California Attempts Gun Confiscation

As California and surrounding states continue their manhunt for ex-cop Chris Dorner, California is struggling to keep people as safe as possible by confiscating guns out of the hands of those who are either felons or who have “mental illness.” Because of budget concerns, California’s Department of Justice can only afford to assign 33 agents to go around the state to confiscate these firearms.

There is a list of about 20,000 of these people whose guns are to be confiscated, and these 20,000 people have a total of 40,000 firearms.

Gun confiscation in a bankrupt state like California is no easy task. In fact, it’s basically impossible. Last year, they were only able to confiscate 2,033 guns. So, they’ve got about 40,000 to go, and what’s worse is that 3,000 people get added to this list every year.

A CBS reporter went on one of these gun raids with Special Agent John Marsh of the Department of Justice. It took 5 ½ hours to confiscate 5 guns. At that optimistic rate, it would take over a decade to seize 40,000 guns. But the list just keeps growing.

If they have this hard of time confiscating just 40,000 guns, imagine how hard it would be to confiscate everyone’s in California. Just last year alone, California’s DOJ estimated that citizens purchased 725,000 rifles, pistols and shotguns, about twice the amount people purchased 5 years ago.

California doesn’t have the money or the manpower to confiscate people’s guns. It’s not feasible without help from another state agency or from the feds. But even then, California is only one state. If the liberals really wanted to launch an all out war against gun owners, they’d have to confiscate somewhere around 300 million guns around the country in order to truly get all the guns off the streets. And even then, those would just be the guns that they knew about. How would a national endeavor like this be even remotely possible in our current financial situation?

I know politicians pretend that there is no financial problem, that we’re in no danger whatsoever of running out of money because we can just “print the money,” but that’s all an act. They’re trying to keep things afloat before it completely collapses. They want to take advantage of the system for as long as possible.

Special Agent John Marsh, the agent that had the CBS reporter ride along with him on his gun raids, said that sometimes it feels like they’re only “treading water” in reference to how they can’t possibly keep up with all the people from whom they have to seize guns. But that’s unrealistically optimistic. Like the U.S.’s dire financial situation, California’s gun confiscation project is drowning, and they’re barely scratching the surface of “illegal” gun-owners. A local gun buyback program can yield more guns than California’s DOJ in a year’s time.



  • Douglas Hayse

    i shoot thives dont matter who you work for.

    • Matt Tonning

      In the face --- where it counts.

      • Bruce Jacobs

        Unless it's a burglar, NEVER shoot for body mass. Neck/head is where to go, or to the crotch (will temporarily "entertain" them even with body armor).

    • Ted Crawford

      Rahm Emmanuel has shown the path they intend to take in this issue. Through Dodd-Frank they intend to control the money for the manufacturing of guns and even more to the point Ammunition! With actions such as this on the Federal level and outright confiscation on the State level they believe they will ultimately have a significant impact of our ability to defend ourselfs!

  • sandra - lawrence

    How would a national endeavor like this be even remotely possible in our current financial situation? ...,s

  • Walt

    The buy-back is a great program. Turn in your gun - get the money - go steal another gun - spend the money.

    • steve holmes

      The buy back program is good because those who want to buy a gun just set up shop nearby the buy back program.

    • TAM44

      How much have you made so far.

    • danimal

      Walt, turn in a broken gun, save the working gun

  • El Dee Bee

    What do you expect from a totally disfunctional government like that of California ?

    • drrgp

      That "dysfunctional."

      • RedMeatState

        you mean "that's".

        • drrgp

          Touché. Thank you. I should be a better typist. And I should add that some writers (e.g., the British anthropologist A. R. Radcliffe-Brown) did spell the word "disfunction," but after the American sociologist Robert K. Merton published the now famous "Manifest and Latent Functions," the spelling with the "y" has been standard in both the U.K and the U.S.

      • KurtofLA

        I am glad that we have people who are English teachers on a forum. Clowns

  • James Shepherd

    Let the Feds TRY that in Indiana (on ANY GUNS) and they will get a WAR! The criminals wont obey the law anyway. LEGAL owners will honor the Constitution and refuse to turn in their guns because OUR CONSTITUTION says we can.

    • jsmithcsa

      Note that this is a state, and not a federal program.

      • Matt Tonning

        CA is where all the nonsensical first crap starts --- and like a creeping amoeba it spreads east.

        • Eirkae Reni

          Well, I think NY may "almost" be tie with CA.

  • gbandy

    In California the Legislature and Governor have proven "There is no problem so big or situation so grim that higher Taxes cannot fix." Perhaps this new "taskforce" should just work on removing guns from gangbangers and drug dealers first. Last week there was a story that 70% of some LA Gangs are comprised of Illegal Aliens well that is just grand. We allow Illegals to get amnesty so they can join gangs.

    • wcoastpi

      Don't worry, Eric Holders 'Fast & Furious' plan will now arm the gangs here which is easier than going across the border. The Admin will recruit the bangers to be part of his civilian army that way they can do their crime legally.

    • Ted Crawford

      Just whom did you think Obama had in mind for his "Civilian National Security Force" ? American citizens? Surly you jest!

      • gbandy

        Van Jones, one of Obama's original Czars, said in a speech in Oakland. "We have 2 million incarcerated Blacks who could be ready to take up arms for the Nation". Now that was scary. Hey why is the DHS buying so much ammo and automatic rifles??

  • CaptTurbo

    They have no business confiscating guns in the first place except from criminals.

    • Bill Blackburn


  • drmdellis

    Californians need to collect their guns and move out of California as fast as they can. California is headed for a major catastrophy with major impact on its citizens. Financial, physical, and moral bankruptsy. Guns are not the problem in California. Morality is the basis of all her problems. Laugh, but I'll wait and see.

    • 57girl

      Yeah, and once the guns are gone, watch the crime rate escalate ... another reason to jump ship, I would think.

      • RedMeatState

        that's just the thing; the guns will never be gone. Only gone from the hands of the honest and law abiding. They will be horribly outnumbered and the most stupid thing is that an armed citizenry is a HELP to the police and the State, not a danger. Democrats are either complete idiots or complete tyrants, or both. No middle ground.

        • cactusbob

          I'd choose BOTH, based on the state and federal actions.

    • Von Fileccia

      They are saying that the illegals will outnumber the legal citizens in a couple of years in Calif. Many legal citizens are moving to other States because of the illegal Hispanics and the government/police are doing nothing about the crime or the illegals.

      • TalkDoc

        You hit that one on the head. We are leaving next month. Headed to Texas, where liberalism is still in check, God is honored, and self protection is respected.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Welcome! We have "concealed carry" here and are working on "open carry."

    • Nathan51

      One really good earthquake should take care of the problem! Say about an 8.9! And after the creation, God took the world, turned it up on end, shook it and everything that was loose fell out in California. Freezing homeless Libs on the East coast. Taxed into oblivion Libs on the Left coast and Libs shooting each other in "gun free" Chicago. Ain't life great!!!! Left to their own stupidity, with any luck maybe they will do themselves in.

      • Bill Blackburn


    • Royce Willard

      Oh No, we dont need the same people that sat on their hands and let all this BS happen to their state coming here. They will bring their Liberal mindset with them. They created this craphole, Buy voting bad, or buy not voting at all. Now you want them here? Why? They need to fix their state, they dont need to infest ours with their insane Ideas.

      • TalkDoc

        Royce, we have been fighting this for years, but the media is an effective tool for brainwashing the ignorant. My husband and I have given up. This last election here, and nationally was the nail in the coffin. We are escaping CA and going somewhere where our faith and values are common to the people, not foreign, maligned entities.

        • Royce Willard

          Come to Oklahoma then, We have a good plan

      • Phillip_in_TX

        We can accept the good people, who want their freedom respected, and want to be free. The rest can stay there and live in "paradise."

        • Royce Willard

          Ok, your rite Philip, I am just on automatic Biotch slap with Liberals. I love my freedom man.

    • Akingu

      OR they could just take California back from the faggots, kikes and illegal wetbacks! clean house as it were

  • jimbuzzell

    Which means each confiscation just creates another gum purchase for a non licensed resource.

