Congratulations Taxpayer! You Just Paid Over $7 Million for Obama’s Hawaii Vacation!

If you are like the average American today, you are barely making ends meet.  You are struggling to pay you mortgage or rent along with providing for your family.  Luxury expenditures, like going to the movies or taking vacations, have had to take a back seat to paying the monthly bills.

I know the last family vacation we took was back in 1992 when we took the girls to Disney World in Orlando and visited my wife’s sister in Port Orange.  Other kids and their families got to go on vacations, but we just never could afford to go.  Not being able to afford to go on vacations with the family has always bothered me as it makes me feel like I’m not able to properly provide for my family.  You know, it hurts the old male pride.

I guess that’s why I get so angry and frustrated when the Obama’s go on so many vacations on my tax dollars.  They have averaged four vacations a year while I’ve been able to average one vacation every 25 years if I’m lucky.

With all the news of the fiscal cliff, we were made to feel sorry that Obama had to leave his family on vacation in Hawaii while he flew back to Washington.  After ramrodding a travesty of a deal down the throats of Republicans, Obama hopped back on Board Air Force One and returned to Hawaii to finish his vacation.

The estimate cost of flying Air Force One is listed to be around $180,000 per hour.  From Washington DC to Hawaii and back is 18 hours.  That means that just the cost to fly to Hawaii then back to Washington then back to Hawaii and then return home will cost US taxpayers around $6.48 million.

Don’t forget to add to that the cost of the earlier flights taken by security and other staff to prepare for the Obama vacation.  The Obamas never fly alone either.  They always take private secretaries, Secret Service, personal hairdressers and wardrobe people as well as Michelle’s momma.

When all is said and done, this year’s Hawaii vacation will cost you and me well over $7 million.  One estimate has placed the cost of just their Hawaii vacations from 2009 to 2012 to over $20 million.

So tell me if I’m wrong, but at a time when the US government can’t pay its bills and is having to borrow billions of dollars from Japan and China, why are we spending over $7 million for a vacation?  I believe the President and every other elected official need to be put on the same austere budget that the rest of America is on.  If they want to vacation in Hawaii, then let them buy airline tickets and board a commercial flight like the rest of us.  When they get there, let them rent a car like the rest of us.  If we need to hire extra help, we pay for it out of our own pocket, so that should be the case with the hairdressers and wardrobe people.  And Michelle’s momma?  She needs to find a home of her own and someone other than us taxpayers to support her.

That’ my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it!



  • Screeminmeeme

    I have always felt that we should pay for Secret Service protection, while the President PAYS for his own vacations.

    Obama has been taking full advantage of his office and you can be sure that he will milk it for all that it's every way possible.

    • relayman

      Maybe beyond the SS protection and official use of Air Force One, his expensive vacations should be imputed as taxable income retroactive to January, 2009. After all, Barry Soetoro has been saying, to sell his tax the rich programs, that he doesn't need the money.

      • Kay

        So let's get Bush to pay back taxes and Reagan as well. All went on many, long vacations. Let's do it. Would help the deficit. W 973 days. Such a worker.

        • peter

          kay ,go kiss obamas ass, you left wing moron

        • momof5kds

          Kay, He has taken more vacations than any other president, EVER. To add insult to injury, he has been doing it during a time when American's are struggling and we have incredible debt. Debt that he has created, mind you. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. He has no conviction about this and people like you still support him. The stupidity is amazing to me. Do Liberals just cast aside all logic and just listen to all the garbage the media is feeding them? Obviously that's why the such evil is president again. You Liberals really need your eyes opened to the truth.


          You people NEVER cease to amaze me. Did you just move to the U.S. From another planet? Was this country founded by President Obama the day he took office? The debt was there LONG BEFORE his inauguration. But, apparently you were BLIND to the debt before because it is a white man's right to pillage(see history). "He doesn't care about anyone but himself", I guess that is why he is trying to make healthcare affordable for ALL.
          You are right, there is no LOGIC to the GARBAGE you and others like you spew into the eyes and ears of those who blindly follow because they have no sense . Or worse BLINDLY FOLLOW from fear. Your agenda is just to perpetuate hate.
          Comments like yours ARE stupid. Like a fox

        • Jeanne Ballard

          only half of the debt was there before Obama and doubling the debt doesn't make it right either

        • Jeanne Ballard

          Bush gave up on golf after 9-11. Obama hasn't given up anything, he just gorges himself and wifey on things he has never afforded before while he doesn't have to pay the bills

        • horvath38

          Just asking what happens with all Sharks when Obama is in water

        • Jeanne ballard

          Obama is a shark

        • pretzeldude

          Worse yet he is a "Lawyer, Shark, N I G G E R"

        • John

          7 likes for this comment, I'm not surprised. In your hearts all you people are racist and that's the beginning and the end of it.


          Mr Obama worked hard and was wealthy before he became president and will be so after he is no longer president. Just as you and others like you were THICK AS A BRICK before he became president...

        • Jeanne Ballard

          Being a community organizer will not make anyone wealthy sir. Of course he will be wealthy after he leaves office, aren't they all? And you say I am thick as a brick because you know me?

        • slickzip

          You are full of B.S. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,negro lover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • SouthernLadyNC

          uncalled for you jerk!

        • Tricia65

          Your comment makes you look ignant...

