Eric Holder Said Gun Owners Should “Cower” Like Smokers

Video footage of Eric Holder in 1995 was found by a Breitbart contributor last year. The video was taken when Holder was a U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. He was speaking before the Women’s National Democratic Club. This is the same speech where he openly admitted that the government had to “brainwash” people into not liking guns. That was the word he used. He also said over laughter from the audience that he wants gun-owners to cower in the same way that smokers “cower outside of buildings.” Here’s what he said in context:

 “What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that's not cool, that it's not acceptable, it's not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we’ve changed our attitudes about cigarettes. You know, when I was growing up, people smoked all the time. Both my parents did. But over time, we changed the way that people thought about smoking, so now we have people who cower outside of buildings and kind of smoke in private and don’t want to admit it. And that’s what I think we need to do with guns.”

 Not that we didn’t already know what their agenda was, but here we have a clear testimony of the administration’s goals as it pertains to guns. They want to brainwash people, and they want to make gun-owners ashamed of themselves for indulging in such a dirty habit like owning guns. And how do they do this?

First, they control the language by calling semi-automatic rifles “assault weapons.” Then, the media sensationalize events where the shooter uses an “assault weapon” to carry out his deed. Sometimes this requires changing the media script that describes the event in order to cast sole blame on the “assault weapon.” (Some earlier reports said that Lanza left the AR-15 in the trunk of his car; others said that he used the AR-15 in the shooting; the media went with the latter because it was consistent with their agenda.) They fixate non-stop on the gun used and ask repeatedly, “Does anyone really need an assault weapon to shoot a deer?”

Then, they do things like publish the names and addresses of people who legally own guns, comparing them not just to dirty smokers, but registered sex offenders. I don’t think that made them “cower” in shame, but it no doubt left those gun owners feeling a bit vulnerable as if their privacy had been violated.

Assuming they get their way, and they ban the “assault weapons,” their next brainwashing campaign will be to get people scared of handguns in the same way that people were scared of semi-automatic rifles. We’ll have a couple mass shootings involving handguns, and the media will do their job in sensationalizing the event and reporting non-stop about the handguns that were used. They’ll adjust the narrative and ask repeatedly, “Does anyone really need a handgun to shoot a deer?”

The campaign against the 2nd Amendment has been a complete psychological operation from the beginning, and the ’95 video of Holder proves it.



  • John Mescas

    We're coming for your guns, Homeys.

    • Ancoman

      Come and try!

    • a marine .

      Oh please come and try. i will supply your scum spawn a plastic garbage bag for the remains

      • Uptite

        If nature had its way, he was hit by a bus today!

        • John Mescas

          I hope you die of cancer, uptite.

        • Uptite

          God Bless Ya! I thought you did, homo...

        • John Mescas

          Just a dose of your own medicine.

      • John Mescas

        You won't even know what hit you!

        • a marine .

          Well I welcome your invitation and thank you. just so you know when i was on active duty I eliminated dirt bags that were a lot better a person than you are. I consider you to a failed abortion, As a rule I don't believe in abortion but with the blind following of demoncrates and their worship of their SATANIC LEADER that scum sucking low life liar thief murder muslim POS obamaass. Their is a price to be paid for treason and justice will be swift

    • jon

      be my guest--I'll even leave the light on for the coroner to identify you!

    • twocolts

      We got your homeys, sh!tbird.

  • True Patriot

    Holder(man) should cower in shame for all the civilians he killed in Mexico and the border agents he killed by giving guns to the Mexican drug cartel. Eric Holder needs to clean up his own backyard before he tells anyone else to.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Right on. It would take eons to clean up his and Obama's '''backyards''. Like all elitists, these men act with impunity. Only shame would motivate them to address their criminal shenanigans and neither of them have an ounce of it.

      • Ruggedlark

        You are so right...those men have no shame. And, without shame, would either of them even be considered moral?

        How can moral people trust immorality that is continually demonstrated in our leadership? Our government?

