Legal Gun Carrier Arrested For Carrying Gun

It’s good that there is a growing number of sheriffs and state sheriff associations around the country that are banding together in their opposition to the Obama administration’s gun-grabbing agenda. But there are still some cops out there that just don’t get it.

Recently, a Florida man was pulled over for having an expired tag. The cop’s dash cam video shows Joel Smith getting out of his van to give the cop his license. Deputy Alan Cox asks for his registration and proof of insurance, and as Smith turns his back to the cop to retrieve that information from his van, his legally owned concealed gun becomes barely visible in his back pocket.

I’ve seen the dash cam video a few times, and by the third time, I was finally able to make out a dark blur in his back, right pocket. Needless to say, it wasn’t obvious at all that he had a gun. And so what if it was obvious? But from that point on, the routine traffic stop descended into a confrontation with the cop screaming orders and expletives at the man to put his hands up and to get on the ground, face down with his hands behind his back.

When the cop first spotted the gun, he asked Smith, “Why do you carry a gun for?” Smith’s response was mostly inaudible, but he said something to the effect of, “I always carry a gun…I have a concealed carry permit.” A local news network reported on what ensued:

 “Ten seconds later, he is being held at gunpoint. ‘Put your hands right up or I'll shoot you in the f------ back,’ said Cox. Smith is legally licensed to carry a concealed weapon. ‘Get down on the f------ ground now,’ screamed Cox. Smith was arrested anyway charged with carrying a prohibited weapon openly.”

 Deputy Cox blurted out that he didn’t care if he had a concealed carry permit. He could see the weapon, and that was a violation of the law. Actually, Florida state law was changed in 2011 to say the brief viewing of a gun in a non-threatening manner was not a violation of their concealed carry laws. For example, if a person is reaching for something in his vehicle, and his gun is exposed for half a second inadvertently, that would not be a violation of their concealed carry laws. Deputy Cox claimed that that half second was way too long, and that he felt threatened by the man who was calm and completely compliant.

And what kind of question is, “Why do you carry a gun for?” No, not just that the cop’s question ended with a preposition. I mean, why else would a person carry a gun but for self defense? Maybe Smith could have asked the cop the same question. Why does Cox get to not only carry a gun but point it right at the man and scream his head off like a mentally deranged individual with Tourette’s Syndrome? Oh, for personal defense? So, the taxpayers that write the cop’s paychecks aren’t afforded the same rights to self-defense as he is?

Thanks to the attention the dash cam video got on the internet, the state attorney decided not to prosecute the man, and the charges were dropped. The cop is now on “administrative leave pending an internal investigation,” which in cop-speak usually means paid vacation.

Here’s the dash cam video if you’re interested:



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  • Carol Crow

    Just another out of control, arrest happy, filthy mouthed, over zealous cop. Just try to remember, this man wasn't speeding or driving dangerously. He had an expired license plate sticker.. Until these PUBLIC SERVANTS start losing their jobs, they will continue intimidating and harassing rather than protecting and serving.

    • Freda Faulkner

      PUBLIC SERVANTS are immune to being fired for their abuses of power. Remember? They have UNIONS! In over 90% of firings, they get their jobs back with paid compensation.

      • Patriot

        That alone is a good enough reason to abolish public sector Unions!

        • Eric Haulenbeek

          Absolutely! The union is just as responsible for protecting this dope as the town is for paying him. Cops and firefighters should not be unionized. Public safety and politics are a bad combination!

        • Patriot

          Just something about armed law enforcement officers being "Teamsters"
          There is certainly something wrong with this picture!

        • Kevin B

          The teamsters union is the one that made concessions to keep Hostess open. It was the bakers union that screwed the pooch. I myself have no use for unions. Just because cops are teamsters doesn't mean their evil.

        • Patriot

          Hey Kevin B, It's not the cops that I'm concerned with, but union influence.
          That's evil!

          The teamsters showed they were smarter than the Baker's Union which really isn't saying too much. That whole deal appeared to be a no-brainer. :)

        • ssilv48

          This man should own some of the officers check, I would make sure to sue the city and the officer, the best thing is it's all on camera. I would also ask for his supervisor. Citrus county is a little backwards, but most are down to earth, this officer needs a new career, maybe basket weaving, he show's very poor judgment and that is part of his job.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Citrus County explains it. I didn't notice the county in the article. That wouldn't have happened in Brevard County. Here, the LEO may have asked to see his CCW Permit & that would have been the end of it. The LEO would have known he was permitted when he ran the license check anyway.

        • Kevin B

          Never assume! That's how cops end up dead.

        • John Smith

          Sure as Hell, Gestapo Type. Should never have been hired.

        • Kevin B

          The driver got out of his vehicle with a loaded weapon. He did not tell the cop this. You put yourself in that officers position day in and day out with some of the idiots on the road and tell me you would have handled that situation any differently.

        • ssilv48

          kevin, it's not a law that you have too tell you have a loaded weapon unless the officer asks. I put myself in that position every third day and never get stressed out as this officer did and is obviously on edge that will someday take someone's innocent life. This officer needs to be a dispatcher at best.

        • Sammie_Jo

          he's supposed to ask if you have a weapon, it's not your responsibility to inform him of anything voluntarily.
          With this cop's mentality, if the guy had said, "I have a gun" the cop would have likely thought he was threatening him and shot him.

        • Kevin B

          Eric , Did you fail to see that when the officer instructed the driver to put his hands up on the vehicle he didn't listen? He kept walking towards the rear of the van. The Cop then emphasized his command. Once he had the guy cuffed I did not hear anything unprofessional out of the officers mouth. It seemed to be mostly all straight out of the book,

          I challenge you to step out of your car here in Massachusetts with a gun on your person during a traffic stop without telling the the cop prior to doing so. You'll think twice about the guy in FLA that got off easy.

          This cop specifically stated he had a problem with the guy getting out of the van on him, revealing a weapon (even if by accident) and not telling the officer he had a weapon. The officer can be heard stating his case to another officer. The driver was probably arrested based solely on the cops previous experience with him.

          This is a reaction piece. We were not given all the details purposely!

        • ssilv48

          Kevin, I don't think we were watching the same video. The officer lost his mind and in that business, you need a level head every day, no room for bad days. The officer was completely out of control, it's almost like he needed a tampon or something of the likes.

      • Ron

        His abuse of power is nothing like that of obama. And the congress is not going to fire him. But I agree this clown needs to go before he shoots somebody.

        • Allen Evans

          If Obama-nation and the Dianne Feinstein bunch would gave this cop a medal and a reward . Police are pretty much above the law too .

        • pikemaster1

          Pretty Much ??????? You think ?

        • Kevin B

          Ron, Have you read the Florida Law?

          The 2012 Florida Statutes
          Title XLVI
          Chapter 790
          View Entire Chapter
          790.053 Open carrying of weapons.—(1) Except
          as otherwise provided by law and in subsection (2), it is unlawful for
          any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or
          electric weapon or device. It is not a violation of this section for a
          person licensed to carry a concealed firearm as provided in s. 790.06(1),
          and who is lawfully carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, to
          briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another
          person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or
          threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense.

          (2) A person may openly carry, for purposes of lawful self-defense:

          (a) A self-defense chemical spray.

          (b) A
          nonlethal stun gun or dart-firing stun gun or other nonlethal electric
          weapon or device that is designed solely for defensive purposes.

          (3) Any person violating this section commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

          The Cop was right to place the guy in custody because he felt threatened due to the fact the guy got out of the car walking towards him, Did not announce the fact he was carrying and did not follow the commands of a Police officer.

          790.10 Improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms.—If any person having or carrying any dirk, sword, sword cane, firearm, electric weapon or device, or other weapon shall, in the presence of one or more persons, exhibit the same in a rude, careless, angry, or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense, the person so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

        • [email protected]

          Kevin you dont get it! The law dosent say that he has to tell the cop he has a gun unless he ask! Also he had his back to the cop when the gun was seen. So you are dead wrong on this one.

        • DenverKitty

          Kevin, this was NOT a case of OPEN carry! Your own comment supports the gun owner/carrier.

      • John

        Not so in Fla. He is not civil service =. And both he and the department can be sued

        • Crowes1

          John, the guy should have told the cop he was carrying before the cop saw the gun. He's lucky the cop didn't shoot him. It would help if people knew the proper protocol for getting pulled over with a loaded weapon.

        • lmfchiro

          You are incorrect. I have taken the concealed weapons course and am legal to carry in over 30 states. Throughout the course, taught by certified law enforcement professionals, they reiterated the point several times that if pulled over for whatever reason you are not required by law to inform the officer you are carrying/concealing unless you are asked at first by them, and or you need to obtain your requested documentation from an area of the vehicle that the weapon is also concealed in. Not to mention the fact if you watch the video again, you will witness the officer initially not comment AT ALL on the man calmly stepping out of his vehicle. It's not until the officer realized there was a gun concealed on the man's backside that he later was accusing the man of "jumping" out of his vehicle. All the officer did was make a mountain out of an ant hill.

        • crawdad

          The officer realized he screwed up and started embellishing the story for the record. Very poorly handled by this officer. The degree to which he overreacted indicates he needs some counseling.

        • Huapakechi

          The degree to which the 'officer' over reacted is a direct indication that he is in the wrong job.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          I will agree to a point. If he has been shot before or at, it may have caused an over reaction - just sayin! I would think that may cause an over reaction that would be cause for counciling before returning to duty or at least road duty.

        • Huapakechi

          Macht nichts. That officer has NO excuse for his actions. Allowing him to be ARMED and confronting the public with his RECORDED reaction to observing a legally carried weapon should signal his supervisors that this man does not deserve any job more responsible than school crossing guard.

        • John D

          No, he should be fired and the man should charge him for making terrorist threats.

        • John Smith

          That should have taken the badge, the gun the officier wore and the UNiFORM FOREVER. This was not anPoliceman type.

        • ssilv48

          craw, he needs to be retrained at the very least. The good thing is it was caught on camera, the officer overreacted and he needs to go back to the training ground for further assessment.

        • Jim R.

          In North Carolina you are required by law to the tell Cop you have a concealed Handgun permit if you have it on you at the time If you are not you don't. If they run your plates that is the first item that shows up

        • George Williams

          Correction: Deputy Cox made a mountain out of a sinkhole.

        • John

          Really well I have over 25 years in uniform and I am former military Once he sees the gun it is what we call a felony stop and for his safty he draws and secures the scene. The arrest is wrong once the permit is produced. The story never said that it was produced either. I don't have to wait till you draw and shoot before I take action SORRY

        • Seewcrazy

          He should h ave automatically produced his permit. This we were advised to do here in Texas.

        • John

          Yes but apparently he did not.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Same in NY State. If you are carrying, you have to tell the officer & produce your permit.

        • DenverKitty

          See: If that is Texas law, then the driver should have handed the permit to the officer, along with his drivers license.

        • Robertz

          Really hot shot? then WHY were the charges dropped and the stupid cop put on leave? YOU should not be a cop!

        • John

          Ok HOT SHOT. apparently you can only comprehend two lines at a time. If you had read my entire post you would see I sad the arrest is wrong once the LTC was presented. Now the story didn't say but the fact that the D/A declined prosecution would indicate that the LTC wasn't presented until the case got to court.

        • ssilv48

          John, the officer just overreacted when he saw the gun and never asked for the weapons permit. It's on camera, just re-watch it

        • Kevin B

          Robertz, take your head out of your ass and admit your ignorance. The driver was a moron. He should have stayed in the car and informed the officer he was carrying. He was pulled over for driving an unlicensed uninsured car. That's probable cause. Then, add a gun and it's a whole new ball game. A felony Stop which requires the cop to draw on the driver.

        • John

          Thank you Kevin

        • Wrightclick

          The cop never gave the guy a chance to produce his permit, never asked him if he had one after seeing the gun, and didn't care that he did (he said so when the driver was in the cop car (audio). The driver told him TWICE before getting on the ground and again once on the ground, but every time he spoke the cop outshouted him. The cop overreacted.

        • John

          Wright watch the clip again. When the Officer saw the gun he told the suspect to put his hands on the car suspect ignored him. That ratchets it up a notch. The cop told him like 3 times to put his hands on the car suspect just kept walking to the back of the car ignoring the Officer. This is a classic tactic to separate the officer from the car and or any other people in it. And there was another person in it that could have been armed also. The cop has no idea who these people are and what they are doing. Me I would have knocked his ass to the ground after the second command and I wouldn't car if he was the Pope. The suspect turned up the heat on this stop and the cop responded accordingly. Sorry bout the language but sometimes that happens in life or death situations.

        • colkcs

          In Ohio, you must advise you are carrying and you have a CCL at the 'FIRST OPPORTUNITY'...that is, the first thing out of your mouth! I also am legal to carry in over 30 must know each state's specific requirements. They are NOT all the same.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Spot on!

        • DenverKitty

          Colorado here. We do NOT have to inform an officer. If they ASK, then tell where the weapon is and that you have a CCW permit...all while having both hands visible on the top of the steering wheel.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          You are correct, but telling him is a courtesy & may defuse a tense situation. The cop would have known he had a CCW Permit when he ran the License check because it is included in the information. Make sure your weapon is completely concealed & you will never have a problem, as nobody, including a LEO will know.

        • Kevin B

          Then you need to ask for a refund. You were given bad information. Just because someone tells you that you are not required doesn't mean that it's still not the right thing to do.

          Suppose you got pulled over. The cop asked you to get out of the car and your 38 fell to the pavement.

          If I were the cop you would have my service weapon immediately pointed at you until I ascertained what was going on.

          Being up front and forward takes a lot of the guess work out of the way.

          Cops never know what they are going to come into during routine traffic stops.any have been killed or wounded for not paying attention.

          In this case it could be argued that the cop was out of line but he went home at shifts end.

          The guy driver the van won't be so cavalier next time he gets pulled over.

        • ssilv48

          kevin, in this case when the officer went home after his shift, he should say there. Not everyone is cut out to be on a police force.

        • David Gray

          I agree Crowes1. I've been told numerous times that the first words out of your mouth should be to the effect "I have a concealed weapon with a permit". In Florida, you do not need a permit for a weapon in your vehicle, but the moment your foot touches the ground, you'd better have one. I think the driver in the video made the big mistake of stepping out of the vehicle. Back in my younger days as a ticket magnet, when pulled over, I'd just hang both arms out the window and follow his instructions. It's not wise to make someone with a gun anxious.

        • Seewcrazy

          Exactly, only get out if he tells you to.

        • colkcs

          Very good point...stay in the car, hands on the wheel, advise you are carrying, then do whatever he tells you to do. Most will just advise you to give them your license, registration and CCL and check it out. This turd was completely wrong in over-reacting.

        • Kevin B

          colkcs David Gray- We don't know if he over re-acted because we don't know the drivers history/record. The driver said he had been through this 3 or 5 times before. Plus, he was driving with expired plates. That alone in Mass would have had you taken out of the car and the car towed.

        • ssilv48

          David, its even unwiser to put a gun in the hands of an anxious man, career move maybe might be in his future.

        • Shirley Williams

          Crowes its people like you that always stickup for Crocked cops until this sort of thing happens to you your also the type that votes a second time for a Muslim scum bag .see you at Camp Obama.

        • Marine223

          YES, Actually if you have a concealed weapon in a vehichle and have a CCP you should announce immediately that you have a weapon in the vehicle! BUT, in this case I think the Cop was WAY TO AGGRESSIVE! The Almighty Power Position!

        • Keith Frey

          Florida does not require that you inform the officer you have a cwp by there law. When the officer asked he told him he had a permit afterwards the cop was out of line.

        • John

          Really Keith and I take it the cop should assume that he had a CWP. LOL I drew on a guy in a very similar situation got him on the ground and secured the weapon All the time he said I have a CWP. Problem was he was open carring. Oh and I took him in because he could not produce his CWP took the gun and he had to go to court to get it back. The Officer was right the language was a little offensive maybe but a cops job is not like serveing coffee. The driver should have notified the Officer he was carring a weapon and he had a CWP. Whenever I have been stopped even if I am in uniform I tell the Officer where my weapon is just so there is no confusion. As for what FL. law says I bet it also says a pedestrian has the right of way in a crosswalk. But only a moron would walk infront of a speeding car and hold up his hands and say "I HAVE THE RIGHT OF" THUMP THUMP

        • Seewcrazy

          There's NO EXCUSE for abuse. period. Do I pay taxes for their pay checks so I can be abused?

        • John

          Just so you know cops pay taxes to. And I don't think the story is about you really.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          It wasn't abuse, it was ignorance on the part of the vehicle driver. There are thing you do & don't do when you are armed & you should know them.

        • Robertz

          You have a habit of speeding and BREAKING the law yourself officer?

        • John

          Over the years I have been stopped on occasion. It usually happens in the summer when I get off my last shift at midnight on one of my seven weekends a year I get off and the family is up at the camp. I drive the 2 1/2 hours to get there and spend a day or two with the wife and kids. When I go through the town center at 2:30-3:00 in the morning driving a car with out of state tags in a town of 700 year round residence I usually can count on getting stopped. I take no issue with it either. Nice to know that a small patrol force is up and running that early in the morning.

        • Robertz

          Oh I see, THAT makes it ok for YOU to break the law? You have the badge, you know they won't give YOU a ticket.

        • John

          Robertz my good man I never said I broke any law did I. In fact the reason I was stopped the 3 or 4 times it has happened over the last 11 years I have had the camp is because I am going through a small town at 230-330 in the morning with out of state plates. Now I am sure in you little mind you will say, See a bully cop out pulling people over for nothing. But if you think about it a small town with lots of transients because of the lake you bet I want him stopping strange cars after 200 am. Boy oh boy such hatred for cops you must have spent some time in the back seat.

        • Robertz

          No, never been arrested. In FACT, My own father was a state trooper for 30 years and I was a Game warden for 4 years. You can BS the others but I KNOW better. You are above the law and do what you want and get away with it. You don't fool me.

        • John

          Daddy beat you as a child or something? I mean really I know Staties suck but this much venom from a cops kid makes me wonder. Oh and I just wanted to point out that the Officer told the suspect to put his hands on the vehicle when he saw the gun but the suspect did not complie in fack he kept walking to the rear of the car and the Officer told him like 3 times. Walking away is a classic move used to separate the officer from both the vehicle and the other people in it. And there was another person in the car. But then again you having never been trained or made a traffic stop you wouldn't know that. So I must pardon your ignorance.

        • Robertz

          John,are you compensating for a small penis or something?
          Or are you just that egotistical? Its been a while since I saw a guy like you that was so full of himself.

        • Kevin B

          Did you happen to hear the driver say that he's been stopped with a concealed weapon three times before then a minute later say five? This guy has a history in that Town. he was also negligent in keeping his registration,plates and insurance up to date. I also heard him whining to the Officer that he didn't have the money for this. Maybe next time he'll stay in the car. Maybe, even tell the cop he's carrying.

          In Massachusetts, get pulled over for expired registration and they are going to ask you to get out of the vehicle because it's going to be towed. So, why not disclose upfront your carrying. saves a lot of time, misunderstandings and court fees.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          You do have a way with words. I am still laughing over your pedestrian example.
          The guys first problem was getting out of the car. That is a no no! Secondly since he was already out, he should have told the officer he has a permit, was armed, & where the weapon was. That probably would have defused the situation. If he was smart, he could have asked the officer to retrieve it. Defusing the situation even more & probably would have prevented the arrest, as the officer would know he had a CCW Permit as soon as he ran the license check. He didn't have to even see the permit, as he would have known he had a valid permit.

        • John

          Thankyou a voice of light and wisdom in the darkness of stupidity. My best friend is a Jake LOL

        • 7papa7

          I have a carry and conceal license and when I went through the training the instructor said that it was not required to show your CCH but it was probably a good idea so that the officer doesn't get weird on you especially if it is a rookie or an officer who has had a stressful day. It just puts everything up front and any worries are immediately resolved. I also tell the officer if I am carrying or not. Required no, a smart thing to do yes. The police in my town wish more law abiding citizens would get their CCH license. They are really in favor of the law abiding citizens being armed.

        • Clay

          The cop should have been shot. You are the problem with America. You'll make a great slave.

        • Seewcrazy

          Whaaaaaaaaat? Would you like to clarify that?

