Boy Scout Phones Won't Stop Ringing

I received the following from Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council:

"If you've tried to get through to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), you know it's been tough. If you've wanted to express your concern about the BSA abandoning their longstanding policy of safeguarding Scouts by restricting openly homosexual Scout leaders from holding leadership positions, you may have been greeted by an endlessly ringing phone. This may be one instance in which the Boy Scouts were not prepared.

"The BSA national leadership were not prepared for the thousands of Americans who were shocked to hear that an organization that could always be counted on for standing for what's right was about to cave-in to homosexual activists and corporations which have been threatening the organization's funding.

"For generations, the BSA has shaped our nation's moral character by teaching young men to do their duty to God and country. This is why, when the BSA board begins its annual meeting on Monday of next week, it is so important that you keep the pressure on, to show them how devastating this moral collapse will be for the Scouts and the country.

"Please call the members of the BSA Board of Directors (sample call script below) and kindly urge them to stand strong and true to their timeless values:

"Select BSA Board Members:

  • David L. Beck: (801) 240-1000
  • R. Thomas Buffenbarger: (310) 967-4500
  • Keith A. Clark: (717) 763-1121
  • William F. "Rick" Cronk: (925) 283-7229
  • John C. Cushman III: (904) 393-9020
  • R. Michael Daniel: (412) 297-4989
  • Jack D. Furst: (972) 982-8250
  • T. Michael Goodrich: (205) 328-9445 ext. 200
  • Earl G. Graves: (212) 242-8000
  • Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.: (615) 244-1713
  • Stephen Hemsley: (800) 328-5979
  • Larry W. Kellner: (713) 468-4050
  • Robert J. LaFortune: (918) 582-2981
  • Joseph P. Landy: (212) 878-0600
  • Francis R. McAllister: (406) 373-8700
  • Scott D. Oki: (425) 454-2800
  • Arthur F. Oppenheimer: (208) 343-4883
  • Tico A. Perez: (407) 849-1235
  • Robert H. Reynolds: (317) 231-7227
  • Matthew K. Rose: (909) 386-4140
  • Nathan O. Rosenberg: (949) 494-4553
  • Roger M. Schrimp: (209) 526-3500
  • Marshall M. Sloane: (781) 395-3000
  • Rex W. Tillerson: (972) 444-1000
  • David M. Weekley: (713) 659-8111
  • Togo D. West, Jr.: (202) 775-1775

Sample Phone Script:

Hello, my name is _________, from __________.

Thank you for your service as a board member of the Boy Scouts of America.

As you're aware, a new proposal indicates that the Boy Scouts of America may revoke their longstanding policy of safeguarding Scouts by restricting homosexuals from holding leadership positions over boys. For decades, your national organization has kept the interest of the boys it serves as the focus of all its actions. No matter what, the Boy Scouts of America could be counted upon to do the right thing and not yield to any social pressure, and has thus far stood strong.

Please do not jeopardize the safety and moral integrity of Scouting in the interest of social activism. The proposal to relegate the decision on homosexual leaders to local chartered organizations sends the wrong signal from the national body: that political correctness ultimately triumphs over character.

Please retain the current long-held and time-tested policy regarding homosexual leadership and membership. America stands with you. Lead the way. Please stand strong.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Together, we can make a difference in turning the tide and keeping an honorable organization on an honorable path.

Tony Perkins



  • Pastafarian

    Go ahead and harass them. Make them spend thousands of dollars setting up temporary call centers to handle these calls. Be sure to tell the temp who is manning the phone how when you were a boy, gays were savagely beaten, not "accepted".

    • Sheila Simmons

      All gays have never been "savagely beaten."

      • Scott Chester


  • blackpowder

    why cant the homosexuals start their own boy scouts and leave normal folks alone

    • TiredOfIt

      I agree. That way there won't be any need to report child molestation, and no need to bother the police or the courts.

      • Pastafarian

        Except that even with this policy in place - many boy scouts have been molested. Many by Priests and Pastors who were also scout leaders. The Boy Scouts of America learned their lessons from the Roman Catholic Church and Penn State apparently because they not only failed to stop these pedophiles, they did not report them to the authorities or to parents and even helped them cover their tracks.

        This is not a safe organization.

        The whole reason this has even been brought up -- is because the Boy Scouts of America were forced into releasing their "perversion files" by court order after a lawsuit against a Portland scout troop operated by the Mormon Church. In December, a California court upheld a decision to release even more years of these files. Now a request has been put in to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement to exercise its oversight authority over the BSA, a Congressionally charted corporation, to commission a safety audit of the current child protection policies and practices of the BSA.

        Want to see if your scout leader is on the PERVERSION FILES that have been released so far? check or look at the LA times section on this story: They have a pretty good database that will let you look by year, state, or name.

      • geneww1938

        Satan and these agitators only debase and steal from what is good. When has a liberal or any of these "progressives" built anything with their own money, blood, sweat and tears.
        How many 'Christian' hospitals and nursing homes have been jewels of community service in the past and now a pits of despair after they were forced to "assimilate" and then evict God.

    • LeSellers


      We are told that homosexuals are more creative than the rest of us, that they are ingenious and dedicated. Why not have a "Queer* Scouts of America" to help their young 'uns?
      * They already have a "Queer Nation", so this name can't too offensive.

      The answer is that they do not want to be Boy Scouts, what they want is that we not be scouts, either.

      Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • John Hart

        Homosexuality is an illness related to boy's first sexual encounters. The damage to individuals by perverse relations is widely recognized and many organizations have paid millions in damages for not protecting children. The proposal by current leadership of the Scouts would be suicide for the organization and creating a QSA division might make a good SNL skit but it's not something any rational person would consider.

        • LeSellers

          You said "rational" and "homosexual" in the same sentence.

          Mr. O'bama. will there ever be any Jobs?

        • SickoftheBS

          Obama is familiar with queers so he would fit in fine with the QSA,, maybe an organizer with them. He will be looking for a job in 4 years if he survives this term...(not a threat but an observation the way he brings Americans together )

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Because they can't recruit new members to pay for their lobbies to help keep destroying our culture and religious/moral beliefs that way, of course!

