Report: Women Unlikely to Perform as Well in Combat as Men

In one of those studies whose results you could have written before the research even began, Congress reports that few women will be able to perform in combat as well as men.

Also, the Marine Corps has announced that it will test men and women to see how well women can perform combat tasks. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the answer is "not very well."

You might think that the military would have wanted to test this out before outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta decided unilaterally that women could serve in front-line combat.

But thinking before leaping is not the current Administration's strong suit.

When Panetta issued his order, he promised that standards would not be compromised and cited the 1993 Gender-Neutral Occupational Performance Standards.

The Congressional Research Service report, obtained by the Washington Times, shows that Congress is already looking for ways around any limitations imposed by those rules. According to the report, the rules may not really prohibit development of a two-tier system of performance standards.

Women in the military currently are not required to do as many  situps or pullups, or to run as fast as men, the report noted: "The use of the term ‘gender-neutral physical standards’ raises questions depending on how it is defined. A plain reading of the term suggests that men and women would be required to meet the same physical standards in order to be similarly assigned. However, in the past, the services have used this and similar terms to suggest that men and women must exert the same amount of energy in a particular task, regardless of the work that is actually accomplished by either."

Aside from the conceptual physics problem in that statement ( less work equals same energy), it smacks of the Clintonian, depending on what the definition of "is" is.

In plain English, it means that women don't have to be able to keep up with the men, so long as they try really hard.

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has strongly implied that standards will be lowered for women, saying that if women can't cut it under current combat standards, the various military branches need to have a good reason why the standards are so high.

I dunno, maybe survival?

Our military seems to be crumbling as we speak, but at least liberals will have "equality." Gosh, I feel safer already.



  • patriotusa2

    This should not come as any surprise to anyone! Those guys that are out there fighting for their country need stronger support than a woman who more than likely he might feel he needs to protect. It's not only bad policy in my opinion, it's also foolish and counterproductive. Our security, and military capabilities will be destroyed in the process of passing these politically correct policies that only a fool would even consider. God help these women if they ever get captured by the enemy. Before being tortured and killed, they'll probably be raped a dozen or more times before the enemy is through with them. Insanity is running amok in this country!

    • Jack Hollis

      There is a name for this insanity, liberalism!

  • BigUgly666

    " Report: Women Unlikely to Perform as Well in Combat as Men "

    YA THINK??????

  • GreatTrollingGuys

    This just in: Godfather Politics readers are sexist. No one surprised.

    • Steve Tanton

      This commentator is a misandrist...obviously. One of the great troubles of our times is women trying to be or wanting to be men. We are different, plain and simple. Get used to it. But of course the liberal definition of sexist is anytime a man disagrees with a liberal woman's point of view just as racism is anytime a conservative disagrees with a liberal minority. Your comment supports the theory that Americans and American culture is indeed sick, very sick.

      • Pclages

        I watch the young women where I work at Loews moving boxed lawnmowers, generators, and pallet loads of product around the store. As game as they are, 3/4 of the way through the work day, they are outta gas...

        • GreatTrollingSteve

          Great trolling pclages.

      • GreatTrollingSteve

        Great trolling Steve.

  • ves

    There are a lot of things women can equal men in and there are a lot of things that they can't!
    There is a small percentage that have the physical strength (our muscles structure is not even the same)!
    If they cannot pass the exact same test then they are not qualified!
    Same goes for any type of protection job!!

  • Steve Tanton


  • Doug Schexnayder

    Who knew? Oh, they have half the strength...oh, they have certain emotions...oh, oh oh...whenever you listen to the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism this is the insanity you get...everywhere but combat was not enough...nothing is ever enough for the control freak utopian...when Johnny dies because Suzie cannot move him 50 yards in 10 minutes or less...what excuses will be made? Stupid stupid does.

