Denny’s Restaurant Evicts On-Duty Policewoman Because She Was Armed

On New Year’s Day, five on duty detectives of the Belleville, Illinois police department went to a local Denny’s Restaurant for a meal.  As they were eating, a manager of the restaurant approached the table and told one of the detectives that she had to take her gun outside the restaurant.  The detectives displayed their badges and showed the manager the police radios setting on the table.  However, the manager insisted that the gun had to leave the premises because another customer complained that it made her nervous.  He told them that only uniformed officers were allowed to carry a gun inside the restaurant.

Initially, the detectives thought the manager was joking around with them, but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t a joke.  The general manager of the restaurant then told the detectives that it was okay for them stay, but the damage had been done.  The incident had already caused a commotion and the detectives felt embarrassed and awkward, so they opted to leave the restaurant and their meals.

A spokesperson for Denny’s said the whole thing was an unfortunate case of miscommunication and that they do allow both uniformed and plain clothes police officers to carry their weapons inside their restaurants.

However, the Belleville police chief has decided to ban all members of the city’s police department from eating at Denny’s while on duty.  Capt. Don Sax, told Fox News:

“The Belleville Police Department is very disheartened by the lack of respect shown to on-duty sworn police officers.  Until further notice all on duty Belleville Police officers are banned from Denny’s Restaurant unless responding to an official call for service.”

The whole thing started when one customer felt uncomfortable and complained.  The manager should have gone over to the customer and explained that they were all on duty police detectives and that the customer should feel more secure and protected knowing that the detectives were there.  But as in so many cases today, the complaint of one person infringes on the rights of others, whose rights are not even considered.

Because of the stupidity of the manager giving in to one whiny customer, I hope that Denny’s not only loses the business of the police department but that they lose a lot more business as well.



  • Huckley

    Based on the last study by the CDC 76 million illnesses, which resulted in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths. from food poising. Lets ban restaurants.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Huckley....Excellent idea.

      • kkopp

        Yet, if there was a break-in or an armed robber who would they call?

        • Jacqueline Lynn

          should be the ACLU

        • Dave Payne

          The ACLU had their purpose-once upon a time. Now, they have become nothing more than a puppet organization of the Liberal leftists who want to destroy this country as we know it. I am a Republican Conservative gun owner (for Well over 40 years!) and damned proud of it, who thinks the ACLU should be declared a Terrorist organization!

        • JohnTX

          Better not call anyone, they won't be there in time to help. Reach under the counter and pull the scatter gun or your pistol from the hip and take care of the threat. Once the threat has been neutralized call the police, otherwise they'll be investigation your murder.

        • Dave Payne

          Like they say-"when seconds count, the police are only minutes away".


          The national average for police response is 23 minutes, the response for the .357 is 2,000 per second. I rather take my chances with my friends ..Smith & Wesson. I be your Huckleberry.

    • paul

      bad food


      Dennys is at the top of the list. I don't go there anyway.

  • Screeminmeeme

    ''The whole thing started when one customer felt uncomfortable and complained.''

    Isn't this how it always starts?

    ONE person, who ''felt uncomfortable''....presumably an adult....has never learned that

    1. the world doesn't revolve around them.

    2. that the self-discipline of handling discomfort is a sign of maturity.

    KUDOS to Capt Don Sax for ordering the boycott of Denny's. Let the restaurant get hit in the pocketbook where it really hurts.

    This is just one of a million examples of how the unhinged left's extreme antipathy for guns and their owners has influenced the witless and obtuse among us, and affected even the most mundane things we eating a hamburger and fries.

    • Dealerdeb1

      I'll stand with the Police on this one.

    • mathchopper

      I don't think this is Denny's Corp's fault. As I see it, there's only one way to fix this. (1) Fire the manager. (2) Ban the busybody from the property. With today's lawsuits, a business can't afford to have mentally ill libtards as customers.

      • William C Benedict

        The problem is, the mentally ill liberals are not branded on their foreheads with the warning.

        • Charles McVey

          I think making them wear a scarlet letter L on themselves in plain sight would be perfect.

    • Barbara

      Hopefully more police departments across the country will take the same stand.

    • Renellin

      And you even leave out the fact that for several decades now, we have been insanely invaded by those with an axe to grind who go to restaurants, malls, churches, public buildings, all with the express purpose of making a fuss about being offended by whatever their real cause addresses. We need to stop kneeling to them and stand up for our own values.

      • Patriot

        We need to start calling a spade a spade and publicly demean and excoriate them when ever the opportunity presents itself. It's also very cathartic. :)

  • Randy Renu

    Yes, Kudos to Capt. Don Sax. I wish the police had got the name and address of the customer at Denny's making the complaint. Then make sure everyone in the police department is aware of this person and be sure to take the scenic way to the persons home should they be called to help. I'd suggest stopping at Kentucky Fried Chicken en-route.

    • Mark Frances

      Belleville is "up the hill" from East St. Louis. The chief is William Clay who is African-American. Capt Donald Sax gets all of the publicity but Clay is the chief. Belleville appears to be a good police department in an area with changing demograhics.

      • JohnTX

        And why does this matter?

    • Dave Payne

      Most police officers are good, honorable men and women and I am sure they would respond to the aid of this customer as they would to anyone else, as they should. The Manager of the place is the problem here. Obviously an idiot!

  • James White, M.D.

    Note to Dennys. Neither I, nor any that I can persuade, will ever cross your threshold again. If you cannot recruit reasonable management, this old physician shudders to think what must be going on in your kitchen, under such corporate leadership. Damn you.

    • annie.o

      oh come on...thats a little over the he made a over it...STILL a fantastic place to eat....when you think of it..anyone could have taken that gun while they were eating and shot that place up....another way to think of it hu????

      • Another Guest

        Annie.O, It is a violation of all our 2nd amendment rights,and if they treat it as a gun free zone,only criminals would have them in there,and that's what happened at the restaurant in Texas.I wouldn't eat there till they make it a gun friendly zone.

        • AJ

          Anyone that bans armed law abiding citizens from entering is not an establsihment anyone that believes in the 2nd amendment should patronize.

          I recall the Texas restaurant incident and how many inside that restaurant had firearms in their cars. And left in body bags.

        • Krazeehors

          Yep. And he was in there specifically to kil1 others until he was killed by police.

        • Tinkabell

          The daughter of one of the couples killed was one of the people who had a gun in her car! She has testified before Congress about the incident...lot of good it did. I feel so badly for her...she has had to live with that all these years.

      • Another Guest
        • Bill Tyner

          That manager needs to review the medal of valor citation given to the armed policewoman who stopped the latest theater shooter. I saw that ceremony on Fox yesterday. Then that manager needs to spend some time washing and cleaning up at that Denny's until the corporation can review their training and reconsider his actions. This isn't boycott material. It's a training opportunity. He was just ignorant.

        • Renellin

          That video was excellent.

        • Charles McVey

          I saved that video to my computer several weeks ago. It is awesome.

        • Tinkabell

          That is the gal from TX that I mentioned before in a comment. She is so sad to listen to...breaks my heart.

        • Renellin

          It is a wonderful thing that those of us who have hearts seem to be able to renew them even with often breaking information. There is something around us that also increases the good which heals the breaks. I sure wouldn't want to use my heart as a 'finger in the dyke' it has many holes which have been plugged with something I would like to think is better than bubblegum, but I don't wish to test it.

      • Darreld Studie

        annie.o That is the stupidest thing I've ever seen anyone write. There were several cops there. No one was going to take a weapon from any of them. Don't look now but your liberalist elitest arse is showing.

      • Jacqueline Lynn

        Remember, also, that Denny's was one of the first to add The Obama Surcharge to its' bills so customers could pay for this "business expense".
        Did they as a company support Romney? If not, to bad so sad you got what you voted for.
        I will not be eating at Denny's anymore!

        • jack

          I don't eat at Denny's anyhow I find their prices high & you don't get enougn to eat, they want to sell you that slice of pie at 3.50

        • TC

          their bacon,lettuce,tomatoe sandwiches cost way too much also , that's why i quit eating there !

        • Charles McVey

          I HOP has better food, and a whole lot better service and prices. I eat at I Hop often.

      • Lucius Snow

        You, are IDIOT!

      • mathchopper

        It's really hard to think of it that way when one is sane.

      • Zalman Shalom

        annie your liberal fear of guns is laughable. That same fear is why the armed cockpit program was cancelled. People were afraid that someone would get the pilots gun(could never happen) or that the pilot would go crazy and start shooting the passengers. An Egyptian pilot, flying an Egypt Air passenger plane, was yelling ALLAH AKBAR as he flew the plane into the ground killing all on board.

      • EBlake

        No it is not over the top, if they cause a ruckuss over a plain clothed officer carring a gun, then I am sure a regular law abiding citizen cannot carry a weapon into denny's, leaving only the thugs that will not obey the rules at denny's leaving the patrons as sitting ducks!

      • XSPG

        F U libtard, pull your head out of your rear end and put some F... in glasses on. Moron!

      • J Wilson

        Uh... Annie.O... There were SEVERAL armed POLICE detectives sitting at the same table... I seriously doubt anyone stupid or insane enough to have "taken that gun" would not have lived long enough to "shot(sic) up the place." Note to Annie.O R.E.A.D the article before you comment (if you even know how).

      • TheBigGeezer

        what... did the police officers all lay their guns in the middle of the table while they were eating? Annie, you really are lacking in knowledge, common sense and reality. Very sad.

        • Renellin

          What is heartening is the immediate reactions of so many posters on this site. Idiots are easy to come by. People standing up for something better are not as common. I applaud you all. (except annie)

      • Buster Atkins

        Why don't you just keep eating there, Annie?

        • guest

          Yes, and when a crime goes down and Annie is in the cross-fire, the police will be conveniently "late."

      • [email protected]


      • Apple Jack

        The liberals are at it again."When you think of it.. anyone could have taken that gun while they were eating" What a stupid remark. Five officers all armed and you think someone is going to take their weapon. Never happen. I am armed security officer in Nevada and I assure you no one is going to take my weapon. My dual military training (two different branches) immediately kicks in.

        • Charles McVey

          Read my statement above, I basically said the same thing.

      • darylj46

        Your remark is so stupid and to think that someone could grab their weapon is rediculous and with other officers sitting there. To say such an ignorant remark shows how much you know and the manager should have told the whiny customer to either grow up or leave. Isn't it amazing how the minority rules over the majority and can take so many rights away. If I offend someone because of my Constitutiona and Christianl beliefs then so be it but for someone to take my rights away because they don't agree is absurd. If you don't agree then go somewhere where you do agree because these beliefs were here long before you were. This gun situation is rediculous and for some people that don't have a clue about them can take away my right (being a law abiding responsible citizen) to own semi auto or sigle shot, hand gun or long gun is totally beyond belief. Show me one time a gun of any type that has killed someone without a human involvement in it going off.
        You have your opinion and I respect that but don't say something that is so out of line
        God Bless


          "you have your opinion and I respect that".

          I don't respect annie.o's opinion or her level of pomposity and obvious narcissism. Just as I don't respect the patron who thought her discomfort needed to be assuaged.

          When one patron of a public establishment can have another patron removed because of her own level discomfort, THAT person has infringed on the right of the other's Liberty and Freedoms.

          This is EXACTLY the point where liberal progressive democrats want us to be, where any ONE person can overrule the majority OR whenever wherever a liberal progressive democrat thinks THEIR world is better or more important than OURS.

      • Connie

        annie.o. were your serious when you posted your comment?

        • deebar

          I'm with Annie on this one . I'm a Vet and because of one guy or gal all this crap ? I grew up in a gun shop , shot for Federal for 9 yrs and on the Army trap and skeet team for two years and high base score with the M14 and expert with every other weapon I qualified with .

          No one is more of an advocate of the 2nd Amendment than I am but you guys are over the top .

          I took my parents out to eat at an upbeat restaurant when two guys walked in with their dates and took off their jackets and had shouldered holstered guns . This was after Nam and I was uncomfortable with it . I carry all the time every day and if someone was uncomfortable I'd put it in my truck . I have a CC but always carry it unconcealed .

          As I posted before this could have been averted had the cops gone over and talked to the patron . I seldom go out to eat bu I'll still eat at Denny's unless I find out it's company policy .

      • Dave Mell


        • Renellin

          Wait wait wait I prefer tomato soup to chicken soup, unless I am sick. However, your sentiment I agree with.

      • Beepster

        HUH???? Five cops eating at the same table, and you HONESTLY think some knucklehead would try to take a gun from one of them and succeed??? If cops in YOUR area are that demented, I'm surely glad I don't live there!!!! Denny's serves good food, but there are other places that serve food just as good, and with similar prices.

      • William C Benedict

        What was it Forrest Gump's mother said? "Stupid is as stupid does."

      • SallyE

        I have been in a restaurant with a relative who is a high ranking law enforcement officer and never goes anywhere without a gun. Never have
        I felt so safe. The chance of someone taking that weapon from him and using it on him or someone else is about zero.

      • Renellin

        Sorry but that is fairly stupid. Anyone could have taken that gun????? Really? I know there are times that perps steal a policeman's gun, but if it happened like you suggest, all of the perps would have all the cops' guns. Sorry, but that's like saying, "If only lightning hit right then..."

      • Charles McVey

        Annie, I have a concealed carry permit, I am a retired Military Police Officer, and I can promise you that no-one wants to even think about taking my sidearm, nor even consider taking one from any of those detectives. Trying something that stupid is a sure way to wake up in the nearest ER.

      • jaycee'on get real. Anyone could have taken the radios and beat someone over the head with it. liberals are sick pos's.....

      • author5555

        You get over it annie. This people idenitifed themselves as police officers. Their policy allows cops to carry guns into the place so why did this idiot of a manager want them to leave. Does this dufus not know what his company's policy is on this. Apparently not. You are the idiot and so is that manager.

      • Krazeehors

        Give me a break. My brother is a retired cop, OK? If ANYONE had tried to take that weapon, they would have had to go through FIVE similarly armed plainclothes detectives!!!

      • author5555

        You are a f- stupid liberal idiot. No wonder this country is in the state it is. Annie, get a bran because you did not get one when you were born nor did you get any common sense. Read again what the policy is then STHU.

      • paulm

        and how about this way.. you are there knowing no guns are allowed .. so you leave yours in the car, a guy comes in and he doesn't care it's a gun free zone.. and starts shooting up the place, he's crazed on drugs, and you have no defense.. you and your family are now in a deadly force situation with no recourse.. your gun where the heck is your gun .. ? just another victim .. oh well

      • DrSiquemw

        Jeez, Annie, never met anyone as obtuse as yourself. There were five detectives at the table. Not cadets, detectives. How far do you suppose someone would have gotten grabbing the gun of one out of five seasoned police officers? Let me answer that for you, DOA.

      • DG

        Are you serious? No one could be this stupid!

      • PD

        The radios were sitting on the table not the guns.. I don't think anyone could have gotten their guns.. Liberal fool..


        You are a free person and can visit Dennis anytime. Just don't get bend out of shape when it takes 20-25 minutes average response of police to come to Dennis. Every LEO is going to remember what that idiot mgr did. I have not been inside a Dennis in 25 yrs. Lousy food and now lousy management. You must be a bad cook when you say is fantastic place to eat. Criminals will go to places that are unprotected. If an establishment don't want weapons inside, a sign has to be posted. Go eat your twinkies.

      • JC

        annie.o..........go back to hugging trees.

      • Darwin Gene Price

        Annie.o. That is pretty much of a stretch to think a person on the spur of the moment would overpower a trained police officer especially when accompanied by three other officers. The liberal attitude that the multitudes should bow to the whim of one person is stupid.

      • knowitall

        Are you that stupid ?? someone is going to take the gun when the rest of the officers are sitting there with theirs . You are too stupid to even respond to. who did you get to write this for you ?

      • pd

        The radios were on the table not the guns.. I am sure nobody would have been able to touch their guns.. Read before posting.. As for a fantastic place to eat??? If u like greasy nasty food.

      • RH6194

        So Annie, let me guess where you stand on "gun control", the 2nd Amendment and the NRA!!! Are you serious? The best you can come up with is that someone MAY have taken her gun away from her as she sat there eating her meal with several OTHER on duty detectives and "shot the place up"!!! Here is a more likely scenario...had some mentally unhinged person actually reached for her weapon and been able to get it away from her, he would have been dead before he could even have turned and pulled the trigger!!! Law enforcement is routinely drilled on safeguarding their weapons to deter incidences of officers being shot with their own weapon. But this is the kind of BS argument you nutjobs on the left come up with. So tell me Annie, are you a communist hoping to help them take over America, or are you just one of their "useful idiots"???

      • Greg B

        There were several cops sitting at that table! How could anyone have taken that gun while they were there? Use your common sense! Anyone who intended to shoot the place up would have brought his own gun anyway.

      • Randy Renu

        How's that stash of mind altering medication holding out?

      • Drawer22

        As a former LEO, I am unacquainted with the apparently excellent martial arts skills you possess, as well as the rest folks with whom you run. I really need to know: Just how do you contemplate disarming a LEO in the presence of other armed LEOs so that you could shoot the place up? The people to whom I teach firearms safety and skills need to be aware that everybody but they have such martial arts skills and are well-practiced at robbing armed LEOs and other citizens.

        Oh, and while I'm at it, and so you don't miss it, the above is sarcasm, and you, dear girl, are way out of your depth. Learn something about a subject before posting and displaying your ignorance publicly.

        Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

    • Dealerdeb1

      You go DOC!!! I'm with you. Although it isn't "kitchen " contamination I worry about it's L:iberal contamination getting shoved down our throats

      • jwright673

        You've got that right. I worry about someone who feels uncomfortable in the presence of 5 police officers. Off duty or not, they have a certain charisma that only idiots or someone intent on committing a crime would not be able to notice or feel uncomfortable about. Kudos to the Chief as he is probably sparing his officers heartburn and whatever else results from denny's "food."

      • Ilene

        Yes, there is a dirty swamp in Washington.

    • Pizzed Off

      You go Doc! Do we get to openly discuss how many abortions you may have been part and parcel of? Or is it unreasonable for a potential patient to be privy to that? The AMA should (not) be proud of you.

      • me

        Idiot! Let's step outside of the realm. Stupid libtard ! Its not a matter of what you did .... past tense . Its matter of your mind now! His sins are his sins ! Throwing stones when you live in a glass house .

        • Patriot

          Isn't that what liberals do best? :)
          Talk about an unprovoked attack!
          I thought liberals knelt at the Tabernacle of abortions?

      • Renellin

        Hold on there babalouie! Don't get pizzy without esplaining yoself! Abortions? Aren't we talking weapons and restaurants here? Did you need an abortion, ms. potential patient? Where the heck are you coming from? Don't shop for doctors on blogs, just a word of advice.

      • Nam1

        Why should the AMA not be proud of him? Is it because he is a doctor and you THINK that he MAY of been envolved in abortions,or do you have a bias towards all practitionors!


        The only one that needed an abortion was Annie's mother while pregnant with her. Perhaps your mother too, since you brought up the subject. If her mother had follow PP we would not be having postings to Annie's comments.

    • True Patriot

      Way to go, Dr. I will boycott Dennys, also, I will tell my friends and family to do the same. For this Denny's Manager to show disrespect to armed Police Officer is pure "stupidity." This whole BS about gun control is going too far. Obozo and the politicians only want gun control because they are criminals themselves. Criminals don't want their victims armed. If we give them our guns they will victimize us like we've never seen before.

      • AJ

        Emanual and Bloomberg are OK with body bags and throw the corpse 6 feet under so long as the DOA didn't fight back.
        Bernie Goetz.....MY HERO!!!

        • DrSique

          Let's not forget the current American being crucified on the altar of political correctness, George Zimmerman. Before the pictures of his bloodied and banged up head were released, the media was having a field day portraying him as a racist vigilante.

        • ECwashr

          Yes and Zimmerman is a liberal dem. Just goes to show, they will even destroy one of their own for their nonsense ridiculous policies...

        • Eddie

          The are ALL a bunch of IDIOTS ! ! ! !

        • real talk 1

          They wear the word idiot like a badge of honor

        • Barry Levy

          idiot, aka as low information voter as in a person that has no clue as to what is happening but is up to date on Kim and her baby and Justin and the paparazzi chasing him.

        • Robert Lightbourn

          But if something happens to them OOOOOOHHH you should hear them wiiiineeeeee (related to one thru marrage)

        • Mark

          I know Zimmerman was a lib, but I wonder if he still is. I hope that by now he see the error of his ways, especially since most of his support is coming from conservatives.

        • Krazeehors

          I certainly hope so, but I doubt it very much

        • Ilene

          It really shows the stupidity of the left.

        • gavinwca

          They had to declare him a non hispanic and label him a white racist male so they could convince all liberals by altering his tapes that he he was RACIST. ,black Fascist panthers then put a bounty on his head. Zeig Heil..... Anyone.

        • axmickl

          Zimmerman is being sacrificed on the alter of stupidity by an overzeolous female prosicuter looking to make a big name for herself. The local police didn't even want to arrest him.

        • ECwashr

          I remember when she had that press conference announcing that zimmerman would be charged with second degree murder. She had the nerve, the gull, to say "outside pressure" has nothing to do with these charges. She made a fool out of herself. Zimmerman is a victim of a Political Correct society run amok. The King of Political Correctness sits in the white house. He uses it as a tool, like Joe Montana used a football. Zimmerman is totally innocent, he did what anyone would do, he fought for his life against a punk criminal who was casing houses to rob. Funny how they never mention that this criminal was like 6'5 240 lbs. No no, we get more lies from the obama lib media and pics of a 9 year old.

        • deesposito1

          Perhaps we shall get the real truth when the trial comes. I believe it's scheduled for this spring. Just listen to the roar of the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers if Zimmerman is found innocent!

        • Daniel from TN

          We also were told nothing of Martin's rap sheet, which had several convictions. We also heard little of Martin's father saying he believed that is exactly how his son would die.

        • Bill

          The Stand Your Ground defense doesn't apply here, because pure self- defense does! When someone is beating your head to the ground, TELLING YOU THEY ARE GOING KILL YOU AND TRYING TO TAKE YOU PISTOL, it is way beyond STAND YOUR GROUND! DEADLY FORCE IS THE ONLY OPTION! Zimmerman should get a reward!

        • Eddie

          ALL media (with the exception of FOX NEWS), sucks, BIG TIME

        • goku vegeta


        • Mikey 46

          Liberals have no issue with eating their own.

        • Dealerdeb1

          yeah they sure shut their traps once that happened. Like the cute little hoodie boy was a choir bioy

        • Sutekh

          Yeah, notice how the story completely disappeared from the media when it was discovered that Zimmerman was not only a Democrat, but NOT Caucasian, and Martin was a gangsta' wannabe, like so many barely legal fools.

          A gangsta' wannabe is the 19 year oldguy who can't understand why he can't get a job -- even though the ring signal that his cell phone plays for incoming callers is a rap song about how hard it is for a pimp to make a living.

        • Libertarian Soldier

          Right, let's not forget George Zimmerman. Few are still talking about him and I fear he'll lose heart and agree to a plea. Keep donating. Don't forget Eric Ferreira. He pushed five armed home invaders out of his front door at 4:00 AM in San Leandro, CA on 8/2/11. He's still fighting his case from an Alameda County Max cell for discharging a firearm within city limits and for firing into an occupied home (across) the street when the shotgun was being wrestled for at the threshold of his front door after the invaders fired twice (one from a robber, down the front stairs into a crime partner's buttock, still at the doorway, the other into the Eric's home facade, to the right of his door frame).