    • jausten2

      Because they want to branch out into inter-generational love...what Progressives in Europe use to describe pedophelia.

    • Doodlebug

      That blackpowder, would be too easy of a solution. Isn't it a shame that we no longer can count on Christian principles in what started out to be an organization geared toward practicing morals and teaching young boys to grow strong in something other than crime and corruption? As long as not having to go along with this gay business, the dens wishing to not allow gay members or leadership should go out on their own. The BSA won't have a very large membership.

      • Davison Horst

        I think that every parent, of a boyscout, should notify the board that if this gay thing is fully approved then their son or sons will be withdrawn from the boyscouts. Let's see how they do with no heterosexual members. Shut them down.

    • TxGCB

      Because they enjoy messing with our traditions. Boy Scouts, marriage etc...

    • HappyClinger

      Fresh meat, that's why.

    • Juan Motie

      The answer is very simple - The homosexual people need to drag everything down to their level of immorality so they won't feel so guilty for shagging people of their same sex. The left is all about ignoring any kind of moral code or taking a principled stand on morality. For the left, it's only the feeling of the moment as in "if it feeld good, do it."

    • Scott Chester

      For the same reason there are black congressional caucus', black miss America, black chambers of commerce, (______ this, ______that) etc...

    • mathchopper

      Good question. And I have a good answer. Having their own group would not advance their intent to aid O'Bummer in destroying our country.

    • alio

      Oh, brother, where art thou? You don't put a skunk in the hen house, period. Look what's happened recently to a College coach. It's a shame that so many who really enjoy young people are suspect, like they have a motive........because of all the sick stuff about sick people. Do not mix straights with the gays who are there simply to molest them. Stop it now!

    • ssilv48

      The problem is blackpowder, homosexuals need not to be around small boy's. You see it would be like fresh candy that has never been eaten before as sick as it sounds. We need to put people in power that will stand up to the homosexuals period. The boy they save from being molested might be their own.


      Great idea! They could have pink uniforms, an ear ring and maybe some merit badges for hot dog consumption, anal studies etc.

      • Paul Thomas

        And they could be called the camp fire fairies!

  • Valerie Protopapas

    Forget it. These people know that the "old time morality" - along with "old time patriotism" and "old time religion" are a thing of the past. America has kicked God out of the public forum and with Him everything that made the country great. We've embraced perversion and abandoned virtue; we've embraced Marx and abandoned Jefferson; we've chosen big government run (and ruled) by the elite and rejected limited government at the consent of the governed; our nation of greedy, stupid sheep has finally produced that government of socialist tyrannical wolves that was lurking just below the main-stream media horizon. Boy Scouts? Oh, it will LOOK the same, but it won't BE the same. God help our future young people because nobody else will.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Perhaps you've embraced this evil and rejected the morality and God from your life; I have not, and WILL not do so! I took an oath to the Constitution more than 40 years ago, before God, and that still stands; there's no expiration date. It's true this nation has largely chosen the wrong path, and fallen under Divine judgment; that the churches have been infiltrated and neutralized, although the Word has not been, and some few of us still follow that, rather than the lies and deceits of the father of lies! And it's true, also, that there is another "agenda" being worked out, at the same time as the one more visible, and evil, that has a better outcome, for those who embrace IT! Which will you choose? And are you willing to walk away from the lies and deceits, even if it means your physical life may be on the line?

      • jonbernal

        Joshua 24:14: "Now fear the Lord and serve him with all faithfulness ... but if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."

    • Davison Horst

      Well put, Valerie. This country has been taken over by militant secularists and socialists. The public schools, the news media, and Hollywood, have destroyed every bit of decency that was left. Unless the decent people stand up, organize, and then physically become active, it will just get worse. We need a million person army with marching orders to boycott, picket, and challenge everyone of these secularists entities. Just as our forefathers stood up and didn't take it anymore. We need millions to do just the same. We also need to picket congress and congressman's residences day and night to get their attention. There has to be a major plan of action and direction for it to work. It can be done. But, it won't be easy.

  • agbjr

    I am twenty-five years - and still going - a trained and active scoutmaster. I have sent BSA National Council a letter of intent to resign my membership should they change the policy on this matter. My fidelity to the Scout Oath and duty to God demand I separate myself from an organization that will sacrifice traditional values and compromise morals.

    • raccman

      I totally agree with you Sir ! I laud you for your decision !

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      As it should be, sir! I was an assistant den mother while still in HS and drove the scouts of troop 154 to camps for 3 years while my brothers were scouts; and this makes me sick!

    • ltbl123

      AMEN!!! Also let the boycotts begin against all the corporate sponsors that have been intimidating the leadership of the BSA to capitualate and surrender their core beliefs to avoid financial retribution!

    • Davison Horst

      You have to convince other scoutmasters to do the same as you. Power in numbers.

    • Remington 870

      The homosexual lobby is making progress and if the BSA allows homosexuals into its ranks, it will be like putting a fox in a hen house. I support your morality and values to leave this honored organization if it sells out to the homosexuals.

    • Carl jr

      So what did your morals and values tell you when you found out the BSA protected the pedophiles in its ranks? Why did you not separate yourself from them when you heard they did not alert parents or the authorities when troop leaders were accused or convicted of sexual assault against a minor? How about when you heard they were not even kicked out of the scouts?

      Apparently to you and the BSA - pedophiles are ok, but homosexuals are not.

      • Mark Eichorn

        Exactly. See. These were homosexuals who came in like a Trojan horse and had there way. And put there queer agenda on little innocent boys. Just think what would happen if they allow it to be in the open. Now the perverts will be like a kid in a candy shop with no one to stop them.
        It would be no different then having a straight dude as a den leaded for girl scouts. The gay dude looks as boys as a strait guy might look at woman. Do gou for one minute believe that the girlscouts would accept a male leader to go on an overnight camping trip alone with a group of girls? How would it be any different if a gay den leader embarked on a overnighter with boys?

