Firearms Company Striking Back At Anti-Gun NY By Cancelling All Orders For NYPD

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are perhaps the two most anti-gun people in the entire nation.  They have been responsible for the passage of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.  If Bloomberg had his way, no private citizen would be allowed to own a firearm, period and he is using his billions of dollars towards achieving that goal.

The new gun control laws in New York are so strict that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott used state funds to run ads in New York City and Albany telling New York gun owners to move to Texas where their Second Amendment rights are protected by the state.

Now, one firearms company, York Arms is also taking action against the unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment rights of every New York resident.  Located in Buxton, Maine, York Arms specializes in custom firearms and gunsmithing.  Among their clientele is the New York City Police Department.  However, that’s one client that the company is willing to give up because of the city and state’s gun control laws.

In a statement released on Valentine’s Day, York Arms said:

“Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York.

As a result, we have halted sales of rifles, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, machine guns, and silencers to New York governmental agencies.

For “civilian” customers residing in New York: At your choice, we will:

Complete your order and ship to a dealer of your choice outside of NY.

Refund your payment in full.

Hold your items here for up to 6 months, at no charge – if you are in the process of leaving NY and taking residence in another state.

For LE/Govt customers in New York: Your orders have been cancelled.”

I have no idea what percentage of their business comes from New York, but you know they are going to lose sales by taking this stand.  However, if gun owners across America hear about their stand, it may help generate more sales in support of the company’s ethics.

Now if every other gun and ammunition manufacture would follow suit and cut off all sales to the state and city police departments in New York, it will force them to rethink their policies.  What would happen if all of the law enforcement agencies in the state of New York were no longer able to purchase guns or ammunition?  It would put them at the same level of non-protection as the citizens on New York.

Better yet, I would like to see every gun and ammunition manufacturer stop all sales to the federal government.  While the feds are trying to strip American’s of their guns and ammunition, they have been buying billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of assault (assault-style) weapons.  Let’s cut off their supply as well.

The best way to treat someone who won’t share something is to take that something away from them.  So let’s take the government’s right buy assault (assault-style) weapons and bulk supplies of ammunition away from them.  If we can’t have it, then neither should they!

Perhaps we need to start a letter writing campaign to every gun and ammunition company in the United States, urging them to follow the example of York Arms, only to extend the same ban to the federal government.  Let’s put the same squeeze on Washington that they are trying to put on us.



  • James White, M.D.

    From an old physician, who has apparently lost his own part of the war (against obamacare), I salute York Firearms, for waging the continuing war on all fronts. Let all patriots consider how they, in their own ways, might also fling a small or a large arrow into the beast of Marxism, and perhaps reason, Christianity, freedom, and individualism might ultimately prevail. Pax vobiscum.

    • patriotusa2

      Don't be too hard on yourself, Doc! You at least fought the fight and it wasn't your fault that you lost the war! I salute York Firearms too, for having the courage to take a stand against two hypocrites that have access to bodyguards (with guns) to protect them.

      • pduffy

        Who says he lost? The fight is not over. I have dropped all my insurance and will refuse to pay the fine. They may come for me, but if enough Americans take this stand it will overwhelm the system, and the tyrants will be forced to repeal this monstrocity, just like they did prohibition. Get the picture? I refuse to live under tyranny. They won't get my guns either. I am taking a stand.

        • Tony

          What fine? Supreme court says it's a tax even thought the demos fought tooth and nail to eliminate that language. How ironic the only way ocare could be passed is to characterize the fine as a tax. The fine/tax is just a way for obama to pad his coffers so he can give out more cellphones and other handouts so the people won't get too upset at all his lavish vacations. Where is his sacrifice and fair share?

        • Curry

          Re: Tony,
          The Constitution requires an "up-or-down" vote an all legislation. Harry Reid ad nauseum attached "Ocare" to another piece of legislation as a rider. That is how it passed. It would have never passed according to constitutional standards. And, it surprises me that no one has taken "Ocare" to the USSC on this basis. It will not be long before the anti-gun portions of "Ocare" are forced upon the States. I agree with "PDuffy": overwhelm the system and when you get to court, recite the provisions of the Constitution which make this whole mess, including Obama's highly questionable authority to sign "Ocare" into "Law" as non-existent.
          Responding to the author, the NYPD (NYC) will attempt to enforce the contract provisions by claiming "Breach" and at the same time it will go overseas to obtain its weapons and support systems so as to 'return the favor'.
          Let us not confuse the good officers of the NYPD with those individuals who are "non-compos mentos", the ones who have made NYC and NY State bitterly anti-freedom and anti-liberty: the voters of NYC and NY State who keep electing morons to high political offices. Apologies to you good people in NYC and NY State who still have your head firmly glued tight to your neck. Watch your back!

        • mwl

          The best thing for NY is fire, burn the place down. ALL the people leaving the state are the wage earners. Whats left is all the baby birds, those with thier mouths open waiting to be fed all the time by the govt. Businesses need to leave this state in droves. Get out now. Go to a state that promotes business and your rights. Let the state of NY perish under the weight of the socialist programs they have YOU paying for.
          What the leftists are doing is making the current money system fail then state since that has failed we need 100% socialism. obama has already stated that . Part of the failure is to disarm the populace.
          York could have said in order to meet YOUR stringent requirements of "law enforcement" the associated costs will be 1000% more. So every dollar the item costs Law enforcement costs are $1000. This way itll say law enforcement on the box. I would use a Sharpie pen. The sooner you leave a state like NY or CA the better off you'll be. Get out. When you leave burn the building down. Throw some tequila bottles, burrito wrappers and Dos XXs around.
          Mike in Afghanistan

        • General

          Osama Bin Obama's terrorist buddies could do it for FREE, as long as there are a number of good Jumbo Jets to fly for free! NYC is a pit of demoniac druggos, crims and profiteers anyhow! - If the place was flattened by God, like Sodom and Gomorrah was, who would give even a damn?

        • Saltporkdoc

          Don't you get it? It is FINE for the government to TAX, ergo, a TAX is just FINE, I say sarcastically!

        • don

          obama doesn 't have to operate on a budget none of his croines do either

        • RescueKyron

          Soon we will see revealed Obbba's groomer promoter controller thugs. Extreme wealth that will get their funds back that were used to get Obbba into the IL Senate and the Presidency. Their payoff is closing the Benefits Dept of their businesses all over the USA and woild, and forces their employees into Obbbacare. That saves the thugs mega money they can pocket.

        • Denise Ortiz

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        • Allen Morgan

          They have the IRS as their enforcement bureau and Homeland Security and few other government alphabet agencies with approached 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunitiion and new fully automatic weapons, using children and pregnant women cutouts as target practice to come after you and us. Stay strong. Be prepared. We will also do as you do, but I have to admit I am more than a little concerned.

        • don

          their a reason to be concerned an also a reason to be hopeful. ever day more reach the same decsion as we. that is that this will not fix it self an if it gets fixed it will be by US. stand. we will

        • Bill Richter

          Allen how true you are!! And if there is one grupe that GOD SHOULD DAMN TO HELL IT IS THE IRS,,WITH Osama Bin Obama under their arm!

        • fidoes

          Exercise restraint,they want us to make the first move,PLEASE no violence.We have to find out where our local reps and law enforcement stand and mount a united campaign to embarrass them in public about the oath they took to protect the law abiding US Citizens and our Constitution.

        • dmr2701

          I'm with you, pduffy.

        • don

          good for you pduffy you will not be along i promise.

        • Martha Lee Vincent

          Why should we taxpayers keep paying? Obama's illegal alliens and welfare recipients don't pay for anything.

        • General

          What did Californians do to the Government to stop rorting with the system? - Look back at the Californian Tax withholding strategy,,, I t could be used AGAIN, this time protesting at a fraud President ruining the country! - Best if Every Company and Individual WITHHELD all tax for 5 years! - The Government would collapse, and maybe the CIA would assassinate Obama like the did with the Kennedys'.

        • Craig J. Townsend

          Dont count on it, they passed legislation that would break the system entirely so that they could then pass socialized medicine as the fix for it. It is what congress always does. first medicare and the price controls that drove all prices up, then more intervention, then the creation of HMOs to do what gov does, drive prices up. They have been moving toward socialized medicine now for over 40 years. Only now at the end game conservatives are finaly waking up, Good mornin Rip Van Winkles, like the world that your sleeping helped create? Cant happen here? think All of this is nothing but a conspiracy theory, so you can go back to sleep? amd the repulirats helped pass it just like the patriot act! "What me? I dont have to worry about the patriot act, I havent done nothing wrong, Im a patriot!" Um, Simpleton, they called it the patriot act because it would be used to outlaw patriots one day! Still dont get hot the deception work?

