Congress Rated Lower Than Cockroaches, Root Canal or Colonoscopy

Most people I know are completely repulsed by the very mention of a cockroach.  If a live roach runs across the floor, I’ve seen grown men jump away and scream like little girls.  To call someone a cockroach is comparing them to something that crawls out of the sewer and spreads disease.

Knowing that, I was a little surprised when I saw the results of a poll that indicated that the American people have a higher regard for cockroaches than they have for Congress.

Public Policy Polling ran a poll from January 3 – 6 asking people which they liked better and then gave them a choice of Congress or 26 different things.  Here are some of their results:

  • Lice – 67%, Congress – 19%
  • Brussel Sprouts – 69%, Congress – 23%
  • NFL Replacement Refs – 56%, Congress – 29%
  • Colonoscopies – 58%, Congress- 31%;  Proving Congress is a real pain in the …
  • Root Canal – 56%, Congress – 32%
  • Used Car Salesmen – 57%, Congress – 32%
  • Traffic Jams – 56%, Congress – 34%
  • France – 46%, Congress – 37%
  • Carnies – 39%, Congress – 32%
  • Genghis Kahn – 41%, Congress – 37%
  • Nickelback – 39%, Congress – 32%
  • DC Political Pundits – 37%, Congress – 34%
  • Donald Trump – 44%, Congress – 42%
  • Cockroaches – 45%, Congress – 43%

Even after cockroaches scored slightly more favorable ratings than Congress, there were some things that actually rated lower than Congress and they were:

  • Congress – 45%, Lindsay Lohan – 41%
  • Congress – 43%, Playground Bullies – 38%
  • Congress – 45%, Telemarketers – 35%
  • Congress – 49%, Kardashians – 36%
  • Congress – 45%, John Edwards – 29%
  • Congress – 48%, Lobbyists – 30%
  • Congress – 54%, Fidel Castro – 32%
  • Congress – 53%, Gonorrhea – 28%
  • Congress – 53%, Ebola – 25%
  • Congress – 57%, Communism – 23%
  • Congress – 61%, North Korea – 26%
  • Congress – 60%, Meth Labs – 21%

Wow!  I wonder if anyone has shown this to Lindsay Lohan, John Edwards or the Kardashians?  If people favor cockroaches more than Congress but favor Congress more than those three, that’s pretty low.

But the sad part is that with a national approval rating of around 9%, which is almost as low as Congress can go, the people still re-elected the majority of them right back into office.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  Why would anyone want to re-elect someone who’s lower than a cockroach, root canal and colonoscopy?  With that kind of logic, it’s no wonder America is in the shape it’s in.



  • DontTreadOnMe11

    The fact that anyone favored Lohan, Edwards or the Kardashians shows how stupid people are. I'm not sure that I would rate them lower than Congress though. I would put them all at a flat ZERO.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Me too. The whole lot are hemorrhoids that need to be excised.

  • Mary

    This is the dumbed down electorate. For several days after the election I kept asking myself, why? Why? The economy is in shambles, there's no jobs, they want to outlaw guns, etc. If the American people allow it they deserve their just desserts! We've gone from one of the best nations on earth to a country run by criminals in the District of Corruption!

  • theodorej

    This is a stupid survey designed to show how dopey the electorate is .... IF THESE STATs HAVE ANY MERIT why are these Bozos still in office...

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Because of idiots that are on the dole! And a crooked, stolen, fixed election!!!

  • Tank

    The people didn't vote them back into office... The corrupt politicians voted themselves back into office... I don't believe there has been a fair election cycle in 20 years... Do away with the Electoral College system and let's see how the real voting numbers swing... A lot of people I talked to in AZ didn't bother to vote because they felt that AZ's "worth" in the system had little to no bearing on the elections. They scammed the major cities into being blue states, then give them the biggest pull in the voting system, so even if only 20% California voted, they still have a bigger chip in the game than AZ's say 70% voter turnout. Real numbers would level the playing field, imo even if it took 2-3 days to tally all the votes vs. the microwave single day and easily corrupted system we have now.

    • MalikTous

      The Dummycrats have been fixing elections ever since they scammed LBJ into the 1965-1968 term. Their last legitimate president was JFK; the others should be retroactively ejected from the roll and their legal chicanery redacted to remove everything done under their influence, including but not limitted to gun laws, Obamascare, NAFTA, GATT, Disease of Marriage act, Patriot Act, all sales of military info to mainland China, mujadeen and other enemies, DMCA, and DREAM act.

      • rc

        Thumbs up on everythig youjust mention !!!

      • XX

        You have that right about JFK, he was our last real President. Pity is, most of the voters now were either not born then, or had not immigrated here yet at that time. I still think we had a coup when he was shot, and it was done so smoothly we did not even know it. The country we had the day before and the one we had the day after, were like night and day, they changed so fast. It has been one seamless progression toward the same goal ever since then.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    In my personal experience, my colonoscopy wasn't half bad. They said, here comes the "Milk of Amnesia," (propofol) and I didn't remember anything. I get up each and every morning to this administration and remember everything that is wrong with it. Give me another colonoscopy please!!!!!!

  • Rebel Texan

    Maybe if we had an honest election, the results would have been different!

    • Doodlebug

      Sometimes I can't help but wonder if we are being too hard on congress. Look what they have to deal with, obummer, biden, reid, pillosi. It's the dummicrat donkeys that end up giving the congress a bad name. When did the senate do anything about any of the bills that the house passed? When obummer doesn't get his own way he just uses his powerful pen to get what he wants, so the senate doesn't have to act on anything. The house can't get anyting accomplished because the senate won't act and who gets the blame????? THE REPUBLICANS IN BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS! I wonder Rebal Texan, if we will ever have another honest election. I like the new Republican from Texas. I've seen him on Fox News programs several times now.I just hope he sticks to his guns - no pun intended!

  • MalikTous

    One acronym: ACORN

  • Pizzed Off

    Simple explanation: Everyone was rating the OTHER partys members.

  • ves

    The Reps need to find Actual Common Sense Conservative that is FOCUSED on the Economy and WILL NOTE VOTE FOR AMNESTY OR INCREASE Immigration Quotas or Work Permits-Visas-Greencards and WILL Cancel Defund Void ALL Foreign Aid - Foreign Loans - UN Funding - World Bank Funding and WILL Focus on ONLY THINGS That BENEFIT LEGAL US CITIZENS!

    • Pat

      I wish they had done that, they would have won by a landslide! I really think they are being threatened, Chicago gang style. They take a stand, they are invited for a chat with O, then they back down. It has happened so often, I think he is making them offers they can't refuse.

      • Ambassador David

        Pat, That treatment started with Lincoln,,
        Congress closed shop and walked away sin dei or w/o Day and Lincoln kidnapped congressmen from southern states and held them under armed guards while he took over the nation through war powers and set up The U.S. as a Brand New Corporation and there has been no peace since, just commercial War and Strife. See wars on everything from cancer to terror, from war on drugs to war on corruption. Demand peace or death. A decent life on earth or a righteous life in heaven. Fear of death is Thee only way they can keep you playing the game they run.


    They say we have 2 parties --- Nope! Only one that trade back and forth! Savage is right we need a NATIONAL PARTY. Right now I rate Congress as TREASONOUS!

  • mudguy1

    Where was Obummer on the list?

  • GLW513

    What does this say about this country....When we have a society that knows more about people on reality TV than they know about our elected officials and issues. I have a neighbor that can tell you everything about Honey Boo Boo....but could not name the Vice President or the Secretary of State?

  • Jacob Gaines

    I don't know what's sadder...that our government is in such a sad state of affairs that they are rated lower than cockroaches...or that the Kardashians are rated even lower than that but they are all over the TV and magazine covers....

    • Ambassador David

      Funny that in government media and commerce it always appears that the lowest or basest sorts get all the worship and glory The World has to offer.

  • Mike Young

    That is because Congress people in general all over the nation always rig elections to favor themselves and make it as hard as possible for them to be replaced by outsiders of the Establishment. If we had Term Limits this would not be a problem because Congress Members would know that after 2 terms at the very most they would no longer be allowed to even run for their precious Seats, and we should make it legally impossible for ex-congresspeople to be able to be hired by Lobbyists that work for Corporations who lobby current Congresspeople. We have to find a way to break this vicious cycle of corruption, and Term Limits would be a Great Start. Unfortunately, everybody already knows that Congresspeople would never vote for Term Limits themselves so therefore Term Limits needs to be on the Local, Statewide, and National Ballots for all of the American people to vote for or against. I can almost guarantee you that if allowed on the ballots, and framed in the proper wording, Term Limits would pass by a landslide.

    • emerutil

      Do you know of the current governor of California? This POS has been put into office, although by California law, he is permanently disqualified! I fear that term limits will just be ignored nationally, as they are in California!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    Okay, if everyone is disgusted with Congress (and let's not leave out the Executive and Judicial branches), WHY isn't anyone discussing the root cause for why we have such nincompoops, scoundrels, and criminals running the government? And that reason is because of Article 6's ban of Christian tests and thereby Biblical qualifications for federal officials. Had Biblical qualifications not been eliminated today's entire batch could have never been elected.

    For more, including a list of Biblical qualifications, see online Chapter "Article 2: Executive Usurpation" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at Also, don't miss our Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar by which you can receive a free copy of the 85-page "Primer" of the book just mentioned.

  • wilburn chester

    bozO must have so much dirt on so many members of congress/senate that they will not stand up to him nor stand up for the constitution. In turn, all those members of congress have sufficient dirt on the other members that they are also forced to "stand down". Then, any "innocent" ones, or those who have not been caught...yet, are so few that their voices are too weak to have any impact. We are screwed until some heads start rolling from the top down & soon, very, very soon! If blood is the lubricant required to oil the mechanism for the return to the Republic that the founders envisioned, then mine can be some of the first to flow on the gears of freedom, justice & liberty.
    Molon Labe in perpetuity!

  • Mike Brandenburg

    simple explanation, it has been written, it will be played out or GOD is not GOD. will be interesting to see it played out, sure gonna be a lot of disappointed people one way or the other. wait and see what happens next or just read the book, it's in there.

    • Ambassador David

      Be ye Doers of The Word not just hearers Mike,,
      God also desires us to overcome with Him rather than be Overcome with their World Order. His Grace is only effective for those that take hold of it and proceed forward with it firmly In Hand to walk In Truth and Righteousness witch cost more than Grace did.

  • Robert Alexander

    Congress would not be even necessary if we Obeyed Jesus - Gods WORD / LAWS are much easier to consume.

  • Roger

    It's quite simple, really. I hate Congress as a whole because they spend my money, but I love my Congressman because he brings the pork home and I get some of it. This is a hypocritical attitude on the part of the American electorate, but it is the major reason why we go around this mountain over and over again.

    Congress is a representation of ourselves which is why we call them representatives. Congress is evil because the people who put them into office are evil. If you want to change Congress, don't waste your time with term limits, changes in voting laws, redrawing Congressional districts, etc. Change yourself. Start with yourself and get yourself under control. Become the type of person you want others to be. Become the change you want to see in the world. Once you have achieved this, then you can have some positive impact. Until then, you're only pissing into the wind.

    Jesus Christ never voted for a congressman, senator, or emperor. He refused to have anything to do with politics. In fact, when His followers wanted to make Him king, He would not go along with their wishes. Yet, He changed the world forever. Think about it.

    • Ambassador David

      Right Roger,
      Satan offered to make Jesus a ruler over ALL the nation states OF The World and if Jesus would have taken Satan up on that Offer Satan would have handed Jesus a Voters Registration Card and laughed and laughed just like the powers that be laugh at your secret Ballots with absolutely NO FORCE NOR EFFECT at Law, but put one Under a Foriegn System of Legal Affairs with false gods or false governments.

  • WilliamSpires

    Congress ranks just below whale crap and that is at the bottom of the ocean.

    • Ambassador David

      Yes Will, and we are Called to take His Hand and rise above The Seas of Commercial War and Strife where none can rest unless we cause others to take a fall for our profit.

  • satelliter

    It's not hard to understand when you consider who it was that voted for obama.

  • Gary Mallast

    Having run for office myself--albeit as a lowly Precinct Delegate--I have an answer to the question as to how some politicians manage to get re-elected election after election. There are a certain percentage of voters who, when they have the alternative, always vote for the incumbent. They are often enough to swing an election. I have won re-election that way myself. I don't get it either. I guess they just prefer the devil they know to the devil they don't know.

  • nanblan

    This is one of the most stupid articles I've come across in a very long time. Anyone that responded to this survey is also as stupid as they come.
    I really wish the MSM would tell the truth about "Congress" and its reputation for once. The reality is that it's the Senate, not the House that has literally done nothing for the past four years. They've refused to pass a budget, which is, by the way, totally illegal. They've also totally ignored more than 30 bills the House has approved by simply refusing to bring them to the floor (thanks to the more than incapable and corrupt Harry Reid.) Disgustingly, the media and Obama administration have succeeded inhyping the House as the villain - which is so far from the truth its absurd. Unfortunately for the GOP, when you have the MSM working for you, as Obama has, it's impossible to see through the numerous layers of lies and hypocrisy.

  • samuelafugglas

    It's the "democrats" with their communist agenda who are giving the Congress a really bad name!

  • Harvey817

    Congress is lower that whale dung. This dung used to be the lowest thing on earth!!

  • shannon853

    the problem with re elections is when a person already in office is doing a crappy job, many run against them. this then makes the votes so divided between those running against the scum, the scum gets more then the divided votes making them the winner and again the people the looser. if only one ran against them it is far more likely the scum would lose.