    • Sue

      "Smokers cower in shame" now show this to everyone you know that they understand what's been and being done to them. Perhaps even liberals will understand.

    • carolin

      They should clean up Detroit and Chicago before they worry about our guns. No one talks about all the murders in Detroit with all their gun laws. Obviously they don;t work.

    • Patriot

      He like his boss are incapable of doing any wrong. :)

    • Doodlebug

      He also needs to do SOMETHING regarding the border agent who was shot instead of just letting it go. I wonder if the family of this agent has ever gotten any satisfaction as to what happened and what about all those illegal guns that the government let get over the border into the hands of crooks. You bet he better clean up his own front door before he sweeps off anyone elses backporch. This whole administration has much to account for but, where is it?

    • 1776dejavu

      that's what this administration does and the left just looks the other way. They have to be in on one can be that least I use to think that way!

  • fedup

    holder, what a toerag.

  • jr1776

    what is it ? they are all black and stupid.

    • carolin

      JESSE Jackson and Al Sharpton try to keep them stupid and dependent. They care not a whit about all those poor blacks. They enrich themselves on their backs.

  • hongryhawg

    Eric Holder and the pack he runs with know nothing about shame because they've never felt it. If they were honest (just a what-if), they would approach it like they did smoking years ago by not allowing smokers to appear on television and discouraging smokers on screen from Hollywood's output. I believe that had a positive effect on the reduction of the number of smokers over time. But, they are too hypocritical to slap Hollywood's wrists because too much $$ flows from its occupants.

    • dean29685

      Any time you restrict through propaganda (lies) to satisfy you or your groups ego trip

      you need to take time out for a reality check. Oh that's right you liberals have no reality only ego.

  • Russell

    We need to rid the country of this American hating a$$hole!! He should have been fired after the Fast & Furious escapade but his ass kissing of obozo has kept him in office!

  • nina in ma

    Is he for real!? I mean, we all know they are not above brainwashing the kool aid sipping lib masses of this, they do believe that without guns, violence will just go away..however, most thinking Americans are smarter than the fifth grade intellect of these dopes! I don't own a gun yet...but when I do, I'll be proud to do so! So far from what I've read, all this anti gun BS has backfired anyway!

  • carolin

    Interesting Holder got our citizens killed giving hundreds or thousands of guns to Mexican criminals. Where does he get off trying to take our guns?

  • Craig Bowden

    We are at a critical moment in our nation's history. The elitists in Washington DC appear they are moving to take away our right to keep an bear arms in direct violation of our second amendment rights.

    As such, if legislation is passed, it is your right to lawfully resist any attempt to confiscate your arms.

    I have come up with a basic plan to hopefully combat this situation, and I beg you to please listen to what I have to say.

    1. Currently, it is only proposed at this stage. No legislation has been passed. As such, I need everyone who reads this to buy ammo and guns. Also, start training steadily to ensure your accuracy.

    2. Since nothing is up for vote quite yet, I need each and every one of you to contact your Congressman and Senators every single day until they get the hint.

    Email them every day and call once a week. Do not let up the pressure.

    3. Sign these petitions (also sends an email to your representatives).

    4. If legislation is passed, we must push out state Attorney General to sue the federal government so it can be heard before the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. If they won't listen to you push gun rights groups to sue.

    5. DO NOT TURN IN OR REGISTER YOUR WEAPONS. Make them come for them. And keep them stored in different locations.

    6. If they do come for you and your weapons, do not allow them in your home. It is unconstitutional for them to be there.

    7. Video record any attempt to arrest you.

    8. I am calling everyone to network with friends and family to create phone trees. Texting 2A to a family member or friend is their signal to call everyone to head to your home to witness, photograph, & video everything.

    9. Once the media has been taken, upload immediately. On twitter use the hash tag #2Aalert to notify all in the patriot network

    10. Send to all media outlets possible. Local, as well as independent.

    11. Protest in front of court houses, police stations, etc. If anyone you know is unconstitutionally detained.

    This is a basic outline of how we will resist. Email any stories to me

    And please forward this to everyone!

