How to End Tyranny!

“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.” — John Adams

There has been great concern about how Tyrant Barack Hussein Obama has been out there attempting to win the hearts and minds of our young through his twisted and un-American ideologies.

Synonyms for a tyrant are oppressor, dictator, bully, despot, persecutor.

How fitting.

After performing constitutional talks in 341 high schools across America, I have seen firsthand the indoctrination being imposed on the future generations of this great country – which, for the most part, they are rejecting.

I recently returned from a Tea-Party speaking tour in Florida, and the No. 1 concern these patriots brought up to me was how to reach the next generation.

Finally, they were asking the right questions to bring our country back in the right direction.

The answer is all too simple: Show them the price of freedom.

When performing my high school assemblies, I will ask the students in the assembly how many know their Constitution.

Many begin to laugh in sheer ignorance.

I tell them that if they do not know their rights, they don’t have any rights.

I then ask them how many have grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, dads and moms – maybe even brothers and sisters – who have fought, bled, or died to ratify and magnify the Constitution they do not even know.

About 85 percent of them do, and it hits home with the students.

All of a sudden it is no longer funny.

After seeing the price of freedom, the entire room is immediately captivated with a new love and respect for America and the laws of our constitutional republic.

They will also no longer tolerate anyone – especially tyrants – who would attempt to desecrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



About Bradlee Dean
Bradlee Dean is an ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer, talk-show host of the Sons of Liberty Radio, and speaks on college and high school campuses with his ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International. Contact info for Bradlee Dean: Twitter@BradleeDean1 Facebook: Email: [email protected]
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    • DON

      h t t p : / / wh . gov / vdPG

  • Screeminmeeme

    Bradlee....great idea.

    How To End Tyranny?
    It needs to be put down like the rabid animal that it is.

    • Greggie

      That's true Screemin. You will have to chop the head off to destroy this type of venomous snake!

      • krk

        I fear this particular evil snake, once the head is chopped off, will come back with it's tail. like something out of a horror movie, the one we have been living since 2008

        • MARYANN33

          How stupid to hit this country with a program that has already failed worldwide....

        • Greggie

          How does the saying go; "insanity is doing the same thing over again and again believing you'll get a different result." Hasn't worked elsewhere, so leave it to barry; barry will destroy anything!"

        • Philip W. Starr

          And that's Barry Davis (son of Frank Marshall Davis, card-carrying Communist), not Barry "Soetoro," no doubt you're referring to. 😉

        • rridgsr

          The same shoe fits both of them

        • lana ward

          Omuslim had plastic surgery years ago so he wouldn't look so much like Frank Marshall Davis. I've seen pictures when he was younger, he looks different, his nose was wider

        • lana ward

          Go to the site, - WND -, type in , Obamas plastic surgery, it shows pictures of before and after

        • Wendell Fountain

          lana, I'm going to do that right now!

        • lana ward

          At the site- Pat Dollard-, there's an article, it's # 10, tells how the Arabs are planning to purchase the U.S. Presidency!!!

        • Petunia Skrebble

          WND is funded by Israel and they have permanent reporter on site there. I don't believe anything they say. Its usually dragging us into believing what their bosses want us to believe.

        • lana ward

          Did you even look at the pictures? There is more truth on that site than on all the liberal(communist) sites combined. Some people just won't accept the truth, not even when it slaps them in the face!!!

        • anniedawn

          Where do you think you go to get all of the REAL news. I still think you are a dumb liberal. You are so anti-Israel. Are you trying to turn people against Israel. Most Americans are FOR Israel but than again 82% of Americans claim to be Christians. Only the liberals are anti=Israel and that shoe fits you perfectly.

        • Greggie

          You bet! The onliest one, I hope!

        • Petunia Skrebble

          Leave it to "Barry's foreign Handlers". You know, the man behind the curtain. We are currently an occupied nation by a seriously hating enemy and they have killed so many Americans it would make your head spin and they threaten our elected leaders and if that doesn't work, they blackmail them, and if that does not work, they kill them. Ask JFK, JFK, Jr, Wellstone, Carnahan, etc etc.

        • anniedawn

          I have asked you for proof of your blabbing but you offer nothing. If that is your opinion say so. Do not try to make it look as if your ramblings are fact.

        • Greggie

          I believe the horrors are yet to be unleashed. He's "turning up" the heat ever so slightly lulling his believers into his designated state of Utopia. Funny though, even those who supported him both times are crying the blues. When I point out you have nobody to blame now but obummer, they still want W to take the heat!

        • beeks ...

          It's hard for most people, if not honest, to admit that

          they were/are, wrong.

        • Victor

          Try impossible! It's called the very first first-born blood covenant of DEATH that was made 6,0000 years ago between our first women, her first born SON & MURDERER & LUCIFER, still the angel that rules over earth by the way for just a very little while longer. Folks: This story is only the beginning our our punishment. No? Tell me that later this fall. Just saying...Watch!

        • Greggie

          Right on! The worst is yet to come! Exciting times!

        • Steve Hughes

          You're a fool.

        • Progressive Republican

          a) I believe that we are biblically admonished to call no one a fool.

          b) You're WAAAAAYYYY too kind.

        • anniedawn

          Seven prophecies concerning Israel. 1. The dispersal of the Jews throughout all the world and Israel becoming a wasteland. 2. The gathering of Israel back to Israel (not Palestine or Canaan). May 14, 1948 Israel became a nation (Jewish year 5708). 3. Revival of the wasteland to a "Garden of Eden". Check out the pictures of modern Israel. 4. Revival of the Hebrew language which has been dead for 1900 years. Hebrew is the national language of Israel. 5. Resurgence of the Jewish Army. It is now said to be the 4th best Army in the world. 6. The world against Israel. The UN is constantly against Israel. The Jews ruled Palestine for 1500 years until Titus burned Jerusalem down in 70 AD. Palestine has NEVER officially been claimed by any country. 7. Conflict over the land will eventually call the people of the earth to be gathered against Israel. God will defend Israel and God will destroy ALL nations that come against Israel. The first six prophecies were fulfilled in the last hundred years. Number 7 coming up. It is a documentary "The Prophecy of Israel". I checked out every one of the prophecies in the Bible. Jesus predicted what would be the signs of the beginning of the end wars and rumors of wars, family members against each other, earthquakes, etc. The prophecy I am not sure of deals with the fig tree and summer and that this generation will not pass (?). The fig leaf is the symbol of Israel and maybe modern Israel is the generation?

