Scouts Facing Choice to Give In to Gays or Stand Up for Virtue

This is the week when the Boy Scouts of America gets to choose its preferred form of suicide.

Sometime between today and Wednesday in Irving, Texas, the executive board will vote on a proposal to change longstanding Boy Scouts policy and allow openly gay Scout leaders.

The BSA has gotten itself backed into a corner on this issue, less than a year after it reaffirmed its policy against gay Scouts and Scout leaders. By giving in to pressure from corporate supporters that have long since rolled over for the gay agenda and allowing the policy proposal to come to a vote, the BSA finds itself in a no-win situation.

If the board votes against the policy, it can count on losing support from major contributors that are heavily influenced by the gay activist agenda. It can also expect punitive measures from the vindictive Left, which will take every opportunity possible to discriminate against, hinder or freeze out Boy Scouts in any way they can.

Members of Congress would likely get in on the act by issuing proclamations against the Scouts, and it's a given that there will be lawsuits and boycotts galore.

On the other hand, if the board adopts the policy, the Scouts will lose many if not most of their members as parents and churches demonstrate resistance to having homosexuality taught to their young children.

Either solution is likely to devastate the BSA.

So if the organization is going to get bloodied anyway, the board should do the right thing and make themselves an example for future generations of Scouts to follow.

"On my honor I will do my best/To do my duty to God and my country/and to obey the Scout Law;/To help other people at all times;/to keep myself physically strong,/mentally awake, and morally straight" -- that's the Scout oath.

Staying "morally straight" means standing up to the politically correct bullies of the world. In the long run, whatever loss the Scouts might suffer from rejecting the PC policy change, the organization will be the stronger for it.



  • James White, M.D.

    If the choice were on a one-person level, upon the current battlefield of cultural war, this choice would be between "death with honor", or "victory with disgrace." I give no advice to Boy Scout leaders, and only speak as an old physician, a long-ago scout, who learned much of character from the Boy Scouts of long ago, after my father died when I was ten.

    What I did learn from "Scouting" long ago, was to "be prepared", and to never hesitate to stand for Christian values, even in the face of violent adversity; to always help the less fortunate, and to always respect my fellows, and all who were older and wiser than I (there aren't that many "older" now, but still plenty of "wiser"); and finally to realize that the path of "the truth, the light and the way' sometimes leads to a firing squad, but it nevertheless always the true and correct path to choose in this life, for Christians walk indeed by faith and not by sight. Pax vobiscum.

  • Adam Moreira

    I wonder what the reaction would be i people actually knew that this is an "opt-in" (from the sounds of things, I don't think people know).

  • oleinwi

    As a former Scout Master, if the Scouts allow this, I will never support them again. They are caving to very small percentage of the population. It's a free country, gays can start their own organization similar to scouting if they so choose. So, if they can do that, then why continually attack BSA? Hmmmm...because it's not about Scouting, it's about undermining our ideals, our principles. "And now you know, the rest of the story."

    • martha chandler

      We need to start drawing a line in the sand and stand up for our principles and beliefs. We also need to believe that God will give us the strength and courage we need to do this, if we just for it.

    • Berdenia Faye Broes

      You are absolutely RIGHT!!!

    • Doodlebug

      Or, the other side of the coin, let those who don't want gays in their organization, BSA or anyother group, pull out. I know the BSA gets some funding but you know, there are places of business that do not support gay/lesbian membersip who most likely would support the group. We MUST stop bowing down to these principles that go against everything we believe in. God will watch out for those who walk the right path and remain faithful to Him. But you are right, they are undermining our ideals and this is just the start, especially after obummer now openly supports gay marriage.


    I hope they don't allow the gay scout troops in.

    The last thing they need is extreme pedophilia reports inside that organization so much, that it forcibly shuts down. But that is exactly what those leftist communists want.

  • Bravo Two Six

    Stand up for Virtue. Do not Cave!

  • freeman

    I was a scout for a number of years. My son was and my grand son was. If they allow for Gays, queers, and so forth in the scouts or to manage the scouts. I will never support them again. The scouts have a standards, principles and ideals. Why should some group undermine them. I am in agreement they should form there own QAS scouts.