        • Ruggedlark

          Its not just the time off that matters to people. Its the fact Michelle leaves in a separate airplane, four hours earlier...Two planes to the same destination on our dime.

          Kay. People are mad that the current WH occupants are extravagant, while we all work harder and still have to cut back...

        • relayman

          Neither Bush nor Reagan ever made such a pompous and arrogant remark that others could pay more in taxes because, like him, they could afford it. Unlike the "rich" that the pretender in chief was trying to shame into going along with his socialist designs, Barry Soetoro does not have to spend a single federal reserve unit on housing, food, transportation and other necessities that everyone else must pay for. So I figure, in all FAIRNESS (that this butt wipe always talks about), since those evil CEO's have such luxuries imputed as income, it ought to be done to him. You liberals, hypocrisy knows no limit.


          You dumbass. Of course bush and reagan never said that, they were the pompous ones. And you are all too dumb to see it. You have a problem he said he and others in his tax bracket can afford to pay more taxes? Every President is entitled in that respect. Living in the White House, the security, the means of transportation. Why should President Obama be excluded? You bigots are all too stupid for words

        • Relayman

          Typical liberal rant, long on emotion, name calling and appeals to racism, very short and absent on substance and logic. Note you idiot, I did not say anything about security for Barry Soetoro. I am only being "FAIR" when I call on the white house occupant to pay for food, housing, and transportation just like everyone else or have it imputed as income, when it arrogantly complains that he can afford a tax increase, or as you say, "others in his tax bracket can afford to pay more taxes?" (sic).

        • The Truth

          Kay is one of the blind obamanites who will soon reap her well deserved reward of hyperinflation and increased taxes. Good job Kay, stay uniformed.

        • Maggie moo

          By the way ever noticed how Mooshell is constantly telling us to eat veggies and rabit food, and that our kids are too fat?,,,,yet she's constantly gorging herself on lobster and egg mcmuffins? Really? Ignorant, stupid liberals don't see the irony. "Don't do as I do, do as I say do........stupid serf liberals." Michelle Obama.


          The First Lady does not just promote health, she LIVES it. Unlike prior first wives who promoted health by the, 'do as I say not as I do' method.
          You are just JEALOUS Michelle CAN eat all those things you mentioned, and she doesn't gain any weight, because she DOES EXERCISE REGULARLY.
          OH, I DO SEE THE IRONY of the egg all over your face

        • momoftwins

          you no nothing about which you post....such is the left way of thinking

        • Brenda

          I am assuming that you meant know rather than no. Left way of thinking!! Let's see. Since when has it been a left way of thinking to look up the facts? Should I ignore the elaborate way obama spends our money because he is the president? I use several sources for my info that include media, various sites both conseravative and liberal, and government site.

        • Charles Craig

          @Kay Bush's vacations were mostly at his ranch and he pretty much made his home a white house at not much expense to the taxpayer. Get your facts straight

        • Tricia65

          Nice try, Hoochie 😉

        • noelle2011

          damn right! all former president NEED TO REFUND THE GOVT FOR THEIR VACATIONS ALONG WITH AF 1 FLIGHT TIME!
          this is going to add up to millions if not billions!

        • alcan44m

          Kay, I don't think people are worried about the vacations, just the costs of them. While Bush and Reagan took vacation, I believe most of them were to Crawford of the Santa Barbara ranch, and were mostly working vacations. Additional costs, once they got there, were minimal since they owned the property. Flight time to each site was about 2-4 hours each way. Meanwhile, Obummer uses AF1 likes it's a Prius. Off the top of my head; 4 trips to Hawaii, one to Indonesia (continuing around the world), Aspen, the Hamptons. And don't forget we also pay for Michelle's trips (Spain, Africa, etc). For fun, it would be nice to know operating expenses for each administration, broken by business, pleasure, or a mix of both.

        • horvath38

          Don't forget taj-mahal India back in 2010 ? he toke 150 guests on 10 day trip at 5-mill a day {Obama called it Facts founding mission }

        • Brenda

          Breaking down the real cost of obama's and other's is not about to happen. In the last four years we have been told obama was on official business during his myriad trips, but in actuallity much of his time was spent campaigning. It has become fashionable to throw in a 15minute official visit in order to write the whole trip off. Remember how Michelle listed her daughter as diplomates during her trip to Spain, Africa, etc.?

        • Brenda

          Not only are your facts wrong, but your loyality to obama and company is misplaced. The Reagans used the West Coast White House for their vacations, and the Bushes used Camp David and their ranch in Texas. They did not take elaborate European vacations, not did the travel separately causing more expense. And, even at todays rate, no previous President spent anywhere near the cost of the obama's.

        • Suescritters

          Bush stayed at homes he owns for most of those vacations. Obama's bought a $30 million dollar home, that isn't where he stayed though, it is being renovated. Want to bet tax payers are footing the bill for it? So if he can afford $30 mil for a home way is he so stingy with charitable donations?

        • Don

          Oblamo deserves these vacations since he has worked so hard for the country. NOT!

        • Rushvillerocket

          That may be so, but now we have NO MORE MONEY!!!!!!!! NONE! What is it about that you don't understand??? I haven't been on a vacation in three years and I'm now having to work two jobs to keep my head above water. The president can well afford to pay for his own vacation!!!