        • axmickl

          Sorry craig but we were not asleep. We were out voted by the blacks, the jews, the muslims the union thugs and all the dead people they could dig up. We were nieve enough to think we could fight back at the ballot box but the wimps we sent to washington have all surrendered. We still have choices but they are not all very pleasant and good people will be sorely affected.

        • axmickl

          I wonder how surprised they will be when the public rises up and defends owing a weapon. If the first few arms collectors disappear it might get someone's attention

        • rational

          Perfect, pduffy. But remember if you should get sick, you'll get care and then get bills that will bring your net worth to zero.

        • pduffy

          So the government should protect me from losing my net worth if I get sick, and rob my neighbor and bring his net worth to zero with taxes to pay for my misfortune? WHAT A COUNTRY! Spreading the misery around with taxes! And who says I should get care if I can't pay? This is root of the problem - government deciding who gets care and not the free market. It's bankrupting the society. Your net worth is going to zero anyway because liberalism will eventually run out of other people's money.

      • 58proudtobe

        With the regime in place, don't doubt the fed's will eventually end up importing from the chicoms or ruskies. York Firearms should seriously consider moving to Texas.

        • A. G. T. Jr.

          Bless your courageous hearts, people of York Firearms. I'm a Houstonian and having people like you re-locating business to Texas is like having another good and caring neighbor. Texas awaits you York Firearms.

        • axmickl

          Florida is a better place for them to move. Winters are more friendly. taxes lower and the fishing is beyond comparison. You just might have to learn how to wrestle Pythons.

        • A. G. T. Jr.

          axmickl, Texas has no state tax, many cities have no real estate taxes for residential homes and fishing is as great as in Florida.Wrestling pythons is another good trade to learn but handling feral hogs and javelinas are pulsating experiences too. But whether it be the Sunshine State or the Lone Star State, you and I are just offering very pleasant options to our beseiged Big Apple brothers. It's just sad that the apple is rotten to the core. Spring is in the offing. Visit us here in the great southwest and y'all enjoy southern hospitality and comfort anytime. Nice interfacing with you.

        • Txfredn

          AS a representative of a GREAT Engineering Firm here in Texas that specializes in Manufacturing Relocation's I am in communication with these potential Texas Companies to do just the very same ....'come On Down! We are here to assist!

        • 58proudtobe

          Post the link to your engineering firm. I'd like to make contact!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I hope Magpul in Colorado is on your list. If not, here is there info:

          Main Office: Phone:

          Mailing Address:
          Magpul Industries Corp
          P.O. Box 17697
          Boulder, CO 80308

          They need a "Friendly State" to do business in. : )

        • Smirking Wolf

          Y'all welcome to come to South Carolina too!

        • don

          you can bet their thinking on that hell just in taxs saved would be worth while

        • Me_in_Canada_eh

          I sense a great southerly migration in your country.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          That would be "Very Welcome." The "Freedom lovers and producers" will do very nicely here. The "Progressives & Liberals" can STAY PUT! That way they can live in "their paradise" once ALL the producers have left.

          Have a great day and stay warm, eh! ; )

        • A. G. T. Jr.

          Come on down here to Texas specially this winter. The sunshine in the Texas plains is healthy great and that in the hill country is extra nourishing to your joints and bones We have excellent Vitamin D3 here in Texas even in the peak of winter.

        • Tom54

          Maybe iit's time to move 'em all in and 'round the wagons. Get as many of the needed companies as far south as we can get. Food, clothing, medicine, guns and ammo. That should get us a start. Maybe the old adage is begining to come true. Ya' think maybe the 'ole South will rise again?

      • Ann Rand

        can we hope that their bodyguards are not always vigilant ???? LOL

        • patriotusa2

          Poetic justice, Ann.

        • Ann Rand

          And we sure could use some JUSTICE, couldn't we ??/

        • don

          yes we could being that the marixs obama owns most of it

        • patriotusa2

          We sure could Ann, and unfortunately we don't see too much of that these days.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I wonder if they like "coffee & donuts?"

      • Guest

        I'm with you, patriotus!

    • goku vegeta


      • JohnGaltTexas

        Why don't we start a movement to divorce ourselves from the corrupt feds completely and start over.

        • Tony

          It' called a revolution and I believe it's coming.

        • Me_in_Canada_eh

          The hit will surely fit the shan very soon.

      • Arationofreason

        Love it. Tit for Tat.

      • rose dickson

        brilliant idea!!!

      • Jeanne Stotler

        There is such a thing as the Hippocratic Oath and you cannot abandon a patient

        • axmickl

          He isn't a patient until you accept him as one.

        • frawgeyz

          odimba will take care of you with his panels. Not to worry jeanne,

    • Deborah G

      Doctor, my dad was a famility practtitioner. he said 20 years ago that IF they started socialized medicine and some idiot was going to tell him what he could or could nt do for a patient he would quit. God took him before he saw this travesty. Myt heart goes out to you. These libs think doctors make a lot of money. here's a clue for them. I didn't see a whole lot of my dad because he started his day with Hospital rounds, then did office hours then house calls for the poor people who couldn't get out. Dinner may or may not include him if a baby was born or an appendix that burst. We missed so may functions and vacations BUT we knew what he did was really rerally importanmt. I married a doctor and he works the same crazy hours., A whole lot of what we make goes to taxes to support people who have zero desire to help themselves. IF we don't rid ourselves of the scourge of Liberalism and OBAMA we are truely doomed. We can't retire because we just don't have the oney saved with all we have to pay out. I honestly hate this President and how he has destroyed everything good about America.

      • Arationofreason

        Bless you for standing by you Man(md).

      • don

        godbless deborah . there is a time coming when WE will be forced to fix this ourselfs

      • frawgeyz

        Deb I agree! These doctors work very hard to even become doctors! They desrve to make a living.I also hate this prez! He has divided people on every level and there has been no peace since he showed his ugly face! My brother is a doctor and the road there was long and hard! No One gave him a dime!

    • TheSunDidIt

      Doc, I would rather have you taking care of me than any Obamabot. Fact is, I'd rather take it out of savings and pay direct than deal with insurance companies. If your customers signed agreements not to sue, would you get a lower rate from your insurer (liability)?

    • jong

      Of course no one will want to have anything to do with Bloomburg. Next weapon of the NYPD will be a squirt gun made in china. And we always will prevail in the long run. Lies only stretch so far in reality and the pendulum will swing back. I just hope you are here to see it.

      • James Shepherd

        I hope we are ALL here to see it. "DEATH TO LIBERALISM!"

        • don

          me to but we better hurry i'm 70 i can still see to shoot an being i can not run they will pay while i stand. you have to stand for somethig or you'll fall for anything. like 51% has done for the marixs obama.

    • DrSique

      Dr. White,
      As long as you have life in you, never consider the war lost. "We the People" may have suffered some setbacks because of failing to prevail in a few battles but, the war is far from over and we will need every patriot. As a lifelong resident of the state of New York, I am overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from so many in the firearms business and shooting community. I will never cede victory to the usurpers of individual liberty or those who would oppress the American people. I owe it to my grandparents who lived through the Great Depression, the east coast hurricane of 1938 and World War II, and taught me to be a freedom loving American who, when confronted with tyranny, can only say, "Molon Labe".

      • don

        my bet is you live in uper ny.state. i hunted there an you would not belive you was in ny state the people there are the best. i'm with you on all you say god bless

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          Don that is because they are still "civilized" and not "socialized" meaning social services dependent. Most anywhere people actually work for a living they are good people....something our politicians and idiot in the white house are not familiar with.

        • Renellin

          If there is a real divide in this country it is the city vs country folks. Our needs and goals are very different. It is the cities who elect people. Obama would like to relegate all of us into housing units in cities, not sure what he wants to do with all the land. Country people are happier, and more self-reliant. The finger lakes of upstate NY are breathtakingly beautiful, as are the Adirondacks.

    • ssilv48

      Doc, the war is not lost, the time is close for We the People to step in and take our country back to the foundation it was set on. Many people need to be tried for treason and there are actually few that agree with oboma care which is 100% illegal,,,,just like mr oboma is, that black man is not even a citizen of the United States. I talked to a Federal rep. yesterday and he said we are I so deep with mr oboma how could we go back and undo all this.........I told him, if he is afraid to do his job, he is getting ready to lose his job and pension, for not doing his job that he is paid to do, all the rest will fall into place.

    • Red55bird

      James White I agree with you 100 % We our witnessing a Marxist in chief, who fundamental transformation of America is to weaken her to the point of Bankrupty. His plan is to squeeze Capitalism and our free market system out and bring in Marxist Socialism, to destroy or change our Constitution thus making himself a Dictator. Tomorrow Feb 23 millions of people will go to rally's across America on the Day Of Resistance to listen to our Sheriff's who will stand there ground and not aloud Federal Officers take our guns from law obaying citizens of this Nation. This beast you call Marxism can take our weapons from us then they can control us.

