Child Gunned Down In Obama-Town And It Is Still The NRA’s Fault?

First we have the children of Sandy Hook murdered in the state with some of the most restrictive weapons laws in the country, and this is supposed to mean that we need stricter gun laws. Then a young girl is killed in Chicago, and it is still blamed on the Second Amendment!

USNews (NBC) reported,

“A 15-year-old girl who performed at President Obama's inauguration last week was shot dead Tuesday while hanging out with friends after school in bullet-scarred Chicago. Hadiya Pendleton -- described by family as a ‘walking angel’ -- was standing under a canopy in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park when a gunman ran down an alley, opened fire and fled in a white car, police said. Pendleton was shot in the back but managed to run about a block before she collapsed, officer Laura Kubiak said. She died at the hospital.”

Police are sure that Hadiya was not the intended target. Her death is especially poignant since she had just performed at Obama’s inauguration with her High School Band as a majorette.

Naturally, the story gave the mother the last word and framed it toward gun control. Reportely she broke down in tears and said, “Something does need to change. Where are the guns coming from? I don’t own a gun. My daughter was not violent. I never would have thought she would die like this.”

I can sympathize with the distraught and misled mother. I wish she and her family had lived somewhere safe (which means in most of the US, somewhere where legally possessing and carrying firearms is much less difficult).  The article also include footage of Senator Dick Durbin of Chicago self-righteously posturing on the girls corpse.

“She attended the university prep school in Chicago. She was an honors student and a majorette, and she marched in the inaugural parade last week here in Chicago. It was the highlight of her young 15-year-old life. Yesterday, in a rainstorm after school, she raced to a shelter. A gunman came in and shot her dead. Just a matter of days after the happiest day of her life, she's gone. We are awash in guns. The confiscation of guns per capita in Chicago is six times the number of New York City. We have guns everywhere. And some believe the solution to this is more guns. I disagree.”

But if gun restriction and confiscation is the answer, then why isn’t Chicago the safest city on earth? It is exactly the opposite. As the article notes,

“Pendleton's murder was one of three shooting deaths in the city on Tuesday. More than 40 people have been shot dead in Chicago since the beginning of the year. There were 506 homicides in the city last year, a 16 percent increase even as other large cities, like New York, saw murders drop.”

Obviously, liberal-run Chicago, home of Barack Obama and currently under the mayordom of Rahm Emanuel, is a violent criminal cesspool that endangers its own best and brightest. And the political/media machine is shamelessly telling us that this is the NRA’s fault!

Obama was later asked and he had the answer ready to go. Naturally, the question came from a Mexican newspaper since no one in the mainstream media would dare bring it up. The Chicago Tribune reports,

“Hadiya's slaying also came up in an interview Obama did with Telemundo. The president was asked whether the example of Chicago, with strict gun control laws, gave credence to the National Rifle Association's position that more gun laws don't necessary mean less gun violence. ‘Well, the problem is that a huge proportion of those guns come in from outside Chicago,’ Obama said. The president said it was true that creating a ‘bunch of pockets of gun laws’ without a unified, integrated system of background checks makes it harder for a single community to protect itself from gun violence.”

Excuse me? If the problem is the guns then why isn’t there more gun crime where the weapons are legally manufactured, legally possessed, and legally carried? How does Rahm Emanuel’s failure to enforce laws in his city become an argument against the conserving of the Second Amendment?

Think about all these liberal politicians. They all know that Chicago is a stew of criminality and corruption that allows for a murderous underworld culture of gun violence that often causes casualties among non-criminals. Do they care? Do they want to hold hearings? Do they ask why the police are not doing a better job?

No. They just use it to slime the NRA. They use their own obvious failure, and the predictable and avoidable collateral damage it brings about, to self-righteously condemn gun-owners all over the country who have never hurt anybody with their guns. The same journalists who refuse to give national coverage to stories of how gun-owners save lives are happy to publicize this murderous hypocrisy and treat it as a sane argument.

In the Bible, Satan is the Great Accuser. It is no stretch to see the self-righteous, hypocritical Political/Media Combine as the great Satan. They want to disarm Americans and they are doing it by a campaign of false accusation.

The NRA gets to be the scapegoat for the sins of Obama-Town. They will even mock the NRA for looking for scapegoats as they use the NRA as theirs.



  • Carl jr

    How easy is it to buy guns in Midland City, Alabama? A gunman there shot a school bus driver five times then kidnapped a six year old and has been holding him hostage for days in his underground shelter. Jimmy Lee Dykes had no trouble getting his murder weapon or stocking his underground arsenal with enough ammunition to kill anyone who would attempt to take his new kindergartener away from him.

    "The chief confirmed that Dykes held anti-government views, as described by multiple neighbors: "He's against the government — starting with Obama on down."
    "He doesn't like law enforcement or the government telling him what to do," he said. "He's just a loner."

    Sound familiar?

    • Jude O'Connor

      I'm surprised they haven't knocked him out with a sedative gas.

      • Carl jr

        A sedative strong enough to knock him out would kill the kid.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Jude O'Connor....Yes....piping gas into the White House just might work.......oops....wrong hostage situation.

        • Deborah G

          hahahaha good one

        • Patriot

          Hey, let's not be too eager to give up on that idea.
          Let's keep it on the drawing table for future reference :)

      • [email protected]

        Don't you think this moron has a protective mask???

      • mathchopper

        Is there one that can't be detected? If not, too dangerous for the kid.

      • Patriot

        I think Russia tried that a while back and ended up killing a lot of hostages in a theater. It sounds good on paper but I think there are two many variables involved to inject enough to sedate and too much to kill.

        • Hiram Holiday

          They did not use a sedative. They used nerve agent.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Carl jr.......I anticipated this kind of remark when I heard his neighbor say that he was against government of any kind.

      That position is not the position of Conservatives. No government is anarchy. Conservatives are for LIMITED government.

      Seems a simple enough concept for those with no bias to understand.

      • pgson

        Yup. The people calling for Anarchy were the left's Occupy Wall Street. Might want to see if he has leftist/socialist/marxist ties, not conservative ones...

        • Carl jr

          He is another anti-government "prepper". He fits the mold of the all the recent mass shooting tragedies. White, male, gun enthusiast with massive stockpiles of ammo. Precisely the type of person who should be under surveillance. It is not typical gun owners we need to be afraid of - it is those that have dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammo.

        • Patriot

          Yes, but is he a democrat or liberal as the other mass murderers?
          That is the question Carl jr.

      • mathchopper

        Yes. That's why we're terminal.

      • Patriot

        Definitely, not a difficult concept to understand unless your ears are full of camel dung.

    • [email protected]

      What do obumba and Jimmy Lee Dykes have in common? They're both anti-government...

    • mathchopper

      Was Dykes against guv'met before 2004? If so, we certainly won't hear about it in the lamestream press, will we? (I say "guv'met" instead of "government" because that's the way Jesse Jackson sez it and I don't wanna be called a racist.)

      • Carl jr

        Who cares what this psychopath's political leanings are? Why did he murder the school bus driver and kidnap a 5 year old? What is he going to do to him? How long can they stay down there? What will happen when he runs out of supplies? Will he kill the kid? Will he shoot at police? Will he shoot himself? The last question I want the media to cover is: Did he like George Bush?

    • GrizzMann

      The gun shot the driver? Are you sure? Sounds like a criminal, turning an assault weapon into battery weapon.

      • Carl jr

        The driver was shot. Multiple times. After that - Dykes was a criminal, and now it is a murder weapon.

  • Jude O'Connor

    According to the CBS news last night the shooter said they were in my turf. If they know this why is the shooter not in jail? The news item further said that 33.3% of cases were not prosecuted. Clearly they are getting away with murder and the politicians shrug their shoulders.

    • pgson

      Emanuel wanted to let Luis Farrakhan and his black muslim murderous brigade police his streets...

      • Patriot

        And people wonder why Chicago has problems.
        Luis Calypso is a racist Muslim and one of Obama's buds.
        He's also good friend of Rev Not-to-Wright. Obama's mentor and minister.
        These slugs are all tied together in one way or another. Left wing ideology is the glue that binds them.

      • lilolady

        I wonder if the Black Muslims gave a darn that they might patrol the streets on their own, unless they are afraid to.

    • Sniper

      I guess this is what is called population control.

  • James White, M.D.

    We have reached the point in the disappearance of America where the public can no longer be reached by reason. The information presented by the internet, television, iPhones, and iPads, and the press, is so corrupted that one really cannot find truth in the fog of universal deception. (The conclusion could be correctly made that this reader has awarded "Godfather Politics" a position of respect in the delivery of truth.)

    Slightly more than century ago, when America had a press corps, whose job was to verify, verify, and then to verify again before printing, Mark Twain said this of it: "those who do not read the paper are uninformed, while those who read the paper are misinformed."

    Thus the responsibility falls to an individual to know his sources, select carefully who he believes, and to know, ultimately, that the only absolutely true words in existence are given to us by the Creator, the Savior of man, through the apostles, in the form of the Christian Bible. All else is human-tainted, slanted to serve agendas, and thus Americans continue to be deceived.