    • horseradish

      he needs to take his whole ugly family of the n words back to deepest darkest africa

      • Shirley

        Your foul remarks reflect badly on the rest of us tea party members. If you are a true member of the tea party you would never say such ugly things. You lose the argument as soon as you start calling names. You must use your intelligence.

        • Charles Craig

          @Shirley most of the time it is a liberal posting racial slurs to make the rest of us look like racists. Oldest trick in the progressive book


          Right, that's what it is. Wake up!

    • obhfwb

      That's what this boy does as he's not worth the salt that go in to his bread the lousy POS.

  • Randy Renu

    "You are struggling to pay you mortgage...." How about proof reading your articles.Obummer works hard for all the press and horrible decisions; although I'm not sure how much work it takes to make stupid choices, so he needs a restful vacation and we should pay for it. If he were making good decisions, then it would be a different story; he'd do what is right and forgo a vacation with the understanding it sends a bad message to the American tax payer and makes him look like the whore he really is.

    • annie.o

      he does not give a crap about's all me me me......maybe the dem voters ONLY should pay for his vacation...i think that is a good idea...the replb...don't have to !!!

      • John

        What goes around, comes around. He will face that in the near future.


      Jealous idiots. You cannot judge a man until you have walked in his shoes. You have NO IDEA what is involved with being president( thank GOD) so you all just need to SHUT UP. I do however agree with the need to proof read. Yikes!

  • Uptite

    Inconceivable!! This really burns me...

    • omg

      I hope he goes down in history below Jimmy C. He didn't pull that crap.

      • notosharia

        I hope the islamo-in the white house get convicted on treason . That's the truth and he does not tell it.

  • Bill Tyner

    I was wondering if he doubled the cost by flying back and forth to Hawaii last week. I understand that he does not like Camp David. It's too old fashioned, too underwhelming for a man of his stature.

    • annie.o

      of course he did...maybe tripled sad tyo see a person (can't call him a man) uses people like this...he could care less about YOU the voters...feel like being used??????


        Yes, but, a MAN he is. And PRESIDENT to boot. Hahahahahahahahaaaaa....

    • Ruggedlark

      Love the sarcasm.

  • Pat

    I could'nt agree more.

  • annie.o

    just sickening.......and to think you people bitched about bush going to TEXAS!!!! how's it feel to be made a fool of..hey you obama voters...happy now???? i think they the obama voters shouldPAY for his vacations...and not the regular lovely people on this earth...HEY OBAMA VOTERS...LOVING THAT IDEA?????

    • horseradish

      they still support that piece of sh(t

    • peter

      Annie, you think they would give up some of the welfare money?

      • Jeanne Ballard

        not a snow balls chance in hell

    • grumpybill

      May I remind you that the majority of Ovomit's supporters are on welfare or food stamps, so they could not possibly help pay for anything for him ... all they can do is bow down to the illegal occupant of our White House and draw more welfare!!


      Obama returns to his HOME in Hawaii , as Bush did to his HOME in Texas.
      And yes, I am happy now. We have four more years with an actual HUMAN being as leader, who actually does give a damn in spite of regular lovely people like you ( Thank God)

  • BK

    He has spent more $money on more vacations than any President in US history and still has 4 more years to set a new record! But remember little people its you he's concerned about?

    • Lance

      973 out of 2920 0r 32.5% on vacation. Obama 73 days or 5%. Look it up. Easy to verify at several locations. So like most information that is really really true you more money on vacations is false. It takes full security no mater where you go. Bush had the ranch...Obama has a home he rents. So check yiur records. W just loved to whack weeds and for a full month in August.

      • Charles Craig

        @Lance they counted 99% of that stat being at his ranch in Texas. Should not count as vacation

  • Magnolia

    Obama and high flying family need to take vacations at Camp David -- the rent is free, and their security forces can be with their own families for the Holidays. We never hear of this frustratingly spendthrifty family going to Camp David. Do thety even know of its existence?

    • Jeffrey L. Zack

      I think they have a restricted member policy. :-)

      • a

        What's that? No slime or cheaters.....

    • a

      Dose obamy even give a crap what he spends for a vacation? NOT AT ALL. I'm surprised he doesn't take his whole clan..... Aunts, Uncles and two or three generations....

    • horseradish

      5y he and his ho bag wife and ho bags under construction dipshit daughters don't need vacations they need to work back picking cotton where they belong-they don't know their rightful places

      • momof5kds

        I don't like the guy but no one should ever be a slave. We should believe in freedom and equality for all. That is why we shouldn't like BO and our politicians. They think they are superior to us and they are really in office to serve us and protect our freedoms and interests. I understand and share your anger over his excessive spending, but you really should be careful about comments like yours. We need to focus on the issues and not create a race war. :)

      • Ruggedlark

        Your language does nothing to help the argument. Demeaning people does not change minds.

      • Ruggedlark


        Your expression of "rightful places" is very much misguided. You need to take a look at who you are as a person.

    • Paul

      Yes they have been to Camp David. Obama has been on Vatican 5% of his tenure. W racked up 32.5% of his time....most at the ranch in Texas. Imagine being there for the month of August. Torture for security.

