Harry Reid and Utah Attorney General Implicated in Fraud Scheme Payoff

Jeremy Johnson is a businessman from St. George, Utah who has been accused of billing hundreds of thousands of people for products they didn't order or receive.  His actions resulted in a federal investigation conducted by the Federal Trade Commission.

Supposedly, Johnson met with then Utah State Chief Deputy Attorney General John Swallow (now Attorney General) to discuss the investigation.  Johnson claims that during that meeting, he made a deal with Swallow to pay $600,000 to a number of people connected with Sen. Harry Reid with the understanding that Reid would make the FTC investigation go away.

When Johnson told this to the Salt Lake Tribune and it became public, Swallow denied taking any money and said he only offered to connect Johnson with a lobbying firm that then might be able to help.  He denies any involvement with Reid.

After meeting with federal investigators, Johnson had initially agreed to a plea deal where he would plead guilty to charges of bank fraud and money laundering.  But when the deal fell through this past week, Johnson changed his plea to not guilty and provided the Salt Lake Tribune with documentation including emails and a transcript of his meeting with Swallow.  He also said he asked Swallow to repay $250,000 that Johnson had paid him, but Swallow has not commented on that as yet.

I would be very curious to know exactly what the documentation that Johnson turned over to the Tribune really shows.  Does it back up what Johnson has claimed?  Is Utah Attorney General Swallow guilty of taking a bribe or payoff?

As unethical as Harry Reid has been in the last 4 years under Obama, I wouldn’t doubt that he had received money from Johnson, but then did nothing to prevent the investigation from moving forward.  With Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder being his close Washington buddies, I’m not sure any amount of documentation would be enough to get any action taken against Reid.  It also wouldn’t surprise me to see something questionable happen to Jeremy Johnson and then the whole thing is closed and never heard of again.



  • True Patriot

    Yeah, there probably won't be any investigation or action against dirty Harry Reid who is truly a criminal. Holder and obozo protects their fellow criminals in high places.

  • Screeminmeeme

    The Obama administration and his devoted minions, like Reid, are a corrupt bunch of the highest degree and sophistication, and they are shielded by the crooked IN-justice System managed by the lawless, Eric Holder.

    Reid, like Obama, is teflon-coated and impervious to penalties of any kind.

    • KalevEfrayim

      And the GOP is well aware of what is going on, and complascent with this treason.
      Time to refresh the tree of liberty... ?

      • NDwight

        Why don't you aim at the culprits here instead of the Republicans who are not even part of this story?

        • don

          sorry if your a republican your in involed. it is what it is

        • KalevEfrayim

          The Republicans, in way too may ways, are turning a blind eye to the likes of Obama/ Biden/ Reid/ Pelosi, et.al. It was a Republican that proposed the Patriot Act and a number of other nasty anti-Constitutional laws. As one politician, that reformed with age (an assassination attempt), once said, there wasn't a dimes difference between the two, which is so much truer today among, especially, the establishment wing of the GOP. If that upsets you, or anyone else... too bad.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

          And what does the patriot act have to do with dirty harry reid being involved in a crime? You going to waterboard him, Kalef?

        • KalevEfrayim

          I have examined the Patriot Act and it is as unconstitutional as any other legislation proposed by the current administration, and that my fellow American is as criminal as anything Harry Reid has done. Neither party has your personal best interest or Constitutional freedoms and liberties in mind. Both of these parties are the problem not the solution - far from it. Upset you... again, too bad.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

          It is Bush's fault, don'tcha know?

      • don

        yes an soon. this document our forefathers wrote can work forever. but not 10 seconds for the this liberial godless an corupt an moralist bunce in power now. its a lock aginst what them want to do so stomp it they must.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

          With your blood, Don? I prefer mine to stay where it is, in my body and circulating.

        • KalevEfrayim

          Not willing to stand up for you freedom Wild Thing?
          I have a suggestion, leave, go to Cuba, Venezuala, France, etc. coward.
          Reading some of your post here I believe you may be an Obama puppet.
          Go drink some more of his orange Kool-Aide.

        • Sidewinder

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go
          from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick
          the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may
          posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” - Samuel Adams

        • David

          Great, yes it is going to be a Herculie effort to stop these crooks. And yes the rep are in on the scam to. Shame full. New party is arising.


      • patriot diva

        Refresh it with the blood of tyrants!

  • Retro Ranger

    Reed is a crook, but the Govt. will keep it coverd up. Someone else will take the fall so Reed can continue screwing up Congress and America.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      Reed? Reed? Who? oh you mean Harry Reid. Watch it. This is the way innocent people get hurt.

  • fedup

    Reed a criminal??? Who knew????

  • Alice

    Does this really surprise anyone? The surprise will be if it goes anywhere. Reid is a scumbag!!!!!!

  • BlueViolets

    It's possible that Jeremy may have a sudden and unexpected heart attack if they can't make it go away quick enough.

    • caskinner

      Like Breitbart?

    • http://twitter.com/RDholla Dale Holland

      Hey, they could do that Clinton act; pass out due to the flu, and then heart attack until it blows over. Ya think anyone will notice?

      • Conservativesniper

        No, but I'd like to know what the status of Hillary's testifying under oath about Benghazi. If Boehner lets this harridan slip away, he needs to be put on notice.

        • Bob2002

          Boehner is in bed with Obama, so what do you think he will do? Nothing. The present Republican regime are all RINOs like that idiot Colin Powell. We do not have a two Party system in the United States, we have a one Party ruled by the Democrats are immune from voter fraud because the Republicans will do nothing because they are afraid of Obama and the Democrat runned Media.

        • The Watson

          Repulicans/Democrats Right, Left, the wings of the same bird of prey.

        • crosshairs

          Boehner is to chicken sh@@ to do anything.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Chase/100001228147029 Dennis Chase

      Or a plane crash; At best, Hes a dead man walking !!!!!!

    • DoingMoreWithLes

      Why do something clean when you can just "Fosterize" him a DC park and get the message out "Don't rat us out we are the new Mafia".

    • Pebbles

      He may have a Hillary moment. Wouldn't doubt it.

  • Brian

    Soros will pay off the tribune to bury the story.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barry-Levy/1091577549 Barry Levy

    perp walk him out the senate floor and put him where he belongs. A full security building, with bars on his room and 24/7 armed security for him and all housed with him.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      The Democrats, majority of the senate will never agree to this.

  • Dee M

    Johnson will be next on their hit list. He had better watch his back and keep his guns loaded.

  • oldcoyote

    HAIRY is such an intelligent looking feller. Kinda like Goofy in the old comic books.....

    • Patriot

      Or perhaps the Cryptkeeper as in Tales from the Crypt!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

        I liked the Cryptkeeper. He was such a handsome guy in his first 1,000 years.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      I liked Goofy!

      • oldcoyote

        Well they say it TAKES ON TO KNOW ONE.

  • Eddie

    These dirty MFs should be tried in a court of law..................... then hung ! ! !

  • steve

    Locked and loaded. It's time.

  • Tank

    Get a rope!

  • Roy

    Too bad that lying by congress does not have a deah penalty, we would have an honest Governmant with new people ocasionlly. Wow! what a great Idea. I just overwhelm myself with good ideas for congress.

    • Roy

      That is "death" penatly

  • S Rubicon

    The protection racket currently in operation in Washington, makes any Bush transgressions pale in comparison. The activities designed to circumvent our co-equal branches or governmental process & our Constitutional process & its meaning, represent a true threat to the stability & safety of this nation. Attacks from outside can be met in most cases with military response. But, attacks from within & especially where the legal process is controlled by a like-minded individual whose political inclinations match those of the current CIC, makes it impossible for any potent or constructive legal actions to take place. Perhaps the job of Atty General should be an elected office? After all, when the AG is an administration member of the same political party & when a number of his activities bear serious investigations as well, it seems to me the wellfare of the public is not being adequately represented. The current AG appears to be merely a political mouthpiece serving solely for the benefit of the current CIC & not for "the people."

    • Bella

      At last, an intelligent comment. Thanks.

  • Marc Jeric

    Harry Reid got rich by manipulating land designations for development.

  • caskinner

    He is called dirty Harry for a reason. Dirty little boy. Time for him to answer for his criminal activity.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      He been playing with himself? Dirty little boy.

      • caskinner

        You would have to ask him that question.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roy.wagner.79 Roy Wagner

    Are you suggesting a Reidocide is in Jeremy's future? O my!

    ........ Just like Breitbart's unexpected "Natural Causes"?

  • dad666

    Put these lying POS politicians in jail where they belong

  • kateslate

    Your headline is criminally misleading.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.anderson.7568 Gary Anderson

    dirtbag harry

  • ste1021

    Hopefully, our governor (Sandoval) will run against Reid next time and we'll be able to get rid of the classless creature once and for all.

    • Bob2002

      While I would like for that to happen, it will not come to fruation. Reid will die as a member of the Democrat controlled Senate because the Republicans do not have the guts to do anything about corruption; just look at what they have allowed the usurper Obama to do - become president.

  • djw663

    Isn't this like the story Reid
    put out about Romney now it is up to Reid to prove his innocence?

  • Marvin Clark

    We need to get "implicated" turned into "indicted" ; then turn
    "indicted" into "convicted".

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      Long, Long way to go!



  • http://www.facebook.com/butch.fortin.1 Butch Fortin

    Well it is like Obamhead grand mother died just be for he had won the election?????
    The only person that new him well,

  • Atilla the hungry

    This is absolutely incredible. Tell me that McDonald's is out of french fries or that Papa
    John is out of pizza but surely you cant expect me to believe for one minute that Prince
    Harry Reid could even remotely be involved in anything illegal.

  • jwright673

    It's been said, a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich. Let's hope ham-fisted harry's indictment is in the works.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Islam-Moohammed/100000734881991 Islam Moohammed

    Reid will walk without a blemish. The most corrupt administration in history will not kill off it's prince. You are correct. This guy will have a mysterious car accident and cease to be troublesome.

    • crosshairs

      Read a story about Reids Great Great Uncle, It even showed a picture of it,He was being hung for being a horse theif.must run in the family.

  • 7papa7

    Remember if it is an Obamaton that breaks the law it is OK. The laws are only for us peons and not for Obama and his elitist friends. We are most definitely living in a system that allows the elite to get a way with breaking the law and nails anyone on the outside. If memory serves me Reid was tied to some illegal land deals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.atkinson.948 Steve Atkinson

    prison for reid, jail him now!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      Without a trial?

  • JoAnn

    Are we supposed to be shocked?Not a chance.

  • David

    Harry Ried almost as big of a crook as Obama

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      Ried, Reed, Reid? Say, how many of them are involved?

      • David

        At the risk of sounding racist they are all alike 😉

  • Arcturus6

    You can expect Harry Reid being protected by Holder and any other Obama official. They all belong to the Obama gang and are totally corrupt. Have you noticed how similar 21st century democrats compare to the post Civil War radical Republicans? During
    President Ulysses Grant's administration there were at least eight major scandals. My, my seems like old times considering Obama's scandals! Why Reid just fits right in.

  • pointdan

    Washington, DC Democrats = one big cesspool.
    Let's start building new Federal prisons now. We are going to need the cells. .

  • Pat

    you mean death by natural causes???

  • RonMar

    Sounds right to me in all it details and possible future. I would not want to be Johnson right now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    Well well well - who would have thunk it!!! our Harry who is hellbent and determined to destroy /America with his buddy obama and yet steal and connive like this!!!! GOD HELP AMERICA

  • http://www.facebook.com/donnie.cheesman.9 Donnie Cheesman

    Yes, and any existing trust or credibility between
    WE THE PEOPLE and the cult, known as the
    the elected, and their army of bureaucrats, also
    known as congress, is fading to zero; as we are
    now become WE THE BETRAYED PEOPLE.
    Why would a wealthy Senator Reid or elected
    Utah AG involve themselves in criminal activity?
    Evidently it is true that power corrupts and
    absolute power corrupts absolutely.


    EXTERMINATE THE rodent and throw out the trash.........I feel a good move on the right.


    Satans children are everywhere and GOD know each and everyone of them. It's sad that people sell their soul for what amounts to nothing.
    Can you imagine his kids or family -- yea my DADDY is a thief he's helping that other thief in the Senate and stole thousands from innocent people now how great is that?

  • obfusk8

    Harry Reid, for all of his crookedness, is PRO SECOND AMENDMENT and we are about to experience a COMMUNIST FULL COURT PRESS towards gun confiscation. The NRA backed Reid because on this particular issue the next in line for his Senate position is CHUCK SCHUMER. They WILL take Harry Reid OUT because he is no longer a benefit to them at this time. Citizens with guns are the only thing between George Soros, his puppet Barack Obama, and the Left and their goal of the destruction of America. The timing of this is NOT A COINCIDENCE.

  • pretzeldude


  • Brabado

    Fast forward...
    When will our Nation, finally see Jurasik Harry Reid - his imaginary friends, and his corrupt cronies, behind bars???
    Any idea?

  • 7loubro_4

    It's about time the old sourpuss got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

  • The_American_Way

    It's the Chicago way. It's also the Obama way.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5HR3LKB2O2PDUU27B3SSQV4PIE Anthony

    this is why we need our guns...

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    All these lifetime scumwads have shady little deals going. One of the many ways they exploit their positions of power. Insider trading specialists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/T-Rowe-Lamont-Bentlyprice/100003774530138 T Rowe Lamont Bentlyprice

    Reid is a filthy criminal and belongs in prison. God bless his late father for abusing the twisted punk.

  • Magnum

    There is so much corruption in the current administration that if Obama, Reid, and Holder were seen on video smoking crack, "boinking" hookers, and then having gay sex with each other while fondling children, the mainstream media would find a quick way to spin it so that the GOP would get blamed for coercing them into the acts.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I haven't seen a high-profile "Democrat" successfully prosecuted since Dan Rostenkowski, and don't expect to see it happen here, either.

    The one exception, Rod Blagojevich, took the fall for numerous other the Chicago criminals like Obama...

  • williaml

    The SJ may bet hooked, but Mr. Reid will get out of it by hook or crook.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Mark-Pilling/662233082 Steven Mark Pilling

    You mean that Mark Shurtleff was only replaced by another Utah AG who was even MORE corrupt? Good grief!


    Water board Reid ==great idea...Get lots of other info while at it..We have no Republican party. It is party in name only...We have dems and Tea Party...with guns...

  • http://twitter.com/LDommel Linda Dommel

    Harry fell and got a concussion CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING!