Sebelius: Obamacare is Making U.S. Healthcare Stronger

In Kathleen Sebelius’s “state of healthcare” address at a medical conference in D.C. a couple days ago, she stated that health care in the U.S. is “getting stronger.” She thanked doctors for enduring the challenges associated with a “changing U.S. healthcare system.” As if doctors, patients, businesses and the rest of us have any say in these changes whatsoever. Thanks to Obamacare mandates, regulations and taxes, health care costs are going up, businesses are closing down and people are having to go without health insurance, because it’s too expensive. But Sebelius assured her audience that things were actually quite the contrary:

 “‘I understand that the change is not easy,’ Sebelius told members of the American Medical Association. ‘As we transition into an era of integrated, patient-centered care, it's inevitable that there will be some growing pains. But I do think that moving forward is the only option.’…’The state of American healthcare is getting stronger,’ she said. ‘These are no longer isolated pilots. They are becoming the face of American medicine.’”

 If we trust these people to take care of us long enough, eventually the costs will go down because they’ll be treating fewer and fewer people. They’re going to have to treat fewer people, because they’re going to have fewer doctors. Just look at California’s doctor shortage situation:

 “Currently, just 16 of California's 58 counties have the federal government's recommended supply of primary care physicians, with the Inland Empire and the San Joaquin Valley facing the worst shortages. In addition, nearly 30% of the state's doctors are nearing retirement age, the highest percentage in the nation, according to the Assn. of American Medical Colleges.”

 And you know what California lawmakers’ solution to this doctor shortage is? Just redefine what “doctor” means. Expand the definition to include physician assistants, nurse practitioners and even pharmacists and optometrists. These people could be used as primary care “physicians” to diagnose and treat patients for their ailments. That’ll take care of the problem.

Maybe they can also redefine what “patient” means. If one is ill and older than, say 75, or if he is really sick at any age, and the doctors have determined that it would not be financially beneficial to treat him, then he is not a patient. He is a drain on the healthcare system. He should be assigned to hospice where they will wait for him to die. But at least he will die in the comfort of morphine.

I guess these are just the “growing pains” Sebelius was referring to that Americans will eventually get over by “moving forward.”



  • Screeminmeeme

    Although evidence abounds proving how catastrophic his health care bill is, Obama and his minions, like Sebelius, believe that if they just keep repeating the lie about how good and beneficial Obamacare is for America, we will just take them at their word, shut up, sit down, and live with it as best we can.

    Obamacare MUST be repealed....but it's going to be like putting toothpaste back in the tube.

    • Hotnike

      IMPEACH THE SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patriotusa2

    Then maybe you could explain why almost all the hospitals, Doctors, and medical officials are complaining about his healthcare system! This doesn't even take into consideration all the physicians who are planning an early retirement, and those who are considering not accepting certain services because they can't afford it anymore. His healthcare policy is bringing our medical system to the brink of disaster regardless of how much you sing his praises!

    • 7papa7

      What is she smoking? I have never heard of anything so stupid in my life. What a total ignoramus.

      • patriotusa2

        Crazy isn't it!

  • CaptTurbo

    You Lie! Doctors are leaving their practices. They want nothing to do with Commie Care.

    • Ilene

      Pretty soon your doctor will be your mechanic.

    • FLBuck

      There are several physicians as well as a number of specialists that are considering leaving their practices. They no longer accept medicare and it is becoming overwhelmingly expense for to remain in treating their patients. More and more senior citizens are experiencing longer appointment schedules due to the fact that their primary care physicians can no longer see them and harder to find physicians that will take them.

  • Patriot

    Why hasn't this bit@h been strung up yet?
    What a wretched skank!

  • Burlington

    This will soon be recognized as a disaster. The only question will be the magnitude of the disaster. Incentives for quality and quantity will be fragmented an confused. I am a recently retired surgeon and have observed the changes in medicine and technology during my career. I'm glad that I only have to deal with this flawed system from the receiving aspect. That's going to be bad enough.

  • Lorna Doone

    ObamaCare policies will cost more, cover far fewer than promised

    • joanc

      You are so right. The President has planned to add thousands of illegals to the country with no way to pay for the entitlements they receive. The hands of ICE agents are tied and they are unable to do their jobs under penalty of dismissal or punishment of another type. Our borders are wide open, thanks to Obama and Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano. It was a different Janet when she was Arizona Governor , she was fed up with the border crossing, but now she has shared the kool aid and is playing follow the leader. It is not only Mexicans breaching our porous borders,and who is making it a lot easier for them? Think about it!

  • joanc

    She isn't making it stronger for the innocent babies who are murdered every day by abortion, and she claims she is a Christian!

  • jong

    The only people benefiting from this are the generational welfare and illegals. If you read it this throws old people under the bus and then proceeds to run over them several times until dead. My doctor already will accept no new patients and when my doctor retires I will have another lined up and she to will only accept a certain number of people.

  • Bubblegum199

    This woman is an idiot. It appears that everyone Obama has put in a position is a liar, an idiot, and a disaster for America.

  • Steve Atkinson

    sillius is an idiot and will exposed as a lair in the near future.