      • Dissgussted

        @Paul and the other O minions who are trolling on this site get off of the false narrative about how many days GWB spent at the ranch in Texas! In case you haven't noticed W's been out of office for 4 years! O and his "family" have taken a costly vacation at least every 3 months since he has been occupying the WH. O spent more on this fiscal cliff photo op trip than most people earn in a lifetime. It is a terrible message to send when the poor are poorer and the middle class is being squeezed by this regime's policies.

  • annie.o

    what is worse..all those people he DRAGGED there could NOT spend time with THIER families back here in the states...shame on least when bush DID stay at the white house...all the employees got to spend time with their it should be...this idiot does not care...just lug them all to hawaii to babysit him...and screw the families...shame on him !!!!! just a pathetic despicable person

    • r

      obamy should pay for his wife and siblings. We DID not elect them! Give me a break. When I worked (retired) and went on a vacation; the company I worked for DID NOT pay for my siblings. GIVE US (or USA) a break! That's being a SLIM. Did past presidents take vacations every year at some resort? It must be the Democrapic Party Way!


        Hawaii is his home. Why should he go anywhere else?
        GIVE US A BREAK IS IS RIGHT. If you have nothing positive or TRUTHFUL to add you and other like you need to just be quiet.

        • Jeanne Ballard

          I thought Chicago was his home. just his grandparents lived there

    • John Illinois

      My son was in Afghanistan. He was able to come home for one Christmas. His brother-in-law was a Marine Recruiter. A couple of his guys were in the White House Marine Detachment. They came a few times, but were not able to come on Christmas for dinner because they had duty, and then would have dinner with the President. Not just dinner at the White House, but in the Residence, with George and Laura at the table eating with them.


      Last time I checked, Hawaii IS A STATE. And "all those people he DRAGGED..." were HIRED to do a JOB they applied for.
      IT -IS -THEIR- JOB.
      You and your kind need to grow up. Would you have made that statement if he were 100% white?
      Not shame on him, SHAME on YOU

  • agbjr

    Hawaii again? Gee, Obama, you should really try the family-oriented Jersey Shore ... or are you afraid of being confronted by the people you promised help but actually ignored?

    • peter

      screwed and ignored


      He and his family vacation in Hawaii because that is where he was born. I would imagine he still has family there. Just like Bush vacationed at his home in Texas.
      Just like any of us would do. Do you hear yourselves? You ALL sound like a bunch of stereotypical JEALOUS women viciously gossiping over the fence.
      STOP ENCOURAGING HATE. You guys need to lighten up

      • Brenda

        Hawaii is his home!! A "home" he only recently discovered. What about his Chicago home, or is that a lie too., No matter how you slice it, seven million is an exhorbitant price. And, since is exposing the exscesses of this administration encouraging hate?


          Seriously, how else can the President get around? He did not make those rules about Presidential travel. Yes he is from Hawaii, only recently discovered by you? Chicago is his CHOSEN home. The daily operation of security for a president has always been exhorbitant. Why is it SO surprising and way too costly now? It certainly isn't because he is white.

      • agbjr

        Obama's home is CHICAGO; he owns a very comfortable house in a very upscale neighborhood and THAT is his family's home address. Why is it they NEVER go home? Both Presidents Bush periodically checked in at their HOMES and would spend Christmas HOME as did Reagan. Johnson spent time at home in Texas, Eisenhower at home in Gettysburg, Truman in Independence, and FDR often went to Hyde Park. There is definitely a reason why the Obamas don't go home to Chicago and it must be a very interesting one. Why they can't stay in Washington - where a president belongs - is beyond comprehension.


          When you grow up and CHOOSE a locale to call home, it eradicates all ties to your original home?
          Do YOU vacation where OTHERS THINK YOU SHOULD? Are you tied to your job the way you expect him to be tied to his? For vacation?
          In the dictionary I use, vacation has a totally different meaning.

        • agbjr

          If he wants a vacation on our tax dollars he can go to Camp David. If his family wants to jet-set around the world they can do it on their dime and NOT the abused taxpayers. When national austerity is the order of the day national leaders must themselves be the example of austerity. Obama can not be austere at least not with other peoples' money. He can not be fiscally responsible so take his playthings away and ground him.

  • undunder

    Remember the song "Welfare Cadillac"? The obamas personafy the intent of that song. Low life is low life and like rude obama said, you can put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig. These people are pigs and no suit, no dress, no entourage to suck up to them, and clearly not a high powered address will change the low class nature of this family. Period.


      Again with the jealous disparaging remarks? Low class lipsticked pig. You should know. The FIRST FAMILY puts yours to shame. Mr Green with envy.

  • FED UP

    Hold on let's not be so quick to judge if You were campaigning for the last four years the American tax payer owes it to obummmer to relax for a while so He can continue to destroy America.

    • a

      He's doing a GREAT Job; at destroying moral and adding to the deficit. How much does it cost per mile for AF1 (and the jet for BOW) to go to Hawaii? Or did he cut us a break and not bring Bow? Why not cut us a break and get this show back ON-THE-ROAD!


        HE is destroying morals??? ? He forces all you moral people to sleep around when married, to have sex and co-habitate without marriage, wear strings up your backsides you call a bathing suit, he is giving your 12 year old daughters birth control pills, he is the one allowing your young girls to wear short skirts and breast exposing shirts that are too tight to breathe in. He is the one patting those boys who will be boys on the back 'heheheh'.....
        Back on the road to hell

  • TLady62

    Giacomo, you are not alone in your opinion of this President and his wife's flagrant disdain for working Americans whose finances have been decimated due to his horrendous economic policies.

