California School District Purchases Assault Rifles to Defend Students

In the months prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, school officials and school police in Fontana, California met to discuss how to best protect their students.  They weighed many issues and finally came to the decision to purchase 14 Colt LE6940 rifles.  The rifles were finally delivered to the schools in early December, one week prior to Sandy Hook.

According to the Colt website, the LE6940 is actually called the Advanced Law Enforcement Carbine.  It was specifically designed for law enforcement to help them counter the weaponry they find themselves facing in the streets and from drug dealers.  The last thing a law enforcement officer wants to do is to try to stop someone who is using an assault rifle with just their service handgun.  It takes an equally capable weapon to take down criminals with semi-automatic or even automatic weapons.

Cali Olsen-Binks, Superintendent of the Fontana Unified School District approved the purchase of the assault rifles.  Her decision was fully approved and endorsed by Fontana Police Chief Rodney Jones and Mayor Acquanetta Warren.  Chief Jones commented about the purchase, saying:

“It’s unfortunate that we have to have that, but it’s the best message we can send to anybody that thinks to harm our children.  The message we’re sending is…not here, not now, we’re prepared for you. And if you seek to harm our children, we will neutralize that threat and you will most likely be killed.”

Mayor Warren added:

“Everyone wants children safe. At this time, we as a community, we have to come together and find other ways. But in the interim, our police officers need to be equipped.”

The Fontana school district employs 14 school police.  All of them underwent 40 hours of training with the new weapons over the Christmas break.  The guns are to be kept locked up in gun safes and are only to be used in the case of a shooting on any of the school campuses in the district.  Billy Green, Fontana School Police Chief said the rifles were purchased using fingerprinting fees they had collected.

Critics of the purchase are saying that guns on campuses are not the solution to school violence.  While they are correct that the guns aren’t the solution, they fail to realize that until cultural morals and values can be changed, the guns are a necessary and effect means of protection.  Virtually all of these shooting at schools and theaters have taken place in GUN FREE ZONES.  No one, not even a mentally deranged killer like James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado, attack a location that is known to be armed.

I applaud the leaders in Fontana for taking the strong measure to protect their kids with armed guards.  Incidentally, the school police in Fontana do carry a sidearm at all times, but purchased the rifles in case of a Sandy Hook style shooting.  From what I’ve been hearing on the news and reading online, a number of other school districts, even in the liberal state of California, are taking measures to arm someone on their campuses to help protect their students.

Jan Morgan, of, says that she refuses to enter any establishment that posts a sign that they are a gun free zone.  Her reason is that they are denying her the right to protect herself with her conceal carry weapon, which places her in possible harm’s way.

Morgan also asks a question about the signs being used.  She advocates that gun free signs only advertise for a wacko to target the place and the people inside.  I like her idea and think everyone should avoid doing business with anyone that posts a gun free zone sign.  Morgan posits this question:


Do you think James Holmes would have targeted the theatre in Aurora had they had the sign on the right?  Or what about Sandy Hook Elementary School?  Would Adam Lanza have targeted the school if he knew that they had armed faculty?  If schools really want to protect their children, they need to arm and train their faculty and then post signs like this to let everyone know that they are armed and ready.



  • Charles Higley


    They are "assault-style" weapons and ARE NOT fully automatic machine guns, aka assault weapons. They are not made to hose crowds with bullets. True assault weapons are not useful in that manner as the enemy in the real world does nut bunch up—they ALWAYS spread out.

    Machine guns are meant to make the enemy keep their heads down so that the other members of a squad can take well-selected individual shots with their assault weapons.

    Hunting rifles, made to take down much larger prey, are much more devastating than a high-powered 22 rifle, er, an AR-15.

    We are a nation of hunters who practice sniping, or sneaking up on prey using concealment and strategies. No military force can withstand 30 million trained snipers, ever! That's if only 10 in a hundred US citizens are hunters. It is probably more.

    • Lee J

      Colt lists the LE6940 as an "assault rifle". They also hold the original patent on assault rifles. Why should the author go against the manufacturer?

    • tionico

      actually, if you think about it, in one sense they ARE assault weapons, truly understood.. they are excellent defenses against an assault... but we know the term was coined by a lying anti-gun lobby group to demonise this class of weapon. It IS time we set the record straight. These are no more "assault weapons" than my fork is an "assault fork" if I use it to stab someone in the eye. Stupid media people, anyway.......

