Obama Hides Behind Children to Pass Anti-Gun Agenda

Young children are understandably fearful of things they don't understand. They are small, timid and powerless creatures, and the world is large, loud and scary.

It is the natural inclination of responsible adults to try to calm those fears with a soothing word: Mommy's here; Daddy's here; we'll chase away those monsters in the closet.

It's a species of child abuse, therefore, for an adult to come along and prey upon those fears.

On Wednesday, the nation was treated to the inglorious and shabby spectacle of our president doing just that.

Obsessed with his quest for more power, President Obama shamelessly surrounded himself with a group of sheepish children and relatives of the Newtown victims as he announced his proposals for limiting Americans' Second Amendment rights.

Using the excuse of "protecting" children, and with children looking over his shoulder, the president signed 23 executive actions to increase the amount of information Big Brother will gather on gun owners and share among its agencies, ramp up programs to increase the number of children labeled as having mental health issues, encourage doctors to become spies for the government by reporting on patients with guns, promote gun locks and other "safety" devices that only hinder legal owners from using their guns when needed, and require states to share information about their residents with the federal government.

The executive actions are all worded vaguely enough that they might sound innocuous on first reading, but they plainly open the gateway to all manner of abuse. In addition to the orders, Obama called for Congress to reinstate and expand the federal assault weapons ban and restrict ammunition magazines to 10-round clips. (Congress is also working on a slate of its own draconian gun regulations, including banning ammo sales on the Internet.)

All of this leftist blather about protecting children by restricting guns might be a touch more believable if anything being proposed would have actually done anything to prevent the shootings in Newtown. Or if it wasn't coming from someone with 24-hour armed security for himself. Or if Obama hadn't overseen the Fast and Furious program that gave weapons to drug dealers then used executive privilege to block the congressional investigation of the resulting murders. Or if his Administration weren't funneling arms to Syrian rebels. Or if his policies hadn't armed al-Qaida terrorists in Mali. Or if Obama hadn't voted for an infanticide bill when he was still a legislator in Illinois. Or ...

Obama read letters written to him by children as part of his dog and pony show. Kids don't often spontaneously write letters to the president about issues like gun control. It's usually at the prompting of some adult, or more likely a class project. So somewhere there is a teacher or teachers encouraging entire classrooms full of kids to be afraid of the evil guns and to look toward the president, not their own parents, to act as Big Daddy and keep bad guys at bay.

I hope the children had a fun visit to the White House, and I hope it's many years before they become cynical enough to realize how they've been used.

But those of us who actually care about the safety of children will be keeping our guns so that we can fight off the real bad guys when it becomes necessary, even if the bad guys turn out to live in famous houses in Washington, D.C.



  • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b


    It's official. 23 EOs signed... now what?

    Education? Failed.
    Boycotting? Failed.
    Civil Disobedience? Failed.
    Writing letters and signing petitions? Failed.
    Successful attempts at making a 2nd 1776? Failed.


    • williaml

      The Only option that is left is our guns and they want them too.

  • Doodlebug

    This arrogant, lying, dummicrat donkey had to EXPLOIT THE KIDS to get his way, 23 executive orders and not one of them would have meant a hill of beans in the Sandy Hook shootings, the jerk they let out of prison after bludgeoning his grandmother to death,,,then set a house on fire shooting the firefighters as they arrived, AND, it will do NOTHING FOR FUTURE murders, including the 150 abortions every hour of every day. Where is his stance on this? Ans. fund Planned Parenthood. I don't know if I missed or if it wasn't there but, where is the ban on violent movies and games played by most kids? The whole thing is a farce!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I see a lot of money being spent on things that mean nothing. A lot of letters and reports.

  • Raymond

    Mr. Obama:
    I want you to know that I will not obey any order from you
    or those who surround you that violates the United States Constitution. I'm hoping that others will stand beside me
    against this force of darkness.. Raymond


    • True Patriot

      Yes, I stand beside you, Raymond. I will protect my country against all enemies -- domestic and foreign. This lying, anti-life, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, American-hating usurper is the epitome of pure, unadulterated HYPOCRISY!!

    • Screeminmeeme

      Raymond....Count me and mine in.
      United we stand.

    • John Mescas

      Except the TINY significant fact that GUN REGULATIONS don't violate the constitution. You are an absolute IDIOT for thinking this. What part of the words "WELL REGULATED" do you not understand? It's in the constitution as clear as day.

  • Raymond

    Obama supporter: Somebody (that's you & me) needs to pay for my 15 kids.


  • Raymond

    Let's take a closer look at Obama. Federal agents put a gun
    to a little girls head & Obama says that's ok. Muslims are
    into these sort of things.


  • Raymond

    Does the muslim brotherhood control the Oval Office?
    The evidence clearly indicates they do..................


  • Raymond

    Has Barack Hussein Obama committed treason?
    Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.


  • Raymond
  • Raymond

    Obama's 7 lies in 2 minutes.

  • Raymond

    Behold the rise of the muslim king.


  • Uptite

    Everything about O'Bummah is shady, shady,shady...He used dumbocrats, woman and now children to get to the top... then knew he needed a second term to bury this Country, where we are today. His agenda is greater than any moron that voted him in can or will ever realize, until too late, unfortunately!

  • martha chandler

    If we never get rid of the "cabel" that put this a'hole in the WH, then we will never get rid of BO.

    • John Mescas

      This "cabel" that put him in the WH are millions of your neighbors How do you propose "getting rid" of us?

      • martha chandler

        John, clearly your ignorance is wasted on the this website. Go some place where people actually care what you think.

        • John Mescas

          How do you propose to get rid of me Martha. You said it, I just want you to expand on it.

        • martha chandler

          Who said anything about getting rid of you? That's your interpretation.

        • John Mescas

          How do you plan to "get rid" of your neighbors who would gladly vote Michelle Obama into the White House in 2016 ,

        • John Mescas

          How about we get rid of people like you?

        • martha chandler

          No please john, you first. What's this about Mooch?? Don't know what your referring to. Please declare ;your true thoughts. If you can articulate them.

      • williaml

        John, It seems that you are one of them that voted for that usurper.

        • John Mescas

          Yeah , well, I saw what happened in the 8 prior years when the GOP ran the show. Worst attack on America in our history happened on the GOP guys watch. So far, no major attacks have hit us on Obama's watch. I'm happy with my vote.

        • williaml

          I feel sorry for you,
          You voted for a communist alien that is really not qualified to be president.
          FYI: Your guys sold us out to China, sending millions to renovate mosques, giving millions to countries that want to see us destroyed, made bestiality legal, made sodomy legal, ETC.
          So much for the jack-A$$ party which you love.

        • John Mescas

          The most deadly risk to America is the terrorists that live here ... White, gun happy terrorists who want to shoot people for not voting their way.

        • williaml

          Well just don't tread on me and I won't shoot.
          PS. I am Not white either, all gun owners are not white but we all stand for the same principals.

  • Steve_from_Racine_WI

    President Barack Hussien Obama has stimulated the economy with these 23 EOs. Gun sales are thru the roof and somebody has to manufacture them. Might be able to completely wipe out unemployment in this country if he keeps going after guns.

  • jd1958

    What a friggin hyprocrite!! Uses children as a photo-prop. Yet increases the spending and monies to Planned Slaughterhood. Runs up the national debt and is going to lay this debt on their shoulders and their childrens shoulders, But they are young and their parents are too stupid to figure out as he's signing these tyranical executive orders; he's stealing their consitutional rights right before their very eyes. "Useful idiots." What a friggin hyprocrite!!!!

  • williaml

    What a Worm!
    He can hide behind children to justify his unconstitutional act but when the NRA states that Obummer's kids are protected by armed guards, the press circle the wagons and cries foul play.

    • John Mescas

      What's unconstitutional about it? What part of "WELL REGULATED" do you not understand? It's in the constitution idiot.

      • williaml

        Oh, I get it now.
        The Honest are well regulated while the dishonest do what ever they want.
        I wonder which group the politicians fall into :-)

  • Screeminmeeme

    Why wouldn't he use children as so many pawns in his schemes? It's reflective of his Islamic beliefs.

    In Islam children are little more than property to be used at the will of the father. So that would explain why Obama, the 'great father' heralded by so many in the media, exposed his own daughters to the hate-filled rantings of Rev Wright for years, to be indoctrinated about an evil America and the white man.

    Remember, this great leader, so concerned about children, has never once confronted Muslim leaders about the heinous abuse of children....or women, for that matter....that goes on daily in their countries. He has never used the power of the Presidency to condemn such acts, nor does he hesitate to use kids to elicit sympathy for his own pet causes.

    He is beneath contempt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.nic.56 Mark Nic

    human shields

    • John Mescas

      You are sick.