          Look this up & help Eric

      • 57Chevy

        Hey Doc, You da Man! I've eaten at Denny's for 30 + years. NO MORE Denny's for THIS family............NEVER!

        • goku vegeta


        • John Smith


      • Eddie

        The will play HELL taking my guns.......over my dead body ! ! !

        PS: I too, will boycott Denny's and ask all my friends to do the same.

      • Judy Anderson Hamby

        Good article on my Facebook page about why the 2nd Amendment is part of our Constitution.

      • Bman

        Yupp, Denny's just lost a regular customer HERE... Idiots...

        • goku vegeta


      • pretzeldude

        The 2nd Amendment was written so the citizens could protect themselves from the Government. The AH's in DC better wise up and start following the Constitution. The Liberals say it is just an old out dated document. Well, I for one as have millions taken an oath the "Defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic". I ,as will many, intend to honor that oath.

        • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF ret.)

          I took that oath December 20, 1963 when I enlisted into the Army. I DID NOT TAKE IT FOR JUST THE LENGTH OF MY ENLISTMENT, IT WAS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I retired March 31, 1992. So, Sir, I'll go to my grave defending those that can not defend themselves, as will as those that will not.

          Let El Dumbo, and his Lib, especially Finestein(?), try to take my guns; they'll find out that they bit off more than they can handle.

          US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam '68 - '69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

        • GUEST

          THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Drawer22

          @John Wilch (TSgt, USAF ret.)
          It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Thank you for your service, Sergeant. Our service continues, for our oath has no expiration date.

          And, from one old 'Nam Vet to another, here's something I certainly missed upon my return "home" to an ungrateful nation: Welcome Home, Sergeant!

          De Oppresso Liber

        • Marliegirl

          To both you, Drawer22 and TSgt Wilch, first let me, on behalf of those who acted so ungraciously to all of you heroes returning from Vietnam (many of whom were my friends and family) WELCOME HOME! Yes, I know it's late, and I wish I could have been there to greet each and every one of you! I was extremely embarrassed by the behavior of this nation for having no welcoming parades or acknowledgements for our troops. Secondly, to the both of you, let me say Thank You For Your Service to our country! It is because of great men like you and my Dad (a WWII vet) as well as many women, that our country has remained a free nation. God willing, we will continue to do so!

        • Drawer22

          Thank you, Marliegirl. Even at this late date, your comments serve to salve the wounds still raw from that era. That you would "...have geen there to greet..." is a tremendous comfort, even today.

          De Oppresso Liber

        • PAttyconservatopia

          Thank You for your service to our country, and I also say "WELCOME HOME". Its shameful the way our Vets are treated once they return home.

        • Drawer22

          Thank you, PAttyconservatopia. I hadn't expected a supportive response from anyone, except possibly from another Vet. I hope you have some idea of how grateful I am and how heartwarming it is to be so welcomed.

          I had predicted that Veterans of our current, publicized conflicts ─ the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaigns - would suffer similar ingratitudes should those campaigns last longer than a couple of years. Sure enough! The protests against the warriors surfaced in short order, notably at hospitals and funerals.

          Please keep up the great work you do in welcoming us all home,
          PAttyconservatopia. For those your comments reach (You too, Marliegirl!), I have no doubt that it helps to salve the savage wounds inflicted by the ingrates protesting our country's involvements by attacking those serving.

          De Oppresso Liber

        • Marliegirl

          You are more than welcome! To know that my words are of comfort and serve to salve the wounds is of the utmost comfort to me. It breaks my heart that anyone who has served our great country was or is not acknowledged properly and with honor is disheartening and disgraceful. It is always with a full and grateful heart that I thank each and every Veteran I meet (or chat with online). I try to do my small part each day by buying lunch or dinner for Veterans I meet (or those currently serving whom I meet). As a member of the local Rodeo, I have assisted wounded warriors and their families to enjoy a day at the Rodeo, heard their stories and wept silently behind closed doors at their loss and their bravery when they told me they would go back again if allowed. I only wish I could spend my time fully greeting soldiers as they arrive home and assisting Veterans who need help. God bless you all!

        • Drawer22

          Wow! I must keep good company, as none of the Vets I know would hesitate to "go back" and do it all over again, even knowing the consequences. As far as I'm concerned, it's Patriots like you for whom I'd gladly repeat the experiences overseas.

          Thank God ─ and Veterans ─ that we still have just a little of our Constitution left which "permits" the right of "free" expression, and that such right is supported by the provisions of the 2d Amendment.

          De Oppresso Liber

        • Marliegirl

          Thank you, sir. And I agree with your "Thank God - and Veterans - that we still have just a little of our Constitution...." God willing, and with the help of our troops, our Veterans, and freedom-loving citizens of this country we will continue to have all of the freedoms of our great Constitution as our rights for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to come! We must remain the great nation you have all fought for!

        • Walt

          Marliegirl - thank you for your service. It is a pleasure to have served people such as yourself. MSgt, USAF ret.

        • Marliegirl

          Walt, I am humbled by your thank you to me, as it is you and all of our Veterans and currently serving military men and women who deserve MY thanks and the thanks of our entire nation! So thank you, MSgt., for your service. I am honored to to my small part whenever and wherever I can. It is the least I can do for everything all of you have done for us. God Bless.

        • Walt

          They called us "Baby Killers" when we came home in 69. Threw things at us. Like you guys, my oath did not expire either, MSgt, USAF ret.

        • Drawer22


          I do my best not to let an opportunity pass for one of us (Me!) to welcome others of us home. WELCOME HOME, MSgt Walt! Thanks for your continuing service to our country through the oath we share to our Constitution of the United States of America.

          De Oppresso Liber

        • Bill

          We can thank commie hero, john kerry for the "BABY KILLERS" REMARK, HE EVEN PUT THIS LABEL ON IRAQ VETS RECENTLY AND NOW THEY WANT TO MAKE HIM Secretary of State!

        • Don

          !st Cav. door gunner, and you're still alive? Now that is a feat! I share your thoughts brother. Welcome home!

        • PAttyconservatopia

          Thank You for your service to our great country America!

    • grassroot

      Idiot manager must have been a liberal and surely voted for OB
      and more fasicism.

      • Becky McClure

        YOU SAID IT

        • Judy Anderson Hamby

          Yes he did!

    • TheBigGeezer

      Doc; I've got to disagree ONLY that we should boycott the Belleville Denny's. I know Denny's is a big supporter of our law enforcement personnel. This is about one idiot manager that I hope will be dealt with at the corporate level... and the one patron that should be banned from all Denny's. Also, can't agree about the kitchen... Denny's works hard at quality... is not easy but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt franchise wide... just not at the Bellville IL location.

      • Renellin

        Yeah I agree. Because of the actions of one idiot is not necessarily representative of the corporation. But how many of these ridiculous actions should we be expected to take before telling Denny's to try another name? Sambo's was a great restaurant that had to close just because of their name, which was more connected with butter than either black people or tigers.

        • Eddie

          Well Renellin, you must realize that MOST black people could not find Africa on a world globe - - even if their life depended on it......

        • Renellin

          Ouch! Don't you hate those polls where they ask people silly things like where is Iran or how many dimes in a quarter and they can't answer?????

        • Dealerdeb1

          Did you see the Story where a real reported went to Cleveland and asked
          ":are you worried about the Fiscal Cliff?"
          1- Fiscal Cliff? is that somewhere out West?
          2- Fiscal Cliff? That's some of that "Fiscal" Obama goin to give us
          3- The don't give me enough now we going to have to pay for that?
          4-he ain't no Homie wid a name like dat
          5-Ain't he the dude Obama went on the radio show?

        • Renellin

          Fiscal Cliff is the brother of Elementary Ed.

        • FineTexan

          Yes, I remember Sambo's. My sons (now in their 40s) used to look up at the top of the room where the pictures were and read it. They had the 'Little Golden Book' of Little Black Sambo. I also remember listening to 'Amos and Andy' on the radio as a child. WOW we have come along we have a Negro as president something I thought I would never see. I expected we would have a woman president first.

        • Renellin

          I had that book as well. I never saw it as pejorative in any way against black people. It was just a tale involving an African. Diversity. I can't say I remember the story outside of the tiger turning to butter. I think it is good for little kids to have a diverse bunch of books to read and get excited about. What about those Chinese brothers, one of whom swallowed the ocean while his brothers advanced their greed? If they called a restaurant after those brothers and sold seafood, would the Chinese force it to be shut down? I do remember they shut down the frito bandito, which was quite stupid as well.

      • Charles McVey

        I have seen their Kitchens, and rest assured the amount of food left out uncooked with fly's buzzing around would make a billy goat puke.

        • Eddie

          LOLOLOLOLOL ! !

        • Krazeehors

          So is the Golden Wok

      • Krazeehors

        I am a disabled veteran. I have to tell you that one day -- a few years back -- my mom and I went to a local Cracker Barrel to eat when we were approached by the manager and informed that "my dog was bothering a customer due to health concerns." Now mind you, my dog was ALWAYS impeccably groomed and in harness with the appropriate identification. It was VERY obvious that he was a service animal. Everyone on staff KNEW my dog as well.
        My reply? "Well, THAT CUSTOMER is BOTHERING ME!!! My dog IS a Service Animal and IS following all the rules. WE STAY!!"
        The upset customer left without paying for his meal.
        As a side note -- the person who complained was sitting clear on the OTHER SIDE of the building -- NO WAY could my dog have been bothering him!!

        This is the mentality we are all faced with these days. A few bullies think they can force themselves on others in almost any situation.

        • Patriot

          Hey Krazeehors, good for you!
          I'm sure your aware that if your dog is denied you have a good law suit.
          We've all seen a-holes act like that in public. I can guess that person's political affiliation :)

        • Krazeehors

          Good luck finding a lawyer to represent you.

        • Patriot

          Hey, have you ever checked with EEOC?

          I believe your situation would be right up their alley. they are the enforcement arm of the employment provisions of the ADA. They don't charge you for filing a charge. You should give them a call when it happens again but be quick because you only have so many days to file a charge of discrimination. Call them, if they think you have a case they will tell you to come on down to their office and they will take it from there.

        • Krazeehors

          No, but I'll remember that for the next time. The dog I had back then passed away several years ago. My new dog will be home this week.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Thank you for your service Brother. Welcome Home! Vietnam 68-69

        • Krazeehors

          Thank you -- Welcome home yourself -- Korea 1980 - 1981

        • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

          Yeah, Bros, welcome home! 1st Cav. Div. (AM) '68 - '69, Doorgunner.

        • gavinwca

          Lawsuit give me a break, this Veteran did the right thing, he told the employee hell no, we are staying. And my friends that is what we all have to do.

        • Patriot

          Here's some news. The EEOC would insure the offending business would not continue that type of discriminating practice. Violations of that nature are against all of us. The veteran has a right to enter an establishment and sit and enjoy his meal in peace and not have to put up with any BS. You disagree with that? If you do, that's your business. I was trying to help a guy out and that palis my business! Capisco?

        • FreedomFray

          Come on, Patriot, you sound like a "slip and fall" lawyer and/or ambulance chaser. While the Cracker Barrel manager's request may have been inappropriate, it surely didn't violate anything. There is a big difference between being ordered to do something versus a request.

          Gavinwca is correct, Krazeehors did the right thing. He stood his ground and the manager was forced to go back to the complaining customer and explain the case. The complaintaint then left at their own volition.

          I doubt that Krazeehors needs the EEOC to look out for him, he sounds quite capable of doing that himself.

          If more people like Krazeehors would shy away from the politically correct bs and just stand up for what is right, this world would be a whole lot better off.

        • Dark Patriot

          I'm sorry! You are VERY wrong. It is illegal to request, suggest, demand, or IGNORE a person with a service dog or anybody else that is ADA. The only exception is somebody on Oxygen. They are a risk when careless. If I was there I would be on the phone with a very nasty handicap rep.

        • Dealerdeb1

          yes instead of bowing and scraping we HAVE to push back. QWear a Jesus shirt and carry a gun

        • FineTexan

          Yeah, too many lawsuits already. Just stand your ground. Why give an attorney a chance to make some money off you for something you can settle yourself?

        • Dealerdeb1

          ACLU would fight that one for sure

        • Dana Preston

          There are MANY CONSTITUTIONAL Attorney's that would be GLAD to take the case. One is Jay Sekulow and he ADVERTIZES it with his Phone number in Emails. Go To (American Center of Law and Justice).

        • Krazeehors

          Wow. I had never heard of the ACLJ at the time this happened. With my new guy coming home in a couple of days, I'm sure I will find the need to call him, because I am DONE being held out as a second class citizen just because I happen to have a service animal. Thanks.

        • horseradish

          yes and the bullies are called atheists and liberals and mulims they should be classified as terrorists

        • Eddie

          ALL muslims should be EXPORTED or EXECUTED

        • BUDDY

          I agree with you 100%. The only good muslim is a dead one.

        • Dandydonnie

          Well maybe you have the right idea. Let's see if anybody follows your suggestion.

        • jmark72

          Just like ObaMao.

        • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

          Well, I disagree with you on your idea of a good Muslim. I also disagree with that idiot Eddie. I feel all people of yours and Eddies thinking should be deported to a country where your ideas would be better appreciated, The reason I am saying this is that my people were here before anybody else; I'm part Native American (LaKota) and damn proud of it.

          But, I'll just have to defend people like you with my life if necessary to be stupid.

          US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam '68 - 69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

        • Krazeehors

          Yep. I have had many arguments with people on this site. Latest one about the truth of the Holocaust. Stupidity and prejudice reign supreme.

          One of my friends was killlled in Quang Tri -- December 21, 1967 -- LCpl Steven Wayne Mueller, USMC. That is also my mom's birthday. His picture is framed in my gallery of family portraits. Amazingly, I met people who were with him the day he was ki111ed and could describe him to a "t" when I went to a VA for treatment of my own service connected disabilities.

          My son deploys soon -- to a place we should never have gone to, and believe me he is disgusted with the lack of leadership in his company and platoon. That's dangerous, VERY dangerous.

          Thank you, sir. I honor you. SSgt, USAF, Osan AB, Korea 1980-1981

        • FineTexan

          Everyone in the US is probably part Indian!! Most people I speak with say they are (in Texas anyway) and my mother once said her (my great) grandfather was. DUH! If you have been here a couple of generations you probably are too.

        • Dandydonnie

          And they have been winning and winning and winning because we have sat on our fat arses and done nothing but complain.

        • Maggie moo

          You forgot "union thugs."

        • Jim

          Hey good for you my friend, I wonder what that manager would have done if a muslim had been seeted and a patron complained that they didn't feel safe having a muslim in the resturant and want them thrown out. Yeah right, you can see that happening with all the liberals around. The complaining patron would have probably been told to take their business elsewhere.

        • Krazeehors

          Another time, shortly before my dog passed away, we were in a department store with my dog (Giant Schnauzer -- 31" at the shoulder and 107 pounds), when 3 muslims were there. We checked out while they stood at least 50 feet away. Today, they would never happen. My new dog will be home in a few days -- can't wait.
          There is no excuse for any of this -- some people just think it is OK to throw their weight around.

        • Dealerdeb1

          Did you know they are not allowed to have dogs as pets?

        • Krazeehors

          WHO are "they" that "aren't allowed to have dogs as pets?"
          If you mean muslims, yes, I do know that.

        • Judy Anderson Hamby

          Thank you Krazeehors. I am a dog lover and have the greatest respect for anyone with a service dog. For years I drove a man in my church to church services every Sunday with his Seeing Eye Dog in the back seat. The dog sat peacefully in the aisle all through the service. Though the years this man had several dogs, who of which stood up at exactly 12 Noon if the service wasn't over.

        • Krazeehors

          I'll have to share that with my pastor!! LOL

        • Kenneth M. Fisher

          Muslims, including the Muslim Commander and Cheat, Obama, believe that dogs are evil, that is why as I understand it we fools, the taxpayers, have to pay for an extra Air Force Plane whenever those Monsters go on a trip and take their dog, that's right, he flies in a different plane and rides in a different car!

          The fact that Muslims believe that "Man's Best Friend" is evil, just shows how Theologically sick they are.

          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,

          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director

          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

        • gavinwca

          Be careful he will put a 2.5 % medical equipment tax on your dog, if he haven't already done it.

        • Dealerdeb1

          Gee with all the Pork in his Party's bills and he promotes it maybe he is a bad Muslim too?

        • Ruggedlark

          Sometimes a person has to stand up for themselves, loudly.

          Its just that so many people, are used to complaining and getting an immediate result...They think they own everything. Narcissists.

        • oldcoyote

          I have nothing against dogs if their owners KEEP THEM AT HOME or on a leash. When they let them run at large to pee, crap and dig up my garden or yard, I take care of them for them. Seems they always get "run over" just up the street. End of story until they get another one which will no doubt meet the same fate on another street.

        • Robert Lightbourn

          Great story Thanks for your service former AE2 USN 66-70

        • Lloyd

          Krazeehors; I have to honor and respect you for your actions here. I don't know the circumstances of your disability and don't need to. The point is you were right. The law provides for the disabled, and for service animals and rightly so or else the disabled or handycapped might as well stay at home. I chewed some of the same turf as you in 66 and 67 and have since been afflicted with physical impairments but as yet do not require service animal assistance. Even though everyone should be extended the same courtesies of this nature, you sir have earned the right to that courtesy, as have many others.
          At this point, I would like to exploit your actions to send a much needed message to others that might be placed in the same situation. No offense intended by"exploit". The message is, never back down because you are handycapped, never give up. You would be amazed at how many will support and stand with you in defense of a response like krazeehors's. I know I do.
          I think it is safe to say that those who are as insensitive and selfish as that customer who complained will never gain or deserve as much honor and respect as krazeehors did that day.
          Thank you

        • Krazeehors

          Thank you very much. I'm a ma'am and mom of a soldier who is about to deploy. The best thing you can do for me is pray for my son.
          I have take a lot of flak about my need for a service animal over the years, and have even tried to do without one. I did ok for a while, but things got much harder.
          Got hurt in Korea and am mobility impaired thanks to a drunk driver.

        • Lloyd

          My apologies. I should not have assumed gender. I guess I proved the adage about assume true again. And yes ma'am you and yours do have my sincere prayers.
          God Bless You and Yours

        • Krazeehors

          No problem. I'm used to it. Thank you for your prayers

        • GUEST


        • goku vegeta


        • Krazeehors

          It's going to get worse. Look up this document -- United States Plan for total disarmament during peacetime. Shocking.

        • Marliegirl

          Kudos to you and thank you for your service! I am so sick and tired of everyone wanting to have everyone else pander to their every whiney whim. "I don't want to see a dog in here", "I don't like the gun on that officer", "I don't like prayer in school because I don't believe in God", I could go on and on! Well, if you don't like the dog, either leave or shut up! It's a service dog and be thankful you aren't in a position to have to have one. If you don't like the officer having a gun, pray a madman doesn't come into wherever you are and the officer hasn't left and no one is there to try to protect you and everyone else in there! You don't like prayer in school or anywhere else because you don't believe in God, then put your hands over your ears, or hum, or ask to be allowed to leave the room or something so you don't have to hear it - but SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Krazeehors


        • Marliegirl

          Thank you. I'm just so tired of all the garbage and how everything has to be "politically correct"! I agree that calling people nasty, hurtful names is wrong. But suing because there's a cross, or the 10 Commandments is on display, or someone spills hot coffee on themselves (it's HOT coffee, stupid!), or you don't want to have prayer because you don't believe in God (and you are in the extreme minority on that one!), or whatever....enough is enough! The courts have got to stop letting this continue and let's have the real issues in our courtrooms. Sigh....

        • PAttyconservatopia

          Good for YOU!!!!!!!! We need to start standing UP for ourselves instead of caving in to these LOSERS. Thank You for your service to our country.

      • DrSique

        Gotta disagree with you, Geezer. The way to make certain that Dennys does the right thing in Belleville is to hit them in the wallet nationwide.

        • TheBigGeezer

          Dale; Denny's has and IS doing the right thing. They have corporately come out publicly identified that this manager is wrong. I rarely eat their but I know that locally and nationally they have always been welcoming to the law enforcement community. I would agree with you and Doc if they came out to support this one idiot manager in Illinois... but they came out clearly on the side of police. Let's boycott the Bellville location but corporately they are doing what is right by supporting police. In fact I would support a one day boycott of this particular restaurant that is well planned out to make a strong point of this one locations mistake... as well as standing behind our police as well. That's my point...

        • Pebbles

          Your point is one of tolerance, and my rebutal is: what choice did they have? I think he should have been demoted as he clearly is not capable of making intellegent, sound decisions. Has anyone wondered if possibly this person has a personal vandetta against the police, and he used the recent cries for gun control as a pressure point of contention, or possibly Denny's had issued a memo to all managers about guns in their place of business? At best, as I said, he should be demoted if kept on at all. I know from working all of my life,if an employee had done or said anything that would put my employer in a bad light, they would have been fired on the spot. No if's, and's or but's about it. Denny's slapping this person's hand is just a placation to the public.

        • Dillon Nelson-Barry

're probably wrong.....this country bends over backwards when a very small minoriity of people complain.....or even one bloody politically afraid to offend even our enemies.. L O L
          Eve Dillon's pollotically INcorrect mom

        • Pebbles

          I have posted this twice before, but it is taken off each time I post it. Wish I could boycott Denny's but gave up eating there years ago after my food was served to me swimming in a pool of grease and fat. Not a very healthy place to eat as I see it.

        • TheBigGeezer

          Dale; also I'm OK that we may disagree on how we approach Denny's in the future, but what I admire from you, Doc and others on this post is our impassioned support of our police. At the end of the day... that is what really matters!

        • Patriot

          Dittos!!! That's the language they understand :)

        • FineTexan

          Don't be so harsh! It was only one man in one town. I am going to watch the local Denny's in my area and see if the police eat with their arms. I hope so! Police are encouraged to eat at resaurants hence the free coffee to encourage it. A few years ago two policemen were eating lunch in uniform and one was shot in the back of the head. He died.

      • mel c

        Big, you said it right.

      • PD

        May the ignorance of one manager be felt by the whole coproration.. I will not step into a Dennys again.. Maybe it will stop them from hiring idiots!!

      • JPaulG

        Big Geezer,
        I disagree with you. Bye, bye Denny's!

      • T-Mex

        It's sure sad that ONE bad apple spoils the rest. MY suggestion would be for the corporate offices to remove HIS franchise from their chain. AND to let it be known that peace officers are welcome at all their other franchises.

      • Robert Lightbourn

        If he was promoted to manager shows the executive branch of Dennys are a bunch of idiots. Never been there and don't intend to.

      • goku vegeta


      • Roger Brown

        I agree w/TheBigGeezer, it would not be fair to the countless Denny's employees around the country to penalize all of them for the arrogance of one manager (or submanager, whatever he was). I'm sure the bulk of Denny's employees support our law enforcement members of all municipalities and were embarrassed by this news as were the law enforcement members directly involved. Hopefully clearer heads will prevail. Don't be quick to judge without knowing the whole story. The Denny's Corporate response seemed to back up their support for all EMS members, especially policemen and detectives.

