Transgenderism: One More BIG Reason to Abandon Government Schools

Like you needed another reason to abandon government schools. Well, there is one more, and it won’t be the last one. Massachusetts has put out an 11-page directive on “transgendered students.” I didn’t even know there could be “transgendered” middle and high school students. The new rules would allow transgender students to use restrooms of their choice. Here’s the kicker. Any student who did not affirm or support their transgender classmates would be shown firm disapproval and possible discipline.

This would mean that if some guy thought he was really a girl, he could use the girl’s bathroom. He would still have his male “equipment” and the hormones to go with it, and any girl in the bathroom would have to grim and tolerate the idiocy. To show disapproval or fear could mean a trip to the principal’s office or worse. Maybe a “hate-crime” charge could be made.

The directives are so unbelievably written that at first I thought the whole thing was a joke. But it’s not. Get this one:

“A student who says she is a girl and wishes to be regarded that way throughout the school day and throughout every, or almost every, other area of her life, should be respected and treated like a girl.”

What if the next day the guy who thought he was a girl yesterday decides he’s a boy today? It’s his/her decision, and woe to anyone who objects.

“According to the Dept. of Education, transgender students are those whose assigned birth sex does not match their ‘internalized sense of their gender.’

"They said gender nonconforming students ‘range in the ways in which they identify as male, female, some combination of both, or neither.’

“‘The responsibility for determining a student’s gender identity rests with the student,’ the guidelines dictate. ‘One’s gender identity is an innate, largely inflexible characteristic of each individual’s personality that is generally established by age four… As a result, the person best situated to determine a student’s gender identity is that student himself or herself.’”

It gets worse. We know that teenage girls can kill their pre-born babies without parental notification. In Massachusetts, parents won’t be contacted about their child’s gender identity.

“School personnel should speak with the student first before discussing a student’s gender nonconformity or transgender status with the student’s parent or guardian.”

These people are insane, and they are setting the curriculum and social policies for tens of thousands of young people in the state of Massachusetts who will one day be messing up the rest of America with their confused sexual identity politics.

There is no way to fix government schools. Get your kids out while you still can and before they come home dressed like Norman Bates from Psycho.



  • James White, M.D.

    Another day "on the wrong side of the wormhole." What next from these crazy S.O.B.s? Looking at other countries. Dominus vobiscum.

    • patriotusa2

      They're crazy all right, Doc, and most of the world as well. If you do decide to move to another country be careful of where you go, as many of them are even more liberal than America is becoming. In essence, we are just now catching up with many that are so ultra liberal it's pathetic. In the Scandanavian countries, almost anything goes including the euthanasia of young children that are not healthy, etc. Bestiality is permitted also in some of these countries as long as the "animals are not injured." Germany has had a law on the books since 1969 about the acceptance of bestiality and there are also zoos where those who enjoy sex with animals can come and take their pick of goats, or lamas, etc. Actually, there seems to be very few countries, if any, that haven't been taken over by a diabolical disorientation so prevalent in the world today. Satan's having a field day!!

  • Screeminmeeme

    ''There is no way to fix government schools. Get your kids out while you still can and before they come home dressed like Norman Bates from Psycho.''

    Government schools, with their over-paid, incompetent, politically correct, morally-absent teachers, have failed in every area and produced millions of uninformed, semi-illiterate kids with astonishingly high self esteem who march in step with the left. The Dept of Education needs to be dismantled and its 12 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET used to bring down the debt.

    Parents who cannot home school or afford private school have got to be more actively involved and make their voices heard, loud and clear, that they will not tolerate the social engineering policies of leftist school administrators. The culture-architects are not going away anytime soon, though, and if permitted, will continue to push their depraved world view on the maleable minds of the easily duped.

    • jong

      Not only that but, gays and the like have never been able to prove that their "life style" is anything but a personal choice. There is no such thing as a "gay" gene and they have tried and have always come up short. But, it is the "cool" thing to do to be that way. Get back morals and ethics in this country and it will no longer be "cool"

      • Benjamin Fox

        Amen jong, a chosen life style, have lead some to the Lord through the Gospel and they are no longer homosexuals, a matter of morals and sin, nothing more or less and Jesus came to die for our sins and was buried and resurrected to show us someday we will be raised from the dead, some to salvation and others to judgement even if some don't want to believe in God.

