Annual Cost to Taxpayers for Obama Family is $1.4 Billion

How would you like to live a life of luxury without spending a dime out of your own pocket?  You can fly anywhere in the world on a private jet, have staff waiting on you hand and foot and even have your mother-in-law live with you for free.

This past weekend, I did a piece on Obama’s recent Hawaii vacation costing US taxpayers over $7 million.  I thought and still do believe, that this is outrageous.  They used Air Force One for their PRIVATE vacation at a cost of $180,000 per hour and it’s an 18 hour round trip.  Barack Obama made the trip twice, so just the cost of two round trips on Air Force One rang up to a grand total of $6.48 million.

However, if the cost of the one family vacation upsets you like it did me, wait till you see the grand total cost to taxpayers for a whole year of supporting the First Family in White House.

Robert Keith Gray just wrote Presidential Perks Gone Royal: Your Taxes Are Being Used For Obama's Re-election.  According to the description of the book found on, Gray reveals how the cost of maintaining the First Family has gone completely out of control costing taxpayers $1.4 billion per year:

“From the sublime to the ridiculous to the truly obscene, the various perks and privileges bestowed on our Chief Executive, our self-proclaimed man of the people, include the extravagant foolishness of having twenty-six cabin crewmembers on Air Force One, along with FIVE (5) chefs! In the White House theatre, two projectionists sleep in in order to remain on duty at all times, should a First Family member or guest fancy a film. A dog walker is also always on hand. One was reported to be paid $102,000 a year to walk and pick up after the first-family’s canine. On at least one airline trip in the presidential fleet, the only passengers aboard were the First Canine and his handler. In 2009, the military payroll at Camp David was $8,000,000. And these men and women were not there as replacements for the Secret Service to protect the President, but rather to serve the First Family and its guests.”

“On the political front, we learn that in the first months of his presidency President Obama appointed 43 high-priced czars, a number far greater than any previous president, and not one of these professionals voted to office by taxpayers or subject to the approval of any other governmental body or official. During his current term he has also appointed 469 professionals who could be called, assistant presidents. 226 of them are paid over $100,000 a year and 77 of them paid as much as $172,000 a year.”

“The British spent $57.8 Million on its royal family last year. We Americans spent nearly $2 Billion on housing, transporting, entertaining, staffing, our First Family and paying a hefty portion of the president’s campaign expenses.”

Now consider the fact that some Democrats in Congress want to give Obama an unlimited debt ceiling and the power to bypass Congress when it comes to spending.  Who in their right mind would trust anyone who is that out of control with other people’s money, enough to give them a limitless blank check?

As a natural born US citizen and taxpayer, I find Obama’s careless spending and luxurious lifestyle to be offensive and insensitive to the American people.  I agree with Gray that there is no way Obama can relate to the average American.  He had his schooling handed to him by others.  He had his jobs handed to him by others.  Now he is living the life of the top 1% because it is being handed to him by others.  I’m one of the others and I don’t want to hand him anything else. I especially don’t want to give him the power of an unlimited debt ceiling and spending. But the foolish people that have free Obama phones put him back in the White House so that he can continue to live a lifestyle that they could never even fathom.



  • Screeminmeeme

    As I read this article, I was overwhelmed by revulsion and fury toward Obama and his opulent and decadent lifestyle. Like some loathsome parasite feeding off the decaying carcass of America, the despot-in-the-making is doing what all despots do.

    I have nothing but contempt and abhorrence for anyone who would show such a disdainful and cavalier disregard for the suffering American people, many of whom are going through hell as a direct result of HIS economic policies.

    The imperious Obamas see themselves as royalty....above the people.....waaaaaay above the people....... and ENTITLED to absolutely anything that their little wicked hearts desire.

    There's not a word of opposition from our elected representatives.

    No opposition or criticism from the complicit media.

    And WE THE PEOPLE (at least the majority who gave him the keys) have permitted it.

    Fools all to tolerate such abuses of power.

    • MeeMeHatesObama

      You're constantly reviled by Obama, and have been from the moment you saw him and heard his name.

      • CaptTurbo

        As we all should be.

        • CaptTurboHatesObama

          If you're racist sure.

        • ToLiberalTroll

          You are a fool if you are not.

        • CGrGetsIt

          Only racists aren't fools? That's certainly the rule around here.

        • Jenner

          Those who voted for him because he is black, like 95% of blacks are the racists. Think about it.!

        • JennerHatesBlackPeople

          Haha more racist nonsense. I have thought about it, apparently I'm better at thinking than you.

        • iamsurrounded

          You have way too much time on your hands

        • AreYouEnlightened

          I already knew that. Everyone here does. Do you think you're exempt?

        • Dark Patriot

          All my black students who voted for bozo admit that is was a skin color decision. They never would have voted for such a loser if he was NOT black. Now they will pay for that mistake along with everybody else their age. Actions have consequences.

        • AreYouDelusional

          Haha sure dark patriot. I'm sure if Obama wasn't running they would have flocked to the conservatives. Do you believe your own lies?

        • Ann Rand

          No, they would just continue life as usual..Taking every bit of assistance they can get... Having more babies to get on the welfare rolls and most of the decent ones would be working just like they have always done....Politics has never been of particular interest to them., but the minute a BROTHER looked like he could be president, they came out in droves.(again, the skin thing)... They did not know or care whether he was qualified to run the country...... They only wanted a black man in office.

        • Isa Gerena

          the blacks do not know the economical issues but they know color


          I am not black and I voted for him. If you think people voted for him because of his color ... This is why our poor country is in the state it is in now.

        • smartgranny55

          Some people did vote for him because of his color. Some voted for him because they were low information voters. What was your excuse?


          Of the two candidates, he was/is the best for the job.

        • Ann Rand

          Put the crack pipe down.


          Funny 😉

        • TxPatrick

          Bath salts working.....

        • Isa Gerena

          you were duped, as many of us were the first time around by his quote

          HOPE AND CHANGE.....But once we witnessed his first four years of

          inciting racial conflict plus his extreme economic ignorance, and his new

          FORWARD stance I for one was not falling for these communist views again....I love the USA and I love the constitution that this fraud is trying to make obsolete.....

        • hpinnc

          Very good post.Glad to see you finally opened your eyes,or was it your brain? No offense intended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Isa Gerena

          I gave you a thumbs up because I agree with you... and I know you meant no offense

        • Heywood Jablome

          This is called projection.

        • Rick

          You are just another of the NO information voters if that is what you think. ALL in Washington are on the take from the "higher ups", those in control of the ILLEGAL federal reserve bank. Bernanke and Geitner,are two of the lowest slimeballs in Washington. Bottom line is, even with Romney or Bush or Palin or whoever, they would not be under the hypnosis of the mooslime brotherhood as obozo is. If you do NOT think that they are trying to subvert OUR country from within, then you sir are one of the exceptionally stupid and uneducated koolaide drinkers.

        • John H Marsh

          Rick, I agree with you! This guy does not even know that "last year's peach crop has already been picked".


          You sir are a bigot. The koolaide you speak of is coming your way and to others like you from your Jim Jones leader. Hope it's your favorite flavor.

        • Blomsoy

          Dear Love, Out of curiosity; Have you ever read a book
          on economics or history ? Do you understand the meaning
          of our Constitution ? Do you understand why this country
          became the richest one in the world even if it was such
          a new and young country ?

        • Luci Tomlin

          But...ONLY if you care absolutely NOTHING for your beloved Country, are perfectly satisfied with an economy that is failing, a Godless Government that fights AGAINST us instead of FOR us! And IF you are completely happy with an unknown person with NO past, NO history, except with dubious characters, who was unskilled, uneducated( NO Documets that proved he was!), inexperienced, never supported himself, lived off others money, associated with radical, anti-American rebels including his MENTOR! Who was also a Communist and Marxist! He is also arrogant, egotistical, snooty, haughty, self-serving, selfish, incompetent, and now that he won AGAIN thanks to the continuing IDIOCY of his clueless and gullible supporters, we can add COCKY! If he is the BEST for the job, Lord, could you send Jimmy Carter back? At LEAST he loved America, and his goof-ups were HONEST ones!

        • John H Marsh

          You YO_YO, he is going to drive USA into oblivion---where the hell will you be then? Think someone is going to take care of you then? I doubt it.

        • Freedom4US

          Most of them voted for him because of his bag of goodies that he is handing out like Santa. The color issue also comes into play though. There are more whites who vote for blacks than blacks who vote for whites. Look at the blacks on the jury who voted OJ innocent. They could have seen him stab his wife, and they would still have voted him innocent. The leaders of the NAACP have done a marvelous job in convincing their subjects that the white man is the problem.

        • Ginny

          No, that is NOT why our country is in the state it is in. IT is because the Congress and Obama don't know how to budget. OVER spending. Pork projects too much foreign aid, czars not hired by our Congress. Frivolous spending on every hand--high salaries, benefits, luxurious living, etc. Stimulus money. Bailouts. It is insane. I don't care WHO anyone voted for at this point. WE ALL are going to pay the piper if the government doesn't take control of the spending and the debt and the economy. AND that includes the President and his family!


          Again. So, this country began the day Obama took office?
          I am sick of all the misplaced blame. He INHERITED this mess . It took MORE than 4 years to dig this hole, and it will take more than 8 years to correct it. And yes focusing on the shade of a person's skin is the reason we have so many problems. If he had let companies fail, that would have been something else for haters to gripe about.
          Look the man is trying his best with what he has been given to work with.
          We can all say what we would do, looking at it from the outside. You have no idea what you would REALLY DO if you were in his place. Because you have never been in his place.

        • Ann Rand

          Well when he throws the shovel away that would be a good start... I am sick to death of hearing that he inherited this mess... He would have climbed over dead bodies to get the job and you know it.... Just because a house is on fire, you don't pour gasoline on it and that is EXACTLY what he has done... How can you have the nerve to stick up for this Marxist when he is trying to destroy your homeland ??


          Because remarks made by people like you hold no water.

        • Ann Rand

          You surely don't have to believe me, but the day will come when you will see for yourself.

        • John H Marsh

          I doubt it Ann, when you have your head so burried in sand, such as he does-----you don't know anything! Yeah, love is patient, especially when you exhist off others!!!

        • Rick

          "Because remarks made by people like you hold no water." Again, you show your ignorance and backing of this fraud in the White House. I would like to know what you think is "people like you" ?? Would it be someone that does NOT adhere to the communist agenda that it seems you do?

        • popps52

          obama is a communist and a muslim. Suck it up .....YOYO.

        • RaptureReady

          Oh, I forgot to add, it's been 4 years now and he's done nothing to fix the mess. Only made it worse.

        • tetons9

          That is what is called an oxymoron!

        • Rick

          Thank you, You just proved your ignorance !! He is trying his best to create division, to cause civil war and then to institute HIS marshal law, so that he and his "handlers" can subvert the Constitution totally. This man does not care about ANYTHING in this country but to serve his puppeteers who have instructed him to take the country down. If idiots like you weren't so dangerous I would laugh. A man with NO past, a "community organizer", a fraudulent SS number, hiding ALL of his past records, friends with Tony Rezko, neighbors of Bill Ayers, trained by Frank Marshall Davis, openly endorsed by socialists. If this was fiction it would make a great movie !

        • RaptureReady

          As a resident of Illinois, I can say that BHO never lifted a finger in the better interest of the people. Only for himself.

          It is most obvious that you would prefer to live in a dictatorship. The 940+ 'executive orders' is proof enough of the existence of the dictatorship, while completely bypassing our elected legislative body and (probably threatening) SCOTUS. As a result, BHO can, with the stroke of a pen, plunge this country into an abyss as deep and as horrible as Nazi Germany, the former USSR, Communist China or worse yet North Korea.

          Any non-socialist leaning individual can certainly see the plain fact that BHO desires to turn this country into a communist/socialist state, with himself as dictator.

          Thus, based on your statements made in this thread, you would prefer heavily armed troops to break down your front door without warning or warrant in the wee hours of the morning, to be dragged into the street to either be taken into custody and transported to who-knows-where or executed where you stand, all your possessions confiscated all without due process of law . The writing is on the wall and it is plain as day.

          If you don't believe, then please recall that BHO clearly stated near the beginning of his first four years that he wanted to establish a civilian force more heavily armed than the US Armed Forces. What would anyone need with a civilian force as such??? He would if he were convinced that the members serving in the US Armed Forces would not fire upon US Citizens in order to achieve his goals. BHO's faithful followers would. No different than Hitler's Brown Shirts.

          The oath of the US Servicemen is to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. By definition, to defend against any enemy or person who seeks to deprive lawful abiding US Citizens of their Constitutionally given rights. The right to free speech, freedom to worship, the right to bear arms, etc.

          No occupant of the WH, member of Congress or even the SCOTUS can take, legislate, rule those rights away.

          Additionally, no serviceman is required to obey an unlawful order.

          So, in closing it is clear that you clearly desire for what BHO clearly desires.

          Have a great day.

        • Blomsoy

          No one is as blind as those who refuse to see.
          If you read O's books, even you must understand
          that he hates America for what it stood for; i.e.
          liberty, which includes the need for sound economics,
          a free market, very limited government and low
          taxes. O is a socialist of the Fabian stripe, or a
          communist like his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, or his
          absent communist dad.
          Patient you may be, but there sure is no LOVE in
          helping an anti-America hater gain power over your
          fellow men.

        • ezekiel22

          True none of us are president. There is one thing I have learned about that office. To be effective you need to be a leader. Barak has failed on that account miserably. You will just blame the republicans and Bush for all the ills which by itself only exacerbates the problem. Focussing on the skin color as you do only turns a deaf ear to those that actually do have solutions which is another fault associated with poor leadership.

        • Freedom4US

          The problem is constantly being blamed on Republicans by you libs. However, who was in control of the Congress when Bush was in - Democrats. Sorry, they were the ones digging the hole. Good olde Barney Frank and Dodd were responsible for the housing fiasco. Nothing good can be accomplished when your party is outnumbered. How is it that Harry Reid won't enable a budget to be passed in the 4 years of Obama's admin? Speaking about companies failing, how about all the "green" companies our tax dollars have gone to support - most of them are in bankruptcy or almost there. Thanks Obama. GM will NEVER pay the taxpayers back the money given to them or I should say the union. So stop with the inheriting crap. Yes, Obama is doing his best - to destroy this nation. He is following the Alinsky model which is COMMUNISTIC. Yes, I do know what I would do in his shoes. I would cut spending starting with the free cell phone give-away; I would clean up the fraud in Medicare and stop the money going to foreign countries who hate us. I would secure our borders and use our God-given natural resources. You don't spend your way out of a bad situation, you cut spending - something Mr. O is adverse to doing. We have $16 trillion in debt and counting..........................