  • Patriot

    What an absolute scum bag racist piece of camel crap!
    He should be dancing from the end of a rope. After being tried and found guilty of course.
    He should be given Justice Holder style!

  • jon

    However it's ok for holder/obama to commit war crimes, international crimes and terason and ship weapons to drug cartels and al qaeda

  • Tesla

    You mean like the democrats [Clinton], made Fort Hood a Gun Free Zone to discover that it lead to unarmed helpless miIitary massacred. Democrats need Cower.

  • Marc Jeric

    Who cares for what that racist communist Holder says? His Fast and Furious murder cover-up is now shielded by Obama's executive privilege order.

  • KalevEfrayim

    To the true American patriots; now is the time for action, NOW, not a week or month from now.

  • jon

    yah he would like that when I smoked I did not cower, and will not now he almost makes me want to go buy a pack just in case I could get close to him. the stage he is looking for will put me in a position to not have to be real close to cost him big time.

  • Jimmy Moon

    We will not cower.

  • Uptite

    Holder is a pompous butt head ..he talks about convincing the public as he did with smoking, there is no comparison here to our 2nd amendment right and smoking outdoors?!? O'bama just came out earlier and stated he will take executive order over gun reform if he has to...guess he hasn't studied the 10th amendment.

    • Jeff Horton

      I never saw smoking in the Constitution did any of you?

      • Uptite

        lolol! good point- thanks for that 😉

  • gas pump junkie

    AG Holder and this entire Administration is "Cowering" in regards to Fast & Furious and the killings related to it. They haven't accepted responsability for it, only blaming some low ranking underlings. It Backfired on them and their plans to do away with the Second Amendment. Now they are using the school shooting to undermine the Second Amendment and America's Rights and Freedoms.

    • Ruggedlark

      Its a bait and switch...

      They always wanted to take away our guns, and they erode our freedoms, little by little...

      Is that how a man's (human's) determination is eroded?... Subtly. A bit at a time...

  • haroldson

    any one who would give guns to the drug cartels , should impeached from office an sent to prison for life,

  • 2nd Amendment

    Holder can't keep track of the guns he'd distributed to Mexico, <10000 of them, how can this hypocrite keep track of gun owners and their guns? 150,000,000 gun owners with more than 350,000,000 fire arms?! It is amazing how Obama surrounded himself with hypocrites of unimaginable proportions.

  • Gary Jones

    Holder would cower if he was sent to Mexico and stand trial for the death of 100 innocent Mexican Citizens. Holder and Obama should pay with their lives for Fast and Furious. The Americans in Benghazi would have been rescued because the traitors carcasses would have been rotting.

  • Jake Williams


  • Abiathar

    People with sufficient fire power don't cower.

  • Bruce Stroh

    I'm a prouod smoker AND firearms owner --- and I don't cower from ANYBODY, let alone some simpering POS prick like Holder!

  • Jim Crowe

    Get Rid of Holder and Impeach Obama for TRYNNEY.

  • annie66

    This gutter rat is the one who should be cowering in shame, unlike smokers or gun owners who have not broken any laws. Murdering American and Mexican citizens and gun running is one he** of a lot more significant than anything he has mentioned. What a monster this AH is!

  • don

    eric there is some back bone left try us===the gun herd

  • Richard

    Any one with knowledge of the US Military knows that the only people that go armed on US bases are the MPS, and guys going to the range, and the soldiers going to the range usually do not pick up the ammo until they are on the firing line at the range.
    hell i saw to soldiers guarding a semi truck full of ammo on base with just baseball bats, and this was a open base so anyone could drive in if they came at the right time of the day with no guards on duty., or at the back gates.

    so when the Media says these guys can come in a shoot well armed soldiers as in Fort Hood they lie.

