Student Raped In Campus “Safe Zone” 50 Feet From Police Station

Recently, Obama’s website sent out an e-mail soliciting people’s “gun violence” stories and reasons they support gun control. You probably won’t see any stories there about how guns were used to defend someone or save someone’s life. Those stories won’t be allowed. They only allow stories from people who were victims of gun violence and who support more gun control laws.

Of course, according to Colorado state representative Paul Rosenthal, there are plenty of other methods of self-defense that don’t involve the use of a firearm. Mace, tasers, Judo and even the “buddy system” can be used to protect yourself from a murderer or rapist.

And another Colorado state representative Joe Salazar said that just because a woman feels like she might be raped doesn’t mean that she will be. In other words, it might not be “legitimate” rape. And a paranoid female student wouldn’t want to accidently kill someone who wasn’t actually going to rape her. And this is why female students shouldn’t be carrying guns on campus, and this is why, he said, we have “call boxes, safe zones and whistles.”

What would these gunophobic lawmakers say to Amanda Collins, a student at the University of Nevada who was raped at gunpoint in a gun-free “safe zone” about 50 feet away from the campus police, whose office was closed at the time she was raped? She even had a concealed carry permit, but because of state law, she was forbidden to carry on campus.

She was on her way to her car in the parking garage with a group of friends, but her car was the only one on the ground floor. The rapist was crouched behind a truck, and when she passed by, he came from behind, grabbed her and raped her at gunpoint on the garage floor.

The rapist went on to rape 2 other women and murdered his 3rd victim. Only at that point was Amanda allowed to carry a gun with her on campus. But that 2nd Amendment right would be revoked the moment she told anyone about her carrying. No one else was to know that she was allowed to protect herself with a firearm.

If she had had a firearm on her that night, she likely could have protected herself, the next victim and saved the life of the 3rd victim. Amanda noted that none of the suggestions by the liberal lawmakers would have made any difference:

 “I can tell you that a call box above my head while I was straddled on the parking garage floor being brutally raped wouldn't have helped me one bit. The safe zones? Well I was in a safe zone and my attacker didn't care.”

 And not only that, she holds a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo, which in some instances might help her, but in this case, a much bigger man holding a gun rendered her martial arts skills irrelevant. She needed something to match the criminal’s gun. And the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.



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  • Adam Moreira

    Would a firearm have helped here? I'm not so sure---that rapist relied on the element of surprise if I am reading this story correctly. Even if Ms. Collins was armed, the rapist would have gotten to her before she could defend herself.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Adam Moreira....So what. Who knows. She might have been able to shoot the SOB IN THE BACK as he was getting away thus preventing the rape of 2 more women and the death of one.

      But then again, had that happened, the slobbering-criminal-protecting left would have been all up in arms that the poor guy had been shot in the back which was a terribly unjust thing, dontcha know...and the rape victim would have faced a prison sentence for manslaughter or murder after being found guilty by a jury of her politically correct peers.

      This FEAR of guns crap that is being pushed and fed by the Prez and his leftist minions is moronic, absurd and dangerous to every law-abiding citizen.

    • Centurian2010

      So again let's hear how the liberals are pro-women? They have demonstrated through their ignorant comments and push for gun control that they truly do not care about a woman's safety.

      • W_R_Monger

        Both sides have shown their ignorance of women's issues but the left has made it into an art form. Those who do this on the conservative side are hounded for their, albeit stupid and insensitive comments & thoughts while when those on the left do this they are lauded for their brilliant insight. They are both wrong & deserve to be equally shamed & ridiculed.

        Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6, & yet our children need both parents no matter what liberals say. We've seen how communities (government) raise children (public schools) so let's get back to the most important job that any individual can have on this planet, raising OUR children together as moms & dads.

        Sorry, got off on a side rant.....

    • spidermike

      But but Adam, she was in a safe zone. Shouldn't the rapist, whose life you seem so concerned about, have been more sensitive and let her go once he was made aware of the "safe zone"? Need I tell you I'm being facetious? What may have worked was "open carry". If not, at least there would have been a fight for the gun and who knows, she might have won. She deserved a chance. People of your ilk will one day line up against the wall without a whimper.