    • RescueKyron

      Thanks for all your service, Doc, especially for your American Spirit. Indeed we have a renewed aim at the Beast who has minions all over our government, education, social, all agencies and like many who historically have uncovered the minions' identities, history is repeating itself here. On behalf of my family members alll over the USA, and our Revolutionary War soldier blood relatives, we join you in saluting York Firearms in gratitude for their unabashed, brave and proud Patriotism.

  • Tim McGauley

    Bold move! Everyone else should learn from this. Stop acting like their your boss, their not. They are just people like you and me - nothing special. So don't treat them as if they were special, or some kind of ultimate authority here. Jesus Christ is the (ultimate authority here). Nuff said!

    • Doodlebug

      If those NY big wigs get their way and confiscate all the guns, the NYPD wouldn't need any guns or ammo because they shouldn't have to use them in a state which now is so calmmed down and there is no crime. Ha, Ha!

      • goku vegeta


        • rycsailor

          Wrong.....I have 50+ year old ammunition that goes bang when I pull the trigger and a 148 yr old Sharps that still goes bang with serious consequences on the receiving end.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          Thank you rycsailor.....I have even tested fired 45-70's (rebuilt rolling blocks and trapdoors) with well kept ammo made just before the turn of the century....But to give goku the benefit of the doubt the government for years has been promoting the ammo manufacturers to produce a powder for "public use" that has a shelf life of no more than 10 years...the problem is until now it is expensive...and two they have a problem with the stability....and those of use who know our weapons also know that that can produce extremely high pressure areas in the chamber, and have fatal results. By the way the Sharps is a time wonder as well as many of the weapons of that age, and black powder just seems to get in your blood somehow!

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Sailor: Explain to him how 1 bullet will take out a traitor in less than a second. Why is someone worrying about 15-20 years from now. And yes, a gun will break when we run out of bullets and split their heads open with that gun. It's coming Brother. "Mo... La.."

        • Robert Ferrell

          Weapons, bear and need repairs sure, but when it comes to ammo, if properly stored there is NO shelf termination on ammo. Bear in mind that newly found ordinance from even (black powder ordinance of Civil War) WWI & WWII, MUST be handled with EXTREM CAUTION due to its’ ability to “go off”!!
          Consequently your opinion of Ammo going “sour” in 10-15 is DEAD WRONG!!

        • gbandy

          Thank you for the good information Robert. I keep an inventory of about 8k rounds all calibers and its been in a cool and dry place for 7 years. Also in Boot camp we trained on the old M-1 for a bit and the ammo boxes were stamped 1942 so obviously 30 years later it still went bang.

        • TheSunDidIt

          Only if you're wasting ammo on the range or filling "suspects" with a whole magazine of ammo. I think they may tell their officers to stop emptying their clips into the "suspect".

        • Greg Harrod

          No it doesn't. Ammo, if stored properly, can last indefinitely. I have a couple of thousand rounds of de-linked USGI Korean War vintage 30-06 machine gun ammo with headstamps from 1951 to 1953. Some of it is pretty cruddy and corroded looking, indicating some haphazard storage before I bought it. I shoot it in my Garand rifles and also my Springfield and Remington 1903A3 bolt action rifles. So far, every round of it that I have shot has gone "bang", even the cruddy and corroded looking ones.

        • JR

          Your lack of knowledge is telling...

        • pikemaster1

          You wouldn't outlive the self life of today's ammo ! And a firearm over a hundred yrs.old is not uncommon,in fact I own a couple of,them and they shoot just fine.

        • James Shepherd

          goku, have no clue what you are talking about. Fool.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I have WWII ammo for a .303 British (Enfield) that is perfect. It was in a sealed ammo can (in the pouches with clips, yes stripper clips).

      • JohnGaltTexas

        Yup, they can handle the well armed gang-bangers and drug thugs with billy clubs and whistles just like the British.

        • Arationofreason

          By the way, it has got so bad in Britain that some of the Bobbys have started carrying guns. (don't think it was required before the ban.)

      • larrygrant876

        No what they will realize is that liberal logic is indeed a mental illness because then only the cops and the criminals will have arms. Making law abiding citizens the bad guy is insanity. No one on the mentally ill liberal side factors in the fact that it is people who aren't supposed to have guns who are causing the gun control issue to recieve any attention and if confiscation of legal firearms occurs those same criminals will have guns and will be even more dangerous. Plus gun confiscation is step 1 in commie 101 and that is the real reason, period.

        • don

          the gun grab has nothing to do with saving a life. its what they have to do to reach their goal to remake this country into solalism or marixism. if it was not for our guns we would already be there.

      • Phillip

        Lame comment. Just because civilians wont be able to have guns, crime wont disappear. Criminals will still get guns and ammo illegally. This is just a symbolic, government will start buying ammo from Russia and China. And there is will always be somebody to cash out on this. Government is a huge customer with unlimited funds.

        • Kiko Hyder

          I think you missed the fact that Doodlebug was being sarcastic in that post.

      • Deborah G

        The gangs will take over

        • CharlieFromMass

          It could almost be an improvement. At least you KNOW which side they're on!

        • Arvil Bankston

          WILL TAKE OVER??? Just look at N.Y. and California. all ran by liberals,Both taken over by Gangs.

        • kysteelgirl

          and illegal aliens

        • Countrygal

          Don't forget Illinois, with Chicago a part of it.

        • 58proudtobe

          Just wait until The Liar in Thief mandates the early release of hard core criminals from prison that have been indoctrinated to islime.

        • parkerglp

          They already have!!!! Years ago! And that is why the elitists have armed body guards, but you and I can't!!!

        • Wigglypoff

          Con Ed. Is the largest gang in New York. The union thugs are worst than most of the street gangs. Union is just the mob who found a legal way to extort companies for protection money. And the idiots who are out there picketing just fall for it without even thinking stout the morality of it. You jerks are stealing from the people your robbing your own children of the chance to grow up in the great nation you grew up in.

      • warpmine

        Be like Britain, "stop or I'll say stop again" and they best be fast on their feet or just watch the criminals run right past them. On a good note, the police could get rid of the fat slobs and trim up the department. Yeah, right, ha!

      • James Shepherd

        Wanna bet?,.....ALL dictatorships BEGIN with gun CONFISCATION so they can then exterminate anyone that refuses to comply. Study History and you will see its true.

        • baron987

          Watch the movie Red Dawn - the original movie with Patrick Swayzee - the first thing the Russians did was find out who had REGISTERED guns and go after them.

    • Terrence Daniels

      Amen! A very BOLD move by York Arms... may the Lord Jesus bless that company and ALL law-abiding citizens and especially those who are gun owners!

    • 7papa7

      They should be applauded, I hope every gun manufacturer in America follow suit. If they don't want the citizens to have guns then they need to cut off the government who want to stop our Constitutional freedoms and rights. NY is a classic example of stupidity run amok.

  • Lorna Doone

    Let's hope the average NY'er has the common sense to vote these guys out in 2014.
    If not we'll see a big exodus from NY of the taxpayer's who support the 2nd amendment and the remainder will get what they deserve a police state.

    • Michael Hernandez

      They will get a police state and an increased criminal element because the thugs know the citizens will be in a barrel.

      • James Brown

        Wasn't that accomplished by the Sullivan law?

    • tionico

      waiting until 2014 is to wait too long. Why not begin impeachment proceedings against the main sponsors of this wretched bill? Or perhaps at least recall elections. Get those treasonous bums out of office NOW, then move for repeal of the whole stupid thing.

    • James Brown

      You may vote against them, but out... forget it. The electronic voting machines are easily stuffed and the military can't vote because absentee ballots are not distributed in a timely nor reasonable manner.

    • Deborah G

      There is no
      Average" New Yorkers left. there are unions, teachers and illegals . They all suck off the taxpayer which are leaving here in droves. They want to ban smoking in your car,at home, tell you you can't buy a soft drink if it isn't the right size, now guns. They can have this state it sucks

  • Lorna Doone

    Times Square Billboards: "It's Time the Liberal Media Stop Censoring the News!"

    • AlLee

      Censoring, hell -- they make half of it up from whole cloth.

      • oldcoyote

        A Chinese
        guy goes into a Jewish-owned establishment to buy black bras, size 42.

        The Jewish store keeper,
        known for his skills as a businessman, says that black bras are rare and that he
        is finding it very difficult to buy them from his suppliers.

