Why Is Adam Lanza’s Documentary History Missing?

Ever since the horrible shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School I’ve been waiting for the autopsy report and any other information of the killer. There has been information from day to day, but the claims are usually dismantled the next day. Like many others, I’ve wondered about the possible influence of, or of withdrawal from, psychotropic drugs.

But we know basically nothing about Adam Lanza. It is as if the Left has been handed a gift, a gun that seems to have killed with no person behind it. We can speculate about his mental health or his medications or his video games or his mother, but we have no solid evidence of anything; just changing stories from people who have not seen him recently. Adam Lanza is the perfect propaganda tool for demonizing guns.

But it is not just the tox screen that we are still waiting for. It recently occurred to me that all the noise about gun control is distracting us, the populace, from some basic questions any news organization worthy of the name should be investigating. For example, this editorial points out something so obvious that I’m embarrassed I haven’t thought of it before now:

“When Adam Lanza moved on to middle school and then to high school, his cumulative folder (a student’s records) should have followed him. And so should have information about any special accommodations to which he would have had a legal right under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act). If Adam Lanza was a gifted student, it would also have been noted in his cumulative folder and he would have also had the right for “special accommodations” throughout his school career.”

So where is it? Why has no one asked for it, mentioned it, or published it? “Public school officials can do more than provide an opinion. Public schools should be able to provide records.”

I searched google news for “school records” in association with “Adam Lanza.” The only mainstream US news source I could find, was this Huffington Post article, which was quoting a “conspiracy theorist.” No one in the mainstream media cares about basic documentation?

For example, this claims Adam Lanza got his driver’s license in 2010. But there are only a few pictures of Adam. They were boring within the first week. Why has no reporter gotten hold of Adam Lanza’s driver’s license photo? Presumably newspapers and websites want to attract attention. So why hasn’t any one of them tracked down an extra picture they can use to get more readers?

Adam Lanza is said to have attended Western Connecticut State University as a sixteen-year-old. So where is the picture from his student ID? Don’t colleges keeps such digitalized records? Has anyone tried to find out? I thought I had seen a news report that indicated someone had found Adam’s transcripts. But right now I can only find stories like this, which seem to be based on testimony. I have no reason to doubt the testimony, but back up documentation is usually how you confirm a story.

To sum it up:

Right now, people are completely mystified by Adam Lanza’s motives and are finding it difficult to get information. There are also very few pictures of Lanza. Yet we see no effort in the media to either get his records or basic public photographs of the shooter. This adds to the effect that Adam Lanza is a motiveless anomaly, leaving only the guns to take the blame. In the story we have right now, the firearms have more personality and history than Adam does.



  • ginjit.dw

    Spot on. They don't know squat about this guy. They used this tragedy to get 23 executive orders that couldn't get passed otherwise. The UN couldn't do it, so planet obama got it done the only way they could, by using stealth

    • colleenf

      Exactly correct. Obama and his thugs knew that the Senate would never ratify any arms treaty as proposed by the UN. They know they cannot get Agenda 21 ratified either. So what do they do? They wait until some wacko sicko does something horrible and then exploit it to the max of the absurd. And all by design. All by design.
      And the other side of this dirty little secret is the cover up of Fast and Furious, Benghazi murders, obamacare and taxes.......they need smoke screens to hide the obvious from us peons.
      But you do have to admire their tenacity and the ability to jump onto a crisis/catastrophe as fast as they do and then there is their organizational skills to escalate the hysteria of a disaster.
      What we as Americans need to do is to counter their attacks on our freedoms and their constant attacks on our conservative and especially our Christian beliefs!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

        And worse than that, it was all a big HOAX. Nobody died, Big community action of dedicated left-wingers, and Obama--liars all. For the donations, and especially for the confiscation of our guns so that we will be defenseless when Obama and other criminals take over our lives completely. Check out "Skunk at the Pity Party" and all the videos that go with it.

    • reggiec

      "stealth" is the proper word. Read the definitions below:
      Words have meanings! If those meanings are bastardized all becomes chaos.
      “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” James Madison
      Definition of to KEEP: to hold or retain in one's possession; hold as one's own.
      Definition of to BEAR: to carry, transmit, transport, have a characteristic of and exhibit.
      Definition of INFRINGE: to “encroach” upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.
      THIS IS THE WORD MOST FORGETEN……INFRINGE!!!!! Read the meaning!!!
      Definition of INFRINGE/ENCROACH…….. 1: to enter by gradual steps or by STEALTH (my bold) into the possessions or rights of another. 2: to advance beyond the usual or proper limits
      Why is this so hard to understand? The meanings of the words in the Second Amendment have not changed since the amendment was ratified.
      I am not aware of the Second Amendment being repealed or amended.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    Even in death, privacy laws still apply. The trouble here is: who can authorize the release of Adam Lanza's records? The obvious choice is dead, and Adam's father was not a custodial parent.

    Privacy laws and HIPAA are what are blocking the media from getting anything more.

    • trollsonaroll

      Adam - just because he wasn't the custodial parent doesn't mean he doesn't have the right to his son's records etc....that doesn't terminate any of his right as a parent. Obviously you don't understand the laws. Interestlng though the media sure has gotten information out their on the Gifford case and the Aurora shooting huh?