    • Patriot

      Well said ! :)
      As soon as you touched on the kitchen, I shuddered :)

      • James M.Stepp

        There again,don't let conditions at ONE location poison you against the ones who ARE clean and sanitary.

        • Patriot

          I don't. I usually try to get a good glance at the kitchen, the cooks, etc.
          When I sit down and see a cockroach, I'm out of there! :)

    • SallyE

      The manager should have been thrilled to have off duty law enforcement officers in that restaurant. Should have offered them free coffee at the very least. I won't be going to Denny's again, ever. Apparently they hire stupid people.

      • oldcoyote

        My wife and I will NEVER go there again!!!!!! Not that it was such a great place to start with.

      • DrSique

        Righto, Sally, but the officers were on duty with their radios and could have gotten a call at any time. IMHO, this proves that the left is not interested in gun control to save lives. Disarming police officers, for crying out loud. Imagine what could happen if members of our police departments were forced to leave their firearms behind every time that they eat. Just recently, an off duty officer took down a potential mass shooter in a Texas movie theater. How many would have died, if she had no weapon. PC run amok and citizens pay with their very lives. The manager in this Dennys should have picked up the complaining customers plate, told them that police officers are welcome there and that he was sorry that they would no longer be coming by.

        • Krazeehors

          Yep. Get this -- Rep McCarthy's gun control bill (she is the widow of a Rep. who was shot down in Guyana -- Jim Jones time) says that ALL guns have to be licensed and registered.
          There is far too much -- pardon the pun -- "overkilll" in this issue

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          I think her husband {they were not living together at the time} was shot on a Long Island Railroad train by a crazy Jamaican called Colin Ferguson. Had the railroad allowed Police to ride for free, Mr Ferguson would be dead any many people would still be alive. Just saying.

        • Krazeehors

          I stand corrected. Sorry

      • bayman61

        I would have eaten there simply because of police officers eating there also. I would have felt very,very safe.

    • Mark LePard

      I totally agree, except for one thing. Do a lot of people even eat there? Denny's food sucks!!!! So for me, boycotting Denny's isn't difficult.

      • James M.Stepp

        Maybe where YOU live it sucks,but the one here has GREAT food. And I'll continue to eat there,too,but will avoid the one in Belleville like the plague.
        If you people want to make a point on this,write to the Corporate office and TELL them why you won't be coming back;otherwise you risk your "reason" being written off as just a general slowdown of business.

      • FineTexan

        I have not eaten at Denny's in along time. They used to do breakfast OK. My husband is dead but but he liked it. Most places can do breakfast. IHOP is the pits for me!

    • Gale

      Amen! Nuf said!

    • pat

      not another nickle from Myself either Dr...i am so sick of the commie pinko socialist libs screwing with our constitution..

    • author5555

      Since it is the policy of Denny's to allow both uniformed and plainsclothes police officers isnide with guns, then why in the hell did the maanager tell this officer she had to take her gun outside. They identified themselves as police, showed their badges and their radios. And this moron runs the restaurant. Obviously this quack of a manager doesn't know what the hell his or her own policy is.

    • DrSique

      As an M.D., you should know bette than to eat that garbage, anyway. Every 2nd Amendment supporter should chose a more pateiotic place to eat.........period.

    • A_Nobody

      Yep, already made up my mind to that. I'd rather go to Cracker Barrel anyway.

      • Krazeehors

        Yeah, read my comment about Cracker Barrel. They have great food and the best coffee, but I had an issue with my service animal. I wasn't asked to leave, but the manager complained on behalf of another customer who thought he could throw his weight around. I refused to leave. The law was on my side, and I finished my meal without one whit of concern for the idiot who complained.

    • JPaulG


    • horseradish

      I so totally agree

    • Dave Clark

      WTG Doc! Now lets include ALL FIREFIGHTERS, EMT'S/PARAMEDICS, AND MILITARY to refrain from eatting at ANY DENNY'S or establishments that it owns. Once they feel the pain in the pocketbook, maybe they will discharge for cause the manager who instigated this.

      • James M.Stepp

        Write to the Corporate Office and TELL them why you're protesting that Restaurant,but don't let that dissuade you from going to other Denny's Restaurants. This isn't about ALL their restaurants,just this ONE. The employees of the other stores don't need to be cut back from slow business because of ONE manager's ineptitude.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      AMEN to that one, Doctor!

    • Raymond


    • Pebbles

      I stopped eating at Denny's years ago after being served a plate of grease with my meal floating in it. Just the thought of eating there again makes me sick to my stomach. Now, in light of what happened to the "on-duty" police officer, I am sorry I can't be a new person added to the boycott. What kind of moron would tell a police officer that is required by law to be armed, and in many cases that means off-duty policemen must also be armed at all times, to disarm before entering a greasey spoon? Just goes to prove how dumbed up the public truley has become, and how often they put themselves above the law. That, in my estimation, makes them more dangerous than someone carrying a firearm.

    • Phil_Cap

      Why boycott Denny's? Their corporate office already said that's not their policy and I'm sure they've dealt with the idiot manager.

    • Betty-Jane

      I"m with you and all who replied to your comment

    • mike j

      here in florida I shall tell everyone I know never to go into a dennys again. even if they give the food away. enough is enough with this gun control or gun bans. in most cases police are not allowed on duty not to have there fire arms with them. they must have it with them at all times. I have never heard of somthing so rediculouis as what that manager first asked.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      I sure hope the Health Inspectors didn't read this article. I think Denny's made one HUGE mistake. Next time the are being held up, call that woman.I am sure she will explain to the nice man with the gun that he is making her nervous. She made me get Agita.

    • Pebbles

      I haven't eaten at Denny's for years after getting a plate full of grease with my food floating in it. Otherwise, I also would join the ban.

    • Shermer

      Denny's admitted their mistake and apologised, but it seems that counts for nought. As a physician, your lack of understanding baffles me.

    • Randy Renu

      Hey. Don't toss out the baby with the water. Denny's has some great senior meal deals, and their food, for the most part is poison free. Just because one stupid manager screws up is no reason to crucify the entire company. If Denny's has any brains, they'd offer a 25% discount to all uniform and non-uniformed police for the next year just to get back in their good graces. It goes without saying the Denny's manager should be required to write a formal apology to the police department, take a US Constitution class and be relegated to washing dishes for the next 90 days.

    • Randy Renu

      Imagine how many hospitals we'd need to close up due to the incompetence of just ONE physician.

    • John Nicoletti

      You nailed it beautifully, Dr. White. I will never,ever, set foot in a Denny's again. Hell, i feel more secure when a law enforcement officer, is dining at the same restaurant as I am. Dumb, and dumber.

    • CommonSense

      Do you thInk you could get in trouble for NOT using your gun to protect others being accosted in a Denny's or anywhere else, if they knew you had one?

  • Nate Lenz

    High fives to Denny's. Honest to G_d. If communities, states, and the nation want to go 'gun-free', this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff that needs to happen - let THEM feel what it's like to be forced to go unarmed.

    • SayWhat?

      Yup. You missed the point entirely. In fact, I doubt you'll EVER get it, even if you end up needing police protection yourself. And don't bother to reply. Your comment can't be unsaid and the fact is, your an ignorant parroting of leftist propaganda will probably continue to be your way of thinking. Sorry for you, dude.

      • Dealerdeb1

        He's so far left he's scarey!

      • JohnTX

        You read Nate's comment all wrong. He's pointing out that this Denny's is in a state that really pushes hard for more for gun control. They don't want you, me, or Nate to enter a business, school, government office, etc. with a gun. If they won't let us bring our guns and the police can't take their guns in then they're as unprotected as the rest of us. So then it's just the criminals (and me) taking our guns into the restaurant. I'll worry about the law after I save my ass from a nut case with a gun, knife, or baseball bat. Nate supports the second amendment as do I.

    • Badkarma060

      Yes, yes because we know that criminals will comply with the disarming. How naive are you? Here is and old story but a good one. Crazy homeless dude kills two, and wounds nine with a short sword on the Staten Island ferry, and as he was about to stab a lady on the ground, LEGALLY armed person fires shot at him disarms him and holds him for cops. In your world the killings would have continued.

      • Patriot


    • Dealerdeb1

      ARe you on glue? If you are so out there that you think first the mation needs to be unarmjed and then the police need to be unarmed I don't want to be within 100 yards of your sorry liberal a when some hood starts shooting at you.

      • Carole Wood

        I completely agree. Let's gather up all the liberal whiners that want a world without arms and put them all on their own little island. They've done nothing but slowly destroy this country. Or,,, put them in their own little state... but we surround it with 15 foot of fencing and razor wire on top... so their little whiny patoots can't get out to contaminate our land. See how long it is....probably a nanosecond... before a criminal sees EASY PICKINS in "UNarmed Land' and goes in a takes all their 'stuff' and starts killing and raping and pillaging the 'villagers'. Then all of a sudden they'll be calling for the "police with the big scary guns'. I really hope the idiot journalist and owner of the paper that published the names and addresses of gun owners gets the first hit from the criminals that now have that information.

      • Patriot

        Don't worry, they are usually the first to be carried out in a body bag.
        They would immediately start engaging in conflict resolution with the perp. and the appropriate response would then ensue..! :)

    • burtcanoe

      You sound like a stinking leg. Probaly a draft dodger. I know if they called me I would have gone. Where Canada? I didn't get drafted there is a thing called VOL. Ret USA Msg. Special Forces Airborne

    • grassroot

      This doesn't make any sense. How is Denny's doing any good
      by this?

    • Darreld Studie

      What mental institution did you escape from? You are clearly a lunatic. Go away!

    • Ray

      nate, you're stupid. I know ill never darken a dennys again.

    • mathchopper

      How many sides do you have to your mouth?

    • Lee Kelly

      All hat, no brains or balls...

      • Patriot

        Hey, in defense of Nate, I don't think he ever claimed to have brains or balls! :)

    • Common Sense

      Hey, Nate... Every where you have a gun free zone you get a massacre.

      The Theater in Aurora CO was "Gun Free". And 12 people were killed.

      The schools are all "Gun Free" by federal law and now 20 kids are dead at Sandy Hook.

      Over 1.6 million "Gun Free" citizens in the 20th century were slaughtered by their own governments.

      Either you lack the requisite intelligence to make the logical correlation or you are a genocidal maniac. Either option disqualifies you from posting your uniformed opinions on any site.
      When you stare down the barrel of a gun in the hands of a crazed lunatic at your "gun free" Denny's, enjoy your complementary "free bullet!"

  • unclejohnson

    In Texas many Chick-fila's honor our cops and firemen by giving them comlimentary meals. Not one restuarant has been robbed or burned to the ground. Not one customer has been assualted. Now how can that make you nervous?

    • mathchopper

      How long is it gonna take to learn that one cannot talk logic to an illogic mind?

      • Renellin

        I know this is true, but something inside me wants to keep trying.

      • William C Benedict

        Forever, if one is doing the thinking with an illogical mind. A logical mind is quick to recognise the futility of even trying. Jesus kind of said it with his statement about unwanted messages and dusty sandals. Stupidity is a self-inflicted dis-ease of a self-willed mind, and the Liberal is always, at least in part, possessed of a self-willed mind. Once the mind-set takes hold, forget the Liberal's ability to deal in reality.

    • Patriot

      By being a willie-nilly liberal jerk? The world revolves around them don't you know? :)

      • William C Benedict

        No, not really. They just think it does. The same is true for willy-nilly Conservative jerks too. Me, I do not belong to either party. I am an apolitical Christian.

        • Patriot

          No such animal pal!
          When your life or the life of a love one is at stake you'd be surprised how fast you get religion. You have the stench of liberalism about you. I know you can't tell how you expose yourself but you have. 😉 now run along and annoy someone else. Apolitical Christian. Your not either!

        • Charles McVey

          Myself I am a Constitutional Conservative.

    • William C Benedict

      I was in the restaurant business for forty-three years and would generally agree with you, but . . . in most states that is an unlawful practice. I do not know of anywhere, however, where it is unlawful for the restaurant to give them their beverages (coffee, usually) at no charge - even if all they have is that beverage. Most restaurant managers with half a brain recognise the fact that having a law officer sitting in the place is one of the best security measures possible, at a negative charge to the establishment. In fact, if the officer eats, the company profits even more from that presence. In every reataurant where I worked, if an officer came in with a thermos, that got filled up at no charge as well. There may be some bad cops out there, true, but if we did not have the good ones out there, where would we be then?

    • Renellin

      I don't agree with offering them free food, but I do feel there are many ways a restaurant can honor the service of their police officers and remind them that they are the good guys and we appreciate their service just like our military.

  • Uptite

    One liberal customer trying to cause havoc over a controversial matter. Now I hope Denny's realizes that and notices a dramatic drop in Sales due to this incident. I certainly won't be dining there again...

    • Connie

      Denny's should have told that customer to leave if he/she was so nervous.

      • Dealerdeb1

        better yet just told them they support armed police in their building

        • mathchopper

          I can just hear the reply from the libtard, "Oh-h-h... they're cops? Where are their uniforms?"

        • Patriot

          Boy, you sure have them pegged! :)
          It's not to difficult is it when you get to read them? :)

      • mathchopper

        Or walk him/her over to their table and explain to the libtard what a police badge looks like.

      • TheBigGeezer

        Connie; that is absolutely the right response... and let that customer know that 'we will always support our law enforcement folks... you have a problem with that be sure to never come back to our restaurant.' All solved...

        • Renellin

          Wait they could have addressed the real issue! Offer the customer to submit the contraband they were no doubt carrying. Promise them you'll let them leave before turning the crack or whatever over to the cops. Mystery solved!

    • Dave P in St. Louis

      And you know this was a "liberal customer" how? Oh, wait. She didn't agree with you and that makes her wrong. You don't agree with me and I guess that makes you wrong. Some people are uncomfortable around guns. Some people are just plain stupid. I live about 25 miles from the Denny's in question and the story was covered by the local news. The Police Chief issued an order banning on-duty cops form eating at that Denny's. Denny's apologized the next day and the Chief rescinded his order. End of discussion. No further overreaction needed, thank you.

      • Darreld Studie

        Only liberals are uncomfortable around guns. Conservatives own them. Conservatives support the Constitution while liberals want to get rid of it in favor of a dictatorship. Yes, the customer was a useless liberal. Yes, you are wrong.

        • ltfbhh

          Those who are afraid of guns are only afraid because they know nothing about them and have never been trained in their use. A gun is no more dangerous than a car with no keys in the ignition. It cannot shoot anyone or anything by itself. A car is just as dangerous, if not more so, when a maniac or careless driver is behind the wheel and there are far more of them than there are irresponsible gun owners. I don't see the liberals wanting to ban cars.

        • William C Benedict


      • grassroot

        The goof was a liberal as she used liberal knee-jerk

        reasoning. GUNS, BAD, but cannot the law have them?

        Aren't they trained professionals risking their lives to protect?
        What would you say if a criminal came in and wanted to shoot up everyone he saw? Oh. the police would have to run out

        ti their cruisers to defend those who are trying to have their
        meals. Wouldn't that be " inconveinient?" Wow, but this
        is how these nuts vote too. Voting away our rights hard won
        by the founders.

      • Patriot

        It' easy to know the customer is liberal, they can be smelled a mile away. One is known by their words and deeds. Who else would be ballsy enough to complain under those circumstances, Hello?

      • J Wilson

        It is easy to determine that this was a "liberal customer based on several indicators." First, they have the notion that the entire world revolves around them. Second, they expect every where they go that the rest of the world should accommodate them and their irrational fears. Third, this person lacked the maturity and self-discipline to keep their irrational prejudice to themselves. Finally, their irrational fear of the mere presence of a firearm...especially one carried by a sworn police officer is a boiler-plate liberal knee-jerk reaction that NO TRUE CONSERVATIVE would ever have.
        And if your Denny's management team lacks the common sense to ask the "uncomfortable" custormer to go somewhere else (i.e. one paying customer) and instead asks the five cops to leave (i.e. five paying customers...and then some), then one should seriously question their sheer business sense.
        I will agree with you on one point...those people who are uncomfortable around guns are just plain stupid.


        So, Dave you have ended the discussion because . . . . . why? In your mind every side has had their say? The issue has been fully explained and dealt with? Just exactly what's gonna happen NEXT time that same patron gets to feeling "uncomfortable" but next time she's in a 7-11 and the gun is being held by a criminal?
        Dave, are you aware that by calling "End of discussion" you're just like the manager of the restaurant ie: trampling on our Liberties and Freedoms?
        Hey Dave! What IS the rule on length of time for open discussion? I forgot. Oh, I remember, when ever you say it is.

        • Dave Payne

          Excellent response to a Typical Libertard retort! Kudos!

      • Charles McVey

        I have been handling firearms since I was 17 years old, I am 69 years old now, and retired from the United States Army after having served for 40 plus years, all 6 of my children were taught the right way to handle a firearm, and they were also taught where to aim their firearms, it is called center of mass. I have found that most people who are afraid of firearms could not hit the broad side of a barn from 2 feet away using a 12 gauge shot gun, and as a result do not want anyone else to have one or more fore personal protection, or as part of their job.


        I would advise the chief to ban the officers for the next 6-12 months. Then if there is disturbance in the premises, only uniform police respond so the patrons be comfortable. Police officer are not required to save your butt. The weapons are for their own protection. Only idiots and liberals complain about legally own guns.

    • mathchopper

      Again, I'd only go as high as to the person who hired the manager.

  • Steven R. Russell

    People are getting irrationally crazy without God in their lives.


    • Dealerdeb1


    • grassroot

      YES, like a ship without a rudder.

    • William C Benedict

      That is what the Liberal (spell that c-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t-i-c) indoctrination of the federally mandated educational curriculum since Madeline O'Hare has given us.

  • pysco

    Next time a Denny's gets robbed, call an unarmed liberal.

    • Dealerdeb1

      hahahaha right!

    • grassroot

      But, still a a fantastic place to eat, crap, honor our police force,
      they have enough trouble with lawbreakers. As WE are having

      with those ensconced in Washington. Liberals are getting what

      they voted for, trouble is, we, the conservative populous, are
      getting that garbage too.

    • mathchopper

      The unarmed liberal would dial "911" on his/her O'BummerPhone.

      • Renellin

        and would get the expected response (think Benghazi)--stand down, you're on your own...

    • Carole Wood

      Yep, make sure its a whiny unarmed liberal who gets to answer the call for help... bet you won't be able to find one of those cowards. almost ALL restaurants WANT the police/sheriffs/undercover in their place.....FOR THAT VERY REASON.... MAKES IT SAFER. They always offer complimentary meals... not because they have to but to keep them coming. Officers never ask for this treatment, it is appreciated, but the owners/managers want to do this. These guys are the ones answering the calls to got into a dangerous situation......if I owned a restaurant/coffee hut/ whatever.....I'd be yanking them out of their cars as they drove by to give them something. I'm sick of the whiny liberals and this POS in the WH making slurs against them. To the whiny liberals who 'feel uncomfortable around guns....... bring a sack lunch to your job and spare us.

    • Patriot

      Good idea. We can see how well conflict resolution works out for them! :)

  • WilliamShipley

    We seem to be overreacting here. According to the accounts, the manager was immediately overridden by his general manager on the site. The corporation has stated that it allows police officers to wear their weapons. This is one idiot, not Denny's as a whole.

    • Jacqueline Lynn

      Not really the point now ,is it? One person complained and the cops were immediately put on the spot. One Lib drove hundreds of miles out of his way into the desert to say he was "offended" by a cross erected after WW1. The case is still going back and forth!

      One person takes offense at the American Flag flying at an American school on Cinco de Mayo and the flag was removed! Students wore American Flag gear in Americans schools and were suspended for offending hispanic students by doing so!
      The list goes on! When can Americans show the pride in THIER COUNTRY and THIER Religions again without facing authorities groveling before the outlanders?!

    • Common Sense

      Sorry... No overreaction...
      Everytime this liberal crap crops up we're told NOT to "overreact."
      Then five or ten years down the road, this stupidity becomes LAW!
      This stuff has to be nipped in the bud with overwhelming and disproportionate force. If Denny's gets leveled economically as a result of this, then other corporations will think twice before listening the irrational fears of one idiot custormer!

      • WilliamShipley

        If it were Denny's policy I would agree with you. But it was a single manager trying to impose his opinion. He was overridden by his manager at the time, although the officer's meals were spoiled. Denny's corporation has stated that it is their policy that officers can dine wearing their weapons. Any company can have an idiot working for them, they've done the right thing.

  • Whatever

    OMG, our country is being overtaken by f****ing idiots (aka liberal anti-gunners). Those detectives (and any police officers) should have been praised, honored, and bought free drinks by the other patrons! The Denny's manager should have told the dimwitted customer 1) that person is an undercover detective and 2) if you're still bothered, YOU may leave.

    • Dealerdeb1


    • Dealerdeb1

      But these are the same libs who call soldiers murderers and kill unborn babies as a right.

      • Patriot

        Yep, that's them.:) They kill the unborn because the unborn are unable to defend themselves.

    • Patriot

      Yep! Problem solved... if your still bothered, YOU may leave. I would have added "Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out and never come back!"

  • annie.o

    that one person should have taken her food to go...problem solved!!!! sounds like an immature manager....sad !!! love dennys

    • grassroot

      Manager should be fired.

  • Stealth

    I hate Denny's anyway......... So I wouldn't do them the honor of my wifes or my presence in their facilities....

    • James Crawford

      Down here in Florida, I prefer Perkins anyhow. I pack while eating there...and don't feel uncomfortable doing so. I do recall making one of a pair of vacationing NYC cops nervous, but his partner calmed him down. They are trained to spot people potentially carrying concealed weapons. I felt embarrassed to think that he thought that I looked like one of his Long Islanders on vacation, rather than a local resident.

  • Spectre7075

    Screw Denny's!!! I'm sure it would've been ok if some nut case showed with a weapon and started shooting!!!!

  • craig

    just dont eat there....then they will change me i dont even go to that gang run state carry no me,,,the judges let nuts run loose

  • Whatever

    Although I certainly wouldn't actually "wish this" on anyone but... it would be appropriate/ironic/fitting if the whiner in this scenario someday found him/herself in a scenario where he/she had to lay on the floor while bullets were flying, and then be praying for someone with a gun (a goodguy) to save them! At that moment, the shooter could toss her/him the newspaper article that we just read, the one where she whined because she was uncomfortable, then fire a few rounds right over her head and then looked at her, asked her to hold the article in front of her face and see how it protects her from reality!!!

  • Gary Aminoff

    That seems to be a consistent problem in our society. One person, or some small minority, wants to change society because something makes them uncomfortable. This is reminiscent of the small group of atheists in Santa Monica who prevented the manger scene which has been in a Santa Monica Park for nearly 65 years because it made them uncomfortable. It doesn't matter that the majority of people aren't uncomfortable. Here, one customer was uncomfortable because an on-duty police officer was armed. I would suspect that most customers felt safer. We have to stop the tyranny of the minority. I agree that Denny's should be boycotted. There are plenty of other coffee shops. If that isn't company policy then they failed to properly select managers for their facility. I consider the action of the manager to be an affront to our society, and our police, and will not eat at Denny's any longer.

    • Patriot

      Gee Gary, doesn't it make you miss the days when "Might Makes Right!" or "Majority Rules!"? Now it appears it's always the tail wagging the dog!

