Colorado Democrats Driving Businesses Out of State

Evidently, Colorado Democrats aren’t concerned about their 7.6% unemployment rate with their newly proposed legislation.

On Friday, the Colorado State House of Representatives which is controlled by Democrats, used a voice vote to give an early approval House Bill 1224 that would drive out some of the state’s businesses.  The bill is designed to limit all ammunition magazines to 15 rounds or fewer.

If the bill is passed and become law in a state known for hunting and gun ownership, at least two companies said that they would relocate to states that are more gun friendly.

Magpul, who employs around 600 people, manufactures 30 round clips and other equipment for assault rifles.  Most of the high capacity clips are sold to military customers.  Although the bill provides an exemption for magazine manufacturing companies and their employees, Doug Smith, COO for Magpul said the company will leave Colorado if the bill is passed and made law:

"If we're able to stay in Colorado and manufacture a product, but law-abiding citizens of the state were unable to purchase the product, customers around the state and the nation would boycott us for remaining here.  Staying here would hurt our business."

Alfred Manufacturing is a Denver based third generation company that employs around 120 people.  Their services include metal stamping, injection molding, precision machining, assembly and supply chain, and work vehicle solutions.  In an effort to stop the bill from being passed, Greg Alfred, the companies Chief Executive, sent a letter to the House which was read by the Republican leadership.  The letter reads in part:

"We are a third-generation Colorado company that has been committed to this state since my grandfather founded the company in 1948.  However, if House Bill 1224 passes, we will plain and simply have no choice but to relocate part or all of our operations to another state."

The combine move of both companies would put hundreds of Coloradans out of work and the economy of the state would lose $100 million is sales or more ($85 million just from Magpul).  Two House Democrats were concerned over the news of Magpul’s decision to move if the bill passed.  State Rep. Daniel Kagan said:

"It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states, the U.S. military and law enforcement.  We want them (Magpul) to stay here in Colorado. It would be sad to see them leave."

State Rep. Joe Salazar echoed Kagan’s statement, but neither Democrat were prepared to vote against the bill in order to keep Magpul and Alfred Manufacturing from leaving the state.  Magpul’s Smith said that if the bill passes, they will leave the state.

Of the 65 seats in the Colorado House of Representatives, Democrats hold a majority with 37 seats.  They also hold 20 of the 35 seats in the state Senate.  To top it off, the governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper is also a Democrat.  Reportedly, he was meeting with Magpul on Thursday, but it does not appear that he has convinced the company to stay if the bill passes.

What makes this issue so ridiculous is that it is a proven fact that trying to outlaw high-capacity magazines will do absolutely nothing to reduce gun violence or mass shooting.  Everyone forgets the facts of Sandy Hook, where the only assault-style weapon at the scene was in the trunk of the shooter’s car and was not used in the school.  But, hey, truth and facts don’t matter to an administration that has a track record of lying and law breaking that puts Al Capone or organized crime to shame.

In the end, Colorado Democrats will pass this bill and the only result will be the loss of at least 2 businesses, hundreds of jobs and sales pushing $100 million, just to deprive law abiding citizens of some of the Second Amendment rights.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Sounds like Colorado is going the way of California in shooting itself in the foot (pun intended) and once again making it harder for its economy to flourish.

    Stupid is as stupid does. Look at the democrat-controlled states and you'll see the same business-killing policies being implemented.

    Not to worry.........many other states will gladly welcome those companies with open arms.

    • fliteking


      • Jimmy Keller

        Interesting, when I was a boy, Texas was a staunch Democratic state. Now we are a staunch Republican state. So, it's not the party, it's the ideology. And most of us natives are a weird mix of liberal and conservative, but we tend to realize that if you poke at a rattlesnake he is going to bite you.. that is to say, it's best to leave alone values and morals that have been proven over time to be good and not conduct "social experiments". Texas is a state of mind, as they say.

        • Becca Howard

          I think the biggest plus in Texas is that along with good morals and values we were brought up with and taught a dying trait. That would be "common sense". Something I'm afraid is dying out in the liberal circles (if it ever existed there to begin with). But with common sense, a good sense of self and moral values, any state can flourish. Born and raised a common sense, patriotic, TEXAN!! Yeehaawwww!

    • cmorplante

      I sure hope Perry's on the phone with these guys, setting up a face-to-face. Both companies would make wonderful additions to the Texas portfolio of prospering and growing enterprises. And as far as the loss of jobs, no need. Texas welcomes hard-working industrious people.

      • fliteking

        Yes. I have found Perry's efforts in Calif entertaining as he11, talk about a swift kick in the nuts . . . Delivered with a smile no less.

        • Ann Rand

          sorta like the good DR. Ben Carson's speech at the Prayer Breakfast, Eh, flite ?? LOL

        • fliteking

          Yes, I gotta say I stood and clapped when I watched that, Carson did great on Hannity too,

      • Jimmy Keller

        Yes Yes, come to Texas! We'd be proud to have ya'll here, and I think you will really like it.

        • Kitt Marshall

          Jimmy, I'm saving up for a move to Texas...going to bring my two cats, my Harley, my guns, and my Constitutionalist Conservatism with me! LOL

        • Flybob

          GUYS! I appreciate your sentament but we have an entire nation being run by a few corrupt people! You really going to let them make you move to another state to be free? What's it going to take for Americans to wake up? I don't WANT to move, I just want to be left alone in freedom like our Constitution prescribes! ANY of these politicians or judges that are robbing us o four Constitutionally guaranteed rights are the traitors! We HAVE written law! Make them live by it and we'll be fine! By the way, nothing against Texas, FINE state that others should take heed to!

        • Patricia M McBride

          They move, because they haven't figured out yet, that it is themselves they have to blame. They vote these democrats in and then, can't understand why everything goes to H in a handbag and they lose their jobs, their companies and their freedom and end up paupers.

        • TalkDoc

          When CA elected a democratic supermajority; we gave up. We are moving to TX.

        • celtic_winds

          that might be the nation but there are states that are doing just the opposite and their economy is fine.

        • Conservativesniper

          Well, get on down here, quit lollygaggin'.

        • Lorna Doone

          Just don't bring any crazy liberal philosophy's with you!

        • baron987

          I've lived in NY all of my life and I've HATED it - Now that I am retired, I would love to move to Texas. My wife and I are life-long Conservatives and NRA members (I don't have a gun, yet!) - Will the people in Texas accept my wife and me?

        • ladyceo

          Why not, baron?

        • baron987

          Cause I'm a NY Yankee Fan

        • Conservativesniper

          So am I and Texans don't seem to be really big baseball fans. Football is KING.

        • ladyceo

          Well that's as good a reason as any!

        • Patricia M McBride

          Go for it Baron. I am sure the state of Texas is always looking for good conservative voters and residents.

        • baron987

          There are only a couple of areas in Texas that are Blue, they have a strong Conservative base - I am tempted to move to where the state is Purple - maybe I can make a difference.

        • Conservativesniper

          Absolutely, just don't act like the place you are escaping from is better that Texas. Californians did that during the tech boom and were not able to comprehend why the reception was less than they they expected. If you're from upstate, you'll fit right in. I lived in NY for 2 years and the difference was like night and day between the city folks and upstaters.

        • baron987

          I've lived on Long Island and worked in the city most of my life and hated it - everyone was so uppity, I am a down-home type - I did not fit in, but I dealt with it - it was my problem - I had bills to pay so what could I do? We vacation as far away as we can from NYC. Now that my wife and I don't have the daily commute, we are looking for a place to live that shares our values - respect others and yourself.

        • Conservativesniper

          Well, you can't get farther away from NY, politically speaking, than Texas. You sound like a displaced Texan. Come on down. And no longer will you see the bumper sticker 'Pray for me, I drive the L.I.E.' There are many places to choose from here in Texas. Big city, small town, RANCHLAND; we've got it all. And no frigid winters. But, AC is essential. hehehe

        • baron987

          Ranchland sounds good but at my age, I don't think I could handle it - a small town with a friendly bar (my wife and my main requirement) sounds great -

        • Conservativesniper

          Well, you've just described almost every small town in TX.

        • Ann Rand

          The Tampa Bay Area in Fla. is a good place to live... City or country living or even beach property...Pro Football , hockey team and Baseball... Casino ... No state income tax, reasonable property tax Property prices vary according to your selection...... Short drive 1 !/2 hrs. to Disney, etc..

