed that who ever wants to get elected does?

    • RH6194

      I just heard a very insightful, albeit terrifying, quote. "When the government fears the people, that's LIBERTY! When the people fear the government, that's TYRANNY!". Where are we in America when you ponder that in your mind?

  • Dan Nowotarski

    NUTS! This is the type of person who America should worry about. Peaceful law abiding gun owners respect and love the Freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution of the United States. This enemy of Freedom is just using the Sandy Hook elementary school catastrophe to help push through an agenda, thats all. Donald Kaul is suggesting using violence, killing gun owners, so it would appear that he wants to kill moms, dads, cops, retired military heroes, and anyone else who doesn't believe and go along with his agenda. As I see it, he is a danger to society. God Bless America, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots!

  • bowtonoone2

    This guy's words kinda makes me feel good about being able to arm myself if necessary. The libs are more violent than I thought. And oh, by the way, God bless America!!

  • John D

    This man is a senile old fool. Sounds like the typical outburst of a left wing moron. If he really wants violence, he can begin with me. I m a 69 year old Marine and I will not be disarmed by some liberal, ignorant fool.

  • Gayle

    May I correct something... Both the author and at least one of the posters uses the word "abdicate" incorrectly. It's "advocate." We on the right have to do a better job with our word use and grammar. I agree, though, on the points made.

  • John McLaughlin

    Hey Mr. Exnewspaperman, listen up. As one who volunteered to fight to help keep this once great nation free from tyranny and yes I did so for the likes you. When you or anyone else attempts to pry away my means of self defense againist intusion or harm to me or my loved ones; be advised, you (or they) will either have to sit down to urinate for the rest of your life or, if armed, have have a bullet hole neatly placed between your eyes. That Sir, is gun control for you!

  • Tyrell Vance

    I guess it is only fitting that we wish mr. Kaul an immediate heart attack
    with long days of suffering and agony. He simply
    deserves it.

  • olddawg1

    "the NRA has led to the deaths of more of us than American Commies ever did"? Can someone please inform me of a death caused by the NRA? On the other hand, since more deaths are caused by doctors than by guns, I suppose this idiot would extrapolate this to mean that the AMA causes deaths, and therefore membership should be illegal.

  • samtman

    If I would quote every pundit, columnists and editor both on the right and the left in the media every time they say something stupid, I could be a millionaire.

  • Libertylady

    Quick, take away this guy's (Kaul's) guns, he's going postal.

  • Jack

    I wonder if the Nra had said the same thing to this reporter.How would the media cover it.My word!! you would hear that ever day in the media.The media would scream for the Nra to force them to say sorry But what it is one of there own hands off.Aren't these the same people ,that like to lecture us .Not to me close minded,respect other peoples opinions ,dont prejudge a person .But yet this is what this reporter is doing . I wonder if he would say the same thing to the criminals that have guns and always will have guns.Well he say the same things about what he like to do to the actually people that are using guns to harm people.Would he say the same things about the people that are selling guns from the illegal black market to anybody ,no matter how many gun laws you pass and yes ,there are people who do that in Europe ,russia ,United States and even Canada .I wonder if he will ever talk about those people the same way as he did,with gun owners and the Nra .Then that good people that are gun owners .That don't do harm to people .Just want to protect themselfs.

  • lloyd t sance

    Sounds like a threat:Maybe he should be taken in for questionning;or evaluation::Just love tha Tolerant ;Idiot ;liberals

  • VET

    And We are given this left wing liberal fool any attention why?

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      Great question.

  • Libertylady

    If he actually did what he suggested with Boehner, etc., would he be charged with a "hate crime"? Isn't his article "hate speech"? HUH?!

  • a_marine

    We need to declare liberals as terrorist . Arrest them then convict them then give them a choice of deportation or death by firing squad. These liberals and their devotion to that scum sucking low life POS MUSLIM/NAZI in chief obamaass and his demoncrate minions have but one goal and that is to destroy this country. They do not believe in or obey our Constitution. They are trying to over turn what it says any way they can. Obamaass thinks like Linen, he thinks he knows what good for us and we are not capable of taking care of ourselves. Well this scum bag bottom feeder racist share the wealth is in for a rude awaking. We the people (well the 50% of us that work and actually pay taxes) will not suffer your demonic plans. obamaass is the epitome of evil incarnate. The demoncrates have a plan to run this country like a feudal system with them as lords and kings. WELL it will not happen,.obamaass and his demoncrates are trying to start a civil war,, well they may start it but the people that pay all the bills will finish it. The list of people is growing that will tried for treason convicted and then the choice they have to make,. Wake up AMERICA. When the blue hat un thugs start down your street remember blue makes a great target. Expel the un from this nation and regain the soul of our nation and expel or eliminate all those that seek to destroy it.

  • Jimmee41

    Mr. Kaul's words are a perfect demonstration that it isn't guns which are the problem but the murderous passions of people like him. Not only does he want to "kill" gun owners but also would "drag" people behind his truck. This is the {typical}"Lame Brain Media" approach to "governing" unmasked!!!

  • Evermyrtle

    The leftists are determined to destroy America as she was meant to be from that beginning. First to be thrown out is GOD, next babies, now it is guns for everybody, except those who have no business with them.

  • Xman3

    America is becoming the 'land of idiots', evidenced by the recent Presidential election. This guy sounds like a dangerous idiot. Anyone noticed that the Democrats, Progressives, Socialists and other assorted nut-jobs are getting way too violent?
    Don't blame me, I voted for the Constitution supporting, Christian,
    Moderate/Conservative, American and Experienced Candidate !

    God Bless America -- We need it now more than ever . . . .

  • Patricia Mitchell

    Oh yes, they in Washington will kill millions of babies no problem for them but

    they want to take our rights away to own a firearm to protect us.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    I'm strongly suggesting to each and every gun owner reading this article, especially my fellow NRA members, to petition the White House to have the Department of Justice charge this "Journalist" with incitement to commit murder, mayhem and insurrection against the Constitution and its amendments thereto.

  • Pat Alexander

    He would be the first to call (his neighbor who has a gun) for help while his family was being raped, robbed and murdered! He would be the first to trample his neighbors rights, his dignity and his right for life into a grave after he and his family were saved. He is person that wants life and safety but does not have the courage and the decipline to achieve them. Many dishonorable words for who and what he is to society,so best you choose those words because he is the liberal neighbor that walks among us.

  • John

    If this article were written by a conservative the justice Departmant would come and arrest him and order a mental hospital to house them like they did over the summer to that Marine vet.

  • Normster

    The word is not "abdicate," it is "advocate." Just because the author accidentally used the wrong word, does not mean we need to use it. Obama has abdicated on his oath to protect the the Constitution. We (conservative) do not advocate using violence or killing anyone (for the most part). I do advocate impeaching Obama (and Palosi, and Reed, and all the liberal looney toons). I will not abdicate to their tyranny.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      "Pelosi" is how her surname is spelt.


    Well I wouldn't worry much if he did tie boner behind a pick up. He could even borrow mine but as for the rest of his drivel he can go to that place reserved for the rest of Satans followers. If I had an a-salt rifle he could borrow that too if he would use it to get his ticket for the next wagon leaving.