    • Tom54

      If she were trained properly, she would have had her gun in her pocket and her hand on the gun as she walk through the empty parking lot. She would have walked into the middle of the row of parked cars, not beside the cars. She would have looked right and left between cars as she headed toward her car with keys in other hand. She would look back after each set of cars. The rapist would have 15 to 20 feet between her and cars. As he approached her she would have about 1 second to turn around, see the gun and to shoot her attacker twice through her coat pocket. Double tap, see if the threat is diminished. If not pull the gun out and double tap again. Seems like it can't happen that way. If you practice enough it is just a walk in the park. My wife works in a downtown city and she practices that scenario everytime she walks to and from her car in a parking garage. If her business does not see her gun, nobody can complain, now can they. She is not going to tell them unless she shoots someone. If they fire her, so what. At least she will be alive for them to fire her.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Tom 54....Exactly. Its that kind of vigilance and awareness of surroundings I've practiced since I was stalked over 40 years ago. My gun is NOT tucked away but always in my hand in my pocket, ready to go. Seconds count and especially at my age now, I'm not willing to take any chances.

    • W_R_Monger

      Adam, you've never been in that type of situation I'm guessing. I'll also wager that you don't handle firearms on a regular basis. If she were armed she wouldn't have had to draw her pistol to protect herself as I'm pretty sure that if it were in a purse or some other carry device it would fire through said carry case & hit the perp with the same effectiveness as if she had pulled it out & fired it. That would have definitely stopped 2 more rapes & one murder.

      Until you have been raped at gun point in a "safe zone" STFU, you have no reference or experience from which to speak...

    • STMA

      That's why we practice drawing the gun and wear clothing that allows for a lightning fast draw. The rapist would probably have been more surprised than she was, and if she was good with the draw, that one second of hesitation by the criminal when the gun suddenly appeared might have turned the tables. As you say, no way of knowing for sure, but in my opinion (I have training and a carry license myself) her chances would definitely been better with the gun. One thing I was taught is that in a defensive situation, you are either moving (not in a straight line), shooting, reloading or some combination of the above. You only stop moving if a reasonably good shelter (behind the truck is a start) presents itself.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      How do you make an argument of what might have been? First, nobody knows the exact circumstances of this rape. If this woman was armed, it's likely she'd be confident and ready, possibly even able to have her weapon handy and awareness heightened.

      You're arguing off the point. You're reading correctly; you're just rewriting history, working for a way to not get the point with faulty best, it would have been a battle for the rapist's gun." At best, she's not raped and he's off the street.

      The issue is that criminals don't care about "gun free zones" and gun registrations. Most aren't even eligible to legally own a gun. Only the law abiding citizens care about not breaking the law, as is evidenced and the point of this case.

      Gun free zones make easy pickings for criminals. They disarm and victimize empowered 2nd Amendment participants. Gun laws and restrictions just make it harder for law abiding citizens to get them because they use the more difficult process and when laws change, we'll be outgunned by the criminal that will alter them to make them high volume assault weapons because they know there are places we law abiding people won't carry them. They know their weapons are superior because we are predisposed to follow the law while criminals and sociopaths are inherently predisposed not to.

    • Jackie Treehorn

      Shhhhhhh. Adam. You're raining on everyone's delusional fantasy that they would have fought back with a gun to their head.

  • Robert Laurendine

    self defense classes teach you to draw in close quarter positions that include being taken from behind. Well, a good class self defense class, that is.

  • Screeminmeeme

    ANYONE (but the left) with the IQ of a cactus can easily understand that a gun is a great equalizer. When faced with a rapist who is 80 pounds heavier, 10 inches taller, and sometimes high on drugs, even a woman with martial arts training doesn't have much of a chance if she has to fight him.

    But if she can extract her weapon and get off a couple of shots to body mass, her chances are increased exponentially.

    As for the asinine lawmakers who paint women as bubble-headed idiots who aren't responsible or emotionally stable enough to handle a weapon................well.....where's a large bag of rocks and a cliff when you need one?

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Ironic... Salazar says women aren't stable enough to be able to handle a gun, yet the Dept of Defense has now admitted women to fight in combat zones and be in the front lines of battle? Is there something wrong with this picture???