        • Petunia Skrebble

          a bit of a misquote there. Your number 2 is not stated correctly and it has not happened yet. The correct version is that the "Messiah will return, to gather up all of Israel and lead them back to the holy land". Well, unless you think the pagan satanic edomite zionists are the Messiah, then it hasn't happened yet. The Israelites were warned by God not to take the land by force, but to wait to be gathered up and returned. Well, the Zionists who could care less what God had to say, have used much force, murder and massacres to take the land by force, against God s instruction. That is why it will be a desert wasteland. They, once again, as edomites, spit in the eye of God. I await his wrath. I just want to be there to see it.

        • anniedawn

          Are you brain dead? You are spouting pure garbage. Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948, This tiny nation, with 18,900 soldiers defeated 5 Arab armies. In other words you are calling God a liar. Actually you are the liar. That is just a bunch of crapo you made up because you are one of those bullspitting liberals Israel has been a wasteland since 70 AD when Titus destroyed Jerusalem. That is historical fact. Go online and find out about the "land flowing with milk and honey". It is a beautiful country now. Not a wasteland. Have you proof of these statements? Where in the Bible are they found? Think you are an idiot liberal taking up for the Hamas stooges that think they can defeat God's people. Ezekiel 28:25 God will destroy ALL nations that come against Israel. If ignorance is bliss you live in Utopia.

        • Peter Furman

          Honest? Is there even One honest person in Government? The evidence says NO as does the evisceration of The Constitution,6 decades of Failed Foreign and Domestic policy,all of which enabled the Tyrant,the Tyranny,the evisceration of the Constitution,The Bill Of Rights,the Declaration Of Independence now the Declaration Of Dependence to metastasize as untreated Cancer which has eaten away the fact that the Constitution worked,a Democratic Republic works as many millions of "Legal" immigrants proved with hard work,pride,honor,indomitable desire realizing that part of success is how you handle failure which everyone has to deal with in this life!

          "live Free or Die" You exist because so many worked,fought and sometimes died knowing what tyranny,a tyrant,a self-possessed narcissist,a megalomaniac,an "empty can" a compulsive liar,a Deity in his,her own mind can destroy,take,dictate when scared,angry,incompetent,parasites invade the body and the mind!

        • Petunia Skrebble

          Yes, there is one man.... but no one would vote for him.... RON PAUL who warned us about all of this for years and he was right.

        • krk

          Yes, it is truly horrible. I agree with you 100%. and also yes, it is amazing that even IF you can get an O minion to admit there is a problem. it is "not his fault,and not their fault". They own it, but they don't want it, so they stick their head in the sand and ignore it, or blame it on anything else they can. For all that they just say a lot of nothin' they are sure still a noisy annoying bunch. I am not a Republican, or particularly political. Hate politics actually. I do have a lot of History education, and have seen this pattern over and over. I should have known better. I don't know what I could have done differently in the past ,as one person. But now I think I have to shoulder some blame, as do a lot of folks. "It couldn't happen here" Did, Faster, and about a million times worse than it ever has before. And this "evil dictator", took his dictator 101 to heart. He got his hooks in at a level that make it almost impossible to expel him, even when so much of the evil he has done has been brought to light. So strange , these fellow Americans, blindly following him. Helping him destroy this beautiful Country

        • Wendell Fountain

          krk, I generally agree with you about BHO, but our system of electing phony politicians has become commonplace and too vulnerable because of voter apathy, ignorance, and the media. Having said that, I/W the People will not let this two-headed snake destroy America.

        • Petunia Skrebble

          I know what you mean. Back in 2001 when I saw the towers blown up on raw live feed and never saw again, what I saw and heard that day, ever again on national TV, then I knew it was a conspiracy and the press were in on it. How do I know that CNN betrayed our country??? I went on the net to CNN in London and everything I saw that day was being played on British CNN news, which meant CNN made the decision to hide the facts of that day. I also knew the agenda had to be huge for them to massacre Americans, and I also knew Israel had a big hand it. Just from watching the entire day on raw live feed. Then Chertoff put into the patriot act IMMUNITY FOR ISRAEL FOR WHATEVER SHE DID ON 9-11. So, I added that to the van the Israeli's were driving on 9-11 when they got arrested for having a picture painted on the side of the van showing planes hitting the twin towers. Now how did they know this before 9-11 occurred in order to do the side of the van? It was full of explosives and they were heading toward the tunnel to blow it. Did they get arrested? No, they got sent back to Israel and I saw them interviewed on Israeli TV and they said they were there to watch the event. No one asked them how they knew in advance it was going to occur. Oh, yes, Israel is not our friend. In fact, she has killed more Americans since 1963 than all Muslim countries put together.

        • anniedawn

          You are a Jew hater therefore you cannot be a Christian. You have maligned God;s Chosen people and called God a liar. In fact, you are a liberal troll. All of the garbage you spew is pure BS.

        • Petunia Skrebble

          You are right, just found out there is a parcel of land in Georgia rented by the gov and holds over 200,000 plastic coffins. What he found out was it was the CDC that owns them. Guess that explains the deaths of 89 microbiologists since 9-11 and probably more since then. Those microbiologists were experts in DNA sequencing which tells you which bioweapons facility made the bug from. Now we know what their final plan is going to be. So stock up on natural organic honey, oh, thats right, the bees are dying..... hmmm another part of the puzzle now fits. OK, then stock up on natural organic cinnamon. That is what was used inadvertantly in 1918 to keep from getting sick when the plague was ravishing Europe. Only the cinnamon factory workers did not get sick, not a single one. They were inhaling that stuff and it worked. DO NOT USE STORE BOUGHT CINNIMON, ITS BEEN IRRADIATED AND IS NO LONGER ABLE TO ACT AS A SUPER ANTIBIOTIC.

        • anniedawn

          Just found out? That is FEMA and that news has been around fro months.

