Sandy Hook Lies – Part 2

Yesterday, I raised the issue that liberals, including President Barack Obama, were intentionally lying to the American people about what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School for the sole purpose to push their anti-gun agenda.

I reported that there were only two handguns found at the scene with Adam Lanza’s body inside the school.  The alleged assault-style rifle that everyone claims was responsible for the killings, was found in the trunk of the car that Lanza allegedly drove to the school, and therefore could not have been involved in the massacre.

But what you say if the assault-style rifle they claim was used in the shootings, was actually a shotgun and not an assault-style rifle?  [1:21 in video below] The shells being ejected by the investigator look more like shotgun shells than .223 shells.  Additionally, you get a quick glance of the trigger area which shows a ‘thumbhole’ area in the stock.  Thumbholes are not known to exist in assault-style weapons, but are found on several models of shotguns.

What would you say if one report said there were four handguns found with Lanza’s body, not two and ONLY handguns?  [0:20 in video below]

What would you say if you heard the coroner report that all of the wounds were the result of a long gun, yet no long gun was found with Lanza’s body inside the school? [0:50 in video below]

Watch the video below:

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Other discrepancies can be found in various news reports.  One report said that a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun were also found, but no one seems to be clear what was found where.  From the video, I would say it was the shotgun that we saw being unloaded at the trunk of the car, and not an assault-style rifle.

In another report, it was stated that officials found .223 shell casings inside the school.  Yet none of the handguns reported to have been found inside with Lanza were capable of firing .223 caliber rounds.  If Lanza acted alone as they claim, and he did not have an assault-style rifle with him when he was found dead inside the school, where did the .223 shell casings come from?  Did he just throw some on the ground to confuse the police?  Was there another shooter that escaped?  Are the news and police reports accurate or are the American people being lied to?

I contend that the facts of what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School are not what is being told to the American people.  I firmly believe that the Obama administration has purposely hidden crucial information about the shootings in order to stir up public emotions against guns.  We are being intentionally lied to for the express purpose to push unconstitutional gun laws onto the American people.

Obama only needs two more things to take place in order for him to seize dictatorial power over the United States.  He needs to disarm the American people and throw the country into economic collapse.  He is very close to making the economic collapse a reality, but he can’t let it happen until he has striped Americans of their weapons, thus leaving them defenseless.  The ban on assault-style weapons is just the first phase.  Once he gets that passed, handguns will be the next group of guns to be banned.  He’ll show that most gun related deaths in the US are the result of handguns, so they’ll have to go.  Then he’ll find a way to stage a horrible hunting accident where some kids or pregnant woman gets accidentally shot while hunting and then all sport weapons will go.  Then the economic collapse will take place and give rise to Obama’s socialistic dictatorship.

It has to happen before the next election.  I give it two years, perhaps three at the max for it all to play out.



  • /.murphy

    Well... If nothing else, Jolly's article certainly posits a compilicated explanation; I even suspect their might have been smoked-filled rooms involved. And maybe even aliens... who knows? Anyway, I think Rube Goldberg would be proud. Does anyone remember him?

    • Alan Smith

      And you would put this passed obuthead? Seems just like something he'd do.

      • /.murphy

        Perhaps he would, but for the above explanation to be valid, it would have had to involve a very wide range of individuals at an entire array of levels--Federal, State, Local, etc.--literally hundreds of people, or more, all carefully coordinated.... I call BS.

    • tomnchrist

      And who would they blow the whistle too? DHS, or hte MSM, both are in Obama's pocket.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Giacomo.....You are spot on.

    Six weeks after the slaughter at Sandy Hook, there is still confusion and disinformation being put out by the media and the administration. Why? I think you've correctly honed in on the motive.

    The juggernaut of gun cotrol is being powered by Obama, the Exploiter-in-Chief, who is milking the school shooting for all its worth. He knows that reminding people of it evokes an instant, obligatory reaction to come up with '''solutions'', and makes them willing to comply with his agenda. For them, to do nothing right way would be unthinkable....nevermind whether or not the new laws would be effective.