  • singer23

    Please watch this video, it will give you an idea how these gun laws they are looking to pass, really work out! This is the result in Australia!

  • Dtb

    Be careful what he is wishing for. It might be the other way around

  • Rick

    Too bad there isn't a cure for stupid

  • kaj

    What did you expect from a hypocrite. All is ok for them and nothing is ok if you are a conservative.
    Nothing new
    Remember----Be Wise---Be Safe---Be Prepared

  • Little Old Lady

    Obviously his age and heart attack have left him senile!

  • Joe Larson

    I don't care if he is politically correct or not, but who does he think he is condemning to death anyone's right to the 2nd amendment? And isn't stating others should be drug behind vehicles considered a 'hate crime'? Freedom of speech is one thing, but the loon goes beyond reasonable with his ranting and raving!

  • Av Mac

    Beautiful! I hope Mr. Kaul gets his wish (the extermination of legal gun owners for no more reason than they own guns). Then as an act of self defense I can legally (in self defense) put a 700 grain bullet in his throat from 3000 meters with a Barret! 😉

  • Smilinjack

    It's morons like this that proves that libtard, left wingnuts are a bunch of babbling idiots!

  • Roger in Reno.

    In Kalifornia, this type of threat is considered a felony under penal code section 422.

  • Sean W. Surrey

    Seems this guy is one of those severely mental types that should be carefully watched, less he snap and kill people for the sake of peace.

  • Tmac4799

    As far as I am concerned the left can move to Mexico where they can praise the gun laws! Watch em beg to come back!

  • Another Veteran

    Well Hey, let's take this bigot and take him out to the woods, tie him to a tree nude with barbwire real tight so he is real comfortable in the freezing temperature, then we can make fun of him and then after he is throughly humiliated leave him alone all night with the night animals (humans) and then early the next day let some drug addicts and dopers scare the poop out of him-but we can't shoot him, that would not be right nor humane. So I guess we'd have to let him loose and walk the many miles back to civilization so he can write another column. Then he can thank a vet because many of them fought and died so he cold have his liberal opinion-and they are still dying today which is sad commentary.

  • Why Bother ?

    Great Idea - ban all guns, then withdraw all armed protection to all Politicians for a good start on the new Freedoms so advocated by this simpleton would be columnst. Whilst we are at it there will be no need for an armed police force to protect the Blombergs and Feinsteins and other similarly protected elites in Washington, New York & Hollywood (The Fourth Branch of the Neo Democratic Government). Obama the First Marxist President of the USSA, will then be in no need of his 300 or so armed guards as he makes his peregrinations and royal progressions around the States conning them for monies and political favors. When making his jollies to foreign places for his expensive spending trips and vacations, no need to take several hundred armed bodyguards in three or four Boeing 747's and armored cars. He can apply for protection from the Security Personnel of the Country he is visitng - just as an ordinary citizen must rely upon, either that or stay at home. He might actually not spend some of our tax money trying to buy foreign friends. Sauce for Goose and Gander ? After all he frequently visits every confirmed enemy country of ours, and then offers them Millions andf Billions for their dubious and craven friendships.

  • viking

    Tit for tat.
    Kill the so-called columnist.
    Next issue.

  • oldwhitehair

    Well, being a NRA member, he's threatened to kill me. Tsk, tsk. Note to self: Take him off the Xmas card list. Make note to find him when I am hin his town and bust his ass, then drag it behind my pickup.

  • Endgame

    The problem with the liberal mind is that it believes that ALL minds think similarly to it. Liberal minded people know that they themselves cannot be trusted to think rationally and responsibly when presented with a highly emotionally charged situation, therefore, through their collectivist mindset, they believe that other individuals cannot possibly be trusted either, because after all, if they in their infinite wisdom cannot be trusted with a gun to not shoot someone who enrages them, then how can some 'un-educated neanderthal' who barely earned a HS Diploma be trusted to control themselves? What they do not realize is that there are millions of gun owners who are (unlike spoiled rotten liberals) very rational thinkers who would not snap and begin shooting people simply because they're angry, and whom were raised to value "individual" human life and who were taught that good morals, self discipline, respect for others, compassion and mercy tempered with justice and virtues are things worth dying for, while the liberal mindset sees value in only group effort, while at the same time they dismiss immorality and vice as a harmless taboo that exists only as a result of historical religious opression. This is simply not true; laws are designed to protect us not only from others, but from ourselves as well, and the only way they can work properly is if we are taught from a very young age, the value of discipline, respect and accountability towrds others, as well as ourselves. Liberals hate the idea that they are the minority, and that they lack critical thinking skills, and when it comes to the thought of others actually having the ability to refrain from the temptation of evil and weakness, the liberal will refuse to acknowledge this, because after all, misery LOVES company, as it hates to feel alone within itself.

  • Dave Payne

    This guy sounds like He belongs in a nut house with NO chance of EVER getting out! Talk about your basic whack job! Hitler would have Loved this guy! Should not be allowed to write!

  • Ralph

    Rescind the Citizenship of those who refuse to own a gun and/or refuse to be bound by the 2nd Amendment, requiring them to be a part of the Militia.

    Refuse to allow another ' Gun Free Zone ' to be built in ' too close proximity ' to your property .... they'd be violating your 2nd Amend Rights if they built that school or Fed Building there.

    Not so difficult when you think about it. Let their own Laws hang them.

  • speedle

    Maybe someone needs to grab Mr.Kaul and tie him to a pick up truck and drag him around until he realized and understood the freedom issue associated with the second amendment. Oh wait. I can't say that because it would make me sound like a radical red neck. Excuse me.

  • Rex m Roberts



    • hbbill

      Mr Kaul....your proctologist called......he found your head.

  • 1Responce

    Gun control just may be our Pearl Harbor!!!

  • SallyE

    He should eat sh*t, bark at the moon, and die.

    • danimal

      : ) You made me smile. I get the Des Moines paper, and reading that just pisses me off

  • FuzzyInWV

    Hey little man, I'm a life member of the NRA, why don't you come to WV and sit down with me, I'd like to have a :little talk" with you !!!

  • John A. Quayle

    Why isn't Donald Kaul behind bars? After all, he threatened two federal legislators, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. That isn't First Amendment stuff - it's a *FELONY*!

  • Phillip Lake

    They should cut off this dude's hands and cut out his tongue so he could no longer write or speak. Yea - that's sounds just as stupid a statement as he has made. Why is it the liberal idiots are always the ones wanting to "KILL" every right wing conservative in this country. For GOD's sake people get a grip. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with hunting and protection from radical thieves and killers. But if you people would get your wish then you would like to see over half of this country massacred. Even Hitler didn't go that far. He tried, but failed. You people sound no different than him. I have not heard one Conservative Christian say to take up arms and "KILL EVERY LEFT HANDED SOCIALIST PIG". It sounds to me like we MUST take up arms to protect ourselves against you instead of some rapist or thief. You people are really losing it.

  • DockyWocky

    I bet this geek can go into a gun store, buy a big shooter, and pass the ID check with flying colors.

