Boy Scouts Ready to Give In to Gay Activists

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

That used to be the Scout Oath, the promise that every Boy Scout and Scoutmaster made to his community.

After years of social, political and legal pressure from people who have no respect for that oath, particularly the last two words, the Boy Scouts of America is poised to change its rules to allow for the first time Scouts and Scout leaders who are openly gay.

The national board is expected to adopt the rules change next week, according to USA Today.

The change passes the buck to local sponsoring groups to decide whether they want to allow gays into their troops. Many Scout sponsors are churches and synagogues that believe homosexuality is a sin, so they can still maintain the traditional Scout rules, but without the support of the national board, the sponsors will be opening themselves to further legal assaults by gay activist groups.

In July, BSA chief executive Bob Mazzuca said, “The vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers and at the appropriate time and in the right setting.”

The proposed change has come about largely because of two liberal board members, Randall Stephenson of AT&T and James Turley of Ernst & Young, and several local groups infiltrated by gays and their supporters.

According to one Scouting website, the phrase "morally straight" in the Oath means, "To be a person of strong character, your relationships with others should be honest and open. You should respect and defend the rights of all people. Be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs."

There's nothing honest, respectful or faithful in people joining the Boy Scouts for the purpose of forcing it to change. Despite the cultural propaganda from Hollywood, homosexuals remain less than 3 percent of the overall population, and the Scouts' policy had been upheld by the Supreme Court. The national board is giving in to a PC fad that will ultimately drive away parents of boys who could have benefited from their program.

After all, what responsible parent would want to put a young boy in a program where he will be spending weekends overnight in the wilderness with openly gay men? It's a situation to be avoided for the same common sense reason that men shouldn't be overnight camp leaders for a bunch of Girl Scouts.

The people who've pushed for this change have themselves violated the Scout Oath, as they obviously have no intention of "obeying" the Scout Law and took the oath with intent to evade its meaning.

If this passes, the next group the BSA will find itself having to let in the front door is atheists, who at last check can't stand the Oath's reference to God or the part of the Scout Law that calls upon Scouts to be "reverent."

More to the point, the BSA will likely find itself permanently changed like the Girl Scouts, which have become increasingly irrelevant as a training ground for young people as they have become saddled with more and more PC nonsense.



  • martha chandler

    The leftist never stop corrupting.

  • Laura

    In 1956 at Rock Hill High School a local pastor spoke at our weekly assembly, the gathering of all students in the auditorium. After prayer he spoke on communism, telling us the master plan of the party for the United States--take over medicine, politics, education,financial and even the Boy Scouts. Google the U.S Communist Party. -----Are we there yet?

  • Doodlebug

    My boys are out of scouting for many, many years now. However, if they were still in BSA I would definitely take them out. To keep them "morally straight," there are many things I can teach them to keep them strong both physically and mentally. I could even start some club that would be for kids in the neighborhood and to H with all the money involvment. Any organization giving money should have checked out the scout oath before they committed to a monetary gift. Morally has a different meaning than the meaning given "morally straight" in the article, and I would tend to venture that when the oath was created, their idea of morally straight is more like my understanding than the above. It is too bad it has come to this.


    Liberals hate ALL private organizations. They want to destroy them and force the government to take over.

    • SoylenGreenIsPeople

      And then they want to turn people into soylent green and make us pay for it with our tax dollars.

    • Jason Goodwin

      How true. Do the words "Young Pioneers" and "Komsomol" ring a bell?

    • fliteking

      They also openly want to 'normalize' homosexuality enough to indoctrinate young Americans but so much so that they alarm parents or fail to get 'special rights' for the gays.

  • Carl jr

    The Klan Scouts will never agree to this. What's next? Jews? Not in my troop!

    • jong

      No but we will be "roasting" you at the next meeting. Literally.

    • JohnGalt

      By what metric are the Scouts like your Leftist KKK, ignoramus?

      • fliteking


        Losers like Carl are in for a real shock when the SHTF,

    • fliteking

      Carl Jr acting out his belief of what conservatives are on the internet again.

      The constant hatred and demonizing of a single group*** is quite admirable . . . from a Nazi perspective. HEIL CARL ! (Clicking heels)

      His sister tells me he 'acts out' as a socially inept unkempt weirdo at home (who still steals money from his mothers purse at age 47) . . . very believable.

      *** PrettyPhckedUpBehavior champ, you need to check yourself in somewhere soon. Lucid much?

      • keep kids out of RCC

        Carl was probably molested by his priest when he was young.

    • quipster

      you don't own a gun doya !!!!

    • gypsy314

      Carl jr you may want your child around child molester Most Americans would prefer not to expose the children to gays or homosexuals period. That is your choice and we should not be judge by anyone because of our choice not to go against our morals and values.

  • Adam Moreira

    The decision is being left to local chapters if other sources are correct.

    The problem with lawsuits against the BSA is that courts are improperly granting standing.

  • TXcowgrl

    What happened to the "protect the children" mantra? If we can save even one life dont we have an obligation to that child? This invites disaster. But I'm not surprised. It wont matter how many boys get molested, or suffer sexual harassment in the name of "tolerance."

  • Bulldog74

    As one of three brothers who made Eagle, I think the BSA would do better to honorably disband. Besides, it doesn't seem like the Scout Oath and the twelve points of the Scout Law have any place in today's America.

  • Tango

    It will be the end of the Boy Scouts forever.

    • Ran Kelvin

      As we know it. Those of us that are currently Scout leaders will form our own Scouts as a separate organization, true to the original Scouting principles. The Girl Scouts became a lesbian training ground and many leaders left to form the American Heritage Girls
      We will do the same for the boys, we will not abandon our boys to be homosexual prey.


    Many parents will have their sons resign from the Boy Scouts. They do not want their boys
    under the control of homosexuals.

  • Brian Maday


  • rowdygirl726

    I'm sure Obama would let his hypothetical son be a boy scout, even if he wouldn't let him play football.

    • OllB

      He says he does have one: the boy that beat up that guard, whose parents begged for money over it.

  • jong

    Time to get off the sinking ship. The Evangelical Lutherans decided to have gays in the church and many of the churches left them. I propose a new organization that will accept neither gays nor any one of low moral character. Which means you cant be a liberal call them the Powell Scouts.

  • MelissaStinebaugh

    Call the BSA at 972-850-2000 - they are taking a phone poll whether to change or not. It rings and rings, then they answer and ask if it about policy or not. When you say yes, they transfer you and then you can tell them to NOT change the policy.

  • FlyerVic

    As a former scout, albeit long ago, I URGE the BSA to retain its standards and morals that have for so long served well the scouts, the organization and the communities in which scouting has prospered. Please do not cave to the liberal perverts who are out to destroy all that is good about this Country.

    • Texsheva


      • hardhead

        I got kicked out of the scouts, Another scout took my food on a week long campout, I ask him nicely to return my food and he refused. I smacked him grabbed his shirt and drug him out of the tent and threw him down and the fire was right there.

        • hardhead

          Its time for THE NEW SCOUTS OF AMERICA, Where they learn the constutution and the true history.

    • Ran Kelvin

      As an active Scout leader and with a son in the Scouts, we will not be cowed. The decision to allow gays has been put off until after the big summer events. Either way it doesn't matter to probably 100,000 of us leaders, we will resign and form an organization true to Baden-Powell. At least three of the largest church denominated charter organizations have warned the BSA of such. While individual Packs and Troops will be allowed to turn away homosexual youths and adults, such dangerous people will be open to prey upon our Scouts at regional or national meetings. We will fight this, we will not end up like the Girl Scouts by taking God out of their Pledge and producing training books on lesbian activities or by electing chairs of the organization that are openly homosexual. We will fight!

  • Texsheva

    Hey, Boy Scout Administrators.....what ever happened to the "morally straight" part of the oath???? DO NOT FOLD TO THE LBGT AGENDA!!!!!

  • Eugene Lubben

    If they let queers in I will never give them another penny ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Kevin Smart

      If they make the change, I will immediately stop my ongoing Friends of Scouting donation and remove my name as an MBC and stop registering with the BSA.

      I am an Eagle Scout (1981) and a former Scoutmaster who believes in the Scout Oath and Law.

  • camdenme2

    Down with Liberals and Gays !!! The Boy Scouts had better not capitulate !!!!

  • ARMYOF69

    They will next teach them gay sex and give them a badge for it. Time to stop them is NOW, any way we can. ANY WAY we can.

  • D. Guardian

    Won the war and lost the battle. What's next? The police athletic league. They already have the girls scouts. Me? I prefer to go down with the ship........perverts in the woods in charge of little boys.....only in America. Unbelievable, but true. God help us!!

  • hardhead

    Read about Obama's phony Connecticut social security number (with supporting documents) here:

  • /.murphy

    Does anyone know if the new BSA rule is going to include a stylin' pink or rainbow neckerchief?

  • Scott Wilson

    At last! Now that the Boy Scouts have crumbled, the Gay Agenda can commence with its plans for global domination by turning all of your children gay! Be warned, heterosexuals, your days are numbered!

  • DouglasDauntless

    Kiss the Boy Scouts goodby. All homosexuals are pedophiles looking to molest children.

    • keep kids out of RCC

      You misspelled priests.

  • disqus_mijcPdcjhV

    This administration is trying to take all moral fiber and integrity away form this country. When you take god out of the country you become like Nazi

    Germany so No we except gay men to handle our children, this phony president pretends he care about our children but he is the pro abortion president. So now we say its fine to put gay people around our children, it was totally forbidden for hundreds of years But we are taking god from our country and installing new morals by librals that think its ok , until a gay person abuse and destroys one of there children .

  • disqus_mijcPdcjhV

    The Boy scouts of America will slowly fade away and take with them a wholesome way of life and responsibility. Now there will end up with minimum participation in the future.

  • walter

    From these posts it just doesn't seem like you righties are happy living in the United State

    • quipster

      We just don't like little boy lovers like you !!!

  • Katy

    It's a private org. If it was fine for a private org to decide to keep out gay folks, it will be fine for them to let gay folks in.

    • JohnGalt

      "Fine" and butterflies in a sunflower field IF it is the free, unencumbered choice of a private Institution.

      Instead the Scout's cowardly corporate supporters are being coerced to withdraw financial support by the Fag Fascists.

      If perverts are allowed into the Boy Scouts that venerable Institution will be effectively destroyed. What private instituion would freely choose that route?

  • quipster

    Well maybe we can have the boys and girls scouts of obama's father land or did someone else allready start that!

  • jausten2

    Don't gays think it's odd that Obama is arming Morsi in Egypt who is calling for death of Jews, Christians and Gays?

    Obama also loves Putin who is calling for laws to OUTLAW public displays of homosexuality.

    Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and we all know how Muslims feel about gays

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Although I am not a Clinton fan, I think Clinton's policy about, 'don't ask; don't tell' should be the law and that sexuality should go back to the privacy of our own homes. I don't want to know who you have sex with

  • Doc

    The cowards who run the BSA are just going to bend over and take it.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      I think the point is that they've been infiltrated.

  • gypsy314

    Americans should boycott boy scouts before it becomes gay scouts.

  • Johnnys

    Sorry folks, if you are a God fearing person and believe that the Bible is the true word of GOD, then you must not support Gays in the BSA. Because if you do support gays in the BSA then you are not a true christian.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    "To do my duty to God"...which would be to listen and obey God's Word...right? Which other behaviors which God condemns shall we push onto the scouts? How about prostitution? How about drunkeness? Theft? Pedophilia? Where does this end? Well, when and if the BSA lets it start, it will never end.

    BSA: it's time to take a stand as leaders. You talk the talk, now it's time to walk the walk.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    As the father of a matriculated Eagle Scout, I don't just 'believe homosexuality is a sin', I know it to be so. It is not normal and is an abomination. It would also be a serious betrayal to expose our children to it as if it was normal. It is not. That's why they call themselves 'queer nation', on one hand while they systematically normalize it through the media and the courts.

    The 49ers' corner back was set upon for answering with his misgivings about showering with homosexuals. He was made to apologize and was accused of making homophobic comments.

    Scouting should not give way to the gay agenda that is so pervasive in hollywood, in gay politics and in the attack on our traditional, societal, religious and natural, personal norms.

    There are no less than 3 prime time television (TV) series and more movies, at least two of which TV shows attack heterosexuals that are not gay sympathizers as ignorant, angry, uninformed, characterless haters of low moral character. The protagonists are gay, bisexual and/or strong supporters of gays and are victimized by these flaming heterosexuals. They speak of "gay rights". Gays are not entitled to rights other than those afforded the general population.

    The gay agenda uses pretty terms like equality when the speak of same sex marriage. They have the same exact rights as everybody else. Nobody can marry an object, an animal or a child. It's not natural. If they wish to naturally marry someone competent and of age, they may but if it's someone of the same sex, they're simply a man or a woman short and are no more competent that if one was a child, an animal or an object.

    Concession in the acceptance of gay in society called for a concession for same sex couples, in most states, to become licensed, domestic partners with all the same benefits as marriage but not marriage because it's not the same thing. For our efforts, we have the jealous, spiteful attempt to hijack the sanctity of the spiritual, procreative, societal and legal certification of this union called marriage.

    Scouting is the next target. It has nothing to do with equality as upheld by the courts. It is a spiteful, malicious act, premeditated, planned and perpetrated by an evil, nefarious agenda that comports itself to be fair.

    We are good, God fearing people, religeios people, working people. We donate our time and our money and we pray for those that would attack us. We championed the poor, the disenfranchised, those with the least of hope so not terribly long ago, it asked for acceptance and we gave it; it asked for tolerance; we adhered; it wanted equality and we gave. It said they didn't want to change us, that they just wanted to be left alone, to not be bullied and we acquiesced and they were able to adopt children against our misgivings. We defended them and their right to be different without persecution and for it we've been vilified.

    They've changed the definition of homophobic from a psychological condition in which a person has an irrational fear of homosexuals and homosexual acts to anybody that doesn't think it is normal. They've made religious people the enemy and ridicule us for our faith and our beliefs. Now, they call us names for being different, boycott our businesses use political pressure to silence our freedom of speech about our beliefs.

    I'm afraid Scouting will no longer keep its own promises to be “morally straight”, “To be a person of strong character", and in ceasing to do so will likely fold and later remove " To do my duty to God and my country"

    Wait for the politically correct version of the Scouting Oath.

    If this becomes the case, I urge scout troops to boycott scouting or to form a new troops and if need be, a new scouting organization.