Sen. Rand Paul Rips Hillary Clinton on Failed Leadership Concerning Benghazi

Yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before lawmakers on Capitol Hill concerning the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya last year.  Early on in the hearing, Clinton got emotional as she told the panel:

"For me, this is not just a matter of policy … it’s personal.  I stood next to President Obama as the Marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at Andrews. I put my arms around the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters."

I wonder if that was before she lied to the families or after.  Clinton, Obama and Leon Panetta all promised the families that they would keep them informed about how their loved ones died, but over a month later, they hadn’t heard a word from any of the three leaders.  At least two of the families felt betrayed and lied to by Clinton and the others.  Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith who was one of the 4 Americans killed in the attack learned more from the media than she did from those that promised to tell her what happened.

At one point in the hearings, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) asked Clinton about determining if the attack was the result of a protest.  Clinton lost her composure and shouted back at Johnson:

"What difference would it make?"

She went on to say that the reason for the attack doesn’t matter anymore, she wants to bring those responsible to justice.  The fact is, it does matter.  If they were killed by a protest that got out of control, that’s one thing, but if it was a deliberately planned attack on the US Consulate and an American Ambassador, that’s equal to a declaration of war against the United States.  I think the difference does matter quite a bit.  She doesn’t want to get into this because it will show that both she and President Obama lied to the American people. They failed their duties in defending and actively going after those responsible for an act of war.

It also may have been one of the times when Clinton was actually telling the truth.  To her and Obama, the cause of what happened in Benghazi doesn’t matter.  They don’t care.  Do any of you know why?  Because both Clinton and Obama seem to care more for their Muslim friends overseas than they care about American citizens!

Perhaps the most telling and strongest statement made at the hearing was that of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).  When addressing Clinton, Paul told her that had he been president at the time, he would have relieved her from her post as Secretary of State due to a failure of leadership:

I have to give Paul credit for stating his mind and doing it in a calm, matter fact manner.  Had I been on the panel with him, I’m sure I would have been less controlled and more adamant that her lack of leadership was directly responsible for the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi.  Had Clinton or those who serve directly under her actually read the numerous requests from Ambassador Stevens for more security, there is a good chance that all four of the victims would still be alive today.

In many courts around the US, people are convicted of culpability, to which she admitted, or of being accessories to the fact that led to the loss of life that could have been prevented.  Had I been sitting on the panel, I would have raised the issue of criminal neglect that led to the deaths of four people and then questioned the possibility of prosecution.

But like the rest of Obama’s criminal administration, Clinton will soon walk away from her position, completely unscathed by the events or her responsibility in the deaths.  She will move on with her life and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her run for office again and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the gullible and unthinking Democrats vote for her and put her back in politics.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Like many other Americans, I was anticipating Clinton's appearance before Congress, and hoping that at least the Republicans would hold her feet to the fire and demand answers. Instead, it was 5 hours of embarrassingly patronizing comments and a lot of grandstanding speeches. The red herring pushed was that the budget..or lack of...was responsible.

    Paul, Rorhrabacher, and Johnson were were the only ones that actually challenged her and piquedher anger that they dared expect an answer from her.

    The Congressional hearings were a waste of time, and a spectacle of infuriating proportions. It took 84 minutes into the Senate hearing before anyone even asked about the supposedly anti-Islamic video which purportedly inflamed the Muslims and incited the attack....and there was no follow up at all.

    As usual, Hillary came out on top, having claimed responsibility for Bengazi, yet not forced to face one iota of accountability.

    As was the case with Obama....the slobbering leftist media, shocked at the ''horrible attacks'' on her by the right, and extolling her mastery over an appalling unprepared, gutless Congress, is again carrying the water and parting the waves for the soon to be announced 2016 candidate for the Presidency.

    In effect, they christened her campaign and have anointed her for office.

    As the great philosopher Yogi Berra said: It's deja vu....all over again.

    • Don39

      That was only the Senate hearing!