        • John H Marsh

          Freedom 4 us---this guy, Love is Patient< does not know crap from shoeshine polish!!

        • cathat

          Your post is right on. It is exactly what needs to be done, but will never be done as long as we have libs and socialists in charge. They are doing what they always do...spend as much money as they can as fast as they can and then come to the taxpayers for more. We will be a minority very soon.
          By the way, the only ones concerned about color are the blacks and the libs, because they make money by keeping the racial thing going.
          (jackson, sharpton,obama, farrakhan(sp), the black congressional caucus and the socialists in congress, etc........

        • John H Marsh

          Trying his best--HELL!! He bypasses congress, tramples on the constitution which he swore to protect---little by little he is taking the people's rights---spending money on vacations like no president before him---hell, he makes George Bush look like a penny pincher, and you are stupid enough to think others can't see the light!1 They are certainly a "lot smarter than you"!!! INHERITED it and it will take more than four years to fix it---all he has done is make it worse, much worse--you couldn't find "economics' in a dictionary!!

        • The Blue Collar Man

          The word "vacation" always triggers thoughts about our "Emperor", and his lavish life style.
          Anyone that would schedule a near $10 MILLION DOLLAR vacation, and leave town, with so manycriticall matters needing attention, has a "Let them Eat cake" attitude. Total disconnect.

        • Ann Rand

          Oh, they know how to budget... They just don't want to... As long they can squeeze the citizens to pay more taxes, they will just keep spending. When they get in trouble with the citizens, they just give away more "Free Stuff", get reelected and on and on it goes...

        • Ann Rand

          Well, our "Poor" country is getting a lot poorer everyday.What do you suggest to help us out?


          Look, you have a favorite car that guzzles gas and is always in need of repair you throw money into it year after year because it belonged to your father and you're sentimental about it. But, you have the option to get rid of it get something new that saves you money. The President does not have that luxury. This country is in need of major repair and that means throwing good money after bad because there is no magic fix. We can all sit on our pompous posteriors and gripe and say what we would do or what we think he should do. But we are not in that position and never will be. So we DO NOT KNOW what it REALLY takes to run a country let alone one with such a deficit. I think we should all band together and support him whether he was your choice or not. We need him to make the right decisions for us ALL. And I for one do not envy him the task. I know that was a crappy analogy but we love our country and the ONLY way to win is to stand together.

        • Stephen Heard

          FO A$$hole

        • Ann Rand

          I certainly do understand what you are saying and i am sure you have a right to vote for whomever you choose....Our country is on the verge of being lost and this man is not the person to save it. Of all times in history for a rookie to be elected to this office, it was probably the most consequential.... It is going to take some strong and wise leadership to right our ship of state and i surely don't know who that should be.. Our congress is deplorable and Mr. obama is not a leader. The only thing he does is spend money that we don't have to keep himself and his party in office. He is doing NOONE a favor.....We must clean house in the congress and hope that can keep us afloat until the next presidential election........ Promising people things that we have NO MONEY to pay for is doing no service to anyone..... Yes, we need him to make the right decisions for everyone, but so far that has not happened.. He is inexperienced and shows no signs of wanting to learn.. Power has gone to his head and may God help us all , for at this time we are at his mercy...I have no desire to live under socialism and neither do most Americans.. That is not why our country was founded...Ann

        • abovethelaw

          And you must take 7million$ vacations ,fraud the voters ,and that will get a magic fix! Add pork to disaster relief bills, bow to our enemies,and trample citizens rights, yeah! thats a fix,and no, if standing together with this,unlawfull,self serving,ineligible traitor to America, I STAND ALONE!!You , will be standing in the government cotton fields! You have no idea who this one is! He is incapable and does not want to fix any problems,chaos and control over this country is what he is working towards!Do you understand DICTATOR?

        • John H Marsh

          You think Obama is really trying to do the "right thing"---to hell with the money situation------look at all the other crap he has done with yours and all of our freedoms! You don't have to trample the Constitution if you are really concerned about fixing a problem caused by money. Without the Constitution this country would never have achieved the status it did---left leaners and liberals have been trying to tear it down for many years---many elected lawmakers fit right in---with people like you that do not wish "to smell the coffee"---it should not be too hard for them.

        • Jean

          Do you understand....Obama does not care about you or this country.

        • Blaine

          So true didnt voter for color you voted because you are stupid!!!!


          I am sure that is true

        • Jean

          Blacks do vote color.

        • The Blue Collar Man

          Are you using "Black", as in trying to associate obumbler with American Blacks?
          Well, he's not Black in that sense, he's a mixed race person.
          Being 50% White, and that portion of his line were all communists, nearly the same percentage Arab, that leaves very little (6%) African Black. You can hardly even call him American, as his younger years were spent in other countries.

        • Kirby

          Typical Communist non-think reply.

        • AmericanExPatTroll

          Typical political simpleton non-think reply.

        • Kirby

          Can't even come up with your own response can you. Had to take from me. Who's the "simpleton"?
          Captured American soldiers in the Korean War were imprisoned, tortured, and beaten into believing what you espouse of your own free will. You can't manufacture truth, but you can destroy a mind badly enough to make some poor imprisoned soul think truth has changed. How pathetic that you & yours prefer to be brain-washed of your own free will.
          The information is out there and easily accessible, but people (?) of your ilk prefer populist delusions and fantasies to reality. You may as well tie a gun to your own foot.

        • Melanie

          So if you have disgust and disdain for a person you are a racist? What an ass you are. Because I hate Michael Moore I am against white crackers? Fool!

        • MelanieTheIdiot

          Don't imply that your own simple though-processes are mine. If that idea seems stupid to you, reflect on the fact that you came up with it.

        • True Patriot

          Yep, the Obama's are the most racist, American-hating, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, anti-freedom, anti-life and anti-family thieves in the history of our White House.

        • Katy

          I so agree with you. You description is right on!!


          Then the good witch told you to click your heels 3 times so you could wake up to the truth.
          Apparantly you still have not done it yet.

        • smartgranny55

          Where is your love? True Patriot made an accurate statement. If you don't agree with him, fine. But, accusing him of not waking up to the truth certainly is not patient or kind. And, acutally, his statement is accurate.


          Telling someone they need to rethink and wake up is about as loving as it gets. Misconceptions kill. Both sides.

        • smartgranny55

          You need to rethink and wake up.


          I agree.

        • Ann Rand

          Well, that certainly applies to you.Are you enjoying your free cellphone and your food stamps???



        • LovesFreedom

          Perhaps your misconceptions about reality will not kill you - start praying.


          I pray daily, for us ALL.
          I hope the same for you.

        • tetons9

          Why don't you go elsewhere to mouth your unwanted ideas and thoughts!

        • FaithFixesAll

          Such a complete lack of evidence for any of that. Oh well, you've got FAITH!

        • Gary

          Your words are golden.

      • smilee

        It is code for racism!!

        • markle

          Not really smilee .. . I just am disgusted by the White half of Barry the Impotent . . . ..

        • smilee

          Rtacism is not limited to just his black half so that says nothing but it rmakes you look like you have racist attitudes as you hate both sides.

        • Kirby

          Your use of terms like "racism" & "bigot" are a substitute for your inability to think logically. Probably a progressive law graduate with a logical debate degree from kindergarden.

      • Screeminmeeme

        MMHO........So.....YOU think its okay for Obama to live high on the hog using American's money, while our citizens are struggling?

        • MeeMeHatesObama

          And as ever, you're dishonest. Obama needs protection thanks to people like you, and you'd have him using commercial airlines? A true traitor to our country you are.

        • Kirby

          Obama is the racist who never passes on a chance to encite racial animosities over meaningless trivialities involving local law enforcement. Reverse discrimination has far exceeded what little real racist tendencies may have existed in white America. Both elections have proved this splendiferously.
          Go get an education in logical and statistical debate you moron.

        • The Truth Seeker

          Please cite your proof. Today he appointed two Republican white Christians to being Secretary of Defense and CIA Director. I did not hear one racist inference. In fact, I have never heard him stress race, one way or another. Where are his quotes? Put up or shut your foul trap! His cabinet is balanced with men and women, white, black, Hispanic, Asia, etc. In fact, almost all are Christian. So?

        • kerijay

          Do you know what a Christian is apparently Obama doesn't.

        • The Truth Seeker

          More BS!

        • Dark Patriot

          Two total FU. You are on bad drugs. Neither are conservative. Don't confuse republican with Conservative. Next you will be saying that a Jewish name makes you Jewish.

        • Kirby

          I say I'm a little green Martian, therefore it must be true & all Liberals have to believe me - because I said it was so.

        • Kirby

          "Almost all are Christian" - now that's hilarious. By whose standard do you rate them as "Christian"? The media? Obama? Obama comes out in public and claims to spend time every morning with "his Lord and savior Jesus Christ", while refusing to celebrate Christian holidays (except during an election year) and refuses to even acknowledge the yearly day of prayer in the White House. He celebrates Ramadan and all other Muslim holidays, invites Muslim militants in a steady stream to the White House, openly promotes homosexuality, destroys the careers of military chaplains, castrates the military, whispers sweet secrets into the ear of Russsian president Medvedev, ... Oh, yeah, you wanted an example of his racism - how about the two times he blatantly tried to incite national racial animosities (and succeeded) over ludicrously obvious non-racist problems in law enforcement - i.e. The whole Trevor Martin fiasco that he tried to paint as a white on black crime when the so-called white guy was Latino.

          All of his appointments are highly Liberal people who dessicrate and make a mockery of the very meaning of the word "Christian". It isn't at all to find men, women, Hispanics, blacks, etc. who espouse anything at all but simply corrupt the English language with their hijacking of terminology. These are all cheap and common Liberal tactics that don't fool a true conservative at all, but they sure pulled the wool over your eyes.

          Obama and his followers never fail to chant the constant "racist" & "bigot" mantras every time he faces any opposition over anything and can't come up with any logical or factual basis to back their own baloney. White appointees never fail to be anti-Christian, anti-miltary, pro-homosexual, and fawning slaves of anything that come out of Obama's mouth. Obama is subtle and uses his stooges to promote most of his radical policies so that his name isn't tied to them.

        • NINJA10R KLR650

          YOUR President is dishonest and you are a fool because you are enamored with him.
          He is the most dangerous element we face today in America.
          As a black, you gave him a pass. For the sake of color only, you gave him license to do as he pleases with America.

          Well fool, that does not cut it no matter how your twisted mind works.

          Your Kenyan wonderchild has brought us all to each others throats for his own purposes and has divided this nation like NO OTHER.
          And you fell right into step with it.

          The blood will be on his hands, and therefore YOURS, TOO!

        • Katy

          Thank you for say that! You did it better than I could have.

        • Rick

          Thank God that we have many people like you, who understand what the plans from this imposter are. This is a link to an hour and a half long movie that traces Obama and his socialist/communist background with fact. For hose of you that understand what is happening it is more of an eye opener. For those that would prefer to kiss obozos wouldn't be able to understand the intellect.

        • OLD MAN

          So why did OBAMA need to return to Washington and then back to Hawaii? Why do the OBAMAS need to vacation in Hawaii, instead of Camp David as other Presidents have? U R BLIND to the facts!!

        • The Truth Seeker

          He returned to deal with the Fiscal Cliff and it was resolved, wake up dunderhead!

        • Dark Patriot

          He had nothing to do with it. That joke was done and sealed before he left Hawaii or he wouldn't have left. He had no reason to return except spend money flying and pretending that he saved America. It worked. You believe it.

        • Kevin

          That was a total waste of 7+ million in transport costs since he robo signed the bill anyway. He could have saved the taxpayers $$ but A- Holes never see it that way. We have to remember that he is King. Above us little people. All the while he's sitting in Air Force One flying across the Country laughing at us poor saps. Bet he's saying to himself Yeah, I'm Barry from Kenya Imagine how much power I could have if I were actually a Natural Born Citizen?

        • Rick

          Yes Sir, It was resolved. HAAAAAAAA What the HE77 do you think was resolved ?? EVERYONES taxes are going up, ALL kinds of pork in the bill, NO reduction of spending. Go back to mommy's basement and drink more koolaide son.

        • ezekiel22

          It was a done deal a long time ago. You just have to watch the theatrics. Even you are predictable. My guess is the MoveOn is trying to do damage control as the fact that people will get smaller paychecks and pay higher prices starts to sink in. I am busy waiting for the next disaster to occur to distract the populace. Debt ceiling in two months what then?

        • NotSenile

          Haha going senile? Stick to shuffleboard gramps.

        • Bruce Brinkmann

          And what exactly is this guy taking a vacation from? I guess he's just bored sitting around that big old mansion all day. Outside the occasional photo-op or appearing on comedy shows and smarmy talk shows. This guy is like the ultimate unemployed. He's just living off the freebies, but his freebies are limitless.

        • Dana Preston

          MMHO....when you DON'T get your FREE Phone, Food Stamp Card, Welfare, can't find a job, and you are HUNGRY, out in the Street, then you can look up to your Messiah who will Continue HIS GRAND LIFE STYLE.

        • MeeMeHatesObama

          More great investigative work. Thanks for the laughs.

        • Wayne_1958

          Yeah because your savior obama is so much more important than our children. You MeeMe are the traitor and a koolaid drinking fool.

      • Doug Rodrigues

        Actually, no. After I did the research into Obama's Communist background, only then did I develop a great dislike for the man, and that was before he was elected the first time. He's a fraud and a phony.

        • CGrStudiedItOut

          Oh yeah? I should study it out I bet? Good one CGr.

        • NINJA10R KLR650

          Wake the "F" up!

          You have only yourself to blame if you cannot see our country being torn to bits right now.

          Wake up!