        • Petunia Skrebble

          Oh, forgot to tell you, Obama is hardwired and fully controlled by the zionists occupying our government, so its not him, he just fronts for the men behind the curtain. Its the foreign country that controls him and they now have complete and total control of our military, DHS, intel, and Fed Reserve and all banking. So, when they come for the guns remember, ITS NOT OUR GOV PER SE, ITS THE FOREIGN OCCUPIERS OF OUR GOV WHO PUT UP THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES AND THEY INTEND TO MASSACRE US OFF JUST LIKE THEY DID IN RUSSIA IN 1917. This is way beyond Obama. JFK WARNED US IN 1961 ABOUT THIS AND HE TRIED TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT AND THEY KILLED HIM. ASK VANUNU who spilled the beans on who killed JFK and he was thrown back in jail for doing so.

        • anniedawn

          You are one sick puppy.

        • Progressive Republican

          Having never paid for his crimes, would that be such a bad thing?

      • Terrence Daniels

        Rabid animal(s)... to make sure they will never breath again... shoot with an AR-15... do it right the first time!

        • Rattlerjake

          Time for talk and strategy is long over. Tyranny is only defeated by eliminating the tyrant. Our government is so full of socialist non-Americans that only armed insurrection will defeat.

        • Greggie

          Start swaging the "precious" because we gonna need 'em!

        • cpovet

          Join your local Militia...Check out Patriot crossroads

    • Terrence Daniels

      The way to put a rabid animal down... is with an AR-15!

      • Petunia Skrebble

        Oh, great, they would love that. Nothing else has worked and believe me they have tried so they can get us to be violent and justify their using martial law to come and get the guns with the 2400 drones the SS Homeland Insecurity just ordered at the orders of the dual Israeli citizens running the place. WAKE UP, obama is a dual Israeli citizens on his mothers side of the family. Barry was raised by this grandfather, Israeli, since he was 11. He was shotgunned into the senate by the chicago zionist mafia. Wake up, he is handled and has no say in anything. Not a thing.

        • anniedawn

          Now I know you are a brain dead liberal. You have been pouring out your stupid hate against Israel. Probably the only ally we have left after what Obama has done. This last rant to proof positive that you are a Israel hating rabid liberal.

    • Doodlebug

      Get rid of this dummicrat donkey (JA) administration. Send the leader of the band back to Kenya and get eveyone on this administration a one way ticket to join him. It would be the best money we ever spent!

    • Proudone50


    • Remington 870

      Remember during the 2008 election Obama made news talking about one of his White Relatives liberating a concentration camp, when history says it was the Russians who liberated that camp? One Big lie. I doubt Obama can ever prove any of his relatives served in the American Armed Forces...maybe the Kenyan Communist Army. And, why does pretend media never run any stories about Obama's White family members? Answer...they want nothing to do with him as he wants nothing to do with them as they are white and he is Whatever flavor he has created today.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Sell students on FREEDOM, State's Rights, and candidates who strongly support State's Rights. Then we can regain control of the purse strings and the Rule of Law. This is the way to solve Social Issues. When we regain State's Rights, Planned Parenthood will be defunded overnight in Red States along with other consequences of immorality. Blue States will have a fight on their hands, but the battle is winnable in many of the Blue States where we have less ground to cover to get the message across. With a return to State's Rights, Evangelical Christians again have the power to control immorality.

  • CharlieFromMass

    I like the approach.

    Mr. Dean...please come to Massachusetts. Our kids here need this talk desperately.


    In the past it has only taken a few drops of poisom,[ Alexander the Great],knife in the back,[ Caesar] arrow to the heart,[Too many to list ], shot to the head [ also too many to list ].When they invent a weapon greater than the firearm that will be the new way to end Tyranny. Perhaps a phasar,rail gun or other device that can totally disintegrate the human form or erase and reprogram the mind of the tyrant.From the invention of the stone knife and axe their has been some baby who was dropped on his head that wanted to be RULER of the WORLD.God has given us the GIFTS to make life better for all his creations and we have WASTED those gifts creating the means of destroying ALL of his CREATIONS. Do you think that pleases him? Stop dropping your babies on their heads. Spare the rod and spoil the child.An old old saying from the wise of long ago.Unless a child is rejected and then forgiven they cannot know that they are loved by anyone.Love is an essential trait to be accepted by God.

  • empty pockets

    For a century the progressives/communists have increased their stranglehold on our educational system. They have used that to brainwash the youths of generations. The power of lies dies under the bright light of truth. Freedom is the "crop" that grows in that light. It is long past time we took back the education of the youth of our nation. The children, siblings, grandchildren, neices/nephews of those whose patriotism and love of freedom made them put their lives on the line to preserve our freedom and spread it to as many others in the world as we could.

  • James Maxwell

    There is a reason that they do not teach civics, the U.S. Constitution or American history
    in school any more. It is to dumb down and reduce the sacafices that our families have
    made to perserve the freedoms we enjoy today. If the criminal in our political circles can
    remove the honor that our forefathers bestored upon us by sacraficing thier lives that we
    may be free then they will have perished in vein. Over the past 70 years of my life I have
    seen the ignorance taught by the school systems and the corruption of politico such as
    barach hussine obama and his ilk. They have acted as though those sacrafices were not
    important and that only the government can bestow rights upon the citizens of America.
    This lie is taught in schools across the land from k thru college by dysfunctional and
    corrupt individuals and groups. We must stop this desecration of our freedoms and the
    sacrafices of our Father, Mothers, Daughters and Sons that they did not die in vein.

    • Sandi Meenan

      how about useing a 2x4 to the side of the head to wake them up !

      • James Maxwell

        As thick headed as some people are I thing a lead pipe might be better
        suited for the job. In reality though many will not wake up until they
        are facing a work farm and leg irons.

    • Julie Barrows

      It's spelled sacrIfice, not sacrafice. But I agree with what you are saying.

    • Lorna Doone

      When I was a young girl history lessons were pro-American. Then when the Progressives took over in the mid-60's they changed the way history lessons were taught and even re-wrote the textbooks.

  • goku vegeta


    • jlbs

      What muzzlims do is not OK for us to do. But I understand your frustration in this administration and in this congress that is afraid of their own shadows. I wonder what else is going on while everyone is focused on the sequestration.

