Prominent Gun Controllers Make Money Off The “Gun Lobby”

Several times during Piers Morgan’s interviews with 2nd Amendment advocates, he brought up how gun and ammo sales had skyrocketed since Obama came into office. He said that the gun lobby had been engaging in fear tactics by telling people that Obama was coming for their weapons just to so that people would buy more guns. In other words, it was all about the money, according to Piers and probably most other gun controllers. Because we all know that Obama doesn’t actually want to take everybody’s guns away. He just wants to pass “sensible” legislation that cuts down on gun violence, particularly violence committed with “assault weapons.” He’s not going to touch people’s handguns, or so they say.

So, it was all a ploy by the evil gun lobby to boost their sales. If that’s the case, why do some gun control advocates own stock in weapons manufacturing companies? Indeed, gun and ammo sales have gone up since Obama took office. And those that owned stock in gun manufacturers have made quite a bit of money. Breitbart reported:

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is a proponent of an "assault weapons" ban, who in the meantime is enjoying the money her husband makes off a $50,000 investment in the Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index fund that, as of Jan. 18, included 219,918 shares of stock in Ruger Firearms.
  • Senator Clair McCaskill (D-MO) has approximately $100,000 in the iShare Russell 2000 Growth Index, which held 254,290 shares of stock in Ruger Firearms as of Jan. 18, along with shares of Smith & Wesson as well.
  • Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has approximately $100,000 in the iShares S&P Small Cap 600 Growth Index--a fund which was the "the 16th largest holder" of Ruger Firearms stock as of mid-January.
  • City pensions in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chicago own significant shares of funds that are heavily invested in gun companies, as are city pensions in Mayor Michael Bloomberg's New York City.
  • In Chicago, the city's teachers' retirement fund has about $12 million partially invested in the company that owns Bushmaster firearms--makers of the AR-15 Adam Lanza used at Sandy Hook--as well as funds that include shares of Ruger Firearms and Smith & Wesson.

So, who’s making money? Sure, the gun lobby is making money, but these prominent anti-gun politicians are making money off the gun lobby while preaching against them. Maybe they really don’t want to take people’s firearms away. They just want to scare people into buying more so that their stocks go up. So far, it’s working.



  • poptoy1949

    Of course they do......always have and that indeed is the beauty of Capitalism. So let it happen. BUT when you have presidents that sign into LAW the National Defense Authorization Act that is the kind of thing that sells guns and nobody makes a profit off of that. But it sure as hell sells a whole lot of guns and we all know why. SHAMEFULL ,

  • Leslie Haveman Rish

    Wow what happen to ethics, oh ya our government has none

  • David Horton

    More lies. Adam Lanza didn't use a AR-15 at Sandy Hook. Too b ad this won't make the idiots loose money.

    • Walda Ruiz Pagucci

      That's right, according to the ME all the shots were from the four handguns he used. It never ceases to amaze me what lengths the media will go to with their claims! What a sorry bunch of misfits.

    • tionico

      no, he did not. Even the "gun in the trunk" was not an AR.. it was a 12 guage semi automatic shotgun with a black plastic stock. I watched the video taken from the helicopter overhead as the officer removed the weapon from the trunk and cleared it. Those were shotgun shells he was ejecting from the tubular magazine below the barrel.... ejecting them out of the side ejection port. NOTHING like any AR on the market.

  • alibaba123456

    Lets take a look at realtiy for a moment. A recent study show that at least 90% of all these shootings can be directly linked with school children getting prescibed drugs from a liberal school administrator. Now the liberals have caused the kids to go over the brink they want to blame the guns that were used. In almost all cases those guns have been stolen even with extreme gun laws in the states this has happen. Time to lock up the liberals for allowing this to happen in the first place.

  • danclamage

    I have no clue what's in my 401k either.

  • Robert Myles

    I have never placed even an ounce of faith in anything that comes out of Piers morgan's British trash talking mouth. He is a wanted Criminal in his home country so why the hell don't we just send him back to them as a fugitive from justice?

  • Libtards
  • tionico

    News flash, Piers... NO ONE TOLD ME to buy any more guns. I checked up on just WHO the "undnown" senator from Illinois was, his voting and speech record, and knew he would eventually try and take mine and everyone else's away. SO.. while it was still legal and relatively untraceable, no "registry" started yet, I began to buy..... in 2009. As he waffled, played us for fools, and bloviated throughout his first "term", I accellerated the pace. Coming down to this last election, it was plain he would have no restraint whatever, he was bent on tyranny and dictatorship, and cared not one whit for the rule of law, more yet. Financial strain of late has slowed the pace, but lately, after the phoney Newtown charade, false reportage about an "assault weapon" used again, it was plain the time had come to ban this hated class of rifle...... as everything semiautomatic got swept off the shelves everywhere in short order, I went behind and checked the leavings.... some very fine bargains on classic hunting rifles. Many times more powerful than the Bushmaster at less than a third the cost..... yes, I celebrated by claiming yet another. Wish I'd had the money, there are four more I'd have bought as well..... no, it was not the press made me buy guns. The writing was on the wall available to see plainly for any who cared to look. Morgan is merely being his usual ridiculous overblown self. Good job HE can't buy guns here.. being a non-resident. Morgan, some folks are simply a lot more intelligent than you think we are. We think for ourselves, and don't sit about waiting for marching orders from some cult haven. Anyone who has NOT seen this, Feinstein's Day of Glory, coming for a long time has been in deep slumber.