Obama Redefines 'Liberty' to Mean Government Compliance

When I went to visit my mother yesterday, her TV was stuck on President Obama’s Inaugural Address. It was painful to listen to it. Fortunately my 90-year-old mother is hard of hearing. I came in on this line from the address:

“Being true to our founding documents does not require us to agree on every contour of life; it does not mean we will all define liberty in exactly the same way, or follow the same precise path to happiness.”

You and I might define liberty as being able to keep the money we earn. Obama and friends may define liberty as taking money that you and I earn and giving it to people who have decided to live in terms of government generosity. He said as much. “For we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.”

Why aren’t people doing well? Because Obama defines liberty in a way that was different from the founders he referenced in his address.

Some time ago I was listening to Alice in Wonderland (a Walt Disney Read‑Along Book and Tape) with my oldest son, who was three at the time, and came across a rather insightful commentary on the nature of political power.

Alice is confronted by the Queen of Hearts and is asked if she plays croquet. Alice answers "Yes," but insists she cannot stay to play because she's trying to find her way.

"Your way?" bellowed the Queen, "All ways here are my ways. Off with her head."

After locating these scenes in the original Alice in Wonderland books, I found that two stories, Alice's encounter with the Red Queen and her trial before the Queen of Hearts, are merged in the abbreviated Walt Disney book and tape.

The Red Queen maintains that all ways are her ways: "I don't know what you mean by your way," said the Queen, "all the ways about here belong to me." The individual must sacrifice his ways for the good of the State. Individuals are made to feel guilty for having private initiative. Any productivity that makes for an unequal society must be given up for the good of all.

The Queen of Hearts, a political cousin to the Red Queen, had a simple solution for those who disagreed with her policies: "Off with their heads!" When opposition arises, supposed or real, the only solution open to the despot is forced compliance to the new definitions.

The Red Queen and Queen of Hearts are on a rampage in our nation. Those who do not play croquet with them will find the refrain "Off with their heads!" spoken with clarity and regularity. Theirs is a grab for power in a house of cards.

How do tyrannical governments get into power? Well, it's a slow but deliberate process. The goal is to change the way people think. One way to do this is to change the rules of the game, even down to the definitions of terms. Again, Lewis Carroll some insights:

"I don't know what you mean by 'glory,' " Alice said.
Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. "Of course you don't — till I tell you . . . . When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master — that's all."

For the despot, power is all that matters. Words and what they mean, what they can mean, are used to shape new opinions.



  • Lies are your currency

    Gary, your son hasn't been three for forty years or more. You have become accustom to stretching the truth. So often, it has become a habit. You would egagerate a story about what you had for lunch.

    • SC Patriot

      What on earth does "egagerate" mean? Are you attempting to spell exaggerate?

  • martha chandler

    Liberals ignore the facts and always resort to name calling and distortion of the facts. The president runs on his cult leadership, but nothing lasts forever. Eventually he'll fall from grace, and when that happens it won't be pretty.

    • rob

      as they say"you take that to the bank"

    • NoParties

      Yeah, you're not doing anything intellectually dishonest here or anything. I'm sure your appraisal of "liberals" - whoever they are - is accurate.

      • martha chandler

        Why would I be doing anything intellectually dishonest? I think you're talking about yourself not me. Of course, being a liberal, you are dishonest.

        • ijohnc1

          martha, you left out the fact the (secular progressives) liberals are Godless, disdain our USA, lack substance, support full term abortion, are codecending, hate our constitution, stomp on our flag, have ruined the school system, hate capitalism, well you get the idea.
          The question is what's not to like?

      • http://www.facebook.com/randy.renu.5 Randy Renu

        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if an 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to having her neck and head searched.

  • Screeminmeeme

    No surprise. What, if anything, would a Marxist know about liberty?