        • baron987

          Strange that you mention Tampa, Tampa is on our list - we have friends in the Tampa area (Oldsmar) - The only negative my wife has is that we understand that Tampa is the lightning capital, other than that we love the area. Disney, would be more for all our niece's children. The last time we were at Disney was in 1976 - Epcot was still in the planning stage! A home with enough room to have relatives stay over would make it possible to move so far away from family - family is #1

        • Ann Rand

          To be technical, Lakeland, Fla. is the lightning capital... Sure we have thunderstorms but it has never been a problem.. Just put surge protectors on your appliances..i think you can also get a zap cap from Tampa Electric for your house, but don't know much about it.

        • AZWarrior

          I grew up on LI (Hicksville) and now battle my commie NY friends on Facebook all the time. Obama/Hellary loving turds.

        • AZWarrior


        • celtic_winds


      • KY republican

        I suggest someone from Wall Street start an ETF (basket of stocks) that support all the gun, ammo and accessory manfacturers and put that out as an ETF that supports the 2nd Amendment manfacturers so that all of us 2nd Amendment supporters can purchase the ETF and hence support the companies in that ETF. the Govt will try to destroy it -- but we need to support these manfacturers. Can someone plese push this idea with their stock broker. Alot of people donate money to politicians to help the cause. i say insted of donating to a politician (Jesse Jackson stole a cole 750K) buy the ETF and help thpose companies and maybe make some profit ourselves. Send thi to your brokers.

        • ves

          Please send the list to Gov Perry. ...Texas welcomes new business ...just NOT Liberals or ILLEGAL ALIENS!

      • Rap Scallion


      • hookemowls

        As long as they leave their liberal ideologies from whence they came!

        • Conservativesniper

          Since this is WHY they are leaving Colorado, because of the practice of liberal ideologies, I seriously doubt they will 'bring them with them'.

        • hookemowls

          Seriously!!!!! Liberal is synonymous with "0 common sense". Remember, liberals think it cannot possibly be their leanings that produce such a sorry state.....maybe that asteroid!

      • Dorothy Stuart

        Or, come to Wisconsin. Gov. Walker has posted on the "Welcome to Wisconsin" signs "We're Open for Business". Lots of good hunting in Wisconsin and the U.P. And we have Republicans in both houses of legislation AND the governor's mansion.

        • Ann Rand

          I was watching and praying for you.... Glad you won your battle.You have a wonderful Gov.

      • Patricia M McBride

        I suspect he is. He isn't letting any grass grow under his feet :).

      • celtic_winds

        Hello neighbor! I just posted I hope the companies move to Texas! good to see your post.:)

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      The democrats destroy a state and then they all move to another state and destroy that too. It has been done in N.Carolina and Florida. Idaho and Montana are on their way. If Texas continues on the it's current path it may be a blue state in several years. The democrats are like locusts, destroying everything in their path.

      • KY republican

        That is exactly the Muslim plan -- populate then vote your stuff in

        • oldcoyote

          How many Muslims vote can't beat the jews programed vote counting machines. They put their teleprompter reading shill in twice.

        • Stephen Brummitt

          I'm curious, how do you figure that 'O' is a Jewish shill? Especially, after snubbing Netanjahu, and selling Fighter Jets to the Arab Brotherhood!

          I can't help but think, that you are a major wackadoodle!

        • Arron A. Grottolo

          I think you misunderstood oldcyote. Re-read his remarks. Closely!

        • oldcoyote

          EVERYTHING he does is dictated to him by his handlers in their COVERT DECEPTIVE way. Anyone that's too dumb to see that is a wackydoodle.

        • kenhowes

          Actually, it's the Communist plan--control the schools so you get them young.

        • AZWarrior

          That's why he wants to start with pre-school for ALL four-year-olds. (Obama Youth- complete with Brown Shirts. Pre-schoolers turning in their parents).

      • klesb

        Locusts? Indeed!

        • VanceJ

          What else would you call them ?, I could think of a few things but not for print.!!! so yes indeed !!!

        • Pizzed Off

          Actually, they're more like the bacteria in the cesstank.

        • Kent2012

          poop eaters??

        • Denise Ortiz

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      • Schnitzelschitzen

        The democrat party can make no political hay while there is prosperity and hope for the people. They will destroy the very mechanisms of prosperity in order to keep the people downtrodden and dependant on their generosity with OUR tax dollar in order to buy their votes. .

        • Patricia M McBride

          It only last just so long and pretty soon, we are Cuba cause no one has any money or any interest of earning or making it if it is just going to be taken away and given to people who don't want to work and are perfectly happy to have someone else steal money from others for them.

        • Schnitzelschitzen

          Cuba is an excellent example of where progressive socialism leads. When hope and self reliance is replaced with hand-outs, and our dependence on our government becomes necessary, they will play us like a well tuned Strativarious Violin. After that the human cost will be considered only as a means to an end, a means to achieve their idea of utopia and it will look like Cuba.

        • VanceJ

          Up to and until we run out of rich peoples money.

        • Conservativesniper

          And then what will happen?

        • Kent2012

          the house of cards will collapse...

        • ginger

          Make that ANY ones; money...they want it all...all the money, all the guns, all the food , all the water , all the housing, all the medical care, ALL THE CONTROL OVER ALL THE PEOPLE.

      • Patricia M McBride

        Stupid knows no bounds. The folks vote these democrats in, then they pass bills until the state is basically on it's last legs, then, the people who voted them in move to another state that is friendlier to business and is also more tax friendly and vote for the same kind of people. The folks that do it, are too stupid to understand, "THEY" are the problem and "THEY" are voting the destruction into public office themselves.

      • cyber_hackster

        Ticks on a dog -- Kill the host and then find another..

      • navyvietvetjd

        Let's not forget Vermont and New Hamshire, victims of the Massachusetts Syndrome. And my Maryland is all but buried.

      • Ann Rand

        We are hanging on here in Fla... We do have a Rep. Gov. and the old guard absolutely hate him, but he is doing pretty good.. Fla. was a strictly Dem. State years ago... We have a Dem. congresswoman who I would love to see go, but I am afraid we will never get rid of her..I sure give it a try, though.. We are a right to Work State and our property taxes are reasonable, compared to others.... in South Fla., the Jewish population is pretty heavy and as you know, they are dems. although I will never understand why...I believe that Romney would have won our state if ovomit had not had some crafty people on his side.... It was close......

        • AZWarrior

          Debbie Wasserman-Shitts goes into the old folks homes full of transplanted NY Jews and scares them about SSI and Medicare and they get bussed to the polls and told how to vote. She'll die in her House seat.

        • Ann Rand

          Yes, you are right. i had forgotten about that evil one.... she is in S. Fla... I am in the Tampa bay Area... Last time, we had sorry B's who run foster homes and care centers taking the retarded ones who are of voting age in to vote... Not sure that is legal, but who is going to do anything ??This is just one more reason that we need to get organized...... Yes, that twit will probably die in her seat.....It wouldn't be a moment too soon for me.

        • Kent2012

          hopefully real soon............

        • James Tabone

          Let me guess, would it be that moron Corrine Brown?

      • Enubus

        More like cockroaches!

      • AZWarrior

        Well, we've got the guns. All they have are backpacks, abortion tools and tight panties. We win in the end.

      • don

        what are you talking about? looks to me like they have now almost destoryed US the united states. one state at a time ha than is alaught an its on us

      • libsuk

        That is a FACT...we need to rid our land of that liberat filth once and for all.

      • tionico

        You forgot Washington State.. when Queen Christine stole the election back in 04, we were the sixth best state for business. After eight years of her tyranny, fourth worst. Into the bargain, we've got an economy that is upside down, many personal liberties have been trashed.. and legislators are responsible for foisting homosexual "marriage" upon us (only two years after shoving "same sex civil unions, with ALL legal benefits of marriage but not the name" down our throats, now are working on an "assault weapons" ban, universal background checks for ALL transfers of firearms, are trying to pass a law that allows ANY PERSON whatever to sue and demand visitation rights with ANY CHILD, for any reason, meanwhile "protecting" the "right" of a minor child to have an abortion without parental involvement, and, the final kicker, forcing ALL businesses to purchase health insurance for all employees that includes payment for abortions. SO.. MagPul, be aware, do NOT move to Washington sTate. I have threatened my state government that if they pass the abortion insurance mandate I will leave this state along with my business. Universal background checks will likely bring the same result.... I will NOT register my guns with Olympia. I'll send them out of state... in the back of my truck, me along with them.

    • slickzip

      Texas and Florida have lots of room for them and taxes are smaller ,,,,,,,,,,,

      • ves

        Florida needs more work on that ... way overpriced!!
        Orlanda needs a course in good basic manners as does Miami!
        Never going back to disney or their airports!

        • Ann Rand

          Did you stop to think that the majority of people you didn't like were probably tourists, from all over the world.. Most of the true residents are nice people..

    • ONTIME

      Liberal ignorance and intolerance is the worst of government management, they ignore rule of law, freedoms and pay no attention the limitations proscribed by a US Constitution......liberals are a special kind of stupid....axiom

    • Patricia M McBride

      That's what happens when you elect people who think control over people is more important than the economy................these folks should be gone in the next election, but the folks up there will probably put them right back in, because they are not bright enough to understand it isn't about creating a safer condition, it is about turning people into livestock they brand and control ..............

    • Conservativesniper

      Open arms, another great pun. Man, you're a punny guy. :>)

    • Pizzed Off

      I'm not a business (Put it up for sale immediately after Obama got re-elected and laid off all employees. Have two competeing bids to choose from, but won't take either because both came from Dem's and one pushed the gay bit. So both can kiss off. A third was less, but the person could make a go of it and is more right-centered. Warned him, but he's anxious to start his own shop.), but if I can dump my house I'll be a resident of one of the states that has told their anti-gun leaders to f*off. And I'll take my income, my taxes, and my property taxes where they'll be appreciated. Oh, and my guns, too.

    • wminaz

      The companies would be very welcome in Arizona. Our gun laws are along the lines of "This page intentionally left blank."

    • Phrank Stein

      My former home state is loaded with Californicators and they have ruined CO. Denver and Boulder are liberal enclaves the likes you won't find outside of San Fagcisco.

    • ValleyCounty

      All of the ultra liberal are moving from Mexifornia to Colorado, so this is to be expected. They screwed up their paradise and now want to do the same to another. Some stopped by here, Idaho, but didn't stay, as they were not made to feel welcome......

    • FLBuck

      This will a continuing trend especially when these states have a democrat majority within their government infrastructure. All this is creating is a economical as well as a political mess when they pass laws that infringe on the Second Amendment while strengthening the economies of the Southern states when these businesses take the opportunity to relocate there.

    • Stephen Brummitt

      ... open and 'well armed' arms.

    • Don Rasher

      TEXAS, welcomes you with open arms!

    • annie

      We have gone the way of California, our first mistake and one Texas is making was advertising for the idiots to move here. These companies will leave just like the energy companies capped their wells and we lost all those jobs. Hopefully these companies leaving will impact the front range. When the rigs left it hurt us on the western slope most and the liberals on the front range don't care about us.

    • celtic_winds

      They can come to Texas!

    • Sarah Jacobs

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  • Norm

    Yup, and they'll still vote Democrate, because mommy and daddy did, or some reason. And its all Bush's fault. Yeh.. right.

  • fliteking

    It is sad Colorado is becoming a sh*thole like California.

    • HappyClinger

      Yes, they all moved to Colorado from California and took their slime with them. The only thing I worry about is concentrating all the conservatives in just a few states, and abandoning the rest of them, instead of maintaining "cells" of conservative patriots in all 50 states.

      • Charles Dansreau

        Hey Guys, There are conservative voters in california. I moved here in 1977 and have seen changes in the state. They welcome illegal aliens and nanny state laws that are selectively enforced. they drive out businesses. San francisco does not want to build a desal plant so they steal the water from farmers. The inland valley farms are a dustbowl due to democrats. frankly conservatives are moving out because their vote is steamrolled over by the northern part of the state, inner city welfareites and gays. Would you like to live in a state with socialist rule?

        • Ann Rand

          Yes, you can thank Madame X-Lax for the dust bowls out there ( Diane Feinstein )is the twit who shut off the water supply to the farm lands to save a two inch minnow that could have been relocated. Now, she wants to take our guns... That woman is EVIL personified.

    • fideux

      Comparing my state, California to a sh*thole?!? What have you got against sh*tholes?

    • Lorna Doone

      It has California transplants. This is a common cycle of Liberals. "Locusts" will move to greener pastures. From state to state destroying everything in it's path.

    • parkerglp

      Yep, and we were one of the first to set up the OCommieCare exchange. Hippylicker couldn't wait to kiss Obama's back side!!!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      California would have to improve to be a sh*thole!

      • fliteking


    • Rap Scallion

      Sorry to late, they are all ready there. The CA Liberals all went their to ski and now they are there to stay !

  • djw663

    So it looks like CO is the first to take steps toward the direction of CA, they still have a long way to go but...

    • Rap Scallion

      Just like dominos! The liberal cancer and slime is taking over the West!

      • djw663

        What's even more sad is the Federal looks to CA for all the environmental regulations and many other regulations. CA is probably going to be the first state to declare bankruptancy.

  • ronneeh

    Well the voters in CO are getting just what they deserve. Always be careful what you wish for because you just may get it and CO is getting it big time.

  • Robert Courtney

    What these Democrat fools don't understand, is 100's of jobs mean 1000's of people impacted.
    And by Election day 32014, it will be 10,000's.
    Good, maybe CO will wake up and see what thses brain dead Liberals are doing.
    MOST of the Country is, CA, CO, and NY, will never get it, But the rest are getting it, FAST!
    About time.

    • Charles Dansreau

      Best thing to do for all the states is implement strict voter ID laws. I believe this is why democratic stronghold states are surrounded by democratic states within bus ride distance,

  • Watchdogman

    Move to Gun manufacturing friendly IDAHO...We would love to have you here. Check our laws in place and you will find we are friendly towards companies like Magpul..Taxes are much better, society is conservative constitutionalists and our scenery is so much nicer then the lots of Dems living on top of each other in the sad state of Colorado..

  • fideux

    State lawmakers, (and by state lawmakers I mean from all of the states), must go to stupid school, take stupid pills or something to come up with the laws and regulations for their states. And considering the voters that elect these mental midgets, they seem to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal themselves! Every new lawmaker has to write some (useless) piece of legislation to hang their hat on. As we already have more regulations than can be enforced, why don't they pick a few of the better ones that are already in place and champion those causes?

  • DAY8293A

    Come to Florida!! The climate is better and no income tax!! We love guns down here! We haven't gone completely dumbo crap down here yet....

    • Kitt Marshall

      Day: I had intentions of moving to Florida UNTIL I saw all the voter fraud and building of low-income housing. Now, Texas seems to be a "safer" haven. And I know I will miss all of the sea shells I used to collect as a child.

      • Ann Rand

        We hope to send a carload of libs to Calif . and Col... Sorta like the Freedom Riders back in the '60's....If it works out, it might become a daily happening... LOL..Maybe we can empty the low income housing and raise the price , too.

  • Cincinnatus

    Let's be clear! If law abiding citizens can't have guns in America, neither should the military, nor law enforcement! Same law for all!

  • Paul Leslie

    Salute to both of these companies. Let the progressives suffer the consequence of their anti-American tyranny. It's time for patriots to start standing up to the socialist democrats.

  • Lorna Doone

    If the Colorado folks don't stop the illegal anti-gun grab from the Democrats they'll not only lose businesses moving out but taxing paying citizens as well to states that believe in the 2nd amendment. And Colorado will morph into Californika another USSA state.

  • a_browning

    Magpul and Alfred are welcome to relocate to Texas. If I may suggest, Tyler, in east TX. We have interstate access and a trained workforce that needs good jobs, since jobs went south of the border. There is no state income tax and the winters are mild.

  • NRA_Supporter

    Serves em right. It's about time the Dems had to pay the price for their stupidity. I hope other companies follow suit. Send the jobs to a better place.

  • foxxybey

    Not only business but residence also, many moving to Wyoming or Texas or any place where they won't go along with the nazi gun grab. This state has been going to heck ever since the nazi's on the left moved into positions of power. Bye bye, once great state.

  • talljohn777

    Democrats are fools..........

  • Pat A

    And on top of this, there is renewed effort to tax internet sales in Colorado. Colorado is indeed becoming the new California. Next, we will see a tax for every flush of our toilets. The left leaning paper The Denver Post continues to praise our new legislature because it is so diverse. Diversity doesn't equal competence, fiscal responsibility or business savvy so we are now seeing the results as the Dems pass anything they want without regard to the consequences.

  • Chad

    Love the... You can still sell to our Law Enforcement part.
    Got that all Warm and Fuzzy feeling.

  • slickzip

    Typical stupid dumbocrats if they ever had a brain it turned into MUSH !!!!!!

  • Rebecca Surratt

    Time to move. Only sorry that we just bought a house here two years ago.

  • Admin Istrator

    My wife and I left Colorado for Texas 13 years ago because Colorado had become New Califorado. They mowed down entire historical towns and rebuilt them into exact replicas of California towns, down to the streetlamps. The police uniforms changed from a cowboy hat and blue jeans to CHP look-alikes. The mountains suddenly sparkled in the setting sun as thousands of windows of million dollar homes overshadowed the valley, and the worst part, the undergound aquifers dried up and they had to bring in tanker trucks with water becuase no body cared that there wasn't enough water. Just let the government fix it. That is the Democrats for you.

    • Phrank Stein

      I so remember the bumper stickers in the 70's that said "Don't Californicate Colorado". Looks like it fell on moronic ears. Glad I joined the military and left there and have no plans to ever return.

  • ltbl123

    Misguided people are truly stumped when they discover their actions have consequences. They believe that everything they do is as innocent as tying a yellow ribbon around a radio antenna. Yet when they are finally confronted with the reality of the damage and harm their actions may cause, do they reconsider? No, stupidity demands defense it is their badge of honor and they bear it proudly. My State will be happy to receive the business and employees from Colorado who are soon to be voting with their feet. Welcome!!!

  • Walt Duncan

    South Carolina is ready when and if you do move. Our people will even help you build. We would welcome you with open arms.

  • Shadmin

    That's what happens when Socialist/Communist Oboner type Libturds get control! The Constitution is of little concern to the Libturds who have an agenda which mandates the establishment of an oppressive dictatorial Communist style government which has absolute unquestioned authority over it's citizens! They want to control, what you do, what you say and what you think! If the citizens of this country don't stand up to the government and reject any attempt at controlling the very weapons that the 2nd Amendment primarily protects (so called assault weapons) then ALL the other Amendments in the Constitution are useless cause the ability to enforce those Amendments will be a mute point without the 2nd Amendment! The 2nd Amendment is the lynch pin which makes the rest possible, it's the Amendment which allows the citizenry to keep the government in check so that it does not become a dictatorship! If necessary, our continued freedom is definitely a worthwhile cause to go to war over with ANYONE who threatens that freedom! Live Free or Die!

  • d1032

    Newtown proved what Rahm Emanuel long ago stated while he was Odumbo's Chief of Staff: "never let a good crisis go to waste" - this federal administration will pound on this just until another "crisis" comes along and then it will fast fade into oblivion as quickly as the border agent that was killed by drug gangs, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, the Gates confrontation in Conn that the Messiah intervened on with his "beer summit", etc.
    These people never put finality to any problem - create one and then run off to something else - now Colorado, in all their wisdom and following the dictates of their exalted leader in Washington, are attempting to pass legislation that will not only drive business from their state but will ultimately infuriate 60-70% of their population who are gun owners and hunters.
    Over the years my wife has urged me to locate someplace in Colorado to retire - that argument is now dead in the water - not only will I not retire their I will no longer avail our family to the natural beauty of the state - no more money spent for the benefit of ding bats.

  • bowtonoone2

    I'm sure the states of Florida and Texas will those businesses with open arms - pardon the pun. By the time the pols get done pushing decent people around, they themselves will pay the price tenfold.

  • MarkusReborn

    First the legalization of recreational marijuana.... now this. Are these law makers brain dead or what?

  • azbear166

    Hey bring your companeys here to Arizona from Colorado we will welcome you with open arms!!

  • David Trusty

    It's because we had a mass migration from Comifornia. They didn't like the taxes and regulations in Comifornia and moved to Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, then vote for the same things that they left Comifornia for.

  • Arthur Ross

    Democrats and muslims are like a cancer,once started they creep around in the dark,spreading their tentacles,and destroying everything that it touches,leading to the demise of it's victim. I'm afraid that's happening to our country right now. The only answer is to get rid of the disease it's self...

  • gbandy

    It seems too many Liberal Californians have moved to Colorado. Has anyone ever noticed any time the Democrats take control or are in control the States seem to disintegrate? Sure has not worked in California, Illinois, Maryland, or New York. I wonder if the voters will ever wake up?

    • d1032

      And Michigan, New Jersey (despite Christie), MA, and the cesspool for all politicians who wish to be educated at the "Institute of Public Corruption", the great state of Illinois, home of the current resident of the WH (when he isn't playing golf or on vacation - he should just rent the place out since he and his family are never there)

  • ves

    I suggest you look at Cameron Iron Works Facilities in the Brookshire .. Sealy .. Bellville area just outside of Houston Texas ...we'll be glad to have you!
    Sits on a main transportation route and close to the Houston Ship Channel!
    Yes TEXAS is a GUN STATE ... when Colorado was a part of the Republic of Texas they had more sense .... see what immigration of limited IQ people does for your State and Country!

  • v steve

    Colorado check out who these Representatives are they are most likely the same people that is spear heading and supporting the obama assault weapons ban and feinstein gun ban and those people are communist jews in our government.

    Here is a dated list of communist jews in our Federal government that want to take your firearms away just like Hitler did to the jews in Germany.

    Jewish Members of Congress
    (SOURCE: B´NAI B'RITH - homepage) U.S. Senate (10% 0f the total Senate) Senator Party/State E-mail Sen.Barbara Boxer (D-CA) SENATOR_BOXER@SENATE.GOV Sen.Russell Feingold (D-WI) RUSSELL_FEINGOLD@FEINGOLD.SENATE.GOV Sen.Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) SENATOR_FEINSTEIN@SENATE.GOV Sen.Herb Kohl (D-WI) SENATOR_KOHL@SENATE.GOV Sen.Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) FRANK_LAUTENBERG@LAUTENBERG.SENATE.GOV Sen.Carl Levin (D-MI) SENATOR_LEVIN@SENATE.GOV Sen.Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) SENATOR_LIBERMAN@LIBERMAN.SENATE.GOV Sen.Arlen Specter (R-PA) SENATOR_SPECTER@SPECTER.SENATE.GOV Sen.Paul Wellstone (D-MN) SENATOR_WELLSTONE@SENATE.GOV Sen Ron Wyden (D-OR) NO eMail address AVAILABLE U.S. House of Representatives
    (6% of the total House) Member Party/State E-mail Hon.Gary Ackerman (D-NY) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Howard Berman (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Ben Cardin (D-MD) CARDIN@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Peter Deutsch (D-FL) PDEUTSCH@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Eliot Engel (D-NY) ENGELINE@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Bob Filner (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Jon Fox (R-PA) JONFOX@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Barney Frank* (D-MA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Martin Frost (D-TX) FROST@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Sam Gejdenson (D-CT) BOZRAH@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Ben Gilman (R-NY) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Jane Harman (D-CA) JHARMAN@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Tom Lantos (D-CA) TALK2TOM@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Sander Levin (D-MI) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Nita Lowey (D-NY) NITAMAIL@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) NADLER@HR.HOUSE.GOV Hon.Steve Rothman (D-NJ) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Bernie Sanders (I-VT) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Steve Schiff (R-NM) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Charles Schumer (D-NY) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Brad Sherman (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Norman Sisisky (D-VA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Henry Waxman (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Robert Wexler (D-FL) NO eMail address AVAILABLE Hon.Sidney Yates (D-IL) NO eMail address AVAILABLE

    • oldcoyote

      Thank you for the list OF THESE TRAITORS. You are a true PATRIOT!

      • v steve

        You are welcome, It`s time for American Patriots start focusing on jews they are causing a lot of problems in America they also have an monopoly on the media.

        The ACLU is made up of jew attorneys that are relentless in their quest to censor every form of religious expression in the public square – especially in the nation’s public schools.

        The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has offices in all 50 states accommodating over 200 full-time jew attorneys and thousands of volunteers.
        According to their website, their “legislative advocates are a constant presence on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures working on civil liberties issues.” Their operating expenses in Fiscal Year 2011 were a staggering $106,384,190.
        The ACLU spent over 100 million dollars last year.
        Jews are communist.

        • oldcoyote

          Right On.

    • JohnGalt


    • Shadmin

      You would think the Jews would have learned after their unfortunate experience with Hitler and the Nazis? How ironic that the Demoncrat Jews in Congress are clamoring for the same type of gun control laws that the Nazis used to help murder over 6 million of them? Usually, as has been the pattern with Leftist regimes, genocide inevitably follows gun control and confiscation.

      • v steve

        Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Jew Joe Lieberman issued a letter to President Obama urging him to use the "full extent" of his power to seize control of the Internet.

        And according to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, President Obama's Executive Order is "close to completion."
        I`m not sure but communist Jew joe Lieberman might be out of congress now. Never the less he wants government control over the internet. Jews want to control the world. Jews are not our friends they want to control us.

  • lasercad

    It is worth it to them, to lose a couple of business' if it means one more step in the right direction. The right direction being defined as "complete gun confiscation and elimination of the 2nd Amendment".

    • Shadmin

      Then after they get rid of the 2nd Amendment they want to replace the current US Constitution with what they call a more 'modern' Constitution which reads like the Communist Manifesto and does not guarantee anything like the rights the current Constitution does! In fact it's the perfect document for a Communist style dictatorship! The establishment of a dictatorship with a chosen Lib-Dim Commie acting as absolute ruler over the citizenry, because they know best and the rest of the citizenry are merely serfs who cannot manage their own affairs! Ever see Demolition Man? The future the Lib-Dims dream about, vegan, everybody completely controlled, environment over humans, hope you like singing songs from commercials?

  • JohnGalt

    Paging rational, business supporting states:

    Publicly and loudly HAMMER these controlling Commies in Colorado, and in the process, possibly attract some productive, honest businesses to your state.

    If I were governor or even a Congressman in a responsible state, I'd be on a plane to Colorado with a prospectus for governmental support already on their desktop, and consecutive face to face meetings scheduled with the CEOs of these two companies.

    It is way past time for some long overdue interstate warfare against these destructive, Socialist hellholes.

  • Donald Colann Sr

    Democrats just can't grasp realty. If the companies can't sell to residents of the state they are in, they are not going to stay. It doesn't matter if they can still sell to outside the state.
    You morons who voted these idiots in will need to pony up out of "your" pockets to make up for the tax shortages.

    • Shadmin

      Since the Lib-Dimwits who voted the Lib-Dimwits into power love high taxes then they can pay the difference for any lost revenue that the stupid gun control laws cost the State! It's only fair......

  • mikeledo

    Not as bad as South Carolina which has prevented businesses from coming here over the stupid Confederate flag issue.

    • JohnGalt

      Ignorant, clumsy misdirection.



  • mwl

    obama, biden, feinstein, clinton, leftists, socialist, communist take their agenda and attack the Constitution, but never will they take on the real issues. Criminals will never stop, no matter what the laws are. They will have guns and magazines LOADED with everything they can get. And will commit as many crimes as they can get away with. Attack crime.
    Establish home/vehicle protection laws, they are vague at best, the sheriffs department
    and courts are not there to redesign gun laws on every case. There should be no
    interpretation by the courts or the sheriff and deputies.
    My views attack the gun problem in a different way. Murder with a gun a malicious
    death-death. Stealing a gun-10 years, using a gun in a commission of any
    crime-10 years, concealed without a permit-5 years, threats with a gun-5 years,
    non concurrent. Possession of a firearm with BAC of
    .01 or a street substance including prescription drugs, confiscation of
    firearms with no restoration.
    Personal firearms responsibility, the owner, unsecured weapon (not in safe) stolen
    (confiscation) and allowed to be used by a person and if a crime is committed-3
    years. Home security, meeting minimum standards of a safe.
    Property owners while on their property have unrestricted concealed carry without the
    permit, home/land . Laws for defensive actions will be exactly the same as the
    citizens with a badge. Training is mandatory and will have to be disclosed
    during the investigation. There are four types of training, Firearm training
    (primary must have this before proceeding to anything else), Hunter safety,
    Home security, Concealed carry(public). This puts the responsibility on the
    firearm owner.
    The only reason for police to carry a weapon is to protect him/herself, it has absolutely
    nothing to do with citizens.
    The firearm is not the cause its the criminal. What stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The good guy wont be a democrat. Colorado democrats all need to move to Aurora a no gun zone.
    Mike in Afghanistan

  • Rap Scallion

    Well I guess all of the CA Dem Libs who moved to CO after ruining their state are now doing a CA polution to the Rocky Mountain state. They are like a plague of locusts, just like AZ and NM they are creeping all over the west spreading the total destruction of political liberalism and the result is business leaving and the tax base is ZERO!
    Wake up CO you are gonna be next on the CA Liberal blight that is spreading! Keep voting for the giveaways and the takers.....soon the givers will leave. Texas will welcome you.....bring your guns and conservative politics and leave the Liberals to clean the carcass of another state picked clean!

  • The Old Man

    I hope they do move out of the state if the law is passed.

  • Shadmin

    Soon Colorado will be transformed into the same 'paradise' that Southern California is, replete with out of control crime and gangs doing drive-by's on each other! Gun control doesn't do anything except deprive the law abiding of the weapons they need to stand on equal footing with the criminals who don't care about laws! Criminals LOVE gun control laws for several reasons, first, those laws make it safer for the criminals to commit crimes against the law abiding, it's easier to do a home invasion or a car jacking against victims who have been disarmed by their own government! Secondly, just like with alcohol prohibition, criminals, especially organized crime, will profit from a new source of income through black market gun sales! The guns that the criminals will sell won't be the type which have safety features etc, but will be full automatics and anything else they can acquire from sources across the globe! Mexico has some of the strictest gun control in the world? Yet, they are drowning in blood and the criminals control many areas of the country, openly riding around armed to the teeth with military weaponry! That's strict gun control for you!

    • Conservativesniper

      Well, they got a lot of those full automatic military grade weapons from the person, who, at George Soros' command, is trying to destroy America and the hope America promises.

      • Shadmin

        That's probably true, there are entities outside the US who want nothing less than to see the US fall because they want to set up an oppressive one world government which has all the power and a superpower America is in the way of that goal! Soros is a big fan of Oboner which makes me wonder if Oboner is deliberately doing things to weaken or destroy this country?

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I sincerely hope that those two start an outgoing tide of businesses leaving with all of them announcing the reason for leaving is corrupt politicians more interested in control OVER the people than working FOR the Citizens that pay their salaries and benefits.

    And I AM a long term resident/Citizen of this formerly nice place to live.


    And just who's surprised by this? Ideology always trumps logic or survival for the left. Take windmills, they kill untold numbers of raptors like eagles and owls. But you'll never hear the pinkos complain because it would impune their farce about alternative energy being feasible. Same goes for the Chicom construction crews building infrastrucutre in CA. Anyone hear the labor unions complaining? Nope, neither do I.

  • Bonnie Thomas Usrey

    The only explanation I can think of to explain the self-destructive policies of California (where I lived for 30 years) and Colorado is that Satan is alive and well in America! They apparently just want to smoke their pot, carry out their old "Hippies from the 60's" chants like "Hey, Hey, Ho, HO, Western Civ. had Got to Go!" until it's gone and they are stoned, lost and broke! I think the Moral end of Colorado began with the rape and murder of that poor little girl, JonBent Ramsey! Something happend in that house that NO one wanted to know or acknowledge, and her murder has never been solved. The police were totally incompetent, and let Mr. Ramsey control the investigation because of his power, money and influence. They are both destroying their own economies, buying into the Green Agenda, and Obama's Socialist/Marxist agenda when History shows it will never work in American and has never worked anywhere else! Hitler was elected in Germany at a time of economic disaster. He promised prosperity to the German people if they would just get rid of the Jews!
    They bought it and how did that work out? Now I see Jews and Gays supporting Obama and his Muslim-friendly regime, when Muslims want to destroy both Jews and Gays! That's insanity! As the wicked witch of the West said as she melted: "What a world, what a world!"

  • Gary Rose

    Whats happening in Colorado not Good. Any Real Legal Real American Company should follow Suit letting the state of Colorado know Game Time is over Now Right now? Enough do this as a Unit Polititians might think it over? A lot of Revenue for state could be Lost.

  • Encycloman

    The actions of Colorado make the idea of actually going there to hunt rather distasteful. Sure, you do not need a 30 round magazine to hunt. BUT, I do not like the idea of a bureaucrat making those choices for me. What will be next?

  • junkmailbin

    serves Colorado voters right for voting the gay arab and these arses back into office. I want abortion but not my gun taken away or gay marriage. Vote the pro abortion person into office and you get every dumb as_ liberal idea along with your wish for abortions to be legal.

  • A Vet Who Cares

    Over the years Colorado received thousands of California's liberal nut cases. That is why I took my business and left. They came with all their rules and demands... they ruined California and now they are ruining a really good state. I hope they choke on it!

  • kkc003

    Arizona welcomes you with open arms! no pun intended.

  • Ponco Villa

    Democrat = controlaholics and no one likes to be controlled even controlaholics. A typical controlaholic wants to do to you what is best for them, and forget about what is good for you.

  • mlimberg

    Come to Arizona... We love Magpul!

  • jvb5058

    You can ALWAYS count on liberals to do two things perfectly; over reach and cut their noses off to spite their faces.

  • lorquiltdiva

    Is this what happens when emotion and the need to be reelected takes over the vote in the legislature? Looks like it is becoming a virus in the states. Perhaps we need a vaccine to take care of the voting problem

  • Graywolf12

    Here in East Texas we have an experienced machinist population, manufacturing space, low taxes, VERY gun friendly, and we are Patriotic even though J. Nappitalinooo brands us demostic terrorists. Check out Kilgore, Longview, and Tyler. We have I20, East West rail road, and are close to I30 and I35.

  • outapatience

    Welcome to Calirado, where the Democrats are in control and businesses are leaving. Following the california style of governing will only lead this state to become greece the 3rd, california being the second. Wake up and look around colorado with the new maijuana law your going to need all of the protection you can get, because it won't come from the socialist left.

  • Kenneth Michael

    Kudos to both companies !! Hopefully other companies in Colorado take the same stance !! Time to rid America of these marxist idiots !!!!

  • Craig J. Townsend

    I love it! If more compnaies went John Galt, the socialists would see clearly the results of thier disasterous ideas. Free the people, Starve the STATE!

  • bungicord

    This is proof that you cant argue common sense with a Democrat. Ideology trumps every fact. It's the motto of progressive fools. facts don't matter if they interfere with the agenda.

  • ladyceo

    I hope these companies make good on their word if the bill is passed. Drive up that unemployment so those Obama voters get a taste of consequences!

    • Shadmin

      The Oboneroids won't care because many of them are habitual welfare cheats and drug addicts who are so out of it that they probably can't remember the last time they had any type of rational thought? Unemployment doesn't mean anything cause they are doing their best to remain unemployed on the government teat! Besides getting paid to sit at home playing video games or surfing online porn whilst getting stoned all day is better than working in their minds (at least what's left of them?). Let someone else work themselves to the bone so that poor schmuck can pay those tax dollars to support all those lazy a$$es! The system is broken and needs to be torn down and redone!

      • Conservativesniper

        The system isn't broken, The laws on the books need to be enforced, starting in the federal government.

        • Shadmin

          It is broken and many of the laws on the books like the stupid gun control laws and tax laws are ridiculous and need to be done away with! The laws allowing lazy dope fiends to leach off of tax dollars which I worked for and which I actually need to pay bills and buy food are absolutely not right! The system is broken and being run by a government rife with corruption whose only concern these days is not the citizenry, but rather how much money they can garner and how much power they can grab! It's broken!

  • sg

    These lawmakers are idiots. To have a business in a state where the people of that state are disallowed to purchase their product because of liberals/communist laws would be foolish. Yes, I hope these two companies move to a state that hasn't imposed such a law contrary to the 2nd Amendment.

  • cyber_hackster

    Operative word here is "Democrat" -- Continuously showing that they know everything

  • Mort Leith

    First of all, Magpul makes 30 round MAGAZINES for the typical Semi-Auto Rifles....
    Anyone who calls a gun magazine a CLIP is GAD (gayALLday),, and/or says ASSAULT rifle when they are clueless that a true ASSAULT rifle is a Full Automatic machine gun type of weapon...
    VERY hard to acquire a legal license to own one, rare among normal citizens.

    Just look at the two most BROKE states in our country (CA and Michigan) as proof that libbie communists (aka Democrats) couldn't care less about people of freedom, let along logic when it comes to gun violence.
    Their silly ignorant laws will only prevent honest law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves against criminals who NEVER abide by laws to acquire guns, ammo or magazines.

  • Donro

    Colorado is now populated by Kalifornia slime and that is why we do NOT want people from Kalifornia relocating to Texas. They are too infected with communism and will spread it wherever they go.

  • kysteelgirl

    If any of you really want to come to Texas you had better start calling Congress, telling them NO AMNESTY, ATTRITION THRU ENFORCEMENT we are covered up with lllegal aliens with chips on their shoulders! Plus Perry loves everyone of them!

  • VanceJ

    CALIFORNIA REDUX, must be Ca. transplants. STUPID.!!!!

  • dad666

    Keep up the good work boys and you will all be out of office but not soon enough. You are sending a loud message tot he voters and exposing your true level of stupidity.
    Clinton warned you but you know better. thank you for finally trying something thaat shows us your true colors red and yellow.

  • Jessy Folmar

    Please come to Alabama.

  • Edward P Cox

    The Democrats are becoming the most obnoxious a$$holes.

  • Average Joe

    You get what you pay for and pay for and pay for. Do you get it.

  • Dark Knight

    If they (the dems) drive the businesses out of state, then how ever will the people be able to pay the "middle-man" for their marijuana?

    • Shadmin

      Soon Medicaid and welfare will pay for the dope needed by the dope fiends. Trust Oboner along with the Libturds in Colorado to make it happen!

      • Dark Knight

        Hate to rain on your parade Shadmin, but here are the "as-you-read" facts concerning Medicaid/ Welfare....and it doesn't look too good for anyone ~~

        • Shadmin

          I didn't say it would be or remain solvent when they did this? It's my opinion that these entitlements will eventually cause this country to go bankrupt and after that happens God only knows?

        • Dark Knight

          Oh no dude! I am not trying to hate.
          Just wasn't sure if you had the chance to view it all right up to the moment.
          You are quite correct! Banks and retailers alike have already began failing since the housing bubble collapse. Roughly about 4 or more years ago.
          There is a reason this government allows shady foreign nationals (Fast and Furious) to get high powered weapons across our southern border, keeps retailers and law-abiding citizens from acquiring weapons and ammunition and yet is currently stockpiling massive amounts of hollow-point ammunition.

          Like I said ~~ it doesn't look good for anyone!

      • LArry

        What about Medicaire. Your conservative web sites now all advertise an expensive vaporizer. That used by high rent dopers. I hope you guys can get your weed and vaporizers covered. Would certainly help our country. I highly recommend the PAx. And hey you know Medicaid and welfare already cover dope. Myouve been telling us this for years. Oh guess you forgot.


    Pretty soon it won't be which house has no weapons, it will which states are not armed.

  • Archie

    Those companies should leave anyway, regardless, just to prove a point. Business should leave blues states to states that have been in the red for a period of time. Give those in red states the work. Support decent folks. Blue state are full of unions parasite and welfare piglets that have no respect for those that support them. Stop supporting these liberal leftist, communist parasites. Personally, we will not return to Cali. , NY, NJ, Mass, Mich, to do business anymore. Cost to do business in those places are high anyway. Myself and our crew spend thousands of dollars in motels, gas, oil changes, food, supplies and other items when on the road, which is about 10 1/2 month out of the years. Cali. was one state we'd spend 3-4 months a year. We haven't been there in 4+ years. Screw those commies. They won't get our money ever again.

  • Shadmin

    You would think the Demoncrat Jews in Congress would have learned after their unfortunate experience with Hitler and the Nazis? How ironic that the Demoncrat Jews in Congress are clamoring for the same type of gun control laws that the Nazis used to help murder over 6 million of them? Usually, as has been the pattern with Leftist regimes, genocide inevitably follows gun control and confiscation.

    • Ann Rand

      I will NEVER understand those people.. Ovomit wouldn't care one whit if Iran bombed Israel, yet they vote for him...

    • LArry

      Yo brother. Those liberal, hippie commies you are talki g about are hardly jewish? Where did you get that idea. There are tons of Christian women men andsome Muslims, who of course hate the Jews. So can't offload this to Jews. Yes they vote for gun control but unlike radical right wing nutcases they don't see an analogy to Hitler. Just ask chuck Schumer.

      • Shadmin

        I am not talking about Jews who are pro-2nd Amendment like the fine gentlemen from JPFO or other like organizations. I am not generalizing that ALL Jews are like the Demoncrat's who happen to be of Jewish ancestry in Congress! Just the Demoncrats (ALL of them, Jew or not) who are trying to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights in this country! Schumer is one of the worst and he is a hypocrite of the highest order! I can't even begin to fathom how any Jew could be in favor of the very type laws which the Nazis used first to disarm the Jews in Germany and other parts of Europe at the time, then to round them up and murder over 6 million of them? Do they think that such a thing couldn't happen again? It has and it could happen again if this country collapses, depending upon who comes to power? If the Chinese or Muzzies somehow took over in the aftermath of another world war then something like that could happen? Nothing is impossible and history loves to repeat itself! If they truly mean "never again" then the only way to assure that it doesn't happen again is by force of arms! Not by supporting or allowing the government to disarm them?

        • LArry

          Well fortunately the Jews and the Democrat psuedo Jews think your theory is bat sh@t crazy. Fortunately, a majority of the Americans don't buy that theory either. But go ahead. Phantasize as you like. It's a free country. Go hid those guns. don't forget the FEMA interment camps. Probably run by Jews. They are in your neighborhood. Be very very c artful". Coming to get you pronto.

  • Mys77

    Legalize pot... but trample the constitution and kill jobs. Colorado.... you are crazy.

  • Brenda

    Colorado is such a beautiful state. Don't let them win. Fight for your state like kicking out the radical politicians. It will take some time but if you ban together you can take control over your state. These companies can combine forces with like minded folks and get them (the politicians) out of the seats and replace them with those people that want to conserve our Constitutional Rights. Don't move, make the radicals move. Don't give up on Colorado. You won't find another state like it anywhere.

  • turtl2

    Back in the 70's the saying used to be, "Don't Californicate Colorado". Looks like they've gone and done it!

  • LArry

    How scary and totally awful. . It will devastate CO I can do the math....720 jobs. Now just think for a minute how many hippie, liberal, green, commie,companies will come to CO, especially when they have weed. I see a great trend. Maybe theyll do that in my state' but we don't allow weed, just booze. Thanks for bringing this horrible state of affairs to my attention". Gonna send the word to my hippie commie green liberal friends.

    • Shadmin

      They have to have the ambition to actually work first as most Lib-Dim Communist hippie types can't even find enough ambition to take a bath, let alone go out and work a regular job? Loading the bhong for another hit and then turning on the computer to surf porn is an effort for them? I am sure they won't be lining up to come to Colorado for any kind of employment, but they may move there for the weed and to get on the welfare roles so they can continue their lazy hippie lifestyle? lol

      • LArry

        I happen to know many many weed smokin liberals who have very successful busi eases and careers. They work every day, supporting their country and families. Contrary to rich old white men who use booze to excess. It makes you an addict who is abusive to women and children. So go drink your booze and try to get to your nice job. Dream on about liberals. They are in charge. Your group is not. Obama favorable rating 60%. 63% of American polled sayRep congress is off track. That's one of those fancy polls that actually predicted the election correctly. Going down again 2014 and 2016.

  • wizzid0

    I hate to mention this as it feeds into the liberal worldview, but just to set the record straight, the AR15 was used in the Sandy Hook shooting. What was in the trunk and not taken inside was a shotgun.

  • Steve Atkinson

    democrats are like locusts, destroying everything wherever they go.

  • baron987

    Yeah - that's another problem - I'm a Giants fan!

  • dicksi

    The war on poverty has caused poverty to explode. The war on drugs has seen an exponential increase in the use of drugs. Then why do liberal politicians think that a war on firearms is going to cause violence to decrease?

    Democrat government's can’t go after the gun toting psychopaths, sociopaths and mentally deranged….they make up a large proportion of the Democrat voting base. So, let’s blame gun violence on the weapons and make law abiding citizens more defenseless.

    The federal government thinks it's great to give F-16's and Abrams Tanks to Islamic radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood but that YOU as a U.S. citizen protected by the 2nd amendment can't be trusted with most firearms!!!!!

    • Shadmin

      Psychopaths, sociopaths and mentally deranged also make up a large proportion of the Demoncrats in government currently, everyone from local to Federal!

  • goldram

    Here's another one for those Democrats. If this misguided bill should pass I will also vote, only I will use my wallet. I will no longer consider Colorado a hunting destination nor will I use Denver as a connecting airport for other states. Since these trips usually cost me between $5000 and $6500 for the guide plus airfare and multiply it by the usual 4 to 6 members in our hunting party, we drop an easy $25000 or $40000 in a week. Looks like Wyoming, Utah and Montana shed competition.

    • Ann Rand

      I hope others follow suit...

    • Shadmin

      Idaho also has some very good hunting and is very gun friendly!

  • parkLitchfield212

    Good for the citizens of Colorado! Kick back, have a smoke (it's legal, now), and watch your taxbase vanish into California-type numbers. The important thing is to make a symbolic gesture in an attempt to appease the anti-constitutional rights crowd in DC. Maybe the Professor will throw some Green-energy projects your way to help keep people working.
    Wait, those companies go down and out faster that a sex worker on meth.
    Could you drop a line to those companies and invite them down to Arizona, where we don't get all swoony over ideas we know won't work, and have plenty of people ready to work.
    We have an adult view on guns, gun parts, and a company's right to make either. We don't let OUR legislators put the state in as bind over ideology. Maybe undocumented visitors have a problem here, but just carry a photo ID, like the one you use to rent DVDs, and you'll be OK. That's not a LOT to ask, is it?

  • Pueblo Fan

    We were going to locate our new business in Colorado, my favorite state. But we waited for the election to see how things would go....well we are now located in Atlanta, GA! Business friendly, polite people, no sad to see my state run in to ruin with no moral compass. Not sure we will even visit for awhile.....

  • Tim Lucas

    Democrats and liberals have no answer to real problems. What they have is an agenda and they use any means possible to march it forward. Like Stockton and Detroit they are failures and just like the health care anything liberals touch turns to crap. The housing bubble caused by liberals who are quick to blame any of their failures on republicans and continue to blame Bush never taking responsibility for anything. Chicago with all the gun laws and no winners with 500 per year shot dead but blames Virgina for the guns. All liberals do is blame while claiming they have cornered the common sense market and no one else has any. Liberals are nothing but liars and racist.

  • Kirt Poovey

    GIacomo needs to get several things corrected. They are not "clips". They are "mags" or "magazines". Also, it was a shotgun that was removed from the trunk of the car. The AR-15 was reportedly inside the schoolhouse although there is still no actual hard evidence proving it was used - even though the police and medical examiner have made that claim in news conferences.

    Both companies can move the short distance to Oklahoma. We will gladly welcome them in an area that is booming.

    • Conservativesniper

      I've read there was NO AR-15 used at Sandy Hook, The heartless, crazy shooter used handguns and the police found a Saiga 12 in the trunk. But, getting the truth from the media is practically impossible, they are as mendacious as barry.

  • AZWarrior

    Dems don't care about anything but their social(ist) agendas. Forget the economy- It's gays, minorities and birth control votes and screw everything else.

  • don

    try to have no dealings with colorado. let them suffer

  • bluefighter

    They can come to Utah and build guns..

  • Centurian2010

    Good for Magpul It is time to make a stand against these liberal oppressors. I would love to see the Democrats in all states where they hurt the local businesses get run out of town. Let's see if this incites the people of CO to stop the liberal invasion. We were overrun here in CA and we lost to liberal corruption where our vote does not mean anything anymore. We are a Democrat mafia run state. We lost 254 businesses here in 2012 due to high taxes and over regulation. I wish the conservatives of CO good luck and blessings.

    • Shadmin

      How about they run the Libturds out of the country!

  • Blaine Mathisen

    whos hunting with a 30 round magazine fuckin John Mcclain? Im sure another company will step in and sell law abiding fire arms once these companies decide to up and leave. Learn to adapt people

    • Shadmin

      The 2nd Amendment isn't about phucking hunting! Those 30rd mags and the guns which take them are what would be needed if it becomes necessary to reign in ANY government which decides that it can become dictatorial over the citizenry! That's why the great Fathers of our country put that Amendment into the Constitution. If the citizenry is unable to enforce the Constitution, then there is no point, cause that's all that stands between the citizens and a dictatorship! Another thing, Magpul doesn't sell firearms, just accessories for firearms (magazines are not firearms!), neither does Alfred Industries, which is a metal machine shop! Gun control doesn't do squat to prevent any crime, it merely creates a safer working environment for the criminals while disarming the law abiding giving the criminals an advantage since they don't obey laws! Adapting to absurdity is ridiculous!

