GOP Caves On Debt Limit

Republicans have agreed to vote on a bill that would raise the debt ceiling temporarily, specifically through mid-April. The theory is that this would allow both chambers enough time to concoct a budget for next year. If no budget is passed by April 15th, they will be penalized with no Congressional pay until a budget is passed. The Washington Post reported:

 “As laid out to fellow Republicans by House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) in a speech at the retreat, the goal would be to force Senate Democrats to pass a budget, something they have failed to do for more than three years. With a budget in place, he told them, Republicans would require that a longer-term increase in the debt ceiling be tied to significant spending cuts.”

 Boehner said that the principal is simple: “No budget; no pay.” But they caved on the debt limit. Are they going to cave on their budget threat? Paul Ryan said that they more or less had to because they only control the House and only have limited “tactical advantages.” Hardly ever is there is an instance in Washington where the GOP have complete political advantage. They’re nearly always offset by the other chamber or the President, and even if the GOP do control both Houses and the White House, you still have to consider the RINO’s who are in it for power. These days, it seems most representatives and senators are RINO’s.

The GOP are playing a game. Everybody’s got to move as a team under the leadership of Boehner and do what he says, or he’ll kick you off your assigned committees. I’d agree that Washington politics today is nothing more than a game to most people, but we have a Constitution that everyone there swore to uphold, and that means they have to vote and decide things in accordance with the Constitution, not according to what is most likely to happen. We didn’t send them there to play their game. Every single one of them that kowtowed to Boehner and Obama should be voted out of office.

We shouldn’t let them play their D.C. politics. We sent them there to support and defend the Constitution. And now, Obama is looking at the GOP’s compromise as a concession. Jay Carney stated:

 “We are encouraged that there are signs that Congressional Republicans may back off their insistence on holding our economy hostage to extract drastic cuts in Medicare, education and programs middle class families depend on. Congress must pay its bills and pass a clean debt limit increase without further delay.”

 The object of the game is to please everybody. They’ve got to convince their constituents that they’re kind of doing the right thing; they’ve got to convince their other “team members” that they’re all in this together; and they’ve got to convince their “enemies” that they’re willing to do anything to “work together to find a solution.” The problem is, when politicians try to please everybody, no one ends up pleased except for the politician himself, because he got to stay in power.



  • Areminder

    Their little games mean Americans lose jobs, people lose their homes, electricity and gas get shut off and Americans could die in the cold. They could starve to death because the cost of energy and food is no longer considered when computing the cost of foodstamps meaning inflation doesn't get factored in and the millions b o's put on foodstamps won't be able to afford to eat soon with the cost of food rising. Meanwhile boehner and the boys play chess with obama. As if the legislators not getting paid until they pass a budget matters. It will be like the union calling a strike, the mob, sorry union pays everyone weekly to not work, (in this case the rich legislators, which is most) and the union even signs everyone up for foodstamps before the strike begins. (I wouldn't put it pass harry reid and nancy pelosi to try this too.) Besides, all the long term pols have made their millions with insider trading, they can go forever without passing a budget. Ho Hum! Same old, same old. Another day another bunch of Americans get shafted. Nothing to see here, move on now.

    • williaml

      this is just a talking point.
      the government is in debt to the federal reserve.
      either way, those RINOcrats are all bark and no bite

      • John Mescas

        "those RINOcrats are all bark and no bite"

        You tea party nuts are all bark and no bite. What happened to those promises of "lock and load" I've seen you post for 4 years straight!? You are a bunch of yellow cowards is what.

        • williaml

          Nope, no yellow cowards
          to pop the bummer would be illegal, besides that would make Biden the prez.
          Do we Really want that to happen?

        • John Mescas

          You've (far right conservatives) have threatened more than just the president on this blog. But you are all bark and no bite. Bless you and Bless God for shielding you from doing evil. Bless your heart.

        • williaml

          If I was going to do something, I certainly would not advertise, that would be foolish.
          I have made comments but never a threat, besides I will not break the law,
          I just exercise my free speech.

  • williaml

    Why don't the federal reserve give the printing press to the government.
    they can't because the would lose all of that interest the govt. owes to the federal reserve.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Good gravy. Is there no one among the Republicans with a set of cojones who would STAND UP to this miserable Prez and his incredibly loyal comrades?

    Apparently not.

    • 7papa7

      Apparently not. He either has an awful lot of dirt on many of the republicans or the republicans have one huge yellow streak down their backs. What is even worse is that we keep sending them back to cave and cave again.

    • TheSunDidIt

      I would. Problem is, how do you run without the millions of dollars?

      • John Mescas

        Trailer park trash DOESN'T run. Question answered?

    • John Mescas

      Obama would break them balls if anyone in the GOP had any.

      • Pizzed Off

        More likely just mouth them gently.

    • NoParties

      If ever I needed proof that you godfather people are not patriots, but traitors to this nation, here it is. You don't care what consequences your foolishness carries with it, as long as it decreases the size of the federal government in some way.

      • Craig J. Townsend

        what are you ranting about?

      • Pizzed Off

        Are you really THAT stupid?

    • Craig J. Townsend

      Yes his name was Ron Paul and you didnt vote for him!

  • pduffy

    This is 'bull - sh i t". Why do they need "more time"? Wasn't that the purpose of the so-called "sequester"? All of those 'cuts' were undone. It's just another delaying tactic that these corrupt politicians are using to keep the gravy train going and protect the government employees and their unions. There needs to be MASSIVE LAYOFFS in government, from the top to the bottom. That will reduce the payroll, and make the cuts. Start FIRING GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES IN MASS NOW!

    • vicki551

      I wish I could give you as many "thumbs up" as there are excess government employees!

    • NoParties

      Hogwash. This is you lunatics being denied an opportunity to seriously harm our nation; you're traitors, but thankfully you don't run the show.

      • Pizzed Off

        Calling people with politically differing viewpoints "traitors" simply because they want the LAW OF THE LAND followed shows an incredible amount of ignorance about the country and it's founding. But then, the comment you made is typical of why the country is going to hell in a handbasket... people like you don't have a clue as to what America was and should be. All you want is for the government to give you a tit to suck on.
        If anything, you should be shipped to a country more of your political bent- perhaps Mali or Venezuela.

  • tony

    I am leaving the republican party to become an independent until and unless we come up with a genuine RIGHT party that stands its grounds and no represented by a wimpy crybaby or decrepit old farts with nothing to lose. I'm done.

    • John Mescas

      Good, help us destroy the GOP (your last hope) ... This is great. We have totally divided and destroyed you. You are such PUSH OVER Cowards!!!!

      • Edward53

        How are you doing Mrs. Mucus, I mean Mescas. How's that same sex marriage working out for you and Johnnie boi? BTW, are you the male or female in your relationship? Also, have you and John included Gizmo51 in your unholy lovemaking yet? I bet with the 3 of you in the same bed really stink the place up with that poop smell.

        • ken.

          personal attacks do nothing to help anything, they are only used when someone ( usually leftists ) don't have a valid response based on facts. if you don't actual fact then you have nothing left but personal attacks. libertarians do not believe in personal attacks or speaking out in anger. we believe in staying calm and rational in our conversation, it doesn't mean that we wont speak up we only correct people when they are wrong, lying or attacking. that is called dialog and trying to discuss our facts and ideas in a civilized manner.

        • Edward53

          You have to be kidding me, ken, for someone who doesn't believe in personal attacks you Paulbots sure do alot of it. Look back to the elections of 2012. Rational conversation, oh please, you people are hypocrites. Yours has to be one of the funniest, most hypocritical posts I have ever read on here. I'll tell you what, ken, anyone who attacks me on here is going to get attacked back. I don't believe in the Ronnie Paul approach to where we just sit back and take it (much like his stance on terrorism). But since these murderous terrorists are buddies of his it's OK, huh?

  • shannon853

    up the limit? this is not news, only a story of spineless destroyers of a country.

    • John Mescas

      America burns. Good riddance.

    • NoParties

      Yes, the story of many commenting here, disappointed that their desire to see our nation fail will not come to pass just yet. You traitors will thankfully be disappointed for at least a while longer.

  • Gizmo51

    yes, but they are still bigots that care for themselves more than for Americans and the rest of the world.

  • Scott Wilson

    Ha Ha.

  • JacktheFAC

    So what's new? This republi-crat party has caved on everything else, so why should this be anything different?

  • TAM44

    2010 we sent a message which the GOP threw it out in the trash and showed their disrespect for the those who helped win back the house. We won't forget who you are and there is always some one waiting to replace you to.

  • gypsy314

    I for one are a shame of republicans when they should be doing the job they were elected to do they choose to play games no pay until budget is passed hell most of them are millionaires and spent millions to get into office to rob the votes case at point. Why not no more spending until budget is passed would be better served for the tax payer. Folks we are all stupid if we believe anything coming from any elected leader. I feel like why bother what the hell they do the oath they took means nothing and there word is a lie we are all screwed. All we can do is call and tell them so.