      • Mark Porter

        This is true we can't sink to their levels but we have to remember that is what we are dealing with 'Muslim' beliefs. How he ever got into the WH without being vetted is totally beyond my comprehension, how many millions were spent for this hoax, how many pockets padded how deep goes this corruption? The answers to those questions will most likely never be answered, so all I can say is we need to bring him to justice and not a justice he can lie or talk his way out of but a real judgement where he is held accountable for his actions.

  • Ranchman

    How to end tyranny? We all need to stand as one against it, marching on DC with ten million men and women. If that doesn't work...TO ARMS!


    • Gordy Myers

      we need to start a plan for a 4th of july march for freedom on Washington. Where and how do we start ? We can do it !!!!


        He won't be there on the 4th of July! He'll probably be on vacation again in Hawaii! What, another $$MILLION$$ golf weekend??? So what, we're the idiots that keep paying for it!! He doesn't care!!
        Cheese and Rice, when are we gonna wake up????

  • Barb Patton

    In all third world countries in the world, Africa and South America - a despot such as we have sitting on his rosebud in the oval office, would be frogmarched without any further ado - slapped up against a wall and shot by a firing squad... It is indeed a shame that 314 million americans both black and white - and some 24 million illegal immigrants are actually held to ransom by the latte one and his cohorts, thugs and minions. In any other country there would be a military coup de etat and these terrorists would be summarily thrown into jail. Of course it is to be hoped that if this should ever come to pass hag bag hillary - horrible pelosi and the jarrett amongst others go the same way and are treated like men with cue balls since they call the shots in both congress and the senate.... never forgetting the corrupt judicial courts that are presently disgracing our country. Enough said. God help America we are sinking and suffering.

  • good160

    To honor my father and my ancestors’fight for freedom. Look for me to do the same.(till death do we part)

  • kennethwbaguley

    The evidence is strong that B.O. is guilty of tyranny...Domestic Enemy #1. The army, navy, marines etc. are sworn to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic...When will they do it???

    • NamelessN00b

      Most people don't see him as a threat. I do, they don't.

      • Kenny_Ray

        You would be surprised of how many people receive Obama as a threat...

        • George Maddog Smith

          This all may be true. However, the people that see him as a threat, vote just one time in the last election!!


      Us vets WILL!!!!!

      • jcgreen2

        Four Americans died in Benghazi because Obama told the forces there to "stand down!" That is not just dereliction of duty... that's treason! That calls for more than mere impeachment...
        From a Patriotic Vet who loves his country, Captain Jim Green


          Morning skipper, For months I had posters of our falllen brothers on my truck. MOST, if not all people agreed that Benghazi is/was an act of treason.

          Yet another general has been relieved of command. It seems as though the ones that aren't "going with the flow" are given an ultimatum. You see, with this administration, blackmail, extorsion, fear and racial divide are at the top of the agenda.

          Now that Mrs. Clinton and her wife (Bill) are out of office. I think you'll see a different kind of chaos brewing in D.C. What is YET to come is going to be bad. I stopped by Bass Pro yesterday. The ammo shelves are almost bare. Most hand guns and rifles are gone. Some states are authorizing weapon illegal confiscation. Some states are authorizing illegal searches of private homes.

          Mexico wants the fed's to "share the registered gun owners list" with them!!?? Not only no, but hell no! What, so the coyotes, drug runners and illegals know where to get weapons, who will defend themselves, who to kill first!!??

          Unfortunately, your right. impeachment is too good for these traitors. Exhausting all legal avenues will ultimately lead to a very bad scenario. We've allowed "him" to put too many of his cronies into important positions. The younger military is being brain washed. Our children are NOT being taught the Constitution and proper history in public school. Our so called places of "higher learning" are recruiting socialists/communists/muslim sympathizers and the likes.

          Draw down of the military, soviet missles over Guam on innauguration day, gays in the military with more rights than others, women in combat arms, school childeren TOLD that they cannot be offended by a transexual/transvestite using the same gym locker room or bathroom and if they get offended or offend the tranny, the school child gets punished!! WTF??

          The morals and values I was raised with are gone. The American dream is fading into oblivian. The take over by illegals, muslim extremists, foreign powers and the UN are all at hand.

          I've "got your 6" Captain.

          Where are the jobs? Where is the economic growth? Where is the transparancy? Where is the safety and security of self defense of your home and loved ones as well as country?

          This is going to be a BAD year!!! God bless and keep you and yours. God bless America.

        • jcgreen2

          Thank you for your very nice comments and your understanding of where America is today. I was beginning to think I was the only one who gets it. Knowing there are a few other good people out there like you gives me hope for the future. Though I agree it's going to be tough!

    • Mark Porter

      The evidence is strong he didn't win the election to ( voter fraud, Ohio, NC .. the list goes on ), but he's occupying the White House, he's spending our money on what he wants and attempting to do what he see's fit. I still think it boils down to hold him accountable for crimes against America and we won't have this kind of tyranny being tried by our federal government any longer.

  • Kenny_Ray

    Obama needs to go by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, before we wind up like Cuba and Venezuela

    • NamelessN00b

      Even by homocide???

      • Kenny_Ray

        Legal means

        • NINJA10R KLR650

          Wars against tyranny are legal.

      • rivahmitch

        the "means" are irrelevant. When the problem is sufficiently severe, it's the end result that counts.

      • jcgreen2

        Think how many lives could have been saved if Hitler had been taken out earlier in his brutal dictatorship!


    It feeds on the hatred of the blacks for everyone else but themselves..They cook their own goose with their great hatred...And jealousy...They do not want to do the work to succeed but want all those who do the work to fail and support them...something very wrong with their lack of thought....and owe me mentality...I do not read of past slave owners missing any great workers when they left....


    There are photos of my dad's ships crew and the Japanese surrender etc on my walls..My kids have grown up with all that...Real photos of truth....

