Bank of America Leads Charge Against Guns

The Democrats' campaign against the Second Amendment is obvious and expected after the Sandy Hook shootings.

But the gun grabbers are also getting some help from Bank of America.

According to Joe Sirochman, owner of American Spirit Arms, the bank out of the blue on Dec. 18 decided to delay processing deposits, threatening his company's operations.

American Spirit, like other gun sellers, has seen a huge increase in online sales in recent months, up 500 percent, according to a Dec. 29 Facebook posting by Sirochman.

The company has been a BofA customer for more than 10 years and had no problems until last month, when the bank held up the company's online deposits.

Sirochman said he got the run-around until he finally was connected with a manager who told him, "We believe you should not be selling guns and parts on the Internet."

The company has since found a new bank, Sirochman said Monday. "We had to fight tooth and nail to get them released," Sirochman wrote. "We have now gotten most of the deposits and have set up new accounts with a local bank."

This is not the first time BofA has singled out customers involved in gun manufacturing and selling, but the timing of the punitive review of American Spirit's accounts, just the second business day after the Sandy Hook shootings, puts the bank clearly on the side of the gun grabbers and the current push by the White House to eliminate the Second Amendment.

While it's unknown if BofA management decided on its own to go after American Spirit, it would not be surprising if there were a phone call from Obama Administration officials directing the bank's attention toward the gun seller.

The bank is a major contributor to the William J. Clinton Foundation. Chairman Charles Holliday is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and has deep ties to numerous liberal causes and businesses that support the Left's agenda. CEO Brian Moynihan is a director of BlackRock Inc., one of BofA's major investors and a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which was founded in part by Bank of America.

The Council on Foreign Relations "think tank" is the octopus that has its tentacles in the United Nations, the Obama Administration and Democratic political campaigns going back at least to Michael Dukakis' presidential bid. Corporate members include major companies like Exxon, Coca Cola, Google, Walmart and Soros Fund Management. It's one of the primary movers behind the United Nations' Agenda 21, one component of which is -- complete lack of surprise -- global gun control.

As the fight over Americans' right to defend themselves warms up this month, expect the Left to attack not just through government but through its puppet businesses as well.



  • True Patriot

    I will never bank at Bank of America ever again and I will tell my family and friends to do the same. What this bank did is a blatant disregard for the law and of course the U.S. Constitution. Of course, Obama told them to do it because he hates the Constitution.

    • Remington 870

      Now we know who never to bank with. Time to fight fire with fire. We are living in a third world dictatorship, just haven't been told we are there.

      • 57Chevy

        I have been banking with B of A for over 20 years now.! I'M OUT of there ASAP!. BYE BYE You liberal crumbs!!!!!!!!

        • Doodlebug

          Good for you 57Chevy - I wonder what kind of a kick--back B of A is getting. Weren't they the bank that paid back most of their bailout but we, the paying people didn't get any of our money back.

        • Teresa

          Several years ago, several of the B of A refused to fly the American flag, I wonder how they protect their bank. hmmmm I pulled my money out several years ago over the flag issue.

        • 57Chevy

          Right on Doodlebug! where is OUR Bail out??????? Refund???? etc. Just MORE taxes & MORE taxes! A typical Lib. socialist agenda!

        • Baf

          This is the same bank that gave credit cards to Illegals (aliens) as well but wouldn't give us a slight credit increase with perfect credit. About 50% of those issued credit cards were defaulted on and BA customers had to bail them out. Stupid!

        • r

          I'm with you. Pulling my $$$ and closing my account. Who are they to dictate to us? I thought they were a service organization; not a branch of the government.

    • Sharr

      I'm out - this is more bo and the thuggery!

    • Doug Thorsen

      I completely agree with you, the unfortunate thing is that even if BOA were to go bankrupt because of the massive defection of patriots cancelling their dealings with this Obama puppet company, they would simply get (another) bailout from the Obama regime using taxpayer money (that we don't have). At least the customers leaving in droves over this issue would send a message to them that we're not just going to take this sort of thing lying down.

      • Chester Teetor

        same back that gives illeagels c/cards

        • slickzip

          YEP a lot of people have forgotten about that ,,,,

        • jimbyonly

          Yes they have! I closed my accounts with BofA Over that! They sent me a letter attempting to cover,From a third party,that was joke.

        • quipster

          So did I !

        • omg

          And cover the illegals when their accounts fold? Smart move. Better get your $$$ out before they go belly up...

        • wminaz

          I used to bank with them but I left when they started screwing around and opening up accounts for illegals. They went after a small business here in AZ (18 employees) by holding up their proceeds from credit cards after they had shipped the orders to customers. They'll probably get sued for that stunt. When a bank starts acting unpredictably like B of A is it is time to get the hell away from them.

        • obummerhater

          This bank also shut down a gun companies account in arizona as well. They offer illegal immigrants credit cards without needing a social security number. Its ok they charge 28% interest to cover those peoples charges when they don't pay and it doesn't affect their credit since they use no ss number. Being a natural born citizen doesn't help us in this country!!

        • Kent2012

          it seems appropriate, now that we have kenyan boy in the oral office, that all attacks on Real Americans should be financed with money stolen from the taxpayers, oh and have another vacation Benghazi bungler, you have been working too hard. you should also take along some of the communists in the house and senate, you know pe$lutsi and that little slime ball reidy. oh and invite that communist piece of trash cuomo from communist headquarters east

      • Bay0Wulf

        Yes but ... if WE ALL look around and determine what businesses support the Liberal Policies and Agendas and WE ALL boycott them to the BEST OF OUR ABILITIES then the Bailouts will have to end.

        The Administration can bail out a couple, a few, even many but ... sooner or later, they are going to have to realize that they CAN'T BAIL OUT everybody. Besides, while a bailout might get them past a rough patch or two, they don't make any serious profits in the meantime.

        IF WE CRUNCH THEIR BOTTOM LINES hard enough, even their bean counters will get the drift.

      • Curry

        Leaving companies that want to destroy the very rights which protect freedom to do business is only the first step - it must be shown to the tyrants who have said they are coming for our guns the strength of our numbers, and I am not speaking only of those citizens who are members of some or another firearms advocacy organization. All citizens have a stake in this battle, Loss of the right to keep and bear arms will be followed by the loss of all of our other rights, and I am not speaking of those mentioned in the Bill of Rights. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were not written to "give" us our rights - fact is, we already had them before there was any civic government on this continent. The Bill of Rights says to the federal government "hands off!" Our "Declaration of Independence" states that our our rights are from God and as it is our first duty to honor our God, we are bound to do all He would expect us to do to protect what He has given us.
        The NRA, etc. must launch a "million-man" march on the UN this March, unarmed, peaceful. [In addition to giving a big economic boost to NYC for the damage caused by Sandy] the UN must be made aware of our unity and our resolve. The message to the UN and through the UN Obama, is simple: if in spite of our determined and massive presence you remain ignorant enough to dare to attempt to disarm us, we are coming back, armed. You had best be on an airplane well out over the ocean before we return. Your filthy ideas are not wanted here and we will defend them with lawful force, if necessary. .

        • ves

          Actually we need a march on congress and the senate .... let the bigmouths see what can happen to THEM ...hillary biden axelrod reid pelosi obama jarrett sjLee boehner mcconnel schummer waters LIARS!!
          I wouldn't give NY a dime!! The fools up there let that marxist communist socialist Bloomers and the unions run that state!

        • Kent2012

          good idea, unfortunately the result would be kenyan boy's SS tank battalions would be out there squishing you ala tiannamin square

      • igotacomment

        And I agree with you ... unless we (or YOU) draw a proverbial "line in the sand' and refuse to do business, or at least decrease your business dealings with them, nothing will happen.

        Conservatives have to start sticking up for themselves sometime ... let it begin now.

    • Shane

      BoA is also very friendly towards illegal aliens too. It should change its name to Bank of the World.

      • calcul8ed

        Shane, they're already there. hey are a primary player in the "Clintons" plan. We need to shut it all down, starting with the UN who has never been a friend to America. However they take our money to support their "Club".

        Corporate members include major companies like Exxon, Coca Cola, Google, Walmart and Soros Fund Management. It’s one of the primary movers behind the United Nations’ Agenda 21, one component of which is — complete lack of surprise — global gun control

        Read more:

    • pretzeldude

      I dumped them 10 years ago. They can't even get the banking right now they want to tell a gun business how to do business. F*#K THEM.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      BOA got me so "enthused" I called many friends last night, who called many friends who did the same. The BOA in my area had a nice line going in to their "fine" institution today. We all have friends so pick up your phone and call everyone you know. Again, the number for BOA Corporate headquarters is 704 386-5681 Tell the big "Mac" just want you think about the Second Amendment. American Spirit is 480 367-9540. They sell great weapons and I will give my total support to an AMERICAN company. Let's get mobilized.

  • Screeminmeeme

    I don't bank there, but patriots who do should all withdraw their money and make it clear to them why they going elsewhere.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    I just closed all my BOA accounts

  • Lindy

    I will see if Bank of America backs off, and if not, I will cancel all my accounts and dealings with them.