    • larryincamden


    • Carl Stevenson

      How convenient, but the tyrants want to go on mass fishing expeditions through the records of all legal gun owners ...

    • Patriot

      They surely know how to slip an office records clerk 50 bucks. We called it extending a gratuity. What? Do they need to learn how to do a little dumpster diving?

      • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

        The clerk doesn't want to do a stretch in prison though.

  • Loki

    Just another case of lame stream media only showing what they want, and never asking the questions we want to know, just like who pushed the video in Benghazi? How did 110% voter turn out happen? Nothing to see here people, just move on.......

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      Thumbs up, you got it. The LSM is correct, part of the big THEY! NO, it is not MSM. A big Cuban cigar for you Loki. Thumbs up. Oh, and I think it was 150% in Philly, and Patrick Henry was right, except it was rats, not rat!

    • Mitchina

      Did you know that Hagel owned all the voting machines in the last two elections? Yep, and when he was running for his office, his voting machines were used and even though all the facts and signs were against Hagel winning, he increditbly won by a landslide when it should have been the opposite. Does this sound a lot like the last Presidential election?

  • Y-not

    Far too many unanswered questions for me. A football player makes up a dead girlfriend and the news media investigates and runs it several times a day until we're all sick of hearing it. News like Sandy Hook just faded away. They're not interested in finding the truth, they're all in on the assault LOOKING rifle gun ban with the Obama klan.

    • oldcoyote

      Look how much obozo got from AIPAC to shill for them. http://alturl.com/gbkiw

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000114874973 Tim Curtiss

        What does this have to do with the subject at hand, other than to show you are a Nazi?

        • oldcoyote

          It goes to show who the slime is that pulls his strings and that you are a lowly whineing jew pig.

        • KalevEfrayim

          If you were in my neighborhood I'd split you anti-Semitic ass wide open.
          You are a disgusting excuse for a human being.
          God rebuke you.

        • oldcoyote

          So jew boy, what's "anti-semitic" about the truth? I have never saw a lying jew pig that could stand the truth in my nearly eighty years. Being a jew, you would do it from the shadows instead of face to face. That's how they operate.

        • freedomgirl

          In todays day and age, Christians and Jews need to stand together to get the Muslims out of Our House.
          I can imagine you at our VFW, sitting alone because your negativity repels all that come near you.
          Your a Grumpy Old Fart arn't you?

        • oldcoyote

          The jews in the WH are the problem.

          I no longer go to the VFW. It got so all that are there are a bunch of loud mouth drunks that think they are the only ones that amount any thing.

        • ezekiel22

          Good handle. Coyotes are basically cowards and scavengers seems to be fitting you to a tee. Go ahead and call me a jew Christ was born a Jew so I would consider that a compliment.

        • oldcoyote

          Christ Was Not A Jew

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        • oldcoyote

          Christ told the jew swine in John 8:44-50 just what they are.

          John 8:44-50

          King James Version (KJV)

          44 Ye
          are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.
          He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth,
          because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of
          his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

          45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

          46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

          47 He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

          48 Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?

          49 Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honour my Father, and ye do dishonour me.

          50 And I seek not mine own glory: there is one that seeketh and judgeth.

          I STAND WITH HIM!!!

          Where does a liar like you stand?????

        • Rachel

          Take a hike, you ugly old man. NO ONE relates to you.

        • Rachel

          Ted Kennedy;...is that you?

    • Doodlebug

      They're not interested in US finding out the truth because they want the world to believe that the gun fired on its own accord. They don't want to admit anything other, no drugs, not the movies or games. The GUN DID IT!! They will just keep pushing what THEY want and to heck with the truth. Must get rid of the guns, THis is how obummer gets his own way.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

        the problem is THEY and we understand what the meaning of is IS...

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

        Obummer--the biggest liar that ever was.

    • http://www.facebook.com/roswell.evans.7 Roswell Evans

      It's all about Agenda not Truth. To this media a Hoax is more important then people being killed.They along with our president want a defenseless America. Easier to control. http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/it-is-high-noon-for-america/

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      ah, the bull in the china closet...THEY

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      Yes, this Klan included Farakhan, that crazy "preacher", and Bill Ayres, and all the weathermen...probably MOST academic "elites"

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OPJORL2IHPGBP5USJSUY5XGEUE LEE

      Don't hear much about Fast and Furious or Benghazi either. No follow-up on those stories.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

        No, Obama and Holder hope we all just forget about those. We will never forget.

      • Doodlebug

        "Don't hear much?" we DON'T HEAR ANYTHING. He's way tooooo busy feathering his own nest to do anything about either of them. I wonder what hillybilly will have to say about Benghazi?? I bet it will be lies, to cover up the truth.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

          hillbillies don't lie like that.did you mean some liberial

        • Rachel

          HillyBilly I believe referred to Hillary and Bill

        • Mitchina

          Supposedly, we should be finding out tomorrow. Wonder how much TV time that gets?

      • Rick

        Isn't it amazing that obama can allow firearms to be sold to drug cartels, How many Hispanic children died at the hands of the smuggled firearms. How many children died in Syria and Libya through obamas supplying weapons to Al Qaida and other rebels that he supports.

      • Rachel

        Dead Americans only count if they further the Obama anti-gun agenda. So Obama doesn't give a damn about those dead Americans...especially since he's responsible for their deaths.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

      Lots of people are interested in finding out the truth. Look at my last posting.

    • http://twitter.com/lonemusketeer Winston Churchill

      I don't believe they can tell us the truth. They have something to hide.

    • StardustLu

      I agree. It's almost as though nothing actually happened at Sandy Hook. As though they were all actors, like Robbie Parker, for instance. Where is any evidence?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Broussard/100000569719030 Paul Broussard

      Don't forget about BO's "Composite Girlfriend"-WEIRD!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Phillips/1058697065 Randy Phillips

      And now we have found out by NBC, that an AR15 wasn't even used in the shooitng. Another government lie to demonize the gun they want to ban. There is the possibility that the other shootings may not have had an AR15 used in them either. This was a consorted effort to get certain guns banned that they want.

      • Mitchina

        Yeah, those "certain" guns would be all semi-automatic guns which includes all rifles and all hand guns - except for the one bullet at a time pistol. Nice hu?

  • Krell51

    Another example of a perfect " False Flag" operation by our government, can you say sinking of the Lucitiana, peal harbor, assination of Kennedy,gulf of Tonkin?

    • Carl Stevenson

      Just remember, "It's only a conspiracy THEORY if it's not true."

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

        not the case with the hoax of darwinism though...

    • Patriot

      Does have the same stench about it doesn't it?

    • Kent2012

      kenyan boy born in US, hillary falling down.......

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

        Lots and lots of lies, too many to remember, in this Administration. We have most of them recorded though.

        • Rachel

          I wish there was a website listing them all. I know it's a very LONG list.

  • caskinner

    The media has all the info they want. They want the public to believe it was the BAD GUNS that broke into the school and killed the 26 people.

    • Patriot

      GUN? Stage front.
      Murder? Fade to black.

      Politician? Hit your mark!

      Lights, action, camera. let the misdirection and propaganda begin!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins



    You might want to check AL's immigration and passport information?

    • oldcoyote

      No doubt he's as legal as Odumba.....


    When do we find out what caliber bullets were found in the victims?

    • http://twitter.com/lucitee4 Luci Tomlin

      You've GOT to be KIDDING! Didn't Eric Holder make a dash to Newtown immediately?
      He didn't go there just to hug the parents in sympathy! He went there to SHUT them UP! And "take over" the investigation! And since HE is a Government man, who would DARE question his motives! And NO one will EVER know what happened! Which is the case of everything involving this Administration. The ones who haven't been bought, will be silenced!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

        He was checking out the local Planned Parenthood facilities...you see he cares about the "children"

    • http://www.facebook.com/roswell.evans.7 Roswell Evans

      That would be nice because I saw reports that the AR-15 was in the trunk of the car in the parking lot.http://conservativevideos.com/2012/12/growing-evidence-an-ar15-wasnt-used-in-sandy-hook-massacre/

      • reggiec

        Turned out to be a shotgun in the trunk. Video shows shotgun shells being ejected by the officer.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

        The gun in the video is not an AR15. It is a pistol handled shotgun, probably a Saiga. Yet these stories which are lies continue. In the video a officer pulls the charging handle on the side to remove the projectile from the weapon. A Ar15 charging handle is pulled from the back of the breech, not from the side as seen in the video.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

          More and more discrepancies in the story just make it creepier and creepier. All one big hoax.

        • http://www.facebook.com/marty.james.77 Marty James


    • Kent2012

      you will not find that out, but the supposed coroner ruled that it was a Bushmaster that did the killing, did he leave the AR15 stuck in someone?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

      Never. There weren't any. I don't know where these "dead" people went but it wasn't to the graveyard.


    Has anyone checked to see if Lanza has immigration and/or passport records?

  • http://twitter.com/lucitee4 Luci Tomlin

    If they show the Slaughter MOVIES he was watching, Hollyweird would be mad at 0'Bama. If
    the autopsy showed a deformity in a certain part of the brain, it may be contributed to excessive violence in movies he watched! YEARS of them! Liberals would not allow it! The "rug" they have swept all the hidden data under (FF, MBH, Lybia, Hillary's Concussion concession, Etc.) is beginning to rival Vale, Colorado as a perfect ski slope!

  • SJvet

    Was Lanza really the shooter? Communists have killed many people to further their agenda. Fast and Furious didn't work. This is a so-called president with advisers such as Bill Ayers, who hates government and America.

    • Conservativesniper

      Bill Ayers doesn't hate government. He hates a constitutional republic. He seems to be a big fan of totalitarian government.

      • Patriot

        Bill Ayers is a child molester!
        He put down the explosives and turned his attention to the ignorant youth and he's been molesting their brains ever since.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

          As do all government "teachers" in one way or another.

        • Kent2012

          he has good company with all the vietnam protesters that become professors.......good commie adgitprops

    • Middle Mary

      I have read a few articles and saw a presentation on Fox News that are hard to be believed. Those articles asserted that the authorities would not allow the parents to see their children's bodies. The coroner got there so quickly and quickly announced the wrong cause of death. The 6 children that were not harmed were let out of a bus in a man's driveway. They said their teacher was dead. Why would a bus driver let them out at other than a normal stop??? The man invited the 6 children into his house to allow them to call their mothers. He said that there was a fire station within sight from his home! Why weren't the children taken there???