  • QuisPercusit

    Let all of us loyal law abiding tax payers send a not to the IRS forbidding them to use any portion of our tax money to pay for any od Omamafrauds vacations I worked for the fed for over 30 years and They never paid for any of my vacation expenses; they hardly payed for legitimate government business trips.

  • Edward P Cox

    Reminds me of Bill Clinton. Why is it liberals support people that contemptuously waste taxpayer dollars to live like modern day kings?

    • relayman

      To be an average liberal you have to be the king (or queen) of fools. You cannot be capable of any kind to deep analytical or critical thinking. Your emotions and feelings rule, so the gullible and weak minded are as susceptible to the unsustainable lies of liberalism as cheap untreated wood to termites. In the minds (what little they do have) of these people, the liberal cares for them. They will support and make excuses for them, regardless of the fact that it can readily and factually shown throughout recorded history, over and over and over, that liberalism is cruel, heartless and always ultimately will make misery general in any population. Liberalism or socialism, thrives on stupidity, ignorance, and laziness. The triad of virtue of the democrat party.


        Wow, harsh. You really should have more respect for yourself than that.

        • Relayman

          Truthful! BTW, I have respect for myself, which is why I do not fall for any form of socialism, including liberalism.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    The one thing I want to pitch in to buy Obama, other than a vacation and that is a casket. Not that I would harm him, but God needs to strike this enemy to America down. Send me the bill. Oh Lord let us all pray...



  • jvb1980808

    But did Michelle's hair get wet? That's all that matters...oh, and did Obama look hunky and virile in the water? What about Michelle's bathing suit...did it flatter her arms? You know...THE IMPORTANT STUFF LIBERALS WILL WANT TO FOCUS ON.


      Bet it took you a whole fortnight to come up with that one.

  • jvb1980808

    I seem to recall France doing something PEOPLE ORIENTATED with a king and queen who flaunted their ability to live above the masses.



  • isthisnameokay

    I demand my money back -- If he wants to vacation - Let him pay for it out of his paycheck,
    just like anyone else does.

    I'm not supposed to be responsible for politicians vacations, gasoline, cars, magazine subscriptions - or anything else, but a few cents chipped in for their over-bloated salary.

    • MickeyMamama

      Who went on vacation 973 days out of 8 years or 32.5% of his reign.George w Bush. Same cost, same security just a duller place. Laura had her entourage as well and took the party on daughters on trips several times. All Preisde t go on vacation.

      • isthisnameokay

        Well, as I say - I shouldn't have to pay for any politicians/bureaucrats/presidents vacations.. Our great President Washington had to borrow money to get to his own inauguration. He didn't demand Americans pay for his travel expenses.

  • Joyce Jenkins

    I haven't been able to afford a vacation in many years so this really ticks me off. Why in the world are we suppose to pay for this. As many talk shows and photo sessions he is on, how does he ever have time to run the country??

  • jcgreen2

    We have allowed the presidency to evolve into a "monarchy!" It's our own fault. We should have been insisting that the first family fund their own vacations as all of us must do. Write your Congressman and Senators and tell them to halt funding for this outrageous abuse of power! It must stop!

    • notalemming

      The BIGGEST problem is the "news media" (and I use the term loosely).....they have the power to sell whatever agenda they support to the average American.
      Congress knows the news people have been "bought and paid for" and if they try to raise a hand to put an end to this madness, the media will be all over them and
      THEY ARE AFRAID. Someone once said "the pen is mightier than the sword" and they got that right! NOTHING the Obamas do is wrong in the sight of our fawning,

      news media who act as though they are the Obama's PR firm, calling attention to
      all the "wonderfulness" of Obama(?)....the "style and beauty"(?) of Michelle.....
      they will excuse him, makes excuses for him, misinform regarding his negative
      actions and gush and flutter all over us when he kisses Michelle, inappropriately,
      I might add, on the convention floor. UGH! $11 million for one of many vacations?...only imagine (if you can) how much ire that would have brought down on the head of President Bush. Thoughtfulness for the people employed to take
      care of them?...not worth mentioning. Total lack of, and disregard for, those who
      protect and serve the Obamas?....not anything worth mentioning there either....
      because whatever they do is OKAY to our news reporting featherheads. BUT
      whatever they do report is all that a great majority of Americans know! So sad!

  • louise

    I am still trying to fiqure out how he got elected again. Even with all the voter fraud and the obamaphones, I still cant believe that this marxist muslim got in again. What has happened to America??


      We are finally awake and fed up with all the mindless bigotry.

  • freeman

    Don't for get to bow to the King and Queen when they pass. That is the way they treat this country. He not even a legal establish citizen. Fraud, theft, Bunco, Treason, what else


      Hey, tell yourself whatever you need to get through the day. Just keep the delusions to yourself. Most of you need English lessons!

  • Ruby-Con

    I wish he would go on a permanent vacation!


      I'm sure we wish the same of all of you.

  • WilliamSpires

    I feel much better knowing the economy has been saved by Barack Hussein to such a degree that we don't need to worry about wasting money on extravagant vacations for a worthless, anti-American, communist president.