    • tony

      Been there, done should all good Americans

    • tony

      How much evil have you seen back off?

    • Watchmanonwall

      they won't. you should now. Plus let them know why.

    • Tim Cognito

      'backs off"? really? don't hold your breath waiting for that. I closed my accounts there many years ago because their policies are anti consumer and certainly feel un-American. After a few years with JP Morgan/Chase, I went to a credit union. The smartest money move ever. No fees, services and features that make a bank blush with shame and 3 times the interest on my accounts. What else could you ask for? Yes, they already serve fresh hot coffee. 😉

  • Gun Owner

    Time to shut down B of A. Don't bank there!

  • ETA3

    Was buying stock today but I saw this and I have cancelled all dealings with BofA I don't need them they need us! I can't see anything good about them any more!

    • CaptTurbo

      It was a sell anyway. Not a buy.

  • mdlman1

    Boycott the Obama marxist pigs at BOA. These bums are just an extension of the Statist Regime and are entirely covered for all of their woes by the Obama Marxist Pigs. Close them down throught the boycott............!!!!

    • Doodlebug

      Boycott anything the obummer marxist pigs try to do. And now, we have this jerk who wants to abolish the 2 term presidential rule and have him run for a third term. God help us all. We will be a communistic country and him the dictator. Everyone says it won't happen, we have the Constitution to follow and keep him from doing it. obummer has no respect for the Constitution, for America or the American people. Dictator is his aim with all power and glory given to him. Not from me however!! There are plenty of places he could go and so I don't see why he is set on breaking America.

      • a

        Dictator wannabe is what obamy is! Should change his name to Hitler Jr.

      • Mike Tanco

        It is time for the intelligent people to put a stop to this communist SOB. He adds insult to his ideology by being a frigging Muslim. He says he is a Christian but there isn't a Christian living or one that has ever lived that would pull the s__t he has. Read up on a guy named Adolph Hitler and see if you see any similarities.

        • Doodlebug

          I don't know of any "christian" who would be on the side of abortion, gay marriage, the taking away of our freedoms, lying, running down the country he is suppose to be governing or not caring what the Constitution says. He is claiming he is a christian but there is a BIG difference in claiming to be a christian and actually being one. I haven't seen anything that he does being as christian activity. Never hear much about him going to church to worship as a christian. Guess he is toooooooooooo busy playing golf.

  • S&WM&P

    Time to redo my mortgage, again!

  • NamelessN00b

    Don't do business with Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan, or Goldman Sachs, either, to be safe!

    • Jason

      All Federal Reserve banks! Stay away from these!

      • noelle2011

        Jason ALL banks are part of the federal reserve as this is where the money comes from
        it is time to ABOLISH the fed reserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sharr


    • Doug Thorsen

      Good point, perhaps just go with your local credit union if you have one, at least more of the money stays in your local community.

  • Greg T Beaty

    Bank of America suck and I would never do business with Bank of America.

  • Samurai_Sam

    Blatant disregard for law seems to be a pattern for Bunco America. For them to take a stand against the constitution is no surprise since they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar more than once. Time to send them a very loud and clear message by boycotting them, but since they have the lips so firmly implanted on the kings ass they'll just get another taxpayer bailout and we'll wind up paying the price again.

    Too big to fail?
    Should read "too big should fail".

    • sn

      Notice how things have gone down hill for the United States since this dictator wannbe got into office. The fools that voted him in voted to destroy the United States of America........

  • de

    boa lost a payment made in full to a well known entity, even though the money had been deducted from the payers account and their bank had the canceled image. Even with the canceled image in hand the boa denied having received payment and would not until payers bank got involved release the money to the large entity. The documented received paid for services check image proof was not good enough for boa and the entity was not paid by their own bank boa but decided to not continue to file lack of payment against the people who clearly had paid for services supplied..

    • Del Abbey

      Crooked banking is not new: AVOID BANK 'BUNCO' OF (UN)-AMERICA

  • hiskid1964

    me to

  • Ed Watson

    “Hitler disarmed the
    Jews and others, then murdered about 15 million; Stalin disarmed the Russians,
    then murdered about 40 million; Mao disarmed the Chinese peasants, then
    murdered nearly 100 million; over 170 million people murdered by their own
    governments in the 20th Century. . .after
    they allowed those governments to disarm them!”

    “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of
    chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may
    take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”– Speech at St. John’s
    Church, Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

    If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without
    bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too
    costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the
    odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse
    case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is
    better to perish than to live as slaves. Winston Churchill

    • Dick Grace

      I learned that line in high school and have always admired Patrick Henry. I will protect your back after all we are all in this together. What our forefathers died for we must not surrender.

      • DWinch

        Freedom, like salvation was bought and paid for with blood.

  • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    After especially the past four years or so and having watched how this bank more than most others caters to illegals and inflicts their political thoughts on those that make the severe mistake of banking with them, it's a wonder that people and especially businesses still subject themselves to this banks whims by choosing to still use them as their bank.

  • Gary

    Pass this information along to everyone you know. B of A should get no Second Amendment defenders business

  • Robert Gunther

    I personally will never do business with Bank of America
    again and close all accounts.

  • FlyTyer2

    Thats a switch, a bank that looks at how you make your money before accepting it for deposit. How many banks launder money for criminals? Most if not all. The hippies who tried to burn down a BofA bank in Southern California back in the early 70's may have been right after all. I once had an account with BofA, no longer.

  • fed up1

    It is time to boycot Bank of America. All conservitives and Gun owners need to stop doing business with BOA. Close your accounts and bank with a true conservitve bank. I did and willl never accept a payment on a BOA account. I told my customers to find a different method for payment in the future. Stand up for your Morals or be a sheep!

    • Doug Thorsen

      I'm assuming since this Obama puppet company is so against the sale of guns, that they do not have armed security guards? Isn't it "interesting" that the most avid and rabid anti-gun fanatics are the very same ones who so oftentimes have armed guards up to the hilt protecting THEIR own interests! Not only BOA, but many celebrities as well (specifically, Rosie O'Donnell).

      • DWinch

        It's called a double standard, to match their double faces.

        • sn

          Do as I say, NOT as I DO syndrome. They must be better than US, right? NOT!!!!!!

  • TheRaghead

    I am closing my BOA account today. 15 years, This is enough. Use OUR power of the purse band them to go to H*** as I am!

  • Del Abbey

    BYE BYE Bunk of Un American hope you fold up!!

  • Elton Robb

    I'm not opening an account with Bank of America.

    • Watchmanonwall

      Perhaps I might open an account, just so I can close it and tell them why.

  • chann charlie

    I have wanted to withdraw my money from Bank Of America for their violations of the law but get away with it, I will now do that and with drawl my funds when I find a bank that says they will not do such a thing and are in other states in the USA like North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and others. Everybody take your money out of this bank, Bank of America and part of that bank has used Banc of America, who the hell owns this bank?

  • jo_ella

    I am sure this was done with 0bama's blessings or at the very least with democrat senator and reps approval....sound pretty darn illegal to me! God help us, is this what we have to look forward to???

    • Tim Cognito

      One might easily understand that BofA has no problem with gun money. Or drug money. Or prostitutes or smugglers, or any other kind of ill-gotten gains. They do have exposure to a potential problem with the government, however, if they do not do as they are told.

  • baron von smartsmeller

    Ban bank of america, it's not a bank but a consortium of fraudulent constitution hating thugs that has intentions of assisting the destruction of our republic. I say run on the bank...

  • scientist5

    I left them 5 years ago for a different reason, but I hope gunowners will send a message by closing their accounts a B of A. The company has no call to act on behalf of all of its depositors - this is exactly what they have done.

    • elmerf

      Was it because BOA is a criminal organization? Look at their practices and one can see why.

  • tony

    New Name for BofA: BofAA: Bank of Anti-Americans

  • jonrmoore

    John Paul Jones, a Christian prophetm has said that BofA will fail in the near future. I am praying that it will happen soon.

    • agbjr

      The Bank of America was founded at San Francisco in 1904 by Amadeo P. Giannini as the Bank of Italy. John Paul Jones died in 1792.

      • jonrmoore

        You are right--I meant John Paul Jackson. He also forecasted that the Mississippi River would be too shallow for shipping. That was in the headlines over the weekend.

        • agbjr

          Just wanted to be sure ... from your previous postings I gather you're a Constitution-abiding Citizen and not a nut-case. Lock'n'load, keep it close and ready.

      • Tim Cognito

        Maybe someone else has the same name. I've seen this a few times in phone books.. of the past. LOL

    • Nick

      Hey that's the awesome bass guy from Led Zepplin. Greatest rock a d roll band ever. Check out their new DVD from their 2007 reunion tour. Doubt JBJ knows much about banking except where to stash all their royalties.

  • Jason

    Bank of America, Federal Reserve, Central Banking, Gun Control... anyone else see the connection?

