Harry Reid Wants to be Dictator of Senate

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has been Senate Majority Leader since January 2007 when the Democrats took over the Senate numbers.  In January 2009 when Obama was sworn into office and many of us just swore, the Democrats controlled the Oval Office and both houses of Congress.  They were a happy bunch of liberals that did just about anything then wanted, liked passing Obamacare against the wishes of nearly 75% of the American people.

In January 2011, the Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives and life was no longer so rosy for Harry Reid and the Democrats.  Reid soon found that the House Republicans stood up to him and President Obama on a number of issues, (although not enough issues if you ask me), and they could no longer pass all of their liberal and socialist bills like they had for the past two years.

The Democrats tried to push jobs bills through Congress, but the House GOP fought them because they would destroy jobs instead of creating them.  The same thing happened with the fiscal cliff issues and other bills.

In the Senate, Harry Reid was getting frustrated because some of the bills that he sponsored or supported were being blocked by Republican filibusters.  Both Democrats and Republicans have used filibusters to stop bills in the past.  But Harry Reid didn’t like it when they stopped his bills.  He said that wasn’t playing fair and he went to his chambers and pouted.

When he emerged from his chambers, he had an idea that would make him happy.  He would create a plan that would give him near dictatorial power in the Senate and then he could go to his merry way of screwing the American people.  He called it ‘filibuster reform’ and it involved the following three proposals:

  • Make it easier for one party to pass legislation, even if half the Senate disagrees: To stop debate on a contentious issue, 60 votes are now required. But the proposal being floated would create a way for the Majority Leader to pass any proposal with only 51 votes.

  • Create four “Super Senators” who hold the true power: Only four Senators would be able to offer amendments to legislation, effectively shutting out the other 96 from the legislative process.

  • Special power for the Majority Leader: The Majority Leader (now Reid) would have the special authority to add an amendment after debate is finished on a particular bill. Combined with the 51-vote threshold, this change would allow the Majority Leader to jam through just about anything without the Senate even debating it.

It’s interesting how people change when they gain power and Harry Reid is no different.  In 2005, the Republicans controlled the Senate and Reid was the Senate Minority Leader.  Being in the minority, Reid liked being able to use filibusters and avidly defended their use.  When Republicans suggested changing the rules on the use of filibusters, Reid stood up against the measure and stated:

“Not only is there a suggestion about changing the rules, but they are going to do it by breaking the rules. To change a rule here in the Senate takes a simple majority. But if somebody wants to speak in an extensive manner relating to that rule change, you have to break a filibuster. They are not willing to do that. They are going to use brute force and break the rules to change the rules. That is what they are talking about.”

“One of the good things about this institution we have found in the 214 years it has been in existence is that the filibuster, which has been in existence since the beginning, from the days of George Washington—we have changed the rules as relates [sic] to it a little bit but never by breaking the rules. I say to my distinguished friend, the senior Senator from Illinois, in all the political writings about filibuster, that is one of the things they talk about as a positive. It forces people to get together because sometimes in this body you become very fixed.”

However, now that the tables are turned, Harry Reid has the majority and the Republicans are following his example of using filibusters, he wants to make similar rule changes that he so adamantly opposed just 7 years ago.  You see, Harry Reid doesn’t like playing fair by the same rules that he had to play to with when he wasn’t in the majority.  He doesn’t only want to change the rules, he wants to put himself in the position of Senate Dictator where he would be able to attach any piece of legislation he wanted to any bill AFTER it had been approved by the rest of the Senate.  In other words, he wants the same power that Obama has with his executive orders.  Hopefully, there are enough senators with half a brain that will stop Harry Reid and his dictatorial plans.



  • martha chandler

    This little pile of dog turd has been given so much power, that we will probably never be able to remove it from his arthritic fingers.

    • Doodlebug

      And then, we have the RINOs who are feeding right into his hand. I think Mitch McConnell needs to go. He crapped on the Republicans with the fiscal cliff and bowed down to him on the filibuster. I'm not so sure that the fiscal cliff is even real and what will happen in the end with raising the debt ceiling? We need some people with a spines to represent us or it will only get worse in the next four years. I sure hope we can keep the House and get the Senate back in the next election but I'm afraid we will lose the House too with the BS obummer talks.

      • Patriot

        All Rhino's need to go!!!

    • Patriot

      I don't think that's where he's keeping it! :) :)

  • Screeminmeeme

    Reid has been acting like a despot for years. The day he got re-elected to the Senate was one of the darkest days for America because it meant that Obama would have a loyal partner in crime acting in collusion with him against the American people. Like the political prostitute, Pelosi, he is rabidly devoted to the imperious One.

    A master of mendacity, Reid lies ....without a blink or blush.

    The ''filibuster reform'' issue is just one of many attempts we'll see from the Obama administration and his boot-lickers which would give every advantage to the real enemies of the American people.

    What does every despot desire?

    Unchallenged and complete power.

    THIS is what Obama is after. And with the help of the detestable Majority Leader, he will get it.

    • Patriot

      Generally, with age comes wisdom. People approaching the end of life usually mellow out. Not this sorry ass geezer! May he rot in hell. Personally, I don't think old Harry will last more than a couple more years! Let's hope and pray, that God will appropriately punish this fool!

      • irishamrep

        I do truly believe these evil people will pay dear for their complete disreguard for their fellow man! Especially their disreguard for life! It would be so satisfying to see them pay before our eyes but we will just have to completely trust in God!

    • http://www.facebook.com/randy.renu.5 Randy Renu

      Only the people are to blame for allowing this pompous, narcissistic SOB to stay in office. YOU elected him, and keep re-electing him. It's the peoples government, and we've given it away due to apathy and video games.

  • Patriot

    Hey Harry! I got your dictatorship right here you little maggot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Laforet/100000662510644 Mary Laforet

    Its the Obama culture....they all have that arrogance. They just want to intimidate the hell out of everybody....its the new style. Did you notice on Benghazi? What difference does it make now??? In my opinion it makes alot of difference. I am tired of the bullying. It is no way to run a country....

  • Ann Rand

    You mean he isn't already?You could have fooled me... LOL

  • KJ

    It is clear that this little man, Harry Reid, has much more in common with Napolean than he does with George Washington. The senate rules in effect were put in place for good reason and served this country well for a very very long time. No party in the majority should be able to squash the expression of views by the minority party. What Reid wants is the start of a dictatorial power grab and should not be supported by any freedom loving American in the U.S. Senate.

  • Ken Bolin

    when we take time to do a very good look back we can see just how wrong we have been. We have laid a side the real value of what America ment to all of us. We lost sight of the very imporant part we were suppose to make sure it was done right. But we got cough in the trap that the far left marxist & socialist democrats put in place. Without us knowing or even paying attionation so here we are paying the bigges price ever. I know from the very depht of my heart & soul. This muslim is out to destroy this great nation & for sure the marxist democrates will help him and so will the RINO republicans.
    I know this reid ploise kerry durbin God help us this list can go on & on. I have not seen one marxist democrate worth a used comdom. Each & every one of them should be tried for treason & put to death today. I ask once more where are the ture men in the district of criminals?? Who still love this great nation that has the will to take a stand & began to inforce the laws in our constitution. To start the move not only to impeach this marxist muslim but try each & everyone including the marxist & socialist news media?? Then take there lives all in one day to clean up this godless God hatting America hatting worthless dog's from hell again when will you start??? I believe their will come a day & soon something will take place. Tt's not going to the way all of you loosers want it to be I see an america who is feed up. osama hussein obama wants our gun's for one reasno so he can take over this nation & become the dictator.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pat.pettie.9 Pat Pettie

    A woman in Chicago was arrested for sleeping with a corpse. Harry Reid's wife was watching this news on TV. She was shocked and immidiately called her friends and asked: " I did not know that they can arrest you for that."

  • freedomringsforall

    Heil Harry