        • Carl jr

          Exactly?! You are OK with the BSA not protecting the scouts from the pedophiles they knew about? Was it ok for them to be molested because it was a priest that was doing it? It was a holy rape that God approved? Why did they not call the police? Why did they not tell the parents? Why did they not even say they can't be a troop leader anymore?

          You are saying that as "a straight dude" you are sexually attracted to 8 year old girls and should not be trusted to be alone with them? If you were the responsible adult on a camping trip with them you would be like a "kid in a candy store?" You would have no choice but to molest a couple of them.....

          Sexual attraction to children is disgusting. It is not a gay thing or a straight thing, it is a pedophile thing. People that want to have sex with 6 year olds are not interested in normal adult consensual sex with either gender. They would rather rape their own kids than have sex with their wife. Victims of this abuse never get over it. Anyone or any organization who would protect these monsters - are monsters themselves.

        • Neil Ifill

          Carl Jr, most pedophiles are gay. All the catholic priests who molested young boys were gay priests who were predominant in the seminaries during the 60's 70's and 80's. The Catholic Church had been infiltrated over the decades by gay men who were confused or ashamed of their sexuallity. They found a home in the Catholic Church, some joined to be made straight by God, others viewed the church as a place of refuge from all the questions of family and friends who wanted to know why a man had no girlfriends and was he attracted to women. The gay priests were then drawn into sexual relationships with older gay priests some of whom were in positions of power. The older priests then fostered an atmosphere of gay permissiveness and this led to priests being unable to control their sexual urges. This manifested itself worldwide in the form of pedophelia. Nine out of ten cases of molestation would be of a male priest molesting a male child. All of these priests upon discovery and facing criminal charges would state that they are gay. This is all documented and can be easily googled.The scoutmasters and leaders who've been accused of molestation have also stated that they too are gay and had lied their way into the scouts. The points made by the posters on this article that putting gay men in positions of authority and power over young boys would be like putting the fox in the hen house is correct. NAMBLA has been advocating for this very same thing for years, total access to young men and boys for sexual purposes. Carl you assume that all gay men are honorable and above reproach, this is naive. We all know that people are not perfect, some gay men may be able to control themselves and not molest their scouts, but you also know that some will not be able to control themselves. Why tempt fate, the gay ban should stay in place, pedophellia is a big part of the gay subculture and has been advocated by gay leaders such as Harry Hay and others. You should also know that even before the DADT act was repealled, the military and especially the Navy experienced serious problems with gay personnel sexually assaulting and molesting their straight counterparts. This was kept quiet by the DOD and the Obama administration. Many of these gay sailors were discharged from their service during the Bush administration, while sympathetic naval commanders like Adm Mullen kept the reasons for the discharges hushed up. Adm Mullen then became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and he supported Pres Obama's decision to end the DADT doctrine for the military. Adm Mullen had even covered up for a gay officer who was accused of sexual misconduct, later boasting of it as Chairman of JC's. The BSofA would be setting a bad and dangerous precedent if they lift this very necessary ban. God help us all if they do!

        • Carl jr

          Pedophoellia is a big part of the Catholic subculture. The RCC's celibacy requirement is partially to blame. If these men were allowed to have normal sexual relationships, would seek out victims that they could keep quiet? The shame involved with these cases is so great for the victims, the perpetrators, and the organizations that allowed it, that it was commonplace for everyone to keep quiet and a POLICY to cover things up. The victims wouldn't say anything for years (until the statute of limitations had passed). The priests worked with the Church to hide their end of it. It became a child molester's paradise, and the Church became a pedophile sex ring. There were more cases of pedophilia in the RCC than in NAMBLA.

          The very nature of the Boy Scouts makes it vulnerable to attracting predators. They need to be extremely careful when approving someone to be alone with these kids. A comprehensive background check is imperative and ANY accusations should be taken deadly serious. My point is - you would be MUCH safer approving a gay man as a troop leader than a priest.

        • Carl jr

          Your kids would be much safer if you kept them out of the Boy Scouts and Church. These organizations have proven themselves dangerous to children.

        • beowulf32

          are you a member of NAMBLA.

        • beowulf32

          this guy is a homo troll nothing else and no your not going to convert us to you and your kinds perversion.Nothing you say is going to work here.

      • PastorRuth1

        There are many instances at which you scratch your head, raise a questioning brow, confront the board, and state your concerns. THAT was certainly ONE OF THEM! No one is saying that evil, in any form and at any time, should be allowed access to our children. But what this young leader is saying is that he will NOT ALLOW ANY MORE INFRINGEMENTS ON THE SAFETY AND LIBERTY OF THOSE IN HIS CARE. I think that is clear enough!

        Perhaps he DID act when that happened, but his concerns were unheaded. Perhaps that was before his time, and maybe he was a scout himself. Whatever the case, we do not condemn ANYONE who dares to speak out and lay their own service on the line when standing for morality and common sense! You don't turn a courageous act, such as this, into a condemnation for past inaction when you don't even know the facts!

        This young man and others like him should BE the leadership! Should BE PROMOTED to the Decision Makers...or, as he said, sadly leave the organization. The problem is, that losing young men such as this will leave a void in which evil will SURELY occupy - and what will happen to our children then?

        Better that the ENTIRE BOARD be REPLACED with commen sense and moral men and women of judgment, than that ONE SUCH SENSIBLE and UNCOMPROMISING Scout Leader should quit!!

        I say, promote him and others like him to the board, and let those who want to cave to special interest and Gay lobbyists RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

        • smartass

          the first few thousand times were ok, but no more!

      • beowulf32

        Those pedophiles as you say are as queer as you are, and where going to get this straight, right now, "" T

    • RescueKyron

      You ARE a leader. Thank you. Our family in many States is outraged and holding their little scouts close in defense of the Monsters. All will terminate membership. One reached Eagle Scout. Like you, they are scouts and know that Leadership often means a combination of fight, determination, and sacrifice and example. That is True Scout character which PROVES the homosexuals do NOT qualify because they steamroll all that is in their way regardless of their incompatible desires.