    • Tim Cognito

      Jason, the connection is obvious.

      Ever since Britain banned all guns, the police are now required, at times, to carry them and wear body armor. Why would an unarmed society require their police to be prepared, for the first time in their history, for a full-on assault? Because they have found out, the hard way, that banning guns does not eliminate guns. It just eliminates the ability of those who obey the law, to defend against them. It is now common knowledge that the police are the only law abiding people with guns and able to defend, so the police have become the targets of gunfire as violent crime has risen by 35% according the British news reports.

      Chicago banned all guns, just like the Brits. They too, are now the murder capitol of the US, with the greatest number of school aged kids ever killed with guns. It’s not hard to understand that violent criminals do not look for a fight; they look for victory and unarmed people increase that probability immensely. Not rocket science. Most violent crime takes place in gun-free zones. Wow. Imagine that.

      Did we learn nothing from the Prohibition Act or Hitler's Enabling Act of 1933?

      Those in favor of banning equalized self-defense, need to brush up on their
      critical thinking skills. 25 years with no gun murders says something about how
      to fix a problem. In a town in Georgia, where gun ownership is mandatory, no
      one shoots anyone. If you were being attacked by a person with a gun, would you
      want to be surrounded by people with guns, or totally un-armed and defenseless
      victims? This isn't rocket science.
      Even the FBI now reports that with the steady increase in gun sales since 2007, there has been an equally steady decline in gun violence from all types of guns...hand guns to battles weapons, referred to as 'as sault weapons'. The only places that see an increase in gun violence are those cities, like Chicago, that ban guns. Gun-free zones are a killer's best opportunity. Zero resistance. And the FBI's latest reports support that conclusion.

      Publishing the names of everyone who is taking mood-altering medications and
      anti-depressants would make more sense, since the common thread in all of these shootings is as animated crazy person using prescribed medications (or failing to take their dose) killing others, using any weapon or bomb that they choose; not inanimate guns, all by themselves. Yet we can all see how clearly that would be an invasion of privacy. Leaving a teenager with a gun makes him no more inclined to kill, than leaving him with a broom makes him want to clean his room. But for a fear-filled society of victims and not winners, which revels in abandoning all responsibility for being decisive adults, then handing over basic rights to others to control for them and, consequently, their lives, is what we should expect.

      Those who think that we should give up Constitutionally protected rights should
      start by giving up their First Amendment Rights, and keep that thought to

      • Zalman Shalom

        It was the London bobbies who never carried guns for over one hundred years(STOP OR I'LL TOOT!). Now the criminals are better armed then they are.

  • Tutu

    Every Patriot who believes in the constitution should close their accounts in mass. It is time for us to stand up and fight for our freedoms. I will never do business with BOA and hope you will send a message by finding another institution for your banking.

  • mariad

    this is exactly the kind of info citizens need and never forget that every penny, nickol, dime, dollar and so on that anyone spends--is a vote of its own.
    i will be closing all b of a accts and telling likeminded folks.

  • Tutu

    I was thinking of buying BOA stock, but have changed my mind. I will not do business with them.

  • Marcella Covault

    The BofA also supports the "animal rights" organization, the Humane Society of the U.S. (H$U$). The Animal Agriculture Alliance and other animal industries changed their bank after finding that out and getting stonewalled by high-up BofA employees regarding their support of a sociopathic organization.

  • william russell

    Hey all we need to stand up for our rights and fight what is going on. Lets send them a message and pass it around to move all your accounts out of bank of america. They do not deserve our business. Isn't it strange that warren buffet, a friend of obama, has bought a large share of stock in the company. It seems that obama went to buffet and told him to tell bank of america to not accept sales from this company. Please everyone stand up for america send a message, if we loose this battle we will loose in other areas.

    • Tim Cognito

      It is pretty obvious that BofA does as they are told to do. If they should suffer from this, other banks might put up more resistance when the White House tries to direct future bank policy.

  • JR1776


  • agbjr

    Where's Bonnie and Clyde when you need them?

  • enough

    WTP should start a bank opf our own and the requirements are to be an NRA life member and freeze all the anti's accounts should the gov claim discrimination. All political BS donation transaction would be held until after a period of time. Time to support only small business and Constitution supporting businesses. Hit them were it all matters MONEY.

  • Meg Jones

    In my town of Barrington RI BOA was robbed twice, guy had no visible gun, but the bank hired and ARMED GUARD for the next month until he was caught. Ironic. If the robber saw an armed guard or knew that a teller might be armed there would probably be far less robberies.

    • BohdanUke1

      "...probably be far less robberies"? Duh! Really definitive. It's like saying, 1+1=2... ah, well, maybe... Meg, I'm not upset with you, but for too long we've all been unwilling to think and speak with clarity. I remember an old joke: "Sir, do you have problems making decisions?" Guy answers, "well, sometimes yes, sometimes no."

  • gingerjo

    I asked my wife if we had any thing to do with Bof A and she said no and would never consider a loan of any sort backed by BofA. BofA doesn't have any business telling people what they can buy with their own money and I will do all possible with telling my family about the banks bad will

  • rewind

    Its time to put bank of ameria on the do not do buisness with. The boycott has begun. I won't do buisness with them ever again if I can help it.

  • willy

    B of A stands for "bunch of a#@holes"

  • Jerry G

    Boycott the "Stank of Amerika ! I've noted the the initials BOA is a SNAKE ! A boa kills it's victim by squeezing the life out of it ! Thats been my experiance with them.

  • HappyClinger

    We're dumping them too. It's illegal what they are doing.

  • trollsonaroll

    BofA added to our family list of not doing business with. I am so tired of these business getting involved in people's rights. To hold this business's deposits could have put this place out of business....well it is now time to put BofA out of business.

  • elmerf

    Not only cancel and pull your money out, but also cancel any BOA credit cards and let them know why.

  • singer23

    Please watch this video and pass it on! This is what happened in Australia, it will happen here unless we stop Obama and the Demo- commies!

  • medivac

    I'm sure that the bank guards and Secret Service will be included in the number of people that BOA wants to disarm !!

  • Old American

    It sounds like they should reveal their true name.....maybe bank of communists.....or bank of terrorists.

  • AZWarrior

    How about withholding deposits from abortion doctors?
    And what about those armed bank guards? Get rid of them, BofA.

  • farrightextreme

    I took my money out of there years ago.

  • Dean Braun

    I see another boycott. GREAT!!

  • Thom Raasio

    Hey, any bank robbers out there lookin' for work??
    Let us suggest you go and rob ALL the Bank of America banks you can, and when you get caught and brought to trial, we'll judge you to be NOT GUILTY.............oh, and you can keep the money too.

  • Bob Macfarlane

    Praise God that next month we are 100% out of Bank of America. They are the WORST organization I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

  • Alberto

    Bank of America, you are my bank but when you start messing with American Rights, acting like if our Nation is a communist or like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela then I think is time for us to depart our relations. Why is it that your management still making bad decisions and then you have to pay for them..

  • Patriot

    That is very funny since BofA has armed security at most of its branches here inRichmomdand VA

  • theshadow

    That bank is a hole. How it is in business is a mystery to me.....

  • Holly Palumbo

    Looks like I will be finding us another bank.

  • maryp912

    I have direct deposit with BOA.....that ends today!!! I thought the mortgage crap that BOA has and continues to pull with the people was bad.....for the love of Pete...why are these crooks still in operation?

  • kysteelgirl

    Aren't they also the first ones advertising "No SS# required" when the Democrats decided everyone should qualify for a mortgage no matter if they had a job or were in the country legally. Americans have certainly paid dearly for that debaucle.

  • sreynolds

    I closed my BOA accounts a couple months ago when i found out they were sharia compliant. Screw them, and ultra screw islam

  • noelle2011

    congress is NOT in session today on c-span!

  • Charles Wilson

    I guess I'll be closing my Bank of America account and closing my Credit Card with them as well. When I was a Examiner back in the 70's we almost closed this bank because it was so poorlly run and had a lot of troubled assets; I quess the people who run it today have not change mush, as to their decisions.

  • Tom54

    I have refused to deal with BofA for a long time. I even told someone that I would not take their check because it was on BofA. I made them go cash a check. I think this will convience my son to take his business account elsewhere.

  • Kay

    New poll patriots. Only 3 of 10 Americans view tea party favorably vs 2/3 back in the good old days.. Obama approval 57, Michelle 69, Hillary 65. Looks like Obama has bought 2/3 of the Americans so he's dug deeper than moochers. Am laughing loudly. Go eat more chicken and get your money under the mattress.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Will you be banking with these people at B O A?

  • Bobseeks

    Why doesn't Spirit sue? It sounds like they have grounds to sue.

  • Obummer

    I do not accept checks from my renters from BofA and haven't for 20 years. I can't understand why people bank at BofA, it has horrible customer service, hires all the local night school drop outs and has the most intrusive fees of any bank. I'd love to see a wide scale boycott of this POS bank. By the way, Wells Fargo is just as bad.