    • medic2003

      I agree with your statement that many weapons termed assault weapons aren't. However by these being made for law enforcement. These particular rifles could be a selective fire type rifle and therefore assault rifles. I'd have to look them up to see. Just putting that out there.

    • FreedomFray

      Well, sure they're assault weapons. As is anything that is used to assault, ie; knife, hammer, vehicle, rock, etc, etc.

      • Don39

        Anything that can be used for defense can be used as an assault weapon and as a counter-assault weapon. Hey, words in the hands of the left are an assault weapon. The Constitution to the left is an assault weapon!

    • Don39

      You are making the wrong argument and falling for the left's distractions. ANY weapon can be used as an assault weapon. A pin, a knife a hammer, a club , a fist, a chair, a vase, etc. can all be used as assault weapons and almost all; are at some point and in greater numbers than guns of any type! Ever hear of a verbal assault? We endure one every day from leftist pundits of the Obama propaganda machine! Lets fight the right fight. The 2nd Amendment is all that stands between us and the tyranny of the Obama or any other left!

  • Doodlebug

    Now, take down the "gun free zone" signs and put up some like the one above, "Staff Heavily Armed, etc." If they can ban even one gun, gun style and ammo to go into guns, will someone please tell me WHY THEY CAN'T BAN VIOLENT MOVIES AND GAMES? Punish the law abiding citizens and the mentally ill and criminals will go free. Can you imagine someone who is intent on robbing a bank or killing his/her girlfriend/boyfriend go up to whom ever will be in charge of this and admit he/she will register the gun or turn the gun in? This not only is ridiculous it is DOWN RIGHT DUMB! Glad Fontana, CA has shaped up unlike those in power in DC!

    • Nunyer Binnis

      How about signs warning of "Assault Kittens"?

      • Charles McVey

        I have two cats that will attack you if you enter my house, does that make them assault kittens?

  • Russ Fowler

    Why don't the gun owner and supporter move out of the gun free zones and let the bad guy play with what is left?

    • tionico

      it would be far cheaper and easier to rise up, turn to those usurpers of control, and say ENOUGH. Stop disarming WE THE PEOPLE. No more "gun free" zones..... and if their elected "leaders" won't LEAD, cut off their meal tickets... turn them out of office, and keep doing it until government serves the will of the governed. Read the Declaration of Independence, That;s how it was in the beginning. It worked then.. it will again.

  • T. Schubert

    How rediculous. Police rifles locked in a cabinet? Where? In the school? In the police station miles away? Wait, stop shooting while we get our guns.

    • Jacob Gaines

      Agreed, but it IS a step in the right direction. While I'm not a big supporter of guns that read fingerprints and only work for registered carriers, perhaps this would be a good example of when to use this technology...that way a kid or group of kids can't mob a teacher, steal their gun and go crazy with it, thus allowing the teachers to carry their guns around with them in the school.

  • tionico

    Fontana is an interesting city... way out in the middle of nowhere, yet large... they've had to make some decisions based in real life. This is one of them. I respect that they are proactive in wanting to protect their schoolkids. Its in SanBernardino County, whose sheriff WANTS to issue conceal carry permits to law abiding citizens. They like knowing their public are armed and prepared. This is a good step in a good direction... but it still falls short of what SHOULD be. The biggest problem I can forsee is that, if they were needed, they would be needed RIGHT NOW. And be locked up in a safe somewhere. In the time it would take for an officer to assess the need, move to obtain the weapons, return to where the perp WAS when lasat seen, much damage can be done. Of course, the sidearms of those officers would be great first tools to hand.... and the long guns only deployed when a more determined shooter is in action. Sort of for the long haul.

    I appreciated seeing how these were financed.. VERY creative. Perfect use for such discretionary funds. It also indicates how many residents have purchased their fingerprints... most often done for firearms permits.

    What REALLY should be done, though, is a bit radical, but so simple, effective, and inexpensive. Repeal or nullify the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act, do whatever is needed at County or School District level to allow any/all already permitted to carry concealed everywhere else they go to also carry concealed on any of the school campuses. Then, any putative perp will have to answer the question "WHO at that school is armed.? And what do they look like?"He'll never know until its too late.. for someone.

    It will be the very fact of not knowing that will deter.. same as why, in cities where any nondisqualified person can carry a gun, housebreakings, muggins, rapes, are far less common. FBI stats show that the one thing most feared by criminals is the prospect of a victim being armed. The armed citizen nas put a large number of these guys behind bars. And those are the "lucky ones". They lived to tell the tale. Many others were dealt with in more lasting fashion.

    Well done, Fontana. Its not "guns" per se on campus taht is dangerous.. its who HAVE the guns. And when the law says civilians don't, then who does? Fontana have figured it out.

  • Michael L. Roenicke

    Way to Go Fontana PD...carry on!

  • Public_Citizen

    Fontana is close to the City of San Bernardino which is officially bankrupt.
    Bankrupt to the point where police and firemen are being laid off permanently.
    The City Attorney has advised residents to "Lock your doors and load your guns".

    Fontana has reason to be concerned. Part of that reason is the relatively high percentage of gang members in the area, in part a result of decades of relocation efforts by the City of Los Angeles, attempting to control its own out of control gang problem by requiring many paroled gang members to live outside of Los Angeles County.

    • twocolts

      Too bad the common-sense logic of Fontana is totally lost on the left in this nation. We have armed security for all other places and people of importance...Obama's kids, airports, federal and county buildings, even stadiums..but keeping OUR kids safe is evidently not so important. Sick.

      • Fenderman52

        Right! Why do they think BANKS have armed guards?

        • Nunyer Binnis

          Then why do people still rob banks? Who is STUPID enough to risk their life to protect other peoples' INSURED money?

        • DCW16

          Is that why they just Give It Away in Washington? After all "its other peoples money" . . .

        • Ed Scott

          To intimidate law abiding citizens!

  • Pclages

    I would much rather have the traditional 12 ga pump shotgun. Especially in close quarters, like a school classroom or hallway. Even if the ' bad guy ' is wearing body armor, there is still plenty of the body exposed.

    • Ed Scott

      Yeah, with a 12 guage pump shotgun with kids running everywhere in close quarters you could probably get 4 or 5 with every shot. Good idea there, Pclages.

      • Pclages

        Out of my 12 ga or 16 ga shotguns, solid rounds / smooth barrel, are quite accurate at close range, say up to 100 ft. Even with 00 Buck, at 25 feet the pattern can be covered with my hand, even out of a short-barreled ' riot gun '. In a close-quarters school situation, I would go with a 12 ga pump, rifled barrel. .45 ACP sidearm.

  • Jed54

    Hey!! these cops need background checks!! are they sane? taking prozac? zanax? They cannot use assualt weapon... Hypocrites!!!

  • Fenderman52

    Fenderman's Law: "Wherever more than 10 people publically congregate one must be an armed citizen." This will help stop the problem and drive liberals nuts as well.

  • KDS

    It's funny when people say guns are not the solution to the problem but there the choice for
    those that are being threatened to have one. Including Feistein, and Obama! It's is mostly a
    mental health issue not a gun issue. But as usual the airplane has to crash before anyone fixes the problem. We give people medical help when they break there leg, but little or nothing consistent is being done with these people's medications, to help them.

    • Ed Scott

      Actually with those wanting to ban guns it is a desire on their part to control us.

  • Donald York

    The Government is "assaulting" our rights under the Second Amendment! "Assault is a behavior, NOT a device!!!!!!!!

    • noitaint

      my boss once asked me what i thought about assault rifles. i took both of my work gloves off and laid them on his desk, and asked him "which glove is the assault glove?" he just gave me a questioning look. I picked up one glove and slapped his arm with it and said "Yup, i thought it was going to be that one". he got the picture.

  • Nunyer Binnis

    THEY'RE NOT "ASSAULT" RIFLES, you MORONS. Get it right.

  • aurora9

    Why are they locking up the guns during school hours? They should be fully armed during school hours or when anyone is on the campus. It takes time to unlock a safe and it should only be used when the campus police aren't on duty.

  • TLady62

    Even in the midst of insanity, common sense can still prevail. I applaud the city of Fontana for this decision.

  • Enrique823

    Love the sign comparison.

  • Ed Scott

    At least one town in Kalifornia is doing the right thing.

  • Don39

    The weapons protected by the 2nd Amendment are weapons to be used to protect against tyranny, assault weapons/counter assault weapons!

  • William Wallace

    The Superintendent is a good lady and she always does things for the best interest of the students. Giving the police what they need to do their jobs shows she is wiser than many people whose only function in life is getting in good people's way.

  • Jude O'Connor

    Put a fence around the schools and a guarded gate just as it's done with a military establishment. In the ground hydraulic cables to prevent vehicles from crashing through. Keep the guns at the gate not in the schools. A lot safer and cheaper in the long run.

  • lgwatson

    Good move on their part. The chance of this happening is tiny, but they should be commended for taking a common sense approach to school security.