        • John

          Oh I agree 100% and as a police officer I would have jacked him up to. Once the weapon is seen the stop is hot. And until the weapon is secure it remains hot. The fact the guy said he has a permit means nothing at that point

        • Kayle

          The officer should have checked for the permit and NOT violated Mr. Smith's rights. I understand not wanting any surprises however, he had a CCP and the 2nd amendment gives us the right to open carry even though he was not carrying it openly.

        • John

          You will have to enlighten me on how exactly his right had been violated. As I said once the gun is seen the stop is hot. Officer safety says you disarm the suspect. Now not one place in this story do I see it said that Mr. Smith produced his LTC. Once I secured the weapon I would have asked to see it and if he had it I would return the weapon once the stop was over. You do understand that people have been known to shoot cops right? Just making sure you got that.

        • Robertz

          John, cops like YOU are the problem. You get away with murder everyday because you have the badge and the judge will side with you no matter how much you LIE in court.

        • John

          Have never murdered anyone that I can recall. Have been in three shooting though. Have never lied in court either. And in my state the Judges very rarely side with the police. I once sat in a courtroom and heard a judge tell an officer he was lucky that the suspect didn't shoot the officer and if he had the judge would have sided with the suspect. Ya seems the officer was responding to a domestic where the husband was threatening to kill the wife. When the officer got to the door all he heard was the wife screaming and nobody would open the door. So he did what any cop would do, and kicked the door in. This judge wanted to charge the officer with breaking and entering. But Robertz judging buy you statements I am sure you agree with the Judge on this

        • OldNYFirefighter

          There are cops that will lie, but not nearly as often as people like you. Next time you have a problem, don't call the cops & hope for the best.

        • Robertz

          You don't me jerkwad. Why call the cops ans wait 40 + minutes for them to arrive and watch them do NOTHING? Would not want to disturb their donut breaks.

        • Guest

          John, its jerks like you who think you're safety is above everyone elses.

          More innocent people are killed by cops than the other way around,

          and for the record the victim of this deputy was mal

        • John

          I am sorry but my safety is above everyone else's last I checked. You see my wife and three children need me more than a triangle folded flag on the fireplace. Oh the fireplace the would most likely loose once my pay check was gone. I don't know what the last sentence says so please finish your thought.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Exactly! If I was in the area, I would cover your back any time. we all want to go home to our wife & kids. I was perplexed by - mal - as well?

        • Robertz

          OldNY firefighter, you need to get back on your meds and take your nap.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          No, it is jerks like you that make Officers over react, because jerks ( maybe not you personally) do stupid things that put everyone's life in danger. If you could ride with an officer for a day, you might change your mind. Not every LEO is an upstanding person (same in all professions), but most I know & have worked with are. The bad ones eventually get canned. Your second remark is a fallacy & totally untrue. Check FBI website to verify.

        • Bill Tyner

          At a traffic stop, the dispatcher will inform the officer that the person holding the DL has a CCW. When the driver cannot retrieve his/her license easily (in the back seat in a jacket, etc.) so that the DL can be transmitted to the dispatcher THEN there might be a good reason to offer the information to the officer before exiting the vehicel to get to the ID.

          Cops hate surprises. What does it hurt to be prudent and courteous?

        • John

          Not necessarily true as a mater of fact in 23 years I have never once heard a dispatcher give that info. There a few problems here. #1 when you first stop the car you do not if the registered owner is driving. #2 Most states when the plate expires you get multiple listings for cars that had that plate over the years. #3 You sometimes get NO RECORD on a plate. The system is not perfect and never will be. I have very rarely been told by dispatch if a permit is attached to a house and just the other night while responding to a domestic in an apartment building I was told a permit went to the address. When I asked if it went to the apartment I was going to it took the dispatcher a full three min. to tell me know that it went to another apartment in the building. Then the idiot dispatcher went on to give the apartment number and name of the gun owner over the air. Remember this also in this case the drivers lic. wasn't produced until after the stop went hot.

        • Bill Tyner

          Guess we worked in different parts of the country. I dispatched in Oregon for a short time (city, pop. 50K). At a traffic stop we got the location and plate number, running it quickly before the officer approached the vehicle. Then when he/she transmitted the DL we read back the data. In Oregon the CCW came back with this LEDS data. Sorry you had such delays but often it was difficult with multiple Hispanic individuals because of multiple hits on popular names like "Juan Garcia" (as an example). Then there are the "flat wrong" data situations and officers need to transmit additional descriptors. I've worked on tat descriptors ad nauseum before finally working out who an individual was (when lucky). Stress often got very high in the field over delays and lack of correct data - it often got that way in dispatch. I'll wager that even when you got seemingly correct data you were cautious. When something didn't make sense then start multiplying the stess levels. Delays during heavy traffic times is one reason why our units got laptops more than a decade ago. It was simply unrealistic to pile up 6 calls at the police console and waiting on data to return. I don't blame you for finding that intolerable.

          Have to disagree with you though on the term "idiot dispatchers". Incompetent is a better term for the bad ones don't you think? Our crew had some senior dispatchers who were top notch.

        • Seewcrazy

          exaclty this is what our instructor said. Volunteer your CHL and let the cop know you are carrying.

        • John

          First sensible thing you have said so far.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          It is also common sense. If the Officer happened to see your weapon & you didn't say anything beforehand, he may think it is illegal or you are a criminal. Put yourself in the Officer's place. What would you think? Going home alive to your wife & kids is foremost in your thoughts.

        • KurtofLA

          What ? shoot the citizen? I am worried about the future of police and citizen relation.

        • 7papa7

          The problem is states don't always require you to inform the police officer that you are carrying, common sense says you should. If the law doesn't require it then the cop here was way out of line however had he said he was carrying and had a permit this never would have happened. If I get pulled over, I hand the officer my license, my carry permit and let him if I am carrying. I have NEVER had a problem doing it this way and in my state it is not required to inform the officer.

        • Leroy Gamble

          One is NOT REQUIRED to notify anyone that they are carrying, however Florida as MOST states when you run a plate it does come up whether or not the registered owner is licensed to carry so if this guy was the registered owner of the vehicle that NUT HEAD cop would have known that he COULD be carrying.
          Sounds like a cop that already knew that I had a permit and was carrying ask me probably the most stupid question he could.
          He ask "that's gun isn't loaded is it" and he got real upset when I ask what the hell would I be carrying a empty gun for.

        • John Smith

          The cop actually did not have the right to know.

        • ssilv48

          crowes, if this stressed out officer would have shot the man he pulled over, he would be in jail and in florida, because I live in this state, for the short split second that he could see a weapon is still a concealed weapon. If the officer was under my command I would make sure he goes back to get the training that he needs because at this point if the stressed out officer shoots someone in the near future, his supervisors can be sued also along with what ever department he works for. Me, I'd have that officers job.

        • DenverKitty

          Crowes: NO, you do NOT give a police officer any more information than what they ask for!! The person stopped should have stayed in their vehicle with their hands visible at the top of the steering wheel.

        • KurtofLA

          The Department is the tax payer. Fire the guy. This is not his first crime

      • grassroot

        They have OB at their back, marxist/socialist tactics,

      • Von Fileccia

        Even w/ a Union they can only have a few complaints. Then they get fired, to court, or laid off depending on the mistake they made.

      • fred37ify

        Them unions gotta go just like Pontiac-Plymouth-Oldsmobile and Mercury ! Them was all union victories - right ???

      • 7papa7

        They still need to go through the firing. If they are forced to rehire them they can put them on desk duty and keep them away from the citizenry that they took an oath to serve and protect, not harass.

      • Humberto Quintero

        is proven once again that guns are dangerous only in the hands of a bad cop like that one! one more reason to buy weapons to defend ourselves when necessary, from murderers or cops like that one.

      • Kevin B

        Their not immune!!! You need to read more and check your facts.

    • DrSique

      Amen, Carol!!! If bending over to get what the deputy asked for is "brandishing a firearm", it's a good thing that the man didn't drop his registration. That could have been seen by this particular officer as assault. You're absolutely right. Politicians love to talk about accountability..........except when it comes to public sector jobs. We need to start by cleaning out Washington and every state capitol in the union.

      • freedomringsforall

        Yeah especially if he farted in bending over the cop probably would have given him a couple of extra holes in his butt.

      • Kevin B

        I hope you're not a real Doctor because you show a lack of judgement. A Cop on Patrol has a duty to Protect and To Serve. He also has a duty to himself and his family to come home alive at shifts end.

        Your rant has nothing to do with this traffic stop. Just because a guy has a permit to carry doesn't mean he can be stupid. The problem today is that people don't think.

        The only thing I have a problem with in this video is the Cops Foul Language. Yet, in the same situation would you or I acted any different?

        • safari1024

          Cop was way out of line. The man in question never did anything that could have been construed as threatening in any way. As you can see from the story the cop was put on leave and the charges were dropped. That couple should file a lawsuit, and the cop should be fired. Coming home safe doesn't excuse abuse of authority, and violating people's rights.
          One other thing, congrats to the couple for acting more professionally than the cop. Maybe they could get jobs on the force

        • Phillipky1

          I think I would have acted differently Kevin. This officer should be fired. There is no excuse for his actions.

        • Sammie_Jo

          you show a lack of knowledge, the cop is supposed to ask if he has a weapon, where it is, and if he has a cc permit.
          Also, the cop should have told the guy to stay in his vehicle while he checked out his license and registration.

        • DenverKitty

          Sammie, see my comment above...seems we've both done LE.

        • DenverKitty

          Pretty simple to me: If I see a "bulge" in the pocket of a traffic stop, I say, "Sir/Maam, do you have a Concealed Carry Weapon Permit, and may I see it?". Then, we proceed with the traffic stop issue.

    • Darrell

      I agree - this cop obviously supports Obama gun grabbing scheme and broke the law more than the guy with an expired license plate - it goes to show you that they will take every opportunity they can to take away our rights. This officer should be release from duty without pay and forced to get a job in the private sector - he doesn't deserve to be call a "public servant".

      • dean29685

        I agree but if fired he will become an armed security guard with no one watching on a camera shoot some kid with a BB gun.

      • Allen Evans

        You need to read about the Hurricane Katrina gun grabbing

      • John

        If I recall correctly Timothy Mcvie ( The Omarra building bomber) was caught at a traffic stop with expired tags.

        • 7LibertyForAll

          and that whole thing was a c i a op....McVeigh was just another patsy, like they all have been

        • John

          MMM BLACK HELICOPTERS, CONSPIRACY, And Bush and Chaney used a weather machine to create Hurricane Katrina. And the CIA blew the Levies because Bush hates black people. Oh and Hurricane Sandy was cased by Obama he took the weather machine out and tried to make a storm to get all the rich white people in the Hamptons but he wouldn't take Crazy Uncle Joe with him. And everybody knows it takes two people to run the weather machine right?

      • Tbark Knives

        He might unti after the law suit id bring against him an the city the very next day ,t

      • John

        So he should just say OH you have a CWP sorry sir have a nice day LOL IDIOT and what do you do for work Darrell

      • John

        Umm if you read the whole story you would see charges where dropped. And from what I read the LTC was never presented during the stop and I would guess it wasn't presented at the booking desk either. Had it been presented I am sure things would have gone differently. Shame on the driver for not telling the officer before he exited the car. Remember Tim Mcvie was caught at a traffic stop for WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT EXPIRED PLATES

    • Patriot

      When a citizen fears his government there is tyrany!

      When a government fears their citizens, it's liberty!


      • Seewcrazy

        AMEN !

    • William E Ramer

      This zealot cop was likely a bully in school who graduated to the police force just as
      pedophiles find their way to a teaching profession. He is not qualified to be a policeman.

      • Big Dan

        Funny how we were talking about this scenario last night, One man said that police officers are required to undergo a Psych evaluation before joining a police force. Guess this guy slipped through the cracks. The other side of the coin is his abusive use of the profane language. His english was ok but his tyrade of profanity is totally inexcusable as a public figure. Shame on him and anyone who is above him.

      • frank907

        Bingo! Pedophiles go to schools, churches, youth groups, scouts etc. to get access. People with self esteem issues (bullies) go to law enforcement etc. so they can throw their weight around and feel "big"

        • kannon

          You forgot nerds

        • frank907

          OK, the nerds invent computers in their garage, become billionaires and get the girls!
          Sorry I missed that!

        • Orrie Froloff

          Not all LEOs are bullies. There are still a few who understand the limits of their authority and know how to approach a situation with tact and firmness. They know the law and respect it.

        • frank907

          Sorry, did not mean to imply that all officers are bullies. There are many fine officers out there and they will be the first to tell you that the asses in their ranks make them all look bad. I have a number of friends from my military days that went into law enforcement and I think the world of them. It is a tough job dealing with negative people all day and night. The officers who are there for self agrandizement are the ones who go there to pump up their egos. A really big person does not need that. They are the ones who understand the limits of their authority and know how to approach a situation with tact and firmness. They know the law and respect it.

        • 7LibertyForAll

          Maybe not but there are more and more of them; it doesn't look very promising.

        • Kayle

          I agree, they aren't all dirty.

        • John

          Right Frank exactly. And the fact that he did what he was supposed to do asside from the colorful Language is wrong. Let me tell you buddie I have no self esteem issues was very popular in High School did my time in the military and took this job because I wanted to help. Any time you want to come out on patrol with me for a week your more than welcome. In 23 years I have had 7 operations to repair damage done to me by the good people I protect. I am not for gun grab I am Pro 2nd amendment and I voted against Obama twice can you say the same??

        • frank907

          Yes I can! I have not voted FOR a president since Ronald Reagan. I always find myself voting for the lesser of two evils. I don't see a great deal of difference between the democrats and republicans. Neither party has the interest of the country or the citizens at heart. The only way to run for office is to sell your soul to the elites in one of the major parties. I would like to see a third party spring up made up of honorable people who can't be bought. I'd like to see a balanced budget amendment limiting revenues to 17% of the GDP and a hard cap on spending. I could go on, but I'm sure that you get the picture.

          Thanks for the invite and I hope that the injuries don't haunt you. My Seargeant Major told me to slow down when I was in my 30's or I would regret it when I got older. Boy! was he ever right.

        • John

          So in effect you voted for Obama twice by not voting at all you help elect this idiot.

        • frank907

          Nope, read a little more carefully. I said that I voted for the lesser of two evils. I voted for McCain even though I think him only marginally better than Obama. I voted for Romney who was my first choice in 2008 but was disappointed that he didn't take firm stands on issues.He does have a good track record and his father was an honorable man as best I can tell. The reality is that the office of president is not a monarchy. The congress has a lot more say about policy but we are saddled with a bunch of men with no balls and women with no tits (to borrow a term from feminists) who are largely corrupt. How does a person get elected without a pot to piss in and become a millionaire on a representatives salary and two homes to pay expenses for?
          When I say that I have not voted FOR a president, I mean that I have voted against a candidate. There has not been a cadidate that I thought was capable of leading this country.
          The other generality I would make is that the average American has no clue. They are way beyond ignorant and they don't care. They have no idea how the government is supposed to function, nor do they care.

        • John

          You said you havnt voted since Reagen

        • frank907

          Let me try this one more time. I turned 21 in 1961. I have voted in every election since. That was the voting age then. I even voted by absentee ballot when I was in Viet Nam.

          I have voted AGAINST candidates since Reagan, he was the last one I voted FOR. I cast my vote for Romney because it was a vote AGAINST Obama more than it was a vote FOR Romney. There has not neen a candidate since Ronald Reagan that I honestly believed would do right by the country. Bush 2 was ok on foreign policy (I voted for him twice) but should have been more conservative on the economy, spending, deficits and social policy. We are in dire need of a leader, not a mouthpiece for the political elite, and certainly not a progressive liberal (socialist, communist or whatever label you wish).

          For or against is a matter of semantics but I would really like a candidate to vote FOR because they will do the right thing no matter what the political fallout is.

      • Crowes1

        William, you sound like an ignorant ass making such a statement. Legal or not the guy had a loaded weapon. The cop was well within his right to dis arm the guy. The driver was way to cavalier about this. Next time he will inform a cop when he's pulled over that he's carrying.

        • David Jines

          you must live in an ivory tower you retarded P.O.S.

        • Plaintruths

          OK, so we assume the citrizen neglected to advise the officer. But once advised, what justification does the officer have for profanity, then arrest?
          The answer, in case you don't understand, is NONE.

        • Eric Haulenbeek

          Nonsense Crowes1... the cop was totally out of line. There was no reason at all to disarm the guy. He was well within his rights to carry that weapon, and it was NOT his responsibility to give that information up.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Sorry friend. This officer is not "street" material. The fact that he exaggerated what transpired says it all. Not the kind of partner I ever worked with. There are enough bad guys out there without this officer making a BS collar. I think he reacted to all the hype coming out of DC If Obama has the police spooked we are all headed for some rough times. No offense intended

      • Robertz

        They are ALL BULLIES. That is why they become cops.

    • John

      Spoken like a person who has no idea what cops do. MMM an expired plate lets look at that for a min. Means 1 truck is unregistered, 2 plate may not belong on truck, 3 cop has no idea who this guy is. If I recall correctly Timothy Mcvie ( The Omarra building bomber) was caught at a traffic stop with expired tags. Carol I don't know what you do for work but I would not assume I could do your job better than you with no experience at it. See my post for more explanation.

      • dalek1967

        OK. So I'm a law abiding citizen and I have a permit to carry a gun. I get pulled over for something minor and I should get a gun pointed at me when I am LEGAL. John, you are part of the problem. If all cops are supposed to "serve and protect" like this, we need to get rid of cops.

        • Crowes1

          Dalek1967, the guy got a gun pointed at his head for being stupid. If your carrying you don't get out of the car. As soon as the cop approaches you should announce that your carrying. This guy was out of his vehicle with his back to the cop putting his hand within easy reach of a loaded weapon your damn right the cop was going to stop him!!!

          I carry in Massachusetts- you never do what that driver did. He created his own problem on top of driving an unregistered uninsured vehicle.

        • dalek1967

          In my state, I think Florida is the same, you don't have to tell a cop you have a firearm in the vehicle or on your person.

          So, guy has his back to the cop so he is a serious threat? That means he deserves to be treated like a mass murderer? Why not just let cops point guns at everyone they stop? I mean, they could be a threat so why not?

          Jeez, you both need to get real. I hope that guy sues that cop and the cop has to get a new career. When it gets to the point that a law abiding person gets treated like a mass murderer and it is OK, then we have a serious problem with the people that think it is OK and the cops.

        • David Gray

          In Florida, you are required first and foremost to say that you are carrying. If you stay in the car, you are not even required to have a permit. If you don't believe it, come on down to Florida and let a cop be the first to see your weapon. You lodging needs will be taken care of by the state.

        • dalek1967

          Then you better go read the LAW. I did. I even posted it in another reply.

          "Informing Law Enforcement of Carry: Informing law enforcement is required upon demand."

          Someone else has posted the law itself. I didn't save the links tho.

          I agree that if I was pulled over, I would give both my drivers licence and permit to the officer at the same time. It just makes sense to do so. Thing is, I bet it would not have changed a thing in this situation. That cop needs to be gone. They should also look at their training system too.

        • 7LibertyForAll

          The more we act like slaves, the more we'll be treated as such.

        • David

          No you are not required to tell you are carrying unless he asks 790.06 …. The licensee must carry the license, together with valid identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the clerk of the court. However I always teach that you should put your hands over the rolled down window and let him know you are carrying and have a CCW then wait for his instructions. Courts are where you dispute the law not with the police.

        • Plaintruths

          Lots of people driver unregistered, uninsured vehicles and do not get guns pointed at them by profane cops. They are called illegal aliens, who YOUR President wants to make legal. Different topic, but same basis, everyone needs to follow rules, especially the COPS.
          If he was so right, then why is he on leave? HMMMMMM?

        • pikemaster1

          Yes anybody that would trust a cop as far as they could throw them is just plain stupid ! At one time I had respect for some of them ,but not for along time now. That cop could have been shot with ease if the guy had maybe had more than one gun on him.He sure as hell wouldn't have wanted to tried that crap on me ? I've had all of the law abuse by cops I'll ever take again . God bless.

        • John

          Really If the guy had said he was carrying before he got out of the car the whole thing would have gone differently. But instead he placed the officer in danger as well as himself by not doing so. You logic works like this, you have the right of way as a pedestrian crossing a street. Now you walk out onto a four lane hi-way when you get hit and killed guess what? You dead, you where right you did have the right of way but your still dead. Ya get rid of cops good idea. Tell ya what next time your in trouble call a junkie let me know how that works for you.

