Mr. President, We Have a Contract

Dear Mr. President,

You asked opponents of gun control to examine our consciences.

We have, and they've told us that we have nothing to do with madmen who slaughter innocents in schools, movie theaters and shopping malls.

They also tell us that nothing -- not one thing -- you and your supporters are proposing would have saved a single life in any of the massacres you claim are your motivation for limiting access to guns.

Further, our consciences impel us to point out that this rash of gun violence you and firearms opponents have said is sweeping the country is nothing of the sort, that violence nationwide has been declining for years even as gun ownership has gone up.

But mostly our consciences demand that we stand up for our God-given rights against the overreaching of small-minded men who want more power than they have been granted.

You may recall that we have a contract, we the people.

With you.

It's called the Constitution. You might remember it from your law school days.

It says, in part, "We the people ... do ordain and establish" this government. It's also full of things called amendments that limit the powers of that government.

In summary, it all means that you get your powers from us, not vice versa.

We the people have been created, by God, maker of the universe, as sovereign, free individuals. We have created this government for the mutual protection of our pre-existing rights, not for your personal aggrandizement or the furtherance of your fantasies about how society should operate.

Among our rights is the sanctity and safety of our own person and our families, friends and neighbors. We do not all have armed bodyguards watching us 24 hours a day, so in order to defend that right, we have to use weapons against any criminal, thug or tyrant who threatens. That means we have to have guns.

That's why that Second Amendment is there, so that we may have guns to defend ourselves. Against people like you, if need be.

Don't take that personally. We would defend ourselves against any power-hungry politician. You're just one member of a very large club.

We've put up with a lot from politicians in general, and you in particular. You've bent the law as it suited you many times. But if you violate the rights protected by the Second Amendment, if you try to take power not granted you by the people, you will have broken our contract.

Some people believe you've already broken it many times over, but you've managed to get away with it so far, so let that be as it may. Contracts are only enforceable if they're enforced. But that also means that if enough people decide you've broken the contract, it's broken.

That contract is what makes you president. Without it, you're nothing but a bully, a thug, a criminal trying to push around free people.

And free people don't take kindly to bullies.

You might want to search your own conscience about that.



  • Uptite

    We are not pleading sit in that seat and we pay your salary, Mr. Pres O'Bummah... may want to investigate your own stomping grounds for criminal gun activity;
    If he thinks for a moment we will give up our right to bear arms, then he is as silly as he looks. Our first amendment right has already been taken- with all the political correctness BS, invented by liberal pukes. I am so tired of all the blame-game going to the republican party too, BUT Really!!! As I see it, the Republicans need to grow a pair and come out swinging on this one!

  • Jude O'Connor

    The three branches of government seems to have disappeared. Our Congress has been sleeping for some time and staff has taken over, (we have nothing to say about staff) there are over 23,000 of them (Google it, number of staff for congress) We are in a mess with a fraud in the White House and a fraudulent Congress as well. What we the American people are experiencing now is playground politics. Call it what you want but the reality is just that.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Excellent. It precisely reflects the view of many Americans....but gun owners, in particular. Thx.

  • John Mescas

    You conservatives constantly try to take away other peoples constitutional rights (Like when you tried to ban muslims from building Mosques) -- Yet you threaten to kill people when they try to take away YOUR constitutional rights. You hypocrites don't deserve rights. Many of you deserve a slug right between the eyes.

    • Done My Time

      Muslims rape little boys and murder little girls. Seen it first hand thanks to two deployments to Afgh. I'll pay for you to move your family to a Muslim country.