Gun Safes and Lock are Useless in Home Defense

Some states like New York and California are wanting to require that anyone owning a gun keep them unloaded, with trigger locks in place and keep them in a locked safe.

What good is that if someone breaks into your house while you are home?

Are you supposed to ask the criminal to stop and wait until you can open your gun safe, remove the trigger lock and load your gun, before they do anything?

That’s like having your cell phone turned off, in a locked case and in a locked glove compartment in your car if you need it to call 9-1-1 in case of an accident.

There are more and more reports of people, especially moms and young girls, who are at home at the time of a home intrusion who were forced to use their guns to stop the intruder from harming them.  Had they had to obey such ridiculous laws, who knows how many of them would have been harmed, raped or killed at the hands of the intruders.

When I grew up, my parents kept loaded guns in various rooms of the house and they made sure that their kids knew exactly where every one of them were.  They also taught us how to shoot and to respect the danger of a gun and that they were nothing to play with.  Dad always said that an unloaded gun was useless if anyone tried to break in.  My two older brothers, younger sister and I weren’t exactly the best behaved kids in the world, but we never touched the loaded guns in the house because we understood and knew better.

That’s the difference between my generation and the current generation. Our parents taught us respect for other people and property.  They also taught us right and wrong and we knew the consequences of both.  Today’s parents seem to have lost those teaching and training skills and their kids don’t respect anyone or anything.  Many of them can’t be trusted with a loaded gun in the house because their parents haven’t taught them any better.

Society in general doesn’t help because it doesn’t teach respect for person or property either.  None of the prime television shows or popular movies teach respect.  Many of them don’t even teach respect for one’s self, let alone others.  I wouldn’t trust many of these kids with a loaded gun either, but I wouldn’t pass laws that make it impossible for those that were taught properly to protect themselves in their own homes.

Just be advised that anyone stepping in my house uninvited will not have to wait for me to open a gun safe, unlock the trigger and load my guns.  They are armed ready.  All I have to do is turn off the safety, aim and fire.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Years ago, when I was being stalked, I slept with my handgun under my pillow. I knew how to use it and intended on doing so if necessary. At that time there were no children in the house, but even with kids around today, I keep my guns loaded but inaccessible to them. They are strategically placed but safe.

    I agree that an unloaded gun is useless except to throw it at the intruder. Seconds matter when you're under attack and the time needed to load your gun may be just long enough for the criminal to get to you.

    • Tbark Knives

      When it comes to a gun fight WIN cheat if nessasary , every night I take my gun out of the safe I plan to keep out make sure its got all the bullets it will hold an put it where it needs to be for me to get it fast if nessasary , i have a few other guns loaded stashed around incase i am not in that room , the one in my pocket will get me to a better one so anyone who plans to come in without an invitation best think about being all prayed up an ready to go ,I am .

    • Richard Holmes

      A loded gun is also a great neutralizer. When needed as a last resort.

      • Libertarian Soldier

        Might be a great neuterer, too!

  • Carl Stevenson

    An unloaded handgun makes a lousy club.
    John Lott's very well documented studies of government crime statistics show that these so-called "safe storage laws" cost more lives than they save.
    My 3 children (now grown with a total of 10 grandkids) always knew that guns weren't toys and that they were off limits. They were taught and knew the consequences.
    (Shooting melons and cans of tomato sauce with hollowpoints are good teaching aids to show them that guns are not toys ... The post shot "and it will do that to your head, too" really makes an impression that lasts).

    • Richard Holmes

      They make a half decent paper weight.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Kids that are raised with a health education and respect of firearms are not the kids that shoot up schools. It's the kids that blur the lines between fantasy and reality that end their free lives as they're in a video game. Interview most young people that perpetrate atrocities, whether they're the injury and or murders of one person or more and I'm certain you'll find that they have some difficulties with the difference between perception of reality and objective reality.

      You don't fix these problems by taking away guns. You fix these problems with good parenting and a government that sets the example of following and enforcing the law, not cherry picking which laws and Constitutional Amendments they choose not to obey. The government needs to support the family, not impose itself on the parents and the children. The government should not be at odds with natural law, God's law and the Constitution, on which man's law is based.

      If government stops worrying about the illusion of fairness and sticks to what is legal and right, it allows society to teach the lessons held so sacred by our forefathers and so much needed in the new morality of the new world order or lack of order. Teach the kids.

      Government is arrogant and makes laws every year that become more tyrannical than ever before while we become less safe than ever. Government, especially this one is arrogant and believes it knows better than its citizens, owes them less, charges them more and restricts them while providing for those that do not contribute and use the resources paid for and refused its citizens

      • Carl Stevenson

        Soldier ... We are in what some people refer to as "violent agreement" :-)

  • Tom54

    Why would I need to put a trigger lock on a gun in a locked safe? Mine is a 400 pound steel fire safe. I can see putting locks on unloaded extra guns if I did not own a safe or once removed from the safe to transport. I like a lot of other smart gun owners do not hide guns from our children. They know and respect what a gun can do and know better than to play. They understand the dangers and know how to make them safe if needed. The liberals who do not know or understand weapons and who have children who do not know guns are scared and do not want to understand. That's okay because when they come into my house, our children will not show them their knowledge and care they take with guns. They also understand that the liberals aren't smart enough to understand and to let them stay that way.

    • mfernandez57MN

      Tom, you said, " I can see putting locks on unloaded extra guns..."

      Why? Why would you need to put a trigger lock on an unloaded gun?

      • Carl Stevenson

        It's like saying you should keep your car stored in the garage with no air in the tires because someone might drive off with it and run over someone ...

      • Tom54

        Obviously you did not read my note correctly. I said I would trigger lock any unsecured unloaded gun. Why, because it is insecure. I only have one loaded unsecure gun in my house. It is always accessable to me. So, I guess, it is not really unsecure. If someone got it they could easily load it and use it, possibly against it's owner. And a child or someone not familiar with guns and or safety might be able to load it and hurt themselves. It is all a matter of better to be safe than sorry. You do lock your car even though the keys are not in the ignition don't you?

    • Carl Stevenson

      It's all about control and preventing people from being able to defend themselves. The lefties believe that a woman who allows herself to be raped and murdered is somehow morally superior to a woman who shoots her would-be rapist and murderer to death in self-defense.
      Like most liberal "morality" it's twisted and evil.

  • cyber_hackster

    The current generation is "gimmie" "gimmie" ---

    • cyber_hackster

      Also come into my house at night uninvited and attempt to harm some one -

  • jcgreen2

    Regardless of what Executive Orders or Congressional Laws are passed... if they are unconstitutional, they would therefore be illegal and do not need to be complied with. And we won't. It is pure stupidity to require guns to kept in a locked safe. As a Naval Officer I swore an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Right now we have many enemies of our Constitution in Congress and in the Whitehouse. And fight them we will... to preserve our God-given right to self-defense against anyone who threatens us... including the federal government.

    • Alan Hartman

      Thank you for your service. I served in the U.S. Navy (BM3 - Assault Boat Coxswain) 1972 - 1975. I took the 'The Oath' which expires when I do. Unfortunately, the most dangerous and eminent threat/danger to my Freedoms & Liberties; as well as those of my loved ones (children, Grand Children, Nieces & Nephews); is my own government. It is not the Taliban, Al Qaida, Russia, Red Chinese, North Korea, or any other 3rd World Thug. It's Washington D.C. (District of Criminals).

    • Friscolady

      I swore that same oath 1975 and as Alan said that oath expires when I do.

      In fact I think that both you and Alan said it best and I can say no more.

      • Doodlebug

        I just want to add my thank you to all three of you and let you know by the time I unlock my gun and load it, I'd be dead. Therefore, it will not be locked up and it will be loaded.

  • Kukye

    Don't listen to liberals. NEVER OBEY THEM. They promote human misery and suffering when one peels back their single shallow layer and it will reveal the above.

  • MrCReed54

    Flag as inappropriate
    GUN'S DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! Man has been killing man since man began and no matter what they take away man will always kill man! If a man can't kill a man one way a man will kill the man anther way! Gun's just help good men protect themself's from bad men who also have gun's! And it seems some men won't let good men protect themself's from bad men, like a man named oBAMA! We need to IMPEACH this man NOW

  • Bill Chastain

    If your gun is not ready you would be better armed with a hammer.

  • Show me your papers!

    New rules on posting today? This blog is about to become much less interesting.

  • hdeddie59

    Agree wholeheartedly with your views and stance and you are absolutely correct that for whatever reason the vast majority of today's generation have not been taught nor do they teach their children respect for other's property or that certain things are off limits for their own safety and safeguards! Many view spanking as barbaric and violent but it taught us that there were consequences for our actions if we did not respect the rules we were taught and to respect others property! You would sit there after being disciplined and think long and hard about what you did while your buttocks were stinging and burning! Time out and sending them to their room and taking away electronic activities is a joke and has no discernible results from them! I grew up around loaded firearms my whole life and knew from a very young age that they were very dangerous and not a toy! How many of you carried a hunting rifle or shotgun with you in your vehicle after you started driving in case you ran across a hunting opportunity going to or coming home from school but under no circumstances would have ever considered taking it into school much less using it on anyone other than someone who was threatening your life with equally deadly force? That is a second result of not spanking and teaching that violence is wrong is that they no longer resolve disputes by a simple fist fight as a last result and now go straight to deadly weapons! An unloaded gun is useless and if locked in a safe unloaded it is of no use to you whatsoever! When someone breaks into your home you most likely have 30 seconds or less to prepare to defend yourself, probably even much less than that, and you will not open a safe or load a gun that has a trigger lock on it and will be attacked while standing there fumbling around trying to do so and they will have a means to kill you with the safe standing wide open! Why anyone would live in a state such as California and New York with their moronic and idiotic illegal Second Amendment violating laws is beyond me much less around a multitude of mentally deranged liberals that clamor for such laws is beyond me! States such as Texas as several others that are pro Freedom, Liberty and follow the Constitution are looking better all the time and if you decide to relocate to one remember to leave your liberal values and views there when you leave because if you want the place you choose to live to have those moronic limitations stay there or move to there because you will not be welcome or tolerated in these states that believe in OUR God given inalienable rights, the Constitution and a government that adheres to and defends these rights!

    • deesposito1

      How about shortening your sentences a tad? Your last sentence had over 90 words! Paragraph spacing might be a visual aid also to invite the eye to read.

  • CaptTurbo

    An unloaded gun is as useful as an empty fire extinguisher.

  • laker1

    Even the brain dead can see the domestic enemies of the Constitution. It will be easier to sort them out when needed.

  • Gary Anderson

    sounds like some more of obozoes BS

  • BigUgly666

    A number of years ago, an "inlaw" came over with their herd of monsters. The 'mother' told me that I had to put away my guns, sword, knives, tomahawk, etc. because her little monsters might hurt themselves. I told her that if her little monsters had not been house-broken and had not been trained to respect other peoples property, that she was free to stake them out in the yard until it was time for them to leave - they never came back to visit.

  • Andy

    .......turn off the safety, aim and shoot. I like the way he thinks!

  • americanveteran

    todays kids are retarded

  • Roger Garza

    An un loaded weapon is as good as a wet noodle !!!!!!!!!!!! .

    • Show me your papers!

      wait....aren't noodles better after they get wet?

  • Roger Garza

    jcgreen 2 I also being a Disabled American Veteran from the Nam erra and serve for years as the area D.A.V, commander agree with you and others .I will never ever QUIT defending our once GREAt Country that GOD protects which is called AMERICA.

  • Conrad C Gabbard

    So long as we keep electing hypocrites we can expect no better. I've often wondered why no one seems to be interested in getting the politician's view on the logic that law enforcement officers - and those who guard the politician - aren't denied firepower parity with the criminals and madmen they may face, but the law-abiding citizen, invariably the first to face the criminal(s) fury, should be denied such weapons parity under the law? Do NY Gov. Cumo's guards carry just seven rounds in their guns - or is the Secret Service limited to ten rounds? Why not?

  • First Sergeant Willis

    I grew up in a house with over 20 LOADED weapons contained therein. We all knew how to handle them and knew grabbing one was about to bring significant events upon you. I conduct business the same way today. When the kids come home we take some of my arsenal out for exercise and have a great time doing it.

    Treating your kids like family goes a long way in making them sane adults. Using computerized electronic babysitters from age 2 to 20 only leaves them with the impression of being on their own with nowhere to discuss problems growing up. If parents were parents, we'd have fewer episodes of young people involved in criminal activities (gangs, drugs, and mass killings to make their lives mean something).

  • Melia Sese

    "Our parents taught us respect for other people and property. "
    That sums it up neatly, doesn't it? When and why did this start to change? I believe it is due to the evil influence of the media, who are all about mind control. In order to create a dictatorship, they had to break down the American culture of individual rights - and responsibilities. As soon as you give the responsibility for running your own life (and that includes making sure you have food, shelter, and protection) to somebody else, you become weak and dependent. Then come the would-be dictators, saying they will "take care" of you, because they "care more" than you do. There was a time when we did not fall for this and the likes of Obama and the Clintons could never have a chance to win. I don't know how we are going to turn this around so our society has changed, and not for the better. But the author is right - we must start with respect: "This above all, to thine own self be true."

  • darrell_b8

    Since I own more than one firearm, I have a 'gun safe'; the only weapon I have out is my loaded carry pistol; everyone else is safely tucked in the safe....If I need my shot gun for bird hunting, I get it out, and off to the dove field we go....after; it gets cleaned, and back in the safe. Worst case scenario is you come home and some perp is inside your 'pad' with YOUR gun ready to shoot YOU.

  • darkcyder

    How do they enforce such a law? Require random spot checks? Like pissing in a bottle, and sobriety roadside checks, I believe that would be found to be illegal search and siezure. The latter have yet to be taken to the supreme court, but my guess is they will eventualyl, and when they do, they will be ended.

  • jcgreen2

    I was mugged by two men in my own condo in St. Thomas a few years ago. One of them was armed. They came through the screen so fast and were on top of me before I could do anything. I had a Concealed Carry Permit for the Virgin Islands, but there is no way I could have gotten to my gun in time to defend myself. They beat me, tied me up, and proceeded to ransack our condo and steal what they wanted. From that experience I learned that one must have a loaded gun very conveniently handy and it must be in Condition 1... ready to fire. Never off somewhere in a safe or unloaded! BTW, Sold the place and never went back! The crime rate there is off the top of the charts!

  • Carl Stevenson

    Here's a link to a short video illustrating the "utility" of government specified "gun safety" rules ...

  • ed357

    Gun safes are like "toy boxes".............

    before you leave home put your toys away in the "gun safe"..........

    so the "neighborhood bullies" don't steal your toys left at home.

  • Joe Lineman

    unloaded gun = a club

  • Friscolady

    They can require it all they want too. I will never own a trigger lock or safe. It is called civil disobedience and God help anyone that tries to take my firearms away from me.

  • Show me your papers!

    1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
    2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
    3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

    The NRA only lists 3 essential rules for gun safety. If you can't follow these, you should not own a gun.

  • gypsy314

    I say keep the guns safe and when you know the riots start even in other states prepare for the feds to come for your guns.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    On 8/2/2011, 4:00 AM, the Ferreira family of 3 lay in bed with their infant toddler son in the room of their San Leandro, CA home. Eric, the father, heard prying at the bathroom window and went to investigate stopping first at his safe for his shotgun.

    Finding nothing but now hearing noises in front of the house, he opened the front door to investigate and was rushed by five invaders and pushed into his living room. One voice rang out. It was a demand for his money and his weed (marijuana) or everyone in the house would be killed. Whether you agree with it or not, marijuana may be prescribed by a doctor and may be grown, up to 12 plants at a time and quantities of finished product for use. That quantity is not known by this writer. Eric has such a license or permit and had approximately half of the amount he is allowed. It was clearly for personal use.