        • jong

          Absolutely. My father when he was in Princeton as a Lutheran Minister wrote a article for the Princeton newspaper that we should help those repentant (go and do no more) to regain a GODLY life. To those that preferred to not and say that is was all good(a church by the way that counted Michelle Robinson(Obama) and Sotomayor in their number) were not to be looked as a church and a that time the ecumenical group that contained everybody else refused them admission to the group. Now of course they would be called "haters"

    • linda carson

      That is right,we need school choice get rid of the public schools and there union crap of tener teacher must go that collect big money for this garbage ...they are destroying our children,values and every thing else at a huge cost to tax payers . For this crap.

  • JamesMaxwell

    It's always funny seeing this place comment on things it's clearly very ignorant of.

    Good thing you fascists don't set the rules.

    • Mark

      You present such intellect to the group. Please enlighten us, so that we will no longer be stuck in our ignorance.

      • JamesMaxwell

        What was it about not casting pearls before swine?

        This is just a place to get a laugh.

        • Mark

          If it's just a place to get a laugh, then why are you bothering to comment? You're not exactly stunning us with your rebuttal of the article, now are you?

        • JamesMaxwell

          "If it's just a place to get a laugh, then why are you bothering to comment?"

          I'm here to laugh. I comment because I'm here.

        • Mark

          Just so you know, that made no sense whatsoever.

        • JamesMaxwell

          It's very simple. Which part don't you understand?

        • Mark

          "I'm here to laugh. I comment because I'm here."
          This seems to imply that being here requires that you comment.

          And you also said: "This is just a place to get a laugh."
          Then what does commenting have to do with it?

          Furthermore, your comments seem to imply that the people who write or agree with the articles here are ignorant, so much so that they humorous and that you are of higher intellect.
          Note the condescension in: "Which part don't you understand?"

          Well, you might expect to get some sort of response out of people when you say something insulting to them. Have you not experienced this before? Now you're simply sidestepping making any sort of retort to the article whatsoever, yet you obviously believe your views superior. Well, if you can't even explain them, what makes you so certain?

        • Benjamin Fox

          Your the one being laughed at jamesmaxoff, you have no brains at all and probaby think you have a brain also?

        • Benjamin Fox

          Look in the mirror pig.

    • John Nicoletti

      Sir, and what exactly are the commenters ignorant of.? Your typical,liberal left leaning mentality, is justified only by your own ignorance. I assume you think a mans penis is perfectly acceptable to be inserted in another mans rectum.? If the good lord wished for our butts to be the parking space for another mans pecker, I am sure he would have made some alterations. I could guess what area of the anatomy, your pecker calls home.

      • JamesMaxwell

        "Sir, and what exactly are the commenters ignorant of.?" What gender is, to begin with.

        • Benjamin Fox

          Told you the socialist school system brain washed you a true brown shirt, gender? and you need to ask proves the point.

        • TexasJester

          Oh, YOU are TRULY ignorant - and yet you call US ignorant!!

          Gender is the physical sex of a person. If you got a hangy-thingy, you a boy. If you don't, you is a girl. Period.

          "Transgender" is when you artificially change the plumbing - and last I heard, junior high and high school age kids aren't getting gender reassignment operations.

          "Cross-dressing" is when you are of one gender, but dress and act like the other.

    • Benjamin Fox

      JamesMaxwell, you ever heard the terms dumb, stupid, blind, idiot and godless? Well they all fit you friend and the left is the fascists but, you wouldn't know that being raised in the socialist school system where their propaganda has rubbed off on you. You would have voted for Hitler if alive today, opps you guys did, he's in the white house, fascists.

  • Uptite

    Malarkey... what a bunch of bleeding-heart loonieism! If I had school-aged children today, they would be home-schooled, or private schooled if I could afford that. Where the hell is this Country going, to hell in a hand basket, that's where!

