Liberal Wants Obama to “Destroy the GOP” and So Do I

John Dickerson, writing for Slate, laid all his political biased cards on the table. We knew this is what liberals were all about. We didn’t need for someone to spill the beans. It’s refreshing to see someone being so honest:

"The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat. …

"Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. Through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force Republicans to either side with their coalition's most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it, at least temporarily, in disarray."

Liberals, be careful what you wish for. On second thought, don’t be careful. I want the GOP destroyed. The Tea Party wants the GOP destroyed. Fiscal and social conservatives want the GOP destroyed. We want to round up all the RINOs and thin the herd to extinction. We are more than welcoming to have liberals help us do it.

I want Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, John Boehner, and all the Republican leadership out. They’re wimps and compromisers. They are more concerned about their positions (what’s left of them) than principles. They, like President Obama, took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Like President Obama, they lied. The President just did it before millions of people. We are witnesses to it.

The GOP is going to become either Joe Clay (Jack Lemmon) or Kirsten Arnesen (Lee Remick) in the 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses. The film depicts the downward spiral of a husband and wife who succumb to the damaging effects of alcoholism.

Think of alcohol as government spending. Lemmon’s character is a free-wheeling social drinker who cajoles Remick’s character to take up alcohol. Before her first taste of a few Brandy Alexander, she was a teetotaler. She says that drinking “made me feel good.” Spending other people’s money makes politicians feel good. Their abuse of alcohol nearly destroys them. Only one of them battles the addiction. The other one is left staggering down the street after leaving a neighborhood bar.

That’s the Republican Party in a nutshell: addicted to government spending Joe and Kirsten are addicted to alcohol and damn the consequences to future generations. Their addiction is affecting their daughter’s future. In a similar way, the lying oath takers are jeopardizing future generations.

All this talk about protecting children from violence is just that . . . talk. The GOP is just as guilty burdening the next generations with debt as are the Democrats.

Before the GOP can resurrect itself; it must die. The killing begins in 2014 when we put some GOP RINOs out of our misery by voting them out office. The time is now to plan.



  • Screeminmeeme

    I agree that there's plenty of blame to go around. Corruption abounds in both parties. Boehner has been a big disappointment and needs to go. Rove is a joke. We need sound conservatives to replace the many posers in the GOP. We need people who have the guts to stand their ground when necessary, and the wisdom and judgment to know when and how to compromise.

    • Randy Renu

      John Mescas for President.

      • martha chandler

        Is that the mental patient that is always ranting on this website?

        • alibaba123456

          Yes it is. He has threaten to kill and rape Conservatives. Sooner or later he will come out of his mothers basement and open his mouth then we will know who he really is

        • martha chandler

          I hope these are idle threats.

        • alibaba123456

          When found out he should be turned in. Do you really want to take a chance on another whacko liberal killing us or children??

        • Randy Renu

          YEP. A real jewel of an idiot.

      • Lyle Felix

        Are you for real or just a leftist troll sent to instigate trouble and spread division?

    • Dark Patriot

      What compromise? I want you dead. Period! How can you compromise with me. Give up an arm or leg? How about your neck? We need a 3rd party that is Constitutional not Socialist- Lite!

      • Colleen Smith

        We have a "third" party. Really, as they say, it is the second party as the two major parties are just two "sides" of the same party deliberately dividing and conquering a nation with plausible deniability. We have the Constitution Party. I was glad to see you mention the Constitution in your post. I am sick of hearing about conservatives. Why don't they see it is intended to keep people from saying they are constitutionalists? I will not call myself any categorizing title w/o Constitutional in front of it for example: Constitutional conservative. If one must use the word conservative to not lose the brainwashed right side of the divide and conquer who think it is only the left side who believe it is only the right side and they ridicule each other and feed the divide but refuse to admit they have a problem just like an alcoholic, preventing themselves from any hope of waking up. They just keep obediently feeding the divide.

        • dean29685

          We have no third party just some miss guided fools who think that 50 or 100 thousand people make up a unit that can accomplish anything meaningful in this day and age. I wish it was not true but calling a libertarian movement a party is really stretching it. What it has come down to in this country I love is choices Mine is 1st my God and His commandments, second my family, and now third my country with I took an oath to protect (and because of the first that means something to me).
          In my eyes those how do not have the 1st have no belief in the rest.
          As obama swearing an oath he has no intention of keeping. In the end this whole mess is up to the Lord and his will.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Dark Patriot. ...YOU want ME dead? And your rabid point is what?

        When you have people on 2 sides of an issue, resolution can only be accomplished either by capitulation of one side or other.....or by compromise....otherwise things like passing a budget and eliminating waste and cutting taxes and reducing expenditures will not get done. Stalemate.

        To think otherwise is to live in an illusory world.

        • fatman45

          I think you missed @darkpatriot:disqus 's point. He was speaking as though he were Obama speaking to all of us, not to you personally @Screeminmeeme:disqus

        • Screeminmeeme

          fatman45....Thanks. Some days I'm more obtuse than others. ;).

        • Clint

          Yeah, I need to lose weight also, haha

      • noelle2013


        • Guest

          I see the libertarian party as morally relativistic anarchists who undermine rule by constitutional law.

        • nicole

          I see the libertarian party as morally relativistic anarchists who undermine inalienable rights (ie. basic right to life bestowed by our Creator) and rule by constitutional law. If you reject absolute truth and moral standards by a Creator, then you're left with a big powerful state to control the resulting moral chaos and a populace incapable of self-control.

        • Rachel

          The Repubs, Conservatives, and Libertarians have some things in common and some NOT in common. But one thing we ALL have in common is being anti-Left, anti-Socialist, anti-Marxist. Isn't that enough to unify us and make sure we ALL come out to vote? If we are all purists, we will never win a national election again? Are your purist principles so important that they trump winning? If we continue to lose, then we are grow further and further away from freedom and the Constitution.

        • Julyette J Willmann

          It is demoralizing to have to choose between the lesser of the evils, but to keep the greater evil from winning.....

        • noelle2013

          I would rather vote for the libertarian candidate than the damn repub candidate!
          NO the libertarian party are NOT anarchists!

        • Edward53

          Yes they are. Just look at how the Paulbots acted during the past election. I know, you think the Paulbots and Ron Paul were Republican but they weren't, they were Libertarian (Liberal lite or neo LibS). Libertarians act much like the Occupy Wall Street crowd when they don't get their way. Like little children.

        • Lyle Felix

          Then you are resigned to ALWAYS LOSE. There are not enough of you libertarians to get a majority of anything but you would rather stick yourself in the eye than vote for a repub and possibly take our government back from the commie Obama?

          That's stupid blind PIGHEADEDNESS! No wonder we are losing the country!!!!!

        • noelle2013

          f%^k the repubs! and the dems!
          There are plenty of candidates running that are NOT repubs or dems!

      • Screeminmeeme

        Dark Patriot....Sorry. Misread your post and took it the wrong way.

      • Julyette J Willmann

        I totally agree, but I also remember what happened when Ross Perot split the Republican Party. We have to gain enough strength in a third party before we can make it viable. Join the Tea Party.

      • jwright673

        I hope I will see that party in my lifetime. A good first step would be to take away the perks that keep these people in office indefinitely. Thank God jay rockefeller is finally leaving. It took robert byrd to die to get rid of him. Remove the perks and set term limits for starters. You have citizen review boards for police to make sure they are not working outside the bounds of their oaths. Why not Constitutional Review Boards to keep legislators inside the bounds of their oaths? If they don't respect the Constitution, then pack it in. Just sayin...

        • Nina814

          I like your thought, but who would dare to do that? There's a lot of talk about what should be done, but no action. First of all, We the People, have to get together and find a way to get rid of all the unwanted people, starting with the President.

      • metheoldsarge

        We don't need another party. That would only strengthen the other party. If you are not happy with the RINO you voted to help send to Washington or State and Local office, do not vote to re-elect them because you cannot bring yourself to vote for anyone in the other party. There is a voting alternative without breaking party loyalty. It is called Primaries. Join political groups or organizations that can work to seek out and encourage more people to run against the incumbents in the primaries. Then you can vote to get that incumbent out of the general election. That way you can vote against the incumbent without having to sacrifice party loyalty. This can work against everyone in public office from the President right on down to the local office holders.

    • Ruggedlark

      Meeme, I don't want compromise.

      The GOP-that's all it does is compromise our values. The RINO's have to go. I want fiscal Conservatives that are beholden to the Constitution.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Ruggedlark.....I had some reservation about posting the remark about compromise because it's something that I believe should only happen as a last resort. When I mentioned compromise, I was thinking of Reagan and Tip O'Neil who, on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum, were able to compromise and passed laws that benefited our Nation.

        I don't want compromise either. But we could only get all conservative policies implemented if and when all three branches were run by conservatives. Our hands are tied by the imbalance of power plus having a bunch of impotent republicans in the house, like Boehner. I don't see that being possible for the next several years.

        I hope I'm totally wrong, but the support for Obama will only strengthen as his newly established policy group hammers away at getting his plans acted upon. Unless the Tea Party conservatives ramp up, I will not be surprised if the dems get the House in 2 years. The Obama gang is already working on it.

        Commentators had predicted that a magnanimous Obama would mitigate his rhetoric when giving his Inauguration speech . I laughed at the idea knowing that he is out to destroy all who oppose his ideas and is incapable of such generous action toward Conservatives. He will be going full bore ahead with his plans and destroying the GOP is one of them.

        I think there are principles that can never be compromised....and other things that can.

        • Ruggedlark

          I appreciate your cogent explanation of what you meant; I think from the replies to you that you needed to make one.

          I am just very put out? No. Disappointed? At how our leadership fails us. They've been failing us for four years. How can Obama and the Democrats not put up a budget-a reasonable budget for 4 years and get away with it?

          What about the quantitative easing?

          The devaluation of our currency? Raising the debt ceiling? The lack of shoring up SS or Medicare? I mean. What did we send people to Washington to do? To manage.

          I bet if we put the budget in the hands of Wal-Mart, um, there wouldn't be a problem turning our country around.

        • Eileen Jones

          What makes me mad , is the Senate defies the mandate of the Constitution to have a budget at the beginning of each year.The House does nothing, and they can by holding back on appropriations to the Senate, and then We The People do nothing about ! Its time for us to demand that they do their jobs, by flooding Wash. with phone calls , faxes, and e-mails !!!! LET THEM HEAR US !!

        • Ruggedlark

          Eileen. You are preaching to the choir, girlfriend.

          I not only keep phone numbers to my own legislators, I get the numbers for other ones that need to be impacted as well. And, I let them know, that they are representatives of All of America, not just people from their own state.

        • Julyette J Willmann

          Then join the Tea Party and help us. We need numbers/members to be taken seriously. In my 68 years this is the first time I have ever been afaid - seriously afraid - of my government. We need to take back our government of the people, for the people, and by the people and reclaim our constitution.

        • Bruce Brinkmann

          I think you mean the Government of Obama, by Obama and for Obama.Being a member of the Tea Party is perceived by many to be the same as being a member of the K.K.K. I had to remove my stickers and signs and such just to keep from being vandalized. I don't know why lower taxes, smaller Government and decreased responsible spending by the Government are looked at with such hatred, but they are.

        • Brian Yoder

          I know why the left is hysterical about the Tea Party.

          One reason is because they are effective. They can afford to ignore ineffective organizations and movements but ones that have a chance of opposing them get their attention.

          On those narrow Tea Party issues there really is no argument or defense from the left. That would just sound silly. Spend the government into oblivion? Become a lawless country by ignoring the Constitution? Have personal freedom? There's no actual argument against those positions that would work. So what should they do? Don't argue, attack. Accuse the partiers of being racist, sexist, gay-hating, xenophobic morons and then you don't have to bother addressing the Tea Party's policy prescriptions.

          Why don't they just join the party? Or react politely? Why the hysteria? Well, leftists are mostly animated by a utopian vision of total government control by benevolent leftists to remake the world in a perfect way. Limits on government power, fiscal responsibility, and the legal limits on the government by a written constitution all make their utopian dream impossible. The rage and hysteria associated with this are very real. All over the world leftists enraged by the fact that they are not given all of the power, all of the money, all of the control over societies has led to endless episodes of violence, murder, and war. After all, if the rights of a few political opponents is all that's between us and a world of perfection, order, and endless free goodies why hesitate or play nice?

        • Screeminmeeme


        • FLChristyB

          It is because the Democrats have demonization of it's opponents down to a Science, along with the help and blessing of a corrupted media!

        • Eileen Jones

          The problem is not imbalance of power

        • John Wilch

          Eileen, you should have included in your narrative the women also. You know the ones like Palosi, Finestein(?), and others of their ilk.

          US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam '68 - '69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

        • Nunyer Binnis

          Compromise with COMMUNISTS is impossible.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Nunyer Binnis....I wholeheartedly agree.

          Clever nic.

        • Michael Angel

          Trouble is ... there is no compromise with Obama! Compromise to him is to bully you until you give in to his side, which is exactly what the Washington RINO's are doing. It's time for real change. Shut down the government! Stand up to them. When they don't get paid and they don't have their perks, then maybe they will be willing for real compromise. Until then, it's a waste of time.

      • Patriot Games

        Then what you want is libertarians

        • Nunyer Binnis

          Libertarians are as goofy as any other extremists.

        • Patriot Games


      • Doodlebug

        You are so right, Ruggedlark, about all we do is compromise and it looks like there is more compromising coming up with the debt ceiling and on the Senate side with Mc Connell compromising on the filibuster. We need to, as you say, "the RINOs have to go." and I too want Conservatives that honor and live up to the Constitution. I strongly guess by what little I've heard today from hillbilly, that she and obummer will get off without even so much as a slap on the hand about Benghazi. The communists are on their way in with obummer as our life long dicatator.

        • Ruggedlark

          What kills me, is she says (Hillary) "What does it they were killed?".

          Well. It does matter. It was a 7 hour stand off, monitored by a drone and blamed on a useless video (where, btw, a person is actually in jail for year, for making said video...) that wasn't the reason for the attack.

          Where is Hillary Clinton's accountability? Where is the President's? Who gets fired? Who gets charges brought against them for failing to do the duty of their office?

          There is NO Accountability in the White House, or the State offices.

        • Doodlebug

          You are so right, NO accountability, just another cover-up.

        • Ruggedlark


          So. The question at hand, imo, Is: If there is no accountability in our Highest Government Offices, how can our government hold us lowly people accountable for indiscretions that are much much lesser than murder?

    • Remington 870

      The GOP is all bark and no bite. Obama knows GOP infighting will fracture the GOP prior to 2014 elections and then the Communists will have both House & Senate to complete the Obama transformation of America. America is in big trouble & there better be a GOP leader to step forward or we will lose all our freedoms.

      • Melia Sese

        Ain't gonna happen. This is Barry's high-water mark, just like it was for GW Bush in 2005. He doesn't have the votes now, and he sure won't have 'em next year. Meanwhile the push for gun control will turn over the Senate next year. First one to go (already) is Jay Rockefeller in WV. Stop acting like a puss ... get in the ballgame and quit whining. This stuff is hard, and it takes real men and women.

      • metheoldsarge

        “The GOP is all bark and no bite. Obama knows GOP infighting will fracture the GOP prior to 2014 elections”

        You got that right. The liberals don't need Obama to destroy the GOP. The Republican Party is doing a good job of cutting their own throats. During the debates when the Republican candidates were trying for the nomination, there was a lot of mud slinging which I personally felt to be a turn off. Instead of trashing each other they should have concentrated on winning the White House and what each one planned to do if elected. All they accomplished was to provide a lot of useful information the Democrats could use against them. The bottom line is that the Democrats were better organized and had better financial resources. Furthermore, Obama bought a lot of welfare votes, with taxpayer money, by ending the requirement for welfare recipients to put in some community service in order to get their checks. The freeloaders will vote for who they believe will keep those welfare checks and food stamps coming.

    • Samurai_Sam

      Unfortunately the liberal definition of compromise is "do what I say"! Unacceptable!

    • Melia Sese

      This is mostly stupid frustration talking here. Why all of you get so worked up about a guy whose only talent is reading words off a screen I just can't understand. He only got just a few more votes than Romney and if more of us had got off our butts he would've lost. So stop all the stupidity because unless the opposition is united it will be crushed.
      So which is it? Idiots like Bill O'Reilly refer to Barry as a "very intelligent" man but people here think he's a stupid joke. We must stay united to oppose his agenda wherever we can. You want to keep your right to self defense? Then stay in the fight. All this other stuff is nothing more than naked cowardice, and that includes this Gary DeMar chump.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Melia Sese...I think you're being a little harsh. Gary's assessment of the GOP is accurate. The RINOs have been selling out Conservatives for years so I understand his anger.

        I have been ''in the fight'' for decades....politically active for decades...and have found that venting frustration is not capitulation but a necessary and healthy a point. Complaining endlessly is counterproductive and a waste of energy. I agree that staying united and dedicated to the cause is imperative if ever things are going to change. We need to re-group ad recommit ourselves to seeing that genuine Conservatives get elected.

        Many of us have worked tirelessly to oppose Obama and the Democrats running for Congress but to little avail. I believe there is a spiritual component to the outcome which I have posted many other times. And Obama's useful idiots in the media have done a stellar job of obfuscation and suppression of truth in order to run interference for him. Romney/Ryan were running against Obama...... CNN and other networks.

        I think it's unwise to underestimate your enemy....and there's no doubt whatever in my mind, that Obama is an enemy of America. His convictions about Socialist/Marxist/Communist ideology are strong and very determined.

        • Melia Sese

          Meemee - there simply MUST be a united opposition if we want to prevent a complete takeover by the left. You seem to be someone who can grasp that. At times we are all disappointed in the GOP (as many leftwingers are with the Democrats), but it's the only game in town right now and any attempts to establish a third party will lead to an avalanche. It's just what they are hoping (and praying, in some cases) for. I implore us to not give them their wish.

      • Remington 870

        Can only watch O'Reilly for five minutes and then switch. Obama is a good actor, nothing more. O'Reilly says Obama is intelligent...then all actors must be intelligent. You have noticed Obama can not talk without a teleprompter. Certainly not a sign of an intelligent person, but someone who is being controlled by someone else.

  • barmar12

    Forget voting out RINOs. Get term limits and all is well. Career politicians gone.

    • johnh

      I agree, anyone that is over the limits should not be allowed to hold office any more.

    • Nadine

      Eventually there will be a third party I think...the Tea Party better get busy!

      • Colleen Smith

        The tea party predominantly jumped on the support for Mitt Romney with sickening obedience. We already have a third party, the Constitution Party. Lets build on what we have. A new party takes decades to build. The tea party needs to dumb that dumb word, conservative and get back to our constitutional roots, sooner the better. AND they need to stop obeying the elitists and in fear and haste, support a liberal candidate like Romney just to get rid of the liberal incumbent. No, they all are selling us out but few.

        • Lyle Felix

          Yes we the TEA Party did strongly support the man that the establishment republican party dumped on us at the bidding of the dems. But that wasn't until AFTER the convention. Before that we were pushing for the REAL Constitutional Conservatives ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

          We were not about to give in like so many other right leaning voters did because they were mad that somebody licked all the red off their candy and, like little girls, they stomped their feet and said, "I'm mad, I'm going home and I'm not going to vote."

    • Charles Ivie

      Term limits is a great idea but with a single flaw. The folks that must vote it in are the same folks that want to remain in office. As a result term limits is dead before it ever lives. A national voter referendum could change that but there is no such mechanism in place.

      • barmar12

        Take it out of their hands and make it an amendment to the constitution which are ratified by the individual states.

        • Del Stutzman

          The best "term limit" is called a ballot box! Vote them out...and it can be done if we stick together, there are websites that track how the traitors vote in Congress and in the Senate, if you can't find a website to your liking, start your own. Now is the time to start thinking of the 2014 election, not 10 months from now!

        • John Smith

          Thsat is already in the Constitution and has been blocked by Democrat and Republican alike . It looks as if there is one other choice, but I get arrested if I or any of us discuss it.

        • Charles Ivie

          Good idea but very difficult to do. Read the Constitution carefully and you will see why. Article 5 explains the process.

    • Colleen Smith

      I see that as training wheels for the ignorant voters. We are so dumb we have to have term limits to keep us from voting for the same bad people repeatedly and we lost the constitutionally correct politicians right along with them. Can we really afford that? It is in the schools. Take the Feds out and teach the young what is what and why some things that seem to make sense such as gun control are in actuality deadly.

      • Lyle Felix

        Term limits ARE NOT a device against, as you call them, "dumb voters."

        Term limits makes it illegal for a power hungry professional politician to run ever again. So that he can not eliminate someone new that wants to fight for the people but can not get elected because the establishment will not back him. Thus, term limits breaks up the establishment's power to dictate to the electorate who will be elected.

    • Dave

      I'd go a step further and make term limits RETROACTIVE. That alone would get rid of around 90% + or - of the Dummycrats and at least 1/2 of the Rinos. Doubt this would ever happen as both sides are drunk with power and not likely to vote themselves out of their lofty jobs, but one can dream.

    • alibaba123456

      I agree. The founding Fathers never wanted this to be a career rather a public service. We have two in Michigan that have fossilized sitting in the Senate.

    • noelle2013

      We are NOT going to have term limits until we FORCE OUT THAT POS BOEHNER AND OF COURSE CANTOR! and have a full libertarian majority in BOTH the us house and senate

    • Melia Sese

      And that would also remove a great number of the enemy, like Pelosi, Moran, McDermott, Waters, Jackson-Lee, Washerwoman-Schultz, Rangel, etc.

    • Lyle Felix

      We need to also get control of congress's pay, pensions and staff back to the people who hired them. No more of this, "They vote themselves a raise" and etc.

      We also need to have a constitutional amendment that says the congress needs to abide by, be held accountable by and subject to ALL laws that they pass for the rest of America.

  • Lyneil Vandermolen

    Add to the list John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

    • John Cummins

      and about 300 others...

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      John McCain is the poster boy for RINOs. He was the one who handed the election to Obama in 2008, NOT Sara Palin. He might have been a hero in Vietnam, but he has been a traitor in Congress. He always consulted with, then Senator, Hillary Clinton, Schumer, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry to see where they stood on all important matters, then he voted with them. He then had the audacity to brag about how he reached across the aisle.

      • noelle2013

        plus mccain and graham wanted the us declared a "battleground" and wanted Americans to be arrested and detained under the ndaa!

    • John Smith

      Agreed, these two are Moderates which, of course, is another name for Democrats by another name.

    • Allen Goldberg


    • Danny Noonan-Miss

      Good point Lyneil! I live in AZ and I can't stand John McCain and a lot of Arizonans are on my side and tired that he keeps eeking out primary victories over better Republican candidates. HIs little buddy Lindsey Graham makes me sick too.

  • Mort Leith

    I thought the President was SUPPOSED to represent ALL of the people ! ? ?

    Not divide them up into his sheeple who are willing to stand by and watch his highness destroy our country,, and those of us Patriots who know he is a traitor to our country....

    • Nadine

      But he doesn't represent anyone but himself!! He could care less about the people, just how much power he can abuse & what free votes he can get! It's gonna be hard to fight back! We the tax payers will eventually have no jobs to pay for all the Gov wants to dole out! Gonna get VERY messy!!

      • Marie Chantel

        true, this president is only about his own agenda: sell out America to China and United Nations! the elite club took him in, so he has to perform by destructing Americas roots and stump on the Constitution! I hope people wake up before they get pushed to the edge of a cliff, where the only way out will be either jump to death or die fighting for what used to be 'free America'

        • John Smith

          America still has a Republican House in the Congress and it had best do somethiong besides sit in fear of what Obama is doing. It is time to be a Patriot or be a loser of this once Free Land.

    • John Smith

      No, Democrats and other Marxists only represent Marxists.

    • ladyceo

      Mort, we've never had a Chicago thug in the WH before!

    • Eileen Jones

      A Pres.does represent all the people, a King does not, and King Obama has determined that the Patriots must be disarmed , before he can take over the country without a fight. The question is.....are WE THE PEOPLE going to stand back and let him do that ?????

  • Robert Mead

    Amazing how the Dumocrats express freedom of speech, until it contradicts their thinking! They are a bunch of hot "air bags." They don't practice what they preach! Shame on them!

    • Marie Chantel

      democrats are the most violent and vulgar when they want to express themselves! there is not limit to what they say or do to show conservatives in bad light

      • John Smith

        They control the US Military and have authorization through the so called "Patriot Act" to shoot to death the populace of America if they march for redress of grievences in the street. Another Constitutional gurantee down the drain.

        • Eileen Jones

          We outnumber the military and the only way they can stop us is to use extreme force , if you know what I mean. What American soldier is going to turn on his own people ? They also took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and our right to defend ourselves against a tyrannical gov't is in the Constitution !!!!

  • Pastafarian

    Start your own party instead of continuing to destroy the GOP from the inside.

    • John Cummins

      RINOs ARE the destroyers of the Republican party!

  • Don C. Hayward

    Long ago I said that G.W.Bush set the stage for this Marxist in many ways not the least of which was the Iraq stupidity in the division of resources. Since spending us into oblivion is bi partison the RINO'S need to be destroyed and put into the dustbin of history. "Compassionate conservatism" my a--.

    • Robert Mead

      Well if he spent us into oblivion than Obuma has spent us into tripple-oblivion! He hasn't even got a budget through the Senate in 4 years. It is the law to have one every year. The only thing he sumbitted was turned down 99-0. That's how good he is at a budget. HORRIBLE.

    • John Cummins

      Well and also the idea of multiple undeclared wars in about 150 countries, by both does get ridiculous and that is without even looking at domestic / corporate welfare...

    • Eileen Jones

      TYPICAL....Blame Bush. If you remember , this fiasco started with Barney Frank and the Fannie & Freddie deal, giving loans to people who couldn't afford the homes they were buying ! THAT started it all, the Dems had control of the Congress and it was spend, spend, spend... The rest is history! You liberals have selective memories!!!!!

  • Nadine

    Destroy, destroy...just like what they're doing to the country! YES, they seem to destroy anyone with their retoric & attacks on people! NOT gonna happen!! Them's fightin words!!

  • renkentom

    If destruction of the GOP is what it takes to finally get devoted politicians committed to serving the American public then I am all for it. My feeling is that when and if the Republican party is dismantled as we know it there will also be a total collapse of the Democratic party simply because the eyes of the public will have been opened to "professional" politicians who are only there for a hand out and other self interests.

  • Sgt. York

    Boo Hoo Boehner is a wimpie dude who will give in at a eye blink No jimmies at all. We need some with the Jimmies to tell O'Vomit and Slinky Harry to kiss the south end of the north bound mule. They gotta go and sooner than later.

    • John Cummins

      i choose sooner...

    • Delores109

      Sgt York,
      I am doing the best I can.
      Delores Smith

      • John Mescas

        I dare you to throw all the moderate GOP under the bus. The reason the GOP is doing so badly is because you morons pushed it too far right. America as a whole REJECTS rightwing extremism. They've shown you time and time how much they reject it during elections.

        • Delores109

          JOHN MESCAS,
          I am only 105 pounds, and I could never have done all that you accuse me of. Let me guess something about you. You receive unemployment, food stamps. and you believe everything anyone tells you. You are also not very bright. Republicans have control of the House of Representatives, or have you not noticed? If you are married, you probably say, "Yes, dear," to your wife.
          Delores Smith

        • Eileen Jones

          The only ones who reject right wingers, are the takers of the world !!! Give me all the freebies and I'll vote anyway you want me to vote. Not to bright are they ? Sooner or later the chickens always come home to roost, then we All have to pay the piper including the takers!

      • Sgt. York

        Great lets get as many as we can to boot Boo Hoo

  • Dan Haggerty


  • gwedem5995


    • Colleen Smith

      I wrote in Ron Paul. This made so many people angry and accusing me of voting for Obama. No, I voted for Ron Paul and although it was a fixed election, those are the votes that count in the long run. Vote but vote your conscience even if your choice has no chance of winning. Imagine if we all did that. We must stop obeying the crap shoved in our faces by both "sides" of the same strategical take down.

  • JodyM

    Reorganize the Republicans from within. 3rd party politics is always a long shot. All the Republicans who voted for the continuation of the Fiscal Cliff need to go. We need new, strong blood; and, yes, term limits without a doubt. Well stated Screeminmeeme.

  • abrayoungham

    They are salivating to get a dictatorship and thinking that the conservatives are concerned about numbers. We are not. We are only concerned about self government and liberty. If they want to dictate every last detail to people, then I want to separate from them, and I will. We are founded upon individual autonomy, not upon a plutocracy, or a socialist scheme, or totalitarianism. I hope they can get on without us, but then, that's up to them.

    • Colleen Smith

      Don't you think it would help if you defended the US Constitution? I don't see that here. I see a lot of rhetoric, no different than the parroting left only a different opinion instilled into your thoughts and ready made for the "conservative" matrix dweller. Sorry, don't mean to be rude, just sick of people feeding their own demise. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Celebrate Unity, defend the documents of freedom.

  • Robert Mead

    The liberals want everything their way and no one else is right - no life (abortion), no guns (death), no wealth (poverty), no jobs (soon everybody). Down with King Obuma!!

  • TIM

    Be careful what you wish for, should he succeed the only thing left to destroy would be the individual. I think the lazy, leftist, scumbags would be first.

    • John Smith

      The Leftist Scum bags are always executed first. Marxists cannot trust those who helped them and betrayed their own country.

  • Maranatha! Mark

    I agree as well. The GOP has become the slightly right leaning branch of the DNC over the last 14 years! You'd think the GOP, if they were mindful of conservatism, would have offered up some real conservatives, instead of Psuedo-Conservatives like McCain and Romney. Until the GOP offers up REAL conservatives, I predict they won't win another election for President. W's 2nd term festered in Conservatives heart, and I think the love affair with the GOP has been on the rocks ever since... at least for a significant number and growing daily! We are simply sick and tired of having 2 progressive candidates being offered up and being told we have a choice - progressive or progressive-lite! Apparently, based on the comments made from the Establishment GOP folks, they are more than happy to move further left than they were before... essentially they want to try to out-Lib the Progressive Liberals, while telling us Conservatives they are really conservatives! What a joke!!! Unfortunately, too many folks are slow on the up-take and can't understand how progressive and libeal the GOP has become. Boehner, McConnell and ilk are for all practical purposes Democrats in denial! I agree, we need to leave the GOP and let that disease party wither and die on the vine, then make the Tea Party a real party designation. The biggest problem is the truly moral and descent folks won't want to run for office because they don't want to experience the lies of the press in their bid to destroy the character of anyone who actually might be of some moral character!

  • Greg McAulay

    More and more the political parties of today are simply two sides of the same coin.
    We need an Independence Platform,

    1. That every person be armed according their own conscience, and their
    conscience be the only restraint. So that no one misses the point, that each
    person having the right to life also has the right to choose how they defend
    their life. Even if the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution did not exist the
    right remains in tact and its only restraint that of conscience.

    2. Limit on Governmental regulation for business, promote and encourage those
    that create jobs.

    3. Tax based on the result of success not on success itself. IE, Sales tax
    model that allows for revenue based on what the people spend not on what they

    4, Restore the education to the parents and teachers. Untie the hands of the
    teachers so they can educate the children to think and not simply memorize an
    answer to pass a test. Life skills education that helps them grow to good
    citizens, responsible and successful.

    5. Restoration of a Justice system that executes murderers. A Justice system
    that is equally concerned with the rights of the victim and accused.

    6. A governing body that remains within the boundaries set by the Constitutions
    that they operate under, both National and State.

    7. Focus on helping US Citizens before Nation Building oversea.

    8. Photo ID to vote, (you need one to cache a check why not one to vote?)

    9. Address the migration of peoples to the United States and restore integrity
    to the immigration system.

    10. Secure the borders of the USA.

    11. Restore War Powers to Congress, no more Executive orders sending American
    Troops to foreign nations without a Congressional vote of War.

    12. No more foreign aid to Foreign Nations that declare the US an Enemy or are
    hostile to the Principal of Liberty.

    13. Adherence to the precept that Human rights, those that people have by their
    very nature of being human, are untouchable by laws of men. That Civil Rights,
    the rights that are defined by the civil authority, the people, grant to
    themselves for collective governance, are to be managed openly with justice.

    14. Within each person is an inherent right to life, regardless of Size, Level
    of development, Environment, or Dependency on others, and this right is to be

    15. Restore order to Americas monetary system.

    Pretty much have a group of folks take control of the Government so that they
    will leave us alone to prosper and grow in the light of Liberty and do what
    they were delegated to do under the Constitutions.

    • John Smith

      You mean you don't like the start of the Marxist State Obummer has begun..... He might not like you for that and you know what happens to those he might not like? (In the Marxist State there is always an element of individual FEAR if you disagree with the State).

      • Eileen Jones

        Then I must be stupid because I've sent him over 40 letters, in which I disagreed with him on every issue,and I'm not one bit scared! I DON"T CARE if he likes me.

    • Del Stutzman

      After reading the excellent posting of Greg, my thought is, perhaps we should do away with the current party labels and just be Conservative Party and Liberal Party, no in between. The present parties have been in existence only a little over 100 years and it is time to start over, with Conservative and Liberal labels, then everyone one would know where the politician really stood on an issue.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    After Woodrow Wilson and the corrupt Democrats in Congress put the nation on the path toward Socialism with the passing of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking Act, it did not take long for the GOP to become hooked on graft and power that ensued. We Conservatives were stupid to hook our wagon to the GOP, because what have we ever won? Ever since 1913, the "Party of Lincoln" has done nothing but compromise with the left on everything, School Prayer, doing away with the dress code and corporal punishment in our public schools, instituting sex education, legalizing abortion, 'no fault divorce' which has led to a huge rise in divorces, gay rights, and you bet your life that the GOP Republicans absolutely WILL compromise on gun ban legislation even though such legislation is unconstitutional. With every compromise that the GOP made, we have ended up losing in the end because the left was not satisfied with just part of the pie, so they continued on until they had the whole pie. Yes, I for one would do everything I can to support a Constitutional Party. As much as I respect the Tea Party, I don't believe they are the answer because they are not cohesive, I know a lot of Tea Party members who support gay rights, abortion, gun bans.

    • barmar12

      Reverend I don't have any idea what church or denomination you belong to so please understand I am talking in generalities. All you say about the course of our country over the last hundred years is true. The problem is not because of bad legislation or going with the wrong party, politicians aren't where we should put our hope. The problem is the christian church and its ever increasing reluctance to follow Gods word. Look at the Episcopal/Anglican church as an easy example and what its leadership espouses (many of the things you lament above). We need to call apostate churches as such and clean up our messes first.
      The only way to change hearts is thru Gods gift of salvation and sanctification. We are making more false converts than true believers in this country. Unless hearts are changed the people that are elected will reflect the electorate. Sadly we are rapidly becoming a post modern culture and I think increased Christian persecution in this country by the government is the next thing to happen, in fact is happening. Short of a great revival, I don't see our course changing, only the trajectory in getting there.

      • Most Rev. Gregori

        barmar12, you are correct, and just to let you know, I am a member of an Autonomous Orthodox Church. That simply means that though we are truly Orthodox, we are not under the authority of any of the mainline Patriarchates such as Moscow or Constantinople.

        The biggest problem with Americas Churches is that they sold their souls to the government when they agreed to sign on to the 501c3, because that gave the camel, so to speak, the opportunity to stick its nose under the tent, that allowed the government to dictate what a church could or could not say or do. I am proud to say that after my ordination in 1983, I began a ministry with refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, but I have NEVER taken or used a 501c3, I paid all taxes due often out of my own pocket. WHY did I do this? Because I refused to allow the government to force me into a box and dictate to me what I could or could not preach or teach.

        On my website, I will and I have spoken out against the churches that call themselves Christian or Catholic, but do NOT preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially those that support gay rights, abortion or any other immoral activity. I could care less if things I say offend others, because I am not, never was and never will be politically correct. Political Correctness is nothing more then preventing the truth, and if what I say, if telling the truth offends others, then that is their problem, Our problem as a nation is that we do not have enough clergy who think and feel as I do. Yes, we WILL see whole scale Christian persecution unless we turn things around and soon, and by whatever means possible. And once again let me make it perfectly clear, ALL GUN CONTROL LAWS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, THEREFORE ILLEGAL. Having said that, NO ONE IS REQUIRED TO OBEY ANY UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

        "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed." Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 p. 442

        "No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it." 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256.

        These two quotes do not just refer to the Second Amendment, but to ALL laws that are in violation of the Constitution.

  • a marine .

    Note to John Dickerson(The name fits you by the way) GFY
    Note to obamaass GFY
    Note to the demon crate party GFY

    obamaass said get revenge, liberals saying cut the heads of gun owners, destroy the GOP. For liberals so much love and caring,The reason they want guns taken from us so they can do to us as they will and we wont have a way to defend ourselves.
    now the government is monitoring FB, EMAILS AND PHONE CONVERSATIONS. So that any one that speaks any thing against obamaass can be arrested and jailed with out trial. FDR did it during his terms in office and he over 20000 people locked up, don't you just love the people that adhere to the constitution. Now obamaass says its time to change the constitution to fit the times. Well its the constitution that made this republic what it is today.
    What we are headed for is the new FUROR TO TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OF THIS COUNTRY. Welcome back Hitler, Stalin, POI POT and any other despot in the world all rolled up into one person that scum sucking low life liar thief murder muslim POS obamaass. When will the people stand up and take the country back

  • Ted R. Weiland

    Replaced with what, may I ask? History proves that under the present unbiblical constitutional system of elections, we'll only end up, at best, with a more conservative form of liberals. The last 225 years of constitutional elections doesn't provide us much hope for even that, particularly because Article 6 banned Christian tests for federal officials and with them Biblical qualifications.

    There are no real and lasting answers for America by doing things in an unbiblical fashion. Consequently, when are pronomian Christian sites such as this one going to get back to providing Biblical solutions for what ails us? See blog article "Time for Pronomians to Come Out of the Closet" at (See article for the definition for "pronomian."

    • John Smith

      The Constitution was written as it was so there would be a fredom of religion. It is what stands against the Muslim Sharia Way. for America. To get rid of such things in America, we must get rid of Obama and his Masters, who has a sympathy for Muslims that seems to out weigh any Constitutional Concerns.

      • Ted R. Weiland

        John, thanks for responding. Please consider again what you have written: "The Constitution was written as it was so there would be a fredom of
        religion. It is what stands against the Muslim Sharia Way. for America."

        Amendment 1's polytheistic provision for the freedom of religion is a violation of the First Commandment and is WHY America has become a safe-haven for Muslims. Since the ratification of the First Amendment, America has become the most polytheistic nation to exist, except perhaps for the Roman Empire.

        For more, see online Chapter 11 "Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at

        • Roger

          Ironically, John Smith's comment paves the way for the Constitution's own destruction. If the Constitution held true to the doctrine of "freedom of religion", then all religions, including Muslim sharia, would be welcome. His position seems to be that the Constitution stands for the freedom of ALL religions except Muslim sharia.
          Blatant contradiction, Mr. Smith. You can't have it both ways. Either all religions are safe under the Constitution or none of them, including Christianity, are.

        • Don39

          Islam is not a religeon. It is a world dominance doctrine.

        • Ted R. Weiland

          Don, the only reason people claim that Islam is not a religion is so that they might be able to condemn Islam while at the same time trying to protect the polytheistic-promoting First Amendment. Islam IS a religion. It just takes its religion more seriously than does modern Christianity. The same argument used against Islam being a religion is also used to keep what is today merely Christianity from once again becoming Christendom, as it previously was in 17th-century Colonial America.

        • Ted R. Weiland

          Roger, I would say especially monotheistic Christianity. Such statements as found in John 14:6, Acts 4:12, and 2 John 1:7-11 doesn't mesh well with polytheism.

  • mishkacoats

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson We may be too late, but need to return to our founding fathers. Better late, than never!

    • 1776dejavu

      give them their own state....All the West Coast will do.....let them govern themselves and when it all falls to pieces and they want to come back to sensible thinking, we just say you gave up your chance to be an American. We can line up 100,000's of armed patriots and when they want to cross over into a true constitutional USA, just blow em away. Alamo style just we will be the overwhelming army to crush the libs trying to run our great Republic's borders. Or we can set charges on the fault line and start the big one that will send them all to that pacific grave site that is eminent anyway. Just make it happen for the good of humanity.

      • 1776dejavu

        California has no business having as many electoral votes anyway, its the only reason the left stays in power. The Hispanics are going to be the majority by summer 2013 anyway. Without the illegals gays entertainment dbags and all the other trash that vote for a socialized government. Its not fair to the rest of the country. It would be a landslide every election for the conservatives that love America and what it stands for!

  • Liberty Freedom


  • John Cummins

    But Gary you wanted us to vote for RINO and cheater-in-chief Willard (magic underwear) Romney, and we obviously did not. Glad to see you catching up with the rest of us.

    • Don39

      Romney may not have been the best conservative, but you are a liar about what he was!

      • Edward53

        Don, John was brainwashed with the Paulbot crowd. But you're 100% right.

  • DockyWocky

    Obama just needs a bit more rope before he goes too far. It's going to be fun to watch him grovel and whine.

    Like all despots, he actually believes his own bull *hit and has lost all sense of when to quit pushing.

    • John Smith

      The Question is will there be a wall there to oppose the would be dictator. He has had the Constitution often enough that one would thnk it was his whore.

      • Eileen Jones

        Remember, even a whore can be used against you, and eventually some judge will be brave enough to look at the petitions that have been drawn up against the Pres. and his cohorts for sedition and treason against the People and the Constitution and do something about it.

    • 1776dejavu

      I still want to know how this man bastardizes everything American and not a soul is doing anything to push for his impeachment. If ever there was a President that was ripe for impeachment its Obama.

      • Don39

        The Senate is Damnocrat controlled! Do you know what impeachment is? Didn't think so.

        • 1776dejavu

          not so! I know it takes 2/3 of the Senate and its dem. controlled and has no chance in hell as long as all the Senators are in bed with the president and his Marxist policies. If you were a dumbocrat then I would understand why you were talking to me like I was stupid. Not a lib, I have a brain and common sense. I know we are fkd, I'm just tired of our Constitution being trampled on. Insult the left not a conservative. unless you are one of them. if so get lost.

  • GoodBusiness

    Just do this using 20 little words that can end the money and power of the President and the Congress - no more Central government raiding our paychecks and businesses. FREE FREE FREE AT LAST . . as MLK said - we the people can have it again . .

    • Don39

      I do appreciate the King reference after Obama besmirched him and his day of remembrance forever more in his inaugural address. In my Opinion MLK would not have even attended that farce.

  • Dirty Daug

    We all know what has to happen. The good people of America have got to take over before it's too late.

    • John Smith

      Understand that this may cost you your blood and life now. The easy way is no longer avalible.

      • Don39

        I've bled for my country before and it was not this critical then!

      • Eileen Jones

        Hey, I'm 69 yrs. old, my time has come for me to step forward and I'm willing and able. I'm not ready at this stage of my life to see my country destroyed by a socialist and stand there and let it happen. NEVER! God bless America and God bless the patriotic Americans willing to defend her now !

    • John Mescas

      You had your chance to "take over" this past November. You Lost. Get over it. ... #1 YOU ARE NOT the good people. You are the same people who elected disasters like G.W.Bush who got us attacked due to his incompetency then went on record saying he wasn't interested in finding Bin Laden. Good people do not vote characters like that into the White House.

      • Eileen Jones

        But was it a fair election? I think it was a Chicago - style election....croooooked ! Believe me Pres. Bush wanted Bin Laden. Typical liberal ...BLAME BUSH, just like our loser Pres. Are you also going to play the race card because I don't like our socialist Pres.?

      • Ruggedlark

        You know.

        The first attack on World Trade Center came in 1993. Um, just who was president then?

        There is a book coming out in May. Going to make everything crystal clear, for everyone...Bin Laden, was a "foot soldier"...Not the orchastrator of all the attacks...Our government basically didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle, and if they did, they failed to piece them together.

        The "blind sheikh" who is currently incarcerated here in the US, is at the foot of Jihad against America...

        And. G. Bush was not a conservative, but I saw him as a much better person than Gore...(Release my 2nd Chakra, Algore)...Gore is wrong (and continues to be, on everything-while he lines his pockets....)

  • racefish

    "The GOP is going to become either Joe Clay (Jack Lemmon) or Kirsten Arnesen (Lee Remick) in the 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses"

    I'd compare the whole government to that with the Democrats playing Joe Clay, and Kirsten the Republicans.
    What I'm hoping for is the Tea Party taking over the party and ridding it of these leeches, which in reality is what they are. Blood suckers every one.

  • Joe Severa

    Cripes, just start waving the articles of impeachment under Obama's nose, preferably before 2014. Look at all the ammunition we have, Benghazi, Constitutional abuses, especially the 2nd ammendment, you name it, Obama's gang have done Americans wrong!

  • John Smith

    Let us be logical for amoment. Had not the Abolishinist Republicans not been in existence it is likely that the Democrats would still have slaves on a plantation working in the Sun.

    • Eileen Jones

      They have selective memories, telling a liberal that is like watching wallpaper dry. Slavery not a Dem problem , noooo it was the Repubs, and if Bush had been alive then, they would have blamed him .

  • bowtonoone2

    The current American government – all of it – is a disgrace not only those who died for this country but also to the Constitution of the United States.

    • Eileen Jones

      You forgot all the idiots who voted for this gov't , they deserve half the blame for creating this mess . Stupid is as stupid does!

  • georgegallo

    One of the best little articles I have read in a long time. Sure, let the GOP destroy itself (just my view) and next let's go after the Democrats. Both parties are too similar in that neither cares about Americans or our country. They all just want to get reelected. Pathetic. How many politicians would fight for something they believed in at the risk of losing their next election?

    • Don39

      You may not like either, but to say they are the same is stupidity.

      • georgegallo

        Read the post. I did not say they were the same. Thank you for the undeserved insult. Damn, the one thing I have notice on a lot of websites is the major lack of tolerance and often comprehension. Name calling is easy, being correct is a little harder. "How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct." B.D., 1860. Ya think we could comport ourselves a little better than people 150 years ago? Answer:____________

  • samtman

    Whats he talking about, the T Party and the many postings like this have already derstroyed the GOP. The GOP can still save itself my moving away as soon as possible from the T-Party.

    • BigUgly666

      I hear South America's nice!
      Need help packing?

  • Jane Scroggins

    When you can't tell the difference it's time for an new party but we really need a leader who can deal with the media. that's where prayer comes in folks!

    • Don39

      If you can't tell the differences you are incapable of discernment or you are not paying attention!

  • Patriot

    Well DeMar, who you gonna put or leave in office the liberal Democrats. They are worse than the GOP. Of course. Lurking the Tea Party Republicans will help. No more liberal socialist punks. We need to get America ontrack and negro Muslim Socialist Non-American Obama isn't the answer. The Supreme court may help us with that in Feb
    DeMar you sound like the druggies and hippies I heard talking their carp in the 60's.

  • Peter Scott Furman

    There are Libertarians out there and I am one!

    • Don39

      Yeah, but you are not 'conservatives' you are far right wing!

  • alibaba123456

    First of all the Tea Party for the most part does not want the destruction of the Republican Party but, its rebirth. Then again DeMar has gone off the rails just as much as Rove and others including his saint Ron "porkus" Paul. Please do not equate LIbertarinans with Conservatives.

    • John Mescas

      The only thing you guys offer to replace the GOP with are tea party politicians who are FURTHER right than the GOP ever was. You guys destroyed the GOP pushing it too far right, how long is it going to take you to see that YOU'RE the source of it's destruction. America is NOT far right. They are center-left.

      • alibaba123456

        Nope. Ronald Reagan would have loved the Tea Party for it is not a party in the terms of Republican or Demoncrat. It is a understanding of what the founding fathers wanted. When our country was first formed with the Constitution the French warned us that this type of govenment would be weak to attack by people like Obama. However, in this document are allowances to come back from just about anything including people like you. You and Obama are short term. In even your own philosophy you are a dead end.

    • John Mescas

      So how are you doing today, Ali? Have a good rest?

      • alibaba123456

        I always sleep the sleep of the just.

  • TheTexasCooke


  • Gary Jones

    Bring Obama and the Rhinos down, it's easy if all the working tax payers would file their taxes on-time without paying tax owed, when the payment request is sent take it to the IRS and workout an installment payment plan. Like Obama spending and only paying the interest... Holiday IT'S TAX TIME can't raise the ceiling but I bet with no money to spend they'll find ways to cut the size of debt, the size of government employees, sending cash to our enemies, paying for illegals and hiring outside groups to do their work.

    • Don39

      It is RINO, Republican In Name Only, RINO! They are socialist like Bush, all the Bushes in fact. And his staff such as Rowe, and the idiots they hire to run Republican campaigns.

  • Jim Semple

    A new Law all laws rules regulations committees and federal agencies must be reevaluated every 24 months and a new vote of congress taken to reestablish such rules, laws or agencies.

    This would keep the congress so busy trying to justify the unjustifiable that no new laws could be passed then perhaps we would be left alone.

    Also retire congress so they only meet once every two years for six months like the legislature in Texas does.

    Reduce congressional pay to that of a private or a second lt in the Army and feed them in mess halls run by the military and provide housing in barracks there would be no need for their families to be in Washington DC they would be on separate rations just like military wives elsewhere.

    No congressman could serve more than one two year term and no senator could serve more than one four year term.

    The accepting of bribes and gratuities for up to two years after leaving office would be a federal offense and punishable by prison time.

  • chvietvet

    When will we understand that we have a one-party system in the United States. Only the voters have different opinions about what the government should do. The politicians are united. As soon as they start their terms of office they must (1) utilize all of ways they have of making money, (2) pay pack the special interest groups that contributed to their campaigns out of public funds, and (3) learn all the ways of entertaining themselves together with their fellow office holders. If we do not learn to start electing members of third parties, we are lost.

    • FreedomFray

      What makes you think that members of a "third party" wouldn't follow suit?

      • chvietvet

        The two parties have well-organized connections with lobbyists. Sometimes, both candidates are smeared so that whichever one is elected, he will give the special interest groups service for their money. If there were ten or more parties, some of which backing candidates who do not owe their souls to some lobbying group, the process of funding and then collected the rewards after the person receiving the funds is elected would become too confusing for the special interest groups to follow, and a few honest people might be elected to public office.

    • Don39

      Actually this country has about five parties already. Splintering the largest into the others is one sure way to destroy the nation for many years. The only viable solution is to capture the GOP and unite in it.

  • Debra JM Smith


  • jas1019

    Like Wackamole, liberals are now sticking their heads up without fear because they truly believe their time has come.
    And if ordinary Americans can't recognize it, or are too stupid to care, then the country is over.
    If coming after our guns, higher taxes, and more government dependency slavery won't make us change course, nothing will.
    America is at stake and liberals have "gone all in".
    Are we willing to do the same?

  • william russell

    Hey i agree with this article let the gop die and out of the ashes will come a party that stands on values and not willing to sell out those that put them in office. I am a long time republican person, however, i am fed up with the gop, no back bone no guts no fire in the belly to fight. I will work even hard in 2014 to get the rhino outs of office and than in 2016 and by than the gop will have a change with new and stronger leadership.

  • David Jines

    I very nearly cried when I cast my vote for Romney. Republicans do not represent me these days, but at least they weren't saying they would like this character Obama. I am for the Poor and the middle class...teehee...How much help was the Bank, Insurance, Auto, and the Green initiatives bail-outs help me??? Not one iota. How much does pandering the Gays, and ILLEGAL's help me??? Not one iota. How much does your 16 million dollar vacations, or Chewbacca Mooochelle's $5,000.00 gowns help me???? Not one iota.

  • Rebel Texan

    This is exactly what the democrats want, fighting within the only other party capable of beating them! You can talk about all the minority parties you want but they are almost unheard of by most the people.

  • JacktheFAC

    It is time for the Constitutional Party to come to the forefront and turn the Republi-crat Party into the modern day Whig Party.

    • Don39

      How many people do you think even ever heard of the Constitution Party? A couple of years back we were discussing forming such a party and were surprised to find that the name was already incorporated. They even have a pretty good charter, the Constitution, but that is all as for as I can tell.

  • No Parties

    This is the closest you've ever come to talking my language Mr. DeMar; most of the time you just sound like a complete lunatic. Down with the Republican Party, and all the better if the Democratic Party goes with it.

    Just don't start another party ok people? Let's be individuals like we say we are.

    • Don39

      Their is no Democrat Party other than in name. It is the Socialist/Communist Party USA. As an aside, noticed that Obama communist buddy and mentor terrorist Ayers is to speak to the esteemed National Teachers Association. That is why the nation is crumbling about our feet, Obama/Ayers/Soros et al.!

      • NoParties

        Nonsense. Similarities don't make things the same.

  • Tamara Schwenk

    I say the red states and blue states go their own seperate ways. The blue states would not last long because they eat their own and they tax job creators and the wealthy till nothing is left. The Gay couples can marry. Within several generations there'd be no one left.

  • Norma Williams

    Amen. Join, and prosper with the Liberatarian Party. It is established and getting members from the dysfunctional Republican Party and the disillusioned from the democrats. We are the true, classic "Republicans".

  • Roger P.

    How long will it take us to understand that, as Americans, we have the task of learning to work together, not eliminating each other? One citizen is just as important as another if you believe in freedom and equality. Hatred never accomplishes anything other than producing more hatred. We have seen enough of this in the last several years as our nation has been plunged into disarray because people will only be satisfied if they get their way. There is too much history of people trying to force conformity to one particular school of thought. It always leads to disaster, and we are currently headed toward that unless people can get their heads screwed on right.

    • Don39

      How long? Until the leftist anti Constitution anti-America so-called progressives are buried!

      • John Mescas

        Buried? I thought you conservatives weren't violent?

  • FSHNT21

    Sorry to say, Obama doesn't have to worry about destroying the GOP...
    The Good Ol' Boys in the GOP leadership have taken care of that for him.
    With the Presidential candidates they offered up in the last 2 elections, they don't ever have to worry about taking the White House again, and if the two gutless wonders they have as Party leaders in Congress are the best than can muster to go against the Democrats,new are only one election cycle from them controlling everything again....
    The GOP ismDEAD.... They just haven't been pronounced....

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Ah, the media certainly does long for that elusive Marxist Utopia.

  • Delores109

    You don't have enough intelligence to realize that Obama doesn't just want to pulverize the
    GOP. His goal is to chip away at the U.S. Constitution to make himself a DICTATOR. By doing away with the Constitution, he does away with our government. That is what Morsi did in Egypt. What is your goal, Gary?
    Delores Smith

    • FreedomFray

      Delores, you are either very brave, very naive, or very foolish. Not for your comment - but for posting your email address here on a public forum - unless of course you want to be inundated from the zillions of morons out there.

      • Delores109

        I will leave it up to you to decide. I can tell you that I fear NOTHING.
        Delores Smith

        • FreedomFray

          I'll rule out naive and go with foolishly brave, or bravely foolish. Either way, I like your moxie! :)

        • Delores109

          Thank you, Freedom. Have a great evening.
          Delores Smith

    • Kent

      Lease. There's been plenty written about Morsi in the past few weeks. Maybe you should read. Obama is nothing like him. The Wgyptian certainly knew Morsi background. He his nothing. Egyptians wanted rid of a real dictator and Morsi and Brotherhood are suberbly organized. The opposition will prevail. Democracy is quite different in the Middle East. You know they don't have that Christian god telling them what to do. Likes. Go do some reading.

      • Delores109

        You would not want to match your reading with mine. There is no democracy in the Middle East. What does.....He his nothing....mean? No answer requested.
        Delores Smith

      • Don39

        socialist fool

    • Jenny Brown

      Sadly have invited an argument with a liberal and it is an argument of futility you cannot talk to a liberal...they have a mental disorder and even when they are handed hard cold facts regardless of the subject matter, they will simply just call you a racist.

      • Delores109

        JENNY BROWN,
        You are so intelligent! Not to worry. He has ignored me anyway, but I have been ignored by better people. Have a terrific evening, Jenny.
        Delores Smith

  • jd1958

    To compromise is to capitulate.

    • Don39

      To not compromise is sometimes suicide. And that is exactly what it was for the far right extremist and the so-called republican evangelicals in November. Hope you enjoy the fraud and usurper the next four years. Suffer with the rest of us and know that you did nothing to stop it! Especially if the blood starts to flow over the continuous violations of our God given rights.

      • jd1958

        Hey, you don't know me or what I did or how much or little I participated in this last election cycle. I didn't vote for the usurper and thief. I'm not prone to support the liar n thief. U.S. Naval Veteran. I stand firm with/for this nation.

        • Don39

          You are right, I do not know you, I only know that little bit you expose in your writing. If the shoe fits , wear it. if not why take offense?

  • Aaron Freeman

    I've always loved the Italian American opinion! Especially those that live in California! I love their opinion so much, I married one! And, she keeps me on the straight and narrow... just like mi abuelita!!! Anyway, this needed to be said, especially in California! In California, the Republican Party has a spine made of linguine, and the ranks are filled with single-issue voters!!! If their candidate doesn't get elected, they take their vote, and go home! C'mon people!!! There are more issues at hand than just getting your guy/gal elected!!! We have a state to think about, as well as a nation! We've let these wimps lead us down the road to Hell, paved with their good intentions! We either purge the party now, or else we're going to become a totalitarian nation... This isn't what the Founding Fathers had in mind for their posterity!!! Time to wake up, and tell these RINOs to stop getting along with the libtards; either that, or get your resume up to date... your asses are going to get fired!!!

  • simmss

    These A-holes who want the GOP (gutless ole party) vanquished, should just make it quick and easy. Get on the next plane to North Korea and by the way, good riddance.

  • Robert Alexander

    One way or another it will end.

    Proverbs 28.2 For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged.

  • Freight

    Even though Congress had frozen hundreds of millions of dollars ear
    marked to go to Egypt, Obama used his executive powers to bypass
    Congress and began sending them their money.

    Amidst the outspoken
    criticism of the US and the continued vow to destroy us, Obama arranged
    to provide Morsi with F-16 fighter jets which according to the Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution is an act of treason against the United States.
    If that is true, & Obama has participated in yet another act of treason, why is no one with authority filing charges against him for this?

    • Jenny Brown

      Our congress is derelict in their DUTY to Impeach 0bama for aiding and abedding our enemies, yet they do nothing nor do they say anything.

      • Don39

        It is a waste of time for the house to impeach if the damnocrat controlled senate will not, and it won't, convict!

    • Don39

      Because the damnocrat controlled Senate is just as corrupt as he is!

  • Jenny Brown

    The republican party is nothing more than a joke with a title. We have Tea Party members who are members of the republican party solely because they are afraid they will not win an election if they stand on the TEA PARTY TITLE! It all goes back to politicians pandering to the crowd in front of them. We will NEVER get back to where we were. The liberal progressives and the LEECHES ON OUR SOCIETY have outnumbered us, the Patriots now and there is NO HOPE of ever electing a true CONSTITUTION LOVING AMERICAN PATRIOT either in the house or the senate and especially not in the white house EVER AGAIN...OUR COUNTRY IS LOST!

    Until the day comes that the Takers realize how their greed for unearned money, free food, free higher education, free child care, free housing, free birth control, free abortions, free cell phones & free healthcare is destroying our once great country OR they are actually affected by the corruption, lies and lack of true representation by our elected officials OR their 'FREE STUFF' is actually cut out, this once great and free country will remain on a downward spiral into the abyss of socialism and eventually communism with a populous who feel the successful class the working class, the responsible people of this country owes them a living from cradle to grave, there will never be a change for the betterment of our country and our future.
    Until then, we will have a narcissistic and arrogant ruling dictator who will thrive on enslaving all of us and he is doing it with the help of the very people WE elected to represent US, the very people who are SUPPOSED TO BE OUR VOICE!

    As a life long democrat and a recovering liberal, I turned to the GOP/republican party in 2008 to save our country from the evils of the democrat/communist party. THEY LET ME DOWN and THEY LET ME DOWN HARD. The democrat party in Washington actually has about 70 elected members of congress who are members of the communist party and they are proud of it. When Allen West said that out loud, the democrats wanted him to mention their names. All you have to do is do a google search of congress members who belong to the communist party and it will come up. The Tea Party is the only ones I will ever vote for as long as they PROVE THEY ARE WORTHY OF MY VOTE BY STANDING THEIR GROUND AND STANDING ON TRUE PATRIOTIC AND CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES!

    We all know our elections are full of fraud and will never be fair. We have a congress full of self serving politicians and most of them are career politicians who do not care about what they are doing to us or that what they are doing is destroying our once great and free country. All they care about is themselves and their re-elections. They vote themselves raises as the nation is in total economic collapse, They do not passs a budget so they can continue to waste and spend our tax dollars completely out of control with NO OVERSIGHT whatsoever. They make laws for us which they exempt themselves from, they vote us obamacare and exempt themselves and their families from it. It is not good enough for them, but it is good enough for us or so they seem to think it is. Then they vote themselves pensions for life even if they only serve one term...ALL OF WHICH WE THE LOWLY TAXPAYERS GET TO PAY FOR ALONG WITH ALL THE 'FREE STUFF' FOR THE LEECHES ON OUR SOCIETY! They sit back and allow the DOJ & the white house to pick and choose which laws they will enforce such as illegals being allowed to stay in our country and take jobs away from American Citizens. They refuse to secure our borders. They allow the cover up of scandals like Fast & Furious and the Benghazi murders to happen without any consequences or anyone being held accountable. THEY ARE ALLOWING THE MURDERS OF AMERICANS AND THEY DON'T CARE! THE SELF SERVING POLITICIANS IN OUR CONGRESS, WILL NEVER VOTE FOR TERM LIMITS and you all know why they won't! ALL THE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON CARE ABOUT IS THE NEXT DEAL THEY CAN MAKE WITH THE HIGHEST BIDDER WHICH WILL LINE THEIR POCKETS OR GIVE THEM MORE POWER! When you call your congressman or senator, you never get to talk to them personally, you talk to one of their many staff members who do not ever let your elected official see or hear your views. When you write or email your elected official, what do you get? A form letter, nothing more. Until this country goes back to paper ballots and a truly trustworthy Board of Patriots who really want fair elections whether they be republican, democrat, libertarians or tea party to count and tabulate those votes, NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE!

    When the democrats started embracing communism and preaching socialism, I KNEW my party had abandoned me. I don't recognize the democrats anymore. I DAMN SURE DON'T AGREE WITH ANYTHING THEY STAND FOR NOW! That being said, just what do the republicans stand for? I can't tell. They say one thing, then do the opposite. Tea Party members have also done the same thing. So what DO the republicans stand for? As far as I can see, they too pander to the crowd in front of them. They say they are going to stand their ground...then they cave and give in to the democrats. THEY HAVE NO HONOR! THEY HAVE NO INTEGRITY! All the politicians in Washington are the same in my view. I wanted a party to save my country and do what is right for me and my future. Well, I was naive to think they could or would. I basically have lost all hope and now with the latest passage of the indefinite detention of American citizens for NO REASON and the gun control BS, we will all soon be slaves of the dictator and his minions who will follow his orders. Pray for our country and pray for a complete and thorough removal of corrupt and evil government we have in Washington, and pray for sanity, morals, faith, integrity and true patriotism to return to all the people, because we desperately need it now more than ever before!

    • Kent

      we definitely need more like you who will vote for no one. I'm a life long Democrat and understand the economic and political systems of socialism and communism. Obviously you do not. As long as you don't understand what De of rats stand for, we're glad you will vote for no one. FYI. MYself and a lot of friends don't have free anything from the government, but we do support education, unemployment, health care and a safety net for those who can't, for a limited time, take care of their family. In most states, there is a three year limit of this free stuff so it's not forever and the people on the receiving end are trying to make a living. You would just rather believe the stories of the welfare queens. Yes there is fraud, but it's small. Fraud in election also but since no one can prove it has to be small, not massive. Do some reading about politcal and economic theories.

      • Don39

        You do not have a clue. 5 years of no improvement in unemployment and five years of unemployment benefits! One violation of the Constitution after another, previously unheard levels of debt and the fraud can not get even damnocrats to look at his budget proposals, violation of the Bill of rights, a fraud in the WH an evil personification that does not know the truth. And the republicans hands tied by the courts to prevent exposing fraud and out and out theft of the elections until after 2014. Yes you are clueless and an enemy of the Republic.

  • noelle2013

    BOTH of these corrupt parties HAVE TO GO!
    These new world order rinos also have to go: rove boehner cantor mcconnell mccain graham
    IMPEACH obama now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS CRAP MUST END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Edward53

      And who would your choice be, Virgil Goode? A nobody that no one has ever heard of? He has the same qualifications as our current President.

  • Bob Ridge

    The big problem has not hot yet do away with GOP and we will all be slaves to these heathens they are as corrupt as you can get they keep pushing for complete control and then it is over .

  • Kent

    The Dems are more united than ever. The Reps are totally fragmented and tea party at record low for thir brief history. That tells me progressive liberalism will dominate for a very long time. Now go whine about communism, fascism or whatever your favorites ism for the day is. Yea gonna bring the country to ruin. Wawa wawa. LOL this makes me very happy

    • Don39

      Just until we scrub the fraud out of the voting system and/or Obama hand is fully exposed. He can not even half the people, the nitwits, or even most of them for much longer.

  • mudguy1

    The liberals don't have do much to destroy the GOP the Rhino Republicans are doing it with any help. John Boehner is leading the charge of destruction.

  • connie foster

    We need to stuff the party with Ron Paul/Tea Party/Conservatives at all party levels starting with your local county commitee. We outnumber the RINOS but if they succeed in pushing us out then it will be time to pull out in mass and start a new party.

    • Don39

      Ron Paul is not a conservative, he is a libertarian and can not pull enough votes to change anything.

    • Edward53

      I don't want anything to do with a Ron Paul Libertarian. Him and his cult is the main reason why Obama got reelected to a second term. There's no such thing as a Ron Paul Conservative. To me, they are all traitors.

      • John Mescas

        Everyone who doesn't vote your way is a traitor Eddie.

  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    Strap yourselves in,hold on folks, we are in for 1 hell of a bumpy ride. It's gonna get far worse before it gets better.

  • Charlie Knight

    First off, we need to know that the people say that are Republicans.
    They are NOT members of the Grand Old Party.
    They ARE members of the party that stands for

    Government Of the People.
    If the government does not reflect the will of the people, it should not govern.
    We are the party of the framers of the constitution and Bill of Rights.
    It is the will of "We the People" and not the party bosses that we respond to.
    We need to let all, friend and foe alike know that this is the party of the

    Government Of the People, Of, By, and For the People.
    And we do not intend to vanish "from the face of the earth".

    • John Mescas

      One party rule aye?

  • Waiting for the Revolution

    There is but one remedy to the situation we have in this once great country. Find a State or state that you like and move there. Hopefully it would be one that would like to succeed from the US. Then there needs to be a violent revolution!!! This country sucks and is done. I'm ready, are you? I'm moving to Texas in March. Can't wait to leave this cesspool known as California.

    • John Mescas

      We could just drop a NUKE on Texas once all you retarded conservatives move there.

      • vietnamvet1971

        Hey Big Boy John you sound like a Big Man looking for trouble. IF I was you I would tone it down. YOU sound SO Stupid.

        • John Mescas

          Do you always take troll bait? You are the stupid one.

        • John Mescas

          It's "If I were you, I would tone it down"
          We wouldn't want people to think you're so stupid that you never learned the English language!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    one correction: Dickerson can not be labeled as 'liberal'. His true course would label him 'statist' and/or 'fascist'. Liberals don't care what others think or do; hence the term liberal applies. But this ashhole is by definition an enemy of our Republic. He comes into my backyard he's in for a surprise.

  • Don39

    I would love to see common sense constitutional conservatives capture and maybe even rename the GOP. It can stay the GOP if it has some conservative teeth and a change of leadership.

  • Rachel

    The article makes good points. The current GOP has no redeeming value.

  • vietnamvet1971

    They need to be Ran out of DC, Ostupid is making them look so Silly as they run around saying we will fight over the Deficit,Debt Ceiling and now they will go until May. WIMPS & Cowards, Go ahead Liberals run them out of DC and the Repubs. party can start over or GO HOME!

  • pFeather

    If the GOP disappeared it would be no loss, they are cowards and nothing but democraps lite. They are certainly not conservative small government types and their loss would be a win for conservative freedom loving America.

  • Eugene Lubben

    ODUMBA wants to go for our throat better he cuts his own ,,,,,,,,,

  • voncile fullwood

    I put the blame on Obama and the Congress for there gutless leadership and following Obama command let's play follow the leader I lead and you follow

  • BrassRing

    I used to think a 3rd party was a good idea, I grew up, it isn't.

    The best plan is for conservatives to take over the GOP one election at a time. We need to make sure that no incumbent who is a moderate goes through a primary unopposed.

    • John Mescas

      Pushing moderates under the bus is just what is causing you to lose elections. You'll see, you'll destroy your chance of ever having political power or relevance in America again. You'll be at fault.

  • rosewood11

    I know I'm probably saying something that's been said here several times already, but I can't imagine why Obama would spend his time destroying the Republicans when they are doing such an outstanding job of destroying themselves!!! They are useless, gutless wusses, and it's time for several new parties in this country.

  • mom6partiots

    They need more than just not compromising, they need training on the art of communication! They need to figure out how to outfox and use the media. They need to get through to the idiots who have no idea what is going on. They need to go where these idiots get their information, comedians and MTV. We just need 20-25% more people to wake up and then we can really get things moving! I passed 2 beggars the other holding signs that said they were so sorry for voting for Obama and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    • John Mescas

      If you can't beat em, join em... You're obviously not going to change us. And we have the edge as far as future elections go. Demographic changes in America will ensure a higher democrat vote every 4 years than the prior 4 . You can't stop the tide.

  • D. Guardian

    ...In 1888 the democrat/republican socialist party was created. Did they ever disband or pretended to disband? As far as I know, they are one party pretending to be two and by their actions, I know they are. The democrats are the dominant part in the partnership and the republicans are the passive one. They are doing their thing, right in front of our eyes. They are the Abbot and Costello of scummy politics. What we have here with those crooks is a bad cop worse cop scenario.

  • John Mescas

    Whites are becoming more and more of a minority. The only race GOP BARELY has a lock down on is whites. GOP and conservatives are toast in America's future. It's just the way things are evolving. The tide went out with out you. There is no catching up, Just start your own country somewhere else if you don't like it. Conservatives will never have national power in America again.

    • FreedomFray

      You talk as though whites and conservatives are one in the same. Hmm, sounds a little racist to me...

  • Conservative Patriot Warrior

    The GOP is irretrievably broken, it is a waste of time and resources to try and repair this fragmented mess. We must regroup and reform under a new banner exclusively for conservatism united in the affirmation to support and defend the Constitution and of allegiance to the United States of America. Affirmation of judeo christian ethics and behavior must be the foundational philosophical ideology of any newly formed conservative political party void of democrats, socialism, liberalism, progessivism and Shariaism. A party united in a common cause to rescue and rehabilitate America - perhaps the Tea Party and all conservative entities could galvanize into a "Conservative Confederacy"?
    A declaration of resistance and political rebellion, a plan of action and organization to wage political warfare against all enemies of the U S must be enacted now.

  • pysco

    Is this the same John Dickerson that was arrested for soliciting Homosexuals at Dupont Circle in DC.

  • Tim Lucas

    Then let it be so. Maybe we can incubate some backbone back into a new republican party. I only like jello if it is for eating. Meanwhile I want none of Obama's agenda to pass. The liberals are looking at 2014 mid term elections and so am I and I hope everyone else has their thinking cap on.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    This is why a third party such as the Libertarian Party will have a great chance to succeed in 2014 and 2016.They have plenty of time to get their story our and convince people what freedom and liberty is really about.And it surely is no about bondage.Think had on this and use your minds,hearts and souls to their maximum.The American people can do it and start realyy learning what is going on in Government and on the Beltway.It needs lots of work.

  • Enough's Enough

    I notice it's okay for him to use words such as "go for the throat" and "pulverize," just so long as he doesn't use "crosshairs," which suggests a rifle being used. (Remember the huge hullaballoo over Sarah Palin's "crosshairs" ad? liberals = hypocrites)

  • Bernardo

    We can start with Mitch McConnell, the GOP Superdud RINO. He's got his head so far up Dummycrat fannies that he has a brown ring around his neck.

    • John Mescas

      Do you care that you guys sound childish with elementary school yard name calling like this?

  • Eileen Jones

    meeme, you forgot one thing , character and integrity to stand up to lobbyists and big business and turn away from the bribes that they offer to buy favors.

  • Kurt Stauff

    Good gravy, Gary! I like your thought process--fire the fake conservatives we have now. The challenge is vetting and supporting suitable replacements by 2014/2016. We all know you're out there--step up to help save our America!

  • willie lee

    So what are the next steps for 2014? What can grass roots do to ensure the RINOs go? Which are the best PACs that will aim to put fresh conservative meat on the table?

  • defender3

    They are hopeless! They refuse to stand up to this tyrant. The Judiciary Commitee has had countless opportunites to launch impeachment proceedings against Obama, as well as laucnh an inquiryinto whether he is even able to be president. I have given up on them! I would say that they are no different than the Democrats but I will refain, because Democrats do show, and demonstate a passion for their beleifs while the Republicans we elected to office with the exception of only a few show little if nay for conservatives principles.

  • keepersleeper

    As an American of "color" I urge EVERY black person to reconsider their foolish, unhealthy love affair with Obama and start standing on principle! No amount of sick allegiance to a man who has hurt the ENTIRE country with fascist edicts can justify cutting your own throat. If you're honest with yourself, you will look at how Obama's policies and LIES have increased the MISERY in your lives. Read the history of the Republican and Democrat parties and learn the TRUTH about which one stood against your humanity, every chance it got. Those of you who draw a paycheck: Did you get hit with the SS tax? I hope so and I hope it hurt like HELL! You, more than any other ethnic group, have been lied to and deceived, simply to get your vote...that's all you're worth to the left. Time to get to the truth, people...the problems we face as a nation, transcend color, which should NEVER have been a reason for voting Obama into office.

  • keepersleeper

    Time for a NEW party. I propose the Tea Party or you could call it the Constitution Party. I'm running, not walking away from the Republican Party...they've disappointed me for the last time, using my donations.

  • Nunyer Binnis

    RINOs, Neocons and Dominionists must GO. Whatever it takes to get rid of these scum.

  • Yoikes

    We conservatives have got to seize control of the GOP back. Not just for our sakes, but for the sakes of all those who have gone before us and bought us the life we enjoyed up until 0. And for the sakes of all those yet to come. This American dream must not be allowed to pass away!!

  • regulus30

    THAT SOUNDS LIKE A THREAT TO ME; it is open season on all "I MEAN ALL" liberal communists.......

  • James White, M.D.

    "Compromise" is a political ground reached across a wide canyon with river running through it, separating positions of strongly-held principles. (Think "north rim" and "south rim" of the Grand Canyon.) Those, for example, who believe fiercely in individualism, serving the Lord, self-reliance, hard work, kept rewards of said work, and most of all in freedom; that group might have to negotiate with a group of collectivists, Marxists, who despise individual actions liberty and thought, and want "big brother" to coddle (read: control and impoverish) everyone.

    Using my "Grand Canyon" analogy, the collectivists might now stand on a rim, but those who supposedly represent "us" have already "compromised" themselves into a raft in the Colorado River, down below, and are arguing about who will paddle upstream. They have completely abandoned the high ground on "their" rim, in repeated attempts to "make nice."

    "We," brothers and sisters, need new representation, in the mold of Ronald Reagan, who clearly and proudly defined his ground, was not ashamed to be in God's service, spoke with determination, clarity, confidence, and elegance. In history, a proud people, intelligent and hard working, with clear convictions that God does indeed rule creation, and that living in His service, while becoming educated, imbued with the love of family and fellow man, and the work-ethic, produces such heroes. Let us so live, and men and women of character will indeed come forward to lead us back to the pinnacle of our greatness, to the "promised land" high on the rim of the canyon, where we belong. It has always been thus, and God will not abandon us now. Dominus vobiscum.

    • Watchmanonwall

      I like the grand canyon description. However, rinos are taking a zip line across. we need to cut the line.

  • Abiathar

    Tennessee needs to begin with flushing Lamar Alexander down the toilet, a big government democrat parading as a "moderate republican." Alexander got his face on tv with Obama during the inauguration. Alexander is a disgrace to liberty loving Tennesseans. After Alexander, they need to get rid of Corker. He slimmed by in November because no one of substance opposed the scoundrel.

  • Von Fileccia

    Down with the Liberals & BOZO. Down w/ the Dems & GOP that are kissing the rear end of the Clown in chief.

  • theoldguy44

    We need to remove every RINO, Liberal and Progressive in Congress, if we are ever going to have a possibility of returning to fiscal sanity.

  • Carol Fryer

    At this point the "GOP" isnt worth very much. You can predict ahead of time that they are gonna yell and complain...and then comply.

  • Carol Fryer

    think about it though. Its not just Boehner......I mean really.....Who voted the guy back in? All of the so called conservatives!

  • Richard Holmes

    We need to throw every one of these damned SOBs out and start over.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Both parties needs to go then start all over! The people in this country is as dumb as the parties are!!!

  • Ted Smith

    The Tea Party is making two major mistakes: The first is its effort to “take out” Republicans who aren’t considered “conservative” enough. The second is injecting itself into races Republicans could win and thereby sabotaging Republican efforts to win those races.

    The Tea Parties should focus their attention on defeating Democrat office holders and stay out of the way of Republicans who have chances to win those seats.
    TP "conservatives" appeal to a narrower base of voters than more moderates. As a result they appeal to fewer voters. The don't understand that you have to win general elections and not just the Republican primaries.
    After all, you can't get to smaller government if you can't get elected.

  • horseradish

    the democratic party should be taken out and shot

  • horseradish

    Democrts are a hate group

  • tony

    We need powerful people to stand up to the Democrap conspiracy to ruin our country

  • tony

    State of the Union: YUK!

  • Michael Angel

    Amen! Where do I sign up?! It's time for a revolution, and for the OTHER 50% of this country to be heard! Throw them all out and let's start over. Maybe we should just split the country and let Obama and his "stupid voters" have half. I'd like to see who's prospering after four years!

  • Mark Desade

    Reagan had the ability to appeal to many people; conservatives, democrats, centrists, Hispanics, etc. A major part of it was because of his policies. Another part was because of his charm, civility and personality. Even his political opponents paid him compliments. Look at the recent election; many people voted for Obama because they liked him, even though they didn't agree with or understand his policies. Even President George Bush, who doesn't come across as the most warm person beat out Gore because Gore was/is a stiff, unlikeable type. I hate Gore, but had he been more "friendly", he could have won coming off of Clinton's tails. Look at the opponents of Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama; all were not good public personas. Had Romney been more natural and not a stiff, he probably could have won. This goes back to the Kennedy/Nixon debates. It is right or fair? No. But that's the way America is now; people buy into personality, not facts. We've become a more shallow country with tv. Conservatives need to make sure their candidate is personable as well as conservative to succeed.

  • Mark Desade

    Our side is losing running on principles. Their side is winning running on lies.

  • jvb1980808

    Until MORE of us than THEM refuse to be brought to our knees with THEIR assault on OUR Constitution...THEY will continue to pick us by one.

  • Ted Smith

    Tea Partiers need to understand that in order to win general elections you need to capture the votes of a broader base of voters than your opponent. You can’t do anything in
    public office unless you win. Tea Partiers are so focused on their uberconservativism purity that they drive more moderate voters away narrowing their base. They have become blinded losers.

    The Tea Party is making two major mistakes: 1) they have been spending their time trying
    to “take out” Republicans who aren’t considered “conservative” enough by injecting themselves into primary races and defeating Republicans when they should be working to defeat Democrats, 2) they need to understand that they can’t accomplish anything to improve government if they can’t win the general elections.

  • twocolts

    Amen, amen, and amen.

  • jerry1944

    I think the gop is doing a good job of takeing its self out when they kicked Tea Party ppl off leadership roles. But i was thinking the gop was in troube when they picked romney the father of healthcare for pres. Being a conservative i am changeing partys next month.

  • Craig J. Townsend

    good plan,,, opps no plan here. A movement marches on its "ideology." and the problem with "conservatism, is that there is never an "ideology, only a reaction to what ones opponents do.

    You left it to the public schools to teach your kids mon-fri and then church on Sunday, and then wonder why the nation went leftward, even the republicans today are on the left. When were you going to teach our kids the valuable knowledge that our nation was founded upon? Classical liberal ideas! How many have read Ludwig von Mises? Hayek?
    Bastiat, Paine, Jouvenal etc? One cannot act unless one has firm rock hard ideas that counter leftwing emotive drivel. To date, I see pure pabulum being peddled and no meat!

    Liberty Fund and the Ludwig von Mises Institute are great resources! Great books create great minds and great minds lead effective great movements!

    Start with

    The Anti-Capitalist Mentality, it is free online! Then go on
    Planned Chaos, The Law, Deflation & Liberty, The Road
    to Serfdom, all free online, Google and get the pdf’s!

    You need to have an answer for all leftist arguements.

  • Wayne Tedder

    A whole generation voted for people that could not govern and now you want to get rid of the GOP? Baloney! take irresponsibility for what we or our parents have done and join both the GOP and the Tea Party, become active and vote for responsible people for government. Keep congress accountable by demanding their appearance at your meetings.