  • freedixie

    This guy is a typical, garden variety, pinko commie liberal. He is just breathing up everyone else's air, and the sooner he stops, the better. However, I DO like his idea of dragging politicians behind a pickup truck, but not for HIS misguided reasons. They need to be dragged, Dumbocraps AND Republitards, for being traitors to the Constitution and the American people. I would gladly volunteer the services of my 3/4 ton pickup and do the dragging myself. I'd even supply all the chains and fuel to get the job done.

  • pissed off conservative

    you dont know how bad i would love to drag him around town behind my semi truck, commie basterd..GFY

  • Ron

    Tell this ass wipe to come try and get my guns. I double dog dare him

  • Chuck Fowler

    Gee, where's all that civility that liberals, even including Obama, talk about all the time? Oh, I guess it works the same way as liberal compromise does -- only one way -- always in favor of the liberals.

  • Ken Kessler

    You cannot invade mainland America. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Admiral. That is the ONLY reason why Japan did not invade America and the main reason lots of our enemy have not invaded us. An peace loving Liberal need a one way ticket to Cuban I'm buying

  • Native

    This piece of garbage is peace loving? I guess he must be angry that he was nominated for a Pulitizer for his journalistic prowness, but didn't win. He sounds mighty angry and probably capable of taking a knife or bat to someone. If he wants to tie someone to the bumper of a truck and drag them around.........he is NOT peace loving, and apparently is quite nuts

  • Paul Gauntt

    Kaul, you want me dead because I have the right to own my guns? Come try and kill me then you stupid little delusional man.

  • richard handwerk

    much rather they kill him, & his ilk. (columnists).

  • donl

    Yeah, go ahead and try it, you Communist Freak!!

  • NINJA10R KLR650

    This is the left. This is their poison they bring to the party.

    Do as I say or die.

    This is the reason I am armed and will never surrender my firearms to anyone here in the United States.

    This man is the very essence of our Founding Fathers placing the 2nd amendment in the Constitution.

    Anyone falling into the emotional clap trap of the leftist propaganda machine deserves to suffer their own fate.

    I will fight.

    • madinillinois

      Our Second Amendment has nothing to do with "hunting" rights, although those that like to hunt, that's fine and dandy. It's about giving "freedom loving" Americans the means to protect themselves, their families and personal property against a "tyrannical", out of control government - and that is exactly where we are headed.

      You listen to any of the far "left" programming, and they are deliberately "lying", falsifying information and leaving out important facts in order to "manipulate" the American people - as they know most of our young are being brainwashed in our public schools, while are older Americans are concerned for their very existence.

      This President - doesn't care - anything about the American people - people need to understand that - and - now that he no longer needs his wealthy friends or voting zombies to keep him in office - you're going to see the "real" Obummer!

      Ban your guns, people & make sure you have plenty of ammo...

  • Mad Mike

    This filth bag communist, er, "columnist", (Ibelieve I had it right as communist), wants to kill all gun owners? There is no hope for such a mad dog liberal, commie, democrat, frothing at the mouth and demanding murders of his fellow citizens. I don't suppose that it ever occurred to him that there are thousands, if not millions, of conervative americans who would like to do to him, as he wants to do to others. This is the recipe for a "civil war", between freedom loving americans and him and his commie, zombie, traitors to our country. Oh, one other thing. We, conservatives, gun owners, military vetrans, and honest, hard working citizens who believe and trust in our constitution and our laws, not men like him and Obama, will not be that easy to "dis-arm or surrender our weapons" to any dictator, (legally elected or not). We will not trade in our guns to be ruled or governed by people like Mr. Donald Kaul and his cultist friends.

  • john travis

    This is so typical of the kind of stuff Kaul has written over the years. He is a liberal anarchist, but then he was writing for a liberal paper, the Register. I don't recall him ever actually offering a reasonable viable solution to any given issue, just rants.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    I invite him to try it.

  • linrich78

    This man needs to be put away - (like so many of the left). He is very dangerous and seems to be losing his mind. (what's left of it)

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Killing MILLIONS has been a pastime of the Left for several generations now. These are the people who wear Che Guevara and Mao images with pride. Thus the need for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; only thus are we Secure in our Person, Papers and Home.Donald Kaul and ilk would have no problem operating Nazi gas chambers or Stalin's gulag-"It's for their own good".

  • vietnamvet1971

    Hey Donald slow down before you have a heart attack, you are showing your True Color YELLOW. By showing your HATE you have Murdered a lot of people with your Words. According to Jesus (I know you do not Believe) by repeating Words of hate you have committed Murder in your heart. EVIL people will always be Amongst us and will do Evil things so get over it.

  • R Stone

    Can you imagine this administration and what they would do if conservatives had no protection? A tyrant loves easy prey

  • Dr Shirley Lynn

    People like that are sick so he wants to kill people but take away guns because they kill and then we kill millions of children each year without a gun but that is alright SICK SICK PEOPLE. THIS IS GUN CONTROL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOST LIVES OR LITTLE CHILDREN!

  • Ruggedlark

    Peace loving and Donald Kaul-isn't that an oxymoron?

  • Dr Shirley Lynn

    All those lives lost in the stampede so close all placed that a crowd can gather to stop people dying Oh, that not logical and nether is taking gun away from honest people so they may defend themselves because I can asure you this man is not peace loving and kind he is as bad as the young man who murdered the children.

  • Papa Vet

    What a total dumb ass.

  • Vince

    What an a__hole! Imagine if a conservative said this!

    • John Mayer

      You conservatives say this EVERY single day on this very blog, you blithering hypocrites!

      Its time we bring this up a notch.

      • Sparks

        Show us one example of of a conservative writer (not blogger) on this website asking for the death of a liberal, democrat or other person besides a terrorist.

  • stupidamerkin

    Is this psyco for real? A columnist for nearly 50 years and was even nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his journalist prowess? I wonder how many lives this drone has destroyed or ruined in his twisted career. He needs a one way ticket on the space shuttle along with all the rest of the traitors in the District of Criminals.

  • Carol

    Sounds to me like a threat but what scares me the most people that should never hear these kind of things just might do these horrible acts.
    So to me gun owners of America had better stay very aware of what goes on around them but I am just saying.

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Go back to retirement and shut the hell up!!!!

    • retvet

      I hope that you are talking about Kaul.

      • Elaine Bruemer

        I am!!!

  • retvet

    Well, you see, Kaul is a has been, he has nothing more to live for. There is no more fight in him, I know I'm 80 and I don't feel like fighting either. But I will stay strong by maintaining my guns and keeping my powder dry. Don't kill it for the next generation. Goodbye Kaul.

  • Bird Dog Patriot

    Just more Commie hypocrisy! That is debatable on how many have died in this country because of communists, but one thing is for sure, there will be a whole lot of deaths at their hands if they ever disarm the populace. There will be a lot more "cold fingers" than just the patriots if you try traitors!

  • fwiw

    This is no surprise to me as "liberals" have shown this type of attitude many, many times. They abhor violence unless it can be used to further what they believe to be the "greater good." They advocate freedom unless it violates their view of the "greater good."

  • twiceshy

    Obviously a deranged hate filled man. Sort of the typical liberal

  • Conservativesniper

    Try it.