  • rchguns

    Our military is not crumbling it is being systematically destroyed! After all you cannot have a military that supports and defends the Constitution of the United States of America and swears an oath to defend America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. This destruction is not done haphazardly but is very well thought out and is being executed very carefully. The best and the brightest in our military are either leaving voluntarily or are being forced out from up above on direct orders from this administration.

    That being said there are other distinct problems with women serving in frontline combat units. As a veteran I find it unbelievable that our military can function at all under the conditions that they're facing at this time in my day to scaring your supplies and everything you needed in that pack was enough to make a mule tired and now they had 80 pounds of body armor. I find that totally amazing! Not only is this difficult for a man to do who under normal circumstances is stronger than a woman but ask the woman to do the same thing that's unbelievable.

    But I have a different reason for not really wishing women on frontline combat units and has nothing to do with whether or not they are physically or mentally capable of doing what needs to be done. It goes much deeper than that the United States still has the psyche deep inside each man that is his duty to protect a woman. And that happens to kick in the middle of a firefight they could not only get him killed but the woman also. Our nation has not yet got her head around the idea that women are expendable. Also every time were almost every time when a man does something really stupid there's a woman involved somewhere.

    • Pclages

      The Israeli Army withdrew it's female infantry after 6 weeks, during the 1947 war, due to huge MALE casualties on both sides, as a result of the female fighters. I would expect this situation to repeat itself with women in combat for the USA. We were thus hard-wired by the Creator: women in mass are necessary to perpetuate the species, while it takes far fewer men to contribute to the perpetuation.

  • randydutton

    By that logic, if a 'C' student tries really, really, really hard, he or she should be able to get into Harvard on a scholarship before an 'A' student who doesn't try as hard.

    I'm waiting for the movie on this one.

  • randydutton

    Why doesn't this article include a link to the report???

  • redneck63625

    There's another way to look at this:

    Eventually, a lot of lesbians, feminists, and other Marxists are gonna come home in body-bags faster than we could ever do the deed...

    • Screeminmeeme

      redneck63625....Yowsa. That was harsh.

    • Jack Hollis

      That will be the only upside to the whole mess.

  • Brabado

    It is refreshing to learn, that there are, still, some people with in our U.S. with brains, commons sense, and the intelligence to recognice that Women are NOT Men, which confirms what Mother Nature established, since the begining of time. Yet, the same thing applies to King Obama I whenever he decides to sign one of his Executive Order, forcing men to bare children...

    What really surprised me, and many Americans, is that SD John Panetta went-for this ludicrous and crazy concept - as many femenists did, swallowing bait, hook, and sinker, with gusto reason why many people lost their respect for him.

    Many people loose prominent and stellar careers, and spotless repurtation when they hang around the wrong people...

    The things that Liberals, Democrats and their Socialists cronies come up with, regarding Women - in addition to be un-natural and irrational - are really idiotics, which they all carry in their DNA's...


  • Chuck

    Well, duh!!!!

  • Lynda Grlffin

    Can we say DUH? No matter how much women Claim they are equal to men WE ARE NOT!! FOR A REASON! Further it has already been proven what happens to women captives but of course you don't hear it from Lamestream media. I don't care who you are. Men's natural instinct is to "PROTECT' women and if in combat they do NOT need the added distraction!! Further if they are going to go this far with women in combat, Then Women at age 18 Register with Selective Service JUST like our Boys DO!!!

  • abouthadit

    Will the Purple Heart now come in Pink with combat V for vagina?

  • Joyce Jenkins

    Well 'duh'...the Bible says 'that women are the weaker sex' surprise there and no surprise that the military or I should say the knuckle-heads in Washington can't stand up and get it right. If I were a man on a dangerous mission and was depending on my partners to keep me alive I would not choose a woman. I am a woman myself and as a young woman I was a 'tom boy' but I have sense enough to know I would not make a good combat soldier. In other ways yes.

