The Relationship Between Sequestration And Gun Magazine Capacity Limits

Why would you possibly need a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds?

Two words: food riots

Our government’s spokesmodels (i.e. the media) continue to pretend that we are in dire danger of a “cut” in spending that doesn’t even amount to a spending freeze, and that nothing more dire is ahead that we desperately need to avoid or ameliorate. They are loudly trumpeting anything close to spending cuts as a danger, while assuring Americans that they really aren’t heading into financial pain. While informed people know that sequestration will do very little to avert the disaster, it is at least a recognition of what kinds of decisions must be made. But even this is too much for the Obama regime. They beat the drums to cause hysteria over fictional side effects of penicillin while assuring people that syphilis is not serious and that they can let it go untreated for a lot longer before they need to deal with it.

But everyone knows they are lying. The people know it. And the government knows it. If you look at actions instead of words, then you can’t miss the clear communication.

I recently saw a newspaper graphic purporting to prove by poll numbers that more Americans agreed with Obama on certain issues than agreed with Republicans. The first issue mentioned was gun control. That graph told me not to worry. I have a much more accurate way to estimate the opinion of Americans: gun sales and ammunition sales.

A survey just asks for a wish. It asks “What would you like to have?” without having any way to measure the intensity or the priority of the desire. What a survey is really asking, “What would you like to have without cost or effort?” Sales data is different. Sales data tells you what people want bad enough to give up other things that they want. It tells you how much they are giving up. Here we are in the middle of a recession, and gun dealers cannot keep guns or ammunition on the shelves. That means, despite financial hardship, Americans are willing to sacrifice to get guns.

I suppose one might say that all the gun sales are due to fear of impending restrictions. But what about ammunition sales? Where has anyone said that we should start restricting the supply of bullets? If rounds are flying off the shelves, it isn’t just because of impending restrictions. It is a serious indicator that people think bad things are ahead. Guns and ammo are a kind of “hedge fund investment” against the risk of serious government breakdown.

People know that the government is lying to them about the future. They know that we are in a ponzi scheme and the government is going to push us off a fiscal abyss.

And it is not just private citizens; the government knows it as well. They know that any halt in spending is unthinkable because it will end their world. Yet they know that the spending will have to stop. So they are too afraid to do anything that might remotely start a financial crisis, but they are also terrified of the inevitable crisis that their actions are only making worse.

How do I know they are terrified? Because they are doing exactly the same thing that gun owners are doing—they too are buying and hoarding ammunition.

If we refuse the tiny reductions in growth that are sequestration, then we are missing an opportunity to take our situation seriously. This is the open secret the media pretends we all don’t know. But bullet-hoarding tells the real story, both for private citizens and for government agencies. The realities of the crisis will be much worse than the scare tactics Obama and the media are using. And we all know it.



  • OldTinCan

    My fellow Americans, there are hundreds of career politicians guilty of
    treason for ever letting the puppet in the White House get past the
    nomination process. It's hard to say who's pulling the ropes but an
    awful lot of throats are in nooses and the chairs may look empty
    ...except for the dance of very nervous feet! They can't quit now.
    They've committed themselves to tyranny. Let's hope liberty is still a
    strong enough incentive in us to bring them down and rebuild what we
    have lost!

    • Doodlebug

      We need to have the Republicans stand up and call obummer a liar because that is what he is. Yet the Repubs are toooooo nice. I hope that the sequester does go through and show the old boy that we mean what we say. I also hope that the sequester grounds AF1, what the H is that costing us every time this JA goes out on the campaign trail when he should be trying to make things in Washington work instead of out calling the Republicans names and lying. If we "don't have a spending problem" (pillosi), then why do we need to borrow more money from China. China will own us pretty soon. STAND STRONG FOR AMERICA REPUBLICANS!! I still think we need to ground AF1 and save BIG BUCKS!

      • Doodlebug

        I just heard that it costs approximately $180,000 an HOUR just to operate AF1! Then there is all the other stuff that goes along to accomodate this jerk! And this JA is out campaigning daily against what WAS HIS IDEA AND HE SIGNED INTO LAW!!

    • netandyawho

      Down with the Democrats and Republican Rhinos! Long live the people!

  • Silas Longshot

    The fedz are hoarding ammo, alright. 2 BILLION rounds of 10mm alone. They must be expecting the same bullets expended / kill ratio they had in Iraq, which was upwards of 250,000 per bad guy.
    Sure has put a kink in finding that ammo anywhere. Or most any other caliber, as far as that goes.

    • gospelmidi

      A billion rounds of 10mm?
      Is that the 1.5 billion rounds of .40 cal HP ordered for federal agencies such as the SSA, NOAA, IRS, ATFE, TSA, etc.?

  • darkcyder

    Looks like I need to invest in more precious metals- lead.

  • dad666

    We need to lean on the gun industry to hold supplies to the Feds in anticipation of a potential assault on the public as a last resort to gain absolute control.

  • Medicare is Welfare

    In the event of a food shortage, murder as many people as you can - Mark Horne

  • Joanne Satmary

    Okay, we know all we have to know! We know our Representatives have let us down and many are actually traitors as well as much of the media. We know Obama was never vetted. We know he should not ever have been allowed to become President once and certainly not twice, he actually told us the voting was going to be a joke. We know he has a false Social security card from a dead man,We know this regime has no good intentions, We know it is a matter of time before we are absolutely no longer free. We know they have deliberately wasted our resources, We know they are taking our liberties away one by one. What I want to know what are we going to do about it and more importantly WHEN! Time is running out.
    He has released top Military who refuses to turn against the people. He seems to be very close to being ready are we prepared??? Are we really ready???

  • TxGCB

    When we were facing not raising the debt ceiling, there were not all these reprehensible things going to occur. Of course, Obama always brings up the teachers and firefighters as if he were in control of the states.But again, this is a reduction in the growth of an agency budget, not a halt to the all money coming in. I guess he has the majority of support of the 25% paying attention to all of this. The anger, the vitriol, the fear, and the hopelessness that Obama has swept over the nation is a travesty. That is why the masses are arming themselves. His threat to not prosecute felons but take away guns from the law abiding, is typical of his regime. God help us, he is winning the hearts and minds(however feeble) of the drones and dregs of society.