    Might I quote Mark Twain again, upon the clearing up of misconception: "the first thing to do is to get all the facts straight: only then should you twist them to suit your purpose." Dominus vobiscum.

    • Screeminmeeme

      James White, MD.....Profound and cogent usual. And so true.
      Veritas lux mea.
      Omnia ad gloriam Dei

    • mathchopper

      It's such a pleasure to read comments from educated readers.

    • RedMeatState

      the "news" has become a 24/7 "reality show" which is nothing but lies and disinformation! We've turned it off, it's all BS! The CIA tells their own people, "don't watch TV!" It's all meant to manipulate and emotionalize!
      How many massacres and disasters have been on the news in the last 50 years? How many of them were true, how many were hoaxes? How the heck can anyone ascertain the difference? We are constantly fed an information stream that we have grown to take for granted, EVEN THOUGH WE KNOW WE CANNOT TRUST THE NETWORKS OR THE GOVERNMENT, the majority of us believe it anyway!!!

      • Phillip_in_TX

        I believe that would be an "unreality show." I agree with the hoax. There are too many things that don't add up.

    • jwright673

      Et cum spiritu...

    • Denise Classon

      PLEASE keep in mind everyone---WE ARE AMERICANS----not democrate communists,we did not let the communists take over our country but the democrates let them take over their party,now the john kennedy dems don't have a clue on how to thro or get rid of these communists do they?

    • bealman2

      I know that you are sincere, but you are still one of the 'truly' dead that quote and use scripture to support your concepts of good and evil in the world. The 'truth' the Apostles explained related to the spirit Kingdom of God, and did/does not relate to anything in the physical realm then or now. All that anyone 'sees' today are the works of Satan, the appointed Lord of Death & Hell, and all works, both good and evil are the works of his children. Do you know the 'Truth' ? Only if it has been revealed. Then, you will understand the reality of what is now taking place around the world and it will all fall into the proper perspective and you will have the ability to 'see'. I'm sorry...


    Pretty soon, there will be over 1000 murders per year in Chicago, especially if they unconstitutionally suspend the second amendment indefinitely there. And the number will only rise from there.

    • mathchopper

      And it still won't be a clue to the Dumbocrap voters in the cities.

      • Patriot

        No one said that Chicago voters were smart. just the contrary!
        They are as dumb as the Camel Jockey sitting in the oval office!
        Just can't fix stupid! The reason they are so stupid is their school system
        with the likes of Union "thug" Carol "Bubble-But" Racist Louis.

        • Donald York

          Where is Al and Jesse?

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          Hiding! There was NO WHITE involved so they are quit!!

        • rmwayne

          They only come out into the open if they can figure a way to blame white people. I wouldn't be surprised to see them twist this some kind of way into blaming a straight, white, conservative, Christian male from the Deep South, even though the murderer was a black yankee and probably an Obama lover.

        • 4PERCENTER

          In their bunkers, with the new bwlack pwanther pwarty, cleaning their guns!

        • Lou Luna

          They is no money in Black crime we have to sue Whitey

        • Phillip_in_TX

          This is not their "cup of tea." Since they are "race baiters," they need something the "lame stream media" will pay attention to, and get them plenty of "face time" on t.v.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Stupid can be fixed; however, it is illegal.

        • mthighpockets

          Exactly Phillip' My favorite saying for a lot of years' "Some people are alive,simply because it's against the law to kill them"

        • Phillip_in_TX

          LOL! I had not heard that one. : )

    • Patriot

      Chicago had around 350 murders in 2012 and they are on track to beat that number handily in 2013. Liberalism results at it's finest!

      • johnkohlenberg

        That is only 10% of abortions and nobody makes a big deal over that.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          You've got that right! And, the Government supports it!

      • NM Leon

        Chicago had exactly 506 murders in 2012.

        • Patriot

          According to the Chicago Crime Statistic reports, you are absolutely correct-506 Murders. In my book, there isn't a whole hell of a lot of difference between 506-350. Dead is dead. A high number is a high number. I suspect for 2013, 350 will probably be the number!

        • d1032

          And I believe that 506 murders exceeds the number of our service people killed in 2012 in Afghanistan.
          The real war is in Chicago and if any one hasn't already noticed the entire city and all its elected official are Democrats.
          And these liberal hypocrites continue to demand more gun laws when they can't even enforce the laws they have on the books.
          Chicago is the greatest Democrat cesspole in the U.S. and all the posturing by the "Little Messiah" that it is someone else's fault just won't cut it.
          He is an exact replica of that culture and he further exhibits that each and every day.

        • Patriot

          It's not that they can't enforce current gun laws, it's that they refuse to do so. The black/Hispanic gangs and churches supply the pols with shoe leather at election time. The churches give out marching orders from the pulpit. Some of the Courts/judges are held hostage by the gay community who make sizable contributions to get them elected and keep them elected as long as they bow to their wants. And the wheel keeps turning...

          Absolutely nothing will change until the public sector unions are destroyed and made illegal and the education system begins teaching instead of indoctrinating with socialism!

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          I can't believe PEOPLE are this STUPID to believe a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER & put him in as PRES.? (DICTATOR)

        • lilolady

          And here we are quibbling over numbers, rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We have a Nation to save.

        • Patriot

          Damn right lilolady. Can't take our eye of the ball for too long! :)

        • Phillip_in_TX

          : )

        • Phillip_in_TX

          And, I believe it was the Mayor saying the police were doing a "wonderful" job. I sure would hate to see the statistics if they were doing a "lousy" job!

        • SickoftheBS

          This in a city where you are not allowed to have a gun!

          How many murders in a city where gun ownership is required?

          A total of 3 between 1982 and 1997. 2 with a knife and 1 with a firearm.

      • Pamela Dunn

        Try 506 MURDERS in 2012 which beat out 2011.

        • Patriot

          Thanks Pamela!

        • Patriot

          As you can tell it was an estimate. The word "AROUND" should have been the tip-off otherwise I would have said "EXACTLY" :)
          Do you assume 2013 is going to be any lower or higher?

        • Doodlebug

          What was the number reported for January 2013? I can't remember now but, it was HIGH! And, isn't Chicago have one of the strictest gun controlled cities?

        • Patriot

          With still one more day before January ends, the Chicago homicide
          rate in the first month of 2013 is off to its bloodiest start in more
          than a decade.

          Homicides already pushed past 40 by Jan. 28, and during a record-breaking warm spell with temperatures higher than 60 degrees the following day, three more were slain in broad daylight.

          According to the Tribune, January homicide numbers in Chicago haven't been this bad since 2002; police data shows that year had 45 homicides to start, with shooting victims comprising 82 percent of the total.

        • lilolady

          And I'll bet not a single one paid a dime to the emergency room that either patched them up to kill another day or
          turned their bodies over to the morgue. See pgson post below. Ditto the babies, grandparents, etc. who got in the way of them protecting their "turf" that they paid nothing for either.

        • Patriot

          Very unlikely lilolady.

          Pgson's post is right on!

        • patriotshooter

          The last figure I heard was 42 murders for 1/13 .I have a novel suggestion for the "Rahmnazi" : what you are doing isn't working so why not let anybody who wants a PDW(Personal Defense Weapon) like what homeland security just bought so "we the people" can protect ourselves since you and the police don't seem to want to protect us or can't protect us. Why should we in IL be the only state in this here and now country to not be trusted to carry concealed when contrary to "OBUMMERS" mind the other 49 states seem to trust their citizens with concealed carry.Are they afraid of getting caught with their hands in the "Proverbial cookie jar"?

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Yes, they are afraid. If people are "independent" they no longer need their oppressors.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I use "approximately" at work, especially when writing reports.

    • pgson

      You want to know what's the real shocker? If this were the 70's, and we were still using 70's level of science and medicine in hospitals ... the number of murders in every city would be 3-4 TIMES as much as it is now. Can you imagine the gross failing of what this liberal/communist-led political governance, unionized and communist education system, media, and Hollywood hold over our society has done to it? We already feel like society is being corrupted from within and is going down the tubes. But it would be near inconceivable were the real rise in violence and murderous rampages within it seen, were our advancements keeping people alive not a factor...

      • lilolady

        You have reminded us all of something very clear and I wonder that no one has seen it before now. Thank you for your insight. Critical thinking seems a thing of the past and "herd thinking" is all the rage today.

        • R

          Any thinking person has to question absolutely EVERYTHING that the press and our government tells us these days. We in now in our 4th year of out of control deception and disregard for the constitution. What will we look like in 4 more years if this is allowed to continue. We each have to start working hard fight back against this discourage. Do not let any deception or lie pass without addressing to with your family and your elected officials and the media. Find out exactly what your public schools are teaching your kids and fight against teachings that go against your values. Boycott any all all deceptive media and call for your family and friends to do the same. Boycott any business that give in to the Political Correct left. Reward all who stand and fight for our constitution, for truth, and morality.

