Obama: “Energy Is Going To Be A Little More Expensive”

During Obama’s last Google+ “Fireside Hangout” session, he addressed a question about energy costs and climate change:

 “I have to tell you that there are some Democrats, for example, who represent states or districts that are heavily reliant on old power plants and are more heavily manufacturing based. And the truth is that if you produce power using old power plants, you’re going to be emitting more carbon, but, to upgrade those plants means energy is going to be a little more expensive, at least on the front end.”

 Converting old coal power plants into natural gas plants is expensive, and in many cases, the power plants have to shut down because the costs of conversion are too high. Once they’re converted, the cost of complying with EPA regulations will be high, but those costs will be passed along to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

Gasoline prices are going up, and they’re double now than what they were when Obama first took office. As energy prices surge, so will every other price that’s associated with any product that requires any form of energy. Products that depend on transportation or manufacturing will see higher prices because of burdening EPA regulations fueled mostly by liberals’ crusade to convince the sun to stop causing warming cycles on Earth.

All these price increases are sacrifices that we should all be willing to make to stop global warming. Obama said a few years back that gas prices going up is a good thing. Now, why would that be a good thing? It’s not a good thing for us commoners, because it creates yet another financial strain on us. But it’s good for the ruling class in Washington who lovingly makes rules for us at our own expense.

Obama wants gas prices to go up so that people will stop being so dependent on “dirty” fossil fuels. He wants people to stop driving their own cars and start using mass transportation. He said that rising gas prices would “force us to think about changing the culture to create more emphasis on mass transportation.” This is why he praises Europe’s high-speed rail systems and why liberals push for them here.

And this isn’t just Obama’s pipe dream. Obama’s former Energy Secretary Steven Chu was open about how he wanted U.S. gas prices to be as high as Europe’s. And liberal economists say that high gas prices mean that the economy is doing well. Even the United Nations’ Agenda 21 seeks to pull people away from rural settings and force them into big cities where they will get around by mass transit. This way, people will be much more easily tracked.

It used to be that the government worked for us. Now, it’s the other way around. We work for them and write their paychecks, and all we get in return is more government controls, mandates, taxes and higher prices.



  • Dram

    What's real funny about this is because of the banksters NO ONE is buying the over priced oil out of the mid east. It's so bad that Saudi May have to shut down their plants soon do to the extreme overstock.

  • gwedem5995

    I guess Obama is evolving as he was outraged when they went up during the Bush adm.
    He wants us to drive a little less but he is on Air-Force 1 a gas guzzler almost every day, it seems. did you hear what his little golf outing cost last week. And he says he feels the pain of the downtrodden. He is nothing more than a joke.

    • Sarah Jacobs

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  • Screeminmeeme

    1. Ever notice how it's all about what Obama wants?
    2. Ever notice how we are expected to make sacrifices and life-changes while he has given up nothing? We're to reduce our consumption of gasoline while he uses Air Force One for his unnecessary jaunts across America.
    3. He lives like a monarch while many of us are just trying to scrape by.

    "There is scarcely a king in a hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharaoh, get first all the people's money, then all their lands and then make them and their children servants forever."
    -- Benjamin Franklin

    • El_Love

      or why he calls himself a 1%er when he has basically never worked a real job (a few semesters teaching as a lecturer on Constitutional law -- choke, choke) - no other real work history including the last 6 years. How do you make millions doing nothing? that income history is sealed too........
      How exactly does he plan on us peasants paying for the electricty to power all electric cars when electric costs are going to "necessarily going to skyrocket" under his plan.
      Who says liars never prosper? He sure has and there is no one who will stand up to him? No one who will make him accountable for his lies, treason and corruption? No one who will work for us?

  • P W Carpenter

    Didn't Obama say he wanted $8.00 gasoline?

  • auhunter

    Of course energy prices are going to go up if the EPA continues to shut down the coal fired power plants and Obama refuses to allow drilling on US soil and refuses to sign the XL Pipeline deal. By conservative estimates we could be free of all import from foreign sources if he would allow it. He wants the nation dependent upon foreign oil and the people dependent upon the government.

    • Made_in_the_USA

      No, he's keeping us dependent on foreign oil, and he's going to sell the oil and coal in North America to China to pay off 'his' debt. I mean America's debt, 'cause we consume too much. Right? We drive too much, but he doesn't fly OUR AF-1 all over the planet at a bazillion dollars an hour, with a much bigger 'carbon footprint', whatever that is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Ruyle/100001085161358 Joe Ruyle

    Hey! I just wanted to get on my knees and thank our Dear Leader for all he has managed to do to..... errrr.. I mean FOR.... the average American citizen. Back when Dear Leader took office it set me back a whopping $66 to fill my vehicle. Yes... that was awfully high... and I fully realize NOW that it was all the Bush's fault.... him and that evil Dick Cheney. Yesterday I was lucky enough to have Dear Leader in the White House and only had to hand over $182.20 for the same fill up! My joy knows no bounds!! Had my income increased at the same rate as the fuel prices I'd actually be high enough to look down on heaven.

    Now... removing tongue from cheek.... If this worthless unqualified jerk weed had to make and HONEST living and quit leaching off the blood of the American people he really would be "feeling our pain." Instead of sucking down $200 apiece Kobe steaks he'd be figuring out which Tuna Helper to have tonight. If he had to pay to fill up a vehicle that choice might be reduced to which flavor of Raman Noodles to cook instead. Since he has been either privileged or catered to his entire life he hasn't got a clue in hell what REAL life is all about. If he were not in the white house he'd most likely be a scam artist. NO! Wait! That's how he got IN the White House in the first place.

    Had the election in 2008 gone according to the LAW then Obama would not have even been on the ballot. The democrat party failed to certify his credentials. They merely said he was their candidate instead. The law says that the party must submit a certificate stating that their candidate is eligible under the Constitution and all applicable election laws to run for and hold the office he is running for. As usual.... the democrat party simply ignores the law when it is inconvenient for them to obey. And because the state controlled media was in the tank for and wanted Obama to win..... they simply ignored the law AND their responsibility to the American people.... and looked the other way at all liberal wrong doing.

    98% of the media today is a freaking joke! There is no more news. Instead what we get spoon fed day and night is political agenda shaped and formed to advance liberal policy and ideals. As with the frog and the water...... it all has happened so slowly that the average American didn't see it coming and still doesn't realize they are being played every single day. The founders told us that an America united and operating as outlined in the founding documents would never fall to an outside power....... we would fall from within. They were right...... we are.

    Every citizen should get on their knees and ask for forgiveness for letting the Founders down and for failing to protect, preserve and defend their wonderful Constitution. While we're at it we should also stick Dear Leaders sorry ass behind bars for violating his Oath of Office TWICE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorna.doone.319 Lorna Doone

    Did anyone think the cost of gas going down wasn't an election ploy? I knew it, you knew it, but the low-information voter's brought it, hook, line, and sinker! Get ready folks, a rise in energy usually signals another stock market crash and this could be the biggie that put's us on par with 1929!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lee.riffee Lee Riffee

    All I can do is hope that all those of little means who voted for Obama will spend the rest of his term starving and freezing and walking everywhere they go, then they will truly get what they deserve! Actually, I'm surprised that the libtards haven't switched from the "prevention" of "weather" that we don't like (and can't do anything about) to the prevention of asteroids (look what just happened in Russia!). They could find all sorts of ways to tax us (but I suppose that would lead people to move out of urban areas, because if your city gets hit by a space rock, that could be quite a few dead people, as opposed to it hitting a rural area) to prevent a repeat of the event that wiped out the dinosaurs. But hey, at least if they did that it would be a worthwhile cause and an attempt to control a threat that is, at least based on current technology, feasible to actually do something about, instead of trying to alter the weather.

    • Janet Carney



      Obama is NOTHING to me. Well he's the dog poo I step on in our backyard.

  • fwiw

    Since our detriment is to benefit the "world," then it's all good, right? Political idealogues really aren't the people to have running any country. They voluntarily limit their thinking and their/our choices.

  • TexRancher

    It wouldn't be if we had a REAL AMERICAN president!
    We still need a complete vetting of this guy AND ALL THOSE IN HIS PARTY WHO RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ELECTION including thoses who engaged in voter fraud.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    I wish obama would crawl up al gores butt and see what that fat a hole has been eating. global warming is a fraud just like that sissified BOY obama, nothing but a pack of lies to rape the tax payers of money for these two crooks from hell.

  • MrCReed54

    Since oBama got into office our country has gotten so bad and all oBama can do is campaine and try to tell us what good he can do and will do for our country and why everything is all someone eles falt and why things are so bad! this man is out to destroy our country! And if you can't see this it's because you just wont see and you don't want to see! oBama is not the kind of terroist that will put a bom on and walk into a crowd and blow people up, he is a politico terroist and he is doing his job! And it's just to dam bad we have so many spineless politicions that are so dam worried about living the high life and not doing thire jobs and protecting our country and the people!!! I say F the whole dam goverment! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW!!! IMPEACH oBama NOW or we will be more sorry then we are now!!!!
    Impeach oBama now!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronda.miller.334 Ronda Miller

    Unfortunately, this is only news to the idiots who didn't listen to him the first time he ran for president. When he publicly announced that he would put coal mines out of business and that our utility bills would "necessarily skyrocket" due to his new regulations. I really wish I was watching this from outside so I could laugh at what the people have brought on themselves. Unfortunately, I have to suffer for what the people have brought on me and my family.

  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.nixon.568 Diane Nixon

    The Half-Breed in the white house wont be satisfied until He ignites Civil War II

  • williaml

    The government is even considering taxing bicycles.
    If we were to walk everywhere, the government will tax shoes
    The only of transportation that would be ever approved is government transportation
    1984 is a reality

  • Vancouver1941

    When gas was $2.50 a gallon under Bush all Pelosi did was rant and rave about the high cost of gas. I wish it was still $2.50 and now she doesn't say a thing about the price doubling and still going up at the altar of Obama.If the keystone pipeline was approved at least we are dealing with a country we do not have to send troops to in the name of oil.But this will never happen under Obama's watch because if people made a decent living and money it would mean he would lose some power and control over our lives and he could not have that. As far as his so called care about carbon footprints it is just another way of getting more money in the form of taxes. Look at the carbon footprints the Obama's use when they go on there gazillion vacations.Us little people are being used for atm machines.

  • Public_Citizen

    The problem with using public/mass transportation west of the 100th meridian [as an arbitrary demarcation] is that it often doesn't go where one needs to go or the connections are so disjointed that it is impossible to make the connections in a reasonable timeframe. Origination and destination points are spread farther apart than in the more highly urbanized eastern states, making it necessary to make many connections in order to make a single journey.

    Many publicly funded transportation projects place a higher priority on political agendas than rational and efficient transportation decisions.

    The rational person is left with the alternatives of providing their own transportation at their own cost or not making the trip at all.

  • Kent2012

    at about 6 foot under the temp will be a reasonable 56 degrees....that is where most of the communists in America belong, to include kenyan boy, their lord and savior.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.farrar.3 Jeff Farrar

    Kinda like our taxes A$$HOLE?

  • DOOM161

    That's not what he promised. He promised to bankrupt oil and coal companies.