  • Walt

    Somebody needs to put a sign in his front yard saying "No Guns Here". After a few weeks we can then ask him if he still has the same view towards gun ownership. Personally, I hope they invade his house and kick his ass real good. He is a fool.

  • WhiteFalcon

    The Second Amendment poorly written? What kind of idiot can't see that there are two parts to it. 1) A well functioning militia is required for the security of a free state. Therefore
    2) The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. You say he was nominated for a Pullizer Prize? What idiots those people must be to nominate someone who can't even understand his native language.

  • jane

    paul kaul suffers from assholism

  • TPS12

    These are terroristic threats and need to be dealt with or is he above the law.

  • Jude O'Connor

    it still is a privilege, why do you think they do a background check for? If you're clean there's no problem.

  • Donnie J McDonald

    Why do the left wing gun control nuts always holler about gun owners. You never hear them holler about the evil person who commits these mass murders. They want to blame all gun owners for the evil these mass murders do. I think Kaul has lost his mind and needs mental examination. He may not be safe to walk the street. He just threatened tens of millions of Americans.Is he the next mass murderer? I urge the local law enforcement to put Kaul under surveillance as the threats he has made are horrendous. This may be a tip off to a mass murderer and his name is Kaul.

  • AL, Orange Park, FL

    Taligare you miss spoke Donald Kaul has been a communist for nearly 50 years!

  • Bill Tyner

    That's desperate. His readership numbers must be in the dumpster.

  • Norma Butcher

    Some of the comments on here are a little bit 'disturbing' to say the least. I'm not saying I disagree, but, do you really think it wise to put these 'wishes' in print? I'm sure we're all being 'observed' by someone or another in some government agency or another. Just saying - maybe it's not really wise to print some of our thoughts on certain individuals. Idiots like this retired 'journalist' (and I use that term loosely) will no doubt get away with it, because he's using his words to opine about Republicans and the NRA - so that makes it 'okay' in the prying eyes of these same agencies. I don't think they will view our opinions about the libs in the same light. Am I right?

  • hobbitfan77

    Almost all anti-American, anti-Bill of Rights, people control groups have one thing in common; it is alright for them to own, display and use firearms, but not for the "common" person.
    New York'ss Sullivan Act banned firearms from the hands of blacks and poor Irish at the time of it's signing.

  • steveni

    Why is this man not in jail for making these kinds of threats?

    • Sparks

      Well said!!

  • Watchmanonwall

    I have concluded that all the hate, the name calling, the vile and evil propositions, and threats of violence by the anti-gunners reveals that they project on us what they truly feel, what is in their hearts, and what they would do if given the opportunity. They are more deranged than the latest shooters. They just assume that everyone has to have the same violent tendencies and dark hearts just like this smuck. We don't.

    I have further concluded that there are fewer honest police around now, since no one has taken these threats to elected officials seriously and arrested this deranged loony.

    I recommend that the FBI include public comments and articles and blogs as part of their background checks and deny the right to purchase a firearm or have armed security (they may grab a gun) if someone has threatened violence or promoted violence like this. They have already proven they are unstable and cannot be trusted with the serious responsibility of owning and possessing a firearm. I am glad they self select themselves out of the process.

    • John Mayer

      "I recommend that the FBI include public comments and articles and blogs as part of their background checks and deny the right to purchase a firearm or have armed security (they may grab a gun) if someone has threatened violence or promoted violence like this. "

      That would mean a LOT of you conservatives would lose your gun rights based on how many of you have violent words online on blogs like this.

  • Lou7

    The most violent article I have ever read. Maybe he should be hung by his b a l l s. But in his frame of mind it might feel good.

  • CalOmaha

    Is this man advocating the murder of our House Leader. I don't think Boehner would last being dragged behind a Chevy pick-up. That kinda sounds like a Muslin thing. Are all these Liberals taking after the Muslins now? Isn't there a law about advocating murder of someone????????

  • chuck

    kaul lets do away with the cars, more people killed with cars than guns

  • kenhowes

    Mr. Kaul has no clue. We DID, when that amendment was written, "make our militia bring their own guns to battles." It was an armed citizenry that threw out King George and his Redcoats. The Second Amendment is the insurance policy for the First. If a government becomes tyrannical, the armed people of the United States will overthrow it, as is its right under the Declaration of Independence, which is not revoked by the Constitution.

  • Jerry

    Time to outlaw Chevy pickups it sounds like. Should we raze General Motors because someone plans to cause harm to another human being?

  • Tinman

    I'm surprised that if it's the guns that are causing all this mayhem, no one is calling for ridding society of the most visible guns: those carried by police. What makes police so magically wonderful? Surely it can't be an oath they take to protect! If oaths were really important, we could let all the criminals free, and just make them promise to be good. Then we wouldn't need police. Look at all the money we'd save! In the olden days, police would take an oath to God. Nowadays that's just silly superstition. So why are police allowed to go around with a nasty handgun on their hips?

  • dave

    Lock him up for hate crimes. This is the type person that would go on a shooting spree.

    • John Mayer

      We'll lock you conservatives up WAAAAY before we lock him up.

  • ASensitiveConservative


    These lefties are destroying the country!


  • Captain Kirk

    It's obvious we have to outlaw chevy pick-up trucks because liberals don't threaten murder, their trucks do.

  • off2shop

    Donald Kaul should be listed w/Homeland Security as a terrorist. He states that he is mad about all the killing w/guns and then expounds on killing NRA members w/guns and dragging Republicans behind pickup trucks. WOW! He needs to be checked out for a mental health condition. Donal Kaul along with the Des Moines Register should be checked out for encouraging and spreading hate and glorifying murder among their readers some of which might be thinking of striking out against their fellow neighbors or a nearby school. He should use his god given ability to write to stop the violence level instead he is encouraging his fellow man to kill. I am mad about additional taxes, no pay increases, no jobs, our good jobs going to MX or China, but I'm not mad enough to kill anyone or encourage anyone else to kill my fellow man. Donald Kaul needs to keep his hate filled opinions to himself.

  • NotACommunist

    You gun rights advocates should put your money where your mouth is and stop flying until you're allowed to fly with your gun. How dare they infringe on your right to a gun at all?

    Once you've established your right to carry your gun, get a grenade and take that on board. Then a flamethrower perhaps?

    Anyone who tries to stop you is a communist.

    • Screeminmeeme

      ASentitiveConservative. get it.


      BTW: If people were allowed to carry their guns on board planes, 911 would not have happened and the story would have been published worldwide about how 19 moronic jihadists died as 100 passengers peppered them with bullets for trying to highjack the plane.

  • slickzip

    Donald Kaus need a 12 Ga. shotgun inserted into his anus and pull the trigger ,,,,

  • Dale Netherton

    The true venom behind the sarcasm of years of bleeding heart crap reveals itself . A peaceful world where everyone swallows gibberish written by whim is the dream of the obnoxious, unrelenting Kaul. It amazes me how restrictions on the government are so offensive to liberals but they can't wait to impose them on innocent citizens.

  • Bob1776

    Well Donald if you would like to be the one to pry it from my cold ded hands come ahead and step right up because if you think that you have the right to pull my family at risk because I dont believe the way you wnt me to then be the first to come and try to take my freedom.