      Did you even read that before posting? Using his middle name is the best you've got?

      • william spires

        How are things at the White House blog ? I am quite aware of Barack Hussein's last name but it probably should have been from his communist mentor. Time will tell who is right, when it all comes crashing down from the weight of socialism then the blind will see. Forgot his last name, REALLY!! I would much rather forget the entire name.


          Are you getting enough oxygen? Reread your last post, then exhale.

  • Thomas Wells

    I don't mind paying for a one way trip to Kenya-if he would stay there.

  • notosharia

    They are acting out the king & queen game and show that they do not respect our country I Can you really like what they represent? It is like the Arab Monarchs as they rule and waste oil money we pay to them . The Arab princes also go to to nearby countries so that they can gamble and whore around -then return to their Wahhabi strict dictator-ship to act in a" proper manner." Isn't that two-faced? Lies of the man in the WH---no respect or trust for the likes of him. One more thing -Give the Secret Service a break -!!.

  • Mad Mike

    Message to all Obama voters! You are not responsible citizens. You do not posess common sense, much less use it. You who voted for this "con-artist" for president, deserve to lose your money, your jobs, your houses, your cars, and pay more for everything. Obama is "living large" on our tax money while intentionally wasting trillions more. This is your fault, not mine, not any american who did not vote for Barack Obama. It is your fault, and he is your president. Not mine. This goes way beyond any "party bias between democrats and republicans". This hate filled co-man, is wrecking our country every way he can think of. And you are helping him to do it! Shame on you, you must hate america as much as he does.

    • Larry

      52%do not agree with y ou. We are happy that 47m Americans will have medical care next year. Your previous Rep Presidents did nothing to inspire allegiance to your small government credo since that produced two unpaid for war and deficits and an economic downturn. Your last candidate was a liberal, then a staunch conservative, then a guy who tried to care auto workers and agreed with Obama. Why would anyone support the Republican party. And vacation time, which all Presidents take, inspired the latest rant. Immature reaction to something that has nothing to do with current economic problems. Obama won, and millions are better off. Ps. I'm not a moocher, employed by big corporation, pay lots of taxes, go to Christian church, certainly understand Constitution and do not agree with you at all. You are entitled to your philosophy but your support is rapidly shrinking. Look for Presidet Clintonand first man Bill. After she testifies about Beghzi, it will be a story Americans do not want to hear. Just wait.

  • horseradish

    a screwball n

  • Mad Mike

    I wouldn't be at all suprised if Obama, while flying back to D.C. across the states, (the "Hinterlands" as the elite Washington D.C. classes like to call it), that he ordered the Air Force One crew to "dump the holding tanks" to signal that he's back.

  • Harold

    I think I'm going to puke, I only wish is was all over, you know who.

  • Kay

    How is this any different than any other President. W spent a recorded 973 days onVACATION (does not include official or foreign trips). Same expense no matter where they go. Regan had the next highest vacation time. Clinton the lowest of any president. Why no outcry about anyone but Obama. Last week I read on this same blog the cost was 2.4 Billion. Is the Pres to be barred from vacations....perhaps one of those nifty petition or a Constitutional Amendment. Show how mis informed and petty you are.

    • agbjr

      Got no problem with a president going to his own home be it a ranch in Texas, a ranch in California, or a seaside summer home in Maine ... as long as it is to the man's OWN home. The Obama's own a large comfortable house in Chicago but never - NEVER! - go there. Instead they travel to luxury rentals in Hawaii and exclusive resorts on OUR tax dollars. It is time they pay their own travel expenses.

  • progressiveandproud

    Obama is no different than other Presidents. When a head of state travels, it costs a lot of money folks, that just the way it is.

    Bush was on vacation more than he was on the job but I don't remember the right being up in arms about it. I guess color and party affiliation makes a difference.

    • cmjay

      Bush used his home in TEXAS - he didn't squander our money in FANCY HOTELS and TEXAS is closer than HAWAII. He did not put a DOG on another plane to join him in his vacation either. MONEY does NOT buy CLASS. Your RACE CARD has EXPIRED - due to over use.

  • Robert Dungan

    His TaxPayer funded family orgies of luxurious consumption are proof of a Payoff scheme for their cooperation in the fraud.

  • bayman61

    To hell with him, his wife and their childrens entitlement attitude. Thanks a lot to all you jerks that voted for this man simply because he is black. Just goes to show how much of a fool you all are. All because of a stupid free phone.


      You are most welcome. You are as much a moron as you appear if you really believe his color is why he is PRESIDENT . .. it was the free phone. Did you think at all before posting? Dumbass

  • Sally Hamilton

    Thank you, all who voted him back in. Saps

  • gator

    f'n scrawny kenyan monkey. wouldnt he and his family be more at home at the zoo?

  • Barb Patton

    When I think of this ingrate and the Moooo taking so many holidays, I tend to froth at the mouth. The latte one has no shame whatsoever.

  • Vincenta

    I want my money back!