        • lilolady

          Thank you,R. I, too, do all that you have suggested.
          Somewhere back in time I took from a blogger this re
          the Tea Party: "Not a racist,not violent, but NO
          LONGER SILENT". My suggestion that always falls on deaf ears is for Alumni from all schools fielding sports teams to give their school administrators a choice. We withhold all funding from trusts,legacies, donations, and game attendance until the Marxist Professors are all relieved of their positions. School's choice. Sports fans all hate me, but you saw the blind eye Penn State had when their sport program was threatened. The School was complicit in victimizing little boys for years to preserve and protect their "reputation" and sport standing. All sports fans need to look carefully at themselves for the high number of American Students
          being indoctrinated in Universities and Colleges all over America because they can't give up one season of Sunday afternoons to help help this Nation restore
          truth and belief in our Constitution and critical thinking in the college students of tomorrow.

        • mthighpockets

          Exactly why my Granddaughter #15,has had college as her goal for years,and I've tried to help her with her dream. Now I've decided I don't want her to go to college and be brain washed so she no longer beleives in our Constitution govt. etc. If I can help it,Obama and his cronnies won't get the last of my Grandchildren.

        • lilolady

          My Grandbaby Girl took a road trip with a classmate across the country right out of high school then joined
          the Air Force with Space and Intel as her goal. She
          is committed to 6 years service. When she goes to college, as she certainly will, I know that she will make
          her professors wish THEY had chosen another profession!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Thankfully, the "public indoctrination system" (aka schools) are not teaching my children anything. My wife and I home school our children.

        • mthighpockets

          Well contacting the media about any misinfo etc. is probably a waste of time. The stations that tell some of the truth are not watched by the Kool-Aid crowd. They watch the brain washing channels.

        • lilolady

          Got to hit them in the pocket book. Call and write their sponsors

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Second Amendment has nothing to do with the CHICAGO MESS ! It is the STUPID POLITICIANS (Chicago Mafia) !

    • Lou Luna

      It wouldn't bother if these Democrats keep killing each other

    • Jaclyn Barnes

      You are so right ICOYAR about Chicago that is,supposed to.Have gun laws then there Washington D.C. which is no better they have,laws to.But they also have a great deal of crime.

      Muslim Dictator Obama has to have someone to blame!!The idea thatll he face facts and realize that this STUPID idea of,his to disarm America!!Will not make America safer it will only have more,mass shootings!!Of the innocent while those who commit these crimes walk free!!

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Lets get real the problem is black thugs with guns...

    • Tells it like it is

      Gun control will not solve the problem. A change in culture and morals will go a long way towards ending violence against the defenseless.

      Violence is not generally a conservative problem. nor is it a general US population problem. The vast majorities of Americans obey the laws. Violence is a 'rat cultural problem. Who conducts the knockout game? Who has flash mobbing of stores? which is more prevailent, white on black violence or black on black violence or black on white/asian/hispanic violence? Look at where the murders and violence are, mainly concentrated large democrat conclaves. It is long past time for the 'rats and thier low information voters to show some community responsibility, clean up their act and start behaving like adult humans instead of the degenerates they are.

    • Patriot

      It's definitely the case in Chicago. Also an Hispanic problem as well.

      Care to guess who they supported in the last election? :)

      The homosexual mayor only needs to turn the police and Tac units loose and let them do what they are trained to do.

      • gw111

        The police are shakeled, but i still cringe at the thought of just turning the police loose. The courts need some work as well. The police are sworn to up hold the constitution as our president and elected officials. My guess is very few know what it says and worse yet why. The constitution was very conserned for those who would become victims. (read the federalist papers and see how Madison was concerned about the tyranny of the majority). So many are now wards of the state that their vote is powerful in shaping our laws. Supposedly the defense from this was a court that would evaluate laws according to the constitution. I wish the police were allowed to do the job they were trained for. But we must not forget that we are a government of citizens and the actions of its police should not be allowed to become the strong arm of the elected officials. I admire those police cheifs that have come out and said they won't inforce gun control because it is unconstitutional. Lets get all our good police educated like these men.

        • Patriot

          I'll stand with rank-and-file law enforcement any day. The ones that need careful watching are those such as the Chief of Police Associations. I can't speak for all of them, but many are nothing more than Political hacks. They serve at the pleasure of politicians and will easily, without qualm do their bidding whether it be legal or illegal!

          Your right on about the Courts. There are a lot of sick twisted judges sitting on benches who should be behind bars. Chicago is infested with them and things are just not going to change there. It's embedded in the system. Cook County, especially is rife with corruption!

        • gw111

          Believe me the rank and file are the best part of the police. Having said that i think it unwise to give power, (too much power that is) to any segment of society. If the founders wanted the constitution to act as a guard of itself. The rule of law still has to be the guide line. And that law must be obeyed by all. Cook county may be a place where the crooks have to reigned in completely. Having said that it reality that Daily and his cohorts all used the police for their ends. Lets not make it possible for and currupt mayor to use the police at their discretion.

        • Darfur Deng

          I would suggest they turn the 2nd Amendment loose on them, give the people back their inherent right to not become the victims, but to stand as their own protectors.

          It's hard to feel much empathy for the people of Chicago being the victims of criminals, when they are primarily victims of their own ignorance. They have allowed their city to become the Mecca of virtually every well publicized leftist radical and group in America.

          From the likes of the Obamas, Malik Shabazz and the Black racist NBPP, admitted terrorist bombers Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, Black Muslim racist Luis Farrakhan and his religious zealots, the Jessie Jackson clan, and of course the radical "Down Low" racist anti America Church headed by Jeremiah Wright to just name a few that make their nests in that one city alone.

        • Joe H Baber

          How does anyone give back that which the people already have? Each individual must stand and take up that right. Chicago can pas ordinances all it wants, but if it abridges your natural right it is null and void. The courts and Judges may be corrupt but the jury has some input here as well, and if the people of Chicago are to ignorant to use the powers at their disposal then you can't help them and they are lost. We as individuals must take our rights back while we still can and not bow to any officials demands or decrees. If you can read and understand the Constitution , not that difficult really, Then you can learn to enforce your rights. Did the colonists wait for the King to give them rights or to recognize them? No,let that then be a lesson to us all. Organize to resist tyranny because that is what we are talking about here. As the old boy said " If we don't hang together then we shall surely hang separately." Individually we are easy pickings for even petty tyrants, get organized and the bully goes away.

    • GrizzMann

      Not black thugs, all thugs.

      • Jeanette Victoria

        Dream on the crime in these areas are done by predominantly by Blacks

        • GrizzMann

          In an area populated predominantly by blacks, do you think the criminals would not reflect the population? Thugs and criminals are thugs and criminals. Obama separates citizens by race. We should not blame crime on race. That is the way of Obama and the KKK.

        • Jeanette Victoria

          I suggest you look at crime stats. These crime don't happen in white area like they do in Black areas. Your PCness will get you killed.

      • Patriot

        As in Chicago, I think it matters as to which neighborhood you happen to be in at the moment. There are black thugs, white thugs, Asian thugs, polish thugs, Hispanic thugs. We are talking Chicago style ghettos here. Again, it just depends on the neighborhood your in at the time :)

        • lilolady

          While the magnifying glass is turned on Chicago, let us not forget the leadership and citizenship of Detroit, lo these many years.

        • Patriot

          I recently saw a photo of today's Detroit compared to either Nagasaki or Hiroshima (can't recall which). Really felt ashamed of America at that moment!

    • Pamela Dunn

      Don't forget all the Illegal hispanics like run the street gangs in Los Angeles, another liberal stronghold.

      • Patriot

        Chicago has the same problem with Illegal Hispanics. After all, Chicago, like Los Angeles is a sanctuary city!

    • Tom54

      But if they admit that and try and do something about it, the black community will side with the thugs and yell RACISM real loud. It is the Black thugs and Mexican Gangs, yes. But the stupid black community is so ingrained with the notion that if the justice system cracks down on the Criminals, the are actually cracking down on black people so they get up and yell RACISM and tell the mayor to stop. The mayor wants to get reelected so he stops and blames outside forces such as the NRA and that appeases the black community and the mayor gets reelected. At least he hope there are enough people left to vote for him. But the black thugs and mexican gangs wil vote for him as well because they are doing their thing without much resistance.

      • Patriot

        If they don't have a gun handy, the race card is their next favorite weapon of choice! :)

  • Tells it like it is

    Gun control will not solve the problem. A change in culture and morals will go a long way towards ending violence against the defenseless.

    Violence is not generally a conservative problem. nor is it a general US population problem. The vast majorities of Americans obey the laws. Violence is a 'rat cultural problem. Who conducts the knockout game? Who has flash mobbing of stores? which is more prevailent, white on black violence or black on black violence or black on white/asian/hispanic violence? Look at where the murders and violence are, mainly concentrated large democrat conclaves. It is long past time for the 'rats and thier low information voters to show some community responsibility, clean up their act and start behaving like adult humans instead of the degenerates they are.