  • Big K

    What does anyone expect? Bank of America is in Obama's back pocket.
    This will not be the only example of Corporate America getting involved in the Politics of Guns and Gun Control.

    Let the Boycotts Begin !!!!

    Business usually backs off before Government.


  • servant

    B.of A leading the charge to remove all guns from private ownership!

    WHY NOT?

    After all they are controlled by the Jesuits, who are all for the One World government, the New World Order, run by the Vatican! Still another mile closer to International Sunday Law wortship and the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast! Can't buy or sell time time folks, study your Bible and chose whose side you are on, God's or the side of men enforcing worship on the Venerable day of the Sun? By a 321 A.D. degree by Emperor Constantine, who handed over his powers of STATE to the then Bishop of Rome?

    THINK, about all the years millions died because they refused to worship Rome's way and died for this choice! Rev.13:5-8.
    These words would have meant death, and it yet may, but then I die in Christ Jesus


    THIS IS like a believe it or The people have to sue these bastards who think they can trample the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION... and make them pay dearly ..until they wake up to reality.....WEAPONS ARE AN INALIABLE RIGHT IN THE CONSTITUTION ANYTHING ELSE IS HIGH TREASON... AND IT WILL BE TREATED LIKEWISE

  • Randy Renu

    The name is wrong: Bank of America. Shouldn't it be: Bank of Un-America

  • HDA

    I believe that I will be moving my business accounts somewhere else.

  • ste1021

    What's missing from this article is an official reply from B of A. Let's not play the same game as the libs and decide to destroy before all the evidence is in.

  • Bruce Jacobs

    Hmmm, I'd like to know where American Spirit is now banking. If it's a bank that does business in this area, I'm ready to move my accounts from BOA. I'm really surprised they don't have a "No weapons allowed" (the legal type for Texas) in their windows. I carry every time I go in.

  • sanchezmikea

    I am going to cancel my B of A account I have had for 20 years

  • kds

    I said this when they messed with McMillan. I will never do banking with this leftist, bailed out, money stealing company. After the bail out they took lavish vacations with our money and gave themselves raises instead of using the money for what it was earmarked for. Anyone get put in prison? No because Obama doesn't want to step on his supporters toes. ASA should have known this was going to happen a year ago. Must be in denial.

  • Winemaker

    I am so glad I seperated myself from B of A. Just one more reason to stay away from them!

  • Warren

    Everybody in America that believes in our 2nd Amendment needs to copy and paste this article to their email window, and send it to everybody in their computer address book.

  • outofsteam

    America! Boycott Bank of America. I will never bank there. Let's see if this gets as much publicity as Chick A Fil did recently. No, I don't think so. Forwarding this to everyone I know.

  • a marine .

    Now is the time for all AMERICANS that support and believe in the constitution to stand up and boycott any company group organization movie star or singer that says they don't feel you should own guns tell them to GFY. DONT SUPPORT THEM. Pull your money or investments out, don't go to their movies or buy their music or buy their products, Take away their power and this is their money. How can any one of sound mind deal and support people that want to take your rights away its like paying them to be your enemy. Now is the time to identify the enemies of the constitution and break them.Now is the time
    to take a stand and end the tyranny that is destroying this Once Great Nation. If the liberal socialist marxist want to have that as their government then move to europe. When this nation was founded it was to rid of us tyranny and injustice. WE have a AG that will not enforce the laws a so called scum sucking low life POS usurper sitting in the white house that is a disgrace to the human race that defies the constitution on a daily basis and is doing his best to lead us back to the european forms of government. obmaass is trying to make him self leader( FUROR). If you read the history of the NAZI party you will see that obamaass is following the HITLER plan to the T.

    Are we in trouble as a nation, HELL yes we are. Is there a way to save us, HELL yes.
    We need to get rid of the people that have their goal to destroy the nation by any means possible. For the supporters of the evil one obamaass hes signed executive orders to allow un troops to operate in the US,with the power to detain any one that obamaass sees as a threat to his power. By our constitution its illegal for foreign troops to be here.
    That scum sucking low life POS MUSLIM SCUM obamaass is trying to create a crises so he can declare martial law and seize power for him self for life, The world is just waiting for us to fall so they can pick us to pieces.

    which side your own

  • real patriot one

    bank of america. too big to fail. after this post . we shall see.

  • Michael J Nellett

    It appears that it is time conservatives, gun owners, and country loving, God fearing people start showing these anti gun, anti Second Amendment businesses that we are NOT going to allow them to dictate our rights to us. We need to start boycotting these left leaning entities and hurt them where they'll feel it the their wallet!

  • A Proud American Veteran

    DON'T TRUST BANK OF AMERICA. They are a bunch of "Back Stabbing", Night Crawling Worms and Screw The Patrons of Our Bank! I was once a patron of BofA, but NO LONGER! They made a $1,000 error in my checking account. That's the removal of a $1,000 check NOT WRITTEN. I finally won the battle with BofA (got my money back and they dropped ALL the "So-Called Overdraft charges). No excuses for what they did and got caught. Several other "Shady Deals" by BofA. I faught them and finally won the war! Left BofA as fast as I could! I will never deal with them again. Oh yes, I was asked by an Assistant Manager of the bank "IF I OWNED ANY GUNS". My answer, IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! I was then told, if you want to stay with our bank, get rid of ALL YOUR GUNS. My answer shouldn't be published here! That was during my last battle with BofA. If you are with BofA, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  • Jumpboots287thPIR

    Tell the idiots at Bank of American that it is the Medication that these insane people are on that makes them want to kill............

  • Sam Lasley

    Years ago I sold my BAC stock and closed my accounts. I have never looked back and will never do business with these commies and nut cases again.

  • The Lone Gunman

    Bank of America is one of the slimiest organizations in the world, so this comes to me as no surprise. All I can say is that any gun owner, gun shop owner, or anyone else who values the Constitution and liberty, should withdraw their money from, and sell off their investments in, Bank of America, and they should do so at once.

  • Jim Mac

    I sent BOA a email notifying them as a gun owner,I would not be using their cards by more...I have many others.

  • Ted Baker

    Hmm. Do they have armed guards when the services comes to transfer money?

  • Ted Baker

    Hmmm. Do they have armed guards when the service companies come to transfer money from one facility to another?

  • ChicagoThunder1

    B of A stock holders take notice! Look what is happening to youre holdings!

  • samtman

    Not having strict control is like truning off all the traffic signals, remove all stop and speed limit signs from the roads. The end result is a demolition derby with guns, and that is what we have now with no real gun control.

    • Bobseeks

      Your usual nonsense samtman. It appears that you will never get a clue.

  • Gizmo51

    Bank of America Leads Charge With Guns

  • lizaz

    BOA better be careful publicizing their political beliefs....we are Advantage/Wealth Mgmt (or whatever they call it now) customers and we'd be glad to take our business elsewhere. There are other banks....we are now looking around for the best deal elsewhere!!! Not too smart!!

  • HaNK

    I suggest everyone cancel their Bass Pro Reward Card accounts as it is handled by Bank of America. Maybe they will get the idea and go with a different bank. Cancel all other BOA accounts you have. We must fight back against this scum

  • Winston

    All gun owners and supporters of the Constitutional 2nd Amendment should boycott BofA immediately. Pull their money from accounts and deposit in community banks and/or credit union bank facilities.

  • Jakebrake

    If you are a true American pull everything out of this bank. But you 48% that are on the take " well you know"

  • Dennis Chase

    Time to boycot Bank of America !!

    • schnarf

      I agree. I have an account with them which I am now closing.

  • mrbp

    I quit them a long time ago. They have been crooks for years now.

  • getreal13

    They should change the name of the bank. They are in league with tyrants and are obviously not American.

  • Natalie Nicole Johnson

    I never liked Bank of America anyway. Such a lousy bank. Use credit unions. Much better.

  • teadog

    You'd think Bank of A$$'$ would be more concerned about abortion.....After all, Planned Parenthood kills an unborn baby every 42 seconds. How many babys get killed with guns?
    The problem isn't guns, it's the criminals and mentally ill that kill people. What if we took away everybodies car if someone hit and killed a pedestrian?? The only reason people want to take guns away from people because they don't want sane responsible people being armed................the libs can't get control if we the people have guns to apose them.
    I have a hand gun (registered legally) and I only got it after a pack of wild dogs threatened my wife and our dogs when we lived in the country. I've now decided to apply for a conceal and carry permit and get an additional gun. Just to be on the safe side................

  • mdblanchard

    Anyone who has a gun and wants to keep it can pull their business TODAY from BoA.

  • USA Patriot

    Screw Bank of America. They are Obama ass kissers because Obama gives them Millions of our tax dollars.

  • Davy2010

    If it is confirmed that they against guns ,I will close all accounts with BOA. They are supposed to be neutral ,but they are apparently not ,despite being saved by taxpayers money from going bankrupt due to financial mismanagement ; shenanigans with housing mortgage repacking stunts

  • salim

    speaking of puppet businessess, bank of america is actually bank of italy; they just changed their name. So guess who they're also being controlled from.