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

        There are waaaaay too many anomalies [lies] about and in this story to fathom. It cannot be put together into one believable story. It's all one big contradictory lie.

    • freedomgirl

      I'm terrible on the computer, but Google and U Tube Sandy Hook Hoax Blown to Pieces-The actors, puppets and more...

  • Impala

    This falls in the same hole as the Benghazi Libya massacre. Any updates lately on that one??

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      Yes, Hitlery bumped her head...now, she doesn't recall...vince foster....wait...uh...missing files....whitewater...takes a village...uh...

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

        uh...what dead bodies...arkansas...uh...global crossings...brown...aircraft...uh...in a yugo?....what was the question...i bumped my head...i really don't recall.., at all!

    • Middle Mary

      And the Fast and Furious operation!

  • gunjerrry

    Facts ? we don't need no stinking fscts. I saw one MSNBC report that said the AR 15 was
    found in his car, that he never took it in to the school, guess that got swept under the rug.
    But the "assualt " rifle is getting all the blame and giving the government just what they wanted to scream Gun Ban, Freedom of the press should cary with it the obligation of truth.

  • Ronald

    Sounds an awful lot like Obama---the mainstream media is not interested in anything that doesn't support their agenda. Conspiracy?

    • Middle Mary

      Bush did it!

  • DonRS

    Another unanswered question: what guns were actually used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook shootings? There have been many conflicting reports. In one interview, the medical examiner stated "it must have been the Bushmaster, the wounds were too large for a pistol. Oh really, the Bushmaster uses a 0.223 bullet. That is only slightly (0.001) larger than a 22 rifle! It is the size of the bullet, that determines the size of the wound! I seriously doubt the medical examiner can possibly differentiate the size of a wound made by a 0.223 vs. a 0.22 bullet.

    • oldcoyote

      Just checked my velocity book. The .223 is at 2550 FPS with a 55 gr. bullet. The 22 LR is at i500 FPS with a 33gr bullet. It would be easy to tell the difference in the wounds. The .223 at 2550 FPS would be much more severe and being FMJ many should have went through one body and into another or something beyond. In my younger years I shot thousands of jack rabbits in the winter months when their fur was prime with a 22 LR. They sold for .75¢ each and after skinning the meat went for fox food. That was well over sixty years go. I don't recall there being a ,223 then.

  • freedomringsforall

    Put another way:

    How can you have a solution to a problem if you haven't found out the facts of the cause of the problem?

    If you haven't even found out the facts surrounding the cause of the problem how can you even come to a definitive conclusion on exactly what the problem is let alone what a good solution could be?!

    And that should be one of the ways the thoughtful conservatives should be stoning obama and his lackeys with the truth.

    They should be saying straight-up on tv interviews and press conferences how the hell can this president and vice president have a solution to a problem when they don't even know all the facts of what happened yet.


    GEE the president had live video coverage of exactly what happened in Benghazi and it takes him a couple of months to finally admit that it wasn't a spontaneous demonstration because of a stupid you-tube video?!

    He didn't even have a live video feed of Sandy-Hook and still does not know many of the facts but he already knew a few days after the incident that the "solution" to the problem is to start taking peoples Constitutional 2nd amendment rights and freedoms away?!

    How asininely preposterous is that?!

    One of the dumbest suppositions we have ever heard from any President ever!

  • john harper

    what about the picture of the police in the trunk of the mother's car. they've removed a long gun that was a shotgun not an AR 15 . your weapon Shown had different slide action .

    • oldcoyote

      An AR15 would not have a "slide action"!!!!!

  • spyderdalton


    You decide if you think something smells bad.... Hoax?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      hey patrick henry smelled a rat....

  • BlueViolets

    This country is beginning to sound like the old USSR where people just disappeared and if you asked about them you were told you must be mistaken as that person never existed. Don't persist because you too can be made to not exist.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      hitlery...what bodies?...whitewater?...wait...I bumped my head....brown? missing files? I can't recall...vince foster? who?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

    The Huffington Post quoted me? When?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ignatius-Turchi/100003209953060 Ignatius Turchi

    Psycotropic drugs are dangerous for everyone but especially younger one. I was taking welbutrin (used for depression) in order to quit smoking. I was older but I became very agitated and angry. I was fighting with everyone and I am not normally like that. A few weeks after I stopped taking it I returned to normal. It seems that very few people are talking about these drugs (which include SSRI's and SSNRI's) as potential killers. Around 2005 the FDA put a black box warning on SSRI's and SSNRI's such as prozac, paxil and effexor saying that these could cause problems like suicidal thoughts and agressive actions in young people. Do the criminals in the Pharma industry want people in general to know this. I think not!

  • Bob

    There are so many more question's than answer's this last few year's. I'm an older person, had met several people who were teenage's living in Germany and Austria, during the Hitler era. I say this to anyone interested in where we are headed, just study Hitler and the Third Reich, there's a lot written.
    It is as simple as that.
    What I can not understand is that there are nearly no legislative member's of our government who are standing on there soap boxes, screaming about the slaughtering of our Constitution, WHY? Please consider contacting your legislative rep's, politely ask them to explain WHY?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      Boehner...I'm crying for you spy...can't u see the track of my tears...?

  • RickG

    Adam Lanza, alone or with help gave the Left everything it needed, so he is now irrelevant to their cause. Proof of that is in the 23 EO's signed two days ago and the flurry of legislation being churned out in droves. Nothing to do with mental health or violent video games. And nor will there be - ever. The Left does not care for those murdered children or teachers, the left does not care about those with mental disorders (unless it is convenient to put forth their agenda), the Left does not care about violence in video games except NOT to censor it because it creates more tools for the Left...here's another unanswered question: whatever happened to the hard drive in his computer? Was it so badly damaged that nothing can be retrieved? And why would someone hell-bent on murder and mayhem with his own suicide the final act, care about what was on a hard drive and thus smash it? That isn't curious? It makes no sense to me, unless there was something to hide that did not involve Adam Lanza...

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cummins/531833267 John Cummins

      correct as exhibited by local planned parenthood facilities in full action everyday down the street from newtown, do a search on google...they don't care about "children"...IF they did they would be crying out (as am I) for a Separation of School from State

    • Pam Peck

      I hate to sound like a nutcase but there is more to this than meets the eye. We saw on the news video the sheriff removing the Bushmaster from the trunk of his mother's car. Yet, the children were shot with the Bushmaster, so they say. Will we ever find out who that person was that ran through the woods and why? Some huge group is behind all this and this was a set up as was Columbine and The Joker at the movies. I would like to have names. Is it the UN? NATO? Bilderbergs? Who is it? Whoever they want to call themselves they will burn in hell for creating all this chaos around the world,. America we must fix this and soon. We only have ourselves. We must fix this.

      • oldcoyote

        Have you read where this was a Israhelli false flag operation to speed their NWO agenda by controlling America's guns?

      • MaryAnnNJ

        Thank you for saying that OUT LOUD. I may sound like a nut job to express the evil that this Administration is capable of, but my sense, along with other people I talk to about this, all seem to think there is some kind of brainwashing regarding programming of these vulnerable killers to commit this mayhem. Adam Lanza was a computer whiz. Like "Mission Impossible", this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds.....may be more reality than fantasy to program these killers to commit crime, then destroy the evidence. It's all a cover-up to gain control of the 2nd amendment and politicize it. One by one we have been deluged lately with these "programmed" killers, and now to give America the final blow, we see the deaths of children, which strikes at the basic heartbeat of our existence to beg for a stop to this evil......I think it was all conjured up by big government to disarm us and promote the Communist agenda.

    • Diana

      There were no executive orders, look it up. There are a few items listed as Presidential Memorandum on Jan 16, 2013. Where are the EO's?

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

      Good! Mental health issues are properly debated at the state level and only a liberal would blame videogames for causing violence; there is no research that shows that entertainment violence is a causal agent of real-life violence.

      Vis a vis murdered children or teachers, you have to balance their rights against the Constitution; you can get a judge to commit someone with cause, but otherwise, you have the Bill of RIghts run up against. As for violence in video games...not the left's fault, but parental fault or that of mental retardation---someone who is of capacity to think properly does not act out entertainment violence in real life.

      As for the hard drive in Lanza's computer, he supposedly destroyed it and it can't be looked at.

    • J Cricket

      open your eyes dude, this is not a left/right issue. this is a monumental struggle between good and evil forces fighting for our hearts and spirits. they use all kinds of disguises. This site is full of not-well-informed people, with a few exceptions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644152750 Vincent Eagan

    And he's not the only one. We also have very little information on James Holmes, and we had very little on Jared Loughner.

    • J Cricket

      try researching - I found a lot about both. Would it surprise you to know that Loughner's parents are followers of Anton LaVey?

  • hiskid1964

    the American people are asleep

    • Pam Peck

      Not all of us, you know. Obama received about 62mil votes. 11% less than he got in 2008. Romney received 3.3mil less. that is hardly a mandate. More than 2mil were so fed up with the system they didn't vote. A lot of us are awake and trying our best to right things. See you at your capitol tomorrow. It's Gun Appreciation Day and they are rallying at capitols.

  • dempseycoleman

    These are actors in a story about Children of which all but one got killed.
    This is turning out to be a movie made in real time with real dead kids in real time.
    Killed with Pistols and not with an AR-15 which did not exist because the Gun in the
    Trunk was a Shot Gun. This is and was a Propaganda film with Real Dead Kids
    and a lot of Actors laughing before Crying in front of Camaras.

    • Pam Peck

      The children were murdered with a AR-15 but Lanza's Bushmaster was found in the trunk of his mother's car. Adam was found dead with two handguns beside him. It's on video in plain sight. the sheriff is removing the Bushmaster from the trunk. It's all a terrible, horrible set-up to eliminate our 2nd Amendment. We must do something soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maxwell.friedlander Maxwell Friedlander

    The Lamestream Media has NO interest in reporting any thing on Adam Laza.

  • TheTexasCooke

    He's also a huge distraction from Benghazi and "Fast and Furious".....interesting that "Fast and Furious" was intended to be used in EXACTLY the same way as the school shooting....guns are evil and they must be stopped.....and Benghazi was shot up with guns provided by Christopher Stevens....oops, I guess they were supposed to be pointed in some other direction.....I guess you just can't trust those insurgents and cartel members....who knew!