      • Screeminmeeme

        Don39...The Senate hearing was in the morning and the House hearing was in the afternoon. Any combined Congressional hearings are usually a waste of time because they are only given 5 minutes to ask questions and the idiots use that short time to bloviate and grandstand.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    I didn't expect much. The entire Obama Administration led by the Ineptitude-in-Chief has been absolutely and totally irresponsible, reckless, and deceitful from day one. But this hasn't stopped any of them (Obama, Holder, Clinton, et al) from receiving passes from the Senate and from Congress on everything they have failed to do while "serving" this Country. This hearing is just another prime example of FAILED LEADERSHIP on all sides of the Federal Government. But get ready people, this is only the beginning. We have another four years to witness more habitual lying and blatant hypocrisy and corruptness.

  • Unemployed

    I can remember during the Democratic primary between Obama and Hilary and there was this commercial about who would answer the phone at 3 am in the morning. Well, now we know. Nobody answered the phone and now we have 4 dead Americans, including an Ambassador. These 4 deaths are on both Obama and Hilary Clinton's shoulders. How many more will they leave behind? .

  • drmdellis

    Mrs. Clinton lost her first job for lying and she has not changed a bit. What has happened to leadership in our country who just a few years ago had character and integrity? It seems the major qualification for public office today is to be able to lie and keep a straight face about it.

  • Doodlebug

    Senator Ron Johnson and the Representative from the House, (didn't get his name), should be commended on getting hillybilly's panties in a uproar and I think it was great that Senator Rand Paul told it like it SHOULD HAVE BEEN, relieved from her post.
    However, the questions needed to be answered were not answered, questions asked were skirted. I didn't listen to all of the hearing, however, I believe those who were asking the questions only had 5 minutes for question and answer and many of them only praised her for her work as Sec. of State., no questions asked. I have to admit that she put in many hours and miles in her job BUT where are the answers?
    Instead of all her talking points, how about answers. Four people are dead and justice has not been done. There are four people we were told were fired. I believe that only one was let go, 3 are on administrative leave WITH PAY - OUR TAX DOLLARS. Why are we being kept in the dark, lied to?
    Help had been asked for and never received, why? Lies and more lies to cover-up the truth. Why was Susan Rice sent out to the Sunday talk shows instead of hillybilly? hillybilly made some comment that she DOESN'T LIKE GOING ON TALK SHOWS and she has other things to do with her Sundays. So What??? Send someone out to do the talk shows who later admitted by obummer that Susan Rice didn't know anything about Benghazi. I
    f this hearing would have happened before the election, I doubt that obummer would be president today. The families of these murdered victim need and must have answers. I hope that congress does not allow this matter to come to a close.

  • David Horton

    Finally a Senator with BALLS. He should have had more time to hold this idiot's feet to thee fire. We will never know. Time for a Civil Suit by the poeple who lost thier loved ones over there, if at all possible. It is strange though, not a word from the people who are in the hospital that were rescued from there. You think a payoff has happened??

  • Thomas Stevens

    Pray tell, when are the people of this country going to do something besides talk about these

    traitors.There are millions and millions of good decent people in his country,how many idiot's

    are there in Washington that think their pulling the wool over our eyes and it will keep on

    getting worse and worse if some action isn't taken.Will be some deaths and lots of blood
    spilled but it will be mostly theirs. We The People could roll right over the tops of these
    traitors.Does anyone really believe our military would fire on their own people.They are as
    fed up with this goverment as we are. God Bless America & Semper Fi

  • alibaba123456

    The only reason to bring the witch back is to hold a trial and convict her of criminal charges that have long been coming to that family. Then some long jail time to get to know her husband better.

  • Donald York

    Senator Paul sees Hillary for what she is: an enemy of the state. This whole gun grabbing scheme was concocted by her at the UN. Those lives lost in Benghazi IS NOT a bump in the road!But, we know how much you want this to go away.It won't.

  • Anthony Alexander

    “What difference would it make?” That says it all and caps off a 2 month playing possum with the fall and concussion to allow some of the impact and emotion of the moment to evaporate as she and every other democrat rat vermin politician knows will happen in today’s America where people soon forget about actions like this. For example on 9/11 every car I saw had a small American flag on it waving in the breeze as they drove back and forth from work. After a few months and a year go by I see some of these flags alongside the road in the gutter and people going about their lives like nothing happened. Every young able American male also went about doing their routine without a care in the world. Unlike in WWII when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor most young men dropped what they were doing and put their lives on hold for 4-5 years singed up fought and some died. Then came back home to re-start their lives again.

    This is her attitude “What difference what it would make, NOW right!? Meaning who gives a S__T about American being killed she sure as hell doesn’t by this statement. Know this… every time I look at her I want to rip her throat out of her pathetic wrinkled vermin neck. Brave men died defending American projection of Freedom and other Americans, in other words the principles of the constitution. Something she could care less about.

    This violent action towards Americans in this particular part of the world goes back to the Barbary wars that Thomas Jefferson grappled with. He successfully created the US Marines and freed Americans taken hostage during those dark days.

    And what do we have now, Hillary Clinton a lawyer criminal resurrected from Whitewater, a known Marxist like Obama who could care less, you heard it. She and every politician aligned with her Marxist doctrines like Obama know what happened and their actions the stalling from an accident she had doesn’t change how REAL Americans see how she and her pathetic following have dodge their responsibility and duties. Now add to the pathetic Republicans Rand Paul excluded, who behave like Walter Mitty eunichs. Where are REAL men who stand on principle anymore…..

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Good job!!!!!!!

  • wminaz

    With a couple of exceptions the questioning by the Repubs was laughable. All they wanted was face time on national TV so their constituents back home could see them "working". The need to have a replacement party for the RINO's and MEEK's has never been clearer.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    What a Liar Hilary is! She says she is as "Transparent as Possible"...what a CROCK of Crap! She says she is willing to take responsibility yet she has not resigned in disgrace as she deserves. Rand Paul was MAGNIFICENT and spoke Truth withClarity, Integrity and Moral High Ground that the Thug-in-Chief and the Clueless Clinton cannot do.

    She's covering for her and Der Fuhrer Obama's LIES! Where 'o where is the supposed Main Stream Media? She is Guilty! She takes no responsibility. She is Clueless. She makes the State Department look like the Libtard Clowns they are....Idiots, Morons and Buffoons! Obama is a jerk for not firing the Dumb-ass Hilary.

    Hillary is a Liar just like the Marxist Obama. They are responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and should be tried for Complicity to Commit Murder. They deserve Federal Prison for their Lies, Deceit and Murder of Americans.

    Rand Paul was Sterling. He is made of the "stuff" of Leaders. Obama is a Chameleon. Both he and Hilary hide behind a rhetorical curtain of Secrecy, Lies and Deceit. Typical Marxist Crap!

  • Don39

    Paul, Johnson, and Duncan had more guts than any of the rest or even all the rest combined!

  • Matthew Jacobs

    She claims she never saw the post from Benghazi therefore did not know what the situation was.

    Question Mrs Clinton:

    Did you ever meet with your Security People as part of your Responsibilities as the Head of the State Department?

    Did in any of those of those meetings did the subject of the Wall being breached with explosives come up.

    Did in any of those meetings the subject of the attempted murder of the British Ambassador come up or of the Brits and Red Cross decision that the City was to Dangerous for their people and their leaving?

    Did the subject of the requests for more security and the reports from Ambassador Stevens on the deteriorating situation come up... if not WHY NOT ?

  • Uptite

    What really burned me was to add insult to injury by the fact that she said "it doesn't matter now, all we can do is see that it doesn't happen again" HA?!....How in the world did that interview provide resolution for the families of those victims, as well Americans? I believe this long, overdue delay in speaking out on the Benghazi tragedy was nothing more than a stall tactic in an effort to prepare Clinton from omitting any and all responsibility to O'bama ... Deplorable!

  • Jude O'Connor

    Hillary gets the Oscar for best actress and voted unanimously by the fawning media. All this makes me sick to my stomach that half the voters of this Country see nothing wrong. What's disturbing is the 2/3 rds of the government that does nothing to correct the frauds and lies and is busy already worrying about the 2014 & 16 elections.