        • StopBeingSoArrogant

          The country is going to hell, no thanks to simpletons like you. The problem with you people is your ridiculous arrogance in thinking you have the only correct way of viewing the problem.

        • Bruce Brinkmann

          The drug problem is this country has much to do with all the low information voters. No way to know for sure how many are being supplied with mood altering, mind altering drugs from their own friendly family physicians.More than half the people I interact with on any given day are stoned and don't even know it.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Doug Rodrigues.....He doesn't care. The leftist with the constant come-backs and name changes is a commie himself so Obama being one is not a problem for him.

        • StillNotGettingIt

          The thing I don't care about is your arrogant opinions. So sure you're correct and everyone else is wrong and stupid. Go ahead, call me a hypocrite and miss the point.

        • The Truth Seeker

          Sorry dope- who the hell are you to be a critic? What commie cell did he belong? Who were his handlers? Give me some commie quotes? What law has he past is communist? What code words does he use, move forward? You are full of it and cannot support your baseless accusations.

        • Wayne_1958

          Get back to your dope pipe fool he circumvents the constitution with his EX orders almost daily, Giving you your free phone and internet on someone else's dime that is communism. He will probably cut off your food stamps to pay for his next vacation because he is running out of working class people to pay for them.

        • Dark Patriot

          Read his books. You have to be illiterate not to see that he is doing exactly what he said he wanted to do. He is a SCREAMING communist withan extreme hard on against the US. He has admitted that these tax increases will do nothing to help the economy and will most likely destroy it. He doesn't care about increased revenue. He said that this is for "Economic Justice" not revenue.

        • The Truth Seeker

          How do you know, his book wasn't transcribed to a Classic Comic Book!

        • John H Marsh

          Dark Patriot, you are certainly "right on" with "you gotta be an idiot". Amen

        • Ginny

          Executive orders, by-passing Congress. Czars appointed my HIM (43 of them), plans "redistributing wealth, but taxing the middle class out of existence; plans gun control not allowed by the Constitution----and more.

        • ezekiel22

          Apparently you have not done any research. Try googling New Party Obama and see what you come up with. Michelle was fun in college too.

        • Mixture V ranks

          A very good observation, Doug. Anyone who knows anything about Lenin's tactics for general disruption will understand you. In addition to everything you have written here, there is Obama's Muslim background to consider. He has deliberately palmed himself off as a Christian, when that is really not the case at all.

        • Kirby

          Obama is far worse than that. He took foreign student assistance to pay some of his college tution & then fraudulently claims to be a domestic born citizen. His Social Security number was issued to him from the state of Connecticut, a state he has never resided in - that's a felony. He waves a phony birth certificate in front of the American public after refusing to produce one at all for two years. He hides many records (college) from his past and spends millions to keep them under wraps. Three of his homosexual buddies are mysteriously murdered just before he runs for office. He ignores the Constitution, the law, and sidesteps Congress while intimidating the Supreme Court. He's gone out of his way to destroy our energy independence and castrate our military. He's assigned Muslim "advisors" to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all of our security agencies.

          The list is endless, but even his own book shows he has been reared and mentored by radical Marxists.

      • Barackwards

        Yes I am too. He is a useless fool who has spent us into trillions in debt that will take decades to pay off. The fact that liberal trolls are not upset about this is why liberalism is truely a disease of the mind.

        • CGrDoesntGetIt

          Trolls don't get upset silly.

        • The Truth Seeker

          The spending was authorized by Congress, the spending came from a long recession, two wars and a Crash. Where have you been? Take your head out of the bidet. By the way spending in the first 4 years went up 35% from Bush 43. Reagan's eight record increased spending 189%.

        • Dark Patriot

          No. It did not. The spending came from having both the House and the Senate being demorat. And even then they balked at his intents.

        • The Truth Seeker

          Sorry the spending was only up 35% look it up clod!

      • El_Love

        sticks and stones... but dare look at the truth of the matter and the man. Has nothing to do with color or changed names -- it has to do with being a feckless liar.

      • Schnable

        He is just keeping his promise to destroy the USA

    • giant33

      I totally agree with you. The msm could slow this spending down if only they would point it out which they won't. We are screwed.

      • El_Love

        How do you go from not making any money to buying million dollar residences? From a state senator's salary? not likely. and mooch's hand-me job and extravagant salary (a position that has never been re-filled b/c it was so necessary). Since mooch doesn't make any money and the POTUS salary is over $250k -- is he being taxed more? and how did he get to me a millionaire without working or owning anything??? questions..... so many questions

        • castnet55

          It's the books that he supposively wrote that gives him a good anoumt of money.

        • Stephen Heard


        • cordwinder

          Sometimes to much to drink is just not enough.

        • a

          Two words come to mind: FRAUD and THIEF and that's just a starter...


          We are all proud you've learned to use a dictionary

        • tetons9

          So why don't you go and learn how to use a dictionary and "My First Reader"?

        • John H Marsh

          tetson9---what? Do you respect this kind of actions? You don't need a dictionary to vent your frustrations at this man! Evidently you are one of the ones that helped get him back in. You are probably on the Gov't dole also!!


          As soon as you are finished with them I'll borrow them.

        • AppraisHer

          Then look up Narcissistic Sociopath, next to the picture of President Soetoro.


          Blind , delusional, prejudice, ZEALOT...
          His name is PRESIDENT OBAMA

        • AppraisHer

          Oh, we're playing word games, OK.
          Stupid, brainless, hateful, DOLT...
          His name is PRESIDENT BY FRAUDBARRY SOETORO, president by fraud.


          Hahahahahahahah! If someone said Obama once lived at the north pole with santa claus you'd believe it. His mother married Soetoro in '65 when Obama was four you idiot. Even if his stepfather had adopted him he'd still be AMERICAN. -----STUPID, BRAINLESS HATEFUL, JEALOUS, DOLT...

        • AppraisHer

          I've wasted too much time responding to a pathetic, sad little child. Why do you persist in posting here and making a complete fool of yourself? Time to go back to your video games and stop boring the adults with your drivel..


          Stop responding to you asshats with the truth? Not bloody likely.

        • AppraisHer

          I've stopped feeding the troll.


          Is that some kind of stupid-speak? Or a bigot's code for something?

        • AppraisHer

          One word comes to mind...the stimulus. I believe that the stimulus is nothing more than a huge slush fund that Barry uses as his own, personal piggy bank to finance his re-election, vacations, designer clothes for the Wookie or buy a home. This is where our hard earned money is going.

        • JulieB

          Sorry, I posted the same thought above before I saw yours.

        • AppraisHer

          Not a problem JulieB, great minds think alike.

        • Baf

          Don't forget about the $105.00 per pound kobe beef that one of his 5 chefs prepare for him everyday? Obama has always said, that he would be king someday. Well.... he at least thinks he is.

        • AppraisHer

          Ghetto rats livin' like royalty.


          You should be so lucky. Narrow minded bigot. Jealous you don't have half a mind between you. Nothing better to do than try to tear our First Couple down, yet still they triumph. Ha! Ha ! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! .......

        • AppraisHer

          Wow, LOVE IS PATIENT, LOVE IS KIND...and yet you use words like "bigots, jealous, half a mind, eating you up" to describe someone that doesn't agree with you. But then pathetic, deluded people like you always sell yourselves as something that your not. You're just another liberal sucker rejoicing for the ghetto rats while they "triumph" on your dime. *snicker* and another *snicker*


          Ow. NOT! Bigots like yourself will never understand. Your words mean NOTHING to me. Hahahahahah Liberal means open minded, yes, yes I am. Bigot is synonymous with fool. Snicker, guffaw, chuckle, cackling with glee!
          Obama is President AGAIN and I am glad if only to say In YOUR FACE!
          Intolerence has NO PLACE HERE! And it's about damn time!

        • AppraisHer

          White guilt.


          Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

        • AppraisHer

          White guilt put the illegal in the White House. Personally, I don't believe you're old enough to stay home alone, let alone vote, so it's time to admit that your just another stupid kid with too much time on your hands.

        • Jerry Marl

          A bible passage comes to mind

          "Thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor"

          As many christian conservatives spread ridiculous "conspiracy" rumors on the internet, defying the very religion they pretend to uphold!

          Modern American conservatives are the hypocrites and false prophets that the bible warned of.


          I applaud you, Sir. I thought myself alone here. One of the most frightening things about these people is, there is no and will be no compromise, they KNOW they are right and they carry guns to prove it. Where you and I differ from them, we acknowledge there are ways and means other than our own, and INFALLIBILITY is a term reserved solely for our MAKER.

        • YorkiemominMO

          The book(s) that were shadow written for him bring in $72,000 per year in royalties. This money is TAX FREE - then there's his salary that we pay and he gets to keep all that because he is using our tax money to fund everything he and wifey mooshelly do. Maybe he pays the $12,000 per year for his children to go to an exclusive private school - but, then we pay a couple $100 grand for all the Secret Service gun-toting Guards at their school - much of the FANCY attire that mooshelly wears for special occasions, like muslim Ramadan at the WH are given FREE by designers too stupid to know what they are doing. Incidentally - Mr. O has a $20 million dollar estate waiting for him in HI when and if he ever leaves the WH - however, that may be years from now as he intends to become a dictator.

        • 529_Barb

          And......don't forget that Moochelle Ovomit relinquished her law license when the heat was on for her participation in the hospital scandel of throwing welfare recipients out......and Ovomit himself mysteriously reqlinquished his law license under nefarious circumstances.......muslim money is driving this train.....

        • XX

          not so, OUR money is driving this train. Blank check? He has had one since the beginning as he lives his lavish lifestyle, and hands out billions to other nations who hate us. With an intimidated and fear driven congress, who exactly will stop him?
          He and his cow of a wife and his Oprah mistress live quite well while our stupid congress calls retirees' money entitlements and talks about trimming our money we paid in as a way to offset what he is spending?

        • John H Marsh

          XX--you are right on and all of our elected officials who go along with this I wish a "happy retirement in Hell"!!!

        • tedthebear

          Cow of a wife? Would you be talkin' 'bout the one with the big ass and no class?


          You all are just jealous the FIRST LADY could kick your ass in a fair fight. Wait, I said FAIR that doesn't apply to all of you.


          tut tut your jealousy is showing!

        • JulieB

          How did he get to me a millionaire without working or owning anything???
          Stealing from the first stimulus package that he and Congress passed.

      • Doodlebug

        You can thank the idiots who voted for this arrogant, lying, nose in the air, and I believe illegal, incompetent dummicrat donkey. He is so stupid he doesn't understand, "we cannot afford this." But what the H does he care? He thinks that all Americans are stupid and don't know the difference. However, there are at least 47% if us who are smarter than he is. We didn't vote for this dummicrat donkey and, I don't mean donkey but, they will pull this off if I say what he really is. So use your imagination!

        • giant33

          I'm happy there is like minds out there. We can give a big thanks to the idiot Catholics who voted for this non Christian. We have a few groups of people out their. Those who work for a living, those that vote for a living and to many idiots. God bless you brother

        • Doodlebug

          We Catholics and we have other Catholics, those who claim to be Catholic but do not even go to church. I have one in my family but, I really do believe she voted and I know she did not vote for oboummer. And, daledoe, I DID NOT vote for this dummicrat donkey, although there are some who visit this site that did so, I hope they get your message.

        • Doodlebug

          You are right giant33, according to my chiropractor, a Catholic, there are the real Catholics and those who profess to be Catholic. I have one of those in my family. She hasn't been to church in 30+ years but still professess to be Catholic even though excommunicated from the Catholic church. There are more that vote for a living than those who work for a living that's for sure. We have a neighbor who opening says, "why should I work when I can get paid to go fishing whenever I want." How many more of them are there? MANY, MANY!! Let's see if this gets posted. I posted it before but they took it out. Can you see a reason why????

        • Freedom4US

          There are a lot of us Catholics who didn't vote for this scumbag so please don't put us all in the same category.

        • patsy1715

          Non of the Catholics in my family voted for this fraudster and as you know Catholics have BIG families...

        • Texas Mom

          Please, not all Catholics or women voted for this horrible, horrible president. Not I, nor many others like me. To be Catholic or even Christian, you could not ever have cast a vote for this person. Ever.

        • pateboo

          Don't blame ME, I'm a practicing Catholic woman who voted for the Mormon Capitalist, not the Muslim Socialist. I was an election judge, and I saw a black woman bring in eight people severely handicapped with Down's Syndrome to vote. They could barely sign their names, and I wouldn't be surprised if they thought the voting screens were video games. That's how low it got this election.

        • Doodlebug

          pateboo, this happen a lot, many, many times. I suppose it happens with the republican voters too but, I doubt that the real conservatives do it. We must encourge the Tea Party to get as active as they once were starting now for the next election. I hadn't seen nor heard much about them in this last election. It's time for all of us to get off our dead duffs onto our dying feet and see if we can turn this around. This election wasn't all the fault of dumb women or Catholics who didn't listen to their priest, Bishop, Cardinal or the Pope himself. Your post shows only a part of what really went on, people voting twice, computerized voting machine gone wrong and what else?

        • James Pundsack

          Donkey NO--Jackass YES!

        • Doodlebug

          Exactly what I meant James, however when I use that term this site blocks it so I'm glad you got what I meant said it~ thanks much!!

        • daledoe

          He's stupid? If true then it's we who are stupid for allowing this to happen.

        • Doodlebug

          You are right. I'm not stupid however because I saw the light and didn't vote for him. How do you like the dummicrat who now says he is trying to do away with the presidential term limit and make the dummicrat donkey (JA) president for life? Communism here we come!

        • patsy1715

          he is stupid like a sly fox...

        • Kirby

          His puppet masters (George Soros & Maurice Strong to name just a couple) are the true sly ones. Obama just does what he is told.

        • hpinnc

          I do hope you mean the ones who voted for this moron.The ones with the free phones & who are "leeches" on the government.The ones who are so stupid and unpatriotic they do not say the pledge or put their hands over their hearts when the national anthem is sung,the only thing they care about is what they can get from the government.They don't know or care what this country is about or what happens to it.

