Rock-Headed Liberals About to Meet Americans' Heavily Armed Hard Place

Like a car driving down the wrong side of the freeway, liberals are headed straight for a completely avoidable disaster with their insistence on pursuing draconian gun controls.

They may think this is their moment to get to their long-sought holy land of a total gun ban, but all they're really doing is hastening the moment when they are going to be crushed like a Smart Car under the wheels of a semi-truck.

Despite what bought-and-paid-for polls may be telling liberal politicians, Americans not only aren't buying the scaredy-cat line about how gun control will protect kids, they're buying guns.

And bullets.

And more guns.

Sales of firearms have been booming for months, accelerated after President Obama's re-election, then took off like a rocket after the Sandy Hook shootings before the first liberal politician could clear his throat.

Not only that, but the National Rifle Association, that most demonized of the Left's bogeymen, is adding members like nobody's business. The NRA reports that it just added another 100,000 paying members in 18 days.

What's worse for the liberals, Americans are boning up on their history.

An educated populace has always been the bane of liberalism, and it appears that Americans en masse are finally making the effort to educate themselves about some things they should have looked into before the election.

Google reports that searches for "Hitler gun control," and "Hitler" and "guns" have spiked since Democrats began drooling over the possibility of disarming America in December.

"Hitler gun control" reached a 100 rating, the highest possible on Google's popularity scoring system, in December, and it's already close to a 90 rating for January based just on partial-month data. The words "Hitler" and "guns" each have already hit 100 for this month.

A populace armed with bullets and knowledge can only be bad news for Obama, who has drawn many comparisons to Adolf Hitler for his abuse of power, political tactics and narcissistic personality.

So while the Left's flaming idiots like Piers Morgan may deride the U.S. Constitution as conservatives' "little book," the Man Who Would Be King would be wise to reconsider his present course of action before Americans provide a lesson in the Second Amendment's original purpose.



  • Bwanna

    Said like a true American, hopefully 30 million Americans will be on the band wagon if Obumer tries this insanity.

    • WhatConstitution

      It'll be much more than 30 million. Buut maybe we should let the libs think it will ONLY be 30 million... :0)

  • Mark Nic

    for the sake of our country I pray this article is correct

  • Screeminmeeme

    Superb article.

    ''A populace armed with bullets and knowledge can only be bad news for Obama, who has drawn many comparisons to Adolf Hitler for his abuse of power, political tactics and narcissistic personality............ the Man Who Would Be King would be wise to reconsider his present
    course of action before Americans provide a lesson in the Second
    Amendment’s original purpose.''

    Amen, brother.

    • Hitler and Nazis, oh my!


      • Screeminmeeme


    • Janice Birch

      God rest their souls......George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, Anita and hubby Dunn, Bill Ayers and his lovely wife Bernadette...etc.

  • 1776

    I am posting this to all conservative sites to assist those liberal monitors to know how I stand.

    I am a Korean war veteran retired. At age seventy-seven I have nothing to lose, as I will be terminated or sent to FEMA prison. I am sure the forming socialist party can take my guns, as I can not fend off the numbers and fire power. However, I will not comply with registration or voluntarily give up my guns.

    My decision as the Bible and the Constitution is not negotiable.

    Semper Fi!

    • Doodlebug

      Thank you for your service to our country. Stand strong, there are many on your side!

    • serfer62

      Hey Marine...I might as well die in a gun fight as cancer. My M1 does the job it did in the early '60s.
      SF Cpl of Marines class of '60

      • Screeminmeeme

        serfer62....Thank you for your service also. I agree.

        Semper fi.

    • Screeminmeeme

      1776......Thank you sincerely for your service.

      And thank you for your immovable position on the Bible and the Constitution. I agree wholeheartedly with your stand.

      God is faithful.
      Live free or die.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I too, thank you for your service. Although I am not even close to your age, I have made peace with God and advised my wife, kids and grandkids that if it comes down to it, I will lay down my life for them. I did not serve in the US military but I have been a police officer in the Detroit are for over 27 years and I am not afraid of the federal gov't, not one iota. God bless you SIR.

      • Areminder

        Wow! Do you earn "combat pay" for being a Detroit police officer. It has to come as close as you can without being military.

        I too, thank 1776 for his service. May many come together to protect those who've given so much to protect us. May God protect and give a victory. He gave king george a rude awakening, may this cabal get the same.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Thank you for your reply. No, no combat pay. God bless you.

  • serfer62

    Its 1775 and the Reds are marching towards Lexington & Concord...Are those bells and musket shots I hear

  • Jude O'Connor

    Why is our government purchasing millions of rounds of hollow point ammo that's illegal to use in wars? It does raise the eyebrows as to what's going on with that.

    • CARLjr

      Simple....we do not declare war anymore. Are we at war with Pakistan, who we are bombing almost daily? No. Are we at war with Somalia or Yemen? No.
      It's not illegal if we didn't declare war. They are not enemy combatants so its fine to torture them. It's fine to loot their treasury, steal their resources, and spy on their every move. It's all outside of the Geneva convention, since we are not at war. Thanks Rumsfeld! That was a great idea you had!

    • Areminder

      Probably to take them off the market and make them to expensive for American Patriots to buy. As a side, the mob could make a fortune reselling them to the highest bidder, right mr plouffe?

  • NoParties

    You people are simple-minded and violent. A frightening combination.

    • disgusted demacrat

      Well side with the libs and pay the price!

      Ret chief gunners mate 1957-1977 U.S.N.

      • Areminder

        I'd like to thank all you guys. When I was younger, I took it way too much for granted, we'd always have military minded people to defend and protect us, now I see our own government discouraging the attitude. Thank you one and all, who refused to turn tail and run. May God bless, and protect. He's still capable of overcoming without those shots fired if He will.

    • WhatConstitution

      Thank you. It is best that you continue to believe this as it will help you sleep better at night. Sweet dreams...
      and yes, I gave you the second thumbs down

    • John Mescas

      You're right. This "WhatConstitution" guy makes posts about how excited he's going to be to kill everyone who supported obama when "the time comes" .. He is a mass-murderer wannabe.

    • Areminder

      Not simple minded, and only violent when pushed against a wall. The cabal would do well to watch where they're backing our veterans into. It may just be that they quit going backward and someone give the signal to charge.

  • Mad Angel on FB


    Mad Angel on FB

  • Ray

    I too am a veteran (U.S.Navy, Viet Nam) and just wrote my congressmen letting them know in no uncertain terms "My Oath Does Not Expire". I am willing to fight & die for my country. All you need is "Trigger finger"

  • Fv<% 'em all

    As Kevin Costner told Jane Seymore : " There's gonna be some killin' here today 'mam . And I'm gonna do the killin' " I want see all the enforcers turn in their resignations when all hell breaks loose !