      • Screeminmeeme

        Rhonda Renee Sessions....Excellent point! You ought to email the dumba** and tell him the same thing.

  • John Machinski

    I am not sure that the rapist would have tried it in the first place if the campus wasn't a gun free safe zone.

    • Uptite

      Exactly~ Other lame ideas include urinating or vomiting on the perp...yeah, that'll work, they may just like it, since they are sick-minded enough to carry out an act of rape. These liberal clowns would only understand if they were related to a victim...

      • STMA

        And 'll bet she can vomit at will any time. All she has to do is carry a pic of barry and hold it in her face while being raped. Sounds like bite-me at work again...

      • Doodlebug

        Where the H was biden and his shotgun??

        • Uptite

          MIA per usual!

        • icemancold


        • Laraine Walker

          mr jerk biden is surrounded by security...

      • Barbaracvm

        I would not bet on their understanding even if they knew the victim. That would require them to comprehend the horror of being raped. That requires them to have common sense and compassion both in short supply with a liberal.

        • Uptite

          Too true ~Too true!

      • Taquoshi

        Wouldn't urinating on the perp would just make him angrier? Time and time again, I've heard that rape isn't about sex, it's about power and control. Anger fits right in with that agenda.

        • Uptite

          You definitely make a valid argument there. It could make him angry enough to kill his victim, whereas that may not have been his original intention outside of the assault!

        • Laraine Walker

          taking ur pants down to urinate makes it easier to rape you right?????not like girls can aim ....

      • OlyEd

        Why not just make it illegal to commit rape on campus? A sign on every lamp post that this is a RAPE FREE ZONE should cure the problem...right?

      • melissasmom

        And the genius idea of blowing a whistle.

        • Uptite

          Downright Idiotic; perp takes whistle, steps on it and proceeds!

        • melissasmom

          Or pokes my eyes out with it or chokes me to death, etc. Or maybe he saves it and blows the whistle for a time out, later.

        • Uptite

          Exactly - any of the above, but the idiot libs think that a whistle is a deterrent...

        • Screeminmeeme

          Uptite..........Maybe we should take all the guns from the Secret Service agents who guard the Prez and arm them all with whistles.

        • Uptite

          That's a fantastic idea...

          Biden is such a freakin' hypocrite...he's going on and on about what Jill should do if anybody comes near their home. "go outside and fire two warning shots and that should ward off any intruders", yet he wants to disarm the rest of us. BTW his advice to his wife was piss-poor, because that is actually against the Law...what a boob!

        • melissasmom

          Unfortunately, they (libs) live in their own fantasy world and have never had to face any endangering situation. A nice small "bellybuster" would have been ideal in this situation..

      • DrSique

        All she really needed was a whistle. (extreme sarcasm)

      • 7papa7

        Where does it say that we lose our Constitutional rights in places that the feds say we do? My Constitutional rights don't stop at entrance to a school. We have seen how good gun free zones work now haven't we? Had she been armed she very probably would NOT have been raped and one more sicko would be off the streets and on a slab like they deserve.

    • jong

      She should sue the state for negligence. It seems the only place criminals feel safe is were law abiding citizens will not be armed.

      • Carline D. Long Jr.

        I think sueing the Schools when this happens is a very good Idea.

    • Carline D. Long Jr.

      I am sure TRY is all he would have done with this Lady had she been afforded the opportunity to protect herself. This could have been anyone attacked viciously by this monster. As read farther along he raped two others because it was such a target rich enviornment and Killed the last unfortunate soul. Call boxes, scissors, vomit, What the hell are the left saying? Does the Left have a War on Women?

      • jong

        With the left wanting women to be Infantry which any Officer or Non-Com that had any time in service would shoot down. Yes they do.

      • Kent2012

        yes, but they have disguised it with lies that the GOP hates women, minorities, and the poor.......

  • Mort Leith

    I would sue the university for denying me my Constitutional 2nd Amendment right....

    • USMC and America proud

      Might also want to 'strongly' question--"Tell us again 'WHY' the police station was: A) unmanned; B) is it general knowledge that it's always closed at a particular time of day? (Which would explain a killer being brave enough to get that close)! Yeah, I would pursue legal recourse against the college for 2nd amendment violations, safety issues with 'police policy' that had the station closed!

