Sheriff Joe Tells Washington NO on Federal Gun Laws

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no stranger to dealing with the illegal bureaucracy of the federal government.  He has investigated Obama’s birth certificate and Social Security card and declared them to be forgeries and an act of fraud on the American people.  He made efforts to crack down the huge problem of illegal drug and people trafficking over the US-Mexico border, only to have the Obama administration file federal lawsuits against him for racial profiling.

This time, it’s going to be about the new federal gun control laws and executive orders.  Like a number of other county sheriffs across the land, Sheriff Joe is saying NO to Washington when it comes to enforcing those laws and orders that he deems to be unconstitutional.

Last week, Sheriff Joe did a radio interview with Mike Broomhead of KFYI Radio in Phoenix.  During that interview, Arpaio raised the issue of the ATF and that it has had an acting director for years under Obama.  He asks why Obama has failed to appoint a head of ATF which is a crucial federal agency that should be involved with his fight against guns.

When asked about enforcing the executive orders, Arpaio replied:

“I took 6 to 10 oaths of office and they all say that I will defend the Constitution of the United States and the laws of my state, Arizona.  I take that very serious.  Now if they’re going to tell the Sheriff he’s going to go around picking up guns from everybody, they’re going to have a problem.  I may not enforce that federal law.  I’ve been enforcing the illegal immigration laws, federal. I’ve even had my guys certified.  They took away that authority, so why would they say ‘sheriff, we want you to go pick up all the guns and enforce these federal laws.  I may have a little problem with that.”

As an Arizonan by heart, I’ve been anxiously awaiting to hear how Sheriff Joe would respond to Obama’s executive orders on gun control and the massive gun bill that has been introduced into the Senate.  His response is exactly what I was anticipating from him, especially in lieu of all of the negative dealings he’s had lately with the feds.  Hopefully the rest of the county sheriff’s in Arizona will follow his lead.  I would also love to see them follow the lead of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association in sending a letter to Obama telling him that they will not enforce any unconstitutional gun laws and they will defend the Constitution and Second Amendment with their lives.



  • Screeminmeeme

    I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that the honorable Sheriff Joe Arpaio will stand with the American people against government tyranny.

    You can take it to the bank.

    • martha chandler

      Thank God for people like him.

      • Jeanne Ballard

        Too bad we don't have many more like him in DC

    • MARYANN33

      We need to take him to D C...Let them try to corrupt him....

  • James White, M.D.

    My congratulations to you, Sheriff Arpaio, for standing tall, as America goes away. This may become a time to act, but for now, God will decide if America is in His future plans, or not. Each God-fearing citizen, now has the obligation to speak his mind, stand his ground on all issues, and to serve the Lord with all his might. Evil has invaded America like a cancer, and matters are out of the hands of the ordinary citizen. If smoke over the horizon indicates God's decision that we shall be given a chance to fight for our country, then take out your 2nd amendment equipment, and prepare to choose between death and tyranny. If my life is the price of freedom for my children and grandchildren, it will be gladly paid. Dominus vobiscum.

    • Doodlebug

      The Sheriff of one of the larger counties in our state, is meeting with obummer this morning. He recently put out an ad which in short tells people to arm up to protect themselves until the cops can get to them. It has stirred up quite a storm and has been on Fox NEWS a couple times today which is where I first heard it. I would love to be a little mouse in the corner of that mtg. room and hear what he has to say because he's not afraid to tell it like it is. He realizes that you cannot have a cop on every corner to make response times a couple of seconds. He also knows that all the gun regulations in the world wouldn't matter one diddleydamn to the criminals, they WILL get what they want for guns or any other means they want to kill someone. Therefore, he thinks it best of educate the people.

      • Bob King

        I carry a weapon .... used to carry a cop, but that act hurt my back.

        • TAM44

          I heard about a guy who lived next door to a police station to feel safe and was robbed three time.

      • Bruce Jacobs

        Arpaio understands he is the SUPREME law enforcement in his county, and Holder has to obey the laws there or be arrested. Now, a court/jury can set aside anything Arpaio does that is of a legal nature, but NOT contrary to the Constitution. NO laws can be made (OR executive orders) that are contrary to the Constitution. That's treason!!!

        • Carol Meeks

          since when has that bothered holder or obumer?

        • TAM44

          obama and eric holder treats the Constitution as trash under their feet. Both of them are liars and evil as the day is long.

      • Davison Horst

        The people of Arizona have to get out on the streets to support Sheriff Joe. If the feds come to harass him or even to arrest him, thousands of people have to block the way. It's come to that, folks. This lunatic in the white house is out of control and needs to be stopped. The only thing that will stop him is masses of people standing up and saying enough is enough.

        • twocolts

          Exactly right. King Obama has to be stopped before this nation's collapse is irreversible. A handful of us ready to stand, will do nothing, but an historical-mass will. Every state must have collective masses ready to do whatever it takes to stop the smug, lawless madman...we owe it to our kids/grand-kids/great-grand-kids.

      • Public_Citizen

        The City of San Bernardino, California is so broke that they have filed for bankruptcy and are permanently laying off police and firefighters.
        The City Attorney has given the following advice: "Lock your doors and load your guns".

        • Doodlebug

          Good advice - take it and tell obummer to go fly a kite!

        • KJ

          Liberalism dies as people come to their senses and realize that there are potentially dire consequences.

        • Lovedtheoldusabetter

          But how can we lift the scales from all the freeloaders eyes? The only thing that I can see how that would happen is for welfares monies to go away or if Biden becomes president. Not a great choice but perhaps he can be more easily dealt with.

          Liberalism can't croak fast enough for me. Sheriff Arpaio is a real patriot and would like for the results of his work to start working for the American people.

        • George Houghtby

          You are correct - the sheep will wake up when the free stuff stops - and it will end

        • Hawkeye

          Then you best be ready with your pieces loaded and ready.

        • Carl jr

          The big freeloaders are Social Security and Medicare. Our commitment to help the poor and elderly in this country have bankrupted us.
          Oh yeah, and the rampant corruption.
          Oh, and the bloated military industrial complex.
          Fighting our longest war hasn't helped either.
          The banking system had a hand in it too.
          Plus, all the companies who moved overseas to take advantage of slave labor and no pollution controls left us with no manufacturing sector.
          The corporate takeover of the farming industry has ruined our food supply and collapsed small town America.

          Today's journalism and partisan politics have ensured we will never solve any of these issues. Our politicians have gotten the message loud and clear - Oppose everything that will move us forward. Do not work together with those from the "other side".

        • Mike Dev

          the elderly paid into social security, where as illegals that sneak into our country, then demand care from the taxpayers, HAVE PAID NOTHING. Politicians created social security to protect the elderly, then politicians borrowed against it, with no intention of ever paying it back, yet there are people that blindly support said politicians. that koolaid sure tastes good, eh carl?

        • Carl jr

          The payments IN were considerably smaller than what they take OUT. How about we add up what they paid in and give them a one time cash payout for whatever is left over after subtracting the benefits they have taken - both SS checks and Medicare benefits. If you have been relatively healthy and havent needed to use the medicare much, you may get a refund check. Then you can buy health insurance on the open market.

        • auhunter

          How about those who paid IN a healthy sum due to high wages, and never got a dime back due to an early death, like my first wife. Those are the funds that keep SSA solvent. There are a lot of those people out there, or should I say were out there. The SSA fund would be alive and well if the feds had left it alone, instead of siphoning off funds to pay for bridges to nowhere. The old Rob Peter to Pay Paul complex.

        • Pastafarian

          The medical and insurance industries have been gouging for years. They are the ones that siphoned money out of SS & Medicare. Not just the government - everyone. That is why we HAD to have some form of insurance reform passed. Bridges to Nowhere are still stealing our tax dollars - but out of a different account.

        • TAM44

          You have to be about the dumbest person taking about something you don't know beans about. You forget about the democrats taking money out of social security because there was a surplus, yes stolen as far as I'm concerned and never paid back that's one reason we cannot trust our government

          jimmy carter when he was pretend to be our leader made it so immigrants could at age sixty five began receiving SSI the democrat party gave it to them even though they never paid a dime into it.

          The democrats also begin taxing social security thanks to that global warming idiot al gore as he was the tie breaking vote.

          Some people do not work at places that offer pension and tried to save for their own retirement and the government wants that money too.

          Do you understand that this money was taken from us we had no options as I know of back in the days I was paying into it.

          The democrats has done more to destroy this country than any war we have ever been in and they're not finished yet.

        • TAM44

          I do have my own health insurance, pick pon the welfare breeding SOBs and the illegal law breaking and breeding SOBs that cost American tax payers almost a trillion dollars a year to take care of these scum.

          Don;t blame us who paid in to the systems all our lives for what is happening to our country now, blame yourself as you seem to be a know it all.

        • Hiram Holiday

          We paid for that all our lives. Pay us back and we will go away. End welfare and pensions for government workers and indolent who never pay in first.

        • TAM44

          I worked fifty one years paying in to social security and I started paying in to medicare in 1966 when it was taken from my pay. I paid into the system all my working life and I'm no freeloader BOY.

          You have us confused with the welfare SOBs and the illegal law breaking SOBs who the government give them social security even if they have never paid a dime into it. thank a democrat for that stupidity.

          I'm a vet also and our military is despised by obama and the military is down sizing now calling them bloated is like you are against the very ones who gave you the right to cut them down.

          Yes fighting the longest war ever, we should just let any terrorist come in to our country and do as they please, kill a holes like yourself.

        • Jim

          Wow! TAM44, wish I'd said that!! Thanks from 'nuther old vet.

        • Carl jr

          The dollars you put in in 1966 do not go very far in 2013. I am suggesting you get back every dollar you paid in (minus what you have already taken out). If you put in 125K over the years and have only used 50K in benefits so far - you get a check for the $75K you haven't used. Then you can purchase health insurance on the open market and invest the rest.

          Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid comprise 44 percent of all spending in the federal budget. These three programs will eat up ALL tax revenue by fiscal year 2025. In the past two decades, federal entitlement spending grew by 110 percent. Medicare is the fastest-growing major entitlement, growing 68 percent since 2002. Medicaid grew 38 percent and Social Security 37 percent in just the last decade, according to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

          These funds do not come from what was taken out of your paychecks in the seventies - they are coming from today's workforce. We are paying quadruple what you payed in and we will never see a dime of those benefits.

        • Scott Chester

          The biggest drain on social security has been the giving of funds meant for social security to illegals & some legals, neither of which have contributed an iota towards that fund.

        • Jim

          Carl jr, I worked forty (40) years of my life, paying into Social Security as I went, having no choice in the matter. When I retired, I was issued a Medicare care and was not asked whether I wanted or needed it. DO NOT BLAME US FOR THE VENAL POLITICIANS BUYING VOTES WITH "FREE" STUFF.

