The NYPD Tests Device To Scan Citizens For Guns

The New York Police Department is trying out a new toy that can scan people for concealed weapons based on the flow of natural terahertz radiation. If something is obstructing that flow, such as a gun, they’ll see the shape of the weapon on the scanner’s screen. They’re planning on putting these machines on street corners where they say gunfights are prevalent. The device is also small enough that it can be mounted on the back of a truck, so it could be taken anywhere, and anyone in the city can be scanned.

People are already saying that this instrument will render New York’s “stop and frisk” policy obsolete. Stopping and frisking someone is time-consuming, but one can “scan and frisk” with much more effectiveness.

Proponents are lauding this effort as something that will finally get all the guns off the streets. But what if this just provides more incentive to manufacture guns out of a material that doesn’t obstruct the flow of a person’s natural radiation and therefore won’t show up on the screen?

Obviously, like the TSA scanners at the airport, this is a violation of the 4th Amendment. They’ve got to have probable cause to search someone. If someone commits murder, that person should be executed. Instead, their solution is to turn everybody else without exception into criminals.

What they do up in New York is their business. I just hope this doesn’t spread to other parts of the country or somehow become a federal thing. I’m sure Homeland Security would love to take this over and have TSA run the scanners in big cities.

If they used these things in the South where there are a lot of legal gun owners, this would just create another reason for law enforcement to harass law-abiding citizens, asking them why they have a gun, where they’re going, where they’re coming from, etc. I don’t think it would go over well in many parts of the country right now, particularly since we have a culture that they’d have to “overcome” when it comes to gun control, as New York Congressman Charles Rangel said.

The South clings too much to its guns and religion. We haven’t learned to just “let go and let the State” like New York has.



  • Randy Renu

    This could save me a lot of money on chest and mouth X-Rays. I wonder if I can get copies of the scans and send them along to my health care professional? I think Obummer care should jump all over this and give people a tax credit for using this high tech tool.

  • BigUgly666

    Sounds a lot like UNLAWFUL SEARCH to me.

    How can your person be searched without probable cause and a search warrant?
    How well does it work with a shoulder holster or an "inside the thigh" holster? You "body" is still on all sides of the weapons wearing one of those.

  • junkmailbin

    the machines go with all the cameras and facial recognition software. Desensitize and go on to the next step.. Feel like a frog in a pan filled with water??? yup, we are

  • tionico

    one more reason to NOT go into NYC at all. How about someone developing a carry rig to go INSIDE A HAT? That won't disrupt the waves.... Maybe a rig to dangle a piece down from the crotch, near your other "piece", and hide it inside the baggy droopy drawers that are the rage these days? If someone wants to get a gun somewhere they will. And no machine will stop it.

    You are right, the worst of it is the toy now exists... and, just like the radar gun for "speed control", it will soon enough be everywhere. BUT... in areas where law abiding citizens can and do carry, HOW will the coppers decide whom to frisk and whom to let pass? Now, we who carry everywhere will be outed..... in public. And harrassed.. for exercising a RIGHT we all have. WHEn will the lemmings in NYC take a stand and say NO MORE?

    • Nunyer Binnis

      Nuke NYC from orbit...It's the only way to be sure.

      • Jim Mapes

        Give Obama's buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood time and I am sure they will do it for us.

      • Doug Hensley

        You do realize that this is something that a hostile power might some day do, (suborbital, more likely, but still). Wishing it on NYC, even in jest, is obscene.

  • jvb1980808

    Why ban them then. If just knowing WHO is carrying a gun will solve the problems...why the legislative gun grab?

  • Nunyer Binnis

    POLICE SURVEILLANCE STATE. The commies are already in charge. RESIST.

  • meg

    Soon they will just drive down any USA street, Scan your houses see it kick your door in and take it.The rules we live by soon will not apply! Just had another thought what about the drones they have flying over our heads put a scanner in them ......control the guns you can control the people.Never let a good sitution go to waste .

  • BigUgly666

    Why is it that everything Bloomberg and Cuomo do seems to violate the Constitution?

  • BigUgly666

    Everyone should go out and buy one of the plastic training weapons - you know the "blue guns" ..... get a holster, paint the gun with metallic paint, and carry it - I don't think it's "illegal" to carry a toy guy yet, is it?

  • Doug Hensley

    "Obstruct the flow of a person's natural radiation"??? Does this guy just throw words around with no conception at all of what "terrahertz" radiation is? It's not naturally emitted by people in any meaningful quantity. A device that uses THZ radiation to scan for weapons emits THZ radiation of its own, sort of like a flashlight but shining in THZ range. If weapons manufacturers could make guns of wood and plastic, shooting plastic bullets, those might be invisible to the device. But then again, we call such things "toys". Real weapons, with key components such as the bullets and the barrel made of metal, will absorb THZ radiation and will thus show up on gun detectors.

    This sort of program targets illegal concealed weapons. Bad guys carry them. They belong in jail and this technology could help either put them there, or give them reason not to carry.

  • PaleRidere

    Again...these clowns need to read the Constitution, paying special attention to the 4th Amendment.