      • igotacomment

        #1 - Expired means the fee for re-registration has not been paid
        #2 - Does that mean 'a paid for plate' is never on another vehicle and would not get stopped?
        #3 the cops have 'no idea' who anyone driving down the road is, nor do they know who is sitting behind them in a restaurant
        #4 ... and a professional doesn't need the use of profanity, especially if he's on camera ... that's just plain stupid. But his 'union' will protect him.

        Maybe a better way to handle it would have been after the stop, to have called in 'the plate' and matched it to the vehicle and gotten the owner's name. Then when the 'perp' gave the cop a DL, he could have matched that up also.

        All this could have been handled much better. Stop making excuses for the officers poor performance during the stop.

        And ... my nephew is one of these 'cops'. I'm quite certain he could teach this 'cowboy' cop how to do the job. Even I with my community 'special officer' training years ago, would have handled it better than this 'peace officer.'

        • John

          You started out right but then lost it in the end. Sorry a week in civilian police academy does not a cop make. Have you ever been in combat or a fight where your life might be at stake? That is what cops do every day. The stop became hot when the gun became visible Your right about the tag and the fact that the cop has no idea who the guy is. The profanity is a command issue the guy wasn't moving fast enough there was another person in the car the cop is alone no backup or partner. He needs to take control fast and hard. You don't know if the guy is going to pull the gun you don't know if the other person has a gun. If you call in the plate and it's expired you will get a list of all the cars that have had that plate over the years and you might even get NO RECORD depends on how it was entered at the RMV. The other person also exited the car during the stop. Two years ago a cop was killed in the exact same situation the passenger exited the car with an AK 47 and shot him to death while he was dealing with the driver. Just saying 23 years on a hot stop my gun would be out also.

      • WARIII

        Just because the vehicle plate is expired does NOT mean it is not registered, it could POSSIBLY mean it does not belong on the vehicle and when the driver GAVE the officer HE DID know who the driver was. AND NONE of the named could be's are enough to pull a gun and curse, then LIE that the driver NEVER told the officer he had a permit!

        • grassroot

          But, the bum didn't react that way till he saw the gun,

          Low life. Did you see what the " cops" did in Erie Pa.
          When confronting the man who was wearing the bomb

          around his neck? AFTER, the thing went off they bravely
          approached the " obviously" dead body with guns drawn,
          slowly advancing as if he would come to life after the
          heavy explosion went off on his chest.
          Ridiculously appalling display of childish behaviour.
          Repulsive display throughout.

        • John

          why would he react that way before seeing the gun? The gun makes it a hot stop

        • grassroot

          Then what good is a legal licsence to carry for? Why

          did he treat him as an obvious threat? All he had to do

          was use his training to assess the situation. Ask for the

          proof of his legality and keep his hand on his weapon.

          Overreacting to the situation is gestapo like tactics.

          I suppose he, the driver/victim was lucky the creep didn't

          kick him in the ribs fore good measure. This would serve

          to make it more unlikely that he could attack him with

          his, weapon as he was instantly suspected to do.

          Garbage, Either he is scared or he is psycho.

          Drunk with power as some are in this soon to be
          if not already police state.

        • John

          you might want to re-do this one. If the plate is expired the car is either not registered or has an attached plate and not registered. Why would you attach a plate that didn't belong to the car if it was registered? I can't make heads or tails what the rest of what you said means. But hey you got for likes, says a lot about the people reading your stuff. They don't care what you say as long as you say the cop was wrong. FUNNY STUFF

      • usn vet

        I agree with John because one of the most dangerous situations a cop can be put into is a motor vehicle stop. When he makes the stop he dost not know if the driver just committed murder and will take aggressive actions against the officer and try to shoot and flee or if it is just a little old lady. The driver should have never got out of the vehicle but waited for the officer to approach him and then tell him that he was carrying. Getting out of the vehicle can be viewed as someone that could be aggressive. I also agree that the officer overacted with the arrest and abusive language but he put the driver in cuffs in order to protect himself and to control the situation for every ones safety.

        • victoria_29

          a FYI some states & I do NOT know about FL state that you have to exit car & walk to police officer if stopped, you do NOT remain in car.

        • Von Fileccia

          The cop was out of control. He could have handled the situation w/o the tirade that he sported. Am quite sure another Great Cop would have handled the situation a lot different. When I am stopped and asked for license, I also hand them my gun license. They ask if I am carrying & most of the time I am not. But none have ever acted like a mental deviate as that would scare the heck out of the driver. That just could provoke a "protect yourself" attitude.

        • Shirley Williams

          u s n vet stop with the kissing a ?of the out of control power grabbing jerks that see themselves as being above the law and have the right to push people around just because they have badge and a gun the cops of today are taut to act like bully,s rather then to respect peoples feelings as the cops were taut when my dad was on the San Francisco Police Force he had very miner problems with people when cops were properly treat a person as you wold like to be treated.that is serving and protecting.

        • John

          Sensible and I concur.

      • grassroot

        An OB socialist whisperer,,

        • John

          you are so wrong

      • kannon

        No excuse for being an ahole

      • David Jines

        your point is not valid and neither are you

      • Shirley Williams

        John Shut your pi whole.i was a Mp in the Military for years and Carrying a Gun is not a Crime nor is an Expired Plate a Police Officers Duty Is Not to harass Citizens there Response in this mater was to ask where the person,s Permit was to carry the gun once proven it belonged to that person continue to give the person a Warning citation to correct the mater in a reasonable time limit as the law Requires .

        • John

          MP very nice I did that to. But driving a car with an expired tag is in fact a crime. Maybe you where sick the day they taught motor vehicle law at MP school. Did you make the class on felony traffic stops or did you miss that one to. Two years ago in a similar situation a cop was killed by the passenger of a car he stopped with expired tags. The driver was out of the truck and they where standing between the cruiser and the truck and the driver was stalling the passenger got out with an AK 47 and shot him 8 or 9 times. His correct response was see the threat neutralize the threat. And you are also wrong about the warning citation. The car is unregistered it must be towed. To issue the citation and allow the driver to drive off nullifies any citation. And if the driver went down the road and hit some little kid crossing the street the cop would be on the hook civilly for allowing the guy to drive. Jesus Christ I hope you weren't on our side as an MP.

    • frank907

      He should have never had the job, or the badge, or the gun in the first place. My guess, based on his behavior, is that he would not pass a psych eval in any good department. Too many law enforcement officers get there by being some politicians nephew or idiot brother-in-law or buying the job. For the best, or worst example of that, look at the Chicago police department. Those people give good officers a bad name. Incidentally, according to the Supreme Court of the United States law enforcement officials (cops) have no duty to protect. Their job is to look for the person(s) who kill you after they kill you.
      Keep your registration, license and ccw license where they are easily available. Do not get out of the car unless instructed to do so. give your papers to the officer through the window and tell him that you have a weapon. (required in most states) Cops often give an "attitude check" if they don't like your looks. Do not respond in a negative way. That will only set you up for a bad experience. Yes sir and no sir are good answers. A lot of cops have a bad attitude themselves because they have to deal with a holes for their whole shift. They also often make the mistake of hanging out with other cops only. They deal in negatives so they become negative.

      • grassroot

        Exactamente' Creep in a real situation would have called for
        back-up, as he is not emotionally able to handle a simple situation.

      • Nelson Lentz

        If you are carrying a legally concealed firearm while driving in your car and are pulled over by the police, the first thing the law requires you to do is to inform the officer that you are carying a concealed firearm and that you have a permit.

        • Eric Haulenbeek

          That's not the law in Florida. It may seem like a good idea... but it's not the law!

        • Shirley Williams

          nelson my permit is the 2nd Admen to the U S Constitution that is the Law of the land with NO Strings Attached if you cowards don,t like it then Go where they Have a weak Gov with yellow bellied Slaves and get out of the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and stay out. Jesus Christ told his Followers if they did not have a sword to sell there cloak and buy a sword that they may protect them selves If in those days they Used Guns He Jesus wold had told them to Go out and Buy a Gun and some Amunition.

    • Crowes1

      Carol, you are wrong! In this case both parties were Stupid. First, the guy in the van never should have stepped out of the vehicle. If you are carrying a concealed weapon and are pulled over stay in the vehicle. Roll the window down and wait for the cop to approach with both hands on the wheel. You have a duty to inform the officer that you are carrying and have a permit. Then, let him control the situation.

      The Cop in this situation was right to place this guy in cuffs (for being stupid). Once he determined the guy was legal and not a threat he should have taken the cuffs off.

      Cops loose their lives for not being diligent. This gun was an obvious threat to him.

      I carry concealed in Massachusetts and would never have done something this stupid. What this guy did is exactly what leads to people getting killed.

      You can't legislate stupidity.

      • gbigsangle

        Part of what you say is correct. The citizen HAD NO DUTY to do anything except cooperate, which he did. Staying in your car is safer. But you are not under obligation to do that. You can have your CCW clipped to the OUTSIDE of your belt under a shirt. If that shirt lifts, tough. Its still legal. The cop has a DUTY if he suspects a weapon to ask if the guy has a permit. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

        • John

          The cop did not suspect a weapon he saw it. The driver was an idiot he should have stayed in the car and told the cop he was carrying and he had a permit. Like I have been saying you can be right and still be wrong. And in this situation somebody could have been hurt or killed and then it wouldn't matter would it.

      • John

        Very well said and true on all accounts

    • hog611

      That so called Cop is a disgrace to the word Police Officer. He should be tied to a pole and flogged.

    • gingerjo

      A jrkwater cop being tough and illegal, He should be fired and the city sued for his attitude. This is still the USA

    • Donald York

      FIRE this so-called servant of the public. He is a useful idiot at best!

    • John Illinois

      Not only do they have to start loosing their jobs, they have to be sued, and have to pay the defense themselves, and pay the damages that result. That is when the over zealous crap will stop.

    • fred37ify

      The cop gotta be a Obama voter ! Long on attitude - short on brains !

    • Charles Higley

      Ah. My concealed carry course clearly indicated that the first thing to do in a traffic stop was to offer the information that you have a concealed carry permit and whether you are packing today. The man should have presented that first. Police actually appreciate forthright concealed carry persons, even if they are not packing at the time. It tells them that this person has been vetted. To neglect to reveal is a mistake.

    • Timothy Yorgan

      Good observation Carol, however, this s**t-bird isn't a "public servant", he's a law officer. Maybe it's a fine point, but law officers serve and protect the law as opposed to serving and protecting the public and there's a lot of unconstitutional laws that they're ramming down our throats. This citizen was compliant, docile and cooperative and his reward was to be treated like dirt, a dirt bag.

    • danimal

      My dad was a cop, in Arizona, and he was nothing like this guy, and I don't think I know any other lawman that acts the way the Trooper did. I don't know about the Florida law, but in Iowa, if you have a permit to carry, you DO NOT have to tell the cops up front that you are wearing a weopon. The cop was out of line with the way he delt with this, even though he has a right to be safe, also keep in mind, that when you need help, who you going to call? Don't throw the whole bunch away just because of 1 bad grape.

    • 7papa7

      Deputy Cox needs to be fired for violating Mr. Smiths Constitutional rights. Cox is a danger to law abiding citizens and the Constitution. Heads MUST role for this. It is time to put a stop to these power hungry cops who think they own the streets and can harass anyone they want. I hope that Mr. Smith sues them and part of the suit MUST be for the termination of this embarrassment to the good law enforcement officers. It is people like Cox who gives law enforcement a bad name especially when they are not fired.

    • Humberto Quintero


    • Kevin B

      Carol, I live in Massachusetts. In this Sate you get pulled over for expired tags your vehicle is getting towed. Once the tags are expired your registration is expired. Even if it's insured it's considered not insured because you can't have insurance on an expired registration.

      You are truly ignorant of how these things work. By the drivers own admission he has been pulled over three to five times prior. Without knowing all the past facts you shouldn't be passing judgement.

  • Randy Renu

    Some cops (like most judges) are only interested in asserting their WILL and not the law. I hope the man sues the cop and the police department for false arrest and violation of his constitutional and state rights to carry a weapon. The guy looks like a minority, so sue them all for civil rights violations while you're at it....any attorney in this country will take the case for a piece of the pie and public notoriety.

    • Edward53

      Agreed. I'd like to know who is putting the thumbs down on your post and others on here. They must not have the balls to comment.

    • Allen Evans

      He is a white red headed guy

      • Randy Renu

        Oh yea I know (trying to be funny and it's not working). But he may have some Indian, Black or Redneck blood in him....all grounds for a lawsuit which will be settled out of court, so why not?

  • gonaes

    And while this cop is on ' administrative leave pending an internal investigation ' have his head examined as well.

  • ed357

    That is one stupid policeman........

    • Eric Nix

      In agree 100% and the idiot should be fired.

      • Patriot


  • Harvey817

    This officer is not mentally fit to be in law enforcement. Please do not judge all by the actions of this incompetent person. If this officer is not fired he should be sue personally, not the government, for his illegal actions. He should not be able to resign. This will afford him the ability to be hired by another law enforcement agency and perpetrate his stupidity and incompetence. If this is not stopped now he might end up killing someone!

    • Allen Evans

      I have been on Jury duty quite a few times . Biggest liars in the court room are the Police and Lawyers .

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        What if you are a retired officer and now a lawyer? I had better leave this site or that cop might shoot me.

    • freedomringsforall

      Amen i totally agree
      If an officer is so crazed in such a simple non-threatening situation what on earth is he going to do when really in a picklle.

    • John

      Wow you got all that from that little clip you must be some kind of psychiatrist to get all that from what you saw.

  • Gil Vietor

    Sue the officer, the department, it is the only way those morons learn. Hire better, manage your Officers better, or you get to see your retirement account dwindle.

    Bad cops give good cops such a bad time. This is the definition of a bad cop, I bet most of his fellow Officers can't stand the guy either and have a running bet on how long till he accidentally shoots someone.

    • Gene R Swank

      I have been stopped twice here in Alaska, We are required to inform the officer that we are armed. Both Officers treated me with respect and thanked me for abiding by the law. They didnt even write me a ticket and they could have. Once was for a headlight out and the other was because my windshield was covered with ice.

      • Gene R Swank

        In California the police automatically treat you like a criminal, they act like they are God and you are dirt. I no longer go to Calif. to visit my kids and grandkids. I have them meet me in Arizona.

        • 2egypt

          I agree, the cops here in California act as if they s_ _ t ice cream, very rude...they all should be dismissed and new cops trained properly.

        • Victor Barney

          California? Wow! What a surprise! Remember, anybody "human" there moved to Texas! Just saying what the MSM reports...

        • frank907

          I avoid California like the plague. It is an outdoor insane assylum. I will also drive hundreds of miles out of my way to avoid Illinois, Chicago in particular. I also refrain from kicking sleeping bears, I avoid trouble as much as possible.

      • billy dogman

        Gene I agree here in Washington state is the same. This officer was just trying to protect him self when he seen that weapon. Great place to visit Alaska is. Love the show about the officers that protect Alaska state police they have many many many miles to protect along with the wild life. Great respect for them. take care God bless you.

      • Crowes1

        Gene, finally someone with some common sense in this forum!! You get it!!!

    • DrSique

      Em, I bet it is no accident when this crackpot shoots someone. He already threatened to shoot this the effin back. Not sure which acadamy this guy went to but he sure didn't learn much.

  • Encycloman

    The cop was what we call a "cowboy". Wants to be Eastwood caliber, when he can only make it to Homer Simpson. If Florida keeps his sorry butt hired, then THEY are the Cowboy. Kiss our next trip to Wally World in the -ss.

  • jb80538

    Cop needs to be fired for 2 reasons...1 for false arrest, 2 for swearing at the guy. That would not be tolerated from a civilian to a cop.

    • ExpertWitness

      3rd reason: pointing gun at compliant non-threatening legal CCP holder, thereby committing felony assault with a deadly weapon.

      • John

        If I recall correctly Timothy Mcvie ( The Omarra building bomber) was caught at a traffic stop with expired tags. And the stop became a hot stop as soon as he saw the gun. Just because the guy said he had a permit means squat. I suppose he should have said, Oh sorry buddie and turned his back on the guy not knowing who or what he was. Go to DC and read the names on the L/E wall and ask how many where killed on traffic stops. Better yet contact your local department and do a few ride alongs. Making comments on a job you clearly know nothing about is ignorant at best.

        • dalek1967

          You need a reality check. If the guy was not reaching for his gun, the cop should have asked about the weapon and his permit. Pulling his gun and acting the way he did is just wrong. Having a expired plate and exercising the right to self defence does not justify what the cop did even a little bit.

          This guy was not Tim McVeigh either.

        • John

          Oh I am sorry sir is that a gun on your hip. Yes it is would you kindly place your hands on the car until I retrieve it. Oh you have a LTC I am SOOOO SORRY to have offended you in any was. And for you info NUMB NUTS the cop didnt' know who he was. And the cop that caught Tim Mc Veigh didn't know who he was either. As a matter of fact Old Tim was about to be bailed out when they found out who he was. And if my memory is correct that was like 24 hours after he got picked up.

        • dalek1967

          You know, this sort of thing happens a lot. Cop sees a gun, the cops asks the guy to keep his hands where he can see them and away from the gun. Cop asks about the gun and the guy says I have a permit. He gives the cop the permit and the cop then knows the guy is not Tim McViegh since criminals can't have permits. You need to knock off the Tim McVeigh crap too. A once in a lifetime event is not a everyday occurrence.

          Actually, the cop has no right to take the gun. IT IS LEGAL for the person to have it. In my state, I can have a gun in my car and no permit at all. A cop can not take that gun either as long as it is in my car, it is legal. If I have a permit, they can only take the gun if it is because I have used it and it is part of a investigation. Example, I shot someone to defend myself or others.

          Now would I tell the officer, as I said before, I would hand the officer both my drivers licence and my permit. That way he knows I am armed. Thing is, the cop in this video went nuts and would have no matter what the guy did. He has NO RIGHT to treat any law abiding citizen this way. Period. That cops at the very least needs to drive a desk until he learns who he works for. No matter what the driver did, this cop would have went nuts. Stop blaming the law abiding citizen and give the cop his blame. I have already shown that the guy is not required to tell the cop anything about the gun unless the cop asks.

        • John

          The cop who stopped Mcvie didn't know who he was either. Matter of fact he was almost released on bail

        • ExpertWitness

          You watch the dash cam and describe exactly how the cop was threatened. If he found anything threatening there, then he must always feel threatened and should be treated for paranoia. His reaction was way overblown.

        • Crowes1

          I think you should do a drive alone with the cops for a week. Maybe after that you'd have a change of heart.

        • grassroot

          Yes sir, exactly,,

        • John

          I did and I am telling you I would draw also. And in fact have in similar situations. Things get ramped up fast and people swear so what really. I am pointing out the facts and the training officers receive woulod call for the officer to draw and secure the suspect and the weapon. Bottom line is your all upset because he swore at the guy. He perceived his life could be in danger. Any time you want to go on patrol with me for a week your more than welcome to. I bet after the second night you will be swearing to.

        • frank907

          Sorry, this guy is a bad shoot looking for a place to happen.

        • igotacomment

          Generally, you are required to inform the officer you are carrying a weapon. That, this guy didn't seem to do. And if someone says they have a permit, then it should be asked for politely. Not with a bunch of MF trash talk.

          And no one said anything about 'sorry buddy ... and turning thier back.' This cop screwed up. He got a bad attitude. He needs more training or maybe be fired, but he shouldn't just be released to go back to work. He going to get killed or kill someone in a situation he is going to create. Maybe he should just find another line of work.

        • John

          How many felony stops have you made?????

        • grassroot

          So a legal permit means squat and is a signal to go

          ape on the guy? Idiot reasoning

        • John

          He should have told the cop he was carring right away. Again just the fact the guy says he has a permit means exactly that SQUAT. As an officer when I have been stopped I notifiy the officer right away if I am carrying

        • Von Fileccia

          The Oklahoma Cops know how to do a job correctly. Most people in that State carry, but McVey was from Michigan. So out-of-State, expired tags, carrying a gun, would raise any policemans doubt as to what he was up to. They would have taken him in simply because he was out of State, expired tags, & carrying a gun, even with a permit. Born there & very aware of the laws.

        • Brama

          The cop could have easily had the man face the van, which he did, and remove the firearm until the cop was done with his traffic stop. There was no need to overreact the way he did. The cop pretty much lost it, and used an innocent and inadvertant BRIEF revealing of the man's firearm to go ballistic. That's not a cop you need on your force. You need someone who can analyze a situation rationally, not emotionally.
          The man complied with the cop. If anything, I don't hear or see anywhere that the cop asked if he had a firearm. Sounds like he reacted over his poor skills as a cop to make sure that he himself was secure.

  • lasercad

    So if the dash cam video was "inadvertently misplaced" as has happened before, the prosecutor WOULD have filed charges??? And just what charges would those be? He didn't do a damned thing wrong. I agree, it's time for some of these a**holes to start losing their job. Until then, they will just keep up these jack-booted tactics against innocent civilians.

    • StephenB

      And the reason that the video wasn't, er, "misplaced", was that the officer believed that his behavior would be justified not criticized, and his blinding ego made him actually *want* to show the tape. (Notice that the officer refers to the tape over and over!)

  • Juan G. Rangel

    That's why you show the officer your concealed gun permit along with documents he requested,I carry and have been stopped with no problems.

    • doctorbob

      This cop didn't even give the guy a chance to show him his permit. He was informed verbally that the guy had a permit, but the cop didn't care. He went into "psychopath mode" instantly. He doesn't have the temperament to be a cop. He needs to be terminated before he kills someone. Which is just a matter of time.

    • libsarescum

      "Good for you"

  • The Red Neck Nation News

    Tell it to the judge!

  • PaleRidere

    As a recently retired police officer who has also served as a training officer for new officers, I can speak from experience and tell you that while most officers are well trained and perform the jobs very well, there is a growing number of (mostly young inexperienced) officers who act just like the deputy in the video. My advise is( IF the officers' department does not take satisfactory action including some re-training of this officer); to file suit in civil court against the deputy for false arrest. Over reactions as was displayed in this video are a warning that the officer is either not well trained or perhaps mentally unfit to be an officer.

    • ynot202

      Mentally unfit is the obvious choice. I know people who went to the police academy
      and they had horror stories to tell about the antics of new recruits with a "Dirty Harry" complex.

    • Crowes1

      Would you also agree that the driver was a dope for not informing the officer of a loaded weapon before he had his back turned to the officer and his hand at his waist?

  • freeman

    There are move law enforcement personal that scares the H out me then bad people with guns. You know what the bad ones are planning a scared law enforcement person is an unknown of what they will do. Our rights are going faster every day. My choice would be to fire this law enforcement officer. He proven he is a danger in the video. Plus he doesn't not know the law. Where want was he doing in his CE Class?

  • Michael Williams

    It's a shame, Cops all over the Country are acting this way. When they do, they are the criminals not the People! But the Gov allows almost anyone be a Cop now days. Most of them a crimianls and have agreed to shoot civilians if ask too...!!! The Civil War is coming people!

  • QuisPercusit

    Over zealous ignorant cops are the ones who are going to trigger the confrontation of all confrontations to end freedom in America and the Storm trooper in chief (Napolitano) the shyster in chief( Holder) and the pansy commander in chief (you know who) will make sure of it.

  • TxnByBrth

    A$$hole officers like this give the whole profession a bad name...he's clearly in over his head and may be one of those rare officers who get into law enforcement for the rush they get from having authority...and a gun to enforce it...

  • CDB1954

    obama will give this idiot a job.

  • silvernotes

    Demented cop on a power rush...who clearly did not know what he was doing.....he is the danger in this case!!! No wonder he was put on leave.

    The question is is this what the police are being trained to do?

  • mrbp

    This is the type of cop that obumble is looking for. The type that would shoot civilians at the drop of a hat. I'm guessing that obama can't find any military leaders who will order his troops to shoot civilians. So this punk-ass cop wanna-be obama butt buddy will do the job.

  • tonymarini

    To protect and to serve. Yeah...right...

    • Patriot

      This cop is an abortion and is not indicative of Law Enforcement as a whole.
      The only thing this cop was serving was his out of control ego!

  • TheSunDidIt

    I find it amusing that they STILL expect compliance and help from the rest of us when they're in trouble. Sorry but, if my law enforcement folks DO NOT support my second amendment rights, then my second amendment rights WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM. If they run out of ammo or are about to get capped by the hood they are fighting with, I cannot in good conscience risk my personal freedom or my family's prosperity trying to "help" the cop. He's on his/her own at that point. So, all you cops, I suggest you get on-board with the refusal to support the administration in violating our Constitutional rights (and yours too by the way). This will all lead to anarchy because of Obama and NO ONE has had the cajones to stop him by IMPEACHMENT yet.


    It looks to me like the cop is definitely out of control. Perhaps a psych eval is in order.

  • Irma

    Why do I suspect that that cop would have arrested that guy if he had scissors in his pocket! After all, according to HS, scissors is the new "weapon" of choice!!!

  • TxnByBrth

    ...and this department, and the officer individually, will likely be sued and as a result of the settlement (and there will be a settlement) taxes will go up on the citizenry of this jurisdiction.

  • Paul Thomas Webster

    That cop is a f----n coward. Sue his a--!

  • Charles Wilson

    Is it Cox or Cocks, or prick? zIt's obvvious the cop has issues and should not be a cop. I hope the guy sues the County.

  • Vince

    Poor guy pobabley has psycologigic damage from having a gun pointed at his head and
    Will require extensive counseling. Wonder if he we be reimbursed
    I think he has a civil lawsuits against the power hungry cop. Go for it

  • gnafuasusual

    I've always had respect for the law men because they are faced with horrible crimes each day. In this case, it is harassment of a private citizen who was allowed to carry and he was being very compliant with the officer. Yet, the officer continued to harangue the man. It is over-reaching of the worst kind to make the man get on the ground and talk dirty to him. Hopefully, these kinds of incidents are far and few between. This law man needs to take the training course once again and either be accepted or disqualified as a respectable officer of the law.

  • jeff

    wow! can you BE a bigger overwhelmingly power-filled ass?! I can tell you from experience that this is NOT the proper procedures. this cop needs to go back to school.....or at least remedial training

    • doctorbob

      He need remedial training.... running the French Fry machine at McDonald's.

    • Crowes1

      How about the driver of the van? He was an idiot too for not informing the officer of the weapon.

      • jeff

        You don't have to. You have a license to carry concealed, so it should STAY concealed. Some officers like for you to inform them of such, but you don't have to.

  • Gary Parsons

    so what are you going to do about this. I would sue the city and have this police officer dismissed. We don't need brainless cops like this protecting us citizens who would shoot first and ask questions later.

    • Patriot

      And this clown cop is armed? What's wrong with this picture? :)

  • theshadow

    I'll shoot you in the back. Classic

  • al Kidya

    But haven't you heard? "The U.S. Constitution is dead, dead, dead!" ~ Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

    • Patriot

      Ah, he meant that as a retort to the liberal loons who keep claiming the Constitutions is a living. breathing document. I have yet to find a pulse, have you?

    • gavinwca

      You must not have read the article, justice Scallie was makeing the point that the constitution is not a living breathing document like the Fascist say it is. The constitunal is set in stone and can articles can not be changed lon a whim. Only through constitunal process.

  • Chris Philbrook

    Early in the confrontation as the victim was on the ground he told the cop he had a permit but the cop said he didn't care if the victim had a permit, as he walked around the drivers front corner of the victim's van. Later in the video the cop says the victim didn't tell him he had a pistol permit, which is a lie. The cop should be fired and sued by the victim. Cops are paid to enforce the law, not to be above it or to make up their own law as they go along.

    • gavinwca

      This is what you get when you hire unqualified cowards for police officers. If the sight of a gun frightens this police officer so much he needs a occupation change.37 years working in one of the most violent cities in Virginia, if I had reacted to the sight of a gun like this little girl, I would have gone home with wet pants several times every night. And would never have gotten any work done, officers are trained to be cautious around armed citizens not petrified . A officer this frightened in a non threatening situation like this one, is dangerous to himself and others.officer have to be reasonably cautious around armed citizens whether they have a conseal permit, or not, not be unreasonable and unrealistically frightened.

  • Richard J. Waldron

    I must say as a reserve officer This guy was way out of line and deserves what ever punishment is meted out (if any). On a good note Here in south LA to counteract the gun grabbing politicians a large majority of the LAW Abiding public have decided to open carry their weapons. The strange but refreshing thing is that there are no restrictions on open carry save Gov. buildings and schools. Man I love the 2nd amendment!

  • fort9erdon

    If this so called "police officer" is EVER returned to service, the agency he works for should be sued, til they can't afford pencils. Look at the tape, and listen. This officer was totally crazed with fear. He was out of control, with fear. He is filthy mouthed, out of control, paranoid, and if formally examined for mental fitness to be a police officer , he will fail bigtime. His ability to EVER have police powers, in ANY capacity should be prohibited. If his department decides to keep him, he should be assigned ADMINISTRATIVE (clerk) duties only, and be PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM EVER CARRYING A GUN, OR HAVING CONTACT WITH THE PUBLIC! His fellow officers should shun him. He is a disgrace! And make sure he can never, EVER get hired by another agency!

    • caprock

      This guy is usually the type that washes out of the military and then got into law enforcement. Guys like this are the crazy type that we keep out of the military because of mental instability.

  • munimula

    Anyone that is this fearful has some kind of issues and should not be a cop. Get him out of this job before he looses control again and kills someone.

  • DE Navarro

    If a cop doesn't understand what it means to protect and defend a citizen's right to carry concealed, the cop should be fired, period.

    And as for the investigation, just watch the video, idiots, what kind of investigation do you need? You're wasting valuable tax payer money. Do the right thing and send a message to all cops that treating US Citizens like criminals is wrong. We are not the enemy. There are criminals out there, but when a cop gets so jaded as to treat everyone like a potential criminal he has lost the right to carry a badge.

  • TxnByBrth

    However...the driver should have stayed in his van with his hands clearly on the steering wheel and when the officer approached the driver should have told him he has concealed carry permit and the gun is on his person...then wait for the officer's instructions. The times I've been stopped this is the procedure I've followed and in most cases was given a warning ticket for whatever offense I was stopped.

    • Justin

      Agreed. Texas DPS does NOT mess around. I made the mistake once, long ago, of stepping out of my car because I couldn't reach my license and registration which were in a bag in the back seat. Needless to say I was soon looking down the business end of his pistol and ordered to get back into my vehicle. Standard procedure for me now is:
      a. Vehicle turned off
      b. Window rolled down
      c. License, insurance, and permit in left hand
      d. Both hands on the steering wheel

    • doctorbob

      How lucky for you. Now, consider this: your number is coming up, Bub. It's just a matter of time, but it WILL come up. And you'll squeal your head off when it does. These cops are militant and mentally deranged. We need to address that issue.

  • Ranchman

    Filthy mouthed cop is right. He totally hates citizens carrying a un, that's all it is. He needs to be FIRED immediately!!! How can we get a hold of his bosses so we can complain that we don't want a nutcase like him working on the street? D*mn paranoid freak, that's all he is!

  • dtom1955

    This cop is a scared little rabbit a--h--- and should be fired for losing control.

  • tthan43

    I've seen this video....amazing. But is sad to say this screaming lunatic cop is about like the rest of them nation wide.Far as I know ALL of them are obama supporters and just waiting to pull the trigger on anyone and everyone who disagrees with obama. I don't trust a single one of them. Ever. I would not trust them any more than I'd trust a rattlesnake.

  • Carl Stevenson

    With apologies to Forest Gump ... "Tyrants are as tyrants do."
    This cop should spend the next five years in prison, should never be allowed to work in "law enforcement" again, and should never again be allowed to posess a gun.
    He is a dangerous, power-hungry individual.
    However, I suspect he'll be offered a high-level position in Obama's BATFE or DHS where he'll fit in fine with the other Gestapo types they've been recruiting, training, and arming to the teeth.

  • jong

    It would seem that the officer already knew the man was armed before he got out of his car. He would have acted the same way no matter if the man had a gun on him or not. The Lawyer should see if the cop ran a check and if in that check would have revealed that the man had permission to have a weapon.

  • Jim Cooper

    They not only need to fire this rambo's ass he needs to be procuted. Of course Obama would probably hire him immediately to work in DHS.

  • Maureen Mack Lindekugel


  • BH206L3

    That policeman needs to be fired- he can't be trusted!

  • Patriot

    So when was Officer Cox terminated?

  • gbandy

    As "out of control" this cop is he definitely should not be carry a gun.

  • RX69

    innocent man - stupid cop !!! can anyone say law suit !!

  • Danny O'Brien

    Deputy Cox sounds like an Obama low information voter in action and he could be dangerous if he overreacts so hostilely often.

  • Robert Superales

    Hopefully this idiot cop gets sued for being stupid and incompetent for falsely arresting a law abiding citizen. This idiot must be an Obama Demoncrat/Liberal corrupted dumb arse!!!

  • hongryhawg

    I'm as against overly-aggressive law enforcement officers as anyone, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here in defense of the cop.

    The officer did overreact, to say the least. However, the yokel didn't tell him he had a permit until he was on the ground being cuffed. I may have missed some of the exchange but that was the first time I heard the word "permit". By this time the officer was in full defense mode. I have always been told, heard and observed that if you have a permit to carry and are stopped, the procedure to avoid the above is to put your hands in plain sight and tell the officer immediately that you are armed and have a permit. Under no circumstances should you make an untoward move of any kind. This guy should not have event gotten out of the vehicle when approached. The cop processed all this in a second and did probably what I would have done. I may not have been as aggressive but on the other hand, maybe I would have been. In this incident, the yokel handled it irresponsibly and the cop responded in kind.

  • krell51

    With the officers attitude wouldn't have mattered what the man did. The officer is a perfect example of the goose steping thughs we are now faceing.

  • randyn1531

    It would be totally unfair to try to judge all cops by the actions of this one indavidual. It is also totally unfair to judge all gun owners for the actions of a few nut jobs. The only rational thing to is judge each individual on the actions at the time.

  • Tim Ives

    Injustice is always the result of ideology.

  • I_P_Frehley

    Just another example of a piggy in a power trip. He should be fired and then FL should sue him, before Mr. Smith does.

  • Jeffrey L. Zack

    Nothing like over reacting.

  • HardnoseMP

    Most cops aren't like that, are hunters and members of the NRA, this trigger happy one needs to get into another line of work !!!

  • James Maxwell

    No doubt who the cop voted for and he thinks he is a prime example of the "Barney Fife"
    mentality. I would very much like to see his job performance reports and talke to those
    who know him. He reminds me very much of a very incompentent bully who thinks that
    his badge give him the right to violate peoples rights. At the very least he should be in
    for a psych eval and counseling or else removed from the force. Clearely a case of
    violaton of the persons civil right and lack of knowledge or judgement.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Time to send this police officer back to nursery school to learn some manners!

  • ExpertWitness

    Cop is pretty good at making sure that nothing he does shows up on the dash cam. How convenient.

  • Barney Sieber

    That stupid cop should be fired for using filthy language!

  • Jos Overton

    Look, folks, a law enforcement officer sees a weapon, his/her presumption has to be that a potentially lethal situation has been discovered, his personal safety and those of passers-by may be in lethal danger. Absolutely, he has to secure the situation he sees, and that includes handcuffing, etc. But, he has to know the law and have an on-sight, clear process, including accurate questioning and obtaining CCP verification to clarify what is confronting him. Many jurisdictions are way behind in this, with city, county and state law makers out of touch and behind in oversight and setting workable, standardized process requirements.
    A serious question is what will defense of the CCP holder's rights cost, and who should pay if he was indeed legal? $1,500 - $3,000 is a likely cost range. Not frivolous.
    There is excellent legal fee insurance coverages for this situation, coverage that extends to a self-defense use of a firearm. Any CCP holder who does not have the coverage is foolish at best.
    And, the local gun owners organizations should get involved on this fellow's behalf, as well as make sure the woefully ill-trained officer get better and permanently educated.

  • Bradford Janes

    Where does the government get its right to carry if not from the people. The people do not surrender their rights when they hire a government employee to defend the public. When government employees are granted liberties not afforded the public they are in effect extra-Constitutional. When they then misapply their duties they are criminal in their own conduct and should be prosecuted and removed from their public employment. If police have the right to openly display arms, so should the public as those rights are retained by the public. The law as it is written and attempted to be enforced in this instance is in and of itself lawless, as are this officer and those of his superiors, administrators, magistrates, or officials who would support and defend his lawless conduct. That was assault, unlawful detention, kidnapping and abuse of power. The community should vote out any public official who will not overhaul those who would comport the force of government, which is a gun, and so misdirect it against the people and the public trust.

  • Otis

    Hope the cop gets fired. What an idiot!

  • rocketjl

    How many Nazi cops does it take to change a light bulb? I guess they know in Florida. It seems they have cops down there that make their own laws. Now, I will give you three guesses why the founding fathers demanded the right for each citizen to bear arms. I guess most of us don't need the last two, but the cop in this article can have my guesses.

  • speedle24

    This cop needs to have a permanent vacation from service. Not only is he ignorant of the law, but it seems he has some mental issues as well. It's a bad reflection on all law enforcement when a police officer goes off on someone like that without any real justification. That guy should be fired with all prejudice and done so publicly so that people see this kind of abuse is not tolerated.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    'Officer' Cox needs alot more training...and an attitude adjustment. If I were his Lt. he'd be getting a mouthful and then some. If I were his captain, I would have him driving a desk for the next 6 months until I could trust this dolt on the street again. This 'sheriff's deputy' is what gives LE a bad name. Thanks alot officer Cox.

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    this is called police state, Nazism, many adjectives....this so called policeman is lying through his teeth...this is not the first time a policeman has lied to try and peg someone for breaking the law. they have taken an oath to serve and protect the citizens-that is 180 degrees to what he did. he lost his mind. made up something that is not true. told the other policeman a lie. what a crock! the man he stopped was doing exactly what the policeman asked him to do-now who was out of control-the video tells it all.

  • Four more years of misery

    Ths is a clearly a violation of the man's rights and should be a major lawsuit. Do you suppose in light of today's media splash of the anti-gun wave there would be any lawyers to take the case? I doubt it.

  • Don C. Hayward

    Personal tort action may be the only reasonable alternative to the increasing abuse of public authority. Believe me it will get much worse as the Marxist gain power.

  • popps52

    If i buy a pair of scissors......will they do a background check on me ??? I hope not....I egged a house when I was in high school.

  • Spyder Dalton

    Number one... when you are stopped you must immediately notify the officer that you have a ccw and are carrying. It's the law.
    Number two. You can't walk around with it exposed in anyway. Evening shadowing is forbidden... meaning the outline under your clothes can't reveal the weapon.
    Since the CCW carrier didn't follow the law the office had reason to suspect that he may try something else that could be illegal. Sorry, the cop was right under these circumstances.

    • Spyder Dalton

      Of course he could have displayed a more professional attitude.

  • Deborah G

    In all fairness the cop was probably scared for his life. That being said he should be trained well enough not to be scared. He acted out just like he is not supposed to do. He needs more training or have a desk job

  • John

    In the apparent off the hinge Officer's defense... We were taught that when you have a CCL (Concealed Carry License) or CPL (Concealed Pistol License) that if you are pulled over or any interaction with an officer where they ask for your ID, you hand them BOTH your license AND your Carry permit and declare whether or not you have it on your person, location in your car (if it is at the car), etc. Even if you do not have your weapon on you, you state, "I have a carry permit, and I am not carrying today and I do not have any weapons in my car."

    It is good common sense

    • Derek Schneider

      I have seen it recommended that you do not offer the information unless the officer asks for it. You are inviting police like this one to infringe on your rights.
      The mistake this guy made was getting out of the vehicle.
      That usually would put an officer on edge in and of itself.

    • farrightextreme

      BS. I agree tell the officer if you have a weapon, the officer may be a nut case. My permit is my business if I am not carrying.

  • Carmine 1948

    Yet they let Illegals and Terrorist go.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    That cop needs to be fired immediately. He is a complete out of control moron that needs to be in an institution, not wearing a badge.

  • doctorbob

    Another rogue cop, making up the law as he goes along. He is not fit to wear a badge or carry a gun. I hope he is terminated. And I hope the REASON for his termination is WIDELY disseminated!

  • Pizzed Off

    The cop, soon to be an EX-cop one would hope, was totally out of control of himself given the situation. One can hope that those reviewing his behavior 'get it' that Cox is not one to be in a position of authority AND carrying a gun.

  • Victor Barney


  • Incredulous_one

    What IS it with Florida? Seems like every nut-job in the country lives in FL. The alleged cop should be fired!

  • Barry Levy

    so the officer is wrong and is paid administrative leave. sounds perfectly fine, once more people tell us they are accountable for doing wrong, with no consequences in the public sector, except a benefit--paid leave.

  • mgaumer

    I'm tired of hearing cops use foul mouth talk, they should be fined and given time off without pay, or fired.

  • Michael G Wood

    Welcome to "Police State USA". That Cop must think he is a SS officer & he can do what ever he pleases including cussing people & violating law abiding citizens rights. Is NAZI Germany being beborn he in the USA again?? SEIG HEIL, PAPERS PLEASE!!!

  • billybob

    Contact the Sheriff's Office and let them know what you think: Non-Emergency 352-726-1121 Sheriff

    Jeff Dawsy

  • notalib

    This cop has a hair trigger temper resulting in very poor judgement. He could have pulled the trigger on an innocent man. I think he ought to change lines of work.

  • disqus_6j5jW5lOpa

    I am ashamed that these clowns exist in a profession I have worked in for over thirty years

  • keithbreedlove

    Did they give Mr. Smith his gun back?

  • dangkids

    This cop is the one who needs to be put on the ground and handcuffed by his crazy demeanor. I know cops and realize their job is tricky, but he should have went about this on a whole other level. Whoever is investigating this needs to investigate this cop because he was on the verge of snapping and shooting an innocent man 'in his back'. Some of these cops keep talking trash and acting like they are some kind of crazed fool. But there are also cops out there who say what they need to say in a calm manner AND with confidence.

  • Dustin

    Maybe he could get a job as a school teacher. Pig.

  • Patriot

    "I don't care if you have a permit or not!"
    This cop needs a curb-side tune-up for sure!
    Did anyone see the driver "COME JUMPIN OUT OF THE CAR"?
    I didn't see him "brandishing" a weapon either!
    This cowboy cop needs to go!
    The driver was not a threat or acting in a threatening manner however, the cop sure was a threat and a menace.

  • Dutch Hillenburg

    Just another coward with a badge. He should find a job that doesn't require balls.

  • Obummer

    All concealed permits are associated with the persons driver license which in turn is associated with the persons registration. Had this fool of a cop actually paid attention to the information on his computer, he would have easily seen that the registered owner was a concealed carry permit owner. Chances are he knew that the owner was potentially carrying from the info on the computer but was looking for a confrontation, probably hoped up on his daily dose of free coffee. Like I've stated many times before, many times the cops are the problem. Many of these guys are the ones that were picked on in school and had their milk money taken, now that they have a badge, gun and what they think as ultimate authority and they finally have their chance at revenge. Psychologists have conducted many studies that prove the criminal mindset is closely related to the mindset of cops. However, there are some good ones out there that understand the value in calm and compassionate reaction when a non-threatening situation is present. This is on cop that should never be allowed to carry a badge and gun, ever !

  • gittyup

    There is one thing about a carry permit that has always puzzled me. Why not allow a pistol to be carried in plain view if you so desire. Don't you think that having the gun exposed would be more of a deterrent to a would-be mugger or whatever. I know that some states allow you openly carry why not all of them. If I was going to assault someone and I saw a gun on his hip, I would find another target.

  • Mort Leith

    If I was this guy I would SUE the death out of this police dept ! !

    And I would bring charges against not only the Police Dept, but this Nazi-moron of a cop that should be included in the lawsuit and also be FIRED ! !

    THIS is the kind of thing Obama wants to have happen if he has his way ~!

  • CaptTurbo

    We don't need cops like that. To many bullies gravitate toward a job with a gun and a badge.

  • NM Leon

    I see a lucrative lawsuit in the works.

  • [email protected]

    As a retired police officer who has stopped more than one armed person legally or illgally,
    the legal person will let you know they're armed. The illegal carrier won't. I'm not defending anyone in this case, but first off, Smith should have informed the deputy he was armed.
    Secondly, he should have stay in the van. I believe the outcome would have been a bit
    different had he done these two simple things. As far as the deputy goes, he would have jammed himself up with another motorist down the line.

  • Donnie J McDonald

    Fire him!

  • StephenB

    Jack-booted thugs

  • Phil Bronner

    As a 26 year police veteran, I have to say...this Florida cop should be fired...he's a dud....he's gonna end up either shooting someone, or beating them to death...he's a prime example of what happens when standards go out the window!

  • Kd G

    I know several good cops - they're not all like this.
    That being said in support of public servants, I would rather have Mr. Smith backing me up than dear Deputy Cox.

  • DP

    We need to make an example with this officer by prosecuting and firing him! These overzealous cops are subject to the same laws.

  • billy dogman

    hey cmon I am a gun owner and gun supporter but this officer has NO idea who this guy is. He never told the officer he had a gun never told him he has a concealed carry permit and he was carrying. When the sheriff seen this he might have over reacted when he seen the gun but he did do what he needed to do to control the scene not knowing he was not in any danger. Put your self in this sheriffs place and that you want to go home that day to your family and you pull over someone who does not say ANYTHING about having a deadly weapon. Here in Washington state we are to tell the officer right away that you have a gun in the vehicle or on your person. That is the responsible way. The sheriff might of over reacted but hey all he new is this guy has a Gun and as far as the sheriff was concerned it was there to hurt or kill him.

  • jimpeel

    The answer to the question, when asked by a law enforcement officer, "Why do you carry a firearm?" should ALWAYS be "The same reason you do." or "The same reason you carry a firearm."

  • JJM123

    Was curious what the results might be. Glad the "state attorney decided not to prosecute the man, and the charges were dropped." Hopefully the “internal investigation,” will consider his cowardly murderous threat "Shoot You In The Back"!!!

  • Arthur C. Nicholas

    These Constitution violating cops are now being watched....Let's see what happens.

  • Sgt. York

    This is just the first step in the Liberal Communist gun grab in America,never mind a second amendment. Anyone who thinks the local cops will not jump into the O'Vomit communist law enforcers are not paying attention. Most cops would love to be able to arrest you for anything they want,most are not your friends no matter just how civil they act. Never trust one that's young they have been brain washed into the communist Nazi SS brown shirts in order to further the Police State, America will soon see. His using 'Get the Fu@@ down is the first tip off as to how they have been Brain Washed as cop thugs on a roll

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    I'm thankful no one was shot. The police officer was way out of line with his speach and his out of control behavior. He won't get any time off without pay only a talking to. Like a letter from the White House telling him Good job Deputy Cox. If officers do this often there will not be any help given if a officer needs it. A friend with a gun can save your A-s if you need help. Officers need to think before reacting. A reaction like Deputy Cox had to a person of bad standings could have had a passager with a gun and end up shooting the Deputy in fear of getting cought. Sad it was a bad seen by the professional. I'm glad Smith was released with no charges. Florida is a Gun Friendly State.

  • RedMeatState

    Wonder if he's that brave with a car full of gang bangers???

  • PaladinFirearms

    Where can I get that new illegal drug... what's it called. Adrenaline.

    This copy was clearly over the edge and the person he stopped was lucky not to have been shot. I hope the outcome of the administrative review is mandated anger and stress management therapy for this officer.

    I know plenty of law enforcement officers. They are all fine upstanding representatives of their respective agencies.

    I understand the use of a commanding voice to instill compliance. But when the person is complying, threatening to shoot them in the f-ing back?

    I hope the guy who was stopped sues this police department and presses charges against this officer for his threats of attempted murder.

  • RedMeatState

    "I don't care about the law or not!"

  • disqus_6j5jW5lOpa

    Ok I watched the video--he's not a clown he's a coward that needs to be a mall cop

  • jimpeel

    I have seen the video and this cop was totally unprofessional. His threat to "shoot you in the f---ing back" was confirmation that the man was not in a threatening posture even in the absence of the video. One cannot be a threat if their back is turned and shooting him in the back is not considered a good shooting.

    This cop needs to be sent packing and told to get himself a job in the retail industry.

    • RedMeatState

      retail won't want him either. But he might get a job as a night watchman.

  • chuck


  • Ronald Bostic

    TOTAL ABUSE OF POWER!! The police state is upon us!

  • Peter Scott Furman

    The second amendment?Democracy?Accountability,Gestapo? Obama's America!

  • klsparrow

    just more BS from a cop that thinks people should just drop down and kiss his but. There used to be a saying that if you cannot get a regular job become a cop. It also seems that in Florida some places having an IQ above 100 is not a requirement. I am a cop I can do what i want to even shoot you in the back if I want to. This man should never be given a gun where he can shoot someone for no legal reason

  • Gardener

    Deputy Alan Cox---simply another example of a uniformed, badge-wearing bully, just being the usual cop/thug employed by your typical County Sheriff's Department. Nothing new here.

  • John

    Ok I have commented on this story before but here we go again. #1 As a police officer I would have defiantly gone tactical on this guy. Keep in mind the police officer has no idea who this guy is or what he is about. #2 bI would have disarmed him and kept the weapon until I was done with the stop and returned it once I knew that he was licensed to carry. The officer was wrong in his interpretation of the Fl. law and in fact the D/A dropped all charges and this leaves the driver with the right to go after the department for false arrest and imprisonment. Keep in mind when you make a traffic stop or any other contact as a police officer you have no idea who you are dealing with. My job is to go home at the end of my tour. As for the questions the cop was shouting and the fact he was shouting not out of line. Officers are trained to use their voice as a command presence and for all he knew this man was a criminal who just killed someone. The fact that the man said I have a permit means nothing at this point. Sorry your over the top on this one and most times I agree with you. Was the arrest wrong? YES. Was the stop wrong. No. Was the actions of the officer upon seeing a firearm during a traffic stop wrong? NO. Just take a ride to the Law Enforcement Memorial in DC and see the names of officers killed in the line of duty then tell me he over reacted.

    • Gardener

      You sound like just another thug defending one of his fellow thugs. We don't need thuggish crap like that.

    • Obummer

      I agree with "Gardener", you sound just like the thug cop that stopped the guy. Cops like that need to lose their job. You have a computer, use it. It will let you know just about everything you need to know about the person you are stopping, otherwise hand in your badge and gun and step aside so someone who doesn't knee jerk react, take the job. Always remember, you filled out the application, no one forced you to pick that line of work and you can quit anytime.

  • Kenneth Barber

    they did not leave an address to contact to demand this a$$hole be fired.

  • rog363

    Another public servant abusing the power he believes he has. This public servant deserves to be fired for not only not knowing the law but his utter disregard of it if he did in fact know the law., He keeps saying it's all on video tape, well it is all on video tape and it absolutely shows his ignorance of the law and his utter disregard of the gun carriers rights. Everyone is always told by officers of the law that "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" and then you are arrested. What happens when the ignorant one is the officer, just like this officer, is he then arrested?

  • Abdiel Galindo

    Freedom is what the law permits.. And here it's getting to where about everything is frowned on and against the law... Unless of course you enjoy bending over and grabbing your ankles while you get your protate massaged.

  • Endgame

    He'll shoot someone who's not threatening him in any way in the back? Sounds like a real honorable and stand up guy. About as honorable and stand up as a Nazi Stormtrooper. It's good to know that we live in a country where we pay taxes to fund the paychecks of people who consider all of us law abiding citizens to be scumbag criminals who deserve to die at their hands as their enemies.

  • libsarescum

    I hope the guy makes a lot of $$ in the lawsuit against the cop and the police.



  • work_a_holic

    Fire the cop!!!

  • John

    If I recall correctly Timothy Mcvie ( The Omarra building bomber) was caught at a traffic stop with expired tags.

  • Racindavid

    Phwkkin useless cop should be FIRED. And he should be forced to LAY ON THE PHWKKING GROUND, cuffed and then have his termination explained to him.... stupid prick.

  • Abdiel Galindo

    In order to have a well regulated population, the right of the government to ban all arms will not be infringed...

  • Gary Jones

    If Smith had reached to cover the gun the cop would have shot him in the back. The cop should have took the gun, hand cuffed Smith for both of their safety and then asked if he had a concealed carry permit. Smith could have presented it and Cox could have written the ticket for expired registration and plates. Returned Smith's gun and sent him on his way. Always comply with the policeman because a scared man will shoot you, Cox is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Mitch Ticer

    This are the kind of idiot that will kick in your doors if Obama gets what he wants with the gun grab they are planning.

  • Patriot Games

    The cop is obviously on a power trip, a moron, has a personal beef with gun owners in general or all of thee above.... BUT -

    Rule #1 - NEVER get out of your car during a traffic stop unless asked to do so.

  • ltfbhh

    These cops need to realize that the law abiding permit holders are no threat to them. If he was a criminal, the cop would be telling his story to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates

  • makrov

    I have a Brother in Law that worked for a sheriff office and when he saw a CCP he always wanted to get them out of their car and I told him those were the safest ones and he should worry about those whom he stopped that just carried with out a permit. Those are the most dangerest. He worked in So. Calif. where there are more guns than people. It is an attitude~

  • Jerry Miller

    It's very evident the Officer either did not receive proper training, or is so incompetent he does not need to be a enforcer of the law. Fire the Officer and have the State paid the gentleman around five million for his trouble and civil rights violation.

  • ketrout

    The Sheriff's Deputy should be fired! The man had a right to carry his gun.

    Instead of going after criminals, illegal aliens, speeding cars, he gives this honest man with a permit to carry a weapon disrespect.

  • richard handwerk

    he should have shot the cop

  • SouthernPatriots

    Can Joel sue the over zealous cop for arresting him for obeying the law? Can he sue his department for not training him in the law properly?
    I am checking my tags now. I don't need that harrassment.

  • blaineiac

    Around 40,000 young adults, teens and children die each year in auto accidents! This is a catastrophe! We need to strengthen our auto laws, which have not caught up with the technology. There is no reason for the average car owner to go more than ten miles per hour - we need a "fast car" ban, and outlaw those having a gas tank of more than twenty gallons. This capacity should be reduced to no more than ten gallons (seven gallons in New York). The only reason for going great distances very fast is to outrun the government! Only the military and police should have access to fast cars. We need to limit auto speeds to no more than ten miles per hour (In New York, this might be limited to seven miles per hour). Since all vehicles are "registered", the government knows the caliber…er, horsepower of each one, and they could be impounded with a quick executive order. If this is impractical for Constitutional reasons, the control of fuel by way of cost, gallons per transaction, or whatever, might be required. The government could also buy up millions of gallons for some nefarious purpose, in order to make it scarce, and promote bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation.

    You must demand from your "elected" representatives how they intend to fix this!

    (I’m also doing research on how 13th century governments handled the problem of "assault crossbows" being acquired by the general serfs…er, population.)

    • Watchmanonwall


  • Anadara

    This is exactly why i live in Arizona. Open carry is perfectly fine and concealed carry is an expectable option for date night.

  • icemancold

    Well: In my opinion this Officer needs fired,Sued along with the Department for use of excessive force,use of obscene language inability ti display self control. Lack of Professionalism. This is coming from an ex law enforcement officer and concealed carry license holder who carries a gun.

  • djw663

    This law enforcement officer
    acted inappropriately no doubt about it and should probably go through proper
    situation handling exercises because the way this officer handled this
    situation shows the lack of intelligence and the lack of self control as well
    as a lack of confidence.

  • Kenneth Barber is the emal=il for the Citrus county sheriff . he needs to be covered up with emails to fire this dumba$$ . not to put him on paid vacation while this is swept under the rug.

  • James Kroeger

    I'm sick of this "OUT-OF-CONTROL" law enforcement. This cop needs to be flogged repeatedly! To be treated like this when you have a concealed permit...I'm appalled at this cops actions! This cop is a complete JERK!!!

    • patriot3712

      I'm 57 yrs old. When I was a young man I got stopped many times for my lead foot. Back in the old days I respected the pa state police. They were always professional and courteous. Got stopped recently by one and could not believe how I was treated. For a routine traffic stop was treated like a convicted felon. The arrogance of this thug left me wondering if I was in fact in America, or a third world communist country.

  • John

    As a retired law enforcement officer in Florida, this deputy is a disgrace to his agency and an embarrassment to the entire profession. From my own personal experiences, I have found that a large number of new, young officers lack "people skills", common sense and good judgement.

  • AZWarrior

    As a former Law Enforcement officer I want this asshat off the street. He's clearly wrong. Jerks like this make all cops look bad.
    Jumped out of car? Swinging your wallet around? (Is the wallet a weapon?). Weapon stuck out right at him? What an ass.

  • therock

    This cop is a danger and use of that kind of language shows that he has no business being a cop and no right to ask him a Question like that! He hasn't got a clue to what he is doing and sooner or later he will make a serious mistake, he is a time bomb?

  • Anita Eitmann

    We need to start a petition to get this hop a long Cassidy copy out of uniform and out from under a badge, and his fun taken away. The language this piss poor idiot used in front of this man's wife was a total disgrace. I wonder what hop a long would have done has this citizen used this language in front of his mother, wife or daughter. Gun happy would have probably shot him. This is why this idiot should not be allowed to carry a gun or a badge.

  • cyber_hackster

    Maybe they need "Universal Background Checks" for law enforcement officers --

  • JohnTX

    Everyone has the right to own guns, it's a shame we need permits to carry them. You cannot count on the police for protection, that burden falls on you and you alone. Even if police are present you don't know how they will respond until it's too late. Police have training but you don't know how they'll react when bad things start happening so you had better be ready to take care of yourself. Would you want to count on the officer in this video that overreacts when just seeing a gun? Not me, I'll let Barney Fife take care of himself and I'll take care of me.

  • Orrie Froloff

    Dumbass cop!

  • HappyG

    It seems a background check should be in order for the Deputy...but don't hold your breath.

  • Tony

    i would fire that cop because he don't know his job. they can get rid of him. one reason he was the way he was because he is chicken sh_t fire him for that to.

  • jonrmoore

    This cop is probably a wife-beater as well.

  • Wendell Gragg

    I don't know Florida law, and the officer certainly acted rashly, but in Texas, we are required to notify the officer that we are a concealed carry holder if we are carrying and give them our CHL permit. It is just common sense to let the officer know. Again, Florida law may be different and this guy should not have reacted with the force that he did. The question about why the man needed a gun was simply out of line.

  • Alan Smith

    Cops like this need to be FIRED!!! Its one thing to see A gun and freak out but if the man says I have A permit to carry the abusive lang and demeaner should have decreast. If my kids were to witness this typ of bs the cop would realy be put in danger. Its called respect you dont give it, you dont get it.

  • mikeledo

    The cop should have shot the dumb redneck who can't register his vehicle. And he has terrible taste in women. What? about 300 pounds of Mama June? If he didn't have such a bubble butt, he wouldn't flash it.

  • jwright673

    The Sheriff's Office might as well put their checkbook on the table for the gentleman to take what he wants. Illegal arrest, capped off by humiliation that is being perpetually relived via the video. I'd say Florida has it's newest retiree.

  • Rex Lundquist

    This guy will probably be recruited by the Department of Homeland Security. Needs to be fired!

    • NoU4EN

      Obama has his first general in his National Civilian Police Force.

  • Texeast

    A number of years ago a man going to the range saved a police officer. As I recall the officer was either down or out of ammo. I should note the man that saved the officer did not have a carry license. But, In Texas you can have a weapon in your vehicle with out a carry permit . However, the man stopped and saved the officer.
    I am proud to be a TEXAN. A state where people men are men and women are women and state government is of and by the PEOPLE and we like it like that!!

  • Ron Gilmer

    Why are you showing "tagged with abuse, cops gone wild, and using the word "pig"? Who is using the word pig? I will not read all of the comments but I have not seen the word "pig" used in any form on any police article in years! The second amendment is to prevent a Police State being formed and the liberal media contributes to that! Soon there will be men and women in black leather coats, Muslims most likely, running a Gestapo, to take away free speech!

  • Sickofcompromise

    Time is a time coming for America to give this country an enema.

  • Sterling Wulff

    With "fair" being fair then now its time to arrest gun carring criminals in congress, the entire U.S. Military (Who continue to kill each other at will), the entire Police force established in all boundaries of our country as well as obamas (photo op) shotgun he appears to be blasting away. Arrest them all !!! They're ALL guilty !!!

    The real CRIMINALS in this country aren'e necessarily jailed individuals, but are ABSOLUTELY the Executive Branch of our corrupt government.

  • Jessy Folmar


  • shannon853

    looks like it is time gor turn around. time for citizens to arrest cops as they carry a gun and imply a threat to anyone that can openly see a gun, permitted or not! after all, look at the number of police shoorings each year.

  • James Best

    Can we say "lawsuit"? He actually had a conceal weapon permit and the cop didn't care? A law abiding citizen arrested for following the law, so many cops still don't get it

  • George Washinton

    I would like anyone to explain to me how the feds, states, or local govs have a right to make or even enforce any gun laws, seeing that the 2nd Amd says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, and the 14th Amd states " No State shall make or enforce any law which shall
    abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States". If I have to go to any level of gov, to ask for permission to purchase, own, carry or use arms, then would you consider that to be INFRINGED! I do. I do not need to ask any gov official permission. The US Constitution was designed to restrict gov not the people!

    I hope this commie little copper is sued under 42 USC 1983 and loses his house and all his savings!

    "I was only doing my job" ~ quote from a guard at AUSCHWITZ where 1.1 million people were murder by people only doing their jobs!

  • Bill

    This Deputy has to be an Obama supporter. He 100% wrong. Just may be The sheriff will recommend him for TSA for his next Job... Eh?

  • Jed54

    I trust no one any longer... state or federal level... this moron needs to be fired and have a complete back ground check, or a complete evaluation... he could be mennace to society and kill people in a public place.... I wonder if he pulls the wings off deadflies?

  • Christian Patriot

    Nice mouth cop! Its no wonder that the public has no respect for law enforcement officers. The cop is obviously a dunce. If he felt threatened by the sight of an outline of a firearm, he could have put the guy against the side of the van and asked if the driver had a concealed
    carry permit. I saw no drawn firearm, attempt to draw a firearm, sudden movements towards a firearm, threats, foul mouthing or other inappropriate actions on the part of the driver. The cop was way over the top with the way he handled the situation and with his FOUL MOUTH.
    The question is, was he serving or protecting?

  • savesc

    The Citurs County Sheriff should be ashamed to have people on his force that talk like this. Not matter what is going on - he had no reason to use the "F" word.
    This officer should be fired. He is overzealous and a danger to the public.
    I hope the Sheriff doesn't cover htis up and have him work a desk for a couple of weeks and then put him back on the road.
    One htings for sure - i will avoid this county - no need to buy anything where they take tyhe law into their own hands.

  • david286

    You are not required to notify Florida LE that you have a weapon unless asked.

    790.06 …. The licensee must carry the license, together with valid identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the clerk of the court.

  • Silas Longshot

    This is, unfortunately, typical of the reactions of cops to CCW permit holders. If you don't scream it at them ( get their attention so that they understand you, in other words) that you have a permit and are carrying, they will 99% of the time freak out like this. Even if they're telling you to 'shut the f up', make them hear you. Another thing, DON'T get out of the vehicle unless they tell you to, it's interpreted by them as an "aggressive" move. And last but not least, carrying in your blinking pocket is not cool either, tends to fall out on the ground at awkward moments, damaging the weapon and freaking out the patrons at your 7-11. If he'd had a proper waistband holster, might have been completely missed. Which is what concealed carry is about, right?

  • Von Fileccia

    There are some "non-efficient" cops out there. They sure give the good cops a bad name. Only ran into two in my lifetime and that was enough. As a granny, I certainly appreciate the good ones, and I have run into some of the good ones while driving or as a passenger. Broken tail light, headlight out, & missing sticker on my plate. However, the policeman, saw that I had the correct registration. I had expected a family member to put my sticker on & so therefore forgot to check. The policeman was polite & forgiving.

  • grassroot

    Low life creep, what is he afraid? Or just a socialist louse?
    Must have voted for OB. He should have his badge taken away.

  • Tom54

    I have dealt with Va State Troopers several times, and they never seemed overly concerned about my concealed weapon as long as you do not make any sudden moves or get overly excitted. Just notify them when you talk to them and they are cool about it. Anyway the DMV record tells them you can carry anyway.

  • Brian G. Lowery

    Arrested? Okay, I can see where some cops would panic in that situation not knowing the guy but once it was discovered he had a valid CCW permit that should have been the end of it.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Aaahh yes, This is why barney kept his bullet in his shirt pocket,hisss left shirt pocket!! A couple of deputies watched this with me and laughed, and I quote "thats pure Barney Fife"!
    A good officer can smell a threat a mile away, and this man was not a threat at all! But remember I said a GOOD OFFICER!

  • Loran Carlson

    There seems to be way too many incidents like this where the police officer is being belligerent opposed to the person being investigated or detained. What I've noticed though is that it's mostly the younger officers who are doing this. It's a power trip mentality. Very bad.

  • kannon

    Is that all they hire these days,stupid moronic robot cops.

  • viking

    It's not enough to say this should not have happened and it will never happen again.

    The fact is it does happen time and time again. Cops arbitrally shoot pet dogs even when at the wrong address.
    Let's say it. Never again. If we can't get rid of crap cops and their supervisoirs where do we go?
    No citizen need take the crap this officer dished out. The officer must go!

    There must be a balance.
    Do citizens need to form vigilantes as protection and balance against an increasingly over bearing goverment?
    Just asking.
    I don't know the answer.

  • jb80538

    Why did the guy get out of the vehicle? Cops normally like you to stay put unless told to get out for say a road side sobriety check.

  • RushLovesOxycontin

    This arrest was made in July 2009, before the law was changed, not "recently", you right wing aholes.

    • david286

      The fact of the matter is that he did not brandish the weapon intentionally and the reason for the change in the law is because of idiot cops like this arresting people for no wrong doing.

  • Nathan51

    Fire and fine this cop after after incarcerating him for a year or two for terroristic threatening. Idiots like this are not needed on any police force.

  • YRofTexas

    If a cop (or anyone for that matter...) were to cuss and curse toward me, and he/she was in a position of power or influence or authority, I would consider that as an assault and threat. The mere fact that the cop was using unprofessional verbage, as far as I am concerned, is validation for termination. Period.

  • Billy

    This is a prime example of the abuse of power. The government needs to be cleaned out and start over. These fat cats have been sitting there for years making up their own rules. It is time that the people stand up, and take this country back.


    administrative leave my backsidew FIRE THIS POS AND THROW HIM IN A MENTAL

  • David Jines

    arrest the cop for extreme stupidity and rudeness. this pos has a god complex.

  • Jon Charles Acker

    Barney Fife was bored that day.

  • Don Bahn

    How did this cop pass the psychiatric examination and evaluations.The cop in this incident should be arrested for violating civil rights, and placed in a psychiatric hospital.

  • The_American_Way

    This idiot cop needs to go find another line of work. He is clearly not suited for this work.

  • Robert Andrade

    This driver should of stayed in the van and have his drivers license and concealed carry permit in his hand to show the officer as required and verbally advised the officer of his concealed carry permit. I would have both of my hands out of the window to and wait further instruction by the officer.

    • dalek1967

      Florida law does not require him to do so tho. Me, in my state which is very close to Florida law, I would have presented both by drivers licence and permit. Thing is, this cop would have reacted the same way. The cop was in the wrong, period. The badge does not promote a person to King. It certainly shouldn't lead to the threats and such.

  • wmagg

    Be it known that the actions of this so called officer of the law were ILLEGAL.

    at no time is an officer allowed to overtly threaten to execute a citizen

    at no time is an officer allowed to overtly threaten the safety or security of a citizen

    at no time is an officer allowed to use vulgar or abusive language.

    this Piece of crap should never have been allowed to posses a badge and if the department does not terminate this worthless waste of oxygen then it will only be a matter of time before this want to be bloody self appointed assassin will kill a citizen and then try to claim self defense. I have seen it before and everything here is the same, there is no doubt as what will happen not if but when.

  • gbigsangle

    The cop was wrong. He requires training. The guy can sue for false arrest.

  • Mario Gandolfo

    You all to remember that this man got out of the vehicle(BIG MISTAKE),not only a mistake in this day and age but an even bigger mistake if you are carrying and do NOT tell the cop you are..That dude would have been fine if he stayed in the vehicle and dealt with the issue at hand..there is NO LAW in Florida that says you have to tell the cop you are carrying unless asked..This guy was released with NO charges filed and the cop is on leave possibly now discharged..While the cop was COMPLETELY out of line,the guy should NEVER have gotten out of the van,,they are BOTH at fault..

  • pitter43

    Sad to say, the guy was in the wrong. The first words he should have spoken to the officer were " I have a CCW and I'm armed ".

    • dalek1967

      Wrong. He is not required to tell unless the officer asks. It's the law in Florida.

  • kpjlaw

    Deputy Cox is an out of control person who is mentally ill. He uses his position as a police officer to abuse others. It is dangerous to others to allow him to remain an armed police officer.

  • rich

    Can't agree more the cops work for the law abiding citizens taxpayers. he was rude and over the top. if i was the cop as soon as i saw the gun mine would have been drawn and pointed down, and asked him politely, to show the permit, after having him up against the van and removing the gun. and also the wife would be out against the van until a pat down could be done. no need for handcuffs, or swearing. not sure what the laws are down there but the first words out of the drivers mouth should be i have a CC permit and a weapon on my person. I am sure the cop was thinking i have a wife and kids at home and want to return to them, did he over react hell yea. the cop should be professional at all times while in uniform.

    • Mario Gandolfo


  • Kathy Young

    He was REQUIRED BY LAW to inform the officer of his CCH permit and his gun he was carrying BEFORE any other conversation, and he didn't do this. Both he and the ignorant cop are at fault. I was stopped a while back by a NC brand-new deputy who didn't know the law and kept insisting he had to "inspect" my gun. For what? "To be sure it's safe." It's a gun; it isn't safe. He wanted me to reach across my car and take it out of a tote bag and hand it out the window to him (without bumping anything in the car or pointing it at him or my lap or feet or bystanders through the windshield --- nearly impossible). I offered to get out of the car but refused the unsafe action he demanded. We had a standoff, and he finally gave in but then demanded to know if the gun was REGISTERED to me personally. NC doesn't even HAVE gun registration. Law enforcement officers need to be taught the gun laws and reviewed often, and CCH holders need to OBEY the protocol they were taught.
    NC CCH Instructor

    • Mario Gandolfo

      No he was NOT check the law in Florida !!!

    • david286

      You are only required to show your CCW and ID if asked..

      790.06 …. The licensee must carry the license, together with valid
      identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual
      possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the
      license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement
      officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall
      constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the
      clerk of the court.

      • dalek1967

        You beat me to it. What people need to realize is that this varies from state to state.

        • TEX

          What good does it do YOU to know the law in EACH state,when chances are the damn cop doesn't know the law in his own state? An ignorant cop can and will kill you quicker than an informed one.

    • dalek1967

      Actually it is not required UNLESS asked in Florida.

      "Informing Law Enforcement of Carry: Informing law enforcement is required upon demand."

      If the cop had asked, then he must tell the officer he has a weapon and show his permit. If the cop doesn't ask, then he does not have to tell him.

      Me, if I carried a weapon in my car, I would hand the officer both my drivers licence and my gun permit. The gun permit should show that I am a law abiding citizen and not a mass murderer and I should be treated as such.

      I might add, in my state, I can have a gun in my car and no permit at all. I am still not required to tell a officer that it is there unless asked.

    • bonnieblue2A

      To be accurate, no, Florida law does not require an individual to inform an officer of their CCW status or if they are carrying UNLESS they are asked.
      This is apparently an old video from 2009. Changes to FL law in 2011 clarified that it is not a crime if the firearm can be "made" in public as long as it is not in a threatening manner.

  • Nelson Lentz

    Arrest the cop, charge him with malfeasance, see to it that he gets convicted, fire him, and make sure he never works on any police force again.
    Mr. Smith should get a very good lawyer, file a law suit aginst this cop and the police department, and get a whole lot of money.
    And, in cases like this, administrative leave (rewarding the cop) should be made illegal.

  • bonnieblue2A

    It will take lawsuits to stop abuse of power as displayed by this LEO.

  • Ken Bowman

    Looks like a good False Arrest case! This cop abused his authority and violated the man's CIVIL RIGHTS by acting like little girl,

  • Robert Dungan

    The employment of ANY public servant, elected, appointed, or through a hiring process, should be ONLY for a duration that the public-at-large and in quorum chooses to maintain the employee; in other words, they should serve at the pleasure of the electorate.

  • Marte Cliff

    A paid vacation when he should be fired on the spot. And perhaps denied the right to ever carry a weapon because he's mentally deranged.

    We do NOT need Jack-boot cops out there threatening citizens. Lock them up where they can do no harm.

  • shanemerritt

    This cop is an idiot...

  • Watchmanonwall

    "Deputy Alan Cox has now been put on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. The investigation was ordered after the video went viral."
    The Police Force and Mayor are ONLY doing something BECAUSE THEY GOT CAUGHT. You can be certain that nothing will happen to this POS. UTube has more videos like this one. This is not isolated. These are the new recruits for DHS.

  • William A. Bullard Jr.

    Then maybe it is time to go "after Cowboy Supercop", charged with enforcing law which he either clearly does not know or clearly does know but disregards as he sees fit. Tired of hearing about 'how dangerous it is to be a cop' it is clearly dangerous for us the 'law abiding', dangerous because we can be obviously shot on 'suspicion' and assaulted under the color of law, and the scales are readily balanced against us. So, just exctly who is in danger here?

  • Startup999

    Speaking as a cop with 24 years on the job, I have three observations,

    1) A lawfully armed citizen (even an off duty cop) should immediately let an officer who makes contact with you know you are lawfully armed.

    2) Paid administrative leave is not a paid vacation but a miserable experience .

    3) This officer's conduct is so unprofessional on several levels, (tactics, demeanor, sheer lack of intestinal fortitude ) that he does not belong in this line of work.

    • Mario Gandolfo

      One note,it is NOT required in the state of Florida for a citizen carrying a weapon if he gets stopped to have to tell the Officer he is carrying..This guy blew it by getting out period..up to the point that the cop saw the pistol he was fine..

      • Startup999

        I am suggesting that even if the law does not require you to notify the officer your armed it is a good Idea to avoid problems like this or worse.

        When I have been contacted by cops when I am off duty or on duty in plain clothes I put my hands where he can see them, the first thing out of my mouth is to tell the officer I am lawfully armed , where my iID is and wait for his instructions. Even a guy like Barney Phife here in the video would be calmer during the contact.

    • dalek1967

      On point one, he is not required to in Florida. It's the law. Should he, maybe. I bet the outcome would have been the same tho. That cop needs some serious training.

    • Chuck Fowler

      I was an Army MP for over 25 years and totally agree with you.

  • MrLogical

    This is nothing compared to what's going to happen when Obama's "National Security Force" goes into operation.

    Buyer's remorse, anyone?

    • TEX got that SHT right!!

  • hiskid1964

    please law enforcement don't be the problem

  • dhmill

    Now do you understand? Do you now understand that the Police are not your friends? Do you now understand that the poilce do not work for you? It does not matter what their level is. State, County, City or local village. The police do not work for you. They work for whichever govenment level employs them.
    The man in this video was assulted, battered, and should have been in fear of his life by the threat from the policeman of the use of lethal force. The policeman was as out of control as the man that shot those twenty poor children. The only difference between them is that the policeman is authorized to be that way by the County that employs him.

  • bless2live

    Should have told the officer you had a gun, first thing out of your mouth! Officer must protect himself and you gave him no choice but to disarm you under duress. He just wanted and needed complete control of the situation that you placed yourself and the officer in. Cheers!

    • TEX

      you are a liberal idiot

      • bless2live

        and you have blinders on!

  • Gail Nowaczyk

    The Cop needs time off without pay. And Anger Managment Meetings. His actions was uncalled for.

  • Ronald Christopher

    Being a former police officer I can understand stopping the driver for an expired tag. Who knows what else is going on. Maybe a stolen vehicle. However, what happens afterwards I totally disagree with. This deputy simply panicked and there was no need for that. I thought for a second he was going to shoot the driver. Personally, I would not have gotten on the ground. Then what would Cox have done?

  • Steve M

    Sue the stupid cop...he should be terminated, most cops are intelligent enough not to act in that way...

  • pat

    someone go find and shoot the cop but first say "get on the fukn ground I will shoot you in the back."

  • James Hamlin

    Well.. this LEO may have been out of control. But in Fl. LEO's have been shot at for less... So he may have been a little paranoid, for sure. It is also apparent the CCW was at fault at least for exiting the vehicle. Most CCW classes teach to have respect for the officer approaching the vehicle and to not exit it unless directed to do so. In other words, stay in your vehicle. AND To minimize the paranoia effect, present your DL and CCW permit when he approaches. Also inform that a weapon is located in the vehicle/on person and loaded. I hail from a small community on Fl's west coast where OC is practiced in accordance with the Fl. Statues. And in this day and age, we and they get a little paranoid. It is a time of relearning for each of us that CCW. So do your part... and we will all go home safely at the end of our day.

  • Plaintruths

    So if we have to pay court costs if we are found guilty of something, would it not be logical that a cop who abuses his status as an officer should also pay? Perchance we should start figuring out how to make elected officials actually pay for their transgressions since they expect us to pay for ours.
    Pres. Obama called for "fair and balanced". That would be fair. Instead, "charges are dropped". What about his extremem mental distress, emotional trauma and inconvenience? If you say one tacky thing to a TSA "officer" they can delay you from a plane, because they feel threatened.
    Just thoughts.

  • Paul Burnham

    Guys like that cop should not be cops. He had no call whatsoever to treat Smith that way, and should be dismissed for his actions. I am all for law enforcement, but that isn't law inforcement. He yells that he doesn't care if Smith has a concealed carry permit, and then he later states that Smith didn't tell him he had one. Cox contradicts himself.

  • FrickenGenius

    If the citizen was legally carrying his gun, would he be within his rights to shoot the cop who drew a weapon and pointed it at him? If the citizen drew his gun and pointed it at the cop, I'm sure the cop could shoot the citizen.

  • TEX

    That makes you wonder just how many of these fckers are scared cowards,that are more of a threat to the public than they are a help.Brings to mind Barney Fife jumping around waving a gun wildly while frantically shouting orders,and about piss in his pants. FCK EM!

  • pairadimes

    I don't know about Florida, but here in Texas it is wise to alert the officer at the beginning of the traffic stop if you are a CHL holder, and if you are carrying. This is emphasized during training, and is much more than a courtesy.
    Members of law enforcement expose themselves to the risk of injury or death every day, and they are not immune to the news stories that appear all too often about an officer being shot in the line of duty. They do not know you, and must take precautions. This does not excuse the behavior of this particular officer, but I suggest that posters here consider getting to know a few cops and going on a ride-along a few times before being so quick to criticize and jump to conclusions.
    There are bad cops, just as there are bad teachers and bad apples in every profession, but for those who paint them all with a broad brush of hate, please be aware of the damage you do by advocating such disrespect for people who for the most part are good folks trying to make the best out of a very difficult profession. Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if they all suddenly disappeared.

  • Eric Tarbox

    Why do stupid people do terrible things in my home state¿ We are normally sane and don't do things that infringe upon other peoples rights.

  • Tionico

    just think.. if any one of we mundanes conducted ourselves like this cop did whilst in public, we'd be sent in for mental evaluation and probably have our right to arms pulled... "too irresponsible, out of control...". Interesting how the Only Ones have a different standard than the rest of us...... double standard anyone?

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Something really needs to be done about these bone headed cops who think they have a right to treat people like this! This deputy in particular should be terminated. Where does he get off trampling all over someone's right to carry a gun... and who does he think he is questioning anyones constitutional rights in the first place. Stupid cops are a problem. Stupid cops with a personality derangement syndrome are dangerous! The name of the town was omitted for obvious reasons, but they've got a real liability on their hands as long as they're paying this loose cannon a wage.

  • Spectre7075


  • John M Rolwing

    Sometimes the power of the Badge exceeds the power of the Permit...the only error was that the citizen said first out of his mouth to the effect he was armed and he had a permit to carry, and the cop should have asked to see the permit and then instructed the person to exit the car, taken possession of the weapon, and then proceed with the stop...The way this cop did it was just either ignorance, hate of CCW laws, or was just a bully in uniform. At the end of the stop, having no wants or warrants, the weapon should be returned and all parties depart. There are variations on this, but this thread is the most used.

  • aldol11

    i hope Smith sues Cox for all he has and will earn in his lifetime

  • fwiw

    When the cop ceases to care whether a person is law-abiding or not, he needs to find another job. Maybe something in the food-service sector of society.

    • David Rohrer

      with that attitude he displayed, do you really want him preparing or serving you food? 😀

      • fwiw

        LOL. Good point. Server may be beyond his limited capabilities. Dishwasher? Busboy? Someplace where he has limited contact with any other living human being. Hmmmm...mortician?

  • JohnC

    He should be fired for Violating the mans constitutional rights

  • Watchdogman

    I suppose some good ole Florida boy will have a good time with that imbecile cop...this cop is way over the top in his emotions to be a cop! He is out of control and will bring grief to the department and to some poor soul just living his life...But this cop is paranoid and should NEVER be able to continue his job and should never carry a gun!

  • jinkyjoy

    Most of our police are good and honest people but sorry to say there are always 'macho man' cops who think they are Clint Eastwood; but Clint would never do that to a license gun-carrier, but would instead give him a pat on the back. Lets do what we have to do to get rid of all the 'macho men' cops. Fire them all.

  • Marine223

    I didn't watch the Video but The Cop in Question, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, You're a little Piss Ant with WAY TO MUCH AUTHORITY! Maybe a Wannabee, or Maybe a Veteran with PTSD that needs attending to!

  • NHMI

    That cop is a piece of crap, especially after the court ruling said a 30sec display when reaching for something is not an actual display violating the concealed permit. FL is retarded if you can get in trouble if you can see a legal weapon...the guy was just getting his wallet, he wasn't swinging his arms and now this pig gets a paid vacation...he should lose his badge and his right to carry and be charged with a felony for violating that mans rights....people can say it is harsh of me to say but I think they should execute dirty cops cuz they and everyone in positions of power who abuse them should be judged much more harshly than the average person who does something messed up. With great power comes great responsibility...

  • CCblogging

    This cop, Deputy Cox should be an ex-cop. He is an out of control power junkie. Obama would love his thug approach.

  • abrayoungham

    "I don't care if you have a permit or not"
    That says it all right there, don't it?
    This cop is a danger and a menace - he needs some basic courtesy lessons too. Someone who flies off the handle like that, makes threats, and acts like a tyrant, does NOT deserve to wear a badge in AMERICA.

  • DSmith6605

    This is why I hate the moron cops they all think there sh it don't stink F ing cops anyway there nothing but a bunch of gang bangers in blue.

  • abrayoungham

    The cop asks, "I'm supposed to know?"
    Yes, cop, you are.
    then he says, "'n you come jumpin' outta the car?"
    What a rube! He's the one who told the man to get outta the car. Now he's trying to justify his hasty actions. RETREAD. DEMOTION.

    • abrayoungham

      Yeah, cop, good thing we have the video tape. It's works against you just as much as anything else. This is why we need the right to tape police activity.

  • Raymond Rudd

    I think Barney needs to find a new line of work before someone gets killed.

  • Mary Emerson

    I agree with Carel Crow , an out of control ..SCARED little cop, feeling his power... and yes filthy mouthed...paid leave ? he should have been fired immediatly !

  • Gray Ryder

    No matter what he said, she said and however said. You are in deep s--t any time one of the goon squad keystone cops wants to demonstrate that they are above, beyond and never wrong. The dash camera has saved many on involvements with such encounters with goon squad keystone cops.

  • Robert Hall

    Just the use of foul language and the overreaching manner in which a citizen was treated should be enough to ensure that this "COP" is never afforded the opportunity to harass a citizen again. In plain non-police speak, he should be fired and banned from any service that allows him to interact with the public in an authoritarian way.


    That guy certainly is a loose canon, and definitely is not qualified to be Law Enforcement! The citizen now should sue the police department and the State! Secondly, "concealed" does NOT mean completely hidden! Usually, if the gun is in a holster and the barrel is not exposed, then it is considered concealed. Texas no longer requires a driver to display his CHL, but it is a good idea if you are carrying. Also when an officer runs your driver license and you have a CHL, it comes up on the return... As a LEO, I say that that officer should be fired, and maybe prosecuted!!!...

  • 57girl

    Mr. Smith needs to make a case out of this arrest. I'll bet if he were to win a lawsuit, the major media will go out of it's way to ignore the story. It's time for Mr. Smith's neighbors to picket the police dept, I would imagine. They should make a real BIG deal out of this incidence.

  • Mary Speicher

    Why did the driver get out of the van? Was he ordered to step out? Should the driver have announced that he was carrying a concealed weapon, so that if the officer were to spot it, he would have been aware that the driver was armed legally. I can under stand the officer becoming a little agitated at seeing the weapon. After the driver was on the ground and handcuffed, the officer could have made an effort to " check" if the driver was legally carrying. This episode could have been handled a little better, but Police Officers are under a lot of stress. They can't be too lax around people they have stopped.

  • Gray Ryder

    Do not conceal carry permits have an entry as to the purpose an applicant desires to carry concealed? I seem to recall, that it was suggested to me, by law enforcement authority processing my application to answer the question, " For what purpose did you make an application for conceal carry; as to the following; "FOR PROTECT ON MY HOME, FAMILY MEMBERS, PERSONAL PROPERTY AND PROTECTION FOR MYSELF". As much as the issue of conceal carry has been an every hour, day and thousands of situations concerning the issue thereof. One would think that even the stupidest keystone cop would have some knowledge of such matters.

  • SickoftheBS

    The officer needs to go back to the Academy and study state law and get a refresher on dealing with the public. He will be lucky if he is not charged with felony assault with a weapon and a stupid mouth. Not to mention the law suit his dept. and city face.

  • Craig Mayberry

    The officer does need to be on paid leave. He needs to be in jail for violating the citizen's civil and constitutional rights. Just because you're a cop does not make you immune from law. We are a nation of laws not men or cops.

  • 4form

    Police officers like this give the whole law enforcement community a very bad name. Highly excitable, overreacting people like this have no business protecting and defending the people who pay their salaries. Not only was it right to drop all charges against this citizen, but this officer should be fired and a note on his record that HE should not be allowed to carry a firearm. He has demonstrated that he cannot excersise the wisdom, the common sense and the self control that firearms owners should have to be able to own a firearm. If this officer is acting in accordance to the desires of his superiors, then this department needs to be cleaned out and a whole new department needs to be installed. You can not train this way of thinking out of a person. It is already ingrained in their way of thinking and in their way of living.

  • rutbuster1

    You don't have to mention you're carrying UNLESS the law enforcement official asks! Case closed! The cop SCREWED UP! In no way was the guy threatening in ANY manner! The video PROVES this! They will/should get sued!! Case closed!!

  • rutbuster1

    It could have have handled way differently by the Police Officer but, (without proper training), this is the result! PURE BS and harassment.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    That's the problem with LICENSING--it creates a question where there should be no questions. The pig cop thugs believe they have their own license to harass, brutalize, abuse and trample all over our inalienable rights.

  • goku vegeta


  • danojetman

    Does anyone know the supervisor or chief of police for this guy? We should flood their offices with calls demanding his firing.

  • Joe Redneck

    I wonder if there is an anti Obama sticker or pro America sticker on the side of the truck you cannot see.

  • Kenneth

    I cannot side with the driver in this case. He set himself up for failure from the point of contact.

    As a CCW, I've seen it written numerous places, including being taught in my CCW class, that the first thing you tell an officer before you reach for your documents is "I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and I have a concealed weapon on my person". You must remove all surprises from the situation early on. The officer will repeat what you tell him to remove any uncertainty on that mark, then he will give you a series of orders you must follow to the letter.

    Don't wait till the officer sees the gun and panics to tell him you have a permit. Make it known up front.

    Also, never exit the vehicle unless you are ordered to do so by the officer, or you receive permission to do so. But also never exit the vehicle without first informing the officer that you have a permit and a weapon.

    Again, the first thing you say to the officer after he greets you is, "Officer, before we continue, I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and I have a concealed weapon on my person [or wherever it happens to be if it's with you]. How do you wish to proceed?" The officer will then likely want to secure the weapon for his/her own safety, so follow the officer's instructions on that.

    Now the officer is not in the clear on this and certainly deserves some blame for how he responded to the situation, but the driver set up the bad situation from the moment he exited the vehicle.

  • Mav

    And people wonder why I don't trust LEO's (and I have had two in my family -- so you can shut the hell up with your snide comments -- they don't trust LEO's nowadays anymore than I do...)

  • Barry

    I aggree with Carol on the first post, what kind of peace officer acts like that. The citizen did absolutely nothing wrong but be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is what makes our country look bad to all peace loving, law abiding citizens. What kind of Deputy acts like that and even on the tape he knows he did wrong by stating later that the citizen never told him he had a permit. When it was clearly stated right at the beginning that he did have a permit. I respect police officers but when they act like that they lose all respect and support from the community. One day that guy may need a fellow citizen to call for help for him, he better start getting his head on straight if he even hopes to have that courtesy one day.


    Retired MCPO

    • David Rohrer

      well said sir, and thx for your service

  • Rocky Frisco

    Fire that idiot before somebody kills him.

  • Clay

    That cop should have been shot and left for the birds to eat. Cops do not protect you, they are there to arrest you. That's all. You protect yourself. Cops are licensed criminals. And no you poor little whiny babies, I do not call them the lying thieving bastards. I protect myself.

  • onejanedoe2003

    I really wonder at those, who feels obligated to defend the ruthless cop.

  • jon dovi

    The cop was a jerk ! this is why there are so many law suites againsts our police depts. I'm sure glade for those people that were involved that it was on video.. Good luck jerk !

  • Jack

    If this man was part of a communist party that wanted to do harm to a citizen that was armed that likes this country.I can tell that officer would not care if he was carrying nuclear bomb.

  • Larome

    If the citizens constitutional rights were violated, I would like to see that issue prosecuted. Against everyone in the chain of command, as well as any government entity that supports this arrest. No quarter was given this citizen and no quarter should be given to the police on this issue. Progressives have no problem causing harm to conservatives. Time to go green and put these tactics of arrest in the compost pile. Legally of course.

  • cincinnatius

    The little jerk should be sued for false arrest!

  • TAM44

    That piece of obama watse LEO is a potty mouth liberal and obama loves him them nasty cops.

  • mgfred52

    Deputy Cox should be removed from duty for a couple of reasons, For his abusive language, the threat to shoot the man in the back and for false arrest. I would demand he be Fired and then arrested for the threat to shoot the man in the back. Then the idiot should be fired from the force for his abuse of force and should be able to be sued for violation of the mans Constitutional rights.

  • Guest

    Attention Joel SmithNow you have to go after the cop's Malpractice Insurance and/or Bond and also after his employer's to recover damages, you have seriously been Harmed and need Compemsation.
    Your time is very valuable and you have to be compensated for have your Rights Violated Under Color of Law see Title 42 Section 1983 & Title 18 Sec 242 & 245.
    Don't let these CRIMINALS get away with violating your Rights, they would never let you get away with it.
    Also there is an illegal search and seizure, as well as false arrest, violation of rights, etc.
    HIT THEM HARD so that they NEVER do this again to anyone else.
    Most important go after those that Hire/Promote/Fire approve policy and Budgets for the Police. Consider inculding all Their SPOUSES as well.

  • Vital Rosa Pico Pt

    Attention Joel Smith,
    Now you have to go after the cop's Malpractice Insurance and/or Bond and also after his employer's to recover damages, you have seriously been Harmed and need Compemsation.
    Your time is very valuable and you have to be compensated for have your Rights Violated Under Color of Law see Title 42 Section 1983 & Title 18 Sec 242 & 245.
    Don't let these CRIMINALS get away with violating your Rights, they would never let you get away with it.
    Also there is an illegal search and seizure, as well as false arrest, violation of rights, etc.
    HIT THEM HARD so that they NEVER do this again to anyone else.
    Most important go after those that Hire/Promote/Fire approve policy and Budgets for the Police. Consider inculding all Their SPOUSES as well.

  • charliep

    Is it any wonder why the "PUBLIC" in many instances is reluctant to call the police when they are in a situation where they need help. It is because of mistrust that has developed because of the abusive nature that some policemen display at all times as they have let the authority that they have to go to their head. This "Policeman" graphically displays this arrogance here with complete lack of common courtesy. Had I been this policeman and after seeing that this individual was armed, I too would have been alarmed to possible problems and would have pursued to disarm the man and then verified his concealed carry permit. There never was any reason for the policeman's abusive mannerism which is verified by this cam video or accuse him exposing his weapon, which was inadvertently exposed for a micro second in the rear hip pocket which instantly put this policeman into a fit of rage that wasn't called for. The prosecutor wisely dismissed charges. I do not have much faith in the Internal Investigation which the video evidence in this case clearly reveals that this officer is unfit for continued service. He does not display that he has the proper disposition to be viable "Law Enforcer". He went into a nearly uncontrolled rage where he was threatening a driver who never failed to be courteous and obeyed the officer's every command.

  • chris

    that piss poor excuse for a cop needs to be fired.

  • Fred_K

    The dumbass cop who is a petty tyrant, should be fired, and the police department should be sued for false arrest.

  • George Williams

    Has a website been set up for this guy's defense fund? I would like to contribute my widower's mite to it. With enough money for a civil lawsuit for Smith, Cox will be so sorry he did this that he will resign from the force -- or be invited to do so.
    I know that peace officers can make a mistake on the spur of the moment in a tough situation, but this was not a tough situation, nor was it spur of the moment. Cox just has a severe attitude problem. I don't know if he is just in terrible fear all the time, or just hates the idea that private citizens have rights, but it doesn't matter what it is. He needs a trip to the legal version of the woodshed.

    • David Rohrer

      well said sir 😉

    • James Crawford

      It would be interesting to know the particulars of this deputy's background. I suspect that he (possibly) may have recently been an MP. He could stand a deeper evaluation and some retraining, in any case. If he has priors, he should leave the force.

  • dcwc16

    Having a loose cannon police officer is a significant liability for the county or city he serves. He has shown a complete breakdown in common sense and judgement. He will hurt someone eventually.

  • Chuck

    Just another example of the chaos that Obama and his radicals have and are creating. Meanwhile, in the WH they are rewriting history, changing laws, and fullfilling Obama's 08 promise the destroy our government. Even the Tea Party is helping him by not voting.

  • Charlie

    An attorney once told me," Most cops become cops because they were either bullied or they were bullies " Then this attorney said "There are a few cops that are actually good cops, but most are f-ing pigs" This is truely a shame that an attorney(god bless his soul) would make remarks like this after all he dealt law inforcement daily. There should be no unions allowed in any government job. Can you imagine if the military was unionized, ordered to go to war and strike happens !!! Or a officer tells a private to do anything and the private organizes a
    large group to strike because he did not like the officers order. Personally think this trash talking cop needs the boot/fired/canned/pink slipped.

  • Maggie Boucher

    just on the police officers side here, the man did not inform the officer that he had a cc. when you are stopped by a cop you should hand them your lic. and your cc at the same time. He should never have gotten out of the car, he should have had his hands on the stearing wheel and wait for the cop to apporch the car. Now did the cop act like a jerk, yes...but the man is just as respons.

  • Jim Isbell

    There are bad cops and there are good cops. Last year I was stopped in a
    "drunk trap" in New Mexico. I was in a car with Texas license plates
    and carrying on an "out of state" Florida CWP and a Texas drivers
    license. I handed the cop my license AND my CWP, as is required in
    Texas. I said nothing. He asked where I was carrying and I said, "on
    my left ankle." He then motioned me to proceed through the "trap" Just
    as I started to move the car, another cop came toward the window and
    wanted to see my license. The first cop hollered back, "No, he is
    OK,let him go on". And I was again motioned to proceed.

    Now this
    is a situation where they could have been real ass holes especially
    since New Mexico had, a few months earlier, let their reciprocity law
    expire by accident and had, just a few days earlier than my stop,
    reinstated it. So I was a little apprehensive as to whether the
    information had filtered down to the guys on the street yet. (probably
    the accidental lapse hadn’t even filtered down to them yet...LOL) But,
    the cops were BOTH great guys and did what they should have, even with
    my out of state tags and different CWP state.

    Then there are cops
    like my nephew who was a bad cop the day he started the force. Most in
    the family figured some day he would get a shotgun in the face because
    he loved to terrorize the high school kids on a Friday night.

    was lucky, but his collar wasn’t. He was kicked off the force because
    he kicked an illegal immigrant to death. They were going to try him for
    the murder, but when he decided to take retirement they dropped the
    charges!!!! So now the jerk is living off the taxpayers when he should
    be in jail for life (I guess that is also living off the

    • Libertarian Soldier

      As much as I'm a law and order guy, there are as many mentally defective people in law enforcement as in the general population and I believe a markedly higher percentage.

      There are two causes at stake. One is that it draws a particular psychological profile and usually not the one to serve. The second one is that if you spend enough time around that kind of mass psychological phenomenon, you'll become more like them. Call it peer pressure and influence. Prison guards have the same defective profile.

      For that reason, in my state, I'm going to keep a weapon in my trunk. Here in California, they aren't going to take your permit. They're going to put you face down on a hood or a sidewalk with a gun behind your ear.

      In my state, I'm not going to inform them if there's a weapon in my trunk and if they want to search it, they're going to have to come up with a fake probable cause to search or get a warrant.

      I'd never carry a weapon in somebody else's state because your carry permit may be trumped by federal law prohibiting carrying a firearm across state lines.

      • Jim Isbell

        Well, carrying in another state is not a Federal problem for me as I have an FFL as dealer/manufacturer/gunsmith so crossing state lines is not a problem. What I have to worry about is the local laws. The feds are on my side.....for now....

        I am originally from CA, Oceanside, so I am familiar with your laws and DONT carry. But if I did it would be concealed and EMPTY with the magazine in my pocket.

        As you say, they would have to come up with a trumped up charge to search me. If it saved my life I would not care that they brought charges against me....I would be alive.....

  • John Walt

    Lawsuit. Sue the #%it out of the fool. I mean the whole bunch. Department, and cop!

  • CGriff

    Just one more evidence of an out of control POLICE STATE

  • Pennell

    The driver out of courtesy for the officer should have notified him that he was carrying. I wouldn't want to be a police officer in this day and age when every traffic stop can be your last..

  • Libertarian Soldier

    Illegal arrest, by law. If the cop doesn't know the law, he should be out on unpaid leave.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    These are the guys we want carrying guns? Don't know the law they are sword to enforece?

  • Guest

    Why do these sites not make the whole story available to print????

  • Retro Ranger

    Sounds like the deputy is playing with a few bricks short of a full load. I guess he is one of those blissful public servents that has not figured out he is here to serve the public and not act like a fool.

  • Guest

    Why do thee sites

  • mpdmd

    This is part of Obama's insidious plan to introduce socialism into the lives of his slaves which would not be easy had not so many thought he was worthy of reelection. Get with it guys. You idiots who voted for him BLEW IT and now you are not happy with what this slave massa is doing to you. You earned it.

  • Joe

    He should sue that officer for everything he owns. Thisis an absolute abuse of power. That officer should NOT be allowed to continue on the force.

  • Darrell B

    Another 'out of control' cop that needs to be collecting unemployment!!

  • Robert

    The officer clearly handled it wrong and appears not suitable to handle the risks involved of a police officer. That said, the motorist might have avoided the situation if he informed the officer up front that he had a concealed weapon. In the state I reside, if you carry concealed, you are obligated to inform a police officer who stops you that you are carrying concealed. Failure to do so, even if you have a ccw permit, can result in arrest. Common sense.

  • Howard Grant

    The Second Amendment gives us the right to keep and to bear arms without being infringed upon therefore you don't need a permit or license to carry a gun. Having to have a permit or license to carry a gun is un-constitutional.

  • junkmailbin

    the police union will save this fool form termination for unsuitability. time to get rid of government employee unions .

  • Neil Tuttle

    my understanding of the law, is when stoped by a cop and ask for i.d. or lisicens, you present you licisen and carry permit at the same time , adviseing the cop you are armed
    with a concelaed weapon...

  • Robyn Steele


  • Seewcrazy

    That is really scary. My hubby and I have CHL:s We were told byh an instructor that if we are ever stopped by the cops , to not only show them our driver's license , and insurance, but to also hand over our CHL. I guess that is to preclude any surprises on the cop. Thing is this, they will cuff you first, run your information, and then they are supposed to let you go, but who knows if that if really going to happen. Maybe if you get one who is a reasonable person, but you might get rambo too.

    • James Crawford

      I got stopped for a moving violation several years back (on Interstate 4, in Florida). I handed the deputy my DL & CCW and he immediately asked me if I was carrying and where the weapon was on my person. I said yes I was carrying and that the revolver was in the front right pocket of my jeans (in a pocket holster). He told me to leave the weapon where it was and to remain in my car. He then went back to his unit and did the check on me and wrote out the ticket for my moving violation. He returned to my driver's window and handed me the traffic ticket and thanked me for notifying him of the weapon being carried. He then told me to proceed with my journey and left. Absolutely no rough stuff, no hand on his pistol, no foul language, no was just business.

      • Bill Tyner

        By the book! Had the same experience but no ticket!

  • Joia

    Apparently they don't do background checks on these cops.

  • Centurian2010

    Fire that cop. While the cop was within his right to protect himself until he cleared up the situation, he was not in the right to charge the man. Fire him and make an example of it. We do not need lawless cops either.

  • CommonSense

    Cops lucky the guy didn't FART. The cop might have... shot back!

  • sheffield

    That happened to me in pensacola fl. lawer cost me 8000.00. When we went to court the judge threw it out because the gun was in plain sight on the floor board.

  • Gary Rose

    And then the White House wonders Why Good Real American Citizens go Berzerx? Local Cops just enforce the laws they want to oh yes.Anybody that can Stay Calm And Cool with the Destruction of America Going on is that Possible Fellow Legal Americans>>>>>

  • Ron Harris

    As a public servant this guy should be fired! He abused his power and disregarded the rights of the people that he is supposed to serve and protect. Blatant abuse in that it's ok for me(the cop) to carry a gun but if you carry a gun you are a danger. I hope these folks bring suit on the cop the police department and the city!! Let them know we will not give up our rights!!

  • gkttxag

    The issue here is simple: Was the gun carrier in compliance with the law?

    The answer is clear- he was absolutely in compliance with the law. He did not
    " flash"; all he did was "print".

    A reasonable scenario:

    Deputy, on observing gun assumes the interview stance and addresses our

    " Sir, I see you are carrying a gun. Do you have a permit for it?"

    Citizen: " yes I have a permit"

    Deputy: " Sir , I am going to disarm you for your safety and mine. Place your
    hands on the car and do not move"

    After Deputy removes gun and places it in a safe place such as in his car, he
    returns an says " May I see your driver license and your carry permit"?

    After presentation and writing the ticket for the traffic infraction, the
    officer returns the gun and dismisses the citizen from the scene.

    No melt down, no screaming. This is exactly how Texas DPS handles something
    like this.

    Texas DPS is, of course, a well trained and professional agency that
    administers and supports the Texas Concealed Handgun License program and whose
    troopers are not Gomer Pyle with a badge and gun. Florida sheriffs take

    Deputy Fyfe apparently does not know the law, Nor has he been properly
    trained in maintaining a professional demeanor in a tense situation. I suspect
    the county attorney had better prepare for a lawsuit.

    As for those apologists for the deputy who say " I saw a gun and that made it
    a "hot scene"...", that is not an appropriate statement of the law. The badge
    does not give you the right to flaunt the statute, even for " officer safety".
    In this case there was NO "officer safety" issue - our armed citizen exhibited a
    peaceful compliant demeanor, was clearly non-threatening in every way. The issue
    is the officer- he not only feels threatened by the mere presence of a gun at
    the scene, his fear leads him to overstep his authority, browbeat and abuse a
    citizen who has NOT broken the law, and he follows this with a stream of vile
    invective as well as possibly unlawful verbal assault " Ill shoot you in the

    Peace officers are supposed to use good judgement and exhibit self control
    and professionalism in the performance of their duty- this deputy's training
    officer should hang his head in shame. This deputy should join the ranks of the
    unemployed because he clearly does not have the basic maturity to perform as a
    peace officer. His sheriff should call the Texas DPS in Austin- perhaps a
    training team is available for loan.

  • Jan

    There we go !!You call this a Cop. no way He dont have to use words and lie about the whole thing .Everthing is on tape yes give him vacantion pay to .Cops like that we dont need. Get rid of them Taxpayers money wasted on that public servant!!!
    Let him find a other job not beintg a Cop..Need his Brain checktout if he get one.

  • Glenn

    I would like the so called LEO posters here to answer 3 questions. 1.) why did the deputy not secure the firearm. In fact, why did he order the suspect to place his hands behind his back (where the firearm is) before securing it. Then the deputy cuffs, but does not secure the weapon, steps over him and gives him his back losing line of sight with the weapon while removing the keys from the ignition. One may go as far as to say that the deputy was trying to manufacture and opportunity to add a "justified" shooting to his resume. I doubt it, I think he was just being an idiot.

    2.) Explain why this deputy is now on administrative leave if this stop was handled correctly.

    3.) How do you think a "youtube" generation will respond/react to engagements with peace officers as a whole before and after watching this video.

    I grew up in a LEO house. Three basic truths were imparted to me in during my rearing. 1.) You don't respect the man, you respect the position. 2.) Spirit of the Law over letter of the Law. and 3.) Two wrongs don't make a right. I can see all three concepts at work here.

    All the "peace officers" saying that this was completely justified, or I'd have jacked him up too are the sole source for the disdain that has grown over the years towards officers of the law and in fact made their job even more dangerous.

    Yes, If it were me (and it has been), I would have notified the deputy that I was carrying first and foremost whether required to or not. It's a matter of common sense and common decency. But that does not justify the barrage of expletives and latter manipulation of events by the deputy. The suspect complied with every order given. He didn't even raise his voice at the deputy.

  • sovereigntyofone

    I don't know about other states but when I took the course to get a concealed carry license, one of the things they told us was. If stopped first thing is tell the officer that you have a concealed carry license and the weapon is on your person ( of course keep your hands up and away from your body when you say it ). Most of us have our CCW along with our drivers license in the same ID wallet to present to LEO. Lets face it, if a cop has a bad day and you don't make it known right off you have a weapon on you, things could get nast fast.
    I think it's stupid for a cop to arrest someone after the fact that he could see breifly his weapon in his back pocket and find out that he does indeed have a permit to carry.
    There is good and bad in every job.. this guy just happened to get a bad tempered " Jerk " stop him. As a footnote: I could see to a point the cop being worried because 1. the car had an expired tag. 2. He seen the gun in the guys " back pocket ", and not in a holster.
    1+1 = the cop probaly thought the guy might have stole the car and was a crook. Of course we don't know if he ran the tags before getting out to talk to the guy he pulled over.
    Cops face a variety of criminals on the streets every day, and it's alway best to be " Safe than Sorry... or dead ".

  • dad666

    This cop needs retraining or removal anything less would leave the public in jeapordy.

  • Anthony

    just another lying obama jerkoff follower!

  • Mitchina

    Sounds like Kevin Costner is have a really shitty day!

  • John Wilch

    A Copper like this one gives all the other good Police Officers a bad name. He need to be brought up on charges of False Arrest and lose his job after these folks sue the hell out of him and the department he worked for.

  • Gray Fox

    He should lose his LEO Certification for life and be denied a carry permit himself as he is a danger to others.

  • PatrickJT

    This cop is paranoid and unfit for duty. He should find a job that he is better suited for.

  • DAY8293A

    This cop should never be allowed to have any job again carrying a weapon! And he should be locked up for violating this man's civil rights! Another ignorant cop that hurts the good ones out there, though getting harder and harder to find a good one,,,,

  • DAY8293A

    This guy should have one hell of a law suit here! This slop cop violated this man's rights! He must have needed to meet some arrest criteria or something!! This was ridiculous!!

  • oldfox

    DAY8293A, Cops don't get locked up for violating someone'e civil rights, they get sued. This is a federal 42 USC 1983 civil cause of action. He can sue the cop and the cop's employer (but they will show this is not a custom or practice of their agency) and a judgement will be entered against the cop. No worry though because the agency employer indemnifies police for civil liability for misconduct. It will take 3-5 years before they give him $10-20,000, of which his lawyer takes 40%.

    He needs to deal with the state court judge and prosecutor to get his gun back. I did this in Miami many years ago but I did not then have a CCW. With a CCW, he really NEEDS to bring his case because the police need to be educated if they are to protect and serve us, as is their sworn duty. By rights, police agencies should train officers to avoid such errors.

  • Kayle

    That "SO CALLED" police officer needs to lose his job and goto jail over this one. He was the only one committing a crime in this case other than a possibly expired tag on the vehicle. The officer had NO RIGHT to treat him the way he did.

  • v steve

    The dirty cop never seen the actual gun he saw an outline of a gun. When cops are hired they can only have an IQ of so high because any person having a higher IQ number than that set number would be considered a person that would ask to many questions and would not be controllable and would want to better their selves.

  • randolph.poole

    Hopefully, this gentleman will sue both the department of the officer for abuse of authority. At least, the DA had enough common sense not to prosecute.

  • Jesse Mills

    Yes I agree it was a bit out of control. But reading the account. I am puzzled.I have my ccw. I have had encounters with the police. And I was taught to declare my ccw for the safety of those involved. Which has resulted in a pat down, unloading of my carry piece. And then we carry on with the encounter.

    I think there were mistakes on both sides.

    Strange situation though....

  • Timothy Yorgan

    What a gutless, whiney, self-righteous, overzealous, citizen hating, poor excuse for a cop they got in this town. The states that have carry permits should not allow second amendment hater cops to deal with the public. Just a glimpse of the weapon gave this jerk an excuse to cry rape like a little girl and gave the definate impression that he doesn't believe anyone has the right to carry, so he uses the power of his badge to keep honest gun owners down. He's going to bully the wrong guy one of these days and get the stew kicked out of him.

  • Randy Cote

    did this dum ass cop get arrested for doing what he did or did he get a pat on the back? He should have been fired on the spot period if he had a carry permit

  • willhen50

    I sometimes question why cops are allowed to have guns, especially when you read that some are involved in domestic disputes with spouses or girlfriends; or both. I have had chance encounters with police officers that exhibit patterns of character disorder. You hear almost daily how cops always exaggerate the law to promote their incompetence of an arrest or something. I really don't feel sorry for police because they have the option to walk away if they don't like the job.

  • Nate

    He never should have exited the vehicle unless asked to do so by the officer.

  • disqus_77mZZIbDY8

    The cop says that the man never said he had a permit. He needs to watch the video. The cop even said he didn't care if he had a permit when the guy said it. Things like this and the unnecessary foul language that give law enforcement a bad rep.

  • James Foley

    That deputy Cox-ucker is stretched way too tight and needs to be put out to pasture before he kills someone in something other than a righteous shoot.

  • George Poerner

    You think thats bad, wait until the wingnut in the White House bans all guns. Get ready for the STARS & BARS to fly again!

  • KurtofLA

    Halleluja, the att. gen did not prosecute a man for being alive. Whos relative is this scumbag to make it as a cop

  • Jeddy Tranquill

    NEVER get out of your vehicle during a traffic stop!!! KEEP your hands on the steering wheel and answer any questions that the officer asks you. If asked "do you have ANY weapons reply that you are a legal concealed carry and stiil keep your hands on the wheel and comply with every command that you are given, The police would like to go home at night also.

  • John D

    If you are carrying you should always give a LEO your carry permit at the same time you give him your license. And TELL HIM you are carrying. Cops don't like surprises.It's lie you are trying to hide something if you don't.

  • organicroseski2

    The cop sounded nervous ; also, needs his language cleaned up. Good thing there was a lady wife or friend as a passenger. The cop tried to change the story to Mr. Cox, saying he jumped out. I believe that nervous, foul mouth cop would have acted more heavy handed without a women there.

  • Vic Bailey

    Just one more sissy coward punk cop. Are there no real men in the police departments anymore? Or have they filled their ranks with panty-waist sissies like this one. Fear will get someone killed, and that is NOT by accident, it is by premeditated carelessness, which could be averted IF there were REAL MEN behind that gun and badge! Semper Fi.

  • Vital Rosa Pico Pt

    When a Cop/Pirate violates his Oath of Office his immunity is GONE and he and his Spouse along with the EMPLOYERS (usually Town, Selectmen, Mayor, Police Chief, Commissioner, etc) are ALL LIABLE.
    They are also ALL LIABLE under Title 18 Sec 242 & 245 AND Title 42 Sec. 1983 for CONSPIRACY TO VIOLATE RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW most all traffic code is Color of Law.
    SUE THEM ALL and Their SPOUSES that is how we Enforce OUR RIGHTS.
    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ... a License is INFRINGING on a RIGHT and it is COLOR OF LAW.
    Republic RISING ~

  • James Shelton

    This cop and the state needs to be sued!!!!!

  • Vital Rosa Pico Pt

    Anyone know what town this was?

    CALL TO ACTION someone find the info for us ALL to Call and DEMAND This Oath Violating Cop BE FIRED PRONTO!!!

    Republic RISING ~

  • pretzeldude

    This is a prime example of the punks that are cops today. You can tell by the gear he is wearing that he must be or think he is some kind of tactical unit. I see more and more of these you punks geared up as if they were going into mortal combat. I blame the Sheriffs and Chiefs for allowing such dress.
    I was a Deputy Sheriff in Miami Dade County Florida. I NEVER felt the need to dress like a combat soldier on a daily basis. I had to wear a regular presentable uniform. If heavy s h i t was going down we set up a perimeter and called in the SWAT or K-9 as needed.
    The behavior in this dash cam video should NOT be TOLERATED.
    Based on just the video this Deputy should at the very least face 1 pay period suspension with out pay. The worst he should be fired for a violation of the man's 2nd Amendment rights.
    This is the future folks so be ready!!!

    PS I hope the man files a Civil Rights Violation law suit against the Officer and the Department.

  • a1walter2

    First; I hope Joel sues the cop and wins. Second; Every cop should be fined, heavily, for using foul language in public. Like $100.00 per word.

  • Marian Scirrotto

    I reported this story months ago and I still question, Where is the whole video? , it was edited before it was releases , You can see where and I want to know , What happened during that time frame ?

  • Paul Macleod

    in order to be a cop or a sheriff you need to be a stable , well trained, disciplined individual.. this cops was none of those things.. someone thought he was, so both the cop and those who put him in service need to be let go and find another job.... I am not kidding.. this is serious serious stuff

  • OldNYFirefighter

    It didn't say, but I doubt this was a Brevard County Mounty, as they are very gun friendly. This Officer reject would have known he had a CCW Permit when he ran his License, as it shows up in the info. I have never been stopped, but if I was, I would tell the Officer I was armed. Some officers may ask you to retrieve it & will tell you he will hold it until he checks your ID. After everything checks out he will return your weapon to you. This is what some of my friends as well as a couple of Officers have told me in Brevard County. I can't speak for other jurisdictions.

  • D M

    stupid "cop" now you know where the term "pig" comes from, gives good ones a bad name. Hope he gets suspended

  • Stealth

    THIS cop...and MANY like him are freeking MORONS.. You cops had better start straightening out your acts before one day the people rise up against the BAD cops!

  • John Smith

    Gestapo Type who should have never been hired in the first place...... This guy should lose the badge and be banned from ever owning a firearm or police badge or to ever have said items in his possession ever again



  • Kevin B

    Wow, we have some real ignorant people here. A lot of you just don't get it. I'm all for concealed carry. Hell, I carry in Massachusetts. With carrying concealed comes sense and sensibility. That is, you take your head out of your ass and tell the cop your carrying. That way he knows whats going on. Don't assume he knows you may be carrying. Getting out of your car only escalates the situation. We have a 2nd amendment right to carry and with that comes the responsibility of being smart about how we carry ourselves (act). Act responsibly and it always works out better.

  • katahoola

    The guy should have told the cop that he had a gun. So maybe he forgot he had it on him...But that does not excuse the way the cop behaved. He was WAY over the top..lunatic behavior in my opinion. Cursing and threatening to shoot the man in the back? Hello! He could have easily obtained the info to confirm or deny whether the man was telling the truth or not, without all the drama. Then he lies for the camera about the mans behavior..AS IF it wouldn't show how he himself was acting.. He needs to go or get some serious councelling. That cop is not someone I would want on the streets.. Secure the area just in case..fine with that.. not the threats and screaming and cursing to intimidate like a raving maniac..The man was never disobedient or disrespectful. Had he been disobedient... scream away..

  • Robert Keith Ando

    He needs to be retrained - then fired. That kind of idiot should never be allowed to carry a gun again. He needs to be out of law enforcement, Any LEO with an "I'm the MAN" attitude needs to be gone... His language shows his educational prowess!

  • Kevin B

    This article is just trying to get a rise out of it's readers. Had the guy been upfront with the cop this may never have happened. The driver said he had been through this three times before then a minute or so later said 5 times. You think that experience would have told him to tell the cop he was carrying. Also, getting out of the car was stupid on his part. When driving, I keep my wallet in the console right out in the open. If I get pulled over I don't have to go reaching all over for it.

  • retcop

    As a retired cop with 34 years service, I can tell you the only thing worse than a punk, is a punk with a badge.

  • Kevin B

    Florida Law-

    790.10 Improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms.—If
    any person having or carrying any dirk, sword, sword cane, firearm,
    electric weapon or device, or other weapon shall, in the presence of one
    or more persons, exhibit the same in a rude, careless, angry, or
    threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense, the person so
    offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree,
    punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

    I think Careless and threatening apply here.

  • joe1cr

    There is only one IDIOT out of control with a gun here and it's not Mr. Smith .

  • Franco

    It is hard to have respect for law enforcement when they behave in this manner. Sad too because I am a retired law enforcement officer who never let my ego get out of hand. Some people are just drawn to this profession out of desire to be powerful. Truth is as an individual they probably have little self respect so they must use their power over others to make themselves feel important. I apologize for the ignorant behavior of these individuals. Not all police officers have these mental problems.

  • Phillipky1

    Why should the law mandate concealed carry? The citizen should choose whether to carry openly or concealed. Florida citizens should demand their state's carry laws be improved. is there no organization in Florida similar to one we have called "Georgiacarry "dot" org"?

  • Wrightclick

    What an a$$. But then there is no shortage of a$$holes with badges. At the very least he should be required to take the same safety course that every CCW permit holder must take. The Deputy Sheriff who conducted our class specifically told us you are not required to divulge you are armed. It's polite to answer if asked, as a courtesy. If you're going to carry be prepared for cops like this that barely passed the cop test. Many are ignorant of the law and many more think the law doesn't apply to them because they are Thee PO-LEECE.

  • BigJohn555

    Scared drivers and scared cops scare the hell outta me. They are both dangerous.

  • S Rubicon

    The officer went after that guy for openly displaying or brandishing his firearm. The video clearly shows he did no such thing. It was a momentary display at best & the officer also got a butt crease view at the same time probably. Should he advise immediately upon stoping? Perhaps, but based on the reaction he got, I suggest that officer would have also become excessively off/defensive. All he had to do was tell the guy to stand still then go to the side of the car, either cuff him & disarm him or simply disarm him. Then the concealed carry permit could have been produced & the incident is over. The officer went overboard.

  • giant33

    Some cops are A-holes and to many of them lie.Their is no answer for this. He should have giving him a ticket and sent him on his way.

  • Sammie_Jo

    what an idiot!
    First place, he should have asked the guy if he had a weapon, that's standard around here, then they ask where it is, and if you have a permit.
    The guy told him he had a permit and rambo over there said he didn't care if he had one or not.
    I hope the guy sues and the cop loses his job.

  • mighty mike

    I was with you until you said the suspension amounts to a paid vacation. The cop I'd in deep doodoo. The dept will pay the guy lots. Stick to the facts out lose your support. From retired cop disgusted by this cop.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    This is typical of the type of cop who is "psycho" trying to justify killing innocent people over the excuse of "Guns". He knows he can get away with it and it is less dangerous than the real bad guys. So he trolls the highway fishing for soft targets (victims)

    His type o seeing a concealed weapon would need only moments to formulate that they can kill an otherwise innocent person based on "Gun!" Then it is his word against the deceased.

    Psychometric tests should weed out these types but more and more Police Recruiters are in fear of law suits by denying such types employment in law enforcement. Bleeding heart Civil libertarians and Police even Unions are also in support and wind up defending these types allowing them to keep their policing jobs.

    And to think we now have President and an Attorney General who thinks that a proven Criminal record should not be a bar against any kind of employment - even police work.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Oh well!

  • TrthBTold11

    He needs to be fired, end of story!