    • Patriot

      They don't. That's what makes them Marxist! That's what makes Camel Jockey and his supporter expendable:)

      • gw111

        Don't be naive, every markist knows what liberty is. A markist like Sorrows or Obama spend a lot of time trying to convence their followers that they are trying to preserve their rights (one right being mistakingly called liberty). FDR qualified his socialist views by saying no one can be truly free or liberated if he doesn't have a job, house, car or education. It is not easy to make the case for true liberty in light of this arguement. That is why it is imperative for all of us to understand the enslavement of social justice.

    • RG

      Since Obama's not a Marxist, he probably knows a lot about personal liberties.

  • Patriot

    Anyone need any more proof that Obama is a blithering idiot?

    • oldcoyote

      Worse then that, he's a puppet that does everything his jew puppet masters tell him to.

    • http://www.facebook.com/randy.renu.5 Randy Renu

      You know you live in a Country run by idiots if Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of our money.

  • Randy K

    Well, of course obama can take his little "redefinition", a large cactus and about two gallons of salt/bleach mix and shove up his *** until he can taste it. Savvy?

    • JohnC

      Really like your choice of words that would be the redefinition of the word "enema" for him

      • Randy K

        Yup :)

      • MR.RIGHT

        I agree totally... "This country needs an enema; starting in the white house!" and the marxist, commie, muslim that's usurping our Constitution!!!! and our way of life.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Randy K..Thanks for the visual.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.atkinson.948 Steve Atkinson

    we will soon live in a society where everything is collected for the good of all.



  • catman

    All he needs is a stach and raise his rite hand

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Lawson/100000699816436 Victor Lawson

    Obozo set out from the beginning to destroy the economy to prove capitalism doesn't work. Its the only way he can prove to the masses that progressivism (marxism) is a better system of government. Guess what? Its working and he's getting away with it because the lamestream media isn't doing a thing to warn Americans exactly what "progressive" means.

    • Mario A.

      You mean he's getting away with it because Congress is doing nothing to stop him and/or getting the People behind them to support the cleansing.

      • oldcoyote

        Congress is controlled by AIPAC, so they will not do anything.

  • NoParties

    You people redefine American to mean bigot.

    • HowCanItBeClose

      What do you define?

    • MR.RIGHT

      So, if we don't agree with what obastard is doing, then we're bigots right? that's the whole reason he was elected in the first place: so if anyone that disagrees with him they can call them racists. I guess you don't have a mind of your own or two brain cells to rub together to see whats going on right in front of your face. You are one of the drones that will be done away with, after this dictator 'cleans America out' of the true patriotic Americans that will fight tooth and nail against his tyranny.

  • Donald York

    Some people choose to hear things one way, and some choose another way. Anything Obama says is either a lie, and when preaching to the choir, ( his Sheeple), manufacture everything he says into something wonderful. Examples are the left leaning "newspeople" during the inauguration , they were acting like school girls with everything he said. Al Roker acted weird. Did you see it?

  • Doodlebug

    Who cares what obummer's definition of "Liberty" is? All of us know what it means and all of us know that he is chipping away at all of our freedoms. Our Liberty for anything is being taken away from us just because he won the past election by a VERY SMALL margin. Almost half of us DO NOT AGREE WITH WHAT HE IS DOING TO US AND OUR NATION!

    • http://www.facebook.com/allan.holtz Allan Holtz

      Small margins can carry big things (and not all good). Obamacare passed by the narrowest of Congressional margins (bad). Medicare as I recall passed by a similar narrow margin (I think we would be better off today without it). So do not simply trust that the fact that Obama won another term by a narrow margin as being insigificant in its effects...

  • Free America

    Government non-compliance is more like it....he is crazy if he truly think the majority of the American people will comply with his marxist policies in this country.

  • TheTexasCooke

    Fortunately, I'm the one who decides which path I will follow.....and I know what liberty is.....Barry doesn't get to decide any of that for me....he talks....I ignore.....

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    0blama will comply with Jesus and bow his knee to Him before this is all over.

    • oldcoyote

      I doubt it. His handlers that tell him every word he says, hate Jesus.

      • MR.RIGHT

        Doesn't matter what they think or say "Every knee will bend and every tongue will confess; Jesus is Lord" hitler, stalin and the like have already done it and so will YOU!

  • johnsnare

    Excellent, Gary. You nailed our President, and his merry band of power hungry despots. We the people, do not agree, Mr.President, with you obsession with power, and distribution. Yes, the needy need some assistance, but not in the form of REDISTRIBUTION.

  • Gary Smith

    I believe that if Obama IS NOT removed from office and EXECUTED for HIS CRIMES there will be WAR!!!

    • MR.RIGHT

      Yes and its going to be the true Americans that will execute him for his treason not this guvment

      • Nadine

        JUST don't use a GUN! OOOPS!!

    • Nadine

      I feel you may be right! SO no way are they getting our DEFENSE!!

  • agbjr

    The Declaration of Independence is the crystal-clear definition of liberty. The Constitution is the crystal-clear enumeration of God-given personal liberty and the allowable limits of government. Together they are the finest definition of liberty ever put to words and placed on paper. Any attempt to redefine what our Founding Fathers so perfectly defined is nothing less than disdain for the very values upon which OUR Republic rests. Obama is not fit to hold United States citizenship much less occupy the high office so ably held by six of the Founding Fathers themselves.

    • gw111

      I can't agree with you more, but i think you need somting else. The back ground on why our founding faters built this constitution is very important. "The Federalist Papers sho the arguement for the constitution and why we actually need a federal government and how we should keep it limited. Remenber it argued for a strong central government with checks and balances. In other words the powers given to the feds are these and they can't step beyond them. WHY you might ask. Simply because they knew men were not angels and would sooon become despots. The second admenment was part of the guaranteed they wouldn't.

      • agbjr

        I urge you to read President Polk's inaugural address delivered at Washington March 4, 1845. He very ably describes the limited government enumerated by the Constitution and how the scourge of national debt can only be kept at bay by serious and proper fiscal management.

        • gw111

          Thanks for the link! I will pass it on. I love our system of government even though it doesn't seem to working very well right now. I expecially love how President Polk could distinguish it from the European governments, especially the "melancholny remark" I am always running into patriots who are feeling quite blue. Perhaps it is sign of how we have drifted afar.

    • RG

      But the Constitution makes no mention of God. If fact it goes so far to say that you can worship in any way you please.

      Go read the bible again. God gave out Commandments, not personal liberties. Exercising personal liberty was a good way to get yourself stoned.

      • gw111

        "Nature, and natures God". No less then 5 times does the Declaration of Independence mention God. Some would say that the declaration of Independence is not the constitution, but many scholars point out the two documents are complimentary to each other. Lincoln refered to the two documents as apples of gold(the declaration) framed in pictures of silver(the constitution), Polk made it clear and so did the founding fathers that no religion could become the state religion. the purpose was so each could seek god in his own way. RG don't rewrite the founding. study it to find the real truth. European countries all had state religions. We were to allow each individual to his own religion. George Washington even wrote a letter thanking a Jewish sec in New york.

        • agbjr

          You are remembering the letter from President Washington to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island, written in 1790 after a personal visit with members of Newport's Touro Synagogue. The Letter is today in the collection of the George Washington Institute for Religious Freedom housed at Touro Synagogue, America's oldest Hebrew congregation. You can read the letter here: http://www.gwirf.org/index.php/the-letter-in-history.

  • HowCanItBeClose

    Captain Caston, thank you for your service, (he's down the list). And that also goes out to all others who have honorably served.

    Captain, Your post provoked me to ask - why did the Revolutionary War begin? I went back and its debatable which was last and what was the trigger. But they all evolved around loss of; liberty, rights / abilities, and taxes.

    The more I read the more it paralled with what is happening in our country today. Disconcerting. There are a multitude of issues that we have today that they (the Colonists) did not have to deal with. But, they did develop and maintain an economy. I believe that as our economy goes, so do we.

    Should we contine to implode, when the dollar is worthless, workers will be less inclined to perform their duties and find it better to demonstrate their plight. (Greece). Seperatly but closely related, energy. It's a staple to everyone and to the economy. Every penny more a trucker pays for a gallon of fuel adds a couple pennies to our grocery bill and everything else because everything is moved by truck.

    Every nickle or dime per gallon we pump in to our tanks is that much less we have for something else. As our country continues to operate in a manner that would ruin any of our families. Printing billions. $4B borrowed a day. This devaluation will eventually ripple though the country like a tidal wave. God help us all should the; water, food & electricity cease to be available. I think that's called New Orleans during Katrina.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Marshall/100001163952013 Bob Marshall

    My mom was 91 when she passed away on Dec.23, but i dare say she knew more about Obama and the people who were behind him than the majority of American citizens. She said it was her patriotic duty.

    • Nadine

      God Bless her. Yes, I work with the elderly & they ALL see through BO & tell me to GET HIM OUT!

    • gw111

      I think we for get two things about our mothers and my generation. They fought WW2 and they got a classical education in school. My mother completed only the 8th grade but she could quote Shakesphere and all the american authors. She grew up in the south and they sure had some bad times with Jim Crow, but there were many whites that also sympathised with the civil rights movement and my mom was one of them. She was blind and would keep quite when a political discussion started, that is untill you miss quoted someone or stretch the truth. She didn't mind correcting you.

  • mogul264

    These 2nd inaugural speech statements seem to indicate Obama wants to DELETE the Constitution. He's ALREADY stated he wants to 'FUNDAMENTALLY' CHANGE the government!

    I cannot fathom WHY the Congress isn't beginning the impeachment process at this very MOMENT!

    • Nadine

      I agree...What the Hell is going on!! NEVER will we surrender to the dictator that is ILLEGAL in the first place! He is JUST a man (Kinda) and can be replaced...SOON I PRAY! (Oh God, I don't mean Biden)...they are all drunk on power...Time to nip this in the BUD!

      • mogul264

        The only downside to impeachment and removal of Obama is that Biden becomes President! He has the same aims and ambitions the Big Zero has, but not the black vote! With him as Prez, they will forget about politics, I think.

        • Nadine

          I know...Biden is no better...another puppett!! There HAS to be an answer & solution SOMEWHERE! Makes me CRAZY!

        • mogul264

          I think our best IMMEDIATE step is to get more Constitutionists elected to the Senate, to stop the stranglehold Obama has with the present bunch! Then, with total control of the Congress, we can at least MODERATE the extremist communist aims of our Pretender-in-Chief! Then, when THAT disastrous regime is ousted by electing a 'native-born' American, we can TRY to get the USA back into the REAL world! Unfortunately, it'll take GENERATION to pay off Obama's outrageous excesses!

        • Nadine

          I fear you may be right...but we must keep up the fight! I feel this country is in Mourning...atleast I am!

  • ExDemoNaziChuHoi

    The New Party has gone "all in". Because of their overreach, 2010 was just a warm-up. The full court press that the More Equal Animals have put on the Constitution and The People is going to be a splash of cold water to the heretofore low-informed ( and even a lot of the still-deluded), that the resultant flash mob of spontaneous autogenous transrectal craniectomies will awaken a critical mass of new supporters of the Constitution. Even people on the dole are expressing their dismay and shame at what the Party of The Little Guy is pulling, and trying to Pull Off. When enough people get the picture that Barry and his cabal study the Constitution and the modern "Progressive " perversions of it only to learn how to Get Over on it, the New Democrats will be in for a rude shock when Tryanny is no longer cool, but disgusting, as it always has been and always will be. Watergate me arse. That was a mere B&E to steal the client list of a DNC prostitution service. Barry & Company are pimping out the children and their future treasure, pitting brothers and sisters against each other, and trying to grow the Permanent Underclass as fast as possible to fill the GovCo Plantation with houseboys and girls of every color, with Equal Misery For All except the ruling elite and their minions. That dog ain't gonna hunt much longer. When there is only two people in a car, they BOTH know who farted. When there was three (theGOP, the Dem Party, and The Public), there was doubt. The Republocrat Establishment jumped out at the last red light. Now only the severely unknowing and brainwashed will continue to fall for it.

  • Mad Mike

    All anyone needs to know about Barrack Hussaine Obama! He is a muslim terroist who hates america and was raised by a pack of communists. Once you know that, everything he has done and is doing makes perfect sense.

  • rascallyrabbit

    The progressives/socials/liberals are enforcing political Sharia against all who disagree, demonizing any different view, and those that express it..

  • Liberty Freedom


  • Delores109

    You are an employee of WE THE PEOPLE. We retain and define the meaning of LIBERTY. It is not in your job description to change its meaning at will. Keep that in mind. Americans will make certain that you get it right while you are in your job.
    Delores Smith

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.andrisano.7 Mike Andrisano

    sometimes we lose track of where our children's children are going to find one day when they look for America as we knew it as children, and see the living nightmare we may have created and left behind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.andrisano.7 Mike Andrisano


    the spring of nineteen fifty five my great grandfather and I spent a lot of
    time together fishing for that elusive rainbow trout, Pops favorite.

    As I
    now look back on that time it was both an honor and privilege of knowing him
    and my great grandmother. My great grandfather passed on in his late eighties,
    my great grandmother passed in her mid-nineties. All on my mother’s side, mom’s
    dad my grandfather was in his nineties, grandmother early nineties, see what
    I’m saying here is some do make a claim that longevity has been in our family
    for generations?

    let me tell you a story about my great grandfather who was affectionately known
    to me as Pop Weeks, and his eight year old fishing buddy. See Pop would pick me
    up in his Model T Ford to spend some time with him on those bright sunny days
    in late spring. When the cherry trees blossomed and the tree buds were popping
    out all over. Pop loved his fishing, and he would take me out of school to go sit
    on a bank and cast in a line or two. While my friends sat in class I was unknowingly
    then spending time with a piece of walking history.

    best fishing hole for that elusive fish was just east of Saint Claire’s
    Hospital in Denville. That stream was much larger then especially to an eight
    year old fisherman. This is the same stream that still runs under the bridge leading
    into Mt. Lakes. In those days there were no parking lots nearby and the hospital
    wasn’t quite as large. Each spring the cherry blossoms bloomed all along its
    eastern bank. Back then it had a road running along that eastern side right under
    those blossoms where we would park that Model T for our several hours of
    enjoyment. All around us were woods and for me it was a seemingly large forest.
    Along with a pleasant warm afternoon sun
    it always made for a picture perfect day for the both of us.

    The fishing was always great and never did we
    leave empty, our one weaved basket creel was always full. Then at the day’s end
    I would sit behind the wheel of the T as Pop would crank the crank to get it
    started. Then it was off to go home; an end to a splendid fishing trip. We
    would go back to Boonton make that first left over the bridge and then on to
    his home in Powerville. This of course always ended in his being scolded by his
    daughter my great Aunt Nellie, my grandmother’s sister. Who would come looking
    for me to find out why he once again had absconded with me. To just sit alongside
    a bank and fish on a sunny day in June when I should still be in school. I
    guess Aunt Nellie never fished? Of course I was always on Pop’s side of the
    argument. But for a child in second grade I didn’t have much to say in his
    behalf that would get him out of trouble. Then with a hug and a wink I would be
    off. To sit in class the next day only to daydream the day away waiting to run
    down to see Pop and hopefully go for another fishing trip even if it meant just
    walking across the street.

    I miss about those early days in my life besides the caring and love I found
    from him, as well as the delight of bringing in a trout or two. It was his
    stories about his life and what growing up in America was about for him. Pop
    was in his eighties at the time and he had a garage and a gas station. Not much
    if any gas could be found in those cans tucked above your head by his house. In
    those days his gas pumps, were best described as long barrels that hung above
    his head as the hoses drooped down along the side of the tube running up to
    make it all happen in a gravity feed system. His garage was somehow attached to
    the shack next to those pumps I could never quite figure this place out and I
    never had time to explore it either. But it sure had enough fishing and hunting
    stuff in it. It was filled with magic to an eight year old.

    in the car or on the road or just sitting by the stream he would tell me about
    life, his American life. He’d talk about
    the big War’s the Spanish American War his war, and the First World War, my
    grandfathers and the Second big one my dad’s, then he would ask if I knew about
    Korea. I said I just knew that Uncle Bud was there, and that my brother Pete
    and I were airplane spotters at the Harmony firehouse and he got paid fifty
    cents a day. Who the hell knew that in my future my war would be called Viet
    Nam and my sons Iraq? Smiling at me then Pop said that wars were ugly,
    miserable foul things that separated the shaft from the wheat. But they needed
    to be fought in order to save our way of life. What Pop called our Liberty? I
    smiled then because I of course knew of the Statue and I knew of the flags that
    proclaimed; Liberty or Death with the cool looking snakes on them. As I thought
    I understood all about Liberty he just smiled and asked me what about this part
    of it. As he then began giving me my first lesson on his meaning of the word. I
    do remember it was a bright sunny day and we had just gotten out of the T and
    threw our lines into the stream. I turned from the position I was sitting in to
    listen as he explained it to me this way.

    is what Pop called me; I guess it was the long form for Michael? Liberty Pop
    said is much more than that. See once there was a need to shout the word, shout
    it out as loud as you could. So your knees didn’t shake too much. This was done
    by the men to help them find the courage to die, because see these were the
    first men to die for the freedom that created America. My great, great grandfather
    was one of those men his son my great grandfather told me all about this word
    Liberty and what it meant to his father and grandfather. He told me this was
    the word that created America. It was a word that men would talk about silently
    in the pubs over a hot mulled cider; it was one they talked about between the
    fences that separated their lands. It was a word that grew a nation and helped
    it in its infancy to survive. Pop said no other word could do that for a man,
    as it was a strong and powerful word. Wow and all along I thought it was just a
    statue. No Pop said it was a word that separated countries from one another for
    centuries. From a country that no man was allowed the freedom to find a way to
    even feed his own family, to one were proud and decent men could make a family
    live a life in freedom. Liberty Pop told
    me well it could also make kings humble and humble men kings. It was a word
    shouted throughout this world’s history to proclaim enough is enough to those
    who wouldn’t listen to the will of men who wanted to be free. That word Liberty
    equated to freedom and freedom was the best taste of life that one could
    swallow. Sometimes Pop Weeks talked a little over my head, just sometimes, but
    I came to recognize that he truly loved his freedom and his Liberty. Maybe it’s
    why he lived over the garage by the pumps and Nana lived in the house on the
    hill. So I listened as intently as any eight year old fishing buddy could to
    his great grandfather speak about his love for his country. Liberty said Pop
    Weeks was my one word I needed to understanding freedom. That anyone at any
    time under the disguise of Liberty could speak and create laws, and that these
    very laws could actually usurp the real meaning of Liberty. Now I was lost and
    said so. Smiling I could remember this conversation sitting there as it was
    nearly time to go home, with an early sun setting past the roof of the
    hospital, but we at least had caught three trout that day. But for some reason
    I wanted him to finish this story before we had to leave. So I pressed him a
    little further and I said that none of this made sense to me. How could you
    lose Liberty by using Liberty? Then he
    taught me about freedom. He said we had the freedom to speak and to do whatever
    we wanted to do within the frame work of the law of course. I agreed saying that
    we couldn’t blow up the water and take all the floating trout home. Then
    ignoring that statement with a frown, he said that is exactly right. We had no
    right to do whatever we wanted to do but we did have a right to fish for all of
    the trout in the river. So that was what freedom was about fishing I asked. No
    Pop said that was just one type of freedom. Our freedom was that we could in
    our new country become who ever we wanted to become. That no one was going to
    tell you to not live your life enjoying all of the fruits of your labors. In
    this new country a man could earn a decent wage and get an education and become
    someone that in other countries he could only dream about. A man was worth his
    word and his word was his bond. That the price of this was paid for by our forefathers
    and that one day he also spoke to his great, grandfather who had fought for
    that freedom in a war that had made America. Wow I proclaimed how cool was
    that? Then he continued and said that it was important that his great
    grandchild knew that it had cost us plenty to be able to openly discuss freedom
    and Liberty without the fear of being hunted down as a criminal. That his very
    own great grandfather wanted more for his family and was willing to die for it
    as well in the war of eighteen twelve once again against the British. This was the reason why he and his friends
    shouted Liberty as loud as they could. As they struggled for years to overcome
    their fear of losing what they had started. Because having rights that couldn’t
    be taken away on someone’s whim was important to him. Freedom to do what he
    wanted to do with his labor and his life was important to him. Starting a new
    country was important as long as no one was made king and everyone had to abide
    by and live by their new declarations and Bill of Rights, and the constitution
    for this new nation. No one religion was best but everyone believed in God and
    now country. No Mickey my great grandfather told me that only those who would
    come to believe in these two simple words Liberty and freedom should be allowed
    to lead it where it needed to go. I smiled at him as we pulled into the
    downstairs part of the garage house and with a hug and smile I left him to go
    up to Nana’s to wait for my Aunt Nellie to pick me up. I never had the chance
    to say a real goodbye to him after that fabulous day. By the end of that week
    Pop got sick from a spider bite I was told and he went to Heaven. I missed my
    fishing partner immensely for a long time and I have never forgotten those
    times we shared.

    today I took out two of my grandsons to go fishing. So now I sit with my young fishing
    buddies as the stories about the ones that got away make the homecoming news.
    But more importantly for me is that one day I hope to tell them about the
    meaning of the word Liberty. How a long time ago I sat on a bank casting in a
    line with their great, great, great grandfather and how he told me all about
    that word and what it means to our family.

    • agbjr

      Your commentary reminds me of a wonderful but now-forgotten short novel by author MacKinlay Kantor, "Happy Land", published for Christmas, 1943. In the book Kantor very ably answers the question asked at that time by all parents who were losing their sons in war. That question: WHY? Your great-grandfather was a true American doing what had at one time been done for him: he passed along the heritage, liberty, and responsibility that must be passed along by each generation of United States Citizens to those who will follow. He obviously did well for by your comments it is clear you absorbed his love of liberty and sense of duty. I am intrigued that he was still driving a Model T in 1955!

  • jvb1980808

    Obama needs to read Hunger Games to understand the deep resentment so many of us have toward HIS DEFINITIONS FOR LIBERTY...

  • ElPolacko

    Liberty-Government complience?
    Look People...here is the plan.

    First register and ban every firearm you can, then register everyone's food storage (with their own Von's Club Card) , then register their gold with the object of CONFISCATION of it all in the "end game".
    When we can't feed ourselves or buy anything with real money or fight
    back...THEN it will be :
    "Take the 'MARK' or your children will starve".

    Some of us know that we will someday have to face God and have a responsibility to our posterity. To accept the "Mark" is to renounce God, a physical manifestation of your willingness to surrender to evil. Whether you believe in God or not, you must understand the significance of the "Mark"! The forces of evil surely do and WILL use it against us!

    You liberals can do what you like...there are bigger issues at play here.

    Gun control has NOTHING to do with crime.