        • pateboo

          Either Ann Landers, or Dear Abby, used to say, "No one can take advantage of you unless YOU let them." We help all these other countries get rid of their dictators, and we do nothing about our OWN. I sign petitions but I wish there was something more effective that I could afford to do and have the power to make an actual impact. Our congressmen and women don't seem to care at all, so writing them seems to be a wasted effort.

        • ginger

          So far he is right...he was re-elected wasn't he??? and the sheeple say amen. Americans being stupid that is.


          I am using my imagination. I imagine Obama is President.... Ha hahahahah

    • agbjr

      The French aristocracy didn't complain about the tax-supported expensive lifestyle of King Louis and Marie Antoinette, either. Scores of them lost their heads along with the King and Queen when the abused taxpayers had finally had enough. Obama won't heed historic precedent but there are some in Congress who may still listen before it is too late.

    • m7491

      Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! However, this article would have been MUCH more effective if the writer had also presented the numbers for several previous first families.

    • Remington 870

      The Obama family is a nice Communist family living as many other dictator types the peasants.

    • Aaaaaargh!!!!

      Excellent comment, extemely well written. You are very talented with words and your comment is very applicable and accurate, although too too short!!! For example, you left out some key words to describe this low life piece of garbage... obimbo bin laden and his wicked family... like: despicable; appalling; evil; vile; repugnant; disgusting; detestable; putrid; abominable; offensive; monstrous, terrible, atrocious; horrific, outrageous. he is truly the son of the devil.

    • dslady

      There is not one word of opposition to the extravagant lifestyle the Obama's have due to grand theft from the American people in order to fund it. Those who should be stomping and screaming are sitting over in the halls of Congress doing nothing, absolutely nothing about anything Obama does. Why? Because Obama is black and they are afraid of offending blacks in the U.S. because they would riot and commit all sorts of criminal acts because some "whitey" hates my brutha, Bama. We ignore the inaction of Congress at our peril!

    • ginger

      So what are WE going to do about it?? and the rest of the illegal activities of the government????

    • hpinnc

      What do you suggest we do? I am not one of the "We the People" who had anything to do with putting him back in the WH.I knew when he purchased those 3 black buses from Canada,it was tax-payers money,when he flew all over the US campaigning last year [the whole year] I knew he was doing it on the taxpayers dollar.He is the most irresponsible,insensitive to the state of the economy,of any POTUS I have ever seen.It seems to me someone in the dept. of transportation would have some say as to when he could use AF1. If he wants to go at his own expense fine,but not flying all over the world when not necessary.Wonder how much "foreign aid" he has given to Hamas,Muslim Brotherhood, & other questionable organizations.I truly hope the dum-assed idiots that voted for him gets their stomach full of him before 2016.

    • John H Marsh

      This man and his family has no shame and also no, NADA, not one bit of concern for the American and taxpayer----and the majority of the Republicans have no spine!! No one in D.C. has the guts to take this imposter on!!!

    • Jerry Marl

      "As I read this article, I was overwhelmed by revulsion and fury toward Obama and his opulent and decadent lifestyle. "

      You conservatives were aware of Bush's vacation time (which was HIGHER than Obama) and the Cost of his protection. Guess what your sort told me back then?
      "Eat cake"

      Seriously, people like you are so shallow and petty ... You didn't have any problem with this presidential spending when your good ole White Republican presidents were in office. Conservatives constantly ridiculed liberals who brought up Bush's spending! .. The hypocrisy among people like you is staggering to behold!


      You have the FOOLS part right!

  • Effortless

    Getting you idiots riled up about Obama is like getting the sun to rise - effortless.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Effortless...So, you don't care that he is living high on the hog with the people's money while Americans are struggling? Got it.

      • Effortless

        Not what I said but why would you care? You never have any intention of being honest.

        • CGr

          Do you personally know these people you are calling dishonest?
          I didn't think so. How typical.

        • Effortless

          "Do you personally know these people you are calling dishonest? " Yes.

          Stop being a typical idiot.

        • Doug Rodrigues

          Did / does Obama have any intention of being honest? Obviously not.

        • CGrDidntDisappoint

          "Obviously not." There are those assumptions I referred to. Thanks for not disappointing.

        • NINJA10R KLR650

          You died inside somewhere along the line. Take your stink back to CNN and MSNBC.

        • NinjaIsntTooBright

          You people are a constant source of entertainment. So insistent that you're original thinkers, and yet completely incapable of original thought.

        • David Kedd

          You obviously have nothing worth saying. So why bother saying anything. Like the Good book reads....better to be thought of as a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Oopps your too late. You sir are a blind deaf fool, if you support this so called president whom i reffer to as a dictator. He is a communist pig who needs to..."go away"

        • Effortless

          More cliches, thanks for not disappointing David. Try and have an original thought.

      • smilee

        Bull, any president deserves this and remember his wage are only $400,000.00 a year, he could make millions in the private arena as many do. I do not care who the president is or what party they deserve it.

        • Screeminmeeme

          smilee....What are you? A fool?
          NO PRESIDENT, whether Republican or Democrat, deserves to live a life of exorbitant luxury on the people's money.

        • HowIronic

          Screeminmeeme doesn't understand what it costs to protect a US president from crazies like herself. The irony.

        • Smilee

          Just your opinion and I disagree I feel they deserve as they are in the most pressure packed job in the world and it si good for them and us for him to take some time off from it. You sound jealous are you???????????

        • Kirby

          Obummer isn't a "president". He's a lying, treasonous, homosexual, Muslim, Marxist, and several times over - a felon.

        • Kirby

          He's already made millions you moron - Him and wifey both. The whole administration has already plundered this nation unheard of depths. Obama isn't "any president".
          Stop being a clueless puppet of the state.

        • smilee

          Not from bring president and she gets no pay from the government I said he could make million in the private sector and they have made money there but that has nothing to do with his jovb as president. Your other lies are not worthy of a response.

        • Kirby

          "No pay from the government" - ? Are you for real? No first lady ever has had more than two social advisors - she has 22! That costs taxpayers millions every year. His and Her many lavish and far flung vacations have cost taxpayers over $1.5 billion. Now this doesn't even touch on all the under the table, over the table, and sideways to the door scams that funnel hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to themselves, cronies, and overseas fascists and communist dictators.
          My very well educated and informed comments are anything but the delusions and fantasies you indulge in. The Marxist-in-chief, ex (not sure about the "ex" part) homosexual, and Muslim sympathizer is the greatest pluderer of this country in all of its history.

        • rycsailor

          While you're at it, name his previous accomplishments other than duping the people. He has raised PT Barnum's criteria to a new level, duping 51% of the people all of the time.

    • Tabitha Bliss

      Enjoy your & your children's & your children's children's eternal slavery for 8 years of a usurper that destroyed your country fool! You deserve it.

      • Effortless

        Good one Tabitha, it's all the black guy's fault.

        • cgr

          Hmmm.. yet again, making statements that were never brought up.
          And your type would call US racists!!!
          How sad.

        • CGrTheRacist

          Yes it is quite sad that you're racists. We should be passed all that.

        • Kirby

          So, have you passed out of the nursery school debate club yet?

        • d1032

          You're damn right it is! This arrogant, selfish, narcisstic egomaniac believes himself to be some sort of "God" answerable to no one, especially the people of this nation.
          He is the fraud that the liberal/progressive foisted upon this nation because not one person in Congress or the MSM insisted on vetting him prior to the '08 election.
          His intention has been, and is, to spend this nation into the depths of becoming nothing more than another third world nation subject to Muslim domination where he can be heralded as the "new leader" of the nation he worked so tiressly to destroy.
          We then will be nothing more than another Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc. ruled by the "little dictator" who only shows his "black side" and never even acknowledges his "white side."
          He is this nation's most vocal and radical racist and he revels in that fact.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Effortless....Finally, you've found the truth....but you just couldn't do it without playing your race card, could ya?

        • dishalo

          He isn't black.

        • dishaloIsBlind

          Hahaha sure he isn't.

        • Barackwards

          Nope it is the uselss idiots who suppor thim and allow him to continue's fault, ike you.

        • CGrTheMonocular

          Yep, it's all the fault of one political party. What hilarity you loons express.

        • Kirby

          There is no "political party". The Dems were hijacked a long time ago by the leftist One World Government factions a long time ago through the George Soros and Maurice Strong types. The Reps barely hold onto even a microdot of independence.

        • rank

          You admitted it. Good now keep trying there may be hope for you!

        • Doug Rodrigues

          Actually no again. It's because people like you who are duped by the DNC's propaganda machine (the Major "News" Media) who voted Obama into office. People like you cannot see the forest for the trees. Obama is hell bent on creating his socialist utopia. It hasn't worked anywhere else, but he's going to do it anyway and people like you will be supporting him. Go read the history of communist and socialist societies. It's always been a curiosity of mine why so many people are killed by the very communist / socialist governments which were formed to "help" them? If you think it can't happen here, think again.

        • CGrTheCliche

          It's getting tiring re-reading the same cliches over and over again. You idiots are so convinced by nothing.

        • Kirby

          Ah, there go those Liberal logistical skills buckling under the onslaught of truth again. Did we fry your last neuron?

        • Kirby

          Obama's minions started a little before the 2008 election with the murder of his closest (or is that closet - ?) three homosexual friends. That's just getting things off the ground. There are others, but who's to quibble over the small numbers in light of the impending genocide?

        • True Patriot

          No, it's Bonehead's fault, too. Because he couldn't or wouldn't stand up to Obama. Besides, Obama is not all black. He's part white and Arab. We've been greatly decieved. This isn't a racial problem. It's a spiritual problem -- battle between good and evil.

        • David Kedd

          its all the black/white guy in the white houses fault yes dems are pathetic...turning and twisting peoples words into racisim. sad little blood sucking traitors.

        • DavidKeddThePredictable

          Haha I'm a dem. Hilarious how predictable you people are.

      • medivac

        Effortless isn't worrying about his children, He's on welfare and couldn't make it on his own !! Thus the name "Effortless" !!

        • medivacTheMedicarePatient

          Yep that's why I'm the one who's not worried about the government and you people are! Not my fault you people are all living on social security.

    • Randy Renu

      If we're idiots, what in Gods name does that make you??? At least some people believe this is an issue worth getting riled up about, so it's not skin off your back; just shut up and take your Obama medicine like a good communist.

      • Effortless

        Not an idiot. How's that feel idiot?

        • cgr

          Ah.. I get it now. You are actually 9 years old.. or at least act like it.

        • WillCGrGetIt

          You get a part of it. Why am I acting like a 9 year old? (This will be fun, you'll never get the right answer).

        • d1032

          Sorry 'effortless' you are not intelligent enough to be an idiot.

        • FeelingBetter

          Sure I'm not d1032. These comments are the height of my intelligence. Feel better?

        • rank

          When the wind blows do you hear whistling when the wind comes in one ear and out the other?

        • ItsAnA

          It's actually an A, it's pretty.

        • EffortlessLost

          Too bad your messiah has failed.

        • CGrTheCliche

          I don't have any messiahs. Too bad your assumptions are so cliche.

        • Kirby

          You're more of a state puppet mouth piece than anything even remotely resembling an objective or honest commentor. Fishing for a high paid position in the new Communist state party are you?
          Deluded would fit better.

        • KirbyTheWriter

          Haha you people are great. Do you understand you're creating fiction?

    • Charles Wilson

      Sorry I can't respond now , your wife is giving me a blow job.

      • MarilynBr

        This is inappropriate.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Should we assume that you voted for Obama? If you did, you're an idiot.

      • CGrMakesAssumptions

        You people assume anything you'd like to be true.

    • NINJA10R KLR650

      Watching you writhe in pain over the darkness you've brought on, well, I wish I could savor the moment, but I will be busy fighting for America.

      You'd better keep your mouth shut when I come by.

    • Kirby

      So, if we cut YOUR throat, you wouldn't get "riled up"? Pillaged YOUR bank account, retirement, lied to YOUR children (providing you and your gay lover find a way), and destroyed YOUR country (cuz you obviously aren't from the US)?

  • True Patriot

    Obama and his family are robbing us blind. Oh! I forgot they don't believe in "Thou Shalt not Steal."

    • pduffy

      "Thou shalt not steal"? Those words have never crossed the lips of Barry Soetoro, or anybody in congress. HA, HA, HA,....I can't stop laughing, HA, HA, HA..... HA, HA, HA. To think they would actually not steal, HA, HA, HA,...... HA, HA, HA,..... you have made my day by making me laugh.

      • pduffythegreat

        Har har every person but you is horrible har har!

        • pduffy

          Yes, but I am not writing 'laws' that transfer trillions of dollars of wealth from one group to another. They don't recognize the commandments of God because they are "legislators" and create their own laws which legalizes the theft. I have no such power, and neither do I seek it.

        • pduffythewise

          I don't recognize imaginary commandments either.

        • pduffy

          And hence the trillions in theft. The politicians reflect the "will of the people", which is to steal, so that's the government we get. When they come for you, your labor or your life, then you will recognize the imaginary commandments and cry out for justice, but there will be none because you stayed silent when they came for your neighbor.

    • smilee

      Stealing is taking something that does not belong to you, this is the perks job and were a long time before he became president so it belongs to him thus his and not stealing. Just more lies from an Obama hater.

      • Wayne_1958

        I'm gonna guess you don't have a job and just sit around all day in mommy's basement and smoke dope and talk on your free cell phone, Is this about right Smilee ?

        • WayneIsIrrelevant

          What a great imagination you have wayne!

          Oh yeah, I mean what a cliche assumption. How's your retirement going? What's it like to be so irrelevant to the world?

        • Wayne_1958

          You tell me what it's like to be irrelevant smilee or whatever other screen names you have, Hows that couch potato sheet talking for a living working out for you ?

        • WayneIsIrrelevant

          Well enough for the time being - being young has its advantages. Too bad for you.

        • Wayne_1958

          Being young does have it's advantages, Such as being brainwashed by schools or the msm and being happy in your ignorance, and being so smart that you don;t need to listen to older people with actual experience, Because your ME generation, self gratifying screw everybody else bunch of lazy do nothing but talk sheet to people, no respect for others or their property. Sir or Madam, Some day you will be old too if your attitude let's you survive that long, Until then keep up the belief that you are the best and brightest that America has to offer and see haw that works out for you. Good luck in life young one !