    • Patriot

      Chicago has a revolving door policy. Few if any criminals serve full sentences and are back out on the street continuing their lawlessness. Look at Mayor Emanuel, he's still on the streets doing his illegal misdeeds! :) He's also associating with known thugs (Obama) and no one has nailed him for violating his parole! :)

    • Patriot

      The problem is called Liberalism and it's current host, the democrat party. Eliminate those two would take us a long way to solving the Country's problems. :)

  • RBlakeH

    The problem all of these people want to skirt around is the "thugs" who have the unregistered illegal weapons. They want to abolish the normal DECENT person from owning a weapon but never realize the Thugs will still have them and we will be a lot more at risk. Take out the thugs and the murder rates by weapons will fall dramatically.

    • TIM

      Those thugs are Obama's civilian army, you can not disarm them.

      • Patriot

        Yes, but they will make damn fine targets should the time come.

  • Patrick Liste

    No, it is not the NRA's fault. It is George Bush's fault for not getting Chicago straightened out while Obama was a Community Organizer!!

    • GrizzMann

      The Republican mayor would not cooperate.

      • Patriot

        Which one would that be? :)
        There hasn't been one in Chicago for decades or are you funn'n? !

        • GrizzMann

          Yeah, you got me. I was trying the do the Democrat thing. Throw a huge lie as a truth.

  • Deborah G

    And we as Americans hyave to fight against the insane accusations of the satan in office. I'm just not sure who Rahm Emmanuel is?

    • Deborah G

      In addition I DO know "WHO" he is but was asking who he represent in the analogy. If Obama is "Satan" the who is Rahm?

      • Melanie Hancock

        One of his minions!

      • RedMeatState

        Wormwood? Abaddon??

      • bealman2

        'Obama' is not Satan, nor is he the anti-Christ or anyone else in the prophecies. Obama is a sign of the times and an enabler. The anti-Christ does not have a number nor does the False Prophet. Both are spirits created by Satan to imitate Jesus and the Holy Spirit. No where is it ever recorded or reported that the anti-Christ has the number '666'. All of the '666' nonsense has been initiated by Man, through the media, your peers and other Children of Stan. The deception has been pretty strong, hasn't it? Just think, it has been ongoing for the past 2000 years. It really is later than anyone realizes...

    • Patriot

      He's Obama's former Chief of Staff, a good homosexual buddy of Obama. They use to belong to the same queer club called "Man's Country" in Chicago's homosexual community.

      He is now Mayor of Chicago.

      • Deborah G

        WOW> I always thought he walked and talked like a "GAY" guy but he is married with kids like OBAMA I guess the wives are the last to know.Is there any proof of this anywhere?

        • Patriot

          Ya, it's all over the place. If you google obama-homosexuality, etc
          you'll come up with all kinds of supporting info.

          He and Obama are both bi-sexual.

  • Bulldog74

    Because as we all know, most Chicago gang thugs are lifetime NRA members...

    • GrizzMann

      With legally purchased and registered firearms?

    • Bulldog74

      oops, meant to put {sarcasm alert} in my comment above

      • Patriot

        Hey Bulldog74, I'm glad you added the sarcasm alert. I thought I had read some of your previous posts and couldn't believe what I was seeing. You just saved yourself one down vote! :)

    • lilolady

      I am so sorry to see that three ... count'em ... took you seriously!

  • NamelessN00b


  • Patriot

    Gee, does anyone know of Obama's whereabouts during the time of the shooting?
    Just saying...

    • krell51

      If you don't have a crisis, create one.

      • Patriot

        Right! But let's not forget, "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste!" :)

  • David Nemirow

    I would comment, but I am not intelligent enough to respond without using profanity toward the President and the MSM>

    • Deborah G

      That's ok we aren't virgins here and certainly NOT PC so have at it we'd love to hear your take on this.(-:

    • Patriot

      Feel free to express yourself. You'll find it cathartic to boot! :)

    • GrizzMann

      You just did.

      • Rowdy

        I do on a regular basis but they always delete my posts. So I can't say what I feel or think, cause it always comes out close to the same. Besides time for talk is over.

  • gwedem5995

    That is like saying that Triple A is to blame for the auto accidents. Obama learned well from Raum, don't ever take the blame, blame someone else.

  • JungleCogs

    Democrats; the most worthless animals on the face of the earth.

    • Deborah G

      It is a menatl disorder as we see with our mentally deranged President

  • ajfrench

    This may sound awkward; but do we know that these shooters weren't paid to wreak havoc in pursuit of destroying our Constitution.

    • Patriot

      No we don't and would it surprise you if they were paid?
      Something is rotten in Chicago and like a dead fish, it rots from the head down. :)

      • cmjay

        That's Rahm - DEAD FISH Emmanuel - as Sean Hannity used to say.

        • Patriot

          Has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? :) :) :)

          I believe he was at a podium with a dead-fish and began stabbing the fish during one of his rants!

      • GrizzMann

        Dead Fish, I get it, Rham's Dead Fish is in Chicago. HAHAHAHA

        • Patriot

          :) :) :) !

    • Patriot

      It's not like that hasn't ever been done by our government. Just saying...

  • James Maxwell

    When Osumer and all his friend give up thier specil ARMED security guards, surrender
    their weapons can make Chicago actually gun free we might discuss reducing some
    legal weapons until then ESOD food cuz it ain't happening no time no how no way. I
    will keep my guns loded and accessable where my wife can reach them at a moments
    notice. I WILL keep one in my care and on my person 90% of the time when i am driving.

  • nancy miller

    The only ones that can be blamed for this are the ones in charge. The Democrats. There are no Republicans currently in office there.

    • Patriot

      A number of them are former gang-bangers!

    • Patriot

      Nor has there been for decades. At least non of any significance.

  • Val

    " OBAMATOWN" ??REALLY ??? That says it all...!

  • rpr0174

    respectful citizens with guns don't kill people, the ignorant criminals and idiots kill people

    • Patriot

      Ya, and most who kill people are democrats, liberals or unidentified politically.

  • egalicki

    They will never learn - and I know why.

  • Rob Anders

    Sadly, you can not fix stupid! See it everyday among my liberal friends who just can't grab the gun concept!! Oh well!!

    • Deborah G

      There sure is a whole lot of "STUPID" out there.

  • GrizzMann

    The NRA has always been behind more gun laws for Chicago? Since when? The reason for the onerous Chicago is to encourage violence, so they can, never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what
    I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not
    do before.
    Keep the populace dependent on Government for protection?

  • Scott Redlhammer

    Stop trying to use facts and logic. It pisses off and confuses the Liberal/progressive machine that is trying to enslave the country.

  • Obummer

    Thinking out loud for a moment .... could it be that Obama and other democrats that are mostly pacifistic who are calling for more gun control actually fear gun owners because of their high profile positions and possible harm for their radical viewpoints ?. Most of these people enjoy armed security almost 24/7 but it must be a scary scenario for them to be in public without such armed security. I'm thinking this may be a large reason for their seeking gun bans all the while continuing to arm themselves. Of course it is also about control and this is just another avenue to achieve it.

    • Deborah G

      I am so surprised that not one single red Bloodied American hasn't gotten so mad they didn't go after him. I really am I guess when you have a Teflon sheild it must work. Seems to have worked for Hillary and she has more bodies behind here than Kennedy did.

      • Donna Casas

        We don't know that someone hasn't. I'm sure his secret service protection is much greater than other presidents. We won't hear about those who have attempted to harm him, because the MSM won't report it.

      • lilolady

        The name of the teflon shield is Joe Biden.

    • Patriot

      Don't fall for that pacifist stuff. They are thugs pure and simple. They believe in any and all violence if it furthers their cause.

  • LittleMoose

    Let's see, any gun problem is the NRA fault, any economy problem is Bush's fault, any deficit problem is The House of Representatives fault, any immigration problem is because Republicans are racist, any unemployment problem is because big business want too much profit, any tax problem is because of the 1%, any ...........

    • Patriot

      You pretty much nailed it LittleMoose! :) :) :)

  • Ken Bowman

    Liberal gun control laws were lifted directly from NAZI gun laws! Instead of Jews today it is White Christians first and perhaps Black Christians second with Jews thrown in as well.

    • Patriot

      Someone hear had posted a photocopy of Uncle Adolph's bill regarding gun control.
      Chilling to say the least! Most democrats would vote for it in a heart-beat. That's why they must be defeated!

  • jwright673

    Lawful gun owners are being preached to by the choir. We all know our limitations and don't go randomly shooting people. Chicago has had street gang problems for longer than I care to remember, whose members shoot indiscriminately to protect their "turf." That's right, their turf. Thugs run the city, but do you see any attempt to weed these slugs out? Remember the housing project there, Cabrini Green I think the name of it was, that was headquarters for full-time crime? Well, here's the good crisis their beloved mayor, rahm, must not let go to waste. Clean out the trash and the city will be clean again (if it ever was, I don't remember).

    • Patriot

      Your right, the thugs run Chicago! Rham Emanuel the democrat party and Obama! and let's not forget the corrupt commie unions! :) :) :)

    • TIM

      Their turf, paid for by the taxpayers.

