Liberalism Is Not God, Can’t Win, but It’s Still Going to be Painful

The history of the world is the history of the rise and fall of empires that thought they had control over their destiny, that they were the predestinators of history. If given enough power and control, they believed that they could do anything. History shows that they were wrong.

The downside to my claim that liberalism cannot win is that the unwinding process can be painful. In fact, it can be downright deadly.

But in the end, power kingdoms cannot survive. The center cannot hold. They over-extend themselves and believe their own lie that there are no fixed laws that government can’t violate without harm.

It’s too bad that so many conservatives believe we are in a hopeless situation because all the power and influence is in the hands of power elites that can’t be challenged or overcome. Dr. Gary North writes:

“For over 40 years I have been told by people who have a smattering of knowledge about conspiracies and conspiracy theory that the power elite has engineered every crisis in American history. They believe that the power elite is in fact the functional equivalent of God. They believe that the power elite predestinates the affairs of men.

“I am not saying that every conspiracy theorist holds this, but a lot of them do, and I think the vast majority of their followers do. My father-in-law, R. J. Rushdoony, called these people gravediggers. He said that they believe that the conspiracy is the equivalent of God, and the conspiracy is inherently evil. Therefore, the conspiracy has the capability of keeping most people blinded most of the time. The conspiracy — just one — runs the show.

The reason the people who are in power are in power is because a majority of people want them in power. How do Nancy Pelosi and Sheila Jackson Lee remain in power? People vote for them. Do we honestly believe that these two women are capable of planning and maintaining a conspiracy?

Dr. North continues:

“If you believe that the power-brokers are Keynesians, you believe correctly. But if you believe this, please follow the logic of your position. The nation's rulers overwhelmingly believe that the central government can produce prosperity.

“So do the voters.

“Consent is basic to democracy. The masses consent to be ruled over by people they have elected. Their rulers tell them what they want to hear. The fact that an elite screens the two parties’ candidates for President does not change the nature of consent by the masses.

“The masses are deceived about the political process. This is not the same as saying that the masses are not in agreement with the outcome of this process.”

The voters have been taught to believe this way. Where? In Government schools. Of course, there is enough personal moral corruption that keeps the power elites in power. People want something for nothing even if they know that it’s been taken from their neighbors by majority vote.

In time, when the money runs out, when the debts can’t be paid, when people stop getting their checks, when the checks they do get aren’t worth the paper their printed on or the digits in their bank accounts get more zeros with no more value, the guys and gals who made the promises will be thrown out.

The time is now to raise up a new generation of voters to fill in the hole left by the crater of men and women who believed they were gods.



  • patriotusa2


    • martha chandler

      Great article. Lord I pray more people will believe this to be true.

  • LArry

    Yes. Obama won by a good sized majority. About time you accepted that. Mthose people love Keynes, and Marx and Mao and Saul and Grimnsci, and that cool guy Bernie. Myra you are doomed. Are those FEMA interment camps ready in your neighborhood. Got your RF microchip yet. It's all true. doomed. Saul Alinsky lives in white house and Sandra fluke his grand daughter. Go geezers

    • JohnGalt

      Ah, once again the "old, out of date, backward, white guy" sissy slap.

      Inform your low IQ Marxist handlers, it is time for a fresh new idiotic meme for you anger-soaked, spittle-flecked, ignorantly racist, Useful Idiots to spew incessantly in your utterly pointless, Internet disruptiveness.

    • Melia Sese

      I'm waiting to hear more about that "cool guy Bernie" ...

      In the meantime, let's just stipulate one thing. Barry won because a bunch of sunshine "patriots" couldn't get off their lazy butts long enough to vote for Romney - even though all they do is whine about Barry every hour of the day and every day of the year. They are just as despicable as anyone on the left.

  • 1F@ncynnc

    I am in agreement with the vast majority of points made in this article. However, call me one of those conspiracy theorists but I do believe voter fraud is more rampant than we know or acknowledge; the vast majority of fraud coming from the left. The socialist/communist members of the left will take or steal votes by any means necessary to get & keep power. The bible they live by is undeniably "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky. A MUST read to understand the Conservative's nemesis. So how do those of us who believe in playing by the rules counteract such errant behavior by those who believe ALL is fair as long as it's a means to the end they desire: power & control over the masses & the obliteration of our beloved Republic?

    • Hiram Holiday

      Consider this: Obama won by only a small percentage; If we remove the vote fraud he lost by a small percentage. If the moral thinking has deteriorated in this country that the vote can be that close, we are on the edge of destruction. Either we reverse this trend or we are doomed.