        Therefore he has to charge $50.00 for

        The Chinese guy buys 25
        pairs. He returns a few days
        later and this time
        orders fifty.

        The Jewish owner tells him
        that they have become even harder to get and charges
        him $60.00 each.

        The Chinese guy returns
        a month later and buys the store's remaining stock of 50 and this time for $75.00 each.
        The Jewish owner is
        somewhat puzzled by the large

        demand for black size 42 bras
        and asks the Chinese guy, "...please tell me - What do you do with all these
        black bras?" The Chinese guy answers: "I cut them in half
        and sell them as skull caps to the Jews for $200.00

        • CharlieFromMass

          Now THAT is funny! Thank you for a great laugh!

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          I am Jewish and I have to say that is funny! Good laugh!

  • Lorna Doone
  • Screeminmeeme

    FANTASTIC act of patriotism!!! Kudos to York Arms.

    Hope more gun makers do the same by refusing to sell to federal/local agencies.

    "To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
    ..........George Mason, ''Father'' of the Bill of Rights.

    • TheSunDidIt

      That's why the British tried to do it.

  • Dave Stoops

    I'm going to order a catalog from those brave and principled folks. Bless them.

  • goku vegeta

    i started doing what you are now only suggesting LAST FRIDAY! SO GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE OR TUCK TAILS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

  • NCBigmouth

    Two guys more in need of a beatdown don't exist in NY!

  • Harold

    GOOD for them. This commie run state is violating the 2nd amendment. Make them pay big time.

  • Ray

    All gun manufacturers and distributors should follow York's lead and not sell to any State, City or Federal Govt that supports gun bans. The libs are always boycotting businesses of conservatives such as Chik-Fil-a and Hobby Lobby, so lets give them a healthy dose of their own medicine and see who screams uncle when their police departments run out of ammo

    • Deborah G

      I'll get their catalog too but I'm sure I'll have to use my Florida address not New York

  • Joseph DeAngelis Jr.

    this would be great ..not selling to the feds but Obama would just purchasw from overseas in China...we already are getting DOD parts from them...

  • David

    Now only if Glock, S&W and others who hold the preponderance of the large LE contracts follow suit, they will properly feel the wrath

  • Michael Cannon

    EXCELLENT!!!! I commend York Arms for standing up for our Second Amendment rights!! God Bless You! Every manufacturer, dealer, distributor, and FFL in the entire nation should do the same!!

    • Dave McAuliffe



    A hearty pat on the back for York Arms!! Now the rest of you start doing the same thing. We all know Obama wants our guns and we can't buy ammo because the govt. orders so much. Quit selling to them!! All of you!! You won't lost any money as all of us in "fly over country" as the elitist left wing libs like to call us, us ignorant SOBs who grow the worlds food, lay the pipe, build and run all the equipment that makes everything else run...we'll buy it all. Let them build their own manufacturing facilities with the know it alls from MIT who couldn't tie their own shoelaces anymore. There are no more Einstiens, just dummy leftists trying still trying to figure out what he meant. God job York Arms. I will be checking you our for my own purchases. come on, the rests of you, get on board!! You've got at least 100,000.000 customers who would love to throw money at someone who has snubbed the commie govt.

  • camdenme2

    Right on !!! Screw New York State !!!

    • Sterling Wulff

      More accurately... SCREW Bloomerberg and Coma

      • Huapakechi

        How about "Flush 'em"?

  • Rufus

    It keeps growing:

    Spikes’ Tactical Joins List of Government, LEO Boycotters

    Spike's Tactical

    Updated Policy for State and Local Law Enforcement Agency Sales:

    In light of the recent and numerous anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment laws pending across the Nation, Spike’s Tactical will be joining other manufacturers and distributors and limiting the business we do in states that have limited the right to keep and bear arms for their citizens.

    As of today, it will be our policy not to sell prohibited items to law enforcement agencies, government agencies and agents in states, counties, cities and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We urge other companies to join in support.

    List of companies that joined the Boycott

    •LaRue Tactical
    •Olympic Arms
    •Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC
    •Templar Custom
    •York Arms
    •NEW: Cheaper than Dirt
    •NEW: Midway USA
    •Spike's Tactical
    •Exile Machine LLC

    I know who I'll be doing business with when I need another AR or two...

    • JohnGaltTexas


  • Guest

    History demonstrates the Second Amendment is not only up for debate but much more. In fact, the very amendment that contains the phrase "shall not be infringed" is the most infringed, licensed, and limited of the entire twenty seven. Time to figure out the Second Amendment has not, cannot, and will not protect firearms.

    Why is this? Because the framers essentially forfeited the God-expected responsibility for a Constitutional right. Rights are optional whereas God-expected responsibilities (such as found in 1 Timothy 5:8, which includes bearing arms in defense of ourselves, families, and neighbors) are non-optional.

    Ask yourselves, which are more easily infringed: Constitutional rights or God-expected responsibilities? History has already answered that question.

    For more, see blog article "You Can't Win Bringing a Knife [the Second Amendment] to a Gunfight." Click on my name, then our website. Go to our blog and scroll down to article.

    See also "Rights, Rights, Everyone Wants Their Rights."

  • Josiah Victor Hoffman

    Every gun manufacturer or ammo manufacturer who does not follow suite should be boycotted! And written to as to why!

  • foxxybey

    Good for them, let the mayor and his crew pound dirt and give them the finger at every chance. LOL

  • underthewire

    I will be buying a York product. Money talks..................a little more than a politician.

  • tionico

    It might be a bit premature to move for all manufacturers to end federal contracts. BUT.. a letter writing campaign to the manufacturers to threaten, now, to do so if the present anti-gun laws proposed are passed into law. THAT would be holding the feet of the lawmakers to the fire.... pass these laws, no more business with you. None for the military, DHS, FBI, IRS, etc..... if we the people will be disarmed, so will government. What's fair is fair, no?

  • rog363

    I say we take all the police protection from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo and not let them have any guns like they demand of the law abiding citizens of New York and see how long they last. They will be just like any other law abiding citizen, if police are there, they will try to protect you, if they're not there,you are on your own until they get there. Good luck.

  • Elwood Ballard

    If all gun manufacturers and supplier's cut the Feds, no problem o for the Obummer. He would simply contact one of his terrorist friends or a communist buddy on where to get what is needed. I'm sure they have massive contacts.

  • underthewire

    Then again......with all the criminals turning in their guns.....police will be well supplied. Or they can just hire a few gang members to steal a few.

  • How_to

    That's one way to treat first responders.

  • CharlieFromMass

    Now all we need to do is get the other gunsmiths to follow suit. I doubt they will, but if even the police and National Gaurd can't get new arms or replacements, it'll force change very quickly.

    Bold move indeed. And one that should be repeated often until it creates the civil unrest these control freaks supposedly want to prevent and their lap-dogs can't stop it because...oh, wait, our guns don't work anymore and/or we can't get bullets.

  • Everett Conrad

    We don't need "gun control" we need "criminal and commie politician control". Starting with NY.....

  • Richard D Davis

    Does not Geo Soros financially own a large share of five or six gun manufactures in the USA. There was a report that he had managed to buy up substantial amounts of shares in consideration of the closing them down when time came to force the gun issue. I have read there are several up front American manufacturing entities involved.

  • Michael Motyka

    We the People should start a campaign and pressure firearms manufacturers like Glock and Sig, Remington and the typical default "go to" equipment suppliers to all the LE office in the state of NY. Do the numbers just on Glock or Sig, Petition them to STOP supplying all of NY states LE offices with ANY Glocks, period! Do the math, what will hurt Glock more, keeping a contract with NY States LE offices or the 100 Million plus citizens that purchase Glock's in the private sector! We the people do this WITH ONE MANUFACTURER and watch how quickly the rest of them will sit up and take notice! If every citizen signed a petition to NEVER purchase any Glock firearm as long as Glock continues to supply the NY State LE offices, you will see how quickly that has an effect on their top line profit model!

  • cincinnatius

    It's well past time that AMERICANS stopped kneeling and accepting the un-Constitutional BS that governments have been dishing out! These people work for us not the other way around. When WE the People show them from whence just power is derived, things will change...for the better.

    • Victor

      The problem the way I see it is that about 74% of our population is made up of "gatherer's(women via biology alone & blacks through a combination of biology & choice). Men, especially the non-marxist, which are most men, are the only true minority in America! Again, just saying, statistics...

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Take all the guns away from the NYPD including Mayor Bloomberg

  • StarDust Dolittle


  • Richard Bachert

    It seems York has structured THEIR embargo correctly. Some of the gun producers have left open sales and shipments to PRIVATE citizens in those states/jurisdictions. The loophole there is that many of the officers in those LE agencies purchase these ARs as PRIVATE CITIZENS, thus preventing divulging their association with those agencies. Just sayin' and wish the BIG guys (Ruger, S&W, Remington, etc) would get on board.