    • James Crawford

      It starts with our education & grades are intended to make people feel good (especially about themselves) rather than become a little bit educated.

  • NamelessN00b

    Go ahead then, and let the pigeons get robbed. Sometime, sad, but true, people refuse to wake up until the SHTF... And sadly, I think that's where we're going ourselves...

  • Lydia Solis

    I have always loved Dennys. Well, I will certainly have 2nd thoughts about ever going to their restaurant again! Hope that one customer gives them a lot of business, because I sure won't!

  • Phil Hamel

    Well I for one will not go back to a Denny's. If they do not want OUR Police then they do not want us.
    Just another STUPID one person complaint and everyone has to BOW.

    • Allen Evans

      I am 58 and I have only ate at denny's 3 times . It was someone else who wanted to go there . Everytime it was bad . I was there way back in the 90's and a man was complaing about his meal at Denny's and the managaer was apologizing that he didn't like his Meal, It wasn't that he didn't like it , it was bad same with my burger . They man said no that is OK this is my fault I should have known better and walked out .

  • ballen9114

    My family and i will never darken Denny's door way again.....

    • Common Sense

      NO! You SHOULD darken EVERY Denny's Door you find....
      Walk in...
      Have them seat you...
      Ask to see the Manager...
      Ask him/her if patrons are allowed to carry their concealed firearm in their premises (even if you're not carrying one)...
      If they say "No"... then ask them what security measures they have in place to prevent a Lubby's or Aurora Theater-style massacre...
      If they have nothing to offer ourside of a call to 911 (remember -- when seconds count the cops are only minutes away), then stand up and in a firm, loud voice that everone in the restaurant can hear say:
      "I am sorry, but I refuse to dine at an establishment that does not allow patrons to defend their very right to life. We find your 'gun free' policy irrational and dangerous."
      Get up and storm out.
      If we ALL did that everywhere we go, this stupidity could be brought under control.

  • Dealerdeb1

    That's liberals gone wild. Wonder if the Police UNION is "Getting it?"

  • oldgreyhairedlady

    A restaurant that my husband and I frequent at times has one, two or even three state troopers there eating. You have no idea how COMFORTABLE I feel eating there that day. I guess upon hearing about this, I too will refrain from eating at Dennys.

    • Patriot

      Gee, I'm not the only one who feels safe under those conditions.
      What the hell was this customers problem?

      • mathchopper

        The customer's problem was he/she was a mentally ill libtard. Very easy to understand - very hard to fix.

        • Patriot

          The question was rhetorical! :) There is no fixing stupid. At least no reasonable way :)

  • Jack

    Idiots!! Perhaps Denny's should stop serving pork because someone might choke on it. I will never go to Denny's unarmed.

  • Chaucer

    We will never eat there again ever, and I have already persuaded 20 couples not to eat there either. See how this works Denny's? Now these 20 couples will tell 400 people and so on, and so on. Soon you will closing a few of your restaurants and all because of one dumm ass manager. Hope that person you made an exception for is eats out alot?

  • Jeffrey L. Zack

    The Manager should have asked the hag to grow up, not charge her, and ask HER to leave. This manager is an a__hole. But I'm of the opinion that there aren't many MENSA members working in a management position at many Denny's restaraunts.

    • Patriot

      Good one!

    • Buford

      How many MENSA members do you know capable of working in any management position, especially in the hospitality industry? Arrogant Rhodes scholars and MENSA types are seldom part of the solution. Often they're just too smart to get their hands dirty or too busy evading hearings.

  • jerimiah

    Why didn't the dumb-ass manager send the customer packing?? I would feel honored to
    know that I was safe as long as they were around...dumb stupid customer.

  • Russ Fowler

    Denny prefer for a Felon or bad guy to come in and shoot people and wait for the law enforcement to show up 20 min later to write a report of all the dead and wounded people.
    I don't blamee the the officers not to eat there until Denny gets their head back on correctly.
    I would rather eat with a arm citizen then wait for a felon to show up.

  • watchdogman

    Another idiot company that will never get my business...Dennys has got to be a joke anyway!

  • Pizzed Off

    Why should the COPS be permitted to keep safe while wearing their guns but the other customers can't? The manager should have told the customer to take their business where she could become a crime victim.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      This is kind of a mixed up statement, it's unclear just where your coming down on this issue?



  • Ed Plitt

    Typical of what we have to look forward to. I will NOT patronize any Denny's from now on. Someday, some thug will walk in and stick a gun (not registered) in that manger's face and he will be wishing those detectives were in the place and ALL of them were armed.

    • Patriot

      Isn't that generally par for course with liberals?
      If I was that manager I would have asked the customer to quietly leave my establishment for creating a disturbance.

  • Steve Atkinson

    the complaining customer is an idiot and the manager should be fired. boycott denny's!

    • Patriot

      Dittos!!! Don't frequent our local Denny's much, but for sure, will never frequent them again. Pinheads!

    • TheBigGeezer

      Steve; have the complaining customer leave. Re-train or fire the manager. I cannot agree with boycotting Denny's (although I don't eat there) as they have handled this situation correctly. Publicly stated they support our law enforcement... and always have. Conservatives are about what is right (even when a wrong was committed then corrected). If you eat at Denny's make sure we identify with our support of law enforcement and appreciate Denny's having this policy across all franchisees. Let's correct what was wrong with this ONE manager but not use economic terrorism against Denny's when they have shown past and present support for our law enforcement men and women.


        Call the local police when you are going to eat at Denny's an explain that there are liberals in the place an you feel uncomfortable eating there with them. So please send a patrol around. Also the managers are dumb and gives you tummy aches. HA,HA,HA.

  • Dale in Wyoming

    I agree with Capt Don... and I am a long distance from the site, however.. it makes it very easy to support them even from here.. so.. that customer.. NOT coming through the front door... IS ME! Until you get your act together - DENNY'S.....

  • Dean


    • Patriot

      What was the thought processes going on here? Apparently none.

    • James Crawford

      Just goes to show how incredibly bad the service can get at Denny's.

    • Patriot

      Ya, just like AutoZone!

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    ALL Law Enforcement agencies should boycott that restaurant! Police are required to carry their weapons and would be considered derelict to do otherwise.
    IF the customer was uncomfortable with a Muslim in a burnoose would management have told the Muslims they must leave.
    If a priest wearing his cassock made a customer uncomfortable would he have been told to leave?
    I love eating anywhere that cops (Dad was one) congregate! Gives me a warm and comforting feeling!!!

  • Frank J. Austin

    They have lost my buisness. Keep in mind folk's, this happened in ILLI noise. That is no excuse, but it may explain the mindset of the citizens there. I will NEVER darken the door of a denny's again even though I live in a western US state.

    • Patriot

      You need to keep in mind that Illinois is an Obamanation!

      Real sissified uber-liberal territory. Now Illinois' thuggish Union Members are a different breed!

  • James Crawford

    Denny's (a.k.a. Dimwit's)

  • Bob Da Grouch

    Wel lnow! I'm an ex-cop, and I can tell you that I would be hard pressed to ever do business with a Denny's again. If they're going to run off on duty cops because of some chronic complainer, they don't deserve to be frequented by the likes of me. Granted, this particular management type displayed graphic stupidity, but I fully agree with that Chief, that the Denny's is "OFF LIMITS" to the officers under his command. By the way Chief, when is Illinois going to grow up, and start issuing concealed carry permits

    • Patriot

      I have never run into a situation of having anyone complain about the fact that I had a .38 colt special tucked into my pancake holster snuggled against the small of my back which was very obvious when my jacket was removed. I don't know how I would have reacted if it had happened. I no doubt would have looked for a teachable moment.

  • Glen Thompson

    You are making a mountain out of a mole hill Godfather. The confrontation (if you want to call it that) was perpetrated by an not properly informed underling so-called manager and immediately corrected by the general manager. The poor little female cop, her little feelies hurt, went to the boss (who obviously was looking for his 15 minutes) with much adieu about nothing. You also fail to report (and I suspect purposely) that reality has since penetrated the Police Department and their banning order has been lifted. And there's one more thing: THIS IS OLD NEWS.

  • Greg T Beaty

    I stand with the police on this too...

    • Patriot

      If an adult has a fear of gun like most numb-nut liberals who do not understand that a gun is a tool, it's incumbent upon the liberal numb-nut to remove himself/herself from the vicinity so as not to bother other paying customers who know how to behave in public. It would also help if people would teach their children to have respect for police officers and make sure they have a rational understanding of their function in society.
      By the way, the FBI crime reported recently released shows there were more deaths attributed to HAMMERS than to guns! Let's start banning Hammers, we wouldn't want our more liberal friends to get their undies in a twist! :)

  • DrBillLemoine

    Imagine now that young impressionable children in school classrooms observe an NRA prescribed guard with weapon and are scared. Do you NOT respect the fear of a young child and insist that the nation have armed security in every school? Presumably the Denny's incident was initiated by an adult with gun fear. Is that LESS important than concealing weapons in public by detectives unknown to the general public? Widespread carrying of weapons in the open IS SCARY to some. In a civilized nation mostly living in close proximity to neighbors in suburbs and cities, gun display is a threat due to many gun deaths each year and so visible guns are unacceptable without a uniform to identify the carrier.

    • Lee Kelly

      People like YOU scare me.

      • Patriot

        He should.He's a lib troll. Best advise? Don't feed the troll! :)
        As a side-note did you know the newly released FBI crime report shows more people killed with a hammer than with a gun?

  • Lucius Snow

    I HOPE the Detectives are also SLOW to respond when there is a REAL emergency!!

  • Mark Frances

    This unfortunate situation has been worked out to the satisfaction of both parties. The best that I can figure is that the woman who compained felt that she had some type of political influence on the manager. Chief William Clay of the Belleville Police Department temporarily suspended officers from eating at the restaurant while on duty. Corporate headquarters for Dennys sent in some apologizers. It was worked out.

    • Patriot

      Ya, it's apparently been worked out but it should never have happened in the first place. They need to train their employees better and how to deal with unruly customers better.

  • Bippy Bellito

    Denny's must have a Death Wish. What business wouldn't want the police frequenting their business. Please not: This did take place in Illinois, one of the most incredibly stupid states in our union. I'm frankly surprised that some knucklehead in the state legislator didn't think to outlaw all police officers in the state. Stupid is as Stupid Does.. Be Proud, Illinois.

    • Patriot

      It's known as free security. Who could object to that?
      Oh, and by the way we're not proud! We have a bunch of criminals and street thugs as elected officials.

  • Bill

    Well its Illinois after all that state only allows criminals to carry guns and the mafia surrounding Obama as well. but he would be safe anywhere the kooks who are mentally deranged believe in him and only shoot innocent people.

  • Nivekjag

    The Bellville police chief has retracted his ban on his officers going to Denny's. go to the Denny's website for details on how it was handled.

  • hw

    Now Wouldnt it be ironic if the one person who felt nervous happened to be a criminal? In todays world one never knows. I would always favor law enforcement especially in light of the fact they showed ID. Does anyone remember the four police officers who were murdered while they ate breakfast in Lakewood(Tacoma) Wa a few years ago?

  • Jerry Syrovatka

    when a robbery happens I hope the police don't respond if they respond with no guns

    • Jeronimo Dan

      While Denny's may not deserve it, the Police took an oath to protect and serve and to protect the Constitution and they will respond to any and all calls. Now with a little humor, they may stop off at the DUNK'N DONUTS and have cup along the way to Denny's?

  • Edvard McGuillicutty

    The innate stupidity of this manager is beyond rational belief. Denny's is going to suffer this idiots insanity nationwide. I refuse to eat at Denny's henceforth, and will discourage all I can reach, from doing so, as well.

    Edvard McGuillicutty

  • bba1950

    how stupid---

  • Ron

    Denny's should have reprimanded that manager, and suspended him/her a week without pay, just for being stupid.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      No, she is to ignorant to be over any business, the guy that mops and vacuums is in a better position to run the business. No Reprimand!

  • Hugh

    I would rather be in a restaurant with a policeman with a gun than in a restaurant with a criminal with a gun. As for Denny's, I will miss the place. Used to be there frequently, but not any more.

  • Softball Umpire

    Denny's is well on the road for another massacre, now that is publicly a gun-free zone. I hope the name of the complaining patron is released so the local B &E teams can safely visit.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Unless the Manager is let go, this Denny's will be out of business with in thirty days. One thing any lucided customers feels is, when plain clothes, or uniform officer are drinking coffee and eating in the establishment, they are safe.

  • J E

    STUPID !! A great invitation to criminals !!

  • jwoop66

    Weird. Where I live the Denny's has to have a cop on duty working there at night because a lot of "urban" people go there and they obviously need supervision.

  • vailbunny

    Since Dennys is against police protection, I plan to boycott them. Who they gonna call when something happens, I wonder?

  • jcgreen2

    The fact is there are a lot of ignorant folks out there who fear just the mere presence of guns. That's sad for them and for America. Guns are an integral and necessary part of a free society. Take them away and we become slaves of the state. Dennys would be smart to openly encourage all armed citizens (as well as police) to frequent their restaurants... sending the message that they are safe places and that they support our God-given right to be armed. That would be good for business and good for our nation.

  • SickoftheBS

    The same ditz that complained about the guns, knowing that they were police officers, would not have a problem with those guns if she had called for help.
    The Denny's Mgr needs a refresher like most of America in Common Sense.
    God save us all from the Liberal morons taking over America.

  • Larry1

    Illinois; enough said!

  • JohnTX

    My gun goes with me everywhere. If a restaurant doesn't want guns in the restaurant fine, I just won't go to that restaurant. Having a trained but potentially inexperienced, untested police officer there with a gun doesn't bother me but it doesn't make me anymore comfortable. I prefer to be in a position to take care of myself.

    • Ben Raines

      Well said and I agree. I too carry my gun everywhere...if they don't want me in their business then that is fine with me. I go to business's that support the Constitution, not trample it.

  • Zalman Shalom

    Dominoes pizza is another gun free zone (for its drivers). One driver was robbed three times so he decided to carry a legal concealed handgun. One night he was sent to an address and was confronted by three armed criminals(his gun saved his life). He was fired by his manager for carrying concealed on the job. Many places have fired their employees for carrying concealed even when the firearm was used to save the life of fellow employees.

  • Tony

    How bout folks demonstrate inside Dennys and make such a commotion that they have to call the police. Can you see the irony there?

  • QuisPercusit

    We can all boycott Denny's but can we boycott stupidity. Neither my ass nor my money will ever go where my gun cannot

  • vaquerobob

    Note to armed criminals: Denny's prefers customers to be defenseless.

  • Samuel Clemens

    The 1st. gun massacre was at a Luby's restaurant; the next in line is now Denny's. There a lot of blood on the hands of the anti-gun lobby.

  • U.S.Cavalry

    If you are going to rid the world of guns ,you must start with police and the military. If lawbiding citizens can not own guns as their Constitutional right, then no one should have guns, not police, because there has been corrupt officers in the past, and not the government , because they are the most corrupt of all. Are we all good communist today?

  • Jane Scroggins

    If they need to call the cops I hope they remember to no go anywhere they can't carry a gun! It's slop anyway, find some other place to eat!!!

  • farRight

    One idiot manager does not make them all suspect. I mean just look at the WH, one idiot there doesn't mean all others were or will be. I'd be happy to boycott that one Denny's but I won't hold others accountable for one moron.

  • Jay.

    I am reading with mouth wide open and saying:" WOOOW"....I ve always considered an honor sitting next to on duty popo s,and they do bring an air of safety. and security,some of the local restaurants even let them eat for free and send them out with free coffe...I do hope that Denny s lose more than just all popo s bussiness but civilians as well,I wouldn t go to it that s for sure.

  • Benjamin Raines

    Keep in mind people that this was in of NAZI's where your rights are trampled daily. What about all the states that have OPEN CARRY & CONCEALED CARRY by the People? In Wisconsin the People have the right to OPEN CARRY as long as the venue isn't posted "No firearms". It isn't just the police that should carry firearms, the People should all be armed as well (those that are legally able to). Police have no more rights than anyone else. As for Denny's, who eats there anyway? Denny's has gone the way of trash can food. I haven't been to a Denny's restaurant in over a decade & certainly won't ever again after this story!

  • Nikita63

    Communication to Denny's: Your idiotic behavior toward law enforcement officers whom identified themselves as such is totally unacceptable. I don't give a horses's butt whether they were on duty or not; NO member of my family will ever enter another Dernny's restaurant, EVER again and I will admonish all my friends to shun your establishments, likewise. The Police were utterly CORRECT to leave en masse.Adequately enforced laws by peace officers are a mainstay in our communities. They should be saluted and respected for the jobs they do, not embarrassed and humiliated by fools. I hope enough others responsd tho this treartment of our police to put you out of business. Perhaps then, We can dine in SAFETY. I hope you realize that because of yopurt actions, it is possible that you could be targetted as a gun free environment and since you treated the police so shabbily, they may be eating in some other establishment when you have need of them That is the fault of YOUR judgement, NOT THEIRS! Captain Don Sax, I salute you.
    "My next door neighbors are virulently anti-gun. I am a gun owner: legally licensed and proficient in the use of my guns, In deference to my neighbor's views, I promise not to use my guns to defend him , his family or his property should the need arise."

  • Leslie Haveman Rish

    Well now that Denny's has told the state that there will be no one there that casave live's when a riminal comes in to rob them, I hope the manager remember his stupid attitude to the police officers, I know that I will never go to any Denny's ever agin.

  • Bruce Stephens

    By Denny's admitting they do not allow firearm's to be brought in their businesses by anyone they have opened the doors for corrupt armed people to rob them. Ignorant! You deserve what the future bring's you.

  • kellys

    How long will it be before Dennys is robbed and for whatever reason the police cant make it on time? Very stupid on their part in so many ways. Discrimination is discrimination. A boycott by ALL CONCERNED CITIZENS may be in order.

  • CaptTurbo

    The sad thing is that every person can't enjoy a meal at Denny's or any other place in the screwed up state of IL without the comfort and protection of being armed with their own weapon.

  • Chaiya Eitan

    I heard that the police dept has now taken back the 'order' not to eat at Denny's. What an unfortunate occurrence.

  • jd1958

    Fire the manager for being an idiot. Apparently he or she cannot "think" on duty. Great now Denny's is a "gun free zone" I'm NOT going there anymore. I know that my family nor I can feel safe in any "gun free zone". Designated "gun free zones" attract crazed killers.

  • BrooklynBoy 1

    Not only is there no limit to the stupidity of human beings in general, but Denny's Manager and the complaining patron in particular, will have to learn the hard way: That when their home/office/store is being robbed, the LEO's who respond will have to make the victim "wait their turn" while the police are verifying that the "call is legitimate". Perhaps a wait of 30 minutes or so, resulting from the police placing their weapons in secured locations, will convince the "victim" of the obtuseness of the Denny's situation.

  • pduffy

    So the clothes you wear makes a difference if you can have a gun? Let every citizen put on a blue uniform and carry a gun then. The cops are not above the citizens.

    • Gary Jones

      pduffy, it is also to protect the safety of the officers that arrest criminals, gang bangers and aggressive individuals on drugs. I also believe citizens should have a concealed carry permit and be armed to protect themselves. You sound off but we want to protect the law abiding citizen Not to be above the law or to usurp citizens rights. If you have no record, own a gun apply for a concealed weapons permit. Police answer them if they question you show them the permit and don't enter gun free zones.

      • Jeronimo Dan

        Gary, save the keys and time, as you're talking to Pduffy, a Gang Banger...

    • Jeronimo Dan

      you seem to be a little mixed up, if your life is on the line and threaten, who do you call, your drug dealer, or a cop?

      • pduffy

        Actually, I call neither. I can take care of myself. And my point was that these men were cops, and were asked to leave merely because they didn't have on a uniform. Clothing does not make the man, there is no difference between a good law-abiding citizen and a cop in our out of a uniform, that was my point, but you seemed to have missed it.

  • kellys

    God bless Cpt Don Sax, no if he can get the guys in the FD and EMT and any other civic minded people to join him!

  • AJ

    All cops and those that support the law enforcement community should BAN Denny's as well.
    Great going Chief....that was the most appropriate response I had seen yet.

  • Michael L. Roenicke

    Gotta wonder if the response time by the police to this Denny's will increse of they are ever needed there...?

  • EnemyoftheState

    Dennys - you just lost another customer. Time for NRA members to boycott Dennys?

  • soldiermom11

    It's a shame. I used to like Dennys.

  • Shae N

    Message to criminals in Illinois....another unprotected "zone".

  • Edward P Cox

    All too reminiscent of what is wrong with our culture. A minority can destroy the hard won freedoms and traditions of the majority.

  • John Centonze

    You think that is ludicrous???? A friend of mine who works on a local volunteer ambulance service told me that once while responding to a call from a high end resort's restaurant, the maitre d' tried to refuse entrance to the EMTs because they were not wearing jackets and ties! They were responding to a heart attack call!

  • Mary

    I thought Denny's was pro-Conservative and supported the 'right to bear arms.'

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    What amazes me is that this was a Denny's. Of all the restaurant chains in the country, Denny's should be the last to pull off something like this. Have they completely forgotten what happened at their former site in Killeen TX? Ask Suzane Hupp. She saw her parents and twenty others murdered by an armed lunatic because she had obeyed their "no firearms" sign and left her pistol in the car. Every Denny's (and every other restaurant chain in the country) should be proudly displaying signs saying "Concealed Carry Licensees Welcome" and grant them and law enforcement officers a 10% discount for patronizing them while armed!

  • Goober

    I've read a lot of these postings, and I'm wondering if not all of you are a bunch of "Nitwits"? One manager making a decision wrong or right doesn't make it right or wrong! I WILL eat at Denny's and I don't care what any of you think of it. There's a lot more wrong with this Government of ours than any of you want to see or try to understand. I think we all know that when they pry that gun from your cold dead hands there will probably be at least one maybe two dead cops that came to take your gun. There will be more gun carrying people than there will be live cops after its all over. Enough said!

  • Doc

    If you are law enforcement, on or off duty, I'm sure you can find better things to do than to go to Denny;s or even answer assistance calls from Denny's.

  • ltfbhh

    I recall that when I was a restaurant manager we offered free or discounted meals to police officers, either on or off duty, as long as they came in uniform or had their badge displayed. We did this so that we would have the frequent presence of ARMED officers as a deterrent to crime. It was good for them and it was good for us. Have the looney liberals so ruined our country that we can no longer do what is just plain common sense?

  • Benito Camarillo

    The police handled it properly. No need for hysteria from the GP on this. It is an isolated incident at one of thousands of Denny restuarants. Boycott them for this type of screw up by one location's manager and you risk the unemployment and resulting costs to us all for shut downs. Better to have had this up in arms reaction to the listing of obama on the ballots in 2008 and 2012 and the myriad of illegal acts that followed with his "elections"

  • Dave Mell

    WOW! This is the extreme case of an idiot! Not the police officer but Dennys. I will not eat there anymore and if the place is under siege or held up...I have selective sight. You guys just opened yourself up to massive criminal action....A CRIMINAL SAFE ZONE!

  • wejhjr

    I have been a customer of Denny's for over twenty years and will continue to be one. I trust that Senior Management will take steps to instruct Managers regarding this situation and how they should handle it in the future. I managed restaurants for ten years and ALWAYS WELCOMED Law Enforcement officials in uniforms with their side arms. "Stupid is as Stupid does" certainly applies here. Thank you to all the Law Enforcement Officers who serve and protect us.'