  • tionico

    good work.. yes, let them see the price of our liberty. I've been involved with the Appleseed Program for a few years.. we teach rifle marksmanship AND Revolutionary War History, all in the same two day events. Can't get one without the other. We present the history as oral story, telling the events of 19th April, 1775, as General Gage sent Captain Smith along with his best 800 men on a top secret powder raid on Lexington and Concord. We plainly show the choices, risks, high prices so many Patriots paid to not only stand their ground against King George's disarmament orders, but to completely rout Gage's men, causing them to flee in disarray and panic the whole 20 miles back to Boston. We paint the picture of liberties systematically usurped by the Crown, and tell of many individuals who literally laid their lvies down to fight the tyranny. I've seen tears streaming down faces of the shootera as they hear of Isaac Davis leaving his sich children, and wife Hannah, never to see them again, because "something must be done".. he led the company of Acton's militia to stand off the Regulars at the North Bridge at Concord... the first, un-commanded, volley from the Regulars dropped him in his tracks, killing him instantly. I love the "dangerous old men" stories of men, technically "too old to fight", who went out "to see what I might do", and causing some considerable harm to the Redcoats, typically the officers. Gage lost a third of his officers sent out that day.. a heavy toll in an army that trained their men do do nothing until ordered. By painting these valiant men and women as real people, with real lives, who made real and costly choices that day (and well before that, as Paul Revere and others had seen that day coming for years) bears home the price of liberty, and confronts the listeners with their own choices... "is life so sweet, and peace so dear....". Few leave an event without having a new appreciation, and understanding, of not only that time, but by making compoarisons in their own minds, to ours.. in comparison, most see today's tyranny as at least the equal of that time. Wrap that up with a great weekend of shooting and learning the skills of a rifleman, and few go home as they came.

    Much more work along these lines needs to be done, and you are correct.. targetting the coming generations is key. THEY know, deep down, things are not right. Bringing understanding to HOW so is key. Enlightening and motivating them to make some hard decisions is a natural next step. Once that fire of liberty is lit, few will snuff it out. It will always at least smoulder......... you, sir, keep it up. And thank you.

  • Robert Stewart

    The war Obama is waging on this country, He will loose in the end. You can take the man out of America, but you will never take America out of man.

  • David Jines

    As a veteran of Vietnam I thought my fighting days were over. Now a bigger threat has reared it's ugly face. When people swear to defend the constitution of the United States, and then put efforts towards shredding the document. These are bigger enemies to the state than N.Vietnam, China, Russia, Communisum, ever was.

  • Charlie Knight

    Since 2008 the office of the President of the United State of America has been devoid of a thinking and patriotic individual. Hence it has not existed. The office of the vice president has been similarly non-existent as that person thinks there is still a thinking individual holding the office of the Presidency. Since he is more rabid than the imposter doing the work of the financial henchmen that put him in office, that is only to be expected.

    I think the first thing to do is to refuse any worthless currency. Only accept coins and $2 dollar bills. The rest is all "funny money" backed up only by the private bank that issued it.

    How many want to do business with Milton Bradlee's Monopoly Money? It has just as much value as a "Federal Reserve Note".

    And the next thing we need to do is server ties with the idiots that support this plan to destroy this nation.

    Friends, relatives, etc. If they support this regime, they are an enemy of this republic.

  • Charlie Knight

    Like I said before.
    Committees of Correspondence.
    Local groups providing action and solutions.
    Reject ties from the central government as the evil that they are.
    Listen to the words of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln
    and then act to fix our own problems locally.
    congress and the Federal Government has all it can do to run the District of Columbia, it is ill suited to run anything else at this juncture in history.
    We need to fix our own problems.
    Only we CAN do it.

  • Bob Coffey

    Tyranny will not end when maobama is removed from office. It will not end until no one has to work to feed someone who doesn't, when no one has to worry about repercussions for speaking the truth, when affirmative action and political correctness are things of the past, when employees no longer have to join a union to work, when employers can hire, fire, and promote whom they choose, when we can all protect ourselves from criminals, when no one lives in fear of rape, or murder, or theft. In short, tyranny will end when every liberal and every liberal caused ill in society are a thing of the past.

  • Mort Leith

    We need to rise up and take our country back from these Communists that call themselves 'Progressives, Liberals and even Democrats' and have the corrupt media spreading their deceit..

  • freedomringsforall


    May God continue to bless Bradlee

    We are just one step away from a total dictatorship

    The 2nd amendment

  • Anne Matarazzo

    Why is it that this news is out there from many recognizing the unjustness that this administration is doing and all we who don't agree with the obumma are not doing anything about it? It's out there, what can be done to get him

    • technicallysane

      I think that most of us are so respectful, decent, law-abiding citizens that we are loathe to even contemplate action against our government in any real unconventional way, other than the voting booth. But now we know that the voting booth is immaterial because it does not matter when the votes are not going to be honestly counted.....nor the candidates to be trusted. It looks like we're being backed up against a wall.

    • oldcoyote

      Get AIPAC and Israhell OUT of our country. They control it.

  • sgtshel

    That piece of paper (parchment) that we call the Constitution is a guarantee that America's 'God Given Rights' can NEVER be taken from us, by a goverment, be that state or federal. Nor taken by a king or president. Our God Given Rights are being taken from us and we do nothing! Stand up! Unite! Do not let this happen to your children................

  • PatriotAmerican

    This tyranny is being embraced and reinforced in government schools today. A few years ago I obtained numerous copies of the U.S. Constitution and was allowed to hand them out in numerous high schools. Most students had never read it, not even part of it. So many questions came forth that I had to remain an hour past the scheduled ending just to answer some of them. The students were very interested and asked me when I was coming back in front of the principal and administrators.
    When I telephoned the principal for a return trip, she said she did not think it was a good thing. I even asked to schedule the next year and I was told, "I don't believe your topic is fitting for our students."

    • faithandhonor

      How absolutely tragic. Perhaps you could mention this to your local school board and get her to change her mind.

      Most Americans think that freedom is the natural state of humankind, and it makes them lazy, ignorant, and prey for the political class. They know not that TYRANNY is the truly "natural state" of humankind.

  • Robert L. Rice

    IF you REALLY want to end TYRANNY,LETS use a short rope,and a tall tree,to clean out DC,lets start with cleaning our house....

  • Lloyd Revalee

    My sister, three brothers, and I grew up on a farm in Michigan during the "great depression". Let me assure you, it was not all that great. We had our early education in a one room country school, where one teacher, usually a woman, taught first through eighth grade classes. Most of the young people entering college today would probably not be able to pass the final exam it took to graduate from that school. At that time, school was mandatory for all children from the age of seven to the age of sixteen, and approximately ten percent of the children did not complete all eight grades. i learned enough to enable me to get a High School Diploma through GED, and complete a College GED. The highest level of education on my military service and civil service records shows College GED. I know of young people graduating from High School that could not pass the grade school exam we took back then. Some do not even now enough math to make change for a five or ten dollar bill, when their purchase amounts to something like $3.57. They read poorly, and half of the time do not fully understand what they read. They know nothing about their government, and pay no attention to what is going on in Washington. They vote for whoever looks and talks the best, and promises them the most. They never bother to think about the fact that the person making the promises can not do so under our laws and our Constitution, and the only way he could fulfill his promises is by becoming the total ruler of our land. And it would never enter their head, having been free to do more or less whatever they wanted all their lives, that once he became a dictator, they would have no freedom at all. A great deal of this problem can be laid directly on We The People, for the first ones in line when it comes to educating our youth. We, as well as those we have hired, have failed our young people by not demanding that they study first, and play afterwards.

    • oldcoyote

      Right On. Been there, done that myself.

  • American Patriot

    Any tyrant needs to be hung in front of the Washington memorial. And not just Obama but Feinstein, Biden, Kaine and any and all that believe as he does and wishes to turn America into Nazi Germany. We must fight and some die to preserve. our way of life. And we are heading towards the Second American Revolution.

  • pretzeldude

    Own lots of firearms and ammo.

  • Victor

    As written, our tyranny will end only by the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11. Their witnesssing against u.s. will last 3 1/2 years & I only ask "you" this: who do you think will give each other presents when the forbidden foreigner of Deuteronomy 17:15(non-Anglo-Saxon) has them murdered? Duh! Watch!

  • Nam1

    People need to pay more attention to their schools and those whom have our children as a captive audience on a daily basis. The taxpayers must demand that these institutions teach their students the America our founders gave their all for as well as the principals and documents that define a free republic. Morality,religion,respect for the flag and ones country,all those things that define us as a country have been under attack for a great many years. It never was said that freedom does not come with a cost attached, for it was Thomas Jefferson whom said that to maintain ones freedom, one has to be vigilant... Don't give up America, be vigilant!

  • rridgsr

    The best way is get rid if the Communist Democrat party they have been working on Dictator ship since Roosevelt.

  • TrueAmerican

    Stupid is Stupid does. TV heads of America are you proud of yourselves now?
    Only cowards sit there and don't try to do anything about this.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    impeach BHO and then remove the Muslim Brotherhood out of Dc. just cutting of the snake's head will not work. remember the story of Hydra. a creature that grew 2 heads for everyone chopped off

    • oldcoyote

      That won't help. It's the jew brotherhood that dictate his every word and action where the problem is.

      • dragonfFIRE01

        not jew brotherhood judenrat George Soros

        • oldcoyote

          A jew is a jew. The smell is the same.

  • Daniela Todescu

    the FREEDOM IS GONE BY THE LAWLESSNESS AND IF THAT HEADING MAY EVER WARRANT THE FREEDOM, I PRESERVE MY RIGHTS TO DOUBT IT! JUST AS WRITTENl JAMES 4l 1TO 3 WHERE THE WARS ARE COMING FROM? From what source are there wars and from what source are there fights among ​YOU? Are they not from this source, namely, from ​YOUR​ cravings for sensual pleasure that carry on a conflict in ​YOUR​ members?2YOU​ desire, and yet ​YOU​ do not have. YOU​ go on murdering and coveting, and yet ​YOU​ are not able to obtain. YOU​ go on fighting and waging war. YOU​ do not have because of ​YOUR​ not asking.3YOU​ do ask, and yet ​YOU​ do not receive, because ​YOU​ are asking for a wrong purpose, that ​YOU​ may expend [it] upon ​YOUR​ cravings for sensual pleasure. the price?

  • Charles Steele

    If the youth of America are brainwashed into thinking the Constitution is meaningless, America becomes a dictatorship with no freedoms. If the government does not follow the Constitution it is the right of the citizens to throw that anti-American government out of power. Wake up citizens and act or become Slaves!

  • David Batchelder

    How to end tyranny, give the example. Let me ask you, all the ones on this blog. Have you severed all ties with liberals. Do you go to the movies, buy products that support the left. Have you had work done on your homes, who did you hire. A mexican because you want a cheaper price. Those of you who did not great, those of you who will not admit it. The questions posed to you pointing out the obama Zombies are touting the same excuses.

    So if you do not change, why do you expect them to.

    Obama is the same as Bush, Patriot act, that got continued. Who are all the reps that signed NDAA. That was the cherry. Look up you rep and see how he or she voted.

    There is a way to halt all of this bs. My question, do you have the sand in the sack to do it. Or will you just wine.

    • sovereigntyofone

      Right now for the most part people are still sorting this all out in their minds asking " how could this be happening in my country, under my flag? And as soon as the first shot is fired from a DHS gun, or soldier acting under martial law shoots and kills or injures an American citizen, it will hit home. You will no longer ask if WE have the sand in the sack to do it, it will happen and when it does, all Holy Hell will break loose in this nation.
      But, let me point out, this won't be a made for t.v. movie, it will be real American blood drawn and die.Once again fighting for our Independence from tyranny of an abusive government. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. The first casualties will be the old and sick that can no longer get the medications they need to survive. Next will be those on the governments " hit list ". No my friend this will not be a t.v. movie war it will be Red Blooded Patriotic Americans that die as well as those they are fighting against. The cost of freedom is not CHEAP.

  • Brian Bertha

    excellent question

  • Guest

    How to end Tyranny you say? I say go to war!

  • James Tabone

    The "foreigner" occupying the White House, how did it come to this? Is this my living nightmare?

  • azbear166

    And after you cut it's head off burn it but beware of ths fange as the poison will still infect you!!!

  • adirondack_1

    And why are schools across this country NOT teaching the cost of liberty ? A valiant effort Mr Dean but I suggest your tactic change by showing these kids pictures of what happens to those who fight against liberty. The mark you leave must be seen as their future not their past.

  • Judy Parker

    Any politician in Washington that has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution of this country and does not vote to impeach obama for crimes against this country is also guilty for crimes against this country. They should be hanging in the gallows right beside the illegal muslim.