    There's more at the book

    The Secret Terrorist (free reading also online), authored by bill hughes.

    be blessed!

  • Ballistic45

    They probably need a bail out and want favor with this administrations gun grabbing goals..

  • Fed (no pun intended) Up

    If every gun owner with a B of A account would close it and move their funds to a community bank, the message would be loud and clear. Ever private account, every commercial account!

  • A Ramirez

    Then i guess they only need Security who don't carry guns and they can post it on their doors saying it is a gun free bank. If i was a police officer and they were getting robbed i would respond after my coffee and doughnut break was over and show up after the fact

  • LARA


  • slickzip

    Bank of America is run by a bunch of socialist/communist/liberals SCREW THEM ,,,


    Upon hearing that last year we closed our money market with them. They had bought the bank the account was with or I would not have been with them..In the world of banking they were always the bottom of the barrel..I told the manager why we were leaving and that is was their ties to Obama and stand on guns...This is a gun and hunting town...Very poor show...Boycott Bank of America...big time. .


    Didn't Obama give them a bail out???? Now Bank of Obama I see.

  • Sgt. York

    Now First Bank of Communist Obammer in North Alpakastan. Screw them I have never used since I was In The AF in France and they claImed to loose my Bank Account IN 1957

  • eagleonecommander

    I talked about the government wanting to take away our second amendment rights several months ago on my sons talk show. I also added that if they don't get our guns they will get the ammo we need. I just tried to purchase 9 mm hol. points and many of the places I went to Dicks, Wal-Mart, Dunnums have them on back order. Wake up America the take over of our Country is upon us. I said often on the show that the Government needs to disarm us before it can fully take over and guess what, the time is here. In case you forgot your history the 2nd. amend. was to protect against foreign and domestic tyranny. I'll make another prediction Obama is going to be the first dictator of America and will never leave office. You that voted for him and his cronnies are so stupid and your predjutice is strong it has blinded you to the point that you have enslaved us all to a life of hardship beyond measure. Your children and grandchildren will suffer far more than us and you can take credit for that. I have a question for you idiots; Are you proud of yourselves? Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? One day you will give an account and when you do God will not take your lying as a satisfactory answer. Your lives hang in the balance and you have been found wanting.

  • CaptTurbo

    Time for Patriots to boycott the bastards. I already took profits in their shares so I hold none and will never re-purchase. If you have an account with them close it. Let's see who is in charge here.

  • Johnny Geetar

    Remember when BOA was nationalized? They have never been right again since.....They have been in Obama's hip pocket ever since. Remember where he was going to give his acceptance speech during the DNC? Charlotte, North Carolina; Home base FOR........ You guessed it; Bank of America! And where was that speech originally to take place in Charlotte? (Before they got concerned about non-existant lightning) BOA stadium! This is his personal piggy bank.

  • cowboytex

    Close all accounts with Bank of America,actions have consequences!!!

  • sumtinwong

    Bye bye Bank of America.

  • Brightside

    Refinancing my BoA mortgage this week. I never intended to do biz with them to begin with. BoA bought my mortage from another bank. I had no choice in the matter. They're losing about $43,000 in interest income from me.

  • Bill

    Interesting that WalMart is a part of this -- they sell guns and ammunition, at least in some of their stores.... Profit over Principle?

  • J Johnson

    After I read this I decided to pay a visit to BofA. I advsed the clerk that I wanted closed my business and personal accounts and I wanted all the money in cash. The clerk look at me funny and said your kiding after seeing the balance and ask way sense I'd been a customer for 20 years. I ask her for the bank manager and when she showed up I explained to her and the clerk and show them both this and other articals about the bs of this bank and that if BofA is supporting this then they and you people can kisss my a$$. The manager made a call to someone and they were suprised to heard the BofA was/is supporting this action and both agents tried their best to keep me as a customer. Well tomorrow a BRINKS truck with be orders to pick up my receipts and deliever them to one of our local credit unions. If I can't do anything else at lease I took my money out of Bank of America and if people have a BofA account to have to pay me then they will have to pay me in cash. I wont except any transactions from BofA.. That one bank that has been a joke for years.... Might be a good idea if everyone did the same thing and support all the local credit unions.... We dont need the banks any more as they have become crooks just an extension from Washington. BofA is no longer our friend in banking....

    • Adam Moreira

      It is probably a surprise because B of A is likely learning about this from the first time. Sirochman may be trying to pull a fast one.

      • Bay0Wulf

        More likely some POS in upper management in BOA is behind the move and the lower rung personnel were not brought in on the deal. BOA has repeatedly done ... interesting ... things over the years.

        Is it possible that this is just some misunderstanding? Perhaps but its beginning to filter into other media outputs also.

        So ... either its true and everyone who believes in and supports the 2nd Amendment should pull out of BOA completely or ...

        Its a fabrication that seems like its about to go viral which is funny since the Liberal Media has used this same tactic repeatedly and this time one of their "buddies" (BOA) is about to get stuffed by the people who DO believe in the 2nd Amendment ...

        Either way, I say its about time that we learn to use the Liberal paintbrush of superstition and suspicion to paint the Liberals as black as possible at every opportunity. Its their tool, lets beat them bloody with it.

        • Adam Moreira

          There would still be a letter somewhere along the way. Where is the letter? I'm suspecting fabrication unless proven by Sirochman to the contrary. What amazes me is that some people will believe anything without examining what is backing it up. Someone should demand that Sirochman answer tough questions and if he refuses, report him as a liar.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        As one Brooklyn guy to another: Wrong! Call 480 367-9540 and speak to Mr S Also order some of his fine AMERICAN made rifles. Things of beauty. Loved the NY Yankee hat.

  • Adam Moreira

    Hold up, HOLD UP! If I am reading this article correctly Is the sole evidence of Bank of America's alleged actions a claim made by Joseph Sirochman? An account change at a bank would usually be accompanied by a letter on bank letterhead. Where is that letter, or any paper evidence for that matter? (If I am to believe Sirochman's say-so on its own, how is he different from say, Harry Reid?)

    The idea that a call from the Obama administration caused this action would also seem a bit out there without some evidence; I'm not one who usually entertains conspiracy theories. But even if that were to be the case, this would have had to have been communicated to Sirochman in writing. Show me the letter and I will display outrage...but not before.

    (Why no one has questioned Sirochman's story to press him for evidence is beyond me, and is a gross miscarriage of journalism; if I were a journalist, and I didn't receive tangible evidence; I would not have run the story owing to lack of proof.)

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      How do you explain the administrations blatant attack on Gibson Guitars? The owner is a rather large Republican party donor!
      Same thing! Wouldn't put it past him, nothing past that POS!!!

      • Adam Moreira

        The government made the first allegations there; to date, it has done a poor to nonexistent job of backing up its charges against Gibson Guitars. Likewise, Mr. Sirochman (and Mr. McMillan before him) have originated complaints, but have not yet (in the case of McMillan, never did) substantiate the claim with evidence.

        The originator of the complaint has to produce evidence straight up. Now, if Mr. Sirochman does sue, then he'll have to provide that evidence or else B of A will win.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Please enlighten us as to what cause of action Mr S might sue under. If anyone had a cause of action it would be the B O A as Mr S might have damaged them through libel {written untruth} or slander {verbal untruth} BOA will never sue because the story is true. Guess you would have actually had to be there and heard the words to believe Mr S. I wasn't at Pearl Harbor but heard the Japanese were up to mischief. You may be a great skeptic but you are a lousy attorney. No offense meant.

        • Adam Moreira

          Mr. S might sue for intimidation based on expressed Second Amendment stances, or more likely, changes in terms of service without written notice being issued. Sirochman would have to originate the lawsuit and prove his case...since he originated the claim. You claim that B of A would never sue because the story is true; I counter with: for what reason could B of A sue? It is nearly impossible to show that he caused damages; that does not tell me whether or not Sirochman is telling the truth.

          Pearl Harbor is not a valid comparison because there are so many eyewitnesses and pictures that serve as proof. Sirochman only has his say-so---if that's all he has, I tend to throw such things on the scrap heap.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Hey Adam; Who do you know? They pulled all my posts. Not to worry. The ball is now rolling and American Spirit will turn out the winner. I already received 10 phone calls from "folks" and they are making phone calls. The story is true and BOA cannot sue because truth is the ultimate defense to any libel or slander charge.

    • Bay0Wulf

      More likely some POS in upper management in BOA is behind the move and
      the lower rung personnel were not brought in on the deal. BOA has
      repeatedly done ... interesting ... things over the years.

      Then again, why should we care?

      BOA is and has been sucking up to Liberals and promoting Liberal Policies for ... decades. Not that they are alone in this. Personally I think that EVERY Liberal establishment should lose ALL business normally conducted with Conservatives since apparently Conservatives tend to be the only ones who can afford to pay their bills and invoices. Why should Conservatives give a rip about a Liberal establishment? If a Conservative feels that a Company, Restaurant or Vendor can be tied to the promotion of Liberal Causes, they should A.) Personally begin to boycott them. B.) Spread the word about their concerns and get other Conservatives to boycott them also.