        • mwl

          biden uses two tactics, coercion and intimidation. He so stupid that he amasses a gun confiscation bill then states you need a double barrel shotgun for protection. clinton during the Benghazi inquery was asked the same questions a girl scout troop could muster. She was off the hook and will not answer another pennies worth on Benghazi. The socialist democrats are already touting their run in 2016. clinton and biden. A liar and a stupid azz.
          Mike in Afghanistan

        • Don Bahn

          liberalism dies when they run out of other peoples money.

        • KJ

          Your comment reminds me of Billy Joel's song "Allentown"--how the 'union people crawled away' when all the coal was gone and the factories closed down.

        • patriot2

          liberalism might die sooner if they decide to take our so called"assault rifles" & give our ss benefits to illegals.I paid into it all my life too & all those politicians can do is rob the account.

        • TAM44

          There is some liberalism even after their deaths and they still linger around polluting those with weak minds, take a look at the democrat party, I rest my case.

        • Breeze13

          I have tried to contact the Sheriff of San Bernardino county to see where he stands. I have not heard a thing. Haven't heard any Sheriff in Kailifornia say anything.

        • Ed Cifelli

          See if you can find a copy of the oath that the Sheriff takes when he is sworn into office. That will tell you.

        • Breeze13

          They can take an oath, to honor it is another matter.

        • Dan Moore

          Our sheriff here in El Dorado Co. sent the same letter that some of the others in other states sent. Sheriff John D'Agostini.

    • caskinner

      I agree.....

    • Bob King

      e pluribus unum

      • Tim Meenan

        carpe diem

        • /.murphy

          Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum, minutus carborata descendum pantorum

        • SwordOfElric

          Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

        • /.murphy

          Truly. How did I do?

        • SwordOfElric

          Perbene, quidem.

        • /.murphy

          Benigne dicis, amīce. 😉

    • Morris Mahan

      Well said, Dr. White. I dread the day when we have to once again fight against a despotic form of government to ensure that our Natural Rights as described in our Constitution are preserved. The men and women who swore to sacrafice everything, including their lives and set down on paper and/or fully supported their convictions as stated in our Decloration of Independence, and then established our Bill of Rights did so for their future generations. Sadly, we now see our Constitutional Republic with a Democratic leader selection system envincing a design of despotism and abandonment of our Bill of Rights and our Constitution to satisfy their own personal ambitions.

      For years I have been sounding the alarm of growing despotism in our Nation,and now the final time may be coming to stand together and say in one resounding voice, "NO MORE."

      The Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights is tied directly to our Declaration of Independence which admonishes us, in the event of our government through abuses and usurptions envinces the same object of absolute despotism, to cast off that government and establish new guards for our future security. That is the stated reason to have an armed civilian malitia, not for sports hunting or other personal entertainment.

      At this time, with the reported estimate of somewhere between 250 million to 310 million firearms in our nation's civilian hands, those citizens essentially comprise the largest armed force the world has ever known. Larger than even all the world nation's military forces combined. Whether in politics or combat, no nation's armed citizens have ever long suffered under a totalitarian government; Whether through armed force or systematic collapse, those governments fall and new governments are established by the people.

      For further enlightenment, I suggest the reading of E. de Vattel's "Law of Nations" from which our founders worded our Nation's Sacred Documents.

  • Pastafarian

    He will not use the DOJ database of lost and stolen guns to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations? He will return seized guns without conducting a background check? He will not share information on criminals that should be added to the national database? He will not take advantage of training available to his officers for Active Shooters?

    What is it he is refusing to do? Which one of these is unconstitutional?

    • Patriot

      The article seems pretty self explanatory. The key word here is "ILLEGAL".
      Just not that difficult to understand unless you have an arterial agenda!

      • patriot2

        I think pasta man has an anal agenda.he must not have heard that obama signed 23 illegal & unconstitutional anti-gun executive orders surrounded by children,just like Adolph Hitler did in the 1930's.

        • Pastafarian

          Why don't you look through these and let me know which one is the illegal "Hitler-esque" action...

          It seems like you don't really know what was signed. Before you continue on your freak-out, take a minute to learn what actually happened.

        • patriot2

          go to & look at their handbill,they have pictures.if I can find it anyone can.frankly I don't know why anyone believes anything the white house puts out.

        • Pastafarian

          dead link. Can you not just say which of the 23 you find illegal?

        • patriot2

          any attempt to circumvent the bill of rights is unconstitutional,therefore illegal.obama is full of illegal.sorry,try,the child shield handbill.

        • Pastafarian

          None of these actions is circumventing the Bill of Rights. Your link is just a picture of Obama next to a photo of Hitler. No substance, no facts. Just propaganda.

        • patriot2

          kind of like everything that comes out of obama?

        • John Orendorff

          Hitler actually liberalized gun ownership in Germany, except for Jews, of course. And please don't call a devout Pastafarian "pasta man." That's disrespectful and demeaning of his faith.

        • Pastafarian

          Thank you, John.

        • Patriot

          Well, John Orendorff, what's new?

        • patriot2

          I don't respect the other cult,the one that covers their women with sheets,beats & kills their women & kids & have sex with underage kids why would I even want to be pc for a cult that wears spaghetti strainers on their heads?

        • Pastafarian

          Disrespect is just a part of your character.

        • patriot2

          you have to earn my respect & that's damn hard to do.harder if you can't see through the illegal in the white house & the creatures he surrounds himself sound just like them,probably feed at the same trough.

        • patriot2

          you had to be a nazi,& here is pasta mans diety.

        • Patriot

          I think this clown is also using alias John Orendorf. 2 brand-new accounts.