        • Bruce Brinkmann

          My son is 24 years old, lives with his Mom at Princeton N.J. in her basement, plays video games professionally and thinks very highly of himself and his wonderful President. He's the smartest 24 year old that ever lived, in his opinion. A true flaming Liberal, just like his Mom. They are professional takers.

      • Kirby

        So, being an Obama hater is a bad thing? Being incapable of any infromed or logical debtaing skills is far worse. Go back to grade school and suck your thumb with the rest of your ilk.

    • The Truth Seeker

      You are too blind to see if you were being robbed or benefited. How as he robbed you? You've got to elaborate or shut you foul trap!

      • Wayne_1958

        For someone that claims to be a truth seeker you seem to be misinformed, obama is a liar and thief he steals from the working class and gives to lazy worthless child producers, Oh let me correct that child abortionists. Welfare/Sex/Abortion what a benefit this is to our nation. Since you are most likely being subsidized by his BS you need to wrap your lips back around that pipe and shut YOUR foul trap !

  • Randy Renu

    End Times......pack your bags.

    • NINJA10R KLR650

      Phuck that. This is America. She gave me everything I have. I'll be packing magazines and clips.
      What else can I give her that is worth more than spit besides all that I have or ever will have here on Earth?

  • YoureIdiots

    With psychopaths like you people advocating our presidents death and assassination, he's not going to forego the most secure means of travel just to make you jackasses happy. But just pretend it's all about him being a king, reasonable people will believe that.

    • cgr

      Wow.. rant complete with vulgarity. How typical. Please... crawl back under your rock.

      • CGrIsBlind

        Haha no vulgarity but what I'm saying huh? Open your eyes.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Youreldiots......No one here is advocating the president's death and assassination. Nice try. We just want him gone back to Kenya where he came from. If you're an American, then you are a disgrace to this country in supporting someone who has been committed to Marxism/Communism his entire adult life.

      • MeeMeTheIdiot

        "No one here is advocating the president's death and assassination." Not at the moment, just wait. More of your dishonesty in not wishing to acknowledge the likes of people who agree with you, and of course you then turn around and hypocritically say that all liberals are represented by the worst actions of a few.

        He was born in Hawaii you idiot.

    • Sticks_n_Stones

      Where did you read that anyone advocated that? Again liberals lie, since they have no logic.

      • CGrTheLiar

        All over this website. Again you lie, since you don't have the truth on your side.

      • Kirby

        There's no debating with a door. They only have rubber stamps at their disposal.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Just as the liberals wanted it!

    • DebraSmithTheIdiot

      Exactly, we want to destroy America amirite?

      • The Truth

        You have already done so. Tell us how you intend to pay off the debt? By more spending? By rpinting more money and devaluing the dollar? More obama vacations! That's the answer.

        • CGrTheBright

          No of course not! We use the godfatherpolitics way of letting corporations rule our lives, using the Bible as our law and justice system, and forcing people to have babies and then letting those babies starve to death. That's the answer.

        • True Patriot

          Yeah, well your Liar-in-Cheat/Killer leader in our White House believes in letting a baby starve to death if it survives an abortion. And you and he FORCE the unwilling American taxpayer to pay for your choice to kill your baby. We respect human life from the moment of conception to natural death. You want to "choose" but will not allow others to "choose." That's the definition of TYRANNY!!

        • GotAnyTrollChairs


        • The Truth Seeker

          The debt was much greater proportionally from WWII, it was carried on the books until Reagan and Bush 41 quadrupled the debt, and our Medicare overruns go right to elderly people, like you may become. Clinton balanced the budget for three years, created a surplus of over $400 billion and it was two unfunded wars, unemployment by the Crash and the Bush Recession that destroyed that black ink. So where were you? Were you on your back sucking wind? How do you feel being revealed as a stupid bigot? That's what your answers indicate!

      • NINJA10R KLR650

        Stupid you couldn't see the very fruits of your effort, isn't it?

        No amount of hand wringing or crying will earn you sympathy now.
        You SHlT the bed. You sleep in it.

  • therock

    This man has done more vacationing than any other President ever, which is just flat out ridiculous and I for one are getting fed up with his do nothing agenda as far as helping Americans!

    • PYPYPY

      Until the media starts to act like media and not just a political tentacle for BO, nothing will change. Unless you hold them accountable, nothing will change. Just take a look at the local new agency that published names of gun owners under the guise of freedom of information. They blatant disregard of how their actions will endanger lives etc. I hope locals will boycott them and run them out of business. That is the only way, drive them out of business so that they cant continue report half truths

      • NINJA10R KLR650

        Media is dead.

        • PYPYPY

          Not dead as in terms of dollars and cents. Sadly there are still some people watching them. They need to go out of business (red ink and bleed them out of business) cos these leftist greedy fat cats (despite saying everyone should pay their fair share) they are still in there for the money.

        • NINJA10R KLR650

          I should have clarified:

          Dead of Heart and Soul.

          Thank you.

        • PYPYPY

          Thanks for clarifying it. I concur

        • agbjr

          No. Responsible and objective journalism is dead - almost. Media is alive and thriving as the current administration's propaganda outlet.

    • smilee

      The facts do not support you as that is not true!

      • NINJA10R KLR650

        Spell it out then, tool.

      • oldguy

        And just what are the "facts" as you know them Mr. smilee??? Typical liberal speak. Just deny without elucidating facts. Your mentality says "my mind is made up, don't confuse me with the truth"

      • Kirby

        How would you even recognize a "fact" when the media indulges in wholesale slaughter of the whole realm of fact reporting? Go find something other than the standard sold-out Liberal rags for your "fact" gathering.

    • Gary Moscowitz

      Actually I was equally surprised to find out that GW Bush actually took the most "vacations" of any Pres. A little over 1000days during his 8 yr stay. However, most of his vacations were to his own ranch wher his wife did most of the cooking, there was minimal Secret service and certainly not the entourage that follows Obama and especially his wife. I will lay odds that Obama's vactions have cost the taxpayers far more than Bush's or any other Prtes. for that matter. Any one have the stats?

    • The Truth Seeker

      Wrong! 77 trips by GW Bush 43- look it up troll!

  • CaptTurbo

    Now isn't that special? And, just think, he isn't even actually eligible for the office. What a bunch of morons we are to let this charade continue!

    • CaptTurboTheMoron

      You are morons, that is true.

    • smilee

      Trouble is you can say that but you cannot prove it so like it or not he is our president and will be for four more years

      • markle

        Hell Smilee, I can't even prove he was more than a "C" student! All his transcripts are sealed, his "brilliant" writings as Editor of the Harvard Law Review are sealed. This guy was able to get Jack Ryan's SEALED divorce decree opened when he was going to run against him but we can't even prove that this bozo passed English Lit 101 . . . . .

        • smilee

          You do not graduate with honors wit a C and even though youdo not know his grades that tells you they were amongst the highest in his class

        • markleThePathetic

          markle is jealous his life hasn't amounted to anything.

        • Kirby

          Not to mention the murder of his closest three homosexual friends conveniently time just before the 2008 "election".

        • The Truth Seeker

          So are the Bush transcripts at Texas A & M and Obama got into the Harvard Law School, got great praise from top professor Lawrence Tribe at the HLS and was elected head of the Harvard Law review in a blind contest. He went on to teach law at the U of Chicago Law School, one of the top 10 schools in America. So your doubts about his grades are either unfounded, a product of a bigoted mind, or just a case of stupidity. Which is it?

      • NINJA10R KLR650

        I guess you didn't see his push to make it EIGHT MORE YEARS, did you?

        Don't you have the slightest inkling as to what you have let loose on America, your family, friends and self?
        Are you truly that daft?

        You are about to see Civil War in your life yet you wander merrily along behind the great facade and phony.

        • smilee

          Your so full of crap!! and living in a dream world!!

    • kerijay

      What can be done when you have corrupt judges and the spineless RNC and congress. The RNC couldn't stand up for West when everyone knew there was massive voter fraud and not only in FL.

      • CaptTurbo

        Justice is getting scarce in this country but I suppose it's only natural as the government gets more and more infested with Muslims and Marxists.

  • rchguns

    In reality I do believe that this president has spent more on personal vacations than any previous president in history. Granted all previous presidents have taken vacations but usually to their own homes and at least within the continental United States. Now I'm going to say something that would upset people because they say it's racist but it's really not.

    Obama in his personal attitude and that of his wife are in line with where they come from. Chicago is the most corrupt political environment in America next to Washington DC. They feel, the Obama's, that sense they are in a position to skim all of the benefits and freebies that they can they will do it. Just like people from the inner cities who are getting assistance will do anything possible to get as much assistance as they can and they are not above lying or cheating to do so. So in reality the Obama's are only doing what comes naturally. Shafting the rest of America.

    • Dana Preston

      RCHGUNS: Yes, very true. And what these people on ALL of this FREE Assisstance Don't Realize is the day is coming soon when the Gov't will NOT have the MONEY to GIVE it anymore.
      What the Gov't GIVES, they CAN take Away!

    • Gary Moscowitz

      Not's environmental! Can the EPA help? In theory, since Obama hasn't called Hawaii home since he was 10 yrs old, Chicago is his stated home so when he sayshe's going "home" on vacation, the taxpayers part of the bill should stop at Chicago. Let him pick up the bill for the distance between Chicago and Hawaii. Betcha, Hawai will see him on video tape only!

    • larrylunts

      With a little research, this false belief of yours could easily be corrected. George W. Bush is far and away the leader, having spent 1,020 days (more than 3 years total) on vacation during his 8 years in office. (

      Obama, by comparison, is a raging workaholic. He spent 131 days on vacation in his first four years, which will put him on track for 262 vacation days after eight years--just a little over 25% of the time Bush spent on vacation during his eight years. (

      Doesn't it feel better to have actual facts rather than unresearched beliefs?

      • rchguns

        The Difference Being George Bush went to his own house on his own property and have things set up specifically so he could continue doing his job when he was at the ranch. He and his family never took vacations out of the country such as going on a safari. He did not tie up traffic and security and totally upset business in New York City just to go to a show. So as you say do a little research almost every other president when they took a vacation they went to their home. And since Chicago is Obama's home at least a record and so is his Bembo that's where they should've won. The fuel needed to take Air Force One to Hawaii is horrendous. And when the first spouse I refuse to call her a lady wanted to go home they trumped up some kind of speaking tour in Africa so they had an excuse to go on a safari and visit the old homestead. By far Dirty Diaper Head Obama is the most expensive president in history but then again he is first in many categories. And none of them could be classified as good. Everything from being the most racist president we've ever had to the most anti-American president we've ever had. He goes on a speaking tour of Europe apologizing for America because we try to excel in what we do. He tells everyone he doesn't know what happened when the police responded to the professor's home but he still says that they acted stupidly. The man is and not criminal but everyone is afraid to do anything. If and when this man is deposed and no longer in the Oval Office maybe some elected official will have the guts to come out and demand a full investigation. But I doubt it in fact I doubt there will ever be rid of him. He honestly believes that he should be the first King of America. For charlatan he's done a fantastic job for human being he sucks.
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Annual Cost to Taxpayers for Obama Family is $1.4 Billion

  • JohnGalt

    Ignorant, thieving Katrina Looters.

    Nothing less.

  • Babsan

    Now,could you imagine if Bush had spent that?

    • Screeminmeeme

      Babsan....The left would have had a they rightly should. I dont care what party he's from, NO PRESIDENT has the right to do what he is doing.

    • Kirby

      The fawning press would have him up in front of a firing squad before his first year was over.

    • True Patriot

      Yeah, Babsan, Bush would have been crucified over and over again by the left.

  • wdcraftr

    Don't worry, Pelosi is already saying she wants higher taxes. This just moments after the new tax hike agreement was signed.. Then again, he could just sell the millions of guns he's going to confiscate. I'm sure there are many Muslim brotherhood psychos who want them, so they can invade us...

    • Dana Preston

      The DEBTocrats are looking at a Bill to Pass for 1 TRILLION More in TAXES! It's COMING people very SOON, this year.

  • Meeche Miller

    Thiis yet another of Obama's abuse of power - taking numerous multi-million dollar vacations for him and all his cronies at taxpayer expense - We arestruggling to keep our homes and making car payments and he's thowing our money away - he could never afford these vacations on his own - he is saying screw youo America - I am in this for the ride - he doesn't want the job of President - just the frills. Enough is enough - everyone has to contact their elected officials and say this has to stop - doesn't anyone care about what he is doing?

  • smilee

    Presidents for years have had these perks and used them from both parties so why all the BS about Obama doing what every president has done. Presidential protection is by law and these laws were in place when he became President. Articles like this one's are to stir up hate against a President they do not like. It is sad and a big joke!!

    • smileeGetsItRight

      Godfatherpolitics readers like being part of the joke, they just don't get that's what it is.

      • NINJA10R KLR650

        What are you a part of?

        You little bag carrying dolt.

        • YoureAmusing

          The group of people who finds you unimaginative political simpletons to be amusing.

    • Kirby

      Obama is doing a splendid job of stirring up hate (all according to the Marxist/Muslim plan) many times over & spending far beyond anything any president and all presidents put together. The "plan" isn't even remotely related to national maintenance. It has everything to do with the president's virulent hatred for our country and his and his puppet masters plan to foment chaos as a pretext for declaring martial law and then dictatorial powers for life. Destruction of the US is the plan stan. Next on the agenda is the One world Government ruled by an elite class who will plunder and pillage all populations at will.

      • SMILEE


        • Kirby

          Ah, yes the standard progressive rejoinder when logical debate fails him. I think you must have a rubber stamp with "racist" on it for any and all answers. Go send it to play with your rubber ducky in the bath tub, and then come debate with the grownups.

    • ashauvalley101abn 68-69

      A big joke,Indeed. How could the American people be so stupid to reelect this crook and a fraud. He and his family are just like the 72% who want as much as they can get for little of no work. 3 years democratic House,Senate and president and they couldn'.t even pass a budget............Wise up America. And No Way will they ever take any of my guns away .........

      • GreatTrolling

        How do you find so much time to troll them? I'm almost envious.