  • wildeagleone

    The fish stinks at the head and in ordere to squelch the stink yu must cut off the head of the fish. that means is the leadere is not a leader at all and is running around with his/her head in the sand not knowing what direction to go next, get anolther leader. This goes for the President and all that follow him in an un-orderly fashion, and keep the people in a state of concern and worry, as there is not any leadership or any one with brains to guide the ship and it is headed for disaster of immense magnitude

  • Brabado

    Conservatives, and True Americans can not fight the Obama Democrats/Socialists/Progressive/and stealth Communists, etc., because to this date, Conservatives and the soul of America , has not been capable of understanding their well orchetrated Socialist Propaganda, or even speaking, the same language...
    Notice how, since Obama jumped into the ring, Conservatives / Republicans have been at the defensive, without firing a single salvo, that would affect the opposition, in the slightest. I it really pitiful! It is scary how our Liberty and Freedom is slipping away, as we speak...
    Yet, always remember that once Freedrom and Liberty are lost to a tyranical governement, they never return!
    Therefore, everyone that loves Freedom and Democracy, better lern, quickly, to speak the Socialist lingo, or our Nation is doomed!

    • Bill Tyner

      Congress gets plenty of mail from us and it's their job to terminate that rookie fool in the White House (kick him out of office). They won't because they love their retirement, their special recognition and all of the trappings of their "phantom" power. They are selfish for the most part and the ones who aren't are shunned.

      Therefore, for anything to be done would have to be done by the sheep. Lots of luck with that.

  • Edward53

    I hear Obama is going to start sending troops to Niger to help France.

  • Grant Halverson

    This man has a good idea, how about Thousands (!) of us studying the constitution, bill of rights, our history and then go around and TALK WITH Groups of Young people......included in our talks can be exposing them to how they are being brainwashed to hate America, prosperity, captialism and all the the good things our country stands for. KarenWI

  • Benjamin Fox

    It is so sad that so many died for this country to have a new Hitler come to take away our rights and enslave us to his plantation of every race and color. I lost a dad to the Second and Korea and my younger brother to Viet Nam and for what? The National Socialist Party of cool aid drinkers who don't know they are doing what the first Hitler did. I was lucky, I made it through 3 Conflicks, and now I have a nazi running the show with his SS in the white house and around our country. God help this nation of Sheeple.

  • Lorna Doone
  • cmdorsey

    I think parents with young kids better find a way to rescue them from the tyrannical looney union run schools. Let the damn things collaspe. Hit rewind and start over. Homeschooling is out there. They help people learn what they need to do. The Dept. of Re-Education camps is now pushing for middle schools in Mass. to practice neutral sexuality. Boys and girls are getting screwed up in the head at schools. Uni-bathrooms. Oh my God.

  • NINJA10R KLR650

    The tyranny we are engulfed by will only die if we kill it.

    It cannot be reasoned with.

    It cannot be bargained with.

    It will not rest until it has sucked the lifeblood from America and repaid Her for Her "Evilness"

    This we cannot let stand.

    I don't know who you are, and you do not know me. But, I was born into a much different Nation in 1956 but to this day I love Her.
    She is struggling under the weight of enemy infiltration right now and She cries for our help.

    She is the Home of my Son's, She was the home of my father, and She has been the Home of my family going back to 1690.

    Give me a sign that there are those who will fight to take Her back, and I am THERE!

    Let me fight with all the ferocity I can muster to wrest Her from the clutches of the greedy and evil, the lazy and the foolish, the socialist, the Marxist, the Communist and the Islamic fanatic.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      I am 15 years your senior and feel the same way as you. While I cannot disprove one side of my family's rumor that we may've had a horse thief or three on the Mayflower, I do know we have deep roots in this country. Now the other half of my family came here about the turn of the last century to escape the tender mercies of the Ottoman Empire, but both sides have raised their children, and their children's children, to have a deep, abiding love for this country and for her liberty and responsibilities. The public endocucation of the last 50 years or so has been on an ever increasingly downward spiral towards socialism, disguised first as "Liberalism", and, now, called "Progressivism". The time is drawing near, my friend to wrest control of our nation's, and thus our children's, future back from the abyss of teaching acceptance of equality as "The Lowest Common Denominator Rules" to our children, for it only rules the masses.

  • pretzeldude

    How about exercising our 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Peter Hicks

    "Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God." -Benjamin Franklin.

  • Sunset Parker

    Bringing the brainless Bradlee Dean into a school to teach about the constitution is like inviting a committee of blind men in to describe an elephant - hilariously, obviously wrong but also kind of cruel and embarrassing to the disabled. Lets face it: Bradlee gives brainlessness a bad name.
    Not that I expect you to be able to read a dictionary, Brad, but FYI Obama was by a solid majority of the voters in a lawful election. Dislike him all you want but, Tea Party paranoia to the contrary, he ain't no dictionary definition of a "tyrant." This is just a playground tantrum by a spoiled infant and his equally infantile Tea Party playmates. TIME OUT! Go to your room!

  • Wendell Fountain

    The Founders ended tyranny during their day. I say they taught us well. Now, we simply must follow suit.

  • Marty

    A German doctor says, "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in 6 weeks." A British doctor says, "That is nothing; we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in 4 weeks." A Canadian doctor says, "In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in 2 weeks." An American doctor, not to be outdone, says, "You guys are way behind...We just took a man with NO brain, made him President, and now the whole country is looking for work."

  • Nanette Gray

    Sadly enough too many people had not and many still don't believe we are in deep do-do! I saw this coming back in 2007..when "that guy' was doing one of his first forums with John McCain, on positions on ethical values. I saw that he was a liar..! sadly enough, people..we are a day late and a dollar short..this take over by "progressives" started during and before Bush's second term! many still feel that Bush we did, by not really finding out the truth! You need to go back and look at the Involvement of those that really created the housing bubble, that is where it all started, and "that guy who is in the white house right now" was swimming deep with the carp. We Americans have VERY short memories..except when people are being brainwashed, as was stated by one of this administrations favorite people, " do not let any crisis go to waste" ! This evil tyrant is energized by the evil one..the push folks is to destroy America as we know it to usher in the One World Order..this is bigger that just America..we are just the whale they need to bring down! I am ashamed of fellow Christians because they are the ones that have become apostate Christians, we which hold back the evil one! What can we do..pray hard, repent and seek the face of God to fight our battle against this evil tyranny that is already here!

  • Craig J. Townsend

    Did everyone miss the point, it was through EDUCATING the younger generation who is being taught
    nonsense in the public schools. You’re losing the war for freedom because you
    gave up the schools who now teach socialism as the de facto political philosophy.
    I meet so many young people who do not believe in individual rights at all. Who
    have been immersed in socialist economics and social policies. They don’t get
    any valid classical liberal materials in school and then at home nothing at all
    as well. The great absence is that very knowledge which 99% of you here dont
    even know yourself.

    How many of you
    have read John Locke, F. Bastiat, Montesquieu, the federalist and anti-federalist
    papers, Thomas Pain, Bertrand Jouvenel,
    Ludwig von Mises, F, A, Hayek, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand et al? How many of you
    passed them on to your children? Don’t know
    who they are, never read them??? Now you know and understand the problem and why you are losing
    the war for freedom.


    Oh my! Well done young man! Bloody well done.

  • Smackaliberal

    "heavy metal drummer"? THis is why we will never see revival. This is why this nation will be destroyed. The "ordained preacher" is part of a demonic musical band playing demonic music, which I used to do as a guitarist BEFORE I met the Holy Holy Holy Lord God almighty and began to follow Jesus Christ. After I got saved, I went home and destroyed all my music, magazines, posters--everything because I knew all that music was of the Devil, and that these people hated my precious Lord, and I would no more give the devil the satisfaction of listening to his pied pipers peddling their satanically anointed music from hell

  • gail2012

    ABSOLUTELY. You have to cut the head off the venmomous snake. Cry from the roof tops HAIL! HAIL! THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD! I don't know why these news media. teachers and any people think socialism or commumism is good. Just take a look around the world at the proverty in which Mexico, central America, South America, Africa, North Korea and the Middle east and China. These people live in PURE PROVERTY. In one room cinder block cement horror houses. Their kids are out on the streets begging all day and nite to feed the families. The half decent houses are surrounded by bars on the windows and doors fenced in by barbed wire. their grocery stores are empty or it is too expensive for anyone and if you don't like it you just disappear. THAT'S COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM. YEAH! Let celebrate. Why do you think everybody wants to come here. Certainly not for socialism or commumism.

  • Richard Holmes

    Take the nagger out the back door feet first.

  • Chief47

    Wow, ain't that amazing? Synonyms for tyrant are oppressor, dictator, bully, despot and persecutor. Seems to me like those words are also synonyms for Obana, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Feinstein. Wonderful what you can learn her. Oops, left one out: Democrat.

  • gypsy314

    Time is almost up we must unite and fight for our freedom and rights. Our Vets are now under attack by Obama and crew mostly democrats and some rhinos that must go. I say when it comes to the oath there shall be NO party. We need term limits badly we have some people in office that just will not go home. I say put on the national paper ballot term limits and voter ID and not lease to recall Obama election to remove his sorry self from this country.

  • David Veselenak

    end it is like our forefathers had ended it! If you think that you are going to end it peacefully, your dreaming! Words from the former woman aide to Obaa-baa-ma to a college classroom: power is acheived from the barrel of a gun!

  • PastorRuth1

    Great Article! And soooooo glad there are those who are truly teaching our young the price and value of freedom! If we do not want to go the way of other fallen nations, we need to learn for their mistakes! God Bless our Troops, and may God continue to Bless the United States of America as we honor and worship Him!

  • Progressive Republican

    Tyrant, oppressor, dictator, bully, despot, persecutor Barack Hussein Obama.


    What a load of fetid [crap].

    If Obama was the tyrant, oppressor, dictator, bully, despot, persecutor certain whiny FRWNJ crybabies say he is we'd be out of Afghanistan, we'd have healthcare for everybody, ended the drug war, cut the DOD budget in half and handed Darth Cheney, the shrub, and the rest of his cronies over to The Hague.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Not that I have any love for republicans; you're jsut another backward democrat

      • Progressive Republican

        Npoe (sic).

  • v steve

    In order to keep our second Amendment our Constitution as well we have to do away with the Federal Department of Education. The Federal Department of Education is brain washing our children in Socialist thinking. Socialist thinking is opposite of Constitutional Republic thinking. The Federal Department of Education is having our children taught socialism, teaching our children not to think like Constitutional Republic Patriots. Socialism is the dumbing down of a society and the destruction of human will. The Federal Department of Education has to be abolished at all cost.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    Illegal aliens will never know what Constitutional rights they claim, as if they're entitled. The ACLU defends them as if they they needed defense for what might happen and as if they enjoyed the same rights while they infringe on the rights of American Tax Payers, taking on one hand while complaining on the other.

    There can be no quarter given the ravages of this invasion on our sovereignty, our resources, our Constitution and our way of life. They don't understand and don't want to know what it is to be an American and to live under the Constitution so many have fought and died to defend. All they do is complain in resentment that others have more while others have less from day to day and our government gives them what we've earned.

    In the local newspaper today, a poll was taken that 75% of Californians are less concerned about 2nd Amendment infringement than they are making certain to run background checks on those buying ammunition 61 % raising taxes on ammunition sales, 58% outlawing hi-cap magazines or weapons that can use magazines, 72% are against teachers that may get specialized training to carry concealed weapons.

    They believe that the Constitution is flexible and is a sort of guideline, more like a general suggestion as a frame for society and that circumstances change the meaning of the Constitution because our forefathers could not imagine the world in which we live.

    Every illegal alien that wants a license should pass a class that teaches what it means to be an American and to live here. Liberty isn't free and isn't just given to anybody that breaks in, fails to contribute and lives under the roof of, sits at the table of and is soothed by the doctors, lawyers and tax payer, benefactors with minimal contribution, if any and maximum interference.

  • Everest Wilhelmsen

    Yes, it is tyranny in the White House that Americans are now facing.

  • anniedawn

    This is late but I think if we ever get America back we should strip all liberals of the citizenship and deport them to Russia. That is if Russia would have them. Let them play their little power politics there and see what they get. Most of them would just disappear in the night.

  • Richard Eastridge

    If everyone would get there head out of the past and we could just get on with this problem of this Imposter and Thief in Our White House and now will not allow American Children to Tour This Nations White House. This piece of garbage should have been impeached and its still possible only by we the people its the only way to stop this piece of trash from a garbage dump in kenya. It will be done , but I wish we would do it sooner than later.