  • singer23

    They will offer a new badge, "The Gay Ranchero" badge! Don't ask what you have to do to earn it!

    • Mark Eichorn

      Funny! But sad to say. Could come to that. There are no moral compasses anymore outside the church.

      • Carl jr

        Or inside

    • Paul Thomas

      Would that be as to ride little bobbie bare back while in the nude?

  • LeSellers

    It is a certainty that, if this monstrous change is approved, two churches, at least, will withdraw their support of the BSA: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Mormons") and the Roman Catholic Church. (Others, I am sure, will also divorce themselves as well.)

    Between them, the LDSs and Catholics have well more than half of the scouts and a far greater proportion of scouters (adult leaders). The organization will founder without their membership and money.

    To our great benefit both churches are well represented on the board. Thus, the odds of this happening are greatly diminished by their presence. However, the pressure from government and the "court of public opinion" will eventually push this onto us.

    Some churches and groups of churches have already separated form the BSA and formed "Royal Rangers" and other similar programs. The LDS church has a contingency plan (or so I am told) for this situation. I suggest that other churches do the same. Even in this case, the merit badge pamphlets and other resources will be available from the BSA, at least to start out with.

    Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • Pastafarian
      • LeSellers

        The homosexual lobby disavows any linkage between homosexuality and child abuse. (The fact that they're wrong is not germane to this discussion.)

        So, the Novak case does not apply to the question at hand. It's not about allegations of child abuse, it's about forcing the BSA to let homosexuals in both as scouts and as scouters.

        Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • Pastafarian

          The LDS church was caught molesting hundreds of scouts and PROTECTING the molesters. They forced the BSA (through several lawsuits) to reveal this is a COMMON practice that has been going on for decades. Now that there may be an external oversight committee looking into their shenanigans - the Boy Scouts have decided to publicly "re-look" at the ban on homosexuality as a PR move. They have been publicly outed as a organization that will sexually attack children and hide the evidence then bash (and ban) someone who had done nothing wrong.

          Their own records showed they banned homosexuals, but NOT pedophiles. They let the pedophiles continue to abuse child after child and did not alert the parents or authorities. They did not even kick them out of the scouts! They went on to other troops in other states and had a new batch of kids to diddle. Many of the people on their "Perversion Files" were married men, many were priests and pastors.

          Here is a job for you - expose the Pedo-bears you are protecting and round them up and put them in prison. This goes for the Roman Catholic Church, the LDS Church, Penn State, and your own backyard.

  • raccman

    Great idea ! Call it the Gay Scouts Of America ! Then leave the Boy, Girl, and Cub Scout organizations alone - and everyone will be happy !

  • Victor Barney


  • Paul Burnham

    Back in the 80's the Scouts were rocked again and again with stories of gay Scout leaders molesting their charges for decades. They decided to protect the boys and exclude gays from serving or being in scouting. With their happy hunting grounds cut off, the gays put up an uproar. Now the Scouts are going to cave in? Which is more important, protecting our youth, or the "feelings" of a group of perverts?

    • Pastafarian

      Homosexuals find pedophilia as disgusting as the rest of us. It was the priests and pastors who seem to have a thing for kids under 12. Ban the church from the scouts if you want to protect the children!

      The BSA allowed troop leaders to register even when they knew they had been CONVICTED of sexual assault against minors. The real way to protect your children is to ban them from the Boy Scouts! This is not a safe organization.

      • beowulf32

        Thats a lie the whole homosexual lifestyle is nothing but pedophile.

  • Roger Garza

    Hum!! Would it be called Queer Scouts ? just wondering.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    And they're not answering them!

  • Lee Riffee

    It is unfortunate that so few today (whether it be an organization, a company or a person) are willing to stand strong against the tide of moral decay that is swamping the nation. It has nothing to do with bigotry or gay-bashing, since so many people are too stupid to see that someone can be gay (which they can't help; no more than someone who has a genetic profile that makes them susceptible to drug and alcohol addiction can help being that way) and choose whether or not to openly practice homosexuality. The person who is susceptible to being drug or alcohol addicted can either drink or "use" themselves blind and make excuses because they were born with that genetic tendency, or they can choose not to have anything to do with addictive substances at all and find other ways to fulfill themselves in life. This is the real problem with libtard reasoning - they were "born that way" (and that may indeed be the case) and therefore they must embrace their genetic destiny and not be expected to make choices. Libs can't wrap their minds around such things, nor can they understand people who choose to not follow their animal instinct and instead try to adhere to God-given morals and commandments.

    In other words, it isn't that a scout leader may have been born with a tendency towards same-sex attraction (and to be fair, straight people also molest children - anyone, gay or not, can be a pedophile), it is how he chooses to handle that attribute. Same thing with gays in the military and anywhere else - there's nothing that says gays can't do these jobs and more, it's just that most people don't want to hear about it and don't want it rubbed in their faces. What people do in their bedrooms should be kept private.

    It's very simple - if a gay person wants to be in the BSA, in order to do so (under the current policy before they change it) they need to keep it to themselves and basically stay in the closet.

  • Rob Stacey

    So by this logic if you like women then you also are sexually attracted to little girls. Or maybe a pedophile is not interested in adult relationships therefore they are not Hetero or Homo. To bad there isn't any evidence to support this... Oh wait there is.

    • Sheila Simmons

      Same sex attraction for children IS pedophilia, whether homo or hetero.

  • Laura Hanjoglu-Goerke

    call 972-580-2267 automated yes/now poll via the BSA national office

    • Fred

      Just called that's not a poll and it's not accepting messages.

  • Luis Guzman

    Gays in the Military, now in the Boy Scouts, another homosexual fantasy fulfilled, thanks to our first homosexual president.

  • Fred

    Just what we (don't) need...homosexuals camping over night with our sons.