  • Tim Newton

    Pinko bleeding heart idiot ignorant somewhat derranged liberal

  • hollander56

    Communism and socialism always end with a bullet it the back of the head.

  • lara

    what a disgusting piece of crap..

  • Dan from Ohio

    i,m afraid its gonna get real serious soon,The Libs are making a play to disarm americans by demonizing them,calling for their deaths and even call for the elimination of the constitution.Prepare for the fight because its coming

  • lara

    better take away the guns of the nutcase....hahahah

  • Janine Largent

    All men are depraved. That is why we must retain the right to protect ourselves.

  • rick

    I would like to meet this meathead behind a chevy truck at his place of choosing and see who is dragged behind the truck.please speak up meatheat!!

  • Silas Longshot

    And effing idiots like this moron wonder why we won't give up our guns? There's loonies like him all over the place who HAVE carried out his daydreams. Some are in prison for doing so, and some have been shot dead while trying to do so.

    And like all liberal pukes all anti-gun rights, he has no understanding of the 2nd amendment.

    A bit of dictionary work does wonders for the enlightenment of self centered, willfully ignorant morons who dare to pretend to know where of they blather.

    The second amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state , the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Definitions of the above words are from the typical American standard dictionary, for the anti-rights liberal elite who prefer to twist things to their own ends:

    Regulated: To control or direct according to rule, principle, or law. In the day it meant well functioning.

    Militia: An army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers. A military force that is not part of a regular army and is subject to call for service in
    an emergency. The whole body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service.

    Necessary: Absolutely essential; Needed to achieve a certain result or effect; Required by obligation, compulsion, or convention; Something indispensable.

    Security: Something that gives or assures safety, as A group or department of private guards. Measures adopted, as by a business or homeowner, to prevent a crime such as burglary or assault: Freedom from risk or danger; safety.

    Free: Not imprisoned or enslaved; being at liberty; Not controlled by obligation or the will of another; Not subject to arbitrary interference by a government.

    State: A specific mode of government; A body politic, especially one constituting a nation.

    Right: Fitting, proper, or appropriate; Most favorable, desirable, or convenient; Conforming with or conformable to justice, law, or morality; A just or legal claim or title; According to law, morality, or justice.

    People: A body of persons living in the same country under one national government; a
    nationality; The mass of ordinary persons; the populace; The citizens of a political unit, such as a nation or state; the electorate; A body of persons living in the same country under one national government; a nationality.

    Keep: To retain possession of: To have as a supply; To maintain for use or service; To manage, tend, or have charge of.

    Bear: To carry from one place to another; transport; To be accountable for; assume; To have a tolerance for.

    Arms: A weapon, especially a firearm; To equip with weapons; To provide with something that strengthens or protects.

    Shall: Used before a verb in the infinitive to show something, such as an order, promise, requirement, or obligation.

    Not: In no way; to no degree. Used to express negation, denial, refusal, or prohibition.

    Infringed: To transgress or exceed the limits of; violate; Obsolete
    To defeat; invalidate. To encroach on someone or something; engage in
    trespassing. Latin nfringere, to destroy

    Now, my liberal ‘friend’, what part of this statement do you not understand?

    Surviving urban crisis.

  • loran carlson

    You see, it's not us conservatives who are the evil bastards the left is always shouting to the world. It's them. How can they deny it?

  • Mg

    another liberal idiot, nuf said.

  • jd

    That actually happened in Iowa one farmer killed another farmer for his land and drug him to the well and threw his body in.

  • CommonSense

    In theIr mind, and only in theIr mind, they MIGHT not get soo angry if there were no guns. But then there would be swords, knives, missiles, clubs, chains, and the other usual stuff from all the previous ages!

  • downs1

    Poor Donald! He is so concerned about "gun owners" that he recommends killing them! That may make sense to some liberals perhaps, but if you think about it for a moment it shows that Donald is basically no different from those who get guns and kill innocent people. Ergo, Donald is actually more dangerous than those who buy guns legally for protection against people like himself!

  • VegasLarry

    This MORON needs to go back into retirement and somebody please take away all his pencils, pens, word processors and his phone. This idiot needs to find his village and never be heard from again.

  • Tasha22

    Love it that the hypocrite got arrested!!!!

  • Whack-bag observer

    How does this whack-bag suggest the gun owners be killed? Using the military would involve tyranny...(probably ok with him tho'). If he means the rest of the whack-bags who agree ith him, should kill gun owners, then they will need something like....guns... to get the job done.

  • rocko

    “Here, then, is my “madder-than-hell-and-I’m-not-going-to-take-it-anymore” program for ending gun violence in America: Get rid of you. You poor misguided shrimp.

  • Chuck

    I assume Mr. Kaul has it in mind that before he hooks anybody up by chain to a pickup truck he will make sure to have their guns confiscated so that they cannot defend themselves from an act of murderous violence. Perhaps it will then be necessary to ban pickup trucks, in fact all motor vehicles as they are responsible for far more deaths than guns in the U.S.

    Kaul may be intelligent, but he is applying his intelligence in support of that portion of the mind wherein gross stupidity and insanity reside.

    • Obummer

      Kaul is not intelligent, if he were, he would be able to easily recognize his own hypocrisy. All the education and accolades don't make an intelligent man, they only serve to provide mental masturbation.

  • D-man

    Can't wait til this guy falls over dead, then we won't have to hear such BULLSHIT!

  • AppraisHer

    As a liberal, he should move to Chicago and push his anti-gun diatribe on the gun owners there. They won't be as nice to him as the legal gun owners in nice, safe Des Moines.

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Why isn't this hate speech???

  • Bill G

    Drag behind truck? Kill gun owners? Well now isn't that an original idea - NOT. So ends his program of showing some kind of intelligence or journalistic expertise. Hum? Maybe I should sign up to be a leftist journalist to show off my dead head???

  • walt

    And no one call's his a racist??? If it's for the liberal cause, so be it. This is one reason this country is , or has gone too S == t. Why are, people this so out of stem, even allowed to wright for a news paper. I could give many reason, but what's the use. Nothing will change.

  • Chief_Cabioch

    one can only hope if it all goes bad......people like him are the first casualties

  • Dan Ridgway

    Hey, Don. STFU. Read some history and see what happened to people when their right to defend themselves was abrogated. You sound like Stalin or Mao.

  • Barnlady

    Is this poor Mr. Kaul not able to think?? Does he really think that the "gun" owner is going to stand there and let him shoot him?? Or does he expect the government to go out and shoot these "gun" owners?? That dude is missing a few brain cells, OK, maybe a lot...

  • Jane Scroggins

    Sure glad he's non-violent! Just one of the small army of hypocrites!

  • Paul Christensen

    Is this not hate speech but then again he must be a Democrat so it does not matter.

  • sackman

    after his 1st stroke he didnt maybe he forgets to take his meds & goes like a dead beat that he is...we can only hope!

  • sackman

    the greatest argument for owning a legal gun is the LIBERAL left & their unstable mentality, our constitution gives us these assurances...its part of our greatness!