      • foxxybey

        Could agree more my friend, sure looks like they dropped the ball again, must not be Marines, LOL, God Bless and Semper Fi.

    • Hiram Holiday

      BIG money!

  • Harold

    Could it be that as one idiot politition said she just thought she was going to be raped. If most of these goof ball polititions had one brain it would be lonley! I wonder if 'Guam' has turned over yet, as one of GA. illustrious senators or congreesman thought it would fprm to many people on it. Are these people for real or are they just naturally stupid?

    • USMC and America proud

      Naturally stupid, and as everyone knows, ya can't fix stupid!

      • foxxybey

        Semper Fi, fellow Marine, your right, can't fix stupid. God Bless and again Semper Fi from a 12 year Marine.

    • W_R_Monger

      I think its become a requirement to run for congress anymore. And the more stupid that you prove yourself to be the higher your rung on the government ladder...

      • Harold

        Truer words have never been spoken. Except in the case of the highest in the W. H. Thats called evil!

  • foxxybey

    I believe the idiots on the left would rape women themselves if they thought they could get away with it, not men anymore, just girly guys who wear pants and a tie, a lot of them in Colorado are also homosexual representatives and proud of it, and will be passing un-Godly laws for themselves and their friend or boy friends or girl friends, it's not hate that people don't accept a immoral and un-natural life style, it's called common sense but those who love that life style think they are special because they are different.

    • W_R_Monger

      Not different just defective...

      I'm sure I'll get a ration of s#!t for that one...

      • foxxybey

        Amen W_R_Monger; With the truth you always get a get the B.S. keep up the good work, rather be hated for truth then liked for a lie. God Bless Friend:

    • Libertarian Soldier

      It's not that they and their sympathizers think their special; they think they're better and vilify those that know it's wrong.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      The idiots on the left do rape women. One took advantage of an intern and used his power to seduce and use her sexually in the Oval Office. He got a pass and years later, last year, stood in front of the democrat's witching hour and told them they were better off than they were 4 years ago. Helped gang rape a nation, this time.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Most libs I know Libertarian Soldier, are dumber then rocks, can't carring on a conversation, they don't think, they feel, when it comes to any subject the first thing they say is I feel, never I looked at the facts and made what I consider a wise decisiton, it's all about feeling or PC even if they offend the other side of the discussion, hate speech to them is anything you say against their feelings and they will shut you off and walk away, when they say can't we just get a long what they really mean is come on, agree with me.
        God Bless Friend and you sure have it right on.

  • LArry

    If only she would have had an assault rifle that dude would have left her alone. What is wrong with these wimpy women. My friends daughter never goes anywhere without her assault. Kinda turns rHe boys off as well which is good since she's gay.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Larry....Finally...some women with gumption. Good for her. I have little patience for whiners who say they don't like guns or are fearful of them. What a load. In a day of such bold acts of crime, people have got to be smart and prepare to defend themselves.

    • W_R_Monger

      That's pretty good LArry. I'm being sincere not facetious or obtuse. Think how much different life would be if anyone could open carry with either a pistol at their hip or a rifle across their back. That would be my perfect society. We could free up LE & military personnel for something other than running from crime scene to crime scene.

      But that would require citizens taking responsibility for their own actions and we all know liberals would never allow a responsible citizenry to exist, they couldn't control a society such as that...

  • Brama

    According to an elected official in CO, Judo was supposed to work. Did she urinate on herself, or try other methods of deterrence? I'm being overwhelmingly sarcastic to show the idiocy of some our elected officials. Gun Free zones only work for those who follow the law. Criminals don't care for the law. Like it was once said, "An armed society is a polite society." But when you take away the best incentive to follow the law, criminals will always be there to take advantage and exploit it.

    • W_R_Monger

      I had thought that Samuel Clemens had said that. Then someone told me that T Jefferson had but it turns out that Robert Heinlein did & in 2003 the Polite Society was born. They hold shooting events & training. Really cool legacy...

  • Expresso

    It IS a safe zone! Safe for the rapist. Personally I think all politicians who are this stupid, and who advocate such idiotic means of protection, should be held legally and financially liable when rapes and/or murders occur.

    • Kent2012

      diany feinsteiny comes to mind................

  • rchguns

    Evidently she didn't have her whistle like that Congressman Or Representative was saying they should have instead of a gun. I wonder if the perverts and criminals have put together a travel guide of where they can go to do their dirty deeds in these gun free, excuse me home free, sites where they know they're not going to be able to be shot. They probably have some kind of travel guide.

    • STMA

      Maybe like the guide of gun permit holders that the newspaper in NY published? Hey, bet I could charge lots of $ for the reporting and mapping the locations of gun free zones! However, unlike the scumpaper in NY, I have morals so I won't.

      • rchguns

        I think you may be onto something. Start a new business booking vacations pro-life nut jobs who want to get their 15 min. of fame. You can book the hotels and offer a guided tour of all the gun free zones so that your client to pick and choose which ones he wants to use. You may have a moneymaker there!
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Student Raped In Campus “Safe Zone” 50 Feet From Police Station

  • Tom Walter

    What.....No Vomit Saved Up?

  • wdcraftr

    If she only had a Whistle?

    • Tom54

      As the scarecrow (or polititian) said. If I only had a brain.

  • Arthur Ross

    This is not about gun control at all,it is about "O" disarming all of us,he has big plans for himself and he fears an insurrection from Americans when he goes through with his master plan. If no one is armed then there will be no resistance. The Marines that were in his BIG parade weren't even allowed to have bolts in their rifles. Paranoia? yes and with good reason.Military personnel coming home are being told that they can not own weapons. I'm deeply sorry that these ladies were raped and one was murdered,but had this student been armed and killed her attacker,there would have been some trumped up charges against HER for being a victim. You see the mindset of liberals,they are like rabid coyotes on the hunt,and it gets worse every day. Mindless liberals telling women too pee on their selves or puke or fart,just to make them selves less attractive to the perpetrators is ludicrous to say the least...

  • WhiteFalcon

    I haven't seen any of this on TV and only if they air it on FOX will you ever
    see it on TV. Also, don't expect our cowardly lawmakers to do anything rational
    about it at all because they can't think rationally. They are morons.

  • cyber_hackster

    Liberal mentality sure comes through --

  • bungicord

    Anyone sending their unarmed kid into a gun free zone is putting them in mortal danger.

  • lasercad

    Why didn't she blow her whistle?

  • Doug Hensley

    Even a concealed gun is no guarantee of safety. What would make even more difference would be if people who already have a criminal record were not only disallowed from carrying, but disallowed in a way that was reliably and rigorously enforced. Stop and frisk policies make it all but impossible for a known crook to routinely carry.

  • Brian Paszczykowski

    Liberal stupidity and asinine thinking will get us all killed. If ever there was a time we should just tell liberals to sit down and shut up and leave the issue of public safety up to those who don't have a big, fat arrogant nose blocking their view it is now.

  • Bass_Boat_Bill

    I wonder if Joe Salazar is related to Ken Salazar, Obama's Secretary of the Interior ?
    Probably so.. They're both big-time azzholes..

  • wminaz

    The loonies in the gun control crowd are making even bigger fools of themselves with their silly suggestions (call box, vomit, etc) of how to protect yourself. Why not just carry a decent gun and quit taking chances? The left is getting people raped and killed and they feel righteous as hell about what they are doing. Clueless and dangerous.

  • TPS12

    Don't forget salazar said she should blow a whistle.

  • Kent2012

    Where is that idiot vice communist president when you need him?

  • Eric

    Stories like this one perfectly illustrate why I carry concealed all the time. I don't carry at work because they can fire me. I also don't carry in places where it's a felony. Otherwise I couldn't care less about gun-free zones. I notice that most of the violent crimes involving guns seem to happen in gun-free zones. I'd rather be alive and have to explain why I had a gun than dead because I followed an idiotic law.

  • danclamage

    Sounds like the way he grabbed her and put a gun to her head, she was still SOL.

  • Michaellaborde

    Humn,,, and the state run media will report this 24/7.---------not.......

  • MIKE6080

    In the buddy sysetm , your friend should be carrying

  • Charlie

    50 feet from police station and raped. Now that's protecting and serving.


    I WOULD IGNORE THE LAW--if I have a carry permit I WOULD CARRY!!!