        • patriot2

          oh no,twins? don't know if I can handle ignorance x2! there sure are a lot of them coming in these forums anymore,they must have picked up their welfare checks & have nothing better to do.

        • Patriot

          It looks that way! They think their pretty slick but there pretty easy to spot. Just like most Obamanoids. Just apply a little verbal preparation-H.

        • Carl jr

          Or better yet- explain how these executive orders are illegal or unconstitutional and why Arpaio would hold a press conference saying he will not follow them. Say something of SUBSTANCE.

        • jlbs

          My question is: why did he think he had to jump the gun (no pun intended) and come up with executive orders withing 5 seconds? He doesn't even try to take anything to the legislative branch anymore. Disgusting!

        • patriot2

          he wants to get as many anti-firearms rights laws through before the emotional factor wears off.for the truth about what illegal laws obama is trying to force on the US gun owners go to & find out what they really are

        • Carol Meeks

          All he signed at this point were suggestions. I don't think any of the 23 would be illegal if they were to become law but he would'nt stop there because he seems to be getting away with whatever he wants.

        • Pastafarian

          So this article - and Sheriff Joe - are just bloviating to rile people up?

          Or is everyone making these big statements based on something that MIGHT happen one day? Let's all say what future laws we will not follow. I will refuse to observe the fly-pool lanes when the skyway is built. I also will not submit to the Soylent Green initiative. My DeLorean will travel to whatever time period I want - I will not observe the restrictions on going back to ancient Judea.

        • Patriot

          Well, like they say, you just can't fix stupid. Pasta man/women/child/homosexual or what ever isn't worth a camels spit.:)

      • Pastafarian

        The question was - which one is illegal?

        • Morris Mahan

          Where do we start? with today's gift of F-16 fighter jets to our sworn enemy? Perhaps with Obamacare, which puts the government in a commercial business in violation of our Constitution, or perhaps with his appointemts while Congress is out of session, directly in violatin of our Constitution,.Maybe with his construction of between 600 and 800 FEMA camps designed as prisons combined with adjacent predug graves and multiperson plastic coffins. Note here that those "camps" are constructed to hold between 20,000 and 2,000,000 people each. How about his refusal to supply any credible documents regarding his birth, education, or other personal history. He was born a British Crown citizen because his fatherwas a subject, adopted by his stepfather to become an Indonesial citizen, applied to college on a foreign student status. I could go on, but my fingers are tired and need to rest now.

        • Pastafarian

          You are not listening. Which of the 23 executive actions signed in January to curb gun violence is illegal? Which ones are Sheriff Joe going to refuse to follow?

        • Patriot

          Hey there! Take the camel crap out of your ears and pay attention.What? Are you some kind of a buffoon or just mentally incompetent to comprehend? Either way enough is enough already.

        • Patriot

          No thanks. Find someone to teach you simple logic and analytical thinking. Beyond that, I simply can't help you. You fail to adequately ask a proper salient question so I'm simply unable to do your thinking for you. Thanks anyway.

        • Carl jr

          He asked a legitimate question. You said "Obama signed 23 illegal and unconstitutional anti-gun executive orders". Yet you cannot name even ONE of them you find illegal OR unconstitutional. You can't do your own thinking apparently.

        • Patriot

          He and you, if you two are not the same individual or John Orendorff.
          Gee jerk off, I see you just created a new account. Now go F yourself! Jerk.

        • Carl jr

          Not even one? There are 23 to choose from. You are obviously all riled up about it.
          It must be pretty embarrassing. No wonder you just post insults. They don't affect me, i know It's just a defense mechanism to mask your low intelligence.

        • Pastafarian


        • Patriot

          f-off you social misfit!

  • polmutant

    big deal? Joe has a pile of illegals and does nothing with them except let them bilk taxpayers. if an american eliminates such monley the american goes to jail for killing a man. all this sherriff stuff of standing up to the constitution is BS. they do not even keep law abiding citizens legal reprieve for an individuals constitutional rights. it is like maurie popv and operah. that is because they no there are no more americans only aino's {american in name only} this is why the muslim brotherhodd and the chinese own senate, congress, scotus, JCOf, and obama is their man to rule. what a pile of doo doo. perhaps sherriff Joe should arrest obama or even his own traitorous congressman or senator. I think not. because Joe is eating at the same chinese/muslim trough. america cannot afford to be paying an government employee without outside help.

    • Mr. Positive

      Another leftist comes out from behind the cesspool..Or was he already in it..Sheriff Joe is standing up for your rights too polmutant and pastafarian..We can always tell your agenda when you bash great Americans..

    • patriot2

      if sheriff Joe Arpaio has a "pile"of illegals it's because obama is not doing his job,instead he forbids ICE from doing anything.

      • polmutant

        the sherriff is the highest legal officer in county. so what about ICE? put them on chain gang too. it is all a pile of poo that these sherriffs are gonna fight if theyu were going to fight the first thing they would have done is rounded up the obamaloids, because if these sherriffs are serious the first threat to them are the same obamaloids in their counties, obama will say eat and the obamaloids will riot and eat. it is common sense. fighting a war with diareeha of the mouth, yep that will do it.


      WHAAAAT ????????????????????????

      My 5 year old daughter, at 18 months old, made more sense than this pile of proof positive of the failure of the public education system!!!!

      • polmutant

        well in your deep broad understnading what do you fail to comprehend? that a sherriff saying i will fight but turns blind eye to the obamaloid ilks? conforming to illegal federal madates protecting illegals? that america is in name only? that the scotus Jcos congress and senate sold you to obama and his chinese muslim cohorts??? i agree your education system complete failure. having a child i would suppose you are of tax payer age?? do you pay tax for unconstitutional policy? do you pay unconstitutional taxes???? look in the mirror; american in name only.


          * throws hands in the air and walks away LAUGHING !!! *

        • polmutant

          walk on laughing, cause i think you are in such deep dark hole you neither see sunlight nor know it exists. enjoy your day trip. but then again your name says it all "wish" for liberty" too poor to pay attention the sheoples wish for freedom, but go off to the slaughter. or as you aino's say the blind lead the blind into the ditch.

  • caskinner

    Sheriff Joe for President. This country needs a real leader and Sheriff Joe is that!

    • Bob King

      That's an idea, but Joe-baby is a little too old to run and certainly too smart!!

  • Mort Leith

    Odumbo says that Republicans unwilling to compromise on SHREDDING OUR CONSTITUTION !

    • patriot2

      I wouldn't compromise with any democrat,much less obama.all obama & his minions are after is to shred the constitution.we're lucky to have the sheriffs in this country that will stand up to him & Joe Arpaio is one that will.

      • Carl jr

        Which is why from here on out it will all be executive orders until we get some more parties involved.

        • patriot2

          that's all the head illegal knows,isn't it? we know crooked is all holder knows,as they say in the dog training world,"stupid runs down the leash"!

        • Carl jr

          Congress can't even do the most basic part of their job - set the budget and fund the government. Until they do, they should not be debating anything else.
          Can you remember the last time they accomplished anything? I think they approved some coin designs last year. (but no budget)

  • pduffy

    Why hasn't Sheriff Joe testified in court regarding the forged documents? Seems the investigation was about publicity, and not justice. Never trust in man. Trust in God alone.


      Geeze, do a little research man, here is your answer to the utterly retarded and ludicrous assumptions!.!

      " Courts have rebuffed lawsuits over the issue. "

      • pduffy

        Not true. Sheriff Joe was asked by Orly Taitz to testify in federal court when her case came before Judge Carter. She called witnesses, and the case was heard, but dismissed. That was Joe's chance to actually testify in a court of law, but he refused. You need to do your research. Both Sheriff Joe and Mike Zulo were asked to testify, and both refused because they said the "case was still under investigation". Why not just present what you have if our nation is at stake? They have enough evidence. I don't buy your argument.


          You answered your own argument in the second sentence of your post. The fact is yes, he refused to testify in court because he knows, when you do not have all the facts you damage the case irreparably and with their godking NOBALLZO's protectors in the goonverment this is a necessity to have ALL THE FACTS, not part of them.

    • freebirds

      The govt isn't allowing his day in court. He is gun ho in it tho. He has been on the news and every media outlet that will have him. ,but the Gestapo is whats pushing him back.


    Sheriff Joe for

  • mjritter

    Sheriff Joke is a disgrace to the human race and the badge he wears. It's amazing, and we know its a lie, that when he spent tax dollars trying to prove that Obana wasn't born in the USA, he found it to be a forgery. If the facts are as he claims them to be, why hasn't he done anything? I see no charges filed for fraud? So he's not doing his job? He's a fraud! Self-serving. At 80+ years of age, he's on the downside. Maybe one day AZ can actually have a sheriff to be proud of.

    • Alberto Mitchell

      mjritter, you are an ugly American and we as a great Nation don't need you.. How could you be in favor of this president that all he want is to destroy America as we know it.

      • mjritter

        You wouldn't know what an ugly American is. In fact, apparently toy have no idea of what being an American is. Everyday, I drive by Arlington National Cemetery where 600,000 of our bravest and finest are laid to rest, including my 2 parents and sister. The only people that want to destroy the US are the vast majority of people here posting, including yourself.

        • Patriot

          May I offer a suggestion? Show a little respect for those 600,000 of our bravest and finest and leave!


      " that when he spent tax dollars trying to prove that Obana wasn't born in the USA, he found it to be a forgery "
      OK, How many way can I express the stupidity and insanity about JUST this statement you have made. 1St, he used NO PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS to do his investigation!!!!!!
      2ND, Even your god KING NOBALLZO himself has stated on so many occasions that he was born in kenya. For GOD sake, how can you even type on the computer you are using.

      • Pastafarian

        Maricopa County taxpayers payed more than $9600 (including more than $3500 in overtime) to send a publicly-funded deputy (without approval from the county manager) to Hawaii (where he had no jurisdiction) to accompany a volunteer to ask (in person) the Hawaii Department of Health for a copy of the birth certificate. (which they did not have the authority to obtain). During this Hawaiian vacation, the deputy was not doing his ACTUAL job.

        Arpaio has refused to reimburse the county out of his own pocket for these illegal expenditures. The Maricopa County board of supervisors refused to allow the MCSO to repay these tax expenditures from donations made to the Cold Case Posse. Saying that accepting donations is akin to privatizing the sheriff's office and that we need to hold our elected officials accountable for using taxpayer dollars.

    • jime1

      mjritter, you're a disgrace! There are numerous modes of transportation out to Arizona and the U.S., pick one and please GO!!!

      • patriot2

        he sounds like an obama voter,a disappointment to veterans everywhere.

        • Patriot

          That jerk mjritter, doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground!

    • Public_Citizen

      /Robbie Robot On/ "Danger, danger, Danger. Warning Will Robinson" /Robbie robot Off/

      Liberal TROLL Alert.

    • freebirds

      His prisons have the highest success rate in the country for lack of repeat offenders.
      Figures don't lie, but liars such as your self sure can figure. And one can only get away with nothing when it comes to being up against the tyranny Gestapo.

  • Patriot7

    The reason Sheriff Joe has been re-elected so many time is because he is a true patriot and an ardent supporter of the Constitution. Despite the efforts of many critics and federal government hindrances, he has stood up to defend the Constitution and to enforce the laws of the state of Arizona. He is a model for all law enforcement officers and those in that field should emulate his example,

    • Bob King

      Patriot 7......many do emulate Joe. More should. 3,077 counties (parishes [Louisiana] and boroughs [Alaska]) in the United States. If all county sheriffs were to emulate Joe, that would be a formidable force with which to contend.

      Of course, Homeland Security just, or is in the process of purchasing, purchased over 7,000 automatic weapons. Why?

      Who runs this friggin' country?

      When I was in the military (Korean veteran....our side), I took an oath (more than once) to defend this country and its Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I think I did OK on the foreign part, but the domestic part is questionable.

  • Alberto Mitchell

    Sheriff Joe is a true American patriot.. there should be more like him.. especially now with this dictator in WAshington..

  • Lew

    Sheriff Arpaio I hope you live to be 120 years old and in good heath!

  • jime1

    Sheriff Joe is a thorn in the side of the Feds, so as Mr. Spock might well say 'may he live long and prosper!'

  • jong

    Of course Obama knows that he must disarm the nation in order to carry out the rest of his agenda. He wants a civil war. However, he does not realize what it will bring. First all those who have disobeyed the Constitution will be jailed then in court for what they have done. Then most probably executed under law. What he does not understand nor does the liberal press, or others such as Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Reid that this will not make us weaker in the long run but, stronger for the fact that we will hold the Constitution dear because of what we might have to do to enforce it.

  • Richard_B

    A New York City cop told me that the best place to buy a weapon was in NYC in spite of their strict gun control laws.

  • SJvet

    Well, he's ready to cave. He said he "may" not enforce that law.

  • Richard_B

    Please read the article
    at the URL listed above. The sheriffs in Utah are patriots. I hope that the majority of sheriffs have as much patriotism. At you can download a PDF copy of the letter.

  • Thomas Stevens

    The day is coming when true American patriots will control this country again and then we'll
    see how these cockroaches in Washington will be trying to hide anywhere they can but will
    be hunted done for the acts of treason they have committed, Stand together people,stay
    locked and loaded and don't take any B.S. from any goverment goons that come to your
    house.I really don't think that they have any idea of how many of us there are who are just
    waiting for them. This isn't going to be Waco or Ruby Ridge.I'm ready to die for this country
    my children and grandchildren.Sure hope they are. Semper Fi

    • Morris Mahan

      I took the same oath as you, and an oath is not time stamped. I too swore an alliegence to protect and defend our Constitution and stand firmly with you. Semper Fi, brother.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    Way to go
    Sheriff Joe. You and all the other law enforcement people who have said NO to the MUSLIM-IN-CHIEF reallly are doing there jobs

  • RonMar

    Obama and many with him must be removed from office ASAP, hopefully by legal means.

    • BigUgly666

      How about by "lawful" means instead of "legal"??

  • Silas Longshot

    It's a pity Sheriff Joe is a tad old to run for president. He sure would make a damnfine president, cognizant of the duties, responsibilities and authority of the office. .

  • Marie Chantel

    Thank you Sheriff Arpaio! I hope the ATF new guy will not be a brown nose like all the others in Washington!

  • Tomtom

    American must rid itself of this FRAUD in the White house. He has lied and committed treason, killing four a patriotic Americans, he is a closet Muslim who HATES America. We must HANg this Traitor!!

  • Carol Meeks

    56 million people were exterminated in the 20 th century because of gun control. Think about that.

  • Carol Meeks

    people who trade liberty for security have neither.

  • John Wilch

    Sheriff Arpaio, you don't have to worry about one of Obama's goons attacking you form the back, I've got it.

    I swore the following oath in 1963 and said it again every time I re-elisted: "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support
    and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
    enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and
    allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the
    President of the United States and the orders of the officers
    appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform
    Code of Military Justice. So help me God." I didn't say that oath for just my term of enlistment, I said it and meant it for the rest of my life.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam '68 - '69; Door gunner; 1st Cavalry Division (AM). I also served a spell as a Scout (19D).

  • mudguy1

    We have a Congress that is afraid to investigate and have hearings on what Sheriff Joe has uncovered about Obummer. What makes anybody believe that Congress will do anything about defeating this assault on our Second Amendment.

  • RoryT

    Sheriff Joe. One straight shooter. God Love and Protect Him!

  • Morris Mahan

    Yesterday on CNN, I watched and listened to The Senate Democrat conference on "firearms contol." There is a growing attitude in that committee that any firearm that can be fired simply by repeatedly p;ulling the trigger is an assault weapon. That was said to include hand guns as well as long guns, meaning if you own a semi-automatic or revolver hand gun, it is on the board to be outlawed as an assault weapon.
    The military has two terms of which everyone should be aware.
    MLR -Main Line of Resistance
    FLR - Final Line of Resistance.
    The MLR is essentially the compliance with and enforcement of our Sacred Documents, our Declaration of Independence, Bill of rights, and Constitution. These are the standards of our Republic, not to be curcumvented, ignoredor violated. To interpret the basic meaning of the terms used in those documents, I would suggest to all to refer to the "Law of Nations" authored by E. de Vattel, used by our founders in the construction of them, and used by the United States Supreme Court many times to fully interpret the finer points of those documents.
    The need for the FLR was forseen by our founders and for that reason, we have our Second Amendment, essentially, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, to cast off a government that has become despotic in nature. This could lead to an armed revolution, a very bad thing, but when it must be done, then only we can do it.
    We must all remember that what we do today will be either a boon or a bane for our future generation so what we do we must do wisely and with the conviction that what we do is what must be done. I do not know what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

  • PatriotDiva

    And I'll add my HELL NO to that!!!

  • US citizen

    My favorite Sheriff,a real American !

  • Jude O'Connor

    How many sheriffs in the USA? We have one that will stand up and do as he took oath to do? What's wrong with the thousands of others?

  • Florence Stone

    Oregon sheriff's have stood firm, sending letters to Biden and Obama that THEY are the supreme authority in their counties and WILL honor their oath to the CONSTITUTION, to defend it against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and that means any unconstitutional laws or executive orders passed by Congress or the POTUS!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR SHERIFF'S, AND ALL IN THE NATION WHO DO THE SAME!!

  • disharted

    Am quiet sure all the hunters and gun loving Americans will stand by the sheriff in uphoding the constitution and the 2a , it time the elected officials start upholding the oath of office and stop trying to remove all laws that protect our citizens just to disarm and return us to slavery

  • Chris Holley

    Thanks Joe,

  • Brabado

    Keep going Joe! Freedom loving America is thanking you, 24/7.

    Don't let Socialists/Democrats/Progressive and their Minions, take away our 2nd. Amendment, Freedoms or Liberties...

    Our U.S.Constitution is a real threat to them...

    America only remembers, pays tribute, and honors its Sons and Daughters who had the courage to stand tall, and even give their lifes, fighting the weak, and the traitors, bringing the fight to them, till their Ultimate Goals are met.


  • freedomringsforall

    You go Joe

  • Ed Cifelli

    "All of Arizona Law Enforcement is sworn to defend and up hold the Constitution of the United States." This is an exact quote I got from the local SO about 7 hrs ago. AZ State law indicates that the sheriff will defend and uphold the Constitution of the US. No and, ifs or buts.

  • Knife10

    Arpaio 7, Obama 0. Way to go, Joe! You the Man!

  • Mike Tanco

    If Congress had examined all of the information he gathered as to why Obama was not a legal citizen of the United States, we wouldn't be in this dilemma. Sheriff Joe spent a lot of time researching Obama's past and it was ignored. Washington, D.C. is just plan corrupt.

  • Freedoms Waining

    Thank God for true Constitution following partiots like Sheriff Joe!!!!! Man is a true American. On a scale from 0 to 10, Sheriff Joe is a 10, and the Marxist a 0. Why a zero? Because of the damage being done to our beloved country, the Constitution, our freedoms, and they people. This is true!!!!

  • Delores109

    What are you trying to do....encourage the use of dynamite? In Bath, Michigan, a School Board Members placed dynamite under a school and killed 37 children and many adults. He was not an expert in explosives or many more would have died. He was angry about tax increases. Dianne Feinstein, you are writing a gun bill, when you have had a terrorist group place a bomb under your house. Had one of those terrorists entered your home that night, you would have been defenseless and cold meat. You went out and bought a concealed weapon after that...and carried it for YEARS. LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR:
    You and Obama will not take away our right to defend ourselves. NOW, SHUT UP ABOUT GUNS, OR PUT ONE IN EACH OF YOUR MOUTHS AND PULL THE TRIGGER. I believe I could have said that more politely, but I chose not to.
    Delores Smith

  • Victor Barney

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio, you're the only Matt Dillon left in Dodge & with the "gatherer's"(women & blacks) making up over 70% of our population, the Marxist's(Anti-Christ's), plan to get you too! However, we're lucky Sheriff Joe because the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 are soon coming and they will be no contest for the Lucifer(Satan) disciples! Just saying what's really written, therefore: watch...

  • Jessy Folmar

    We need Joe to take over Holders job as director of the DOJ. Then my be just maybe I will feel better. Not much until ObamaHitler is gone.

  • /.murphy

    Gotta say... this one made me laugh.

    If Sheriff Arpaio has "investigated" President Obama's Social Security Card and found it to be fraudulent, then some business owner needs to ask him why the IRS keeps accepting the man's tax returns.

    As every business owner knows, if you "unknowingly" (wink, wink) employ an illegal immigrant who presents forged documentation, you can do so for only a year until you get the letter from the IRS. So why haven't they rejected his returns? It's been far more than a year. Hmmm....

    Just answer the question, Sheriff...

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Neither the card nor the certificate on the White House web site are valid. That doesn't mean that a social security card does not exist. It's just not that one. Would you publish your social security card on the most public of websites?

      I'm not saying that there is not a legitimate birth certificate, although I don't believe there is one for Hawaii and that wouldn't matter, anyway since both of his parents were not citizens at the time of the subject, obama's birth, which renders him ineligible.

      The postings on the White HOuse Website are merely something to pacify a not so bright electorate. I have some friends that are very smart people and they have a downloaded copy of that birth certificate in the glass pane of their front door, as if it's proof he's an American citizen. It doesn't make it so. The court challenges of eligibility and legal, demands for proof by the states have been summarily dismissed due to lack of standing and or no proof of irreparable harm.

      The courts don't want to touch it because it means we're all dumb axxes if he's not eligible and we voted him in. They don't want the fallout that comes behind it if they do. The democrats wouldn't; strike that, don't care.

      • /.murphy

        Before you guys get too excited about being able to download an image of those documents, you should google US court cases involving questions about the authentication of computer files. An image file isn't proof of anything, either way, the courts have said. The point is, only the Hawaiian official certification of the original in their possession is what matters. It was apparently enough for Republican Arizona Sec'y of State Ken Bennett, who certified Obama's eligibility in his state. You'll also note that Obama was on the ballet in all 50 states, and all challenges to his eligibility failed over a period of 4 years. And we're not just talking 8 or 10 cases. The sensible conclusion is that Hawaii has proof that he was born there. Period.

        • Libertarian Soldier

          Wrong again, wing-nut! You're pretty good at arguing off the point, as I remember since you're reminding me again but I'll address your tangent.

          Arizona took Nancy Pelosi's word that she had personally certified obama since she signed the document. When Arizona investigated, their health records department failed to and factually refused to produce the document and in a phone conversations inquiring its existence was simply answered, 'yep'. If that's proof enough for you, you're a democrat. Having misgivings about how he'd certified the candidacy, Bennett requested "Sheriff Joe" investigate what he knew to be a strange answer as to the proof of the document and has been thwarted by Hawaiian officials. When asked by Sheriff Joe about the existence of the document, a Hawaiian records keeper laughed, winked and said the same thing, 'yep!'

          The challenges have addressed the documents of a draft registration and a birth certificate as a forgery and obama's attorney has never denied that they are forgeries, or as she calls them, 'props'. She only argues that it is somehow unconstitutional to demand proof when it has not been required of other candidates, that the states have no plaintiff and no legal standing and that there is no proof of harm. The question has never been answered or it still would not be in contention.

          Millions have been spent by obama, personally and now by the federal government, repelling court cases demanding proof. The fact is, the only thing that's been determined is not that obama has shown proof, but that it may be unconstitutional to compel him to do so. That does not make him eligible and it still wouldn't because one of the lines on the document would prove that his father was not an American citizen. Factually, he was a pedophile, as well because obama's mother was not married to his father and was not an adult.

          The actual question of proof has never gotten that far. Pelosi opens herself to possible federal, criminal charges by not having seen the original birth certificate.

          obama continues to protect his background while calling for the transparency of all others.

          Perhaps you can do some reading before making that connection that there is some proof that eligibility has been established.

        • /.murphy

          LOL! Obama's attorney correctly called them "props." As I suggested, you need to look at the history of US court rulings with regard to computer document files and computer image files. What she presented in court were not authenticatible documents according to a number of important prior rulings. So yes, they were essentially "props."
          The remainder of what you say is baseless ranting.

        • Libertarian Soldier

          You just can't stay on point if your life depends on it. Dismissing documented fact is not ranting. You keep making my own point, over and over and failing to respond to the issues. The democrat party needs you.

          The courts have never ruled on eligibility, not one, not once. obama's attorney fights on the basis that they don't have to prove eligibility becasue it doesn't matter and nobody has been harmed. They concede that he's lied about claiming to be a foreign exchange student to get financial aid but that it was a "white lie". That is the issue. You can't ahve it both ways if you're a documented liar.

          That it is unconstitutional to question his eligibility is the basis of his legal battle. He's never proven eligibility to anybody since he has not produced a legal, original birth certificate, his original social security card and his registration for the draft, although most of you democrats believe he has by posting what some call forgeries, his lawyer calls props and ignorant democrats call proof on the white house web site. This has quelled and misled the ignorant public.

          You can't dismiss fact as a rant

        • /.murphy

          None of what you say is true. If you think the President is somehow not eligible, then get out your piggy bank and organize a challenge based on your argument. If you really believed your own argument, you'd do just that instead of whining about it here.

        • Libertarian Soldier

          Everything I say is by definition, absolute fact. You seem to be educated, if not mis-educated so I know you know how to read but you need to start reading from sources other than mother jones and like leftist publications that spin the marxist agenda. I have donated to Truth and other organizations that want only for this pretender to come out of hiding and unseal his records. He's not even contesting eligibility. He's contesting whether it matters and whether the states have a right to demand proof of eligibility.

          If he's eligible, what's the harm in proving it?

        • /.murphy

          There's never any harm proving anything. The President simply isn't under any legal obligation to do so. That was the argument in the New Jersey case. Simple.

          As for "Truth" ... "A fool and his money are soon parted."

        • patriot2

          ken bennet took the path of least resistance,as did all the other states.obamas real BC has never been shown or there wouldn't be a problem showing it instead of a fake.the only thing obama has shown is that he's got money to keep lawyers busy hiding his eligibility,or lack of it.

        • /.murphy

          So... have you concluded that Bennett and all of the other states are now part of the grand conspiracy, then?

  • Libertarian Soldier

    obama's attorney has never defended the documents in question, in court because they are indefensible. The social security card would never be published on the White House web site, although ignorant people believe this is proof of eligibility. Not a very web savvy or security savvy bunch of democrats.

    obama's attorney fights not his eligibility but the right of the states to question it since others have not been questioned. It's the old, "that's not fair" argument, compounded by no legal standing and no irreparable harm, meaning, "why are we questioning it if they didn't?" and "it doesn't matter to us, we're better off, anyway".

    Conservatives are law and order people, democrats and their like are only interested in laws, however tyrannical, that fit their agenda. It's true, they don't care whether the person in the White House is eligible if he's also a marxist.

  • jazboo

    God bless and have mercy on the United States Of America! Wake our people from the coma they are in!