  • JungleCogs

    I've been saying the same thing through all of this anti-freedom Marxist Democrat Party created war against the Constitution. Cut them all off, period.

    • Dave

      Helen Thomas As your avatar? Ugh! Good post but nasty picture, I'm feel like I'm about to toss my cookies.

  • John Wilch

    I've got a better idea: Let them by their ammo from China. I saw the aftermath of what cheap Chinese ammo can do. I believe it goes something like this: A man walks into a Police station somewhere in Texas because he had a gun (.44 mag) he wanted to dispose of. When asked why he opened the box he was carrying and showed the officer. The top strap and half the wheel was missing do to the explosion of the ammo he had been using. Cheap Chinese ammo. If you don't believe me you can google it.

  • Yehuda Alan

    The people who would vote them out have to be very unhappy with their policies. Unfortunately, most of them are not concerned with the gun issue one way or the other. In their minds there are more important issues, such as welfare, food stamps, school funding, housing, and other such social programs. So get those people to vote out Bloomberg and Cuomo, good luck.

  • howard479

    What if the government declared war and the gun manufacturers said, nah, we're not supplying you right now. LOL

  • Phil McConathy

    Now that is a company I would buy my weapons from for sure. I wish ALL gun manufacturers would stop selling to ALL federal and state agencies period.

  • Dal Sirany

    WAY TO GO, YORK ARMS! The rest of you firearms and ammunition manufacturers, follow suit. The true American people will not only applaud and respect you, but support you all the way.

  • blancojoe

    A very courageous stand by York Firearms. I would hope that other companies and individuals will all do their part in denigrating the persons and governments who really hate and abhor the second amendment.

  • LeSellers

    This site makes it easy:

    Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Totally Agree - stop selling guns and ammo to the feds and any state govt's that usurp the Constitution and Rule of Law. As closely as the regime is following the tyrants handbook, soon all of us who dissent will become the enemy. Already the Dept of Veterans Affairs is sending letter to veterans declaring them incompetent and barring them from owning guns or ammo. Its coming unless a miracle intervenes first.

    • Brama

      Let the cops defend themselves in the same manner as NYC is asking the citizens too. The police's job may be to serve and protect, but that doesn't mean that the citizens lose the right to protect themselves as well. Police are just paid to do it for us. But when seconds count... the cops are minutes away... and a bullet travels about 1700 mps. That' MPS, not mph.

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      If you qualify for a ATF F-6 purchase we can help you Ammo will go into production in 4weeks. No sales to communist states within the United States. 5000 round minimum.....Understand their plan is to control your ammo first! Local and State law enforcement welcome in certain states with a disclaimer that the ammo will not be used against civilians who are preserving their right as to the second amendment!

  • CaptTurbo

    Time to add Colorado to the list. My sincere thanks to York Arms.

  • jb80538

    GOOD for them!

  • Brama

    What's funny is that the gun company is the only one who is not acting unconstitutionally.

    • Stephen Rhinehart

      Watch for a new law telling them who they must sell to

      • Brama

        Yeah, really.

  • Always_RIGHT2

    That gun company should send them (govt and police depts) a load of whistles and gun-free zone signs - that's what the govt wants us to use to protect ourselves. Good enough for us, good enough for them. Goes for the president, too. Secret Service should not be armed - just give them whistles. If a whistle is good enough to protect a woman from rape/murder/robbing, then it's good enough to protect the president. Oh, and of course, secret service can always pee on the assassins or vomit on them, too. That's an effective deterrant according to democrats!

    • Lorna Doone

      I had a good laugh!You made my day!

  • Deborah G

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaa I want OUT if NY ! I hate this state. Illegals everywhere, crime, welfare receipients killing our school district, and now they take our guns? Good for this company. Lets disarm them and let the illegals and crazies take a few shots at bloomberg when he tra=vels with his unarmed contingent to his hampton summer home. His daughters HORSES have guards and we can't? These two need to be thrown out on the street in the bronx without a gun.

    • djw663

      Sounds like the Democrat controlled cities in CA!

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Cuomo and Scumberg are nothing more than COMMUNISTS.

  • Bruce A Silver

    My sentiment exactly! The government should not be allowed to own any guns that the people cannot own. Now I am not saying that we should be able to buy tanks or anything like that, but I do believe that any small arms that they have we should also have.

    • Stephen Rhinehart

      Gotta draw a line someware before dirty nuks in a rief case but a long way after my 22.

    • colorful patriot

      Why not tanks?

  • NINJA10R KLR650



  • Kat

    Should have tripled the price!

    • Dave

      Nah, all that would do is cause the would-be dictator Bloomturd to raise taxes even higher.

  • S&WM&P

    I wrote to Glock, Sig, and S&W. If everyone does the same we might persuade them to follow York's example.

  • Tommy S. Buster

    My hat is off to York Firearms. I'm glad to see someone stand up to these Marxist SOB's.

  • grannie

    Good for York Firearms! All the firearms companies should do this in their own states.

  • DisgruntledInClinton

    You gotta love righteous boycotts! Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws out there, and our lame-o governor is looking to tighten them even further. I wish he'd spend his time loosening regs so that companies want to move here instead of out! Or, fix our huge deficit.

    And, BTW, his son is a felon. I hate living in a "blue" state!

  • George Maddog Smith


  • HappyClinger

    Please cut off the feds too, and don't give obama any excuse - spurred on by requests from these dumocrat "bosses" - to step in and take over the law enforcement duties in these states that can no longer buy from certain weapons/ammo mfrs and therefore cannot perform their duties. You're playing right into their hands unless you cut off the feds too.

  • gfsomsel

    I agree that all gun and ammo mfgs should cease dealing with New York AND with the Federal Govt. The feds already have enough ammo to shoot every citizen 5 times. To use Obama's argument against the rich in regard to ammunition and the feds "They don't need it." The same criterion should apply.

    • colorful patriot

      Those of us that pay taxes and didn't get Obama-phones should get our fair share. Perhaps HLS is planning on sending us each a few boxes of bullets. It would be nice if they included high capacity magazines.

  • gbandy

    I like what York is doing. I think it is high time that the law abiding citizens really band together and put an end to this tyranny we call the Liberals. Enough is enough. I still praise that women who shot the intruder 5 times in the face to protect herself and her two sons. This Nation is allowing ourselves to be run over by this PC Liberal insanity.

  • Doug Schexnayder

    GOOD! This silence and cowering to the arrogant control freak apostles of utopian socialism must stop.

  • WhiteFalcon

    I read on another blog just last night that listed this company along with four others that have done the same thing. I hope that all other gun and police supply companies will follow suit. The Government and the New York State government want to take our guns away so that it will be easier to shoot us with the same type of guns that they don't want us to have access to.

  • KY republican

    I congratulate York Arms. Can we buy stock in this company? One problem is the Fed Govt has already purchased over a billion rounds of ammo. Other Mfgrs should follow suit and we should buy their stocks. Are they listed on the stock exchange?

  • 529_Barb

    Most likely NY will align with another state and order thru that government agency.......I feel for these gun manufacturers.......once again the left wants to shut down free enterprise.....

  • Deborah G

    The gangs are less violent they don't grab your rights and your money just your money.

  • 529_Barb

    These are the same morons that advocate for late term abortions up to the day of natural delivery........despicable humans.....

    • CommonSense

      I support late 'term' abortions for all Democrats and RINO's in Congress, commonly known as 'Recalls'!

  • pointdan

    God Bless all the folks at York Arms !
    It is the only message these Libs/Marxists know or understand.
    Boycott the Journal News in Westchester for putting gun owners at risk and CANCEL all
    sales to NYPD, etc.. York will make up its lost sales to NY elsewhere since our beloved kenyan marxist president is and has been "Gun Salesman of The Year" 4 years in a row.
    Go YORK ARMS !!

  • Encycloman

    Just got an "opportunity" to visit New York City. Guess where I won't be going - they are NOT getting any of my travel $$. Good for York Arms.

  • cbj

    I have been planning to buy a gun, now I know who to buy it from.

  • Average Joe

    I'm all for it.

  • djw663

    A very bold stance by York Arms; I applaud the statement they are making and I know once the word gets out that many people will support them for it as well as those that will condemn them for it. Just like the Chic-Fil-A protestors I'm sure that the people in support of their statement will far exceed the amount of business they lose from those that oppose them. Bravo!

  • Debra JM Smith


  • warpmine

    I'd like to see the ammunition suppliers/mfg tell the federal govt to stick it and cancel their orders. What are they going to Walmart.

    • cyber_hackster

      No, they take it over --- Like all Dictatorships do ---

      • warpmine

        Sure, right, you mean they can try but they're going to look pretty silly doing this when so many are armed shooting back.

  • Kathy Martel

    Obama is already prepared, just like the Kenyan's were.

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    SOOOOO, first, Hurray for York! Next where can I here in FL buy a shotgun from them? I was going to get one anyway and would like to support a company taking such a courageous stand in support of our CONSTITUTION!
    Finally I have long believed Bllomburg is an idiot and he just keeps proving me right over AND OVER AGAIN!
    Criminals can always get weapons! Why? Because they don't obey laws, particularly ones that help them carry out thier crimes!

  • Tom Brian

    Have a few boxes of 30.06 hand loads dated '61 says" max load use only in guns in good condition" , glad to hear it is still OK. Goes with civilized ww11 sniper rifle.

  • pduffy

    How about we force all government employees to pay the same taxes we do? Why stop at mere gun sales? Did you know that federal workers are exempt from social security payroll taxes? THEY have their own cushy retirement system, paid for by the slave taxpayers, which THEY think should not own guns. It's time to EQUALIZE, and throw the tea into the harbor.

    • a marine .

      I agree with you on a lot of things but my wife is a federal employee and works in a VA hospital at a low paying job and she does pay social security and medicare and she pays into the retirement fund as well, i think you mean the congress and senate and the high up dept leaders cabinet offices and the likes, did you know that 60% of the beds at the VA hospital that took the place of Walter Reed hospital are held for congressman senators and cabinet officials. Now that's an insult to all men and women in uniform
      they get life time retirement pay free medical and tell us we have to buy insurance. where is the justice at

  • catpaw

    By stopping sales to NYPD, sales for this company probably won't suffer much more seeing that the laws have already taken away their biggest/largest consumer, the general public. Waiting to see if Big Government steps in and forces the company to manufacture for them. That will be next.

  • Dark Knight

    YEAH!!! There are truly Gods who have listened! More power to the gun companies.

  • Chuck Fowler

    Good for them!

  • freedomringsforall

    Praise God

    We are one step away from a total dictatorship.
    The 2nd amendment!

  • Robert Stewart

    Thumbs up to York Arms. New York might wake up when everyone moves to another state and leave it looking like Detroit, empty buildings and homes for the gangs to take over.
    I'm setting here sipping my 32 ounce coke here in Missouri guess we don't have so many idiots here at least not yet anyway.

  • ketrout

    I think that it is great! As I see it more and more Americans are starting to realize that the local, state and federal governments are AFRAID of the people owning weapons. They are afraid that we just might rise up and take back our once great country and they will be without a job!

  • Mort Leith

    I Love it !!

    Hey, why are they any different from honest law-abiding citizens ?

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Because the "Law Abiding Citizens" are law abiding.

      The governments are not.

  • Babsan

    Good,we need more companies like that who has a respect for our Constitution.

  • snytz

    Obama want to have a 245,000 private man army. Now is not the time to disarm anyone.

    • SpendusMaximus

      Let's do the math: 85,000,000 gun owners > 45,000 obamazombies. Sounds like a fight I am willing to put my money on.

  • Maxwell Friedlander

    That is a good move. There needs to be more company smacking down the ahti-gun fanatics in NY.

  • Admin Istrator

    It might become Imperative that we boycott Smith and Wesson and Ruger and any other U.S. manufacturer that sells to NYC PD/Govt. until the laws in New York are removed from the books and the Constitution is held in the regard it should be.

  • Bill Tyner

    So the cops will go out of state to buy weapons? Hey, maybe they can buy some of the weapons that DHS was going to give to the Mexican cartel monsters but never had the opportunity because they got caught too soon! Tax money paid for them initially and then the feds would get paid again with tax money by selling the to the city cops - double taxes!! Wow! - Hey Barack - "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse"

  • snytz

    "We the people" must protect ourselves from government Militia. 2nd Amendment, constitution of the United States of America.


    Gutsy move. It is about time, not only the firearms industry take action but that the people do the same. It is time that the citizens of NY take a stand. It is time that the people start to point out the many crimes in which the lawless used guns while the law abiding citizen suffered because they were not allowed to have the guns. I wonder if NY will next place a ban on automobiles since so many are being killed and injured by them. Has anyone done a study to see what the percentage of people injured or killed by cars, per car owners, as compared to those killed by legally owned guns?

  • thomashempstead

    Talk about a set of ba**s ! Amen to York and where can I get a catalog?

  • gbigsangle

    Fantastic. How long would the libbies run their mouths on gun control when the cops or Napolitanos agents cant get ammo? About a minute.

  • Vince

    I'm a physician as well practice thirty years
    And I've given my time and treated those that were less fortunate for free
    Believe me if I had what I gave away in service id be retired But I took an oath to help people and stuck to it nit like our wonderful politicians today
    I didn't need mandates,laws and the gov telling me to share the wealth BS
    I did it because its the right moral humanitarian thing to do
    I also refuse to question my parltient on what weapons they own and to teach them about gun safety this is not my responsability nor the gov business
    I would love to see a five million man march on Washington unfortunately to many people are to lazy,to scared to stand up for themselves and to asleep to realize their rights are being taken away
    There are 535 people who make the laws and rules 330 million of us
    It's up to us we the people to organize and let our voices heard in numbers

  • David J. Goetz

    If you are a Patriot and live in NY stay there and Back up the Law Enforcement and military there So when they arrest these Traitors in the Capitol who are subverting the Constitution they will know we are together in This! Taking Back Our Country ! Traitors should be held without bail and executed when found Guilty !!! One Nation Under God !!!

    • Dasrge

      Agreed David. These traitors should each be placed on public trial for treason, so the nation can see their faces when the guilty verdict comes in. It will be interesting to see the power brokers on their knees begging the jury of peers for lives with the tears flowing. The same kind of acting they do in congress, the senate and the white house now.

  • James Shepherd

    EXCELLENT! (and far past time) The REVOLUTION is imminent.

  • Tony

    Good for you York Firearms. To the govt of NY...go F yourself. Not all people are naive enough to believe this is about the dangers of assault weapons. The DOJ did a study and found that removing assault weapons would not reduce gun crime so what is your true motive? Let's see, you are buying more arms and trying to take ours away. Maybe you are trying to make sure you have the upper hand when the people rise up and come for azzzess for killing our country. Sorry pieces of politicians.

  • George

    Everyone needs to file ten dependents on the tax forms and stop all taxes from being withheld from their checks. That is those that have a job under this communist president.

  • Jo Beadling

    YAY! We need more companies like this to show these politicians who pays their salary.

  • RickB_GA

    Firearms enthusiasts might also consider severing ties with Comcast/NBC now that they will no longer accept advertising from companies selling firearms or ammunition. And when you cancel or do not renew your Comcast service, please tell them why ... don't just go away, go away mad. I no longer watch or record CBS's Hawaii Five O because of "Dano's" rant against gun ownership and their making the gun shop owner look like a dork on their program a couple of weeks ago. I might record it one more time just to get a list of the sponsors on the show so I can contact each of them and let them know I will not be using any of their products as long as they advertise on the program. 85 million + gun owners in this country carry a lot of financial weight ... time to start using it.

  • Deborah G

    I agree in my opinion there is very little difference from a street gang to a union thug.

    • Dasrge

      Aren't they one in the same....well I guess there is one big difference...union thugs are paid to beat innocent people to a unrecognizable pulp with forced union dues...and enjoy it. Street gang thugs just do it because they get off seeing the terror in their victims eyes...or cowardly sneaking up on their victims in large groups and play their "knock out game" until the person is severly beaten or dead. Members from either group should be shot the moment they attack someone. I plan on getting my concealed carry license VERY SOON.

  • dad666

    Suspend all purchases to and from New York and California as well as the Feds.
    They are attempting to position themselves to take over the country.

  • sickofit

    Bloomberg can give them all whistles and ball point pens. Or perhaps they can vomit or urinate on the criminals as they have told women to do on "how to avoid being raped".

  • Sarah Jacobs

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  • Bubblegum199


  • Louman

    I also salute York Firearms. I hope Bloomberg and Cuomos bodyguards are not able
    to buy Firearms or ammunition.

    • Drew Marzilli

      To bad we cant take away what they already have. But eventually they will run out of ammo and a gun without ammo is about as useful as a car without gasoline. They will just have to pretend the have ammo in their guns and "hope they never have to use them" unless of course they just throw the empty guns at the criminals kind of like a boomerang

  • David Han

    Good for York Firearms. A boycott by all gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers would be interesting. Would the LE folks buy foreign ammo and guns? Either way, I think it would deliver a nice message. What would happen if all those guys in fancy suits and their armed security details could no longer get guns or ammo? Bet they would think twice. They should have to live by the same crappy laws they pass - that applies to Obamacare. See if they are happy when they have to face one of the death panels and wait the outcome to see if they are deemed worthy enough of having a life saving surgery.

  • W.D. Filkins

    The Government has plenty of ammo and weapons
    Their Daddy, George Soros now owns Remington Arms and Ammo

    • Phrank Stein

      Nice urban legend if you really look up the facts. But hey wouldn't want to get in the way of some tin foil hat conspiracy.

    • Dasrge

      I'm sorry W.D., but this is not true. It is just an Internet rumor that's been around for a couple of years. The NRA debunked it back in 2011: "The NRA has had contact with officials from Cerberus and Freedom Group for some time. The owners and investors involved are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and are avid hunters and shooters.
      In reality, at no time has George Soros ever been a part of the ownership group of Freedom Group or Cerberus, and as a privately traded corporation, there is no possibility that he will be in the future."

  • agbjr

    God gave man free will and from free will came the liberty to engage in free enterprise and private business. This is what built the USA into the greatest industrial power in history and both free enterprise and private business will now be the bulwark against those who would take away our God-given liberties.

  • ginger

    Now the ammo makers need to get on board while there is yet time. Cannot get .22s anywhere around here on by mail...all stock out. It won't be long before they shut down ammo manufacturers and then we will have to practice throwing rocks...before they outlaw those as well...and scissors and knives and tire irons, and sticks and everthing else.

  • Peter Scott Furman

    I salute York Firearms! The Constitution was written and America born to offer "legal" immigrants and their children the opportunity,the Freedom,the Inalienable right to be Free of the Tyranny,the Tyrants that they suffered for a Piece Of the Dream(turned nightmare for most).

    The Constitution,if nothing else was written to "Limit" government and the Inalienable "Right to Bear Arms" is there for a free people to defend their lives,their families lives,their property,their Freedoms,their Country from "Anyone",any government that would take them or harm them in any way!

    Well,It's here again! The foundation of this country,the ideals that millions came here to embrace have been under assault for 6 decades and the same tyrants,the same tyranny that crisis brings has risen as it did in Bolshevik,Russia,in Nazi,Germany,in Cuba,in Mao's China,in the Middle East,in Africa,in Czechoslovakia to name a few that a corrupt,a despotic,a criminal,a narcissist,a megalomaniac,an ideologue,a compulsive liar"s" yearn to exploit!

    This system has Failed to "arrest" the tyranny that began with the Assassination of J.F.K.,the crimes of L.B.J.,the Warren Commission "coverup" and the subsequent evisceration of a system that worked for 200 years! The Constitution can only be overthrown if the people allow it!

    "Live Free Or Die"

  • defender3

    Now that is bravery in the highest order!

  • Shane

    Cuomo is an abomination. He is pushing for late-term abortions that are really just infanticide. Truly, Cuomo worships Satan and Obama.

  • Robert W Velon

    York Arms is not the only business that will not do business in New York. There are 5 other companies that have also done this.... The fight is not over. Now if they would do the same for every state that is restricting citizens from their second amendment they could put these
    states in a real bind.....

  • Allen Morgan

    I applaud all firearms manufacturers and all ammunition manufacturers that will stand on principle and withhold orders, cancel orders and not accept orders from states, localities, and the federal government when those entitities deny rights to citizens that they grant to law enforcement and the government alphabet agencies. We must continue the vigilance and press Glock, Smith & Wesson, and others to do the same.
    Continue to fight the good fight of faith!

  • DrBillLemoine

    It's called free enterprise and capitalism. If businesses want to be governed by emotion instead of supply and demand economics, so be it. There are plenty of arms makers who will gladly take up the slack in a huge state with plenty of law enforcement needs for guns. This is just another example of disfunctional planning and ideological operations so prevalent today on the far right political spectrum. York Arms is behind the curve in the nation and even their state which is shifting from conservative republicans to independent politicians like their newly elected Senator King. Good riddance to the 18th century thinkers.

    • TheTexasCooke

      I'd save my applause and declaration of high ground until the smoke clears must be one of the baby killers.

      • DrBillLemoine

        Hiding in anonymity, referring to smoke clearing, unsubstantiated accusations--you are most clearly one of the disfunctional planners and ideological operators I refer to as an 18th century mentality. Join your pals in obscurity until you have something to say to the point.

    • Adam Moreira

      2A applies to private enterprise too; it is not limited to the government. This is a case where the NYPD should make a landmark case against York Arms.

  • David Edward Smith

    I don't know how to tell these arrogant and big mouthed politicians this, but LEGAL GUN OWNERS outnumber illegal gun GRABBERS approximately (exact numbers withheld to make it more FUN) 100 to 1. Now what GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVE are you going to send over to MY little get-together?

  • Vic Bailey

    I am GLAD to see some backbone in this company. I will be buying some ammunition and guns from them and I will start TODAY! It's time to let these Socialist Communist that we WON'T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! Semper Fi.

  • TM

    I'm impressed that they are letting these anti gun, anti Constitution POS know they can go get screwed. I pity those that have to listen to the rants of governor andrew cuomo and mayor michael bloomberg, I don't capitalize nither of these two liars from hell.

    Add barack hussein obama and you have dumb, dumber and dumbest.


    What a great idea. These manufacturers have the right to refuse service to anyone. I am smiling about citizens making purchases, but the government unable to purchase. We need to stop these large purchases of ammunition by our govt. There are 2 reasons they are doing this and I refuse to go there right now!

  • Martin Mayberry

    I saw york arms on cam and co.God bless those people at york arms!The NY idiots don't deserve guns anyway!

  • Barbara Moore


  • American Patriot

    Right On! YORK ARMS. Let Bloomberg not be able to.get all his bodyguards the guns and ammo they need to protect his dumb ass. And all gun manufactures should do the same then eventually Obama won't have any protection by the Secret Service. They should remember there OATHE. It is to protect the constitution and not dumb ads obama.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    This come from the Glenn Beck talk radio show today. " The strong people will have to die, the government has no choice. The weak will then give into the government demands! Plenty of weak people exists in the U S."! I have been telling people this for a long time....

  • Nikita63

    Every firearms company in the US should follow suit and only sell weapons to those states fully honoring the 2nd amendment. Period. End of discussion. The right of the people to keep and bear arms "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!" Have you noticed the inability of the president and those in Washington to distinguish in standard english , words and their definitions; words like CORPS Vs CORPS, ILLEGAL ALIEN, INFRINGE, WHEN APPLIED TO THE 2ND AMENDMENT AND CONSTITUTIONAL OVER ANYTHING YOU WOULD CARE TO CONSIDER? Perhaps they should be MADE to take competency exams in constituional cmpliance and american History prior to being confirmed in office! Now THAT's a really novel concept, huh. Qualification for the acceptance of one's responsibilities and knowing thast there are accountablilities involved for one's actions as well.

  • SpendusMaximus

    Finally a company with a set of balls and the intestinal fortitude to stick by their (LITERALLY) guns. My hat goes off to you and I can only hope that ALL other gun and ammunition manufactures will follow suit.

  • Steven

    Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States defines Treason as follows: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

    The headline of this article could read: Firearms company refuses to commit treason. Anyone attempting to violate the 2nd amendment IS an enemy of the United States. Selling arms to an enemy IS given them aid and comfort. If you accept these claims, selling arms to law enforcement in jurisdictions that violate the 2nd amendment is treason.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Another company will be happy to fill the order of the N Y P D Now you have it!

  • wdcraftr

    Maybe they don't need to cut off the Fed Govt, but put them at the bottom of the list, like stand-by at airports. Tell them if all ammo or firearms aren't sold, then they can buy what's left on the shelf, if any.... Put the Public Citizen First. Anyway, thew Govt is supposed to work for us anyway. Would your Boss wait, while his employees tied up his needed supplies? Heck No!

  • Don Bahn

    I wrote an email to Smith & Wesson, and Rugar firearms asking them to join the refusal to sell to NY. S&M replied the email was being sent to upper management, Rugar did not respond yet.

  • Stephen Perkowski

    What a great idea?


    Good let them buy from China so the guns will blow up in their faces TS

  • Mark Ward


    Tell Mayor (Nanny) Bloomberg he can go screw himself!

    Why does he need a Police Force with more than 7 Officers (if WE don't "need" guns with more than 7 bullets, why does ANYONE need more than 7 Police Officers)?!

  • john p birckhead

    This is so funny. Bloomberg doesn't need guns and bullets. This is his own words. Give the bad boys a 64 ounze coke and maybe they won't kill anyone or maybe if City Hall wasn't so damn crooked u might have a fair city. Fiairness and Liberals in the same breath. No way, dude

  • Sonny Rudd

    Thank you York Firearms for the stance you have taken. If you more from NY please consider Florida.

  • Wayne R

    I hope they are prepared for what's coming. Bloomberg will call Obunghole, Obunghole will call his IRS, the IRS will, assualt style, storm their business, freeze all their bank acounts and take their inventory, computers, files and everything else that's not nailed down. Investigate them for a year or two, essentiantly putting them out of business.

  • Michael

    an excellent idea! boycott the gov't.-unfortunately we may be past the "tipping point" and Big Sis already thought of it...

  • icemancold

    WELL: If all fire arm and ammunition manufacturers refused to sell to any and all Law Enforcement Agencies that receives any operating funds of any type from the FEDS and refused to sell to the FEDS.And sold only to the General Public it wouldn't take long for some changes in their thinking to take place.

  • Smirking Wolf

    Silencers? WTF does a law enforcement agency need with silencers? Military, yes, to pull off special warfare missions but there is no legal reason in a lawful society for LE agencies to have silencers unless they intend to assassinate someone which by my last read was not yet legal.

  • DEfromDC

    We can solve the budget problems for home land security and other agencies buying all the ammunition by returning the money and not delivering the ammunition. Cliff averted!

  • Jim Buscemi

    This Fight has just begun, Its far from over and it wont go away quietly, IF at all.

  • disqus_JETq43v7xm

    I applaud the courage and patriotism of York firearms. It is refreshing to see a cocerted effort to do what is right...maybe it will be contagious.

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      God I hope so as well! An awakening! Please Almighty! Let it be!

  • MI Patriot

    Magpul and another company in Colorado are leaving the state because of the anti-gun legislation there. From what I've read on other sites and other blogs, the loss of just Magpul alone will be in the area of $85 million.

  • Chuck Tilley

    Gun companys and Ammo Companys should stop selling to our Government and to State Governments

  • QuisPercusit

    The entire state od newyork shold be Boycottedevery facett except the Gun Commies located in New York they should be supportrd heavily. Just think IF all the Network TV Shows and Socialistliberal publications alone were boycotted NY would suffer enough to raise the legitimate Bonefide Taxpayers enough to throw out all the Political huckster, gangsterd and New World Order Obamanite. and mayby bloomber would loose a few billion.

  • Relabs

    From the research I have done this is a tiny custom shop that doesn't even advertise it's address, only a PO Box number. I suspect that over a beer (or two) one of the likely 2 people that work there, probably part time, they had this great marketing idea. It worked. All you sheeple are running to them with their orders to the point to where they can't (according to their web site) take any more orders. So, NY could care less, but it makes a great story and allows a tiny operation to get a bunch of business. Good job sheep.

  • Littleprof123

    I strongly support the Gun Companies that refuse to sell to any State or Federal Agency that support Gun Control, I know all my buying will be done through such companies, which is in the thousands each year

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    They have the right to refuse service, plain and simple.

  • USA Lover

    AMEN! I will try and give York some of my business in the future

  • Junk Master G

    All I can say is Phuq Obama and is little Gay horse too.

  • Craig J. Townsend

    One industry willing to go John Galt! Boycott the Bstrds.

  • ArtF

    All firearms and ammunition supply companies should follow the example set by York Firearms, or they will surely be swept out of business as New York fools like Cuomo and Bloomberg want. Fairly soon, the names of those manufacturers and suppliers will be given to the civilian gun owners, and be assured, we will boycott you out of existence.

  • Chief47

    While they are at it, every gun or munitions manufacturer in the country needs to cancel all orders from Homeland Security and refuse to do business with them in the future.

  • quipster

    People in new york or california should not have gun to start with just might harm themselfs !

  • General

    This is interesting! - Let's see what NYC Police do without ammo or guns! Will they do as some Mayors of Governors have suggested: To use a Rape Whistle instead? - Or take on armed suspects with only a truncheon or bare hands as they suggested to other citizen Joes? - HA! Give them a taste of their OWN medicine! - Deny ALL help to those dictatorial Departments, or you will certainly be sorry in the end! - Take up illegal weapons for your OWN protection, just like the MOB do! - and dare an unarmed cop to take it away!

  • cmjay

    Does this mean that the PERSONAL SECURITY for CUOMO and BLOOMBERG will be carrying SLING SHOTS and BASEBALL BATS? After all NEW YORK and CHICAGO - with their strict GUN LAWS should be the SAFEST CITIES.

  • Robin Scott

    Excellent! Give Cuomo and Bloomberg each a pair of scissors and see how long they last.

  • Joyful LaRue

    Good for this company for standing up to the dem-despots . . . by doing this, the company will more than make up for the lost revenue from those of us that support 2nd Amendment rights by supporting other freedom-loving patriots.
    What goes 'round, comes 'round . . . the dem-despots will rue the day the dissed their fellow-citizens for just one more notch in their socialist belts. Wake-up time is not far off.

  • Jeff

    While I admire what they are attempting, They are opening the door for more foreign companies to sell to this country. I was an owner operator trucker for years and I know that as soon as you take that stand, Someone is right in there cutting your throat.

    • mepatri3

      That's fine. It's not about actually depriving them of firearms, that will never happen; just as banning them will never remove them from the public's hands. It's about taking a stand against tyranny. I salute these companies, and thank them for their patriotism.

  • tom nogaro

    soon ny mayorista dummbore and son of mario will laser-weigh our bm's with drones and tax us accordingly on our food consumption, ie, the number of pork chops we eat. that is when i will barf enuf is enuf.

  • bob novak

    I think that four companies that have refused to sell to NY. Good for them. If the citizens can't have the weapons needed to protect themselves then freaking cops don't need them either, or the body guards of these "officials".

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Thank you York Arms! The more companies who stand up to the "Tyrants" the better! We need MORE "Patriot Companies" to STEP UP and do the same!

    Once again, Thank you!

  • [email protected]

    why wouldn't the cops just get their guns from another source? they could import from Canada or where ever.

    • Renellin

      It's not as simple as you make it sound.

  • Old_Conservative

    Good for them!! Maybe they should also do a safety recall on all NYPD firearms too!! New York and Illinois.... two dark pits of Socialist tyranny!

  • Chuck Petersen

    I don't know how many people will read this, or if this has already been suggested, but we need to contact the other arms companies (Glock, S & W, etc.) that are still selling arms to these entities, and ask them to stop--really, for their own good in the long run.

  • souper

    This is one of the problems with business's that get in bed with the govm't. They become part of the infamous"47%ers". They have come to depend on the govm't for their existance. They rely on the govm't contract just like the low life depends on their food stamps and "Obama phone" or welfare check. Those types of business's will not stand up for principle. York Arms you are truly patriotic and I salute you and your principled stand.

  • hank

    I would like it if all the firearms manufactures and ammo manufactures would stop selling to the Federal Goverment, all law enforcment agencies that are anti gun, and most of all all the stinking congres, senate their body gaurds and security personel that protect their a - - hole kids, wifes and who ever and they should be forced to turn all their wepons over with in 24 hours or face crinomal charges puinshable by death immdiately this also aplies to the holliwood jacka - - es also would'nt that be great!!!!!!

  • grace3

    From the York arms website saying they are swamp with
    Orders We are getting BURIED with email and LOVE to hear your comments. Please keep them coming! We are working hard to get through the backlog of email as best as possible!

    We are unable to take any orders at this point. We're overwhelmed with orders and challenged with avaiability of forgings and small parts. It is becoming impossible to quote accurately or attractiuvely - so for now we are going to hold off quoting new business.

  • Harvey817

    GREAT IDEA. I hope all like businesses follow suit

  • Libertarian58

    It is clear that government at all levels has become the enemy of the people, so why would we continue to arm our enemies? I encourage ALL arms manufacturers to follow York's lead.

  • H-s Smith

    Let's not forget, Daniel Defense, Barret, Magpul & many other manufacturers who have a moral compass!

  • mnkysnkle

    For shame. Does that mean cities like N.Y. and Chi-town will have to arm themselves with scissors? Or they can take that survival class being offered in one of those liberal colleges. Pee your pants and tell the perp you have an STD. If that don't work, then strain real hard and crap your pants then kiss your arse goodbye.

  • netandyawho

    York Arms has my business!

  • rational

    York Arms? BS I say. They are just a fly by night web site that doesn't even have an address or phone number, just a po box trolling for publicity.

  • Robert M. Anderson

    They are not the only ones; Olympic Arms, makers of quality AR-15s and parts, has also done the same thing. For any and all of these companies, they have nothing to lose; we the people are currently buying everything in sight, so their sales will only go UP when word gets. out.

  • melanie

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