  • Americanpride

    Uptite.....Soooooooooooo right !

  • Brian Riordan

    I'd go for being a girl when I needed to use the restroom. I hear they are usually cleaner. Otherwise I'm a dude. On the gender self-identity kinsey scale (which will soon exist based on this paper), I'm probably a 1.1 then.

  • Susan Cooper

    What an IGNORANT person you are. You have no idea of what transgendered children go through. Did you even know that the suicide rate is 5X that of other children. Yea your stand is probably just kill them all. Its a birth defect and the percentage that "change their minds" is about 1 in 200,000. Let your ignorance show and spread the hate and intolerance for those born differently. NO ONE chooses to be transgendered.

    • JamesMaxwell

      Their ignorance spreads hate and intolerance for many. Though they pretend to be "patriots", most of the articles aren't actually providing any information, just biased, hateful opinions.

    • Mark

      So let me get this straight, 1 in 200,000 children are transgendered and you want to change the restroom assignments for EVERY SINGLE school? (My high school had about 1,200 students.) Perhaps, we could find another solution for these kids, other than confusing the other 199,999 little boys and girls who are perfectly fine in their gender, by asking them which gender they feel like being that day. Not to mention the fact that this presents the opportunity for boys and girls who are sexually motivated and curious to just say, "Oh, I feel like a different sex today." And then they get to go in the restroom and check out the goods of the other gender. Do you know how horny high school boys are? It's not unnatural, but it certainly is something to be careful with. Maybe we could get these kids some mental and emotional help, instead of changing (and likely endangering) the school system for 99.9995% of kids who are not transgendered (by your numbers).

    • Barb Patton

      I bet a pound to a pinch of salt that Susan Cooper voted for obama - knows a lot of transgender people and feels she is supporting a worthy cause. Since I used to teach - thank God I no longer do, and since the children in this country have been successfully dumbed down by a corrupt department of education and teachers that are just as stupid as the children they teach, that children change their minds almost every day of the week.. So why if Mark decides one day he wants to be Michelle everybody in the class room has to jump to attention, condone his airy fairy ideas about his sex and force his decision down the throats of the rest of the class. Madam you are one stupid stupid woman - you are the one who is more ignorant than the majority of us who write on this site...enough

    • TexasJester

      You call US ignorant!?? You don't even know what "transgender" IS! (It's the artificial changing of the plumbing.) And just HOW MANY of these children are going through the gender reassignment (sex change) operations??

      Otherwise, they are "cross-dressers"!

      • Patrick Salyard

        Again, that definition is only in your head, that is not reality. This is the second time I've corrected you. So, referring to my other post about spreading lies, it appears that I was once again correct.

        • TexasJester

          I have known (and am friends with) many people in the gay/lesbian "scene" in Sacramento, CA. The definitions I am using are what they have told me. If that doesn't agree with your stilted view of things, I'm sorry - one of my transgender friends informed me of the distinction; he also states that a transvestite is one who dresses the part of the gender they are working to become - but haven't finished the process. Transgender (according to my transgender friend) is one who has completed the change.

          My information is from the horse's mouth, so to speak. So you can continue to denigrate me, but my facts are still there.

        • Pjs8200
  • Thomas Gill

    I really hate being the voice of doom and gloom.But the other day,I heard something that made a lot of sense,my brother,who is a theologian,told me,that if GOD does not punish America,then he will have to apologize to Sodom and gommora.Makes sense doesn't it.So my fellow patriots,what are we going to do?

    • Screeminmeeme

      Thomas Gill...Yep. God is no respecter of persons so if He judged S & G i the past, and yet allows America to get away with its increasing depravity and the wholesale slaughter of the unborn (to the tune of 54+ million since Roe V Wade), He is not the Holy, Just, and Good God that the Bible says He is.

      As I have for over 50 years, I will continue to serve the Lord, hopefully being salt and light in this dark, Christ-rejecting world. From the beginning, its sinful man who has been responsible for all the doom and gloom in the world, causing most of the pain and suffering that surrounds us.