      Is it possible that this is just some misunderstanding? Perhaps but its beginning to filter into other media outputs also.

      So ... either its true and everyone who believes in and supports the 2nd Amendment should pull out of BOA completely or ...

      a fabrication that seems like its about to go viral which is funny
      since the Liberal Media has used this same tactic repeatedly and this
      time one of their "buddies" (BOA) is about to get stuffed by the people
      who DO believe in the 2nd Amendment ...

      Either way, I say its
      about time that we learn to use the Liberal paintbrush of superstition
      and suspicion to paint the Liberals as black as possible at every
      opportunity. Its their tool, lets beat them bloody with it.

      • Adam Moreira

        OR, as I said before, Mr. Sirochman is lying through his teeth. No letter = brand with the scarlet L.

        • Bay0Wulf

          Yup ... you're right.

          Where's the automatic rifle used in Newtown CT? Where's the forensics that shows that it was used in the killings? (NOT) Where is the REAL truth behind the kid who got himself justifiably killed in Florida (Oh ... right the Media MADE UP THE STORY ... alright ... only modified the reality a little)

          Where's the "Fair and Balanced" reporting that shows that proper use and carrying of arms is beneficial?

          Where is the REAL Birth Certificate? REAL Draft Card? Real Answers to ANYTHING?

          Why is it suddenly so important that a Conservative should come up with a "Letter to Prove...?"

          Screw em' ... Let THEM PROVE that they never did any such thing.

        • Adam Moreira

          He's a conservative?!?!?! Could have fooled me.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Sorry Adam, but I wouldn't want you on my jury. Make a call or two and you will find the "scarlet letter" you desire. Guess you would have asked Paul Revere what the British were coming for.

        • Adam Moreira

          Then Sirochman should sue if he's telling the truth; he'd have an excellent case in court if he is telling the truth (plus he'd have to prove his case). This just doesn't pass the smell test. And B of A is not under any obligation to disprove Sirochman - how do you prove a negative?

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Call Mr S at 480 367-9540. You will get your answer.. Call Bank Of America {corporate headquarters} at 704 386-5681 and see if they will even return your call. I have the dime if you have the time. Just how is that Benghazi investigation going? Still haven't seen proof? Don't expect anything from this administration. I admire your stance, but does the MSM use the same ethics you profess? Mr. Sirochman told the truth and We The People will now exercise our rights.

  • dumvet

    Remember BOA also sides with illegals!

  • Linda

    My aunts friend who is a widow and 90 years old had $75,000 go missing from her account with Bank of America and they gave her the run around and have never come up with it. She is old and will not persue this. I have heard many stories of Bank of America so I would never bank with them.

  • Richard

    I left BOA last year, as they got my mortgage from Country wide and unfortunately I could not leave them sooner because of funds, but left them as soon as feasible. 10 years before that they bent me over from a credit card, 0 % interest for balance transfers, transferred the balance they sent me my first bill about a month later with interest in the 21% range so i called them asked what the hell. they said i had missed my first payment, which i did because they transferred the bill 2 days before the the first bill was due and never mailed me the first bill. the they told me it was my fault for not knowing when the bill was due, hell i did not even have my acct number yet when it was due so stay away from these crooks.

    Also the American spirit should have asked for why they were delaying the payments in writing and sued them for theft of property, as it was their money and not BOA. theft.

    Also BOA took so much money from the Gov to help the current homeowner and they dragged their feet and foreclosed anyways, or illegally denied homeowners while keeping the nice big Uncle SAM money and using it for their own profit.

  • Zalman Shalom

    My wife and I don't buy Sarah Lee or Hanes owned by Sarah Lee because they contribute to the Brady Campaign(no body doesn't like Sarah Lee-we don't). We don't buy Hallmark anything anymore. We don't buy Levis or Dockers products(the antigun company is owned by HOMOS and run by HOMOS).

    • agbjr

      Hanes is no longer owned by Sarah Lee; the division was spun off and sold about five years ago. Today Hanes Brands is a stand-alone independent company headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. How do I know? My brother-in-law is a Hanes Brands executive.

  • GiftsGalore


    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    ---- ------------- -------------

    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

    You won't see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

    Take note my fellow Americans, before it's too late!

    The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

    With guns, we are 'citizens'. Without them, we are 'subjects'.

    During WW II the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

    If you value your freedom, please spread this anti gun -control message to all of your friends.

    The purpose of fighting is to win.
    There is no possible victory in defense.
    The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either.
    The final weapon is the brain.
    All else is supplemental.


  • JohnL

    Thats it! I'm out of there

  • TPS12

    All gun owners should find a new bank we don't need boa.

  • Jed54

    Hmmmmm I thought it was really called Bank of Baghdad.

  • Gary Rose

    Bank of America should stick to Banking Their nosey busy bodies like The Feds? They cant run Country or Banking Businesses Did they not go Bankrupt???

  • goku vegeta


  • rusureuwant2know

    Hmmm...does BOA use armed guards?

  • Chuck

    Just canceled BOA account.

  • snytz

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Obama all the same sh..t all fits in the same hole.

  • Bay0Wulf

    Most likely some POS in upper management in BOA is behind the move and the lower rung personnel were not brought in on the deal. I guess what your employer does should not necessarily be held against you ... you might need the job but you might want to wonder how much longer their doors will be open.

    BOA has repeatedly done ... interesting ... things over the years.

    Then again, why should we care?

    BOA is and has been sucking up to Liberals and promoting Liberal Policies for ... decades. Not that they are alone in this. Personally I think that EVERY Liberal establishment should lose ALL business normally conducted with Conservatives since apparently Conservatives tend to be the only ones who can afford to pay their bills and invoices (aside from the fact it might make them take a real look at their bottom lines).

    Why should Conservatives give a rip about a Liberal establishment? If a
    Conservative feels that a Company, Restaurant or Vendor (or even a Relative) can be tied to the promotion of Liberal Causes, they should A.) Personally begin to boycott them. B.) Spread the word about their concerns and get other Conservatives to boycott them also.

    I have been doing this for YEARS (I didn't participate in the Chik Fil-A thing because I never ate there and don't know where one is offhand.

    Is it possible that this is just some misunderstanding? Perhaps but its beginning to filter into other media outputs also.

    So ... either its true and everyone who believes in and supports the 2nd Amendment should pull out of BOA completely or ...

    Its a fabrication that seems like its about to go viral which is funny since the Liberal Media has used this same tactic repeatedly and this time one of their "buddies" (BOA) is about to get stuffed by the people who DO believe in the 2nd Amendment ... (or The Constitution)

    Either way, I say its about time that we learn to use the Liberal paintbrush of superstition
    and suspicion to paint the Liberals as black as possible at every opportunity. Its their tool, lets beat them bloody with it.

  • GQ4U

    I doubt BofA takes orders from Obama; quit the opposite, the big bankers dispense orders.

    The Federal Reserve was instituted and is owned by five major banks, that use the Fed to to steal our wealth; their plan is working wonderfully. I know I'm poorer today than I was yesterday.

  • Buford

    BOA D.O.A.

  • phil

    I shall cancel my credit card and will not do any business with them at all.
    If they were smart, Which the are NOT. They should stick to Banking and leave the POLITICS OUT of it.

  • Drawer22

    According to the local branch of Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo has a similar attitude, recently denying a commercial account to a local businessman who is a federally licensed firearms dealer. On a related note, I no longer have an account with Wells Fargo and had long ago decided against having one with Bank of America.

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Maybe they still think one of their stage coaches will be held up? Thanks for the info Getting a new bank tomorrow.

  • smartgranny55

    Shouldn't Bank of America be charged with fraud?

  • nancyleecole

    This is not all BOA has done that is somewhat shady. A man I know who has his account with BOA had $3 for the Obama campaign taken out of his BOA account unbeknownst to him until after it was done and and never really got an explanation as to why it was done. He is a republican and would not give one red cent to the Obama Campaign. Also I received a notice that my BOA account had been frozen until I gave them all my personal info because somebody had tried to get into it too many times. I called the fraud section to tell them I did not have a checking account with BOA (in the past I did eight years ago and also a different account but not a checking account) and how they were trying to get this info from me. I would not be surprised if it was not an inside job of someone who works for BOA because how did they even know my name and the email they sent it to was not my email but I got it anyway under a different email address similar to mine but not mine. How does that happen? This organization was bailed by Obama and the Democratic national Convention was in Charlotte where BOA is located and they offered their stadium to Obama for his speech. What is that telling you? I dont want my financial establishment connected to any political party they should be neutral.

  • don

    ok lets take our money elae where. an do it now an tell them they stink of liberalism.

  • 4Truth

    I saw BOA corruption years ago and left them. It's the most corrupt business in America outside the Government. Besides they're famous for robbing people without guns using fine print and corruption.

  • Hcklbery

    Boycott BoA.


  • Silas Longshot

    Spread the word to everyone you know to pull out of BOA, let 'em rot.

  • John J Flanagan

    Anyone and I mean anyone in America who values the second amendment should no longer patronize Bank Of America. There are lots of other banks out there to choose from.

  • Sally Fama

    Idiots! Stick to banking.

  • ed

    Remember that that marxist billionaire, Warren Buffet bought out the major shares of Bof A about 1.5 years ago. case rests.
    These evil old guys like Buffet and Soros and reid and pelosi and many others just keep on keeping on. I guess they have their own hell on earth.
    Only the good die young.

  • fredh

    Please tell Bank of America to go to hell. They have a phone number we can call to tell them we do like there stand on gun control. 980 387 7371 please call. Every country taking over by the communist, fascist, or Nazi's, the people could not own a gun. Right now the communist in the federal government are trying to do the same thing the leaders on Russia, China, Hitlers Germany.

  • Raymond Mars

    Lead the charge and pull out all monies from that bank! Make them hurt big time, let them see with profit losses they screwed up.

  • kenbarber

    if i did bank with them, i'd close the account and let them know why.

  • Frank

    Sounds like American Spirit Arms has a good case for a LAWSUIT against Bank of America!!

  • Frank

    Sounds like Bank of America is acting like or becoming Bank of Obama!

  • jd1958

    I did not know any of this......I will be closing my BofA account Shortly.

  • stinson47

    The big push is on. They want our guns. They want our things. And they want us,under their sole control for every breath we take, every bite we eat, and every action we take. Be totally subservient to their whims or resist and be shot. I choose to live free and armed or die a free man with my gun at my side.

  • Roger Moses


  • Roger Moses


  • alio

    Those bankers are a bunch of puzzy's. Try smaller hometown banks and leave these big corrupt banks alone.

  • igotacomment

    Unless everyone who reads this PUNISHES Bank of America, the whipping of the American Conservative will continue. Punish them by not doing business with them. They started this, you can finish it.

    That's it, clear and simple.

  • mott

    So glad I closed my accounts with these clowns . As usual they are not helpful.

  • Unclemark

    bank of america ( not worthy of capitals) also took down OUR AMERICAN FLAG from the flag pole in front when a NON american complained to the bank that he was insulted by the flag! They should be called " bank of socialism "

  • Chuck Fowler

    I closed my account with BofA when they started advertising to do business with illegal immigrants a few years ago and they continue to do things, like this, which make me more and more glad I did.

  • bdq4

    BoA wants to do away with guns so only criminals can rob their banks. Law abiding citizens
    are not welcome.

  • Jack Parker

    O.K. BOA is on my list of companies to never do business with.

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad I don't have this as my bank! What a disgrace!

  • rmwayne

    I'm glad this article was on the internet. I've seen a lot of things about B of A that has made me realize they're nothing but left wing commiecrat shills. Whether it's their open border support of illegal mexicans, their supporting the communist Obama or now this support of those who want to disarm Americans, I've had it with them. No more dealing with them in any way, shape or form.

  • bigbusdriver

    We've got to support our Constitution folks, that's all there is to it! PS. I do not and never have banked with B of A. Guess I'll quit shopping at Walmart too. Don't like Coke anyway.
    Have never traded with any standard oil companies (EXXON, STANDARD, etc.) since they keep crude oil prices up and buy foreign oil.

  • Christi

    now that we got a re-fi on our mortgage and took that away from B of A, we're moving our accounts to a credit union. Screw Bank of America! I won't do business with a company against our 2nd amendment anymore than I'll buy those bedsheets from pakistan. NO WAY, we the poeple have to make our point with our money! they may notice.

  • okihadit

    don't bank at bank of america.

  • pysco

    If everybody that owns a gun quits doing business with B of A......maybe they'll get the message......And, Bank of America next time you get robbed call an un-armed liberal.......I bet John Geonini is rolling over in his grave.

  • gwinf

    I personally dumped BofA long ago. I very strongly suggest everyone else do so as well. They are nothing more than the tools of cronnie capitalization. Obama and the Democrats own them. Time for right minded people to allow their money to be more constructive.

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    A "friend" of Harry Reid told me that if you call 704 386-5681 you will get the corporate headquarters of Bank Of America. If you call 480 367-9540 you will get American Spirit Arms. Of course my friend is much more reliable than the one that told the lie about Romney and his taxes. It's your call: Stand up and be counted or sit back and lose your Country. I called both tonight but both were closed. I will be sending money to American Spirit because I will purchase a NEW firearm. I will withdraw ALL funds from that nasty bank. Believe it or not, this bank has "special services" for military personnel. Anyone know the number for the 82nd Airborne Division?

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Just received an E-Mail from the CEO of American Spirit. The story about Bank Of America is true. 9:30 PM and still working. Have to love free enterprise.

  • sackman

    these useful idiots are destroying our once great country!!!

  • Southerngal

    Bank of America will "CEASE TO EXIST" in our household. Something how things like this seems to work out so well. We just received a card from another company today. After reading this; we will be transferring our balance to this other card. This I find hilarious because they may NEED another bailout after everyone tells their family members & friends and on & on down the chain. See ya B of A.


  • chrono13

    law suit

  • gypsy314

    I for one would never do business with bank of america this bank is full of crooks. Get this Bank of america was handing out visa cards to illegal aliens and passing on short falls to its american customers. Folks do your self a favor never get in bed with these crooks. Always ask before applying for any credit card and if it is bank of america run like hell.

  • marv

    My experience with Bank of America is not good and I won't use them!!!!!!

  • Edward P Cox

    Bank Of America has a history of supporting the Marxist agenda.

  • deseartu

    This Bank is a cover up for all of the criminals in our country just as HSBC is! They can do what they want when they want and get a little spanking on their hands! Down to selling arms to other countries, getting caught with money luandering and they are told to pay a fine and don't do it again! BUT if you or I were to do 000.1% of it we would be in jail yesterday! These people have all lost it and have forgotten what it is to being human is, or what caring & loving is! Corporate greed money blindness Satan and Obozo have everyone fooled. Not us you or me!

  • SeaDog0824

    Time for the "Pro-Gunners" to withdraw their money from B of A and let them know we are taking our business elsewhere and let them know exactly WHY... enough is enough! I never did like B of A anyhow, now this just makes it that much easier to do business and NOT with them!

  • hk

    Common sense gun safety, including the ban of high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic assault weapons and a background check for all purchasers, should be passed immediately. This is NOT the start of a gun grab of any hunter's or sportman's guns. Gun owners should be the first ones behind these sensible measures. I mean, right now we cannot even check a potential purchaser against a terrorist watch list. That is not at all sensible. Mental health system and criminal justice improvements will also be needed for a set of long-run solutions. The Second Amendment does not prevent all regulations of guns and gun ownership. These new provisions will add to the common sense gun safety regulations already on the books, like prohibition of fully-automatic weapons and rocket launchers. There no reason for semi-automatic weapons, either. Help make the case with others.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Are you the speech writer for John Boehner? Because he is gutless, the dems and all the limp wrist libs now feel they can pull this off. "No reason for semi- auto weapons?" I take it back; you are related to King George, and no, we will not go back to muskets. You can thank Ms. Clinton for not being able to check watch lists. She was instumental in protecting the rights of people with AIDS and in the process she made it impossible for different Federal agencies to talk to one another. Brilliant move. Now the FBI cannot talk to the CIA without going through a series of "requests" that take a year and a day. I am quite certain you approve of that newspaper publishing the names of gun owners in those counties in NY, Well SURPRISE SURPRISE, many people own "long arms" and do not have to register them. Can't wait for the next burglar to utter "But you weren't on the list" as his last breath comes out. Have to run and clean my "rocket launcher" You really should check out that "mental health" facility in your area. Just hope you are not covered by Obamacare or you might perish. You don't have a clue what a semi-automatic weapon is. "Assault" weapon? You are a JOKE!


    BOYCOTT BANKSTERS OF AMERICA !! plain and simple. Starve the beasts

  • Ronald Christopher

    i do not understand any of these people. A gun kept them free. A gun kept them from speaking German. A gun kept tyranny our of our government, so far. Guns protected our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

  • Charlie

    Our accounts will be closed. It's not their right nor place to pull that. What the company did was legal -- what they did for the reason they gave was illegal. What gall. Totally out of line with their customer.
    Bye Bank of America

  • quipster

    I got rid of BofA years ago when they gave all illegal mexicans 500 dollar limit credit cards. Than filed for bankrupcy and got 30 dillon in obummer cash or was it 60 dillon !!

  • bouboulina

    BoA of course is doing this @ the behest of the outlaw admin. in WashDC in exchange for a break on what it has to pay the govt. in fines for mortgage fraud.

  • Tricia65

    The audacity of this corporation...
    I will stick with my USAA, which I've had for umpteen years and no problems.

  • ves

    If you have a credit card ... savings account ... checking account ... IRA .... Loan of any type or any other type of account or business with Bank of America CANCEL it!
    They are a lousy bank to begin with!
    The same goes for any other corporate IDIOTS .... Bankrupsy sounds good for these arrogant fools .... marxist communist socialist pigs!!

  • Jeff Horton

    I'm closing all accounts tomorrow. I know in their large baking system they won't miss my money. Our family has been with Bof A since the 50's. They have been doing a lot of things changing services. that will be one credit card I will be glad to terminate. I hope others follow my example. Also the other corporations with the same agenda, like agenda 21 please take note, who these corporations are. I'm so f@#K ing done.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      No Jeff: We have just BEGUN! .Keep the faith!

  • Jeff Horton

    I forgot I have power rewards! So I asked for cash to which I'll but a few gun parts, or Ammo. I think the money is wisely spent. After I get the cash I'll complete my ending of relations with B, OF A.

  • jerry1944

    I stopped doing anything with thqt bank when they started pushing to do busnnes with illegal but they still here. Guess my little bite dont help much but it sure make me feel better

  • Christian Patriot

    WOW! Guess their stupid politicing requires that I close one checking account, one savings account, and a $65,000 CD. Saturday morning, I will drive my lady to the B of A and have her close her checking and savings accounts. I'm sure the loss of those five accounts will not cause them any great harm. But at least I will have made my statement. Now adding Bank of America to the sh-- list along with Levi Strauss, K Mart, and any company that they need to be in the "public opinion" business.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      You Sir, are a true Patriot. God Bless The USA.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The firearms dealer needs a new bank, and we need to boycott B.O.A.

  • Melia Sese

    Hold on a minute ... something about this story doesn't add up. Bank of America (formerly NationsBank) does considerable business in the South. No way they want to lose a significant chunk of it over some manager's political preferences. Forget the CFR conspiracy junk, it has nothing to do with that. There is no red, no blue, only green for a large bank like this. That manager should lose his job, or least receive a severe repremand. It will be very easy to bring legal action (a simple breach of contract) against the bank for this. And, oh, before the more hysterical folks among you start to poo-poo old Melia on this, try using the brain God gave you and think about what I just wrote, ok?

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      I hate to disagree, but what contract? As far as their having branches down South, there are a ton of organizations down there that smell to high heaven. Call 704 386-5681 and speak to the CEO of BOA, Mr. "Mac" See if anyone there will talk to you about our Constitutional right to bear arms. I know if you call Mr Sirochman at 480 367-9540, he will CONFIRM what this excuse for a bank did. Not trying to "poo-poo" you, but I sure want to hear BOA start to BOO-HOO when we take our hard earned funds elsewhere. You see Sese?

      • Melia Sese

        Hate to disappoint you, but BofA couldn't care less what you all do with the pitiful amount of money you may have on deposit there. It's already been proven they can access as much as they want from the Federal Reserve (remember that loans are counted as assets and deposits are liabilities). But if someone has an account there, the bank is legally bound to accept all deposits, (except those in cash in amounts over $10000) as they agreed when the account was opened. Doesn't matter if the amounts came from selling firearms, which are a legal product. Trust me on this, ok? I know quite a bit about finance (this is how I am able to live on the high end), which I am beginning to demonstrate on this board for those who are in the mood to learn. I know most people pretty think they already know everything, and are thus incapable of learning, but there are always a few who have a more open atittude.
        Oh, and BTW - my surname is Filipino, and pronounced "seh-say" (an alternative spelling is Saysay).

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Thanks for the welcome and treatment I received in the Phillipines when I was flying from the land of the little PX to a hospital in the Aloha state. My point is we have now begun to withdraw cash, move our mortgages to other institutions and show our displeasure with their "politics" When they no longer have a big chunk of our "assets and liabilities" they may think their position is wrong. If not, we shall be fine without their banks in our communities. Do you suggest we sit back and do nothing or exercise OUR rights?

  • Frank629

    simple just pull your money out of this bank of obamas america.

  • john baker

    that joke of a bank and its crooks should have been shut down insterad of bailout they have been ripping out people for years. BOYCOT EM

  • drmdellis

    Any true blooded patriotic American needs to seriously consider not banking with Bank of America. For years we had an Internation account with BofA. These accounts were the lifeline for many overseas families. They had contracted with us, but when they realized our purpose they broke the contract and charged us "unagreed to" fees which in some cases were more the the funds going to families working overseas. When called they lied again and denied their contract. From giving credit cards to illegal aliens, breaking contracts with those dedicated to Christian ministries overseas, and now a strong anti- Second Admendment attitude we don't need them.

    • daves

      What the bank did cannot possibly be legal. They should sue B of A for damages.

  • Robert

    For anyone living in New York City or even anywhere in the State of Connecticut, if you own a gun and bank at Bank of America, I would highly suggest you move your money elsewhere. As with certain areas in the City, Connecticut may be releasing all the names of all the gun owners throughout the state. If you have a gun permit, your name may soon become public knowledge. If BoA would do this to Mr. Sirochman, they damn well may do it to John Public. I stopped banking with BoA over two years ago. They were crooks who felt they could do whatever they wanted to with my money. They funded organizations I did not want to see funded. So I changed banks. So should all BoA customers.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Way ahead of you. Let's see if BOA appreciates our expressing our "feelings" They actually have the nerve to have a "military" service department. Tell all your friends and relatives in the military it's TAPS for BOA.


    Boycott B of A.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      That is a nasty word. Just call ALL your friends and tell them to put their money in a bank that believes in the Second Amendment. Exercise your First Amendment rights and let your money walk to another institution that would love to serve you. Support American Spirit Arms. They put AMERICANS to work.

  • MalikTous

    Not only should all account holders remove all their money from Bank of Unamerica, but the TARP program should be retroactively rescinded and the defective banks allowed to tank! I refuse to do business with this 'foreclosure king' excuse for a bank already, and will never accept or do business with them. If someone sent me a BoA debit or gift card I'd empty it into my local bank immediately and buy a debit card from the local bank. Down with BoA!

  • michric

    take your money and run. Transfer any loans as well to take away the profit from these commies

  • JacksonDeLand

    Bank of Amerika is nothing more than a Gov Puppet!

  • Mad Mike

    I will be turning in my BOA credit card after being a customer for over 30 years. I cannot tolorate a business, (or a movie star, etc.), pushing a radical left wing agenda on their customers or fans. This is a major "turn-off" and has no place in the business world. Shame on the BOA management. It proves they are stupid!

  • Keith Conder

    Yep, if you have an account with them, close it down and move to another bank. When they ask why, tell them it is because of their anti-gun stance. When deposits dwindle significantly, I can guarantee they will start singing a different tune.

  • Ima Pistol

    B of A is going to loose a lot of business if we all actually take our business elsewhere, I have been with USAA for 10 years+ and LOVE them!!! Any military, retired, or family member can join USAA. Look it up online. They don't have the same agenda as B of A.

  • Walt

    I refuse to deal with BofA any longer. I have closed my business account and my personal account and cut up my BofA Credit Card. I will have no part in supporting an organization that wants to use my money to help curtail my rights. Good-Bye BofA, there are too many other banks that want my business.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Well when word gets out, more americans will be closing their accounts, after all this proved to me that they are crooks, and crooks hang around together. To hell with them also.They are more land grabbers then what obama is and their muslims hoods.

  • freedomringsforall

    Every one that loves our country and our rights and freedoms should pull all their money out of Bank of America and boycott them.

  • nannette jucksch

    This is rich, considering BofA's roots. Bottomline is I will not bank with Bank of America.

  • MarvLS1

    Boycott Bank of America. If you have an account with them - withdraw all your deposits and find a different bank.

  • Sovereign Soul

    I opened my first Bank of America account when I was in the 7th grade -- in
    1940, It was a savings account. For $1.00, I purchased a book of ten checks. It
    was called the "Ten Plan" and was a way to introduce children to banking and
    encourage saving money.

    I have been loyal to the BofA all these years -- until this -- the Bank's
    display of total contempt for our Constitution AND its -- ILLEGAL, IMO,
    with-holding of monies owned by one of its clients. Yesterday, I opened a new
    account with a different bank. Soon, I will be directing my direct deposits now
    with BofA to a new bank.

    Bank of America is no longer an accurate sobriquet for that business. I urge
    EVERY VETERAN and active member of our military to also terminate any
    association with the Bank of America.

  • tomg

    My account with them will be cancelled very soon.

  • 64 Impala 409

    I started banking with SeaFirst in the 70s. When Bank of America took over I stayed with them. I am now looking for a new Bank.

  • pug

    Bank Of America,I was trying to stick with you but according to this you are in with the disarming America NoThanks

  • ForOneForAll

    Lady calls Bank of America and they tell her that you can't but guns and ammo with a BoA card anymore. WTF!!!

  • chris

    it's a good thing i don't have an account with them, too bad though, i won't have the pleasure of closing an account and telling them to go piss up a rope.