  • Fred

    Let them start their own organization. They can call it the Homosexual Scouts of the New World Order.

  • Bill Tyner

    They do and it's called NAMBLA.

  • TxGCB

    It will not do any good because the new president of the Boy Scouts is all for the change. But we can all try our best.

  • Linda C. Dines

    I think it takes a while before children realize their sexual orientation, who knows maybe I am wrong. Adults are not supposed to corrupt children no matter if it is sexually or otherwise, if you have other adults in the group observing and participating in whatever activities that should be enough to make sure the children are not bothered.

  • Joanne

    Isn't our country heading in a really scary direction, might have something to do with the politically correct progressive party?

  • Mys77

    Homos are satans workers... they can't help but go after the Christian organizatons. Time for God's best, crush them, and send them back to their home down under. Call and take action... it is up to us to bring some sanity back to America!

  • agbjr

    For those who are upset over BSA National Council even considering a change of policy - and I am one among you - I understand and fully agree with your sentiments however if you do feel compelled to speak your mind please do not do so to the boys themselves nor even to their troop leaders. Contact local chartering organizations, the local BSA council, and BSA National Council, THAT is where your comments will do the most good. Not too long ago I was shopping at a supermarket where Boy Scouts had set-up outside for a fund raising event. A woman made a point of going up to the boys and loudly berated them over BSA policies, she called them "little gay haters". Without revealing that I myself am a long-time scoutmaster I went right over and told her to shut up and if she didn't leave the boys alone I would call the police and have her arrested for verbal child abuse. She turned beet-red and literally ran away! The troop leader in charge was just hurrying over (he had stepped away a moment before the woman began her tirade) and thanked me for stepping in; the boys were just wide-eyed and shocked someone would come out of nowhere to scream accusations about something they truly know nothing about. So, once again, please don't speak with the Boys Scouts themselves of your misgivings, contact BSA National.

  • Silas Longshot

    The reason they're caving is that the fagz are putting pressure on companies that dump money into the BSA, and these companies, being cowards in the face of 'political correctness', are cutting funds to the BSA to appease the gays. Christian and moral companies will have to fill the void in the cash supplies or they will either have to fold up and go away or let gay scoutmasters fondle your kids in the woods. Or teach your kids to be gay.

  • PatriotDiva

    If any one of those filthy pedophiles would ever try lay a hand on any child of mine I'd shoot his genitals off! You can take that to the bank!

  • TexasTed

    I just spoke with someone at the area BSA office and I was told that this is all coming down form the national headquarters and that they have no say in whether or not to adopt this policy. They are waiting for direction from the national headquarters. This policy is in response to companies, such as, UPS and Coke withdrawing support for BSA due to homosexuals blackmailing those companies. The people that I spoke with said the phone was ringing off the wall and that there was not a single call saying way to go BSA we support your decision to let gays in the BSA, ALL calls were against it.

    • Justin

      Damn! And i liked (operative word) Coke too. Well, guess I need to find some other soda.

  • Donald York

    The Government of Barack Hussein Obama is dragging our country into a cesspool of immorality.He and the homosexual community are slowly getting their way. The BSA could have kept their honor, but, they chose to sell out. This perversion is so bad that what you see in the streets of San Fransisco now, will come to a town near you. I guess it wasn't ok for the gay community to have their own GBSA of America.

    • Sandy

      Donald, its not "slow". The rate of decay of culture causes people today to reconsider even birthing.

    • Marj0120

      One would think that Gay Scouts of America would be an ideal solution, but the agenda is to force people to accept them as normal whether they like it or not. It's a constant and never relenting grinding of our morals and traditional ideas that they want to unravel. They are not content to live their lives unmolested with the freedom to be who they are as we normals do. Nope, they want to shove their gayness down our throats (ick) and indoctrinate our children into believing it is a normal life style with no physical, mental or moral reprocussions, nevermind the Christian doctrine against this adhorrant behavior. They refer to God as the straight person's pretend guy in the sky and call us fools for our beliefs. I believe we can boycott those business that bend to their demands or actually promote their agenda. They represent a small part of our population and we can use our numbers to cause more grief to the offending companies. But that takes a little sacrifice, no Pepsi, no Fritos, who wants to give up these treats? Very few of us will actually do it and yet until we do they win. It's very simple, look what happened with Chick-A-Fil, only difference is it's not buying instead of buying.

    • Adam Moreira

      Local organizations are not obligated to follow this policy.

  • Susan

    Why doesn't this organization "out" the Satanists which are trying to force their pagan morality on the Boy Scouts? Shout them OUT! Who are the CEO's who are trying to force the sexualization of little boys by putting such sick ideas in their little heads---just like the pagan/occult culture of Afghanistan? Why is there SUCH a PUSH to destroy Christian Ethics and replace them with the Satanic "rite" of sodomy which is a learned Vice---which Ancient cultures always prove with their homosexuality/pederasty---even in non-Christian countries in today's world--and the recent Samurai culture. Very sick ideas to put into the heads of children destroying their ability for normal sexual development like the little warped sodomized boys in Afghanistan--perverting them to use their bodies in dysfunctional, insane, evil ways. Normalizing sodomy like Ancient/occult cultures.

  • Brabado

    Should Foxes, be left alone, in a chicken pen? ... Does anyone finds it healthy!
    Must continue to fight the radical socialists/political correct progressives, and their minions till they go back to their holes in the ground...

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    I engaged this topic on Wednesday. Contacted the BSA office and got a rather frazzled and not too cooperative gent on the phone. He refused to give me an address with which to send a letter. He would only take my 'for' or 'against' vote over the phone...then he hung up on me.

    so, then I contacted the local troop via email. To my utter disdain, I found a number of parents who were surprised and disturbed that I would bring up such a topic (really? Are you friggin kidding me? This concerns the very essence and existence of Boy Scouts! ARe they really this stupid?...).

    I will take this up with the local leadership at this week's meeting. My son has already made up his mind; if the scouts acquiesce to the sodomites, he says he's done with scouts. His older friend who is an Eagle Scout, says he'll throw out his Eagle badge if this goes through.

    • Just_me_and_God

      Now that the BSA has made the WRONG decision in this, then a lot of adult and youth Eagles in the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) will be turning in their Eagle pins in protest! You think there was a lot of Eagle pins turned in over the ‘No Homosexuals’ issue? Be Prepared for pins by the ton on the ‘Pro-Gay’ issue!

      Not an Eagle? – After resigning in protest, we need to cut up our Uniforms and the patches on the Uniforms (so they have zero re-sale value) and mail them into National in protest!

      The "old timers" are the institutional memory and a backbone of the Scouting Movement.

      Almost everyone I have spoken with will, very sadly, step down. We like to think we are principled folks in Scouting!

  • Stealth

    Attention BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA... Did it EVER occur to any of you that you are being 'set-up' from within??? Your wonderful organization will DIE if all members, no matter HOW old you are or HOW long ago you were active- you do not SPEAK OUT NOW to STOP the destruction of one of the LAST bastions of TRUE Americana...

  • don neuschwander

    I have 3 sons that are Eagles and 2 grandsons that are Eagles and have always praised the scouts for standing firm on the moral high ground. The scouts have been attacked by the sodomites for years ( I call them "SODOMITES" because that is what my dictionary describes them as) and the scouts have fought them back at great expense all the way to the supreme court, and WON.
    Many businesses have been bullied by the sodomite lobby and have caved to that pressure and withdrawn support for the scouts. It is now time to boycott those businesses.

    What American father would send his 12 to 16 year old son on an overnight or two week campout with a known sex pervert as the leader???

  • Marie R Sadler

    So if gays are allowed to be open in the BSA, will that change most of the meetings to gay indoctrination agendas? I wonder if they can keep their bedroom preferences to themselves and not trying to turn the meetings into "I am Gay and proud and you had better love it too." Boys join BSA to go hiking, camping, archery, fishing. Gay troop leaders should shut up about their sexual preferences when talking to a room full of 10yr old boys. What purpose does it serve?

  • Marie R Sadler

    pedophiles gravitate towards positions of authority where they have easy access to kids. If your son goes camping with the scouts, offer to be a chaperone. If you are involved in your child's life, they are a harder target. I can't even comprehend in for example Jerry Sandusky situation, wtf did the parents allow their son to have a sleepover with a 60 yr old man?! If my son's coach asked if my child could spend the night at his house....that is a major red flag.

    • Adam Moreira

      People did complain - the school simply sat on the complaints.

  • Adam Moreira

    It would help if people knew that this was not being forced by the national organization on locals...there is an "opt-in". You want to talk about low-information people? Well...


      As we all know this "allowing, but not forcing the local groups" policy will not satisfy the bully homos in their pursuit of THEIR TRUE GOAL! They will push till they get "required access" from ALL Scout troupes and then the end of BSA!

      How will they do it..... their typical pattern:

      FIRST - have a willing homo go seek out membership in a conservative group. After he's denied, he will scream, very publicly, about how he has been victimized.

      SECOND - all the liberal media and rights groups jump in (hungry for a story and $)! In mob fashion, they all go after that conservative Scout group. The media will paint the picture of the denied homo as the innocent victim, suffering from what he was "born with" and how this denial of access has done irreparable harm to his self esteem.

      THIRD - The media will demonize the Scout troupe and their dads who were only trying to protect their sons. The general public, who thinks as the media has molded them to, will pressure the BSA to do the "right" thing.

      FOURTH - Then comes all the law suits and ... well we've seen it ALL BEFORE!If the gays ONLY wanted "equality" .....then they would pursue organizing their own scout like organization! They already have an EQUAL right to do that... but that isn't REALLY their goal! Therefore the gays won't be content to stop with this "compromise" offer!

      Their goal is:

      1. to increase their numbers, by recruiting the young and moldable

      2. and destroy or change all entities and influences that declare they are sinners/immoral

      I have read studies, confirmed by gays I know, that most homosexuals' first sexual event, typically at a young age, was with an initiating person or exposure to a provocative act by the same sex, thus they were "imprinted" by that first experience to seek that feeling again through the same method (via same sex). This is why the homos want access to the scouts' young boys. Otherwise they would just go start their own organization if all they wanted was a chance to do similar activities as the Scouts.

      Logic says homosexuality isn't determined at birth or by genetics as it would have been lost in the gene pool long ago. Homosexuality is a non reproductive act (no kids created to perpetuate their claimed "genetic disposition"). But EVERYONE knows that making the emotional plea of "victimhood" is the way to evade responsibility for wrong actions. Then bullying tactics, such as calling those folks "haters," who proclaim God's immutable Word, is a favorite response. And misquoting Jesus and taking His Word out of context is a favorite also. It is always the way of sinners to use any and all tactics to protect their access to sinful indulgences.

      So which "special interest group" will be next?

      The pedophiles, murderers, rapists, etc. all will use the "but I can't help it, I was born this way, I'm a victim" claim and then, just like the homos, will start demanding their rights to "freely exercise" their "inclinations." This is why God's transcendent MORAL Law MUST be the moral standard for all human beings. Logic pleads for a standard that is transcendent and unchangeable. If moral standards are left up to humans to determine, they will only pursue their own agenda, thus we get barbarianism.

      I can imagine the day when our immoral government will pass laws saying it is illegal to lock our doors... because it offends that poor group of "home invaders" (after all they "can't help how they like to break in homes.... they were born that way"!). Follow the tactics the homos are using to achieve this normalization of their sins! It is working for them. Many will follow the pattern to push their own agenda!

      • Adam Moreira

        Here's the difference: Unlike homosexuals, pedophiles, murders, rapists, etc., actually harm someone else.


          We need to get the facts straight.

          Homosexual behavior not only seriously harms homosexuals individually, it harms society also. Let's start by looking at the health of people who engage in homosexual behavior:

          People who practice homosexuality experience higher rates of many diseases, including:

          Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
          Hepatitis A, B and C
          Gay Bowel syndrome
          Bacterial vaginosis

          People who practice homosexuality have higher rates of:

          Alcohol abuse
          Drug abuse
          Nicotine dependence
          Domestic violence (20 times more common than among heterosexuals)

          Ah, but maybe these problems are the result of society's discrimination against homosexual people. Not true. If we look at places in which homosexuality is accepted, such as The Netherlands (gay marriage is legal there) and San Fransisco, we find that the greater the acceptance of homosexual behavior, the higher the rate of the above negative consequences. Accepting homosexual behavior makes it worse!

          What about the effect of homosexual behavior on society?

          In addition to a domestic violence rate that is 20 times higher than among heterosexuals, these are some of the negative effects homosexuality has on society:

          Higher rates of child molestation*
          (Nearly 1/3 of the child abuse cases are homosexual in nature, and homosexuals are only 3% of the population.)

          Daughters of lesbian "parents" are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior and experience the consequences of that behavior.

          In areas in which homosexual marriage has become accepted (The Netherlands and areas of Scandinavia, for example), the fundamental building block of society--the family--has fallen apart. In some of these areas as many as 80% of the children are born outside of a family.

          Children of homosexual "parents" do the worst in 9 of 13 acedemic categories when compared with both married heterosexual couples and cohabitating couples.

          Homosexual behavior is linked with higher rates of promiscuity, physical disease, mental illness, substance abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence--all things that impact society negatively. Don't try to say homosexual behavior doesn't hurt society--it is a major force that tears down society and harms children.

          For more information I invite you to read a online paper titled: What's Wrong With Letting Same-Sex Couples Marry? (Most of the information here comes from that paper, which includes scientific references to the source documents).


        • Adam Moreira

          That is not cause-and-effect. Those are the result of irresponsible sex---not homosexuality. You did not demonstrate causation...only coincidence.

        • Just_me_and_God

          Copied for my use!
          Thank you!

  • walter

    You know, I just don't think you righties are happy in the USA any more :(! Since your happiness is really my only concern, let me suggest someplace you'd like much better: The Islamic Republic of Iran. With your attitudes the mullahs would welcome you with open arms! You'd have total freedom to hate on homosexuals, independent women, open minded people and anyone else who deviated from your little worldview. I doubt that you'd get to own a gun-but who needs a gun in paradise?? Plus I hear the weather's terrific!

  • Marie R Sadler

    The next thing you know, these disgusting PC cretins will demand to legalize pedophilia.

    • Just_me_and_God

      They have long ago


    According to NBC News; "Two corporate CEOs on BSA’s national board, Randall Stephenson of AT&T and James Turley of Ernst & Young, have also said they would work to end the ban. Stephenson is next in line to be the BSA’s national chairman."
    BSA has capitulated to the pursuit of the ALL MIGHTY $$$. Even to the point of allowing apparent non-believers on the board (perhaps because these board members have potentially beneficial financial connections). Well now the unequal yolking on the board has put the ENTIRE organization at risk. These pushing dissenting board members do not fear God and are using their positions of influence (and access to $) to compromise the existence of the BSA. This is why God has said not to be unequally yolked. God has also commanded that His people not have ANY other gods before Him (yet $$$ seems to be the ruling god at BSA).

    1. The BSA needs to repent and remain faithful to their godly heritage! God will handle the spiritual battles if we are faithful!

    2. The BSA needs to tell the dissenting board members that they must resign NOW. (The dissenters can surely go start a gay scout org., if that's really what the gays want... but we know that destroying the BSA is really the goal of the gays.)

    3. After 1 & 2, the BSA must put FULL trust in God to provide the needed funds to operate the BSA (which should be cheaper with a smaller, more conservative morally driven board!)

    Short of ALL 3 of these steps the BSA will perish.

    God does NOT bless disobedience!

  • deseartu

    Is this organization that desperate for money funding? If so they should seek other well rounded Christian locations that do not condone this kind of activity! There is no way I would want some gay leader in the group to provoke a situation just like no one in our country liked it when we found out Snadusky for Penn State molested all those boys! It opens up the door to to many more future problems if you ask me!

    • RescueKyron

      Your American opinion is free to be, without anyone asking or authorizing you. Freedom of Speech.

  • freebirds

    Where has our country gone.

    • RescueKyron

      Well, stand up and look around. It's circling the drain and will make that sucking sound Perot spoke of soon if no one puts a CAP on the drain, on the money spending Obbba, on evil that is after our kids.

  • freebirds

    Sad times

    • RescueKyron

      aw shucks, don't be sad. God told us what to do about these people. Sodom and Gomorrah had a bunch knocking on the door of a villager who had new visitors. The bunch asked the new guys to come out and play. Got the door shut in their faces after the owner jabbed them saying no, not the visitor guys but he would send out his daughters for them!! (a Jewish joke). Those "visitors" were angels whose mission was to lead Lot and his family safely out of the village. The "visitors" instructed Lot and family to depart and where to go and implicitly warned them NOT to look back. Lot's wife disobeyed (oh boy, another Eve) and she was turned to a pillar of salt... which could be the results of an atomic type leveling of those villages except for the people who were being escorted out, under severe directions... So, we got a good idea of what God will do about homosexuality. God even more specifically warns that anyone causing SCANDAL to a child needs to tie a millstone around his/her neck and jump into the deepest sea to try to hide.

  • PastorRuth1

    We MUST act while we can, or evil will be our
    undoing. Gay rights lobbyists and "special interest" groups are moving in on our communities, families, and even our childre like a swarm of hornets - threatening our safety, common sense, and FREEDOM! Who in their right minds would allow men - who often "groom" boys and young men - to be "leaders" of boys and young men???

    We CANNOT give in to this! We as a nation have turned our backs on God, taking Him out of everything imaginable and in the vaccuum, evil is moving in to fill the void. Stand firm in the gap and DO NOT ALLOW this evil to threaten our children and thus our nation!

    "If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all." Isaiah 7:9b

    Read your Bibles. Those who put their faith and trust in GOD, who walked in His ways, and obeyed His Word - STOOD FIRM and PREVAILED against overwhelming odds, as David did when fighting Goliath.

    "Put on the full armor of GOD, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to STAND YOUR GROUND, and after you have done everything, to STAND." Ephesians 6:13

    • RescueKyron

      Talk to friends relatives coworkers and search to find groups working as grassroots movement to close the Federal Department of Education. THAT is the evil Monster with tentacles into an incredible number of agencies working to destroy our children, country, society and our morality. Checkout CA Gov Jerry Brown's State of State Address last week (C-Span) -maybe read it on his website. He got a standing ovation when he spoke about Education in CA. Said California education cannot be directed by an agency on the other side of the nation. Said Californians must be in charge of education and have strong School Boards with parents and citizens. He said more, and apparently he listened to his constituents who are part of the grassroots movement. Please congratulate him and thank him for leading the band on this movement to close the Federal Dept of Ed and return it to the States where it was when we had clean efficient facilities, excellent teachers, valuable curriculums that informed students of knowledge they needed to advance, to graduate and have great American lives. Much more reasoning to close the Feds now. Our children are being eaten alive by the Monster Horror House Federal Dept of Ed. See the tentacles that reach into all areas of education, students, society in the flowchart on U.S. Department of Education on This will be the most fierce fight in our country since the Revolution because the prize is our children, future, and country. The commies will not walk away peacefully. If they lose the Fed Dept of Ed, they lose our children and all elements of our country and government. $19B paid to them in 2012, not including the tentacle agencies. NOW thanks to goofy Senator of Minnesota Al Franken(-stine), there will be school Psychiatrists posted to watch and pull in students they want to send for "help" to drug providing doctors and to the Fed's Mansions in secluded wooded areas and mountain areas in US, for "re-education" and "help." If students display opinions differing from authorized training by school, they will be "examined." PLEASE FIND THE GROUPS organizing below radar preparing to give their Governors copies of CA Gov Brown's speech and translate it for their Govs that they need to jump on the bandwagon or call a taxi and go home. (resign.) This is serious, it is about our kids, and that's all we need to know to motivate us.

  • Al Moon

    Those of you who do not believe there are gay boy scouts are seriously delusional. They are just closeted. And just because you are a gay man or woman does not make you a pedophile. So what you're basically saying is that homosexuals should be excluded from all the benefits and life lessons scouting teaches our children and also that because an adult is homosexual means that they cannot teach our children scouting values. Grow up. Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty Brave, Clean, Reverent.... doesn't say anything about intolerant or homophobic. As an Assistant Scoutmaster, I applaud this decision.

    • gavinwca

      Most homoFascist do. All homosexuals who like same sex kids are Pedophile's .

    • Just_me_and_God

      Don't give me the 'straw man' argument about not all sexual molesters of boys are homosexual, and that some otherwise heterosexuals molest boys.

      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck's a duck.

      -- If it engages in sex with its own sexual kind ...It's a homosexual.

      Did you ever hear of Bisexuals?
      A bisexual is just a person who engages in sexual relations with both males and females.
      This still makes them homosexual.

      Do a web search for '254 boy words'
      This proves how important boys are to the "gay lifestyle"
      Those debating whether homosexuals should be scout leaders should take a look at the dictionary to help decide whether or not homosexuals have an inordinate interest in young boys. Or is it really as gay rights leaders say -- they just labor in young boys' best interests. Let's look it up and see if pederasts (men who sexually assault boys) comprise just a small cadre within the much larger male homosexual population.

      The dictionary I am talking about is not in your local library. There, molester may be the only word "straights" would think of for men who sexually assault boys. No, I am talking about "The Queens' Vernacular" (QV), which is advertised as, "Everyman's dictionary to the gay underworld" and the "current language of a very large group of people who are members (part or full-time) of the homosexual community." In the QV there are 254 words for boys, most of these involve men sexually abusing boys.

      Think about it. A dictionary has many words with subtle nuances for that which is important and fewer words for the obvious or trivial. Noah Webster collected 12,000 new words describing the governmental differences between America and Britain for his 1828 American Dictionary, which displaced Johnson's English dictionary. In "The Queens' Vernacular," anthropologist Bruce Rodgers also collected 12,000 words which describe the essential differences between "gays" and "straights." Yes Virginia, gays have their own 12,000 word dictionary because "straight" language cannot describe their world. It is really that different.

  • mg67

    No Gays in the BOY SCOUTS. Just because the prez agrees with gays and supports them doesn't mean all of America does. Dumb-ass America voted for "O" who's a disgrace to this country and the liberal idiots want everyone treated fairly. They can all go to hell!

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    Leave messages on their FB account.
    They have let the minority make changes that are not good for the BSA.

  • gavinwca

    Who would want to call these HomoFascist, let them and the boy scouts go the way of the Edsel. They no longer are worth fighting for.

  • Bryon Spicci

    Unfortunately the boy scouts have bowed down to kiss the homosexual lobby's butt. The queer agenda has the support of our communist president. It is sad that the boy scouts have now been ruined.

  • SSMcDonald

    Contact BSA HQ:
    Boy Scouts of America
    1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
    P.O. Box 152079
    Irving, TX


    I have already posted this but I'll do it again, phone calls are nice but print with survive well into the future

    My message to the BSA

    You have failed to provide moral protection to the young boys/men
    that are going to be needed in the near future, as the collapse of a
    moral society is just around the corner. I have begun a campaign to
    withdraw all financial support from every single one of my family
    members and the local community as a whole. Well done to give in to the
    moral decay that is destroying our once great nation. You have failed
    and you will have to pay that price before God. It was your job to
    protect these children with everything and go down fighting, and YOU

  • Neal Avery

    I am an Eagle Scout who now supports The Royal Rangers. No money for BSA. The paid leaders are the problem. The Episcopal Church went gay and lost half it's members. The BSA will, too.