  • Sonja

    They would take away her 2nd Amendment Rights if she told what had happened and that she was allowed to carry her weapon?
    I would sue the pants off the University! How dare they say something like that? They should be held fully responsible for what happened to this young lady. Period.

  • John Wilch

    I'm wondering how loud the anti-gun wackos would scream if it was their daughter, wife or even their mother that was being violated most savagely. I know what I'd do if I happened to come upon a scene where a women was being raped; the puke would never see the inside of a courthouse guys get the picture.

    I took an oath when I enlisted Dec. 20, 1963 to protect the Constitution and that oath was for the rest of my life. Oh and when I was growing up I was taught to protect and defend those that couldn't protect themselves and that also includes those that won't.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam '68-'69; Door-gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM) and now a retired USAF TSgt (E-6).

  • jag57

    When are we going to see a law in place, federal, or state by state, that will hold politicians that sponsor, or vote for a law to take away anyone's right to defend themselves, through gun free zones, or "safe areas," or anything else these idiots can come up with, both criminally and financially responsible. This would serve 2 purposes, it would keep these laws from being passed and at the same time, it would prevent a lot of crime.

  • hongryhawg

    I guess the whistle only had a range of 49 feet.

  • Raymond Mars

    If I were her I'd file one hell of a law suit against not only the College, but the State as well for passing a law which prevented her from carrying, but her rapist being a criminal ignored.

  • slickzip

    Dumb liberals , they must really believe that criminals obey laws and would not rape a woman in a "SAFE ZONE" ,,,,,,,,,,

  • dad666

    If this wasn't a gun free zone the criminal might have had second thoughts about attacking someone, If she had been carrying she could have at least had a chance at defending herself. When are These morons going to wake up and smell the stupidity of their lying deceptions??? When are the women on college going to wake up and learn to go after the politicians that write these stupid laws??? Boycott the stupid colleges that place their lives in jeapordy by agreeing to these stupid laws and rules and fire the morons who agree with them. March on the college offices and boycott classes. Cut of tuition and watch the story change. HIT THEM IN THE POCKETBOOK AND WATCH THEM RUN.....

  • Robert L. Rice

    ALL schools should alllow OPEN CARRY,THEN the bad guys would get the message,OVER 300,000,000 million people DID NOT shoot anyone this year,PUT the THUGS in JAIL,you wont have a weapon problem....

  • Linda Dommel

    Know UR enemy. Democrats are running on gun violence in 2014 to get the inner cities out in numbers to vote.

  • Laraine Walker

    is that his advice for woman military on the front lines too???

  • Dale Hogue

    Many, if not all, elementary schools disallow the playing of games like cops and robbers or cowboys and indians. A student cannot use his hands to make like he has a gun. If he or she aims this imaginary hand gun and makes a noise like a gun being fired, he or she can be punished by the school administrator. These punishments may take the form of detention or, the extreme, being excluded from attending classes at this school ever again. In these posts are comments by the writers indicating that there is very little support - at least by these posters - of Barack Hussein Obama's gun control fiat. I agree with those posters who state openly on this page that they would oppose any gun control laws with which they disagree and many of them would, so they claim, carry a concealed weapon whenever they feel the need to do so. Think on that while you are reading these posts.

  • hjb3

    Notice how quiet the professional feminists have been on this one? They're the first to cry "RAPE!" if a girl gets drunk at a party and has sex but uncharacteristically silent when having a gun would have helped a real victim protect herself.

  • Robert N. Schick

    The Safe Zone is safe~~for the Rapist~~I hope some punk tries to rape Rhonda Rousy the UFC champion~~He'll know what it's like to be a frog in a blender~~

  • gbandy

    In any State with open and concealed carry laws crime always is less as the criminal does not know who might just retaliate and end the criminals career....forever. Now the city with the most stringent anti-gun laws seems to be the most dangerous. Chicago. Now all you anti-gun zealots should just stroll through South Chicago at night be sure and take your whistles as you will need them.

  • pointdan

    If you have a daughter, you owe it to her to make sure she owns a weapon and gets trained on how to use it. Do it and do it now. Too many college females are attacked and even Mayor Mikey Bloomberg's NYPD can't be everywhere as they seek to control diet portions, soda rations, etc..