    It's in times like these that it's extremely important that gun owners make their voices heard.


    • /.murphy

      So you're saying that every state police officer, every emergency responder, every local police officer, every teacher, every worker at the local coroner's office, and every witness to the shootings is somehow in Obama's pocket and is supporting a lie? That's downright preposterous.

      • hardhead

        They dont have all the info and are told to keep quite. I think a unused police car parked at everyschool and retired police patroling the grounds is what we need. I would not go to any event where he can do this again ( ball game?) and I would not put it past him to order this done again to keep this going. March he votes with the UN gun ban this is what its all about. I'll be back I have to buy more Ammo

        • Screeminmeeme

          hardhead....I think every school should have at least one trained guard. At Obamas daughter's school, where journalists and Congressmen also send their kids, they have 11 security guards full time and are going to be hiring a 12th.

          There are plenty of retired cops and returning troops to fill the positions and we can afford it. Let the teacher''s union pay for it.

        • hardhead

          There are camera's on every street corner and in every school bus but non in the school??? We need camera's in the hallways and in every class room Hard to perpertrate this secret crime when it is recorded. I still think there were others involved. Lanza was doped up and used as the fall guy

        • Scott Wilson

          So now you're calling for more government monitoring of citizens?

        • hardhead

          No protection of our Children, By the school Providing a video of events to resolve the missing facts. I'll keep my rights= Less government

        • Debra

          Returning troops are DHS's number one security threat, don't ya know?

        • Burt Fisher

          Hell, I wouldn't put it past Obama to allow his kids to be sacrificed in a made-up school shooting, just to advance his agenda. This man is not to be trusted. Wait -- does anyone trust him, anyone outside or inside his organization? I doubt it.

        • grassroot

          Exactly, I agree totally. But this is only to " cure" the problem. OB doesn't want to do that. He wants to create
          problems, let existing ones run, and exploit them.

      • Patrick Fitzgerald

        The information coming out right after it happened was for the most part correct, then the FBI showed up!

      • Janet Carney

        No. The majority of us Americans that love OUR country only wish it was nothing but preposterous. If you think that; I TRULY feel sorry for you. Because that means you don't know ANYTHING about what Obama & his administration are TRULY capable of doing, And things he has planned for this term. Won't be long till he has muslims & all other citizens from other countries brought in & given citizenship rights. Then he will be so close to making his dream come true. And that's making "OUR COUNTRY" into a "ONE WORLD ORDER" Many of you Obama supporters don't know the HALF of what Obama & his AXIS of Evil have planned. But Obama doesn't believe ANYONE stands in his way. And that's where he's DEAD wrong.

        We Christians have been told by our LORD to pray without ceasing & HE will "SAVE OUR COUNTRY" & protect HIS people. So Obama can keep on doing all the dirty work he wants. But in the END, this wanna-be dictator will only fail. The media & Obama himself; like to portray him as the 2nd coming. And some people laugh & think this is funny. But worse; some even think it's true. But what all these people don't realize is the fact that all of this ANGERS GOD & HE will not stand back & watch too much more. When GOD says enough; that will be the END. And that's when Obama & all his cronies will face the "WRATH OF GOD". And I just pray each & every night that those people that aren't saved or don't believe, take the time to turn their lives around.

        • /.murphy

          So be it, then. Amen.

        • Mr. Positive

          murphy is Another obama supporter and religion and God hater...I feel sorry for you..Right on Janet

        • /.murphy

          murphy is someone who correctly recognizes that there is more than one kind of person in America. And that Americans are allowed to have more than one point of view, Herr Obersturmführer.

        • Anthony

          many kinds of Americans; liberals democraps, communist, progressives, anarchist, & they're all in the obama administration/ liberal media & academia...YOU JERKOFFS ARE THE REAL TERRORIST WITHIN...we know who u are!!! we don't want u armed it will be easy to take u out when the time!