    • FLBuck

      I would say that she will start getting heat from the American people when the mortality rate sharply increases due to the unavailability of treatments that would have been immediately available as it was in past. But now in the present as well as future patient treatments, we would experience longer appointment schedules to the point where, in some cases, would be proven futile for patients that needed the immediate treatment. They would have to wait on the decision of a government bureaucrat that is playing God to decide whether or not the treatments would be financially feasible. This is socialized medicine at its finest people, and definitely, you or anyone else would not want that to exist in their communities as well as any other part in this country.

  • DockyWocky

    After this Obama slug said that, did they have to lead her out under armed guards, or do all of Obama's slugs require armed guards wherever and whenever they move about?

  • Babsan

    I would like to know what planet these people live on???Would move there for sure if Obama care is so good there.

  • trollsonaroll

    What hemisphere is she living in. When you do your taxes this yr the IRS is letting you know what you penalties will be in 2014 & 2015 if you don't have insurance - they are steep, a lot more than Odumbo said. We don't make much but yes we have insurance through my husband's employer in Jan our premium went up $200, they raised the deductible and the percentage we pay. Odumbocare better fits it. America we have only began to see the lies we were told about Odumbocare. It will probably be cheaper paying the steep penalties than the cost for the crap exchanges and care you'll get.

  • Kathy Skaggs

    Of course there are fewer and fewer people, with the new healthcare laws you won't be able to get the health care you need and you will die sooner.

  • Dean Braun


  • notislam

    The only thing "better" supports the BLOATED-CORRUPT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!
    Whatever was good in the medical field is worse and much worse for the patients. One more piece of UNDERMINING OUR CULTURE AND GOVERNMENT!

  • Doc

    Another idiot in government with a platinum plated healthcare plan. ALL Politicians should be forced to deal with the same healthcare they forced on us. They destroyed healthcare for 90% of the country to give it to the other 10%. Way to go liberal marxists.

    • Ann Rand

      I only wish her the worst...

    • savetheusa2

      This is an instrument to kill as much of the population as possible. Those monuments in Georgia say we should only have 500 million people on the planet, tops. This is part of the New World Order. Just like putting chemicals in our food and not letting us know about it. Obama and cronies are puppets of the NWO.

  • defender3

    Sebelous is just another bird brain parrot singing her master's mantra!

  • TPM

    Healthcare (under Obamacare) is getting stronger?
    Kathryn ... the only thing getting stronger about Obamacare, is its stench.
    This dumb broad's Obamacare math is as bad as her unemployment rate math.

  • Nancy Sternberg

    Kansas did well to get rid of her but then they gave her to us!!!

  • fwiw

    Yep. Growing pains and we are all "bumps in the road."

  • usluv

    Bull crap. What a bunch of morons to think just because they say so...everyone is going to believe it.

  • stinkerbean

    As this bimbo takes home a million plus paycheck everything is going great for her. What an ass. Because of her and the Obummer clan they are so screwing up the United States. If Obamacare is a law then any changes to it need to go through congress. Right? And if it is so great then how come they have to give away so many vouchers. Well I would say I told you so but to all the people who voted for that loser Obummer and who keep voting in these idiot Democrats you get what you pay for. Or should I say what they pay for. Stop being idiots and start changing the US back to a prosperous country. And to all you people who voted for Obummer because he is black well you forget he is half white so that makes you look like a fool. He does not stand by you or for you and when you hit bottom I guess you will see.

  • Carol Crow

    I knew this was coming. I'd read about the normal child birth procedure in England. Over and over, the word "mid-wife" was used. Here in America we've actually had physicians delivering most babies but we're now going to do it the European way - go backward to mid-wives. Here in Texas, we're seeing nurse practitioners everywhere. Yeap, this socialized medicine is just the greatest.

  • sg

    This woman is nuts. Healthcare is only getting better for all illegal aliens. The obamacare bill has things in it that should raise eyebrows and stir up nationwide protests. But alas, the masses are ignorant, uneducated, unwilling to open their eyes to the truth. They blindly believe what obama and his cronies tell them without studying the issues. America is plagued with a stupid populous.

  • Scarface13

    Hitler's rump swabs said the same thing about his policies and unfortunately there were enough kool-aid drinkers to propel him to the level of death and destruction we witnessed during the second world war.

  • Randy

    Can we start our own country..this one is too far gone. It's amazing what some people can accomplish when they put their mind to it....and our money.

  • Zoomie72

    Government control of health care is certainly getting stronger. Maybe that's what she means.

  • Peggy Joseph

    I already got a little taste of what's going to happen, I saw a nurse practitioner, she ordered two tests I didn't need, one of which I had done 3 months ago and it cost me a co-pay....she ordered a diagnostic mama gram because of history of breast cancer I had way back in 1986, making it a diagnostic, instead of a screening it cost me another co-pay, THEDOCTOR DIDN'T ORDER THESE THE PRACTITIONER DID, I MADE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE A DOCTOR, NOT A PRACTITIONER......

  • dad666

    This is just another piece of Dumocrap Crap.

  • MIKE6080

    Smoking crack again or is it more hopium ?

  • Carol Fryer

    Another example of the reverse reasoning of the liberal brain.

  • Hotnike

    This whole administration LIES!!!!!!

  • Don Williams

    This ho was kicked out of Kansas just for the lying and putting us into debt. She is just another butt Li$%Ker. Like all the rest of them. Wouldn't know trueth if it was staring her in the face

  • Alison

    My first reaction is to say these people are clueless but, sadly, they are not. They know exactly what they are doing .... Our great nation is on the fast track to destruction, compliments of our government.