  • dad666

    Denny's should fire the idiot in charge of the restaurant as well as the moron that issued the order in the first place and the people of the commuity should shut this denny's down for allowing a liberal moron to push his personal agenda. The liberal idiots are going off the deep end and it is time to punish them for their absurd views.

  • Gary Jones

    The manager lacks commonsense because on duty or off duty it's for their safety and the public's safety that they're armed. You make arrest and criminals want revenge so you are a target at their mercy, Not much of that in this world..

  • MikeyParks

    I disagree with an ongoing vendetta against Denny's. Some stupid woman complaining to an overzealous manager caused the misunderstanding. Denny's fixed it. Why carry it on? We all know that the restaurant is much safer with cops eating there. Come on Belleville PD -- have some waffles and forgive and forget.

  • Old_Conservative

    Strange behavior from that Denny's manager.... my son, a former police officer, worked at many restaurants as off-duty security and you can bet he was armed, the management and customers felt safer and anyone fussing about his presence was asked to take their business elsewhere!

  • JohnG

    After running a pro-gun ad a month or two ago, Denny's shows their true colors. After the so-called "bear arms ad" my wife and I made a special trip to Denny's (we normally don't eat at Denny's) and told the manager that we were there because of that ad. We were also planning to do the same thing again soon, to show our continuing support. Well we will be making another special trip to the same Denny's, though for an entirely different reason. This time, we'll tell the manager that the reason why we just had breakfast at IHOP, instead of Denny's, is because their actions speak far louder than the words in their ad.

    I avoid, whenever at all possible, going into any business that has a criminal-safe-zone (no-guns) sticker on the door. Luby's was the site of one of the worst mass shooting incidents and one woman in on record stating that had she not left her gun in the car, she could have ended that shooting spree in its early seconds. Yet Luby's is still one of the least safe cafeterias in the country, since they still don't allow guns. So, for my own safety, I don't do business with them. It's not about a boycott. It's about my own safety. Places like Denny's and Luby's are NOT SAFE! They are criminal-safe-zones. That's why I won't go inside those establishments.

  • ves

    Well Denny's free security is over! Anyone with a useable IQ feels safer with armed Officers eating in a restaurant that we are in ... same with Quickstops and Grocery Stores and even Walmart Shopping! The Thugs and Crooks usually avoid places with Armed Officers Present!
    So sick of STUPID!!!

  • A Retired Firefighter

    NOT A SMART MOVE BY THAT MANAGER! Apparently, this Manager was NOT proprly trained in Company Policies!

    I want to tell you about a local resturant that had a good thing going for them. This resturant set up a Good Local operating policy. Law Enforcement, their family members and the Cops friends would get a 50% discount on the food purchased. NOTE: this resturant made the BEST Pies! Suddenly the local manager said NO MORE DISCOUNTS for Cops. A gigantic boo-boo! This policy regarding the local Cops sent a tremendous amount of business to this resturant. It was figured that 60% was the Cop business. The local City Police, Highway Patrol and Sheriffs Department were their best customers. NO MORE DISCOUNTS put this resturant OUT OF BUSINESS in less than 3 weeks! A real dumb move!

    Take care of your local Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters. Remember, they are there to protect you!

    • Patriot

      I shake my head in disbelief at so called "Store Management" that doesn't understand the benefits of offering a law enforcement discount. In exchange for showing your support you and your customers receive free armed protection if even for a half hour or so. It just makes good common sense and good business sense!

  • Richard Cleary
  • muchfedup

    Another reason not to eat at Denny's.

  • jack

    Because they are cops you should be even more worried that they are armed

  • William C Benedict

    Time to rename THAT particular Denny's; I would suggest DUMMY'S

  • AlaskanWolf

    No Dennys ALL the time! I'm on board, hope they're broke by thrusday!

  • Luke

    They have lost MY business!

  • Floyd C. Reese


  • Renellin

    Jeez, Denny's. How many times are your franchises going to screw up and cost you money before you train them or something? That server or manager or whatever should have gone to the customer and reassured them that they were at least ten times safer with armed cops at the next table than without. Maybe they could have approached the cops, said hey can you reassure this customer who is having a bird about you being armed?????
    Why has this country gone so far to criminalize the good guys and protect all the bad guys???

  • Skeeter

    Back when they were throwing out the blacks, I thought to myself, This is one establishment I can get behind, but now that they are banning guns, Im taking my business to IHOP!

    • colleenf

      Haven't been to a Denny's in a long time after a horrible meal and even worse service, now I make sure I avoid IHop for the same reason.
      Aside from nasty food and worse service, what Denny's did was an abomination.

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    This is so PC it sucks yet they will get robbed they call an officer with guns go figure

  • LowChop

    They will sure lose my business. Their food is not that great anyway.

  • NHMI

    Screw Dennys, I will NEVER eat there again! If they can't respect our Constitutional rights then let them serve only progressive traitors. I am so sick of whiny liberals getting their way while the rights of others are restricted. The manager should have told the customer if they weren't comfortable, then they should leave and go somewhere where they are.

  • disqus_XPfC2xMgfy

    I am not a cop and mostly I don't even like cops but Denny's has got to be crazy. Although I don't care much for cops the bottom line is they put themselves at risk everyday and you can bet your sweet bippy when they are needed everyone likes them and you can bet your sweet bippy who ever the liberal whining fool in the restaurant was would like them too if they were being harmed. In honor of what they do I will no longer go to any Denny's. Maybe the next time someone decides to hold up a Denny's they can have the cops come throw silverware at the criminal(s). You liberal dumb azzed fools need to wake up

  • Mark Dellacqua

    Denny's: This is Belleview Denny's and we are being held-up right now by 2 men with shotguns.
    911: Bellview Benny's? Never heard of it. Hold for a second please.
    911: Hello Denny's, sorry about that. The CO here at the station says that an order from the Chief prohibits us from serving you until further notice. Sorry.


    That's it - they're nut's. Anyway their food is worse than any gun could ever be. Full of cholesterol, fat and other junk. I'll put them on my list as - politically incorrect establishments
    to never patronize. If they're ever held up they'll want the police to check their guns at the door. I'll go to Chic-fillet, but not Denny's. It's a trailer trash joint anyway.

  • Hans

    No more meals for me or my extended family at DENNYS. Let them go bellyup with their stupid PC.

  • ddragonfFIRE01

    stupid manager.the only reason obama and others want gun control so he can openly dedclare himself dictator.
    don't think so? stay tuned his only agenda is to destroy this country and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

    • Patriot

      People would be well served to watch what he does, not what he says.
      There is more then enough evidence as to what his intentions are and in his
      own words.

  • NHMI

    Unfortunately there are situations like this that are all too common. I remember reading a story where cops were called on a patron who was open carrying at another Dennys and he refused to leave or take his gun out of the restaurant since it wasn't posted anywhere that guns weren't allowed. The cops tried to persuade him to just do it and he refused. But after a long conversation with several cops they concluded there was nothing they could do and he ate his food and left...when the SHTF and those same libtards are being victimized by gun-toting criminals they will likely change their then it will be too late...

  • gl2238

    Is it no different than the relatively small group of atheists destroying the moral fiber
    of the country. i.e prayer in school. If atheist parents don’t want their children in a classroom with prayer, the child has the option of leaving the classroom.
    No one is forcing them to listen but our Gov’t seeks to have the will of the minority dictate policy for the majority. No good will come of this. Just look around you at the moral decay within this country.

    • Patriot

      Well said! We have long entered the realm of "The Tail Wagging the Dog!"

  • Public_Citizen

    Time for Code Enforcement to make a ~~meticulous~ inspection for code violations.
    Also, Fire Marshal needs to inspect and re-evaluate occupancy limits.
    All permits need to be checked for compliance, including any stipulations on a conditional use permit.
    STUPID has consequences.
    Perhaps next time the officers will consider arresting the manager for "creating a public disturbance".

  • John Illinois

    Denny's has a history of some local idiot manager doing something totally stupid, then corporate management apologizes for it. The publicized failures It happen just often enough to make me believe that they intend to hire idiots, and are quite successful at it.

  • Ron Wieder

    How Bloody Stupid ! I henceforth put Denny's on the Dead Letter List

  • GilbertDavis

    this is an unbalanced report

  • Michial Lawrence

    Let them get by on the one whiny customer in a thousand. See how long they can stay in business that way.

  • A Vet

    Perhaps the management of Denny's will feel the effect of others who won't eat at their dining places. This is terrible! How many "nuts" are wearing their illegal guns at any given time where people gather? Remember the National Guardsmen in Seattle who were gunned down in a restaurant? They were in uniform and had no weapons-it would have been wonderful to have a police officer in or out of uniform there. Lives could have been saved-even if another customer were concealed carry and exercised their right to bear arms.

  • Charles McVey

    They just lost this life long customer.

  • viking

    Hey Dennys and all you foolish progressives. I carry and you never know it. I'll go into any restaurant I please. I board public transportation. I cross into gun free zones and I don't give a damn you're uncomfortable. The rest of the nation should also not give a damn about what libs "feel".
    To tell an officer they have to leave their weapon outside is typical of stupid liberals.

    • Patriot

      They need to grow up and become an adult, if they can't do that then they need to get a life and take it elsewhere. :)

  • R

    Here's the way I see it;either guns are allowed or they are not. If I can't walk in there packing heat and sit down and enjoy a meal, then why should anybody else be able to? And before people start up with "but they are trained and know how to use their weapon safely" don't forget about that incident in nyc where one person was shot by a purpetrator and nine people were shot by the police.

  • Bulldog74

    If the Belleville IL Denny's ever gets robbed, then maybe the manager should call the whiny nervous customer for help. Like that old bumper sticker from the 1960s: "If you don't like the police, then the next time you get mugged call a hippie."

  • Stephen Heard

    Boycott all dennies!

  • Roy Doty

    Let's hope Denny's is never robbed since we KNOW they don't want any protection close at hand!

  • Krazeehors

    They have certainly lost MY business!

  • Alan Chwick

    Sadly, you can't fix stupid! And boy, was that a stupid Denny's Manager.

  • Nam1

    It seems now that the years of berating the GUN to the population has brought consequences that is affecting the very people whom are required to carry because it is a function of their job...serve and protect!

  • James Maxwell

    Where I live there are numerous police officer, armed citizens who eat at the local Dennys.
    To my knowledget there has never been any complaints from any one here in Texas about
    this. But in Texas we have CHL gun owners who are always packing their weapon of
    choice. There are some businesses that might not want weapon on their property but
    if I am preparing to enter one and see such a sign I simpley go somewhere else. That is
    my right as a Texan and and American. For some reason the only people I find uncomfortable around firearms are those from the North, Liberals and people who do not
    value their safety or freedom.

  • CelticRune

    You can't fix stupid................


    Can you believe that guy trying to disarm the police. First and last - a police officer is trained to never give up their piece. And that's what society pays them to do is POLICE.
    If they ever get a call to go there, they would be tempted to go slow. Probably not. They're trained to "protect and serve" This mgr just dose not get it. Nor realize how stupid he looks.

  • john

    this article is wrong, in that the female officer was not evicted. she and the other officers were about finished with their meal when this altercation occured. the manager was wrong in not saying he was sorry for the mistake, but there was no animosity on either side. this is what happens when a story is retold a hundred times

  • Buford

    Well now we know one very unprotected restaurant. The likelihood of it being hit by thugs just multiplied. Now why would I as a customer want to eat there under the new conditions. Stupid, stupid, stupid. They also probably cover all their windows with advertising and pull the shades tight so nobody outside can witness a robbery. How thoughtful.

  • Mike G

    I am a retired N.Y.P.D detective and my son is a active N.Y.P.D police officer...He and I and our families will boycut Dennys here in the Bronx and any other place we happen to be....We hope Dennys suffers a substancial loss

  • Barry

    In Denny's defense, they have been supportive of the 2nd amendment in their advertising program. Perhaps the manager would have been better off explaining the situation to the lib-tard and ask HER to leave. No one, and I mean no one needs that type of individual in their establishment.

    Had it not been the legal carry issue, it would have been something else.

    • Public_Citizen

      The advertisement you refer to was not support of the 2nd amendment.
      It was an opportunistic attempt to paint Denny's in a patriotic light with a lot of warm fuzzy platitudes.
      Actions speak much louder than words and Dennys has demonstrated that they are opportunistic money grubbers with a preference for spending advertising dollars on damage control instead of on training management level staff in customer service for the ~entire~ community. I'm thinking particularly of an incident a couple of years ago that involved a number of businessmen of African-American ancestry.
      Besides, their coffee is lousy.

  • Roy Koch

    The Byotch who Complained was probably a Recipient waiting for the Cops to leave so he/she could supplement his/her EBT allotment by Robbery!!

  • paulm

    you can bet that those of us here in Florida will NOT go to Denny's knowing it is a gun free zone makes it unsafe for anyone, especially children...

  • vanguard7

    I seem to recall that it wasn't all that long ago that Denny's was in the news over patrons with carry permits and that time the word was that Denny's welcomes customers who are armed provided they are carrying lawfully (i.e. possess carry permits). I know this came up in a discussion this past summer if I recall correctly and they got a lot of kudos from folks on the blogs. The debate had to do with Minnesota at the time but I seem to recall that there was also an official statement from Denny's corporate headquarters that they embraced the 2nd amendment and right to bear arms in all their restaurants in states where people are permitted to do so. Now this? Sounds like a 180 change in their position. If so, then they've lost my business. They aren't near as numerous as they once were in MN but anytime I had to go to the Twin Cities or that general direction I started to make it a point to stop at the one Denny's on the way to get a meal. Whether I had my sidearm with me or not. Guess I'll have to reconsider my position. There are already 3 or 4 restaurants where I live that I would love to patronize but won't because they ban firearms. And anytime I run into a new place with such a ban I will turn around and go somewhere else. Then when I get home I type up a letter to the restaurant (and corporate HQ's if applicable) letting them know of my decision not to patronize their restaurant and why. Everyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment and understands the true reason for it should do the same. If we all stuck together and followed such a policy, I believe these corporations might actually realize how much revenue they stand to lose and perhaps change their tune. It's at least worth a to them in the only language they truly understand - MONEY!

  • mogul264

    I, for one, will CERTAINLY avoid Denny's in Belleville, Illinois! I will be afraid for my life knowing NO ONE in the place could defend me against the sure-to-try-it thug who wants to hold the place up! This is just another black mark for the entire state of Illinois, coupled with the gun-control crap of Chicago! I hope Denny's corporate has already removed the fool manager and replaced him! This idiot would be freaked out by a spider!

  • jvb1980808

    Liberal paranoia and free enterprise DO NOT GO TOGETHER.

  • DJohn74

    Now that Illinois Denny's are "gun free zones" does that make them a target for crazy's? Gun violence is bad enough in Illinois as is. Now it seems Denny's has painted a target on their stores. The reason why a lot of business are cop friendly to the point of offering free coffee, and perhaps donuts, is to keep the bad guys wonder when the will be a cop nearby. I think they made a BIG mistake.

  • jvb1980808

    When the greasy wheel is a liberal....NO ONE WINS.

  • Roy Koch

    Just a Thought-- WHEN they come to Grab your Guns, Do Ya Think they'll go to the Ghetto/Project/Barrio??? Demanding Minorities Weaponry?? Hah- Ha- Ha!!

  • paul

    there form of gun control leads to registration confiscation and prison camps

  • trollsonaroll

    To Denny's - you've lost 6 more customers. Just another business to add to our list of boycottyed business' just to stupidity. Once again, the minority (one person) cost a business! Live and learn people!!!

  • wandaz

    Can't imagine a complaint being lodged against a police officer carrying a gun. If I see police of any uniform in a restaurant, I feel safer sitting at the next table. This is one dumb manager. I think he has a bias. Was there a racial aspect to this story?

  • greg1111

    My family and i will also stop going to Denny's. Considering they like only to contribute to and obvious liberal customers and i'm sure he is a liberal manager..


    Our nation has become full of them.These whiners should have their address published so that law enforcement can stop for a cup of coffee on the way to their house for an emergency call. BUT most cops place duty ahead of personal feelings - yea I know you just don't hear much about them , just the bad ones and yea there's plenty of them too.

  • Joyce Jenkins

    I am afraid this is the world we live in now.....nutsville

  • Jerry

    To start with it was none of the persons business and then if that so called lady was that shook up she should have left and took her self somewhere else. There is not one word in the constitution about protecting someone from being offended.

  • Had it with sheepoles

    Sheepoles, the world are full of sheepoles. One sheepoles bleaps and the rest follow.

  • Bob De

    The problem is there are to many Annie O's. These are the numb skulls that are running this country right now. That scares the hell out of me .Not the Police officer with a weapon.

  • Had it with sheepoles

    You bet they have lost my business, they should ban sheepoles from eating in their cafe's

  • mikeledo

    I always carry a junior deputy badge with me so I can carry my gun into Denny's. The solution is simple. Take off the gun or go somewhere else and eat. What's the big deal? Normally Denny's just discriminates against black patrons. I am glad to see they have expanded.

    • SFS444

      You can't take off your weapon while on duty....Jr deputy...are just part of the dumdass mass or what?

      • mikeledo

        If you ever eaten at Denny's then you know it is not worth the hassle.

  • Sandy

    Oh my gosh! What is the world coming to???? This person that was "nervous", are you kidding me???? Hopefully when they need Police protection one day, the Police won't be there for them. Crazy people, crazy, crazy people.....and I never ate at denny's and know I know why!

  • Sandy

    *now* I know why......

  • TeaParrty member

    If the corporate office does not punish this stupid manager, I will not eat at any Denny again, because it shows me that the company has no principles in management!

  • buddyboy

    i say the guy did a good thing to many people think the cops are there and they will protect them with those guns of theirs but much to often its this cops with their guns that kill people the government doesnt care for safety all they care about is taking what you have and doing away with our rights WAKE UP AMERICA

    • SFS444

      What many people? I think you're just a liberal person with an arrest record. I bet you're just posting here to disinfom. You're probably a repeat offender huh? Sounds like you have experience as an inmate, thats exactly how they talk. If not you're just an idiot, which one is it?

  • mel c

    All employers have had a employee do something stupid. The way the management handle the stupid mistake is what counts. I have been an employer and a customer when mistakes have been made. As long as the apology is made and it is not an on going way of their business I would go back.

  • gmonk93

    Not only dennies but any anti gun business, restauraunt or establishment will not get my business!! Im sick of all these anti gunners infringing on others rights- weather they are civilian or working. Im not going to help their business when they are against freedom!!

  • bungicord

    One wonders how this "manager" became a manager. It certainly wasn't intelligence.

  • Public_Citizen

    I'm guessing that the guy that picks up the bank deposits in the armoured car is openly carrying, along with everyone else in the vehicle.
    How about the local chief of police require that all money pickups from Denny's be performed by unarmed couriers?

  • Wyatt

    Note to Denny's ; It is a regulation in every police department in the US that all , each and every police officer be armed and ready to respond to and emergency at all in uniform and on duty or in street clothes and off duty . Of course should some one come rob you then I am sure you will understand the delay in police response , they have to go and get their guns .

    Business's need to wake up and face facts , an armed society is a safe and polite society . It is not the wild west portrayed by Hollywood . And I might add portrayed incorrectly and inaccurately .

    Oh and by the way , you have just lost a customer and as many of my friends as I can convince as well .

    • BigUgly666

      Wyatt, the Second Amendment requires that all able bodied members of the unorganized militia (read - THE WHOLE OF THE PEOPLE) be armed and ready at all times.

    • ValleyCounty

      Our department policy was that we be armed at ALL times, on and off duty.

  • jerry1844

    no more dennys for me hope thy change there polices I guess they want crooks with guns are they have crooks for there main costomors

  • mrbillybob

    We eat at Dennys three or four times a month, but if they don't like guns, we'll move on to Bob Evans.

  • Frederick W. Elmendorf

    I belive that real Americans should stand out in front of all Dennys with a sign stating that this is a "No Firearms Area" and that "robbers are welcome".

  • Marte

    Denny's is obviously NOT a safe place to eat. Customers are sitting ducks for any maniac who walks in with a gun, a bow and arrow, a knife, a baseball bat...

  • GLW513

    Five "Police" Officers and the manger sides with one customer. "Doc", I'm with you and I will never eat in a Denny's again!

  • metfan Lou

    I'll have what that guy is having. The Grand Slam, coffee and a Glock thank you very much.

    • Patriot

      Would you like a side of 9's with that? :)

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    “Liberal” thinking, or lack of it, has created this up-side-down moronic thinking to where the majority of the general public has to give-in to the minority or be branded non-politically correct. That minority person is usually a moron with a chip on their shoulder with a point to prove…that they can force others to comply with their stupid request. To hell with political correctness. The people who push political correctness are idiots, and that Denny's manager is an idiot for even asking the police to leave.

  • GrandmaJulie

    Now the bad guys wil know it is safe for an armed robber to hold up Dennys!

  • Show some respect.

    No more Denny's for this family.

  • BigUgly666

    What I want to know is .... what makes that customer's opinion any more important than anyone elses opinion. What difference does it make if it "uniformed", "plainclothes", or "private Citizen"? The police are OUR SERVANTS and do have any "free-rein" to do anything that WE THE PEOPLE do not .... even if they do so all the time.
    Personally, I've never had a problem with being armed and carrying openly in a Denny's .... If I am told to leave because of my weapon, I will point out that I should never have been seated or my order taken and I will refuse to pay for the meal I was not allowed to finish ...... and I would refuse to be arrested should that matter of not paying for the meal arise.
    Stand tall, or kiss their boots, it's your choice.

  • DG

    Stupid over reactions by stupid people. I suppose the customer that was uncomfortable would like the cops to roll up to their house if they had a call with a rolling pin or something less offensive. I think the manager should grow a set or go live in California. Its time that people start hitting these businesses where they live, in the wallet. There are way too many other places to go eat so if there is one stupid person who is offended by some one legally carrying a gun, move to another restaurant and don't go back. Before you leave though, be sure to tell the manager why you won't be coming back. STUPID PEOPLE!!!

  • NWBill

    Fire the manager, find out who the complaining customer was, and publish her name in the media. Harsh response? No, I don't think so. If a customer feels nervous BECAUSE FELLOW CITIZENS WHO ARE PAID TO SERVE AND PROTECT HER are in the same restaurant as she is, then she should have NO problem revealing herself to the public. And if a restaurant manager can't logically reason why police officers wouldn't be welcome in his or her establishment, then that person deserves to be looking for a job.
    America is becoming more and more a stupid nation, filled with people who use their God-given brains less and less in their lives, and let their emotions lead, before their thought processes. Most of them end up in the Democratic Party, or government - which is why we're in the state that we're in. Doesn't mean we have to put up with stupidity and insensitivity in public by a fellow citizen. Let her reveal herself, explain her actions, and take the consequences.

  • Patrick Henry

    I believe Dennys is pro gun. This happened to be 1 location that the manager is anti gun.
    Please check with your local Dennys before you decide to longer patronize their facilities.

  • BigUgly666

    Those of you in west central Illinois - remember - this is just the "manager" at one Denny's, not the entire chain. I've never had a problem carrying openly in a Denny's.