  • VocalYokel

    I will volunteer to let this Libtard fruitcake begin his (he does have the cajones to do this himself...right?) murderous rampage at my house, whereupon he will receive a condensed course from me in the folly of threatening armed citizens.

  • martha chandler

    What a fruitcake.

  • Geotge

    Now just what do you suppose Barack Hitler would do if he get gun control.. Look back in history and look at how all dictators start out buying the votes and then when they get the power that is when the killing camps are formed to get rid of all the people he no longer need a vote from and is costing him money he can blow on something for himself. Do not think a lib could think far enough into the future or read well enough to dig out true history of Dictators. Wake up America before it is too late.

  • Hank

    What's his address?

  • missusmanners

    OK first of all this writer needs to do some editing. The word is "advocate" not "abdicate". Geeze. How can you get any street cred if you can't even express yourself accurately?

  • dozer

    I just say, 'get a rope' and hang the little weasel. Save on court time and We the Peoples money. We have his treasonous rant on record for murderous intent.

  • Scales

    All I can say to that is. BRING IT ON.

  • kenbarber

    what he fails to realize is that gun owners will be protecting theirselves against those doing the killing.

  • Black Rain

    This idiot is afraid of his own shadow, how is he going to hurt anyone. Every time he zips up his pants he get a hang-nail. I spit on you.

  • Hank

    Can someone find out this guys home address and personal information and post it like the Patriot did to the NY Journal staff? We need to do something in retaliation to stop these idiots.

  • namaholston

    "Peace loving columnist?" Donald Kaul must have come out of his medical malady a hate monger!

  • Allan John Hopkins

    I really think the officers of the Ann Arbor Police Department need to show up at his doorstep with a warrant for his arrest for uttering threats against Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. This much is evidence for the court trial. I wonder how much time you serve in prison for uttering death threats in Michigan?
    It's also interesting to see that Obama likes the idea of armed guard in his kids' school. But of course he thinks what is good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander

  • illannoy

    Picky comment, but good article. The doofus advocated violence, he didn't abdicate it.

  • Gary_L_Thompson

    When facts that cannot be contested include:

    --average number of people shot in a mass shooting event when the shooter is
    stopped by law enforcement: 14. The average number of people shot in a mass
    shooting event when the shooter is stopped by civilians: 2.5.

    --Salt Lake City Trolley Square and the midnight showing of Batman were chosen by spree shooters specifically for their NO GUNS ALLOWED signs, and mass shooting events with more than four casualties the past half century have almost universally taken place in guns-not-allowed zones.

    --Dr. John Lott, Dr. Gary Kleck, or any other criminologist or
    economist not imprisoned by PC have continually found more guns=less crime.

    --defensive use of guns dwarfs all homicides (estimates ranging from 2.5 million to 800,000 yearly, even as high as 108,000 according to the Brady Center,. versus 16,000 homicides each year--only 10,000 actually involving guns and only a couple hundred with rifles.

    When to merely wishing to strike down the Second Amendment and all other means for people to defend themselves can only be the attitude of a bloodthirsty monster in the face of these realities, why would it come as any surprise that Donald Kaul should start speaking like one in a candid moment?

    What's more frightening is that this kind of blood-thirsty language by these these anti-gun peace loving advocates sounds all too similar to the clueless talk by the 1811 War Hawks on how one could take Canada with a company of frontier riflemen, or secessionist firebrands who thought they could attack with impunity a North possessing vastly superior resources in material and population to their region. Go look at (the source of the facts I just quoted, as well as loads of much more useful information), as to the real scale of armed America. These fools apparently have no clue what the consequences could be if they happen to provoke a full-scale confrontation (in regard to Correia's citing Iraq for comparison, I have to observe that these types of utopians never had a grasp of the realities of the situation on the ground in Iraq--or anyplace else for that matter--either, for which our people in uniform have paid a terrible price).

  • James Crawford

    This clown shouldn't be running around loose. Somebody better pitch a net over him before he hurts somebody or himself! Keep him away from schools & kids...he's a psycho.

  • d4texas

    d4texasExactly HOW does he propose to "kill gun owners..."? With a "gun"??? DUH! Whatever he chooses to use to kill NRA members or gun owners, should be outlawed and banned before this moron does anything - unless he restricts his killing to himself FIRST! He would have to ambush a gunowner so he doesn't git his due first. But then, being the coward that he is, he probably WOULD ambush his victim. THIS moron needs a full investigation into his background and mental status. This is one looney toon himself, that should be put in a straightjacket immediately! Crazies like him are the ones who commit mass shootings. Guns don't kill people, idiots like this do!

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    This extremely biased "columnist " should be locked up and observed as a death threat to most of my friends and family! He sounds like a very dangerous "person of interest".

  • Booga

    Someone please post this Donald Kraul's home address. We want to thank him for being so courageous.

  • Bimbam

    Liberals hypocrisy is thy name!

  • headhunter

    well, i can see that this man should never be allowed to own a gun, but most gun owners aren't as violent as Donald Kaul appears to be. just because people can hurt others, doesn't mean they should, or would. most gun owners don't hurt others because they know they can, therefore they have no need to. it is those who feel they have no other choice but to hurt others who are more likely to hurt others. get it, those who feel inferior, weak, in other words bullies, who are more likely to hurt others. people who abuse children, their partners, those who use their religion as excuses to kill or harm their children or someone elses wife. you know cowards, yellow bellies, and those who have yellow stripes down their backs.

  • ecoplastican

    I've got a pick-up. Anybody up for some fun?

  • WSmith

    Is it any wonder these Socialist's have managed to slaughter upwards of 200 million people in just the last century. From Lenin and Stalin to Mussolini to Hitler's National Socialist German Workers Party forward to the likes of Che Guevara who liked to do the killing himself (to all the kids who wear his image on their are idiots). Then there are all the old photo's of bodies piled so high on mainland China it would make a Nazi blush with envy. Mao was certainly the most successful mass murderer in world history. And now Donald Kaul and those like him all the way up to you know who want us to follow in the foot steps of monsters past. For most of us that would mean taking our place in a pile of bodies.

  • meshee

    What ever happened to Tar and Feathers?

  • Hype and Chains

    When did those who have been background checked trained in safety and practitioners of the second amendment rights become the bad guys?

    • Angelina Cox

      when the deluded masses sent o to the wh

  • busyboots

    This guy must still be on some heavy medications. His mind in obviously not working normally.

  • Sgt York

    I truly do not believe this wimp of a Liberal has the Jimmies to come after me and my guns. He is a Hitler bellowing from a balcony to the ratzkeller bunch. Pls try it jimmy joe.

  • Bill Poston

    Yet another example of do as I say, not as i do! Otherwise his stupid butt would already be shot off!!!

  • Thom Raasio

    You know, when a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT opens their mouth, they should be slapped with a HUGE FINE for air polution and radically over-extending their CARBON FOOTPRINT.
    This guy is SO FULL OF SH--T, the air around him stinks within 30 yards.
    Somebody spray him with Fabreeze or something..............better yet, use "BUG B GONE"

  • klsparrow

    And the left wonders why there is violence and mass killings in this country. The left believes that people who don't agree with them should be killed. Couple that with union violence, democratic politicians that call for blood in the streets and Hollywood movies the glorify killings Some people get the idea that the way to settle things is buy killing people. When you point a finger at the gun remember that their are three fingers pointing back at you.