  • Chris McLaughlin

    It is all by design. They want the firearms to have a personality so they can make them seem self-animate and thus evil and in need of controlling completely. This has worked out very well for their agenda from the very beginning. There have been no usual obvious questions to survivors about describing what they saw of the shooters movements, if there was more than one, etc. "Conspiracy theory" on this event has dug into this more than any media outlet

  • Pam Peck

    May God have mercy on our souls. I don't want to live in a Communist state. We have to do something soon.

  • tod

    Sandy Hook was nothing more then a movie,with actors as parents,they have pictures of one of the supposedly dead kids sitting in barry's lap days later.Just more False Flag to take our guns and enslave us.

    • Middle Mary

      I did see a feature on Fox News where many of the people involved who were interviewed were actors. Strange!!!

  • Terry C

    We have a president with no history. Why not a shooter?

  • BigUgly666

    Like I've said from the beginning of this AND Aurora - this smells of 'false flag' just as bad as Obama smells of Usurper and Holder smells of Criminal Gunrunner.

  • loverofcats

    I still think this was a staged, government event and just like Oswald, Lanza is the patsy.

  • CincinMike

    we don't know a whole hell of a lot about the guy that lives @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, either !!!!

    • J Cricket


  • KalevEfrayim

    Could this be a conspiracy by the Obama administration to kill the nd Amendment?
    This entire episode is getting fishy'er with each passing day.

  • mike grunewald

    those records are in the same place as Obamas

  • Barbann

    And I really want to know what he was doing in that school building the day before the shooting. Seems strange since he had not attended the school for quite some time. And what was the "argument" about that supposedly transpired that day? It was mentioned briefly but I have seen no follow-ups on these questions since.

  • McFerguson

    Seems like Adam Lanza and Manti Te'o's girl friend have something in common. The exist in the nether reaches of the Twilight Zone.

    • J Cricket

      here's a new conspiracy for you: Manti teo and Obama went to the same high school in Hawaii

  • reggiec

    Adam Lanza's background is starting to look like Obama's.

  • jvb5058

    And liberals have the nerve to attack people asking questions. They'd MUCH RATHER sit back and smugly cite them as CONSPIRACY THEORISTS. Cowards and Liars.

  • John John

    Yea obozo needs the klan alright. It is a sorry time in histrory for citizens even the dumb asss democraps hiding evidence when the media is so balatently WRONG in every story regarding any truths.. When Princess Diana farted, the news media was all over it. When clinton didn't have sex, the media went What Me Worry on the stories, and how about poor Vince Foster, ?Travel Gate, Bengazi Gate. Get the facts an.d print the truth MEDIA WHORES

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    There are numerous conflicts in what the left & media are spinning on this gun control venture as to the numbers of shooters beyond Lanza (one arrested in the woods behind the school, one on the ground between the school and the fire station) the weapons used (media hyping the Bushmaster "assault weapon" which was not used and in the trunk of the car) which were two 9mm pistols. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/27/sandy-hook-huge-hoax-and-anti-gun-psy-op/

  • NewHampshire

    This was a CIA/MOSSAD hit. The two shooters were caught running away in the woods and arrested afterward. One was claimed to be an off duty SWAT team member in full fatigues. Yah right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts

    Adam Lanza's past is just as shadowy as Barack Obama's, isn't it? Obama is deliberately keeping his past a secret from us, but some of us have really done some tough research and found out a lot more about Obama than he ever wanted us to. I strongly believe the Sandy Hook School "Massacre" is nothing but a big hoax that has been planned out for many months. Part of it was shown even before the alleged event was said to have taken place! Check out "Skunk at the Pity Party" and all the extra videos that come with it. That part of the country is solid dyed-in-the-wool liberal, and they would do anything for Obama and for making a lot of money on all the donations from tender-hearted Americans who have been fooled by SOMETHING THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Why didn't we get to see the bashed in front door that Adam Lanza was supposed to have broken into? Why can't we see inside the building where all the bullet holes and blood stains supposedly are? WHY? Because these things don't exist. No one was merely injured! None of the wounded wound up in any hospitals. Every single person who was shot was supposedly "killed"! Imagine that! That has never happened before in history in such a situation. No one was killed. Look at the smiling face of one of the "fathers" who had just had his precious 6-year-old daughter supposedly killed just the day before., etc., etc. I could go on and on, but go ahead, look for yourself.

  • WilliamSpires

    That's about as sanitized as Obama's history. There has to be some relation to the other shootings all over the country that come along just at the perfect time for Obama to get citizens begging to have guns controlled. A sinister plan somewhere, maybe from the masters deceit, Obama and the liberals.

    • J Cricket

      I'm not fond of Obama, but you really need to expand your understanding of who is behind these events - Obama is a player, and there are many more seasoned, older players who are more dangerous than him.

      • WilliamSpires

        I totally agree that Obama alone is not that powerful but the problem lies in the fact that 90 per cent plus of the media will not report the truth in his policies, the democrats will not resist his actions no matter how damaging they are; on the other hand the conservatives are cowards to push back . This results in one figurehead calling all of the shots. Now as far as your hint of controlling behind the scenes, I am aware of the "money and power" effect, that's why I said sinister plan, but the older more dangerous players you mention they are not all in politics but have bought and paid for politicians, such as Obama was brought from obscurity; that was no accident.

  • Roy

    Adam Lanza's weapon was found in the trunk of his car after he committed suicide. The "News story" the media prints is false, as are the characters that were "killed". Some Obits were on Facebook 3 days before the shooting supposedly took place.

    This fraudulently reported shooting needs to be thoroughly investigated


    Video games that promote violence are no different than someone stating that they want to kill the president. Congress has already passed a law that provides imprisonment for anyone who makes this statement publicly.This comes under Article II section 8 of the Constitution concerning "Insurrections" such as incitement to riot or incitement to commit murder.The Supreme court is WRONG on their decision to consider these games to be " freedom of speech".The creator of these games by his actions is guilty of [ INSURRECTION ]and should be proscecuted to the full extent of the law.He is as mentally disturbed as the shooter of Sandy Hook,Adam Lanza and even more so; expecting teens lacking proper control[programming] by parents,church,teachers,or Scout Leaders to RESIST being Hyptnotised by the instructions and music provided by these games.The game in question,KINDERGARTEN KILLER Promises improvement in health by the number of children killed.In addition the game cannot be won because of the short time limit even if each shot is counted as a kill.This would explain why Adam Lanza destroyed his computer and went to the school where he believed he could win and improve his health because there would be no time limit.There is also the question of the police arriving to see all the carnage and pools of blood and being unable to resist shooting the armed killer! If you were one of the police officers that resonded,would you be able to resist shooting Adam Lanza? The police reported that he shot himself [ commited suicide ],but did he really ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

      Article 2, Section 8, along with Article 3, Section 3 (the treason clause) are abrogated in part by the First Amendment. As for incitement to riot, the game would have to cause imminent lawless action as a causative agent in order to justify a prosecution.

      SCOTUS is correct.

    • J Cricket



    We have seen no proof that Adam Lanza was mentally disturbed or that he was even being treated for a mental disorder.All we have been told is hearsay. Two teenagers over there are smarter than the police or even the president and his crew.They realize the TRUTH that the video games caused Adam Lanza to be frustrated by being unable to win the game.They are collecting all the VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES in the Newtown area to be turned over to the FBI to be destroyed.You want proof? Log on to the game " KINDERGARTEN KILLER and play it yourself and you will agree that it was the catalist that drove Adam Lanza to do what he did' just like that other game of people being stabbed contimuously that drove that other boy over there some time ago that stabbed a classmate to death.with a kitchen knife, and was tried and sent to prison for the rest of his life.That is where the term " Assbergers disease " was first heard of as a cause for such actions,unsuccessfully.

  • http://twitter.com/RickSimons3 Rick Simons

    Same thing with Benghazi. Where are the survivors that were rescued? Why isn't anyone asking about them, or interviewing them?

  • Oliver

    No one's asking about Adam Lanza's mom either. Reports say she worked for CIA as a psychologist involved in mind-control video game projects. I guess Team O & the media think that's not relevant in their Sandy Hook / gun control discussions!

  • kandyman

    adam lanza was a tool used by the current administration. a loner with mental issues given mind altering drugs to commit this terror on society. wipe all records about him from the face of the earth so no one can confirm this. just like cinc's background is a mystery.

    • Kukye

      Yeah, his handlers drove him there in a drugged state. They went in killed as much as they could egging Adam on till they didn't need him anymore then took him out, ran back out into the forest.

      One of them was caught and probably was told to leave him alone then his handlers silenced him.

  • B.S. Samosamo

    The so called 'Man in the Street' is so accustomed to being handed the dirty end of the stick and/or receiving the 'Mushroom Treatment' from the 98% 'Communist led and preferring' - so called Fair Media, that we know by now that we are "Never ever told the truth" - about even seemingly simple things that happen. Lying is automatic in Washington DC and the totally left Wing Media Liars. Why should we believe anything emnanting from the Senate or Congress. Why are we still waiting for Obama's Birth Certificate and Educational Transcripts ?.

    Simple, they will show that he certainly does not meet the criteria to be considered a natural born citizen from a two U.S. Born natural citizen parentage. Instead his admitted parentage was locked in some bigamous relationship in Kenya, whilst Kenya was still under British Control as part of the East African Federation and Protectorate. Under our Ultra Left Wing Modern Democratic Party no white person, except possibly an open Communist will ever again be elected the president of the U.S.A. We expect and want the truth in all events - we never seem to get it starting from November 22nd 1963 and the fictional Warren Report for the gullible.

  • conscience voter

    Yeah, and his mom is dead - how convenient. No records for Obama either. Hmmmmmmm
    Probably find out that Lanza was killed with the rifle that was "found" locked in the trunk of his car. Hmmmmmmm

  • Brabado

    There are several versions/videos going around about the Sandy Hook's massacre, creating many unaswered questions...while Obama, and his Democrat Machine are milking this sad and despicable event, 24/7, to shore up their Gun Control Agenda, with eyes set on abolishing the 2nd. Amendment of our U.S. Consitution...
    Yet, no one is certain of what happen, or how it really happened!
    How intreging!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorna.doone.319 Lorna Doone

    The State of CT has sealed up all records regarding this case for 90 days. A lot of folks believe the AR15 was not used as reported but some other weapon. I believe the state sealed the records by order of the WH so gun laws could be passed before the true story got out.


  • Gary M.