  • Gunsmoke11

    Vacation, vacation, vacation and more Vacation, that is ALL Obama and his Family do, the rest of the time he wastes trying to do anything about the Economy and the Deficit, Rants & Raves about Immigration and is constantly breaking the Law with his Executive Decisions, and has been after Guns, Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment just like HITLER was..... anything and Everything he has done, said or attempted to do, has ALL been Failures one after the other...... Yet he has been Voted in by FOOLS who only want his Color to be shown, regardless of what or how well he accomplishes anything.....which is NOTHING....
    We as Taxpayers are committed to paying for ALL of the Obama's Vacations, which is far more than what should be done with the Economy the way it is..... Of course Obama cares less about this, as he is out to DESTROY America any way he can...... So, just remember this you Voters who voted for this Impostor, Traitor, Hypocrit, LIAR, Marxist, as you are seeing just what you wanted.....

  • grnma


  • Lyle Larson

    My mother used. To call the way they spend as being "N----- Rich"

  • slickzip

    AMEN ,,, I agree 100% just another bunch of negro free loaders ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • jwright673

    I hope none of the Secret Service Protective Detail knows how to swim....

  • Cliff

    This NON-American can foot his own bill-- siphon it from his Chicago mafia associates...
    Such a disgusting term, to go on another 4 years?! All the while he mocks the middle-class in our faces. He overshadows Bush for corruption and extortion, and less class for a nation he was not born to, and has never verified his qualifications, let alone a dismal senatorship
    with no leadership experience. Where is everybody?? Some spoiled children just need to be spanked for misbehavior, including his followers who have never known responsibility. After the upcoming impeachment, ALL executive orders must be rescinded, and freedom

    to be restored according to the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. He's S0 ignorant!

    • Stephen Heard

      And stop all welfare payments.If you get a check you do work in your community preiod.


      IGNORANT is right. As you display, it knows no bounds. You dumbasses keep harping on citizenship and qualifications. Because you have NO VALID complaint. Duh! He IS PRESIDENT so OBVIOUSLY he passed muster, TWICE! Ha! TWICE! Spanking? Fetish, much!?

  • SouthernLadyNC

    BRAVO!!! Giacomo.

  • Jed54

    Grand Canyon is a nice BIG hole.........


      It rivals the chasms in all your heads

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Now does anyone have doubt that this arseclown could care less about the welfare of this nation? Knowing we're broke this arseclown is still livin it up like rockstar!! Its as plain as the nose on yer face!! He wants America destroyed and he makes that statement right out in the open with his actions! And nothing is being done about it!! I'm so sick of these POS liberturds! When does this party end!


      You and the rest of your kind need to return to narnia. That's when it will end.

  • george

    F'n worthless Jerk!

  • cmjay

    One solution to cut back spending - CONGRESS should vote to CANCEL Obama's vacations. How is HOPE AND CHANGE working out for you? It is working well for the Obamas and their PARASITES.

  • seenenough

    I predict that within a year the left will have finally woken up and start to hate this arsehole

  • Charles Craig

    drop in the bucket for Emperor Nero. He is spending 100 million(most expensive besides his was 17 million for Bill Clinton his first one Barak Obama spent 60 million) for his inaguaration later this month so he can party like a rockstar on the taxpayer dime. You get what you vote for as the same cast of characters are heading back to Washington for another term and people expect a different result(look up insanity in dictionary LOL)

  • GeneB

    Isn't that sweet ! Talk about ENTITLEMENT, Emperor Obama is entitled to whatever he wants, right ??? There will be much more to come as We the People are taxed more and Emperor Obama spends more. Wake Up People !!!

  • noelle2011

    this is total bullsh$%!
    THIS MAN MUST BE FRIGGING REMOVED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tricia65


  • The_American_Way

    I love looking at all the comments about other Presidents taking vacation. The Obama loons are delusional. NO President has taken anywhere near the number of vacations Obama and his family have taken. This piece of garbage (Obama) loves to tell the rest of us that we need to "share the sacrifice". Really Barack! How about you sharing some of the sacrifice.

    • Matt

      it's certified...W took 973 days out of 8 years. Obama 73 out of four years. Why don't you check the facts before you mouth off. Those are vacation days not trips overseas or official trips. W did a lot ofmthose also. Facts are hard concept for right wing extremists. Go check it out, old geezer.

      • 529_Barb

        YOU are delusional or an ovomit troll...


      Hypercrite! Geez!! If you haters are going to spew lies, learn to spell first.

  • Wayright2

    Let him ride in an old VW bus with a bong in it.

  • Stephen Knorr

    Obama is a traitor an is not even a citizen of the USA.The evidence has been proven all his records are forgers. The Supreme Court will hear all the evidence in the coming year an then Obama will be arrested for high crimes an treason an shot thank god .

  • alcan44m

    We seem to forget that we are speaking about Emperor Obama, not president Obama, and we should be beholden to him and not quibble about minor extravagances he takes at our expense. After all, this a minor amount when you consider the major sacrifices he has made in order to provide us with his illustrious leadership.

    Just for fun, I wonder of anyone has the ability to calculate how each administration (president) has spent using Air Force 1. Information such as total number of hours flown, and a break down differentiating whether it was actual needs of the country, vacation, or a mix of both. I think that information might prove interesting.

  • gbandy

    I still laugh when about 2 years ago people starting complaining about Obama's vacations and trips to dinner in New York. All the Liberal suckheads could say is "Bush took more vacations". Well after 4 years millions of taxpayer dollars on Hawaii, Spain. Trips for Michelle, and over 400 golf games who is really out of touch with the American People? Well it is Obama the Messiah of the Ignorant of course.