    • Dana Preston

      SMILLEE: You are obvious out of it, smoking something but it's NOT hard to Find on CNN also that this President has SPENT a TOTAL of ALL PRESIDENTS in History together. Since you can't comprehend to good let me explain in idiot terms: First President of the US all the way to Pres 'w' Bush, spent a TOTAL of $1.00. Pres Obama has Spent a Total of $3.00. The US Credit Score has been DOWNGRADED 3 times in one year! We are Bankrupt! If China or any other country calls their Loan - for their Money Back that they loaned us, we are DEAD! This is 'one' reason people are upset. TOO Many to list!!!

  • rotten rollin

    Obama is costing America more than ant president before...

    in more ways than one.

    • Kirby

      Much more than all presidents rolled into one.

      • ThreeYearOld

        More than all the money in the world, times infinity!

  • Embarrassed Taxpayer

    This is very sad for the rest of us to see as we again have to tighten our belts...a family outing to a movie and dinner might be our vacation...

  • Billy Jack

    It is the 'Putney Swope' syndrome people. Reverse racism will never allow white politicians to take on and remove this abomination from office.

  • Pissed in Seattle

    It is not the security of the first family, and that cost I object to, it is the fact that the excesses of this administration and our Congress, are not remotely in touch with the daily struggle of the American people. Lip service is fine, but there are still countless families who fell victim to Hurricane Sandy who are still waiting for all that red tape we were promised would be cut through... Politics as we know it on both sides of the isle are just about useless.

  • pysco

    In a time of tax raises, people out of work, over 50% of the population on governmemt assistance, You have a president that has pushed his opulent life style, and obsene vacations in the faces of the American tax payers. I wonder how many people could have received college educations with 1.4 billions dollars.

  • rank

    Think about what is costs us taxpayers when he is working, and spending. Those vacations are relatively cheap!

  • Edward P Cox

    Wake up! It is not just BO. It is the government from local to state to federal. Unless the American people seriously address the issue of runaway government we are on our way to serfdom.

    • Randy131

      Since Obama became President, state and local goveernments have cut back spending and employees greatly, only the federal government has run amok by increasing spending to an average of $1.5 trillion a year, each and every year Obama has been President, a national debt of $10.6 trillion when sworn in, to a projected $16.6 trillion when sworn in for his second term, divided by 4 years is an average of $1.5 trillion each year, and 3/4s of all the jobs Obama takes credit for creating has been in the government, federal, state and local, but mainly in the federal government.

  • AZWarrior

    "Let them eat cake"- Marie Antoinette (Shortly before being beheaded).

  • junkmailbin

    as a natural born citizen, I find the gay arab Kenyon offensive in every way

  • Americam ex-Pat

    I believe it can be best stated as being Knee-Gro Rich!
    I see it as the trickle-down economics Oblunder so often refers to; but the only thing trickling down is total disdain for anything & everything American, as exhibited by this sociopathic narcissist, elected and reelected by fifty-million plus worshipping 'incompetents'!

    • NoRacistsOnGodfatherPolitics

      Yep, no racism here!

  • bbyank

    Like I said I blame the stupid voters for falling for Obama's BS. It's so nice to go on these expensive vacations on tax payers dime. This President claims he cares about the poor and middle class and yet he abuses his power and takes advantage by rubbing our noses in it. Hey! OBAMA what ever happened to setting a good example.? Spend,Spend Obama thats all you and the Left does. No Budget, Taxing more to pay for your welfare programs, huge deficit, ect... should I go on? I call the Liberal Left the welfare party of the USA. I am certain that this LIAR & CHIEF is trying to collapse the system from within. OBAMA IS A LIAR,CON MAN, BS*#ER, and those who voted for this low life Presdient is also dumb, stupid and naive. I will never vote for a Democrat.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N. E. Carlson

    This is how 'Blacks' become the served instead of the servants. Extreme Narcissism characteristic of Satanology. N. E. Carlson President, The Colorado Free Bible College

  • William Rogers

    I wonder if it will be worth it to him in 100 years????

  • twiceshy

    This really is disgusting. And yet there are some posters on here who defend this outrageous life of opulence. When did we have start having two full time projectionists living there just to show this worthless family movies. For $8 they can get movies from NetFlix. Obama is an evil man and if most of America could see what goes on, they would be ready to revolt.

  • Ithamar

    It is an insane political crime that those "foolish people that have free Obama phones [that] put him back in the White House" are allowed to vote

  • The Truth Seeker

    That is one of the most ridiculous and inaccurate assessments even this trite site could print. These expenses have been incurred by every president, at one level or another. This idea of Czars is ridiculous, we have security concerns for any president and their family and the cost of running the WH has nothing to do with you folks. Congress allocates monies for the Executive Branch and the president's holidays and needs are understood by most sane people in this country..

    President George W. Bush spent over 124 million taxpayer dollars on
    trips to his ranch in Crawford, TX, and using John Boehner’s logic we
    demand that the GOP pay us back. He flew 77 times to Crawford.

    While trying to distract America from the fact that his own caucus
    passed a budget that would double the interest rate on student loans,
    Speaker of the House John Boehner is whipping up the faux outrage over
    the cost of President Obama’s travel this week. Today, Boehner said,
    “This week, the President traveled across the country on taxpayers’
    dime, at a cost of $179,000 an hour, insisting that Congress fix a
    problem that we were already working on. Frankly, I think this is
    beneath the dignity of the White House.”

    Not surprisingly, John Boehner was totally silent when President George W. Bush was setting the presidential record for most vacation days. Bush was not only on vacation more than any other president. He spent more money on non-official travel than any other president in American history. As president, George W. Bush used Air Force One to fly to his ranch in Crawford, TX for vacation.

    Boehner’s comments about the cost of Obama’s travel got us thinking
    about how much money the Republican Party owes taxpayers for George W.
    Bush’s non-official vacation travels. Using a method that we have
    cleverly coined Boehner Math, this is what we came up with.

    So deal with these facts you hypocrites and haters!

    • Kirby

      Speaking of "Georges", how many billions of taxpayer money has George Soros made via the Clintons & Obama? We're not talking a few cheap millions here. Mr. Soros and a few other assorted Billionaire cronies have been raping the planet of hundreds of billions for decades now. With Obama roosting in the WH, billions are flying into the laps of campaign and failed greenie company owner/cronies. As a matter of fact, you can total up ALL past presidents together and not come close to the Muslim-in-chief's rape & plunder schemes.

      Dollar for dollar, Obama's impudent hatred for this country buries all spending by all Republicans. Pointing out hangnails and trying to compare them to progressive/liberal looting and plundering is a tactic as old as the hills.

  • HowObviousMustItBe

    It's hilarious that this place gets trolled on both sides, but there are still a handful of legitimately stupid people who actually think this is a place for discussion. Meeme, I'm lookin at you.

  • Berthold Klein

    Where is the evidence that this man (not a god) is legally president? Based on his own fraudulent birth certificate he does not meet the criteria of a Natural born citizen. He has only one citizen parent, his mother. Obama is a imposter and a traitor. He should be tried as a traitor.

    After he is convicted the Democratic Party should be force to pay for all the expenses of the imposter and his family, all four years.

    The Democratic party and specifically Nancy Peloci certified that he meet the requirements of the Constitution.

  • agbjr

    If Obama wants a vacation on our tax dollars he can go to Camp David. If his family wants to jet-set around the world they can do it on their dime and NOT the abused taxpayers. When national austerity is the order of the day national leaders must themselves be the example of austerity. Obama can not be austere at least not with other peoples' money. He can not be fiscally responsible so take his playthings away and ground him. Treat him and his family for what they are: spendthrift spoiled brats.

  • argusmanargus

    How much is spent on average for the Presidency? Are we spending more on Obama than GW?

    This article lacks any reasonable comparable stats to put it in perspective. The British Royal family is not helpful. What do the British spend on their elected officials, like the PM?

    This is a typical, inflammatory, ridiculous article as is the norm for this site, and it is exactly why Republicans are considered no better than Democrats by the populace.

    • SoSimple

      The readers of this place are far too polarized to have use critical reasoning skills. Bad about Obama or a liberal or an atheist or a Muslim or a homosexual or a foreigner or a non-Christian? It's true. Good about a conservative or a Christian? It's true.

      It's just that simple, just like them.

      • argusmanargus

        For the record, I have no love for Obama. I think he is turning out to be as bad as GW as a President, and look like he might be worse.

        You are right though, many articles and many of the comments on here are not unbiased, not equitable, and not principled.

        • agbjr

          What was so bad about George Washington?

        • argusmanargus

          Heh. GW Bush silly.

          I can't say much about George Washington other than his resisting outside pressures for Kingship and his precedent of two terms in office even if health induced were good and wholesome things for our country.

    • agbjr

      No matter how you try to spin the truth can not be hidden: Obama IS a narcissistic elitist and a Marxist sonofabitch.

      • DelusionalPeople

        No matter how you try to make your delusions truth, they're not.

        • agbjr

          By his own actions and pronouncements Obama has proven his adherence to the theories of Karl Marx therefore he will remain a Marxist sonofabitch.

  • Isa Gerena

    Does this include mooshells mother too

  • YouPeopleAreIdiots

    I love that this place is 90% troll comments, but the readers of this place can't spot the majority of them. If it's not in their face liberal trolling, they totally miss it.

  • Conservative Not Republican

    The Obamas....just another black family living in public housing. If you think that is somehow "racist", it's not.

    Public housing serves black households at a rate substantially greater than
    their share of the renter population. Forty-eight percent of public housing
    households are black compared to only 19 percent of all renter households.
    Taking income into account does not alter this conclusion, since only 30 percent
    of households with incomes low enough to qualify for public housing are black.

    That's not my quote, it comes directly from HUD.

    • YesPrettyRacist

      This all looks pretty racist to me.

      • Conservative Not Republican

        Given your nic, I think it's pretty safe to assume that just about anything and everything looks pretty racist to you, even when it is nothing but stating a fact provided by HUD, as I just did.

  • Robert G. Perrin

    Think about it: In inflation-adjusted dollars, Louis XIV (of France) didn't cost the taxpayers nearly this much, not even close, and he was a brilliant monarch, strengthening and enriching France in countless ways. And Louis didn't skimp on anything. After all, in his service, for example, was the Lord High Keeper of the King's Left Sock. (Of course, one would have to see the magnificent Louie in full dress to appreciate completely the indispensability of this honoured position.) At any rate, one has to wonder: How does Mr. Obama compare, that is, on a cost-benefit basis to Louis XIV, among other celebrated, pampered, and costly monarchs of past and present times?

  • Rose-Marie Noa

    The " first family" is "sticking it to whitey" which they planned to do all along!!! I have said this before & this report proves that I was correct!!! What has he done for America for all this money??? He has divided us along racial lines more than ever before!!! We dont need these people....never did!!! all those free loaders that voted for him should be very unhappy about this! This is money that they could have gotten! Not to mention the hollywood freaks who he just repaid millions to for their support!!! This is disgraceful to say the least!!!

  • Dark Patriot

    If your description is correct we have a paranoid/ schizophrenic with narcissistic delusions of grandeur. One problem. His followers have no idea how he will sacrifice them for his better good over the next few years. At least we might get rid of some welfare trash.

    • Tim

      Then we can have Soylent Black.

  • deseartu

    We are back to blah blah blah who is doing something about it? I don't see a darn thiing except all the complainers here? I'll beleive these sites of complainers when I finally can see a MSNBC news cast reciting this information for the entire public to see on a Dateline show or how about 60 Minutes? We live under Satan now, all the Christians have their heads in the sand or up their? If I could ever win a huge amount of money, you would see me, know me and I wouldn't be silent! I would be running ads in all the papers every single day, to promote my freedom of speech, while we still have it! I would rent a commercial during the Super Bowl maybe two at $10 mil a pop? Everyone would see the TRUTH! If I wasn't blocked! People in our country don't care, not even about themselves. All they have to do is look in the mirror - that's right fat McDonald's slobs! No self esteem, no dreams anymore, it is all being taken away by our Government who wants to control everything! I am waiting to see what kind of toilet paper I am aloud to wipe my ass with, or I'll get taxed! Good Luck!

    • Tim

      You can use those worthless inflated dollar bills for the AW.

    • Kirby

      "Blocked" - that describes my efforts in the local rag. No one, including most of my fellow Christians, wants the truth. It might cost Christians a few hours out of their weekend sports orgies to bother putting up a fight or defending the name of their Lord.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Obama could careless. This is HIS meal ticket and he will suck
    everything he can from it. Mr. Obama’s policy choices are turning America into an entitlement state with a shrinking military—in other words, Europe. The U.S. would be left with the smallest Navy since World War I, the smallest ground forces in 70 years, and at just over 2.5% of GDP the smallest defense budget since Pearl Harbor. … and like at Pearl Harbor he is setting us up for a goat f__k that will get alot of people killed.

    He could careless about the US deep down what really motivates Barack Obama is an
    inherited rage — an often masked, but profound rage that comes from his African
    father; an anticolonialist rage against Western capitalist dominance, and most
    especially against the wealth and power of the very nation Barack Obama now
    leads. What he is really leading is not the country but a Marxist agenda. An
    agenda already outlined many years ago and supported by members of congress who
    have also been identified as Marxists and far left doctrines.

    Obama’s ideas are dangerous and destructive, and they’re meant to be that way. He wants to deliberately bankrupt the country to FORCE his Marxist agenda and deliberately and unapologetically engaging in economic sabotage; simultaneously targeting numerous sectors of the American economy using orchestrated systemic crisis’s in an effort to overwhelm the U.S. economy and effect the destruction of capitalism and America from within. By using the Cloward-Piven
    Strategy to promote economic and social change through the exploitation of misfortune, national crisis and disorganization the Left he leads is advancing government as
    the tool for reorganization. He is a cunning pathogenic liar who has
    professionally lied his way through life and is a dangerous Marxist
    representing a clear and present danger to the US.



    • Dr. Bruce Banner


  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Can we swap for the Windsors? They're cheaper to maintain...

  • Terry C

    Since AF1 was used for a personal vacation, he should be required to reimburse the txpayers for the use of the aircraft. For the 1.4 billion dollars it cost the taxpayer to support him, his family and his mother-in-law, he should be paying taxes on that. After all, it is part of his compensation for the job he is not doing. Before I retired, I had a company vehicle I kept at the house and a company cell phone. According to the IRS, I would have to pay taxes on the personnal use of the vehicle and the cell phone. Why is he any differant?