    Why are they missing? Simple explanation: even with our wretched mental health system in this country, the people in the "know" knew all about Adam Lanza and FAILED to act. They are afraid of lawsuits....that's why there is silence as well as your reasoning...this lack of other causes allows the left to focus fully on guns. It's as if the guns removed themselves from a secure gun safe, loaded themselves, somehow walked over to that elementary schoool and murdered 20 helpless little children and 6 heroic adults without the help of a clearly disturbed human being!

  • runnerspop

    And this confounds anyone?? Coming from the guy who occupies the WH and has no record of his life...............?? Really? You're wondering why we know nothing about Adam Lanza??

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JTEKOENIYVX6PZGYLYOMJ4QQKY Average Joe

    With as much bogus information abought Sandy Hill Adam may be A fiction as well as the whole shooting (Mabey). If you dont know what I'm talking abought Typ in sandy hook shooting exsposed. Thirty minnets later YOU will have real questions to.

    • Tommy

      Speaking of schools and with all due respect - I REALLY hope that you're either 6 years old or just misspelled all of those words on purpose because if not then the education system is failing....

  • Kukye

    You have liberal rats who are a law unto themselves. They are so puffed with pride they think only they are the ones that need to know. The rest of us are looked upon with disgust, as if we are in their way.

    If only, if only, they could somehow get rid of of us or control us everything would be all right.

    Let me tell you, IT IS THEY WHO NEED TO BE CONTROLLED. What an irony they bring, as well their hypocrisy. It is time we BAN all liberals from positions of authority.

    A new law should be made that we can pull their pants down anytime they rant and give them a belt whacking they never got from their absentee fathers. We need only about three guys each to do this.

    Let's do it!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

    Nothing about the Sandy Hook story adds up! This could be one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated.


  • CCB11

    I want to know why he completely destroyed his computer according to first reports. If someone like that is suicidal i just don't see them destroying their computer. Who was he conversing with? Something just is not right with that.

  • Richard Pratt

    mental Health, crazy people getting their hands on weapons is the issue. if they can really show that this guy was nuts, and his mother tried keep the guns from him, it would throw the emphasis back on mental health. The Media wants the issue to stay guns only. I'm glad these questions were brought up. I do not believe in any conspiracy here, other than the fact that no one is paying much attention to this little Malfunction, just to his Ar15.

  • Just wondering

    I think the Sandy Hook was a complete hoax. Why would FEMA be running a drill just a few minutes away? Why didn't you see lots of ambulances going to hospitals? Why would the coroner put off the worse area in the school to look at until the next day? Why were so many of the people interviewed connected with the "actors guild"? Why did they put the man in camouflage in the FRONT seat of the squad car and why would people even be allowed near him? Where were all the tears from the parents that were interviewed and why would they even want to go in front of a camera? Why, why, why? Someone in the government said "it is easier to believe a big lie than a little one". I think this is all one big lie and that is why you know so little about this person Lanza. His records will probably be just as easy to find as the president's are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.jeric.9 Marc Jeric

    Among the ACLU more recently notorious accomplishments in the news is the mass murder of pre-school children and their teachers in Newtown committed by a lunatic; ACLU lawsuits were crucial in obtaining “human rights” for the dangerously insane, so that these could refuse to be committed to asylums for such. Since that ACLU triumph many thousands of lunatics are roaming homeless in our city streets or burdening their families, while preparing the next mass murder. It is perhaps useful to remind ourselves of the origins of the American Civil Liberties Union - organ of the Communist Party USA.
    ACLU founders:
    Roger Baldwin
    The first director of the ACLU. "I joined. I don’t regret being a part of the Communist tactic, which increased the effectiveness of a good cause. I knew what I was doing. I was not an innocent liberal. I wanted what the Communists wanted". He supported the Soviet Union and communism & socialism in all its forms. William Z. Foster
    National Chairman of the Communist Party USA and an ACLU co-founder. This communist was famous for this 1932 quote: "The establishment of an American Soviet government will involve the confiscation of large landed estates in town and country, and as well as of forests, mineral deposits, lakes, rivers, and so on." He was the author of “Toward Soviet America”. Norman Thomas
    Presbyterian minister and radical socialist who advocated the total abolition of capitalism. He was also a eugenicist, wanting to stop reproduction of "undesirables”; in other words just like Himmler and the SS. He ran as a presidential candidate for the Socialist Party 6 times. His role these days is being filled by Congressman Bernie Sanders.
    Among the more recent works of ACLU lawyers has been the defense of Guantanamo jihadists; in appreciation of their work our Attorney General Holder, a close friend of Obama’s, hired about 25 of those for our Department of Justice.

  • Rachel

    Are we even sure the shooter WAS Adam Lanza. Or that an Adam Lanza really exists?

  • BeautifulAmerica

    The same goes for James Holmes.

  • sentry1

    Interesting point. There is a book about "omissions, lies and distortions" of the 911 commission that points out how that immense tragedy might have all been an elaborate ruse to accomplish geopolitical goals. Same has been said about Pearl Harbor.

    Could the Sandy Hook event have been the result of a similar nefarious plot...to disarm American citizens? One has to wonder why it took so long for authorities to agree on what gun was used.


    the SANDY HOOK incident is a FRAUD. one of many gone by, and many more to come the miscreants who did this have a need to keep the americans cowed.