Food Stamp Participants Exceed The Population Of Spain

As of this writing, Obama’s State of the Union address hasn’t happened yet, but he’s expected to focus on jobs and the economy. A recent Gallup poll showed that most Americans are not at all happy with his job performance thus far into his tenure. His highest approval rating was 53% in the area of national defense. What exactly he’s done to defend this country remains a mystery, but at least in that same area, 44% disapproved.

His top disapproval rating was 65% in the area of the federal budget deficit, followed by a 60% disapproval rating for his performance on the economy.

With such horrendous approval ratings, how in the world did he get re-elected? Figures are showing that his biggest voting blocs, blacks and women, are worse off now than they were when Obama first took office in January of 2009. For most people, especially blacks and women, this has been the worst “recovery” the U.S. has ever had. Black unemployment has gone up from 12.7% to 13.8%, and female unemployment has increased from 6.9% to 7.8%. But it’s even worse than that:

 “Further, an additional 1.2 million African-Americans had left the workforce entirely during the same time period, with the number of those reported as not in the workforce rising from 10.3 million in January 2009 to 11.5 million in January 2013… Similarly, the number of women who had left the workforce and given up hope of finding a job grew in the four years since President Obama promised to rebuild and recover. In January 2009, 4.9 million women were not counted in the labor force – by 2013, that figure had risen to 5.4 million."

 And as more people are forced out of employment by Obama’s “economic recovery” measures, more people get signed up on food stamps. During his tenure, food stamp participants have increased by 49%, from 31.9 million to 47.6 million. CNS News reported that the current number of food stamp enrollees now exceeds the population of Spain.

I doubt that Obama brought any of these things up in his address. He likely talked about how we just need a few more years to create more (government) jobs, and that if we trust him and his executive prowess, the economy will be fully recovered by the end of this term, and the middle class will be restored.

But none of that will happen. Things will continue to stagnate or deteriorate. Rights will continue to be transferred from the people to the government. People will continue to be forced out of the private sector and onto the socialist plantation. That’s the state of the union, and to us, it’s abysmal. But to Obama, things are moving along quite well and according to plan.



  • DerpaDerpaDerpa

    Derpa derpa. Great derpage Phil.

    • Kent2012

      twerpa twerpa.....

    • danphillips_1234

      What does that even mean?

  • Carl jr

    Adult diaper wearers in America exceed the population of Greece.

    • Kent2012

      yes and they all voted for kenyan boy............

      • Medicare is Welfare

        Most octogenarians voted for Romney - but some voted for Pat Buchanan by accident. Those ballots can be confusing, especially if you have poor eyesight.

  • Rosie46

    The stupid voters listened to the MSM and Obama's lies without reading, because they were to busy with their hands out for their welfare checks and birth control pills.

  • patriotusa2

    It's just a matter of time before we go down the same road as Spain, Greece, and other countries who are folding up under the strain of entitlements and other inane policies. Europe is slowly but surely crashing, and Obama is following suit knowing full well how it's going to collapse our system when our money, and creditors dry up.

  • ketrout

    How anyone can believe a word that Obama says is beyond me. Numbers don't lie! those of you that disagree, please explain it to me.

    All I see is Obama and his entire administration destroying our once great country and it seems to me that there are a lot of people who really don't care!

    Mark my words, there will come a day when we, those that care for our country will rise up and take it back!!!!

    • Whackajig

      Many people say that "We will take America back", but when does that start? Who will fire the first shot, and at whom? Will the insurgence be organized or will it be mob violence? Who will step in to take over? Will our new leader be elected or take over because he has the power? Personally, I believe apathy will prevent the overthrow of ovomit's regieme.

      • im4us

        They WANT us to revolt so he can call Martial Law. Doesn't really matter who fires the 1st shot. Once it starts we will have 3 militaries here on all of us.And we will have a dictator that will actually be called a Dictator. WHY do you think they want your guns, and are buying all of the ammo for them? They know we will not allow that to happen, so they attack our 2nd amendment, getting gun owners fired up so they WILL revolt..and they will....

  • ste1021

    The community organizer is rapidly turning the Greatest Generation into the Dependent Generation. Nice going voters! With you and the help from the MSM, Obama must be amazed at how easily he's been able to turn us into a bankrupt, socialist state.

    • Ann Rand

      We have lost the war because so many people were too stupid to know there was a war...... Now, we All will get to pay.

  • blackhawk132

    Food stamp recipients are bad BUT look also at the 55 million would be citizens who have been aborted in horrah. Their numbers are headed to doubleing Spains total population.
    With those 55 million people ;America would have remained prosperous.That is without our new King ; Obama.

    • jammin10

      I feel so sorry for my son right now----he is a man of great pride but also has the burden of being bi-polar--due to this he cannot hold a job and is now working as a truck driver for a farm near his home---he has spent all his savings and doesn't even have the money to pay for his meds---which are crucial for day to day functioning----so yes--he has applied for food stamps and the next step will be for disability---none of us are happy about this but you see---there are some that really need this and are not just holding out their hands for the free phone---take care not to paint them all with the same brush-----none of his family ever dreamed it would come too this---but it's better than going hungry----