  • Jack Parker

    Who cares what an irrational, America hating communist says. Actually he would be better off attempting to outlaw heart attacks. Maybe his next will be more effective.

  • has a clue

    Kaul has been a dodo since he worked for the Des Moines Register. I personally believe that since hammers and baseball bats have been left more carnage that we should start out by dragging Kaul if he has either one of these in his home.

  • JE

    Obviously a HATE AMERICA STALINIST ! He loves murder as did Stain.

  • Gary Wayne Strobridge

    Hey Donald, why don't you realize that anyone with a brain doesn't really care about what you think! Your a typical liberal, fleeing from the truth, as they all do! GO AWAY!!!

  • Gary Wayne Strobridge

    Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Holder, Bloomberg, Emanuel, and most liberal, democrat left wing gun control fanatic's, These are the people that our fore father's warned us about, and, the very reason for the second amendment, never forget, any law passed by the government which subverts the constitution, is a law, 'against the law!!! Anyone sent to enforce it, becomes a criminal!!

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    Another Brain dead Liberal spewing his hate on the Gun owners that respect the laws that are in place Loren Wonderduck is right Out law murdering innocent Children for You know they are an inconvenience Mental case are Liberals yet have you heard Conservatives calling for the death of Liberals whom disagree with them?

    • John Mayer

      "have you heard Conservatives calling for the death of Liberals whom disagree with them?"

      Yes. every day on this blog someone says "I can't wait for civil war when I get to go out and kill all the liberals"

      EVERY single day one of you shows your true colors.

      • Edvin Morales

        Are you retarded?
        No one said that.
        I saw the person that wrote that, you replied to them, and you completely misquoted. You're looking for someone to say something wrong, and you twist their words to get what you want out of them. Even if he said exactly what you quoted, you can't be serious if you believe that you actually think that everybody is as stupid, or believes everything he believes in, just because they agree on one point...

  • Jerry Benson

    Good grief guys. You need to go back to school. Don't you know the difference between ADVOCATE and ABDICATE?

  • Quincy

    This guy is a real nut case and should be evaluated and watched close.

  • jeff lyons

    I cant wait until the next civil war breaks out in this country. All these liberal dick heads will be wishing they had bought guns!!

    • John Mayer

      Yeah because you GOOD Christians are going to go door to door blowing every liberals brain out right in front of thier children. You conservatives are SUCH good people!

  • johnanaguski

    Another wacko opens his mouth before engaging his pea brain.

  • servant

    That's one idea, but let's put all journalist who think as this one, drape then nude across the engine of the same P.U. truck for a few hours! I hope this was "Tongue in cheek"

  • QuisPercusit

    Jesus also said according to St Luke ... he t"hat hath none let him sell his cloak and buy a sword". Meaning that it is ones right nay ones own obligation to be able to defend himself against evil

  • It's about time

    Why is it that these people can post the addresses of gun owners without realizing they live in a glass house? I'm really surprised that no-one has retaliated by posting the addresses of the people, the news organization big shots, politicians, whoever that do this and jeopardize the safety of gun owners by purposefully exposing them to criminal intent. How would they like it if all these gun owners knew where they lived?
    PS We should all write the De Moines Register and give them a piece of our mind or maybe just give out the address of the editor.

  • Tom G.

    This columnist deserves a little bitch-slappin' for that comment !! Not a hate crime, because it's us, and he's a friggin liberal.....................................

  • Miquel;

    Kaul is obviously a lunatic; a pen in some hands is worse than a gun in others. What does he intend for the hardened criminal who does not give a rap for laws? It just may be that this lunatic doesn't either!

  • Sutekh

    Making the Communist Party illegal didn't get rid of the Communists. They just went and registerd as Democrats.

    The only way I would give the tiniest bit of support for the paper's decision to print this column would be if it added a disclaimer pointing out that Hillary, Barry, and Joe are all former legislators, and would be entitled to exactly the same treatement. If the article were published, its full implications whould have been spelled out

  • ML

    A non-violent activist calling for MURDER. That is rich. One major problem here. Who are you going to send to murder those owning guns? Other armed folks. Anyone smell a little hypocricy here? This is the very threat to freedom the founders feared and why they wrote in the right to gun ownership. Those who argue they (the fathers) did not "invision" the weapons we currently have and would have written the 2nd ammendment different if they had are wrong. They had the most advanced weaponary in the world at the time in mind and did not refuse certain weapons from the masses. They, i.e., did not say, "the people have the right to squirrel guns, but not cannons".

    • John Mayer

      How do you draw the line? Do you think citizens should be able to own Nuclear bombs? Where is your limit?

  • Anthony Alexander

    What do you expect from a PIG but the grunt.......................

    • John Mayer

      The only ones I see grunting are you conservatives who have your panties up in a bunch over this.... You LOVE it when Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter says something equally hateful about "liberals" but when your own medicine gets shoved back in your disgusting faces, you act like the pussies you are!

      • Angelina Cox

        John, read any news outlet blog, 80% is liberals calling people names. No reasoning, no intelligence, just name calling and scape-goating, as you just did here.

  • walrt

    this little piece of cr#p fall off a building on to his head forever to be forgotten.
    Liberty or Death

  • walt

    sorry about spelling

  • Golden Bear

    This has nothing to do with gun control but controlling people, like Hitler did in Germany and the Brown Shirts. Hitler took their guns then off to the ovens. You see where the Administration just bought another truck load of hollow point bullets, they are getting ready.

  • Dave Mell

    Donald Kaul...don't call the police, fire department, ambulance or anyone...they will all be killed by those witguns. Speach is protected but so is mine...Get rid of Guns? Get rid of you first you old enough to know better but doer of all stupid deeds! You are not an intelligent person and you should leave this coiuntry instead of collecting a paycheck for you "ban on guns" Did you serve in any is evident you did not!

    Trust me in your survival levels being so low....

  • JL Brown Jr

    I will give this sorry SOB the first shot, if hes man enough to come to my house and try it, I will wait for him, but he better remember one think, he better make the first shot count, because I wont miss, you fire at me, the gloves come off.
    I defend my family, and for him to put this in writing, he is no better than the CT Killer!

  • Chris Chartier

    As you can see by his statements, he knows that gun do not kill people and he also knows that you do not need a gun to kill people. Why is it that the gun is persecuted and not the person? I'll tell you why. Gun can not speak for themselves.

  • thundercloud47

    I'm against killing, I oppose calling for the death of anyone. I no longer hunt or fish because I don't like the killing.

    That being said I love target practice and my aversion to killing would disappear when it comes to the defense of home, family, my neighbors, my DOG, or any other situation that calls for taking up a weapon to defend against an aggressor.

    I don't want Obama to die even though he'd cheer my own death. Why would he cheer mine? It's because I support the second amendment and I am one of those awful white males who are conservative.