  • AZ Rocks

    where then is the separation between the gay man and the pedophile? a bar code?

  • Buck McNeely

    Stand strong BSA, America supports you & our common moral values. Don't cave in to the degenerates that seek to undermine & infiltrate one of the last bastions of Patriotic youth education.

  • David J. Goetz

    They need to make a stand here and NOW if they believe in Jesus Christ and this as a Nation brought into existence by Almighty Gods providence then you must stand firm against the Devil and his minions... (homosexuals) !!! One Nation Under God !!!

  • agbjr

    Yesterday Obama praised the Boys Scout programs and said he hoped National Council would change policy. Three years ago he couldn't be bothered to wish the Boy Scouts of America well on the organization's hundredth anniversary, he wouldn't even acknowledge the existence of the Boy Scouts. As a very long-time scoutmaster I am not only proud of my BSA association I also am proud to point out Obama is an opportunist sonofabitch.

    • Harold Cobbs

      Don't cave, America supports you, BSA, avoid the " Gay Agenda" which is to destroy the moral character of America, wherein lies our strength. Our Mighty God will honor the Scouts for maintaining high moral standards

  • Seeking_Truth

    The national leadership of the Boy Scouts is willing to compromise with the Devil in order to keep their high-paying jobs. They are afraid to lose their corporate financial support. The corporations have already cut their deal with the Devil. So have the politicians.

  • TxGCB

    Please stand up for virtue or the State will have succeeded at their repudiation of God and our American traditions.

  • raccman

    I too, as a former Scoutmaster sincerely hope that Scouting remains true to the precepts of founder Lord Baden Powell and not give in to the pressures of this pathetic group ! Let's keep the BOY Scouts, the GIRL Scouts, the CUB scouts and a new group, the GAY Scouts, separate and distinct FOREVER !

  • RedMeatState

    You mean "Give in to Tyranny or Stand up for Virtue".
    How could any sane person approve of the admission of homosexual men to "lead" boys??
    This is so entirely sick; it demands a violent response.

  • RedMeatState

    An immoral and corrupt government will force it's people to become immoral and corrupt.

  • Susan September

    I have a 9 year old grandson who is currently in the Cub Scouts, would I let him be in the "Boy Scouts" with an open or even a clothslet Homosexual? Hell no! I'm 67 years wise and have known: abit: work with-alongside with male homosexuals...even the most reserve amoung them are constantly "TROILING" for "Fresh Meat (their words not mine), so would iIexpose my 9 year old innocent grandson to this deveant "lifestyle" HELL NO...keep the Homosexuals out of the Boy Scouts!

  • dhmill

    This is an open letter to the National Boy Scout organization. Now is the time for the Boy Scouts of American to stand for it's principals. Will the BSA honor the Scout's Oath or not?
    Or will the BSA capitulate to support and encourage homosexuality? If it does, we will find that we have no principals whatsoever, and that the Boy Scout Oath has been a lie for lo these many years.
    We will find that with no pricipals, that America is finished!

  • Madlyn Cole

    We need to stand up for the principles that the BSA was founded on. We do not have to give in to pressure exerted by the gay community. They want to infiltrate every aspect of our society and push their lifestyle choices on us. I am so tired of it all. If you don't support them you're a bigot or a homophobe. By labeling you they feel they can change your opinion or bully you into capitulating to their agenda.

  • rchguns

    I was a boy scout so was my great uncle ,my father , my son , my wife was a den mother to cub scouts . I was a scout master for a while .

    If the Scouts sellout to the perverts what is the use of having BSA at all !

    • Adam Moreira

      This is being done at each chapter's an opt-in manner.

  • d4texas

    Why don't they just start their own "Gay Scouts" organization? If we HAVE to allow integration of organizatrions, then include ALL organizations?
    Then I'd like to see the NAACP allow non-black to join and the United Negro College Fund to start funding scholarships for non-blacks.

  • Brenda Cibelli

    stop shoving your gay agenda down heteros throat-- , go create your own gay scouts!!!