        • Anthony

          your missing her point...we Christians are interweaved with American culture...sometimes its better not to speak than open your mouth & show your ignorance u liberal jerkoff!!

      • Mr. Positive

        Another obama supporter with his head in the sand...

      • grassroot

        But the media is in his pocket. This is the crux of most of
        our problems. Liberal fascism. As taught in our marxist schools
        and colleges.

        • /.murphy

          Is the Wharton School Marxist, too?

        • beeks ...

          Maybe, or maybe not. that wasn't isn't the point. I said the present

          " eddycated" elites who control the media and the narrative
          or party line, do this to achieve the desired result.
          This is what dictators do.

      • Steve M


      • I_P_Frehley

        Do you know who all was there and who saw what? All the people that saw were killed and everybody else was hiding. As for the first on the scene, nobody knows what the "real story" is let alone the facts, as it is always changing. You don't need to have everybody on the payroll, just a few higher ups and a few underlings. I suspect there's more that has conveniently been "omitted".

      • Anthony

        never underestimate the REAL ENEMY!!!

      • Jeffersonian_Libertarian

        What is being reported? It doesn't matter what the truth is if it is never released to the public. We know the media will report the truth without distortions just like they have done with Fast and Furious, Bengazhi, the NDAA and everything else related to this administration.

        • /.murphy

          Yeah... that's right. They're all part of the Grand Conspiracy. Have another sip.

    • RG

      Barefaced lies about this tragedy will only speed the removal of ALL firearms from citizens. If we won't, as a society, limit the disbursal of firearms to sane, stable, law abiding citizens - that is, REGULATE the militia that is supposed to be necessary to the security of a free state - we don't deserve to bear arms.

      If we act like children, the government will treat us like children.

  • Gaines Bruce

    It does not take six weeks to complete a police report or medical report. None of this information is available. The latest is that 150 223 caliber shell were found inside the school and that Adam Lanza jungle taped magazine together to make changing faster. Along with that is that and average of 15 shells per magazine were used befor changin. That means that he would have had to have ten magazines on him. That is much more weight than any soldier would want to carry. So, what is the real story and whay is it not appearing?

  • Alan Smith

    Point being. In 4 years I'll be dead or I'll still have my guns. It's an eather or there kind of thing.

    • /.murphy

      We'll all still have our guns in four years. An outright ban on guns in the US is what we informed Americans call a "political impossibility."

      • Bloom Harry

        Don't speak too soon, they are already running drills to take over towns, to get people used to it, obama is a homosexual communist dictator who needs to be taken out by force, he don't need congress, they let him do anything he wants, they are all traitors and the Media is about as corrupt as it can get.

        • /.murphy

          Now that's funny... Are they going to be coming to our towns in pink camo helicopters?

        • Ken Kirkham

          You remind me of the bad guy in an old TV show. As the bad guy was about to blow himself up the good guy said "you can't be that dumb" to which the bad guy says 'I might just be dumber than you think!".

          Murphy, they are currently running drills with helicopters in major cities and military leaders are being questioned "are you willing to kill Americans on American soil?". For you to respond in such an asinine manner leads me to believe that you might be dumber than I think and I think you are amazingly dumb...or simply a paid troll.

        • beeks ...


        • Art Hughes

          No, dummy. Black choppers. They are practicing maneuvers in FL, right now, and scared a lot of people who didn't know beforehand.

        • /.murphy

          Black? What fun is that? I heard they're going to be pink camo. Any idea when they're coming? I'd like to plan a party.

        • Anthony

          the best thing about obama being president is that we now know who his follows are & they will become easy targets...their is no way he or the police/military can take away 3mil guns from the people with out a fight, the military will not fight against the people...i can't wait for this trader obama to try!!!

      • beeks ...

        Just an inroad into our rights. Camel's nose type of thing?

  • FlyerVic

    Sounds very familiar. Wasn't it the federal government that told us JFK was taken out by a lone gunman?

  • 1response

    When you tell the truth, the story remains the same. When you lie, it is ever changing. Benghazi, Sandy Hook, and Fast and Furious are just a few examples of misinformation, lying, and cover-up. I feel like a mushroom.

  • Silas Longshot

    Considering the supposed hits on the kids, a shotgun firing small buckshot would do that multiple wound pattern.

    The level of corruption and power lust in this government could easily have had this hit planned and executed after the failed fast & furious didn't gin up enough emotional support to move towards an assault weapons ban. So, what would get the nation in an emotional uproar to ban 'assault weapons'? Murdering 20 kids should do it.

    • Buster Atkins

      Excellent thinking, Silas.

    • beeks ...

      Right, as the radicals say, " the ends justify the means,." And as OB
      s bosom buddy bill ayers said , "we may have to kill 8 million, but
      it will be worth it to achieve our ends." And this is the creature in whose
      living roomm OB planned his campaign."

  • hardhead

    My Thoughts Some woman shot all of them and then the doped up Lanza was set up to look like the shooter

  • Michael Marsula

    The bushmaster AR-15 depicted in this article are not the same as the weapon found in the trunk clearly seen from helio, so clear you can see a round ejecting from the chamber.

  • Julie Johnson

    I know if I say this I am a nut case as I know how these discussion groups go, so how about for craps and giggles , don't you go on youtube and check out the videos of the so called grieving parents and when you are watching the videos ask yourself where are the 600 children who was supposedly in the school. Where are all the ambulances and medical personel at the school. How come they are all parked a long way from the school. How is it the children dropped off at the old mans house said their teacher Ms. Soto was dead well supposedly all the kids in her class were murdered and I can go on and on and on. Don't take my word for it just do some investigating on your own and see for yourself how crazy this whole mess is.

  • DouglasDauntless

    I always knew the Obama an all the Anti-gunners would push for confiscation of our guns. Obama and the Federal Government don't care what happened to these poor kids. They wanted some thing this horrendous to happen so they could use it to get our guns, and the murder of these innocent children were it, if they weren't in a gun free zone school and a teacher who was not brain washed in college, that guns are evil and one of them had a gun they could killed Lanza before he had a chance to murder these children. There should be no gun free zones, every person in the USA, should carry a gun not concealed we live in uncivilized times where Criminals and nut cases kill at will, The Gang Bangers out number the federal troops and the Police by 10/1 or more . We live in the era of Obama the killer and no laws to stop the criminals. We the people have a right to protect our children and our selves from any one and that includes the Federal Government. And Obama as their leader, because he is not my leader.

  • gingercake5

    It's true the gun used was not found in the school. There had to be at least one more shooter, and Adam was a patsy. This massacre was also planned in advance, as proven by RSS feed dates from Google on when "memorial pages" were posted. They picked out their victims beforehand. The best excuse for all this I've found was a revenge hit. See all kinds of articles and videos here:

    • TW

      Speaking of "memorial pages" there was a counseling guide posted to Arlington School District in Ohio. The guide is titled "Talking to Children/Students about the Sandy Hook Tragedy." The document was dated December 10th and posted that same day. Google cached it and the image has been captured by others. I have since gone back to it and the document date has been changed to December 13th (still wrong), but the cache date remains 2012/12/10.

  • Randy

    Actually, there are some CT legal AR's that have thumbhole stocks, to get around the state ban.

  • [email protected]

    Where are the sneaked phone photos that always leak out from the scene or funerals. Why is dead Emily Parker standing beside Dictator Obamas and the dead boy behind her at the memorial service. Ghosts maybe.

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Someone PLEASE tell Mr. Morgan to read this information. May be then he'll shut the hell up!!

  • mwl

    This is an old tactic. Stalin did it, Hitler mastered it. Both killed masses. There is no unity, there is complete disarray of finances, lies come so often there is no truth. The GOP has the same consistency of marshmellow fluff, no opposition, complete surrender, submissive and compliant. Reagan completely unitfied the country, even after he was shot he could do 1000X better than obama and b. clinton combined with a h. clinton dusting of lies and corruption and the vast unbelievable depths of stupidity only biden can provide.
    Do some research find out if Hinkley, Reagans shooter was a democrat like the Ft Hood murderer/shooter, the gifford murderer/shooter/ the Aurora murderer/shooter, Columbine (parents) murderer/shooter, and my moneys on the Sandy murderer/shooter as a DEMOCRAT as well. IF any of these killers were an NRA member, the leftist socailist communist media would have plastered this on every avenue possible. obama biden holder and clinton cannot escape the facts so they smother it with leftists propagandist rhetoric and lies. Look at Fast and Furious, Benghazi, holder in contempt of Congress, clinton just plain in contemp. obama, a mentally disfunctional leftist with NPD.
    Mike in Afghanistan

  • TW

    There are so many problems with this story that the above is just scratching the surface:

    the weapons discrepancies, the potential other shooters, the lunatic medical examiner, the potential use of "crisis actors", 3 fund raiser web sites posting prior to event, the RIP FaceBook page for Soto prior to events, the posting of a counseling guide for "Talking to children about the Sandy Hook Tragedy" prior to the event, lack of photo and video evidence, the Parker family posting the loss of "Emily" very early that day on FB prior to notice by officials, the inconsistencies of G. Rosen. This whole thing REEKS!

  • oldguy

    I just happened to be watching it in real time and the information coming out then was probably more close to the truth. What has happened to the person in the woods storey? What about the van seen leaving the shooting?? None of these are even mentioned any more. Everything about this stinks to high heaven and points to a planned event and coverup.

  • Mary
  • Breezeyguy

    Obama hates "pregnant women". Indeed, there's no such thing in his mind. There's just a woman and a choice. When she makes a choice, then a baby pops out of nowhere, with a right to same sex marriage but no right to live. And he really should cheer up, because the Sandy Hook massacre was just a bunch of late term abortions.

    And Obama doesn't really need gun confiscation to impose dictatorial law. You really think your guns are a match for high tech surveillance and drones? All he needs is a perverse military, and he acheived that during the lame duck session of 2009 when he removed DADT.

  • Anthony

    ABSOLUTELY correct...this is how these progressives plan to TRY and take over our country, thank God we have the gun power to fight back & destroy them in the streets....CAN"T WAIT for obama to be removed along with these terrorist...the best thing about obama's army is that we know who they are!

  • freedomringsforall

    Whether all his details of Sandy Hook are correct or even if very few are i do believe that Mr. Giacomo is barking up the right tree in terms of this administration's intent to try to affect the internationalists agenda as fast as is possible.

  • gavinwca

    Have you ever taken a moment to think about the people that have been screaming for gun control ever since the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook?  They stand in front of the cameras and microphones and tell you just how precious those young innocent lives are.  Their emotional pleas almost bring tears to one’s eyes.
    These same people, including President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, will leave the gun control podium and move to the abortion podium and tell you that every woman should have the right to murder their innocent unborn children.  They’ll tell you it’s fine to murder them before you see their tiny little bodies, but once they take their first breath of air, it’s horrible to take their lives.Read more:

  • Harvey817

    Evidently you are not up to date on your gun knowledge. There are numerous rifles that have thumb holes in the stocks. I personally have seen many especially on AK74s. I am not a gun expert and do claim to be. I have never seen a shotgun with thumb holes in the stocks. This does not mean that there aren't any but it is more common on rifles. The gun control BS is not about guns. It is about people control and our government of the people any by the people becoming a tyrannical government. The entire facts of the shooting have never been given out to us and probably never will. I saws video of a person running behind the school and caught by the police and handcuffed. One child even said they passed a man lying on the ground and handcuffed as the ran to the fire station. Who were these people? Were they innocent people running from the shooting or were they involved in the shooting? TELL US THE TRUTH!