  • 7papa7

    This slime ball needs to be removed from office for someone who takes the oath to uphold the constitution seriously. He will probably stay in office until Obama is out. Obama needs his protection from prosecution. We must start demanding that those who are servants of the people start acting like it. We had better not be taken lightly or they may find an all out revolution that they can not control. Remember gun control means that you can hit the target constantly and nothing more so using that definition I believe in gun control.

  • Roper19

    Tell holder to come to FL and meet me face to face I will teach him a lesson his DADDY should have as a little boy., he has no manors, he breaks the law constantly all under the protection of the king. The last king to rule us did not fair so good

  • Roper19

    He is a complete idiot that is all you can say about him. No one once of common sense not ONE

  • Juan Motie

    I would love to see holder in a prison cell "cowering" in fear of a guy named bubba who wants holder to be his love b**ch.

  • Mort Leith

    Eric 'Criminal hairlip' Holder should be in JAIL HIMSELF for his traitorous actions multiple times already ! ! !

    and where is HE when he should be on TV as our AG,, stating that every State that attempts to make laws the Contradict our Constitution,, will be removed from office and all authority ! ! ! ? ? ? ?

  • Jed54

    They have no shame.. your dead and gone. Must be an awesome feeling to hold this kind of sick power. no reason to show compassion to anyone.. Believe me,, their day of reckoning is coming...Hitler, Musolini, Hemler, they all received their reward..paid in full

  • TexasfedupGramma

    Both Obama and Holder should be cowering in the corners of a prison cell!

  • Attila

    Like smokers? Not me, I use smokeless ammunition, but I do cower in cover until my targets are grouped favorably.

  • Racine Woodward

    Do you know what is really sad and shameful? We let these daffy ducks brainwash us. We are so afraid of being intimidated that, hopefully, they will shut their conniving mouths. What a bunch of wimps we have become.

  • twocolts

    The criminals in The District-of-Coruption have won, and will continue to win until they are removed by us, the half of this nation with backbone, that refuse to become subjects of their blatant crimes against America. They will not be removed at the polls, will certainly not vote themselves out, and magic won't work, so, we are our only option, our kids and grand-kids are depending on us. A few hundred of us will do nothing, but 80 million would.

  • Barb Patton

    When is this twerp Holder going to cower when they come and arrest him for all the wrongdoings and screqwngs he has been up to for the past couple of years. I suggest he cower either under the ayatollah barack"s bed or find himself a rock.


    Holder will cower while he is sucking on the barrel of the equalizer;;;;;;;it is coming folks...America is tired of the sick, pathetic corruption in this nations capitol. time to reset.....

  • Ruggedlark

    I know plenty of smokers, and not a one of them "cowers" the brainwashing going on for 30 years...

    People make choices. Its called "Freedom".

  • Damned Libs Lie

    Let me hear Eric Holder tell policeman, FBI, Secret Service, and a host of other government gun owners that they should cower like smokers.

    Civilian gun owners stop more than 1.5 million crimes each year according to a task force organized during the Clinton administration.

    The National Institute of Justice published this figure in 1997 as part of "Guns in
    America" -- a study which was authored by noted anti-gun criminologists
    Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig."

  • downs1

    I wonder if Eric Holder has a gun permit or a permit to carry? Most of these people do, but they won't say anything about it. Perhaps the Washington Post should "out" these people like the Journal-News did in New York! Do you suspect they would "cower" too? Hypocrisy? You bet your bippy!

    • katzkiner

      He has the most expensive corporate jet made and uses it for personal travel reimbursing at coach prices.

  • [email protected]

    A NRA membership cost $35 or about two ar 15 magazines or 2 boxes of rifle bullets.

  • R Stone

    yes, it is those same guns in the ownership of people that make tyrants cower. This man is dangerous to your health

  • Jack

    Smoking is a lot like being unarmed . . .they can both be dangerous to your health.

  • CaptTurbo

    Come on, hold him down and let me crap on him. LOL

  • The_American_Way

    Eric Holder is almost as corrupt as Barack Obama. They learned their trade in Chicago. That is all you need to know.