      The situation would be hopeless, but Jesus has provided man with the opportunity for a changed heart and eternal life. Thankfully, He spoke these words of hope and encouragement to His followers.

      Joh 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but BE OF GOOD CHEER; I have overcome the world.

      Those of us who are Bible believers understand well that in the end.........God wins.

  • Susan

    Public Schools are designed to destroy Virtue in young children and make them think "Evil is Good". To force children to think insanity is normal and that DNA is meaningless is a scientific lie. They teach lies---like all Marxism does--the Big Lie--to erase the possibility of children to use "Reason and Logic". When you fill their foundation with nonsense--and remove Logic and Reason, you get "useful idiots" when they are adults. They will be devoid of any useful knowledge --that of Adam Smith and John Locke---instead they are made to "feel" what is Good and Evil by "urges". Easy people to rule. What sickness---any parent who allows their vulnerable children to be warped by such perverted people like Billy Ayers who writes this insane curricula and rules----to collapse and destroy Western Civilization by destroying the minds of the children. Lenin knew this---he invented the Day Care so he could "mold" children into perfect little godless Marxists. We are creating little kids, like the pretty little boys in Afghanistan, who are in Harems, are ignorant, and sodomized by the males in the society. Great Satanic cultures kill Virtue so the children can be abused and sexualized and used. They all go after the children. They know that is the future. it is why Jerry Brown is teaching the Kindergarteners about the joy of anal sex. He is making sodomy not only normalized---he is sexualizing children so they will be sex-obsessed and ignorant and be conditioned into thinking "Good is Evil and Evil is Good." As the evil psychologists stated when they were taking over the public schools---"We can make children believe "Snow is Black."

    • linda carson

      How do u think they get elected ? By psychologist babble.

  • freedomringsforall


  • Linda Dommel

    Yes I have seen reports of Massachusett since they allow gay marriage. Your not even allowed to bring up traditional marriage or your looked down on. They say the kids have suffered the most from this. Total confusion of young minds wither they are friends or lovers Some GOOD REPORTER should do a research article on what is going on up their with these new laws. Let's see what they want you to get into - my understanding it really HURTS the kids mentally! Like to also C more stories on the State payed healthcare, I think they voted for O just to save their STATE from going MORE BROKE & the Massachuseett taxpayer from going broke.

  • PatriotAmerican

    Perverts! Thank God that is not happening where our grandchildren attend school, but government schools are a real problem. An indoctrination center for the agenda of Obama and the present leftist administration.
    My father, a WWII decorated hero and also in Korea, used to tell me that judgement was coming on America for what it has permitted and advanced. Judgement may be here or we may be close.

    • Benjamin Fox

      PatriotAmerican your father was right, mine was also decorated from WWII and Korea and died from his wounds and youngest brother died from his wounds in Viet Nam, I pray they didn't die for nothing? God said He would judge a nation for these things in Lev 18, The killing of children, Destruction of the Family and Homosexuality, seems we are in Gods cross hairs as a nation. The immoral want to call good evil and evil good and are giving it it's best shot but, they will reap what they sow. God Bless Friend:

      • PatriotAmerican

        When I was a boy and young man, I worked with my father, building homes, businesses, and churches. We spent alot of time together there and in working on our farm. It was all hard work but during those times, my father would relate to me many life lessons, morales, and principles of life. He would also share visions and dreams he would have. In one, he saw people acting as if they were in Sodom and all of a sudden began to die in the streets. In other dream, he saw the people having a great party and ignoring anything of godliness and all of a sudden heaven opened and a big fire ball, like a meteor hurled at the earth and exploded fire in their midst. There were many other dreams and visions which he had and I have seen some of them come to pass at least in part and a few in whole. I owe my father a great deal for my life and what I know today, the education he imparted and the formal education he made sure he sacrificed that I might obtain. But most of all, his personal relationship with Christ Jesus, who he introduced to me.