    • patriotusa2

      Voter fraud is rampant! Not one vote for Romney in 59 Philadelphia Districts, same applied to a couple of other states, and they are now investigating a woman who worked on the polls in Ohio that had six votes registered for Obama. This is the reason why Holder and the Democratic party didn't want voter IDs.

      • JamesMaxwell

        Nice trolling patriot, spewing specific lies without bothering to back them up in the least.

        • patriotusa2

          Oh, it's you again! Well if you had listened to the news you would have known what I was talking about in regards to the Ohio woman. As far as Philadelphia and a few other states that didn't have one vote for Romney - well that's old news!

        • 1F@ncynnc

          Explain yourself please, JamesMaxwell. What makes you think I am merely trolling Godfather Politics' website?

        • NM Leon

          The real troll, James Maxwell, was attempting to fly a false flag by accusing patriot of being a troll. it's a typical libtard tactic.

        • larrygrant876

          My thoughts exactly, it's what they do. They have no arguments to defend the self induced mental illness they suffer,which is liberalism. They are only allowed pre-approved liberal groupthink because if they begin to think for themselves they will see what a abysmal failure it is. That is why liberals must keep everyone dependent and stupid and poor so they can sell their feces as ham steaks

        • JamesMaxwell

          "That is why liberals must keep everyone dependent and stupid and poor so they can sell their feces as ham steaks" Very good trolling larrygrant, well done indeed.

        • JamesMaxwell

          You're trolling the internet, not this website.

        • TheSunDidIt

          James, it's out and public record and the lady is being tried in Ohio. Now, not all districts that went for Obama were loaded with liars and thieves. But, there were enough. The real problem is, I think he may have won without this deception and lie. So, why did you Demoncraps contaminate your victory and tarnish it so with the lies? Seems you would have been MUCH happier if you could have BOLDLY proclaimed that it was all legal and on the "up and up"? Pretty sad crowd you are.

        • JamesMaxwell

          "Now, not all districts that went for Obama were loaded with liars and thieves"

          Great trolling TheSunDidIt.

    • JamesMaxwell

      Great trolling 1F@ncynnc. I can see you have practiced.

      • NM Leon

        Were you looking for a libtard website when you lost your way, troll?

        • JamesMaxwell

          If I want to find retards, I know just where to come.

      • 1F@ncynnc

        My practice, JM, is in the conversations & debates relevant to current issues. The only thing you've showed so far is that you are adept at going around calling people trolls......with no facts to back it up!

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    • Melia Sese

      Oh, JSYK (and anyone else who might wonder), Melia is 100% behind you on the voter fraud situation. Once upon a time (around 1996), I lived in the "OC" (Orange County CA) and saw it firsthand. Good ol' B1-Bob Dornan was defeated by thousands of non-citizen voters (illegal Mexes) that elected Loretta Sanchez to Congress in the 46th District. Look it up if you need further details.

      The "gutsy" GOP leadership failed to contest the election even though they had all the evidence necessary. But White Republicans are scared to death of non-White Democrats and their media skills, so Loretta got in and she remains so to this day.

  • JoAnn Warner


  • JamesMaxwell

    Great trolling Mr. DeMar.

  • Melia Sese

    Horsefeathers! Give me time and I will debunk much of what Dr Remnant Review wrote. Along the way, we shall see just how well you were all brought up.

    • JohnGalt

      Humility and intelligence were clearly not part of YOUR upbringing, Ms. Condescension.

      • Melia Sese

        Glad you like it, son ... at least you got hot once today, huh?

        • StandardX

          Trolling again Melia?

        • Melia Sese

          Define "trolling," little man.

        • StandardX

          Lets see, the standard definition in this context is One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. It also is defined as someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
          Is that definition enough for you, canicula?

        • Melia Sese

          See above ... but of course, I reserve the right to decide what is "off topic" ...

          However, when someone in a public (yes, not private, or only open to those who toe the party line, whatever that is at the moment) forum makes a statement such as: " ... when the money runs out, when the debts can’t be paid ..." it just begs to be responded to.

          If you are someone who actually seeks greater understanding, then you shall learn why... Melia invites you to the discussion.

    • Melia Sese

      Now, let's have a look, shall we? I seem to this Gary North fellow trying to hawk newsletters back in 1999 warning us that "Y2K" was going to be the end of the world and how we had better "prepare" and, oh yeah, he had just the stuff to sell us (or at least hook us up with someone who did). Guys like this just love the pigeons they run into who are always ready to part with their hard-earned cash for the sake of fear. Clearly a follower of good ol' P.T. Barnum, who was famous for saying "there's a sucker born every minute."