    Oh, that's right!
    This is the Social Democracy of Illinois - where they have no problem, at all, abrogating the RIGHTS granted you by God Almighty and GUARANTEED under the Constitution that the State of Illinois agreed to hold as the Highest Law of the Land when they joined the Union.

    • Patriot

      Hey, BigUgly666 that's the People's Republic of Illinois to you! :)

      • BigUgly666

        You mean like, "The People's Republic of China"?
        Or, do you mean, "The Free Republic of Illinois", peopled by like minded, Constitution loving, Patriots ... like the ones I knew, talked with, shot with, when I lived there?
        My reference in the previous post was, of course, to the over-riding, self-righteous, governmental tyrants who think that they have the right so supersede the God-Given Right of a Free People to do and to think for themselves.

        • Patriot

          Depends there BigUgly66. If your in the Chicago environs then that would be the Peoples Republic of Illinois as in the People Republic of China. Now if your talking down-state or Central Illinois then I suppose one would be in the Free Republic of Illinois :) Having once lived in Illinois I'm sure you are well aware of the difference.

          You do of course realize you were defining most politicians in Illinois? :)

        • BigUgly666

          Indeed - and absolutely to the last line.

          My "stompin' grounds" was Alton to Red Bud and east to the Indiana line .... =/- about 50 miles, depending on the exact geography.

          Stand to - stay vigilant.

        • Patriot

          MOLON LABE!!!
          semper vigilans

  • Rocky Frisco

    They just lost mine.

  • ValleyCounty

    As a retired LEO, we will not enter a Denny's until they publicly apologize to ALL police and fire the manager that created this incident. It is a shame that businesses employ people that have NO common sense and never think of the consequences, just the moment at hand.

  • kbreedlove50

    And in non-life-threatening situations, I hope those responses to calls will be ever so slow -- like next week.

  • John J Flanagan

    Denny's reiterated the policy that both uniformed and plain clothes police are allowed to be armed (no kidding- this is a non issue.) Now you have to think that the police chief who banned the cops from eating at Denny's is a nut case, and a closet liberal .

  • Herbert Hoos

    Look at the Communist state they are in "ILLINOID"

    • Patriot

      And it's only getting worse everyday.
      Did you know Chicago Values include embracing homosexuality, abortion, etc.
      Right out of the mouth of the little Nazi homo mayor.

  • Val

    I will not stop at Denny's from now on, I would love to set and have a meal next to a armed Police person...This manager was OUTRAGEOUS with this demand. SHAME ON DENNY'S.! This is a GOOD example of how very little some peoples minds are.They are called " FANATIC'S." !!!

  • drofmanythings

    People are overreacting to this. The manager tried to set things straight and allow them to eat. The entire chain no doubt learned from this experience. An apology should be accepted and there is insufficient reason to boycott Denny's...except for mediocre food. The exception is a good breakfast and the coffee is tasty, hot, and plentiful.

  • Worrywart

    Anyone remember Luby's restaurant in Texas, years ago.

  • Mad Mike

    This is really ignorant. For arguements sake, let's take this example one step further. Let's say the police were called to a private home regarding some issue. When they arrived they were told to "leave their guns in their cruisers and/or detective cars" before entering the private premises. Would you? This restaurant was a "public place" open for the public's business. The officers have every legal authority to wear their firearms, exposed or not. They should have told this "manager" why he was out of line and to buzz off! This guy was too dumb to be a dish washer much less a manager. Besides, even if some idoit was "offended" by the presence of the police, who's business would you rather lose? The whinner certainly wouldn't prevent an armed robbery because of his presence there.

  • Jaybird

    I have never heard of such stupidity in my life. The manager should be put back in the back and wash dishes and have nothing to do with the public with that kind of intelligence. I won't ever eat there again and besides their food sucks.

  • ECwashr

    See how the liberal obama press works, forget about children going to bed hungry, gas prices, food prices soaring, etc. Get the sheep to get upset about nonsense, amazingly it works because people are so dumb and eager to be obama sheep..

  • Robert G. Perrin

    This was but one Denny's found in Belleville, Illinois. Is it really necessary to boycott every Denny's restaurant in countless cities across all fifty American states? I would have suggested, however, that the general manager of the Belleville, Illinois, location offer the police department more than a pro forma simple apology. Gift cards for the whole department, for example, would have been a nice touch, assuming, of course, that police officers do not already dine free of charge at Denny's (I don't know the local customs between the police and restaurants in Belleville).


    The manager has the right to refuse service to anyone, and I think he should have this right. I hope everyone will hear this story so they will know the consequences of exercising ones rights. This place will become known as the Dennys that will never have police protection, so criminals will will feel most welcome! They will not get that nervous feeling the woman who complained had.

  • Tinner

    Great!!!!!: All you pointy headed T-baggers can stay outta Denny's. That'll make more room for ordinay people!!!

    • Patriot

      It may make more room but definitely not for what you call "ordinary people".
      Your obviously a pointy headed liberal turd then I guess?
      TROLL ALERT! First thing out of this a-holes mouth is an insult to real "Ordinary People". T-bagger your ass, a-hole! Typical liberal jerk-off with an attitude and a mightier than though attitude! Go educate yourself then come back when you can keep a civil tongue in your head jerk and you may be treated that way in return.

  • Michael W Albers

    Ok Denny's you lost another family weekly diner

  • PennJim

    A while back, in NJ, my father was admitted into intensive care because he was having a heart attack. Uniformed and on duty at the time I went to see him as soon as I heard. One nurse in the ICU came up to me and told me that I wasn't allowed there because I had a gun. I wasn't about to leave, not knowing the actual condition of my father. I told her I was staying and if she didn't like it, she should feel free to call the police. This idiocy is becoming more prevelant as firearm-phobia has taken root, but it is nothing new.

  • Chuck Fowler

    Wait, let me get this straight. Five on-duty detectives in plain clothes were at Denny's and another customer allegedly glimpsed the ordinarily concealed weapon of one of the detectives and the manager said that detective had to remove her weapon from the premises because the other customer was "nervous," but uniformed policemen can carry their weapons in the open and that doesn't make anybody "nervous"?

    Why didn't the manager determine they were on-duty detectives and then simply inform the "nervous" customer that they were all police detectives?

    I guess you really just can't fix stupid.

  • Harold

    I would suggest that they not patronize 'Denny's" at all ,off duty, on duty. And I hope that enough other costomers do the same. Its time that we stop playing games with fools. Just boycot 'Denny's' all the time, Everyone.

  • dontletidiotshaveguns

    Another Obummer voter who wishes the world wasn't so 'hostile'.....go hug a tree and see how well the tree protects you against 'those bad people'.

  • horseradish

    piss on Illinois =nasty obama;s have ruined that state

  • Dave Payne

    Way to go, Doc! That so-called manager should be fired! This is a prime example of One person being allowed to dictate to the many, much like our Fraud president does on a daily basis. Pathetic.

  • Mark Frederick

    I might be a once or twice customer but I will never go back again because of safety reasons, all of your resturaunts are now easy prey for any and all thugs. Lots of luck with that, I also hope that one of your whiney customers is there when it happens.

  • JL Brown Jr

    Me and my family ate there all the time, Denny's can now thank that one manager for the hell that's comes to them. To many of these companies want our business, we can afford to eat where we choose, I choose not to have my shadow fall on their establishment ever again. As for the police chief telling them, they won't be allowed to eat there while on duty, they should not be allowed to return, even in the event of a crime. Let them know they can provide for all security, and law enforcement from this time forward. Here is what this idiots fail to realize. Having a CCW holder or police on their grounds made their restaurants safer. All the crimanls in the area now know there are unarmed, unprotected. The people that eat there need to understand, now there is NO ONE TO PROTECT THEM! I hope the lose a lot of business. In order to solve the problem, Denny's need to fire the said manager, and go on fox news. Let everyone hear them say it. If not, Denny's was good while it lasted!

  • Opie

    In the State that I live open carry is legal and practiced. Concealed carry is very popular and second amendment is like the bible. Guarantee Denny's will notice a drop in buisness here. Good bye to you Denny's!

  • Cy Hilterman

    This makes me feel less safe when I go into a Denny's restaurant knowing they will not allow an armed law enforcement out of uniform in the restaurant. Now the thieves will know where to go for sure. I think Denny's and other places of business better appreciate some protection when available.

  • Joseph Taylor

    That goes for me also! This is whats wrong with our country today! Lets stop blaming guns for crime, I've owned many guns for years, and NEVER have I ever come close to having them stolen. Law abidding people ARE responsible for THEIR actions, it's the lawless that don't! When the law catches them don't let them out the next week and then wonder why they went out the next week and killed a fireman or two, or a mall full of people! Lets FIX THE PROBLEM! More gun laws will do NOTHING to stop these killings just like we will never stop these Radical Muslims that want to kill americans more than life it's self, we got one(Radical Muslim) in the White House killing us from the inside! WAKE THE FRICK UP PEOPLE! HOW STUPID IS THE AMERICAN'S PEOPLE? I'M JUST WONDERING HOW FAR THE OTHERS IN OUR GOVERNMENT WILL LET THE COMMUNIST IN CHIEF GO DOWN THIS PATH OF DESTRUCTION BEFORE THEY WALK IN HIS OFFICE AND PLACE HIM UNDER ARREST AND CHARGE HIM FOR RIDING SHOTGUN OVER OUR NATION'S CONSTITUTIONAL LAW & UNDERMINDING OUR NATION? OR IF THEY WOULD EVER DO IT AT ALL? MY GUESS IS IT'S GOING TO TAKE EVERYDAY PEOPLE LIKE YOU & ME TO TAKE OUR NATION BACK FROM THIS COMMIE!

  • Jill

    If in uniform then they are to remain in full uniform...guns & all; sorry Denny's you lost a lot more than you could possibly imagine with that stunt! Better educate your managers.

  • Johnny Geetar

    Illinois; an unfortunate state permanently beset by Ballbaggey. I'll laugh like hell if Denny's ever dials 911.........

  • livefreeordiehard

    Nowadays, I would hope that there was an armed cop in ANY store or restaurant I visit!!! Bet no one thought of pulling a gun out and shooting the customers while they were there. But, of course, crazies in Belleville will know the one place where cops are NOT at!!!!

  • cdoc

    Way to go Denny's. Only criminals will be armed in your restaurants. Brilliant! Dianne Feinstein must be so proud of you.

  • Robert Dungan

    @James White, M.D.: Thanks for your post Dr. I fully agree, and I encourage the Codes Enforcement Office of Belleville Illinois to make immediate and thorugh inspections of all Denny's premises. Obviously, they are alarmed by the presence of the Authorities. My first thought would be that they are hiding something illegal. I also support the total Boycott of any and All Denny's Restaurants until they apologize publicly to these officers and provide them and their family members with ID that waives all costs for them in perpetuity at any location.

  • bayman61

    Why didn't they just explain to her that they are police officers. Then maybe the cry baby would have shut her mouth. Ohhhhh, a gun, Ohhhhhhh. I feel so uncomfortable. Think how the people who cannot have a gun to defend themselves feel, lady.

  • Raymond Mars

    To hell with Denney's they need to place a sign on the property"This is a brain free Zone"

  • Del Abbey

    A few years ago a gunman killed and/hurt a number of patrons at a Mac Donalds if an armed policeman had been in the restaurant it could have been a very different story. With perhaps only the murder himself hopefully dead.

  • Cavaliere

    It was probably some control-freak woman!

  • Agent Luth

    Now that Denny's has publicized that this particular restaurant will be left unprotected at all times, I wouldn't feel safe eating there. It is open advertising for any nut that has a vendetta against the world and wants to take it out on innocent people. It is a shame what is happening to our country.

  • jdibbs

    How stupid it was to evict a policewoman while on duty because she had her gun on her HELLO!!!!!!! That's her job to carry a gun while on duty!! It does'nt matter where she's at. So stupid dennys are!!!!

  • gator

    i will never frequent Dennys again until a formal public apology is made to the police!! i have not been back to Olive Garden since they told veterans to remove our nations flag from thier restaraunt and that was my favorite restaraunt. so i guess Dennys is on my "never go there again" list too!

  • AlNewman

    Ever since I watched Pulp Fiction, I always 'pack' when I go to Denny's. :)
    Let's not torture the whole company for one 'manager's' ignorance. Rumor is that person complaining was getting ready to rob the place and the people eating there with guns just threw a wrench into the plan. I can see why they'd be uncomfortable. :)

    Years ago when I was traveling more, I used to eat at different Denny's late at night. I always liked to do business there because many of them hired the slightly mentally handicapped. They were always very polite and I could see one of them going overboard if someone was complaining. (Remember the manager in Pulp Fiction?) :)

  • junkmailbin

    time to stop eating at dennys because of the pc crap. police officers are exempt from most do not carry situation as they are on duty when off duty. why do they carry guns off duty, because they are to enforce the law and protect the community when a crime is being comitted.
    The manager reminds me of how every liberal goes into a tizzy when the gays scream. The constitution does not guarantee happiness any more than being uncomfortable. the woman is a self centered b. the manager is a toddy to all that is liberal and complaining

    BOYCOTT now

  • dcartmill

    Over the years Denny's seems to have been involved in a number of idiot issues,which I feel probably originated locally. That being said there seems to be something lacking or implicit in their corporate policies training program, to have been exposed /embarrassed by these many issues.

  • Barb Patton

    Dennys - you are a big no no in my books. close your doors - you are unpatriotic and not a sincere American

  • jesustheonlyway

    I thought all Police Officers are required to carry even when off duty - ???. Either way, both the patron and the manager were ignorant fools. I don't think the Company should shoulder any blame but should they ever begin to support this behavior - it will be NO more Denny's for me.

  • Gunsmoke11

    Has anyone considered that the reason why the Patron who complained and whined about the Law Enforcement Officials having Guns, was doing this, cause they DID NOT have the money to Pay the Bill, so by complaining, they ended-up getting it for FREE...... Of course this Manager was WRONG in what he did, but the Corporate should NOT be to Blame for what one Manager does or doesn't do..... Of course though, we can still place Blame for ALL of this with OBAMA and his wanting to remove all Guns.....and leave Criminals with them to use at will, including Obama himself.....He is following in the Footsteps of HITLER all over this is the first thing he did...... When the Guns are gone, we will have NO DEFENSE against Criminals, Government, Lunatics or anything else..... Look at how England is doing or Australia, and others..... The Results is plainly shown and it is NOT very Good or Pretty..... If you want to be Blaming anyone, then go to where the REAL problem is with these people to who think Gun Control is the answer....which it is far from being anything of the Sort....Your WORST NIGHTMARE will begin the day they do away with Guns and the 2nd Amendment......and Continue until the time people realize Gun Control does NOT Work...... GET READY for your WORST NiGHTMARE, as it is coming you Gun control Idiots......

  • Vincenta

    Too bad. I've always enjoyed a Denny's breakfast when traveling. They really need management training. The manager that caused this embarrassment does not show any promise.

  • Mark

    There should be a website that names businesses that welcome concealed carry patrons and armed law enforcement officers to their stores. I'm willing to bet those establishments would see a major increase in business, not to mention a better class of customers.

  • Steven

    You want to bet that the person that complained was a liberal. I feel better i go to a resturant and see armed police eating there. All the dennys in my area encourages police to dine there.

  • Granny B.


  • grnma

    pleaseeee how can one being a ''manager'' be that stupid????how did he come into that position,..when the police indentified thier right to carry, that should have been the end of the complaint.I bet it was an obama supporter on gun control...they are about as stupid as....can't of what because my dog and parrot are rather smart.

  • Silas Longshot

    What inell ever happened to common sense any more? Some liberal wuss gets their knickers in a knot when COPS wear guns? Really? Many years ago, I ate lunch at a Taco Bell with a 'badazz' biker, openly carrying a 1911 .45 in a holster, sitting there having some chow. No biggie! (It's an open carry state, but hardly anyone did so, even back then.) The same dude walking into the same place today, in that outfit with that sidearm on, would have every lib in a square mile wetting themselves.

  • Richrd Hogue

    It is safe to say,this is the place for killers to go. No one will be armed, the Police will not be there, and it is open range for any gunman who wishes to attend. May there be a long line of people running to get away from Denny's

  • charley

    when they call in a robbery tell them to take care of it themselves.

  • Bill F Johnson

    Just further proof that Illinois yankees are dangerous morons! My FIRST choice for lunch is the place with a bunch of armed cops (and other CHL holders) in it!

  • Greg Clapp

    Seems remarkably lame to punish a business and put its employees' jobs at risk over the mistake of a single manager. As if that one misinformed manager represents the whole company. Stupid.

  • kaity

    Idiotic manager! Threw their very responsible & well-trained protection out of the door!
    Hope the police department stands by her and sues Denny's.

  • oldguy

    I will join the Denny's boycott and I'm gonna send an email to Denny's corporate management telling them why and I hope that their restaurant looses enough business to make them fold up.

  • FED UP

    The manager of Denny's should have called the police once the customer complained.Oh sorry they were already there.

  • sunnyarizona

    Luckily not ALL Dennys restaurants are this nuts! In light of the robbery that goes on in society, one would think to have on duty policeman present would be a real deterant to theives. The really goofed on this one!

  • PrincessPhilly

    If a Denny's calls police for protection while being robbed well too bad we can't come our guns are banned from your property. Good luck- you are on your own with the criminals.

  • Michael J Edwards

    I shudder to think of what the loss of business would do to this Denny's Employees, To wish a loss of business on any company and as a result the possible loss of jobs because of the actions of 1 person is irresponsible and callous, Did you or any of the other posters even consider what might happen to those employed by this Denny's? I guess not because I can't believe anyone would wish this on anyone. Isn't our economy bad enough without wishing to add to the un-employment problem? I Pray to God that you will re-think the comments you made here.

  • woodyl1011fl

    Why eat at a resturant chain managed by idiots, but then they probably are all government school graduates of alleged educational institutions staffed and run by democrat party activists.

  • Davy2010

    It is like giving in to ACLU,the liberals ,Hollywood retards , to trample the rights of the majority . About time the tables are turned & "political correctness " idiocy is given the two fingers

  • Bo Kassa

    I am with the cops. I will never enter or eat from a Denny's restaurant again. I do not care to support people who are anti-American as this act has proven Denny's to be. Fold up the slam is on you.

  • USA Retired

    Since Denny's is apparently 'Dumb as a Box of Rocks', I suggest we all boycot the idiots! They will realize they are not allowed to set policies when it comes to guns!

  • corace

    I would hope that if that Denny's ever get robbed, the responce to the call would take a bit longer.

  • Lani N.

    Forgive Denny's!!! BE CHRISTIANS, and forgive. Obviously they want to backtrack, and make amends. Let Denny's learn NOT TO HIRE LIBERALS.. good lesson! Now forgive them..... if they get rid of the idiot manager, that is...

  • Norm

    Next time I am there with my new CCW, I'll be packin.

  • Rabiddogg

    We all should refuse to enter "gun free" zones out of fear of our own safety. After all, this is where almost every mass shooting has been in the last decade.

  • RH6194

    My family and others I can convince will be joining the Dennys boycott as well. This type of unreasonable hysteria simply can't become part of our society. The manager that interacted with the officers needs to be severely reprimanded and lose their management position. They clearly don't possess the type of decision making capabilities required to be a manager. Now, if you'll all please excuse me, we have some shopping to do at Hobby Lobby and then I think we'll grab some chicken at Chick-Fil-A!

  • Judy Anderson Hamby

    I am sick of whiny people. There are too many ignorant mangers/people today. I takes only one to make a huge disturbance. Those Belleville police detectives put their lives on the line every day. And what happens...some whiny woman or even some whiny man has the audacity to complain because "they are nervous." This time the ignorant manger was at fault.Sure, the woman may have been nervous when she saw a person in plain clothes carrying a gun. People. Wake up. These men and women are there to protect you - not to harm you.

  • Matt39

    I wholeheartedly support the 2nd Amendment and this article on our rights is absolutely the best I have ever read. If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight? | The D.C. Clothesline

  • Gary

    So many braindead idiots out there!

  • Disgruntled

    Note to crooks and robbers: Denny's is now a target rich environment. No police officers will be there to lend assistance to customers. Note to customers: Eat where the police do!

  • Jeff

    F Denny's

  • Jack_Reacher

    Obviously a Black Belt in Stupidity. The nit-wits just keep on coming!

  • PistolPaKnPoppy

    You can bet your bottom dollar...I will boycott ANY & ALL DENNY'S in the future! HOW ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

    I wonder what will happen if Denny's needs the services of their local Police? HMM...

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    I think it's time the police and government's so called leaders get the same treatment that law abiding citizen get when carrying a gun with a carry permit. I think Denny's should remove any sign's that promote Gun Free Zone. It is a right let's not lose it, It's part of freedom. Gun Free Zones are not safer then Besides til We the People Address the real problem we will only lose our freedom.

  • jayhill1947

    denny's - same here in Daytona Beach, fl - plenty of other places to go - plus the food at denny's is not that good!!! Good luck, in the New Year ---- Denny's!!!!


    I was a regional manager for Denny's in the 70's;; was a great company until the California scum began moving East;; they were game players and did not follow company policy or procedures; FBI agents were abused in the Carolinas by some dip stick and the black discrimination thing killed corporate ;; now three women are running the franchise and they do NOT HAVE STRICT STORE LEVEL TRAINING GOING ON so here we go again. companies that cut the field supervisors out always fail.

  • Chris Holley

    Thank you Denny's - you just made my mind up never to go to your restaurant ever again. I hope this isnt national policy.
    I am a former police officer and current CHL holder. I will take my business elsewhere where I am welcomed - hopefu;lly where one idiot doesn’t control the business. Having a law enforcement officer in the place makes it a very safe place. For example: I use to own a restaurant with my brother. I always wanted police, fire, military, CHL and another law abiding people to be in my store, as often as possible....buying whatever they want. I'd even gave 10% discounts to them, on Sunday I gave church goers the same discount. Sometimes I went so far as give them a cup of coffee if they were on duty,esp in teh wingter when it was cold - so that they would come back often (naturally bringing their families, friends, and kids withh them while off duty). Thanks’ Doc for your clarity.....

  • Richard Holmes

    No more dennys for me.

  • Richard Holmes

    To hell with all these anti-American, anti-gun communists. They should die with the rest of the dung eaters.

  • kds

    Denny's had gun friendly advertising on television, now the manager needs to be put on the unemployment line where they can collect the OBAMA check they want. They should be made to wait at least 6 months before payment and no back pay. NOW THANK OBAMA

  • RH6194

    You know, this is obviously outlandish as the person with the gun happened to be an ON DUTY police detective with a group of other police detectives. However what if that was simply you or me as an ordinary citizen, however for whatever reason, we had been granted a concealed carry permit. So now one of us is eating there, perhaps alone or with a friend, and the same manager walks over with the same complaint from that customer. Even though Dennys has officially stated that this was a "communications misunderstanding" regarding on duty police officers, what about you or me who are law abiding citizens and are within our rights to carry? What if the police officer was off duty? I believe most are still armed. I think the Dennys statement, while sufficient to cover the actions of this manager, are still lacking greatly in their support for the legal possession and use of firearms in America. This issue is MUCH larger that simply the on duty police force!!!

  • DavidE1940

    Denny's dieplayed a total lack of commonsense, their food sucks anyway. All my wife and I wanted was breakfast several months ago at Denny's in Dothan, Alabama, it was awful. We won't go back again.