    If Obama dies he will become an instant martyr. I've lived through Kennedy's assassination and even though I have my own conspiracy theory about his death, I'm sick and tired of all the lunatic conspiracy theories out there. If Obama dies his theorists will turn it into a new religion. Kennedy's assassination brought on new gun laws and started the anti-gun movement. Now just sit back and imagine what would happen if he was killed. I say that even if he died of a heart attack or disease they will blame it on gun owners some how some way.

  • RightArmOfFreedom

    Me to Peace Loving Columnist - Bring it!

  • Daniel Williams

    Just your average bleeding heart. Bled out til there's none left to feed the brain. Given time, he might just go postal.

  • carl

    come and talk at my small town and you will never leave in one piece.

  • CC

    That old man should hope never to be victomized and need the help of a good Samaritan that happens to have a concealed carry permit and saves his life 😉


    I hope this psychopath doesn't own any guns or a pick up truck for that matter. BTW....The America Communist Party is alive and well and holding the White House.

    What an idiot!

  • WIZ

    yo cowardly kaul John Adams stated "those who trade security for liberty have neither" you sir are a complete total ass and should be charged with making terroristic threats!!!

  • WIZ

    this idiot seems to think that NRA membership cheered the Newton massacre when we knew this tragedy would have anti gun worms like him crawling out of the woodwork beating their pathetic chests

  • marvin

    I am a vietnam vet, served proudly,love my country and only wish he would try to take my weapones, and drag me around a parking lot. I bet he would be haveing second thoughts about that.

  • Kimberly

    OMG....Please dont start with the abortions...Put on a rubber...Dont Drink and Drive...SEEN GUN OWNER to jail for life if some person gets a hold of their GUNS and KILLS....ALONG WITH GUN SELLERS....IF YOU HAVE SOME ONE IN HOUSEHOLD THAT HAS MENTAL ISSUES THEN CHANGE THE LAW...CAN"T OWN A GUN...WAKE UP...IT COULD BE OWN CHILDREN NEXT...

  • Watchdogman

    I wonder where he lives. His address would be nice to know..

  • jarhead 1646

    Most liberals are predictable. They were sitting in their basement reading gay magazines while other Americans were obeying the laws of the land and serving in the military. I find it strange that jewish males are the most liberal and I see Israel is completely different. Can anyone explain that? Semper fi.

  • Texas Tanker

    This "peace-loving columnist" is a pathetic little cretin. He has the ability and the right to froth at the mouth and spew his vitriol because armed men have stood watch to prevent evil men from taking away his freedom to do so. Those freedoms are in the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers (FF) had to craft the 10 amendments encapsulated therein to get the Constitution ratified. There was some argument about the order of the amendments, with many arguing that what became the Second should have been the First.
    So, Mr. Kaul, what other Amendments would you like to repeal? Understand this, once you have traded a God-given right of liberty for the ilusion of state-provided security, it is gone forever. Your argument about the type of weapons the FF envisioned for "the people" is either disingenuous or reflective of pure ignorance on your part. The firearms guaranteed to the American citizens in the Constitution were precisely the same grade, caliber, and functionality as the ones used to equip the Continental Army, British Regulars, Hessians, and French Regulars during the American Revolution. Until the National Firearms Act of 1934, American citizens had enjoyed being armed at least as well, and in some cases better, that the soldiers in the American military.
    Kaul's polemic is typical of left-wing, Liberal/Progressive screeds. If one allows one's emotions to control one's actions, then what you get are knee-jerk band-aid policy solutions that address symptoms and the short-term, feel-good action. There are 20,000+ laws on the books that obstensibly have the purpose of gun-control. Even the Brady Gun Control organization rates Connecticut as having the fourth most stringent gun control laws in the nation. The Sandy Hook shooter committed numerous felonies before he ever arrived at the school. Laws prevented him from legally purcahsing a weapon before the atrocity. He was intent on committing a criminal act. A trainload of laws will not deter an individual from committing a criminal act. If Mr. Kaul's rant motivates someone to chain some legislator behind a Chevy truck and drag them around a parking lot, then are we safe to assume Mr. Kaul is all for repealing the First Amendment?

    • JoeBideyourtime

      The founding fathers knew there were and would be people like this in the future. This guy doesn't even understand the constitution.

  • Alondra

    Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

    Guns SAVE lives:

    Texas Teen Fatally Shoots Burglar

    14 Year Old Shoots Home Intruder

    12-Year-Old Oklahoma Girl Shoots Home Intruder

    Elderly Man Saves a Cafe
    Full of People By Shooting Gun-Wielding Robbers

    Never Mess With A Veteran

    Here you have Satanwood's HYPOCRITES. Watch it. It’s ironically funny

    “Wickedness proceeds from the wicked.” (I Samuel 24:13)

    Remember, "TRUTH" is NOT synonym for "lie".

    All LIES and DECEITS come from the father of LIES - the Devil and ALL DEMONcrats/ Libtards “are of their father the devil, and the DESIRES OF THEIR FATHER THEY WANT TO DO. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does NOT STAND IN THE TRUTH, because THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM. When he speaks a LIE, he speaks from HIS OWN resources, for HE IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF IT.” (John 8:44)

  • Jefferson

    Kill us with what? Make us read liberal blogs until we slit our wrists?

  • Wrightclick

    Donald Kaul obviously has a mental condition and should not be allowed anywhere near a keyboard, much less a gun.

  • Angelina Cox

    they arrested four old geezers not too long ago for making the kind of threats this guy just did. Why isn't he being hauled off for terroristic threats?

  • PastorRuth1

    This isn't just "looney" it's CRIMINAL! Let's not softpedal such acidic propaganda, and instead call it what it is: incendiary! Meant to stir up and incite a response! That is not journalism, it's murderous! He should be promptly fired and fined!

    Thanks to her gun, a mother and her two children are safe after an intruder not only forced his way into the home with a crowbar (only his 6th offence since 2008 and recently out of jail), but he searched the house until he found them in a crawl space, at which time she let loose 6 shots, 5 hitting him in the face and neck.

    He shouldn't have been let out of jail to begin with, but after that many offences should have been locked up for good. Fortunately for her and her children, she was armed. After hitting him, she and the children ran to a neighbors while he cried. He was somehow able to flee a short distance in his car before crashing, and when he was found begged for help, stating that he was dying. This perpetrator is recooperating in the hospital, and will likely make a full recovery - all except for one drawback - he now knows that in THAT house, at least, someone is willing to "stand their ground" even if it was a crawlspace. What that woman did for him in those 5 shots will do more to rehabilitate that criminal than years in the penal system on our payroll ever could!

    Thank you Ma'am. You have helped turn a criminal around! May many more citizens follow your example!

  • Richard Holmes

    This nut is a rabid dog. He should be in a loony bin.

  • Freeandhopetostaythatway

    One salient point he is missing. You come for me and I shoot to kill. It won't be like entering a liberals home. I will take care of my self if need be. And call the law to clean up the mess.

  • Sue

    The guy who made the comment in this article should be systematically beaten with baseball bats by a team of well condidtioned men and the thrown into a dumpster and a pick up call made...

  • Nathan51

    Looks like it's time to bring him up on charges of Terroristic Threatening and Hate Crimes or are these laws just applied if the intended victim is a Leftist or black?