      Mr. DeMar - are you truly someone who doesn't "believe" in conspiracy? Well then, perhaps we need to define terms. I am sure you are aware of organized crime, the Mafia, etc. and you are also aware of the billions in drug money out there floating around. Say, did you happen to hear the one about HSBC and the cool billion they got fined for laundering Mexican dope? Haha ... no, they don't have to pretend to be "god" but they sure do make a bunch of things happen down here on dirty ol' Earth.

  • Uptite

    Great Article Mr DeMar! You are spot on in that people don't care and will take from thy neighbor to serve themselves. This is the new mentality of our Society... no more hear of the "American Dream" where if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. Back in the depression days, if people accepted assistance, they gave back by helping out in the towns and cities after natural disasters, like floods and the like. Today, you see 20 year old, young folk at the Market pulling out their EBT to purchase steak and beer, only to load it up in a new SUV. Dependence gives Control ~ That is the name of the game for this Administration!

  • jong

    Interesting however most people have no idea of what is going on and just have their hands out and like children you can not tell them they can not do. However, the pain will come when the money is gone and no more bread and circuses. Then there will have to be change and to a degree blood in the streets.

  • Melia Sese

    Did you think I would ignore this little gem, Mr Gary? :

    "In time, when the money runs out, when the debts can’t be paid, when people stop getting their checks ..."

    Suppose one of you lamies tell us when that might happen "in time." We've surely been hearing it for decades. Oh, and when you figure out when, maybe you could also tell us why it hasn't happened. Just a hint ... it's never going to happen. I will wait for one of you to step up and attempt to straighten lil' ol' Ms. Melia out.

    • StandardX

      In case you haven't been following the news the "chickens are coming home to Roost" in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and etc.. "it's never going to happen." Yeah and we would never have a black president anytime soon, the Pope will never resign and terrorists crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was never going to happen either.

      • Melia Sese

        In case you never studied economics (or learned what a fiat currency regime actually is), I shall introduce basic concepts. The Euro-zone countries are not sovereign and cannot address their issues internally without receiving injections from the ECB. We knew all along the Euro would become an unworkable system once times got bad - did you know Spanish unemployment is 27% (and Greek is 30%) ... "let 'em starve" seems to be the basic operating principle of the Germans and any uninformed outsiders like US "conservatives."

        I know you blowhards really don't give a fig what happens to people and your main purpose in life is to simply stomp your feet, kick and scream, and wail about how "evil" everything is, all the while threatening great harm to others who don't agree with you. Sooner or later, you will die out and become a footnote to history.

        I have yet to see any of you able to reason about much of anything when it comes to economic matters, but you swallow the garbage about what is "sustainable" without having any framework of knowledge to understand what you are talking about. This includes going along with obvious hucksters like Gary North who only look to make a dishonest buck off of your fears ...

        • StandardX

          I have studied economics when I was in college and probably know it better than President Obama and Jack Lew put together, and yes, I'm well aware of what fiat currency is and the rate of unemployment for Greece and Spain respectively. Those countries, so far, have the EU to bail them out. But US? China to bail us out? The concept of unsustainability just as the concept of humility seems to be totally lost on you. And for the record, I don't agree with everything Gary DeMar says.

        • Melia Sese

          All right then … so maybe you’re not some gap-toothed hillbilly whose granddaughter taught him how to use a computer. So much the better. Any way I can arrive at a dialog is fine with me. So you took the subject
          in college … perchance, do you recall whose textbook you were using?

          If you are familiar with the nature of fiat currencies, then you should also be aware that: (1) government spending is not revenue-constrained, (2) bond issuance – a voluntary activity in a fiat currency regime – is merely an exchange of stagnant reserves at the Federal Reserve for interest-bearing assets, (3) total spending equals total income at the aggregate level, thus total employment is determined by the total output in the economy, (4) any economy is composed of three basic sectors
          (government, non-government domestic, and external), and that the sum of the balances of each must net to zero.

          Hence, there is never a need for any sovereign nation (one that issues and controls its own currency) to ever need “bailing out.” We hear quite a bit about China these days, and not just from the right wing. Yes, they run a trade surplus with various nations, but this is a voluntary activity on their part, as they have determined they would rather hold bits of paper (in this case, Treasury bonds, as we have decided to prevent them buying the stock of US firms in large blocks) than the real goods they send over here. This is likely due to the desire of that government to keep social unrest at a manageable level by keeping as many people employed as possible.

          So this perhaps gets the proverbial ball rolling … I shall await a response. Some of the above concepts may need to be examined in greater detail.

          Let me explain a couple of things first: I am nearly 62 years old, with five children and nine grandchildren, and a reasonably large fortune (though certainly not in the billions), which I made first via my own business and later multiplied by my participation in the markets. I attribute some of my
          success to my understanding of real-world (as opposed to neoliberal mainstream mythology) economic thinking. At my advanced age, I have come to place little importance on most opinion, but I will also be quick to point out that I learn very little from those I agree with.

        • StandardX

          Well I'm 42 and my niece recently given birth to a baby girl, thus making me a great-uncle. But my sense of me modesty prevents me from using that title. 62 years old? Was that picture of yours taken a generation ago or have you had plastic surgery or botox? I do find it ironic that you would be saying "Sooner or later, you will die out and become a footnote to history."
          Well ok, I'll give you some credit maybe you do seem have some grasp of what you're talking about. Who did I study when I was taking Economics 101? Lets see, St. Milton Friedman, Blessed Adam Smith, St. David Ricardo, Venerable Ludwig Von Mies, and Blessed Friedrich Hayek; just to name a few. I even did a paper on J.M Keynes, but it was Hayek's Road to Serfdom that was an eyeopener for me.
          You say there is no need any for a government bailout, perhaps you should tell that to President Obama as well as former Pres G.W.
          I do not rely strictly on views and opinions I agree lest my worldview becomes distorted. Now you could do yourself well to acquire some humility, as John Kerry has said, "There is nothing I take more pride in is my sense of humility."

        • Melia Sese

          All right then … so we’ve established that you are a male of the species, which probably explains your distinct lack of knowledge on how to relate to women. Perhaps you know any Filipinas around Melia’s age? If so, you may be aware of our ability to age with grace and dignity … and of course, it helps to control one’s food intake and keep the body in reasonably good shape. Being of small stature (5’0” and 90 lb) makes it somewhat easier. At my firearms training camp in Texas, many were surprised that someone of my age could hang in there with much
          younger folk. You get out of life what you put into it, right? As for what
          products I might use, surely your mother taught you never to ask such things?

          So now we just need a proper name to refer to you by – “X” seems so impersonal, so for the time being I shall address you as Jimmy. And I should not be surprised that you venerate the Austrians (as many
          right-wingers do), but conferring sainthood is probably more than a Jew like Milton would aspire to. Thus it provides Melia with, shall we say, a “target rich” environment. But my question was more about the textbook
          (Samuelson? Mankiw?) you started with, because when one gets off on the wrong foot it usually leads to some bad places. Unfortunately, you have not introduced any ideas beyond vague platitudes about “bail-outs” and the like, so where would you prefer to start? It was a bit hard to follow some of your entry this time, Jimmy (I do wish people would take the time to proofread before posting – and this site affords one the
          luxury of editing after the fact) … but I have no desire to be compared to John Kerry in any capacity, nor do I have the ear of our president or his
          predecessor. Perhaps you might explain how a sovereign, currency-issuing government needs any type of assistance. I believe I covered the Chinese (and this extends to any foreign purchaser of US bonds) in my earlier entry, and how their trade surplus is a voluntary activity (as is treasury bond issuance in a fiat-currency economy).

          While we’re at it, sir, perhaps you might care to explain a couple of matters that once troubled me:
          1 – Why, despite record federal deficits (up to that time) in the 1980s, the economy grew at a brisk pace and treasury yields continued to fall (despite the mainstream’s telling us that record “borrowing” would lead to “crowding out”)?

          2 – How, despite a “national debt” over 200% of GDP, the Japanese economy maintains around 4% unemployment and keeps their sovereign debt yield even lower than ours?
          And finally:
          3 – Are you familiar with the ideas contained in Modern Monetary Theory?

          It is touching that you may presume to consider what might be best for Melia … but “humility” as such is overrated, and as my mother used to say – someone who thinks little of herself will likely feel the same about others.

  • hausman69

    Liberalism is winning and will win. Why? Because there are too many stupid Americans that do not follow politics and know nothing about the candidates, know nothing about our history and the Founders, and with the media acting contrary to how they are suppose to act in keeping watch on the Federal Government. We are doomed.

  • rivahmitch

    Not just "painful" but bloody and many on both sides will die. However, freedom has never been free and it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Semper Fi! KTNN!!


    What they call "population control", I call genocide.