      • jwright673


    • CherDash
  • catnip24

    let's just get to the exact truth about chicago which no one wants to admit because it's politically incorret to do. you don't see the media saying anything about this being a black girl killed by a black guy. i'd like to see the break down of the race of the suspects and the victims in the chicago murder statistics. the media won't touch this. the problem is the mentality of the blacks, not gun control. for saying this some leftist and gun control advocates will call me a racist. i'm not a racist. i'm a realist.

    chicago proves making more gun control laws will not stem the tide of murders in chicago or anywhere else. more gun control laws will only keep law biding citizens from getting guns to protect themselves from these criminals. the criminals and black chicago thugs will continue to keep their guns and kill people no matter how many gun laws are on the books.

    i live in illinois, which is the only state without a concealed carry law. i'm just a regular law abiding citizen who believes in the second amendment and the right to own guns. i'm fortunate enough to be in a position where i can legally carry a gun, being a retired policeman. i won't leave home without it. especially when i go to chicago or peoria or anywhere else.

    • Patriot

      Do you realize that to mention Obama's name in conjunction with Chicago is considered to be racist? OBAMA-CHICAGO-OBAMA-CHICAGO-OBAMA-CHICAGO....

  • Silas Longshot

    Ain't it strange that every democrat run town, where they've been entrenched for decades, the crime rate and poverty rate is higher than anywhere else. And usually, it's a "gun free town", where only the criminals (elected and gansta) have guns, where we have the highest death rate from guns, among the black population who support the very democrats who have the intent to keep them in those conditions forever.

    • Patriot

      Well put Silas! Everyplace liberalism has been tried, it has failed. As you say, just look at our major cities that have been controlled by the democrats. They are cesspools of crime, drug use, liberalism run amok, high unemployment, disgusting schools, etc!

      One only need to look at sat picture of the two cities we destroyed in japan. They are now symbols of progress, technology, a thriving society. Now look at sat photos of say, Detroit!

  • WhiteFalcon

    Politicians are total frieking idiots. Wherever you have an armed population you have less violence. That has been shown over and over. Chicago and other "gun free" cities are nothing less than war zones. The government does nothing about street gangs, and this murder will no doubt go unpunished. This whole Government needs to be thrown out and replaced by a much smaller one that has much more severe limits on its power and growth. The Constitution should be honored in all areas of the US. In Illinois's case, the state government should go as well.

    • Patriot

      An armed society is a civil society!

  • whisperatnight

    Criminals will always find a way to assault others. Gun control does not work for those who are intent on committing crimes. We will never be safe from those who choose to hurt others. Our prisons are over flowing with those of a criminal mind. But, taking away rights to bear arms from civil law obeying citizens will not keep a criminal from committing his or her crimes. Ban all the weapons you want, but they will still end up in the hands of criminals. Just as there is a trade for drugs, there will be a trade for guns.

  • Ronald Chappell

    Random shooting? Motive? This report sound like this girl was a selected target. This just does not smell right.

    • Patriot

      Anything having to do with Obama doesn't smell right! :)
      Remember: A fish rots from the head down! :)

  • real patriot one

    not sure what to add to this piece, an excellent piece. we must keep speaking the truth. the truth will always win. remember the movie Liar Liar with jim carey. can you imagine this happening to obama , even for a single month. can you imagine what the dumb sheep would learn.

    • Patriot

      That would be a real hoot!
      I would like to see cameras panning the faces of the Obama Zombies for their reaction!

    • Rowdy

      That is exactly why I have been screaming for five years now. Lie detector tests for everyone, starting with the president and the supreme court and working your way down. If you fail to stand for freedom and liberty ie. the Constitution then you get locked up, investigated, and interrogated and sentenced appropriately to your crime. Has to be done and the sooner the better.


    WHERE is the same outcry for all those babies being murdered at a rate of 2 every minute of everyday

    Tax payers actually pay for one every 94 seconds and then PLANNED PARENT HOOD brags about it LAST COUNT 56 MILLION have been MURDERED

    • lilolady

      75% of children born to single mothers. How many more are aborted by others in that culture? That will be a hard figure to arrive at.

  • Joanne Satmary

    Something stinks in this story. Since we know how much Obama loves children (HA!HA!) it is just amazing that she just HAPPENED to be shot. do not buy story. Too convenient. Keep your kids AWAY from Obama! The only safety check for your kids.

  • John Centonze

    Don't tell me that they ( liberals and people of that ilk) have finally stopped blaming Bush? Is the NRA the new whipping boy? Ahhhhh, how refreshing!

  • johnkohlenberg

    The make a big deal over this girl being shot, and they should, but what about the 3,000 babies being butchered each day. Nothing is said about how terrible abortion is. It is only the living survivor who bitches and comnplains about making abortions illegal. This is not fair to the helpless child that has no say in wherther he lives or dies.

    • Patriot

      Point well made. By the way, how many women get abortions let alone multiple abortions through out their lives? I'm amazed at the numb-nut women who are rabid supporters of abortion. They seem to make it a life long jehad!

    • GrizzMann

      You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what
      I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not
      do before.

  • cmjay

    Obama and Rahm Emmanuel should FOCUS on CLEANING UP their city instead of going after LAW ABIDING citizens who happen to own guns. GUN CONTROL - just doesn't work!

    • GrizzMann

      They are, just like the razor focus on that three letter word, JOBS. Anyone can see their results.

      • Patriot

        Sure, they're taxing the hell out of businesses and they are fleeing the state with the expected results. They then beginning taxing taxpayers and they (I'm one) are packing up and leaving the state. They kiss the rumps of racist union thugs like Bubble-butt Lewis. The average teacher makes something like 45% more than the taxpayer who's paying their salary? What a cesspool!

  • Lawerence

    Obama Town Is The Violent In The Nation ( Chicago ) Solution : Anti - Gun Groups Led By Obama's Gun Czar Joe Biden , Walk The The Streets Of The Drug and Criminal Areas Of Chicago And Physically Take All Of The Gangs GUNS !!! That Is An Executive Order We Can All Agree On !!!

  • bowtonoone2

    Chicago has always been a criminal stomping ground – just like Washington, D.C. under Obama.

    • Patriot

      Hey folks, does the name AL Capone ring any bells?!

  • Cairan

    Chicago is roughly 1/3 White, 1/3 Hispanic. and 1/3 Negro. It's not guns. It's the NEGROES. with the Mestizos catching up fast. almost 95% of the crime is committed by the Dark Hordes. Police stats - so any-one who wants to start screaming "waaaaaayyycism" - FECK OFF.

  • Dee Rupe

    Just wondering- are there any democrats out there, not overtaken by liberalism, socialism, radicalism, communism or any other "progressive ism " ? Do you perceive the deceitful agenda of your party's modus operandi ? Are you following the path of your party because your father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. was a democrat? Do you feel that the sense of right and wrong has been obliterated from our government? Do you feel it is right for the current regime to hide behind troops of armed guards while suggesting the general public protect themselves with scissors against mass shooters? We are no longer a nation of democrats vs. republicans - we are a nations of liberals vs. conservatives, a government without restraint vs. a government with restraints, a mostly foolish governing body vs. a mostly wise governing body, a mostly reckless government vs. a mostly cautious government, a government of godless abandon vs. a government of godly reason. On which side of the "vs." to you really want to stand?

  • Jed54

    James White M.D. , I totally agree....To me Deception is the greatest enemy "We the people" have. Also I believe millions of people fail to even try or care about whats going on around them. Most only care about me, myself, and I...

  • Bob Ward

    The liberal answer is always, "Well the guns are coming from somewhere else". Same here in NY, the problem is not NY guns, it is guns brought into the city/state from outside. So, the logical answer is to make guns as difficult to keep and bear everywhere...see where this is leading. They want the 2nd Amendment and the NRA gone, then they figure they can do as they wish unopposed because they will be the only ones with guns.

    How about you look at Chicago, NYC and L.A. and fix the problems that are creating the atmosphere for the violence, if you truly care that is.

    • Public_Citizen

      Once they take your guns what is to stop them from taking your 401-k, your home, your life?

      • Patriot

        They've already started to eye your 401k several years ago and they are still talking about it!

        • Public_Citizen

          They'd stop eyeballing and just grab it if it weren't for that pesky Second Amendment.

        • Patriot

          You sure got that right! Once the 2nd goes all others including the first will follow and so will our Nation. That's why it's important that we fight this administration tooth and nail. Give them a taste of their own Sal Alinski medicine. Ridicule, humiliate them, show them no respect whatsoever, give them false info to keep them wasting their time and energies chasing ghosts!, once you have identified them start insulting them!

  • Brian Maday

    Can we just FORGET Chicago when it comes to any discussion of guns? We are all well-aware that they have problems that they are unable (or unwilling) to handle for themselves - quite plainly - it's a BAD CITY.

  • DWinch

    This is what we get for ignoring glow-bull warming, Al tried to warn us but we didn't listen!

  • Dave L.

    Wfhat does performing at Obongos inaugration have to do with anything ?? Its simple, Black crime is not going to stop. Think this punk is gioing to turn his gun in ?? Pass all the laws you want, Chicago's strict gun laws did a lot of good didn't they ?? Keep blaming the gun, that way you won't be called a racist !!

    • Patriot

      My question is; what was she doing hanging out with gang-bangers?
      If she performed at Obongos inauguration that alone would give me pause.

      • TIM

        They are all animals.

      • lilolady

        I thought it happened in a park. And it was raining. She was probably telling all her friends about her exciting time at the inauguration. Then, the shooter came out of an alley to shoot her and then she ran down the street and collapsed. There is so much more of the story than the first reports. As we have seen so often in the past.

  • Phillip Gray

    I live in North AL. There's been alotta media attn of a hostage situation in S. AL, involving a lunatic, a child & a murdered bus driver. A horrible & terrifying occurrence that no one wants to see, as many ppl, like myself who have children that ride the bus. Is the answer to the problem training & arming bus drivers for just such an event? I believe that those buses & our children are easy targets without that extra precaution, however, many police officers can't even be trusted with protecting innocents nowadays, when we hear the horror stories about police incompetence & even brutality with tasering 10 yr olds because they disagreed with them... or a recent case in Huntsville of an officer who pulled a mother out of her car slammed her on hood & arrested her in front of her daughter because he "mistook" her scolding her child for bad behavior as threatening & mistreatment. Then there's a story oi read on monday of a Madison man, who was meeting another man who answered his craigslist ad to buy his 52" tv. The buyer pulled a gun & started firing. The victim took cover & returned fire with his own gun, hittin his attacker in the chest. The man escaped but landed in the hsp for emergency surgery. I never heard if he lived or died but there's no doubt that law abiding armed citizens, that are also responsible & excercise good judgement, can save lives. I myself am a proud gun owner & do possess a concealed carry license... I believe there should be guards who are armed protecting our children, it is an effective deterrent to madmen who would shoot up our schools... I just want the proper precautions to be taken in deciding & choosing the kind of ppl who will be filling those jobs to make sure they're not the one's who wind up hurting our children. In the beginning after 9/11, the TSA sounded like a good thing to keep passengers safe... that's in serious question now as their ranks are filled by gestapo-esque, power abusing criminals, & even child molesters! How does that even happen?! Its disgusting!! We have to be sure the same the thing doesn't happen in our schools, regadless who gets to be armed, whether its teachers or guards

    • lilolady

      Thanks, Phillip, for your thoughtful essay. These are strange times we live in made all the more strange by the 50% of us who could care less what is transpiring in our cities, counties and States.

  • NCBigmouth

    AY YI YI ! What else does this deserve? Maybe a rolled eyes Chicago style gesture ala Mooch elle?

  • goku vegeta


    • Patriot

      Amen !!!

  • Fred_K

    If guns were outlawed in the United States, the criminals would get them from Mexico where they are illegal already.

  • Gary Rose

    Good old Friendly Windy Chicago oh Yes? And they harp about takeing Guns away from Legal Good American Citizens the Nerve?Obummers and gangster Buddies Town Tell you Something Think Think Please Real Legal Americans>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • ltbrown

    As long as the black community condones illegal drugs, guns to settle disputes between gangs and druggies/drug dealers, the blame is squarely on the blacks them selves for letting the illegal drugs and condoning violence from gangs and dealers exist without turning them in and helping to punish those who deal and buy. If it were not guns it would be swords, bows and arrows, or knives. It is the people in the community who must stand up and help the police to capture and all those who do these things. Bad people need to be incarcerated for as long as it takes. I am still a believe in the swift death penalty punishment for these bad folks as this ensures there is a deterrent factor for those who think they can be that way also. I feel for the loss of the young girl. Her community needs to look at the root causes and start a rapid correction of those enabling problems, illegal drugs and lawlessness by the black community thinking they are some how punishing whites. It is called racism. Remember the facts, there e5 time more white "slaves in this country and all of the other races combined. It was call forced servitude or indenturement. So get over it and get your communities back to civilty and safety with respect for all others.

  • hotrod41mag

    0bama built this

  • Larry Yeargan

    As I've said many times,,,the liberal mind is a very very strange place to visit.

  • NM Leon

    According to Obama's FBI:

    In 2011 (latest complete data) 67% of murders with guns in the U.S. happened in the 50 largest metro areas. Combined, the 62 cities that are in those metro areas have a firearm murder rate of 9.7 per 100k, more than twice the 4.8 national rate. Teenagers have a 14.6 rate, or almost three times the national rate.

    Here's the 20 cities with the highest murder rates. The national rate is 4.8.

    New Orleans, Louisiana 57.6

    Detroit, Michigan 48.2

    St. Louis, Missouri 35.3

    Newark, New Jersey 33.8

    Baltimore, Maryland 31.3

    Oakland, California 26.3

    Kansas City, Missouri 23.4

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 21.2

    Atlanta, Georgia 20.7

    Cincinnati, Ohio 20.5

    Stockton, California 19.7

    Cleveland, Ohio 18.6

    Memphis, Tennessee 17.9

    Washington, District of Columbia 17.5

    Miami, Florida 16.8

    Chicago, Illinois 15.9

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 14.3

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 14.2

    Buffalo, New York 13.7

    Tulsa, Oklahoma 12.4

    Notice anything about them besides the horrible rates? The top 19 are Democratic controlled cities that voted for Obama, and many of them have the most restrictive gun control laws in the country.

    • TIM

      Also, the highest minority populations.

    • Carl jr

      At least you admit it's a problem.

      • NM Leon

        For sure it's a problem, but it's a problem among criminals. Passing new laws that only affect law abiding citizens does not address the problem at all. That fact begs the question; why do you Dumbocraps want more gun control?

        • Carl jr

          Why even make murder illegal? Criminals will not follow the law. It does not solve the problem of murder.

        • NM Leon

          Are you stupid or are you being deliberately obtuse? Murder is a crime against a person. Purchasing a firearm hurts nobody.

          A vanishingly small percentage of crimes committed with firearms are committed with legally purchased firearms or by people who had a legal right to own them. The latest data suggests that a fraction of one percent of those who commit a gun related crime will legally purchase a gun and then commit a crime with it.

          In other words, your gun control would affect a huge percentage of law abiding gun owners in America, but would, at best affect a minuscule percentage of gun violence.

          So again, why do you Dumbocraps want more gun control?

    • lilolady

      With a 75% unwed mother rate among blacks alone according to Larry Elder, I will bet anyone, NMLeon that the number of single parent/ no father in the home contributes to the high murder rate.
      Some cultures have no idea of the importance of good men in its success or failure.

      • Patriot

        Without a doubt!

        Love Larry Elder. Love when he use to talk to his mother. She raised that son right!

        • lilolady

          Didn't he call her " The Chief Justice"? What a sweetie!

        • Patriot

          Yes he did. Know why? I believe she was the Chief Justice in Argentina?
          Weird, isn't it?

      • NM Leon

        Absolutely. Very few women can give teenage boys the guidance needed. Those boys then turn to gangs as their "father" figures.

  • lonetrader

    What this article fails to mention as most others is that there was another kid shot. He was the target. She was in the right place at the wrong time, and in the presence of what is probably a gang member or wannna be. The majority of the violence is gang violence. It is not gun violence. Guns are inanimate objects. Chicago gangs are killing each other over turf, drugs, prostitution, or if you just look or glance at someone. Seems to me the most violence in this country is Blacks killing Blacks, and Mexicans killing Mexicans. That tells me they are more violent than everyone else. So the solution of the govt (more gangs and crooks) is to disarm the honest people and arm the criminals. Quite misguided logic

  • gw111

    It seems to me our president missed the point when he said Chicago citizens were going to the next town and buying guns so Chicago laws weren't working. Why isn't crime high in the areas where they by the guns. Would it not be that where it is easier to get guns there would be more crime. Didn't we as a country invest billions into our cities to make them better places to live. With all that money that has poured in why is crime escalating in the urban areas. Why do those who manage to raise themselves out of poverty leave. And why do we have 3rd and 4th generation welfare families. And why to our comunity organizers keep getting richer. As Thomas Sowell once said "the job of the comunity organizer is exasperate the problems".

    • Public_Citizen

      Chicago, Ill. = High Crime
      Kenesaw, Geo. = extremely low Crime.
      The difference? Guns are ~mandatory~ in Kenesaw so the bad guys go elsewhere.

  • freedomringsforall

    This administration's intent is to try to affect the
    internationalists agenda as fast as is possible.

    That is why they are using every incident possible to try to scare us into disarming ourselves.

    If you check the FBI statistics yourself on the FBI site you will find that killings with guns is 1/2 of what it was per capita in the early 1970s and it has been a steady decline since the 1970s so it is not an anomaly.

    So, gun violence has been going down not up.

    This is all scare tactics by this administration with the medias cheerleaders.

    Do not believe them check the facts for yourself.

    Stand up for your rights and freedoms.

  • gamme

    Here is what I think of these Democrats......You can't fix STUPID!!! What we have to do is make sure these Idiots don't get there way & we aren't stripped of our 2nd amendment rights.

  • Eugene Lubben

    Sorry but the girl was hanging out with a bad gang in a place where she should noit have been ,, end of story ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Joanne

    Wonder why he never returns to his home, look at the mess his state is in. Remember bush used to run back to TX and vacation, not Obama.

    • Patriot

      Obama and his so called wife like feeding upon the taxpayers largest.

  • Gary Jones

    Lets not blame the criminal it might look like Obama's son (Tray-on Martian) Progressive liberals blame, shame and call names without logic or truth. I'll keep my guns because the 2nd Amendment protects us from tyrants, tyrannical governments foreign and domestic enemies

  • Debbie Radziewicz

    Wouldn't surprise me if these people being killed are scapegoats for an agenda...has anyone noticed that all of a sudden it is a lot of children being shot and reported on. Like so many all of a sudden. We have thugs running our country so that wouldn't surprise me. What are a few lives to get an agenda put through. But I don't think that the American people will go so peacefully! Wonder if that are what the coffins are for at the FEMA concentration camps set up all over America.

  • 57girl

    I'll bet if they did a background check on the 'gunman', they'd find he'd used an 'illegal' gun to commit this crime.

    Stricter gun laws only stifle the 'law-biding' citizens, rendering them more, or less, victims to the criminals who disregard the original gun laws to begin with.

  • Denise Classon

    are you chicago people scared to throw these dum little boys out?you can get a high school senior to do a hell of a better job then these two bumbling fools...

  • oldcoyote

    These mini false flag operations are what the CLAN of Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, Metzenbaum, Boxer, Waxman, Wexler, Kohl, Levin, ETAL, and their ilk are famous for. The Mossad motto is, "BY DECEPTION, THOU SHALT MAKE WAR"

  • Public_Citizen

    One of Satan's attributes is "The Prince of The Power of The Air".
    Where does the main stream media derive their influence? From broadcasting through the air.
    Any questions?

  • John M Rolwing

    The NRA teaches gun safety, proper use, and respect for the family unit...and they have many classes so [you] can "Refuse to be a victim"...obviously lacking in Chicago where just the opposite is mandated, and now look at the result...

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    IF, it is true -Sad a young girl was shot & killed BUT it is not the NRA-It is the stupid CHICAGO MAFIA MOB ! You can take all the AMERICAN'S GUNS AWAY BUT it will NOT stop this !!

  • Tom54

    Why are they not enforcing the laws on the books they have. Obviously they feel that putting the blame on the black criminals and gang bangers would make them look racist. Instead they blame the NRA who is trying to even the odds for the law abiding citizens. The NRA is the problem because they believe that the NRA is supplying the guns, but Chicago does not allow guns, then how can the NRA be the problem? I am confused. Seems to me if no guns are allowed in Chicago so only the criminals have the guns and the justice system is not enforcing the laws by jailing the Criminals, then the justice system is the problem, not the NRA. The NRA proports guns but no guns are allowed. I am still confused.

    • lilolady

      The illegal guns are being stolen from States and municipalities that do allow gun ownership and brought home to sell/or use.
      A criminal can always find a gun. You are right, the justice system in some places is indeed owned by criminals. We are on the track for our Nation's Justice System being owned by Criminals,too.

  • klee


  • Faye Shamblin

    No you would not have heard of this but this is what Obama did while in Chicago he is a mobster gangster just like the rest in Chicago they have communist organizations that no body has even tried to clean up this is what Obama joined while in Chicago so now he is gangster communist tramp just like the ones that are doing these murders but don't leave Obama out on murders what about the 4 Americans killed in Libya and the chemical war in Syria the ones killed in Algeria now look we got another in turkey yes Obama is the one trying to make it look to his good ego when it all comes down and he sees a way to take over America OH YES Obama America's Dictator the trash he and michelle are the trash of the last four years get rid of the send them to dump with the rest of the trash to burn IMPEACH OBAMA NOW charge with fraud and treason send the liar thief killer to prison with the death sentence NOW

  • Rachel

    Our justice system has gotten way too lenient on violent criminals. If society insists on letting these people out early, or plea bargaining...then these kinds of crimes against citizens is the price we have to pay. Every action has a consequence. We can't have it both ways. The more criminals allowed to walk around free...the more crime will be committed. I'm for keeping these criminals in prison and throwing away the key. I care more about the safety of decent law-abiding citizens, then I care about the over-crowding of scumbag criminals in prisons. As far as I'm concerned, bring back Devil's Island and drop these social pariahs all there and let them kill each other. Do us a favor.

  • KalevEfrayim

    Everybody is at fault except the shooter according to the libtards.

  • VET

    Sad but strict gun control in Chicago doesn't seem to be working. Maybe Mr Emanuel You should go after the criminals instead of blaming the guns.

  • djw663

    It's the NRA's fault because they did not fight hard enough to keep Chicago's mayor from enacting some of the strictest gun laws on the books.

  • sotiredofpoliticos

    Chicago is a laboratory case....strict gun control=higher crime...go figure....this kind of blows a hole in the Left Wing argument....but I wish the Left would stop using the death of innocents as fodder for their grist mill...IT IS SO EFFING UNBECOMING....

  • SickoftheBS

    I would not be at all surprised if the shooter was one of Obama's puppet democrats. Purposely shooting the Chicago girl to draw more attention to his Plan to outlaw all guns. I say I would not be surprised because this is the sort of thing he is capable of and I would not put it past him. He is a LIAR and a Murderer, he just does not get his hands dirty.

  • pjk40

    This video just aired on Fox 2 News in Detroit. THIS is why we have the criminals with guns on the street - and it shows that new gun regulations will not help any. This investigative reporter is awesome!

  • oxnin

    Remember, when you are dealing with cities like Chi, NYC, PHILD. and others, you are dealing with a jungle mentality. Blacks may have physically left the jungle, but mentally their still bush mentality! Spears, war amongst themselves, etc. In 10,000 years from now, they will haved evolved enough to behave like civilized humans...Tom

  • hiskid1964

    cull the heard

  • Charles Rozier

    What about automatic death sentence for those who kill? No drawn out appeals after appeal? Break up gangs in cities and jails. Those who kill know it will NEVER HAPPEN....

  • CCblogging

    Chicago is the thug town that gave us the thug president. When he was running for president, obama talked to his goon supporters about using guns against us Patriots. Remember his words, "if they bring a knife to a fight, we will bring a gun". My advice to all is to hang onto your guns and buy a closet full of ammo.

  • FlyerVic

    The liberals simply do not get it!!!

  • disqus_FsNqsTKROM


    • William Wallace

      They need to cordon off all the liberal cities and shut them off from the rest of America. We'll see a national decrease in crime average as we exclude data from those cesspools from the other safer cities which are not being destroyed by liberals.

  • Gary Smith

    Denial (also called abnegation) is a

    defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.[1] The subject may use:
    simple denial: deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether simple denial: deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether minimisation: admit the fact but deny its seriousness (a combination of denial and rationalization) projection: admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility by blaming somebody or something else.

    Denial of responsibility

    This form of denial involves avoiding personal responsibility by: Denial of responsibility

    This form of denial involves avoiding personal responsibility by:
    blaming: a direct statement shifting culpability and may overlap with denial of fact
    minimizing: an attempt to make the effects or results of an action appear to be less harmful than they may actually be, or justifying: when someone takes a choice and attempts to make that choice look okay due to their perception of what is "right" in a situation.

    Someone using denial of responsibility is usually attempting to avoid potential harm or pain by shifting attention away from themselves.

  • rmwayne

    Haven't y'all heard? Global warming is the reason for murders in places like Crook County according to some of these left wing commie extremists who support Obama and hate Americans who dare to want to defend themselves from communist tyranny.

  • pysco

    Maybe if the liberal media tries hard enough, they can blame the NRA for global warming too.

  • Gail Nowaczyk

    Chicago has the most murders per year. WHY, Because they have so many people out of work(to lazy to work). And they have guns that there children get ahold off there parents guns. And you will never catch the parents, because they do not have them registered. Their hot guns are bought on the streets right under the nose of the police. You can rake the guns away from the good people. BUT YOU WILL NEVER get the guns away from the crooks.

  • Patriot



    Supreme Court Opens Door to Obama Eligibility Challenge on February 15th

    Read more:

  • Jim Greaves

    Not only is Telemundo a news outlet for Mexicans and Mexico, but it is a TV station in LA that broadcasts throughout California, playing all manner of violent and vile programs in "hispanic" language for the stupid unwashed vagabonds who've invaded the "southland" of California, including mild pornographic as well as stupid machine-gunning "dramas". If they are unwilling to end the invasion, Californios deserve whatever fate machete- and gun-wielding invaders heap upon them.

  • tcdesalvo

    What? You're kidding me right. Blame it on the NRA? Certainly I would have thought Bush did it.


    Hummm???? This type of crime has NEVER happened in Kennesaw, Georgia, where EVERY RESIDENCE IS REQUIRED TO HAVE A WEAPON IN THE HOME!!!!! Now that’s a gun law that I can LIVE with!!! Last I heard, they had the lowest crime rate per capita than any city (of significant size) in America! Compare us to Switzerland where EVERY MAN is drafted, and issued a FREE rifle, by the GOVERNMENT, which they must possess for life! Their National homicide number is lower than Obama-town, and those committed by guns are less than TWENTY every year!!!

  • fideux

    You can bet it wasn't a registered gun owner that shot up the area and killed the girl. The only way to rid the land of those responsible for these crimes is to be themselves shot dead. Obviously Holder's kid-glove treatment of "his" people isn't he answer; nor is taking guns from responsible gun owners that wouldn't have been shooting up the place in the first place!

  • Mike Clark

    Both Al Sharpton & Jesse jackson are racist along with Obama & Erick Holder . At one of Al Sharpton's rallys years ago in St Louis , I was there and called him a racist and a bigot . I told him hehe reverand where is your Church the same Place Jeese jackson got his diploma. His grupes an the rest that were around him all gathered to protect him . They started yelling at me calling me prejudice , I told them , I wasn't alone by the way , we didn't need to see the REV> here everytime we had a problem with gang violence . Go back to Philly we don't needyou lies and BS. The St Louis Police told us to leave and they didn't need anymore confrontation. So we left so did Al Sharpton , who won't ever go anywhere when its Black on Black , only when its white on black like the t
    TREVEY MARTIN CASE , whehr all the RACIST IN CONGRESS , ERIC HOLDER THE BLACK CAUCUS PLUS THE NAACP called that shooting a HATE CRIME. Now the case shows it was self defense , do I hear any aplogies from Sarpton or the others hell no.

  • Endthedivision

    All the shooters in have been democrats

  • lorlan4

    Let's send a half dozen Texans up there for a few days and they will give Chicago back to the people, who do not deserve the way they are being treated.

  • Bob McCormick

    We can't stop illegal immigrants from
    crossing the US Mexican border, we can't stop illegal drugs from
    crossing the border and if we ban the sale of firearms in the US we
    won't be able to stop illegal weapons from crossing the border

    All Finestein's gun grab will do is
    take guns from law abiding citizens and give the drug cartels a new
    and lucrative business opportunity. The shootouts in Chicago will continue unabated while Obama gets to destroy more small businesses

  • jammin10

    Let's all look at Kennesaw GA who has the lowest deaths by gunshot----PERIOD----NOT JUST THIS YEAR---in Kennesaw there is a LAW that every household Must have a gun in the ownership of the head of the household---well folks---the people all have guns in their possession and they have no deaths from gunshot---SO WHAT NOW OBAMA??? DOESN"T THAT SEND SOME SORT OF MESSAGE????

  • Chuck

    Why do people vote for these liberal hypocrits? Four years of complaining and empty threats. When it came time to get Obama out of office more than 3,000,000 Republicans did not vote, assuring his reelection. Others voted for a Libertarian. Obama's radicals showed up in force and voted. His block of women, under thirties, illegals, blacks, union workers, government employees, and welfare receipients has been well paid in many ways and are not likely to vote for anyone who would take any of it away.

  • Brabado

    Why, another lie by the Great Wizzard in the White House, blaming Bush for another shooting - in Chicago of all places - surprises anyone in our Country?
    Was under the impression, America had gotten over so much lying, cover-ups, playing the blame-game, etc. But, I guess I was wrong! The first 4 years where not bad enough...


  • samuelafugglas

    "integrated system of background checks" says "the obama"! Who has the guts to make a backgound check on him without being called racist?

  • nanblan

    I also heard that the policies of the school she attended disallowed students to wait inside the building for their rides at the end of the school day. Appparently, and not surprisingly, they immediately changed their policy as a result of this horrific incident.
    It's unfortunate that it took a murder of one of their students to make this happen.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    So, the response is "Deny everything, demand proof, and accuse someone else." These idiots will never learn.

  • JEButler
  • Jack Parker

    You can take the savage out of the jungle but can't take the jungle out of the savage.

  • Michael Hallett

    It is a shame that this child was killed. This is a situation of being careful of who you pick as friends. The group of kids that she was with in the park were gang members, the shooter was from a rival gang. After the shooting none of her gang friends stayed with her. Pick your friends wisely.

  • Kevin

    When will people learn. Banish all the guns then they will use knives or air rifles or bow and arrow or dynamite or fertilizer bombs. Polititians are some of the blindest people on the planet. How do such stupid people get elected ? Until God is put front and center in our society, violence will continue. Polititians who remove God in favor of political correctness are to blame.

  • NRApatriot

    Wonder how many defenseless babies were aborted (murdered) in Chicago last year? That's legal and doesn't involve a gun!

  • Nikita63

    The current administration and others like it MADE this possible by creating a mileiu of intensely INCREASED crime and gang related violence, all engendering illegal weapons and used by racist gangs or gangbanger wars over inner city territory. There are racially uniform flash mobs spereading thoroughout the land in spite of severe gun laws in many of the states most affected by these incidents, crime and use of illegal weapons is increasing! The attempt to disarm America's law abiding and licensed citizens would only engender a new holocaust in THIS country and universal in nature. We do not need it or this administration of inept, inadequate Anti-citizen and constituion charlatans posing as leaders. They should ALL be impeached for dereliction of duty, violations of their oath of office and near universal corruption. They are hardly ever in a meaningful session of a positive nature, have yet to create a balanced budget since the demise of the Bush administration and no longer have THAT group to blame the country's problems THEY have refused to address. The onus for incapacity, ineffectiveness and corruption with overtones of treasonous activity now lies wholly upon IT; and it is time the American people saw this travesty for what it is; uttrerly corrupt, devoid of integrity and as anti-American citizen as any in the history of the country.All one need do to SEE it, is to take off the rose colores glasses and view REALITY!

  • David J. Goetz

    Report the Facts... then have a Senator or The IITWH say something totally opposite of what the Truth is and the Media and the Left side will declare it to be Fact ! D. Durbin"s statement for instance, does he even know what happened ? NO... Its not the criminals its the rest of the country who own and use firearms Safely who are at fault !!! Sounds like some States and Cities need to elect some sane people to office who aren't socialist bozo's too !!!

  • mgfred52

    This just PROVES that you can have the strictest GUN CONTROL LAWS and you will NOT STOP the THUGS from gunning down innocent people on the street. The innocent people have NO WAY OF PROTECTING THEMSELVES against the thugs and now it's OPEN SEASON on the people WITHOUT GUNS THANKS TO CHICAGO'S MAYOR AND RESIDENT OBAMA. When are the STUPID demoCRAP POLITICIANS going to learn you can't control violence by taking away the RIGHTS of people DEFENDING THEMSELVES.

  • Joe Barclay

    These acts have been committed in states and cities with the strongest gun laws and have proved that gun control does not work it is criminal control that is needed. forget about the criminal's rights. Put a shoot on sight order out on them and forcibly have law enforcement and armed citizens to enforce these laws to eliminate criminal threats to the American citizens.

  • wmagg

    the truth is that this child's death is without question Obutheads fault. If it weren't for his criminal attempts to violate the constitution and his outright lies to the American people about his attempts to destroy this nation, and if it weren't for his administration providing firearms to the criminals in Chicago and other cities throughout this nation these shootings would stop. The key to stopping violent crime in this nation is not gun control it is CRIMINAL CONTROL, and as we all know criminals will never attempt to control criminals.

  • Sterling Wulff

    Typical. So sorry for the young lady... may she rest in peace. I'm sure it's a fairly repetitive story with YoMama coming from his wonderful world of Chicago. Something to be completely proud of, and I'm sure he is ......

  • tom

    how about increasing use of stop and frisk procedures or increasing mandatory jail time for illegal gun possession . reducing gun ownership where i live won't decrease crime in chicago

  • AppraisHer

    Inner city crime has nothing to do with the NRA or legal gun owners. This is black on black crime, most likely committed by a known gang member that live in her neighborhood. The parents lament the deaths of their children, but do nothing to stop their own children from killing each other. And when these animals are caught, their mother will go on TV and say what a "good boy" he is and the neighbors will complain that the cops used too much force to arrest him. Stop being universally outraged, perpetual victims and start to parent, only then will this violence stop.

  • akoby

    Spin it however he wants, Obama is wrong. It doesn't matter where the guns came from, what matters is the people who use them. Chicago has tough gun laws, but they don't enforce the laws they do have with regards to criminal behavior. The area outside of Chicago, where the criminals supposedly get their guns is NOT riddled with crime. Why is that? Because the criminals don't know if their potential victims will be armed or not. But in Chicago, they know that is not the case.

  • Harvey817

    Maybe the powers in charge in these cesspool cities do not enforce gun laws and allow the killing for financial reasons. It seem that most of the people that are murdered are people that live on government money and abuse the system and refuse to work. Each one that dies is one less to collect government money and screw the taxpayers. The entire idea about gun control is a lie. It is only about people control and government tyranny.