  • C W De Spain

    "If the liberals really wanted to launch an all out war against gun
    owners, they’d have to confiscate somewhere around 300 million guns
    around the country in order to truly get all the guns off the streets."

    Partially true. However, since 1994 every gun that has been purchased has had to be registered. So if one does not turn in their gun (s) then a simple traffic stop would be sufficient to arrest that person who is now a felon. And this person's vehicle would be seized, his home and everything in it confiscated, his wife arrested, his children put in State homes etc.........oh I apologize. Did you think I was talking bout Nazi Germany?

    But the LPPs i.e Licensed Practicing Parasites often referred to as attorneys? Well for them and the courts it will a season of joy just like Christmas all year round.

  • rchguns

    About the Only Thing That California Is Good at Is Wasting Money and Resources! They seem to go out of their way to do utterly stupid things and passing even more ignorant laws that even the worst liberal would have to admit I'm more than likely unconstitutional.

    I'm ashamed to admit that I graduated from high school in California of course way back in 1969 California had not yet become The Granola State! At one time California's major export was agriculture products and high-tech electronics. Those days are long gone!

    Their major export now Are Stupid People, Illegal Aliens, Illicit Drugs of All Types, and new and improved versions of perversion. They also lead the nation in the production and export of granola. The Granola of which I speak is the human variety! The ingredients is self-explanatory: first you have the fruits and everyone should know what that is, next you have the nuts you needn't look any further than Diane Frankenstein and the wicked witch of the West Nancy Pelosi to understand betting, and lastly You Have the Flakes and everyone knows that California produces more flakes per capita with the exception of possibility of New York.

    I used to think that California was nothing more than a pimple on the rear end of America! It seems that I was wrong California is not a pimple it's a cancerous tumor slowly eating its way through our nation. They have essentially taken over states of Oregon and Washington and are staring them down the same path. Possibly the only answer would be to remove this tumor and for that we must leave it up to nature and the San Andreas Fault!

    • JeromefromLayton

      Better hope it's the Humboldt Fault which runs along the east side of Oakland. All the San Andreas will do is move LA north, making it a west side neighbor of San Francisco. Thus, there will be a new meaning for the term "East LA".

      • Ann Rand

        Sounds good to me... Let'er rip !!!

      • Ted Crawford

        Wait a minute, you're behind the times here! The San Andreas Fault was re-named Bush's Fault and the Humbolt Fault was dubbed the Conservatives Fault!

        • TalkDoc


      • rchguns

        Or the fickle finger of fate might direct both fault lines to go with the same time. Of course that wouldn't be good for Hawaii or Japan. Like they say you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: California Attempts Gun Confiscation

    • TalkDoc

      Truly believe this is coming. Prophecies have been shared within the church in CA that a HUGE earthquake is coming to all of CA, but the majority of the churches in the state (who still believe in prophecy) have laughed it off or said that God doesn't judge evil any longer. He is now the god who passes out twinkies all day, and pats everyone on the head no matter what their choices are. A day is coming (I believe soon) when the laughter and derision will be wiped off people's faces, and "business as usual" will be over... in CA and in the country as a whole. God help us turn this around! The land of blessing now scoffs at the One Who Gives Blessings. God will not be mocked.

  • Whisper Atnight

    Aww.., they are having a hard time enforcing the gun laws. WHAT IS NEW?

  • Linda

    What do you think all those hollow point bullets are for? You simply shoot the gun owner who does not turn in his guns. That is how it was done in Russia. They do not intend to say please.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      We get to shoot back! And, there are more of "us" than there are of "them."

  • viking

    Man, I can see a high attrition rate in california of local law enforcment, CBS reporters and politicians.
    That might be the place to migrate if looking for a job in the future.

    • Eirkae Reni

      Better wait until all the flakes are gone.Actually, keep them all there - we have enough coming over the CA border the way it is.

      • Huapakechi

        Spreading the infestation.

  • Charlie

    CA has once again proven to have mostly dolts working for the citizens of CA in their government. Never has there been such a large group of donkeys employeed by one group( employees in CA's government employed by the citizens of CA)

  • caskinner

    Somehow I missed this when it happened. After Hurricane Katrina guns were confiscated from law abiding citizens. It is available to watch and is very scary. Just google Gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina.

  • Bruce Jacobs

    WOW!!! Twenty thousand people have 40k weapons. Now, let's see: That means two weapons per person. Hmmm, I AM an Army of one, 'cause I gots a whole bunches more than dat!!!!!

  • steve holmes

    and the criminals would still have guns and not need to worry about coming across somebody with a gun to protect themself when they did a home invasion. First off, they ought to DEMAND that those folks with armed guards around liberal public officials against guns have their guns removed.

  • Harold

    In californacation they would have to take guns from the majority of the people if they are take guns from the mentally ill. After all look at the dip-sticks they keep electing.

    • TalkDoc

      Using the same techniques that got Obama back into the WH, and Henry Reid back into Congress...

  • The Old Man

    If you are gonna confiscate guns...START WITH HOLLYWOOD !!!!
    If you are successful, then go to Chicago next... The drug gangs will love to surrender theirs... just ask them... HaHaHa !!!

  • William Wallace

    Start with the politicians, Feinstein and all the rest of the liberal hypocrites. Take their guns, then go after the Hollywood elite, take their guns. See how they like it and then go after the criminals. Then we can talk about the law abiding citizens. See you in a few hundred years.

    • TalkDoc

      And let them be subject to Obamacare medicine, lose lifetime pay benefits, and scale back all those raises they give themselves...

  • Kent2012

    Now is the time for kenyan boy to ride to the rescue with his "new army of the republic" composed of all those illegal immigrants that will be given citizenship for killing Real Americans during the confiscation of legally owned weapons.............oh and they will be armed with all the weapons and ammo that the homeland kindergarten and social security agencies have bought from the companies that kenyan boy and his main man eric von holder, minister of justice and gun sales will put out of business as soon as they fill the government orders..................

  • Carl Stevenson

    They shouldn't be stealing people's guns anyway.

    Joe Biden, in a speech Wednesday night, Vice President Joe Biden imploring House Democrats to continue to fight for gun control legislation: “It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public.”
    No, Joe, it is NOT within the right of the government. The Constitution SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS the government from infringing our right to keep and bear arms. You, Obama, and all of your cohorts in crime should be removed from office for violating your oaths of office.
    Government has no rights. It exists, with the consent of the governed, SOLELY to PROTECT, not to destroy, the rights of the people.
    It's high time that We the People withdraw our consent to be governed by these oath-violating tyrants

    • RedMeatState

      they've trampled the rest of the Constitution for years! What's one more little amendment to them??


    California better be careful - their state might turn RED. That's a good thing.

  • 57girl

    I think as time goes on and the Fed's increase their efforts to confiscate guns, the people will be less likely to register any guns, unless absolutely necessary. The Feds are going to enhance black market gun ownership across the board, to include even the most law biding of citizens. We would be fools to let the Government strip us of our guns.

    • Rob Pobe

      Firearms are now a verboten thing which is soo evil that people fantacize about a rifle or a hand gun's 'lethality' and that fantasy is projected into legislation.
      Compare President Obama urging all America to arm themselves with the homey 12 gauge shotgun that expells nine 0.33" Caliber bullets with each trigger pull compared with the evil 0.223" Caliber rifle that expells a much smaller diameter bullet and only a single bullet on each trigger pull. President Obama demands overwhelmingly devasting and unsurvivalable force to be used, not little puny mouse guns--mouse guns are evil in Obama's fantasy world.

    • RedMeatState

      it would be suicide.

  • gary hall

    "A local gun buyback program can yield more guns than California’s DOJ in a year’s time."
    Unfortunately, the criminal is not selling back his gun.

    • RedMeatState

      and the State of California is out of money anyway!!!

      • TalkDoc

        Not for what they want to spend it on! PRINT MORE!!! TAX MORE!!! They haven't quite run out of money yet!!! Just like the feds, just drive the deficit up!