  • De

    Just think if that 7 mil were turned into food stamps, there could be more votes for the
    muslim sympathizer.

  • Barry

    The Obama's have been living high with their nose in the public trough. Why stop now??
    Our first "Affirmative Action" president. That didn't work out too well now did it??

  • Joanne

    This president will push the envelope because he thinks everyone is still fawning all over him but I feel that half of America is finally waking up to what's really going on. By now he's really shown his true colors and they stink.

  • ADM

    I LOVE your opinions, even if I see some I don't always agree to every part! Well said Giacomo! - As for Obama's excessive holidays at Government expense: We in Australia have also complained about our PM's overeas jaunts even on Government business, where they spent too much money on using a hotel, while the official apartments of the Embassy were kept unused. And we know that the PM did not need to keep body-guards (2 of) while in the Embassy - as they are always on duty for the service anyhow. So, in the end, Government expenditure questions saved the day, and ordered the PM to use facilities that were already available at the Emabassy. This is because the PM is chosen as leader by the winning Party, and can be replaced if unpopular or incompetent at any time with a majority vote. Neither can the PM override the Representatives or the Senate, but merely cast a vote when a deadlock occurs. Perhaps USA could save $Billions or more by using this method of electing a President, rather than holding almost a year of pre-election lobbying, and then end up with someone who can do his own thing, and over-ride the system?

  • Welch

    George w Bush 973 days of vacation in 8 years. Obama 73 in 4. Gonna be hard to break W record. Costs a tad bit more to fly to Hawaii than Texas but so much nicer for security. Go figure how much W owes us. I get 15 days paid vacation a year.

    • 529_Barb

      GW did not take 973 days of vacation......are you nuts? He occassionally went to his texas ranch and worked from there or camp david......get your facts straight buckwheat.

  • Doug Schexnayder

    This, above many things, should prove to doubters the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism put America last and have no ethics (which is a given 2 me)...
    one can only imagine the demo-braying and TV yack if any Repub spent 7 mil on ONE vacation during a recession with 50 million on F Stamps.

    Ask yourself...if we ever manage a Repub POTUS again...can he/she do just half the E Orders? Have just half the czars? Spend just half the vacation tax money? Waste just half on parties year 1? Have just half the annual budget shortfall?

    Will the corrupt pawn media stay silent as they have for 4+ years as OzBama rampages unchallenged? Will the corrupt media change during the next decade or so?
    Will they ever see that socialism rots a nation and the dimdems are the bold lying agents of rot?

  • mary singh

    This "Free loading President" is milking it for all his worth.They make me sick to the core with their selective hyprocrisy Class warfare Bull Crap .Whilsts all the time taking the best of ever luxury avaible to them and their hangers-on.......... I hope Madame Antoinette /Michelle Obama enjoys her holidays while the suffering for the people of Jersey continues after Hurricane Sandy.destroyed their homes.They have not one ounce of shame for the uncontrolled spending that they impose on the American Taxpayers .

  • gnafuasusual

    He and wife do it to shove it in our faces that they can and the majority can't. They use tax dollars that aren't even there so they are borrowing our money that we don't have to take their expensive vacations. Figure that one out! who's on first? Who is who? I don't know so who's on first. Kind of makes one dizzy, doesn't it. The strange thing is that those who voted O for a second term, they have not a clue that the president even took vacations on the tax payers' dime that the tax payers don't have. There you go~~the president doesn't need to use his money as long as he can use our great great grandchildren's tax dollars.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Where is a good Great White when you need one. Inside sources said there were plenty of them that got close, but with everyone else, no one can stand the guy.

    Oh and, the sharks went back to eating rotten fish ... something they could enjoy.

  • Bernardo

    Obama voters are thrilled that their Messiah blew their taxes for himself. He's done it before and so he got re-elected. Pat yourself on the back Mr and Mrs America for your brilliant stupidity.

  • Gizmo51

    Who, in their right mind, would create an economy that of every ten
    workers, 1 becomes a millionaire and/or billionaire, 3 live in
    poverty, 4 live pay check to pay check, and 2 make enough to buy a new
    car every 6 years? That's what capitalism is!

  • wally55

    The end is near! Fascism has arrived !

  • Douglas

    I don't have any money to feed my family, but hey O is living good and I live through him like I was right there with go O. Where are we going next?? Let's go to Italy again man..that place where your wife and her friends stayed the last time they were know O that place she stayed at just before I lost my home...but hey man I'm not blaming you..I know it was that other guys you blame all the time..but some Americans think you shouldn't be spending tax dollars if we are going off an economic cliff...but not me O...I'm looking forward to another vacation..God I had so much fun when we were on the beaches..and it was really warm..must be that climate warming you made me pay so much for in your Green Tax Plan...but hey i love it when should I pack my pretend bag and where are we going O?? I have come to the conclusion that many Americans actually must be living life through O...because even through they know this is wrong...not a word is heard..and if you have nothing to say about have endorsed you go O! And he wants to take my Guns...ya Right that would help!!!

  • HerrCapitanFick

    You morons had a chance to get tid of Obama and you were tooooo stupid to do it! Now you just want to sit around and complain! OH BOO HOO!

  • Bob Nesteggs

    Maybe Obama invited some of his gay friends:

    Shocking 2004 habits of Obama ... see: