Son of Gun Control Task Force Member Convicted Of Planning School Shooting

Here’s a bit of irony. One of the members of Obama’s gun control task force lead by Joe Biden has a son who was convicted a few years ago of plotting to commit a Columbine-style school shooting when he was a student at Marshfield High in Massachusetts.

Thomas Nee is the president of Boston’s largest police union in Boston, the National Association of Police Organizations and was a cop himself. In 2004, his son Joseph conspired with a friend to “take ammunition and explosive devices into the school, secure the school's exit doors with bicycle locks and shoot students and staff.” There is also evidence that Joseph brought his dad’s service gun, a .40 caliber Glock, with him to school in one reported incident where he showed a fellow student the gun and told her how the “school was going to be shot up.” If the plan had come to fruition, it’s likely he would have used his dad’s gun.

Now, Thomas Nee is sitting on the task force devoted to finding ways to take away people’s access to guns. I guess he would be somewhat of an expert on gun violence since his own son once plotted to murder a bunch of students and teachers.

Nee’s situation is slightly unique. Media love to fixate on how Lanza stole his mother’s legally owned guns in order to murder a bunch of kids and adults. Pundits will claim that if only we had even stricter gun laws, there wouldn’t have been any guns for Lanza to steal in the first place.

But in Joe Nee’s case, his dad was a cop. Cops and military personnel are allowed to have guns. They’re supposed to have guns presumably to protect themselves and other people. Yes, guns can protect you if they’re in the right hands. Thomas’s son stole his cop-dad’s gun. So, is Mr. Nee going to propose to limit access of guns to police as well? His personal case proved that even a police officer’s guns can be used for evil if they’re in the wrong hands. Of course, they can be used for evil even in they’re in the “right” hands. To be safe and consistent, maybe Nee should propose to ban guns in police departments.

Another expert on guns that is serving on this task force is Eric the Fast and Furious. Perhaps no one else knows more about smuggling guns illegally into the hands of Mexican drug cartels than Eric Holder does.

Quite the panel of experts we’ve got that will be finding out ways to curtail Americans’ 2nd Amendment to make us all safer.



  • Randy Renu

    Outlaw kids.

    • Screeminmeeme

      It's the only way.

    • Dawn Garland

      LOL- OUTLAW Liberal's having kids---they turn out NASTY!

  • Screeminmeeme

    Oh, the irony of it all.

  • cowboy

    can you really believe this crap only out of Obama's lying mouth.

  • bhudda


  • rchguns

    Who is really to blame for these mass shootings and these messed up kids? The real blame may be hard to swallow but I do believe is factual.
    The 1960s the school systems in America were being taken over By the Liberal Progressives and they put into effect in our school systems the seed beds to create monsters.
    These administrators convinced parents and other concerned individuals that the way our schools were run was wrong. They put into effect a system whereby students no longer had to compete, no longer had to obey rules, faced no disciplinary action when they broke the rules, and then set about to remove all moral codes of decency.

    Specifically think of a foot race for students compete the student puts out the most effort comes in first, he gets a prize, the student who refuses to put forth any effort comes in last, but he still gets a price. Lesson it doesn't matter whether or not you strive to be better and do things right when you can set around and do nothing and get the same price.

    Rules we are a nation of rules in the Liberal Progressives have been on a personal campaign to eliminate rules in society. Nationwide it was a difficulty so they went to the schools. Students no longer had to obey rules or have any respect for anyone or anything and they could not be punished for infractions of the rules. Basically they were taught that you can do anything to anyone at any time without having to worry about repercussions. Then through in the mix total disbelief in the moral background of America.

    What was created as a generation of misfits and potential monsters. In the old system students who consistently had problems with the rules or with conduct with other students were recognized and are disciplined and work at least there was some warning that this individual was unstable and should get help. Our schools are places of indoctrination not education. Some reality our new school system has created these monsters but refuse to take responsibility.

    • Dave Aurand

      Yo are right on point. The only other thing I wopuld have liked to see was the PARENTS responsibilities!

      • auhunter

        Parents don't take responsibility anymore, they turn it all over to their babysitting service the schools.

  • goku vegeta


  • jimpeel

    Mr. Fox, welcome to our hen house.

  • Pizzed Off

    Have to wonder where/what the statistics are on police guns being used in crime/murders? We need to get to the bottom of that as well. If they can't keep track of their own, how can the be expected to keep track of ours?

  • mthammer

    VP Bidon and his fraudulent panel can propose what ever regulations they see fit should be enacted on behalf of the people of this nation , however it needs to be approved by Congress first. The Demos might have a majority in the Senate but they don't have one in the House so it will never see the light of day whatever there conclusion is. If Obama tries to do something by Executive Order he can , however who is going to enforce it , who is going to check and see if Assault rifles are being sold to certain people or what , is he going to create another Bureauocracy to do that Probably. He has added over a half a million Federal Employees to the Public payroe since he has been in office, now when he comes to Congress and ask for money The House which writes all the checks or appropiates the funds says no the Bank is closed we are BK . What than is this Leader going todo then. Well if you hsave no money in your checking account , plus you can't borrow anymore money from your creditors , shut the governmentdown that si what should be done. Plus our elected leaders won't get paid until they tackle the debt.

    • liberty49

      I say shut down the government and GROUND AIR FORCE ONE!

      • Buster Atkins

        Yup, ground it in Hawaii, so the ass can't get back here.

        • horvath38

          Ground it in Kenya w/his brothers !

        • horvath38

          Ground it in Kenya by his brothers they can hunt fore monkeys

  • southern patriot

    How is it, that this Thomas Nee was not charged with a crime himself, for "allowing" his teenage son to get his service pistol. Even states like Texas makes it a crime, if your weapons are not secured and out of reach of children.

    • Wild Thing

      It was a few years back, and do you really think Boston is going to accuse its top cop of a crimes? Seriously?

      • southern patriot

        Seriously? Why would'ny I be serious? Top cop or not, he should have been fired. Because the citizens of Boston never acted to remove Thomas Nee. Now we have to deal with this nitwit making policy for the American citizens.

      • Jack Parker

        Just get a few witnesses to say that he used the N-word. That should get him 20 to life in MA.

      • auhunter

        Not when half of Boston's police force is on the take. My son-in-law was a Boston city cop, a detective, tried to get me to quit the military and apply for cops job. Would fast track me through the academy and have me in plain clothes as soon as I graduated. He then commenced to show me some of the perks. I told him no thanks, because I would have to turn him in. So much for family ties. At my sister's wake every major hood in Boston was there along with most of the cops from his division. All laughing, joking and having a good time in the true tradition of the Irish wake. None of them gave me the time of day. A lot of money changed hands that day. He's now playing the Devil's advocate.

  • Doc

    More governmental "false flag" makers. This will never stop as long as the present administration has power. More children will die to "forward" His agenda. They don't care how many die as long as they can remake the country in their image.

  • kkc003

    did you hear about the S Carolina Senator that doesn't like guns but he used one to protect his residence? or Iowa representative? why is it ok for them and not "we the people"? Why is it ok for govt offices to have armed guards, but home owners cant protect themselves?

    • Wild Thing

      Because they are the elite and know what is best for us poor peeons.

  • Rachael N. Jacobs

    Lanza didn't steal any guns because Lanza hasn't been seen or heard from in three years. youtube it if you don't believe me. BTW, youtube Christina Taylor Green and see what you find. Lots of actors and actors doing crisis acting, but NO dead kids or adults at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado . . . and, if you get shot in the head with a hollow point bullet, you're not just going to resign your house seat, you're going to be buried. How many false flag events have the sheeple believed?

  • freedomringsforall

    These traitors against our constitution should not be allowed to say jack about our rights and freedoms being that they have no respect for them or us.


    I really truly wish every member of the secret service guarding theses scum would walk off and go into a regular police force. Though I'd also like to see them join up in a book deal exposing all these self serving parasites.

    • Dave Aurand

      I just wished that the Secret Service guy that commited suicide would have taken a couple others with him! Actually 6 would be better!

  • Dee

    Why wasn't this cop punished for not securing his service weapon? My dad is a retired cop and so was my grandfather, both stored their guns in locked safes, my dad still keeps his guns locked up, it was just the right thing to do.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    I truely believe that Obama will use the Gun laws as bargaining chips to raise the Debt Ceiling

  • Steve willoughby

    I don't care what Joe Biden, or our loser Presidents says or does. If they do an executive order it will be followed by no one . I love how Biden said the President would not come after our guns, before his reelection. Politicians are born losers, all they do is lie, and tell us what they believe is best for us. I believe they want a second civil war. If they want to try to change our Constitution, then they are traitors. If they do it by executive order they are no better than a dictator . I would love to see who would be stupid enough to try to collect all our weapons. I bet many would die. I am an American citizen, and won't take this lying down. Please go f yourself Feinstein, Biden, and our traitor of a President.

  • Anthony


  • netandyawho

    An astute observer once said, "That it appears that those in high places who make the laws and enforce the laws believe themselves above the law".