  • Phil

    This article kinda chokes you up doesn't it?

  • QuisPercusit

    What the F*** are convicted felons doing with a gun, especially one that the cops know about?? And If the Psycho facists say your too crazy to carry a gun why are you out on the streets in the first place,, much less with a gun, especially one they know you have.
    Seems like the Inmates have truely taken over running the assylum of Kaliforniaslvistan.

  • Von Fileccia

    They should have found out who was mentally impaired when they applied for a permit. To those that had illegal are going to be dead when you pull your malarky with the legal gun owners. If those "smart" policemen know who those felons are, then why weren't those felons apprehended sooner.

  • Laurence Almand

    California will not issue concealed carry permits to good citizens. Is it any wonder that Los Angeles is the bank robbery capital of America? Is it any wonder that the gun-running gangs have taken over large parts of the state? The criminals are laughing.

  • Shattered

    California will pass this, by simple majority, up to Brown who will sign it. They will require all registered owners turn in their semi-automatics and do house-by-house confiscations if necessary. (This violates not only the 2nd but also the 4th amendment). The cartels, gangs, criminals, etc... will retain all of theirs. Also, many law abiding good citizens will as well becoming criminalized by these unconstitutional laws. Crazy. NWO has arrived in California.

  • Frank Martinez

    Liberals keep away from my a poison to our society of self rule, answering only to the all have your noses so far up Barry's south are not able to see the light of real freedom...Shame on you all!

  • Rob Pobe

    I wouldn't worry, President Obama publically proclaimed the need for a "civilian military force with funding equal to the United States military"; Now President Obama has a 'safe homes' federal initiative to make certain that every house has adequate ventilation and safety (hint public health and safety inspections do not require the 4th Amendment warrant requirements) which may serve as a national pretext to search for 'unsafe arms' in the 'wrong hands'; All he now needs is a federal mandate prohibiting certain weapons and a universal agreement of the federal need to assure safe housing, and the next thing you will see are those lovely neighborhood thugs (who now sell drugs and terrorize the elderly) armed with AR15s and shotguns and authorized by FEMA warrants to inspect the nation's houses for safety concerns. All hail Obama.


    This is a good way to become surrounded by newly made enemies that might have been your friends, if you think Dorner is a problem, when you Jackkass jokers step out the door, things might become less workable for you......stealing is not a way to keep your friends.

  • LEE

    The DHS has purchased enough bullets over the last 10 months to wage a full scale work. I believe Obama is preparing his 'civilian military'.

  • LEE

    Sorry - should have typed war not work. Full scale War.

  • disqus_ei2y9VaFDw

    No wonder people shoot people.
    Taking their rights away is not the answer, and you deserve to be shot

  • simpletony1

    Thank God we're gone. I can't even see CA from here in AZ

  • Alan Smith

    And none dead. Gee I gess thoses people realy are mentaly ill.

  • Jed54

    Just wait Super N****R will find a way...Up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane,, no its just Super Turd

  • Rocky Vnvmc

    The 'Left Coast' has Always had their share of wacky ideas... That the PCR (Peoples' Republic of California, in case you're confused) should try such a stunt, despite the fact that they're Bankrupt, follows typical Liberal thinking patterns... Of course Govenor Moonbeam is back at the helm again ...;~)

  • RedMeatState

    33 agents trying to confiscate guns from 22,000 ex-cons? The odds are not good for them, are they?

  • axmickl

    I wonder how much they will end up paying for widow support when they start sending the goons to the wrong addresses.

  • gnafuasusual

    If I get my stories straight, a number of sensible people are leaving CA due to idiot laws and rules and taxes. CA will be one of the first to live in little Commie city cubicles and let the Big Government take over their beautiful land (Agenda-21). I always thought of CA as a place where people were very adventurous and stuck to their guns. Guess Hollywood Liberals have changed all of that. Now, with thousands of the inhabitants being illegal Latinos and the Chinese are buying up more CA land (and elsewhere), the Chinese people will take care of the Latinos. How long will that last? CA hasn't confiscated big old knives and swords, yet.

    • RedMeatState

      hmmmm.... interesting idea. Suppose all the poor Latinos finally get sick of the Hollywood Elitists and march on their Bel Air and Beverly Hills estates for retribution? It could happen. the entire population of Culver City marching up the street, rioting!! Hope Alec Baldwin is there when it happens.

      • gnafuasusual

        Alec may have to live in one of those downtown cubicles! While we are 'dreaming a bit,' maybe 10 Latino families who have been given a free passes to citizenship by Obama will get Alec's property. Listen to Alec cry when that happens.

  • RedMeatState

    Better yet, the State's police agencies should lead by example and give up their gun so that all the criminals will be inspired to give up theirs.
    Isn't that what "gun buyback" programs are supposed to do?

  • Brabado

    Does anyone ever found any intelligence behind any decisions the Governement in Califafornia has taken, ever? The State Leaders - Nanc Pelosi included - desengage their brain, before opening their mouths, reason why they are bankkrupt, and every resasonable and ittelligent resident is living...
    Great going California. We will send you all the Illigals Allines , to fill in the space and finish sucking in all your Social Services!

    • RedMeatState

      they elected Jerry Brown for Governor, AGAIN!!! tells me everything I need to know!!!

  • Garrey McVicker

    on what grounds are they doing this. some where the justice dep. has to step in. or there is going to be blood in the streets for this. id move from that crazy state and let the movie stars support it. and then then can run there mouth all they wont.

  • MrCReed54

    California, where the men are men and so are the women or is it where the women are women and so are the men? I just don't know any more, but thats california!

  • Silas Longshot

    That much problem getting them from the crazies and criminals, eh? Well, at that level of efficiency, they may have 10% of all of them in hand in about 50 years. BUT, let's not forget, this is just one little understaffed and under-budgeted little bit of the gun grab program they 'could' try, if they decided that 'all guns, statewide' are to be confiscated. Probably wouldn't go too well either, as they would instantly turn loose 1,250,000 Chris Dorner's

  • Edward P Cox

    Every major problem this country has, including gun violence, can be traced to the Democratic Party.

    • Lars Ulric

      We should outlaw the democrat party and go with one party conservative / tea party rule....

  • MrCReed54

    And now business is going to boom for the thugs in California since they will be the only ones with the guns! I think alot of good people will die now! All because of oBama! Impeach this jerk!!!

  • Michael g.

    Talk about a Stupid move...this is a Stupid move!

  • Ben Martinez

    Why Calif won't go after the gangs Ms13 for their guns No No they want people like me who wants to live.

  • enubus

    All the politicians in Sacramento have bodyguards with guns, but they want to make sure the citizens don't! Hitler, Stalin and Mao are alive and well in the State capital!

  • Royce Willard

    Funny thing is these police went and confiscated a few guns from a few people. They took the ones they knew about. I bet some of these folks had dozens more lol.

  • Doc

    When "The People" start shooting back, the real war begins.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    Everyone who owns a gun should pick a day for each state they are from and have a state gun rally and all who own guns should carry, or wear them to show support of gun rights.

  • Doodlebug

    California needs to get rid of the any film industry which WILL NOT STOP the violent movies, or games produced in California. The beloved Nancy Pillosi wouldn't even address this issue on Fox News Sunday today.

  • Hassan Snap

    Wow....obama said 'we're not coming to take your guns'. Look what California is doing. Not the criminal people with guns. I'm talking about the new legislation proposals in California.

  • quipster

    All them commies in california should have guns taken away from them !!!

  • Dr Dave

    I wonder how well they will do in those gang neighborhoods? Heck LAPD doesn't go in there without serious backup!

    • brian

      they won't go in the ghetto, they'll take the guns from suburban and law-abiding citizens

  • GBSS

    Welcome to tyranny CA! Never give them your guns.

  • gypsy314

    I say lets defend our constitution and start removing Obama and crew from office with most of the democrats gone America just may have a chance.

  • disqus_Ue6jvQxXKv

    This is one of the most stupid things you can do. Confiscate the guns that were legally bought and licensed and that leaves only the people who own illegal guns. YAY