Nearly 1,000 Ohio Educators Apply for Firearms Training

Should teachers and school administrators be armed?

In the wake of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the question of allowing teachers and school administrators to carry concealed weapons at school has been a hot topic of debate.  But while the nation debates the issue, teachers and administrators in some states are taking action.

Federal law states that a person must have a concealed carry permit in order to be in possession of a firearm on school property.  But states have different laws.  Ohio’s laws also require a concealed carry permit PLUS the approval of the local school board in order to possess a weapon on school property.

Knowing the Ohio laws, Buckeye Firearms Foundation has offered free attendance to educators to their Armed Teacher Training Program which will provide educators with the necessary information to help them obtain a conceal carry permit.  The cost of the program is $1000 which covers room, board, ammunition and other materials supplied during the course.  Since they are a non-profit organization manned by volunteers, it helps keep the cost down.  They are covering the costs of the course with monies they have raised and donations from other sponsors.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation only has room for 24 openings in the program.  By January 2, they had over 650 applicants and I just heard on the local news that the number of applicants has climbed to over 900 and more are coming in every day.  Nearly 20% of the applicants are from principals and vice principals.

So while politicians, both liberal and conservative wage their debate on the ethics and the practicality of allowing firearms in schools or banning them from every American, teachers are clamoring for firearm training and concealed carry permits.  Perhaps those are the people we need to be listening to.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Now THAT's what ya call ''Homeland Security''.

    • Robert Gunther

      I agree, nothing better.

    • Doodlebug

      I hope that these schools also take down the "gun free zone" signs and put up big ones that let the crooks, (who will always have a gun), know that "this school is armed with trained professionals." If the newspaper can print the names and addresses of people who legally own guns, the school should be able to announce that they too are armed. I hope that the federal government keeps their noses out of this one but I bet they won't. I just love the fact that the obummer girls not only have secret service protection but 8 or 11 armed guards protecting them. How about the rest of us??

    • True Patriot

      Now, the action of these Ohio educators applying for firearms training is the answer to the problem. Gun control IS NOT the answer because it wouldn't work. Criminals obtain guns wrhether it's against the law or not.

  • leadfoot320

    I'm all for that ! Front Site also will give free training to teachers with school approval. I have been through one of their classes and it is great. i will be going back in the near future. great teachers ! When you need help now the police are only 20 min. away !!!

    • RedMeatState

      more like 45 minutes minimum!!

  • Rub

    Gods speed "LIBERTY'S" awesome


  • TexasJim

    Just took the CHL course and applied for license here in Texas. A comment from the instructor, a 30 veteran of the Air Force special forces, and instructor to the military, and currently a Chief of Police for a suburb of Dallas. His comment on having armed guards in schools, they become "bullet sponges", i.e. the first target for a nut case wanting to shoot up a school is the guy in a uniform. It makes 'em easy to spot, uniform and a gun on his hip, and you can see the status of the gun.
    This is why if we want to protect our currently easy targets, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, schoold, i.e. lots of targets and low risk of anyone shooting back because it's illegal to cary a gun, we need to allow properly trained and licensed citizens to carry concelled weapons there. Put up signs indicating that there are people present carrying concelled weapons on the premises. This has proven to work (the Colorado theater nut passed up two other theaters because they allowed cancelled carry).
    Common sense. Doesn't fit the "politically Correct" gun control story line.

    • wminaz

      Texas Jim Do the Sky Marshalls wear uniforms ? Your case is made.

  • Carl Stevenson

    One armed person isn't enough to provide adequate security to a facility the size of most schools.
    Israel had some horrific school massacres. Their solution? Train and arm the teachers. It works. They haven't had a major incident since, despite being surrounded by madmen sworn to kill all Jews and wipe Israel from the face of the planet.
    From my point of view, as a father of three and grandfather of 10, if the teachers aren't willing to take responsibility for the defense of their charges they should find another job and let someone who will defend the children take the position.
    The principal in CT bravely tried to defend her students, but she was doomed from the start and had no chance. No matter how anti-gun she may have been (I don't know), I'd bet at the end she wished she had a gun so she would have had at least a fighting chance. Would she have died anyway? Perhaps, but at least her final bravery wouldn't have been futile.

  • CaliforniaCarol

    I wonder if BofA is willing to have armed guards at the bank banned and also to ban the use of armed Brinks trucks. Bank of America's money should be fine with a driver in a Government Motors Convertible. Will boycott Bank of America. People, until we start boycotting the media and Hollywood where it affects their bank accounts they will continue to bully us. They will not listen until we hit their bank accounts.

    • RedMeatState

      so very true.

  • gbandy

    Lets face the facts. Our Nation has and is deteriorating everyday. You can get suspended from school for a Romney T-shirt and you certainly cannot sing Christmas Carols which promote Jesus. So it is time we are all armed and trained.....than we are dangerous to the bad people in this Nation. The Mom who shot the burglar 5 times is a perfect example. This guy was out to rob and God knows what else. It is better to be Tried of 12 than carried by 6. We all must be ready for where this country is going.

  • dad666

    An Armed Society Is A Polite Society, EVERYWHERE THERE IS CARRY RIGHTS.

  • Gizmo51

    Better use of their time than educating.

  • Watchmanonwall

    I hope more organizations can follow suit and offer training in other areas and other states. Then they can save the room and board costs if training is closer to home.
    24 spots for 900-1000 applicants is just a start, but in the correct direction.

  • Silas Longshot

    Every school district in the USA should demand the end of gun free killing zones AND allow any responsible adult who wishes to, get licensed and carry. ALWAYS.

  • hongryhawg

    Chicago especially,.

  • Kent2012

    it is a good thing that Ohio has a republican governor. if there was a communist in there kenyan boy would call and order those hero educators be fired and brought up on charges. on second thought, they would just forgo the trial and put them against the wall

  • Texas Tanker

    The deterrence comes from the fact that the armed criminal can't identify who might be carrying a concealed pistol. Dr. John Lott and several others have performed numerous peer-reviewed studies that clearly indicate the effect concealed carry laws have in reducing crime rates. The results are repeatable and withstand scruitiny.
    It is amazing when one begins to survey the methods available to carry a pistol in a concealed manner on one's person. For women there are bra-holsters, tuckable inside the waist-band holsters (IWB), ankle holsters, shoulder holsters, and many more. When carefully selected and properly fitted, it is all but impossible to determine that the woman is paking a pistol. Most of the same options are available for males.
    Only a few folks would actually need to carry. The principal and superintendant would be the only ones who would know. There are a few rural districts that have adopted this practice here in Texas. Some have done so for several years without accident or incident. Makes too much sense and it is so not politically correct - people taking individual initiative rather than waiting for BIG government to cram a solution down their throat!


    God watch over these brave teachers and students that they will protect.I am proud to be a Buckeye, Don't ley our sons, daughters and grandchildren be left unprotected. Obama and Clintons children have paid arem guards. Think about it.