  • TDI20

    It only took 11 words and then BAM so easy to see why, look at the state says it all!


    In light of all the "gun madness" in this country - I do NOT blame the manager!! There are many other customers to consider as well!!

    Not everyone is an NRA gun nut!!!

  • Kiser 154

    I can't speak for everyone in law enforcement in Tift County Georgia, but i darn sure won't be eating at Denny's ever again. neither will my family.


    Obama has got some really *tough* gun laws coming-up - I hope you NRA goons are ready for the new laws!!!

  • Robert Haavisto

    I carry a concealed firearm but I can assure you that I will never visit another Dennys in the future.

  • David

    sounds like they just set themselves up for a robbery! wouldn't surprise me!

  • localnet

    Denny's is now on my no go list, just ate there the other day too. See ya Denny!

  • Matthew

    No. The manager should have tolde the upset customer that it is perfectly legal for law abiding citizens, and policemen alike to carry a firearm, and that if the firearm upset them they were free to patronize another establishment.

    • Patriot

      I would have suggested that she take the remainder of her meal home with her and showed her the door!

  • Linda Falke

    While I agree that what the manager did was wrong, I feel that the police chief's decision to "ban" all officers from eating at Denny's while on duty is out of line. I do not believe the police chief has the right to do such a thing.

  • Granny

    Time to boycot Dennys! Won't be eating there again!!!!!

  • Anon

    No more billboards sold to Denny's.

  • HarryTC

    I think everyone , including the police officers, were missing the actual event. It is quite likely that the employee was having a psychotic event, and should be referred to a psychologist for evaluation. As is the saying "self evident", and goes without saying, that the police while on duty shall always carry their service revolvers. Another alternative to the psychotic event, is that she had feelings of guilt, and felt that she might be discovered.

  • Robert

    I stopped going to Denny's years ago when I had a cheese, pepper and onion omelet and ended up in the ER with food poisoning. There food is bad, the service is so-so and obviously the customers leave something to be desired. Wonder what that manager would do if a nun and her mother superior came in and a customer complained that he/she was uncomfortable with a cross in the restaurant. Would he ask the nun to remove it?

  • simmss

    This whining woman would have a different view if some mad man came in and shot up the place. What is happening to our once great country?

  • Jed54

    Bob Evans is much better anyway....

  • MrCReed54

    I don't think I'll be eating at dopy's anytime soon! I mean a guy could be safe or something! WOW!!!

  • Mikey 46

    What goes around, comes around. PC will be the death of our civilization.

  • DaHeat

    Hello, Dennys?! If a Detective wears 'plain' clothes while on duty, then that ks their uniform! It's been that way since I became a Law Enforcement Officer over forty years ago! It is totally asinine! Years ago, the City of Denver, Colorado thought that officers wearing uniforms was too threatening, and so they decided to put their officers in suits and ties! Needless to say it did not work out, and Denver's officers are back in uniform! Allowing some paranoid fruitcake customer to dictate where or when a law enforcement officer can carry a firearm just doesn't cut it!!! She nullified her own safety. It is not her decision to make, nor is it Dennys'...


    I thought that just recently it was on the news that Dennys allowed concealed carry by customers in all places where it is legal to carry concealed! I could not get the local Dennys to answer their phone to ask. Does anyone know the factual answer?

  • bebe13

    Attention all criminals in Illinois, head to Denny's for a grand slam of robbery. LOL Stupid is as stupid does.

  • don

    i will not eat there again. some little liberal trash makes a remark and we all have to jump. it is time for us to unite and fight back

  • RIpete

    Why didn't they publish the name and address of the complainer so the police could stay away from their property - after all guns are dangerous.

  • gavinwca

    Politically ciorrectness is going to put this country into a civil war.the people I know will never, never, never, never. Give up their guns to a FASCIST GOVERMENT?

  • Thomas Wise

    Just wanted to let you all know that we are manufacturing
    semi-automatic rifles, right here, right now, in Arden, North Carolina. It is
    called the Joshua MK5, the first TRUE hybrid AK-AR, which we think you will
    love. It will be ready March 2013. We are taking pre-orders. List price?
    $895.00. We offer layaway and rebate programs! Email me at Tom Wise, General Manager. Website: Thank you.

  • Jillian

    If this whiny person had looked up and saw an approaching crazy shooter, she would have screamed the loudest for anyone with a gun. May she get a boil on her backside the size of New Jersey.

  • Cal70

    Finally a good thing too, now I never have to eat at another Denny's the rest of my life!

  • george

    F'n idiots! I can't see any reason to ever stop at another Dennys.

  • Michael Robert Roehm

    If armed cops even off duty, make you nervous, maybe you have a guilty conscience. Even a civillian with a conceiled carry permit & gun is around, I feel safer.

  • Libertarian58

    More proof that we have become the nation of the scared and offended, just what the liberals want - SHEEP. If I was a cop there, I wouldn't even respond to a call. . . Denny's should have told the complainers to leave if they were uncomfortable, not the detectives.

  • Bill Safford

    Until they post a sign in the window saying "PERSONS WITH LEGAL FIREARMS WELCOME" I won't bother eating at Denny's any more.

  • Walt

    I will not eat there again. Just remember this when some psycho starts shooting up your place someday.

  • Bill Green

    Sorry Denny's no more grand slams for me, I have eaten many meals in the past while carrying, but if you are going to be jerks and deny honest hard working people their rights, I will deny you my heard earned money.


    Not a problem. We eschew fast food outlets and my wife particularly hates Denny's. I look to others to Boycott Denny's for this PC knee-jerk reaction to a simple-minded wimp.


    Man I'd WELCOME the sight of a gun and detectives. Beats the sight of a drug dealer with a gun any day. I'd have paid for their meals God Bless them.

  • madman52

    I'll bet the manager voted for Obama & Joe "Criden";

  • bouboulina

    Sure hope the police drag their feet in responding if that Denny's gets knocked over by stick-up artists, which may not be too long in coming now that the thugs know the restaurant doesn't want armed law enforcement there. It would teach Denny's management a very important lesson.

  • John Hand w/gunpermit

    Shame on Denny's, but I remember a time when Denny's had it stuck to them. A small group of blacks claimed that there were discriminated against with slow service, etc. So the NAACP and 'Shakedown Jackson' filed a suit, and Denny's ended up having to settle for millions and all the blacks that were supposedly discriminated against at all Denny's were told to tell their story and file a claim to get some of that money. Several 'customers' claimed that they were discriminated against at the Denny's drive through. There is no Denny's Drive Through.

  • minni

    That is too bad for DENNYS, are all police officers from all cities ban from DENNYS. I like going to DENNYS but not if police officers cannot go. The bad people will know that is a safe place for them cause NO GUNS. IT was very DUMB for that manager, he should be fired.

  • Reality time

    I say tough titty, they deserve the same treatment I would recieve as I to have a right to keep and bear arms that gets violated by the gov. they are no more special and should be treated the same as the rest of us. Perhaps then we will see if Illinois still thinks the same about guns.No symopathy, and the cops should be arrested for theft too.

  • Barbie

    I have stopped going to Denny's and have convinced at least 75 other people to stay the hell away from that place. Maybe when they get held up they'll appreciate any off duty officer in their place but it will be too late....they left themselves open for that.

  • act

    Dennys will not have to worry about me going into their place of business. They should fire the manager.

  • DAY

    I am done with Denny's,,,, Those police officers should be slow to respond to a call for an armed robbery at Denny's.... wait till the robber gets away with the cash,,,,,

  • Michael E. Teifer

    Dennys has always been, to my knowledge, antigun. They don't allow concealed carry in their restaurants and I haven't darkened their doorway for years because of this. they are essentially a gun free zone.

  • Charlie

    The Denny's my friends and I frequent is thankfully not run by that. The police in that community (Leominster, Ma.), are, with the exception of one recent ugly incident, a well-repsected, well-liked police force, and the officers, plus the troopers from the neighboring state police barracks (about 400 yards away) are in there all the time. They're great company and very nice people almost without exception. Refreshing for a lot of police agencies today.

    The manager should be fired and the franchisee should have his franchise revoked. I also would've thrown that moron out for harassing the cops.

    I won't necessarily stop patronizing Denny's, but if I find myself in Belleville, Il., I won't be eating there if I can help it.

  • we_need_civil_disobedience_NOW

    I have been boycotting Dennys for about 25 years now. I had gone into a Denny's restaurant, on Sunrise Avenue, in Roseville, Calif. for dinner. I ordered my meal, and opted for a dinner salad before my entree came. The waitress brought me my salad, with Thousand Island dressing. I noticed the flavor was changing, the deeper I got into the salad. Suddenly I realized why. The waitress had built my salad, on top of a "previously used salad", that had contained RANCH dressing. She just grabbed an old salad that a previous patron had not finished, and put my salad on top of it. Naturally I raised hell with the manager on duty. The waitress was fired on the spot, the ticket was cancelled, and I went to IHOP up the road, NEVER to return. I heard from friends that the waitress was rehired in a few days, so with that in mind, I have NEVER gone back to Denny's, AND NEVER WILL! Getting a used salad was bad enough, but then Denny's PROVED they did not care about their customers, by rehiring this disgusting person to serve other "recycled salads" was unforgivable! BOYCOTT DENNY'S FOREVER!

  • Mark Kuykendall

    That's just sad.

  • buckfarack

    Count ME OUT.

  • teapartyjoe

    I once liked Denny's restaurant but I will never eat there again nor will anybody I know, They are just like me.

  • Dennis

    I already don't eat at Denny's because I am more discriminating about what I eat. Instead I am over at Chik-Fil-A having a sandwich.

  • sarcasticswede

    I have NEVER had a problem.------ And I am not a cop.

  • sarcasticswede

    Oh---- I almost forgot,---- How's that hope and change working out for you?

  • misspicky

    Am I the only member of the public who remembers the rush of support for Denny's in the wake of civil rights lawsuits which seemed baseless? Well, I offer my personal hope that the manager (who must surely have been fired after his unprofessional rush to condemn law enforcement officials) is able to find employment in a more "politically correct" work environment. At the same time, I congratulate the Chief of Police for standing behind his employees.

  • Barry Levy

    and who do these idiots call when they have a threat, a crime in their area, the same people that make them uneasy.

    Let them fend for themselves and publish their names and home addresses with the notation that they are anti gun, and don't like police with guns, so they won't have a 911 response.


    • cmjay

      These are the very people who would complain if the COPS don't respond quickly if they need help.

  • deebar

    No big deal . The manager should be repremanded or transferred but the police should have walked over to the patron and explained and all this could have been averted . I fault both . I carry open everywhere because it's legal here . Even to our County Commissioners meeting last Friday . I have a CC but never hide my .40 . If someone is uncomfortable I'd put it in my truck but in over a year no one has ever said a bad word but many have complimented .

  • BigJohn555

    That will cost Denny's money, and quite a bit of it. My brother is a retired Deputy Sheriff, and one Sheriff he worked for made a rule that Deputies could not get discounted meals from restaurants while they were on duty. The restaurant managers complained, because their insurance companies would raise their rates. It seems that insurance companies feel having law enforcement officers frequenting the restaurants is a big deterrent from robberies. So sorry, Denny. Be sure to let your insurance company know you have chased the cops out of your restaurant.

  • Hersh

    As a former Denny's manager, I can only tell you that when I worked for them, any manager or asst. manager that acted so stupidly would have been fired the next day. We did everything we could to get public safety personnel to frequent the restaurant.

  • Dandydonnie

    I am sorry to have to say that I believe very few Americans will go out of their way in even the smallest way to punish this kind of attitude. That is whgat has got us to the state we are in. "I want it and I want it now and to hell with what anybody else thinks". Am I wrong?

  • Ed

    I have been an opponent of Denny's resturants for many years. This is not the first bonehead incident cause by a poorly trained Denny's staff and it will not be the last. Let us face the fact that low pay gets low quality workers and low quality workers get you high level of problems.

  • jimpeel

    Once again the tyranny of the minority triumphs.

  • Richard Bensen

    It appears Dennys needs an attitude adjustment.Too bad.I used to eat at Dennys since the 70's until on a Saturday night my late wife and I sat at a table for over twenty minuets waiting on a server .We were served one cup of coffee and finally we left.Still had to pay for the coffee.Never been back again.As far as their attitude on lawful people with firearms not being welcomed because of stupidity of attitudes I'm sure I'll never go back.Common sense is certainly lacking in our society more and more in these days of idiots and political correctness.Alas...we only have ourselves to blame.

  • Gary Rice

    If the PD gets a call to this Denny's pls feel free to take ur time responding

  • cmjay

    This sounds like another CHICK - FIL -A fiasco. I hope DENNYS gets the same results. Now DENNYS is open season for would be CRIMINALS. I NEVER go to DENNYS anyway.Those COPS are NOT stupid to patronize DENNYS even if they are OFF DUTY.

  • Retro Ranger

    Just another reason Denny's does not have much business. If you have a choice, go somewhere else. As for me, I hop for IHOP.

  • Barbara Wildfong Blackwood

    Sure gonna miss my Grand Slam Breakfast!!Bye bye Denny's!!

  • axmickl

    Please tell me it isn't true. Have we slid so far down the IQ slide that any whine from any liberal fool can create a ruckus? Our media has generated a hysteria about weapons that has infected every weak mind in the country. To add insult to injury, people don't know how to react to the politically correct kind of squack that issues from the brain dead population.

  • James Yee

    Umm... every diner I've ever worked at LOVED cops showing up. Armed or not, plain clothes or not. So this story just really confuses me as to how the frack it could happen.

    Then again I lived in the middle of nowhere so we knew all the cops by sight and name so I doubt it was ever in the realm of possibility for me. *Shrugs*

  • Luis D. Rey

    All this is due to B. O. (Bad Oder), the Mudslum in Chief who has been contaminating the minds of everyone including that particular and idiot Vagina, lol...

  • Fedup

    They should have asked the patrons in the restaurant by a show of hands whether the majority favored the officer in or out of the restaurant. Unless this was a libtard hangout, I know what the "vote" would be. The majority of people in this country are for the freedoms we have been granted as citizens, the rest can spend their food stamps at the grocery and eat at home!

  • Evajean Craig

    The manager of Denny's should be fired for this. Denny's will no longer have my buisness or any of my companys buisness and will email this to all my friends

  • brabbie2002

    I love to see all cops eating where I am. Was the customer nervous because they were a escaped convict, a felon, an idiot? What made that customer more important than the cops? I think I can cross Denny's off my " want to eat there" list! Hope everyone else does, too!!!

  • Thom Raasio


  • Destry

    I seldom frequent Denny's restaurants but from now on I will avoiding them altogether.

  • Eguyton

    Yep, Dennys is off my list of resturants too..

  • Kevinwid16

    The Beeleville Illinois Denny's just made themselves a target of the criminal element. I wonder what the response time will be now if some deranged individual decides to take advantage of their new gun free diner?

  • Eagle 1287

    Once again the complaint of one whiny customer impinges on the rights of everyone else in the establishment. This is very much like the "war on Christmas" that we just experienced with the "holiday tree" and the display of the "manger" on public property. Well it's also my public property and I have no problem with it!
    Because of all the shooting in the liberals "gun free zones", I would think the police officers presence would cause a sense of safety not consternation for the patrons of Denny's.

    My daughter is a police officer and places her life on the line every day to protect the rights of these so called "free thinkers". Until Denny's removes this manager, it will no longer have any of my business.

    This nonsense must stop!!

  • Paul Broussard

    Now the Criminals know which restaurant to rob!

  • Keenan Lee

    And yet another establishment that I will take off my list to patronize. I will pass my note to the manager of my local Denny's. I will be unarmed of course as to not disturb any criminal or whiney patron within the premises.

  • James

    Let's guess who this clueless manager voted for in the presidentual election?

  • Mort Leith

    Why doesn't the libbie communist newspaper publish THIS info ? ?

    Every criminal within 50 miles would try to rob this garbage store within the week !

    Police response time just tripled for this Denny's
    hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa serves the pinko liberals right too

  • ED

    Has to be a regional problem,in Virginia,police officers carry guns and I've never seen anyone get upset. They have armed guards walking around upscale malls,again,no one complains or is nervous.

  • Tasha22

    Let's not blame all Dennys for the actions of one manager.

    • RJLigier

      Many managers like that at Denny's. They are not the brightest of the lot of social liberals.

  • Simoner1

    Denny's should fire that manger for gross stupidity. However, I am glad that most people agree that this incident is worth not frequenting the restaurant. I am always amazed how one moron that complains can infringe on the rights of others with no consequences. Well this time Denny's will feel some pain.

  • Brenda

    Rather stupid of the manager. He should have told the "concerned" patron who the party was. And, wasn't it Dennys that had the big shoot out several years back?

  • thomas f

    I fell the same way James and i will be trying to persuade a lot

  • Friscolady

    Next time Denny's robbed, these police should simple ignore them.

  • Fujimooji

    Manager, I am uncomfortable with the woman who is uncomfortable with a table full of cops having a meal while on their break.

  • Gar Fish

    I will boycott Dennys, also, I will tell my friends and family to do the same.

  • Gar Fish

    The only way to stop this insanity, is thru thier pocket books. When they see it does not pay to be anti 2nd amendment or anti-constitutionist

  • Larry Knight

    Dennys won't get my business.

  • Danny

    I refuse to spend my dollars at Denny’s, they are pro Obama
    and anti-gun. This is one action I have control of and it’s great.

  • RJLigier

    Stupid libtard manager and stupid libtard customer. All the manager had to do was inform the guest that they were plain clothes police officers. Both the manger and customer have merde for brains.

  • Mort Leith

    If I were the cop I would have forced them to evict me,,

    then SUED them for around $20 Million for ignoring our Constitution 2nd Amendment. !

  • Sutekh

    I don't have anything against Denny's, per se, but the fact that Denny's has, in effect, openly advertized that NOBODY in a Denny's restaurant has a LEGAL weapon just sets it up as the next place for a mass murder by a criminal who doesn't care about gun laws OR Denny's policy.
    I used to look askance at home schoolers, but given the current inability of the U.S. government to control access of criminals (not law abiding citizens) to weapons, home schooling your kids and staying away from Denny's might be a good bet.

  • Bigolfascist

    Gee, and I really did like their Grand Slams. Oh well, I need to lose weight anyway. Taa taa Denny's!

  • jim_wright

    Dennys has the right to not allow weapons on their property and I have the right not to frequent their business. I choose to not spend my money with a business who chooses not to support American constitutional rights. When someone brings a weapon to their business and robbs it or kills people remember that the law abiding people choose not to come there.
    This entire issue is nonsense brought about by gutless liberals who want us to be subjects not citizens.

  • rchguns

    I started going to Denny's because of their commercial where they pointed out that it was American freedoms to have firearms. This set them apart at least in my view of being a place worth having my business.

    From what I understand it was a manager who made the decision to have the police leave because of some other stupid customer. I would hope that it is not Denny's policy to pursue this type of agenda. If it is then I guess they'll have to do without my business because I never leave the home without my concealed weapon.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      If you, as a civilian have a Concealed Carry Weapon permit (CCW), or are a sworn officer (on or off duty) and you've chosen the right gear and attire, no one should ever know you're carrying. Obviously. Unfortunately, the detectives were sloppy in their manner of concealment, which to me means they not only caused the idiotic incident to occur, but they also possibly exposed themselves to any criminal element that might've dropped in for a bite to eat at that restaurant at the same time.

      • rchguns

        That is absolutely correct . I've carried for over 30 years and fortunately have never had to remove it from the holster in a hostile action. But in a lot of ways I look at it this way you may have heard of that little guy named Murphy who made all those stupid laws. That's one of the reasons I do carry because as long as I have the weapon I will probably never need it. It's only when you need it that you don't have it. But I'm not sure in what state this occurred but in many states they have open carry laws that as long as the weapon is visible you can carry it openly. And if you look at all of these tragic shootings they all have one thing in common and that is that the all occurred in a" Firearm Free Zone". What that means is is telling some nut job that he wants to get his 10 seconds of fame from committing these atrocities that's a safe place to do it because there's no one there to stop him. If the media wouldn't glamorize these animals that would help but the ghoul squad these bloodthirsty mongrels who view the tragic victims as nothing more than tools for personal gain are worse than flies. In Oregon at the Clackamas Mall one of these nut cases when in to kill as many people as he could. The press was all over another tragedy and the evil gun that was until the investigation showed that there was a man in the mall with a carry permit and happened to be at the right spot. He didn't shoot because they're innocent people behind the shooter but the mere fact that the shooter saw this man's gun was enough because that's when he killed himself. Guns in the civilian environment save more lives than they take they always have and always will until his perverted administration succeeds in trying to take him away.
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Denny’s Restaurant Evicts On-Duty Policewoman Because She Was Armed

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          Here in Calipornia, I call them "Gun Free (& Victim Rich) Zones". In fact, until the nervous nannies under the dome just changed the law, you could carry openly if (brilliant nabobian logic here) the firearm was empty. However, there are too many politically correct, big city chiefs of police (who are politically upwardly nubile) that agree with the far leftwards tilt of our governing body and felt that their sworn officers were in too much danger from outwardly unarmed civilians. As to myself, I've carried in the past whenever I've felt it was necessary, with permission or not. I've never had to pull the trigger, however, I have stopped a potentially deadly encounter by a judicious display of firepower a time or three.

          [One example: I was driving north on Masonic, in San Francisco, having just crossed the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park, when I was cut off by a young (he in his early twenties, I in my mid forties) driver turning unsafely into my lane. I noted out loud he was going to get someone killed driving like that. Then, three blocks later, we were both in the fast lane stopped at a signal at the busy intersection of two major streets, each with five lanes in each direction. Said driver, when the light turned green, pulled halfway across the intersection and stopped, giving me no way to pass him. He exited the vehicle and walked back towards my car, rolling up his sleeves. I could tell he wasn't into a friendly chat, so I reached over and picked up my trusty Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 S&W Special calibre, and, when he came abreast of my left front fender, held it tight across my chest, yet high enough for him to see. His eyes widened, he halted his purposeful stride when I said "Why don't you go away, before I have to do something you won't live to regret.". Then, as he walked backwards to his car he uttered: "Well shoot me, mother ... .". The fact that he was black and I'm caucasian never entered into the equation. The fact that he was acting in a very threatening manner did.

  • Dick Grace

    Denny'schose the wrong side in this debate.

  • jkl

    So once again a spinless pos cow tails to a low information idiot that probably voted Obama back in . Romney was correct when he made the statement regarding the 47 percent you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard our teachers try.
    I ask everyone to look at history and know disarming a population is only good for the governments wanting it done. I thank everyone with the wisdom that have already written regarding this Deny's restaurant cluster ..... I have never dined at Denys and Lord knows I sure wont know--nor any of my many friends in uniform and out. I hope nothing bad ever happens at Denys where an armed response may be needed the manager might collapse due to having no spinal column!

  • bossman

    I'm a bit confused. There were 6 officers and only the one female officer was asked to take HER wepon out? What about the other five? More going on than reported???

  • a marine .

    Yes boycott Dennys and also boycott any store , retailer, group or organization that is anti gun period. These people may not like our guns but they lover our money. Lets take the money from them. Why in good conscious would you give money to some one that wants to take your rights away. If you support these people then you deserve what you get in return. In this house we boycott all HEINZ products because of john kerry. kerry is against everything we stand for so why would i want to help his wife make more money.

  • dad666

    The employee should be fired and the complaining customer barred fromn the restaurant for life. What a pack of Morons.

  • USDA Retired

    The should have arrested the manager for harrassment of an on-duty law enforcement officer! Guess I will not be eating at a Denny's anytime soon.

  • Gary

    The manager should have been fired on the spot.

  • Stephen Knorr

    I am not a police person I carry mine into Denny's all the time hidden or visible in Arizona Tempe.I wouldn't come back if that happens tome an ihop doesn't allow that's why they lost my bussiness out here .

  • Keith

    This is how things get changed. People hitting back where it the pocketbook. No more Grand Slams for me....

  • Saltporkdoc

    Lost me! A FORMER and legally armed police officer!
    Manager should have told the complaining customer to leave if she was "uncomfortable"! Period!

  • Jan from Poland

    Bravo Capt. Don Sax! Thank you James White!
    Pure common sense: "... the Belleville police chief has decided to ban all members of the city’s police department from eating at Denny’s while on duty." Thank you, Capitan Sax.

  • Hunkle B

    I was in Fargo ND so the wife & her sister as well brother in law & my self eat there.

    I have always liked Denny's so all of their team & CEO's will know this country has gone to hell. With all of this Political correct crap long enought I am 74 years old & spend time going to see doctors as well family's. As a retired minister of God's Holy Word I will look around the connre I will be able find a place just as good if not better.

    When America wakes up & tell's all of these godless marxist as well as the muslims. As well all of the other bunch we had it made until all of you who hate our contry & our God. Came here then wanted us to change to your way of thinking & your god well pack your crap & leave today & stay gone. This is our nation & we as true American's like it the way God made it for us. As far as I'm concerned it needs & will stay that way while your leaving take the marxist muslim so called president hussein with you along with all of his slugs thugs who are working to destroy our great USA. Our America leave go don't waste any time cause. I know how & what true America's think & feel about our Nation USA & when it's had enough it's going to be a party at all. So get up pack up shut up get out leave all of you loosers.

  • sanman99

    If I was that store owner I would either get on my knees and beg for the Police to return or close up shop. All your evening customers will now be either crooks or victims. I will NEVER eat at another Denny's PERIOD!

    • Shutter

      First, the manager needs to be fired or demoted to dish washer. Next, the owner needs to have a meeting with the employees and tell them to check their political views at the door and remind them that it is the customer that is reason for their paycheck, then personally go to the police chief and assure him that measures have been taken to make sure such an incident will not happen again.

  • gbandy

    Ever since the original owners sold out the company has been going downhill. Now this fool just proves there is no real management to "enlighten" the idiots running around the stores. Too bad for Denny's used to be a good place.

  • SpecialK622

    Why don't they hang a target on their window so all armed robbers know that they are easy prey?

  • Betty

    Another "gun free zone" for some crazy to enter and start shooting everyone in sight? I would worry about security and my safety in a Denny's

  • hank_MO

    Well, I guess I won't be going to Denny's anymore. Any business which doesn't have guts enough to stand up to one whiny customer doesn't deserve to stay in business; any business which doesn't support our police officials certainly wouldn't support our troops who risk their lives every day to protect this nation. I don't need that kind of business. Hope a lot of others feel the same.

  • Shutter

    I totally agree with the police chief's decision. As long as someone isn't doing something illegal or disruptive no one should have the right to ask another customer to leave simply because they don't like what they are wearing. I get that at times when walking into an establishment with my motorcycle vest on. People that claim to be tolerant usually have the thinest skin and the most closed minds.

  • ADM

    If I were that Police Department, I would say to Danny's that since he did not allow guns in there THEN, that I could never allow officers to respond to an emergency in his restaurant, in case he sued officers for making his customers "uncomfortable"... The reference to this is based on a case in UK many years ago, where a woman was saved from certain death by burning, when the fireman carried her out in the typical "Firemans Carry" holding one leg and one arm with the body over his shoulder: she sued the Fire Dept because she assumed correctly that the fireman may have touched her crotch area with his (heavily gloved) hand, or arm (also heavily covered with a woollen fire suit I may add). She won her case. This sort of behaviour caused many fireys to question whether it was safe to save females from fires, and may have cost lives in the seconds of indecision. (I was a Fireman in the RAAF, when told of this problem).

  • sanman99

    So from now on all the customers will either be crooks or victims.

  • Shutter

    Banning all Denny's over one manager's stupid lack of judgment is as bad as the government wanting to ban guns because of the actions of a mentally disturbed man. Punishing everyone for the actions of one is ignorant.

  • Wanda Brock

    Usually most establishments are happy to have an armed officers. just being visible decreases the possibility of crime. Now criminals know that Dennys is a easy mark.

  • Pete

    Well done Denny's. You've just lost another 2 customers here!

  • geneww1938

    Excellent place to rob and create havoc and I do not want to be there ... so no more breakfast meeting there ... Chick-filet or Bob Evans

  • Charlie

    My wife and I went to our local Dennys for lunch and ordered burgers and fries. When the order arrived (late), my wife took a bite of the burger and felt something stuck to the meat. When she lifted the top of the bun, there was a sheet of plastic wrap on the meat. Needless to say, we haven't been back.

  • donl

    I think Denny's just lost some customers.

  • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

    I agree with the Doc and I for one will not eat at Denny's again. I hope that the idiot Manager has joined the rolls of the unemployed. I use to go into our local Denny's when ever I was on duty (I was an armed Security Officer) and eat. I enjoyed the food.

    This idiotic gun control crap is now starting to hit or local LEO, I hope everyone of our local First Responders boycott their local Dennys.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam '68 - '69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

  • WesTexan

    My wife and I were driving back from Austin and decided to stop for breakfast. We chose Cracker Barrel over Denny's because we know Denny's history. This is just another confirmation. I sincerely hope the next shooting we read about does not occur at a Denny's, but you may be setting yourself up for some "drug-addled crazy" looking for a "gun-free zone." Your employees and customers are "innocents" who don't deserve to be placed in harm's way. Hmmm ... another reason I won't be setting foot in a Denny's.

  • Herb Shinkle

    Pretty sad, so many people looking to make an issue. I will not be going Denny's in the future.

  • The Lone Gunman

    Boycott Denny's and all other anti-gun businesses and organizations. We gun owners have been quiet for far too long. It is those of us who carry licensed concealed weapons, and those who keep weapons at home, who have forced violent crime to drop in this country (except in anti-gun jurisdictions like Chicago) by making it dangerous to be a violent criminal. It is time that we stood up and demanded respect, and the best way of doing that is denying our money to businesses that work against our rights and interests.

  • ct

    I will never give Denny's another dime of my money ever!!

  • Frederikahere

    Is Denny's begging to robbed? If the police are steering clear from them, they might not be able to get there as quickly. Also would be robbers know it's a gun-free zone now.

    The idiocy is staggering.

  • Hype and Chains

    Note to Denny's suck and I shall never ever eat at your establishment again and call all to boycott


    Such stupidity of restaurant management. Denny's Restaurant deserves a major loss of business for hiring idiot managers like that. I certainly won't eat there any more.

  • jrm

    Stranger than fiction.

  • jrm

    And Zimmerman was just plan stupid.

  • jerry1944

    That sounds like maybe they perfer thugs there so i want be going there anymore. But i carry my weapon most time anyways. I may not be legal but it much better to be judged by 12 than carryed by 6

  • fwiw

    Manager to customer: Those are trained professionals who have dedicated their lives to protecting us. Many of their counterparts have given their lives in the performance of that cause. I'm sorry if they make you uncomfortable, but they have earned their place at the table. (If I do say so myself, I like the "table" reference.)

  • JAS64

    Apparently Denny's is supportive of violent crime and murder. Will NEVER eat there again!

  • hiskid1964

    ok lets see the mgr kicks out law inforcement so now all the bad guys know there will be no cops in the restaurantwhat could possibly go worng

  • Bernardo

    The manager was stupid. What if an armed crackpot strolled in with a big .44 mag revolver ready to kill the manager plus employees because he got a lousy meal and an armed off duty cop put an end to to the perp? Happens all the time. A civilian can't do the same in Illinois , however, as it's illegal to defend oneself in Illinois because of stupid Illinois gun laws. Giving benefit of the doubt,maybe the manager looked upon the off duty cop as a civilian and aware that Illinois law allows the perp and not anyone else in civilian attire allowed to stop him.

  • Robert

    I truthfully believe there will be a civil war in this country or a revolutionary war between common sense conservatives and Hussein Obamanuts! Our rights and freedoms are being taken away from us more and more, all in the name of Socialism and liberalism. We have got to stand up and fight back. I also have faith that our military will be on our side rather than our current government. The Commander in Chief needs ousted and arrested for treason and fraud. I just can't believe the level of stupidity and naive ness in this country. Ronald Reagan said the most scary thing you can hear is, "hi I'm here from the government and I've come to help".

  • Kin

    I to will never enter a Denny's restaurant again. These officers risk their lives daily for our safety. If a robber had walked in you can bet they would be thrilled to have an armed officer in their restaurant!! I hope that manager never needs an armed office to come to his aid. I have heard a lot of negative stories regarding Denny's and this is absolutely out of line and unprofessional on the part of this manager and Denny's. I will forward this story to every person I know and suggest they do the same.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Note to Denny's nationally. I and ALL of my extended family are now boycotting your establishments until the no guns signs come down. I don't feel save UNLESS there are armed staff and patrons in a restuarant. If that's your choice, WE all choose not to eat at your facilities EVER again. And I'm speaking for at least 200 people in at least a dozen states. Everyone, get your families involved in the boycott now. We just ate our last Denny's meal today. We're done with them until they apologize to ALL who have a permit to carry.AND change their policy. I don't carry but, I LIKE people who do and everyone in the family feels the same.

  • Daniel W. Cote

    I used to like to go to Denny's where I could get a breakfast meal anytime of the day or night. But I will no longer go to Denny's. Too many stupid people in this world. The Communist have won and dumbed down the population to believing that guns are bad. The first things Communist need to do to take over a country is disarm the population and they seem to at least gotten half our population convinced that guns are bad. They just don't get it that it's bad people that are bad and that even if guns were banned would still have and use them but then there would be no one to take them down except the police and with an average response time of over 15 minutes or more the evil person with the gun can kill a lot of people but if you allow people to carry guns then that evil person with the gun would be stopped as soon as he starts shooting. It takes logical thinking and common sense for people to see the truth through the trees. But commons sense and login are not something that are taught in school. They are more interested in teaching about the evils of capitalism and the merits of social engineering and how to put a condom on and the rights of queers.

  • Kimberly

    Dennys has never been all that...I stay down town long beach and one night i and my honey was looking for a late night meal. I had just got off work...Well i order a breakfast... Hashbrown, Eggs,Bacon, Pancakes. My food came i got ready to eat after putting my salt and pepper on my eggs.... Well i got those eggs along with a long peace of black hair cooked right in to my eggs. I call the manager over and show her. The manager took my plate and asked if i would like something esle.. I smile and said no thanks..I watch my honey eat all his breakfast up...check came they charge for his steak breakfast and MY HAIRY MEAL....Take your time if you get that

  • Stephen Heard

    Never eat at Denny's again!!

  • Drawer22

    It's time: If ANY Denny's Restaurant calls for law enforcement service, Dispatch should broadcast that only uniformed LEOs may respond. If the calling restaurant has a problem which would require the services of a non-uniformed detective for the initial call or follow-up investigation on premises ─ taking statements, interviewing possible witnesses, fingerprint dusting, crime scene photography, etc ─ the manager should be politely informed that armed personnel not in uniform perform these duties, and that the department will be unable to serve the restaurant. As for crimes in progress, by decision of the SCOTUS, LEOs are not required to protect as part of their service anyway. So sorry, Denny's!

    For my part, as a former LEO, Denny's has now lost my business, as I now know that no other responsible firearms owner will be present to insure their own safety and mine.

    While we're at it, Denny's, please prominently post a "Gun-Free Victim Zone" sign so that criminals know where to hit and citizens of average intelligence are warned that they will not be safe in your restaurants.

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  • Chuck

    I love law enforcement. My son is currently in the police academy after doing four years in the marines and several years of college. I'm also a big second amendment supporter, and am very concerned about the current administrations actions and threats against 2nd amendment rights. However, I feel that this "boycott" of Denny's is too over the top. Just because one manager at one store got overzealous and made a stupid mistake is not a reason to punish the whole chain, especially when they have come out and corrected themselves and made clear that this manager was not following their company policy. Its this kind of over reaction that is partially responsible for the bad reputation that conservatives have in some circles. Don't misunderstand me. I believe in standing up for our principles, but we must also be reasonable as we do so.

  • AZ BOB

    Well that should make the laid off workers feel better that the public was stupid enough to let a Liberal manager do another stupid act. Hell your politicians, school supervisors do it every day. Stupid is as Stupid does. Yes the progressives are winning because of you

  • fliteking

    Why should the cops hurry if Denny's has an emergency?

    Further, I don't feel Denny's is a safe place for my family to visit anymore, I would prefer armed law abiding citizens with me while dining, not being left open to the torment of criminals and killers.

  • fliteking

    Just a thought . . . .

    • Mary Tonozzi

      Being employed as a server with Dennys for 23 years I read this and how foolish all you sound I am married to a Chicago PO officer FOR 39 YEARS AND SEMI RETIRED. DENNYS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOME SILLY MANAGER THAT DIDNT KNOW BETTER ! Believe me Ive seen some managers that should have not been hired thru the years.

      • fliteking

        OK, you do realize no one is blaming you, right?

  • Wrightclick

    Damning an entire company because of the misguided actions of one manager seems to be a bit over the top. Does everything have to be so extreme? It appears to me the detectives overreacted. I would expect a more level-headed demeanor from someone authorized to carry a gun. The 'offended' customer was just being silly and should have been told so. Let HER boycott Denny's.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    I'm not boycotting Denny's just because a stupid person caused another stupid person to do something stupid, causing another idiotic reaction.

    Everybody's trying to be politically correct and nobody knows how to take a real stand about something that isn't reactionary.

    Tell your complaining customer that they can come back when the officers have left if it's a problem for them.

    Bunch of morons

  • Sterling Wulff

    Screw Denny's... you will never deserve my business. The word is out, and the hope is that your business forcloses. Bad luck to you.....

  • USPatriotOne

    This is all part of Obama and the Communist/Muslim/Left agenda to to disarm all Americans...SY-OP's warfare on the low IQ American's! I would bet that this was a blk person or Mexican! Go listen to Dr. Michael Williams web radio show at "webtalkradio dot net" to get the real truth. And we need to support this show so We the People can get the real truth! Go to "thepatriotreport dot org" and donate today, PLEASE, or this show is go to go off the Air/Web...!!!

  • Joe Maffei

    I also will not eat at Denny's anymore. Unfortunately,the quote from the story "the complaint of one person infringes on the rights of others, whose rights are not even considered" has become the norm. Not only in gun control, but in everyday activities. And it does not seem to matter if the complainer is embellishing the complaint or outright lying.Read more:

  • No name

    I'll NEVER eat at Denny's again. The state of ILL ought to be banned from the US, they are soooooooooooooooo corrupt!!!

  • Hunter Dean Patton got that right...f u c k Denny's from now on!

  • Douglas_Thompson

    The manager should have told the customer, as another has said that the person with the gun was a police officer, and that James Holmes passed several movie theaters before going into the one he shot up, as it was the only one which sported a sign saying guns weren't allowed. Gun free zones often end up being free fire zones.

  • John

    Oh Goodie, let the criminals know where the police are NOT going to be... Genius...

  • Douglas

    The manager should have told the customer she was welcome to go to another restaurant instead of the other way around. But that would never happen in illinois where even after a Judge stated that Gun Control was Unconstitutional...the State Government stated..The Courts Don't Have Any Place in our Country (not really but in so many words). As for the Denny's well i have no interest in going to a restaurant where I can't feel protected, and hope at least someone in there has a carry. Don't let fools control our lives, we know what is right and to agree with fools will make us Bigger Fools...because we knew better! Government does not have the Right to violate our second amendment right!!! Not your pres or all the collective fools in Congress!!! Congress makes up less than .001% of our great nation of 300 plus million...they don't have all the Answers..including the guy that told you he wasn't going to increase taxes on the middle income earners...and hasn't even begun his second 4 years and already lied check your paycheck people...ha,ha,ha...Joke on you!!! 4 more years.

  • gypsy314

    We will no longer eat at any place that bans guns. We all know the gun free zones kill our children and us. So I hope they all go out of business. I say support guns allowed business were one is safe and has the right to protect there children and self. Lets see if who stays in business? All Americans boycott gun free zones that kill our children and us. Call your leaders in both house and demand all gun free zones laws are removed from the law books NOW Have your leader pass a new law removing the gun free zones for cowards.

  • mary

    I and my family and relatives have decided to never ever eat at Denny's
    again! Ever! This was disrespectful to the plain clothes police department and

    Denny's was our favorite breakfast restaurant but not now. We can find many
    restaurants to eat breakfast.

    They should hope they never have a criminal shooter or robber, come into
    their restaurant , because no one will be there to help before the police
    arrive. Many violent crimes are stopped by law abiding citizens. Search
    and read.... Read the "Rifleman Magazine" articles which comes out every issue
    of people saving lives and their own.

  • Maxwell Friedlander

    This was stupid on the part of this Denny's.

  • Don

    Who eats that greasy schitt that Dennys call food?

  • Larry

    Take the sorry, useless b_tch that wanted them to leave out and blow her worthless head off! And you can take every last liberal with her! Help America! Kill 15 or 20 liberals today and everyday until they're all gone!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    If you want to protest about something having to do with the 2nd Amendment say something about the young man whose home was invaded by armed thugs at 4:00 AM, while his wife and toddler son lay sleeping in the bedroom on August 2, 2011. He's still in jail on charges for discharging his weapon once while under fire in his home.

    The Municipal Court Judge says he brought it on himself because he was growing 6 legal plants of medicinal marijuana with permits and a prescription. His weapons are legal and registered.

    The real shame is that one of them shot their own co-conspirator in the buttock and is in a witness protection program. They've all been given immunity to concoct a story that they were ambushed from a car and that they never got inside the home although the admit being there to rob the young man & his family. The physical evidence places the real victims, the young family inside their home. The home invaders are also being allowed not to implicate the 5th, original conspirator, likely the one that got away and shot his crime partner by mistake.

    This all happened in San Leandro, CA and was perpetrated by four Oakland, young thugs. The DA in Alameda County is championing the invader/robbers as 'good kids' and painting young Eric Ferreira as a racist and attempted to make Eric defending his life, his home and his family against home invaders that specifically threatened the lives of his family as a hate crime.

    Screw Denny's! Support a citizen's right to bear arms against enemies, foreign or domestic without having to face a plea agreement of 6 years and 2 of 3 strikes against life in prison or 9 years and 1 strike.

    Eric needs help. His attorney needs to be paid to mount an effective defense. Contact me at

  • Doug in California

    I agree with all except the last statement. Just because one manager made an error of judgement, the entire Dennys chain should not be ostracized over this. The general manager apologized and the reaction of hoping Dennys loses a lot of business goes beyond the appropriate response.

  • Dana Preston

    No more Denny's for me. I prefer I-Hop anyway! BOYCOTT Denny's!

  • goku vegeta


  • darla mcknight

    well i hope that dennys knows that alot of 2am breakfast eatters after the bars close will be glad to harass them more knowing no cops will be around

  • Randy Minnick

    Dear Denny's: though I have suffered long with you in the past, our divorce is now final.

  • Ed Albanoski

    I have a feeling that any call for service at this Denny's will be met with a radio malfunction when officers are dispatched. Hopefully, this manager will be the man in charge. I hope he realizes he just put a "Please Rob this Denny's" sign in neon lights on his restaurant. No wonder there are so many shootings in Illinois. The only people probably allowed in there are gangsters and hoodlums. I'm finished going to Denny's, as a retired deputy sheriff and as a citizen. The manager should concentrate on keeping his restrooms clean instead of hassling police officers who are just looking for a neutral and calm venue in which to dine, and this is what they get. Shameful!.

  • Texas Tanker

    I won't darken your doors or enrich your coffers with one more red-cent, Denny's. Responsable, armed citizens, carrying legally and concealed have a statistically-significant effect on reducing crime. Numerous peer-reviewed studies across several academic disciplines produce the same findings in this matter.
    So neither I, my money, nor my Kimber .45 ACP will ever vist another Denny's.

  • John Smith


  • Suescritters

    Since you we're blaintly rasist a few years back I decided Denny's wasn't a business I needed to eat at. Now you have another mgr that needs to be fired. Can't help but think your hiring staff may need replacing or more training.

  • SammysDad

    Denny's food isn't good enough to eat anyway.

  • 4 More Years of Misery

    My list is getting too I have another organization to boycott, along with Dick's, Starbucks, General Mills, etc. etc. I honestly never liked Denny's that much anyway, so it should be easy. I just wish there was a Chick Fil A nearby to support.....

  • PAttyconservatopia

    LOL, now the crooks know who to rob!!! Hope when that Dennys gets ROBBED by a CRIMINAL with an ILLEGAL WEAPON it makes front page headlines!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Zimmerman will be convicted! If you people didn't like what was happening to him, then you should have stood by him! We all know that won't happen! Now the minorities will stand by their own! Of course, the minorities have a backbone! They all know this!

  • Scott Wilson

    Wow, a dimwitted Denny's manager. What are the odds. Way to take a stand against the biggest threat against law enforcement and gun rights: underpaid chain restaurant workers.

  • Susan Weselnick

    Boycott Dennys ~ and any other business that leans towards the left.

  • hunter_23601

    Of course this was in Illinois-Obama land. This does take stupid to a new level. Political correctness has all but destroyed this country-common sense has become a rare commodity.



  • Rachel Guess

    Mmmmm Waffle House, IHOP or Chik-Fil-A from now on!

  • Ed

    While there is no Denny's in my area I can guarantee I will never eat in another one again. The action taken at this one is inexcusable. I'm going to look up Denny's website and post my comment there.

  • Thankful

    How sad that one inept Denny's manager can bring about such a stir against Denny's Restaurants as a whole. It appears the manager's action is not policy. However, I do agree with the Belleville Captain's decision for his officers, also with the suggestion as to how the manager should have handled the situation.

  • ff_emt

    Hope they left not only not finishing their meals, but w/o paying for them as well. stupid denny's, may their business fail.

  • Robert Osborn

    The next time Deny's Restaurants gets robbed, the police should just take their time getting there.

  • Doc Whiteraven

    In Alaska, Denney's welcomes police...and at certain times of the late evening early morning Denny's has hired security present to prevent crime.

  • Matt Patton

    Every Person who believes in the Second ammendment needs to go to the this site and find out what to do to be heard.

  • Bill

    ONLY FREE MEN CAN LEGALLY OWN FIREARMS, SLAVES CAN NOT! NO more denny's for me or my family! This manger will cost denny's millions!!!!

  • GiveMeLiberty

    The entire COUNTRY should boycott Denny's right now!

  • tony

    I go to Denny's to eat at my convenience and I like big macs and their fries. I didn't know McDonalds or Dennys' was evil but I will always seek an alternative before returning to either.

  • Judith Bailey