    The man speaking, Eric now recognizes as his neighbor but all he could see is five assailants pushing against him with his shotgun being used as a barrier and he quickly pushed them back out the front door en mas. The two, including the one he recognized and saw with a pistol of some sort went down the stairs as Eric wrestled for his own weapon in the doorway as what he identifies as two shots rang out.

    As this occurred, Eric took control of his weapon at the stock and fired, half by accident and half as a result of the struggle but he believes from the evidence that he may have grazed the last assailant that had hold of his shotgun causing a not very serious flesh wound on the outside of his robber's shoulder.

    It is also believed that the man in the back, who he believes is his neighbor shot into the house from down the stairs with one landing in the facade of Eric's home above and to the side of his doorway and the other finding its way up and into that same last robber's buttock and lodging in his hip near his intestine.

    Four of the armed, home invasion robbers got into a car and raced for the freeway, back to Oakland where they were noticed driving erratically by Cal. Highway Patrol. They admitted that they'd been foiled in the process of an invasion robbery but they said that Eric had ambushed them trying to enter his home from Eric's car, that they had no weapons and that Eric had used a shotgun and a handgun. To explain the physical evidence, their description has Eric aiming at them from the street up his stairs and that one of his shotgun shoots around corners at a 45 degree angle to account for the pock mark in the siding of the house directly across the streef from Eric's front door.

    You'd think that Eric would be now waiting to testify against these thugs but in a sick, twisted turn of events, Eric has been in jail since that day and he's been charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment for having a weapon outside the safe with his child, barely a toddler in the home, as well as having a baggy of marijuana not secured and neatly packed away but emptied into the child's toy box (courtesy of law enforcement)., discharging a firearm within city limits and firing into an occupied dwelling (directly across the street).

    The armed invaders? They're the victims! They've been given immunity to testify against the bad man that defended the lives, home and property of his family and himself. The municipal court judge told him in open court that he overreacted and that he'd brought this upon himself! That's like telling a woman that she's overreacting if she's been told she'd be killed if she's in a rape murder situation and uses a gun to fight off her attacker. Having a vagina is no more legal that growing medicinal marijuana in California if you're following the law and its guidelines, as Eric was. HIs weapons, by the way are legally owned and registered.

    The problem is, Alameda County doesn't want people defending themselves with weapons. That's the job of the incompetent municipalities and county of Alameda.

    Of the 4 young assailant thugs from Oakland, the inside, original conspirator, the 1 that certainly had a weapon and what about the one that got himself shot? As I said, the four have immunity; the one that was shot and grazed, is in witness protection (NO KIDDING, the DA calls him 'a good kid'); the original conspirator, neighbor, the shooter and the only 1 Eric is certain he was armed; he was not apprehended and the Alameda DA has allowed the 4 to not tell them who he is because he certainly is the same person as the one that told them of the small marijuana grow.

    Remember, they've admitted to being at Eric's home to rob him and that one or more of them's cousin put them up to the robbery but have been allowed to take immunity and witness protection without divulging the first conspirator.

    This is as much clear cut as George Zimmerman if not more so. George was not in his home like Eric.

    I'm appealing to all that are concerned about how law enforcement fails to enforce the law while trampling on our rights. Please help Eric if you can. He's in Alameda County Jail, still fighting this case while his young wife and son fend for themselves in his absence and the DA murders Eric's credibility and character, painting him as a racist because the thugs that invaded his home, threatened the lives of him and his family, in word and in deed were black.

    The DA has forgiven the illegal drugs found in the assailants' pockets but they want 6 years and 2 strikes toward life or 9 years and 1 strike toward life and they're willing to sweat Eric, his family and his attorney out in custody with two remaining charges for firing the weapon and firing into an occupied dwelling. That's the deal! That would make Eric a felon and he would no longer be able to own a gun, not to mention 6 or 9 years and having 1 or 2 strikes against a life sentence. I no longer trust law enforcement not to manufacture a scenario that would apply another strike if he were to defend himself in prison or when he gets out.

    Write to him. Write to the DA. Find out what you can about him. Donate to him if you can, like you have George Zimmerman and don't give up on George, either. We need to fend off this threat against our homes and our safety and the 2nd Amendment that keeps violent criminals out of our homes..