  • Texasgal

    Duhhh? Maybe someone should check out the Russian Ladies during WWII or the Jewish Gals in the now nation of Isreal duing their war for freedom in 1948-49? Women can and will fight when she/they have a good reason to, and any man who gets in her way is TOAST!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    This wouldn't be an issue if the constitutional framers hadn't failed to expressly establish the government upon Yahweh's law, including Numbers 1:

    "And Yahweh spake unto Moses ... saying, Take ye the sum of all the congregation ... with the number of their names, every MALE by their polls; from twenty years old [not 18 or 21] and upward, all that are able to go forth to war...." (Numbers 1:1-3)

    Along with a return to Numbers 1 and male-only militia, I recommend ten other "radical" replacements. See blog article "10 'Radical' Recommendations" at

    • Medicare is Welfare

      sharia law

  • 57girl

    I wonder how much it cost us in studies to come to that conclusion? I am a woman, and I doubt I could lift the gear our poor troops are supposed to carry. And, I know for a fact, I couldn't withstand the heat our guys deal with. Why on earth would a woman want to find herself on the front lines? Our Government probably calls it equal rights ... I think, they're running out of cannon fodder. Soon, they'll take anything that still has a pulse, if it means making money off of war.

    Besides, we're going to need the girls, here at home, to help the men shoot the 'real enemy' on our front porches, when they come door to door to infringe on our rights.

    • Screeminmeeme

      57girl........I agree with your comments wholeheartedly.

      Many women have fallen for the lie that to be of any be respected and considered successful....they have to act like men in a world run by men (like business and the military)...and it will only cost them their self-respect and their children, who are invariably left to raise themselves.

      Men have testosterone which makes them tough and prepares them for war. Women have estrogen which prepares them for nurturing children and carrying for the wounded. Together....a great combination...and God's plan.

      • Andrea Aicher

        I was a medic in the army for 6 years, and I'm a female. Small too, 5'1", 100lbs. I definitely had a hard time keeping up with the men. I couldn't run as fast, ruck as fast, lift as much. On obstacle courses I was practically useless. There were times we went to the field and someone forgot to arrange for the porta-potties, girls were menstruating, it was a mess. I'm not saying women can't serve the military, but they need to be more discriminating in which MOSes they allow them to enter. If a woman can physically handle a man's job, great. If not, relegate her to a desk job.

  • Robert Parton

    As always, we should let the idiots sitting in the Ivory Palace pick up a weapon and go in harm's way. Things would be much different.

  • Robert Alexander

    My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Making themselves wise in their own eyes. They become a fool.

  • John Coleman

    Of course this designed to degrade the military and pander to an interest group for political purposes while pushing a variety of ideological agendas. That is the current state of the country today. We are going downhill at an increasingly fast pace! We have entered the "brave new world" of "progressive-ism".

    There is also the issue of the living conditions in combat as well as the fact than many combat troops have had deal with foreign allies on a regular and sustained basis with totally different cultural norms that don't take well to women "soldiers". Doesn't work well in a counterinsurgency operations with small teams of US and local counterparts in really bad living conditions with zero privacy even in the most basic body functions. Been there, done that and it isn't the place for women PERIOD!!!!!!


    Nah! A platoon of amazons with PMS could easily wipe out a entire enemy division and bring back all the supplies they about eight hours max.

  • junkmailbin

    simply put, women, gays, blacks etx minorities do not want a level playing field. They want special treatment, priviledges, teats, and augmentation .

    Equal treatment is everyone is judged by the same criteria. This is the last our bigoted and hateful minorities want, to prove they really are inferior

  • Bob Coffey

    The truth has never phased feminists; therefore this report was a waste of time.

  • wminaz

    Maybe we should start the process with having draft age females begin registering. That could have an interesting effect on where this goes.

  • CARL jr

    Modern military - can they fly a drone? yep.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Political Correctness doesn't belong in the Military, but try convincing a so-called "Liberal" of that fact.