  • wontbruled

    The great state of Texas will take you in with open arms (pun intended) The state of Texas is going to be a safe haven for gun makers because even if the feds pass gun confiscation it will never be recognized in Texas, we have our own rules here!! So all of you companies feeling the democratic pressure all over this country, just come on down, you will be given huge tax breaks and will be welcome anytime, bring the jobs we have the people!!! And the weather is awesome!! Great beaches, lots of critters to shoot!!!

  • Don Smith

    who cares about these stupid colorada liberals come to north carolina,u will like us better than those communist,socialist,dogs

  • goku vegeta


  • Joe Clement

    Californians have been overrunning Colorado for at least 10 years, so it's hard to blame the natives. When you're converting 30,000 driver's licenses a month from CA to CO, the culture will change.

  • libsuk

    Kolorado is just kalifornia east. I grew up in Brighton kolorado and we had liberal morons teaching in our high school. needless to say they did not like me at all and the feeling was mutual. I graduated in 1978 and have never lived there again and I never will.

  • Huapakechi

    Colorado was well on its' way to Kalifirnication when I left in 1993. I don't regret leaving.

  • Wayne

    Come on down to Texas, we'll be glad to have your business!

  • Bill Tyner

    The Dems don't worry about collateral damage - it's making people do what they say that is important to them.

  • Bob

    To quote Jefferson " The Tree of Liberty needs to be cleaned from Time to Time" we are approaching that time.

  • BOstinks

    well there are so many Californians who have moved here and made life miserable for us who have been born and raised here--and they are not welcome here--they make us sick--go back to California and stay out of Colorado

  • David S. McQueen

    There are more Marxists in your country than your economy ever dreamed of.

  • [email protected]

    come to Texas we will need your manufacturing expertise when the shooting war starts, but leave any colorado mores there we ARE different down here

  • Dale

    Way to go IDIOT politicians. If brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose.

  • Dale

    IDIOT politicians will never solve this problem. It will take brains to solve it, not the stuff they offer.

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    Those companies would be foolish to stay in Colorado if this bill passes. If the Colorado government can sweep aside the 2nd Amendment with such alacrity, what's to prevent them from even more radical steps in the future? Hickenlooper's arguement to them- that they can still continue their business by exporting to other states- is not only hypocritical, but deceitful. When men like this are in charge of a state, the time as come to move.

  • Phil McConathy

    More companies need to move to friendlier and freedom loving states to perform their work and hire people in which they have relocated. If this happens enough people will throw the bums out who cost them their jobs.

  • Roger

    Move to TEXAS.

    • TxPatrick

      The Dallas/Ft. Worth area would be nice! :-)

  • Vilhelm

    Here in Colorado Springs last week 4 died from stabbings. No national news coverage for that but it would be lead story fodder had it been guns. Outlaw knives now!

  • Tonto

    The left keeps on proving how short-sighted and ignorant they are. Maybe if they changed tactics and made decisions from facts and thought they wouldn't stick it to themselves and others all the time. Stupid but even more pathetic.

  • deseartu1

    Well I would move to either Texas or good ole Michigan. At least Detroit could use the business and if not they could use the ammunition on themselves!

  • Ray Ake

    democrats are a special kind of stupid

  • Libertarian58

    Magpul and Alfred, come to Utah, we're right next door and we love our gun rights.

  • James Nuziard

    Things have gotten so bad here in California that they're even driving Democrats out of the state! The problem is, these idiots go to conservative states where things are going pretty well, and they continue to vote the same way that made them flee their previous state, which then makes their new state just like the one they left!

    • cmjay

      You can't fix STUPID. These MORONS keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result each time. They just RECYCLED their GOVERNOR.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    That's funny, California lost a lot of employers to Colorado because of tax laws and oppressive regulations.

    Looks like they're going to have to move to a pro-business state.

  • bobalo59

    more and more companies are taking this stand. Some manufactures have gone so far as to say that they will not sell to state agencies that enact restrictive gun measures against the public, but still allow them for their cops and first responders. Good for them.


    Wake up people! This administration has veiled their true intent. They are slowly destroying our democratic way of life all the while your koolaid induced blindness keeps you from seeing the real evil that lies behind their veil of deception.

  • cmjay

    Come to FLORIDA - we would love to have you. - No STATE TAX and we have HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION for home owners.

  • David Peacock

    God bless Texas and Alabama

  • Silas Longshot

    They would be welcome in GA or Texas where, so far, we still have welcome for 2nd amendment related industries. But the leftist democrats with their Marxist, anti-gun rights agenda will march merrily ahead with their unconstitutional stupidity. And by the time it's ground it's way through the courts and overturned as unconstitutional, these companies will be gone and hundreds more in their miserable state will be on unemployment.

  • Martha Durham

    In 1933 Adolph Hitler said we should not try to conquer a country until we take all of the guns away from their citizens.

  • Thomas McAuliffe


  • Donald Hoffart

    Colorado is showing all the sighns of Kalifornians moving to their State and implementing the same bs all over again. Loose on drug regulation, enacted "NON-Right to Work legislation, and having been know as a "favorite Elk Hunting State" is noe proposing legislation against law abiding American Citizens.

  • katcher

    Both companies are welcome to move to Idaho. That type of legislative stupidity would never happen here.

    • ideaminer

      Be careful. Just a few short years ago I thought the same thing about Colorado.

  • Sooz22

    What's the opinion of North Carolina as a (relatively) conservative place to retire? Any suggestions or comments?

  • joe42

    In a short time the russians or china will be able to walk in and take use over without firing a shot. We lost the great feeling of being FREE. It was given to our children who don't care
    they had it too easy. Now we will go the way all other's went.

  • Keenan Lee

    Well, AZ has a lot of room for them. Would love to visit a great company like Magpul and purchase their product first hand. Hope all the companies leave the state. The Democrats will have to change their thinking, or maybe not.

  • Jimmy Rivera


  • Robert Sagoes

    Lets see if they are just talking. When and if they move is what I would like to know.

  • Sue Grimes

    serve the state right. People voted these fools in, elections have conseqenses as we hear every day from the Dems. It sucks that those companies will leave but rest assured, another state will welcome them with open arms,as will the taxpayers.Colorado deserves this.California lite.

  • tionico

    Kagan and Salazar are the o lnes that don't get it. These companies will leave for ethical reasons. How could MagPul remain when they can no longer sell their products in the state in which they are manufactured? Some people and the firms they operate place integrity higher than convenience. I've no doubt, though, that a move to a friendlier state would also bring some cost savings, thus growing the net profit of these two firms. Politicians forget who is the sovereign.. WE THE PEOPLE are, not them. Time they got the boot to the bum to remind them. They are all on about control, and Magpul and such will NOT be controlled. Remember your history... "we always had a mind to live the way we thought we should, and they had a mind that we wouldn't". So explained one of the men who stood at COncord against the Regulars on the first day of the War for Independence.

  • gnafuasusual

    RE Colorado Government and other States that follow this line of thinking: They just don't get it, OR Do They?!! When the gun and ammo sales are halted, criminals will still have their means to find/have guns and ammo. Governments will still have their guns and ammo...they are part of the criminals? Then, every honest American will be at the mercy of the Criminals! And, I believe the far Left Liberals do understand it is their duty to dumb down Americans with their Newspeak and propaganda. Note how Obama uses little children and some adults to drive his point home about guns. This is his grand stand to remove guns from honest, law abiding Citizens - Never mentioning that it was criminals who murdered innocent people.

  • Jeff Price

    Beretta and MagPul - Move to Virginia! I would love to work for either company. We have a great pro-business environment and a highly educated populace. Also the HQ of the NRA, the Pentagon, DEA HQ, US Marshals HQ, and many more are here in the home of Jefferson and Washington.


  • stdhmr

    I use to live and work in Colorado and hunted and fished extensively there and in the surrounding states. It's hard to believe that the citizens would put up with what the liberals are doing to it. Their trashing of the peoples rights and catering to the left is why I and my friends stop going there to hunt Elk and Antelope after a move to Texas. The next targets will be Beer and Gambling and then the state will go the way of the Dodo Bird................

    • ideaminer

      It's not the long-time citizens, but the hordes of Californians,who--having trashed their own state--are now laying waste to ours. I've been in Colorado since kindergarten--almost 60 years ago--and I never thought I'd leave, but now I'm seriously considering it. I live in the mountains, and I'm fed up with the infestation of rude,arrogant, gortex wearing, gorp chomping, hikers, bikers, climbers, and "green" do-gooders, who seem to be able to mind everybody's business but their own.