  • RubyBlu

    "No budget - no pay". EXACTLY what does he mean? 1) No budget, no 'paycheck'? Do you think that measly (to them) paycheck will make or break them - hardly. 2) "No budget - no money for the 'debt' ? EXACTLY, what does he mean!

  • Rubygirl

    Notice that Jay Carney "threatened" Medicare, the middle class although he didn't mention the Military. That's what the Libs do...say the Republicans want to hurt these people. There are many other areas that could be cut before having to touch these items. And they could start with the overload of government employees!!! Cut Congress's salaries to the bone and cut their Cadillac insurance and pension plans. Oh and obama and biden could stop their salaries altogether! They don't need them! And they certainly don't earn them!

  • noelle2013

    VOTE OUT ALL REPUBS AND DEMS AT ALL LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John Mescas

      Good. I hope you idiots make it THIS much easier for us democrats to destroy your country.

    • John Mescas

      "Look how unhinged you're getting!? Lol. My troll job is working...

      In any case, you don't have a chance to vote ANYONE out. We have rigged the machines, Conservatives will never again win a vote in America. That's just how it is.

    • Edward53


      • noelle2013

        OH F$%K U ED!

        • Edward53

          Noelle, now that really hurt my feelings when you gave my comments a thumb down. I thought we were friends.

      • ken.

        the republicans lost because millions of republican voters refused to vote for the lessor of two evils because evil is evil try reading the writings of the founding fathers you will see that they were libertarians not republicans or conservatives

  • Freedoms Waining

    What's Boehner drinking these days?

  • TheTexasCooke

    And thus ends the least as far as I'm concerned. Time to start pumping up the tires on the Tea Party for keeps.....we should never have trusted those pr*cks from the beginning.

    • NoParties

      Good luck with that; Romney's courting of the tea party crowd is part of why he lost the election.

      • Edward53

        Wrong, Romney lost because of voter fraud and the treasonous Ron Paul supporters.

        • ken.

          voting ones conscience instead of towing a corrupt party's line or your idea of who they should vote for is not treason it's freedom.

  • Freedoms Waining

    Poster says" :fire government employees in mass!" Never happen, these are hard core Barry supporters.

  • alan_1969

    An addict will make all kinds of promises with no intention of keeping. Just like obama makes all these promises of making cuts in spending, but he has no intentions of cutting spending. He will bleed this country and then kick us to the curb. The GOP have proven they are a bunch of wussies are they are inline with the lying, always giving in, when they say they will not. This GOP will always give in.

  • antiliberalcryptonite


  • Brabado

    With a totally framented GOP, and no Leadership in the House of Representatives, what did anyone expect it would happen...
    Obama has an strong ally in Speaker Boehner....and BOTH were re-elected to their Post.
    FThe Tea Party was really shafted by these two....

  • ken.

    the republicans will play this game until the end. they want big spending as much as the democrats. the only party that will honor the constitution and the original intent of the founding fathers is the libertarians. the founding fathers were libertarians not republicans or conservatives, read the writings of the founding fathers and compare them to the platform and issues at the libertarians official website and you will see they are the same. the libertarians are the only ones with the integrity and the spine to cut spending until we pay our debt without borrowing any more money. it will be painful but it's the only way to fix our countries fiscal problems and restore the constitution.

    • Edward53

      This statement coming from a man who supports Ron Paul who is a know Nazi and terrorist supporter.

      • ken.

        you don't even know what a libertarian is so try going to LP.ORG and learning something, also read the writings of the founding fathers and learn that they were libertarians not republicans or conservatives.

  • Christopher Shane Thurwanger

    It's seems like the Republicans are intentionally attempting to bring about their own demise.

  • Craig J. Townsend

    Why are you so surprised?
    The Republirats ALWAYS cave in!! That’s what they do! Look back over the last
    50 years, always the same, they either cave in or try to outdo the socialists
    by pushing forward socialist “light” agendas. If you think that they will save America you’re
    mentally retarded. The next generation of replublirats always vote in what the previous
    generation said it would never give into and vote for. See Hayek, “Why I am not
    a Conservative” or Ayn Rand’s, “Conservatism an Obituary.” Nothing has changed
    in 60 years and nothing ever will as long as the conservatives stay true

  • Pizzed Off

    The Road to Hell is paved with people like John Boehner, people who didn't have the courage of their convictions. Perhaps it's BECAUSE he has no convictions? I'm totally fed up with the Republican Party- to the extent that I've withdrawn my registration in it. As well, when they send out their frequent "Begging letters" I simply respond to get in touch with me AFTER they've begun BEING Republicans instead of doormats for Democrats.