  • Dale Netherton

    Punks who can't offer a reasonable argument revert to intimidation techniques. Understand the nature of these insects and you'll not fall into the trap of believing or trusting them with protecting that which is not theirs to confiscate.

  • Silas Longshot

    They continue their agenda, by 'creatively adjusting' the facts of the Sandy Hook shootings, where the media claims the killer used a bushmaster. BS. He used two 9mm pistols. The Bushmaster was in the trunk of the car. Or planted there.

  • JR Whisper

    This comment from this instigator of "Fast-and-Furious". Sending weapons to Mexico that killed a US agent. You stupid F-----g IDIOT!

  • T Rowe Lamont Bentlyprice

    That sloth faced criminal with blood on his ape hands belongs in prison for life.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Apparently, Mr. Holder thinks that all American's are cowards that will crumble if they get "stared down". Mr. Holder, not everyone in America is a shrinking violet.

  • Chardonite

    Holder and Obama need to clean up their race.

  • KDS

    There agenda is clear, civil war will be eminent!!!

  • KDS

    Obama needs armed guards and that's just what he will get for life in prison.

  • Vic Bailey

    When are the American people going to wake up and put these bastards in prison where they belong? They have caused quite a few deaths, broke Constitutional Laws, Lied to the people, trying to brainwash the people with their LYING Propaganda, committed crimes against the American people, and the Congress and the Senate goes right along with them!
    Solution? PUT ALL of the crooks in Leavenworth Federal Prison, to wait on a hangman or a firing squad! That's the ONLY way to get the America back that we once knew! Semper Fi.

  • von anderson

    Y did DOJ cover up Fast and Furious and want to give legal immigration status to the very people who got the Fast and Furious guns?
    Y does AG want to intimidate legal US citizens with legally owned guns protected by the 2nd amendment?

  • Brucru72

    Is Obama "cowering"? He admits he smokes. How's that remark doing for you, Eric sir?
    Never in our history have we had such an anti-America administration.

    Question: What plans do Libs have to "improve" this country? Are they so elite that nothing they do will have consequences to their families? Do they know what truth is? Not

    As to guns: All the owners will surrender their guns when the president, and all the politicians, surrender theirs!!!!! Do I hear an Amen on this?

  • John F.Tashjian

    Great! Wonderful! Terrific! This is ALL we need right now. An Attorney-General telling us that we SHOULDN'T have guns, yet lets narcotraficantes have all the firearms they want!

  • Dave Garry

    Dear Eric Holder, should ALL gun owners feel ashamed or just those who own them legally? I'm sure there are plenty of Obama supporters out there with stolen guns...

  • TheSunDidIt

    Hello all. I'm a fossil. I'm an American that can trace his lineage back to the Revolution. My ancestors fought the British over gun control. Nuf said. Regarding smoking, I do not and DO NOT CARE IF YOU WANT TO LIGHT UP IN MY PRESENSE. I do care if someone with WEAL LUNGS starts coughing and, we ask you to put it out, that you wouldn't but, I NEVER SAW THAT HAPPEN during the heyday of smoking when people smoked in their offices. IT IS SOMETHING CALLED FREEDOM FOLKS. Regarding guns, it's none of the government's business what I have, how many I have, how much ammo I have or ANYTHING ELSE. THAT IS WHAT "FREE" MEANS FOLKS!!

  • Peter Timber


  • Michael Virgil

    Just because they tell you to give up your guns doesn't mean you have to. Civil disobedience at its finest hour. Like my 93 year young mom used to tell me as a kid, do what's right. Just because someone tells you to jump off the bridge doesn't mean you have to follow"! Molon Labe

  • Want some chemicals with that?

    The reason for the second amendment is clear. There is no right to shoot a dear clause. It is 100% about the citizens right to carry arms not only for hunting/protection, but in the event of the need to over throw a tyrannical government. The best answer to the question as to why any one would want/need an assault rifle should always be....

    "I hope I never do."