  • Breeze

    You obama supporters just wait till everything falls apart and you can't get free food or anything. They will round you up with the rest of us. Thing is, WE will know we are going to concentration camp. You will think you are being taken to the promised land. You will find out what the government thinks of you, and by then it will be too late.

    • BreezeIsAnIdiot

      You're a complete idiot and should not be treated seriously.

  • formerrepublican

    Assuming this is true and not just a repeat of the Big Lie about his India trip a few years ago:

    Exactly how do you expect the president to travel? Should he be confined to Washington for 8 years, or stuffed into a C-141 with a box lunch? Putting him on a commercial airline is obviously impractical, and it's too far to walk. A 747 (like all recent presidents have used) can at least make the trip without refueling, which avoids a colossal mess at another airport.

    Sorry if he also has to hire a dog walker: would you rather have one of those, or a Secret Service team so he can do it himself? Most of the people this twit is complaining about are on the payroll permanently anyway, in case the President should need to go to Moscow; why not use them for something instead of sitting around waiting?

    A president is expensive, of course, but that's what the country decided to pay him, and provide for him. I'd say that inciting class warfare like this is beneath the dignity of Giacomo and the GOP, except that nothing seems to be beneath their dignity.

    • Tim

      The country did not decide to pay this, it was allowed by an elitist group of people in congress.

    • Kirby

      I don't think a flight budget that rivals launching a Saturn rocket to send a probe to the moon is quite the ticket either. As for "colossal messes", Obama has been in full fledged "mess" mode since 2008.

  • Tim

    This article begins to touch on what most people do not know or choose to ignore. These guys in Washington do not need raises, they have perks and expense accounts (tax free) that we the underclass could only dream of.

  • Charles


  • Ron

    At the very minimum, consider all of this as "earned income" and tax the SOB on his excessive life style! If Congress is too dumb to see this idiocy, (and they are) maybe it might slow him down some!

  • agbjr

    Long before there was an Air Force One there was the "Ferdinand Magellan", the last in a long line of presidential private railroad cars. Whenever the president traveled long distances the presidential railroad car was attached to a special train of government-owned purpose-built cars and sent to it's destination with every security precaution. Wherever the president was going, whether business or pleasure, the train traveled over the privately-owned rails of America's numerous private railroad companies. The government was always billed by the railroads for the cost of moving the president and his entourage and the government always paid - however - only when it was government business. When the president traveled strictly for pleasure he was personally billed - the government did NOT pay for pleasure trips. Theodore Roosevelt was annoyed when billed $500.00 by the Pennsylvania Railroad for a trip home to Oyster Bay, Long Island, however he paid it without further complaint.

    It is not the responsibility of the American Taxpayer to pay the First Family's transportation.

    • argusmanargus

      This is actually interesting and somewhat helpful if indeed true.

      The junk that is usually flung on this site takes so little brain power, I wonder how large portions of the writers and commenters make it out of bed in the morning.

      Original thoughts tied to legitimate ideas are incredibly important.

      Hate for hate's sake however, like so many nowatimes have for Obama, is only bad.

  • Timothy W. Lucas

    They have little respect for this country and should have never been elected. Then America made the same mistake, twice.

  • Roonie 2

    DISGUISTING! People all over America are strugging to pay their bills and feed their families .I do not understand where a single American can believe this is okay. I have NO RESPECT FOR THE PRESIDENT AND HIS FAMILY OR ANY AMERICAN INCLUDING ANY CONGRESSMAN OR WOMAN WHO BELIEVES WHAT HE DOES IS OKAY. It's a smack in the face for everyone.

  • DG11

    This A.. Hole has got to go!

  • Pat in Orlando

    This is disgraceful to think that the American people must keep paying for this Administration. People are still suffering on the East Coast from Sandy BUT Obama & family must have their vacation time. He is only available for photo ops BUT no action. Will lamestreet media say anything, I think not. All I can say is as long as we still have free speech WE MUST USE IT. Let you Senators & Reps know how you feel, keep up the pressure on them. Also let the Media know how disappointed you are in them, I do.

    • argusmanargus

      So lets not pay for the President's vacation or protection while on vacation, but lets do pay for repairs from Sandy.

      How about we just don't pay for either? Either way you are paying for something arbitrary, and probably very wasteful given the amount of bureaucracy we usually conjure up.

  • shar

    i don't they put them on a budget like he did for us telling us to tighten up our belt.

  • savage24

    The country would be better off if he was on permanent vacation, at least Air Force One would be parked. When he's not on vacation, he's on the perpetual campaign trail blaming G W Bush for his failures.

  • Dave

    I am not offended by Obama. I am enraged.

    • daves

      This article is such a lie. President Obama has fewer czars than President Bush did. There is no way tax payers are spending over a billion dollars a year on the presidents personal expenses.

  • Oops!

    I don't know what corner of the far-right wingnut asylum Robert Keith Gray occupies, but he's a felonious liar, and so is Giacomo for passing on Gray's malicious lies. I'll point out only 2 of the outrageous fibs told by Gray, and retold by Giacomo, only because I don't want to waste any additional time on this lunacy. Lie #1; the hourly fuel cost for a Boeing 747 is $23,192, and the hourly oil cost is $8. So, the operating cost for 18 hours of use is $417,600, and there's no way that Gray or Giacomo can get that cost to $180,000 per hour for 18 hours! Lie #2 is that idiotic one about how the family dog and his handler were the only ones on a jet trip using an aircraft from the presidential fleet. This lie was invented by one of the right-wingnut hate rags and, as usual, was then picked up by the rest of the maniacs in the asylum. But it wasn't true, and was debunked immediately!! No doubt the bottom feeders here will simply swallow the poison and spread it as best they can. All it takes is a willingness to check the facts, but none of the readers here, and certainly not Giacomo, have any interest in the facts. They never do. Oh, and by the way, George W. Bush didn't travel to Hawaii, but he was back home in Texas a lot more often (more vacation time than any president in history), so the costs for Air Force One were at least as much, and likely more than Obama's.

    • 529_Barb

      Ok hotshot......explain to me how obama graduated from Harvard when my husband attended and graduated in 1991 .... his brothers in 1986 and 1988 respectively. I have all the year books and law reviews........there is NOT ONE photo, article or any indication obama attended let alone graduated.

      • The Truth Seeker

        Dope he was president of the Law Review! Are you stupid or was it an acquired event.

        In fact, he did quite well. By the way, he made Law Review
        at the Harvard Law School and that has nothing to do with the Trump slander about Obama’s academic qualities. He also got the highest praise from Laurence Tribe, one of Harvard’s top law professors. As I recall GW Bush’s admission at Yale was just as much of an affirmative action legacy as any African-American. As to his qualities, one must admire Obama’s remarkable climb to success. Unlike his opponent John McCain who almost flunked out of Episcopal High School in DC, was 895th out of his Annapolis Class of 900 and got into the Academy because his father and grandfather were Admirals, How about GW Bush II- it didn’t hurt that his father was a president, his father was a Senator, and his bother Neil looted the Silverado National Bank, the biggest S & L bankruptcy in American history up until that time. Of course according to you he is the worst president. Maybe with your limited knowledge, you can hardly remember any president before Carter. But there were failures like Pierce, Fillmore, Buchanan, Grant, Andrew Johnson, Taft, Harding, Coolidge, Nixon and Bush II. As I recall, Obama’s job rating is still above Reagan’s at the same time in theirfirst term. But continue to rave on in your anti-diluvia world.

        • 529_Barb

          If he was president of the Law Review I'm the tooth did not attend nor do you have any of the journals.....or year books.......go live in your mind altered rabbit hole.......YOU are the dope.....perhaps ON dope.

    • AngryWhiteScooterJockey

      Hey! Why are you on this site, with your facts, and your logic, and all that fancy college boy stuff? We don't cotton to that kind of stuff around here, boy! This site is for angry, white, scooter jockeys, only. With guns.

  • NCBigmouth

    A prime example of what used to be called N* rich!

    • Ann Rand

      They really take it to the limit. Even the Queen of England doesn't spend money like they do... ...Who in the HELL do they think they are ?

  • Faye Sarren

    he know it makes Americans mad, that why he does it. It is hate. Boy, he hates us. Thank God, there is a God, who we can turn to.

  • zearman

    Somehow I can't see the Romney family doing the same thing.

    • Ann Rand

      People who are accustomed to having plenty don't act that way. This trashy bunch is Rigger Nich.

      • NoRacismHere

        No racism here.

        • Ann Rand


        • Ann Rand

          No... Just truth.

      • CuckingFunt

        Hey, I see what you you did there! Pretty clever!

    • WhatATool

      Hahahahaha. What a tool you are.

  • Annsie

    ABSURD And heS taking money from ALL OF US. Why dont they see what a spend thrift he is that vacation was not necessary since he did the cape a couple of months ago. Hes not a janitor on 24 hour call, he has aides and they make screwy
    decisions and he doesnt take the blame for anything - not even the expense WHAT FOOLS WE MORTALS BE,HE THINKS HES A GOD. HE SHOULD BE TIED UP AND PUT AWAY FOR GOOD

  • camdenme2

    Only four more years of these Socialists !!! Radicals that they are ,it will come to an end in 2016 !!!

    • Bubblegum199

      I hope it is not 4 more years. I hope Congress gets off their butt and impeaches this disgusting President. He murdered 4 Americans, he is supply a terrorist group with F15s. Wake up you dumb Americans who voted for him. Impeach him NOW

  • David Kedd

    They are no different than the oil princes who live it up in their palaces while the country starves. Obama is a disgusting human being, a waste of skin. Worthless, corrupt, murdering, lying, greedy, useless sack of fluids. He is ANTI-AMERICA, he is ANTI-AMERICANS...He is the next hitler. We think things are bad now....hmmm wait til the end of this term.

  • gbandy

    For the non-math wizards this amount represents $7for every man woman and child in this Nation. Now to me this has gone from excessive to downright insanity. I thought Obama was for the middleclass but it seems Obama is out only for Obama. Gosh he is such a narcissist he named his own dog "Bo" after himself. Oh the fools that voted for him

  • Bubblegum199

    See why we have a deficit. This Muslim and his wife feel we owe it to them. Here again, I have to thank the idiots who voted for them and I am so happy that they are being taxed now. Hope they wake up.

  • ron

    For someone, who is not worth a dime to our country, to throw away 1.4 biillion dollars a year on his pleasures is criminal.

  • namaholston

    Clearly the people out here feel the same way and want this to STOP! but how can we do it now because through fraud and deceit, along with mega-money from known and unknown sources has bought the Oval Office for him again??? How can "We The People" be heard by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Boehner, and the entire Congress, the Courts, and the unaware, uneducated, illegal and legal voters who did not know anything about him except that he was a man of color and a democrat! Where are the people who can actually read, make a decision, understand and vote for the survival of this country?

  • Nachman

    While I appreciate the importance of your figures detailing the imperious extravagance of our self-described "man of the people," the figures would be much more telling if they were to be compared with similar stats of his predecessor, George W Bush... who parenthetically served in much better economic times. If the statistics would be as I expect them to be - including a comparison of the rounds of golf played - the outrage of this president's self indulgence on the public dime would be that much more glaring.

  • ConsGram

    I say let's start the spending cuts with the O's and their elite life style on the taxpayer dolllar.
    They live like royality. People were outraged when Bush went home to ranch, but no one says a word about them. Why ?

  • GDC97

    That IS theft by DECEPTION!!


    Ah...from middle class tax dollars to the Obamas...lovely.Now we can brag world over that we have our King Barrack and Queen Michelle, the equivalent of King Charles XVI and his consort Marie Antoinette.

  • Yutts


  • Don

    To explain these outrageous costs associated to the Obamas, look no further than Congress. They have control of the country's purse.

  • tiredworker

    Michelle Obama has 24 aides, secretaries, schedulers, deputy aides, etc. Barbara Bush had six. Mamie Eisenhower's single secretary was paid out of Ike's pocket. How do we put a stop to this egocentric self-indulgence?

  • Bill

    Small price to pay for the millions of people he put on welfare and all the free programs. He worked hard to get the taxpayers' money into the pockets of al those deserving non-workers and illegals. He is diligently working to get the debt limit raised so he can spread more money around, especially to his brothers in other countries.

  • tiredworker

    Whoa! Two Obama princesses begged for a dog. Why aren't they grooming, training, walking, and pooper-scooping? There's $100K a year right there. Every little bit helps.

  • Old Oak

    So, It cost the UK $57.8 million to support the Royal Family and the US 2 BILLION to support the current presidential family? There is no way around this. It's time to admit that we made a mistake. Queen Elizabeth II, please take us back. I'm sure you wouldn't charge us much to add the USA to the other realms like Canada, Australia,New Zealand, Bermuda etc. where you serve as Head of State.What's one more country? You've got sixty years of proven competence at the job of Head of State. We are obviously doing worse with taxation WITH representation than we ever did under your great-great-great-great grandfather, George III when we had taxation WITHOUT representation. Let's get past the unpleasantness of 1776 and let bygones be bygones. We're going broke!!

    • winterman77

      QEII is a figure head not the head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of state. Man do you actually get to vote? Go to the UK and live there if you think it is so much better. Oh and go and take your guns with you, see how far you get. Oh and enjoy the gov't healthcare system too.

  • cherykie

    He should have to fork over any pension monies to repay what he has stolen from the taxpayers so far, and his free buck should stop here.He has a salary- let him use that.

  • dallasorf

    It is overwhelming but i don't think it's a good idea to get all caught up in the emotions of it - It's hypocritical and all that but to get caught up in the class envy class war fare thing - not worth it.

  • Ricky

    I am not an Obama supporter but I would like to see a story comparing this to some other presidents just to see what he cost above others

  • victoryman

    Just imagine if this was going on while the man in the highest office was named.....Bush. The state run media would be screaming impeachment at the very least. Today" Not a peep from the media pimps. Why do we tolerate this? Ask the sheeple who elected, and then re-elected this charlatan.

    • winterman77

      It was going on. It is common knowledge that Bush took more Vacation than any President before him. But hey, don't let small things like facts get in the way of your opinion. I didn't mind because W did some of his best work while on vacation. He stayed out of Cheney's way who was really running the show.

  • LooksBeforeHeLeaps

    Wow, this crowd is like a kennel of slobbering pit bulls, being tossed its first piece of red meat in several days; never mind the credibility of the information! I urge you to read the Kindle sample of the book this article is about, on Amazon (link in the story above). You'll find that the sample is long on charges, but incredibly short on sources or documentation. We need some serious fact-checking here, folks, before we get worked into a lather. The author, Robert Keith Gray, has been an apparatchik to Republican presidents since the 1950s; and was a longtime employee of Hill & Knowlton, a lobby shop known for its efforts on behalf of cigarette companies, the fracking industry, and the government of Kuwait during the fraudulent nurse testimony that led to the first invasion of Iraq. Just saying--this guy has longtime ties to the Republican Party, and right-wing interests, so he is not exactly an impartial researcher. Tread carefully.

    • Obummer

      So are you disputing the facts given and can show they are false or are you just throwing them away because the author is a Republican ?

      • LooksBeforeHeLeaps

        Neither. I'm just saying, show me the documentation. "Ooops!" who commented several postings above, pointed out some obvious problems in Gray's numbers. If you're going to make outrageous claims about the President, you'd better be prepared to show me where you got the numbers. Otherwise, you're just talking out of your butt.

        • Obummer

          So it's an outrageous claim to point out that Obama spent $7Mil for a Christmas vacation with his family when it has been clearly documented but it's not outrageous to spend $7Mil on a vacation all the while lecturing the public on how we need to tighten our belts and the rich should pay their fair share ? Don't you think it's just a bit hypocritical to spend so extravagantly while acting as your a "man of the people" ? Don't you think that maybe, just maybe the leader should lead by example or is it best to just do as I say, not as I do like so many liberal Dems like Al Gore embarrass themselves with ?? I think you can find the operational cost of AF1 on the government website and calculate it for yourself but I think you're probably still reeling from Bush taking vacations on his own ranch.

      • winterman77

        No she made a valid point that the author and his conclusion may in fact be biased. What is so hard to understand about that?

    • Tusense96761

      The president spent this much or he didn't so if you can disprove it why don't you. There is bias and there is fact, when it comes to money it is a matter of fact. So you see whether this author has a long list of republican friends has nothing to do with how much the president spends. This guy in our White House has so much arrogance that I believe it borders on his being a psychopathic. Our country is going down the tubes and he is totally irresponsible. His presidential allowance is $17,000 a month and he is spending over a billion a year is off the rails.

  • Ednar

    Link above
    informs us Obama has signed into law abridging our constitutional rights to SUPPRESS
    free speech by making it a felony to PROTEST in front of his Secret Service or in front
    of anyone he chooses .. including his staff.

    This is the Obama
    anti-protest bill # HR 347

  • DocJimmy

    I hope this hasn't duplicated anyone's comment, but; I have made a quick calculation with regard to the cost of keeping the Obama family in the White House. The amount of money Taxpayers overspend on the Obamas' is $1,399,999,999 per year...

  • TPS12

    And he can't find ways to cut spending. Wow he must be dumber then we thought.

  • ron

    Nero fiddles while Rome burns.


    The articles that are coming out in this discussion are seems to me against our president, he has it coming and the first lady also, but, who is allowing these extravaganzes? OUR BELOVED CONGRESS, which is overwellmingly REPUBLICAN, why don't they stop them? they have the purse strings. Their in it together and are no better than the democrats. We need to march on Washinton again and regain control and make citizen arrests.

    • Tusense96761

      You know the monthly allowance for a president is $17,000.
      a month and this president is spending over a billion a year. It has to be illegal what he is doing but so much that he does is illegal. I can only say he must be mentally ill how else does someone do the things this man is doing to our country and around the world and not be mentally ill. He lied and said he was eligible to be president over and over and over again. He lied and said he was a Christian, and now we find out that he hates Christianity. He has helped our enemy the Muslim Brotherhood gain power in Africa and Egypt and caused the persecution of Christians all over these countries. He has created so much fear in this country with his kill list , his drones, his spying on the American people and targeting patriots. The guy is mentally ill and should be removed under 25th amendment so the American can rest and not live in peace instead of this hell watching him destroy our country.

  • marion sutter

    I wonder if they would like to adopt a cat? I'll take care of it for a bunch less than the handler taking care of the dog. Hey I'll empty the litter box and everything for the money they throw around.

  • ketrout

    Obama and his entire administration only care for themselves and to spend our money all on them. They have NO respect for the American people, nor for the USA! Obama is GREEDY.SELF CENTERED and a AS#HOLE!

    I personally cannot even stand to hear and see this idiot and his family. As an American, I am ashamed of them. The world sees this and sees that Obama is destroying our once great country.

    • Tusense96761

      the world knows he is illegitimate president and the world wants to save us and cannot understand why our government won't. do anything about it. I believe the world will cheer the day Obama hopefully is ousted.

  • Anita D. Phillips

    They need to be put on a budget!!! Any thing over the budget comes out of their own pocket!! This is what is wrong with the system!!! Taking office is a licsence to steal and boy are we getting hosed!!! All he does is cry about how the rich are not paying their fair share!! Well!! HE IS SPENDING MORE THAN HIS FAIR SHARE!!!! All of the Congress and Senate just got a hefty raise!!! In my opinion they should get a cut in pay!!! They are already making way more than they are worth!!! I say clean house!!! Get rid of the whole bunch and start them at a lower wage!!!

    • Tusense96761

      Amen, and start by getting the usurper out of our White House. The world will cheer!

  • Silas Longshot

    Think this bonehead is expensive now? Wait'll he proclaims himself king (permanent president).

    • winterman77

      wait till you proclaim yourself Lord of all small forest creatures.

  • Carolyn Carruth

    Doing nothing=s getting the government we deserve. OR are enough voters now simply Stupid in America as concluded Jon Stossel years ago.

  • H-burg 2

    This Muslim was selected not elected. This country is so corrupt that the powers that be put who they want in the Whitehouse! Almost everyone in this USofA wonder why the American people voted this guy for a 2nd term? Wake up people, no one re-elected this ____ , Can't anyone figure this out for themselves? Wake up and smell the coffee!!

    • martha chandler

      As I have stated. I don't know what cabal put this guy in office, we'll never know that. He knew he was never going to lose the election. Question is, what if this is never his last and final term?

      • winterman77

        The US majority who don't wear tin foil on their head elected him and re-elected him. Maybe they know something you don't?

    • Tusense96761

      I know, it is sad for it wasn't until this last election that it became so obvious it was rigged. How can we ever trust the system again and why didn't Romney fight the fraud of Obama? And why is our government, our military letting us the people be freaked out because we have an enemy from within destroying our country from within and wrecking havoc on the world and he isn't legitmately our president? Why with all the people in our government can't anyone save this country from the Obama nightmare.

  • gsreagan

    It's time for someone to do the US of A favor and take care of BHO and his minions, all of them. They are nothing but blood suckers out to destroy our beloved country. His presence is the antichrist in sheeps clothing. His mode of living the high life should piss off the lower class as much as it does the hard working American taxpayers. It's becomming 1776, again.

    • winterman77

      Lol, like you pay taxes. He tried to lower them for you and you spit in his face...Oh wait are you a Billionaire? Oops nevermind.

  • Moose

    That's $3,835,616 per day for the Obama family or 140,000 more people with health insurance or 46,666 families out of poverty.

  • Moose

    I forgot to mention that $1.4B is 700,000 Bushmaster Assault Rifles.

  • Dan

    Who elected this Idiot. This is why America if falling apart.

  • B. Brown

    Jealous, much?!?

  • govtrumbull

    The only official governmental body that can slow down the spending of the Obama's is Congress. There are no limitations as to how much as far as Obama will spend. He simply doesn't care about how much he takes from the taxpayer. All he cares about is lining his own pockets and setting himself up to rule America as long as he possibly can. The only way this "president" (small "p") will ever leave the White House is to be either carried out kicking and screaming, or carried out when he dies in office.

    What we have in Obama is a man who wants to be a dictator and there are people who have been urging him to achieve that status. The man Americans have elected will turn out to be the most dangerous "leader" in the world. Not only is he out to destroy America, but he also endorses the U.N. New World Order of global governance which endangers every nation on the face of the Earth.

    Obama is one, dangerous S.O.B. for everyone; except for radical Islam; which is the agenda that he supports for everyone. He is not going to be benevolent when his policies and plans are instituted in his second term.

    • winterman77

      Just what size tin foil hat do you wear Sir?

  • del

    How thoroughly disgusting and unecessary! Neither one of them is worth spit

  • Becky Kuehn

    Obama is doing exactly what he is told to do. He is the puppet and their is a Puppet Master!

  • djw663

    It's only money isn't it obama you POS.

  • getreal13


  • magnus

    Get a life people. And while you're at it, go get a job.

  • craig


  • william spires

    Balance the budget now, impeach Barack Hussein Obama for treason. His family vacations alone is enough to break the bank.

  • Richard Holmes

    Hang them all!

  • boyd

    I say keep paying barry boy's living expenses. Bernie Madoff needs some company.

  • underthewire

    Not bad for a foreigner. Just think what it would cost if he was a citizen.

    • winterman77

      are you for real? Birthers, lol. Don't let the truth get in your way Sir.

  • Lou7


  • futurelife

    From what I have seen so far with the people of this great Nation, they talk but won't do anything about it. Just take a look at this nation. Look what is on TV, look at what the laws do and who they protect. Look hard at the entitlements that keep getting bigger and they love it. Look at the people who didn't vote to make sure this country is safe from this government because they either thought it wasn't worth it, too much trouble, oh, it doesn't hurt me any, and the worse of all, they don't want to stop watching their "TV show". Just can't miss that to drive to vote. This country is finished IF we don't SAY NO, IF we don't get out there and do something. Take action. WE had allowed our government to take out of our schools all laws that taught our children what NOT to do and now we are allowing sex on TV and that is OK. WE are allowing filth to be put on TV in which our kids and parents watch and now have accepted gays, mix marriage, living out side of marriage, murder with no payment but a jail time paid for by the tax payers, mob robberies which keep going on to where one can't to out and shop without fear, voters who don't work but take take and take without cause and still get to vote. THAT needs to be stopped. ONLY if you WORK for a living and get a pay check, then you only get to vote. AND etc. Once they put in a law to stop sells of high end guns, then comes laws to stop private gun sales among people, then laws to make sure everyone must register every gun in your home and then last of all, the taking of all guns by the government. WE then become China, Russia, Germany and what Hitler did, Cuba and on and on to the countries who don't allow guns by anyone but the government.

    • Tusense96761

      You honestly don't believe Obama won the election do you? Well he stole it . So those of us that did vote thinking it mattered were in for a big pile of fraud, starting with one of Obama's largest campaign supporters, George Sores. Well a 8 months prior to thew election Sores bought a voting machine company. He managed to get his new machines in over a hundred precincts and we also know about all those voting machines that were switching the votes from Romney to Obama, then there was all those dems that voted 2, 3 and 5 times,then there was all the dead people that voting, even Obama voting twice, once or Barack Obama and they found evidence he voted in Wash. DC under the name of Barry Soetoro. What about Obama blocking the entire military from voting? Then there were so many precincts that Obama got more than 100 percent of the vote which is statistically impossible. It is a sad state of affairs when our vote doesn't count, but it is worse that we have an illegal president that is ineligible undocumented, a fraud, forger an identity their and congress has done nothing but let him destroy our country from within. He is destroying the future of our children.

  • Retro Ranger

    So much money for the "Great American Fiasco"!!!

  • cordwinder

    Bad Decisions make good stories.

  • JoMama

    Margaret Thatcher once said "It's great when spending other people's money - until you run out of it."

  • winterman77

    why would you compare the 56 million the Brits pay for the Royal Family? They are the wealthiest Family in the World and do not govern the country. What do they pay for the Prime Minister as well? Show me how many Vacation days Bush took and what it cost us and then show me your posted outrage and I will give you some credit. If not then show me where you get all of your information was it from the book you referenced? Probably not, Stop with the rhetoric and show me the facts!

    • Tusense96761

      I doubt any president has taken advantage of the people like this- over a billion in personal spending by Obama. How dare you even try to defend his wrongdoing by deflecting it in bringing up Bush. You should be ashamed of yourself defending his actions. We are in the here and now..
      Obama is an Obamanation and should be impeached over this outrageous spending. Impeached! He is the worst president to set foot in the White House and he is an impostor an undocumented, fraud, forger, identity thief who is even be in our White House.

  • Tusense96761

    This should be an impeachable offense. How dare they spend this much even in a good economy this would be an outrage. They are so arrogant it makes me sick. Of course congress does nothing. This government is not the people's government at all. Congress doesn't want Obamacare for themselves or their staffs and the president is deciding this without law that they don't have to have it. What congress especially you dems, what's good enough for the people is not good enough for you? This whole this Snowden exposed illegal spying and collecting data on the American people has been going on the entire time Obama has been in office. Congress acts like they are doing something about it, holding hearings isn't enough. Some arrests need to be made! Oh and what about the baks illegally foreclosing on millions of Americans, first the Federal Reserve which sets interests rates crashed the economy when they raised interests rates. Well the Federal Reserve are the banks the same banks that are illegally foreclosing on America. Starting to get the picture this was their plan. Obama was in on it and is letting them get away with ripping the American dream right out from under us only to throw us and keep our equity in the streets. It is time to revolt when a government steals and doesn't protect its people it is not a government of the people. We should stop paying taxes, stop banking with Chase, BOA, JP Morgan, Melon Bank, Wlells Fargo and stop watching and support ing ( their advertisers) network news, General Electric, Disney you''ll have to look up who advertises on the news programming of the networks that are not exposing the government and corporation wrongdoing. Maybe they will be forced to go away or bankrupted if we the people cumulatively stop spending money with them. Put your money in the small banks buy products from companies that care. We have to tell them somehow and since congress ignores our millions of letters demanding some sense of legality and fairness in Washington we have to do something besides storming the capitol with pots and pans. Pots and pans worked for the people of Iceland in replacing their government over the bank mortgage crisis.