  • Marc Conder

    As a home owner, and tax payer, I see my school taxes go up in leaps and bounds every year. Almost as frequently, there is a new bond designed to raise school debt in huge amounts, never less then 250 million in my school district, much more usual is half to a billion dollars in long term debt foisted on the tax payers by the school board and the assorted educators with their list of demands. I propose we reverse this trend, lets try floating a district wide ban on any and all new school debt, and in fact, lets begin by removing the layers and layer of administrators and assorted assistants who are not in the class rooms.

  • Patrick Salyard

    Wow. I am just absolutely astounded at the comments on this page. There is so much ignorance on this page I wouldn't even know where to start to address it all. I could spend days on just the first 15 comments alone. Perhaps you people should realize you really don't know as much as you think you do. What you do know though is stereotypes, propaganda and lies. All of which I'm sure you've learned from your respective houses of worship, because we all know what a paragon of virtue the church is these days.
    Honestly, I will pray for you all that you will learn some humility and hopefully gain some meaningful knowledge along the way.

    • TexasJester

      Ok, you spent a whole, long paragraph denigrating us - care to elaborate on just HOW we are wrong ?? Or do you simply don't know, and have to resort to name-calling and insulting?

      • Patrick Salyard

        Like I said, I could spend days replying to nonsense, but let me give you an example how wrong you guys are:

        "Not only that but, gays and the like have never been able to prove that
        their "life style" is anything but a personal choice. There is no such
        thing as a "gay" gene and they have tried and have always come up
        short. But, it is the "cool" thing to do to be that way. Get back
        morals and ethics in this country and it will no longer be "cool"

        Lets see, how is this wrong? Well, to begin with, only a purported heterosexual would ever utter those words. I find it amazing that all you anti gay people will completely argue with gay's, bi's and transgenders over something you personally have no experience with, and I can prove that by you giving me an answer to this question.....When did YOU choose to be heterosexual? Of course the answer is you didn't, you are just born the way you are, plain and simple. However, that's not good enough for anyone who happens to be different, then it's "You CHOSE to be that way!" Now, you won't believe us, BUT, if someone comes out now and says they're an ex gay, then you'll take every single word out of their mouth as gospel.
        Funny thing is that no one ever thinks that maybe all these so-called "ex-gays" were never gay to begin with but bisexuals. It's a lot easier to hide your true self when you have the predisposition (Think Ted Haggard) to go both ways.

        And other then using the word ignorant, where was I name calling?

  • Bubblegum199

    I could just see it now. I was a tomboy growing up so these teachers would be counciing me that I am gay, These teachers and Democrats are sick individuals have lost their morals and are sick individuals This is totally out of line and disgusting,,

  • okihadit


  • Creathie Morris

    are they gonna have the bathrooms monitored for rapist?????? yeah....I thought that would be asking for to much!!!!!! HOME SCHOOL!!!!!!!

  • Creathie Morris


  • Mary McNellis Andries

    So, if a boy thinks he's really a girl can he compete on the girl's basketball, volleyball, and swim teams?

    • TexasJester

      That's the idea - and be allowed to change in the girls' locker room and use the girls' restrooms..

      But I wonder how the other schools with girls' sports teams would feel if a school shows up with a bunch of boys on their girls' team.. Be quite an advantage!

  • TexasJester

    It's not "transgender" until you artificially change your plumbing. If you're a boy, dress and act like a girl, you're "cross-dressing". But boy, what a way to get into the girls' locker room without getting arrested!!

    • Patrick Salyard

      Again, you are incorrect. That may be how things are in your head, but that's not reality. You really need to learn the difference between transgender and transvestite.

  • gypsy314

    This is some sick crap and all I want to say is see what happens when you let a bunch European's into America. Only hope is to declare war civil war and remove all liberals and gays from America like it or not. If we loose then our children we be too.

  • Dennis

    “A student who says she is a girl and wishes to be regarded that way throughout the school day and throughout every, or almost every, other area of her life, should be respected and treated like a girl.”

    Isn't this statement presupposing that there is girl-ness? I thought we were not supposed to treat boys and girls, men and women differently. How can this even be considered...oh yeah...they're progressives, they don't need to make any sense.
    Read more: